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Archives: July 17, 2012

Ed Shultz says he'll tell us what Rmoney is hiding

Republican Opposition's Look at Romney's LGBT Stances

George Lopez on Mitt Romney and Joe Arpaio

It's official: Santa Cruz D.A. won't charge Pablo.....

Drought now grips more than half of the nation

taxes + charitable contributions = 35%? Really?

Disgusting: *** Ad posted in the DFW Craigslist ***

Jury glitch?

Texas Health Care and ‘Gun Talk’

US economy appears weaker as retail sales slump

Obama says a Romney presidency would create 800,000 jobs........abroad

President Obama in Cincinnati, Ohio - pics

One of your most treasured childhood memories?

Looking at the combined heat & drought and it's expected results to crops

I'm going to ... retire.....RETROACTIVELY, but do it in the future. How 'bout you?

"...he couldn't stop laughing."

Mitt Romney-Helmed Olympics Outsourced Uniforms To Burma (Myanmar)

Dynamic Duo - pic

Romney Proposed A Fee On Volunteer Firefighters, Charging Them $100 Fee For Flashing Vehicle lights

Don't you love cartoons? Can we get back to the dog that I put on the roof of my car!

Ladbrokes has Jeremy Hunt at 5/1 as the next cabinet minister to leave

re: SEC filings —the charge is that Romney is a LIAR not a felon

Republicans and Rock 'n' Roll - they just don't get it.

They are serving needles sandwiches on Delta Airlines

Fox Hosts Outraged Over Out-Of-Context Obama Quote

Romney's entire campaign is based on his economic experience with Bain Capital.

Mitt Romney in 1999: "If you hold back information and surprise people, you lose their trust"

Charlie Sheen donating $1 million to USO


Contest: Best Break-Up Song of All Time? (hint: I already win)

J-Lo & Tyler out at "Idol," maybe Jackson too. How do you feel about Charlie Sheen & Adam Lambert?

Post your extreme weather videos.. here..

Eddie Griffin Threatens TMZ Lawsuit Over Assault Claim

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Extinction Level Event . . . ? & a new Kitty gif

Steal 10s of millions from Medicare, get elected Governor*

LOL!!! Great CNN/Romney Screen Shot!!!

A drought grips 55% of the nation in what is being called a "generational drought"

Who else will be tickled to see Shelly Adelson's $100M he will spend go down the toilet

The Hill Editors: Player of the Week: Mitt Romney (Player?)

Stephanie Miller with Eric Boehlert on Romney campaign

Yes, Romney Perjured Himself

"Romney’s Bain Yielded Private Gains, Socialized Losses" By Anthony Luzzatto Gardner

Logic test

David Corn says this is just the first wave of Bain exposures

Were Gas Prices Rigged, too? LIBOR-like?

Miami radio host calls for Bryce Harper beaning

"Walmart: 50 Years of Gutting the America's Middle Class" by Stacy Mitchell

Wow, scary figure from Maddow ...

Ok, I know I should know this...

Bypassing News: US Citizens Journalism Killing Mainstream

"World's largest penis" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include

Shell Oil contest gallery hijacked. Check it now, before they catch on.

BainGate and Romney's Repeated Vows To Repeal Dodd-Frank Financial Regulations

My slice/peek into the teaparty mindset - far more upset about the alleged Palin snub than Bain.

Has anybody seen this?

So...what are the chances the GOP VP pick will release his taxes?

Anyone have the applicable statutes for lying on FEC disclosure?

Michelle Obama will be in Birmingham Wednesday, July 18th

The ED Show - Republicans vote to protect billionaires, hide campaign funding

Defending Rape jokes in the Men's Group....Ha Ha Ha

"My Student Loan Made My Boyfriend Leave Me": Debt Ruining Relationships, Delaying Marriages

The ED Show - Tea Party freshmen don't mind spending money on vehicles

I thought the retroactive retirement was the dumbest thing I had heard in this election.

I see that McCutchen brought his dog to the game tonight.

Romney Comes Clean, Admits He Made $32 Trillion In 2006

Wha...What did that say?

"Romney Feels the Bain, But It’s Still a Close Race" by Michael Crowley at Time

I'd just like to point out that we've never seen Mitt Romney's long-form birth certificate.

Investigation Sought of Extensive F.D.A. Surveillance (group of scientists)

Glass House, Meet Stone.

Steve Schmidt from McCain's 2008 campaign is on MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell show - says ...

The ED Show - Right-wing tries to smear Obama

Romney Attacks Teresa Heinz on Taxes, Then Ups The Ante!

the only possible explanation: Mitt was cloned from 1999 to 2003

Top 10 economies that benefit from Romney’s jobs plan

Joe Arpaio wants to "meet" with George Lopez

"Class Warfare, Romney-style" by By Scott McConnell

Obama kisses his wife (Kiss-Cam)

Memory disk made from sapphire could outlast human civilization

La Cosa Nostra has nothing on the Banksters

14 current R senators voted in Y2K FOR disclosure loophole-closing,

Kate Upton responds to fat comments

Nance Greggs: God is a Democrat

The President, VP, First Lady, and Malia at an Olympic basketball exhibition game - pics

Obama's favorite GS cookies??? He has good taste!

The ED Show - Romney camp struggles to explain later Bain years

I think the announcers just said that McCutchen has a higher BA at this point in the season for Pitt

Offered For Sale

Poll on D. Tosh's rape comments.

'Americans: why not pretend to be Canadian?'

Caption This Obama-Biden Photo

Willard Poll:

Purina jerky treats from China blamed for pet deaths; owners sue in a class-action lawsuit

Mitt Romney's Resignation Letter From Bain Capital

Anyone cook with Black Rice?

Ranting on Viacom AND DirecTV!!

The nightmare

Karl Rove's dance partner steps on Dick Durbin's attempt to get a straight answer out of Jon Kyl

"Why This Lifelong Republican Will Be Voting For Obama" by Phillip Geurtz

The Republican Party is corrupt

using the fruits of my labors.

"Paul Begala on the Swing Voters Who Will Pick the President" by Paul Begala at the Daily Beast

Shakespeare explains quantum physics

Orleans Parish Judge rules teacher firings after Katrina wrongful

I slept with my arms wrapped around the fan last night. LOL! What do you do to beat the heat?

