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Hey, American Family Association: Let’s Blame You Instead

just moved here...

I BAIT this.

"The Choice" - Obama For America TV Ad

Do you see any minorities in this photo

Paid-Sick-Leave Fight Escalates in New York City, Expands Across the Nation

How Many Micromoles Are in a Nanomole?

What is this, early birthday presents?

The One Percent Want Your Social Security and Medicare and Steven Pearlstein Is Trying to Help

This image made my day...thought I'd share it with you...

Stylish tinfoil hats!

anyone else find it remarkable that the victims families don't want to blame the gun lobby?(Aurora)

Anaheim Cops Open Fire into Crowd of Women and Children

The Muppets attack Fox News... also, two reporters do likewise...

Papantonio: The Gun Industry's License To Murder You and Me

Press Gave Romney A Pass On Using Fabricated Quote, So Other Campaigns Doing Same

All I know is that this entire slaughter benefits Rmoney

Conservatives Outraged Over Obama Releasing Photo of Private Visit with Aurora Victims

DOMA: Sally Ride's Partner of 27 Years Denied Federal Benefits. Is Romney Smiling?

President Obama, same-sex marriage and assault weapons

All this praise for ReTHUGs condemning Michelle Bachmann should remind us

Finally, Fact-Checking Romney’s Lie

AFGE, TSA Are Close to a Historic Labor Contract

Prosser converts campaign account to legal defense fund

Dear Representative Michelle Bachmann,

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Just Another Day & a new Maru gif

Missing girl's mom takes second polygraph test

So you believe the 2nd Amendment forbids ANY restriction of the right to keep and bear arms?

"Because a well-regulated militia is necessary for the security of a free state..."

Letter I just got from 1-800-Flowers

This is a shopping mall!

They're behind the Swift Boat ads

Koch brothers threaten Rachle Maddow

Rachel Maddow billionaires pump money into GOP campaigns

The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection

I Need Help! Robert Plant in Birmingham

So I just looked at my Transparency page, and . . .

"Gallup finds Obama approval rating rising for third straight quarter" By Justin Sink

Judith Miller: Honor 2nd Amendment, but Ban Assault Rifles

For the first time in 100 years, women’s IQ scores are better than those for men

"The GOP’s War Against Facts" By Dahlia Lithwick and Raymond Vasvari at Slate

"Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind." And YOU thought Palin cornered the market on nutjob followers!

The Boy Scouts have an award named after Sally Ride, but she could never have been a den mother.

"Could Michelle Bachman Cost Romney the Presidency?" (the arab american vote in swing states)

The ED Show - Romney misquotes foreign minister, bashes American economy

grass roots radio

I give thanks to Zeus for two things : 1-Music. 2-Dogs. Not necessarity in that order.

"Free Money" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

7/24/12: Noted draft dodger to address Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Reno

Biden to visit Idaho!

So, my sister told me that in light of my diagnosis, I need to start cutting back.

'Obamacare' extends health care benefits to same-sex partners' children

another beautiful cake

Proof The Koch Bros Own Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker and Rep. Paul Ryan

Warner Donates to Fund to Aid Colorado Shooting Victims

More proof Koch brothers own Wisconsin Governor. Koch Brother Admits Buying Wisconsin Governor

The 6 Most Popular Crime Fighting Tactics (That Don't Work)

Whaaaa?! USAToday: Maine shipyard worker charged with arson for $400M sub fire

Did the right wing create the nutjobs on the right because they saw how the existance of communism


U.S. drone kills 12 suspected militants in Pakistan

E/E questions I would love to see asked at the debates

Montgomery Clift Remembered in New Video

Lawrence NOT giving j. holmes the publicity he did the horror for.

"Three Big Lies Perpetuated by the Rich" by Paul Buchheit at Common Dreams

Beast Calling Koch Phone call prank on: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Cats are assholes

New season of Alphas. Now.

Humala shuffles Peru cabinet to calm anti-mining strife

Memo to those a bit slow on the uptake.

"America's fascination with the apocalypse"

What's for Dinner - Tuesday July 24th

More Bain Capital layoffs from pass

Showers built by Haliburton subsidiary, “won” the no-bid contracts- killing troops..

Appeals court upholds Ga. ban on guns in church

Omaha ties record of 105 set in 2005

Romney struggling in the 40's in battleground states even Florida he's not winning anyone over

Concealed weapons permits for Florida non-residents

Fujimori emboldened as Peru court cuts death squad's sentence

Fujimori emboldened as Peru court cuts death squad's sentence

Fresh crews arrive to battle sweeping brush fire in north-central Nebraska

How to suck at your religion--The Oatmeal

Words are failing. . .

"Guess Which Group Of Americans Hates Obama The Most" by Henry Blodget at Business Insider

This is my last post for tonight...Listen live 9PM to Midnight ET, M-F to the Mike Malloy Show... v

"WSJ mangles history to argue government didn't launch the Internet" by Timothy B. Lee

Why We Fail to Correctly Project Renewable Energy Growth

How not to suck at your religion

august photography contest submission date

Angel Over Aurora Theater?

