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Archives: May 9, 2012

Breaking - Lugar has lost the primary

awesome romney video

Obama keeps his conscience in the closet

U.S. Supreme Court: Federal Law Does Not Pre-empt State MMJ Law

OOOOO Barracuda!

Jimmy Kimmel Confronts President Obama re: MMJ

Andy Pettitte will make Yankees return on Sunday

NEIL, HWB, cheney'sBUSHco & NOW jeb

Welsh Government: Catholic Schools must promote pro-gay marriage campaign

You lied to me, Mr. Santorum. You're a bald-faced liar. A... fucking liar. Let's get this over with.

MLB fines Nats GM Mike Rizzo for his Hamels comments

President Obama reading Where the Wild Things Are in 2009

Watching Senator Lugar concede.

Dr Vandana Shiva - International Permaculture Day 2012

Who is Pat McCrory ?

Paying to Play: How Financial Institutions Rip Off School Districts

Four States have requested federal reclassification of marijuana

FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites - now

Teacher Strike Vote in San Francisco

Freeper "Forty-Niner" responds to Santorum's Romney endorsement: "Mission Accopmplished!"

Hardball - 'Grand Theft Auto': Romney says he saved Detroit

Teacher Strike Vote in San Francisco

Understanding the various economic systems

Couple Denied Mortgage Because of Marcellus Gas Drilling

Tunnel Linking Long Island Railroad to Grand Central Terminal Could Be Delayed (Again)

James Carville says democrats are too optimistic about Obama winning this season. That we need to

Johnny Depp's inspiration for Willy Wonka: An incredibly stoned George W. Bush

Well, Lugar just conceded.

Hardball - Rove's 'non-profit' running ads against Democrats

DSCC, Indiana Dems Commemorate Lugar, Slam Mourdock

the demise of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.Why and what it means to you.

Remember Ashley Judd's statement back in April?

Big Ed has the Wisconsin Poll Countdown Clock! I hope he's still on when the polls close OR

So Lugar just conceded the election.

Ever had a Ring Tone that you liked so much

You're so Bain....

Mail Order Bride Company President Lobbying To Weaken Protections For Abused Immigrants

That new underwear bomber/terrorist from Yemen? Dude was a CIA agent.

Britain seeks delay to EU's Iran ship insurance ban

"Shaun of the Dead"'s selling for $6.99 on iTunes.

What was the first grown up book you read/had read to you as a kid? My mom read on KonTiki

John Kerry: Dick Lugar Loss ‘A Tragedy’

I pledge allegiance--

Heartland-Gate Day 5: Green Coalitions Dump Institute, Forbes Slams Anthony Watts of WattsUpWithThat

To everyone who's upset with the Federal War On Weed, a suggestion and song...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! People Are People & a new Kitty gif

When an alleged bad jury decision turns out good. Another Kraut thread but applies elsewhere.

Obama Releases Statement On Lugar ‘Retirement’


Can barely stand to watch - local news covering Mourdock "win" speech.

The banks take your home and land away from you?

Who is the REAL Democrat on the ticket in the Wisconsin gov. recall primary?

The gay election, at last

MiddleFingerMom has VERY fond memories of his Canadian vacation... ... ... ... ... ... he THINKS.

Portugal scraps four public holidays in austerity drive

Breaking: North Carolina Passes Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage

Online Resources for LIVE Wisconsin Democratic Primary Results?

With 1% of the vote in Journal-Sentinel says Walker wins GOP primary.

What companies are based in North Carolina? n/t

Michele Bachmann claims Swiss citizenship

Avast or AVG?


Eurozone crisis: EU moves to loosen grip of austerity

Wisconsin: Early Democratic Results

The One Thing I Don't Like About This Hobby...

TRENDING: Clinton addresses 'au naturale' moment

Quick brown rice?

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy agrees Brownback and Ks repukes are idiots

What the F**K !!! Primary: Federal prisoner (D-WV) running against Obama has 37% of vote so far

Jon LOVITZ next with MURDOCH sychophant Piers

Laws that say that we have "Freedom to hate"

Even the freepers know the Republican Senators are doomed after blocking the student loan bill


Changes on my campaign web page news...

(PCRM) Doctors to Obama: Stop eating unhealthy foods at photo ops

Past is Prologue

Josh Hamilton (Rangers) hits 4 HRs against Orioles

Examples of Federal Agencies Targeting Legal State Level MMJ Activities

Virginia Teabagger group advocating armed revolution if Obama wins in November.

Martin Bashir - Republican congressman defends cuts to Meals On Wheels

In WI It's been called for Barret

Congratulations to Mahlon Mitchell, the next Lt. Governor of Wisconsin

North Carolina Voters "Tar Heel" Same-Sex Marriage

Ashley Judd... the WHOLE conversation. the site we had condensed her conversation.

So. What kind of stuff comes from NC?

Obama re-nominates Republican official to nuclear commission

Say to my face that religion had nothing to do with the bigotry that happened in NC.

Liberal Donors’ Plan Worries Top Democrats

Barrett wins Dem primary in WI...but Walker is running ahead all dems combined in his primary

Rahm Emanuel to Lori Swanson: Back off Accretive Health probe

N.R.C. Skimps on Financial Oversight, Audit Says

I have an incredibly naive question ...

Study Shows Women are Plenty ‘Informed’ About What Abortion is Without an Ultrasound & Lecture

Kraut - Unemployed

Rant via Daily Kos: Bigots are "throwing toothpicks at a boulder rolling down a mountain"

Another jury to look at...

FLORIDA: Governor Scott Signs Three Pro-Gun Bills into Law

Vague deja vu re: NC anti-gay vote and Prop. 8 vote.

Iraq, Afghanistan War Veterans to Protest NATO

Ethics of keeping wild animals as pets.

