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Archives: July 20, 2012

When you hear someone say "You people", what first comes to mind?

'you people' Racist?

Charge Your Cellphone Battery With Fire

POTUS Obama In Portland Or July 24th 2012.... Major Speech

Did any of the networks cover "You People" quote on the evening newscasts???

Out on a limb: I predict it'll be Rob Portman as rMoney's running mate

Ohio police union endorses first Democrat for Senate since 1988 (Dem Sen. Sherrod Brown)

Been there, done that?

If Fox News was around August 6, 1965

Anti-Davis-Bacon Amendment Defeated (and 54 Republicans Voted the Workers’ Way!)

One Million Moms Aren't Happy About Urban Outfitters' Lesbian Kiss

Republicans come to the realization that Michele Bachmann is batshit crazy

"Romney video deceptively edits Obama speech to make it sound anti-business"

The Biggest Media Lie

The right: "Obama said exactly what he meant to say." My response: DAMN STRAIGHT!

Video link to today's Reverend Al segment on Zimmerman...MUST-SEE TV

Henry Rollins sends a letter to Ann Coulter...(Probably not safe for most work places)

AFGE Defends Democracy- Know Your Voting Rights

Dear Juror #1 - Allow me to help with your DU experience

President Obama in Florida: Romney's Medicare plan would hurt seniors

Interesting strategy article: Bain Attacks Soften Up Romney For The Real Blow: the Ryan Budget!

California Democrats urge DNC to adopt marriage equality platform

"Looking at all the taxes" the Economist (American Tax Code is actually flat on the whole)

GPS Hijacking Catches Feds, Drone Makers Off Guard

Does Obama have evidence that rmoney did not pay taxes?

The Terrifying Background Of The Man Who Ran A CIA Assassination Unit

Republican Lawmakers Seek To Block Funding On Black Lung Regulation

Cuba Caravan crossing from Texas to Mexico

Defense lawyers say Guantanamo court rigged to deliver death sentence

Trooper stops wrong-way driver with skillful chase, last-second crash

Who is this ridiculous d-bag on the Ed Show?

President Obama in FL: "Most kisses I've gotten at any campaign event"

Banks in Libor probe consider group settlement - sources

We Ask America: Obama leads Romney by 6 in Nevada, 7 in Wisconsin

The Internet Defense League launches today...

WSJ: Plotting a Securitization Sequel (Here we go again)

Five Myths about ObamaCare(s)

Joe Lieberman trying to pass Cybersecurity Act of 2012. Please oppose.

"Ann the Man" jury result 0-6 to leave it.

Brace yourselves

Allen Stanford moved to high-security Florida prison

Charles P. Pierce Politics Blog: "Happy Birthday, George McGovern" A wonderful tribute!

Update - Fundies Say The Darnedest Things

I emailed our Senators against the Cybersecurity bill by Joe Lieberman

Iraq gets "positive" Obama response on Exxon concern

Freeper "HiTech RedNeck" thinks that "Zimmerman ought to sue Trayvon’s family for the trauma"

Brian Maloney of "Middlesex Truck & Coach" supports Romney, took government loans.

Mitt's Koch problem

*Lawrence Wilkerson coming up on ED show.

"Boehner: Bachmann ‘pretty dangerous’ but staying on Intelligence Committee" Raw Story

Dear Guy Benson:

Use dichotomy in a sentence.

Clinton: Romney playing by a different set of rules?

Video of Romney bragging about the bailouts he lobbied for and received from "Big Gubment"

Karl Rove criticizes Romney's ‘whiny' response to Bain attacks

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! From Victor Lopez & a new Seal gif

Scandal Snares Rep. "Buck" McKeon, Sheldon Adelson... and Mitt Romney?

I am a real American

Anyone else finding the Rachel Maddow Show tedious these days?


There's no other explanation, Rush is high on dope. Again.

Abnormal thyroid growth diagnosed in 36% of Fukushima children

The current view of the 2012 presidential election, based on HuffPost Pollster charts and analysis.

Why is the FBI spying on Occupy protesters? ACLU/SFB Guardian file FOIA lawsuit against FBI today.

Will Obama Use "Real Americans" Quote and "You People" Clip?

Dogs Married In $158,187.26 Wedding! Why Are You Still Single?

Roseanne on The View: "Zimmerman should have STOOD HIS GROUND in his CAR like the police told him"

Clinton: Romney playing by a different set of rules?

7/18/12 - Spying On Occupy? ACLU files FOIA Lawsuit Against the FBI

I need some context clarification

New Obama Ad: Romney Will Say Anything"

Romney's Obama attack gets sidetracked

The Robot, Asimov And Romney

Bain Capital started with help of offshore investors

Frank Rich wants to know if the money the Rmoneys gave to the Mormon Church

When did Zimmerman get out of prison to do an interview with Hannity?

Embedded Journalist Connie Schultz Weasels Out Of Breitbart Wannabe’s Sneaky Gotcha! Question

Obama needs to give a speech on defense spending

Germany probes 2010 drone strike death in Pakistan

Time to get new HAs. Oh my. $1300 for basic bte

"Mr. Wizard is a Dick"

on Ann Romney's"you people"

Drone strikes & Pakistan

LOL.....Mitt's wife says her husband did not accept his salary as Governor of MASS! So there!!!

Inquiring minds want to know? When will the National Enquirer weigh in on Rmoney's taxes?

So what do you have your A/C set to?

Has anyone else noticed that Romney no longer brags about himself being a successful businessman?

Todays polls?

Can We Wage a Just Drone War?

23 Consumer Brands Helping Bankroll Right-Wing Attack Ads - IMAGE

Well....that's over! Link to the video - Tarheel Traveler

Atheists rally for persecuted unbeliever in Indonesia

Mitt: my family was "helped by the government to get on their feet"

Former Penn State Board of Trustees Head Resigns Amid Sex-Abuse Scandal

Religious Tensions Erupt in Russian Republic

Ann Bluth

Plenty of Bain questions for Mitt.