In the Spirit: All of the twang, none of the religion

Hold on a second here, does anybody actually care about Mitt Ramney's foreign trip?

It's called empathy, Rush.

PA TV Shows Israeli Monster Who Eats Palestinian Children (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney Accused of Buying Twitter Followers

Pat Boone makes up more lies about Obama...

Obama stresses Israel support on campaign trail

I just realized that Sally Ride went to the middle school that is just a mile

Kansas Congressional candidate changes name to Thomas Jefferson

Holmes's mother suggests ABC News mischaracterized her statement

Retroactive Retirement

Negativland - Freedom's Waiting

Re- the New Batman movie:

"(Sally) Ride is survived by Tam O'Shaughnessy, her partner of 27 years..."

Paint fumes shut down Caverns

Any duduk fans in the house?

Vigil in Nebraska after dyke & cu** carved into local woman.

Romney's College Transcripts

On DU: " sometimes kids need to be smacked or have their ears pulled or their mouths washed out..."

"Ballet in Cleats" (photos)

Khan Academy: The hype and the reality

Is Madonna desperate for attention now that we have a new Madonna?

Obama's Wright on.

So, now that sports fans across the nation have witnessed the slapdown of Penn State -

Thoughts on growing plants and selling on Craigslist for extra money?

OHIO: Gun sales up 26% over last year.

Australia drops David Hicks memoir profits case

2 year old girl helps save baby sloth

Documents in Plain Sight, but Still Classified

European Union lifts aid restrictions but keeps up pressure on Mugabe

In Syria conflict, U.S. struggles to fill intelligence gaps

Denver Dems Office Vandalized

Environmentalists target 5 Republicans who question humans’ impact on climate

Some thoughts on the Colorado shooting.

Deloitte: One in 10 U.S. Employers to Drop Health Coverage

Illinois Town Asks Romney To Save Their Jobs (from Bain Capital)

Jon Kyl Berates Obama For Focus On Middle Class

Tax Attorney: "That may be one of the reasons they don't want to release the returns"

University Prof Suggests The Movie “101 Dalmations” Could Lead To Teen Smoking. What's He Smoking?

Alan Rickman talks Severus Snape

Drunk Man, Late For Swedish Flight, Comes Up With Dumb Idea To Delay Plane!

Idiot Ron Christie On Ed Show: Let People Mourn, Too Early To Talk About Gun Control

Has anyone here ever purchased thousands of rounds of ammo at once?

*rmoney + 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics,

As A Vet Why I Won't Join The Legion Or VFW

Joseph Stiglitz: Iraq War Caused the Great Recession

Jon Stewart: We can't talk about gun control but we can talk about banning costumes

Jon Stewart Daily Show clip re: Aurora, Gun Control Laws Debate,etc.

US evangelical Christians accused of promoting homophobia in Africa

okay i need reasons tonight

Tonight I watched the new PBS show about flea market pickers

If gun ownership is a "right", then why aren't guns made available to everyone for free?

Balloon Juice: Who Really Built That?

Gunfire inside Dallas Walmart

i must rant....

Should there be a limit to how many guns one can have on them at any one time?

Mad Cowboy - Full Documentary (58:49)

Latest Amelia Earhart search falls short

How Involved in Terror Against Israelis and Jews are the Iranians?

NYT Charles Blow - joining MSNBC any time soon?

Journalist Supports freedom of sexual expression, gets a death fatwa from religious believers

Statement by President Obama on the Passing of Sally Ride

Black Teen is a Hero after Saving Women and Children during Colorado Massacre

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, July 23)


Returning migrants boost Mexico’s middle class

Syria's Bashar al-Assad: Not everyone's villain

(Hacked US military computers) Gary McKinnon extradition case reviewed at high court

Moody’s warns eurozone core

New Sports Illustrated cover about Penn State: (powerful)

Conservative Congressman Blasts Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Allegations, Stands Up For Religious Liberty

Any juicer recommendations here?

Guns Don't Kill, Politicians Do

Another tragic shooting death.

The most disgusting thing about the Bristol/Tripp F-word crap?

The gun ownership and gun homicides murder map of the world

Sean FitzPatrick is third ex-Anglo Irish Bank executive to be arrested in 24 hours

I don't remember putting my pajamas on

Rush Limbaugh has a $400 million contract with Clear Channel, a subsidiary of Bain Capital,

Plane that flies like a bird

U.S. to become a people-free gun reserve

Assault rifles

Phone hacking: CPS announce charges - live

Phone hacking: Brooks and Coulson to face charges

7 Ultra-Rich Companies Rake in Profits While Paying Workers Peanuts

Author Of SB1070 ‘Papers Please’ Law Exposed As Hardcore Racist

Official: Trap in Colorado suspect's home had 30 homemade grenades, gasoline

What Terrorizes Americans Most: Guns or Sexual Freedom?

