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Papantonio: GOP’s Pale, Frail & Stale - Bound To Fail

The Dem. Convention should have THIS on the wall for all to see:

Hurricane Isaac 'drove Mississippi River backwards'

DNCC open house at TWC Arena

Funniest Memes Mocking Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair Act

If you're like me and haven't been paying attention, the San Francisco flowers in your hair guy died

"The People" are not all of that

I just saw a bit on Ed Schultz and wondering about Condi Rice

OK-Post some great live vocal performances--I'll start-

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 1 -- THE ESSENTIALS: OSCAR LEVANT

Ann Romney Welsh cakes branded 'no good at all' by Welsh journalist

Anyone find out what that "No, no, don't touch me!" was about?

Rove apologizes to Akin for joke about murder, candidate’s camp says

(US) Lack of Health Care for Millions Putting Lives at Risk Says Doctor

Extreme and Exceptional Drought Continues To Blanket Most of Missouri and Kansas

Check out *this* Clint talking to an empty chair.... they nailed it!

food for thought

This might sound cruel to some people but...

Has Olbermann weighed in on the chair

One last laugh before the Chair jumps the shark.

Where did the idea of "unlikely pregnancy in a rape" come from?

Bill Moyers: Ralph Reed: From Purgatory to Power

Sidewalk-Free Illinois Neighborhood Arresting Scores of Black Pedestrians

What Clint reminds me of

Here in the extreme-drought-stricken Midwest......

The bigot I heard on NPR the other morning

The Dem. Convention should have THIS on the wall for all to see:

Ed just had a great idea.

Friday Talking Points (225) -- Talking Back

[She] began to worry when her face and head got larger. Her bosses also noticed -- and fired her...

David Kappheim Told Girlfriend He Would 'Kill Her' Because She Is Liberal, Florida Police Say

She's still got it....

Coming to America for Freedom

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Bradcasting & a new kitty gif

I have just a few questions

STUDY: Banal anti-Obama Artists becoming Increasingly Web Savvy

Rachel talking about Paul Ryan's "Rip Nomney" blooper

It is kind of funny that in the 2008 election the GOP sneeringly,

Singing for Our Rights: Facing a Police Crackdown, the Heart of the Wisconsin Movement Beats On

video "One More Term"

Facebook - you don't have to see your GOPer fb friends posts. Here is what you do if you don't want

VIDEO: Jerry Brown challenges Chris Christie to a fitness test.

Paul Krugman is coming up next on the Rachel Maddow Show. Change your channel...

Akin accepts apology from Rove over murder comment

Did the Ron Paul delegates go home before the Ramney speech last night?

"Movie star debates chair, loses" by Steve Benen at Maddow Blog

Anti-Obama country concert in Charlotte is canceled. Reason: Low ticket sales Bwahahaha!!!

I got this email message from a Republican 'friend' and NO WAY endorse it

Watching Rachel right now, I have to change my mind

Weird Willard was laughing at Clint?

Karl Rove's Donor Plan Could Run Afoul Of IRS, Congressional Report Suggests

Review: Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG that actually respects your time (worth the read)

"Barack Obama’s economic record" at the Economist

Did a canvas for McCaskill this week.

Empty chair now out-polling Mitt Romney in latest poll ...

Deity Wanted


The Liar, The Fake, The Fool

Watching clips of Clint Eastwood from last night on Ed and Rachel...

"Mitt is our man" proclaims sign held by La. storm victim (CNN front page)

Mr. Eastwood..the empty chair speaks back and wins

Hey JonLP24! Both Hanie and Osweiler made the cut.


From Daily Kos: Poor Scott Brown he doesn't have his man crush validated by Mickey"the fighter" Ward

Required viewing: "The American Dream"

wow, look at this rare european strawberry

Creepy FB use of email address...

The ED Show - Eastwood's bizarre performance upstages Romney

"Real Time" starts in 5 minutes. FYI N/T

#InsertChair is now trending on Twitter

dry county

Every word der Mittens or Paul Rayn utters that is in contravention of

Maru and the mystery bump

A wink to Neil Armstrong, a slight to President Obama.

LOL! "The trees ain't the only thing not listenin, hoss."

Required Viewing: "The American Dream" Cross Posted in GD.

Cole Porter Albacore

I'm pretty sure Coulter was in Eastwood's chair

Lady Ann Rmoney, you've got nothing on the real deal...

