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Archives: July 14, 2012

Watch this: the interactive story of Ramayana in Google Chrome

The GOP think they are experts at successfully putting lipstick on a pig.

Amazing Northern Lights Pictures: July 2012

Is it too early to start pushing for a Romney candidacy in 2016 ?

Who is in charge of overlooking the electronic vote counting machines? nm

Listening to Every Channel Talk About Bain Is Music To My Ears

Doors were not closed

From the League on Greece.........

Alex Okrent Dead: Obama Campaign Worker Dies After Collapsing At Headquarters

CSX Nearly Halfway to Meeting 2012 Veteran Hiring Pledge

Ann Romney Olympic Horse Is Niche Superstar, Political Liability

The interactive story of Ramayana in Google Chrome

Piercing Mitt Romney's 'Corporate Veil'

450,000 Yahoo passwords leaked — How to check if you are affected

Sage Stallone Dead: Sylvester Stallone's Son Dies At 36

Here's a thought:

I am seeing reports that Syria is beginning to move, maybe disperse its chemical weapons.

Just a hypothetical question, but what if Romney is toast?

WH responds to Armed Forces Radio 'Dump Rush' petition: No

NAACP Shelton Takes Billo the Clown to the Woodshed...

There have to be some Mitten quotes out there about how to be a good CEO...

Explaining the Explanation

Friday the 13th is real y'all


‘Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist, Anyway?’ ... HW asks

My fortune cookie was a word of wisdom, and so true.

Mitt, under oath at a hearing in 2002, said Massachusetts had been his primary residence during

I now am officially in love with Madeleine Stowe

A Bison So Rare It’s Sacred

TYT: Michele Bachmann says the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated America

Pre-Schools Restricted from Using State Money to Teach Religion

“That’s all that’s necessary for people to understand something about my finances”

Omar Khadr: Delayed transfer from Guantanamo Bay to Canada goes to court

Oh, MITT. You KNOW you want to use the "U" word. Just do it and get it over with.

Let me get this straight, Mitt.

Did anyone catch Madeline Stowe on the Ed Show?

Nice speech in Roanoke, VA, Obama

Just wanted to give a shout out to Denver

Is being a Russian spy in college a felony?

Photos: Rare Asiatic lions in India

Doll maker comes back to bite Mitt in the butt.

The Huge Shift in Our Energy System That's Happening Right Now in 1 Chart

I've been away for far too long.

So they found and fired TWO cops for threatening the life of the President and First Lady

Tom Corbett fumes over Jerry Sandusky question!

Turkey still probes jet hit as US, UK pass info

Sylvester Stallone's Son Sage Found Dead

U.S. Ranks Ninth Out of 12 Countries in Energy Efficiency

Does rmoney have a state tax problem?

Did Electronic Voting Machines Keep Scott Walker in Office?

Just saw this cartoon on Reddit

The Other Modernism

In Anchorage, it's the coldest July on record (so far)

More Handfuls and More Handfuls - Voter Fraud in CO

Andrew Sullivan: Romney's Got Nothing

Simple question: Why do you think Romney won't release more of his tax returns?

Williams and Gregory on NBC Nightly News tonight seemed to be channeling Fox & Friends.

why doesn't mitt just introduce the person/persons that ran bain capital from 1999 on?

Harold Meyerson: Why Is San Bernardino Bankrupt?

Fresh From Syria, Rebel Commanders Unite in Frustration

OK...I want to know what companies invested in Olympics 2002,and was Bain involved?

Express-Scripts is Twenty-Sixth Corporation to Dump ALEC

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike & a new Kitty gif

The essence of Mitt Romney, 7/13/2012 edition

Did any of the 5 Networks challenge Romney

WikiLeaks Grand Jury Witness David House Releases What He Says is His Grand Jury Transcript

CBS asked Rmoney about the Olympic uniforms

"They Promised This Time it Would be Different!" NUKES

Americans are upset

Alex Okrent Dead: Obama Campaign Worker Dies After Collapsing At Headquarters

Home-made Mango sorbet - and Rachel Maddow tearing Willard a new one

Tune in to the War Room on Current now!

For those interested, the Big Ten Network is devoting this hour to the Penn State horror

Zimmy evidence photos. I don't see the black eyes or any blood on him. How could he have shot

mitt didn't go on national teevee via five networks to inform the people...

If Romney attended board meetings at Bain in 2002....then

Saving the Olympics!

What was your latest buy at a store? I just bought a Chelsea Handler book, a Shirley

Republic for The united States of America Plagued by Criminality (SPLC | Summer 2012)

"I did NOT have financial relations with that company!"

How many Republican politicians have you seen out defending Romney and his Bain shenanigans today?

Did Romney/Bain claim his trips back to Massachusetts as a business expense during the Olympics?

If Romney was the sole stockholder for Baine, does that mean all of Bain's profits went into his

Really? Romney did not make ONE decision for Bain after 1999? Not one phone call? Not....

