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STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 2 July 2012

Prison camps in North Korea

77% of JP Morgan’s Net Income Comes from Government Subsidies

Storm damage pics (warning lots of pictures)

Rupert Murdoch: 'Doubtful' That Romney Will Beat Obama In 2012 Election

I guess it's no shock that an industry that produces nothing of any real value......

Storms of June 29, 2012 (warning pics)

Iceland's president wins record fifth term

Has anyone else received this email besides me?

$2540 for 2 Fillings, Poor Hit by High Costs at Dental Chain

Fried rice bleh help!-mix ins for sauce-updated

Great quote from Think on healthcare access and the free market.

Mini-shorts for men? Not in the real world...

OK, I'll be Andy Rooney - Meat thermometers

chris hedges speaks at occupy july 1,2012

WHEN are the ACA Supporters allowed to say, "GET OVER IT"!

Generally speaking, what is your opinion of taxes?

Roberts switched views to uphold health care law

Missy Franklin wins 200 backstroke, may set U.S. Olympic events record

US judge temporarily blocks Mississippi abortion law

Really jurors? Are you fucking kidding me?!!!?!!!????!!1

The remedy for health care system is universal Medicare (by a republican)

Europe's Market Watchdog Probes Rating Agencies: FT

Popping the Right Wing Voter Enthusiasm Balloon with the "Obstructionism Works Both Ways" Argument.

Romney Advisers Reveal Strategy: Ignore Journalists, Pander To Right-Wing Conspriacy Websites

Mexico's Opposition Candidate Pena Nieto Winning Election: Exit Polls

Healthcare law still faces obstacles (if we lose the Senate) - LATimes

Why must all the olympic gymnasts be under the age of 18?

Searching for a microfiber travel towel I found the perfect thing.

Big Membership Losses for NEA

Microfiber towel finds. Bright but affordable.

RNC Sues To Allow Unlimited Anonymous Donations

Rupert Murdoch calls Scientologists 'creepy' and maybe 'evil'

Advise for vacation in Houston

Mississippi Abortion Law Temporarily Blocked By Federal Judge

They are now known as "President's Choice" Canada Day Fireworks. That is what happens when you

The "Free Market": Caveat Vendor vs Caveat Emptor

Who will Iran sanctions really cripple?

Chinese 'cannibal' attack

Help needed to refute an anti-Obamacare 'fact'

the fire is 100 percent contained

Is this where I get to say "I can't believe an entire jury.....

Results of my first and most likely last alert..

Anyone giving to the olympics??? and should I put this in the sports forum??

Tonight is Chicken Express Snow Monkey Night at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

GOD Answers to Paul Ryan......

Did you actually hear the 2nd reading this Sunday?

I can't believe I just found this on Craigslist

Geez I go away for 3 days and the whole world falls to shit

How are DUers celebrating Canada Day?

Terrapin Mac: 30 Mil. Uninsured, Not the Issue...

Baked a cake, Kitchen Dancing!

Do you think starting a 'funding thread' is a good idea?

Remember how President Obama confidently and brazenly put the Court in their place

NY Attorney General Probing U.S. Chamber of Commerce for Allegedly Laundering AIG Money for Lobbying

US Female Gymnastics team looks really strong. I predict GOLD for them

WikiLeaks on Scientology

Obama Team had better get on Ellen, Letterman, Leno and FAST

Coburn: ObamaCare will "Sovietize" U.S. health care system

Som Sabadell flashmob ...

Montana’s Governor Schweitzer blasts Supreme Court for overturning Corrupt Practices Act

When will the Food Network stop giving Paula Deen's dip-shit sons programs?

1st: Protect Obama's Health Care Reform. 2nd: Move Toward a Public Option

And with little or no fanfare, Mr. Done For steps ahead of Jack Nicklaus and becomes #2 on the

If You Can Afford Cell Phones, iPads, Video Games, Nike Shoes, Netflix, Then Under The ACA...

Affordable Care Act: “The very thing that I criticized is what is going to save my life.”

Why HAVE Democratic mayors been so hardline towards Occupy?

A young woman made motorsports history today at the O'Reilly Autoparts Route 66 NHRA Nationals

Pre-Existing Bias

Discrimination against armed forces could become illegal (in UK)

So where are we Senate wise?