New Obama Video - Mitt Romney's False Attack

Alan Grayson ... Ya gotta love him - woooo hooo :)

Has Mitt Romney avoided U.S. taxes by investing millions in tax havens and ...

Tax professionals have doubts about Romney's tax returns

I thought I was watching Big Brother.. but it turns out I was watching

List Your Repuke God-Blamers Here!

Here's a cookie recipe you'll treasure!

Lounge Lizards: What do you think of this?

(Toronto) Police board chair apologizes to lawful G20 protesters

Romney is finished

Romney Steals Obama's Idea.

Favorite Elton John Song & (maybe) why?

U.S. Banks Haunted by Mortgage Demons That Won't Go Away.

boston bean is full of gas.

He didn't build that? Hey Mitt, HE DIDN'T SAY THAT!!!!!!

Enough on the Bain and taxes for now

"Wayne Powell is a retired Army Colonel, a small business owner, and a community lawyer".

The Mormon church is outraged with the latest cover of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine

Mitt wants a .. porn filter on every computer in America? Next on Lawrence O'Donnell

Now that Willard has been arrested for public masturbation, is his Presidential campaign over?

Why everyone should vote the old fashion way... pen and paper ballot

Still using the voting machine instead of paper ballots?

Mitt Romney Aide Promises Crackdown On Porn

"Defense Firms Open to Higher Taxes to Avert Cuts" at WSJ

People need to see these U-tube videos on voting machine rigging of elections by venders...

What did you do...?

How to make Mochi

Um, what kind of tree is this?

On business in Michigan.

OK, so what do you think of the Lawrence O'Donnell "Off the Cliff" initiative?

Surely somebody has already thought of this nic for Mitt

Good news! The guy in Philadelphia who was on camera grabbing a little girl...

My turn for a jury result disappointment:

A graphic meant to snark Obama, but still too funny not to share:

Warren being considered as DNC keynote speaker

Video: What Does "Retroactively Retired" Mean?

Mitt's Millions - Why is Mitt Romney hiding his tax returns? PLEASE SHARE!

BEER THREAD PART DEUX: Post the best beer you've ever tasted.

I have a confession to make...

Romney takes on porn! Radfem Blogger and Webcomic Endorsements to follow, no doubt.

Support House Bill 6134: The Truth in Trials Act

Krugman: Pathos of the Plutocrat

In honor of Bertha Venation, post some Hell songs. We gon' need party tunes!

Is being asked if you've had "work done" a compliment??

Hayes: We Are No Longer Able To Tax The Very Rich In Our Country

Bill Clinton on Obama's Success with Job Creation

DHS Secretary Blasts GOP Rep For Peddling Bachmann's Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theories

6 killed in Yogurt truck crash in New York

Pearl Clutching at Macy's

The Wolf You Feed

Pentagon determined to plug leaks

How This Guy Lied His Way Into MSNBC, ABC News, The New York Times and More

Senior Yemen policeman killed by bomb in car

Authorities remove pipe bomb from vehicle at Mayo

This is how STUPID Michelle Bachmann is: BOEHNER just called her out.....

U.N. impasse leaves U.S. scrambling for Syria options

Mitten's campaign peaked today: It's downhill from now on: My theory

Obama right when he says, no such thing as "self made"

"What voters are really choosing in November" by Fareed Zakaria at WP

I wonder if tomorrow will be another fri the 13, 13K on the dow that is.

Science guy Bill Nye endorses President Obama

Hello DU

"If You've Got an Election, You Didn't Build That. Somebody Else Made That Happen.." Charles Pierce

Today in history: the Great Fire at Rome--Nero blames the Christians:

China to investigate U.S., South Korean solar imports

Mitt Romney: "I don't ever drink wine. But if I did, I'd prefer..."

TPM "Virginia is the pivotal state in this year’s election."

Fox Criticizes Networks For Not Jumping On Its Manufactured Obama Controversy

Canadian Federal Court OKs challenge to 7 Conservative robocall-aided election wins

Reading their books — so you don't have to (Gail Collins)

I think it's understandable that, from their perspective, we are "You people".

Navin Johnson Gets Excited About PS 154x Test Scores

Survey USA: Obama leads by 9-points in Washington State

Poll: Many Americans Don't Like Black People or Mormons

Bring Back The DU Bumper Sticker Contest

Manning's treatment "unlawful," the blanket he had there was basically "a large piece of sandpaper.

New Music Game: Destination/How to Get There

SF grand jury report: 'Fraud being perpetrated' by restaurants pocketing healthcare surcharges

Ford recalls 2013 Escape, tells owners to stop driving immediately

The Seneca Falls Convention

China artist Ai Weiwei's tax evasion appeal rejected

kakigoori o kudasai. (Kakigoori please!) This WILL cool you down from the inside out!

Stupid Zimmerman He allowed fox to use him in an attempt to diistract attention away from romney.

may I suggest...

(Barry) Bonds prosecutors file appeal arguments

Obama in FL: "Most kisses I've gotten at any campaign event"

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thurssday, July 19)

Can the Commander in Chief Hire Civilians Without Congressional Approval?

Romney's "Porn Filter" trending on Twitter

Phew! The candidates won't cross paths in London.

More info re different types of Bariatric Surgery; Lap Band aka Gastric Band VS Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Utah ranks highest in online porn use....Mormon blocker needed?

Um, just a little bit creepy. . .

My little Sammy girl is dying and I think she may be suffering and I am heartbroken.

Holy Mother of God... The dallas Morning News and Scouting

Man, Odonnell eviscerated Romney on his taxes tonight.

Congress debates ‘Taxmageddon’

Remember Richard Lynch?

Jodi Jacobson on Twitter - "Mitt Romney's plan for America: you won't be able to afford

ROOT BEER THREAD PART 1: Post the best root beer you've ever tasted.

