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10 Reasons Most People Like Obamacare

100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N' Roll)

House will start anti-Obamacare votes with defunding effort instead of finding jobs for Americans

Can You Trust the Corporations that Make the Voting Machines to Count Your Vote?

"The young don't buy into propaganda of war between generations" LA Times

Dear neighbors:

The "GOODBYE I HATE YOU ALL" post generator

After what happened last year, Kali doesn't allow her boys to go to Mexico for fireworks any more.

Voter Suppression Will Disenfranchise Troops. Now, the Pentagon Must Tell Us How Many (

"Call for transparency: Romney’s ‘astronomical’ $101 million IRA"

*VIEWER WARNING* Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest

The Presbyetarian USA denomination may approve of gay marriage

Abbas calls for Arafat death investigation

Fired Florida Lifeguard's Coworkers Out After Admitting They'd Save Man Outside Zone

Contact form for Joe Walsh only accepts from Illinois residents :-(

"In Close Race, Obama’s Plan B Is Paying Off" Posted by John Cassidy at The New Yorker

How Scalia Distorts the Framers

Patriotic Millionaires for tax increase

Happy 4th of July!!! The weather here in Tucson is BEAUTIFUL today (rain, cool, breezy).

If women were charged more for insurance...

Sign the Petition: Tell Joe Walsh to Respect our Veterans

Old fashioned "air conditioning" -- Does this work?

"Study: For-profit college students end up with lower earnings" By Kay Steigerat the Raw Story

Stephen Colbert reports on "4th of July Under Attack!!!"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! “Encore” Malloy Show.

Live-Stream: Watch the White House Concert and Fireworks on the link below

New Obama ad: Insourcing vs. Outsourcing (& article at Washington Post)

Too Hot in the Hot Tub......Burn My Feet

Good, but weird election night dream I had last night

healthcare reform - what's in it?

Four pints cream

Here's another LTTE posted for your comments & critiques before submission.

Russia offers Cyprus better bailout conditions: president

Asia spending billions on tutors: study

The President & First Lady host an Independence Day celebration at the White House - pics

Is Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Really The Largest Tax Hike In The History Of The World? (CHART)

Ben Bernanke Is Bankrupting The Social Security Trust Fund

JR Ewing big buddies with Jerry Jones!

Sources: Steve Nash to Lakers

Found on DU - - - - > Four pints cream

Message from Matthew, July 4, 2012

Terry Branstad, Iowa Governor, Leaves Hospital After Choking On Carrot

One of my FB "friends" who posts really ignorant stuff

Partial recount in Mexico presidential election ordered

So, What is pissing you off tonight?

Funny thread in GD, would you marry a scientologist, I said

SEIU: California Hospital Contracts for 59,000 Workers Are "Groundbreaking"

Lack of Skilled Employees Hurting Manufacturing

Banksters of the Holy See?

Kochroaches are people, my friend... EDIT: because it's timely as ever! MOVED TO GD.

GOP Candidate Chris Collins: 'People Now Don't Die From Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer'

Yale breaks tradition of contention settling contracts six months early

Repost from GD - The 'Goodbye I hate you' Generator

LOL.....Ex-FBI employee claims she saw angels at Flight 93

GOP intransigence on the economy: not just to hurt Obama's election chances now but also to kneecap

How long do you have to work for a gallon of milk?

This is how the Boston Herald rag sucks up to Mitt Romney

Paraguay accuses Chavez of meddling, withdraws envoy

Andy Forecloses

Something hauna at the Kauai prosecutor's office

What the Hades happened to all the choclit chip cookeis/!1 NT

Ian Lind says no thanks to Carlisle's mayoral bid

Nuns On The Bus Tour Opposing 'Immoral' Ryan Budget Wraps Up In Washington, D.C.

How many Republicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

4th of July pictures to share and enjoy (sorry they're so late!!!)

Taste this:

The Queen of Elements (possible x-post to Science forum)

Con-Ed Attacks Pensions With Lockout, Utility Workers Say It's Union Busting

Woman reportedly coughs up cancerous tumor

Assad Charges Turkey Protecting Israel

Jerry Wants Playoffs

Michele Bachman Won't Deny Being Vetted for VP

Invasive species are a real problem in many areas

Here's more of something different

Made in America, Our Stars and Stripes. Happy July 4!