Pennsylvania GOPers Concede That Voter Fraud Claims Are a Myth

Black Americans Have Suffered an Historic Wipeout of Their Wealth, With Few Signs It's Coming Back

So Romney is going overseas to beef up his foreign affairs credentials??

I'd admired and respected joe paterno for YEARS, but...

Attorneys for GOP activist charged in kidnapping, rapes wants bail reduction

Scumbag ReTHUG Dan Senor has been saying this morning that

The one we missed on DU: DOE acknowledges, explains mistakes in Florida school grades

Too good for all you plebes.

The next massacre - A tragedy we will not try to avert - By Eugene Robinson

After interviews, the penalty the fans are maddest about is

How Japan Virtually Eliminated Shooting Deaths

Oops! Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks to be charged over phone hacking

Your Opinion of Diet Soda

Luckovich Toon- Chick-fil-A

Alex Schaefer's Chalking Protest: Downtown LA

One pedestrian death caused by a bicyclist's negligence and DU explodes with anti bicycle venom..

Mark this one under, "When you Know They Make A lot of Money"

Rock Hall to honor Chuck Berry with series in Oct.

Met's fan smuggles his kid into stadium under his shirt---forgets he's there.

Which is easier on your cell phone battery, to cut it off at night, during meetings, etc., or to

The Jackson siblings need to get a grip! One group tried to kidnap MJs kids.

Another character casted for Hunger Games: Malone plays Johanna Mason.

Wonderful undersea lab being shut down.. damn "austerity" crap

Witnesses testifying US general opposed probe of abuse and corruption at Afghan army hospital

Egyptian President Names Prime Minister

The Terrifying Background of a Man who Ran a CIA Assassination Unit

Who Says Dems Are Not Prepared to Take On NRA?

Rapid transit bus system could be ready in 2 years, Detroit City Council told

Christ vs. Religion...

Israel’s defense minister wants to remove hundreds of Palestinians from 8 hamlets in West Bank

Library of America to Release Classic 1950’s SF Novels in Two-Volume Set

The laudable drive to change attitudes towards violence against women

Mayor Ford to discuss Toronto guns and gangs problem with PM Harper

Silicon Valley Says Step Away From the Device

Bat Shit Crazy.

First Female U.S. Astronaut, Sally Ride, Comes Out In Obituary

Relatable Romney

I am opposed to DHS (TSA, mostly). How can I be in favor of gun control?

Knowing that Obama's re-election can mean

Activists seek increase in federal minimum wage

"Republicans say the job of government is to protect those who've already made it." E. Warren/Rev Al

Meet the Front Group Leading the Fight Against Taxing the Rich

Toon- Seriously!

OpEd:The Divine Miss M(ichele Bachmann)

Afghan policemen defect to Taliban in Farah province

Five Crazy Attempts to Weaken Federal Gun Laws

Al-Qaeda emerges as Bulgaria bomb suspect

Gunmen attack NATO supply trucks in Pakistan: officials

Wedding etiquette poll

Study: Obese Children Will Have 50% Higher Risk of Colon Cancer

Michigan lawmakers call for action in Chesapeake-Encana probe

Romney Abroad -- Back to the Future

Where the hell is the USA Today/Gallup poll?

BP 'missed big hazards' before Gulf oil spill

George Orwell on the 1% and 99%

Rmoney Obama did not say that people did not build their

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Hammering Penn State

James Holmes Massacre First Lawsuit

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

NO voter fraud in Pennsylvania? duh!

Alcan Highway Beginning To Crack, Washboard As Permafrost Melts And North Warms - NYT

A business with 300 owners ?! Got any best practices for this ?

Penn State has an amazing Ice Cream Lab

What A Great Obama Pic!

Have you seen "Romney Badger" yet ?

Philadelphia Church Official to Be Sentenced in Abuse Case

Huffpo: Republican Jobs Bills Won't Actually Create Jobs, Say Economists

Apparently, asking "Is it immoral to rape a Skepchick" is now discussion of theological issue.

Peak oil review - July 23

Peak oil review - July 23

Some kind of line needs to be drawn between a right to a musket & a right to a thermonuclear device

Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) just gave a little chuckle over the Oklahoma City bombing.

Tony Mack Investigation: FBI Seeks Evidence Against Trenton Mayor

Reuters/Ipsos poll: Obama attacks on taxes and Bain hit Romney ratings

* The NRA owns politicians in both parties

Gov. Howard Dean and Sen. Toomey debate tax increases..

The Philosophy of the Technology of the Gun

Rastrojos Arms Bust Points to Venezuela Military Connection

'Dark Knight' Studio Will Donate Funds to Colorado Shooting Victims

Penn State Freshman on NCAA Sanctions: 'Why is this happening to me!'

US religious right presses anti-gay laws in Africa

The Cognitive Dissonance - it burns

Immigrants threatening your way of life?

When Rick Reilly went to PSU to write about JoePa, he got a call from a professor who warned him.

Sweden's anti-immigrant sniper guilty of two murders

Justice Dept. is finally looking into PA voter ID law.