The search may have ended for Mona Lisa’s bones

Tom Davis, ‘SNL’ writer and comedy partner of Al Franken, dies at 59

USE this to neuter the whining GOPs - Obama statement and Romney statement

Woman hacks school computer to alter her kids' grades.

George Zimmerman Prosecution May Use TV Interview as Evidence

Obama Visits Florida to Win Over Older Voters

New Jersey Court Issues Guidance for Juries About Reliability of Eyewitnesses

Why does DU slow down around this time (1am ish CDT)? Seems like every night lately.

Short but sweet LTTE in NY Times re Boy Scouts banning gay members:

What's for Dinner - Friday July 20th

(Federal court) 2 indicted in 2011 killing of Oakland boy (who was ONE YEAR OLD)

Hall of Fame Trainer Pancho Martin Dies

NY Court Upholds Dutrow's License Revocation

Stockton, California declares bankruptcy

A black Marine's long fight for freedom (WWII vet, among first black Marines)

Illinois panel votes to expel indicted lawmaker from legislature

Out of the Frying Pan

Plot Thickens in Alabama Public TV Controversy Involving David Barton's Pseudo-History

JC Penney aims to get rid of checkouts

Republican Voter Registration Firm turns in thousands of fake registration cards

Romney surrogate Trump goes on Hannity, spouts birtherism, praises Orly Joe Arpaio nonsense

"Twain's Feast" -- a good book for foodies to enjoy!

Michele Bachmann is the only member of Congress

Olympics Leave British Complaining Even More Than Usual

"Tim" who co-signed Jerry Sandusky love letter to victim is current high school principal

Suicide Prevention Smocks similar to those Manning wears:

Connecticut man charged with setting house fire that killed 3 relatives, including 8-year-old boy

"Utoya Island" will premiere this weekend in Cleveland

What I don't get about the GOP's hatred of all things Muslim

Gun attack at Batman film premiere in Denver

Breaking news on ABC right now: Attack at movie theatre in Aurora, CO; 10 dead

McCutchen's season reminiscent of Bonds

I got word that several in Mirt are advocating for my banning from DU.

At least 10 dead and 30 to 40 wounded

I just gotta say this: It is grotesque to put a political spin on the shooting in CO

This country has lost its fucking mind

"God sent you a messenger to stay in your truck,"

Study: Private student loans parallel subprime

The Spanish athletes are juuuuuust a little upset about their Olympic uniforms:

Waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare

Crap, the youngest victim of the Colorado rampage is 6 years old.

JESUS! As if it couldn't be any WORSE,

GOP, Hate Radio, RW Seem To Be Succeeding In Wrecking The Economy And Country.

Would you support repeal of the Second Amendment?

The Elites Are Unanimous: Lower Everyone's Wages and Standard of Living -- Except They Don't Say it

Signing off - closing this account

'We're Here, We're Queer, and We're Not Going Shopping!' Protesters Call Out Corporate Sponsorship

Stealin' Stealin'

Desmond Tutu: Anti-gay laws ‘as wrong as apartheid’

European court to hear life tariff appeal for killer of gay men

US: Judge says Colorado State Patrol has ‘anti-gay culture’

Warren Beatty’s Trans Son, Stephen, Hits The Interwebs For Interview

Mitt Romney Adviser: 'Real Americans' Don't Care About Candidate's Afghanistan Policy

President Obama: ‘Shocked And Saddened’ By Colorado Shooting

Where Have I heard Mitt's explanations before? Hmmm...

Not the way to start a day.........

OK NRA supporters

Compton May Be The Next City To Go; Then Victorville, Montebello, Los Angeles, Oakland

"Linda McMahon has a plan . . . "

One of the victims identified

If you love your guns more than your children, something is wrong

In the world, at the limits to growth

Gramps McCain is tearing Joe Scum a new one

Phillipines struggles to curb child labour

A massive tragedy just happened. Gee, what's CNBC got on?

I gotta say this:If this shooting happened in a blue state, they'd be saying it's God Wrath

Wow Fascism is So Strong in the USA

The Gunman's name has been identified as James Holmes

Aurora 'Dark Knight' Shooting Suspect Identified: James Holmes

So... There has been this big shooting about about a mile from me...

It is the guns. End of story

John McCain is a hack.

Did you know that a lawn can be prepared to be drought resistant?




Romney's perceived strength is that he would run the USA like a business. Businesses get rid of

DirectTV and Viacom reach deal - Daily show returns

"He and his selfish friends are going to gut government..." Alan Grayson joins Rev Al

What was most the most important issue to Iowans before the US congress yesterday? Steve King knows.

Question about MIRT and alerts.

A Student Debt Strike Force Takes Off

You Don't Need An M-16 To Hunt Bambi

We decided to skip the movie.

Steer Clear Of The U S Message Board

How Krakatoa made the biggest bang

Viacom Settles with Direct TV. Thank goodness.

Can't believe this hasn't yet been posted here.

A Talking Point We Ignore: Republicanism Is A Package Deal!

Sylvia Woods has died: Sylvia Woods, Soul-Food Restaurateur, Is Dead at 86

We as a species have invented many things that kill.

"He didn't even have to reload...he just kept going, kept going, kept going"...

Toon- Must Be Drunk

Princess Pretty Penny Pitty-Pat Kitty-Cat of Felina

The shooter's name is James Holmes

My Appearance on RT Network's CrossTalk where we discuss Romney's Problems with Bain and Tax Returns

Ex-Japan PM joins anti-nuclear demo outside PM's office

Why a theater showing Batman?

What's hell going on?

US Navy defends 'great green fleet' from Republican attacks

NCR: Romney's Taxes and "All You People" -- "like a Hitchcock movie"

Last year at this time it was Anders Breivik

Time to be "Well Regulated"?