Iran 'ready to fire missiles at US bases'

Obama seeks positives from payroll precedent

Keiser Report: Big guy 'scandals' vs small fry 'crimes' (E309)

Been thinking of war this week...

Hired on at a steel shop in the late seventies.

International Olympic Committee: 'Elitist, domineering and crassly commercial at its core'

2 accidents raise US storm, blackout toll to 26

Rain cools Colo. fires, other wildfires grow

4th of July pics from the Takoma Park parade (Maryland)

JUST A REMINDER...Vote Obama / Biden 2012 or hand the keys to the car to THIS fuck knob.

Anyone else feel exceptionally...

What is the best thing about summer? I was out walking for a few hours today. I am now

Romney: SC Says My Law not a Tax, but Obama's Is....

Barclay's Diamond resigns under pressure!

Doggies and tigers and kittehs, oh my!

Does the Birth Control coverage rule still go into effect in August as scheduled?

Colombian minister investigated for ties to warlord .

Colombian minister investigated for ties to warlord .

Flashback for the relatives who say people shouldn't get government money

Fuck the police!

Spend an hour with Amy Goodman, one of Americas few remaining true journalists,

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 5 July 2012

Funny experience in Sociology class yesterday.

I used to have a hobby sewing bathing suits. This was my favourite. I still have it. My weight loss

In Ukraine, Official Quits to Protest Bill on Russian

What does homeowner's insurance cover

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, July 4)

happy independence day

Jackin' It In San Diego? (Fireworks Dept Firing Blanks)

Thank you benadryl

NEVER Get Out of The Box!

Will the Higgs-Boson Particle need to be saved from the God people?

done. for whatever reason, it is not staying posted. dont bother to open this OP

Why Marxism is on the rise again

Argentina close to verdict on junta's alleged theft of death-camp babies

Argentina close to verdict on junta's alleged theft of death-camp babies

Transferring files from old computer to new

Paraguay: coup backers push for US military bases

Paraguay: coup backers push for US military bases

Air India pilots end long strike after court order

John Leonardo, Arizona's New U.S. Attorney, is No Fan of Sheriff Arpaio

Beach barriers: Oceanfront property owners use vegetation--and deception--to thwart access

Why Vancouver owns Seattle

South Korea says it may resume whaling, prompting outcry

What the Fuck is going on here!?!

TV pilot an outlet for Rep. McCotter - Lowbrow project was a way to deal with his failed presidentia

Katie Holmes "Felt Like She Was in Rosemary's Baby"

It's Time To Retire "God Bless America" From MLB Games' 7th-Inning Stretch

(Good grief) Another example of the reaction to 'bath salts':

Talk about ironic: 'Suspicious activity reported at Sandusky home'

Mother stops son from robbing store

Banks across the world were fixing interest rates- screwing the world

Much respect to our brothers and sisters in the red states.

The look of Vindication after 40 years

GOP VP, who is in the lead?

Six arrested in anti-terror operation across London

Assange charges are hilarious, says Ecuador

WikiLeaks Begins Release of 'Syria Files:' Over 2.4 Million Documents From 680 Entities

A mess last night here in Philly:

"1776" (1972) - The Signing

Why We're Really Being Worked to Death

Mass Arrests Likely at Political Conventions: 6 Historical Precedents

A few (?) fireworks...

Mexico recounting more than half presidential vote

Maryland Governor O'Malley schools Scott Walker on healthcare

Kansas military school for boys faces lawsuit over abuse allegations

Jimmy is Down!

When elections are meaningless...

Why Marxism is on the rise again

Bank of England pumps £50bn more into economy

No Accountability Yet for Toronto G20 Police Crimes

Romney's wife says woman being eyed for ticket

Hey! Lawrence O'Donnell subbing for Morning Schmoe - is actually very good!

"Magic Mike" is Big Draw for Gay Men

The return of Debtor's Prison.

