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Republicans are not Opposed to Increasing Middle Class Taxes

How much wood would a woodchuck upchuck, if a woodchuck could upchuck wood?

I wish this was me

Mittens didn't know he had accounts abroad.

cant see photos, just red X's

It be raining big time here in south Austin.

Where is Romney's Tax Returns??

I hate the #@&% Government

Just rewatched the men's Wimbledon final and I was shocked!

hey San Antonio...

Texas "Voter ID" law in Federal Court this week: My prediction

Bell Labs Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Telstar and Birth of Modern Communications


XCOR moves to Midland, Texas (from Mojave, CA)

The wrecking of Barclays is organised looting by those at the very top

Barbour Says Mitt Romney Should Release More Tax Returns

"Are you saying that if I maintain that Barack Obama was born in Kenya that I am a racist?"

Blurb on CNN: Romney caught off mic??

January to June 2012 warmest first half of any year on record

Dion Lewis Arrested After Pulling Hotel Fire Alarm

Florida Dems Sell Out to School Voucher Lobby.

Charter schools are '' double-dipping '' on pension reimbursements.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he's cancer free

Mexico gunbattle leaves 11 dead in Sinaloa state

FL House Dems Discard Toss Up District as GOP "Lean"

Big Ed is going off on the "common people" lady.

I just love Big Ed. Is he married?

Consumer bureau proposes rules for risky, high-cost mortgages

Is it fair to judge Romney for the comments of his donators?

Russia Admits Failure To Issue Flood Warning

Michele Bachmann, anti-ACA crusader

Romney Failed to Declare Income From Work in Porn Films

Hard Times: Lost on Long Island -HBO tonight at 9.00pm

This pic of RMoney superfan Jim Wilson begs to be captioned.

What “Dummies” need to know about atheism

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Armed Madhouse Monday & a new kitty gif

Jonathan Krohn PWNS the right-wing!

dangerously close (the DCCC emailed asking for $ today)

Watch Rachel tonight

What Your Cellphone Tells the Police Behind Your Back

Executive Order Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Function

The Closer...

Bill Moyers: The Cowardly Lions of Free Speech -- must read or watch the video!

Any mayor who wants to cut firemen's salaries to minimum wage needs to spend one day training . . .

Will the fuck-ups in the Lounge Bakery never end?



Cyrano de Bergerac ain't got shit on me......

Great to hear from Richard Engel

Very funny, Juror 4. A regular Laff Riot. Hahahahaha.

Tony Blair's scarlet letter

The ED Show - Right-wing rhetoric heats up as the president's poll numbers get better

Gormy Cuss is our duly elected new lead host!

Ben Cohen in PTown for fundraiser (Oh JoeyBee & XChrom)

Never ever tell geardaddy you'd like a chandelier hung......

German circumcision ruling points to religious intolerance, critics say

Found this on Facebook

The ED Show - Romney rakes in Hamptons cash

Happy Birthday 14th Amendment!

Poor Brad Pitt.

Attention shoppers! We have a special in the Lounge Intimates Department......

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives

Florida closes only tuberculosis hospital amid worst US outbreak in 20 years

Judge imposed $1M bond because Zimmerman & his wife were "preparing to flee to avoid prosecution"

Not since Bullitt has there been this kind of automotive epicness in San Francisco...

Romney's campaign coffers are filling up... not counting the PACs money

Fake and real baby bumps in Hollywood.

The ED Show - Romney's offshore accounts under scrutiny

I've taken up a new hobby.

A Brief History of Voter Suppression in America

"Aggregated Daily Kos Polling Shows Obama & Romney Tied In Texas. No, Really."

Whoa! Ladies! Tom Cruise is available!

Democrats run with Romney supporter's "Common people don't understand the economy" comment

"Three Ways the Rich and Powerful Have Cheated Young Americans" PAUL BUCCHEIT FOR BUZZFLASH

How does health insurance work if you get very ill

A reminder...IF OWS disbanded tomorrow, we wouldn't HAVE any Hope for Change at all in this country.

caption time!

OK Mitt - We Gave Tax Breaks To The Rich For How Many Years Now - Where's The Jobs?.....

Prince went to a hairdresser today. >>

Need your help with a book title

The ED Show - President Obama boxes in Republicans on tax cuts

Little boy who inspired banana split parties dies

"Struggling in the Suburbs" Editorial at The NY Times

Ezra Klein is such a geek.

Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives

Gov. Bobby Jindal blasted for refusing federal Medicaid money

Daniel Vlas Flores Sentenced To 65 Years In Prison For Raping A 7-Year-Old

Chris Christie Calls War On Drugs 'A Failure' BULLSHIT he sees a profit opportunity for his friends

Florida closes only tuberculosis hospital amid worst US outbreak in 20 years

Air force crew from 1965 buried at Arlington....