Sheer Terror - For Rudy The Kraut

California May Ban Gay Teen 'Conversion' Therapy

Kraut Salad Video Recipe

Tonights Cool is brought to you by Willie Dixon

Laura Kraut - Meydan FEI Nations Cup 2010, Rotterdam

Went out with my 19mm today (38mm on a M4/3)

You Have Chosen To Remember

GEORGIA: Governor Deal Signs NRA-Backed Legislation into Law

Big rise in North Pacific plastic waste


Court: illegal immigrants have no right to guns

Pit Bull Pulls Unconscious Owner From Path Of Oncoming Train

A Deafening Silence

Let's look at some numbers:

US drug company to pay $1.6bn over Depakote mis-selling

I dislike the idea of putting civil rights up for a vote

The ED Show - GOP picks big business over poor Americans

Reverend Al Sharpton via Twitter: "Amendment One in North Carolina passes...

So today I found out something about the job I was hoping to transfer into...

Last military vehicle to leave Iraq goes to Fort Hood museum

TYT: 'Mistake' To Let Women Vote? Fox News Guest Disgusted By Hannity's Friend

"Small Donors Flee House Republicans, Flock To House Democrats In First Quarter Of 2012" by Paul

UAW President Bob King: Mitt Romney deserves no credit for auto industry recovery

Fair Sentencing Law

Anyone here on any of the committees that are meeting this Saturday?

A political joke...

Ted Nugent almost gets his ass kicked at a book signing

NC GOP can raise its mission accomplished banner. they set a vote on a day where only they would

President Obama ‘Disappointed’ With The Passage Of Amendment One

more birds

Now, you all need to behave but

Why NC's passage of Amendment One ultimately does not matter.

Questions for Wisconsin DUers

I am thinking of becoming a vegetarian......

The increasingly bizarre (and odoriferous) saga of the would-be exploding underpants bomber

So very tired of Silly Season GRRR Someone posted a picture of The President and First Lady on FB

Seats still available to go to Chicago May 19, 20th. to Protest NATO Leaving Minneapolis

"Austerity Can't Be Just for Regular People" by Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone.

Obama ‘Disappointed’ With The Passage Of Amendment One

I have been called a bigot.

Islands of equality in a sea of bigoted assholes

A question about Al Sharpton's health

Barrett wins Democratic primary, to face Walker in June

Frederick Douglass, “If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress”

In Japan, Evacuation-Aid Pleas Dismissed

What to call North Carolina...

Dictator Endorses Romney

"You're Mad As Hell…"

Recall elections need not be so expensive, drama-laden

Even as a child, MFM was quite the entrepreneur

Amendment One seems to conflict with Article 1 of the North Carolina Constitution.

Who is your favourite non comedic political pundit for this election season?

What is the customary charge for a urine drug screen?

I've come to the conclusion that Mad Men now sucks.

Protest NATO Summit in Chicago May 18-20th. Come join us if you can! (and I hope you can)

NC vote: No legal rights for partners in ANY civil union, gay or straight

My son's battalion lost a soldier today.

"Values" are never taught in school? What school are they talking about?

Am I supposed to feel "safer" because a CIA informant's "terrorist plot was foiled" ?

Yahoo Story about Obama followed by horrible racist statements

Jon Stewart Blasts The Political Convenience Behind Obama’s Gay Marriage ‘Evolution’

Voter Turnout is KEY --the NC Amendment Results

Leaf pleads guilty to painkiller theft, faces 9 months in treatment...

NASA Pic of the Day: Space Shuttle Enterprise flies past the Statue of Liberty

Wow. Whiskey Row was on fire.

NASA Pic of the Day: Space Shuttle Enterprise arrives in New York- Statue of Liberty in foreground

Tumbleweed Tiny House video tours

What's on Channel K-9 tonight?

Petition: 1 Million Against Amendment One

Gaston County NC Returns - Cue Dueling Banjos

So the no-opposable-thumb set has won in North Carolina . . .

I paid off my car today

Federal Inmate Keith Judd Receiving Sizable Percent of Vote in West Virginia Democratic Primary

North Carolina Gay Marriage Ban: Obama Says He's 'Disappointed'

Bin Laden's corpse appears in Havana

Toons: The So-Called Growth Pact, Freedom Fries Redux, A Circus Tent and More. - 5/8/12

Prescott fire engulfs Whiskey Row businesses

Transformational Presidents are not afraid to attack contentious social issues

What is your favorite season?

Leader Nancy Pelosi on the phone with human rights activist Chen Guangcheng today

BlueNC: To all of you who fought so hard against Amendment One

Byron Williams: A good shellacking in November might bring GOP back to reality

Need your opinion on this site: something called Say Anything.

The Rachel Maddow Show - The RNC is bad at its job

Anyone here seriously think Amendment 1 would NOT pass?

Free e book promotion from Left Coast Press!

The Rachel Maddow Show - House GOP lends Statuary Hall to religious extremists

Front line, the wonderful show on PBS just aired a four part series about the 08 meltdown...

The super-rich talk up about inflation fears, but...

More Apologies: ''NATO Apologizes For Killing Mom, 5 Kids In Airstrike''

It is time for FCC to break up BIG MEDIA!!

Florida nabs white supremacists planning "race war

Tom Barrett Will Face Scott Walker In Wisconsin's Recall Election

Art Robinson is a lunatic running for Congress in Oregon

How Mormon History has Shaped Mitt Romney

Listen to Lindsey Buckingham play this acoustic guitar

Who is your favorite Founding Father?

Supes back privately funded Balboa Park makeover (San Diego)

Hitler Used Cocaine and Had Fart Problem, Medical Records Show

Elections hot line receives Amendment One related complaints

"We Can´t Live On Change — We Demand A Living Wage!" Bravo!!! Well said.....

In West Virginia Dem Primary, incarcerated felon gets 41% of vote against Obama, ten counties

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, May 8)

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Tuesday, May 8)

How Long Can Labor Survive?

1776 at Ford's Theater.

Presidential Perks: Paying for Carter’s postage, Bush’s bills, and Clinton’s rent

Orly Taitz Smacked Down By California Court Of Appeal In Election Fraud Case

I think it might help if everyone read Skinner's words on juries and the TOS

Carville: Wake up Democrats; you could lose

The KKK is celebrating tonight.

