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Archives: July 16, 2012

My new guilty pleasure: Hardcore Pawn

I think it fair to say Romney needs a Game Changer now.

Ford recalls 2013 Escape SUVs

Romney will be the (R) Candidate on Election Day

HA! Mitt, it's time to man up and confess

Women’s Inequality Linked to Soaring Population

FReakers ponder whether Texas will secede when Romney loses.

Union to hold fundraiser for Minnesota flood victims July 26

U.S. lags rest of the world in family rights

California County Weighs Drastic Plan to Aid Homeowners

Bloomberg news does not seem to be a fan of Romney

It's refreshing to see the Bublicans on the defensive finally.

Post this all over your Facebook and other social media accounts...make this viral

Thom Loverro: Penn State football season must be canceled

Is there a way to follow OP Ignore?

Romney’s Palin Problem: Where’s Her Convention Invite?

40 Jobs bills passed the house?

The republicans should be very thankful

Super-PACs swamp unions in campaign spending

Light trick to see around corners (BBC) {or through scattering materials}

Dear Mr Romney

Am I just a bit slap happy - or is this really funny? Enjoy!

AT&T extends contract for 7,000, labor battle continues

So what was the top of the empire state building originally used for ... ?

Sociopaths And Psychopaths: We Need To Screen Cops Nationwide - NOW.

Latest polls .....

Romney's new official campaign photo

Anthony Weiner Longs for a Second Chance in Politics, Friends Say

OMG...he's a turtle!

Newly discovered footage of Romney resigning his last day at Bain

Boycott Palermo’s, Say Milwaukee Pizza Factory Strikers

This cartoon makes an excellent point

17% Say They Absolutely Will Not Vote for a Mormon

A poem of Ryokan

Libor scandal: FSA chief Lord Turner to face MPs over rate abuses

"It's OUR turn now"

President Obama wants Mideast peace in second term

We Are Ruled By Price Fixing Cartels

Caption this photo of Ruby:

Matt Millen Moron

Lawn Chair Balloon Flight 2012

NC father shoots and kills toddler, turns gun on self

Summary of recent events, Bain edition (video heavy)

South African elected first female African Union Commission head

Are we as guilty as the right-wingers at times?

The Age (Australia): Fighting the right: conservatives find Republican party line hard to follow

Indiana prosecutor accused of silencing Chinese woman on murder charge (Bei Bei Shuai)

Ever get to that point in your life ....

Sincere question for those who were around re: Carter being primaried by Kennedy

Silvio Berlusconi drops heavy hints he will make Italy leadership bid in 2013

Dear Republican: Willard's 'felony' problem in a nutshell

I went to the movies again! "Savages"

Mali rebels drop claim for independent state

Can Christianity Be Saved? A Response to Ross Douthat

What does your pet do to keep cool? Twilight has taken to trying to lick my popsicles. She also

Has ONE credible Republican said anything in SUPPORT of Mitt yet?

How long before the RW claim the PBO campaign has looked at Mitt's returns?

For Transit Relief, Congested Atlanta Ponders a Penny Tax

Free access to British scientific research to be available within two years

Thomson Reuters says amendment to ban gay marriage in Minnesota is bad for business

Ninth U.S. court cancels 2013 conference

Breaking: Romney To Deliver GOP Convention Speech Via Jumbotron From Remote Location

Kelly: From horror and pain, something wonderful

KKKarl Rove whining about Obama hinting Willard may have committed a felony

Let's make it through Monday. I'm buying.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 17: Star of the Month: Leslie Howard

Longtime American Fugitive Is Arrested Selling Time Shares at Airport in Mexico

Karl Rove To Obama: Stop Calling Romney A Felon

Port security: U.S. fails to meet deadline for scanning of cargo containers

Robert Blake is loony tunes

Why is Donald Trump not just as adamant about Romney releasing more tax returns

The Democratic Underground Movie !

Breaking Bad new season to start in a couple minutes! nt

Just heard four shots. Definitely not a car back firing.

If Romney were forced out...would the 'pugs have an open convention? and who'd get their nom?

Newsroom Tonight

Newsroom is on!

It seems that US Customs is cracking down on inexpensive medicines

I'm waiting at the pizzeria sorta watching CNN on the TV on the wall...

On th eMilitary channel...Kennedy's Secret Service Detail talking . Very interesting

#Retroactive tweets

Romney’s Bain Yielded Private Gains, Socialized Losses

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 18: TCM Memorial Tribute: Andy Griffith

Rahm on Romney

Hillary Clinton motorcade pelted with tomatoes, shoes in Egypt

Arpaio far ahead of challengers in campaign funds

Oh shit, it's a baby salamander running rampant, and it's scared to death becomes

It's really awesome that the Obama campaign is aggressively sticking it to Romney

Mitt has got nothing becomes

Death toll from rain in Kyushu reaches 28 (NEW UPDATE)

Actually, Barbra ain't bad in "A Star Is Born"

Honduras counts the human rights cost of America's war on drugs

"Powell: GOP Polarization Backfired In Election" at CNN (from December 11th, 2008)

LOL!!! Guess what's on the Movieplex channel right now???

I'm sitting here looking at a map of the Earth.

Romney: He's been on welfare this entire time.

Candy Crowley to Moderate Virginia Senate Debate

Freepers -- never fans of Willard -- contemplate whether GOP should dump his ass

Proposal for 'English only' city council meetings sparks debate in Walnut, Calif.

Is your penis "mutilated"?

"Voter ID Laws Are the Last Gasp of a Fading GOP Strategy" By Kevin Drum at Mother Jones

Diplomacy on Syria tilts toward Moscow

"With surging numbers, Asian-Americans look for congressional gains"

"Political Animals"...

Egypt remains a puzzle for the U.S.