America is brutal to families. Conservative policies are devastating families.

If only someone else were armed, he could have been stopped.

Syria crisis: Fighting in Aleppo amid rebel offensive

Experts’ Best Guesses On Romney’s Swiss Bank Account

George W Bush Facial Expression Supercut

Iran launches its first home built oil tanker

GOP lawmaker pulls gun out in road rage incident!

The Hill: Morning Joe Raves Over Obama's New TV Ad

the stupid runs deep on Yahoo this AM -

New sex abuse lawsuit filed against Orlando Diocese

Poll: 40 Percent Of Voters Less Likely To Vote For Romney Because Of Bain

We've been here before:

What is then need for a 100 round bullet magazine other than war?

"Tax returns, craps returns." Please come CAPTION Mitt (the unhip) Romney!!!

Insane Cuteness Lies Within. You Have Been Warned.

Governor Howard Dean and Sen Toomey debate taxes..Same ol' script for Repubs

Afghan policemen defect to Taliban in Farah province

Congress Cowers to Terrorist-Enabling NRA

Oh, look: The U.S. Olympic uniforms totally could have been made in USA. And for less!

Here's Why We Can Thank Mitt Romney For His Party Unleashing Sarah Palin On Us


So then Gingrich supports Michelle Bachmann's witch hunt?

Have you noticed that all of Romney's political ads have the same thing in common?

Syria conflict: Aleppo bombed by fighter planes

Here's a lovely, rational hide. Thank you jurors.

Duh...Romney's poll numbers are fake too!!

Ripples from Pebble felt far from Alaska

Saw a very classy pro-Romney sign on the road to Rockland, ME this morning.

FARC ammunition stash found in southwestern Colombia

Hatred of "Liberal"

Politicians React to Aurora - Stuart Carlson Toon

Was he alone?

Millennial Atheists - by Matt Bors

Open letter to the IRS concerning the tax returns of Willard Mitt Romney.

I'll apologize here for posting the Hugh Laurie story...

Sally Ride, first U.S. woman in space, comes out in obituary

If the first six months don't count...

"Now is not the time to talk about guns."

I hope hosts realize that if gun control becomes a dominant political issue, it will stay in GD

EXCLUSIVE-Deutsche Bank's own Libor probe clears board-sources

Subprime Stupidity Redux

After Romney pledged transparent Olympics, key documents were destroyed

Marketing genius.

Pic Of The Moment: Report: Romney Buys 135,000 Twitter Followers

*** Gets out her staple gun and hangs a sign at the DU Library - NEW BOOKS!! ***

"It Was on Purpose:" Kids Attacked By Cops Say, While Cops Tried to Purchase Cellphone Videos

Obama Campaign Warns: “This Picture Is Cute”

Ezra Klein: Uncle Ben’s Crazy Housing Sale

GOP plan extends tax cuts for the wealthy, not for the rest of us

Mexican official: CIA 'manages' drug trade

I've noticed a trend in the two biggest labor disputes ...........

Obama defends foreign policy record at VFW event in Reno

President Obama announces job training services for veterans

Professor Who Led Fracking Study Faces Scrutiny


Am I allowed to point out the fact that this jury happened and the result was LEAVE IT?

Uninsured Aurora Victim Could Face $2 Million In Medical Bills

NRA Must Have Pulled "Secret War On Guns"

Spaniard admits fault in car crash death of Cuban dissident

Hey Bub, once you give something away it isn't yours any more

Google ad for Sheriff Joe Pac....suggest that one be removed...

It's time universities become part of the success of their product.

I just won’t accept that America won’t do anything.

What furniture fabrics release pet hair the easiest?

Hiker spots man in goat suit frolicking with a herd

The hermetic sealing of reichwing world is nearly complete

Being in Awe Can Expand Time and Enhance Well-Being

our board and UTW finally reached a tenative agreement. Not too great check it out

Wisconsin Republican Senator Believes Voter ID Will Help Romney ‘In A Close Race’

Anyone have a county map of voter turnout?

Ms. Palin doesn't like people asking why Trig and Bristol use the f word

How brain damaged is the conservative voter base?

Sun News (Canada) really is Fox News North

Thank You Obamacare: Just Received 6% Reduction Notice on Healthcare Policy–1st Time Ever

A Besieged Indigenous People Show The Absurdity Of Colombia's Endless War

Mr. 34%

Wes Harris, Leader of Arizona Teabaggers, Seeks To Recall John McCain Over Huma Abedin Defense

3 "copy cat" Dark Knight incidents prevented

For all those that say more guns is the answer, here is a reminder of the Tucson massacre:

I have a very simple gun-control question.

CONFESS!!! First 'naughty' book you ever read

Some thoughts on the "If someone else had a gun" argument re: Aurora

My thoughts on the new President Obama ad ...

A Rigged Economy, But Workers Are Fighting Back!

