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STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Wisdom of Bayard Rustin.

U.S. study finds North Korea info controls weakening

A preacher, a lawyer, and an engineer are sentenced to execution...

Stratford-upon-Avon African skeleton was Roman soldier

Cyndi Lauper on the Ed Show Right Now!

Is it possible to change a jury decision?

Here's What China Gets Right About Education, And What The US And Europe Get Wrong

Rush Babes for America

Are there any ways to watch msnbc on the computer?

Legislation Introduced to Make Health Care a Right in New York State

Tennessee murder, kidnap suspect now top U.S. fugitive

"Obama's legal, policy & personal views are not in any way contradictory and present a clear path

Are Self-Defense Laws "Whites Only"?

Bob Dylan walks through life

Obama Made $1 Million in 90 Minutes Today

"Obama's legal, policy and personal views are not in any way contradictory and present a clear path

And The Smuttiest City In America Is…

Zuckerberg called too immature to run a massive corporation

Romney attacks Obama on energy policy

Florida Gov. Scott Passes On $200 Million For Children's Health Care Funding - Political Correction

Spain takes state control of fourth-biggest bank, Bankia

Missiles kill eight militants in Yemen: residents

New Study Predicts Frack Fluids Can Migrate to Aquifers Within Years - ProPublica

3 big Chinese banks to enter US banking market

So I got this e-mail...

Adam Smith gets in better synch with the new 9th Congressional District

Ed Schultz is doing a FANTASTIC job!

FBI urges renewal of surveillance measures after foiled al-Qaida plot

Egyptians choose S Arabia over Turkey as model: poll

New Stop-and-Frisk Data: NYPD's Controversial Policing Tactic is On The Rise And Still Racist

A preacher, a lawyer, and an engineer are sentenced to execution...

Red Sox P.A. announcer Beane killed in car crash

New York Officials Cheer Obama's Shift

HIV–HBV Coinfection — A Global Challenge (New Eng Jour Med)

Naomi Wolf- The spectacle of terror and its vested interests

HIV–HBV Coinfection — A Global Challenge (New Eng Jour Med)

Village People's policeman lays down the law on his right to royalties

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Thou Shalt Not Lie

'US military, CIA out of control in Afghanistan'

Abbey Road Crossing Webcam, with sound.

Dont want to watch Fox News (what did oreilly and hannity say about Obama's stance)

Exactly what is the "Homosexual Lobby"?

Chris Christie, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich...

Open access publishing should not favour those with deep pockets

Romney Gets Testy After Questions On Gay Marriage, DREAM and Pot

Putin to Skip Group of 8 Session, Delaying Postelection Meeting With Obama

Putin pulls out of US summit, meeting with Obama

The Disgusting One reveals more "Liberal Hypocrisy"

My bar burned down.

I can't help but think

Ever have an XBox 360 break down on you?

On the campaign front, Obama just very effectively took control of the media cycle

Report: Obama Camp Raised $1 Million In First 90 Minutes After Endorsing Gay Marriage

What Obama said today may help save the lives of lots of gay kids

Thank you Shephard Smith for having courage

Christina Aguilera -- What was she thinking last night?

Obama supports gay marriage: Shep Smith warns GOP not to be ‘on the wrong side of history’

People in San Francisco say Thank You to President Obama - pics

100 Most Spiritually Influential Living people

Are there actually any people here AGAINST gay marriage?

Horrors of Guatemalan civil war uncovered in University’s collaboration with police archive

Horrors of Guatemalan civil war uncovered in University’s collaboration with police archive

New Hamas force in Gaza is foiling rocket attacks against Israel

Argentina OKs transgender rights: ID changes, sex-change operations and hormone therapy

12th person granted immunity in Wisconsin John Doe case

Revealed: How multi-million dollar NASA moon rock heist was an inside job

Argentina OKs transgender rights: ID changes, sex-change operations and hormone therapy

Have u ever committed a faux pax in a place like Lounge OR

Great LTTEs in the Independent UK about Tony Blair's return to the UK political scene

Hardball - The growing popularity of partisan politics

Cory Booker is awesome.

Radiation Monitoring

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom issues a statement on President Obama's support for same-sex marriage

NYT Op-Ed: Poverty’s Poster Child

Romney on gay marriage: says he is against & "I have the same views I've had, since-a,

The Pendulum of Stupidity: All Reforms Lead to Broken Schools

LAUSD’s Rubber Room for Victims of Abuse Hysteria

Romney Claims He Saved Nathan Detroit

Gay Former Romney Staffer: Obama ‘On The Right Side Of History’

No tater luv...

"I'll get the ice-creams"

My Wife, Son and I would like to ask something of our GLBT friends and allies at DU & elsewhere!

2 funnies, one a real joke, th'other from "Maury" Can a Bud Boycott Help the Pine Ridge Reservation?

So what did Oreilly and Hannity say about Obama

RO-flip-flop-ney again (Gay support)

Shep Smith - Perfect - and on FOX: "The President of the United States, now in the 21st century."

Why I love Lawrence. First thing he just mentioned was the million dollars President Obama raised...

Fox News: Obama: War on Marriage

The ED Show - Michele Bachmann is a Swiss citizen

Regarding Keith Judd

(Chinese) ICBC gets approval to take over US bank

Log Cabin Republicans: GOP is "moving" on gay marriage.

The reason Obama will win:

So I hear somebody around here doesnt like West Side Story

Today reminds me of a conversation I had with my 10-year-old son

Vietnam's climate woes ignite national strategy

UC sues Occupy farmers for Albany takeover

Anyone checked on the freepers lately?

Report: Pacific Ocean Has 100 Times More Plastic Particles In It Than '70s

LA County GOP Chair Lynn Haueter bullies an elderly Republican via email.

HOW IN THE HELL does Gay Marriage hurt Heterosexual Marriage?????

Lift and separate...

When have conservatives EVER been on the "right side of history?"