Nuclear Power WAS a Good Idea

Leonard Pitts: Why silence from African-American voters?

Bob Schieffer Objects, On-Air, To Being Used In Romney Campaign ‘Hope And Change’ Ad

New Obama campaign ad (Rmoney singing)

In Tracing Romney’s Role at Bain, a Convoluted Timeline

Romney's Own 2002 Testimony....why was it not mentioned today?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 16 July 2012

"Michael Tomasky: Obama Is Winning Because of the Shrinking GOPby Michael Tomasky"

This Global Financial Fraud and Its Gatekeepers

French demand Crown Jewels from the Queen to compensate for 1499 murder of Edward Plantagenet

Newsroom was GREAT!

Hey, Georgia DUers -- what do you think of this July 31st "Untie Atlanta" vote?

Let me ask you a volatile question

Fav Current Gay Olympic Athletes

Obama movie ''The Obama Effect'' aims to rekindle 2008

Fried Chicken

Well, I never thought I'd see this in Nebraska.

The Obama Effect - Theatrical Trailer

No Tampa invite yet for Palin

NYT editorial: Mitt Romney’s Complaints

Grover Norquist Hits Back At George H.W. Bush

What About the Men? Why Our Gender System Sucks for Men, Too

UAE State News - Obama says no apology due Romney on Bain attacks

Romney’s Bain Yielded Private Gains, Socialized Losses

We aren't the only ones who despise Bar Bush (AKA Quaker Oats Man)

Durbin says Romney running from Bain 'like a scalded cat'

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, July 15)

Time For Rachel To Ask Her Pal Steven Schwarz About McCain's Vetting Of Mitt

HSBC asks court for Occupy eviction in Hong Kong

Credit bureaus to get federal oversight for first time

Drought in 1,016 counties (Record Breaking)

John McCain must be a higher authority than the American public

So my GF punched me in the face tonight. :-)

The show the Newsroom just ripped cnn, faux, and the news media a huge one tonight.

Republicans: an endangered species

Credit bureaus to get federal oversight for first time

Anyone catch "Political Animals" with Sigourney Weaver on USA tonight?

Help! Neighbor kindly shares from his garden, but now I have a profusion of

Romney charged a fee for being blind (from the McCain opposition 2008 file)

ABC News: "The summer Mitt Romney didn't want"

New York City Central Labor Council and the New York State AFL-CIO call for mass rally on July 17

Beyonce talks about Michelle Obama (new ad)

"Policy and the Personal" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

I got into San Diego today just as Comic Con was letting out.

N. Korean media: Army chief relieved of all posts


"Lick my popsicles" is the phrase of the day. Replace a subject line with "lick my popsicles".

Josh Marshall Must Read — On the timing of Baingate

Go ahead and barf...I did. WTF!

Romney tries to regain momentum with new focus on Obama’s ‘political payoffs’

He wants to be our President

No More MSNBC...

The most interesting thing about Romney is that he

Thought I would share an e-mail with friends. Good for a smile.

Will There Be Any Media Focus On Boehner Making Congress The Worst Ever?

A huge thank you to babylonsister.

A rose is a rose

History from Herbert Hoover era

NKorea nuke pursuit threatens world

What's for Dinner - Monday July 16th

I'm watching "an American werewolf in London"...

In Pawlenty, Romney Campaign May Find Down-to-Earth Appeal.

TOON: accused burglar incorporates self

"I wonder if anyone on the net or my campaign believes my shit?"

Sometimes the ice chunks are from aircraft lavatories, although those are blue, not clear and white

US voters want tougher China trade stance

India critical of Barack Obama's comments on economy

You know things are bad for the rightwingers when even Newt Gingrich cannot come up with

Chances of a "officially recognized" economic depression within 10 years ?

"Job Destroyer"

US investigating dozens of Colombian state agents for drug trafficking: Caracol .

Ten to a room and one shower for 75 people

Can the Democrats Catch Up in the Super-PAC Game?


Somebody tell John Sharp he can win the U.S. Senate race in Texas

Excellent Aljazera real reporting on climate change with Michael Mann and Hedi Cullen

After Weekend of Attacks, Romney Campaign Shields Itself With Polls

Ala. lawmaker says he will block efforts to rename library honoring Rosa Parks

"The Presidential race now seems to be turning on whether or not Mitt Romney lied about his . . . .

Hey Dan Senor (Rmoney's campaign chairman)


2002 Romney Run Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City Bought Uniforms from Burma....Where's the Story?

New Romney Video Uses Footage Of Obama Singing

Mitt Romney is not very trustworthy. His lies just seem to flow out of his mouth!

He's not going to get an Apology!

The New Totalitarianism: How American Corporations Have Made America Like the Soviet Union

New Romney Attack Ad Video Uses Footage Of Obama Singing - (video)

Multi-Millionaire Admits: The Government Helped Make Me Rich

How will Cokie Roberts spin Bain to Romney's advantage?

'Monica, Monica' chants taunt Clinton in Egypt

'Monica, Monica' chants taunt Clinton in Egypt

'Apocalyptic' summer for wildlife – except slugs, says National Trust {UK}

Biomimicry: unintended consequences

Detroit police: Girl, 4, shoots self with father's gun

New name for MSNBC? (poll)

Report: Romney Has Made V.P. Pick, Announcement Could Come This Week

Federal Agents Search Offices of PA. Cyber School that received $103 million in tax dollars

Krugman: Policy and the Personal

Wanna be a zombie? The Koch brothers will train you.

Demand a full and accurate prospectus from the Business Leader

Silly Media! You can't SwiftBoat a chickenhawk who ducked out of Vietnam !

Which politician are you reminded of in this picture (he's a former CEO if that helps)?

Donald Trump making silly demands of Obama again

Policing the blogs: Why DU is sooooo much better

I was told we have a new US Senator at the 3rd District meeting Saturday

How Much Is Enough Profit?

