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Fri Jul 29, 2022, 07:40 AM Jul 2022

Despite being a Christian, Biden is protecting everyone....

"Today, American Atheists applauded the Biden Administration’s release of proposed regulations restoring nondiscrimination protections in health care included in the Affordable Care Act.

In 2010, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act, which included in Section 1557 nondiscrimination protections for patients seeking medical care. In 2016, the Obama Administration finalized rules that provide inclusive protections under this law. However, in 2020, the Trump Administration added religious exemptions with the express purpose of undermining those protections. The Administration particularly targeted pregnant patients, transgender and gender-nonconforming patients, non-English speakers, and patients who’d previously had an abortion.

“The Department of Health and Human Services should be able to enforce basic nondiscrimination laws without special accommodations for the fringe objections of Christian extremists who want to discriminate,” said Alison Gill, Vice President for Legal and Policy. “We applaud the Biden Administration for taking these important steps to prohibit discrimination, while avoiding the dangerously broad religious exemptions the Trump Administration created.”"


This is what we should expect from all Christians in government. But instead the most powerful Christians force their myths and superstitions onto our laws.

Despite being a Christian, Biden is protecting everyone.... (Original Post) Farmer-Rick Jul 2022 OP
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Fri Jul 29, 2022, 07:58 AM
Jul 2022

Biden is a practicing Catholic but he understands that he is President of a nation of people of all faiths (or no faiths) and understands that every American is guaranteed certain inalienable rights,

The republican party’s Christofascists govern as if they’re running a theocracy.

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