Maddow says SUNDAY morning 8am ET a Bain partner will be on 'UP' with Chris Hayes

INFOGRAPHIC: The LIBOR Scandal Explained

A fish story about the one that got away

Romney is doing to repugs what John Edwards attempted to do to democrats back in '08

Romney was not paid $100,000/year by Bain in 1999-2002

OK. I'm going out on a limb. What if Jeb jumps in to "Save The Day"?

So, WHY did Mittens choose the Friday News Dump

Officers Fired After Alleged President Obama, First Lady Threats

Since Romney prohibited photos of the Cheney event

One Bain board member from '99-'02 could settle this for Romney with a single press interview.

Juvenile offenders and guns

At Romney headquarters in my city:

Judges ask tough questions about Texas voter ID law at trial

MasterCard and Visa Will Pay Billions to Settle Antitrust Suit

Mitt Romney Says He's Unlikely To Release More Than Two Tax Returns

Does Romney think Friday the 13th is bad luck?

Judge rules Mississippi abortion clinic can stay open for now

Has your opinion about gun-control/right to keep and bear arms changed recently?

Uzbek man gets nearly 16 years in prison for plot to kill Obama

Insurer Won’t Cover Gas Drill Fracking Exposure


Fox News' Crackpot Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life

Republicans Join the War on Poverty!


Jimmy Kimmel Presents ‘Boehner Baby’ – A Baby Doll Inspired By John Boehner’s Tears

A new photography magazine...

I don't see the big deal over Romney making a 100k.....

Romney the plunderer

"Build the dang fence!" hahaha - gopers are so dumb!

Happy Friday 13th Mr. Rmoney.... n/t

Mitt Romney to CNN: I’ve Released All The Tax Returns Voters Need

Clif Bar Gives Every Employee a 20th Anniversary Bike

Nvidia forums have been hacked and encrypted passwords gained, from their newsletter....

Should Government be run like a Business? Or like a family?

Before I leave the airways to work this weekend.....

David Corn -Did Romney Make a False Statement on His Financial Disclosure?

Here comes that Watergate feeling again.

Folks, they ALL have offshore accounts.

Romney: No, The Buck Did Not Stop With Me At Bain

Mitt has released all the forms we, the American People need to see...

Romney: ‘I Don’t Recall’ Coming Back For Mass. Meetings

Nvidia, Phandroid Online Forums Hacked, Passwords Stolen

Ann Coulter: ‘Our blacks are so much better than their blacks’

I'm so tired of stupid, angry white people

Romney Interview Directly Contradicts His Previous Statements About Bain Tenure

Obama Camp ‘Not Satisfied’ With Romney’s Answer On Bain

Any idea why weird apartment/HOA rules like this exist?

Yes, kdmorris, you're right.


Gabriel García Márquez's writing career ended by dementia

President Obama speaks at a campaign event outside Roanoke Fire Station #1 in Roanoke, Va - pics

BREAKING: Romney camp to reanimate Leona Helmsley, name her as running mate

Wow, amazing rainbow picture:

If Mitt Romney was not CEO from 1999-2002, who was? Why can't anyone in the press ask that question?

So shoot me.

Pro tip:

Yea, Romeny saved the Olympics like Donald Trump knows how to run a successful casino!

What's for Dinner - Saturday July 14th

Medical bills drive many U.S. women into debt, report finds

Weekend Economists Waiting for FDR July 13-15, 2012

The ED Show - The Worst Congress Ever?

"14 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever" Posted by Ezra Klein at WP

hey, mitt! would YOU invest in this company?

Move to Amend St Paul chapter meeting 7/22 at 7pm to 9pm

Josh Marshall: The Obama campaign's brutal 'Bitch Slap' Politics and introducing 'Slick Willard'

3 Worse Themes For A Detroit Theme Park Than A Zombie Apocalypse

So the Washington Post is calling the Baingate situation

Romney campaign releases new logo.

Have the Admin said when we can expect this features to be implemented --

The ED Show - Republicans filibuster small business bill, block job creation

U.S. storms show weaknesses of most powerful country on Earth

Foodies mobilize against effort to speed GMO approvals

#ApologiesToMittRomney trending on Twitter

Ongoing saga of the pressure cooker...

Movie Check-in: Amazing Spiderman.

Be honest. Would you vote for a Democrat that outsourced jobs and refused to show his tax returns?

Chalk-protest arrest proves costly for Orlando taxpayers

"You're So Bain" FINAL

Last chance at life as Montana governor meets with Ronald Smith’s family

More evidence on the base motivation of Tea Partiers

Coalition of housing advocates turns against DoJ and Eric Holder

It may all have been legal, but Willard is a thief!

Judge: Mississippi abortion clinic to stay open

Nude Man Crashes Pickup Truck into Mall

Thing is, they really won't even care about Rmoney's finances

The ED Show - Mitt Romney, the 6 billion dollar man?