Toivo and Aino jokes

'Vomiting and screaming' in destroyed waterboarding tapes

Yoo, Latif, and the Rise of Secret Justice

Anyone watch "Total Blackout" on the SyFy Channel?

Media not ready to ban ALL racial slurs

PLEASE send your LTE's to your local paper today!

If you're on FB

X x 2

Flexing the 14th Amendment & Coretta Scott King & MLK Jr. Stand For Gay Rights

GOP Freshman Breaks With His Party To Support Planned Parenthood Funding

People here with Photography Facebook Pages

Best Twitter Reactions to Obama's Support For Marriage Equality (Ellen DeGeneres: "I'm Overwhelmed")

Help, I just hit something on my computer and now

NAME a band that "went synth" and got BETTER. We KNOW Rush wasn't that band. But NAME one!

President Obama hosts In Performance at the White House to celebrate Burt Bacharach & Hal David-pics

My response to my right-wing brother on Facebook.

Couple of interesting DU reviews on Alexa

Ellen Commends President Obama

North Carolina Weighs Ban on Electricity, Soap

I cannot bash NC because we have Prop 8.


President Obama received 125K more votes last night in NC than Mitt Romney did?

Chile approves hate-crime law after gay bashing

Arizona rocks the Lounge:

Chile approves hate-crime law after gay bashing

Spain's 'indignants' to retake the streets

How is supporting marriage equality seen as an election winning strategy?

Discovery of dumping ground in Valley of Juárez puts slayings of women in spotlight

Bipartisan amendment seeks to halt Obama’s medical marijuana raids

Lewis he a liberal??? or not.

Obama's Marriage Equality Support Is Not the Half-Loaf Some Are Claiming

Floats, gunk and other tsunami debris hitting Gulf of Alaska beaches

Argentine Senate approves 'dignified death' law

Argentine Senate approves 'dignified death' law

Fox News Host Praises President Obama for Gay Marriage Stance


If Obama won't defend DOMA you better believe John Boehner will and at taxpayer's expense!

Win or lose

"It's a very rare straight man who will hang out with a gay teacher in order to learn things."


Why are advertisements all of a sudden appearing on DU? Please take them away.

The 2012 battle for the ’burbs "With Graphic"

It is important...

MN Chuck T. w/ Tackle Torture at the Top has LTE in Washington Post

On a pillar in Obama/Biden 2012 HQ...


Gawker:Barack Obama’s Bullshit Gay Marriage Announcement (still says its up to each state to decide)

Think there is no such thing as global warming??!! Read this!!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 10 -- What's On Tonight: True Crime

Jon Stewart Praises Obama’s Completed ‘Evolution,’ Slams North Carolina’s Gay Marriage Ban

"I guess Michelle Bachman didn't have time to visit Mitt's money while in Switzerland." Ed Schultz

Help me win a DUzy award and beat SNL telling this joke in the process

Rush Limpballs speaks about saving traditional marriage...

Please don't go to Gawker for your legal analysis:

You won't see this on the news, but I saw a bunch of awesome people today.

"This guy tried to stage a "white heritage(Klan)" rally in my town…"

Mitt Romney Gets Testy

Oh so you voted to ban gay marriage in North Carolina?

Not good:

Physicisting Like A Boss!

Florida foreclosure case could slam banks

"Luke Skywalker…"

Man attempts a robbery at a police station

Damnit! The Right Is On To Us. Satan, Mayans, Woman…They’re putting it Together.

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Wednesday, May 9)

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 11 -- What's On Tonight: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

Weight loss was a little more fun today.

NC Marriage Ban vs. NC Education Level

Hardball - Schultz on Wisconsin: 'They can, and they will' recall Walker

Simple kinda weird sunset tonight

Envelopes marked "anthrax" in Oregon being tested

Message to fans of Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and other Libertarians

Toons: The Difference Between the Parties, Love and Respect, Department of Morals and More. - 5/9/12

Why Missouri doesn’t matter in this race BY DAVE HELLING

FLASHBACK: Mitt Thinks Same-Sex Couples Should Raise Kids & Are Legitimate in the Courts

Colorado Civil Unions: Gov. Announces Special Session

Still splashing with water - not quite catching on - but having fun

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, May 9)

Santorum Condemns Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement: 'The Charade is Now Over!'

Protesters in Moscow Try New Tactics to Avoid Arrests

A Welcome Home

Romney's plan for the Middle East problem comes from a brilliant former U.S. President.

Serious question for this group, and only the serious need reply.

Comic book fans might enjoy this.

Check out This Person on 'the no fly list' kicked off plane

First Evidence of a Cult in Judah at Time of King David

Egypt Court Suspends Vote, but Ruling Is Disputed

Further proof...and I KNOW YOU DON'T NEED IT...of why Rolling Stone SUCKS.

Secret justice plans will put Government above the law ( UK,torture, MI5/6, CIA)

House ethics panel won’t launch full probe into Vern Buchanan (R-FL)

China Trade Growth Slumps in April

(NY State) Senator Who Backed Gay Unions Won’t Run

Yoo, Latif, and the Rise of Secret Justice

Baby, 18 months old, ordered off plane at Fort Lauderdale airport

Inmate won't get any W.Va. presidential delegates

The Mars rover Opportunity is on the go again after 5 months

If not now, when.....

Report: Appeals court chokes off Gitmo reviews

12th person granted immunity in Wis. John Doe case

Want to stop banks gambling on food prices? Try closing the casino

12th person granted immunity in Wis. John Doe case

Colombia passes 1st draft of drug crop legalization bill .

Colombia passes 1st draft of drug crop legalization bill .

"Germany rejects fracking" . . . posted in GD . . . thought it might do better in E&E . . .

AARP still looking for people to fill out Social Security and Medicare survey

Plot to assassinate Piedad Cordoba uncovered .

So, at 93, Billy Graham can't speak out about his birther son's idiocy, but had time to bash gays?

