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Fri Sep 7, 2018, 03:26 AM

Scientists mapped Jupiter's crazy magnetic field

Understanding the magnetic field can help answer questions about Jupiterís inner structure.

By Pranjal Mehar - September 7, 2018

Scientists for the first time have detected Jupiterís crazy magnetic field using NASAís Juno spacecraft showing it is confined almost entirely to the northern hemisphere.

Jupiter has a huge magnetic field. This magnetic field is the reason for the planetís magnetosphere and the incredible aurora that appear at the poles. Scientists believe that the understanding of this magnetic field could help them get insights into the inner structure of the Jupiter.

Juno was launched into space in 2011 and has spent the last two years orbiting the gas giant. Its primary goal is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiteróas the biggest planet in our solar system by far, it could provide key insights into planetary systems of other stars.

In a new study by the U.S. and Denmark, scientists have created a map of Jupiterís magnetic field, showing it in unprecedented detail. created a map of Jupiterís magnetic field, showing it in unprecedented detail. They found that the field is non-dipole and this is almost entirely confined to the northern hemisphere.


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