I'm one of the common people

Anybody else remember the swiftboating of John Kerry?

Ultracompact vehicles to hit public roads this year (Japan)

Mitt Romney says there is nothing wrong with personal wealth. I agree. However...

computer question

As storage in dams dips, Centre rings alarm bells (India)

Kofi Annan seeks Iranian help on Syrian crisis

What You Add Is What You Get- Paul Krugman

TED Talk Audition: Former MO State Senator Jeff Smith

"I'm not going to be your monkey."

Companies To Develop 34-Meter (110 ft) Solar Module On A Roofing Membrane

Remembering Nora Ephron, Just as She Planned

A quick question about Stand Your Ground laws--

Earthquake triggering and large-scale geologic storage of carbon dioxide

AP: Episcopal bishops OK trial gay blessing prayer [and pave way for ordination of trans-gendered]

Second suspect in notorious S.F. killings arrested

Mythbusters clean up quite nicely (pic)


So sick and tired of so-called corporate "charity" giving

Meet Your Delegates: Kansas City Married Couple Earn Their Spot at the Convention

"Many of my friends and supporters cautioned me against that $50,000-a-head fundraiser...."

"Rodeo Creates Effigy Of President Obama, Bull Tackles It, Clown Kicks It" Freak Out Nation

Romney Donor Says ‘Lower Income’ People ‘Don’t Understand What’s Going On’

Big Gets a Back-up Flasher

New graphic for the GOP's War on Women (WOW!) is looking spiffy.

Did you know that President Obama was a CIA Agent in Pakistan?

Steelman appeals to rural Missouri in Senate TV ad

Whose Side Are You On - Tom's or Katie's?

CPS lied about Police Dept. payments to justify voiding teachers’ 4% raises

Romney: I didn't know I had those offshore accounts

Rachel Maddow - Degree of obnoxious wealth at Romney fundraiser tests credulity

Famous movies that you have never seen?

US: Latino groups launch push for marriage equality (21 of US's largest Latino groups for equality)

Reagan proposing the 3 tier tax system we have today

Report:Some lose homes over as little as $400

Romney: Cabinet won’t be ‘filled with academics and politicians’

Chinese trade surplus jumps to $31.7bn

A bit of gay history: Legendary Children by Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes to Hollywood fame

Washington's Marriage Equality Fundraising Leaves Opponents In The Dust

Low hanging fruit, easily picked, should be shared (so here 'ya go!) ..

Opossum protein neutralizes nearly all poisons, could have benefits for humans

Alexander Skarsgard Manhandles His Co-Star

awww cute! baby elephant face plants in the ocean

Can the World Survive Washington’s Hubris?

Obama challenges Republicans to keep tax cuts for middle class (Reuters)

Mitt Romney makes me miss George W. Bush.

Jennifer Granholm makes smooth transition to hosting political TV show - DetNews

Name this singer!

$250,000/year "middle class" does not need a tax cut.

It's hard to be from Utah...

Larry Brinkin, San Francisco gay rights icon, arrested on child porn charges

Food price hike likely after long drought

Numbers of registered Democrats declining in AZ?

"Episcopal Bishops authorize gay blessing" very small step...

Edward R Murrow introducing PBS it's first station channel 13 in NYC 1962

BREAKING: Employment expenses are Deductible

what the heck has Obama done so far. Great easy to read (so easy even the tea pricks can read it)

"Episcopal Bishops authorize gay blessing" very small step...

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Brains...Or Just Get Ready for a FLASH MOB Protest in Belleville, MI

Presidio Social Club, located on federal land in the Presidio, starts serving foie gras

Apparently, according to this just and impartial jury I'm a Racist Troll

Trinidad leatherback turtle hatchlings crushed (BBC)

Retired Colombian army general 'behind plot' to assassinate Bogota mayor .

Retired Colombian army general 'behind plot' to assassinate Bogota mayor .

Now this version of "Rock Band" for the XBox I'd like!


From George Takei's FB page

Has Drudge stopped trying?

Washington Post/ABC poll: Obama and Romney tied at 47% nationally

Need some hugs...lost my dog tonight

Summary of the President's remarks on Monday.

5 charged in U.S. border agent's killing

Need some help with this Face Book RW Meme ala' Dr. Seuss

Condemned Dog "Lennox" May be Put Down Today

Has anyone here ever bought any of the Kyjen puzzle plush egg babies dog toys?

Coming Out In Gay Film

Paradise Regained (includes Water Falling Over Things 2012: Part II)

Victims have yet to be compensated by 'parapoliticians' .

Oh just fuck 'em.

Harold Ford, Jr.: smirking sociopath

If you can stomach it, the repubs have scheduled hours of debate on repealing the ACA

Major outing at FR FYI.

Heat rising in Drudge's attic

Drone pilots to get medals?