Eva Longoria quote from appearance in Denver, CO

Obama Slams Fox News (From a Non Right Wing Source)

Romney 2002: " My only connection to the GOP is that I'm a registered republican"...

Cannibal Cult Arrests In Papua New Guinea: Report

Brazil targets Amazon gold miners in Yanomami reserve (BBC)

Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz

Gustav Klimt's 150th Birthday on Saturday, July 14th: Google does it right!

The whole Uganda tiny url thing very much bothers me

One good thing you can say about Sarah Palin is that she never made her dog ride on top of the car.

I watched different news program...

Boston Globe: Evidence mounts of Mitt Romney’s continuing ties to Bain after 1999

DU pout collection moved to Good Reads

Here's an exchange I had with my sister on Facebook tonight.

Toon: Mitt, you ARE the father!

Another exquisitly boring day in a high desert fire lookout tower

Vetting Mitt's Veeps: Sarah Palin - also Christie, Jindal, Jeb (FUNNY)

Toon: A panel of experts who claim Obama is Muslim

Civil rights pioneer Willis Edwards dies at 66

Angie's List Sponsors Hate Radio Demagogue Mark Levin

In celebration, I had my first bain me sandwich today

Did Any Of The 5 Mitt Interviewers Today Ever Nail Him On Anything?

WH - West Wing Week 7/13/12 or ''Let's Agree To Do What We Agree On''

Before an election is the best time to express concern.

I've been looking for this mini series for some time now

My semi-random thoughts for the evening...

Politicians Who Look Like Disney Characters (PHOTOS)

Presidential race in Florida is a 'coin toss'

Champions of Change: Fight Against Youth Homelessness (Time 1:44:28)

Champions of Change: Native American Youth Leaders

Officers use Taser to subdue alleged jaywalker

Champions of Change: Vietnam Veterans

Isn't Interesting That Rmoney Shared 23 Years Of Tax Returns With The McCain Campaign And.....

Robert Reich: The Selling of American Democracy - The Perfect Storm

Stella Angelova in Super Slow Motion

Eddie Haskell......

Out of the mouth of Rick Santorum

can you see this?

Romney decides to spread Santorum....he's campaigning for him on Saturday (today.)

The timing of Baingate is strange to me

Florida health officials deny cover-up in TB outbreak

Deadly suicide bombing in Afghanistan

Kate Bush Cloudbusting

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, July 13)

Obama/Virginia --The Next Generation--

Japanese ordered to evacuate flood-hit Island

The Stranglers - Golden Brown

The Cars - Moving In Stereo - All Mixed Up

‘The Last War Crime’ Debuts at Cannes--but Censored in US

Led Zeppelin The Battle of Evermore

"Mitt Romney Under Pressure" second to top story tonight on Al Jazerra

When is enough, enough....?

Obama the sellout.

Snow leopard moms, cubs captured in first-ever video

GOP now running afoul of NRA in N.C., other states

Cock Robin - When Your Heart Is Weak

Tribune finally wins court OK to exit bankruptcy

G4S could lose £50m due to Olympic Games security shambles

India offers buses for Cuban transport system

Clinton meets with Burma’s President Thein Sein, discusses investment, human rights

Paterno Won Sweeter Deal Even as Scandal Played Out (won=blackmailed some for)

Potentially uncounted ballots from municipal election found (Anchorage, AK)

There's your problem right there

Bloomberg's $$$ and PR machine has a way of making stories like this disappear.

Iran’s Aging Airliner Fleet Seen as Faltering Under U.S. Sanctions

Cuban consul denied visit to Gerardo

Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt Down The Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy

'Electrical Language' - Be Bop Deluxe

WikiLeaks Wins Battle Against Visa, MasterCard (in Iceland)

Ancient pre-Inca tomb found in northern Peru

Found out that a Great White was hooked off the local pier the same day I was in the water.

Question about hypothetical $1.5 trillion dollar stimulus in 2013

Where do they get this stuff? Right wing idiocy!

British banks seen facing lower Libor legal risk

So, when are the girls coming over?

Dogs, dead people get election papers from nonprofit

Play Pong and Read Emails With Your Eyes Using This $60 Device

It's April 1865 and you're President Andrew Johnson

40 years ago today in history - July 14, 1972 - Democratic National Convention in Miami

United Way Statisticks of Brown County

Happy Bastille Day

Wisconsin: Multimillionaire trying to buy Senate seat would be no kind of citizen legislator

What on earth does RKBA stand for?

Angela Lansbury: ''I'm voting for Barack Obama!''

Michele Bachmann claims "deep penetration" by Muslim Brotherhood

I Wrote The Romney 2012 Campaign Song

Mitt's Political Vortex (The Mitt Boson-my term))

The 9 Most Loathsome Lobbyists in Washington

How The Big Banks Run The World -- At Your Expense

Afghan wedding suicide bomber kills regional leaders

Florida Decides Poll: Obama, Romney in dead heat

Just put in a SSD on my laptop.

