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I'm trying to figure something out here...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 31 July 2012

So, Chick-fil-A's beliefs are based on the bible? Fine. I disagree, but fine...

Stopping in to say hello

Cornel West & company explain why they are socialists..

Titans WR Murdock dies in apparent suicide

Keiser Report: Troika of Fraud: Media, Wall St. & Govt

Puppeteer’s TV show still on the air despite plot to eat children

Romney to host a bar-b-q in India

What does YOUR cat do during a thunderstorm?

Franklin Graham & Mike Huckabee call for support for Chick Fil A

GOP Gutting Food Safety Budgets as New Data Shows Illnesses on the Rise

It's getting juicy. The Florida Greer thing.

I'm torn... their menu is stellar, but McSustainable?

There use to be this term that described American's abroad.

Romney Praises Israel’s Universal Health Care System, Which Includes Individual Mandate

Army sergeant acquitted of negligent homicide in soldier's death

Cheney to Skip Republican Convention

ian mackaye talks politics, protest and profit

5 Reasons To Vote For Obama...In Pictures!

Creditors, bankrupt Alabama county in talks

Chik Fil A's uniforms are sending all their employees to hell.

Why are so many Democrats intimidated by conservatives?

Even in 2012, I find that many Democrats are terrified of Republicans.

Romney's $50K-per-plate Israel fundraiser CANCELED (it was scheduled on a JEWISH DAY OF FASTING)

"Romney Made More Money, Paid Less Taxes Than Past Five Presidents" by Serena Dai

NY, NJ lawmakers want ammunition sales restricted

The Age of Inequality

Nightmare Neighborhood, the Mysterious Marauder, and Politics

Senate Hearing Examines Need For Constitutional Remedies to Overturn Citizens United

Democrats: Stand up against intimidation tactics by Republicans!

It is not defending Chick-fil-a to say that it is a problem when governments use litmus tests to

"WATCH: Mitt Romney Admits He's Been Audited By The IRS" by Grace Wyler at Business Insider

Regarding the McDonald's Supports Chick-Fil-A Sign

Rachel's Back

White House wants Romney to explain Israel remarks

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Rommageddon & a new Kitty gif

Who Plays Axis & Allies, and Knows Where to find the New 1940 Europe Game Reasonably Priced?

Please think before you post Faux news. If you read something there that's alarming

These letters/rebates from Health Insurers are fascinating

Don't park in my bike lane!!!

Romney’s Jerusalem fundraiser called ‘a love fest,’ but remarks on Palestinians prompt outrage

The Link Between Oral Sex & Morning Sickness

To fit right in with the Olympics...

100-year-old evangelist, Billy Graham, vows to eat mor' chikin' on August 1st.

Employee rights question, re: Employer Insurance and Obamacare rebates

This is the new lie making the rounds on FB

Mitt Romney, You Socialist Swine

"6 Things Mitt Romney Is Hiding" at Mother Jones

Fox News Host: Covering Romney’s International Trip Feels Like Being In ‘A Modified Petting Zoo’

Luckovich knocks another one out of the park...

Former Bush Sr. official calls on Romney to release his tax returns.

Chick-fil-A and the Family Research Council

Play around with this map to find your personal Zone Hardiness

Republican Congressman Blasts GOP: Party Caters To ‘Extremes,’ Is ‘Incapable Of Governing’

Republicans are bigger advocates for rapist sperm than women controlling their own bodies

Everyday, thousands of innocent plants are killed...

Hey, how's everyone doing?

How much should I sell these tire rims for?

One of the Books that shaped America Alcoholics Anonymous (among others)

This is one turtle you don't want to mess around with!!!

Remember back in '84 how ruthless the Republicans were with Ferraro's taxes?

Toon: The Anaheim PD Flag

Dead Duck

Toon: Diplomacy 101

Lately, I'm getting bombarded with all kinds of phone calls -

Bonnet Carré Spillway

Gun control views unchanged after Colorado massacre: poll

President Obama is not going to cut Social Security, but

Audio interview with Billy Bragg

If Only President Obama Would Visit Israel As Often As Ronald Reagan Did

Ideas on who's going to be the Democratic Keynote Speaker?

With all this talk about McDeath's, since I have traveled, I know that it's different overseas

Krugman: Look Who’s Praising Socialized Medicine

House, Senate negotiators agree on Iran sanctions

The Ballot or the Bullet by William Rivers Pitt

Oregon Judge 'Probably' Would Have Found Mitt Romney Guilty Of Animal Abuse

Former Bachmann aide sues campaign alleging theft

If a CEO said he didn't think racial intermarriage should be legal...

Yet another creepy Mitt story

Is George W. skipping the convention because he doesn't want to be associated with Romney?

