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Archives: July 29, 2012

Now you know.

I'm beginning to see my total lack of interest in the Olympics as very liberating

OK, one more ANG tale: The Whiskey Run

Cheap Coal Is Dead. Long Live Renewable Age

Lakota, others celebrate rare white bison at Conn. farm, name him Yellow Medicine Dancing Boy

Would Romney the draft dodger hesitate to send someone else's son or daughter to die in Iran?

**Olympic Spoiler*** What is on his teeth?

I miss watching the Olympics of my youth. To each his own, I guess.

SPITZ WINS GOLD!! (spoiler alert)

Fuck! I'm going to have to buy a new computer for my wife because her fucking facebook

A friend had this on Facebook and I waded into the war...

What is your workout routine, if you have one?

S.F.'s New Archbishop Really Hates Gay Marriage

Some weekend thoughts from Thomas Paine

Grammar help please!!

House GOP trying to fast-track tax cut bill for wealthy and corporations

Charles G. Koch Finds Out Climate Change is Real

Sting targets white supremacists: Agents' Nazi 'gang' duped suspects

I'm betting one of the dead is his ex-wife

How did this homeless guy get 5,000 rounds of ammo?

3 shot dead in Pa.; girl taken, found safe in Ohio

NBC Sees Most-Watched Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony Ever

A KFC franchise OWNS Chik-Fil-A.

Penn State aims to settle abuse claims

Why the IOC will never memorialize the '72 Munich massacre

I posted this thread on in GD Sun Jul 22, 2012, 02:39 PM and kicked it every day

Why ACA, and expanded Medicaid in particular, means the future is Single Payer Healthcare

Census says that the Amish are the fastest growing religious group in U.S. and Canada

Road trip to Seward

Breaking: Marco Rubio plane has to make an emergency landing. He misses Iowa Rally.

"In Comments About His Wife’s Horse, Romney Shows Why Americans Just Don’t Like Him"

A person making $50,000 a year pays 10 cents a day in taxes for food stamps

The Chinese men gymnasts are choking.

Sen. Harry Reid: Senate schedule too busy this year to debate gun control

Toon: Amazing Live Prison People

"Behind Big Political Gifts, a Mysterious Donor"

Obama sharpens language against House GOP

White House cautions Syria rebels not to repeat mistakes of Iraq

Songs with beautiful lyrics

Should Romney be asked about LDS posthumous baptisms while in Isreal?

What's going on with the Anaheim protests

Kemp, Billingsley lead Dodgers past Giants, 10-0

Hate to say it - But since they Closed all the Medical Marijuana Clinics down

just found this! Pink Floyd Fans enjoy!

Manning shines in Broncos' first padded practice

Why was "Hey Jude" chosen as the song McCartney sang?

I just saw the FUNNIEST, best movie and it was based on RL too...

Colorado Theater Shooting: James Holmes' Attorneys Fight Prosecutors Over Package

Bush Clothing Line Fails to Find Market

Sunday Talk Shows

"What did Mitt Romney learn from the Bush years?" by Ezra Klein at WP

Took a ride out Old Frankfort Pike and stopped at the Headley-Whitney Museum.

The hoops you have to jump through to watch the Olympics on NBC online

"12 Bigoted Taunts Peddled By Romney Camp and Allies" at AlterNet

An Inglourious Start...

Officials want to turn World War II nuclear-weapon development sites into national parks

Jesse Jackson Jnr checks in to the Mayo clinic

John Stossel is on TeeVee (Faux News) trying to convince us that ....

Romney least liked candidate in recent history? Polling numbers say no

I just happened to notice that both the Pirates and Rangers have 58 wins.

Diane Ravitch Defends Public Education

I know we're not supposed to post porn... but DAYUM!!!!!

"‘Big Government’ Isn’t So Big by Historical Standards. It’s Also Shrinking."

My wife got her own EDC today.

XP from GD: Bombshell: Koch-Funded Study Finds ‘Global Warming Is Real’ (...and the cause is human)

Last year: 46 Percent of Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Banned

I got diarrhea after eating at Chik Fil A ....

Officer Picking Up Prostitutes Caught On His Own Dashcam (video)

194 of President Obama's Accomplishments! With Citations!