Excerpt from Krugman's new book End This Depression Now

Demand your liberties before they are taken

Article from a geochemist on long term effects of the BP oil spill.

Bang, meet buck: The 3 best infrastructure investments to restart our economy

Obama making a strong stand on principle is revving up the base a whole lot

What's up with Willie Geist pushing this Judd fellow

Hollande Victory Signals Shift in France's Renewable Energy Policy

Thank you Mika! A limited amount of voices would like to "blame" VP Biden for jumping the time line

"The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate."

Yeah, Teapublicans... Let's go there

Independent Opens in La. Food Desert

Virginia Republicans Plan For ‘Armed Revolution’ If Obama Wins Re-election

Voting on 'Rights'

Meet the Lonely House Republican Defending Planned Parenthood

President Obama sent this message to supporters today

Robert Scheer: Hope and Hesitation in Obama’s Sudden Conversion

Rmoney will select a lesbian as running mate

Joe Conason: What the China Crisis (and His Gay Crisis) Revealed About Mitt

Amy Goodman: Coal, Foreclosures and Bank of America’s ‘Extraordinary Event’

Andrew Sullivan: Obama Lets Go Of Fear

Dan Savage rips the Pope; Bill Donohue goes apeshit

7 Foreclosure Horror Stories (And One Possible Win)

Christian Conservatives vs. Sex: The Long War Over Reproductive Freedom

Tears, Texts And Hugs: How Politicians And Activists Reacted To Obama’s Gay Marriage News

What minimum wage buys, then and now

Diageo to actively prevent you having fun unless you’re drinking their alcohol

Black voters will stick with Obama, even if he backs gay marriage

Corporate Court System

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan denounces Obama gay marriage stance

Nigel Farage warns of EU 'mass unrest' and 'revolution'

How Bank of America Silenced a Whole Town

Have you ever heard of the Pentagon's Innovative Readiness Training program?

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (05/10/2012)

Is Canada about ready to kick out the Cons?

Post here examples of Republican's who have showcased these so-called 'Family Values'

After reading about NC's handling of BoA protest "extraordinary event" I am convinced the Dems

Stem cell shield 'could protect cancer patients

Tribal Treehouse ( actual video from Papua New Guinea)

Argentina Senate passes 'dignified death' law

Have you been reading 'Funky Winkerbean' lately - great series on same-sex couples

Republicans in my area are getting crazier than ever

The buzz on MOJO.....Huckabee

Seven Democrats Who Are Now Under Pressure to Support Gay Marriage

Interior Approves Gas Drilling in Utah

The President's message on gay marriage took a lot of courage. It was the right thing to do, but he

There is Now Scientific Research Proving Milk is Better on Cereal Than Water

Stand Up, Walk Around, Even Just For '20 Minutes'

Peak oil notes - May 10

Peak oil notes - May 10

Have you heard this singer Asa?

"OK so you are determined to give Obama no credit."

Sibel Edmonds, '1st Amend is Conditional'

Judge suggests "Six Commandments"

Obama Calls Romney Auto Bailout Claim an 'Etch-a-Sketch Moment'

Judge suggests "Six Commandments"

Wash Post article - Romney was an anti-gay bully in High School - assaulted gay student

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Rights affirmed and denied

Please do not miss this important post by Pirate smile.

Conservatives, Romney Caught Off Guard on Gay Marriage

Jobless claims improve a little more

TSA: The Poll

This TUC boycott has morphed into bigotry

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Tea Party and Mittens

Mythbusting Makeup: Skepticism and Cosmetic Claims

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

'Frustrated': Dad of Taliban prisoner Bowe Bergdahl takes matters into own hands

Mythbusting Makeup: Skepticism and Cosmetic Claims

Southern Co.: schedule slips on building new Ga. nuclear plant (Vogtle)

House Panel Bacsk $554 Billion Defense Bill Defying Obama

Legislators Call For Probe Into Walker's Honey Wagon

Cripes, did I have a bad scare last night!

Game Over for the Climate

American Front supporters go online to rally support for suspected white supremacists

West Virginia proves again why they are number 49 or 50 in everything

Instead of Teacher Appreciation Week, President Obama asks us to celebrate Charter School Week

iowa governor = asshole

Samurai sword-wielding child-porn suspect stabs computer during raid

Fox News Flip Flops, Calls Off War On Marriage

The Front Pages~~This is a Big Fucking Deal

What the Marriage decision says about Obama, in one toon

I'd rather vote for a 'flip-flopper' than an 'etch-a-sketcher' any day of the week

OP: Good summary of the State Attorney debates for Orange Cty, FL

Why the Right Really Hates Obama

ROMNEY re: Gay Student: “He can’t look like that-That’s wrong-Just look at him!”

Oh, the irony: PA. Repubs Refuse to Improve State IDs to fight terrorism, but require voter IDs

The Morning Plum: Will gay marriage force Romney on to culture war footing?

T.E.A.B.A.G.G.E.R. = Totally Enraged About Blacks And Gays Getting Equal Rights

President Obama: same-sex couples should have the right to marry (w/reactions)

Religion Journal: Noida Prioritizes Worship

2 million turned out for Diablo III open beta, Plus 10 million sign-ups for Call of Duty Elite

*** gets her staple gun out yet again and posts today's DU Lounge cafeteria specials ***

House Responds To Obama’s Marriage Endorsement By Reinforcing Discrimination

Reverse Karma

Official Launch: -- Have Closet Atheists & Agnostics Reached the Tipping Point?

Map: The State of Marriage Equality in America

What is up with the movie Haywire?

Hey HopeHoops - just wanted to show you a picture of my gorgeous tits!

Gillespie: Romney ‘Doesn’t Remember’ Bullying Incidents In Post Report

Notice whenever a Republican is asked about Marriage Equality on TV their voices get real loud?

ROBERT REICH: "We're not in trouble because gays want to marry"

Ex-Con Shareholder Goes After World's Biggest Prison Corporation

In debt or jobless, many Italians choose suicide

So, it appears that Romney was a high school bully, doesn't it?