Black Dossier: HSBC & Terrorist Finance

1200+ dogs rescued from dog meat smugglers need help now

Romney's foreign controversies overshadow economic message

The logical choice

Drafting Committee Puts Marriage Equality On Dem Party Platform

1200+ dogs rescued from dog meat smugglers need help now

Elizabeth Warren gets key speaking slot at Dem. convention

BPOs welcome US Senate rejection of anti-outsourcing bill

Delicious Ironing

The Latest "Pity The Poor, Poor Romneys" Facebook Meme

The Cost of Care for Colorado’s Victims

Rest in Peace Thelma Glass

BREAKING: Olympics Gymnastics Spoiler

Lunch with Mitt in Reno for $25,000 per person

KRUGMAN: "Obama Has to Say Government by Blackmail Not Acceptable Way to Run the Country"

Romney's Whiff-a-Thon: He and His Advisers Are on Different Pages

More of my friends stopped playing DIII

White House wants Romney to explain Israel remarks

The ED Show - Mitt Romney's European misadventure

It's may be sunspots that cause my FM radio to clearly relay stations from hundreds of miles away

There is gonna be some partying in Lithuania!

"Clinton Popularity Hit Near 20-Year High Mark" Posted by CNN Political Unit

Former Bachmann aide sues campaign, alleging theft

Under Ryan-Romney budget, about 22 million would go hungry

A Brit, a Jew and a Polish guy walk into a bar...

Check this out! Who do you think this is a photo of?

So fracking is the new movement to combat global warming.

Anonymous Hacks IRS Database — Publishes Romney Tax Returns

Before You Look to Astrology for Relationship Guidance...

Republican Congressman Blasts GOP: Party Caters To ‘Extremes,’ Is ‘Incapable Of Governing’

What are your staple items?

So, why do people reply to posts where they were just told they were being put on "ignore"?

Do you view Bill Clinton speaking at the Dem convention an act of desperation

Eliot Spitzer interviews Josh Fox about the politics of fracking

What is Anton "Fat Tony" Scalia up to? Are his corporate overlords ordering him to

In race to represent St. Louis in Congress, Clay and Carnahan trade jabs during radio debate (PD)

Romney's Arizona obstacle

Those British gymnasts will be drinking free pints

Olympics Fever - London style.

That Toyota commercial with the schizophrenic woman is really offensive.

Love this Chick-Fil-A shirt

Romney Campaign EDITS his NAACP speech in targeted ad to black voters. This will piss u off!

The Syrian war is reaching a decisive stage...

Obama thinks election would be close but he'd win

"Rainbow Sleeves" (written by Tom Waits and performed by Rickie Lee Jones)

So we'll be stuck with a Repub legislature and...

It's not the only chicken in town

Afghanistan Veterans With Genital Wounds Receive Little Help from the Pentagon

3 Worse Things Your House-Sitter Could Do Than Steal Your Credit Card

How WikiLeaks' New York Times Hoax Diluted Truth-Telling With Trolling (Forbes)

Where do you get your medications? (And please reply with your answer and where you are from.)

Mitt Romney Would End Wind Energy Tax Credit

3 Worse Things A Hotel Could Put In Your Room Than “50 Shades Of Grey”

question about canning


Be safe Michiganders. Severe lightning storm

Colon cleansing? weight loss?

Romney campaign issues new statement on healthcare

Why Gail Dines Is About As Leftist As The Tea Party

Brown ad: "Let America be America", uses scenes from Europe

It Is Difficult For The Dems To Stay Strong On Social Security When ---

The Verve - Lucky Man

"How the Common Good Is Transforming Our World"

MacArthur Park

Ever Heard Your Spouse or Partner Talking to the TV, Knew You Should Not Intervene, But Did Anyway?

Romney faulting Palestine for lower GDP is like blaming African-American slaves for making less...

Blacksmith at Coloma, California

Mitt's Oct surprise (or sooner) is to take a page out Rove's playbook.

Jon Stewart Tears Apart NBC’s Olympic Edit And Romney For His London Criticisms

The Doors - Touch Me

Eliot Spitzer: Kenneth Langone's attack on me in Businessweek ignores the facts

Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire De Melody Nelson

The Olympics: faster, higher, stronger--- unless three of you are from the same country.

something i posted in gd

Matrix co-creator introduces new film as a woman

I know better than to respond to right wing crap on facebook

How Could Any Person - Talking Head, Politician, Newspaper, Or Media Group...

Goddamit. Had to send a DVD back at least 4 times

Those Aren’t Gaffes That’s the Real Mitt Romney

For-profit schools labeled 'abject failure'

A shout out to... Quiet DUers!

Using Romney's own logic...Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE all have better cultures than Israel.

The Romney Administration will operate like a Bain Fund....

(Former NY Gov.) Paterson Aides Said to Have Sought Race-Based Changes to Security Detail in ’08

India allows dismantling of Alaska tanker Exxon Valdez

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, July 30)

A-holier than thou, as usual

DUpvote this one good comment on in a sea of NRA drones!

There She Is!

Shibboleth. Among RW, "Obama is a Muslim" has more than doubled in 4 years.

How do you handle family members that you don't want to be around anymore?

A new Katana from my favorite dealer..

Anyone else loving Michael Allen Dyson?