An Effort to Bury a Throwaway Culture One Repair at a Time

Motherfucker! Colorado Repubs kill civil unions bill by running out the clock.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

One of the best parts about growing up in Cleveland was the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival

Origin of Stupidity

Rmoney introduced at fundraiser by coal baron who killed workers

The Top 10 Texas Fugitives: 7 Hispanics, 2 American Indians and 1 Caucasian

TSA equipment gathering dust, House investigators say

Psychiatry Manual Drafters Back Down on Diagnoses

Good News you can still marry your first cousin in North Carolina

It was a dark night for America, indeed.

Photo Gallery: East Germany's Transformation

$215.00 for a pair of jeans....but no fire extinguishers....

Its 1979, what album are you trying to wear out?

Excerpt from "End This Depression Now!" - via Huffington Post

I'll make a prediction...

Poll should the DNC move its Convention out of North Carolina

Love this sign at a local store

There've been over 100 birther cases. Here's a VIDEO of Indiana Election Comm. & 'CRAZY' Orly Taitz

NC Amendment 1 passed

Confidential memo - Conservative Think Tanks Step up Attacks on Clean Energy

Self-driving car passes road test

Check out Occupy Riverwest's (Milwaukee, WI) picture

Extremely rare transit of Venus coming up this June.

Impact of Target PFresh Seen as Minimal

Conservatives' idea of a good time: 1700s

Yoshi just had his very first birthday!

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday May 9th

This is the rethugs talking point for today.

Austerity, the Euro Crisis and the US

Private Job Growth Occurs More Under Democrats

If I were the DNC this ad would run from today

According to regular guy Scott Brown votes to makes sure student loans much higher.

How to end it once and for all, By Mark Morford

Charles Barkley joins growing chorus annoyed with Blake Griffin flopping

Any thoughts on Forbes Magazine?


‘Plus-Sized’ College Student Claims Discrimination at Bar

Interesting round up on IN primary - and something to keep an eye on

An invitation to our GLBT friends in North Carolina!

Occupy London Tour Shows Bankers Profiting Amid Poverty

Private Jobs Increase More With Democrats in White House -- Public Jobs Rise More With Republicans

Ask Your Doctor if This Big Pharma Scam Is Right for You: The Dangers of a Drugged Up America

Joe Conason: Sewer Campaigns And Secret Donors Anger Voters, But Will They Act?

Graduation Day (cartoon)

Texas veterans face long waits for VA to process disability claims

Why Conservatives Chose Nuttiness

Germany Rejects Fracking........

Jon Stewart - Biden & then Mitt Romney takes credit for the auto bailout

Robert Reich on Clinton’s Errors of Crippling Welfare to Repealing Glass-Steagall

Allen West Speaks At Lincoln Day Dinner, Quotes Confederate General

Santorum Explains Romney Email

Florida nabs white supremacists planning "race war"

Why Mitt Can’t Tell The Crazies To Get Lost

lady in the mall yesterday.

The Job Market for Grads (cartoon)

Russian plane disappears in Indonesia

Amid opulence and pomp, Queen Elizabeth II set out government's austere legislative program

Happy Birthday, John... and thanks for everything!

Just another day in America

The Unbelievable Brutality Unleashed on Kids in For-Profit Prisons

Safe Harbour

Why Paul Krugman Needs to Run a Teach-in for Ignorant New York Times Business Reporters

NBC to unveil ‘1600 Penn,’ a new Washington comedy

John Kerry laments Republican Richard Lugar’s departure from US Senate

Poll: Do you think Mitt Romney may be insane?

Is it possible to get a "people's inititative" on the ballot in North Carolina?

Oil falls to near $96 as US crude supplies jump

We're fucked.

Ok, so what's up with the stock market today???

Did you hear? Rmoney was in the war room when Osama was killed?

Gus Speth: A Vision of America the Possible

MORE NC silliness ...

Alaska militia members spoke of hanging bodies from lamp posts: prosecutor

Greenwald decries "fear-mongering orgy" over Yemen terror plot

How 7-Eleven plans to put the bodega out of business (NYC)

Law enforcement expects RNC event to increase sex trafficking in Tampa Bay.

Flatulent Dinosaurs changed the world

Who else hates going to graduations?

South Africa seizes $7m in 'rhino-poachers' assets

So what do you think of your kids paying double the interest on their student loans?

Dick Lugar Doesn’t Go Quietly, Handing Democrats Plenty Of Ammo

What President Obama has done for the LGBT community, thus far..

The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People (Posted without comment ...

Dems See ‘Pick-Up Opportunity’ In Indiana Senate

Alex Bennett on air questioning the Wisconsin recall

Incredible Train Stations

Congress' "law and order" Republicans believe that oil companies above law-particularly w/fracking.

The last time North Carolina amended their constitution on marriage

'One in six cancers worldwide are caused by infection'

Get Used To It GOP Determined To Rule

Is an "Advanced Search" function in the works?...

Divided Wisconsin: Woman drives into estranged-spouse keeping her from voting yesterday

Hell just froze over: Joe Scum had Paul Krugman on Morning Joe today!

Smallest mammoths found on Crete

A lot of people seem to favor TSA. If you're one of them, what has TSA done to keep us safe?

Poll: Who do you think the 1% is more worried about cutting into their wealth?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- RIP, Mr. Sendak

How Your College Is Selling Out to Big Ag

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Rights denied, for now

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Austerity voted out

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Fruit of the Boom

How can you vote on a civil rights amendment during a primary election?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- Primary and Republicans

Wednesday Toon Roundup 6- The Rest

Esse Quam Videri.

Joe for President in 2016....

NOT the Brady Bunch

Mess of suppression: Why voter ID laws are solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist

so mourdock ran on a 'more partisanship' ticket

Mourdock says the auto bail out was wrong

John Nichols: Wisconsin Democrats Easily Outpoll Scott Walker as Recall Race Is Set

Move the national convention OUT of North Carolina

shit. this could only happen to me

Move the national convention OUT of North Carolina

May 2011 - April 2012 Warmest 12-Month Period In US On Record - 2.8F Above 20th Century Avg.

