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Wed Aug 10, 2016, 10:46 AM

Trump is the GOP/Tea Party's "Icarus Factor"

The GOP, the Tea Party, and the "Freedom Caucus" have all be riding high on that rhetoric for years, now. Decades, even. It speaks to a very strong base of people that have been primed through propaganda to fully accept the message that these jokers are peddling. The Tea Party capitalized on a vague uneasiness that middle America felt about change and progressive movements, and managed to turn it into a full-blown movement that had undercurrents of racism, homophobia, and elitism disguised as protection of "traditional values."

But they've flown too high with these messages. They've gotten too close to their bright orange sun, and the wings started by Reagan and completed by Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and a host of other right-wing architects are starting to melt. I'd love to see Trump cause a fall so disastrous to the GOP that they aren't even a viable policy party for another 30 years. Let's see what a few actual progressives can do in the top seat for a while!

The Tea Party message has succeeded beyond Sean Hannity's wildest hopes and expectations, and has grown into a monster that no one on that side of the aisle can control. And I don't just mean the walking disaster of Trump, but also the millions of people who voted for him and strongly support him. If the GOP collapses under the weight of Trump's massive ego, those people will still be out there, and will be very angry. They will feel as though something has been stolen from them.

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