I hope Rmoney picks our creepy critter Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Mitt decides the best strategy is projection

For all you people calling Romney a chickenhawk, QUIT IT! It will backfire.

TB fans - have you seen this trailer they showed at Comic Com?

Man Finds Stolen Car on eBay 42 Years Later

Evidence shows Syrian security got comms from West

If you were in your teens before rock'n'roll existed, did you ever buy any records? if you did,

Sheriff Joe on Trial

#Retroactively tops the Twitter trends list for sixteen hours

Why Is Everyone Focused on Bain Capital?

tossing out a few ideas for next months contest

Karl Rove: Obama's Attacks on Romney are "Gutter Politics of the Worst Chicago Sort." As opposed to

Why Won't Romney Release More Tax Returns (The New Yorker)


Peru's Humala approval rating suffers as conflicts flare

Mika seems to have her marching orders.

My nephew called Mrs. V. at 12:50 this morning

William D. Cohan, Bloomberg: The Secret Behind Romney’s Magical IRA

Desperation leads to 'retroactive' rationalizations

I've decided to leave DU---retroactively.

"Law enforcement, with the exception of a few renegades such as Hatfield, was stripped, as is true

Desperately spinning, repubs today on Morning Joe accused Obama campaign of Willy Horton tactics.

In accusing Obama of having political "cronies," Mitt's just following the Rove handbook:

Even Cokie Roberts couldn't spin for Romney on NPR this morning

Recruiter informed me of job. Should I skip the recruiter and apply directly?

The fact that Rmoney woke early and showed up on Fox and Friends means...

One of Romney's Glass House

3 teens accused in fatal beating of 62-year-old Chicago man posted on Facebook

"Romney would drop out of the presidential race before ever releasing further tax returns."

romney.....'kerry ran for president and his wife didn't release her tax returns'

Green schemes make activists see red (Agenda 21 bullshit)

Romney team has their heels dug in - refusing to say he left after 1999.

Romney mouthpiece Gail Gitcho thinks the issue is that we're "confused" about Romney's Bain tenure

Can I retroactively give myself a job and then sue for back pay?

Just last week Cheney holds a fund event and this week the NYT reports

Chris Hedges: The Battle of Blair Mountain

BREAKING:The Paterno family has instructed their lawyers to form a committee of experts (link is up)

Desperation: Mitt's timing sucks

A new term has been coined!Get this one into the campaign dictionary:

Dumb Quitter and the Pants Sh*tter

Judge to begin 5-day hearing in military leak case

It sure is fun mocking the apparently hapless Mittens.

"I Never Gave Anybody Hell. I Just Told the Truth, and They Think it's Hell."

If Mitt choses Thune it will be because he made 'most beautiful list' in 2005

All the News thats Fit to be Edited (by political operatives)

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Unbridled chaos for a few weeks

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

"They called it the 'riches to rags story to appease the 99% who don't like the rich."

New Report Reveals Link Between Bladder Infections and Overuse of Antibiotics in Chicken

As one of the oldest members of DU I have the power to give you RETROACTIVELY!!!!

How many more lies does Willard have to tell ...

Are we ever going to find out how many of our posts have been alerted on?

Romney 'Tax Issues' Now Follow Him To The Olympics

Obama campaign memo: Unanswered Questions About Mitt Romney’s “Retroactive Retirement”

Full MLS All-Star roster announced - to face Chelsea

We should have seen this coming. Etch-a-Sketches are soooo Retro

rep tim griffin (r) arkansas...where do they find these clowns?

Team Romney© concubine Tim Griffin (R-AR): "No, all the two years is what they're releasing"

Romney Suggests Releasing Additional Tax Returns Could Be Politically Damaging

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Bainman

Monday Toon Roundup 2- repubs

Monday Toon Roundup 3- Penn State

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

College costs shifting to students, Sallie Mae survey finds

I notice Willy Geist and Joey the Scar are "calling it in" to MoJoe for the past few

Tom Tomorrow: Republican Ju-Jitsu (Mitt Can't Quite Get the Hang of It)

The next thing Romney should do this second

Why Does Mitt Romney Act So Guilty?

"The dog ate them." Please come CAPTION Mitt (I'll try anything) Romney!!!!

Backlash builds as for-profit schools rake in GI Bill funds

Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement (2012- 07-14) 30 Consecutive Weeks

"I am a job creator"

The drought will present the food industry with another opportunity to permanently raise prices

Monday Morning Slap-O-Rama! Who would you like to smack the shit out of today?

Jeeziz, get me a NECK BRACE! I'm gettin' WHIPLASH from this morning's ROMNEY SPIN!

Romney is most likely going to pick a conservative, white male for his running mate

Romney wants to talk about Obama's record. OK let's do that

So Willard has selected his VP

speculation why Rmoney can't release his tax returns

Romney needs a "bombastic" VP announcement to divert attention away from Bain..

Do gas stations in your state charge extra to use credit/debit cards (poll)

Anyone See The AMC Show, "Small Town Security"

There is not a single business owner in this country who got where they are 100% on their own

Time to end those damned entitlement programs

Chris Hedges: War Is Betrayal

Romney won't release his taxes because it will show that he committed a felony

ABC dared Democratic Aspen Mayor to release his tax returns after he questioned Romney's. He did

things I would do retroactively

Have you seen this ad about New York State?

NYT ed board calls Romney's explanations of when he left Bain "erratic and self-serving"

Make your predictions here: Who do you think will be Mitten's VP???

It's only a matter of time before Repug candidates start distancing themselves from Romney...

Digital privacy reporters for ProPublica, argue cellphones primarily tracking owners...

In Tracing Romney’s Role at Bain, a Convoluted Timeline

Senseless Gang Violence

Can anyone tell me if this post is true or debunk it?