Evil Clown hired for stalking, threats and a pie in the face

Meet Mitt Romney in Miami Next Week for Just $10,000

Kerry Laughs At Romney’s Claim To Credit For Auto Bailout: ‘I Just...He Cannot Be Serious’

Peruvian Dolphin Death Toll Climbing - At Least 3,000 Have Washed Ashore Dead Since January

Scott Brown ad tries to rebrand him as an "independent"

Lead Singer of Punk Band 'Against Me' Comes Out as Transgender in Rolling Stone

The Post-Antibiotic Era Spreads Through Overuse Of Drugs, Poor Hygiene & Public Health Systems

Remember Joseph Maturo, the "might have tacos" mayor (Repug) in Connecticut?

Lugar lets out what is, for him, a primal scream against the modern day Republican Party.

Amendment One: A different kind of North Carolina blue

Maurice Sendak was gay.

On this day in 1974 impeachment hearings for Nixon began

sexualizing men

Obama Loses West Virginia Delegates To Prison Inmate

HELP!!!!!!! I'm trying to source or debunk this..........

How income inequality contributed to the Great Recession

Rush Limbaugh Ad Boycott Cost Cumulus Radio 'Millions,' CEO Says

please don't go...

The Perilous Politics Of Same-Sex Marriage — Why The President Is Still ‘Evolving’

Obesity and Personal Responsibility

U.S. institute says sees "new activities" at Iran site

U.S. Millionaires Told Go Away as Tax Evasion Rule Looms

OP: Central Florida may decide the presidency

Old timer at work once asked me, "Want to know how to find out if your wife really loves you?"

do you let your pet lick you?

The costs of a shrinking government

'Cascade Creature' - mesmerising deep-sea creature

MFM is awkward at reunions.

The Worst Song Of All Time--Absolutely, Positively THE WORST....

Pacific 'garbage patch' changing insect mating habits

Majority of NC voters didn't even know what they were voting for.

A taxing day at the polls

Who missed this interview between Colbert & Maurice Sendak?

Wife hits husband with SUV after argument over recalls

S.Korea to protest North over GPS jamming

Jonah Goldberg drops false claim of two Pulitzer nominations

Bedouin land and culture threatened by Israel's plans for resettlement

Another day, another teen bullying suicide horror story

MFM, HopeHoops, Archae, ohiosmith and Major Nikon have a new Thursday ritual

Little glitch I discovered on the My Posts feature

Drumbeat: May 9, 2012

Drumbeat: May 9, 2012

Donnelly Praises Lugar On Bipartisanship, Slams Mourdock For Opposing Auto Bailout

World Bank calls on countries to take urgent steps to protect 'natural capital'

I just came by for a drive by hello.


Lugar Did NOT Lose To The TeaParty---The BANKS Did Him In-To Punish Him For Voting AGAINST Wall St

Chris Carter Admits Buddy Ryan Era Eagles Used Bounties

Bronx girl, 11, texts pals, hangs herself in room

Looks like Theresa May will keep her job - Abu Qatada's appeal to European court turned down

Why does Rmoney run from his name Willard

Man Inspired by Ted Nugent Arrested for Threatening to Kill Obama

Pet food recall 2012 now includes 39 states

Yulia Tymoshenko ends hunger strike after hospital move

Indian Court Blocks Exxon Valdez From Entering Scrap Yard

For CEOs, it's OK to have "inadvertent errors" on your résumé.

Catnip Abuse PSAs

Coming up on the 20th anniversary of the disappearance of the Springfield Three.

Coming up on 20th anniversary of the disappearance of the Springfield three--please check out my



The Jesse Stone series

It's a miracle the man can walk, what with those giant balls and all

It's "Missour-ee," not "Missour-uh." Anyone who says "Missour-uh"

Time for LynneSin to change her team logo to the next Philadelphia team to suck in the playoffs.


Twitter supports Occupy Wall Street, refuses court order violating user's privacy

-- Sen. Barry Goldwater reading the Tea leaves quite some time ago.

Speech by Prof. Anthony Hall on Election Fraud & Regime Change in Canada (video)

An Old Texas Tale Retold: the Farmer vs. the Oil Company

"keeping kids indoors hermetically sealed away from real dirt makes them sick. "

Republicans Are Finally Getting Nervous About Ron Paul's Secret Delegate Strategy

21 Albums they don't want you to know about

does everyone know about fantastic fiction?

Police: Detroit homeowner shoots and kills intruder, accidentally shoots wife

Austerity Can't Be Just for Regular People (Matt Taibbi)

GOP Rep Describes Pushing 300k Children Off Lunch Program... As "Trimming The Fat"

Sit down, shut the fuck up and let Heterosexuals decide whats best for us!

A Taxing Day at the Polls...

A Depressing Fact For Anyone Who Supports Gay Marriage { a thing you suspect in your bones}

This does not make any sense at all...

I'bve gort an owie on my gfinger

unfortunately, many Democrats agree...

Please vote in this DU poll in General Discussion:

How gay marriage foes celebrated Amendment One’s victory: Cash Bar, Love Songs & Cake

"TV's Frank" Conniff: "Tonight Amendment One was passed, which narrowly defines marriage as...

I think I'll just stay in the lounge awhile.

National Review: Mike Huckabee for VP?

It Is Enough: An Open Letter to the Sick at Heart

Gay Marriage Shows Obama Dilemma in Battleground States

Court orders ban on enforcement of Illinois eavesdropping law

It is never OK to allow people to vote away others' civil rights.

Ind. man arrested for driving with 4 kids strapped to car hood

Tom Barrett receives immediate support from Wisconsin unions and Kathleen Falk in recall effort

Obama campaign video mocks Mitt Romney's claim that he saved the American auto industry

Corporations are people

Risk of Unprotected Sex Debated in Gilead HIV Pill Review

Which counties cast the most votes against amendment one

France, Greece, and the USA...

Obviously a clueless person behind the wheel, but a bumper sticker I saw yesterday ...

Scott Brown (R-MA) Says He's Independent

Dan Hughes video

Orangutans at Miami's Jungle Island use iPads to communicate

Coke, Pepsi in row with New York City over subway ads

German Patience With Greece on the Euro Wears Thin

Sell Your Vote In 2012

Wage Growth Bolsters Spending as Americans Extend Hours: Economy

So after 4 year of having to hear about Obama secretly not being an American

The White House Petition to get rush off of AFN

Has anyone heard from "The Philosopher"?

