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Ever Notice how Defense is Sancrosanct? (Original Post) speaktruthtopower Feb 2016 OP
Eisenhower had something to say about this, didn't he? NRaleighLiberal Feb 2016 #1
Hillary won't touch it RobertEarl Feb 2016 #2
To be fair, that does infuriate me about him. VulgarPoet Feb 2016 #3
This guy's warning was not heeded... PoliticAverse Feb 2016 #4


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3. To be fair, that does infuriate me about him.
Thu Feb 11, 2016, 01:14 PM
Feb 2016

The F-35's a waste of money, and if the sheer amount of fraud and waste in the military were properly investigated, we'd be able to chop spending at LEAST in half where the DoD's concerned.

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