UK presses US on human rights clause in arms trade treaty

Election Commission Offices Sacked in Libya Before Vote

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, July 1)

Obama campaign call affirms money anxiety

FORBES: Don't Buy The GOP Narrative That Obamacare Is A Tax On Middle Class (Important Distinction)

Roberts To Conservatives: I Am Not YOUR Bitch

Wow, nice Obama pic

Starself astrology newsletter for July - "The Doorman"

A Kansas teen dreams about restoring an amusement park. Pretty cool for a kid to have this dream

I was listening to Rich Lowry today articulate an alternative to Obama-care on Meet The Press

The Bobblespeak Translations

S.F. family's murderer killed before, FBI was told

On raising nice kids

Mother Fucking Rick Scott

I've made it through this day for twenty years

How does ACA handle intermittent health care coverage?

Bill Maher in Des Moines October 13 - Reception for Democrats afterward

This is what we are dealing with:

I can't access Information Clearing House

I saw a Romney commercial this evening where he promised to lower the taxes for the "job creators"

Parallel Campaign-while it looks like nothing changed nationally,battleground states tell dif story

I don't celebrate July 4th...

Memorable Olympic athletes you liked?

This morning I heard something on Fox"News" ...

I was raised in the Midwest, so I "get" sheep. In fact, I don't like to brag or nothin', but...

Fort Hays State University outsources rising tuition costs to China

Melbourne rally tells government: 'Bring Assange home'


"librotraficante simply carted away all our issues in a box."

USA Olympic gymnastics teams finalized

Romney's presidency will create new jobs!

Former IRS Official Demands Investigation of ALEC

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Wise words from a rabbi

This board needs a button that takes one to the bottom of a thread

Rupert Murdoch not very positive about Romney win

Why do you think Kennedy voted against ACA?

Messing with sepia tone.

So ascending's got you tired and blue. Stretched, pulled, twisted and.....

Former astronaut Jemison to campaign for Obama on Monday

The GOP better be careful or they'll alienate Roberts...

Has anyone travelled to Midway Atoll in recent years?

Bradley Manning Support Network Under Army Investigation, Plus Bonus Bad News

The Logical Answer To "For The First Time In History, ACA Is Forcing People To Buy A Product"

Stephen Colbert on "Gay Oreos"

Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo Trailer Posted

La Barbe: France's bearded feminists

I did up a mix for Laid Back Radio out of Belgium. C'mon and check it out!

Only HALF of the American workforce was covered under Social Security, at first.

Supreme Court Springs A Leak; Leaks To Conservative Pundits May Have Started More Than A Month Ago

Job Insecurity: It’s the Disease of the 21st Century – And It’s Killing Us

Answer these questions to see how the ACA might lower your health care costs

How Corrupt Catholics and Evangelicals Abuse Religious Freedom

Chris Hedges: Time to Get Crazy

The Lost Valley of the Wollemi Pine

How Wall Street Scams Counties Into Bankruptcy

Gas under cemeteries raises money, moral questions

NO Joe or Mika ALL WEEK!

'Lazy Greeks myth, red herring in explaining crisis'

The Near is Ending -> Truth Out <-source

My co-workers greatest need was health care

The Modern Conservative

The Tax CUT truth that counters Rs' LIES about ACA "tax increase on the middle class"

NYT: Obama Bain attack ads are successful

Banksters Win Again

Iraq's oil revenues drop by 17.6 percent in June

Oil falls below $84 amid waning EU euphoria

What benefit, citizenship?

Support for Health Care Law Rises After Court Ruling

Toon: Scalia in his chambers

Gold vs paper money: Which should we trust more?

I wrote....

Mitt Romney's America

An Interview With Justices Scalia and Thomas, Pt. 3

Chris Hedges: Time to Get Crazy

Guys who like My Little Pony gather for 'BronyCon'

Jeffrey Toobin: To Your Health

Wisconsin: "WRS For ALL" - A Proposal to Expand the WI Retirement System to All WI Workers

Timbuktu's Sidi Yahia mosque 'attacked by Mali militants'

A better poll on health care would be

Retired astronaut killed in Florida jet ski crash

Gag me: Mitt Romney's secret weapon: Wife Ann, and her lessons of MS

Stop Overthinking This. The Real Significance of the Court’s Decision Is the Decision.