TPM Polltracker: Obama: 281 Romney: 191 Tossup: 66

In latest outsourcing attack, Obama uses clip of Romney singing ‘America the Beautiful’ (VIDEO)

Why the PSU football program should be shut down:

Make Room for a New Bloom: New Flower Discovered

Auditors say billions likely wasted in Iraq work

Russia's lower house OKs curbs on Internet, media and activists

Bain: He's Drowning Not Waving by Andrew Sullivan

Martin Bashir Reminds Mitt’s Angry ‘Minions’ What Bush Sounded Like

New Obama ad hammers Romney; says he sent American jobs to China, India and Mexico

Democratic Governors Ask Why Mitt Romney Won’t ‘Follow His Daddy’

Fresh From Syria, Rebel Commanders Unite in Frustration (NY Times)

So who think the Paulites are leaking as much as they can

President Romney Would Not Remain a Conservative

Joe Biden Shows why Obama (and America) Still Need Him

Weekly Address: It’s Time for Congress to Pass the Middle Class Tax Cut Extension

President Obama blasts House GOP tax plan as ‘more top-down economics’

anyone watching Chris Hayes please give us the skinny

So I awakened this morning at about 3 AM

Two Richmond Officers fired after comments made about Obama

People are starting to see Mittens as a Cheap, Swindling, lieing, Con artist

"Do some homework for Chrissakes"

How Rich People Are Taking Over America Robert Reich,

the lazy ass media is calling bain 'a war of words'...

Researchers Have Discovered The Achilles' Heel Of HIV

Keiser Report: Fraud Race

Mitt, meet EDGAR. Hammer, meet nail.

The Dark Knight Rises premieres this Friday.

TAIBBI on Mitt: "like a teenager who stays up all night thinking of a way to impress the prom queen"

President Obama: “What you taught me in 2008"

The End of TV and the Death of the Cable Bundle

"MITT CRIES CONDI" -I can't wait until the Biden-Rice debate...

Screwed in Scranton: Why Is This Just a Local Fight?

Paul Krugman blog- No Bain, No Gain

Iran’s Aging (Civilian) Airliner Fleet Seen as Faltering Under U.S. Sanctions

Study: Wolverines Need Refrigerators

Read this McCain quote from 2008

Scranton, Pennsylvania: where even the mayor is on minimum wage

Engineering Technology Revealing Secrets of Roman Coins

New Obama Ad Features a Singing Romney

Who are you going to believe? W. Mitt Romney . . . ?

Liberté, égalité, fraternité !!!

Wheres The.....

NYT: What a Tangled Web

Now Republicans Call for Romney Tax Returns

The GOP is used to being the bully on the beach.

Obama and Romney Both Backing Secret Job-killing Deal? Trans-Pacific Partnership lurks

Oops - 2 Yrs After Tory Secretary Axed 30% Of Flood Protection Budget, UK Rains At Record Levels

Upstate Christians see Mary in a Tree

What if nobody wants to be Mitt's VP choice? What then?

Study - Link Between Warming Oceans During PETM (Last Major Extinction Spike), Low Dissolved Oxygen

Read it and weep muggles.

Pssssssssssst - there's a live one in the Charmin aisle

Obama's Bain attacks

Oh for God's sake, it isn't a swiftboating.

McCain got 23 years of Romney tax returns but the American public gets 2011 and one estimate?

The Truth about employment

Luckovich: Mitt Romney: 'Job Creator'

Why Didn't NBC Send In A Brian Williams To Do The Rmoney Interview Yesterday?......

GOP strategist: "No whining in politics. Stop demanding an apology, release your tax returns."

Dexter - Season 7 - 9/30/2012 - First two minutes of Season 7 included

If Obama had refused to release all his tax returns in 2008....

WH Petition:Allow Active Duty Service Members to Use the Yellow Ribbon Program

Mitt Romney's Not the Solution, He's the Problem

From James Fallows - mass anti-Rice (she's too liberal) email from ""

White House response to petition to dump Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio

Mitt Romney Tries To Regain Offense, Offers Few Details On Bain

PSU ignored the federal Clery Act for SIXTEEN YEARS.

These attacks on Mitt work on 2 fronts.

Only one conclusion can be reached

I propose a bunch of highway signs now.

Mother smacks down her son on Facebook after he expresses his devotion to JoePa:

Is it too soon to ask Mitt....

From Juan Cole: John Adams on the War on Terror - "Fear is the foundation of most governments...

Ralph Lauren to make 2014 Olympic uniforms in the U.S.

Juan Cole: Syria: You know you’re in Trouble When…

The Deadspin 5 point plan to punish PSU and not shut down the FB program: (NSFW language)

Big banks have new foe in Fresno faith group

Real Captain America Overweight, Hopelessly in Debt

Happy Bastille Day. Resist austerity.

Should US Olympic athletes march in their podium suits?