The ED Show - Romney's 'disastrous' convention reflects on him

BIll Maher - After five minutes of Rmoney the people were begging

Barclays makes £500m betting on food crisis

Holy shit. Maher is showing a film by Alexandra Pelosi

Bill Maher is kicking Desousa's ass

I am LOVING Bill Maher tonight. And it's only just begun.

Just a shout out to congratulate DUers for being so engaged and informed about this election.

Can anyone read writing on walls?

Borowitz: As we go from Abraham Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt to Mitt Romney, I now understand

Hitler Hears About Clint Eastwood Talking To A Chair.

Remember how pissed the Righties got over the "It's Halftime in America" ad?

The $7 dollar shotgun, the $10 Pistol... Belt fed automatic shotgun..

The ED Show - Dishonesty on display throughout GOP convention

The convention unintentionally tells the truth -they built the debt!

let's follow each other...

Non FOX convention viewership (Romney vs McCain) plummets -30%

Before Talk With a Chair, Clearance From the Top

Police say man accidentally shot himself in the head while watching movie

Former Missouri House Speaker officially a lobbyist

Ok, this woman is really starting to piss me off...

Note To Candidates: 'Woman' Does Not Equal 'Mom'

An Alabama fan told me he was going to the LSU game in Baton Rouge. I asked if he was going to

BEST Bill Maher show in ages!

Chair!!! OK, Seriously....are any DUers planning on attending the DNC

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Communities #9

please donate whatever you can to Obama

Bill Maher Takes On Dinesh D’Souza Over Anti-Obama Documentary 2016

Once in a Blue Moon?

Ex-Janesville GM plant employee: Paul Ryan 'ought to be ashamed of himself'

Texas out to save ‘discriminatory’ voter ID, maps after court ruling

Are you ready for some football??

'Honey Boo Boo' ratings top Republican National Convention

Daily Show and Colbert are on.

Bill Maher Defends Clint Eastwood: He Spoke To A Chair For Ten Minutes And The Audience Loved It


Reminder -- Jon Stewart is on

Seems people in Quebec like the parti quebecois but support the idea

Daily Show. Tune in East Coast to see a replay of Clint and the Chair.

Wildfires force evacuation of residents south of Chadron (NE)

Jon Stewart was on FIRE!

Ron Paul to be on Leno Sept 4th. Wonder what he is up to & if it will hurt Mitt.

Ex-Marine Kills 2 Workers, Self at NJ Supermarket

The Resurrection of Ralph Reed

Keep the Heat on Akin -- Keep the Heat on

Occupy RNC ends in tears, frustration

Someone needs to hire Clint Easwood pronto...

Mitt's latest awkward moment

The Ed Show: Ryan's Auto Lie - video segment link

Jon Stewart Basks In The Glory Of Clint Eastwood’s ‘Awesome’ Speech While Tearing Apart Romney’s

Who stole my chair?

Colbert is absolutely smoking tonight.

I laughed like a hyena during the chair thing last night,

Colbert just lost an argument with an empty chair

"Fact checking Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech..." (creating 12 million jobs)

Romney is toast

"Of course we don't want failed policies to Succeed."

A letter to Ann Romney…

Word Clouds from the RNC Speeches...

Vladimir Putin stirs memories of Joseph Stalin as he urges 'leap forward'

Unintentional (maybe?) hilarity from USA Today...

Hillary Texts About RNC Last Night...

Third person dies from Legionnaires’ at Chicago hotel

how come I can hear youtube videos using firefox, but not IE??

Up to 10,000 Yosemite visitors at risk of virus

Rachel Maddow - Eastwood’s terribly timed RNC meltdown

BLM declares Burning Man Second Amendment-free zone

Harvard Students in Cheating Scandal Say Collaboration Was Accepted

Tonight, August 31 is a Blue Moon!

Actually, Clint Was Just Building Hype For His Next Summer Blockbuster

Make My Day

Rachel Maddow - The lie that Eric Cantor forgot

I guess you folks just don't know a bang-up Ron Paul impression when you see one.

Jason Alexander Smokes Ron Christie On Climate Change on "Real Time"

More pictures from the Alaska State Fair

Daily Show did a rundown

Taking bets on the post convention bump

Jon Stewart Basks In The Glory Of Clint Eastwood’s ‘Awesome’ Speech While Tearing Apart Romney’s

Rachel Maddow - Debunking the GOP’s ‘Vouchercare’ plan

I just heard this Zeppelin song for the first time...