Connecticut nursing home workers on second week of strike action

Obamas find spotlight on 'kiss cam' (pic)

Machinists Union Challenges Hawker Beechcraft Sale to Chinese Company

Turn on Jon Stewart right fuggin' now

Direct TV has lost Comedy Central / The Daily Show. Among other stations.

Minneapolis janitors to picket in support of Houston strikers

Suddenly my DU smilies are formatted strangely-- is it just my computer? (Windows XP)

Just Curious - Did Any Of The Countries Competing In The London Olympics Have Their Uniforms Made...

*POTUS and FLOTUS on Charlie Rose.

SHOCK: O'Reilly Thinks GE is Running for President......

sometimes you just need a bigger tub

"America's Child Death Shame"

So is this what it's come down to? Mitt wants to be first lady? Really?

Senate GOP block campaign spending disclosure bill

Why Did the USOC Go With Ralph Lauren, Anyway?

Cash pours into state campaigns from afar

Bachmann defends her witch hunt

Blackwater illegally paid millions in taxpayer money

Indian fisherman killed in U.S. firing

US Continues its sabre-rattling against Iran, sends fourth aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf

If Romney was a planned Plan A, who will be Plan B?

Average Canadian Now Richer Than Average American

Mitt's BEST chance? A Zombie Apocalypse. The only survivors will be...

Jon Stewart Tears Into Romney’s Weak Bain Capital, Tax Return Defense

I Want It Today - How Amazon’s ambitious new push for same-day delivery will destroy local retail.

Interesting observation....I've been on DU quite a lot last two days - jury duty only once....

Shell's Arctic drill plan has too many holes - Rick Steiner at the Anchorage Daily News

New Green Day song released!

Kitty Wells dead at 92

Meet the wingnut: Florida's Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll (R)

I am seeking info about latch hook rug kits

Sarah Silverman Offers Adelson ‘Traditional Lesbian Sex’ In Exchange for Backing Obama Over Romney

Caption this photo

Cheering Crowd and Arena Camera Get Obamas to Kiss

London's Amazingly Explicit Surveillance State Mascot For The 2012 Olympics Has A Huge Camera Eye

Sunday's View from the Kitchen Window...

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness aren't possible in poverty

Hannity, James Carville Spar Over Obama’s First-Term Promises

What's for Dinner - Tuesday July 17th

I'm Wondering With Mitt's Campaign In Trouble - Will The Big Money Guys Begin To Hedge Their Bets...

McCain 2008 Campaign Brief on Romney...

Lawrence O'Donnell really Kicked Rush Limbaugh to the curb tonight

Finally, sheriff Joe will have to explain himself

Iran drought part of 'soft war' by West: VP

Statement by President Obama on the DISCLOSE Act

For Political Closure, We Need Disclosure.

My boyfriend (we're 51) is a church-going catholic.

Cat has been mayor of Alaska town for 15 years.

What a team!

Illinois City Calls On Romney To Stop Bain-Owned Company From Outsourcing 170 Local Jobs to China

Where's Mitt right now?

An Independent in the Land of LibDems!

Big Mama Thornton - Sometimes I Have a Heartache

"Most of us live in a semi-somnambulistic state & the days fly by. The 2 exceptions are..."

Mitt Romney bought those Chinese Olympic uniforms for his Olympic horse rider and trainer....

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, July 16)

SF court workers' strike closes offices

S.F. pulls trigger on gun club lease

Senate report criticizes HSBC for money laundering, inadequate monitoring

As DISCLOSE Act stalls, Super PAC reserves $6 million in ad time for House races

PBS NewsHour book conversation on 'The Dictator's Learning Curve'

2084: A View of What the Future Will Be Like If ConservaRepubs Get and Maintain Control

PBS NewsHour: Did GOP Money Man Sheldon Adelson Violate Bribery Law?

Groups Urge Action on Food Safety Law

Romney FEC disclosure filing (facsimile) and applicable statute for falsification

The Financial Industry vs. the EU ~ Is it cyberwarfare?

The Chronicles of Mitt: July 16, 2012

SlateNews: Mitt Romney: Not Inviting Sarah Palin to Tampa?

Stephanie Miller 'extraction retraction' Orly Taitz Style

Journalist asylum-seeker attempts suicide hours before planned deportation

Honduras: three die in continuing Aguán violence

Stopping the 0.7% legislation: More detail arguments

PSU spokesperson: Sandusky’s retirement package revoked

Largest Ancient Dam Built by Maya in Central America

Brand New Member & Blogger

Crusades Camp For Catholic Boys

(Florida Lt. Gov.) Carroll's accuser denied arson probe, Meggs says he may drop more charges

To know Mitt is to Love him, America is about to know Mitt.

Guatemalan judge frees colonel accused of slaying bishop during country’s brutal civil war

Mission Accomplished - Retroactively

Shell denies witness' claim that drilling rig dragged for two hours.

Rocky Top: A Tribute to Pat Summitt. (Yes. Seriously.) by Ally Auriemma

Turnabout: Dems say Steelman distancing herself from Romney

Iran website: Tehran should make nuclear ship fuel

Former PSU president Graham Spanier keeps national security clearance amid Sandusky scandal

Big day for moron freepfucks (again): 'Indisputable proof' of Obama forgery to be released

New Kucinich PAC

Get in BOTH lanes!

Iran's former interior minister calls for a nuclear referendum

Romney: The Rebulican party "is a party focused on helping the poor"

Romney/Huckabee?? Michael Tomasky thinks it could be.

Romney Says GOP's 'Not Party of the Rich' But of 'Those Who Want to Be Rich'

Brazilian Olympic equestrian team bought American-made saddle pads

Meteorologist: Heat wave shows global warming is real

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you

Purple Poll's top guy is Republican consultant who said Obama would lose to McCain

Two killed, 19 injured in Toronto shooting

Two killed, 19 injured in Toronto shooting

Oops! There goes another piece of Greenland!