Romney incorrectly insists marijuana is a ‘gateway drug’

Greetings From Afghanistan!

MITT: "I'm Not Running on Marriage & Marijuana, Those Are State Issues Right? Aren't They?"

Tears, Texts And Hugs: How Politicians And Activists Reacted To Obama’s Gay Marriage News

Scott Walker Using $100 Million Of Taxpayer Money To Fight Off Recall?

Democrats who want a "balanced approach" to cutting the deficit can kiss my ass.....

Moron CBC Broadcaster Ron MacLean compares hockey players to 9/11 First Responders

lol cats with a purpose.

Saw this on facebook this morning

Obama's support of gay marriage draws joy, disbelief in California

Olympic flame lit in Greece

MSNBC's The Ed Show Covers Budget Slashing in PA. Public Schools

Richard Grenell: President Obama On "The Right Side Of History" & "Deserves Credit"

Washington fish tested for tsunami-related radiation

Colorado medical-pot lobby seeks Denver ban on industry's outdoor ads

Keiser Report: I Steal, Therefore I Am

Sarkozy allies mull risky entente with far right

German solar elite gain from strong demand surge

Thank you President Obama

Pretentious? Moi?!?!?!

Avon water superintendent still on job despite federal guilty plea

"I DO"

25 Colorado medical-marijuana dispensaries close after warning

NYT EDITORIAL - President Obama’s Moment

Obama Chuckles At Romney’s Claim Of ‘Credit’ For Auto Rescue

Thursday Smack-O-Rama! Who would you like to slap the shit out of today?

More Stories from Atheists in Christian Workplaces

Obama: Biden forced timing of gay marriage announcement

"...Being Gay Is Not A Western Invention. It Is A Human Reality."

Poor Choice: Back to the F-35B

Teabaggers, Obesity and the Nanny State (cartoon)

US Soldier Trained Neo-Nazis in Florida for "Race War"

Ivan Lewis worries (yet again) about 0.7

Do you have a favorite on-line comic strip?

An open letter to Arriana Huffington.

In your opinion, what's the WORST comic strip?

Fight the Power - Public Enemy

"His first, second, third, and fourth wives could not be reached for comment."

Taking a guess here I think Romney is going to pick Rand Paul for his VP

MiddleFingerMom doesnt do well at job interviews.

In the battle between morality and faith, morality is winning

Mitt Romney - A school bully with a strong streak of cruelty

Obama Video Compares President And Romney On Marriage Equality

He never regretted doing it.

What's Next For Gay Marriage Foes?

Police justifiable homicides have greatly increased in Florida since SYG law.

Blue Dog Kurt Schrader Has To GO

This is a test. If you do not see this pic, my new magic underwear are working.

Pic Of The Moment: Mitt Romney On LGBT Equality

Mitt Romney ASSUALTED fellow student for being gay.

FOX FLIP FLOPS: "Why Cheap Gas Isn't Good"

An Inconvenient Lawsuit: Teenagers Take Global Warming to the Courts

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday May 10th

Got Me Some - "Austerity Fever"

Looks like Lugar's seat will go democratic.

What I want to know - where is the Thank You Biden website where

Romney: Backwards on Equality

Abraham Lincoln "evolved" on the issue of slavery

Until today, I was rather blase about Mitt Romney...

It's not just Christians who cover up the chld molesters...

What Americans can Learn from Eurocrisis

Mitt Romney’s prep school classmates recall pranks, .. troubling incidents

NRC Gives Davis-Besse Shield Building Clean Bill of Health

The fight isn't over...

Sometimes jury results restore my "faith"

Education: The Greatest Weapon Against Ignorance

Obama Ad contrasts Obama & Romney positions on marriage equality

Live fire, bigotry, and giving birth.

A Look At The Time When Mitt Romney Was a Bully

It Got Better

U.S. Senate panel launches investigation of painkillers, drug companies

Holding a kid down and wielding a

xpost - U.S. Senate panel launches investigation of painkillers, drug companies

LOL: "Obama & Evolution"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 79. Stephen Breyer is 72. Antonin Scalia is 76. Anthony Kennedy is 74.

Thank You Joe Biden

I'm Getting the Sense That Right Wing Wants No Part ot Debate About Marriage Equality.

"Outlaws of Love,"

The London Olympics Are Looking Like A Financial And Organizational Disaster

Cuba looks for humanitarian reciprocity in the case of Alan Gross

MiddleFingerMom has found that 'Ride to Live - Live to Ride' is a hard credo to give up.

7 second electric vehicle. It's a bike.

Romney Issues Non-Apology Apology (“Back in high school I did some dumb things...")

PD program in Minnesota that gave drugs to people & dropped them at Occupy is in 48 states.

More Respond to Obama Announcement More reaction, largely positive, from activist leaders.

Thank You Vice President Biden website!

U.K. Keeps Energy Reforms on Track

News Roundup: The Day After

Didn't Bush blow up frogs with firecrackers?

Today's experience with that terrible French "Socialist" medical system

1st captured American soldier's parents urging the US government to swap him for Afghan prisoners.

Doubts fly as US envoy to Pakistan quits By Amir Mir

Sat. 6 PM Protest of Corbett's Arts Education Award, Outside the $750 a plate gala in Pburgh

Rachel Ehmke, 13-Year-Old Minnesota Student, Commits Suicide After Months Of Bullying

Romney Apologizes For ‘Hijinks’ But Won’t Acknowledge Specific Attack

“Back in high school...."

Colbert Congratulates NC

Want to know how our friends at FR are reacting to the Washington Post story

Predictable Reaction From Idiots: "Gee whiz. I wonder if Obama will come out or not"

I don't give a flying f**k what the deficit is......