Updated: Piss on Wells Fargo. My friend has Stage Four cancer and WF is foreclosing on her.

Libor scandal: Bob Diamond gives up £20m bonus

Yahoo article: Many Wall Street executives say wrongdoing is necessary: survey

Kayaker’s first foray ends after close shark encounter

Anyone got some advice about pain medication?

Millionaires voting for millionaires.

Profiting From Market Failure: How Today's Capitalists Bring Bad Things to Life

Nice introspective interview with JK

Religious Right's Ralph Reed Field-Tests Plan for Beating Obama

Remember this picture?

Dick Durbin: For-Profit Colleges "Own Every Lobbyist" in DC

Paul B. Farrell: Four fiscal cliffs ahead, and a jobs war

ANSWERS: “How’s Your American Jobs IQ”?

A Warning to the Next Generation of Student Debtors

Seven months after the CFTC fixed the problems

Tell about an experience that made you feel like you should "Pay It Forward" (Thanks Bluesbassman)

Does this asshole Dan Senor have a permanent job on MSNBC now?

Is Willard Rmoney's campaign advisor Dan Senor

Starfish Prime 50th Anniversary

I know the answer.

Obama Wins Crucial Cookie Related Precursor To Re-Election

Anyone who says $250,000/year isn't a lot of money is either stupid or they think we are

Posting Question

Low-Paid Grads On Tight Budgets Switching to Discounters

Damned straight: Indiana abortion law ruled illegal

wowzer and wtf? From the bowels of Freeperville

"Vodka Mom" sets herself ablaze.

State of PA pays Romney Bundler's Lobbying firm to Publicize Voter ID Law

BOARDWALK EMPIRE SEASON 3 - September 16th, 9:00pm

Washington Post had an excellent feature on Woody Gutherie today

My co-worker got an Outstanding evaluation at the grocery store where she works. Want to guess what

Is the LIBOR scandal a 1% vs. 1% thing?

"Are you sure you want to send this thread to your trash can?" May I make a suggestion?

How does a government expenditure of $750 Billion over 10 years "reign in the deficit?"

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Opening ceremonies

Wisconsin DUers have the ReTHUGs handed over the Senate

Man on Kayak Stalked by Great White in Mass.

If You're An American Taxpayer, These Are Your Most Recent Defense Purchases

Luckovich nails Romney again!

Village Voice Media: Stop the selling of young girls for sex on

Dan Senor is arguing that the reason the tax cuts haven't led to jobs

New evidence Thursday in Trayvon Martin shooting

Guardian UK: The privatisation of higher education is forcing out poorer students

"Job creator" and "Rich person" are NOT synonymous.

Does clicking on RW ads generate revenue for DU?

My entire life I was warned to be fearful of young poor minorities

Alligator bites off swimming teen's arm in Fla.

Romney to attend London fundraising dinner hosted by Barclays boss Bob Diamond

And you thought New York City apartments were already small?

Right Wing Attacks Stephanie Miller, Sobbing Ohioan Hugged by President Obama

Question about the grey highlighted paragraphs in posts

Peru's Humala touts rebel capture after deadly protest

Hormone study still worries women, 10 years later

Peru Declares State of Emergency as 5 Die in Protest Against Gold Mine Owned by U.S. Firm, Newmont

What About Changing It To The Democracy Party?

Sexual Objectification, Part 2: The Harm

The Obesity Paradox: Overfed But Undernourished

I left my phone at home and feel totally lost at work now. How did we ever survive w/o cell phones?

Nice Job, Guys: Ortho Puts Graphic Of Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar On Pesticide Packaging

Everyone would get a tax break

Assad proposes gradual steps to end Syria violence

Can I just say that cancer sucks?

Ronald Reagan

my submission made it onto this website

Chilling on TomKat

I saw Ted (the movie)

tomorrow the house is voting to repeal ACA for the 31st time.

NPR: Scranton Workers See Pay Slashed To Minimum Wage

(Holy Cows!) Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives

The Voteing Dilemma...

Lawyers crack down on school teacher for student loan debt

New graphic for the GOP's War on Women (WOW!)

Cathy McMorris Rodgers is a total idiot.

Elizabeth Edwards' grave now marked with a marble footstone, 19 months after her death

US investigating citizens at Colombian drug lord's party: Report .

Looks like they're going to have to cut the Prada slipper budget at the Holy See

US investigating citizens at Colombian drug lord's party: Report .

Chuck Todd actually asking tough questions

Canadian scientists to march in Ottawa to protest 'death of evidence'

Eugene Robinson: "The GOP is trying to pull off an unconscionable Crime Against Voters"

Will This Election Break the Rules?

The difference between how democrats and republicans view healthcare.

Where's Mitten's $$$?