Governor Perry: Mitt We Need You to Release Your Tax Returns

Obama ad continues to hammer Romney over taxes

oh noes! Romney accuses President of ‘Chicago-style’ politics

"Democrats failed to muster the 60 votes needed to move the bill forward"

"Corporations are people, my friend"?

"Obama Campaign Goes for the Jugular On Romney's Taxes " Sam Stein

Jail call says defense attorney knew about Zimmerman’s hidden money

A VP choice that will change the topic of conversation?

Pssssssssssssst! A Bane by any other name is still a Bain Pain

I'm sure this was pointed out many times, and I get that probably not much can be done about it, but

In 1979, a prominent Dem booster took a kid he abused to Second Mile fundraiser.

Revealed: Key Files on Big-Ticket Political Donations Vanish at Federal Election Commission

Revealed: Key Files on Big-Ticket Political Donations Vanish at Federal Election Commission

Romney doesn't need to follow rules; he's better than the average guy.

Jet-setting Hillary Clinton breaks travel record

Romney says waiters ("the middle class") at fundraiser "aren't having a good year"

TPM: Mitt Romney’s ‘Crony Capitalism’ Attack: A Guide

Facebook Wars, July 16/17, 2012

Oil price rises on stimulus hopes

I'm Glad that Obama is trying to destroy Romney, taxes or whatever it takes

Clean-up on aisle 4

28 New Zealand gold miners rescued after fire

"Republicans would be even more nervous if they knew what Chicago was still, patiently, sitting on."

Stephanie Cutter is tearing Joe Scum a new one on

Needles found in sandwiches on 4 Delta flights

It's my birthday and I'm so fornicating happy I could just defecate.

Afghanistan detainees get their day in US court, again. Why they're back.

Defaults on 401(k) loans reach $37 billion a year

Who was signing Bain's legal documents for three years?

Powerful Lasers Could Be Fired Into the Clouds to Make It Rain

If you were in your teens before rock'n'roll existed (about mid 1950's)

Anyone know a good General Contractor in Richmond, VA?

Has legalization of marijuana been seriously discussed in the UK? Reason I ask is because

Survey: Majority of Voters Favor Defense Cuts

New York trans fat ban has cut consumption, study finds

The Globe Editorial: Did Romney approve of Bain’s practices after 1999?

Romney's "Jobs Program" is a recycled Bush dud...

Paul B. Farrell: How Bernanke will cause the next crash before 2014

For $160 you can be a chaplain, sort of

Col. Ann Wright: America’s Drones Are Homeward Bound

What happened to Dan Senor? Not on Morning Joe today, defending Mitt against Stephanie Cutter!

The last undersea lab to close thanks to funding cuts...

Poll: Public says Obama tax plan more fair, helps economy

Naomi Wolf: This global financial fraud and its gatekeepers

Alaskan mayor walks on four paws

New Obama attack: Maybe Romney didn’t pay taxes

MarketWatch: Ignore the Libor scandal at your own risk

Jon Stewart Likens Romney's Old Company to "Batman" Supervillain

2000-2010 Indonesian And Malaysian Deforestation Equal To Area Of Virginia

Paging -NJ Giants- Leopards of the Fall- South Philly Slayers - ORLANDO O'BOMBERS

If Corporations Are People ...

Peak oil review - July 16

Peak oil review - July 16

Few will pay more under health care law

New ad uses conservatives to ask what is Romney hiding?

HSBC executives to apologise at US Senate hearing

Goldman Sachs' profits halve in second quarter

Why the Reproductive Rights Movement Must Abandon the Term "Abortion"

Ron Reagan: If crazy were people, Bachmann would be China

Mitt's BBQ Disaster

Robert Shrum: Can Ben Bernanke, Like John Roberts, Ignore Political Pressure and Do His Job?

Romney says Republicans not the party of the rich

Obamas On Kiss-Cam (2 Cute!)

So... I guess this now is the litmus test for being considered a "non-communist" in America today:

Finally California Wins a Battle in the GMO War

Handwringing and whining about use of the term "felony."

UK Ramps Up Intercity Rail Investments

For those of you who are NOT 'Masters of your Domain'

Reuters: Mitten's VP short list--three names...

Ultimately it doesn't matter if he lied, if he broke the law, or if it just looks ugly

Lil entitled prick

Invisible Power: From the Religion thread: Great image

Mitt Romney and his plan for ‘the little people’ out there

Did Romney remain Bain's CEO from 1999 - 2002 just so certain deals could go through?

FL Taxpayers Feel Pinch from GOP Policies. Will Dems Learn?

CHART: Americans’ Interest In Bain Capital Spikes On Google, Twitter

Juan Cole: Fighting Spreads to Damascus; but is it a Turning Point?

The war criminal of a dick is back in Washington

Politically hip? "Morning Joe" not living up to the hype (Ouch !)

"Is Romney Overreacting to Bain Attacks?" - long but interesting read - by Nate Silver

Customer at Internet cafe shoots 2 robbers (Video)

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Hitting Rmoney Hard,retroactively

Juan Cole: The Tanks that did not Defeat Misrata (Photo)

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Hitting Rmoney Hard again

'global warming'

What does the world look like if, God forbid, Romney wins?

Gar Alperovitz: 'We Are Laying Groundwork for the "Next Great Revolution"'

How can I found out when Obama will come to Texas?

Just a word of caution: Things look good right now...

Dems UNLOADING on Romney

Is there a way to find out when Obama will be in my state?

Thailand customs seizes $700,000 in ivory from Kenya

Smartest People of the decade....FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE

Mom's Co Worker Disses Obamacare but Brags How His Reabte Check Is Going To Help Out

Romney campaign declines to name bundlers

Democrats are unleashing a slew of new ads today attacking Mitt Romney

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- More Repub and mitt toons

"Chicken Little, Ph.D."

CHART: Americans’ Interest In Bain Capital Spikes On Google, Twitter

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- Penn State

New one going around Facebook

Tuesday Toon Roundup 5- The Rest

The $849,000 Penalty for Being Born Female

Erin Burnett To Romney: Release Your Tax Returns Unless You're 'Stupid' (VIDEO)

Mike Luckovich: Grandpa and the Great Suppression

How long until we see the ad asking where was Romney hiding at during the Vietnam War?