(in one chart) No, ‘Obamacare’ isn’t ‘the largest tax increase

Afghan policeman kills three British soldiers

The Money-Empathy Gap

Just saw this nickname for the Repub candidate for POTUS: Mittwit!!!!! BWWAHAHAHAHHAAH!!!!!

North Carolina governor rejects fracking law

What Really Makes Us Fat

So, since when did John Mayer become every girl's heartthrob, to

Arms trade treaty negotiations begin, Syria casts shadow

US Navy's 'great green fleet' sets sail for Pacific

Doris Sams, Pro Baseball Star, Dies at 85 (A true "League of Their Own" hero)

No, ‘Obamacare’ isn’t ‘the largest tax increase in the history of the world’ (in one chart)

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes marries

Millions without power as storms pound U.S. following record-setting heat

A month ago, the rumor mill said summer vacations were

Philippines wants U.S. spy plane help in China dispute

In Caymans, It’s Simple to Fill a Hedge Fund Board

Supreme Court Springs A Leak...

No Monday of mutterings. Please come CAPTION Rush (Human Spam) Limbaugh!!

Which "F" keyboard button opens up a new window?

just saw a clip of david gregory arguing with nancy pelosi that the ACA was a tax

MAD askes...... Who said it? Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns

McConnell sees 30 million uninsured as irrelevant

Rufus, the Wimbledon Hawk, Found...He's safe


The Amazing June Heat Wave of 2012 Part 2: The Midwest and Southeast June 28-30

Angry customer trashes T-Mobile store

Violent thunderstorms kill 3 in North Carolina; extreme heat continues in Southeast

Doris Sams, Pro Baseball Star, Dies at 85 (A true "League of Their Own" hero)

Activists take on ‘NAFTA on steroids’

Will Scalia's mental confusion lead a parade of 4 out the door?

Will ReTHUGs regret labeling the Affordable Healthcare Act Obamacare

Why can't we hire George Lakoff like the Republicans rely on Frank Luntz?

69 Politicians As They Were In High School

Obamneycare......Ha HA HA HA HA

Health care law’s mandate unlikely to affect many people


Rupert Murdoch to Mitt Romney: Drop the ‘old friends’ from your campaign and hire ‘some real pros’

Commentary: 'Obamacare' will be good for the U.S.

Tom Tomorrow: Health Care Reform Glossary Updated

48 Years Ago Today The Civil Rights Act Was Signed By Lyndon Johnson

MLB All-Star game: Internet voting a failure.

"Fucking Rick Scott" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "fucking Rick Scott".

Top Romney Adviser: Individual Mandate A Penalty, Not A Tax

It's a done deal. The budget is signed, sealed and delivered.

DWP lawsuits over water rights may put squeeze on Mammoth Lakes (LA Times)

Sales of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Will Grow Strongly through 2020

Which countries extradite the most fugitives to the United States?

Timothy "TimoChe" Hill: Republican Corporate Socialist

June Update – US covert actions in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia

This is for all those who remember what a typewriter was

Carr opines that Julian Assange is of little interest to the US by this time

Are you Liberal??

YouTube video: Timothy "TimoChe" Hill: Republican Corporate Socialist

Peak Plastic: One Generation’s Trash Is Another Generation’s Treasure

Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses, Government Documents Show

Old Mitt’s Investment in a Fetus-Disposal Company Is Not a Great Thing for New Mitt

Righting past wrongs: Honoring black Marines, 70 years later

No traction on DU for TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)? This is a FIVE ALARM EMERGENCY, people...

Drone makers urge U.S. to let them sell more overseas

McNugget Freakout

Talk back to talk radio squawk!! Please come CAPTION Mark Levin's sinkhole of nonsense!!!

More Marcy pix from the park

Judge refuses to throw out Dotcom case

If Boehner holds his breath until Holder caves how long would it take for him to turn blue?

Implications of an Iranian Bomb

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Am I misunderstanding something?

GlaxoSmithKline settles fraud charges for $3 billion

Rec. this post if you congratulate John Roberts for his vote

House Majority PAC, SEIU Union Group Reserve $20 Million Ad Buy For Democrats

In the spirit of Obamacare...some original health care comics...