Northern Indiana man pleads guilty to driving with 4 young children strapped to his car's hood

Olmert convicted by Israeli court

Oil Spill vs. Solar Spill

A new way to end the patent madness

Would you recommend your kid go into IT?

Tombs in Timbuktu's Djingareyber mosque 'destroyed'

The Israeli Defence Forces: first for women

Nicaragua prosecutor demands 17-year sentence for Colombian spy .

Should the tax cuts be extended?

Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak freed by Israelis

a famous romney mobile at the Koch's home..

Wayne Brady: I want to slap the shit out of Bill Maher

Hellish Cat Supercut

Gray Warrior, I thought of you, because

School officials in Fla. try to block Michelle Obama visit

positive spin on an ugly situation

Congo warlord jailed for 14 years in landmark case

Poll: ‘Obamacare’ Gains Support, Public Opinion Now Split

Would you opt for this ocular cancer test?

Maine Governor LePage apologizes for "Gestapo" comment

Israeli settler population surges under Netanyahu

U.S. spy agencies say won't read Americans' email for cybersecurity

The Nation -Transcript: Live Chat on the Future of Feminist Activism

Amtrak plans 37-minute train from New York to Philadelphia by 2040

Amtrak plans 37-minute train from New York to Philadelphia by 2040

Would it actually be possible to swiftboat Romney?

Sandoval: Giants fans better than N.Y.'s...

New Zealand court delays Megaupload extradition hearing to next year

Power Over Principles: How Republicans Chose Power Over Progress.

Harold Ford, Jr.: smirking sociopath

Republicans In Tough Races Carve Out Nuanced Positions On ‘Obamacare’

US Army pulling out of NASCAR at end of season

so anyone rich is a 'job creator'....what a crock of shite

Help with book title *Resolved!*

The Most Honest Three and a Half Minutes of Television. Ever.....THE NEWSROOM?

Women Sext For Attention While Men Sext to Show off, According to Science

HEY! I just had my 24,000th post, and didn't even notice it!

AARRGGHH!! Another brilliant idea from Dell.

Tuesday pearl of wisdom to share

Mitt Romney's offshore volcano lair

"...and Speaking of Gorgeous™": I Don't Care If Mike Love is a Dick Edition

Mittens said he's proud to have a $50K a head "KOCH problem"& worries lots abt "poor & middle class"

to all you lounge kids...

Romney: I Didn’t Even Know About That Bermuda Company!

The Trans Pacific Partnership – A Corporate Fascist Coup

Give up your own tax payer subsidized Health Care you fucking

Former Israeli Premier Is Cleared of Most Corruption Charges

OK ladies, time to stop using Revlon products

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Mittens and his fellow Repubs

The Walking Dead Begins - Xbox/PS3/PC

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Mainstream Economist: We Might Need to Hang Some Bankers to Stop Criminal Looting

Egyptian parliament reconvenes, defying court and military warnings

This week's True Blood Recap or 'How to impress a guy by puking on his shoes'

Senser gets 41 months? That's it?

Black Lung on the Rise; Excessive Mining and Corporate Malfeasance to Blame

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 10

Caption this CaliforniaPeggy moment:

Rove pac targeting ND Senate: Spending $800,000 on ads from Sept-October

I just posted this on Wal Mart's Facebook page.

Thousands of Americans trek to Alabama to witness woman who 'can see the Virgin Mary'

Why Do the Poor Cheer for the Rich?

Report: Some lose homes over as little as $400

From 2011: "Top ‘U.S.’ Corporations Outsourced More Than 2.4 Million American Jobs..."

Regarding "WHAAARGARBLE" and "Derp"

Al-Qaida offers gunman chance to attack Canada: recordings

Pic Of The Moment: Thank Goodness For Business Experience

The 'new Hindenburg' of Spin

Mass. man to plead in remote-controlled plane Pentagon bomb plot

Kansas AG pays $675K to defend state abortion laws

Al-Qaida leader released from Mauritanian jail after renouncing terrorism

Obama camp: What is Romney hiding by withholding tax returns?

NTSB: Enbridge (Energy Partners) saw crack 5 years before Kalamazoo River oil spill

Nervous Kremlin seeks to purge Russia's internet of 'western' influences

Mitt: What Koch ‘problem’?

Ken Aden, Arkansas Congressional Candidate, Drops Out Of Race Over Questions About His Military Reco

The GOP’s crime against voters

PPP: Obama leads in VA by 8-points and in NC by 1-point

Repub Rep: I Don’t Think Someone Who Is Diagnosed With Brain Tumor Should Have Health Care Provided

Ken Aden drops out of race (Arkansas)

*** Gets her staple gun out and posts signs in the DU Restroom ***

Pressure test failures at San Onofre confined to one generator

Why is Mitt Romney Hiding the Rest of His Tax Returns?