President Obama: 'That's My Hope'

Cute Couple

Gun Violence and Life Expectancy in the US

Chernobyl - Pripyat 2012, Part 2.

Where is all this supposed superpac onslaught against the President

Cost of medical care in June climbed 0.7%, highest gain since 2010

Part Two of Chernobyl/Pripyat photos now in the photography group.

Keiser Report: Cotton Candy Fraud

Jebus effing Krist Kay Bailey Hutchison

This November Let's Remember

Kay Bailey Hutchison: Obama attacks prevent Mitt getting his message out about how he'd fix economy

Digby: Adelson Attracts No Attention for Shady Dealings Abroad

I would like to run for host of this group, in order to make it a more vibrant part of DU.

The Lounge Specialty Market is now open for business.......

David Stockman: We Will Suffer One Crisis After Another

The check's in the mail (health insurance rebates)

Does anyone still think there will be any debates if Mitt is still the nominee?

Kay Bailey Hutchinson is an idiot.

Nat'l Review's NORDLINGER uses "wetback" with irony - not racist like O'LOOFAH's?

How Iceland stalks its banksters

Diversion We are being told that calling a Contribution a Donation is lying/perjury.

The McCain Campaign's Opposition File on Mitt Romney from 2008.

A Reminder That Anti-Semitism Has no Place in Debates Over Israel

Romney gives a shout out to the little people

What might tax returns reveal? Here's another guess:

Why is it that so many people are touting how Noble and Wonderful Mitt Romney was for taking

U.S. offers condolences to India over Navy shooting

Mitt Romney, Crybaby Capitalist

Paul B. Farrell: How Bernanke will cause the next crash before 2014

The state of political debate in a nutshell

I give you . . . BANE Capital

Poll: Americans think Obama tax plan more fair, would help economy

Selling sports or raunch culture?

Nebraska Farmers Told to Halt Irrigation as Drought Drains Rivers

My sister's going in for ultrasound tests this morning as a follow-up to a bad mammogram

United Jet Plunges 20,000 Feet Over The Atlantic Before Turning Around

A Miracle of Self Delusion. Please come CAPTION Bill (Socrates-in-Reverse) O'Reilly!!!

Yalies Look to Preserve Stories of Lives Lost to an Epidemic

Will Mitt's VP be allowed to release more tax yrs than the boss?

Map of the Countries That Provide Universal Health Care

Effort to undo California gay history law fails

Jude Law And A Homeless Polar Bear In The Most Hauntingly Powerful Environmental Video We've Seen

Immigration, Racism & the Courts

When Mitt Romney loses Erin Burnett (CNN) he has had a problem

The Rush Limbaugh Quote That Is Clearly At War With His Best Interests

Ohio: Pizza Delivery Driver Fires Shots At 2 Would-Be Armed Robbers

"Romney took a $77,000 tax deduction so his horse could go to the prom"

A multi-billion dollar drought disaster underway

For all the DU'ers who are worried about polling this early look at 2004 where the polls were in Oct

Here's How A Bunch Of Naked Dudes Put The War On Women Into Perspective

Romney lobbied for and received $342 million in federal bailouts to make his Olympics successful

Los Angeles sues U.S. Bancorp, calls bank a slumlord

Romney supporters carry signs calling Obama 'Obama bin lyin'

Look At These Three Photos And You'll Never See Amtrak The Same Way

What Mitt Romney Has to Do with Breast-Feeding and Infant Formula

OK I am not a tax attorney but I don't understand

In new abortion battle, Planned Parenthood sues Arizona

Blood on the (Bain) tracks

For Romney impersonator, the face is familiar

If ever there was a powerful video about 'global warming', it's

Romney's Education Policy--Charters, Vouchers, Online Schools

Electric rates not falling along with fuel costs

Anyone going to rally/protest at Mitt's fundraiser?

Another cyber espionage campaign found targeting Iran

NYC bus driver catches girl who fell 3 stories

Republicon laughing point (s) of the day ....

No legislation requiring a neutral judge evidence of a criminal act before a drone assassination.

Pic Of The Moment: President Willard Mitt Romney

So who was Bain's CEO from 1999 to 2002?

Sheriff Joe news conference at noon today regarding his tireless birther efforts at taxpayer expense

New Obama attack: Maybe Romney didn’t pay taxes

Does Romney have a deal so he can go back "working" for Bain if

Arizona's sheriff Joe Arpaio faces civil lawsuit over racial profiling allegations

Mofaz announces Kadima leaving Netanyahu coalition

William Raspberry dies: Washington Post columnist wrote about social issues including race, poverty

Rare bird sighting.. The Scarlet Regent Vulturine Mitt

Romney can't release his returns because doing so would be worse for him than not winning the.....

Condoleeza R still on short list - Rasmussen says - A bonanza for us if true IMO

William Raspberry has passed.

NYPD's 'Stop-and-Frisk' Mess Gets Messier

Sununu's latest pronouncement .... LMAO

Mitt Romney's Smoking Gun

End the Bush Tax Cuts for the Richest 2%! Toll-free calls to DC.

House Republicans Repealed Obamacare But Protected Their Government Health Insurance

"Number of people trashing" is available for groups; how about for threads?

TOON: Derfcity--a tea bagger for every swing voter

I think we should knock Mitt Romney off balance...

To Those That Think This Current Offensive Against Romney Is "Too Soon"

If Romney can retire retroactively, can we tax him retroactively?

Thought of a movie to make about Montana

Shell's Let's Go Public! Ad Contest Gallery (Seriously)

WOW! "Romney VP hopeful" TIM PAWLENTY will be on the Andrea Greenspan Softball Hour© today!

Goldman Sachs Cuts Pay as Revenue Drops to Lowest Since 2005

Mitt Romney's Wimp Factor

Italy arrests mozzarella king in mafia probe

New theory: Romney was on strike from 1999 to 2002

Emoticon Diplomacy: a nice video for understanding Euro-geopolitics in 2012

Have you seen that "It wasn't supposed to be this way" ad by Rove's

Bernanke predicts slow drop in US unemployment

The latest Obama line taken out of context

Hillary Clinton: Romney's ads a 'waste of money'

Secretary Clinton issues statement on Romney using her in his Ads

Bromance at its finest:

Chicago Transit Authority: Dan Ryan Red Line Project

Does Anyone Have A LInk To Gingrich's Bain Attack On Rmoney.....

morning on the beach

Oil company endangers thousands in Boyaca: Energy Secretary .

