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tRump's Future (Original Post) bobnicewander Jun 2023 OP
Would you be able to summarize the results you see? MLAA Jun 2023 #1
Here is Astrologer Andrea..... FarPoint Jun 2023 #13
Thank you! MLAA Jun 2023 #14
Very cool Joinfortmill Jun 2023 #20
Oh, tfg is really fucked. rubbersole Jun 2023 #2
Hi.. Can you tell that by Cha Jun 2023 #6
I have no idea Cha. rubbersole Jun 2023 #8
Oh well.. Let's Hope it Comes Cha Jun 2023 #9
Try bobnicewander Jun 2023 #10
Mahalo Bob.. That does help! Cha Jun 2023 #12
This is juicy!! MeNotThatKindOfOrc Jun 2023 #3
Transit Saturn opposite progressed Sun bobnicewander Jun 2023 #4
Thank you Delphinus Jun 2023 #5
Thank you for your kindness. bobnicewander Jun 2023 #11
Mahalo, Bob, for doing the Chart and Cha Jun 2023 #7
Can you explain the significance of July 12? MagickMuffin Jun 2023 #15
Can you read? bobnicewander Jun 2023 #16
No I cannot read astrology charts MagickMuffin Jun 2023 #17
Post 4 did bobnicewander Jun 2023 #18
Hey Magick Muffin! I'm happy to see you are still around here. I remember you japple Jun 2023 #19


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13. Here is Astrologer Andrea.....
Sun Jun 11, 2023, 06:37 PM
Jun 2023

He is really good at explaining.....just a pinch over 8 minutes.



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6. Hi.. Can you tell that by
Sat Jun 10, 2023, 07:23 PM
Jun 2023

reading the Chart?

Because it's too small for me to see what's even going on.



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4. Transit Saturn opposite progressed Sun
Sat Jun 10, 2023, 09:52 AM
Jun 2023

Having transit Saturn opposite his progressed Sun is not a positive time for tRump. The date of exactness likely more negative than days approaching or leaving it. To have the aspect fall right on an axis of an incoming chart would suggest its connection to an experience to be quite strong.

As to what specific area of life the effects might occur ln there is no telling with astrology; it just does not get that specific. Possibly a reversal in a legal pursuit or a psychological or physical failure.

Possibles (There could be many others):

Legal - guilty plea or determination
Psychological - nervous breakdown
Physical - heart attack


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15. Can you explain the significance of July 12?
Mon Jun 12, 2023, 09:49 AM
Jun 2023

I know the arraignment is tomorrow June 13, but I’m outta the loop for the July 12 date.



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17. No I cannot read astrology charts
Tue Jun 13, 2023, 06:55 AM
Jun 2023

But thanks for being????????????? So helpful.


Post 7 didn’t explain anything either. But you be you.


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19. Hey Magick Muffin! I'm happy to see you are still around here. I remember you
Tue Jun 20, 2023, 04:57 PM
Jun 2023

from the days of DU yore. I have never learned to read charts either. Keep on keepin' on~~~

PS: Watch Andre Kahr @ Astrology Alert on youtube.

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