What to look for: LINKS to tomorrow's BLS jobs report for June 2012

Two political insiders to survey Florida's big landowners about toll road routes

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (07/05/2012)

Malware may knock thousands off Internet on Monday

Crystal Ball vs. Princeton Election Consortium (Different House predictions)

Gov-Sponsored Study Destroys DEA's Classification of Marijuana as 'Medically Useless'

WikiLeaks has data from 2.4 million Syrian emails

Are they liars or do they actually believe it?

Window film or heat blocking shades?

NYT's Gail Collins: Save the Candidates

We've Cured Cancer and Didn't Even Know It

176,000 jobs added in June According to one report so far

Toronto: How to pay for TTC expansion

It's hotter than vinyl underwear!

ProgressMass Ethics Complaint Against Sen. Scott Brown for Apparent Violation of Senate Gift Rules

ProgressMass Ethics Complaint Against Sen. Scott Brown for Apparent Violation of Senate Gift Rules

GOP Death Panels

An Ode to the Sickos…

Alabama Pastor Holds ‘Whites Only’ Conference

Laura Ingraham To Romney: "Get Out There On The Trail And Get Off The Jet Ski"

I hear that a former Alaskan Governor is available........

the individual mandate as a conservative idea

Japan's Fukushima nuclear crisis was preventable-Result Of 'Collusion', Panel Says

Ann Romney: Obama's whole campaign strategy is "let's kill this guy"

First post

5 Ways to Tell How Well a Potential Employer Would Treat You as an Employee

Limbaugh = Stupid is as Stupid says = Women are too emotional to vote

Romney's horse heads for the Olympics

really enjoying eating!

The GOP Time Machine Pt. 8: Racial Profiling

Chuckie Toad tells Stephanie Cutter, Obama Campaign Advisor, that she needs to pull "inaccurate" ads

There's a sea change in obituaries: Glam pics

KRUGMAN: "Romney offers nothing but warmed-over right-wing platitudes"

Death threats revealed against 13 Colombian human rights advocates .

Death threats revealed against 13 Colombian human rights advocates .

ADP jobs up 176,000 (for June)

BREAKING: WikiLeaks releases 2.4 million #Syria emails

Are Uribe's tweets hurting Colombia? .

Romney Charisma

Judge Scalia's - "Robed Rage"

Drumbeat: July 4, 2012 (a day late. sorry)

In early going Team Obama has out spent Team Romney $110-85 million

Drumbeat: July 4, 2012 (a day late. sorry)

"Just speak for yourselves"-health care & Republicans claiming to speak for"The American People"

From The Roof Of The White House

Romney's Education Plan: "get as much education as you can afford"

Reuters’s Chesapeake Energy drumbeat: Internal emails scheming to lower bids on drilling rights

Leo DiCaprio invests in Fisker, drives a Karma hybrid...

House arrest denied for convicted Pa. monsignor

Mittens dispatching Jindal & Pawlenty to refute Obama on his bus tour

No for wars:Make love not war

*** Gets out her Hammer and hangs the sign for the new DU Restroom ***

Toad poop

Monju (fast breeder reactor) costs far surpass usual nukes

Two positive reports released on jobs

Romney's offshore account is empty?

On about my half-dozenth viewing of Dances With Wolves, I just noticed something.

Scalia's Critics Fault Justice Over Politics

China to face accusation of unfair trade (Obama admin. to file WTO complaint)

Report: Countrywide won influence with discounts

24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner

Do as I say. Not as I do.

Widespread voter disenfranchising in Pennsylvania

Petite Noir - Till We Ghosts (brand new from South Africa)

Buried treasure, the Caped Avoider, and Tax Haven U.S.A.

Republicans Bullish About Winning House Seat In Massachusetts

Obama using Executive Power to sidestep (R) obstructionism of renewable energy

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is not as pure as it seems.

WTF is going on with Salon? Cannot connect with comments.

Eighth Grader Gets Seventeen To Stop Photoshopping The Girls In Its Magazine

Can Americans Escape the Deception? Paul Craig Roberts

Blackwell Re-Elected to Republican National Committee Post

Santiago de Compostela Codex Calixtinus found in garage

Suicide pills in the kitteh litter, Oh noes!