Making Chemical Giants Happy at Our Expense

Can someone help me figure out what is going on?

66 years ago, by accident, or planning I am not sure which probably accident, I was born white and

Elizabeth Warren: Weakening the consumer agency

Pic Of The Moment: Dear North Carolina

Thom Hartmann: Auto Industry - Romney wishes he had a time-machine

Trade Alert: Another Job Killing Trade Agreement Heading Our Way

ACW:Matthews, Froomkin Conason question Karl Rove's Xrds GPS "Social Welfare Status"

For your use, some words for describing Mitt Romney:

Thomas Kinkade died of accidental overdose

I cant find season 2, episode 5 of Game of Thrones on Infinity On Demand.

Awesome cartoon memorializing Maurice Sendak

The majority voting on the rights of a minority

The religious right is America's radical Islam.

Crowd of 30 Gather to Hear Romney in CO

UC Davis Students and Faculty Face Prison Time for Peaceful Protest Against Bank

Democracy Fights Austerity

ABC News to Interview Obama as Gay Marriage Questions Persist

Mourdock: ‘Bipartisanship Ought To Consist Of Democrats Coming To The Republican Point Of View'

14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People: #12. Young Bill Clinton

Rumors floating around that Obama will announce support for Gay marriage---Today.

The Democratic Party needs to start using the C-word at every opportunity.

FBI Director Urges Congress To Renew Wide-Ranging Surveillance Power In Counterterror Probes

President Obama greets audience at APAICS Gala Dinner - White House Photo of the Day May 9, 2012

"I'm 85 years old, but I have never in my life seen anything like this."

Christie's 'N.J. Comeback' is a myth, Democratic assemblyman says after revenues fall short

Remember Recall

So I'm reading the Urban Dictionary entries for 'Willard."

Jesse Lee Peterson: Giving woman the right to vote was a big mistake

One Million Moms group targets JCPenney for same-sex ad.

Tony Perkins’ Kids Won’t Be Gay Because He’s ‘Teaching Them The Right Ways’

Thom Hartmann: What is Driving the Obesity Epidemic?

My dear fellow Occupiers: Please, vote in this DU poll in General Discussion:

Wisconsin - County Vote Results May 09, 2012 - 12:39PM ET

Defenders of Marriage

Bethesda puts up browser based Wolfenstein 3D

When Romney Got Himself Arrested Fighting For What He Believed In -- His Boat

Admiral General Aladeen chooses between Obama and Romney

If You Live in In NC & You're Gay, You Can Not Marry. However, You Can Marry Your Cousin

German solar juggernaut rolls on despite tariff cuts

Today in 1960, the FDA approved use of the birth control pill

The Last Word - Rewriting the Swift-boating of Obama

I find it amazing that Mitt is the last man standing and still barely pulled 50% yesterday

"They're restricting the our freedom to ..."

We know what Amendment one means to gays and unmarried couples

Offered with minimal comment

Is Obama about to complete his evolution on gay marriage?

North Carolina, where you can marry your cousin...

Milwaukee event Saturday May 19th. Van Jones, Gwen Moore and others...

'The Dictator' Endorses Mitt Romney: Sacha Baron Cohen's Character Gives GOP Hopeful A Nod

Local Republican Party Newsletter Suggests ‘Armed Revolution’ If President Obama Is Reelected

A reassuring peek out the airplane window

What if gay marriage makes it to the Supreme Court? Please Vote

California: Bill would ban therapy to 'convert' gay youths

Take the test: Were you a "Cool Guy" in High School?

Nicholas Katzenbach, Trusted Adviser to J.F.K. and L.B.J., Dies at 90

Rural post offices won't close, but hours will be cut

Pastor Fired for Wearing a Skirt (and a Boner) Over to Parishioner’s Home

What if a state with a non-white majority voted...

My new Facebook status re: North Carolina

LGBT Families and Their Kids to Ring New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell Tonight

So I couldn't marry my gf in North Caroline, but I could marry my cousin!

Here are the Florida rocket scientists planning the 'race war'

Why no talk of Lugar pulling a "lieberman"?..

John Danforth; Republicans becoming incresingly inconsequential and intolerant.

Dear right-wing bloggers: Please congratulate Obama on gas prices


Netanyahu: Iran Must Commit To Halt All Enrichment In Upcoming Nuclear Talks

Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Romney!

What NC Products can be Boycotted?

Website accuses Corbett of having fired a whistleblower, after he reported questionable payments

Fox Now Asking: Is The Drop In Gas Prices A Bad Thing?

Fox Now Asking: Is The Drop In Gas Prices A Bad Thing?

If the NC Rightwing Taliban Want to Save Hetero Marriage, They'd Outlaw DIVORCE

Opinion: Obama won't change marriage equality stance pre-election

Pittsburgh Opera Facebook Site Overwhelmed with Criticism About Arts Award to Gov. Corbett

Michele Bachmann Granted Swiss Citizenship WTF??

Soy-Crop Bust Spurs China to Drain U.S. Bins: Commodities

Here's a toast to the Miracle of the Free Market!

The Wisdom of Bayard Rustin

Thom Hartmann: How Fast Food is No Different than a Crack House

Milly Dowler: truth about deletion of messages may never be known

Newt’s Last Stand: Dispatches From The Frontlines Of Republican Politics

what is the difference between Michele Bachmann and a catfish?

DN! North Carolina Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage, Civil Unions

Hoosiers: Is your Senate seat now competitive?

DADT kiss n hug celebrities coming to the PFLAG Honolulu meeting tonight!

Viewing Child Porn on the Web 'Legal' in New York State, Appeals Court Finds

REPORT: Obama Expected To Endorse Marriage Equality In ABC News Interview

Taibbi discusses Europe.

I'm baffled by Michelle Bachmann's latest stunt.

Sofia is ONE!

Gather round kids under 35... I have a story for you

Abu Qatada deportation appeal rejected by human rights court

Dentist pulled out ALL boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her (and new girlfriend says ugh)

Secrets of the first practical artificial leaf

How does one insult an individual or group that's considered successful?