France orders breathalyser for motorists (BBC) {must PURCHASE}

DOJ Secures Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in U.S. History

Jews, Christians And Muslims Study Together At Hartford Seminary

Anderson Cooper: "The Fact Is, I'm Gay."

Repub Senators mentioned TWICE as often as Democratic Senators in broadcast media mentions

Today's DU Cheese of the Day.... Havarti

Syria helicopters strike Damascus suburb; diplomacy stalled

So you see these folks spinning banners outside...

What do we know about the Assange case from the UK court records?

Isn't Medicare a tax?

Arnie Gundersen, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, and the Heritage Foundation on Al Jazeera TV

Why aren't we hammering on Mitten's campaign mgr's gaffe this morning?

How many Rethugs do you know?

U.S. Manufacturing Contracts for First Time in Three Years

*If* Romney wins (which I don't think he will)

Mexico's election violence-free: a turning point?

"...first time the government has forced us to buy a product" MY ASS!

Report: Obama to Take On Drug War in Second Term

Can you get reimbursed for power outage?

New catbeds:

Not everyone was happy when HipHop music took over applegrove's life.

Dog-licked dogs:

Young bull to old bull: Let's run down there and fuck one o' them cows!!!

MFM took his one true love to the Senior Prom... after all these years, they're STILL together!!!

Waiting for invitations. The dry-cleaners were finally able to clean my outfit after the last party!

Interesting quote from a union-busting, multimillionaire, corporatist/capitalist ....

Anderson Cooper: "The Fact Is, I'm Gay."

Top Romney Advisor Eric Fehrnstrom: Romney Does Not Believe Health Care Mandate Is A Tax

Shell Clarifies: It Can ‘Encounter’ 95 Percent Of An Arctic Oil Spill, Not Collect It

Pic Of The Moment: Top Romney Campaign Adviser Says Health Care Mandate Is Not A Tax

JERRY AND ME: What do an Iranian woman and Jerry Lewis have in common?

Republicans are FREAKING out over Romney advisors comment "It's NOT a tax, it's a PENALTY"

538: Obama win probability rising

Placebos can bring relief—even if you know they're drug-free.

Anderson Cooper outs himself...

When did Romney leave Bain?

Going to get my concealed carry license today

Anyone remember the lies told about Medicare when it first came in?

HHS may have to get ‘creative’ on exchange (PPACA has no funding for federal exchange?)

Move Along Folks. Nothing to See Here. Keep moving.

Social Media Is Making Today’s Girls Actually Say What They Mean

MSNBC's fluff piece on "Romney summer vacation at New Hampshire Estate" made ALL of my teeth ACHE

Stung by Recession, Young Voters Shed Image as Obama Brigade

Limbaugh Leaves US

THE single best theme for a sporting event: The World Series Theme on Fox

Support Wichita teachers Rally July 9

‘A Journey Into Moral Depravity’ – US Congressman Dennis Kucinich On Covert Wars

Pennsylvania Senate resolution recognizes period of Jewish High Holy Days

US manufacturing contracts in June

Question on Medicaid

PHOTO: I KNOW it's only July 2nd, but I think the "Parents of the Year Award" can be given TODAY.

Time's Joe Klein: You Say Tomato, I Call Bullpucky

Take note. Katie Holmes is quiet brilliance.

Boehner Really Came Off Looking Like An Uninformed Ass Yesterday On....

How I see America, from a former Gitmo prisoner

Want to know why some business owners don't like ACA?

The History of Drugs in American Racing

I keep seeing "polls" that have Romney and Obama close.

What's for Dinner ~ Monday July 2nd

The Bear Market In GOD

Favre attempting to mend Packers fences

House Republicans Ask Supreme Court To Preserve ‘A Traditional Male-Female Couple,’ Uphold DOMA

Most awkward reporter EVER! Awesome video

What is Happening at Medjugorje?

Health care law support going up

Good for Anderson Cooper

Mr Fish Toon: Predator Prey

Conventional wisdom starts to turn on Bain

There Has Been An Stunning Collapse In Vending Machine Revenue

Why Smart People Hate Republicans

Will scientists at CERN announce discovery of "The God Particle" Wednesday?