Waiting for Copernicus By John Feffer

Obama: Romney Wants To 'Etch A Sketch' His Auto Bailout Position

A bipartisan call for Congressional action on gay rights

Robbed of the ability to celebrate the President’s statement on marriage equality

Have something to say to North Carolina? Here's where you can do it:

Anthropologist: When Same-Sex Marriage Was a Christian Rite

families already under attack in NC

Mitt Flip FLOPS on Gay Marriage Ban and Speaker Tan Man

Some of the MediFast meals are disgusting.

Bags on poor folks "raincoats", puts dog on car roof for 600miles, beats up gay people...

lilly the pit bull hero

North Carolina could learn from this (well, probably not)

As Obama backs gay marriage, House GOP tries to limit gay-friendly policies

Countries where same-sex marriage is legal

The story of Onyx {disturbing - w/ happy tears}

How to buy a silencer (quick take: it's a pain and takes way too long)

Lucas Hembree and his service dog Juno

Mitt - "Raising Heck & Born To Be Mild"

Carl Beane dies while driving (Red Sox announcer)

Your Position on Gay Marriage?

IRS and Same Sex Marriage

Keith Judd 2012!

I actually Feel Better About Mitt,

Toon: Marriage Equality

Lots of us did dumb ass things in high school;

Teenage Mitt Romney assaulted a classmate in high school for being gay

So, my sister decided to use Genesis from the bible to make her case...

For The Privileged, The "Others" Do Not Deserve Justice.

President Obama laughs at Mitt Romney's 'Etch-A-Sketch moment' on auto bailout

Need some help with local same-sex marriage poll.

Gay Republicans Respond Bizarrely to Obama Announcement

The London Olympics Are Looking Like A Financial And Organizational Disaster

TYT: (Graphic) Leaked Factory Farm Footage, & Humane Society CEO

Romney remembers the high school incident slightly differently

The cost of discipleship

I've heard of mail-order pharmacies, but meth?!

U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam

The Structural Signature

Now do you see why the dog on the roof is a big deal?

Thank You President Obama!

A thread of support for Cate Edwards and her siblings

New Proposals to Modernize Social Security Benefits for Women and LGBT Couples

When Adam delved and Eve span, Who was then the gentleman?

Are feminists showing support for fellow feminist Ashley Judd's tv show "Missing"?...


Science Academies…Call World Leaders' Attention to How Science and Technology Can Help Solve Global…

Do LGBT have other civil rights?

Angel No More: Why One of Silicon Valley’s Savviest Investors Has Shut His Wallet

Mitt Romney Outed As Anti-Gay High School Bully

Take part In the postal letter carriers national food drive this Saturday, May 12th!

Glenn Greenwald: "The president deserves credit for his actions in this civil rights area"

Swiss Miss Instant Cuckoo

DU Album of the Day: "What Up Dog" Was (Not Was)

Madrid Open (spoiler alert)

At what point does political name calling become bigotry?

Freud believed that a person's basic character is formed by age 5

John Joseph Lauber.

This pic gives me flashbacks to my worst experiences in middle school, frankly

Papantonio: Corporate Pigs and Politicians

John Lauber comments about Romney's bullying him in school...

What do you think of the cover of next issue of Time? **Image may offend**

Glenn Greenwald: "Obama deserves credit for his actions in this civil rights area" (LGBT equality)

Rare footage of Mittens Romneyus the 3rd in high school:

"Romney giggled hysterically as the teacher shrugged it off..."

Ice Moon, Ghost Moon

It isn't what Mitt had done back in High School that makes him unqualified to be President.

GOP Candidate hosts Cross-burning Event

White Education Blogger ..... Fired for Calling Black Studies ‘Left-Wing Victimization Claptrap'

If you have ever been the victim of a bully...

You know I really really dislike this lil entitled prick

time to DU this poll

"Mitt Romney tweeted, The worst thing about driving in the summertime?

OMG, talk about the stupids - Bristol Palin's response to Obama's support for marriage equality

It's not that Romney was a bully in high school, he never stopped being a bully.

Cracked's 6 Pet Products That Prove Rich People Have Gone Insane

12-year old Victoria Grant explains why her homeland, Canada & most of the world is in debt. + more

Petition to thank our VP

When Same-Sex Marriage Was a Christian Rite

Romney is the perfect example of why this country is all effed up.

Hmmm,some ESPN passwords leaked on tv?

FSA statement on bombing

One decision, many ripples

Obama's Same-Sex Marriage Announcement: A Victory for Religion

BREAKING: Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep Keith Ellison announce/introduce bill to end oil subsidies

This morning on Stephanie Miller's show one of her guest indicated that Shep

Another post about Obama supporting gay marriage

Can we talk obesity and steroids?

The ‘Subsidized’ Loan Charade: US Government Profits from Struggling Students

Have you ever been bullied?

Don't you love it when you go in a room and forget why you came

Mitt likes firing people, Ann wears a glorious crown...what's NOT to like?

The Energy Wars Heat Up: Six Recent Clashes and Conflicts on a Planet Heading Into Energy Overdrive

My nephew, same sex marriage, and the Catholic Church

RMoney goes on TV to apologize for assaulting gay student

On gay marriage, Obama, Billy Graham, and a tale of 2 Christianities

Israel's LGBT community praises Obama's support for same-sex marriage


HopeHoops could have saved himself a LOT of grief by posting in the Tits Forum more often.

"Mitt Romney to announce TWO vice-presidential nominees: Crabbe and Goyle."

It's absolutely NOT a given that Obama will lose NC in Nov

Obama Back In Line With His Church on Gay Marriage

Happy Anniversary, Transcontinental Railroad

Boehner speaks out on gay marriage: "Where are the jobs?"

A disturbing trend: First LynneSin shows me her ass, then HopeHoops her tits...

An Inadequate Response

Partisanship Is Not a Bipartisan Problem

The Rude Pundit: One Battle Won, One Battle Lost on the Way to V-Gay Day

Sometimes you shouldn't abbreviate:

Montana judge rules teen birth control coverage ban unconstitutional

Highway to Wall Street. 99% paid their fair share-Time for the 1% to pay theirs...

