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Thu Mar 31, 2016, 08:03 PM


Simple comparisons. Foreign policy difference. Domestic Policy differenc

Foreign policy

Hillary Clinton has voted for every single war and supported every single regime change in Latin America and the Middle East. Her votes and policies have lead to even more unrest and the loss of American lives. Sanders has been against every single one of these votes, and has been on the right side of history. When in debates, he brings up the history of the region and why it has come to be the way it is.
Pay attention. Sanders foreign policy is far better than Hillary Clinton, who only wants more war

Domestic policy

Sanders has fought for the economy in this country to work for all of the people in this country not just the people in the upper 1% and the corporations. Bernie Sanders has fought for human rights in the U.S. regarding equal rights for women, poc (all colors) and immigrants, healthcare for all, fair wages for all workers, continued social safety nets like Social Security, Unemployment Compensation, Paid Family Leave, tuition free colleges all by rolling back tax breaks on the wealthy, cutting loopholes in taxes on corporations and individuals. Adjusting the allocations of the budget in Congress by addressing the monstrous percentage dedicated to the military. Addressing the issues of good jobs being taken from our workers in the U.S. And being shipped overseas.

Hillary Clinton does not present this because she is beholding to Wall Street and Corporations. She sat on the board of Wallmart. The biggest employer in the U.S. Wallmart is known for paying lower than average wages, having more employees on food stamps and other aide because of low wages and having women being held back from promotions on a regular basis. This does no show a candidate that truly fights for women's rights when she sits on boards of corporations that discriminate against women and votes for a bankruptcy bill that would harm single mothers.

The corporations and Wall Street take from the poor to give as much as they can to the rich.

The choice is clear depending on your values.

The winner will be the candidate that reflects most of the people's values.

My values's are with Bernie.

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