Thanks to Swede I now want to burn my 'Fifty Shades of Grey' book

LynneSin: Where is your review of the July 8th True

If you take home more than $250,000 a year, are you middle class?

Why would anyone expressing a rightwing opinion in public get a death threat from

Local news breaking for President's arrival in Cedar Rapids

Mittens says that Koch brothers are not a problem 'but an asset'

Charter School Teachers Say They Were Fired for Getting Pregnant

Rep. Allen West (R-Crazytown):"I didn't compare SSDI to slavery; I compared it to slavery!"

"America the Beautiful: A Fire Sale for Foreign Corporations" on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Ex-S.F. worker-turned-landlord to pay record fine

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down Moonshine While Reading Marx

US job openings rose in May, good sign for hiring!

Wanggaard will not challenge recall loss

Dan Quayle's son calls Obama the 'worst president' in history

Anyone have a good roommate story? Please post it on my website!

Troll a Tuesday. Please come CAPTION Mitt (wet bread) Romney!!!!

Investigating, fixing Nickolaus election errors to cost $256,300

Odds of record U.S. heat being a random event: 1 in 1.6 million

These jury opinions are getting way out of hand. Juror 5, what a jerk!

Berets - ugh!

Humor News Blog Seeks To Set Cal Ripken Junior-esque 2,631 Consecutive Blog Entry Record!

Judge clears way for Olympic rooftop missiles

Republican leaders praise Obama administration on trade talks

What happened to the art of moderation?

Who's Responsible for the Evolution/Creation Controversy?

Doctor Tells 65-Year-Old Swedish Man “You’re Pregnant!”

Wives watch sports for husband’s sake,

Need to drop acid before clicking on this

The most talented dog ever

Branstad Says No To Medicaid Money For Iowans, Helps GOP With #1 Priority

The Newsroom is making the MSM look like FOOLS.

The Solution to MRA Problems? More Feminism

Julian Assange interviews Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali

Google to pay $22.5 million to settle privacy charges

"An update on the infamous communion-denying priest in DC"

Gov. O'Malley of MD: Great statement-"How much less would be good?" (Keep services or cut taxes.)

Hello Everyone. Moving forward...


Arafat's death: Palestinian negotiator calls for international investigation

Portman Admits to Meetings with Romney Staff

Biden: 'Mitt Romney wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his'

To the Wrongs that Need Resistance,

Parties’ Tactics Eroding Unity Left and Right

Pentagon’s Mega Stun Gun Could Blast You Unconscious

I maintain, to this day, that members of 1% talk to each other and coordinate their actions...

'THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD': Horrible Heat And Drought Conditions Are Creating The Worst Crop Conditions

State Dept: Release pastor jailed for 1,000 days, sentenced to death in Iran

To those who think we're fighting sensible folks

Report: Naked guy bit chunk out of man's abdomen

Wrongdoing is a key to success. What we alway suspected, is now confirmed about Wall Street


AG (Holder) says Texas ID law would harm minorities

Orlando UPS employee alleges anti-Arab bias

CFTC Files Complaint Against Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. and Russell R. Wasendorf, Sr.

frozen watermelon puree --- would it be any good?

Interesting Photo Site I Just Bumped Into


Prajna Paramita

Obama's 'Progressive' Tax Plan Actually Screws Over The Little Guy

Officer marches into woman's home and yells at her to wake up because her grass is too long

There's no doubt, but our dear old(est) pet, Tigger, has gone blind.

Ambassador Limousine hiring 150 drivers for RNC

Despite denial, records show Romney owned Bermuda shell corporation - BEFORE - forming blind trust

Prajna Paramita

Naked man goes on rampage, bites a chunk out of another man's stomach

Thom Hartmann: What Role do Taxes Play in a Society?

US Army pulling out of NASCAR at end of season

Who Is Being "Intransigent"?

Great Evening of Fun and Food!

France Sees Public Investment Bank by Year-End

Wild and wonderful

Syria: UN's Newest Champion of Human Rights

Eva Rausing 'found dead' in Belgravia home

Paul Krugman Blog: Sixties Madness

Sununu on The Andrea Greenspan Comedy Hour© - People who want to create jobs are afraid of Obama

Please post your favorite funny web sites (MUST BE SAFE FOR WORK)


Cardinal: 'Rethink line on divorce and gays'

Need to find a good photo storage site

Yeah me! I just did my first marathon! (of course it was 4.4 miles daily X 6 days) LOL

Men rarely watch fashion shows, but somehow I liked this fun concept

More Wild and Wonderful

Catholic Cardinal: 'Rethink line on divorce and gays'

Email I received from Romney supporter. Total BS.

A wet, hot, steamy load. Please come CAPTION Bill (a snake's too straight for me) O'Reilly!!!!