Census 2011: the results map of England and Wales

Paul Weyrich on Voter Suppression

Dirt about to be released on Zimmerman.

Witness accused Zimmerman of sexually molesting her

Sri Lankans name new fish genus after atheist Dawkins

"Obama is spending all his time talking about facts rather than policy."

Candlelight vigil until Mitt releases his tax returns ?


Discuss this comparison

Watch this 30 second video to see what "taking the high road" with Republicans gets you

If Romney is successful in November without releasing tax returns...

Romney Suggests Releasing Additional Tax Returns Could Be Politically Damaging

Michael Douglas' PSA for Oral Cancer....

Religion in Human Evolution, part 1: the co-evolution of gods and humanity

Breaking: Ohio Residents Blockade Fracking Wastewater Injection Well Site

George Romney released twelve years' tax returns when he ran for president.

Link to map of all 'Stop & Frisks' in NYC & guns found:

Becoming Third Rate Nation - We Have No Labor Policy - China Wins

Today's debate: if you have sex with God, would it be cheating on your significant other?

Amid Pageantry, a Respite From Politics

GM to slash vast outsourced IT empire

Houston helping victims of sex trafficking

Global-health forum calls for religious, secular solidarity

There is nothing wrong with Obama's ad

Russian patriarch Kirill to visit Poland in August

Google searches for 'Bain Capital' are spiking in swing states

OMG I won the LOTTERY!!!!!

Complaints issued against GA school district for promoting religious ceremonies

July 17th: Call ODNR and demand testing of fracking waste

Mitt Romney: John Kerry's wife didn't release her tax returns either

The President in Virginia a musical salute

Be A Guitar Hero! (My new music education DonorsChoose project.)

America's Overseas Base Empire and a Dangerous New Way of War

Wisconsin Democrats to take control of Senate Tuesday

our boy crossed the bridge this morning

Ukraine, China sign $3.7 bil loan deal to move power plants from gas to coal

Bad move Mitt I don't think making an ad reminding voters Obama sings better than you is smart

The Guardian: Yes, banking's a mess, but be part of the solution. Move your money!

FR: JimRob speechifies re: how Rove & Romney are succeeding in destroying the Tea Party :o)

Mitt's Resume

Can't find the story yet but I'm hearing GWBush can't vote in Texas because of the new voter ID laws

I have to tell you, I'm just loving it!

Knicks “probably” will not match Jeremy Lin offer

A new world record 24-hour temperature average

I sent the McCain oppo file to a RW friend of mine

Retail Purchases in U.S. Unexpectedly Decreased 0.5% in June Amid Job Pessimism

Romney demands Obama cease Bain attacks

If you were an investor in Bain, or a Bain managed company between 1999 to 2002

Manufacturing in New York Region Grew at a Faster Pace

Republican operative Rick Tyler: There's clearly a problem with Romney's tax returns

The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee

5 Questions for the Fact-Checkers on Romney and Bain

Democrats Mock GOP For Protecting Own Health Care In Repeal Vote

Retired retroactively? Give me a break!

Romney Suggest that Releasing More Returns Could be Further Politically Damaging.

Milken went to prison for 22 months...Mittens? Not so much

Biden alert - C-Span 2

I just realized the church bells near my house are very annoying

Official: US ship fires on boat off Dubai, 1 dead.

After living through the power outages of late, I bought a UPS.

China's Catastrophic Deleveraging Has Begun

Pic Of The Moment: Think About It

There are no straight lines in this man's wanderings. Please come CAPTION Allen West!!!


Thom Hartmann: Civil War - The Makers vs The Takers?

Michael Douglas has a new PSA out about cancer and HPV...

POLL: Please Respond Even If You Haven't Already Moved Your Money

Egyptian official, hostage-taker say Americans kidnapped in Sinai have been released

What would you do if Romney wins?

Only in America...

You know why Obama's ad featuring Mitt singing "America the Beautiful" is so brilliant?

Has anyone seen the movie 'In Time'. It was interesting

Affordable Care Act: What’s Changing and When

Libor scandal: Del Missier 'instructed' by Diamond

344 Lies by Mittens? Sheesh...

What's the first thing you notice about Rmoney's Veep short list?

The Rude Pundit - What Mitt Is Hiding: Rich Dicks Act Like Rich Dicks

Another Repub, another comparsion between food stamps and animals (Arizona)

Technical question about threads marked as read

Predict the margin of victory for Obama/Romney

RobMe's newest strategy on Baingate:

I heard that more women are running for Congress than ever before...

Deputies shoot, kill man after knocking on wrong door

Anyone know how the rec/unrec works?

San Bernardino bankruptcy: Officials knew of risks for years

House delays USPS rescue bill

Mitt you dummy, if you have to explain it then you've lost the argument!

Please stop trying

Strongside/Weakside Andrew McCutchen

Romney sock puppet Sununu SLAMS that bastard Obama...for something orchestrated by George W. Bush

One major reason why requiring photo id to vote is pointless...

Jerry Sandusky case: Three men say they were abused in '70s or '80s

You're So Bain

Romney needs to release more than just a few years of tax returns.

"As the Mitt Spins"

And all this time I thought Romney was a Ferengi...

Stericycle is the thorn in his side...

The state owns your DL or state ID

Venezuela's Chavez maintains lead over rival Capriles: poll

Venezuela's Chavez maintains lead over rival Capriles: poll

Mitt Romney may need an Etch A Sketch for this testimony

Mitt Romney has a "pissy" problem- and it's serious.

President Obama picks up lunch at the Skyline Chili restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio - pics

Oil prices could be rigged by traders warns G20 report

It is pretty damned amuzing to listen to repubicans spinning Mitt's ass off on the nooz today.