Caught on Camera: HopeHoops stash.

Look Who’s Pushing Homeowners Off the Foreclosure Cliff (Bankster Methodology Alert)

The Rats Are Trying to Flee the Ship That They Tried to Sink.

My grandmother was gay.

House GOP Plan Cuts Food Stamps, Health Care, Other Social Programs To Stave Off Pentagon Cuts

"I like to fire people". I'm starting to think Romney gets a kick out of hurting people.

"Romney reportedly mocked a closeted gay student by shouting 'Atta girl' whenever he spoke in class"

Russia 'foils Islamist plot to attack Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics'

If Obama walked on water yesterday...

Please join me for a night of musical theater as I star in a one man production of The Full Monty.

Comparing bush to Romney on bullying...

Consumer watchdog weighs limits to mortgage fees

What do you like on your Bratwurst?

Why Romney Might Not Want to Define Marriage

John Boehner opposes marriage equality, doesn't want to talk about it

What are the odds that Biden is the VP for second term?

Missing words from 9-11 tribunal: CIA and "big-boy pants"

Drone war defensive: The U.S. ambassador to Pakistan has quit, undermining Obama's reassuring tale

TYT: 'Gay Conversion Therapy' Ban In California

U.S. downs test missile with new interceptor

British PM's judgment on line over ex-editor's access

Does anyone have their CFRE?

yummy ziggy cakes

Thousands of British police join anti-austerity protest

do you read Time Magazine at the Olive Garden?

House passes bill undoing defense cuts

Time breastfeeding cover sparks controversy

Obama 2012 .....'No you Can't'

Hopes rise for Greece power-sharing talks

Betty Cracker: Let's Do The Time Warp Again..

James Hansen on Canada's Tar Sands: Game Over for the Climate

David Essex - Rock On

House Armed Services vote bans gay marriage on military bases

John Lewis objects, and Paul Broun backs away from attempt to gut Voting Rights Act (video)

President Obama joined us yesterday. Now I'll join him.

I have a great idea for a Democratic National Convention keynote speaker

"A bizarre operation": Why West Virginia stuck $22,600 routers in tiny libraries

JFK Jr. Speaks on Gay Civil Rights

Calif. bill targets parents who skip kids' shots

Let's not "Rush" to judgement on this...

Indiana Senate: Lugar’s Loss is Democrats’ Gain (Cook Political Report)

Hollywood studios, networks, guilds, agencies align for new veterans initiative, ‘Got Your 6’

LGBT Bullying in School's Long-Term Health Effects ("Tied to Human Right of Having an Education")

Dare County, NC voted against Amendment 1 and yet voted for McCain in 2008

Gay rights in the US, state by state (interactive chart)

Apparently, if you are the son of the Governor, attending private school

Baltimore videotaped beating case cuts charges

PLEASE READ-> House panel: Don't even think about more base closings

PFLAG meeting w/ Dalan & Brandon, the "military kiss" guys...

US officials at Mexican border accused of widespread human rights abuses

Romney attempting to form his own Band of Brooks Brothers

Gorgeous panel on "Their Eyes Were Watching God".

DWI charges against ex-FAA chief dismissed


Romney wasn't a memeber of the gang, he was the leader-martin bashir show

Introducing a new character for DU: Normal Mitt.

Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 "Doomsday" Myth

parking sign in South Africa

American Tradition Institute's fight against 'environmental junk science'

A totally wtf moment

Republican ex-Congressman Tom Davis: Gay marriage opposition ‘not a comfortable place to be’ for GOP

The first thing Maxine has to say about meeting President Obama and the First Lady?

Caption Mitt

Romney Will Increase Military Spending By $2.1 Trillion With No Plan To Pay For It

Tea party sets sights on Texas after big victory in Indiana

If you can walk a nearly blind man who

Happy Mother's Day!--add yours here

Just watching live coverage of Obama's motorcade heading out from Boeing Field to

US priests reportedly behind Vatican crackdown on nuns

I admit it, I didn't think I would this time, but I did.

A monumental difference in philosophy, character, ethics, and principles.

DOJ suit against Arpaio prompts swift reaction

Prince Charles’ new gig? TV weather forecaster

Dear Mitt: You Did Nothing to Save Detroit

BREAKING on MSNBC: Bachmann withdraws Swiss Citizenship

My apologies to the community

Dogs, Esteemed Blind Teacher, Vulnerable Gay Student

Thursday votes for Mitt!!! (For a CAPTION, that is.)

Ed Gillespie: Romney believes in constitutional marriage equality ban (ending states' rights)

Michelle Obama greets children from military families at a reception to honor Mother's Day - pics

$300,000 of Pa. taxpayer dollars spent to support ALEC corporate lobbying organization

HS Friend Accuses Romney Of ‘Lying’ Over Bullying Incident

"Why are you bringing up this stupid "bullying" thing? I'm running for President

When Obama Endorsed Marriage Equality… I was more Kathie Lee than Hoda.

FCC takes calls to pull Fox's broadcast licenses 'very seriously'

This is the Threatdown! The Number One threat to America... TODDLERS!

The rethugs are scrambling like rats as they find the dems fighting back at them

Can we say Tiger is done being the threat he once was???

Kerry, 16 Senators Urge Protections for Same Sex Couples Facing Deportation

Romney, the anti Buddha.

I am seeking answers.

Mind your own

Child porn?

Triumph over Thursday. Write a CAPTION for Witless Mitt.

I have been in a couple of fights in my life---and all were with bullies.

The ultra-religious right-wing co-worker here is moaning about the "timing" of the WaPo article

I wish I could say every precinct in Durham voted AGAINST the Amendment

ABC News: Romney camp is reaching out to Romney's old HS friends asking them to offer support

Haven't heard a peep about this romney fundraiser...

Ken Carey is back.