Declaration of Internet Freedom

Islamic finance treads fine political line in Kazakhstan

Gallup: Obama up 48-43

The Larry Kudlow Report

New man summoned to rein in traditionalists

There are some guys on my roof installing solar thermal panels for our pool.

Press Still at Assange’s Throat

Having a holiday in the middle of the week, makes for a weird work week.

Monday Toon Roundup

Papantonio: The Fracking Industry’s Dirty Secrets

Romney's number two didn't think that the health care mandate was a tax under Romney or Obama

Top Former Tax Code Enforcer Files Letter Asking IRS To Strip ALEC’s Non-Profit Status

Why James Earl Carter must be remembered as one of the most visionary presidents in history.

Former astronaut Jemison to campaign for Obama on Monday (xpost)

Jets of the DRUG companies. (talk about the tip-o-the-iceberg)

This is for the touch typers here, ever wonder how your fingers know which keys to type on.

GlaxoSmithKline fined $3bn in US

Spanking Kids Leads to Adult Mental Illnesses

CPAC's boy wonder swings left

My personal reason for enthusiastically supporting Pres. Obama.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. . . Please come CAPTION W.!!!!!

Roberts and scuttling the ACA.

What do you think of "I'm Not Your Bitch"?

CPAC 2009 Conservative 13 yr old wonder boy today 17 no longer conservative.

Why did announcement concerning "God Particle" go from the leading Fox News story to one of many?

Romney Campaign at Odds With G.O.P. on Health Care ‘Tax’

A more detailed article about the Glaxo/Smith/Kline settlement

Can spanking cause mental illness?

Woman in China hospitalized after a man eats her face

Never argue with stupid people...

VPN on a shared router connection?

These kids dance the message.

Ruling ACA Constitutional Has Changed The Minds of Independents AND Rs

Some Outrageous Facts About Inequality

Just saw Koch brothers' ad (Americans for Prosperity) attacking ACA as a giant tax increase

Serious Question: How does one start a PAC?

Probation Fees Multiply for Poor as Companies Profit

Peril dead ahead for power market

Oil is up, but a declining trend could curb shale rush

Twitter Ordered to Turn Over OWS Protester's Tweets

Lawmakers: Speed up natural gas exports

Right wing reactions to the ACA ruling

Is this the worst deal ever in American finance?

Libya frees detained ICC staff after apology

are we heading towards another George Wallace state vs. federal?

ROFL... Jonathan Krohn: CPAC's boy wonder swings left

Recount: Dem wins Wisconsin Senate recall

Iraqi parliament refuses to accept nationals deported from Europe

US Bancorp settles overdraft fee case for $55 million

Obama campaign rejects report defending Romney

The contrast

Media falsely claim Obama and staff are "exempt" from health care reform

Eurozone unemployment hits record high

CPAC's boy wonder swings left

Ten States Dying for Health Coverage and the 7 Republican states on the list that don't give a damn

Only 16.7% of Global Energy Consumption Is Renewable – Ways for Industry to Increase This Share

Amelia Earhart: New expedition seeks answers

Nationalist activists send shockwaves throughout Judea and Samaria

How Julian Assange's Private Life Helped Conceal the Real Triumph of WikiLeaks

Romney Led Bain's Investment in Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses

Syrian regime TV reporter defects

GlaxoSmithKline Settles Largest Health Care Fraud Case In U.S. History

U of TX El Paso prof says PREP is manipulating vote count in Mexico.

ThinkProgress: Three Controversial Bain Decisions That Happened Before Romney Left

Last night in Philly. We are the 99%

There appears to be a common misunderstanding that all health insurance companies

How long before Romney comes out to correct his statement ??

Japanese Prime Minister Faces Setback on Tax Increase

The Rude Pundit: Reality Vs. Blindness on Climate Change

Mullen: 18 veterans kill themselves every day in the U.S.

Romney denouncing his greatest political accomplishment - Health Care Reform

Kosovo set to gain sovereignty

Gay couple w/ 4 kids bullied in Arizona for months, kids threatened with gun

Post-op updates

Gay couple w/ 4 kids bullied in Arizona for months, kids threatened with gun

Missouri mothers save placenta as natural remedy

TPM: Why Bain Is Back

New high for eurozone unemployment

List of Hollywood/famous Sientologist

Thom Hartmann: Is Obamacare the Right's new Roe v. Wade?