Mitt Romney in 'Snow White 2'

Salon: Food chains owned by far right-wingers who've funded conservative super-PACs

If political information about the businesses you frequent was available would it guide your choices

Class Claims Chinese-Made Treats Kill Dogs

President Obama Pushes Back On Romney Campaign's Small Business Attacks

Msgr. Lynn Sentenced to 3 to 6 Years in Prison

Timothy Hill: Opt TDOT Out of Federal Highway Program

Our FRiends honor the passing of Sally Ride...

TWO big Murdoch arrests in the UK: Jolie and Pitt were hacked (in the U.S.-is FOX next?)

Gay Marriage Produced $259 Million for New York City Economy

15 years ago today, I was diagnosed with cancer.

DU Video: Timothy Hill: Opt TDOT Out of Federal Highway Program

No Apology - No Mistake in Raising Bain Issues

A biography of the day: Sally Ride

Why do visual effects costs so much?

Royal Mail to change colour of its post boxes from red to gold for first time to celebrate GB Olympi

Google Lobbyists Are Outspending Apple Nearly 10 To 1

Dying Empire, Op Ed News, by Jim Miles

Bulgaria blast: Burgas bus bomber 'part of group' Israeli Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov (right)

TV Made Me Gay

Utility commission forgets the public

Wow I didn't know China won more gold medals than US in 2008 olympics

When, "The Lorax" movie hits stores will we get the "Latina Hotties" ads back?

NRA is all about hunting-but not forest creatures anymore. The NRA is about hunting PEOPLE!!!

A small comparison.

YOu've got to be carefully taught...

PA Voter ID Law Trial Set To Begin: State Concedes It Has No Proof Of In-Person Voter Fraud

MSM Going Out Of Its Way To Bend Over Backwards And Make Excuses For Rmoney.....

Ari Fleischer: “[Obama’s] right that the system isn’t fair,...

Votes for Sale - by Jack Abramoff

Should the employees of Chick-Fil-A be ashamed of themselves for working for a bigoted company?

It was 24 years ago today I had front row for Robert Plant in concert

Joe Biden says "Trust me - you'll have fun"

Dixie Chicks, Mike Huckabee and Chik-fil-A and other rightwing food companies

Corn Belt crop conditions decline along with topsoil moisture

Pew: Most Say They Already Know Enough about the Candidates

Romney to after Obama for the raid that killed Osama bin Laden

S.F. mayor thinks stop-and-frisk would have stopped the Aurora shooter

Stop it, Dolly.

Politicolnews blog has funny graphic of Mitt's fake Twitter followers (different names, same photo)

This morning on Morning Joe ...

Justice Department Investigates Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

Why have leading Republicans who earlier told Romney to release his tax returns become silent?

I'd like to post a version of Obama's speech with the "you didn't build that" quote edited out.

Is mitt going to visit Switzerland on his trip to Europe?

Teen who tweeted sex attackers' names won't face charges

Romney apparently didn't build bogus attack on Obama

While you are perfectly free to treat gun owners like Pamela Geller treats Muslims, consider this:

looks like romney is going to get away with releasing ONE YEAR'S tax returns

Hotel chain replaces Bible with "50 Shades Of Grey"

No, the hippies were not right.


Marine Corps creates police battalions

Romney Speaks and has Wa-Wa voting machines on his mind... probably a Bain investment subsidiary

"A recession is when your neighbor loses his job"

New Rule: No mass-shooting suspect is allowed to watch or read the news of his presumed crime

Heart medication converts cancer cells into vaccine

GOP lawmaker likes to take pictures of himself in bathrooms...

OMG, I'm loving Diane Rheem (sp?) ...

Obama up by 6% in Michigan (Rasmussen, taken July 23rd)

Gosh I hope the guns weren't harmed!

Man believed cured of AIDS says he's still cured

I don't know who was responsible for the layout of

Mitt Romney to give speech on foreign policy without talking about his views on foreign policy

Don't forget Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky and Ted Bundy

The Rude Pundit: When Is Michele Bachmann Not on a Witch Hunt?

3 arrested in separate 'Dark Knight' incidents

Romney Quotes Ronald Reagan

Ghana president dies suddenly after taking ill

Jon Stewert is an evil genius

Is It Me Or Has Anyone Else Noticed That DU Has A Few New Members That Joined Since Holmes....

Strip Clubs get ready for GOP Convention--one will include Palin look-a-like

Imagine inheriting millions of dollars but there is one little catch

dan senor and mark halperin seem to be daily fixtures on m$nbc

Republicans have a name for that: Reagan

Study says K12 cyber school students falling behind, company calls report 'deeply flawed'

"Moment of truth" has come, army tells Syria rebels (drops leaflets)

Category 4 Typhoon Vicente hits China

Vicente: A hurricane forecasters' nightmare

This is what can happen when you swim with a Killer Whale

Marxists to the fore

Three years after last increase, business group calls for U.S. minimum wage hike

do you think teachers need a dress code?

Toon on Mitt and Guns- Send to freepers, or not?