First Photo of Shadow of Single Atom

Axelrod re Mitt: If he were in WH, parsley would be official veg: Twister, national pasttime.

Caption Mittens...

Rmoney is not a nice man...

Ain't this sweet?

It appears that Spain is on the verge of doing something Obama refuses to do

Stolen Valor Act --

Walmart turns 50....

Jaguars May Soon Get Critical Habitat in the U.S.

Ann Romney: Obama's whole campaign strategy is "let's kill this guy"

Chad Ochocinco: "I'm going to play until I'm 40"

Batman's Night Out

Think American journalism has hit rock bottom? Think again. Outsourcing journalism.

Stop the killing of 1,800 whales and dolphins and the deafening of 15,900 more

Gay marriage, adoption allowed in France from 2013

October 31, 1993 America decided to pass search for the Higgs Boson to CERN

How US software ended up powering Chinese assault helicopters

Police State Update: Passengers could be asked to give drink samples to TSA (post-checkpoint)

GOP State Sen (male) Cancels Event on "Feminine Presence"

Assets offshore raise Romney wealth questions

WikiLeaks Releasing Trove of Syria Documents/New York Times

Howdy riders!

Finally got around to reading the McGinnis book on Palin. Wow.

Ivan Watson reporter from CNN's quote when asked about Assad's lies....

"The LIBOR scandal will expose more naked bankers"

Got my CAT scan results back

STUDY: Media Avoid Climate Context In Wildfire Coverage

What happens if a state opts out of Medicaid? In one chart.

From the twitter: Zimmerman gets bond... 1 million dollars

Judge Says Republicans Can't Stop DOMA Challenge

San Diego fireworks show blows up all at once

Attn Obama haters + 176,000 new jobs in June .... that is 27 straight months of adding jobs

Judge: George Zimmerman's New Bond: $1 Million

Inexpensive point source, on-demand hot water heaters

Venture Out: What This CEO Says Can Only Be Learned from Experience

Romney Embraced Medicaid Expansion As Governor

Where in the heck is Al Gore?

Wacko Republican of the Week = Krayton Kearns, the Conservative Cow Doctor

WikiLeaks Might Not Even Know What's In 2.4 Million Syrian E-mails

Obama Camp: Romney Switched Position On Mandate Under Pressure From Right

Why 'illegal immigrant' is a slur (ridiculous yet with interesting history)

Doncha feel sorry for Ann Romney?

Only 4 Jobs In America Pay More Than Being A Lawyer

We took my MIL out to dinner last night

Judge sets George Zimmerman's bond at $1M

Planet-Forming Disk Vanishes Into Thin Air

New Videogame Lets Amateur Researchers Mess With RNA

Parts in Google's "made-in-the-USA" Nexus Q mostly from Asia

If you're convinced that Wisconsin Gov. Scott WALKER is going to be indicted before the year is over

Woody Guthrie's 100th Birthday Anniversary

Central Bank in Europe Drops Lending Rates to Record Low

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Rmoney

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Goodbye, Andy

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Libor scandal: Osborne and Balls clash over banks inquiry is hiring!

The Difference Between Obama's First Term And Bush's First Term In One Devastating Chart

Ronald Reagan's unfunded healthcare mandate.

Veterans Flood Rep. Joe Walsh’s Facebook Page To Denounce His Attacks Against Double Amputee

I was clicking movies in my "Taste Profile" at Netflix

A Gap in Health Coverage

Is it a bomb? Is it a gun? No, it's a fake tab.

The Shard, Europe's tallest building, unveiled in London

Muhammad Ali named recipient of 2012 Liberty Medal

DCCC Fundraising Surges Since Supreme Court Decision on Health Care

I need your help

It's a penalty ... no it's a tax ... no it's a fee ...

Look! In the sky! It's a penalty! It's a tax! It's a fee! ...

Drought Stalks the Global Food Supply

Sign Petition for health care summit - Please Iowans only

Life In Juxtopia

Harvard Busines School Faculty on Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

Bad Democrat! NC Representative Becky Carney is an Imbecile

So, What is Wrong with Liberal Religion?