"I don’t remember him as a savior of the Olympics"

Maeve Binchy, bestselling Irish writer, dies aged 72

China rejects US report on religious freedom

(4/13/12) Mike Malloy rips Mitt Romney's NRA address

Neo-paramilitaries promise “social cleansing” in Colombia’s southwest .

Must Read: Fussbudget How Paul Ryan captured the G.O.P (Lizza in the New Yorker)

Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres Discuss President Obama's Record

Al-Qaida turns tide for rebels in battle for eastern Syria

What will happen if Repubs hold the House and take the Senate and WH in Nov?

Caution: SPOILER. Potential doping scandal

Chomsky's Latest Essay: Which I call 'The Charter of the Forest'

Mitt Romney now criticised by China

Bob Carr raises concerns over plight of Palestinian children in Israeli jails

The Message: Ronald Reagan is not George Washigton

Japan pro-bomb voices grow louder amid nuke debate

Post Office: Yet another manufactured crisis, brought to you by the Republican Congress.

3 Big Lies Perpetuated By the Rich

GOP’s Three Biggest Fears in 2012

Romney praises health care in Israel, where ‘strong government influence’ has driven down costs

Try American Families' user-friendly LTE writing tool to defend Medicare and Medicaid


Europe looks to open up Greenland for natural resources extraction

Anyone know?

BP adds $847m to Deepwater Horizon costs

Jon Stewart and chicken shit

Jon Stewart and chicken shit

Romney aide loses cool, curses at press in Poland

Divided dolphin societies merge 'for first time'

Romney aide to reporters: 'Shove it!'

Poland's Solidarnosc Wants No Part of Romney's Anti-Labor Politics

Robert Pollin: Full Employment Is Possible

Later Stone Age Got Earlier Start in South Africa Than Thought

Brains Are Different in People With Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory

The best comment on the B&B owner who told a lesbian god invented AIDS so we don't serve queers

Paul B. Farrell: The Real Crash is dead ahead as 2008 is forgotten

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro to Deliver DNC Keynote

Berenstain Bears Flip Off Chick-Fil-A

Cross-post - Berenstain Bears Dissasociate Themselves from Chick-Fil-A

CEOs are dumber than Rednecks....

Karen Lewis and Michael Mulgrew team up in call for Solidarity at the AFT Convention 2012

On assault weapons, presidents and the NRA

Berenstain Bears try to keep distance from Chick-fil-A

Cars don’t kill people but drivers with guns can try

Military Atheist Group Unhappy With Christian Majority Chaplaincy in VA Care

DNC Convention Announcement, Mayor Julian Castro in his own words.

Gay marriage ban supporter named SF archbishop

No Consultant Left Behind

The Chronicles of Mitt: July 30, 2012

How well does Khan Academy teach?

I tried to log in on my iPad

Need help debunking/countering please re: TANF and work requirements


Went to Green Bay this past weekend.....saw a lot of Hovde signs

And heads commenced to explode...

“I don’t know how he’ll handle the head of state job. He’s made a mess of being a tourist.”

Visa Europe Gets EU Antitrust Complaint on Credit-Card Fees

Mitt Romney to rekindle cold war spirit with speech in Poland attacking Russia

16 year old Ye Shiwen under the microscope

Let's come up with lyrics for "Yankee Douchebag Went to London"

more Facebook propaganda

"Romney's visit to Poland ended with what sounded like an endorsement from Walesa"

The song "Less of Me" or "Let Me Be A Little Kinder," who first put it to music? It's a poem.

Glenn Beck's 'Restoring' Love Rally Proves The Tea Party Isn't Dead

Pardon me for a moment but

Chick-Fil... just saying

UK Olympic Chair announces 16 year old female swimmer "clean". No doping. History made

Romney aide loses cool, curses at press in Poland

Republicans, can you name a single extremely wealthy person that has not done

Screwing the Pooch

Romney Knocks Obamacare, But Praises 'Golda Meir-Yitzhak Shamir Care'

Email I received from Don Siegelman:

Why Online Comments Are So Toxic

Where To Enroll This Summer: Science Camp Or Fantasy Camp?

Really bizarre 'out-of-touch' rMoney story. True?

Fake explosive device causes bomb scare at US Embassy in Norway

Given the drought and the fact that 40% of the corn crop goes to ethanol production . . . .

Mitt Romney Spokesman Tells Reporters ‘Kiss My ***’ at Polish Holy Site

A FB post this morning, and some rambling thoughts...

World's biggest blackout: 620 million people without power in India

Second blackout in India in two days leaves 670 million without power

Pakistan, US sign troop supply deal; Washington releases $1.1 billion in frozen aid

Froomkin: Reporters Treating-Voter ID-As Just Another Squabble-Committing Journalistic Malpracitice

Not quite ready for American Idol

why is it ok to call me a redneck?