The enemy within

Mitt's Real Insult to the NAACP -- Pushing Voter Suppression

a woman takes off her top in protest and the world knows. men (plural) strip naked

a page I 'liked' on FB brought a tune to mind I can't fully recall

July 14, 2003: A Day of Infamy

More Taxpayer $ gone to Texas Hazwaste Superfund Site, Gets $56 Million Cleanup

Until the last vote is counted on November 6th....

There is a Stereotype of Mormons being Swindlers

John Stossel impersonator used looks to sleep with many women

Sage Stallone found dead.

13th Century Mystery Volcano, Largest Eruption in 7,000 Years, Identified...

Obama hits Romney for wanting an Apolagy

1% v Obama:"criticism the country’s lionized elite hasn’t heard from its leader in a very long time"


Teen girls accused of beating disabled MO man, posting video on Facebook

Account of Romney's Bain departure has evolved

Crosby Stills & Nash - Southern Cross

Mitt Romney is Weak, Weak, Weak

Family says accused soldier needs PTSD treatment, not punishment

Oh, what's in his heart? PLease come CAPTION Mitt (if the silver spoon fits) Romney!!!!

A Brilliant Strategy

After seeing the new Obama campaign ad - there is only one conclusion....

The DUzy Awards for Friday, July 13, 2012

First question for any Republican who appears on TV will be "Should Romney release his taxes?"

Picking Our Pockets and Lining Theirs - Banksters Take Us to the Brink (Moyers and Winship)

Build support for the Senate to curb the Citizens United decision on Monday! Sign the petition!

Let me say here and now that I love

Francois Hollande: Peugeot job cuts are 'unacceptable'

Former Seminole County Sheriff's deputy gave graduation party for Zimmerman...who didn't graduate

‘’God particle” discovery ignites debate over science and religion

what 'Free Stuff' are we talking about?

This free online video won an Oscar. Have you seen it?

Predictions of amusing outrage over Romney singing ad?

"We Love You!" "I Love You Back." - You can't pay for coverage this good

During his tenure as President, Barack Obama has been called a Marxist, a fascist, a socialist ...

Jewish Vote: Still Liberal After All These Years

Nationals have plan to shut down success

L.A. police may have fired upon children "LA Chalk Walk"

An agnostic's argument that Jesus did exist

Georgia Parents Torture Adopted Daughter, Say They Were Just Following The Bible

Political Wire: Video: Obama Responds to Romney Request for Apology

Fighting health care act hurts small businesses

Mitt would love to limit the debate to whether he managed investments in offshoring.

DUzy awarded threads/posts this week are one of the best eva! Don't miss 'em.

Romney Denial of Responsibility for Actions of Bain Says A lot About the Kind of President He Would

there's an un-neutered kitteh hanging around my place

Bush had his DUI

NSA whistleblower: They’re assembling information on every U.S. citizen

It is not Bain that will bring down Romney - it is the tax returns.

Clinton Arrives in Egypt for Meeting With New President

Here's a typical misleading news blurb:

Happy 100th birthday, Woody Guthrie. And thanks.

Joe Paterno might have faced charges

Eugene Robinson: Forget his success — Paterno failed the only test that mattered

Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt Down The Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy (US?)

In another time and another election, MItt Romney would be toast.

Class warfare: Obama's campaign is making Willard the face of the enemy

'Fess up: which one of you broke the Facebook?

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

Update: Missi. Clinic Gets More Time To Follow Abortion Law

Did Bain not have attorneys capable of putting together the paperwork to transfer authority

'viewer's guide' to romney's 'bain problem' from david gregory...."deflection from bad job #s"

People Dancing All Over Planet Earth

C'mon, False Statements In SEC Filings Are Not A Big Deal...

Isn't it against the law to conduct an autopsy on a living body?

Someone sold $25 million in shares in Mitt's blind trust,and the bumpkin didn't even know?

Let's get this straight

The official Olympic Team USA shop does not provide country of origin information

The President has his game shoes on and is already dunking from the free throw line, and

The Girl Who Wrote About Drugs: Cat Marnell on Vice, Addiction & More

"Allons enfants de la patrie..." Happy Bastille Day

"Made in America" is a very strong message.

Coffee Party Radio: Let’s Talk Romney, Bain Capital, Jobs, Obama, & Healthcare Sat Noon CST/ 1PM EST


A massive crowd in VA is begging Obama to keep talking through a torrential rain.

Greek Yogurt with Honey ... not the store version that is mostly artificial.

Simple way to destroy the Republican Party.

Obama Has Sold Out

Is there a list somewhere of all the plants Bain closed?

Which is better when R campaigns call your phone -- hang up or let them prattle on?

Does it matter whether Romney was running Bain or not when

boner on Obamacare...

"Rmoney loves the USA, like a tick loves the dog he's riding" as seen on DU & needs it's own post.