Pic Of The Moment: The Health Care Mandate Explained

Lisa Graves will speak in Cedar Rapids

Coffee with POTUS - interesting marketing!

Drought putting Indiana corn crop at risk

Egyptian Coptic activists declare creation of Christian Brotherhood

Palestinians To Exhume Arafat's Body For Tests

Twilight of the Elites: America after Meritocracy: A personal review

Mitt's father was "an auto executive"

Japan's atomic disaster due to "collusion" : panel report

Would it surprise anyone to know

RAVITCH: Does Gates Foundation or the Gates family puts profits before kids' education?

My Favorite Krohn Pics (How you going to pitch this one Mitt?)

Most Iranians would give up nuclear program in exchange for removal of sanctions, poll shows

Apparently, it's OK to tell fellow posters to "go fuck yourself"

Rising Rents in a Housing Price Depression

LARGE PHOTOS: President Obama begins a two-day bus tour in Maumee, Ohio

Whither Trayvon?

Are drinking ages coming down?

"Justice Scalia in Robed Rage!"

Obama to Hammer Romney Bain Record With China on Ohio Bus Trip

WALL ST JOURNAL: Romney "Is Letting Them (Conservatives) Down"

Spinal Manipulation or Home Exercise More Effective Than Medication for Acute Neck Pain, Study Finds

U.N. stops short of endorsing intervention in Mali

Iowa Republicans seek to halt Medicaid funded abortions for rape victims

My recommendation for one of Andy Griffith's last movies

Obama: 'The law I passed is here to stay'

Obama Campaign Co-Chair in Ohio Slams Romney’s Off-Shore Accounts

Democracy for America: Endorses Three Doctors For Congress

Hello, Big Brother: FBI Is Building a Database of Iris Scans

If Debbie Wasserman Schultz were doing her job, these questions, lies, and distortions re ACA

Today's Doonesbury: Mitten's FOX

Coolest invention for white winers - The Corkcicle

Jay Bookman: George Orwell Explains the Romney Campaign

Supporters blast Romney for mixed messages on health care 'tax'

Do you have an offshore bank account?

What was the first political blog?

Mitt Romney's wife has disclosed

Zimmerman's bail set at 1 million!

President Obama at a campaign event at the Wolcott House Museum Complex in Maumee, Ohio - pics

Economic Obsolescence For Workers In The 21st Century

So, has Ginny Thomas drunkdialed Justice Roberts yets?

Apparently the drought effecting my state is my fault

In Win for M15 Movement, Spain Opens Criminal Probe of Ex-IMF and Bankia Chief Rodrigo Rato

I'm just having such a hard time with the pain.

Joan Walsh of Salon: "Drudge won't link to this"

It Is OK To Attack A Veteran Candidate's Service If He Or She Is A Democrat

'Obamacare' tax furor losing sight of some key points

63% of Republicans still Think Iraq Had WMD

Russell Simmons: "Today is a big day for hip-hop."

Were Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich right? (Just take a deep breath and hear me out, OK)

Fox "News" Spokesmodel John Stossel poses as homeless man: You shouldn’t give to these street people

Of Tammy Duckworth, Allen West, and right-wing hypocrisy

Can we add " LOL " to the spell checker...

Du, would you like to join?

The EU's Constitution doesn't even mention Christianity!

Resistance to Medicaid expansion not about the money

What happens if a state opts out of Medicaid, in one chart

{Tropical Storm} Debby damages turtle nests (PC, Naples, Collier Co.)

Affordable Care Act & Roberts

Papantonio: Romney In Deep With Oil Lobbyists

And now Gawd is punishing West Virginia Dummycrats for voting for a Texas Convict!

It's raining! And I hear thunder!

Endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtle released in Fort Walton Beach (

Study: The ‘gateway drug’ is alcohol, not marijuana

The Alyona Show: Glenn Greenwald: "Zero question we live in a surveillance state."

Question about walsh, the teabagger

It's 98 here in Sheboygan. Bleah!