US: Peru overtakes Colombia as top cocaine producer

Australia seizes record $525 million drug haul

Poll shows most Americans favor Medicaid expansion

US: Peru overtakes Colombia as top cocaine producer

San Antonio Mayro Julian Castro will deliver Dem Convention Keynote Address

Turkey Shrugs Off Syria War Talk as Investors Spark Rally

Judge clears Arizona late-term abortion ban

What a Single Payer Health Insurance Plan Looks Like

Eight Hotel Workers Made A Powerful Video That Hyatt Is Probably Freaking Out About

Tour de Gaffes Romney Flops in Europe

Accretive is banned from Minnesota

US rallies opponents of EU carbon tax on airlines

"I shot me a n*****"

A Farewell to RT’s ‘The Alyona Show’ (Sad news for us fans)

Putin foe charged, Russian opposition fear KGB tactics

U.S. Senators Binge at BBQ Joint to Make a Political Point About Meatless Mondays

Something everyone should know...

Anyone here a fan of AMC's "The Killing"?.....AMC is not picking it up for a third season

Why Romney keeps attacking things Obama didn’t say

San Antonio Mayor will Keynote Democratic Convention

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Mitten's tour de farce

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Repubs and rights

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Three Teens Collect 170,000 Signatures Asking For A Female Moderator Of A Presidential Debate

The American Dumbass in the UK

Who loves AMC's Small Town Security? It follows Breaking Bad on Sunday night.

Hugo Chavez in Brazil on first foreign trip in a year

Average Americans don't need assault weapons

"...the Romney campaign, with increasing frequency, is losing its composure."


Olympics: Gender equality, uniform choice

Favorite fictional Jesus figure

Good thing I'm the suspicious sort when driving.

Republican Congressman Blasts GOP: Party Caters To ‘Extremes,’ Is ‘Incapable Of Governing’

Both party conventions snub Lieberman

Romney Trip:“I find this entire trip borderline lunacy,” said one senior Republican strategist . . .


A plug for a Canadian company's customer service

GOP Congressman Steve LaTourette (R-OH) will retire from congress

Trophy generation - by Matt Bors

Mitt's Blind trust lie

Carter was the last Democratic President to lower Social Security benefits.

Tune up a flagging Tuesday. Please come CAPTION Rush ("Purge the poor!") Limbaugh!!!

Catholic bishops target Girl Scout activities

OBAMA: "I approve this message."

The Bush families Legacy

The Republicans’ Medicaid Cruelty

Romney spokesman to reporters: "Kiss my ass! This is a holy site!"

Domestic violence is terrorism, but with more victims

PowerHouse, The Summer Olympics

UK teen arrested after Olympic diver Tom Daley receives Twitter death threat

Romney is Bush III.

Can anyone explain to me why Lech Walesa, that great Polish dissident,

NY couple, 85, to remarry after 48-year divorce

34 Social Security Secrets You Need to Know Now

The Closer Last Rites

OMG! - Mitt Romney’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad

Classic Beauties Get a Shocking Phototshop Treatment

Waiting for Romney to 'go back and look'

Musical artists' "Dead Zones"

After $1.25 million for wrongful jailing, man now faces attempted murder charge

NREL Study: Solar Power could provide 100 Times the Amount of Current U.S. Electricity Needs!

Republican Candidate In Arizona Accused Of Voter Fraud

Anticipated triumph of voter suppression, the right will finally achieve the new political order

Apparently, we now have Jerry Lee Lewis as the Republican nominee.

Starting August 1st

What a Single Payer Health Insurance Plan Looks Like

"Today we are getting closer to exposing the greates con and coverup in the history of this country.

Deepening the History of Masculinity and the Sexes

With Mars mission and rover Curiosity, NASA hunts building blocks of life

New Obama Video on Romney’s Tax Returns

Romney's HAT TRICK...3 countries, 3 clusterfucks as aide tells reporters in Poland to "kiss his ass"

Mitt Romney: Meet Mr. 1%

Thom Hartmann: Something is happening in Anaheim - Why the Media Blackout?

It doesn't rain that often here in So Az, but when it does---wow!

Night of the Lepus, 1972

Every Time You Share This Page, Two Gay Angels Make Out With Rick Santorum

Bush Tax Cuts Have Provided Extremely Large Benefits to Wealthiest Americans Over Last Nine Years

U.S. Consumer Confidence Index Unexpectedly Rose in July

Are there organized "appreciation day" events at places that are not chiick fil a?

Romney follows Obama by going positive with latest campaign ad

Thom Hartmann: Romney Ignores Workers' Pleas to "Save our Jobs"

RMoney through history

Car Crash Survivor Reunited With His ‘Guardian Angel’

Romney explains 'culture' remark, blames media for bad Press

2fer: Batshit BACHMANN being sued for theft. & SHRIVER proceeding to dump ReThugginator

"Call this hiding?" Please come CAPTION Mitt ("Even my transparencies are opaque.") Romney!!

Business Activity in U.S. Unexpectedly Grows at Faster Pace

Just confirming that Rasmussen really sucks

Prescient quote of the century

Romney: ‘I Did Not Speak About The Palestinian Culture’

Republican agenda: 400,000 more abortions a year and increases in Medicaid-related costs..