WSJ/NBC Poll: Romney Leads on the Economy, Trails Elsewhere

Europe Heat Wave Wilting Corn Adds To U.S. Drought: Commodities

Repugs think it's ok to take away voting rights from 5 million

Man Drops Gun in Dallas Wal-Mart; 3 Hurt

Obama attacks on taxes and Bain hit Romney ratings

Thom Hartmann: Police Use Brutal Force on CA Protesters

Cleaning fairy breaks into houses, leaves cleaning bill

Did Modern Humans—Not Environmental Catastrophe—Extinguish the Neandertals?

60% NYC's Bloomberg schools did WORSE than regular schools

Carolyn McCarthy speaks out on yet another massacre and has an action plan -- she wants our help.

NO, SERIOUSLY, the rich are NOT job creators, the MIDDLE CLASS are. Here's proof:

Don't Steal a Cop Car in Louisiana and Try to Cross into Canada in Houlton Me Without a Passport!

grammar question

Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood Scare

Graph shows how much coverage LIBOR (banking scandal) has received in the MSM

The Last Word - Romney hired pollster before 1st abortion position

The Last Word - Romney ad star contradicts campaign

Does Romney have a campaign platform ....

LCV Launches $1.5 Million Program to Defeat Five Climate Deniers

Texas manufacturer to pay more than $58,000 and reinstate workers in NLRB settlement

Can someone help me out here? What is "Big Gay?"

Is equality impossible?

Heh! John McCain's decision to select a VP...


Yoga Instructor Hospitalized After Gay Couple Attacked

"First naughty" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "first naughty".

Thom Hartmann: Will SuperPACs be Forced to Reveal Donors?

The Last Word - Republicans ‘panicked’ over defense spending cuts

"After the Aurora Shootings, Love Back" by Sen. Mike Johnston

My health ins. renewal. For men: $387/mo. For women: $514./mo

Belmont winner Union Rags retired

Gallup releases its numbers: Romney leads on every issue except foreign policy

U.S. unions urge tougher enforcement in Russia trade bill

How does a Mormon deliver a war hawk speech?

Thank you, Ms. Feinstein ...

Tons of trucking jobs ... that nobody wants

The Last Word - Rewriting one lobbyist's modesty

Germany Brushes Off Warning Over Rating.

Earhart searches find no obvious signs of her plane

Hydrologic Maps Based on Coca-Cola Data Spark Concern over Water Grabs

Doonesbury: The Return of Jimmy Crow

Just because your Position is Right doesn't mean your Argument is Correct

Study of anti-AIDS vaginal ring begins in Africa

Garden State Equality Youth Invite Kirk Cameron to Brunch

Budget Office: Obama's Health Law Reduces Deficit.

If you liked the Iraq War, you'll love Romney's foreign policy

Ask Bin Laden About Appeasement, Romney Owes Americans More Than Platitudes

My recipe for Grilled Lemon Dijon Pork Chops

Is DU aware of this wingnut blogger who calls us DUmmies?

Hollande Transaction Tax Drives Investor Quest for Loopholes

The Real News: Thousands Rally to Support Locked Out Con Ed Workers

The Real News: 10 Years Since Downing St. Memo: Is It Happening Again?

Toon - Why Didn't You Create More Jobs!?

"Voter ID, which is going to allow Gov. Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania: Done."

If there are any economic

My aunt on FB. Dammit. De-bunk help?

The Thinker

technical question about semi-auto assault rifle (related to CO shootings)

Seems to me that if a business features Wayne LaPierre in their catalog they should hear from us.

STUDY: One In Four Private Sector Workers Earn Less Than $10 An Hour

Musings of someone who imagines things could be better.

ANDREA MITCHELL: 'Mitt Romney Is Yet To Be Specific'

ROBERT GREENWALD: Which CEO made $5 million stealing your kid's lunch money?

Mitt Romney's effort to hide Mitt Romney

The Thinker

I am going to say something that is very controversial in some circles...

The Thinker

The Thinker

The Thinker

Robert Shrum speaks frankly about Gun Control

Poll Shows Some Voters Want More on Romney Taxes, Bain Tenure

The Thinker

The Thinker

The overwhelming maleness of mass homicide

The latest on Anchorage's April municipal election.

Here is what is happening with Neptune and Chiron (I think)

The Thinker

The Thinker

Do you feel safe at Walmart with anything less than a semi automatic hand gun?

The Thinker

Information requested: A priest, a Democrat, and a Congressperson walk into an election.

Were Mormons persecuted by our government?

Quotes by Amelia Earhart

Economic Rights and the Solving of Business + Government

Show your appreciation for Chick-fil-A.

UM 'should be on watch' after Penn State penalties, experts say

PPP/Daily Kos National poll: Romney moves into tie with Obama

Question regarding juries.

Latest page is undergoing forum sliding

The second amendment (passed in 1791) should be upheld! We have the right to bear these arms. >>

Death Star Over Philadelphia

Pro Gun DUers Have Converted Me

QUESTION: Can Medication Help Rmoney With His Overt Constant Lying?