National Occupy Gathering Kicks Off in Philadelphia

"Icey" died today.

Inflating the regulatory state (Have the number of regulators doubled in the last 30 years?)

(Canadian) Hospital food lacks proper nutrition

Wendell Potter: Translating the insurance industry's feel-good rhetoric (This is great!)

Dying for Coverage: the Deadly Consequences of Being Uninsured

I'm getting really, really tired of the "Don't censor, REFUTE!!!11" crowd of jurors.

Cross-post: My personal reason for enthusiastically supporting Pres. Obama.

‘Biggest tax increase in history’? Just look at this chart. Just look. That is all.

Senate minority leader McConnell: Odds long against lawmakers seeking to gut health care law

"Mean" Jean Schmidt has her first orgasm in decades!

Ad paid for by Bachmann for Congress

Gone are the days when you could pop a video in the player and be good to go? On Saturday I bought

(Gallup)Obama Now Leads Romney-48% to 43% Represents largest lead for Obama among registered voters

Happy Birthday USA: This 4th of July, celebrate the Nation, not the Notion

My most trusted sources are saying that Gov. Scott Walker (well into his big RW rockstar phase) aka

'Sanctions only hurting EU, Iran cashing in on exemptions'

Don’t Worry Dish Subscribers!

US waging war on Latin America?

New Jersey legislators stonewall Christie tax cut

Has anyone been able to make it through an entire hour of

CrossTalk: Dronophilia

Striking Back at Drone Attacks

Gene healing in a lotion? Researchers say they're close ~ MSNBC

Fareed Zakaria Compares Our System To Other Countries’ – Obamacare Working In Switzerland

Thousands of veterans failing in latest battlefield: college (only 3% graduate)

I'm an idiot.


The Wild, Wild West!!! Please come CAPTION Allen (only the John Birch Society is right) West!!!!

Another FB thing going 'round. You're not a TRUE PATRIOT unless you stand/recite the pledge.

NYT: Probation Fees Rise, Firms Profit and the Poor Go to Jail

Saveur Mag: 25 classic American barbecue side dishes for the 4th of July

I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes...

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Jared Genser - The Responsibility to Protect? P1

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Jared Genser - The Responsibility to Protect? P2

I'd encourage Chris "Are you STUPID" Christie to blow it out his ASS, but FEMA couldn't handle it.

"Keep government away from my Medicare!"

Paranoia, Paranoia Everybody's Coming to Get Me!

UN human rights chief wants stronger Syria observer mission, suggests referring Syria to ICC

Auto Insurance in this state

10 Things the GOP Doesn't Want You to Know about the National Debt

Popular Make-Up Artist Shows How To Cover Up Domestic Violence

Before You Head to Chick-Fil-A…

Really Thom? Deepak Chopra?

Before You Head to Chick-Fil-A…

How do you insert graphics, links etc. in thread that you're posting?

The Emerging LIBOR (Bank Interest Rate) Scandal: Will Britain’s Reaction Put the US to Shame?

Funniest comment yet heard regarding Anderson Cooper -- and it wasn't even a snark!

Plane crashes amid US wildfires

EADS to Build U.S. Assembly Line for Airbus A320

Medical device!

Max Keiser Called For Harsh Penalities For Bankers (Like Barclays) A Year Ago!

Sin+Larceny = Barclays boss Regarding Libor Fraud Scandal

I thought ReTHUGs always spoke with one voice

Israel sought $1 billion IMF loan for Palestinians

Yo redqueen, just so you know, I haven't seen any porn in at least 15 years LOL

Gandhi nailed it.

The short skinny on recently passed bills

Wildfire Tests Police Force in Colorado Anti-Tax Movement’s Home


Biggest Presidential Polling Error

Cesium Found in Fukushima Children's Urine

Family: Crew member dead in SD plane crash (crashed while fighting a wildfire)

Snort! So Romney can't call the Mandate a Tax

Nuclear waste and other tales from London: Capitalism and the Olympics

Weapons Builders Bank on Proliferation of Drones--MIC Lobbyists fighting Restrictions!

Our biggest challenge in November 2012: Advice to advertiser spenders

Anderson Cooper is Out!

You might have anti-gay bias if.....