Just heard on NBC that Romney will be announcing his VP pick

In Massachusetts, 'Individual Mandate' Led to Decreased Hospital Productivity

Good opinion piece: Huckabee promotes chicken with a side order of bigotry

Romney to announce VP choice through a smartphone app

NBC Exec: Twitter Told Us How To Get Journalist Suspended

Mind on permanent hold. Please come CAPTION Ted ("Better dead than conscious") Nugnet!!

The Rude Pundit - Note from a Hometown, Part 2: LGBT Studies and the Congressman

From Eugene Robinson's column this morning...

Republicans Want Off The Hook For Voting For Defense Sequester

Couple Stoned in Mali

** Gets out staple gun and posts rules for the new DU Museum **

States Cut Medicaid Drug Benefits To Save Money

Good vibes/prayers for Mrs. V.'s mom

Egypt's president wrote to Peres: I hope for peace and stability in Middle East

Obama, Erdogan discuss 'accelerated' efforts to oust Syria's Assad

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Mocks Romney For ‘Kissing The Foot’ Of Israel During Visit

Why doesn't Mittens announce his VP pick on Chatroulette?

A video that deserves to be spread around

Last member of 1942 escape from Auschwitz dies

Wall Street Already Betting On Who Wins in November

Alabama bans texting/internet use while driving.

If President Obama is a muslim please explain this to me

Goats can be assholes

"White Trash" or "Redneck", which do you prefer?

I dropped to Netflix streaming only when they raised their prices but it sucks!

Republican Candidate In Arizona Accused Of Voter Fraud

Top CEOs donate to Romney over Obama by 4-1 margin

Israel To End Draft Exemptions For Ultra-Orthodox

Sometimes it feels like this was the main accomplishment of OWS: a whole lot of tightened sphincters

DNC Keynote: Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, first Latino Keynote.

Minister 'tried to censor' video aimed at helping disability claimants to appeal

Rachel Maddow - Calling out Romney for vague stance on abortion in cases of rape

Afghani female sprinter resists country's old ideals, vows to show women new future

OPM widens benefits for same sex partners of federal employees (expanding 'insurable interest').

iPhone, stop light, lightning.

My biggest fear this election:

$800 Million buys a lot of fucking denial---Rmoney: 'I didn't actually say what you heard me say'

Businessweek: A Photo Guide to Mitt Romney's Tax Breaks


'Popovers for Pigs' helps green up famous Acadia National Park restaurant (CS Monitor)

Presidential Debates - This Would Be Cool

Please help a fellow DU'er and patronize my new restaurant -- "The Tapir Dog n' Suds"!!!

FarmVille in World of Warcraft? WoW Insider's first look at The Tillers

PPP: Obama leads Mitt by 1-point in FL; Rubio or Rice would help Romney


Rachel Maddow - Weighing energy’s true cost

“Obama wants to take my money and give it to do-nothing animals”

Mitt Romney abroad: Like Bush, but without the cosmopolitan flair

Judo federation will allow headscarf for Saudi judoka

Romney did NOT "save" 2002 Olympics. Lost his cool. Likely breached his contract. Profiteered

Florida man charged with hate crime says he ‘only shot a n*gger’

Mitt's body language might be his own worse enemy!

Mitt says "culture makes all the difference". I disagree. Class makes the difference, & He Has None.

If (God forbid) Romney wins . . .

The Tax Havens of the Super-Rich: Marching Toward Greater Inequality

A guy I knew through work died.

If the president is vulnerable, there are three different reasons why.

Romney answers all your holiday problems

Has Anyone Reported On The Massive Power Outages In India?......

By the by, more than twice the population of the United States lost power today in India

Pushing for answers in Corbett's involvement in Sandusky case.

Found this on my desk this AM at work from a right winger. So wrong on so many levels

Jury Recommends 30-Day Sentence for Sergeant in Army Hazing Case (Danny Chen)

“Kiss my ass". (No pierogies for him)

Romney thug Rick Gorka schools reporters on respect for "holy sites" by yelling "KISS MY ASS"

Chrome won't let Gmail attach a file to an email, where in Explorer 8 attachment works fine..

Speaking of goats: Ed the Goat is in trouble and desperately needs to find his friend Bob.

File this under "Know your enemy": What on earth is going on with the Republican Party

Home, sweet (i.e., lucrative) home. Please come CAPTION Mitt ("Fire in the belly!") Romney!!

Best story you will read today: 9-year-old sells lemonade to help Detroit out of financial crisis

Apartheid does make poor whites Aristocrats

FDR in Bismarck - Today at Shorpy

Wait a minute...wasn't there a bonafide PROSTITUTION scandal around the Salt Lake Olympics? Romney's


Our Marie Antoinettes are getting a little bit nervous

Three absurd claims in new Romney ad

Pastor: Kermit deserves ‘death penalty’ for taking ‘sodomy route’



Mitt Romney Accidentally Endorses President Obama

Pic Of The Moment: Romney's Overseas Media Charm Offensive: A Retrospective

Japan's pro-bomb voices rise as nuke power debated

Obama is a Descendant of Nefertiti and Confucius Too

"Hey, Mitt, How was Europe?"