The DISCLOSE Act: A Fight to Ensure Middle Class Voices are Heard (Sheldon Whitehouse)

Obama's War On Medical Marijuana Just Got Even Uglier

You Need To See What This Iraqi Woman Wrote On This Sign

The Community Organizer vs. The Businessman

What it Was Like in the Sixties

Blasphemy law victim Alexander Aan sends a message from prison in Indonesia

Ala. judge halts city's private probation practice

When Big Media tells the campaign they shouldn't be attacking...

Why So Secretive, Mitt?

real men are kind to animals

Lawmakers OK landmark religious compensation law

How much swearing goes on at your workplace?

Well, I just wanted to say that it's been so fun

If you like the tea party crazies now....

Who Said.."If you're not part of the soution, you're part of the problem."

Veterans employment bill passes House, awaits president's signature

100,000 veterans to be hired in Illinois by 2020

Moving hom! Back to Toronto after 14 years down here...need some help

i thought we were done with tosh. "Daniel Tosh’s show debut causes few ripples at Comic-Con"

ACLU claiming city parks dept favors boys over girls

A small business in Texas put this on their Facebook page

About that stolen Obama sign...

So Romney made over $100,000 in 2001 & 2002 for doing absolutely nothing at Bain?

Exclusive: Barclays Implicates Libor Rivals

TYT: ACLU Releases "Police Tape" Android App

Rachel Maddow - Romney paid as a do-nothing president


I was teen in both the mid to late 60's and early 70's.

Remains of 15 found in ancient Mexican settlement

Rachel Maddow - Ghosts of Bush administration haunt Romney campaign

Hey Mitt:

Voter-ID laws may handicap black voter turnout (+20 Mill in US overall lack voter IDs)

Lounge inspirational message of the day

1967: a woman ran in the Boston Marathon. A race official reacted violently

Dear Candidates,

"So, are you going to vote for the wimp or the warrior?"

Mitt Romney: Asking for Apologies While Launching Attacks

The Other Ad, that is almost as good as the new Obama Ad..2010

If anybody is wondering why I am such a hard ass about PSU and Paterno,

No nation for old Republicans? Don't be silly. There's one tailor made for them!

Shareholders complain: Aetna Insurance Donated to Anti-Obamacare Campaigns in 2010

David House Grand Jury Notes on Bradley Manning

So Group Health Has Raised My Health Insurance another $100.00 a month.

Mitt Romney: The Post Citizens United Candidate

Can you find yourself in this picture?

Magnetic cells key to animal migration

"Let me get this straight, Mitt...."

Troika Report On The 'Awful' Situation In Greece Leaks Early

A question for John McCain: What was there in Mitt Romney's tax returns that led you to ...

Ghost employee frauds - Payroll frauds and Romney

Jay Smooth: Romney ‘pretending to be interested in black people’ (This is really good!)

A World Without Coral Reefs

i went to the farmer's market today for the first time this season

Fuck YOU, Dana Milbank...Obama is NOT "SWIFTBOATING" Romney with Bain ads

Perfect new ad for Obama

I'm really getting tired of hearing attacks on Romney's Bain record...

Mexican prosecutors raid warehouse as part of vote-buying investigation

Mexican prosecutors raid warehouse as part of vote-buying investigation

Hey...Obama can say what he wants to. and whatever ads he wants to.."Freedom of the Press"

Incredibly effective hard hitting new Obama ad... this one's worth a look

lady mcbeth time at penn state

The same Media that denied what was happening to Kerry

Corporate Media Bias - If Romney Were A Democrat, The Headlines Would Be...


Senate heads for vote on disclosure of hidden donors

Three states will vote on legalizing marijuana in November.

Her Muslim witch hunt

"We Didn't Put Out the Fire - Eulogy" by Benedict Arnold & The Traitors...

This is fun and everything, people, but now is not the time to relax!

Republicans Wage America’s Second Civil War Over an Imaginary Loss of Freedom

Why is a "blind trust" supposed to be a good thing?

Pardon Me Romney, But You SwissBoated Yourself!!!

Top Ten Reasons to Reject the House Farm Bill

Time to rip those Purple Heart Band-Aids off of them....

[Oregon] Marijuana Measure Qualifies for Ballot

Honduran journalist shot dead, 21st in three years .

Women are messing up our elections

Honduran journalist shot dead, 21st in three years .

BBC World Service moves to new home, video of last NEWS Bulletin.

Why won't you release those tax returns, Mitt? What are you afraid of?

Romney calls blind trusts an "Age old ruse"

A Golfer accidentally overturned his cart..

How Is Chavez?

Words you would use to describe Republican voters.

Honduras shootings spark fears of confrontation

Suddenly, I have shin bones and slender fingers.

The Blah-Blah Attic. A store for the most opinionated.

How "Making Love" Changed Us

Feds OK Fla. access to citizens list

Become a citizen co-sponsor of the DISCLOSE Act

Here's your apology mittens....