U.S. Small-Business-Owner Satisfaction Improves to '08 Level

what ticked me off the worst about Mitt's speech

From the OST Office of Emergency Management

This is why I don't like name-calling on DU

Obama ordering VA to add staff, see suicidal vets within 24 hours

Kim Jong Ryan's actual marathon time confirmed: 4:01:25

Romney off-message in storm-ravaged Bayou

3rd death tied to Chicago Legionnaires' outbreak

a comment after a story from the Washington Post after the GOP Convention

Anatomical clues to human evolution from fish (BBC)

Greatest Charlie Rose episode of all time.

How do we top the Clint Eastwood talking to a chair?

Instead of clicking the link, I accidently licked the clink. And all I can say is...

Mirror Mirror on the wall...who's the craziest crazy of all? Palin? Zell Miller? Bachman? Eastwood?

Kiss Your Ass

dennis hopper's grave

Mitt Romney To Flood Victim: 'Go Home And Call 211'

Republican Convention Ratings Down from 2008

State Voting Laws, SCOTUS and the Voting Rights Act

"Bull F&%&ing S*#t" Jon Stewart on the fundamental lie of Republicans

Eastwood: I Would Like You To Meet...

After Clint Eastwoods Superbowl pro-bailout Chrysler commercial the Romney

Well the fruitcake convention is over and there were a lot of nuts

Arizona private prison contract awarded to Tenn. firm

A blog from an idiot...

My arguments vs. my conservative cousins

Before Eastwood’s Talk With a Chair, Clearance From the Top

It was inspired and brilliant! Clint Eastwood saboteur?

No Syria safe zones without UN says Turkey

So I just heard a gaggle of canadian geese flying south. Summer's over. Hold me!

a couple more rnc pictures

Mitt Romney To Flood Victim: 'Go Home And Call 211'

My Prediction For the Democratic Party Convention

Tweet: Republican slogan "we built it" is more like "we bought it".

Are We Feeling Better?

I knew it! it was Priebus who gave Eastwood the idea for invisible Obama..

Powell criticizes Cantor for loophole in STOCK Act.

Can't Run a Convention = definitely Can't Run A Country

Powell criticizes Cantor for loophole in Stock Act.

Clint Eastwood has said he is going to direct a new movie

When do we get Ann's favorite tuna and pasta recipes?

Question: If bad info is entered into, do they correct it somehow?

"Bright-sided": the dark side of terminal perkiness

Venezuela restarts refinery after blast

FB Friends? What is your policy? Can you be friends with people who LIKE the WRONG guy?

"When you went to work... everyone else on the block was doing the same thing"

had to do it....

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, August 31)

Dad Protects Son from Bullies by Wearing a Skirt. Guess What? It Works.

Brazil prosecutors: Judge takes first junta case

Brazil prosecutors: Judge takes first junta case

President Obama meets with Clint Eastwood

Homeless man gets 180 days for theft of candy bars

Cry endangered wolf? Not in Wyoming. Gray wolf back from near extinction

Minn. officers on leave after video shows suspect being kicked

Minnesota State Fair: Pigs might've given people flu

Ice Age animal bones unearthed in Mexico

Rights groups fear militarization in Guatemala

Rights groups fear militarization in Guatemala

A rare photo from the Swedish gulag

My favorite Atheist Pig so far! "Because the bible tells me so..."

Mitt Romney's Plans to Strengthen the Middle Class

Another World is Possible!

The Empty Chair is still leading the news cycle.

10 Ways Americans Are No Longer Free

NRA News Downplays Loophole That Helps Arm Criminals

NRA goes after Democrats in contested Senate races

What in hell has Dana Milbank been eating?

This message was not self-deleted by its author

Israeli Citizens in Solidarity with Rachel Corrie and the Corrie Family

Face Palms at the ready…

And they still don't get it.

They're here somewhere…

There… Fixed it

Clampdown on debit and credit cards going ahead

Investors Seek To Profit From Privatizing Public Schools

Friendly fire shootings show why arming everyone won’t solve gun violence

Happy Birthday Ashley! One Year Old Today!

Former marine kills two then self in N.J. - It's time prevent gun violence!

Happy Birthday Ashley! One Year Old Today!

The phenomenon of the Randi Rhodes Conversion.

NBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘Democrats Wish They Had The Diversity’ Of The GOP VIDEO


Going to take my 21 year old bike to the bike shop this morning.