The Taliban are what?!?!

China Assails U.S. ‘Arrogance’ in Report on Religious Freedom

Hiroshima to rate N-disarmament efforts

Charles P. Pierce: Willard Romney, America's unofficial ambassador of stupid....The Culture of Oops

How about a little Mental Health Moment?

Rachel Maddow - GOP torchbearer likelier to light self on fire

Caustic Crusader at Center of F.D.A. Scandal

WaPo blames Willard's overseas gaffes on (get this): "a lack of staffing"

Chaos in India: one of the world's widest outages leaves HALF the nation powerless

Has my palate improved with age or did Outback Steakhouse become

A Saudi Athlete's Conflict—Rules or Religion

Romney Blames Media For Overseas Gaffe Coverage (updated)

The Last Word - Mitt Romney: Socialist abroad?

Religious Leaders Accuse Conservatives of Misleading Public on Contraception

Insurance Rebates Seen as Selling Point for Health Law

Take heart, mitt...

Live chat with Dem Strategist DAVE MUDCAT SAUNDERS.

Thank you Democrats

'Joy Behar': Say Anything' to Premiere on Current TV Tuesday, September 4

Here is one reason why more people are going Micro 4/3 or to other mirrorless cameras.

Thom Hartmann: For-profit colleges are scamming Americans students

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

A Golden Mistake: The B61-12 is the most expensive nuclear warhead in U.S. history

Spoiler Alert...Olympic Women's Gymnastics

John Nichols: Poland's Solidarnosc wants no part of Romney's anti-labor politics

By 1922 New York was fed up with Prohibition

I can't wait to not see the Cruz-Dewey debacle on my teevee


Anyone want to see Cantor's ass handed to him?? Mudcat is in GD

MLB Trade Deadline Day: Victorino to the Dodgers. Pence to the Giants.

San Antonio Mayro Julian Castro will deliver Dem Convention Keynote Address

PokerStars Will Pay $731 Million To Settle U.S. Government Charges and Buy Full Tilt Poker

Physicists Mine Cosmic Answers Deep Underground

Wealthy Justifiably Scared – What Will Masses Do When They Have Nothing More To Lose


Tweety made an awesome point yesterday

The Last Word - Is Mitt Romney a wimp?

Toon: Not a fan of Chick-fil-A


If you ever want to see me again.....


HELP! Someone (don't remember who) last week had a problem of not

Charles P. Pierce: Romney "is the perfect marionette in the puppet show that the new big money has

Clip it

WikiLeaks and the War on Drugs

Eight More Ways Women Will Benefit Under Obamacare Starting Tomorrow

Link for MUDCAT here on DU at invitation of Skinner for q's on getting rid of Eric Cantor - Now

BREAKING: Judge Rules DOMA Unconstitutional in Pedersen Case

Gun (lobby) Safety

Hey Metaheads, how about doing something useful for a change?


Abandoning Algebra Is Not the Answer

The racist Tea Party nutjobs in Chester County, PA get TOLD in this letter to the editor.

Women's Gymnastics RESULTS *SPOILER ALERT*

Rise of the new Atheists from over in ~~RELIGION~~

Romney denies criticizing Palestinian culture

Two questions for the "mainstream" news media, specifically the gnat-brains who write headlines...

American Thanatos: The Variables of Violence

It's Official: Drinking Fluoridated Water Lowers IQ

Talkingpointsmemo: NBC/WSJ Poll To Expand Percentage Of Cell Phone Respondents

Willard brought Mika's BROTHER with him to Poland???

LZ Granderson: The right way and the wrong way to protest Chick-fil-A

OMG! A gay short that doesn't have a crappy ending...

Vt. wind facility seeks permit for bat deaths (endangered bats too)

Hoax press release claims U.S. attorney targeting pharmacy drug sales; papers fall for it

And the Winner Is . . . .

Man assaults girlfriend over suspected Facebook affair with Mitt Romney

Two Photos at the empty JoePa statue site that are indicative of the change at PSU:

US imposes new sanctions on Iran oil sector

What a find!!!!!!!!!!!!

US rallies opponents of EU carbon tax on airlines

I have figured out a clue about when the press decides to cut a candidate off.

From your friends at the Rachel Maddow show

Regulator Rebuffs Obama on Plan to Ease Housing Debt


19 Colombian soldiers convicted for extrajudicial killings .

19 Colombian soldiers convicted for extrajudicial killings .

The Guthrie Family Reunion Tour/ All Over The World

Thom Hartmann: Do you really need a rocket launcher to defend yourself?

WikiLeaks supporter David House lashes out against Julian Assange

More details of stunning Y-12 break-in; protesters offered bread to guards

Crush: Gay Short, Full Length HD

Teen starved to death in spite of state's involvement

Technology Is About To Make How You Talk Seem Dated, Generation LOL!