Homeowners: have you ever had to pursue the seller for nondisclosure?

Pic: Romney is going to take on porn

France, Germany tax evasion inquiries target Swiss bank clients

Michele Bachmann tops a team of conspiracy-crazed clowns

I'm back.

Whooping Cough Outbreaks Shows How Vulnerable We Are With So Many Uninsured.

Maybe Tebow should take lessons from this guy...

Houston Tranquility base here.. The eagle has landed

" OMG!!!!! This whole killing was planned ....

Aurora Victim was at mall shooting in Toronto, tweeted at theater right before death

Common Core: Gee thanks, guys. More Fucking invisibility?

Bachmann ties Ellison to Muslim Brotherhood

King's reaction to his buddy bachmann's witch hunt?

History of Porn

KUSA LIVE stream in Aurora Colorado.

Terrific article by Elizabeth Warren in today's WP

Love this Notes From The Universe

The NRA has blood on its hands

Vast aquifer found in Namibia could last for centuries

Friday toon roundup- Rmoney's bad, bad week

Second Judge Blocks Wisconsin Voter Suppression Law

Friday toon roundup- Banksters, Climate, Bachmann, and more

The youngest victims were 6 yrs old and 3 mos old?

Large, Profitable Companies Employ Most Minimum-Wage Earners

Was the Colorado Theater Mass Murder a hate Crime?

Obama did right thing.

It's going to take me awhile to process this latest tragedy....

How Long Will It Take For The RW And Fox To Blame Libruls or Obama For The Shooting?

About to leap.

Romney’s tax nightmare

Probably an incomplete list of shootings in the US since Columbine

Obama's Winter Park campaign stop canceled after shooting

Paul Krugman: Pathos of the Plutocrat

Whose Side Is the American Farm Bureau On?

Obama cancels Rollins College rally in light of Colorado shooting

America does not need these Fantasy Super Villains

This is the first time I've watched Headline News with Robin Meade.....

Paris premiere of new Batman movie canceled

NYT: Democrats Gain the Upper Hand

Le Diner en Blanc in Philadelphia and other places.

Losing MSNBC Regular Programming for Olympics

Heard some guy on TV say he thought he heard firecrackers in the theatre and thought it was a prank

Rush decry's Batman, movie review sites have to stop commenting on Batman, deadly shooting.

Drumbeat: July 20, 2012

Drumbeat: July 20, 2012

Saw the Dark Knight Rising at the midnight premiere (NO SPOILERS)

Romney loses WaPo fact checker Glenn Kessler

was Jim Holmes a Tea Party member?

ExxonMobil CEO Rants Against People Who Care About the Planet

Ahem. I think that Neil DeGrasse Tyson would back me up in my assumption that

I know this won't be popular, but; it is the MENTAL ILLNESS.

Must see TV: Conan on Bane/Bain.

Connecting the dots

Not another Batman movie.

We have our Finnick for Hunger Games.

Okay...Check this out. Screenshot of threat to kill at Theater

David Corn: EXCLUSIVE: A government document shows that at Bain he held a $54 million

Desmond Tutu: Anti-gay laws ‘as wrong as apartheid’

Protein info for athletes (and non athletes!)

is it guns or society? how about this one: global warming

Why Doesn't the Left Do These Things?

Will Romney Camp Go After Elizabeth Warren Retroactively?

Grand Jury Probing Michael Grimm's Fundraising (NY-11)

The Geography of Gun Deaths

As long as guns are far easier to obtain than proper mental health care

Marissa Mayer -new CEO of Yahoo - says she is NOT a feminist

Tea Party Congressman Links Colorado Shooting To Attacks On Christianity (updated)

I'm a proud Mamma!!!!!!

Obama kicks off Phase II in Florida

This has been bugging me for a while now but I never posted it because

Post here and I will show you how you are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood....

guns don't kill people

Obama's speech: What a good man.

I've been away...the Batman Shooter?

Where was Pres Obama just speaking from?

Got This Message This A.M. From A Repug Friend - A 3.8% Sales Tax On Home Sales In The ACA Act......

The conflict on World War Z continues.

Denver shooting. Quick update....

New Bain questions to dog Romney

Teen brutally beaten by men yelling anti-gay slurs

we are told 2nd wave is dead. we are told our young fem rejects. i see no evidence

Mass shooting prompts Bloomberg to call on Obama, Romney to address gun control

more info on shooter

Missed story: the apprehension of the Aurora gunman.

Why is Obama pushing Joe Lieberman's surveillance "cybersecurity" bill?

IMF's Peter Doyle scorns its 'tainted' leadership

I wanted to look up news on the Aurora shooting and was a bit put off by the Google results

Romney's tax returns 1999-2003 would show if he truly left Bain Capital.

Want A Real Recovery? Raise the Minimum Wage.

I have been to hell and back the last few months.

Illegal guns obtained by stealing, 'straw buys' at shops

Shooting suspect’s home booby-trapped

Al Franken's 'SNL' partner, Tom Davis, dies in NY

Campaigns Pull Negative Ads In Colorado Following Tragedy

Jury selection begins in Reese federal gun-smuggling case

Bizarre Rethug friends on Facebook

How to tell when Hoops lives in your neighborhood

Footballer Antonio Cassano fined €15,000 after hoping for ‘no gays on Italy squad’

Survey finds 19% without religious affiliation

Every Thing is Secret, So Don't Bother Asking.

I fucking HATE Republicans. HATE, HATE, HATE!

We don't solve problems anymore, we just talk about them.

So the FBI working with the police has ruled out TERRORISM

Mark Greenberg, Republican Congressional Candidate, Compares Islam To Cult

Why does voter suppression not lead to decreased representation?

Kansas City Royals Sending Jonathan Sanchez To Colorado Rockies

The Postal Service is struggling, but not because of the mail

"You people" wasn't the worst part

Fuck the Dark Knight!