President Barack Obama greets a young supporter - (So Cute!) - updated pics

These guys are gonna take over if we're not careful

Tomorrow Chris Hayes will interview a past associate of Romney

Any word about Willard's problems from


How many people making more than $200k ($250 couple) own business' and are "job creators"?

'The ancient New York City of Canada': Archaeologists unearth 'cosmopolitan' 1500s settlement ......

'The ancient New York City of Canada': Archaeologists unearth 'cosmopolitan' 1500s settlement ......

Mitt can't exactly give a Checkers speech...

Refusing to Apologize, Obama Renews Attacks on Romney’s Business Record

Bloomberg Needs To Plug Police Gun Locker Room Loophole (Bloomy cop selling guns)


Actual Faux News segment on "News Watch": "Are Media Giving Obama A Pass?"

What Romney's five news interviews reveal

Here is the Romney campaigns biggest problem in a nutshell

President Obama campaigns during a heavy rain storm at Walkerton Tavern in Glenn Allen, Va - pics

Wow, clicked on rockinroosters msnbc feed, and a North Korean film is on - Propaganda

Taking on an acid-stain project...

I took the MIL out for a drive today


Bush diary secrets: An inside look at the former president's dirt and doodles

Is Scientology a religion?

In a creative slump, meet Carl Warner

George Carlin: Talk about hitting the nail right on the head...

Fart joke takes down Atheist Pig

If Mittens was the sole shareholder, waht was the point of calling himself

Romney, the job creator (toon)

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

A radical new idea for ensuring the Social Security Trust fund d doesn't run dry:

m$nbc now, 3:20pm ET. Program on racism/skinheads

The Bain Event: Watch All 5 Of Mitt Romney’s Bain Storm Interviews

Elderly Bees Discovered The Fountain Of Youth

Many Governors Are Still Unsure About Medicaid Expansion

Obama quote about engaging in appeasement

Caption Romney at his Lake Winnipesaukee home

Dubya lends his name to another book .... OMG

LBJ Haiku

Happy Music, Ladies And Gentlemen

Syria massacre: Assad's forces 'shot anything moving'

Comically Awful Survey Says 83 Percent Of Doctors Might Quit Over Obamacare

You know those times when you've been married for years and

Link to 2001 S.E.C. filings naming Mitt Romney (basically his signature)

Caption this pic of Mitt

Hello all new people and a quick pitch

The elusive truth about Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital

Mitt is channeling his inner Bobby Newport.

The Battle of Quallah Battoo

Tenemos que ver sus papeles

Condoleezza Rice would make a 'wonderful' vice-president, says Palin

This toon could be a good Obama ad

Mitt in the land of OZ

Alaska sues to block low-sulfur fuel requirement for ships

Unshackling the Presidency to Fix the Government

NRA Threatens Senators Who Support Campaign Finance Disclosure

Senate Democrats Split From Obama on Taxing Dividends

Russian warships sail for Syria, spotted off coast of Norway today

President Obama shocks Mechanicsville market owners (PICS and Video link) - HANOVER TOMATOES

Good article describing RMoney's "financial tricks"

For you libertarians ....

Back-To-Back La Niñas Cooled Globe and Influenced Extreme Weather in 2011

Trivial question about parking tickets

Local Richmond video (44 seconds) of Obama taking the stage in Henrico County (Cantor's district)

Anyone here know anything about sewing machines?

Tax Returns are the new Birth Certificate - Ed Schultz Show

Local pastor faces child-rape charges

How to Make Global Fisheries Worth Five Times More

TCM Schedule for Sunday, July 15 -- The Essentials, Jr.: Genies in Bottles

Indiana Father Accidentally Shot Dead by 3-Year-Old Son

Feds OK Fla. access to citizens list

Be prepared to squueeeeeeeeeeeee when you see this (cute kitty picture)

Mason-Dixon: Obama up by one in Florida

everyone remembers where they were on 9/11

We Shall Not Be Moved! Homeless advocates & city council members protest Berkeley proposed "sit ban"

For Aaron Sorkin fans - Sorkinisms

Could someone head "over there", and bring us back snippets of what they're saying..

The Frat Boy is Seething at the Black dare this happen

This machine kills Fascists - Woody Guthrie

Obama repeats attack on Romney as 'pioneer of outsourcing'

TCM Schedule for Monday July 11- TCM Spotlight: Classic Adventure

If Romney Wasn't at Bain from 1999 to 2002, He Forgot to Tell the Business Press

How is Free Republic Handling the Romney Meltdown?

Any news from Nebraska's GOP? If Paul delegates

Alabama’s GOP Governor Calls On Romney To Release More Tax Returns: ‘Release Everything ...'

Enlisting Economists, Bush Adds Book to Fiscal Debaterticle title

Warcraft Movie will not be directed by Sam Raimi

Really GREAT read here - Romney set to destroy the centre ground

I have 11 cans of unopened cat food...Pasadena CA area...

If a giant termite came to your door with a pizza what would you do.