Next step in the strategy: Tie GOP candidates & elected officials to Rmoney!

Governor Ultrasound (R VA) on MSNBC

Busted: Now We Get It; CNN Top Political Analyst was on Bain Payroll!!

Placer County fire grows to 2,500 acres

Mitt Romney's painfully bad week

Time for Obama team to bring it back to the economy

Bain of Mitt's Existence - nice job, afscme!

Bain's Ed Conrad on Up w/ Chris Hayes: two years to sever ties with Romney

Olympic sponsors: Pay your fair share

Top Ten Economies that Benefit From Romney's Job's Plan

Juror #6 - I love you

WOW...these days Judge Judy isn't turning down ANY cases.

Monsanto linked to coup that ousted Paraguayan president

Plane Leaves Homophobe at the Boarding Gate for Calling United Worker a Faggot

Trippi: Mitt Romney only has himself to blame for Team Obama's Bain trap

Monsanto linked to coup that ousted Paraguayan president

George Zimmerman Accused of Molesting Family Member in Newly-Released Witness Testimony

Romney releasing his taxes would destroy his chances with the religious right, too.

Romney’s Shady Connections From Salt Lake Olympics Still Paying Off

So Mitt thinks Theresa Heinz Kerry's tax records are relevant. Let me get this straight...

Any Deep Purple fans here? Their organist, Jon Lord, just passed away from cancer

U.S. Priority on Illegal Drugs Debated as Pill Abuse Rises

Panglossian Ed Conrad visits Up with Chris Hayes

What Sarah Silverman Would Do for Obama (NSFW-ish)

Deep Purple's Jon Lord dies aged 71

WHAT did Romney know about federal program that insured pension funds and WHEN did he know it?

Astronauts head to International Space Station

DEA brings deadly force to Honduras

Politifact: Mitt Romney’s companies sent jobs overseas (Greg Sargent, The Plum Line, WP)

Could Mitt's Tax Returns/Financial Info Involve the Mormon Church

DEA brings deadly force to Honduras

Important topic: when passing people in a tight aisle, do you give them your ass or your crotch?


BREAKING: Boehner donates $4.1 million to save his Speakership.

The Distant Sound of Tumbrils. Must read.

Doesn't matter if Romney managed/ran Bain between 1999-2002 because he took the money.

New Fox spin on Bain: Obama wages "battle over minutiae"



Rmoney: Believe in Amercia

It's the INSURANCE FRAUD, stupid!!! DU,corpmedia needs to realize this about Romney's problem.

VIDEO: Conservatives Question Romney’s Unreleased Tax Returns

The “Bible of Psychiatry” Faces Damning Criticism—From the Inside

FDA approves first pill to help prevent HIV

Mitt doesn't seem to 'get' how this works....

10 Worse beers of all-time - How many have you imbibed?

Oh good grief. Someone complained about flags on fire trucks?

RMoney: John Kerry's Wife Didn't Release Taxes Either.

5 Reasons The Super Rich Need Government More Than The Rest Of Us

UK Pushes Open Access

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds Lori Wallach - The Trans-Pacific Partnership Threat P1

*** Gets out her staple gun and posts tonight's Dinner Specials at the DU Diner ***

Mitt's GPS

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds Lori Wallach - The Trans-Pacific Partnership Threat P2

My Prediction: He admits staying at Bain

Seamus, finally on the inside.

The Outernet!

Stupendously hilarious "common sense" recommendations from experts who don't get it:

Limbaugh: paranoid delusional. Holy crap.

Aetna Shareholders ‘Dismayed’ Over Insurer’s Donations To Anti-Obamacare Campaigns

Inflation For The People

Can Congress be used in an ad?

'We Are Laying Groundwork for the "Next Great Revolution"'

What is both old and new at the same time?


why oh why would anyone vote for a man who put a dog in a cage, then on top of his car, and drove

Chilcot report into Iraq delayed by Whitehall refusal to release evidence (re Bush/Blair)

"Bain Radio's Rush Limbaugh" is how we should refer to him now, IMHO,

When did religion become such a force in politics?

Paterno Family to conduct their own probe

Check Out The Latest Huge Purchases By The Pentagon

Get ready for Romney to Shake Up the Race

Cool little interactive from the Democratic party: What Mitt Pays.

Report: Romney Has Made VP Decision

New sex abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky, report says (corrected)

5 Myths about public employee unions

"Both sides do it" is a poor argument when you are one of the Sides

Police from nine forces drafted in to fill Olympic security gaps left by G4S (private security)

Romney features CBS' Bob Schieffer in anti-Obama ad without permission

More liberal/progressive contributors needed at Wikipedia to balance rightwing spin!

You're gonna LOVE this graphic from Current TV's "War Room w/ Jennifer Granholm."

Goldman Employees Join Bain as Top Donors to Romney Group

Will Romney announce VP choice this week to avoid tax returns and Bain issues?

Wayne Powell remember this name

McCain's 200-page file on Romney

U.S. retail sales fall for 3rd straight month


President Obama should apologize for attacks on Romney's leadership of Bain the day after . . .

China accuses the US of Olympic hypocrisy

3 Chicago Teens beat 62-year old father of 12 to death. Post video of murder to Facebook.

Which is more important this year: the candidates or GOTV?


Gar Alperovitz: 'We Are Laying Groundwork for the "Next Great Revolution"'

Britain Flooded with 'Brand Police' to Protect Olympic Sponsors

Mormons and African Americans still face substantial prejudice, poll finds

Why did Matt Sandusky's bio mother lose custody of him to the Sanduskys?

Huh... I guess it was obvious, but Romney's VP pick is

Papantonio: Repeal Citizens’ United To Save Democracy

So, you hate Obamacare?