The shooter's family has a spokesperson already?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" -- Edmund Burke

Wonder if there is any evidence of the shooter having a psychosis.

I can't brain today. I have the dumb.

Postail Service Set to Default on Pension Payment for 1st Time, Congress Could Easily Fix Problem

I love Joan Walsh

Call it “terrorism” - David Sirota in Salon

Obama, Romney, and Rick Warren’s Religious Test

Suburban Chicago city headed for bankruptcy

I taught at Aurora High School and thought at first

My thoughts on the Dark Knight shooting.

Even Business Week hits 'the do-nothing congress'

What are you doing here on this grassy noll?

London Fund-Raisers Put Romney in a Scandal’s Glare

Treatment of Bradley Manning 'Should Shock the Conscience' of the Court

May I complain about Food and Wine?

The San Diego PD is protecting the Aurora shooter's family at their home in San Diego

Romney's indirect connection to LIBOR scandal

Fuck the NRA

It's catches our attention when a lot of people get killed by someone who is arguably

Her "Last Tweet" From Colorado

When people glorify one shooting and send support (Zimmy) it only emboldens others

'There are going to be other days for politics' President Obama in Fort Myers, FL - pics

In wake of CO shooting, NY mayor Bloomberg calls for tougher gun policy - WSJ

Who likes Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson?

What Does Morgan Freeman Want In Return

After dad denies Make-A-Wish Disney trip, girl to go after all

Aurora Shooting: ABC's Brian Ross Incorrectly Suggests Tea Party Link

311 million americans own 270 million guns= 12,000 U.S. homicide deaths annually

Police interview Libyans over claims of UK-authorised rendition

Aurora, Colorado - Do Not Remain Silent...

Tom Tomorrow reposted this today - in response to the gun-worshippers who are howling today

Three US service members were injured

Former Medical Student

Photo of James Holmes.

Toronto Blue Jays send Francisco Cordero to Houston Astros in 10-player deal

Wouldn't you think that Warners Bros. INC

Local Live streaming KMGH link from CO

Suspect Studying neuroscience at University of Colorado- PHOTO added

We need more affordable, accessible, non-stigmatic mental health care.

email thread from a bagger friend and my reply

Alex (msnbc) just said we will be hearing remarks from the Robot shortly.

I Knew It!! The Fat Fuck Ducked His Radio Show Today

The Colorado tragedy has brought out the gun freepers in GD and LBN

Woman who died in Colo. movie rampage narrowly escaped being shot last month

We live in a very sick society IMHO.

This is a picture of James Holmes, suspected gunman in Aurora theater shooting

How to tell when your neighbor is a moran

James Holmes dropped out of Med School last month

Cha-CHING, you "fucking goons!" Zimmerman posts vid to pimp relaunch of his punk-ass beggar Website


I blame the shooter and Reagan!

M.T.A. Violated First Amendment Rights of Pro-Israel Group, Judge Says

I just heard an amusingly sexist commercial on RW radio

How to tell when Hoops is played in your neighborhood

I'm going to make a donation today in honor of the victims. Anyone want to join me?

Expect Rmoney to flop and flip big time

Cripes. Nothing but bad news.

Appeals Court Rejects Challenge to Clean Air Rule.

Gay couple awarded $4500 in damages from homophobic bed-and-breakfast owners

9news from DOJ confirms guns used 2 Glock handguns, 1 shotgun, 1 Smith & Wesson A/R type rifle

Tweet of the day (Guns)

One Ingredient....Corn Butter!


We're #1! 89 guns per 100 people in the US, 31 in Canada

Oil Spill Finally Confirmed as a Culprit in Dolphin Deaths


I know I'll get shit for this, but here goes:

Response from Gov. Cuomo's Office

Here's my WAG about the shooter

If Romney would release his tax returns, today would be ideal for him.

In the gungeon it is acceptable to post crypto gun grabber anti Obama nonsense.

I just found this picture on the Internet...

The continued corporatization of sports : The NBA approves advertisements on jerseys

Single Men Hear Their Biological Clocks Ticking (Too)

Teh stupid. It burns. Literally!

yesterday at work, I started thinking of this song

President Cristina Kirchner orders state entities to buy from Argentinian companies

Nothing is enough. Columbine wasn't enough. This won't be enough.

Shouting "Fire" in a crowded movie theater?

Mitt speaking on Batman tragedy now, Mormon Church will be baptizing the dead later...

I just got an email from Lance Corporal Nicole McCoy. She would like our support.

None of these are moving

Fucking hypocrite this Romney

Admins: Please get rid of the new, bright red msg

Mike Thompson toon on climate change

Romney can't shirk responsibility for Bain

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Reviewing Sheldon Adelson’s Lawsuit Threat

Oy! Will this "semi-automatic" thing never stop?

Just when you thought financial traders couldn't dig any lower into the sludge:

You people should watch advance copies of movies in your home theaters.

"Peace 101"

'Several' people treated for burns after firewalk at Tony Robbins appearance

Dear Trumad, would you just cool it a bit? Please?

What is the weirdest thing you've ever done? I already win. I dare you to top me.

43 Years ago today, we created a symbol that anything was possible

Judge Bars Manning's No-Harm Defense

Rachel Maddow - Burden of tax return question exceeds Romney's political skill

Gas prices may go up too because of drought

Romney Edits Obama "For Clarity"

There Is Literally No Way To Get Help When You Are Mentally Ill

'Grow, baby, grow' no longer working as an economic plan -- Florida

Want to see something cool? THIS is something cool!

Call It "Terrorism"

I am so digging this song - "Lonesome" by Dr Dog!

Deleted by poster/ Error

the Climate Risks of Arctic Drilling - natgas flaring

dancing sexy as hell...warm up cute as hell. what do we do with all of a female, with one word.

London Fund-Raisers Put Romney in a Scandal’s Glare

Wine fans check in - favorite Wine

A nice thing just happend at the vet.