Happy, happy birthday pinto!!!

cook county land bank.

I'm sure it's JUST a coincidence, Chick-fil-A

Learn to swim.

Mitt Romney Accuses Obama Of Classified Material Leaks

Team Rob! Portman and Romney’s Crazy-Sexy-Amazing Chemistry

Buyers flock to gun stores in Colorado after rampage

True Blood Recap - You Light up my life!! *** spoilers *** (and Happy Bday Anna Paquin!)

Battleground polling snapshot: Romney still can't break out of low 40s

Euro crisis brings world to brink of depression

Boy o boy, the Gungeon was very well-named

Cronyism and Corruption Define Walker’s Reign

A self-made man

The Careerists

"Sometimes there are tragedies too senseless to make sense of." S.E. Cupp's latest profundity.

Would you rather see the capital gains rate go to 25% or...?

Fargo newspaper to 'review' ban on same-sex engagement announcements

Romneyland defends shredding Olympic documents: It wasn't Mitt's fault. He'd already retired.

I am an unapologetic supporter of American greatness and exceptionalism

Eddie Izzard- Do you have a Flag?

Steam's got Left 4 Dead 2 on for $4.99 right now, Midweek Madness sale...

Same-sex weddings boost NYC economy

Deep Thoughts with Skip Carlson

Dirty Deeds: Iranian nuclear program hit by 'AC/DC virus'?

On Penn State's 60 million $ fine

The following is an actual question on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term.

Say it isn't so, Joe. Please come CAPTION America's favorite (i.e., bereft) Sheriff!!!

WOW! "Pastor" John Hagee, TOO FUCKING CRAZY for McCain, is Batshit Bachmann's new "study buddy."

Well thats just creepy

Poll-wise, Obama should be wiping the floor with Mitt. I was pondering today on why he isn't.

Assault Rifles ARE Weapons of Mass Destruction

GAYWATCH Holdouts Edition

Drone surveillance: now in the US

Citizen's United question.

'Urabeños members' arrested on charges of torture, murder .

'Urabeños members' arrested on charges of torture, murder .

Huckabee's Facebook page. . . . .

Romney's tax proposal gives big tax cuts the farther up the income ladder you are -

Should it be OK to put a loaded pistol into a crib with a sleeping two year old?

US drone industry: Nothing to hide - nothing to fear

Euro crisis brings world to brink of depression

Sherman Hemsley has died.

Right Wing Says Judge Is a Lesbian, Should Be Off Marriage Case

Hotel replaces Bibles with 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

how would the gun control debate be different if the shooter had been a radical muslim carrying out

3 Million Fewer May Be Insured Due to Ruling, Study Predicts

Wal-Mart opposed to $6 billion card fee settlement

Colombia failing on workers rights: Report .

Colombia failing on workers rights: Report .

ROMNEY VS. MUHAMMAD ALI! (Caffeinated/John Fugelsang #1)

Name this celebrity!

Do You Hear What I Hear?

How to deal with bullies.

Re: Batman - Anyone know what happened in California & Arizona? All I've heard about is Maine so far

Ariz. sheriff says he has no use for Ku Klux Klan

Dear Media, Romney still hasn't released his tax returns

Key witness links high army officials to extrajudicial killings: Report .

Key witness links high army officials to extrajudicial killings: Report .

Tweety is tearing neo-con Rmoney for his war-mongering

Living in a B Movie

German intelligence: al-Qaeda all over Syria

In the Dark Knight Rises Batman tells Catwoman: "No Guns!"

Me And This Guy Feel Exactly The Same About Ancient God Worship

City(chicago) to hire more teachers for longer school day

It shouldn't be so easy for a private citizen to amass an arsenal: Plain Dealer editorial

Romney in speech: "...including our corrupt president?"

"Let's play a little game"

Gov. Howard Dean: “Alan Grayson Deserves Your Support.

YouDidn'tBuildThis-Gate UPDATE: "You Olympians know YOU DIDN'T GET HERE solely on your own power!"

Sherman Hemsley Dead: 'The Jeffersons' Actor Dies At 74

Has anyone bought tires recently??

Bernie Sanders Exposes the 26 Billionaires who are Buying the 2012 Election

Crime rate in Canada at lowest level since 1972, Statistics Canada says

Has anyone seen the movie "We Need to Talk About Kevin"?

Ice melt found across 97 percent of Greenland, satellites show

Cullen leaving Senate Dem caucus, considering whether to become independent.....

Tea Party Congressman Calls McCain ‘Numb Nuts’ For Criticizing Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt

When Republicans Say Job Creator They Really Mean Poverty Creator

Wisconsin State Senator Quits Dem Caucus

I think Admin is inadvertently creating a bad situation and a lot of work for MIRT

Is Gun Control A Religious Issue?

Feinstein Regrets Speculating About Leaks.

I get the sense this new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll is not going to be good for Romney...