The High Cost of Marriage Inequality

U.S. retail sales fall for 3rd straight month


Twin Baby Panthers Have A Coming Out Party

It's "bring your 105-year-old grandma to see the President" day. - pic

Daniel Tosh (Tosh 2.0) is a disgusting POS.

Lifelong layover: Old jets being recycled as homes

Cash hoarders! U.S. companies sitting on $5 trillion - Decoder

Mitt loses the tea baggers if Romney care becomes the issue, he loses the fundies if

Okay - cards on the table - who will Mitt ask to the prom?

How did Romney beat everyone in the GOP?

Ed Schultz video: How Obamacare helps small businesses

Brewer's JAN PAC committee received $5,000 from the Cardinals!

For those who doubt that Sarah Palin (AKA Snowdrift Snookie) is nothing but a two-bit grifter ...

Interesting development (or maybe not): Zimmerman implicated in molestation of younger relative

Bane Capital..

Guardian UK: Chicago's teachers could strike a blow for organised labour globally

Penn State refuses to "offend alumni & students who adore Paterno" by removing his statue

Zuckerberg’s Mortgage Loan Gives New Meaning to the 1%

Nebraska, Not California, is King of Municipal Collapse

Syria refusing visas for Western aid workers: U.N.

sad comment on Paterno's legacy

BREAKING: Mitt Romney Announces VP Candidate

Mitt's VP pick is Ronald Reagan. He retroactively has chosen him from the grave.

More than 100,000 protest nuclear power in Tokyo

If Romney Wasn't at Bain from 1999 to 2002, He Forgot to Tell ChipPAC

8 hours ago: Romney's Account of His Departure From Bain Undercut by...Romney Testimony

If the Democrats keep this up, the Republicans will demand a compromise...

My sister's grandkid: are all kids like this?

"Options for Savers Seeking Better Rates"

'7 Habits' author Stephen Covey dead at 79

Learning to Cope With Underwater Din

Need A Job? Upstate Companies Say Try Trucking. What say you, Duers?

The Obama "America" ads with Romney singing have been running heavy in NC today.

It seems to me that where the Democratic Party needs to focus its efforts nationally is obvious

FDA approves first pill to help prevent HIV

Obama Singing Mocked By Mitt Romney Campaign

US trade agency raps Ecuador over Chevron pollution lawsuit

Looking for graphic posted today of Romney "Yes It Can...Get Worse." Help!

Today's vote on the DISCLOSE Act is a big one.

President Obama sings "Happy Birthday" to a member of the audience at the Cincinnati Music Hall

Why do people self-delete OPs after their question has been answered?

'Encyclopedia Brown' author Donald Sobol dies in Florida at 87

Now will you believe me when I say I sweat A LOT?

Bill Moyers: Banking on Greed

Well CNN is being an obedient corporation

Unfortunately the truth is not written in etch-a-sketch

Seperated at birth? Max Schreck (Nosferatu) & Gov Rick Scott of FL

Obama Admin Wins Trade Complaint Against China At WTO

Forbes’ TJ Walker Wants Mitt Romney To Answer 35 Questions–I Only Have Two

A propaganda film about propaganda.

Krugman: The Class-Warfare Election

So wait...Obama's got a plan to take over the entire health care industry, take away our guns,...

What We Are Pretending Not To Know

How do others handle this type of situation?

Romney Camp Decries ‘Crony Capitalism,’ Can’t Name Single Ethics Reform To Stop It

Turning This Country Over To GOP And Romney Like Turning Your Kids Over To A Convicted Pedophile.

Mitt Romney Bain Capital Filings Link Him To Politically Problematic Companies After 1999

GOES-13 Satellite Movie of the Derecho (the storm that left 3 million without power around DC)

The U.S. Can't Have A Felon As President - Prove To Us Mr. Rmoney That Your Not A Felon.....

It's "bring your 105-year-old grandma to see the President" day.

Pat "Dementia" Robertson speaks again ....

First of all, the tax returns are not about the "Obama campaign"...

John Kerry’s office blasts Mitt Romney over inaccurate claims about tax returns

Man skipping out on bar bill impaled on fence


Lynne Sin puts eye out with staple gun while posting tonights Dinner specials at DU Diner

Suggestion: Notifications

Democrats Revive Attack That Romney Misstated Role at Bain

Deep Purple's Jon Lord dies at 71

It's not a "senior moment," it's a "doorway moment"

Keiser Report: Barclays Big Rat goes to Washington

Good Read -Willard's multiple realities in three overlapping dimensions

New Obama attack ads will focus on latest comment ....

Guardian UK: Chicago's teachers could strike a blow for organised labour globally

Cross-eyed Christie is explaining 'retired retroactively' on Bashir

The OTHER thing the GOP Media is letting Mitt get away with...

This week's featured item at the DU Dollar Store

Romney needs a transplant

Imagine the panic today in the offices of Republicans everywhere whenever the phone rings -

Expose the fat cats (re: DISCLOSE act vote today)

We are finally in the new place ... sort of

The Young Atheist's Handbook: Lessons for Living a Good Life without God

Canadians are richer than Americans

In an Ohio GOP hotbed, Obama says Romney tax plan would create jobs overseas, not at home

Ron Christie is a tool

Ripping off the Public of Billions of Dollars Should Land You In Jail, Not Forbes Wealthiest List

Car buyer mistaken as terrorist

Great LATimes Op Ed on Texas Poll tax

Hardheaded Socialism Makes Canada Richer Than U.S.

Could it be...SATAN??? Church Lady declares "They're trying to get to Romney's taxes DEMONIZE him!"

