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Fri Sep 8, 2023, 01:35 AM Sep 8

Special for the nation and VP Harris in 2024

March 25 2024 lunar eclipse 5°07' Libra.

March 25 2024 Sibly prog New Moon at 19°26' Pices.

Chart for VP Harris prog to 2024 election in the White House

Years ago, when I was developing my progressed lunar return technique using charts for natural disasters (because the event details were so accurately recorded) I found that many times [but not always] an event chart would have an eclipse from the previous year right on or in hard square to one of the chart's angles.

On March 25, 2024, the USA's Sibly chart will have progressed to a New Moon on the same day as a lunar eclipse [Full Moon] at 5°07' Libra marking that eclipse degree as one of possible importance for the nation. That eclipse degree falls exactly on the East Point [an exact square in true body position in space right ascension to the MC] of vice president Harris' secondary progressed chart [at 5°22' Libra], located to the White House, to election day. The country's chart by virtue of it's progressed New Moon falling on the same day as an eclipse and that eclipse squaring the MC of the VP's progressed chart on election day denote them in particular unlike the president and first lady's charts. New Moon - beginning of a cycle; Full Moon - ending of a cycle.

What is a mystery is the very positive aspect of the Sibly chart on the MC of VP Harris progressed chart at the exact same time as a very negative aspect in the Sibly chart on her progressed chart's ASC. Could it be she becomes POTUS under negative circumstances?

Special for the nation and VP Harris in 2024 (Original Post) bobnicewander Sep 8 OP
I've missed seeing you here bobnicewander. MontanaMama Sep 8 #1
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Interesting...and a question... WhyNowNews Oct 25 #3
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1. I've missed seeing you here bobnicewander.
Fri Sep 8, 2023, 10:00 AM
Sep 8

I don’t always understand all that you post but I always learn a little something. Thank you.


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3. Interesting...and a question...
Wed Oct 25, 2023, 08:38 AM
Oct 25

Hi Bob,

I'm new to this forum (hello to everyone!), but I've been an avid reader of DU news for many years.

Thanks for posting your comparison of the secondary progressed charts for the VP and the US Sibly on the March eclipse. I don't use secondary progressions much in my practice (I find that solar arcs offer accurate probability alerts), so I appreciated seeing what you've discovered. I'm not surprised that you've found correlations among planetary contacts to the angles of a horoscope and real-life events, as experience demonstrates over and over again how sensitive those angles (i.e., the degree of the Ascendant and Midheaven) are, and how they can be used as accurate timing tools.

It's striking that the New Moon in the progressed US Sibly chart is 19 Pisces -- which is exactly opposite President Biden's 19 degrees 54 minutes Virgo Midheaven (MC). I can't help but recall that Biden was elected with transiting Neptune at 19 Pisces -- opposite his MC -- and that transiting Saturn will turn retrograde at 19 Pisces next June. It won't make an exact pass opposite Biden's MC until early 2025, but still...Saturn at the bottom of a horoscope suggests pressure to shore up the foundation of one's life. In the language of astrology (for those reading who may not be familiar with it) Saturn refers to streamlining, ambition, strategy, cuts, and losses -- and you'd have to be a psychic (I'm not), to state with 100% certainly exactly which potentials will manifest.

Meanwhile, in September, Jupiter will be at 19 Gemini -- squaring Biden's MC for the first pass; the second pass happens just after Election Day; the third one happens in April 2025. In the language of astrology, Jupiter refers to expansion and often, reward. So...streamlining and expansive patterns in his horoscope...at about the same time...

What can we speculate re: how these these patterns that connect with Biden's Midheaven will be reflected in his life development?



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4. This going to be hot.
Thu Oct 26, 2023, 12:56 AM
Oct 26

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I just read your post xEG. It certainly does look rough for the president during that time. I will do my charts for him and VP Harris later today. Finishing my day now and going to bed.

Computer problems. I can only show transiting Saturn stationing opposite VP's progressed Mars. Her progressed chart is timed to the Saturn station. You have posted about the Saturn station to the president's chart so I will not repeat that chart.

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