Elizabeth Warren: Let's go to work! *New ad*

"Conservatives Undermining Our Economic Recovery" By Adam S. Hersh at Marketwatch

Obama's father and grandfather's connections with evangelical Christianity in Kenya

The one thing that would have foiled the Aurora Massacre

Penn State president: School is "adequately covered" to settle any lawsuits "as quickly as possible"

"Recession Looks a Bit Less Bad Thanks to Government" by Neil Shah at the WSJ

Disgraced ex-Penn State Prez Pedophile Enabler Has “Top Secret” Federal Job

MN remembers 10th Anniversary of the Torture memos on Aug 1st, 2012 (in front of Fed building

"The Nakedness of Their Greed" by Richard Eskow at the Huffington Post

The Queen is pleased

so who is likely to be Montana's next governor?

Stop The Frack Attack rally in DC today

"Snow!" *flop*

Pundit Craig Crawford apparently does not know how to use a remote control.

*rmoney & the 2002 Olympics, C-SPAN, 11:15 pm ET.

Fast electric Caltrain still years away

Chik Fil A

'Britons evaded £200m in tax' using HSBC-owned Swiss bank

(UK) Security services to get more access to monitor emails and social media

Yi Shiwen just anhililated the world record in the Women's 400m Medly swim

US mens gymnastics

Bandits whose lack of fame keeps them out of the Western Hall of Fame

Are there some smaller spiders that attack orb weavers?

The USA Fencing Mask Is Awesome And Intimidating, And Awesome

Cookie Monster sings his version of Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me Maybe."

Autopsy report confirms former Falcons safety Easterling had brain disease

Wish I had my camera....

Am I allowed to retroactively post spoilers...

I have to say I can't understand why any of the opening ceremony was cut

Spoiler: The Giants win

Cartoon on buying and selling DC style

Wounded mom of youngest Aurora victim suffers miscarriage, family says

Okay, post what you think Mitt will do wrong in Poland..........

Freedom - David Gray

I thought full ignore was full ignore

Take a break with a little brain game

Hurricane Harry - The Last Meal. I have been looking for this for more than 15 years! FINALLY!!!

Foreign Donations?

Russia has doubts about Syria president's ability to hold on

Cool, Dr. Ben Spock won gold in rowing in the 1924 Olympics.

50 Shades of Grey

Climate Change = Ozone Holes....

On Facebook -- Could you imagine if Obama had offshore bank accounts...

Over 600m out of 1.24 billion Indians rely directly on farming ...

Mitt Romney: "Don't worry, I won't take your trans fats away..."

Moonrise over the Lava Fire's smoke column and cap cloud

Sure, we need another oil pipeline ... NOT

Saw this crap on Facebook and posted this response.

I'm amazed by these women weightlifters who can lift over twice their body weight.

Cranky Old Man

Bolt-on kit could halve fuel consumption (Video)

Romney’s War With Iran Rhetoric Jeopardizes Both Israel and the United States

Could you imagine???

I'm going to say something about the Chick-Fil-A controversy...

The judges gave me a 9.8 for my dismount....

I have to get one of those big bowls of gymnastics chalk for my house.

15 tons and what do you get ... a bunker buster

Claire McCaskill trails GOP candidates in Senate race, poll shows (post-dispatch)

The next time I stumble or miss-step....

Claire McCaskill trails GOP candidates in Senate race, poll shows

OMG, Women's Beach Volleyball in 55 degree weather,

Can you just be at somebodies beck?

Fund-Raiser for Romney in Israel Bars Media

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, July 28)

For the folks keeping count: Romney's first Israel trip screw-up was reported on back on July 12th

Would it be wrong to cheer if Romney's horse doesn't medal?

Bristol Palin to ‘Dance’ again, since media won’t leave her alone

LOTR Olympics

a friend of mine

2012 London Olympics: Empty Seats on Day One Prompt Urgent Investigation

Maybe there is an upside to NOT masturbating

So Rmoney flees the US to deflect attention from failing to disclose his taxes,

Correcting errors on credit reports to become easier thanks to new consumer agency

He's Meeting With Lech Walesa? What???.....

NBC: We skipped terror tribute because it wasn't "tailored for the U.S. audience"

"Mitt Romney is not the solution - He is the problem."

Found an easy ..BBC live ads

Animal activists' terror tactics drive staff out of laboratories

Adviser: Romney would back strike against Iran

Israel’s Settlers Are Here to Stay (NY Times op-ed)

Are we allowed to mention the unmentionable site now?