The Class Warfare Election - Krugman Blog

Don't forget - tomorrow morning (Sunday) UP w/Chris Hayes having someone from BAIN

Romney talks VP prospects in e-mail to supporters

If Mittens was the sole employee, who was minding the store?

If Satan came to your door

hampton, virginia

God is out of a job as co-pilot...

PROPAGANDA! (North Korean Documentary on Western Propaganda)

Effective Tax Rates under Romney and Obama

Rescued Horses in Need- Will You Help? (90 horses wait for rescue!)

Obama presses Congress again to pass his tax plan

Nothing but Mitt

Afghan blast kills top leaders

Rent-a-womb, a thriving industry unbridled by law

Romney Saved Salt Lake Olympics From Scandal, But at What Price?

While President Obama Rallies, Mitt Romney Sits Lakeside With iPad

You know what the Obama camp should do about Baingate?


Paul Krugman blog- The Class-Warfare Election

:( You Are Still Responsible For The Monsters You Create

D.C. police revoke officer’s gun, badge in Michelle Obama threat investigation

Is there any mention of former AG (now Gov.) Corbett in the Penn State report?

No Apologies: Obama Campaign Continues Attacks on Romney

10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America

The most honest 3 1/2 minutes of TV ever!

Cat Photos Taken At Just The Right Moment

French president says Peugeot layoffs are unacceptable

A Day in Virginia

Tithers are probably more upset about Taxes

German region reportedly buys second tax cheater CD

Baseball great Lenny Dykstra pleads guilty to federal bankruptcy fraud

Most Greeks want new government to renegotiate bailout: poll

Florida's Lieutenant Governor Denies Any Affair With Her Female Staffer

Jill Stein wins Green Party presidential nomination

Analysis - New law on BP spill fines raises stakes for Gulf states

Scientists discover 2 million year old skeleton by accident

Paulistas fail at state GOP convention

Bain of His Existence: Romney's Hands-Off Corporate Presidency

God in custody this morning in downtown LA

Romney Receives 20-Minute Standing Ovation At NAAWP Event

help: I'm using a vintage craftsman 3/8 drill

So remember that DNA link to a OWSer .... turns out FALSE

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s advice to Mitt Romney: Get off your heels

Is $650 a good price for an iphone (through virgin mobile)

Shame, shame, SHAME on you, DU!!!

I was fired by Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

Happy 100th Birthday, Woody Guthrie!

I wonder what Hillary thinks of a couple of romney ads that are out there?

Ralph Lauren, Mitt Romney and The Olympics

Is there much of a market for belly chains outside of the sex/entertainment industry?

I need help understanding the Romney lies. How is it a felony?

Taxes And Your Share By Income

Chevy's new car return guarantee can be waived for a savings of up to $500

GOP governors name their price on health care law expansion

Regarding the new "Firms" ad, do we remember this one from four years ago? [VIDEO]

Better than default .....

The ghosts that haunt China's economic landscape

Command Central Penalizes Crawford County $12,400

Government Lack Leverage Over Banks, Barofsky Says (Video)

When Gomer joined the Marines, he walked 10 yards...

Hour ago Alabama GOP Governor Called On Romney To Release More Tax Returns: ‘Release Everything..."

MItt Romney’s Cover Photo Violates Facebook Guidelines

#ReleaseTheReturns new hashtag on Twitter

Wingnut 'logic'

Police say NY teen killed dad after ATM card fight

Can you say.. "Brokered Convention"?

America’s own Terror group: Huffington Post publishes, and then deletes, a post by a MEK spokesman

Sneak peek of Charlotte's Time Warner Arena home of the 2012 Democratic Convention - photo

Romney isn't working

The more Rmoney talks of his honor

California County Considers a Rescue Plan for Struggling Homeowners

My wife thinks you're dead.

I love this Lauren Corgo update!

What is this spider? Pic

Check out this High-Five

Republican laughing point of the day ....



Thirty Pictures of President Obama's Rain Soaked Speech in Virginia

The guy who wrote a book called "No Apologies" wants an apology??!

how do you make the sarcasm thingy?

Ode to Joy instrumental flash mob:

13 Days until the Olympics start

Leave no child behind: Catholic schools should accept everyone

I don't get the Subway (sandwiches) commercials.

It's July. No Lords are A-Leaping.

Rmoney loves America ...

Woody Guthrie at 100: Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg, Will Kaufman Honor the "Dust Bowl Troubadour"

Time for the ice predictions!

How was your day today? Mine was good. Had a great sandwich

Latest Romney Ad

More Pain for the Working Poor

What Obama taught me

Weird Willard, from the mouth of a Massachusetts State Health Professional

Romney who is a confirmed bully now crying and whining that the President is being too rough on him

Wow! Look at the Anti-Obama rally in Virginia today--massive!!

Doggy Daycare story

Florida Democrats slam Mitt Romney and Gov. Rick Scott at annual dinner in Hollywood

Rmoney must have thought that Obama was part of the Primary