John McCain on Senate floor trashing the DISCLOSE Act which comes up again for cloture today at 3PM

The Obama team is very confident in attacking Rommey's taxes. Wonder if they know something?

Ron Paul to Mitt Romney: Release tax returns

Syria moving troops from Golan to Damascus: Israel

A small, if not pitiful complaint.

Where have all the spineless DINOs gone?

Don't ALL companies have contingency plans to fill leadership positions in case of death or illness?

Is it too soon to ask to see Ann Romney's tax returns?

On The Curious Persistence Of Inflationary Obsession

Boy Scouts: We're keeping policy banning gays

Does Romney have more money for his horse than you do for your family?

The Obama team has been expert -John is right

Peace Talks Must Resume, Clinton Says in Israel Visit

My Hospital Bill was $119,000 for 5 days

New witness in Illinois UFO case

Just for the record: Rmoney VP? Pat Toomey.

I've got a baaaad feeling about this.

Jon Stewart hits the nail squarely on its head

Needles found in sandwiches on 4 U.S.-bound Delta flights

Bain Capital accused of raiding KB's piggy bank (March 27, 2006--Boston Business Journal)

Coach K on President Obama

Mitt Romney's 'Say You're Sorry' Demand of Obama Backfires

Top Romney surrogate calls Obama a socialist stoner who needs to 'learn how to be an American'

Another side benefit from the Affordable Care Act

TSA Fails to Comply With Year-Old ‘Nude’ Body-Scanner Court Order

Do you exercise?

Obama enters Verizon Center to rousing welcome and "Born in the USA" before US-Brazil game

Whenever I see Willard Romney's empty smile

Joe Biden quote

Sununu: 'I Wish This President Would Learn How To Be An American'

Mitt Romney's ECONOMIC PLAN will create 800,000 jobs!!

India presses US after navy kills fisherman off UAE

Poll: 56 Percent Think Romney Should Release Tax Returns For Last 12 Years (updated)

Corporate Raider -- do most Americans understand that term?

In Tiny Bean, India’s Dirt-Poor Farmers Strike Gas-Drilling Gold

Romney is spinning "Like a Drunk Ballerina Stuck on a Tilt-A-Whirl"

Cuba Hits Wall in 2-Year Push to Expand the Private Sector

U.S. Tightens Security for Economic Data

Bain Damage...

Doctors suspended in India's Rajasthan for 'gender tests'

Global Outpouring of Support for Harassed Arizona Gay Couple

NCAA boss won't rule out death penalty for Penn St

When Machines Do Your Job

Ron Paul to Mitt Romney: Release tax returns

Boy Scouts Pledge to Keep Antigay Ban

Homebuilder Confidence in U.S. Rises Most Since September 2002

SC Bureaucratic “Lion King” Love Letters - Accidentally Released Infidelity Emails

Menu for tomorrow night's Gadugi Party

From Jerry Brown...

lol. Ron Paul to Mitt Romney: Release tax returns

Indian fisherman: No warning before U.S. Navy shot at boat off Dubai coast

LOL Limpballs crying about the villian in Batman named Bane

Presto! The DISCLOSE Act Disappears, by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

Sununu Unleashed: Obama Needs To ‘Learn How To Be An American’

Romney, unless he pays off 51% of the people, I do not see him being elected as President, ever.

New Republic: Mitt Romney, Crybaby Capitalist

Obama Spokeswoman: Romney Campaign ‘Off The Deep End’

Bain off-shoring victims ask Romney for help

John Sununu was fired as Bush 41's chief of staff for using government airplanes for personal trips

Paul Begala's latest tweet ....

Bobby Jindal was "awarded" ALEC's Thomas Jefferson Freedom Award last year. What a specimen.

Jailed ex-Colombian intelligence chief faces new wiretapping charges .

Thom Hartmann: Rep Dennis Kucinich Explains LIBOR

Jailed ex-Colombian intelligence chief faces new wiretapping charges .

Sorry Mitt Romney, I Don't Want a Businessman for President

Manhattan-Size Iceberg Breaks Away from Greenland Glacier

PPP: Obama leads in Iowa by five points


It should be law that the IRS make public all tax returns of candidates.

Romney's problem of his own making (Washington Post)

Quilt my great grandmother made when she was 16 in 1863

John McCain's latest politico statement ....

"If someone has enough money to live well & sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion

BREAKING NEWS!!! Romney has retroactively enlisted in the Army and is now a war hero!

If not for sits....

Cuccinelli won't certify health board's new abortion clinic rules

*** Gets out hammer and post sign to show that we are consolidating space in the Lounge ***

Willlard is speaking - he says liberal policies don't make jobs

Equal Time - POST your current favorite beer.

Tim Pawlenty: Sununu Walked Back His Anti-Obama Comments

Well, I can't call it M$NoBodyCares anymore

Just ordered my birthday present to me.

Jailhouse phone calls reveal that O'Mara new about Zimmerman's money, said it "didn't matter."

Maybe Obama should bully a gay kid

Dailykos-SEIU polling: Majority say Romney should release 12 years of tax returns

U.S. Chamber of Commerce spreads the manure

Romney fears tax returns would be distorted

Republican circular firing squad

I don't think that Penn State is going to get the death penalty

Of the 5 interviews Friday did anyone ask Romney how many years of tax returns he gave to McCain?

Addiction to the concept of "me"

Nanny blocked words that would ruin your day.

Romney Aide's Hypocritical Attack on Obama "Crony Capitalism"

Sell Romney?

You can't "Swiftboat" the chickenhawk, but we can "Swiftbike" him.

The Average Canadian is Now Richer than the Average American

my guess for Romney VP: In the vein of a Dick Cheney type figure

JetBlue Pilot Suffers Eye Injury From Green Laser

MLB trade rumors anyone?