Is the Republican Party shrinking so that it and the Tea Party

San Diego Gets the World's First Harvey Milk Street

Rmoney's carjacking of the Obama bailout

Congress to Vote on Blocking Funding for DOJ Medical Marijuana Raids

Colorado Civil Unions Bill Dies in Procedural Impasse

Piglets twirled, pigs kicked by farm workers, activist video shows

Humpback whales intervene in killer whale hunt

Interview with Edwina Rogers, New Executive Director for the Secular Coalition for America

Why Missouri doesn’t matter in this race BY DAVE HELLING

Caltrain Gets Financial Green Light for Electrification

Romney opposed to gay marriage, except when between two corporations

College Baseball Rankings.....Very Interesting.

I am not sure the Democratic Party understands the amount of anger today

Former party treasurer’s use of GOP, federal funds to buy camper was kept under wraps

Business email etiquette--is "you're welcome" needed or just time-consuming?

Math whiz chooses small religious school in Queens over Ivy League

Romney: Obama Takes Unfair Credit for Oil Gains

xkcd Toon: Every Major's Terrible

Support for Afghanistan war at new low, poll finds

The Importance of Dick Lugar’s Farewell Warning

Ex-"Rage" Guitarist (Tom Morello) Threatens To Run Against Rahm

You saw the supermoon, but did you catch the moonbow?

"90% of Distant Galaxies in Universe Unseen" --European Space Agency

OMG, I can feel it. By 3pm we should know something. It's going to happen today, I can feel it.

Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel weighs in on Accretive dispute

Angry opponents of N.C. amendment call for moving Democratic convention from Charlotte

Starting to get very excited about the rumors

Why isn't it the same?

Another whopper - North Idaho sheriff candidate hosts cross burning

Fracking Industry Now Largest Employer Of Recent PR Graduates

Lifestyle Choice

Mike Thompson's killer toon on Willard Rmoney's auto bailout bullshit

"Sorry, Rahm. The city limits of Chicago do not extend to Minnesota"

BS ALERT: Romney Saved the US Auto Industry!

What does everyone here think of my response to this anti-Obama question?

How cool. I just noticed that the mockingbirds have built a nest in the shrub outside

Senate probes painkiller makers, allied groups

FRONTLINE: Murdoch's Scandal. Great 2012 Documentary

"Truce" declared on Free Republic, hilarity ensues.

How about if we had no federal government...

ABC: Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage

Qaeda leader urges Muslims to avenge Koran burning

I have to be in New Haven from the 15th through the 17th...

Thom Hartmann: Why is Fox so-called News Supporting the Christian Taliban?

how many DUers would NOT SUPPORT President Obama if he changed his position on medical marijuana?

BREAKING: Obama Embraces Marriage Equality

President Obama Endorses Marriage for Same Sex Couples

per CNN - Obama's statement: "Same sex marriage should be legal"

President Obama Affirms His Support for Same Sex Marriage

Bachmann: Ich bin hundert Prozent Fledermaus Scheiße verrückt

YES HE DID! Obama Embraces Marriage Equality!!

Obama "Gay Marriage should be legal"

Our President just endorsed same-sex marriage!

Senate Republicans Filibuster Democratic Bill to stop Student Loan Rates from Doubling - NYT

POLL: If Obama loses this November, will Dems blame

Watch here

Don't protest DNC city Charlotte. Mecklenburg County voted AGAINST the marriage amendment.

The most pro-gay president in history

I want to give my daughter a shagreen box that I have had for years.

Thank You Obama! (updated)

Thom Hartmann: How Corruption takes $14 from Each Tank of Gas

Was the Obama interview taped? I was under the impression it was going to be live,

Pakistan's PM denies authorities knew Osama bin Laden was living in country

Rush at it again

Spy blimps in US skies?

I Don't Have The Stomach To Turn On Fox And See How They Are Treating This Announcement.....

So he supports it, but still wants the voters in the states to decide

Thank You, LGBT Activists

Log Cabin Republicans On Obama: ‘Offensive And Callous’

How many families don't have at least one gay person in it?

Jesus' Republican Sing Along!

AFER’s Ted Olson Supports Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Endorsement

A Dumb War

My problem with Obama's announcement on same sex marriage

Soy-Crop Bust Spurs China to Drain U.S. Bins: Commodities

Most PROGRESSIVE President in U.S. History!

The little things that shape History

We really need to support Obama this November

Papantonio: Fear Rules Republican Minds

Obama evolved as a "Politician" over same sex marriage.

Biden deserves thanks for this announcement, too, don't forget!

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley: ‘In Maryland, We Agree’ On Gay Marriage

Evolution Complete: Obama Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

A great day for civil rights - Nancy Pelosi

REmember this classic letter to Dr. Laura. I thought of this today (re: NC vote)

So I do not know if this was already posted or if it is in the right place smack

Dems Already Rallying Off Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Endorsement (Pelosi and Gillibrand statements)

First study investigating possible link between sunscreen ingredient and endometriosis

Post gay marriage announcement, who wins this Fall?


I don't think raising money from Hollywood will be a problem now.


New Greek poll looms as government efforts founder

Making Chemical Giants Happy at Our Expense

Bachelors for Wallace

Thank You, President Obama!

Bloomberg Lauds Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Endorsement

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, I'm so excited I could just BUST!

Rep. Steve Stivers (R-OH) to Martin Bashir on gay marriage..."I came on the show to talk about jobs"

Michael Moore Sings - Really

Vidal Sassoon, Legendary Hairstylist, Dies at 84

Thank you, Mr. President.

Next step: Repeal DOMA!

ACLU: President Obama Endorses Freedom To Marry

William Bennett calls Obama's 'Julia' a "yuppie liberal woman."

Upgrading to Win 7 in my Parallels machine. Some thoughts.

A Question On Rmoney's Stand On Bailouts In General....

Everyone who can should donate a little today to support the Pres. And his statement!!

Zuckerberg's hoodie rankles Wall Street

Tarpley vs. 9/11 shills

Everyone who can please take the time and donate a what you can to support the Pres.

Smart move Mr. President

It feels like the darkness of the Republican night is slowly retreating

"Obama is the last Democratic president to oppose marriage equality"

"I'll be to the left of Ted Kennedy on Gay Rights"

This was a very courageous decision by the President.