Alabama pastor holds ‘whites only’ conference

MSNBC: Zimmerman attorney says paying new bond will be "difficult, not getting out any time soon"

Several turtle species nesting along coast in record numbers (

Volcanoes May Have Sparked Little Ice Age

Mittens asked how a glass of lemonade tasted...

Blizzard admits Diablo III is a game that ends (AND NOT ALL THAT WELL EITHER)

Rising Heat at the Beach Threatens Largest Sea Turtles, Climate Change Models Show (ScienceDaily)

Naomi Wolf: Why women still can’t ask the right questions

Climate Change Threatens Endangered Freshwater Turtle (ScienceDaily)

Need help identifying an old sci fi or fantasy novel

Need help identifying an old sci fi or fantasy novel

Need help identifying an old sci fi or fantasy novel

China's costly pollution problem

Obama: Health Care Law is here to stay

Goal-line technology gets FIFA nod

What's for Dinner - Thursday July 5th

Sketch released in shooting of teen lesbian couple

States Bucking ‘Obamacare’ Are Among Those With Highest Rates Of Uninsured

There's a word for the Mitt (R)money look...

Want to know one way to feel cooler?

Health spending map

Just polled this forum!

Leatherback Nest Found on Panama City Beach (WJHG)


Obama didn't listen to Cory Booker

Countrywide issued hundreds of VIP loans to buy influence, report says

I'm buying a new bed. Any suggestions or recommendations?

Demi Moore's daughters are gorgeous!

Donald Trump: Barack Obama will attack Iran to secure his re-election in November

Boy bitten on neck by man in 'vampire' attack

Seattle Occupy group drops $5,000 from hotel to protest money in politics

Fired lifeguard says ‘no thanks’ to job offer

If health care mandate is a tax would it be a tax deduction?

6 reasons why the 'God particle' matters

Money Makes You mean

Obama's Social Security Number Questioned: 11 Other Things 'World Net Daily' Should Look Into

BP Olympic Billboard Vandalized

Ashley Banfield is ripping that Walsh asshole a new one over Tammy Duckworth.

Julia Bluhm, 14, Leads Successful Petition For Seventeen Magazine To Portray Girls Truthfully

My first introductions into teh porn (a coming of age story)

WSJ: Cities Consider Seizing Mortgages (eminent domain to help those who are underwater)

i dont know your forum. is fun/lite ok? my son

I really, really hope this guy needs some dentures in the near future

President Obama visits the Kozy Corner restaurant in Oak Harbor, Ohio - pics

People lined up to see Obama in Ohio today...

"Lemon. Wet. Good."

Santorum Claims Obama Might Bomb Iran To Win Election

Drought Sets New 21st-Century Benchmark

In defense of cursive

Syria: senior Assad general defects to rebels

What is this Kony phenomenon about?

Audience member: YOU CAN DO IT! - POTUS: I know!

Former Governor of Arizona DETAINED at Border for 45 mins - can you guess why?

Obama Thrashes Romney and the GOP for Destroying the American Dream

*POTUS speaking now, in Sandusky, OH,

Status and Comfort, not Survival or Power

Obama Straps Romney To Top of His Campaign Bus for Long Reelection Ride

America - Do you need a 2x4 upside the head?

Gallup - Obama (+4) one week after the Health Care aftermath

Who just farted?

IREHR: Supreme Court’s Arizona SB 1070 Ruling Flares Tea Party Nativism

To Potential Jurors: I'm just asking if this picture is too offensive

The way the GOP is panicking over Willard's campaign strategy, maybe they will

Obama makes a surprise diner stop

Raul Castro, Former Arizona Governor, Detained At Border Checkpoint

Mission Statement

Indonesia Considering Moratorium on Gas Exports

Okay, let's say you have the Social Security Trust Fund...