TPM: New evidence Mitt didn't leave Bain in 1999, courtesy Mitt's SEC filings.

Carrier landings are dangerous

Scientists attribute extreme weather to man-made climate change

NCAA sanctions could be next for Penn State

More Wild and wonderful

Dead Zone Pollutant Grows Despite Decades of Work

World's youngest cardinal says the church must 'Rethink line on divorce and gays'

Papantonio & Lizz Winstead Talk “Lizz Free Or Die”

School is too easy, students report

S.C. Rape and incest bill vetoed as a "distraction"

I get these two confused

60s music question...

Trajectory of a falling Batman

Washington Monument closed until 2014 for repairs

Is Mitt Romney really ahead in the money race?

Tree rings suggest Roman world was warmer than thought

Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: Early Reaction to Supreme Court Decision on the ACA

I too, continue to be amazed...

Rmoney: "The middle class? They do a swell job on my lawn"

Thom Hartmann: Is Union busting to blame for the power outages in DC?

"God puts things into Adam's he does NOT want us to know about..."

Starring Mitt Romney as Gordon Gekko

Brilliance in ergometry

HOT...All you can drink wine at the Capital Grille for $25. Enjoy!

Gov. Nikki Haley cuts funding for rape crisis centers

S.C. Gov. destroys South Carolina Commission for the Arts

To Cut Taxes or Keep Services: 2 States Act as Test Cases (NY Times)

Florida Squashed News of Worst TB Outbreak in Decades, Made Worse By Budget Cuts

US urged to recruit master hackers to wage cyber war on America's foes

New left knee-advice? Long tho'

"You've had your tax breaks for 10 years, where are the jobs?"

Economics for the 99% - now available

Belching Black Hole Proves a Biggie: First Known 'Middleweight' Black Hole

Suthers backs Gessler, asks Homeland Security to screen voters

More creative sentencing .

Outlook data export/import question

White LEDs Lighting Directly On Paper

When did we get "Advanced search?

I feel like arguing with a tea-bagger - what's agood site?

Miami-Dade School Board members decry Michelle Obama campaign stop at local school

Oops once again! Please come CAPTION John (iodine tan) Boehner!!!

Rare baseball cards discovered; could be worth millions

Hoyer: Republicans Were ‘Absolutely Dead Flat Wrong’ On Taxes In The ’90s — And They’re Still Wrong

Mitt Donor Mechanics...

Whistleblower sues Rhee, alleges ErasureGate cover-up

my new favorite sandwich -- fresh basil, cucumber, havarti cheese

Diablo 3's Player Count Dives By 65% According To Gametrics

Mayor abruptly slashes wages to minimum for Scranton City Workers

Timeline of Women's Suffrage in the United States

President Obama meets a shy Leo Olson - pics

Warren Buffett donates 1 billion dollars to the Bill Gates Foundation

Report: Contractors hired to weed out Medicare fraud have connections to cos. they investigate

Attention: Most NYC Dwellers Make Far Less Than $250,000 A Year

Biden: Romney 'wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his'

Meanwhile, in Iowa. - pic

Medicaid official rules against Ind. abortion law

Jan Brewer moves to revoke domestic partner benefits for state employees

DUFantasizers season 4- Fantasy football

The austerity arrives ..

Best tweets about Cano's Home Run Derby effort

As They Lose Traffic, Once Bustling Airports Have Space to Rent

'Money In, People Out': The Twin Pillars of the GOP's 2012 Plan-Faith based voting was meant for Mit

GOP'er Richard Mourdock in a rare moment of honesty about "bipartisanship"

It's plain that there are some who are taking advantage of LynneSin's tenuous grasp on reality.

At least Liberals give thanks where thanks is truly due.

Nip. The first one's free.

Once your dogs actually TASTE pizza, you have to take extra precautions to ensure your safety.

MiddleFingerMom would (and did) travel to the depths of Hell and back for his ex-wife.

Everyone KNOWS he sleeps alone, but MFM sticks to his story of a menage-a-trois each & every night.

Black River, South Carolina

Anyone Going to Comic Con in San Diego?

Conservative Christianity's Marketing Gimmick to Keep Its Old-Time, Heaven-and-Hell Religion Afloat

DirecTV to Drop 26 Viacom Channels at Midnight on Tuesday, July 10

Gov. Nixon signs bills to lower fees on radioactive shipments

New Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away

Let the debunking begin in 3...2...1...

Early music careers...

Tell Democratic Leaders: Support forgiveness of student debt

San Francisco turns its back on Apple after green registry pull-out

Do any of you go into the religious groups?

To Cut Taxes or Keep Services: 2 States Act as Test Cases.

John Deere, CVS Caremark, MillerCoors, HP, and Best Buy will no longer fund ALEC

Jesse Jackson Jr tried to commit suicide???