President Obama arrives in Seattle, WA - pics

The timing of that Washington Post article about Willard Rmoney the bully

ABC NEWS: Former classmate says Romney lying about anti-gay bullying incident

Romney Battled LGBT Anti-Bully Commission As Governor

House GOP pits Pentagon vs. poor

Unwed teen mom Bristol Palin lectures President Obama about, like, marriage and stuff

Fantastic! (found on facebook)

US tax payers supporting ex-presidents?

What charges would you file in this case?

If you thought US Catholic Bishops Couldn't Be Bigger Assholes, You'd be Wrong...

Sibel Edmonds: US government needs to keep the fear factor alive

Charles Pierce, Esquire: Mitt Romney, Trust-Fund Bully (and Not Just in School)

Michele Bachmann is now a citizen of Switzerland, WTF

Starbucks baristas can't be union billboards: court

it`s official! wanda rohl is recognized by the democratic party in illinois

Old friend of Romney's calls his behavior “evil” and “like Lord of the Flies.”

Mitt Romney: Between the lines ...

I got a call today from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Support

Rand Paul endorses campaign depicting gun pointed at Obama’s head

If it were up to the states and their citizens' votes, would slavery still be in effect in places?

Best of April from the White House

Mitt Romney Was a Bully

Hey...Leave Romney Alone!

Log Cabin Republicans: GOP Position On Gay Marriage A Liability

Two things I associate with the Right Wing mentality

Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Julian White, director of embattled FAMU marching band, retires

I realize people have to make a living...

Heads up Tweety will have Barney Frank and that fundie jackass Tony Perkins on

Romney Battled LGBT Anti-Bully Commission As Governor

Mr. Romney...

Bernanke: even worthy borrowers can't get mortgages


Reid: Democratic party platform will include pro-gay marriage plank

Jewish groups hail Obama’s gay marriage stance

Maya lunar calendar notes discovered in Guatemala

Editorials on Obama's Embrace of Marriage Equality

Huge sunspot turned our way, might produce X-flare

A Not-Dumb War

Drone attacks creating hatred!

"TV's Frank" Conniff: Bristol Palin says gay offspring will never know the pure Christian joy of...

Maya calendar workshop documents time beyond 2012

Senator John Kerry joins 16 other senators in urging delay of deportation rules on same-sex couples

Obama fundraiser: Two chosen to dine with stars at Clooney's house

Analysis: Why we must name all drone attack victims

An inconvenient lawsuit, kids vs US Government

"Bullying?" Wasn't this a violent, criminal offense?

Romney Will Increase Military Spending By $2.1 Trillion With No Plan To Pay For It

LAPD Gun Buybacks to be Crashed by Pro-Firearms Group

Thousands of British police join anti-austerity protest

Anyone seen H20 Man lately?

"The Finder" has been canceled! DAMN! (So has Alcatraz.)

Counterfeiter caught selling to Detroit's "American Jewelry and Loan," pawn shop of "Hardcore Pawn"

Has Romney's car elevator reached the bottom floor yet?

The real significance of the WaPo article on Romney the high school bully

Rep. Raul Grijalva: Let's Protect Veterans and Their Families Instead of Just Voting for War

Education and an anti-gay mentality don't mix too well

Tony Perkins: Parents have TREMENDOUS POWER to prevent TEH GAY in their kids

Senate may try to repeal Defense of Marriage Act

Romney classmate: It wasn't a prank. It was assault and battery.

Former Classmate re Romney: "Evil & like Lord of the Flies"

Tweety and Barney Frank are busting Tony Perkins chops over marriage equality...

Hardball Chis Matthews and Rep Barney Frank Handing Tony Perkins His ASS

Scientists Discover New Site of Potential Instability in West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Mitt Romney, Trust-Fund Bully (and Not Just in School) By Charles P. Pierce

Cerberus, in Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed hound (usually three-headed)...

Obama steps forward on marriage equality, House Republicans step back

Couldn't Murphy's Law be suspended, JUST THIS ONCE?? Nope. Crap.

Veterans Plan To Return Medals During NATO Summit Protest

Tension high outside Venezuelan jail after shootout


We need a constitutional amendment guaranteeing marriage equality...

Romney assaulted another human being because of his sexual orientation. That's a hate crime folks.

NYT: Biden Said to Apologize to Obama Over Gay Marriage Issue

Girl Scouts under scrutiny from Catholic bishops

Face-to-face with a side view.

The Subsidized Student Loan Scam: What subsidy are they talking about, anyhow?

Romney: Gay Couples Should Be Able To Adopt, But Not Marry

PM's ex-aide denies he was hired for Murdoch ties

New Obama Ad - Mitt Romney: Backwards on Equality

Republicans biggest regret about marriage equality is that they didn't come out in favor of it first

Romney is such an ignorant asshole

What is the policy in regards to those who are anti-choice here at DU3?

Romney refused to give 2002 Olympics tickets to widows and orphans of dead 9/11 firefighters.

Gawker Outs Robin Roberts as a Lesbian

Military class suspended for its view on Islam

Michelle Obama & Jill Biden assemble packages that deployed troops requested be sent on Mother's Day

What It Looked Like - New photo of Biden getting “out a little over his skis.”

Catholic high school baseball team balks over having to face team with a girl in title game

How many smaller and weaker kids did Romney assault if he "can't remember" ...

YouTube Documentary

Rikers Violence: Out Of Control {graphic!}

Romney's backstory is disassembling. Friend says Romney was like "Lord of the Flies".

Michele Bachmann to withdraw her Swiss citizenship during her bid for re-election

One in six voters still think Obama’s a Muslim: Why?

What would the young rascal Mitt Romney be charged with these days over the Cranbrook incident?

Lets admit, Marriage Equality WILL Have some impact on the sanctity of marriage!!! Some examples....

Why Isn't Closing 40 Philadelphia Public Schools National News?