In 2010 book, Romney ascribed Israeli-Palestinian economic disparities to culture

David House, an ally of Private Manning, speaks out against Julian Assange

I think we need to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at Romney...

U.S. Justice Department says Florida's voter purge violates federal law

Naked man with computer mouse lodged in his rectum tased, arrested for burglary, assault

FACT CHECK: Romney ignores strong government role in Poland's economy as he heaps praise

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 1: Summer Under the Stars: John Wayne

Take That, Chick-fil-A: NYC Restaurant to Donate to Marriage Equality USA

Ha! Never saw this one before:

That’s Mitticulous!

Sweden denies Ecuadorian request to interview Assange in UK(Wikileaks via Twitter via Russia Today!)

Boehner, Reid reach early deal to avert shutdown

Best. Review. Ever.

So the Mittwit likes Israeli health care, does he?

Make The Yuletide Gay (2009 movie - Full Length, about 90 minutes)

Thom has a guest host today. Commercial stations played a repeat though.

So... which is it then?

I watched Morning Joe (don't hate) & came away laughing...

Anyone ever read any of Charlotte Murray Russell’s Jane Edwards mysteries?

Lounge inspirational message of the day

My first attempt. Opinions welcome.

OK, not LGBT related, but I hope you'll join me anyway!

Latin, they don't get it.

Is your goal, as a Democrat, to bully, coerce and punish millions of Americans?

Colombia to indict 19 palm oil companies for forced displacement .

Colombia to indict 19 palm oil companies for forced displacement .

Key Pro-Israel Obama Ally Dennis Ross Splits

Republican Candidate In Arizona Accused Of Voter Fraud


134 Terrifying Close-Ups Of Bugs

Why You Should Head To Chick-Fil-A On Wednesday And Drop Proverbs 25:21 On The Counter

Al Qaeda decline hard to reverse after Bin Laden killing: U.S

Which groups have been pushing their....

U.S. regulator blocks restart of Enbridge Line 14

The Ugly American: Mitt Romney’s Disastrous Overseas Excursion

McCain: "Clean-up on isle three" (Tries to fix rMoney's Palestinian misstep)

Senate panel approves defense bill with biofuels funds

Backers of California gay marriage ban ask US Supreme Court to review appeals court decision

We're getting sicker: More Americans have a chronic health condition

We Quit You, Keystone XL (It's Not Us, It's You)

The finger waggers

Egypt's Mursi frees Islamists jailed by Mubarak

One of the American flags left on the moon by Apollo 12 has fallen down!

Olympic spoiler...

Thanks To All Those Who Voted GOP Through The Years - We Are Now 2nd Rate Nation.

News Corporation directors could face charges for neglect of duties

Question about consulting/contract work:

A Bain Guy Said Romney Paid NO TAXES

Papantonio: Mushroom Cloud Mitt Should Frighten Us All

Defense Spending: Our Top Priority?

Top PA election official testifies she doesn't know what the PA voter ID law says.

Charlie Sheen Is Loved Because (of), Not Despite,The Violence

Eight More Ways Women Will Benefit Under Obamacare Starting Tomorrow

National Lampoon's Romney vacation?

Harry Reid is a sneaky bastard.

OK, it's not fun & games anymore. Just caught Santorum parroting the "culture" meme on CNN.

Mitt Romney Shoves It

NPR's Cokie Roberts: Romney's trip to Poland was racially motivated.

A little late...but What's for dinner - Tuesday the 31st!

A tale of two logos: Atheist group targeting Wyoming goes after Ohio city over cross

Harry Reid: Bain Investor Told Me That Mitt Romney 'Didn't Pay Any Taxes For 10 Years'

Another $200 million for the Pentagon up in smoke?

Will the Religious Right Succeed? An Examination of the Hercules Ruling on the Birth Control Benefit

Harry Reid: Bain Investor Told Me That Mitt Romney 'Didn't Pay Any Taxes For 10 Years'

The best anti-Romney lawn sign!

Leading Israeli Religious Zionist Rabbi: A Woman's Place Is In The Home

The Return Of The King – Tony Blair And The Magically Disappearing Blood

ok du- let's defeat eric cantor. whaddya say?

Who cares about thunderstorms - what do your cats do when you vacuum!!

Zombies interrupt Westboro Church protesters

US wants world police after blowing millions on MidEast 'occupation'

Portland. June. Mitt shuts down small businesses to avoid protesters.

Now Romney makes Palestinians sound like wayward teenagers making (bad choices).

Sharp rise in number of women murdered in Honduras, dozens killed every month

A Message from NBC About Its Olympics Coverage

Nation's Longest Running Labor Impasse Comes to an End After 26 Years

This Is How Olympic Divers Really Look While Diving...

Two MAJOR Spoilers

Olympic Spoiler...two spoilers, in warned!

Searching for Sugar Man

Rachel Maddow sums up Mitt Romney's Overseas trip

Impunity returns to Peru

Neocons ask: Are We Safer?