Mitt Romney Campaign Scraps $50,000 Per Plate Jerusalem Fundraiser On A Jewish Fasting Day

Not Banksy but clever just the same

Cameron urged to follow Spain's new EU edict : 'You can't move here without enough money in the bank

My fellow Americans, The spoilers are NBC's fault.

The lead singer for this band is a friend of mine!

Try this. It's pretty darn cool.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Dark And Stormy Night Edition

Secular humanism vs. religion debate grows in TN

Write a HEADLINE for this picture of Mitt (the third Everly Brother) Romney!!!! Or CAPTION!!!!

Net-casting spider hunt filmed in wild

First Lady Love

What are you reading the week of July 29, 2012?

Greek leaders agree bulk of austerity cuts - source

Robert Fisk: Syrian war of lies and hypocrisy

Today's Non Sequitur

Ticket scandal overshadows Games opening

Julian Assange may face embassy questioning

Might be funny but sad also

Stats on Jury Verdicts



Ramadan: Day 10 - Tired and Hungry, But Thirsty is the Worst

Reuters: Syria SNC asks allies for heavy arms

Obama seen by Americans as more likable than Romney, new USA Today-Gallup poll shows


Arizona’s Ban At 20 Weeks Shows Country’s Shift On Abortion Law

100 days is all that is left until election day.

Photo of Romney protesting in favor of the Vietnam War he eventually dodged with 4 draft deferments

Romney Says He’d Respect Israeli Military Strike On Iran

3 years ago today. for Donna

Mahalia Jackson in concert 1961 part 3 {good sound quality}

How Cities Can Get Drivers Biking

London Crawling

Police Find Meth Lab in Center City Hotel (Philadelphia)


Indiana voucher program: 41 more schools, some non-religious join

August contest

Nuns Weigh Response to Scathing Vatican Rebuke

Afghan truckers a forgotten front in a war growing deadlier by the day

I'm down without Chris Hayes

My little girl is 7 years old today - a few pics from the party yesterday

Soybean-Based Tires Could Reduce Global Oil Consumption (up to seven million gallons each year)

Why is the country only 42% Democratic ?

Mitt Romney would 'respect' Israel strike on Iran, aide says ....pander much mitt?

Latina LGBT Organization Receives Threatening Call

Romney's Horrible Gaffes Are Still Trending All Over US Media (at least on the Internet)

Keystone XL pipeline is issue of property rights for some ranchers

Cargill Admits Buying Palm Oil from Illegally Cleared Orangutan Habitat

Rep. Dave Camp diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Food-borne illnesses not diminishing, CDC finds

lazy, stupid msm

Mitt holding the flag at the Olympics?

Toon:Extra Extra!


Poverty in America: Why Can’t We End It?

After 224 Years in Business America's Oldest Store Is Saying Goodbye

No one vetted Mitt

"The Olympics are a peaceful celebration of our warlike nature."

Oxford University changes dress code to meet needs of transgender students

Empty seats overshadow Games, China dominates

Just in Case You Didn't Know

Life begins at 6: Ruby celebrates her birthday today

Latest Proposal to Kill Post Office Ignores Real Causes of Its Financial Crisis

Typical Mo Dowd---she simply can't help herself.

Romney is very secretive

Report: US presents Israel with Iran strike plan (Romney camp playing with fire)

Mitt, Open Up About Bain Career.

Do elected lawmakers work and are they reliable?

Re:Re:Fw:Re: Workers Spend 650 Hours a Year On Email

Hey Mitt, Does Size Matter?

Temple Mount Tackiness

Romney camp trying to walk back national security adviser Dan Senor's comment on Iran strike

the photo op money shot

Romney Not Sure If He’s Ever Paid Tax Rate Lower Than 13.9 Percent (updated)

Zara Philips, the Princess Royal's daughter, is on the GB Olympic team

GOP Poverty Creators Plan to Increase Taxes on 22.9 Million Poor and Middle Class Families

American Terrorists-- Check out what's going on in Central Florida--F'ing scary.

Should we start calling Mitt---The Moon Walk canidate?

Here's The 7/7 Tribute NBC Cut

Isn't Romney's Attempt to Win Jewish Voters Out of Reach?

a little music for my frame of mind today.

referendum for an elected school board in chicago.

Don't forget....August 1st is Rainbow Friendly Day at a certain deep fried chicken sandwich store.

Paul Begala on George W. Bush’s Very Bad Economic Advice

Delayed vindication.