Rachel Maddow - House GOP targets defenseless D.C. with anti-abortion agenda

More on Mr. Holmes PhD. student

Photos, Confirmation that Jim Holmes (tea party member) is NOT James Holmes, other info...

Today is the 43rd anniversary of Apollo 11. Remember what we're capable of.

Democracy for America: Endorse Four Women For Senate

Nouriel Roubini US economic recovery is a dangerous mirage

Maybe we should tell Ann and Mitt, that if he is elected.....

The last thing teabaggers need is to be associated with lunacy

Google bought the Sparrow apps today.

Thom Hartmann: The Bain Connection to Death Squads...

'Dark Knight' shooting suspect's neighbor: 'He seemed like a normal kid'

Why...the question never answered.

Romney Bain Associates:-Mitt Stayed At Bain To Line His OWN Pockets with 10 yr Retirement Package

Homebuyers - have you ever had a full price offer refused?

A Hunt for Split-Ticket Voters in a Tight Virginia Senate Race

Shooting in CO--and even here we allow that to distract us

No, James Holmes was not an Occupy member (that we know of)

Chief Rabbi and Athiest Dawkins to Take Part in BBC Religion Debate

Kelly: Shooting Suspect Claimed To Be Batman Nemesis ‘The Joker’

An olive stone from 150BC links pre-Roman Britain to today's pizzeria

Upcoming book to reveal that Geithner gamed HAMP to bail out banks, not families

Question for DUers

CO Shooting Victim Narrowly Missed Another Mass Shooting

The Most Orwellian Voter ID Ad You've Ever Seen

We have rights crafted and affirmed for our individual protection,,,,,,,,

Church, Temple, Mosque

Historic 2012 U.S. drought continues to expand and intensify

Thom Hartmann: We're #1 in Billionaires but not in Top 10 for Median Wealth

For American Indians, Coping with Climate Change is Ancient History

For all the people offering help to the victims in Aurora.

Anti-Putin feminist punks on trial in Moscow

71 shot 12 dead.

Gun safety NRA should be sponsoring....

A collection of photos at top of HuffPo shows the horror and sadness..n/t

I don't get what the Rush connection is

Timeline: Mass shooting incidents in last 25 years

The Middlesex Truck & Coach backstory

Sandy Pasch has three opponents for re-election in the 10 Assembly dist.

Is there really a Catholic vote?

I posted this in a thread in GD, and would like to know if you all agree with my POV and reasoning.

Obscuring A Debate Over Butlers

War everywhere but on the campaign trail

Pathos of the Plutocrat (Krugman)

California parks director resigns amid scandal

Rachel Maddow - Romney2012 a campaign in distress

The Eyes have it!

The Aurora Police refuse to make public any statements the shooter has made...

The Secret Online Weapons Store That’ll Sell Anyone Anything

I almost missed this: CNN exclusive: Congressional insider trading ban might NOT apply to families

Country Will Now Have A Serious Discussion About Guns? OR, Prayers To Sky Daddy Will Make It All OK?

How was the world created?

remember that rmoney's tax returns are already in a presentable format.

The Last Word - Ann Romney explains tax return secrecy

Well - that was a mistake !

Baby Alpaca Using iPhoto on a MacBook Pro

Just read that all Mac users should install Chrome, App Fresh, Onyx and Avast

Dexter.... now this is creepy

My Favorite Wingnut emailed me about Pelosi's hypocrisy in calling on Romney to release his tax info

90% of the comments underneath any given news article about last night's shooting...

KRUGMAN: Al Green, Threat to the American Way of Life

The Last Word - Ad Wars: Team Romney's hack job

ACLU: Emails From Author Of Arizona’s SB 1070 Prove Racial Motivation

6% of drivers TRY to turn beasties into roadkill

President Obama Issues Proclamation, Orders Flags Half-Mast

Advice from a Forensic Psychologist: "If you don't want more mass murderers...."

The other freedom.

*Cantor's opponent, Wayne Powell,

Paranoid schizophrenia

Judge says it's OK to use your seized phone to impersonate you and entrap your friends

The Last Word - Off the cliff, Thelma & Louise-style

Business Man In Romney’s Attack Ad Actually Agreed 100% With Obama On Fox News

I hope everyone realizes that at this point there is no way to stop shootings!

"Make an action flick and they'll show up with automatic weapons."

Aurora Colorado Murders Just A Window Into Both Our Gun Control And Economic Problems

Of course it's the guns... and the mental illness...

The Last Word - Freedom Romney would take away

Only in America are gun massacres of this kind routine, acceptable, and certain to continue.

NRA completely oblivious to shooting -- check out this tweet from 9:20am

We need a reinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment, with focus on the "well-regulated" part

ACLU: Pearce e-mails prove SB1070 was racially motivated

let us just make up shit

A bit of perspective for the next time you think your religion is true.

I think the reason enacting gun control measures is next to impossible and politicians are scared of

Wouldn't it be great if changes were made to respect the families of the dead in Aurora?

71 people shot in that movie theater (from AP)

Because it is about Civil Rights.

Go Elizabeth Warren!

Is this REALLY the official Democratic Underground twitter feed?

Aurora atrocity more important than Syrian slaughter?

This might be photoshopped

I'm sorry, but this father is a self-important jerk.

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood To Launch Political Party

Scary picture

"Do you think that is the kind of person that is trying to hide things, or do things?"

Geeez. I hope MSNBC never has their last guest on again.

Lounge inspirational message of the day

NYC gun laws

As usual, the media does it job and then does its job too much. Sippy Cupp as a qualified commenter?

Does Mitt make his 10% tithe on gross or net income?

Limbaugh Quote from When he First Discussed The Batman Movie

The precise moment before the apeshittery starts

Wi. starts burning ballots July 23rd

I don't know why more people don't understand this....