So what do you think is the best Olympic performance? (Spoilers from today)

Just a reminder, there's a runoff election in Texas Today

Santorum: Romney’s One-Year Tax Return Is ‘Bigger Than My Ten Years’

Chevron redubs ship named for Bush aide; Condoleezza Rice drew too much attention

Anyone heard of or seen this movie about global warming?

Lobster shortage in Conn. is a warning

Chick-fil-A Will Give You A Sandwich If You Stop Being Gay

Suckle your baby at your teet mothers ... the word for the day is .. BREASTFEED ...

For Profit schools major in getting support from Government

Big Bankers feel joy; Municipal workers feel pain.

It's very early days but it's time to keep one eye on the tropics

What's the holdup on Ohio's pro-gun bills? Brent Larkin, Plain Dealer

Blue America endorses Sue Thorn WV-01

Alexander McCall Smith - Anyone familiar with his books?

Interesting NYT's five page 2010 article regarding Julian Castro (2012 Democratic keynote speaker)

How many times have athletes tested clean, but were later found to be doping?

Times are tough all over: Greeks can no longer afford paying expensive bribes

Maybe the Chinese Swimmer is Guilty of Steroid Use

Julian Castro The Power of Education How it Changed My World

Was the use of the atomic bomb against Japan justified?

Jealous man smashes girlfriend's laptop after seeing photo on her FB page of Mitt Romney

Feds block pipeline re-opening after Wisconsin oil spill

Mitch McTurtle calls for Senate repeal vote on ACA today (from ABC)

Are you old enough to remember the accusations that this Chinese swimmer cheated?

It's gonna backfire on Reid when Mitt comes up with clean tax filings, people.

Global warming video

Just listened to Wolf Blitzer try to push Ehud Barak into dissing Obama

The Night World War II came to the Texas Coast

What I found in the 4/$1.00 bin at the local Dollar Tree today

Jeff Bezos pledges 2.5 million for marriage equality. Freepers lose it.

Pastor compares Obama to Judas over same sex marriage

Now it's beginning to make sense...coming

What potential Romney running mate do you fear the most? if any?

Paul Clement loses again

Harry he didn't pay taxes for ten years

Rmoney to announce VP pick by smartphone app

Anyone know any good books, movies, comics etc about cricket?

Thank you President (W) Bush! (seriously)

Cienega Creek, other S. AZ. streams, increasingly dry

World Leader Wondering Why He Just Met With The Former Governor Of Massachusetts

You never see a commie drink water, right Mandrake?

Any zoning law experts around?

Romney's "Pretty Fly For a White Guy."

Romney praises Poland, where they have universal healthcare and free higher education ...

EPA close to approving DuPont cleanup plan for Pompton Lake

The Rangers got Dempster?

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

Obama's Campaign Slogan Ends With A Period, And This Is Apparently Upsetting People (this is real)

The One Simple Poster that Lays Bare the Country's Two Competing Directions

One cramp.

Jan Brewer has a moment of sanity - she is defending marijuana dispensaries !

Obama Camp: Romney Didn’t Pass The ‘Commander-In-Chief Test’ Abroad

Obamacare in action.

Chris Hedges on Capitalism's sacrifice zones, resistance and disintegrating societies

Venezuela joins Mercosur trading bloc

I'm Giving Away Money - please help me decide how to allocate

NLRB issues second complaint and seeks $2.6 million plus interest from Florida performing arts

Mitt Romney should have stayed home

A Harry Reid Appreciation Thread.

Romney's New Strategy: Introduce Himself To Voters

Steve King, douchebag extroadinaire. R-Iowa

Representative Boehner - Did you vote to enact sequestration? A simple yes or no will suffice.

Let's clarify something about the Chick-A-Fil-A hubub: It has not been banned anywhere

Before Deadly Bulgaria Bombing, Tracks of a Resurgent Iran-Hezbollah Threat

Social Media for Luddites

Breaking: Geoff Davis Resigns From Congress

Wow. There are six brazillion male volleyball players on.

Hey Las Cruces, what happened to El Paisano?

Hahahahahaha! Busted Pipe loses $1.4 *BILLION*

Who has potential in the 4th District?.....Geoff's gone?

Overheard a bagger describing a "miracle" to his friends today. Actually 4 "miracles"

Mitt Romney's European Vacation - image

Best Star Trek theme?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Twitter screen shot: Well, if Liz Cheney said it, it MUST be true.

Garden State Equality Responds to Owners of Whitebriar Bed & Breakfast

NYC man pleads guilty plea in rhino horn caper

What could possibly go wrong?

Mafia finds new way to kill as waste trade is linked to cancer

Informants take center stage at U.S. insider trading trial

UGH, NBC just had a segment on Ann Rmoney's horse.

OK I have a question about marriage, particularly marriage and the full faith and credit

Memorial to Honor Violence Victims Sparks Debate

When Referring To The President's Opponent Use ONLY His LAST Name

Coretta Scott King on the subject of Gay rights:

Best Olympic animals?

Relatable Romney sounds like someone you’d want to get a beer with, right?