The Bain Ad That Romney Should Fear the Most

A magazine photoshops the Duchess of Cambridge and gets away with it?

Health Topic: Fish Oil

Westboro Baptist Church will protest Sage Stallone's funeral

Gawker fun: Katie's car hit by truck "But At Least She's Not Married to Tom Cruise"

"What You Talkin Bout Willard" They are Fracking for Gas all around my house

John McCain: I Didn’t Pick Romney Because ‘Sarah Palin Was The Better Candidate’

Mark Hamill - "Romney's like the Thing. He only imitates human behavior. He's not actually human."

Is Inequality Inhibiting Growth?

The absolute worst Romneyism so far...

Jon Stewart's MUST-SEE piece cuts to core of Romney's real problem with Bain

Toll-free calls to Senators & Reps. End the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2% (X-post)

Stalin Mario

Thom Hartmann: Why Would Anyone Proudly Call Themselves a Conservative?

Is it true the Rich Footwear company is launching a new line of flip flops

Does Andrea Mitchell felate Romney daily

MFM's career as a counterfeiter didn't last long

Looks like Suri Cruise's indoctrination to the Big Apple has been a rough one.

Is the answer in Willard's 2009 return?

Where was Mitten the Tax Dodger speaking from today

Effort to undo California gay history law fails

WARNING I think Cheney is going to speak from the Capitol

HOLY SHIT: Upon Which I Gift To You The LOL ROFL ROFL LOL Of All Time...

Could Mitt pick the repulsive Cheney daughter as VP?

Colbert: Obama Trying To Make ‘Bain’ Synonymous With ‘A Source Of Harm Or Ruin’

John McCain: I Didn’t Pick Romney Because ‘Sarah Palin Was The Better Candidate’

Unexpectedly Good News Regarding Energy Trends

A Preview of an Olympic-Sized Fiasco

Underboob. Now that's a word that was not often used in my generation.

Air Force Academy: Proselytizing And Religious Freedom Debate On School Campus

Penn State football could get the 'death penalty,' NCAA chief says

PPP: Obama leads by 2% nationally (Registered Voters)

Report: Dez Bryant arrested after attacking his mother

What About the Men? Why Our Gender System Sucks for Men, Too

Incoming Mitt- from your pals: Byron York: How did vaunted Romney Death Star break down?

First disability payment

La Puke the GUST-TAP-OH hunter!

Here's a new one: The rich shouldn't be taxed more based on Exodus 30:13-15

Why Silk May Be Added To Vaccines Someday

Well, it's official, the Green Party has just nominated another egomaniac/loser/idiot. Jill Stein?

The whole line of thought that the "Republican big guns" are sitting out this election is hilarious

LOL! Check out this new Twitter account, Mitt's tax returns @Mitts1040s

Catching Fire Casting: Amanda Plummer to Play Wiress in The Hunger Games Sequel

Would the UK be better off with the 1st amendment instead of burdensome speech laws?

Hillary Clinton, Egyptian "Monica" Taunt

Romney explains Cayman accounts, confusingly, as a benefit to "Foreign Investors"

How should Romney respond to McCain's claim "Sarah Palin was the better candidate"?

Top 10 Worst States to Retire In. All but 1 are Southern conservative states.

This morning my Republican husband says:

House GOP measure would kill AmeriCorps program

Boy Scouts: We're keeping policy banning gays

Residents warned: 6-foot lizard loose in Colorado

'Co-authors' of Chile torture charged

'Co-authors' of Chile torture charged

for those who know everything(jim @mike qualify)

Reading Levels

Cod - never cooked it before

MFM's career as an underboob didn't last long!

I have a theory about Mitt's tax returns and what he's hiding.

Islamic extremists face citizen uprising in Mali

Amazing article on David Frum-The Prodigal Frum

The guy who LOST thinks the guy who's RUNNING is INFERIOR to the TALIBUNNY. What an ENDORSMENT!

FBI Goes Over Gov. Corbett's Head To Investigate Connected Cyber Schools Owner

Health issues to keep George H.W. Bush, Barbara from RNC

Ohiosmith's girlfriend photographed topless!

Cigarettes now cost more than marihuana. Another reason

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: If You Lived Downwind From This Power Plant, Would You Be Concerned?

Kadima faction votes to quit coalition

Penn State football could get the 'death penalty,' NCAA chief says

Dell CEO: Really, we're not a PC company anymore

Police: Alabama bar shooting suspect in custody

So you don't like illegals....

Change “people” to

Mitt Romney's shady deals need to be investigated for Insurance Fraud.

Obama campaign sues Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted over early voting restrictions

Perry wants Obama apology for voter ID lawsuit

Dear Tea-Baggers,

Bring it on

Biodynamic farmer extraordinaire Joel Salatin gives an amazing TEDMED 2012 talk

I have an announcement to make of some importance. You may be interested in this.

Live on the Uptake. MNSC hearing on Voter ID language.

Brazil: Dead Penguins Washed Up On Beaches By The Hundreds

McCain's nuts: he still thinks Palin was 'the better candidate' in 2008 for VP

Comic Eddie Griffin Slings Lesbian Slur, Receives Faceful of Wine

So, about this Dance Moms thing ...

REPORT: Biggest Donor To Romney And GOP Did Business With Chinese Mob

LT. Governor Jennifer Carroll: Black woman that look like me are not lesbians

Western U.S. Will Keep Burning Unless Fire Policy Changes

"They Just Don’t Give a Damn"

Sheriff Joe headed to KKKourt this week

Gotta give Obama credit for one thing...

Thom Hartmann: The Big Picture Panel - Are Americans Finally Fed Up w/ Outsourcing?

Romney wants to do to the Irish what he wants to do to the Latino undocumented immigrants –

Funny Colbert quote from last night ...

Maria Bartiromo is being an ass again on CNBC....

Two Classes, Divided by ‘I Do’

Harry Reid worries about '17 Angry Old White Men' Buying The Nation

Texas' poll tax in disguise

The outrage and anger in defense of the wealthy...

