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Tue Oct 13, 2015, 11:14 PM

This was a classy, issues oriented debate so I thought I'd check out Red State...

Here's what a diarist named Kimberly Ross had to say and here's the link: http://www.redstate.com/2015/10/13/take-first-democratic-debate/

Martin O’Malley is definitely a robotic, odd duck. Tonight, he really seemed to be – more than anything – auditioning for the role of Vice President. He is as liberal as they come with regards to gun control, military interventionism, climate change, college tuition, etc. And when asked about whether it was “Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter”, he went with the former. Because apparently, “all” is too offensive.

Bernie Sanders didn’t disappoint. And by that I mean he maintained a crumpled lunatic persona. Always eager to yell, he said that climate change (yes, climate change) was our greatest national security threat. In an age when real people and nuclear weaponry are actual threats, he went with the weather. Another point he drove home was his dislike of those who have wealth. He isn’t a fan of the 1% (which is humorous considering Hillary was standing to his left), and wants them to pay. After tonight, I suspect he will have gained more followers. These will be ones who want others to pay for them, feel instead of think, and like an outsider with a penchant for yelling.

Hillary Clinton. Of all the candidates tonight, I believe she kept ahead of the pack, gained sympathy among Democratic voters, and, dare I say, a small number in the crowd probably even grew to like her. (Not me, of course.) Once she even said that she supports the God-given potential for each child, so it’s odd that this doesn’t include their God-given (unborn) life. Although she played the gender card many times, glossed over major foreign policy issues, and leaned on Bernie Sanders for a humorous (not really) mention of emailgate, I think she most likely gained ground against everyone else on that stage. She essentially “won” the debate tonight, however disconcerting that may be. The closest one to her in the polls is Bernie Sanders, and he didn’t beat her tonight. They’ll both maintain their following, and each will probably grow.

Again, I’m not surprised by the evening. The concerns about the policy leanings of these liberal candidates remains, Hillary seems to have cemented her lead ever so slightly, Bernie looks like the insane 60s radical as always, and the other three aren’t a threat. I expect the same emotional, illogical content from future debates, too.

So there you have it! You know, it just kills me that these people were able to take the joke-like Republican debates seriously. We were all rolling...

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