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Fred Sanders

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Mon Aug 24, 2015, 09:18 AM Aug 2015

CNN Finally Outdid Fox, Thanks To Don Lemon...| Daily Kos

"I didn't think it was possible for someone to be more despicable than Hannity, more craven than O'Reilly, more hateful than Coulter. I was wrong. Don Lemon has them all beat. By a country mile.

Watching Don Lemon, Areva Martin, and the rest of the panel "question" Shaun's life, I knew something was wrong. Like the scumbags at Breitbart, Don Lemon has mastered the art of saying the most outlandish things but phrasing them as questions so he can later bat his lashes and act indignant if anyone dared to accuse him of being stupid or worse, cruel. "I didn't say the plane flew into a black hole, I just asked if it was preposterous to wonder." Now he can add, "I never actually called Shaun King a lying sack of shit. I just asked if it was possible that he had conned Oprah out of money to pay for his college."

Well, nobody is fooled by this. There's a reason the Columbia Journalism Review in a rare (maybe even unprecedented) move awarded their DART award to Don Lemon as an individual in recognition of the fact that he was one of the worst journalists in America in 2014. Looks like this year he is going to repeat that performance.


Coulter repulses me. Hannity offends me. O'Reilly irritates me. But Lemon -- disgusts me. Watching him makes me feel dirty. I doubt Lemon reads this, but if he does I will say here what I would say to his face.

'Don Lemon, you are a disgrace to your profession. More importantly, you are a disgrace to your mother; you owe her an apology. I suggest you do it as publicly as you disgraced her, lest the rest of us think she didn't raise you right.'



CNN is not Fox, it just wants to be.

And I would suggest you DO read King's diary because it is a masterpiece of personal reflection and for some folks it will be about learning about things they may not even realize they did not know.

P.S. Will move to General if not closely enough related to the "Democratic Primaries". But I think anything BLM is related. Close call.

CNN Finally Outdid Fox, Thanks To Don Lemon...| Daily Kos (Original Post) Fred Sanders Aug 2015 OP
I think this very much belongs in GD Primaries leftofcool Aug 2015 #1
the attacks on Shaun King have been despicable cali Aug 2015 #2


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1. I think this very much belongs in GD Primaries
Mon Aug 24, 2015, 09:31 AM
Aug 2015

My personal opinion is that anything related to Black Lives Matter should be the top issue for all candidates. Republicans are excluded, of course since they don't give a shit anyway.

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