So Romney Raised $100 Million In A Month

Mitt Romney's Presidential Hair

No easy fix for eastern US storm power outages as heat wave persists

The 10 Highest Paid Athletes

This is too much. MMJ dispensary raided, smashed, employees may have been hurt

George and Laura in Africa

Zimmerman's bond set at $1,000,000

Oh what a tangled web they weave

Teacher compares student to 'orangutan' on Facebook, could lose license

Trying to Learn Adobe Photoshop

Boeing Comeback Seen Tempered by Economies

Yu Darvish, David Freese win vote

I look at the RMoney's overly monochromatic crowds and I wonder…

Republican Lawmaker Tells Worker Wanting Higher Minimum Wage to ‘Get a Job’

Well...It looks like the guilty party IS my gall bladder...

Who will be the first to tell me I'm indulging in paranoid fantasies?

When I build my dream house, the "man cave" will be in the shape of a parallelogram.

Ex-scientology kids: "I was born. I grew up. I escaped."

Evolving Standards

It's Over For The Banking Cabal

How Logical is Nuclear Deterrence? An Incredible Credible Deterrent!

Lynch found not guilty of assaulting priest

How Logical is Nuclear Deterrence? Part 4: "I call it the Madman Theory, Bob."

Despite other bad news, legislators were unable to override Perdue's Voter ID veto ...

Joe Walsh Says 'Ashleigh'

WTF, Jesus!

Glenn Greenwald: "Zero question we live in a surveillance state."

HBO cancels Ailes Project

They didn't have books like this when I was a kid

Baby on board

Why are the Repigs so determined to hurt the poor?

Romney Camp: Swiss Bank Attacks are 'False and Ridiculous'

New Web Site Same great Coffee (Hawaiian Made in USA)


Boating experts say NY yacht overcrowded; 3 dead

Jerry Tetalman for CA-49 OUT WITH ISSA!

Kelly RIPA to be overshadowed by Seth MEYERS as co-host?!1 NOooooooo!1

Wall Street Journal describes Mitt Romney as 'politically dumb'

U.S. Apology Ends Doomed Policy of Bullying Pakistan: Vali Nasr

Faulty data misled pilot in Brazil-France crash

Sobbing Woman Thanks Obama for Health Care Law:

Two different Romney spokespeople give the exact same answers to two different questions

2 bodies inside car found in wreckage from train derailment

Twitter helps find dog that took train to Dublin

Drones and Collateral Damage

Stephanie Miller of Sandusky, Ohio cries on the shoulder of U.S. President Obama - pics

No Shelter from the Drones of Infinite Justice or the Bacteria of Enduring Freedom

Former astronaut Jemison campaigning for Obama

First NATO supply trucks cross Pakistan border

Quite true...

GOP Rep. Tells Constituent Who Asks About Raising The Minimum Wage To ‘Get A Job’

Republican Party's plan for the economy

Forget the Propaganda -- Here's the Drug War Data That Really Matters

OK, this is sad, but the portraits are beautiful. Taiwanese photographer takes portraits of dogs

Argentina's Videla and Bignone guilty of baby theft

Iraq warns al-Qaida flowing into Syria

This song came out when I was working for a small Accounting Firm...

Supervalu Cutting 39 Marketing Jobs Across Company

New Nukes for No Money Down! Why Should Nuclear Loan Guarantees Cost Less Than Student Loans?

Oh dear. Just received this text message from Lover Boy

Another case of a child committing murder. What to do about this?

According to polls, Obama is way down in the "white guy" sector

Hilarious. Fox is showing the Joe Walsh clip under the banner: 'CNN ANCHOR DISMANTLED BY TEA PARTY

Any chance of Joe Walsh going down?

Why is there no maximum wage?

Martin Bashir - Romney’s conservative critics: Stand for something

Cherrystone Clams

I just received a rebate of $512.00 from BCBS NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*snort* Now we know what trumad has been up to recently...

Circulating on FB

Is Romney a member of the 1%

Papantonio – “I’m Betting Scalia is SCOTUS Leaker”

Shocking they want to kill Romney and in the primary he was so polite to his opponents

Why I'll never support a prohibition on posting DU Mail

Pic: President Obama Consoles Woman Whose Uninsured Sister Died Of Colon

Breathing uneasy over TB

Patriot Post newsletter declares Obama *self-anointed*

The Rmoney campaign feels as if it is a ship...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 6 July 2012