Mitt should pick George Zimmerman as his VP

Generally, conservatives will dig up every insignificant little thing they can to hate on Occupy

Judges Skeptical Of Claim That Texas Voter ID Law Does Not Disenfranchise Minorities

Rush Limbaugh is on dope again. No other explanation for this...

US ship gave no warning, says Indian survivor - Hindustan Times

S.E. Cupp is a dolt.

Charles Pierce slices up David Brooks and Joe Klein for defending Bain

Romney Campaign Attacked Opponent For Refusing To Release Tax Returns In 2002

Why the Superrich Really Hate Obama

U.S. Corn Crop Shrinking By The Hour

An Indonesian Pot head? FU Sununu!!

Mitt Took the Drapes When He Left!

ONION: Point-Counterpoint Teach for America temp teachers for poor kids

Tony Auth nails Romney on Bain

BREAKING: We just learned

Tom Toles nails Mitt on Bain, as well!

GOP creates political T-ball for Romney. Romney about to strike out.

NOW we know why Romney won't comment on "outsourced Olympic uniforms." GUESS why. Go on, GUESS.

"If corporations are people...

George W. Bush: 'Eight Years Was Awesome, And I Was Famous And I Was Powerful'

Am Loving This Band! The Punch Brothers.

Debt, Debt And More Debt: Is Democracy To Blame? (NPR)

How 17 people funded the Republican super PAC world — in one chart (interactive)

Dick on the Hill...Nobody wants to know him. They can see that he's just a fool. Except Republicans.

HSBC Executive Resigns at Senate Money Laundering Hearing

This week's True Blood Recap - Who would have THUNK that one! *** spoilers ***

Surprise! Mitt Romney caught lying again about blind trust in 1994 and July 9 2012


Luke Russert: "Dick Cheney is back in a big way. Republicans aren't afraid to be seen with him."

GROSS. cheney in DC,

Romney considers us “The Help” who really have no business looking at his tax returns

How the powerful rig the system ...

Jurassic Park in Colorado !!!: Kitteh-eating lizard on the prowl

Tax returns released by Presidential nominees

Did Mitt Romney Take the 2009 Swiss Bank Account Amnesty

Papantonio: Romney’s Surrogates Making Things Worse For Campaign

U.S. Air Force Gets Solar Power from SolarCity, Continues Clean Energy Push

LynneSin's space consolidations are becoming bothersome......

SE Cupp is Ann Coulter in disguise, complete without a brain. nt

A DU FIRST!!! The FIRST Scratch-n-Sniff post. Click this and I GUARANTEE you'll smell FLOP SWEAT.

Why Democrats are willing to walk off the fiscal cliff

Dear Dry Drunk, Apparently you have forgotten that you were the head of that government.

Government is tightening its grip on whistleblowers

Mittens go on the offensive.......kinda

Dirty Bain Capital Politics With Mitt Romney

Walmart Heirs Have As Much Wealth As Bottom 40 Percent Of Americans Combined

I am SO HAPPY that MSNBC isn't limiting S.E. Creep to the 1 hour a day she's on her OWN FUCKING SHOW

George W. Bush: ‘Eight years was awesome’

Did Libya Intervention Fule Extremists in Mali

Researchers Consider Graphene as a Cure for Desalination Woes

FACT: In 2004, after John Kerry released 20 years of tax returns, a top Romney aide demanded more

Thom Hartmann: Ayn Randroids & Libertarians Join Forces

Toon -You seem to be hiding something...

TYT: CNN's Flawed Coverage of Iran Threat

John McCain's back tracking .....

Obama leads by four in New Hampshire

Cupp and Buchanan?

Update from Texas--San Antonio has gone bonkers over the President -- outside--BAD FOR ROMNEY...

I just had my Sociology teacher show the "Firm" ad in class.

Quote Of The Day - Jim (Free Republic) Robinson

TYT: Bradley Manning - American Hero. Cenk Uygur on Fire at Occupy LA.

Figures on Government Spending and Debt

McCain: I Didn’t Mean Palin Was Better Than Romney

What the hell is a Jwwow?

Sometimes when we touch the honesty's too much

Juror #4, I'd like a word with you...

Tweety - a horror show

Romney Needs This Job: He's Going Broke?

Heads Up 7 People Were Arrested in Chicago Under Public Corruption Charges

TYT: Hillary Clinton Heckled in Egypt

Hillary Clinton Reaffirms Backing of Egypt's Military Junta

Romney, Damon Corporation and a $119 Million Medicare Fraud Settlement

Romney: "We (taxpayers) PAY for those things." ORLY? Well, SOME of use do...I'm not sure YOU do.

Let's make a list - Post here things better than Mitt Romney!!

Re: Rush vs President Obama

Romney to suspend campaign

Idle corporate cash piles up

HIV-prevention drug Truvada approved by US (BBC)

The Trade Off To Record Corporate Profits: Your Miserable Salary

Any word yet, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "Cold Case Posse"

11 minutes ago - Perry calls on Mitt Romney to release tax returns

Did Romney Stay Employed by Bain to Keep His Health Insurance?

It's time to admit the fallacy of the "self-made man" is a myth....

"My Year Volunteering As A Teacher Helped Educate A New Generation Of Underprivileged Kids"

Rush Limbaugh spies link between Dark Knight Rises’ Bane and Bain

A rising tide no longer raises all boats .... Krugman

Terror Grips the GOP As Obama Foresees Texas as a Battleground State

The Detroit News: Mitt Romney lying by omission

Romney: Obama trying to change 'the nature of America' -

Homeless woman commits crime on purpose to get off street

Are people conservative because they are wimps or because they are intellectually stupid?

20 Prominent Republicans Who Want Romney To Release More Tax Returns Right Now (ReUpdated)

Take a break and enjoy. Music from Moonrise Kingdom

Rick Perry calls on Mitt Romney to release tax returns

A test for the media which they will certainly fail

Chris Cillizza: Why Mitt Romney should just release his tax returns

Mitt feels his supporters are want-a-bes. An army of "scratch offs" will send him to the WH.

Obama defies anti-American jibe on rival's turf

Rachel Madow asks: "Where would we be now if GOP hadn't killed Obama's American Jobs Act last year?"

I Understand It Was The Other Way Around - We Got It Wrong......