Gibbs: Romney embarrassed the U.S. in London

Darth Cheney says picking Sarah Palin as vp was a mistake.

spoiler alert: shooting

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) on MSNBC about voter suppression

The Vacation’s Over: Rethinking The Swimsuit Issue

Mitt Romney's meth labs of democracy

Romney goes for the gold: Editorial cartoon

Rafalca vs the American Family: Who Spends More?

Scalia: Hand-held Rocket Launchers Probably Protected Under Second Amendment

College drinkers: How do you get your fix?

Mississippi Church Refuses to Marry Black Couple

The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic (Richard A. Muller)

Just another of my irritating notes: We're having a Royalism outbreak here in our Democratic U.

Scalia Suggests ‘Hand-Held Rocket Launchers’ Are Protected Under Second Amendment

The Republican "Trickle Down" Theory

“In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing,”

The Trade Minister, HSBC and the £200m in tax evasion

Parties look to make $1 trillion in sequestration cuts a campaign issue

Parties look to make $1 trillion in sequestration cuts a campaign issue

The mystery of the Indian intruder at the Opening Ceremony

Now that the Climate Denier Ass Clowns are Recanting, the REAL Debate Begins.

Great Tweet re: empty seats at the Olympics... Shame them!

non-photoshopped Mittens

What is a breitbart-bot like Dana Loecsh doing on a panel on ABC's ThisWeek?


Cheney: Palin pick was a mistake

Nastiness of primary race(Flake, Cardon) worries Republicans

Please come and help plan Willard Mitt Romney's Presidential Library!

going to China - books to read?


Democrat Who Supported Repealing Health Reform Is Now Taking Credit For It

Romney Camp Reverses Decision, Will Allow Press At Jerusalem Fundraiser

GOP Class Warfare: tax cuts for 20 million vs. tax cuts for 2 million

Gibbs: Americans ‘Wonder Aloud Whether Mitt Romney Is Ready For The World’

Shrinking supply of homes for sale has upended market dynamics

Deficit debate driven by the wealthy

When discussing needing nuclear weapons as a deterrent our media generally never mentions Brazil

NYPD to unveil terrorist tracking system, Commissioner Kelly says

Study: Proof That We Sexually Objectify Women

Arabs protest Israel's participation in Olympics

Willard cancels fundraiser because it was scheduled for a Jewish day of fasting??

What a fucking douche....

Misreading Feminism & Women’s Rights in Tehran: Beyond Chadors, Ninjabis, & Secular Fantasies

Has anyone else heard this?

Scalia Suggests ‘Hand-Held Rocket Launchers’ Are Protected Under Second Amendment

Israel's Shemen gets okay for offshore oil drill

$100 bills with Lincoln trip up counterfeit try

Romney: "Wimp" or "Prep School Bully"? (updated )

What's for Dinner - Sunday July 29th

Bishop Romney on CNN LIVE from Israel.

Interesting project - Face the Facts USA. Saw Frank Sesno talk about it on Kurtz' "Media Matters"

Adelson's puppet Mitt in Israel promising to recognize Jerusalem capital and move our embassy

Romney asked about the Mormon Church's racist past

Anti-Fracking Panel w/ Josh Fox, Bill McKibben, and others

Aide: Romney would back Israel if it strikes Iran

Romney on "wimp" headline: I don't care what media says

strange jury decision

Anyone watching MR speak in Israel?....wish Mitt's teleprompter would bust.

Rules for the poor (courtesy of Jane Devin)

Cheney: Picking Palin as VP 'a mistake'

"I have to stand here because I'm running for President for Pete's sake"

OMZ!1 TCM running A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum!1

Man tries to set himself on fire at Beersheba City Hall

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Newsweek Cover: "Mitt The Wimp"

This week in the War on Women: Let's send some women to end this damn war

Romney's Horse Heads To The Olympics

Group Of House Republicans Stand By Islamophobic Witch Hunt = "Double Down and Raise Ya"

NBC's Olympic schedule

Netanyahu flatly denies AP story on Israelis spying on CIA

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 29, 1970

Your NBC Olympics Coverage Friend:

Why Obama Is Tougher on Iran Than Romney Could Ever Be

Savannah Dietrich attorney wants Jefferson County attorney's office off case

Question on Mormonism

The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gary Lee Weinrib, July 29, 1953. What you say about his company is what you say...

It was worth it.

Romney: I will Put Netanyahu First and America Second - No Kidding

TSA Outrage - GOP Fodder for the Feeble Minded

"We are trying to prevent a war and Romney is urging Israel to start one."