Here it Comes: RNC Chair: Obama ‘Played Politics’ On Gay Marriage

"... the Golden Rule: treat others the way you would want to be treated."

Sam Steelman [Son of GOP Senate Candidate] Applauds Violent Rhetoric

I just heard on the radio that Vidal Sassoon has died

Congress Seeks Postal Overhaul While Making It Impossible

Shep Smith: GOP Is On ‘The Wrong Side Of History’ On Gay Marriage (plus RNC statement)

Right wing stepping up attacks on renewable energy

13th Floor

RNC says Willard has been consistent on matters gay

Dear Hosts:

Lautenberg: Obama’s Same Sex Marriage Support Should Inspire Congress

One Quarter of Grouper Species Being Fished to Extinction

One of the funniest TCM promos ever >>

Protests mark Bank of America meeting; four arrested

Obama: 'I Think Same Sex Couples Should Be Able To Get Married'

What would marijuana laws be like if you were writing the laws?

Talkingpointsmemo: Mike Huckabee Already Fundraising Off President Obama's Same-Sex Endorsement

Colin Powell: Bush Didn't Consult National Security Council On Iraq War

Has anyone's straight marriage failed or in trouble because of Obama endorsing gay marriage?

Hickenlooper to call special session after failed Colorado civil-union bill

Jared Polis: Obama Support For Gay Marriage ‘Welcome News’

This is a personal attack:

Clever way of growing cilantro to avoid bolting:

Mitt Romney Reiterates Opposition To Gay Marriage And Civil Unions

Well is my marriage supposed to break up now?

I was going to write a celebratory OP

Thank you, President Obama.

Arachnids only. Post a pic of an arachnid from fact or fiction.

Thank the Voters of North Carolina

Just read where the RW says if Obama re-elected start a reveloution

I may or may not be the first to say this, but civil rights is *not* a states' rights issue.

i want to thank you president obama -- in the same way you have offered your evolved opinion.

On twitter - #ThingsRomneyTakesCreditFor

Help Wanted: State poised to start hiring again

Ecuador law would forgive debt on defaulted mortgages of first-time buyers

Ecuador law would forgive debt on defaulted mortgages of first-time buyers

Openly Gay Houston Mayor: Obama ‘Stepped Up’

Log Cabin Republicans On Obama: ‘Offensive And Callous’

Thom Hartmann: Why is Fox so-called News Supporting the Christian Taliban?

Gonna eat those pork chops tonight?

I just made a small donation to Obama for America

Fox's Shep Smith: GOP Is On ‘The Wrong Side Of History’ On Gay Marriage

John Edwards repeatedly called liar at trial

Against Me lead singer comes out as transgender

I DEMAND President Obama...

Democracy for America and Governor Dean Applaud President Obama’s Endorsement of Marriage Equality

Bill Clinton’s Top Gay Advisor: ‘Historic Moment’

Video excerpt of Prez's historic interview on marriage rights and equality up now

This is important: It's marriage equality, not gay marriage

Ted Nugent Parody

Romney: "It's a very tender and sensitive issue, but my opinion is THIS..."

I'll be interested to learn how the Log Cabin Republicans respond to President Obama's annnouncement

Good Toon on NC vote

Yet another Cartmen Maneuver.

Is it safe to go into GD? I haven't looked . . .

Earth to Log Cabin Republicans: You are now officially the 21st century equivalent of ...

Ex-Detroit mayor got free trips from pension fund broker, feds say

Vidal Sassoon, hairstyling pioneer, dies at 84 in Los Angeles

Toon: Twenty Years from Now

APOD pic: Space Shuttle over NYC

The constant attempt to portray things as balanced.

Report offers a bit of good news for American moms

Romney's Latino Problem

Romney endorsed by conservative Swiss politician

Should SF teachers strike? Here's what's going on:

The Daily Rundown - Republican Richard Mourdock hates bipartisanship

Poll: does Romney's pledge to censor porn make you want to vote for him?

Do yourself a favor - Don't go to any right wing boards today.

Think Progress Thank You Letter to the President.

Why can't DC compete with Marvel on the big screen?

I'm straight, I'm in tears, and I'm so very very happy

So, I have two thoughts about President Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement

Tammy Baldwin: Obama ‘Has Done The Right Thing’

The Rolling Stones have 9.9 million Facebook fans and want YOUR help hitting 10...

That Obama is in favor in marriage equality shouldn't be NEWS. It should be a given

How long do you think it will be before marriage equality is the law of the land?

"this is a major historical and cultural moment, and the President deserves kudos for it"

Purging of the Senate Republicans

Voting Republican

What is your new regime for spring? I'm going to walk for at least an hour on my days off. I'm

Paging LynneSin....What the hell's going on...

Electoral Impact of president's announcement?

Most everything that is going on now is because of Neptune and Chiron

Via Daily Kos: "the...Leader of the free world just told the world that our relationships are valid"

Thank President Obama for supporting marriage equality...

Obama endorses gay marriage and it STILL doesn't bring on the Rapture

CT scan was pretty good.

As an old timer , I have been around for a long time

Why Missouri doesn’t matter in this race BY DAVE HELLING

Well, I tried, but I think I failed.

VP Biden to Appear on "Jeopardy"..Not as a contestant..

Obama is being earnest and honest by publicly backing lgbt rights. I think everyone knew he was for

CO Civil Union Poll Needs DU Love

Ozzie avoids Castro discussion - video >>

Choice bits...comments responding to log cabin republics claim that President Obama is Callous

A Taxing Day at the Polls #dailykos #toon

Colorado Civil Unions: Gov. Hickenlooper Announces Special Session To Readdress House's Killed Bills

Barney Frank: Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance ‘Will Cost Him No Votes’

Glenn Greenwald on Pres Obama's "State's Rights" Stance

Just starting to make the rounds on FB ...

Darcy Burner on President Obama's support for marriage equality

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx NC-5 April Health Care Poll Results

Now that OB has supported gay marriage

Mass. Gay Republican candidate Tisei statement on President Obama’s new position on gay marriage

Hillary without makeup - She still looks gorgeous!