Eric Holder: Voter ID Laws Are 'Poll Taxes'

The Gender-Obsessed Party? The Gender-Oppressing Party?

OK, Warren Jeffs' FLDS cult needs to be skinned alive. They buried a kitten alive in concrete.

Does Dark Knight Returns piss anyone else off?

S. Korea prosecutors charge 32 over nuclear graft

Arnie Gundersen on DemocracyNow: "We can no longer call it the Fukushima Daiichi accident"

Thom Hartmann: How Cities are Fighting back against the Banksters

How much Wealth (and hence Power) should one person/family be ALLOWED to accumulate?

I guess this is one way to fly cheap. Parents Charged After Baby Discovered Hidden in Carry-on

Amy Goodman on the 75th Anniversary of Guernica Bombing, Portrayed By Picasso Painting

Are you more (or less) liberal than President Obama? Take our quiz!

Comically Awful Survey Says 83 Percent Of Doctors Might Quit Over Obamacare

.Public Workers Face New Rash of Layoffs, Hurting Recovery.

Thom Hartmann: Is Union busting to blame for the power outages in DC? (video xpost)

Why do Republicans worship Ronald Reagan ??


Eugene Robinson is on Bashir now

Jonathan Krohn is now liberal!

USA: the cellphone surveillance nation

Thom Hartmann: Beyond Fukushima - When will we learn? Paul Gunter & Kevin Kamps (video xpost)

DEA agents out of control in Honduras

San Jose school principal arrested for not reporting alleged abuse by a teacher.

"Yummy Yummy Yummy", right after showing Turtle Boy?

Russia suspends new arms shipments to Syria

Drone "Code of Conduct", Empty Promises?

Photos: Congressman marries longtime partner

Pro Athletes Pose Nude For ESPN

KFC owner giving up fried chicken for fresh food

Here is Scranton's problem: Since 2001 Pennsylvania lost more than 250,000 manufacturing jobs

Americans' Confidence in Television News Drops to New Low---Gallup results

As Schools Fight Obesity, Physical Education Is Cut.

Do YOU hate Mitt Romney?

As Schools Fight Obesity, Physical Education Is Cut.

Perry Medicaid plan would give up $76 billion from federal government

Hundreds of turtle hatchlings crushed by excavators

What's your favorite phone/Ipod app? (Or just one you like a lot)

Just replied to a fund-raising solicitation from Mitt Romney.

Romney Tries to Pry Away Some Votes in N.A.A.C.P. Speech

Little girl doesn't like Steve Nash anymore.

Jameson Irish whiskey the world's fastest growing drink brand ......

WSJ journalist pays up his bet with Elon Musk

In New Rules to Shine Light on Derivatives, Regulators Also Allow Exemptions.

Do Your Own Health Care And Pulling Your Own Teeth

Looking for mobile hotspot recs --

"Tiananmen Sid" vs. William Koch


Rush Tells Truth....Mitt is "A Placeholder For People"

First lady Michelle Obama campaigns for her husband at Barbara Goleman High School in FL - pics

TOONS: Pun With Mitt ---->

President Obama speaks at Kirkwood Recreation Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - pics

Penney lays off 350 workers at Texas headquarters

President Obama stops at Deb's Ice Cream and Deli in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - pics

Obama's "hut-dwelling brother".

Anti-Indians-Blacks-Muslims-Gays- (etc.) Guy Wants Mandatory Church Attendance or ‘Atheists' Tax'

Help with https:// URLs, please.

Michael Steele on the Romney campaign: "A prick here, a prick there..."

Sociopathic Republicans: Starving Kids to Feed Monsanto

Caption this Mitt pic

Did you know women fart 3 times more than men?

I'm firing up the DU outdoor grill. What can I make for you?

Regulators Charge Futures Brokerage Firm With Fraud.

Videos & Pics: What Do You Make Of The Romney Laugh?

Catholic Bishop in China Resigns

News from Planet Selig: DH in NL parks, and pitchers hit in AL parks for interleague

Polls say its 47% to 47% - but the electoral votes are what count.

Revealed: Japan's plan to invade Mexico......

Lindsey Graham: 'It's Really American' To Avoid Taxes Like Mitt Romney Does

Woo Hoo!

New Reuters/Ipsos poll: Obama's lead over Romney grows

The U.S. and Pakistan Have Found Detente, but It Won't Last

Dennis Flemion Of The Frogs Presumed Dead At 57 After Weekend Boating Trip

Obama expands lead on Romney: (Reuters) poll (49-43)

leggy tomato plants -- any suggestions?

Have a heaping helping of irony: Shameless Mitt calls the President "Outsourcer in chief"

How's this for a jam session?

kkkarl rove just dumped a million dollars in ohio to beat Sherrod Brown

Will It Matter ...

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what foods do you eat Every Day for health reasons?