Romanians vote on presidential impeachment

Koch Backed, Climate change critic turns tail..

What did Romney hope to accomplish on his trip to London?

Union Caterpillar worker replaced by scabs doesn't know how he is going to make his Toyota payment

So bloomberg is endorsing both scott brown and romney. What an ASS. /nt

LIBOR - Insider Trading on a Massive Scale

Walmart Greeter Buys 6-Pack of Beer & Is Condemned

Tell the Candidates: We Want Solutions to the Gun Madness

Athlete makes American Olympic history (SPOILER)

Panetta Goes to Middle East as Iran Dominates Israel Talk

But Women should be GENTEEL, right?

Tattoos As Self-Mutiliation

Michael Tomasky, Newsweek: Mitt Romney: A Candidate With a Serious Wimp Problem

How Uncle Sam Helped Mitt Romney Build His Fortune

Latest edition of "reasons I like my local newspaper..."

69 Nations Have More US Troops Than Olympic Athletes

Top 5 Reasons Why Raising the Minimum Wage Is Good for You and Me

WND is where those too crazy for Faux "news" go.

I am sick of the "severely debilitated with M.S." meme Ann Romney camp

How Uncle Sam Helped Mitt Romney Build His Fortune

Newsweek Cover: Romney, The Wimp Factor ----->

Accusations of Same-Sex Hanky-Panky Provoke Bigoted Response, Then Apology, From Florida's Anti-Gay

Some Florida lawmakers see wealth rise while in office

Climate Change and the Next US Revolution

Re-write this T-Shirt!

You heard about the two-headed lizard, right?

We can now state that Romney's foreign trip was a flop of great magnitude.


Mitt "Willard" Rmoney stops quickly...

First Lady Love For Men's Olympic B-Ball Team

And the freepers turn on Cheney for daring to criticize their beloved Sarah...

Parents slain, sister taken; son, 33, held

I've seen only anti-Obama ads, no pro-Romney ones.

What would Bachmann do? (A way to think about Civil Liberties)

In jam, Romney tries not to make new Iran policy

As long as the working class thinks a lottery ticket is a financial investment plan,

Mile markers every .2 miles--anyone seen this? I saw that yesterday

In jam, Romney tries not to make new Iran policy

Imagine a Mormon bishop getting up in Israel and

Romney cancels meeting with (opposition) party leaders in Israel

US basketball players line up for hugs from First Lady Michelle Obama - (updated) pics

Bloomberg Sues Council to Overturn 2 Wage Laws

Mallick: Lori Douglas scandal shows how easy it is to become a judge

Posted early morning, C-SPAN about rmoney + 2002 olympics.

Bellevue woman sees wells built to fulfill her late daughter's wishes

Hardworking Americans should not be living in poverty

Mayor Bloomberg pushing NYC hospitals to hide baby formula so more new moms will breast-feed

Romney: Deeply moving to be in Jerusalem, Israel's capital

Flipping SCALIA with Chris WALLACE. I'm sure same old lies will be the, um, text.

Scalia Suggests Women Have No Right to Contraception

Spoiler Olympic Women's gymnastics

Antonin Scalia: There Are 'Undoubtedly' Limits To A Person's Right To Carry Guns (VIDEO

Why would anyone argue that Chick-Fil-A should be immune to consequences for bigotry?

The Newsweek essay that exposes Mitt as as gutless wonder: "The Wimp Factor"

Applegrove is always the one best-prepared for lengthy commuting delays.

Polls show that most women are happiest with men who are satisfied with winning the Silver medal.

A poolside sonargram:

Kali LOVES her hot tub, but lately her husband has been saying "it's too hot out" to join her.

MiddleFingerMom really doesn't like to talk much about his Furry lifestyle.

MFM is now under a Federal court order not to sing Karaoke ANYWHERE within the United States.

Ever felt like this, Ann Romney?

Romney’s Gaffes Worsen in Israel

Re-Write This Shirt!

Wow.. single man sailing is INTENSE

How to make Dressage a proper Olympic Sport

The Betrayal of the American Dream: exerpt in Philly Inquirer

Divide and Rule in the Land of Gold

Equestrian Olympic competition on now- "Heck of a job" must be watching

Starving government = inefficient government.