Mitt Romney's new press secretary:

Good Vibes or Prayers: Job interview tomorrow.

Need a smile?

Warmer waters and lack of food most probable cause of pelicans’ death in Peru

Warmer waters and lack of food most probable cause of pelicans’ death in Peru

When finally reached for comment, bluesbassman said, "Doesn't matter. Had sex."

I actually listened to Tweety tonight on the way home, and he asked a profound question

JPMorgan Discloses $2 Billion in Trading Losses

Matthew Shepard’s Mother: Romney Incident ‘An Act Of Torment’

The last thing Romney wants to do is get into a discussion of the varied marital norms that human

This is becoming a perfect storm V1.2

Can we stop calling him MITT?

What is really sexy to you?

US priests reportedly behind Vatican crackdown on nuns

And Now a Few Words on the Wisconsin Senate Circus

Rev Al begins with School Daze

TYT: The Avengers Vs The Pentagon

Rep. Steny Hoyer Comes Out For Marriage Equality

anyone watch Whale Wars Viking Shores?

After shaving Baby Sarah's head, Mitt Romney handed her back to her horrified parents. (TBogg)

Rev Al - "when you run for President, the past is never the past"

Republicans for more war, more tax cuts for the rich, and more starving

Barney Frank And Tony Perkins Engage In Epic Battle Over Homosexuality on Hardball

REC if you think that "REC if you think" posts are excruciatingly lame.

A younger Mitt Romney LAUGHED as he watched legally blind teacher walk into a closed door

House Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) announces support for marriage equality

Reid: Democratic party platform will include pro-gay marriage plank


Romney's Views On Gay Marriage: Also Evolving?

Americans overwhelmingly favor big defense cuts

Breakfast Club---(Larry Lester's Buns)--very relevant with todays news.

"Have you noticed that the House of Representatives

"Ahead of a Posse"

Rmoney would like you to know that he's...

3746 videos from 2945 people in 73 countries.

I was just physically attacked

A Brief History of Corporate Whining


Fox News Radio slogan is

This Has Nothing To Do With Queers, & I'm Not Looking For A Fight

Romney's having a very bad week.

Seattle-- KOMO 4 is showing POTUS speaking live @ the Paramount now. nt

Difference between @ and # in Twitter?

What if all the male comic characters posed like the female one?

Newly Discovered Mayan Calendar Goes Way Past 2012.

DUers it's time to target that Swiss family Bachmann seat

The Stupidity of Bullies.

ABC News leads with Romney bullying story...

Bill Donohue: ‘I Want The Law To Discriminate’ Against Same-Sex Couples

Attitudes on homosexuality in the 40s, 50s, 60s

Fox news: Hit piece by washington post falling part

The President has taken wedge issues the GOP usually excel at and turned them against them

Biden apologizes to Obama over gay marriage flap

Neo nazi members ask journalists to stand in front of leader

I have not been able to figure out why Republicans and religious nuts feel threatened by gays.

Sizzling Photos Of Channing Tatum! NSFW

Police demonstrate in London

Matthew Shepard's Mom: Romney's Actions - Not "An Innocent Prank---It Was An Act Of Torment"

If Romney truly doesn't recall tormenting a gay student...

“How cool is this?”

I love that my fellow jurists have a sense of humor.

Senate ENDA Hearing Set for June 12

How is Romney doing missionary work a positive example in his life

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah Rove is on CSpan bawling about Obama and Bin Laden

CBS Evening News POUNCES on Romney's high school homophobic assault

Scott Pelley on CBS ended Romney bully report by saying 'it was a long time ago'

Mitt Romney tried to nix anti-gay-bullying efforts, but signed pledge of support for the bullies

i am so very sorry

Daily Kos: Why Mitt Romney Hates Unions

Chris Matthews and Barney Frank will rip Tony Perkins

Barney Frank and Tony Perkins on Matthews

eBay Reversed its Gun Policy: Selling gun parts and accessories again

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Demonstrates How To Handle Tony Perkins On Television

Would murder charges be filed in this case.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 11 May 2012

Robert Reich on the need for more banker regulation re: JP Morgan Chase. CNN The losses are

Barney Frank and Chris Matthews slamming Tony Perkins on Gay Marriage

It's the domino effect, that's why: Senate will take up ENDA on June 12

FFRF announces fund to aid nonbelieving clergy

Pregnant single mom Bristol Palin blasts Obama on parenting. I guess girls should just sneak around

Crowds turn out for Romney's Omaha visit

Obama and gay marriage: In U.S. religion, the Golden Rule rules

I have discovered irrefutable proof that LynneSin is God.

Car dealer body shop fudges repair. What to do?

Matthew Shepard's mom: Romney’s prank was ‘an act of torment’

How Our Prescription Drug Obsession is Killing Kids

"Animal House" character, Douglas Neidermeyer, based on Mitt Romney's Prep School Days

Funniest Tweets about Obama endorsing marriage equality...

Freerepublic's reaction to Romney may be widespread

Parents lobby for POW's inclusion in Taliban prisoner swap

Johnny Carson was awesome

Donated to Obama/Biden 2012 today. with surprise poll!!

Paul Krugman talks with Chrystia Freeland: The complete interview - Free... Very interesting

Romney classmate: 'To this day it troubles me'

John Edwards hoped to be appointed to the Supreme Court

Labor Leader Bashes Romney's KC Visit

Japan to Nationalize Fukushima Utility

Why This Election Matters

Is it possible that Romney can't remember a specific instance of anti-gay bullying

I don't care how thick or stupid you are, you'd remember something like that.

"But I know somethin' about you / You went to Cranbrook, that's a private school..."

Obama's Not The Only One Who Has Evolved. Romney Has Too.

Former Romney Classmate Describes ‘Bullying Supreme’ – A ‘Pack of Dogs’ Who Targeted ‘Different’ Boy

Meanwhile, in East Germany...

I don't know if anybody has pointed this out or not....

In light of discussions of fascists and fascism-