Man hand-forges his own wedding ring out of a meteorite

Activists Want Democratic Party Convention to Move out of North Carolina After Amendment One Passage

Wait. How is what Obama just said different from DOMA?

I'm wondering what Rachel will lead with tonight....

CNN pundits in HOF* mode over Obama on marriage equality.

As soon as I'm finished weeping with joy

Being Mean to Fat People Is Pointless: A Good Old-Fashioned Plea for Civility

Bigotry: Forcing legally married couples should be forced to file/pay taxes as two Single persons.

Bill would ban therapy to 'convert' gay youths

Who wants cake (pic)?

Taking the day off and getting my nails done...

44% of 18-29 yr. old evangelicals favor gay marriage

Zuckerberg wears a hoodie to a bankster meeting- and it pisses them off.

How long till Romney says he'll take a lot of credit for Obama's decision?

Was Biden's pro-equality statement Sunday a trial balloon?

Reactions to the president's support of marriage equality..

Charles Pierce: Obama, Gay Marriage, and the American Equality Quilt


Call, Write, or EMail the DNC, NOW! "Move the Convention"

Gay marriage: After Obama speaks out, so does nation (LA Times) -- good comments

Said on the TeeVee

The latest Occupy impostors

ALEC & The Environment

If Obama loses the election because of marriage equality

I've been banned from LBGT

Don't forget ABC will have the Obama interview on the half hour

Drone attacks cause political strain in Yemen

OK, Josh Marshall made a funny:

Freepers react to Obama having "conversations with own daughters" prior to supporting gay marriage

Drone Attacks: The Latest Aspect of Growing US "Shadow Warfare"

Anti-gay marriage crew says they're not deterred.

Settlement ends long-running dispute involving immigrant workers at New York food wholesaler

"Where's the driver?" ..... "He went to change clothes."

Drone warfare: politically expedient and disturbingly inaccurate

"Hey Boss, you'll never guess what happened."

President Obama Best president ever

so when will shep smith be fired from fox news

Why did Obama wait until AFTER the NC vote to "evolve?"

Wins the juror awrd of the day:

Video shows Tea Party activist saying ‘We have to kill’ Sen. Claire McCaskill

The Worst Part of Censorship

Russia's Putin Says He's Skipping US Economic Summit, Planned White House Meeting With Obama

Crystal Ball: I see grater things coming Scott Walker's way

Deer, literally frozen with fear, rescued by police officer

Fox News Instigator John Stossel Shows Up at the AFL-CIO

Wisconsin: Scott Walker releases new campaign slogan

RNC announces new campaign logo

It continues...

I'm finally convinced

I am a liberal Christian

bwahahaha: Mitt Romney, Conservative Cultural Icon (this op is a riot)

"The president said he supports the concept of states deciding (equal marriage) on their own,

Every conservative who claims that Obama changed his stance for political reasons...

If you hate

Ogre making comeback - Car Wars to follow.

Ex judge to reveal to the US ties of Venezuelan gov't with drug trafficking

Joe Arpaio Facing Justice Department Lawsuit Over Alleged Civil Rights Violations

A supporter of one of my opponents in Ward I questioned my MUD math!

lolzy banner ad

Forward, United, To The Fight For Equality

Following Obama’s Lead, Sen. Jack Reed Announces Support For Marriage Equality

The WHY in President Obama's pro-gay marriage statement

Phyllis Schlafly: "The schools are a real threat to the future of our country."

ALEC & The Environment

Supporters of marriage equality, K&R to say "welcome aboard" to President Obama.

Kelly Thomas case: Two Fullerton cops ordered to stand trial

From and Obama-Biden campaign site

Harry Reid: ‘People Should Be Able To Marry Whomever They Want’

One tweet of the day: Sad day for social conservatives...

Several pro-control posters...

Why won't you let me love? .....

Will this statistic enter the 2012 presidential campaign?

Education versus Bigoted Behavior

Fired up?

Brow, Warren's reaction to Obama's announcement - Other reactions in MA.

38% of all accidental NYC 911 calls are from the butt...

"The reason unemployment is high clearly has nothing to do with taxes" - Bruce Bartlett - NYT

Log Cabin Republicans are just... gawd, awful bizarre.

I get it that Tweety really despises Romney

My 2 cents on Obama's support for Gay Marriage:

Can somebody remind me when President Obama is going to make all freeps gay marry?

Just a devastating critique from the Nation: The Other America, 2012: Confronting Poverty

PGA Commissioner Finchem: Masters 'not doing anything illegal ...

NALC food drive Saturday!

How long before Willard dresses up like he thinks a warrior would dress?

Can we now stop calling our president a BIGOT and a COWARD?


Sullivan - Obama Lets Go Of Fear

Study finds NYPD frisks young black men too often

The new (and improved) Obama Logo

This is a sarc photo


Ani DiFranco: Which Side Are You On?

Fifteen people beheaded in Mexico, drug gang suspected

Romney Gets No Love From Ohio Governor Kasich

My son's comment upon seeing a Log Cabin Republican on Tweety:

Obesity could affect 42% of Americans by 2030

May 9, 2012 dust storm through Tucson 1:20pm to 3:00 pm in 38 second time lapse

Romney says its about time Obama took his advice on Marriage Equality

Should be a v-e-r-y interesting address at Liberty U. by Romney Saturday

Facebook is just on fire tonite - here's another one worth sharing (re: SC)

Funniest Gay Marriage Signs and Pictures

Obama's gay marriage stance could shift views of other blacks

DVDs and Blu-rays will now carry two unskippable government warnings

State regulated waiting periods and information may not help women seeking abortions...

George W. Bush Requests More Taxpayer Dollars Than Any Other Former President

It began in San Francisco

Cheney's 2009 Statement on Gay Unions

Bank of America annual meeting in Charlotte draws quite a crowd

Push To Expand Title VI to Religion

Biden said so? Then fuck it, let's do this thing.

MICHIGAN: New Law Allows Residents To Carry Tasers

Miz t. is SO easy. (Mothers' Day)

Barack just sent me an email

Fox news up to their usual tricks on gay marriage

Senator Harry Reid's Statement On Marriage Equality