Oxford University changes dress code to meet needs of transgender students

Romanians vote on whether to impeach president

Romney pledges support for Israel

RBS faces huge fine over Libor scandal, says Stephen Hester

Religious ensemble combines prayer and dance

Romney: U.S. President MUST be a world-class tax dodger

Fill in the blanks: the _____ says I polish the _____ too much

Andrew Hacker: Is Algebra Necessary? (PUUUUUUUUKE)

I'm watching Water Polo, US vs. Montenegro, right now. Fun!

Hotlympics! The 50 sexiest male athletes in London

Chick-fil-A sued after female was fired; Woman advised to be a stay-at-home mom

Social media mind games - Manipulation using social media

I made spam and eggs for breakfast this morning...

Meanwhile In Russia WTF (Video)

Debris from Boeing dreamliner engine sets area around Charleston airport runway ablaze

So I was watching the Olympics and got bored. I went to wipe down my motorcycle

LA cops screw up again ....

Black couple says racism forced wedding relocation

The ACLU and Reproductive Choice

Paul Begala should be hired as one of Obama's speech writers.

What sport has the hottest athletes?

Am I the only one who is completely unimpressed with FireFox Mobile?

Scientists unlock ocean CO2 secrets key to climate: study

Damn, I'm glad Ann Romney doesn't play water polo!

NOT the Onion. New tourism ad makes U.S. look like Canada

In the Spirit: A good-faith effort for social justice


Salon: Five ridiculous Ann Romney quotes

Every so often, this quote by Abe Lincoln seems appropriate...

'tats for tits' is the phrase of the hour. you know what to do.

“Nice Guys” Contribute to Rape Culture

If Israel strikes Iran's nuclear facilites

A 'do what I'm thinking button' should be on every keyboard.

10th Anniv. of Torture memo Aug 1st 11am to 1pm Downtown Fed Building, MInneapolis

Some of us know we have our place in the natural order of things

S&P stands by Britain’s triple A rating

Thousands Protest China’s Plans for Hong Kong Schools

How Turning the Public School System into a Market Undermines Democracy

Romney 'will not be watching' Ann's horse compete in Olympics

TOONS: Mitt Romney (no substance)

Radical environmentalism on the rise, RCMP report says

Has that damn horse pranced yet? If not, when?

I think it's pretty clear: a vote for Romney = a vote for war with Iran.

I would like to suggest we change the French word, "dressage" to "horse dancing"...

Vietnam Considers Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Romney: US has moral duty to block Iran nuclear plans

(Spoiler) Women's 100 fly

Finally saw the trailer for ParaNorman

Image: 2012 Year of the pissed-off Liberal

"One can never have too much ammo"

We must yell and scream for the next two weeks while our most loyal voices from

Huntsman to be honored for LGBT work

Justice Scalia: Individual Mandate Is Not A Tax

I think that an alert on a post that someone considers to be weird

Dick Cheney: Sarah Palin Pick 'A Mistake' - video link

Photo: First Lady Michelle Obama hugs Team USA basketball player Carmelo Anthony

Spoiler Alert: Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay

How many medal ceremonies have you seen?

checking in

Is Romney's middle name really Mithaniel?

The Glass Rainbow, by James Lee Burke

Major washout for the word police.

Romney Scrabble

NASA rover closing in on Mars to hunt for life clues

Jim Hightower: Pigheaded Republicans....dogmatic, obstinate & obtuse! Classic Hightower!

Someone, please talk me into cutting the tall grass this late afternoon.


Q: "How do you size up the trip?" A: "Well, he (Romney) shouldn't have gone."

Gas prices turn upward after long skid

Critical Mass arrests: police charge three

Spoiler Alert: Women's Olympic Soccer/(Football)

What Do The Middle Class Do? (With Mitt and Ann Romney)

Israel boycotters block Barenboim's orchestra from Jerusalem concert

Victory! Walmart's US "sweatshop"

The bag of hot, nasty, narcissistic filled gas, speaks again ...

The Science of Curiosity: Seeking Signs of Past Mars Habitability

Romney 'will not be watching' Ann's horse compete in Olympics

A question in the form of a cartoon (via Amendment II Democrats)

Rut Roh

AFL-CIO escalates campaign for fairness at American Crystal Sugar

Obama's Justice Department Rushes to the Rescue of LIBOR Criminals

Wolf "Leslie" Blitzer tweet on Romney

Duke Ellington: Take The "A" Train

Should the Texas Rangers trade Josh Hamilton?

