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Mon Jun 27, 2016, 03:15 PM Jun 2016

Anyone know a good labor attorney?

My company (a large food chain corporation) just sold us to a franchise and my pay was busted down from its already paltry hourly rate to a dollar less than it already was with no notification whatsoever. We're all showing deductions we can't account for from the new company and my district manager had already changed her story twice on the subject and I'm being nowhere with these people. In fact, I'm getting major attitude from the store managers as well when I dare to even ask why this is happening. I just went on my break and applied at our competitor just down the street but I just got my own place last week and now can't pay the rent on the first due to my being shorted on my first two checks. Can anyone please help? Unfortunately, I'm low income AND in Texas. Thanks in advance for your help.

Anyone know a good labor attorney? (Original Post) Melurkyoulongtime Jun 2016 OP
Are you in one of the Grocery Workers Unions? Else You Are Mad Jun 2016 #1
Thank you for your info! Melurkyoulongtime Jun 2016 #4
Even in Texas, you do have a Dept. of Labor. Start with them. A lawyer will cost ya. tonyt53 Jun 2016 #2
That's a great idea Melurkyoulongtime Jun 2016 #5
Might try Downwinder Jun 2016 #3
Much appreciated, thank you! Melurkyoulongtime Jun 2016 #6

Else You Are Mad

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1. Are you in one of the Grocery Workers Unions?
Mon Jun 27, 2016, 03:24 PM
Jun 2016

If so, I would contact them -- if you aren't, I would contact the local branch first. If not, contact the Texas Bar Association for the county you live in and tell them your problem, they should be able to point you to an attorney.

I hope that helps.


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4. Thank you for your info!
Mon Jun 27, 2016, 09:15 PM
Jun 2016

Unfortunately, I'm not union but I wish to dog I was... what makes this whole issue worse is I was verbally abused all day by the manager on duty for even suggesting the check was wrong... And I'd already knew to the penny what I should've been paid (I did payroll and benefits for almost 9 years in a previous life but where I'm located right now those positions are few and far between). I later got a call from my district manager advising I was correct and the check is short. The manager on duty also had to be told bc he had to look into past records for her and he THEN implied HEAVILY that I don't work hard enough for it. Here's the rub though - my manager over him is trying to promote me as I type this and we're just awaiting word that my new raise has gone through, lol. This guy had been verbally abusive in the recent past to me and other long term employees and I'm going to go ahead and turn his sorry behind in to the ethics line after the crap he put me through today. I've also started looking for other employment while on my break.

Thanks for listening and again, your help is very much appreciated


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5. That's a great idea
Mon Jun 27, 2016, 09:22 PM
Jun 2016

I was so angry earlier I couldn't remember just which agency handled issues like this... and I really should've considering my past work experience, lol. See my post to Elseyouaremad above on why if you're curious about it and truly, thank you very much. My to you too!


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6. Much appreciated, thank you!
Mon Jun 27, 2016, 09:26 PM
Jun 2016

See above reply to Elseyouaremad if you're curious about any further details. As with everyone else my off to you! Thanks again, you all offered great ideas and I'm certainly going to follow up on all of them!

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