Libor Scandal The Latest Front In War On Reality

Geneticist charts effects of nuclear disasters

Communion on the Moon: The Religious Experience in Space

9/11 family group decries banning politicians from commemoration

U.S. drought biggest since 1956, climate agency says

His Man in Macau: Inside the Investigation Into Sheldon Adelson’s Empire

(Anti-Putin journalist) Anna Politkovskaya killing: former Moscow policeman charged

Hey Ron Christie: The reason Romney can run an ad about Obama's bundlers

God shed his grace on thee

Sarah Silverman's Indecent Proposal To Romney Supporter Sheldon Adelson (NSFW VIDEO)

CNN BREAKING: Mickey Mouse's mysterious 6 month absence has just been TRAGICALLY explained.

PHOTO: If you love golf THIS much, you might need to look into some kind of golf 12-step program.

Where can I get a great deal on some "Magical Underwear?"

Quick, Willard; change the subject(s). Announce your VP pick and

Uranus in Aries per Sun Sign from OM Times Magazine...

*POTUS on C-SPAN now,

Modell's planning to put a hex on Jeremy Lin if he departs NY....

US Navy Fires at Boat in Persian Gulf, Killing One.

If you want to see true ignorance (or call it what you want).

The Wall, 10 years on / part 11: Security for Israel?

How computers are made

LOL!-"The only person who has seen Romney's taxes is John McCain & he took one look & picked Palin"

1st female country superstar Kitty Wells dies

Going to be fun watching Rachel tonight...

Mitt Romney Bain Capital Filings Link Him To Politically Problematic Companies After 1999

FR thread of the day: Vote for Romney is a vote for Communism and baby-killing

My Sister defending Corporations as being actual People! Can you help me with a smart response?

Not Dynomite

Help me. Please. Please tell me this is satire. Please.

Lounge inspirational message of the day

TSA frisks man with 'world's largest penis' (no, seriously...)

Country music superstar Kitty Wells dies at 92

John Kerry’s office blasts Mitt Romney over inaccurate claims about tax returns

Conservatives Take Aim at University of Louisiana's New LGBT Minor.

Mitt Romney Supports An End To Wind Tax Credit, Which Could ‘Mean The Loss Of Several Thousand Jobs’

"Open Your Eyes"

They may have a point

Congress wants to criminalize whistleblower reporting

So now Bain isn't a business, it's an "Entity".

Holy Shite - Willard, DDi, Lehman Brothers & the Massachusetts Pension Fund

Girl/Girl Scene Episode 2.1, More Lesbians and Sexier than Ever - Watch

Will Obama Admin. Prosecute the Big Banks for LIBOR Manipulation?

Cat KOs dog in 5th round

HA HA! Harper gang infighting between far-right and far-far-right over honoring Norman Bethune

Senate GOP poised to kill Disclose Act

The REAL worst beer of all time.

Survivor in Texas Teen Lesbian Shooting Helps with New Sketch of Suspect

I remember watching this game

Mitt Romney Bain Capital Filings Link Him To Politically Problematic Companies After 1999

check out a recent lovely tweet from Neil Boortz -

Investigating leading GOP money man Sheldon Adelson

Greatest invention since bottled beer

Thousands Gather in Tokyo to Protest Nuclear Restart

Wendell Potter: Why insurers want ObamaCare's Medicaid business

Chris is back!!! Yay!!!

Obama Administration Backs DISCLOSE Act

A retroactive picture of Mitt Romney as a young man, before Bain...

Sure happy Tweety is back

Mitt Romney's Bain Involvement Suggested By 1999 California Filing

why don't they indict Romney?

So Hilary has a secret Muslim mole..

Mexico City detains 120 in flash mob violence

You're the Reason Our Kids are Ugly

I retroactively had sex with my high school girlfriend...

Open Letter to Mitt Romney: Mitt, You don't have to release squat

Hillary Clinton issues new Iran warning on Israel visit

Links please for official legalize cannabis website in WA and OR

Let me get this straight Mitt...

Health Care Reform Rebates For Health Insurance Costs Rolling In

Paul Krugman on the tut-tutters

A lot of people hide their money in overseas accounts...

Work/live with someone that just doesn't friggin' LISTEN?!!?

POST HERE: What is the worst beer you have ever tasted

Zimmerman attorney requests chat with blogger from pro-Zimmerman site "The Conservative Treehouse"

Common Cause files complaint against Heineman (R-NE using his office to promote Romney)

REPORT: Biggest Donor To Romney And GOP (Sheldon Adelson) Did Business With Chinese Mob

800 trillion and counting ....

Get off it, people. The Bain story has no legs.

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Biggest donor to Romney/GOP in business with Chinese mob

obama-says-romney-presidency-create-800-000-jobs overseas

Donald Sobol, author of beloved ‘Encyclopedia Brown’ children’s mystery series, dies at 87

U.S. drought biggest since 1956, climate agency says

Finland's Olkiluoto 3 reactor delayed again

Wow. Just wow.

Japan moving out of spot NG market into multi-year NG contracts

Goldman Sachs and the $580 Million Black Hole

Romney's Musical Jujitsu Fail (updated)

"Stocks Fall 50 pts. on Fear of Romney Presidency."

Occupy Denver Posts Terrible Message

Gestetner Updates: Analysis: How The Romney Campaign Screwed Up Expected Israel Trip

Johnson removed as chairman of the Nuclear Energy Institute

Krugman: "talking about the only way to bring the real policy issues into focus"

REPORT: Biggest Donor To Romney And GOP Did Business With Chinese Mob

NYT: Postville, Iowa, Is Up for Grabs

(Bob D-NE) Kerrey raises another $1.58 million

Tropical butterfly discovered in Quebec a sign of warming

Lots of celeb deaths today. "7 Habits" Stephen COVEY, not a favorable memory of him

(X-Post from Good Reads) Postville, Iowa, Is Up for Grabs

Pelosi becomes Dems' $300M woman

No kidding it's racist: Rutland County, Vermont Republicans "Apologize" For Racist Facebook Post

The delicious part about Romney's request for an apology.

the looney right wins if the center left loses.