Rally for higher minimum wage targets Congressman Kline

Huckabee's former campaign manager: Willard's "aloof and not always understanding the situation"

Mitt Romney Stuffs Campaign Coffers With Money From London Banksters Linked To LIBOR Rate-Fixing

It's simple when you buy something at Chick-Fil-A

From Russ Feingold: Get rid of "TOO BIG TO FAIL."

It's well past time for this.

Will Romney denounce unions in Poland?

200,000 protest in Tokyo Police deploy armoured buses to buttress Parliament’s gate (Reuters)

Minimum Wage Increase - Surely You Jest

It's past time to end the "pony envy"

Bill Maher on Police Brutality (in 2007)

romney promised not to criticize the President while overseas? another brazen lie.

Beach volley ball required women wear bikinis until this year?

Anyone else remember the Bell Telephone science films?

Presenting....the future Pres. of the United States

Fox News Saved my Life..... ;)

Bill Maher - Purity Balls

Does anyone know how to make money with a horse that does dressage?

Romney ‘Accepted Instructions from Netanyahu’ to Cancel Meeting

Romney Doesn't Know if He Paid a Tax Less than 13.9 per cent..(sure, and I am Queen Elizabeth II)

Pushin' Too Hard

NYC mayor wants hospitals to lock up baby formula to encourage breast-feeding

If VH-1 decides to air "Celebrity Pap Smear", which Palin will make the first appearance?

Poor, poor Tex....

BREAKING: The latest Romney outrage (contradicts U.S. policy on Jerusalem)

lol OMG!!!

"TV's Frank" Conniff interviews Mr. Ed in a SCATHING INDICTMENT of "dressage"...and Ann Romney

romney made it obvious today, it's the neocons all over again. bolton...hadley.....

we are thinking about selling our home and buying a cool condo downtown

Ever been in a store where a clerk marked the bill, and it WAS counterfeit?

I just want to say, dressage doesn't bother me

The RW fetal person-hood corps just caught a big break in Colorado Shooting

An interesting variation on the "that guy" rule of band shirt wearing

Seven Minutes of Terror

Otis Day and the Knights at Dexter Lake Club!!

NYT: Lettire Construction Agrees to Pay Back Wages for Workers

What should be done with health woo?...

Who saw that cobra on Pawn Stars?

How many here have made donations to a candidate?

Pirates are in the record books!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 30 July 2012

LABOR: Union voting to authorize Rite Aid strike

Assad forces pound Aleppo, declare Damascus victory (Reuters)

Link to Newsweek's Michael Tomasky's article on Romney: A Candidate with a Serious Wimp Problem

Out of all the weird and crazy musicians I've run into here in Austin, he has to be in the top five

Walmart stores evacuated as threats continue

Damn Mitt, put a sock in it will ya? You just offended 1.6 BILLION people!

Jay Leno quote

This was a British head line. It is just perfect!!

I/P knowledgeable DUers - What's up with Romney's support for Jerusalem as Israel's capital?

TARP's Inspector General says Tim Geithner mishandled TARP funds, opposed tough bank regulations

My local NC news just said Romney has spent twice as much $$ as Obama in NC & still

What? No Olympic SPOILER about....

Adelson attends Romney’s Jerusalem speech

Romney's home country enters the Olympic stadium....

I'm Afraid of Americans re imagined

Stop the Frack Attack, Rally and March, July 28, Washington DC

First Lady Obama VS Ann Rmoney Showing support for the Olympic Atheletes

Matters Olympics - do you know that the female swim suits cost £450

Ease up on Mitt, okay? After all, this is his economic recovery plan . . . . .

'Why Is Reddit So Anti-Women?': An Epic Reddit Thread Counts the Ways

I am officially bored with beach volleyball

Mitt Romney: Jerusalem Is 'The Capital Of Israel'

Here is an ad thread I would like to see

Is anyone watching 60 Minutes?

The Frisco Freaksters aren't alone in first anymore.

Deficit debate driven by the wealthy: "It's Their Future"

Nats keep winning . Is this why? ----->

Will Asian voters swing the election?

On NOT building it alone(thinking about President Obama's remarks)

Looking forward to Oxnard, MIM? "Jerry Jones ends talk about Dallas Cowboys' window closing"

Why it's reasonable to suspect that James Holmes might have paranoid schizophrenia,

Minutes before Netanyahu meeting, Romney cancels on Yacimovich.

Steven McGovern, son of former South Dakota senator George McGovern, dies at 60

99 Ways to Save....from AARP

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