Scientology Is Not a Religion

In appeal to veterans, Mitt Romney touts 'unapologetic' use of US power

Mitt Romney addresses veterans without mentioning veterans' issues

Let's come up with words that have the letters mit in them and apply them to Mittens

Love this recap from Vulture: Breaking Bad S5/E2

CBO revised estimate of cost of ACA is lower.

In St. Louis, 23 Confirmed Dead From Heat-Related Illnesses To Date - SLPD

French Nuclear Dismantling Funds May Fall Short, Report Says

YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT!!!!! The Response ---------->

64% Of Lower 48 In Drought; 88% Of US Corn, 87% Of Soybean Crops In Drought Areas

Okay Folks ...

Giddyup Horsey !

AP: Records show Skyward accepted offer

4 those that watched: Chris Matthews nailed it tonight regarding Mitt & foreign policy

Romney campaign hits Obama on leaks using adviser who gave an assist in the Valerie Plame leak

why isnt Bachmann being investigated for leaking info

At Least 2,000 Sick, One Dead In Canadian Whooping Cough Outbreak -18,000 Cases In US In 2012

Now playing: Al Sharpton is calling bullshit on Mitt Romney's ads.

Anybody remember Foster Brooks? The Airline Pilot:

Question about USB charging for batteries

Right-wing food companies

Why ESPN’s Body Issue could have been great but doesn’t quite succeed

Nuclear Submarine Program Surfaces in Iran

all these romney claims/ads are attempts to control the agenda and conversation....

Full 7th Circuit Revives Church Graduation Suit

Question - Did I really hear Mitt accuse the President of the United States of leaking security

Latest TPM poll has Obama at 281 EV -

Chick-Fil-A spinning "safety recall" yarn over Muppet exodus

Obama opens up 49-43 lead on Mitt Romney (NBC News/Wall Street Journal)

More pressing issues lost in din over pot

Daily Kos re Battleground States: "Romney still can't break out of low 40s"

RIP Sherman Hensley.

Batman Actor Christian Bale Visiting Victims Of Shooting

New Orleans police getting sweeping overhaul (federal)

Of the Rich, By the Rich, For the Rich

There are too many polls

Did Obama "Diminish American Power" or Enhance it? The Record is Clear.

Disturbing: Women on Twitter Think James Holmes Is 'Hot,' 'Sexy,' 'Cute'

Pentagon concludes oxygen supply behind F-22 breathing problems

NBC/WSJ poll: Negative campaign takes toll on candidates; Obama up six points

The prez live in Portland Oregon right now

The Private Sector Never Has And Never Will Fulfill The Needs Of Veterans

If you hate the NRA's philosophy, I say join the NRA and change it from within.

The sound of America's Infrastructure falling apart

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Communities #1

Willard Rmoney will not win the November elections

Did the Bain Attacks Have a Lasting Effect on Romney?

Faux and Friends shamelessly use little girls to attack Obama

Do you expect to change any minds here?

LA City Council votes to ban marijuana shops

Stray dogs align themselves against Romney/Bain.

Crooks & Liars: "DSL users are fleeing in droves, and Verizon wants them to."

"the right to keep and bear arms"

Three Common-Sense Gun Bills That Can't Pass Congress

Cameras denied for Aurora theater shooting suspect's next court date

If you can, it wouldn't be a bad idea to shop at Costco...

Sally Ride 1st American Woman in space.

The Response To "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT!" ----->

Cell-Out Arizona Exclusive: Documents Show Arizona Officials Knew Private Prisons Weren’t Saving Mon

Obama Pushes Back on 'You Didn't Build That' Flap.

The Wall Street Journal Covers Up ALEC Link To Anti-Union School Privatization Law

US Christian right presses anti-gay, anti-abortion laws using front offices in Africa

Should Today's Form of Christianity Survive?

Mitt plans to hide behind Ann's skirts 'cause Obama's so mean

Quinn Speaks Out For Gun Control

PHOTO: " thank you, I have my OWN ChapStick."

Max Keiser on Greenspan, Bailouts and Bananas

Have you looked at Netflix's stock price lately?

The "Well Regulated Militia" clause in plain English and other liberal Constitutional musings

CPS, CTU reach partial agreement in contract talks

iPhone case turns into a 650,000-volt stun gun

Beware "Pics of the USA". Sorry JumpingJohn.

Christian radio is drowning out my NPR

"Wisconsin isn't nearly as terrifying as I was led to believe growing up in Minnesota.." Al 4 Tammy

Uh Oh... Unprecedented Ice Melt on Greenland Surface Ice

Celebrated Spanish judge Garzon to head Assange legal team

Worried about Obama's "leaks," Mitty? Well then why don't you "leak" your tax returns?

origin of break dancing

Actor Christian Bale visits Colorado shooting victims

Can DU, can this nation have a sensible discussion about gun violence

Please drink more Jack Daniel's, They've turned out to a nice

NBC/WSJ poll: On Romney's tax returns, "more negative" up five points

My Mom's Health is Failing

Did anyone see Jennifer Granholm last night? She blew the lid off the NRA

The Other Extradition Battle In Britain