CNN EDITORIAL: Gun control or carry permits won't stop mass murder

Just heard SE Cupp giggling on MSNBC

Wisconsin: Walker says reforms are working. June: 13,200 jobs lost, most in the nation.

Romney kept reins on Bain, bargained hard on severance during absence

All CAP Book Titles

For once, I totally agree with Pat Robertson.

President Obama Issues Proclamation, Orders Flags Half-Mast

Selig: "Uniforms important" (but won't rule out ad patches on them)

Russia keeps punk rock protesters jailed for hurting Putin's feelings

Misleading animal names

Events happen but it's amazing how much

The top five most painfully self-serving reactions to the Aurora shooting


Public Relations Firm Educating Pennsylvania Minorities On Voter ID Stacked With Republicans

An interesting article I saw on Twitter - "7 Tips for Covering the Colorado Theater Shooting"

Falsely ID'd Jim Holmes of Colo. Tea Party disconnected his phone.

GOP senators block top Obama jobs initiative

Boy Scouts of America need a moral compass

Film trailer shown before Batman movie featured scenes of movie theater massacre.

Lake County Police Fatally Shoot Wrong Man While Hunting Murder Suspect

China in talks to build UK nuclear power plants

Drove by the nearby movie theater and the parking was busy, a police car was parked in the front.

Why the Internet Failed in the Search for the Batman Shooter

The Prosperity of Big Business has Become Disconnected to the Well-Being of Most Americans -R Reich

Obama +4 on Gallup, 54% say Romney should release tax returns.

Service members can march in uniform in Calif. gay pride parade for first time in U.S. history

AP Saying Shooter Had Dyed Hair Red & Claimed To Be The Joker

Conferences reject church’s stance on gays

The House passed the Mulvaney-Frank amendment to the military budget

Legal: AR-15's. Illegal: Marijuana

‘Goat man’ seen among wild goats in northern Utah

As Syria conflict rages, China hews to ‘non-interference’ principle

Legal: Circumcision, Sometimes Illegal: Breastfeeding

Batman co-creator says Bruce Wayne=Romney, Bane="force for evil...akin to Occupy Wall St."

And she's on the Intelligence Committee??

Legal: Cows, Illegal: Raw Milk

America's had a gun problem since November 22, 1963.

My friend's son bought 11 hamburgers while coming home from the bar.

Mother dolphin carries dead baby calf for days

And the results are in

Do not read if your brain explodes at incredibly bad writing.

I'm proposing an idea that should satisfy both gun nuts AND liberals/progressives...

any way to suspend duplicate posters?

The Romney Household Celebrates: Their Inept Campaign has been Bumped from the News

I can't believe this is already on Facebook.

Mass murderers often not mentally ill, but seeking revenge, experts say

Holmes told police he was the joker

You may want to see this...

Instead of "Campaign Finance Reform", what about "Campaign Conduct Reform"?

Pakistan plans to revoke Afghans' refugee status could displace 3 million

MIRTs: would you please delete the Jim Holmes/teaparty threads in GD?

Expired Assault Weapons Ban Would Have Covered Rifle Used In Colorado Shooting

Imagine The Situation If The GOP Got Its Way On Everything

Degenerative Myleopathy in dogs ...

perfumed money

"High box office expectations for The Dark Knight Rises...were clouded on Friday..."

You do not need photo ID to buy a gun

One Year of Open Source

If "guns don't kill people, etc..."

(Canadian) Sarnia mayor slams Americans over diesel spill

Cantor’s office wrote loophole into insider trading bill

The Friday Afternoon Challenge will not appear today. So sorry...

Sadly, Nation Knows Exactly How Colorado Shooting's Aftermath Will Play Out

Where is Rush Limbaugh?

Gun-toting criminals can be stopped by gun-toting civilians. Gun-toting PSYCHOPATHS can't.

Lanny Davis speaks!

Calif. neighbor of Colo. suspect says he was shy

I just got robo called by Calista Gingrich!?!?!?!

Check in if you avoid complications by always wearing the same dress

Bill Maher quote

An accurate definition of Republicans...

Roger Ebert on the Aurora shooting: "We've Seen this Movie Before"

Planet UCF 1.01 is introduced to the world of astronomy

I wonder if James Holmes knew Jessica Redfield?


Conquering Mount RUSH-more...

MSNBC just went to commercial playing "Hey Joe" by Hendrix

An adult conversation about guns

Mitt Romney losing the Bain battle, ctd.

Poll: North Carolina still close--Romney leads Obama by 1-point

I believe that the hate talk that fills the airwaves 24/7 is one of the factors that contributes to

Ron Reagan is hosting Tweety today n/t

Gun control or carry permits won't stop mass murder

Natalee Holloway suspect, convicted murderer Joran Van der Sloot reportedly set to marry

Gallup 7-day average Obama 48% (+2) Romney 44% (-2)

LOL!!! Pro-Obama Super PAC Has Spanish Language Ad Asking Romney To Show His Papers Please

"They’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired"

Serious question about the Mittens sings America ad

AZ Congressman Trent Franks, four others lovingly suckle at hind teat of Mademoiselle Batshit Crazy

I'll bet a lot of people are like me today, I'm just so angry.

Am I allowed to like this Onion blurb?

Do you think Hannibal Lecter became a Cannibal because it rhymed with his name

Vivid Images of Protests and Clashes in Syria (attacks on protesters)

Vietnamese soldiers held over deaths of rare monkeys (BBC)

Owners Pledge No Race-Day Meds for Juveniles

I know this may not be believable but most members of the NRA aren't slimeballs

Puke: Judge backs Pamela (Hater) Geller's "right" to post anti-Islam bus ads

Jon Stewart Slams Michele Bachmann's Huma Abedin Muslim Brotherhood Accusation

If Only Christine Rubino Were Either Michelle Rhee, Mychael Willon, Derrick Townsend, John Chase JR,

I swear that movie is cursed

I just got a new cat toy for the Gang of Fur.