The Dilbit Disaster: Inside The Biggest Oil Spill You've Never Heard Of, Part 1

Dems win Wisconsin Senate majority after failing to oust Walker

Brownback’s arrogant stand on health reform

Republicans do not care about the health and well-being of Americans

The Partisans : VICTIMS of OBAMACARE

Barry Bonds, 2002 NL champion San Francisco Giants celebrate 10-year reunion

Hillary's "Shame On You" quote being used in (R) ads.

McCaskill on fire

D'oh! I've been wondering how the DUer named Milestone always gets lots of replies

Stay classy, Brent Bozell.

Anderson Cooper is Gay???!!! Who would have thunk that??!!!

WOOHOO, got my ticket to see Obama Thursday!...

Who's a good boy, you are, yes you are, yes you are.

My potatoes have fruits!

Brooklyn Nets to land Joe Johnson in trade with Atlanta Hawks

Social justice nun: Ryan’s budget is ‘not a moral document’

13 year old who was 'future face of conservatism' at CPAC in 2009? "Yeah, I'm tired of it"

Etch-A Sketch Fail: Romney Invested In Medical-Waste Firm Government Documents Show

14 Stories That Prove Animals Have Souls

Atheist files complaint against Columbia restaurant over church-bulletin discount

Hillary Clinton Responds to Anderson Cooper’s Coming Out

Sea Turtles don't adapt well to hotter beaches

Followers of Brazil’s Umbanda religion worship despite discrimination

Mulch for my tomatoes

"Stop being mean to me!" Chris Christie insults journalist and then runs away

Ah geez. Did Ms. Debbie Wasserman just run out the "free riders and the irresponsible" line? Yep.

From 1989 to 2006, the number of (precip monitoring) stations across Europe fell by nearly half

ObamaCare(s) has already saved those with private insurance billions from 2009-2012

Please remember this, if George W. Bush could get elected (TWICE), so could Mr. Vapor Lock

Air France B777 with all-female crew

Small Farmers Creating a New Business Model as Agriculture Goes Local

Social media blitz for Palermo's workers in WI

Furious T-Mobile customer smashes up entire store on camera

caption time!

Prosecutors: Zimmerman's statements about race may be part of trial

I didn't know state or municipal pensions aren't covered by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation sold to The Weather Channel Companies

So DUers are the RWs on the court leaking information to the media?

Let All Bush Tax Cuts Lapse

(NLRB) Acting General Counsel proposes regional office consolidation

True Blood Recap - this season is really rocking!!! *** spoilers ***

Zoom to the center of the Milky Way

Bud Selig: we don’t need replay. Just look at our attendance!

So I just sent Senator Rubio an email

Abbott has again gone missing........

German Intelligence Official Resigns Over Neo-Nazi Inquiry

To believe there's no real difference between the two parties, you must be either lying or clueless.

Whale sanctuary bid for South Atlantic falls short

Martin Bashir - Sen. McConnell sullen and bitter on health care ruling

Last week I sent S. King a nasty email

My Rant On Constitution-Huggers

N.C. Gov. Perdue vetoes fracking bill

Question Regarding the Health Reform Tax Credit

PHOTOS: Taylor Morris meets the President of the United States

...aaand we move into the denial phase on the Obamacare ruling

re: ACA. Who will suffer, and how?

Martin Bashir - GOP's 'Inspector Clouseau routine' on health care

Musical parody: Woman sings ‘hands off my clam’

Report: Obama Will Seek To Scale Back Drug War In Second Term

Anyone here read ProPublica?

CPAC's boy wonder swings left

Repeal & Replace - Toon

I feed my dog some old turkey I found in the freezer, she is passing gas.

Martin Bashir - Boehner, Cantor health care repeal vote is 'embarrassing'

the republicans had to shift gears 180 degrees after scotus ruling

Iowa state workers urged to pay 20% of health care

The Myth of the Super Teacher

Spanking Linked to Mental Illness, Says Study

DUers have you ever seen this website?

Terrain hampering efforts to contain Nebraska wildfire (unique hand-planted forest & Daily Kos info)

Allen West: Obama Would ‘Rather You Be His Slave’

Anyone see romney support

The Bomb Buried In Obamacare Explodes Today-Hallelujah!

Storm makes you appreciate public workers

I am so sick of the Higgs Boson being called the "god particle".