Ron Reagan: "If crazy were people, Michelle Bachmann would be China!"

"If crazy were people, Michelle Bachmann would be China." LOL!

"If 'crazy' were people, Michele Bachmann would be China.". Ron Reagan jr. just now on MSNBC

99-year-old Boca woman robbed by phony FPL worker, accomplices

Is the Romney campaign being run by dumbasses?

The Purple Poll: OH swings back to Obama; Romney leads in FL; CO & VA tight

Low Water Levels On The Mississippi River A Major Threat To Commerce: ‘This Is Absolutely Not Normal

My sister has a Mini Cooper...

Romney Announces New Financial Initiative For Seniors - Retroactive Retirement

If you aren't watching MSNBC right now you are missing a hilarious show

Live Free or Die -- Breaking Bad recap.

Ooops - Romney's Response Ad Taken Down For Copyright Infringement

Obama Hate Hits a New Low: Qur’an Burner Terry Jones Digs Obama’s Grave

7 Tea Party Freshmen Spent More Than $100K In Taxpayer Money On Personal Cars


sharing a message from Ohio's Sen. Sherrod Brown

If Romney can time travel, will he now let Seamus ride on the inside of the car?

35 Questions Mitt Romney Must Answer About Bain Capital Before The Issue Can Go Away

Rape Joke Supercut: I Can't Believe You Clapped For That

Ya'll should get off Rmoney. If ANYONE knows "retroactive retirement", it's him. Because if you

When Romney ran the Olympics, was the clothing made in the USA? n/t

Rape Joke Supercut: I Can’t Believe You Clapped For That

Lockheed-Martin and other weapons manufacturers threaten to put a political gun to Congress ...

Sustainable Tech Saw Ancient Maya Through Drought (LiveScience via Yahoo)

What is the latest crap from Michelle Bachmann?

Rights group: UAE deports activist to Thailand in widening crackdown on dissent

See how the T-square today to Pluto brought us this on the MSNBC website?

Hillary Clinton: Romney ads featuring her a 'waste of money'

What’s so special about equality of opportunity?

Mitt Romney Ad Taken Down Over Copyright Claim

(ALL 21) Suspended Tropicana employees return to work

Wanted you to know, I cashed a check today - FROM HUMANA!!!

Pew: Public Believes Tax Increase On High Earners Would Help The Economy, Improve Fairness

Just saw a Shell commercial calling for "a new energy mix for the world"

Bwahaha: Mitt Romney Ad Taken Down Over Copyright Claim (Al Green singing ad)

Whoa..... Obama's " Firms" ad is running nonstop on the TVLand Channel on dishnetwork

!!! McCain Campaigns OPPOSITION RESEARCH on Rmoney Released...

Here's Yet Another Scenario the Obama Campaign Should Take RE: Romney/Bain

One of the biggest reasons I'm boycotting the Olympics again this year: London's Brand Gestapo.

How Fukushima Challenged a Core Tenet of U.S. Nuclear Safety: An Expert's View (Peter Lam)

Steve Schmidt: Palin picked over Romney due to Cindy McCain's shitload of houses, not Mitt's taxes

Rev. Al keeps playing Romney singing "America the Beautiful."

Does anyone have any feelings or information to share about tomorrow's labor commissioner run-off?

I just heard an interview ...

My great nephew is about to be born.

Kitty Wells dead.

Senator Al Franken keeps comedy in check -- most of the time

Romney’s still profiting from Bain’s vulture capitalism

CBO says military health-care costs could soar

Why Romney Posing In Colorado Doesn't Help Firefighters One Damned Bit

Why 6-Year-Old Girls Want to Be Sexy

Mitt Romney would be good for the economy - just not America's economy.

I have only one thing to say to Willard "Mitt" Romney

The top 10 economies that would benefit from Mitt Romney’s jobs plan (none of them are America)

Favorite juror (Poll)

Senate blocks moving forward on campaign finance disclosure bill (via C-SPAN)

Joe Arpaio challenges George Lopez to

Mitt and his pal Democratic Mayor Rocky Anderson

No matter who you are, Mitt Romney has a little more "whiteness" in him than you

Yahoo Names Google Exec Marissa Mayer As CEO (breaking... she's also pregnant)

What does 'jumped the shark' mean?

This Is What Climate Change Feels Like (with a sciency guy, so it's more authoritative)

"Poor people have to show ID at the polls. Rich people get to buy elections in secret."

THE UNIONS ARE BREAKING US (& much more) The Nation's Intelligent Voter's Guide

"If this flood of outside money continues, the day after the election 17 angry old white men

More details surface re: Romney-Bain Involvement

Rush Limbaugh: "can now be said, without equivocation, that this man hates America"

Syria: Assad regime 'ready to use chemical weapons'

Is He Running for Prez of US or Prez of Student Council??

Retroactivity a'la Romney

Senator Murray Says Democrats Will Let Tax Cuts Expire

Republicant laughing point of the day ....

I hate myself for loving The Young Turks' Elbow From The Sky

Cousin claims Zimmerman molestated her for over a decade...

FYI: I deleted the Javaman thread.

Thanks DU for being my refuge from Facebook

They don't write lyrics like this any more. Pity.

There is more to the Romney's taxes thing than proving Romney outsourced jobs overseas

Obama has our back - be sure we have his!

Bachmann is Minnesota's top congressional candidate fundraiser

DISCLOSE Act Fails in Senate

Third Supreme Court Challenge To Anti-Gay DOMA Filed

Maybe they should greet him with arrest warrants ....


Why can't I search the DU site

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Associated Press Microsoft, NBC dissolve joint venture

Romney on Taxes in His Own Words...

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 112th Congress - 2nd Session

Paul Krugman: This Class-Warfare Election