IMF's Peter Doyle scorns its 'tainted' leadership (BBC)

Southpark Mall in Charlotte is being evacuated due to flooding and a collapsed roof

Help us fight voter suppression efforts

TYT: What Happened When Portugal Decriminalized Drugs?

Ohio House's GOP leader says Romney should release tax returns

Who are the real welfare queens?

I did not bat an eye.

crazy link. My best friend from HS was a victim of 9/11, Just heard her stepdad was injured at CO

Family of today's "Hardball" guest host is no stranger to gun violence

Graphene transistors in high-performance demonstration (BBC)

Philly voters over 80 would be most inconvenienced by new ID law.

here's an article with quite a bit of info on James Holmes

Do you think Lynne likes to sin because it rhymes with her name?

I have spent ...

India's Outlook dubs Obama 'underachiever' after Time cover

Shelby County files Voting Rights Act appeal with U.S. Supreme Court

IT's TIME! An adult conversation about guns - by Darcy Burner

Over 9,000 Murders by Gun in US; 39 in UK

the thing about guns

George W. Bush To Skip Republican Convention In Tampa

So, if about 10 people in that theater had been armed...

AMC Theaters bans costumes for moviegoers (This is STUPID!)

Just an observation in the wake of national shooting tragedies...

It really irks me that MSNBC is discussing how the candidates are handling this tragedy

I would love to thank this person for his service and his sign...

shocking photos of merch from RW/Tea idiots websites

Small window above my laptop screen flashes blue....

I went to see Batman today.

The Next 48 Hours Summarized For You in One Short Post

Warner Brothers removes "gun imagery" from "Dark Knight Rises" trailer

If you expect new gun control laws from the Aurora shooting, think again

Bikers Against Child Abuse make abuse victims feel safe

Bisbee, A&M’s ‘unofficial mascot,’ found dead

Top 10 conservative reactions to the shooting... (satire, but only just barely)

the loud techno music that MSNBC is reporting Happened at 12 last night and ended at 1

Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) Shouts At Janet Napolitano...

In memorium...

Gun violence is now a "natural" event in America, as unpredictable as the weather

CT the only state to have a "gun seizure" statute.

Whine fans check in - favorite Whine

Who will defend the dead and the wounded?

A one-sided groomer?

42 Republican Senators to American Workers: You Should Pay to Lose Your Jobs

I Demand Congress Stop Arming Dangerous People

Election results challenge to go ahead in Federal Court

The bad news? They turned us down for the loan. The good news?

Secretary of State Clinton Addresses International Labor Issues During Cambodia Stop

I am convinced that once of these wingnut-nutjobs. . . .

Thread for condolences for those affected by today's shooting murders

Fun way to screw with your neighbor

Cats can be smarter than you think!

Colo. shooter purchased guns legally from 3 different stores

LOL!! Top tea partier demands Obama prove he doesn’t smoke crack and have gay sex

This God, I (progressive-inspired political action-thriller)

FromTucson to Aurora-Help Each other-May healing come when you are ready for it.

Weekend Economists Repent! The End Is Here! July 20-22, 2012

George W. Bush To Skip Republican Convention In Tampa

Okay, so it isn't the guns

I'm sure this has been asked and answered somewhere,

The story is told . . .

U.N. Extends Syria Mission as Violence Rises to New Heights

Anyone else being plagued by 'door to door' salesmen?

Senate GOP Tax Plan Would Raise Taxes On 20 Million Working Families

W declines invitation and will not attend GOP convention

Connecticut Code Sec. 29-38c

4-year-old shot in chest, BB permanently lodged in heart

White House reserving judgment on Bulgaria attack

Munich widow claims ‘greed and anti-Semitism’ preventing official commemoration

Why not?

I am not advocating banning gun ownership. However -

NRA tweeter was 'unaware' of Colorado shooting, spokesman says

Possible new photo of James Holmes found on sex site.

Why am I seeing ads supporting Crazy Sheriff Joe on this site?

From the wiki page on today's shooting:

Romney kept reins, bargained hard on severance

"Dark Knight" (TNT) and "Batman Begins" (FX) both on tonight. I wonder if there will

so how much has your A/C electric bill increased this month... Gasp, mine doubled...

Take the test! Are you a Romney?

Why can't I see when one of my posts was alerted and the jury results if not locked?

President Barack Obama talks on the phone with Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan - pic

The crazy concealed weapon scenario: IF someone had a concealed weapon in Aurora theater incident

9 news has announced it successfully petitioned for camera access to shooter's court hearing Monday

Did this Holmes guy have an accomplice?

DIRECTV and Viacom reach agreement

Ex-Japan PM joins anti-nuclear demo outside PM's office

I don't think Brian Ross is going to have a job much longer

Some people shouldn't own animals.

New York police link nine 2012 plots to Iran and its proxies

Isn't this true?

Right Wing Uses Colo. Tragedy to Vilify Gays, Secularism

There Is No Such Thing as "Politicizing" a Tragedy

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Wants Obama and Romney To Tell Us How They Will Prevent Mass Shootings

CNN is really calling a shooting from last night "Breaking News"??

A Call for Dumb Reasons for Voting for Somebody.

So I took my dog to the vet today

BBC World Service radio replacing "The World Today" with African-oriented morning "Newsday"

WI starts burning ballots July 23rd.....

Street art against branding: Billboards in UK painted over

Friday Talking Points (219) -- Another Sad Day

Hi everyone. I'm an agnostic and I like you guys.

Just say no to gun culture.

I LOVE Ronnie Reagan as host of Hardball!

(WI) 4/11 - JUST THE FACTS, MA'AM: WI...

Remember When Reagan Got Shot in Broad Daylight, Surrounded By Security Pros Packing Heat?

State to rollback requirements for voter ID