Public Confidence In TV News Hits All-Time Low: Gallup

Obama directs that wildland firefighters be offered health insurance

The Last Word - The truth about tax cuts

'DruidMurphy' brings Irish playwright Tom Murphy to New York

DUers of a certain age

Obama’s Kenyan half-brother appears in anti-Obama documentary, declines to criticize him

The Andy Stephenson--Paypal matter has been submitted to Snopes

Blacktop Beasts: Post a Pic of a Car Named After an Animal.

Kiss My A$$ with Denis Leary

Martin Bashir - Romney loud in attacks, and quiet on record, personal finances

David Letterman Presents: ‘Chris Christie Is Funnier With Fat Guy Music’

I got a traffic ticket today.

Why are Romney's supporters almost exclusively white?

The end of Hardball tonight

Scalia to leave the Supreme Court next year

Romneycare Covers Abortion...

Today's Republican campaign stalker of the President in Cedar Rapids was...

Winter Haven Man Arrested with a Gun in Wal-Mart

Waukesha's Elusive Water Solution (Milw. vs Waukesha Water Wars)

The LIBOR scandal explained in an infographic

Ever wonder WHY your interest rate on yr savings account has been so ridiculously low for so long?

Scranton ignores judge's ruling, cuts worker pay to minimum wage

Politically vulnerable Democrats plan to back Obamacare repeal

Sharpton is explaining Mitt's Bermuda triangle

Simple porque me da la ganas.

This message is from my Congress Rep, Bill Pascrell (D-NJ)

who do you think will win Romney or Obama

Mitt! It's ain't a blind trust if you're playing peek-a-boo with your money!

Any Sarah palin jokes

NBA Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Who will Mitt Romney be beholden to tomorrow?

Taxing wealth is the next logical step

Conservationists sue over Arctic spill plans.

Tom Brady Staring Contest resulting in an arrest

Martin Bashir - Right-wing 'social welfare' money may tip Senate

Not a traditional Obama supporter by any means...

Joe Walsh getting creamed on CNN interview it's very amusing

Rasmussen: Romney ahead by 1 in Florida

Martin Bashir - Speaker Boehner, where are the jobs?

Ex-FBI employee claims she saw angels at Flight 93

Last time, Obama "compromised" on the Bush tax cuts

Is there anyone here who thinks that no sex worker could possibly not be a victim?

The New Jim Crow Comes to PA


STOCKMARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The only PROPER background music for any story about TELSTAR

PA GOP Using Federal Funds Appropriated for Voter Aid to Pay Romney Fundraiser’s Lobbying Firm

Alloo! (and a recipe for Spinach Lasagna ~ in French)

ACLU lawsuit against Sheriff and DA in Los Angeles County

An image so phenomenally void of logic, it'll make you stop walking.

Romneycare and abortion

I do not like this Romney Mitt

Sign this petition! One step to limit corporate money

Standoff suspect wanted pizza and Paris Hilton

Twice today, I was invited to be on a jury but could not complete

"The media are all wrong about men"

Our Crimes and Their Crimes

Ok. I want to make creamed spinach, but I don't have any cream or butter.

Bravery and drone pilots

NEW DOCS Suggest ----Mitt LIED To The SEC About His Management Of Bain Capital

Why One Little Girl's Story Will Have You Sprinting For The Voting Booth In November

Pakistan hasn’t approved drone strikes after US apology: Sherry

Hey Republicans? Nobody likes a sore loser.

The phrase of the day is "Blacktop Breasts". Replace any phrase in a thread title with..

Police identify suspect in cemetery flag thefts

Parents Arrested After Trying to Hide Baby in Carry-on Bag

Mitt Romney's Refusal to Release More Tax Returns

It's Not the End of the Quarter

MITT ROMNEY: A lying sack of shit who's hoping you won't call his bluff or a VICTIM of the MEDIA?

My mid-month donation to the President's campaign...

No American Voter Should Let Mitt Romney Get Away With This Pathetic Dodge

Manufactured Quotes: News organizations fail to disclose “regular Joe” businessmen’s lobbying ties

AARRRGH I HATE it when they're on vacation

Serious question

EV Myths and Realities, Part 1—The Battery Crisis (good look at material & production constraints)

The heck with the famous movies. What about really good B rated movies?

Okay, now that everyone has had a bit of chuckle and dust-up over WHAAAAAGARBLE and Derp . . . . .

Regarding Presidential candidates releasing their tax forms...

President Obama to host Democratic congressional leaders to discuss tax cuts

No raises for Fort Worth teachers means budget woes for educators

Nickolaus changed software program before April election breakdown

I wish President Obama would ask for a party line vote when he campaigns.

County Health Department. Dry weather could impact wells – Water testing is encouraged.

Conservative Democrats back away from party in South - from Raleigh N&O