Finally, Chris Mathews Exposes Burma Manufactured U.S. Olympic Uniforms in 2002 Romney Run Olympics

Did Mitt Romney pay ANY Taxes in 2009?

Arpaio and his cold case posse have new "evidence" that the birth certificate is a forgery

Guide to Rovian undermining and Swift-boating

Conservative NRO Editors: Release the Returns

WHOA: "Tipping Point? National Review, Rick Perry Call On Romney To Release Tax Returns"

Louisiana Gay Dad Raises Child, But He's Powerless as Partner Skips Town With Boy

Seasonal firefighters win federal health benefits

Can you cut back broccoli?

Sununu back tracking ....

Boy, you just know Gingrich wants to jump on this, "Release the tax returns Romney!", train

Naked archer subdued by Kansas City police

Distressing BBC News report on San Pedro Sula, Honduras

My Act Blue account is up, and I'd like your support.

BHO spent his early years smoking pot

At this point, even if there is nothing bad in Mitt's tax returns, he's screwed.

E-learn the English Language: loose vs lose.

15 (now more) Prominent Republicans Who Want Romney To Release More Tax Returns Right Now

Just saw John Mayall in concert. Quite a show for someone who is nearly 80!

Rachel Maddow - Republican minority blocks vote on campaign cash transparency

Wouldn't it be funny if Romney hasn't been tithing enough

Republicans to Secret Donors: We've Got Your Back (Yet Again)

Woooaaa Nellie!

Post your 70's instrumentals here!

Romney and surrogates fight back - Call Obama unAmerican and foreign.

"Eight years was awesome, and I was famous and I was powerful."

If you dare to demand my tax returns or fill in those dates

I just found a big egg...

Romney surrogate Sununu Channels Rush

Hahahahahaha! (updated)

DC’s Silver Line Reaches Construction Milestone

OK, so I wasn't going to tell this story about Santorum (no, not THAT Santorum):

LIBOR Scandal: Why the N.Y. Fed Must Be Investigated (Eliot Spitzer)

Tax returns and how the plot may thicken

WMUR Granite State (NH) Poll: Obama 49 Romney 45

Romney accuses Obama of insulting business leaders

Got the answer so am editing

Rapper Murs tackles hip-hop homophobia head-on in video where he kisses a man

Toon: Running this country, Retroactive-like!

French minister for women ‘lets down’ voters by focusing on that silly little prostitution issue

John Sununu was born in Havana, Cuba

Ecuador: Authorities misuse judicial system to stop protests (Amnesty International)

Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns and Bain Capital Must Be Explored To Expose His Anti Middle Class Deeds

Rachel Maddow - Investigation takes closer look at GOP donor Adelson's billions

GOP Blocking Hearings On Global Warming

Facebook status I'd like to spread...

Limbaugh: Batman villain ‘Bane’ could be conspiracy to defeat Romney

The Last Word - Bain damage control in overdrive

In 2009 Mitt used the overseas tax evaders' "amnesty" to come clean with the IRS.

This will be interesting...straight line wind event building over L. Michigan

Bloomberg Business Week: What's Romney Hiding in His Tax Returns? (Paid No Taxes in 2009?)

Romney in a pickle

Do we have anyone who grows Bell Peppers well?

The lunatics are planning to picket Sage Stallone's funeral

when this clown is giving you pointers, you are in deep shit....

The Creed of the One Percent

rare arab spring win for liberals (libya)

GOP Rep Drives Away From Constituent Asking About Minimum Wage Increase

Sooooooo . . . tell me again, Libertarians, how you're different than hard-right Republicans.

The Last Word - Rush Limbaugh's racist advice to Romney

'West invented Al-Qaeda, monster turned on master'

Tweet Generator Hilariously Spams Abortion-Restricting Lawmakers with Serious Vagina Questions

Open Letter To Rush "Bloated Sack Of Pig Shit" Limbaugh: First "Bane" Batman Appearance Was In 1993

How many years tax return should Mitt release?

Judge bars enforcement of photo ID requirements (WI)

The Last Word - Sen. Coburn rewrites Grover Norquist, again

Romney had a bunch of working class looking people behind him

Hello, my name is William, and I was Juror #1

Ever seen a first round knockout in presidential politics before? Well, you witnessed one last week

Airplane banner tells Penn State: Take Joe Paterno statue down [or we will]

Here is what I keep going to re: Mitt Romney

Presto! The DISCLOSE Act Disappears ... Moyers

Dick Cheney: Stop the Pentagon cuts

So I watched the Joe Arpaio news conference

LOL - Found on Facebook

Luke Skywalker: "Rommey not human".

Rick Perry Expands On Advice to Romney

Well, count Yahoo firmly in the Romney camp.

Was Romney's retirement from Bain SEVERELY retroactive?

"...more pages to pick through, distort, and lie about."

Hey Sununu!!! -remember the phone jamming in 2002?

Syrian rebels set sights on ‘liberating’ capital

Et tu, Brit Hume?

Jon Tester: Secret Money Isn't Healthy for Democracy

Bain offshoring victims ask Romney for help

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 18 July 2012

BREAKING!! NOW!! Romney releases papers

Photo(shop)graphic proof, Mitt ran Bane Capitol

'Larry King Now' talk show debuts on Hulu

HUFFPOST HILL - Unions Push To Remain Progressive

I was talking to a friend of mine on Skype, he lives in Florida.

Conan makes you laugh while revealing local TV news doesn't write their own copy

Love this pic: AFI over Austin an hour ago. More pics from Texas

We just had a pretty hard rain go through here on the Wisconsin side of the lake..the temp was

This video of Romney's "fiery" speech today. Look at the faces of the people sitting behind him



Judge bars enforcement of photo ID requirements

What was your FIRST internet "WTF"

When I was working on the 08 Obama campaign,

Voters will reject tax rises, Labour think tank warns Miliband

Retroactively, Mitt didn't say this:

I think Sting could have found MUCH MORE than "Da doo dah dah, da doo dah dah" to say to you.

Pssssssssssssst- Intrade has Obama at 56%

CalPERS Reports Preliminary 2011-12 Fiscal Year Performance of 1 Percent