Why Clint Eastwood Is Ridiculously Overrated

Bill Moyers: Christian Right Hypocrite Ralph Reed Has Resurrected Himself in the GOP --

New Megaupload Will Be Massive Global Network

Poor In India Starve As Politicians Steal $14.5 Billion Of Food



GOP tones down its harsh talk on immigration, but is the damage already done?

Mitt's obsession with "Quiet Rooms" needs more voter attention ...


Egg-separating Trick Using a Water Bottle

Birds hold 'funerals' for dead

16 Charts On The Booming Global Small Arms Trade

Paul Ryan Has Not Run Sub-3:00 Marathon

Tell the truth. How many times have you recommended a thread, just to come back later

BBC: Hungary nationalists (Jobbik party: extreme right wing, of course) whip up anti-Roma feelings

Galt MacDermot - Cry Sound

Unanswered questions about Hurricane Isaac

So, Romney laughed backstage & thought Clint's schtick was funny?

The Big Lie: Romney Throws Reality ‘Under The Bus’

Welfare Stereotypes Come Creeping Back Into Play


With the encouraging rulings on Voter Suppression legislation,

World Bank issues hunger warning after droughts in US and Europe

Raising Minimum Wage Can Yank Millions Out of Poverty and Jump-Start Economy

US is the Worst Police State in the World – By the Numbers

Weekly Address: Giving Thanks to Our Troops

Deadly Yosemite virus warning to 10,000 US campers

The World's Most Corrupt(ed) Republic

Why did Rmoney say he wished Obama had succeeded?

Kristol Blasts Romney For Ignoring Afghanistan, U.S. Troops In Convention Speech

How Republicans would have looked 6 thousand years ago

Teen pregnancy gene found

I'm not sure how this is a bad thing

Okay, admit it. What piece of furniture do you talk to?

Damn that President Obama and his Obama care!

'You Had Our Back -- Now We Got Yours'

Private Prison Monopolies

Can't get into Seperated at Birth.

Union-Owned Bank Helps Scranton Restore Firefighters & Cops Pay

I have a question about the importance of the Clint Eastwood Shtick.

Are Liberals Too Eager to Believe Sex Charges Against Julian Assange?

I had no idea Sheldon Adelson was a lil Murdoch.

Reforming Welfare and Gutting the Poor: A Bipartisan Platform

Chicago Teachers Strike Date: Union Sets Sept. 10 Date, CPS Announces Plan

I thought Mitt's Olympics service was supposed to be some great gift to us?

We deserve better

Romney plan to undo regulations: "end run around democracy" showing blatant disdain for Constitution

Can any DUers tell me the last day, month or year that


The Nation: For Julian Assange, Justice Foreclosed

"Who the f#ck is left who might might want to vote for these assholes?"

The Climate Bites Back

Alex Witt was soooo full of glee this a.m. after

Why am I suddenly seeing extra scrollbars on all DU pages ?

Salon: GOP’s newest attack on student loans

Yes, and well, life does begin at incorporation, my friend.

Mitt Romney vs. dead potted plant, Mark Morford

New sign for my truck

Why don't the MIR team read every first post by a newbie?

Jonathan Bernstein, Salon: Press turns on Paul Ryan

Is anyone else's DU have an extra scroll bar on the right side this morning?

Libya's Quest for Justice The Thin Line Between Guilt and Innocence

Toronto Star: Iraq War resister speaks out after deportation order

Recycling Architecture Biennale Exhibit Argues for Fewer New Buildings

Anybody else volunteer for Obama in a typically red state...

I have to say

Paul Ryan's Labor Day Promise to American Workers: Candy and a Sports Schedule (VIDEO)

Compared to where the Republicans are these days, Eastwood was pretty mild in substance.

Lake Park man allegedly obsessed with Fox News, GOP is in jail after threats made to girlfriend

What is the definition of a "spammer"?

To redeem himself, Clint will appear at DNC, taking to an empty suit that's supposed to be Romney

I think Mitt has Aspergers Syndrome

Eastwooding is a growing trend

Quick! Gimme the maple syrup !!!!

Here's a tip: Never try to eat tuna fish around a cat.

The American Dream by the Provocateur Network

Former U.S. Marine subdues murder suspect at gunpoint while camping in Colorado.

Does this stuff really work?

Met Office Confirms This Summer As Wettest For England & Wales Since 1912 - Guardian

The best I felt about President Obama wasn't when I voted for him.

Which Urban Freeways Are Ready to Go?

BBC's "The Mormon Candidate" is on Current TV right now 10 A.M. ET

9-Meter Fiberglass Sailboat Completes Northwest Passage Through McClure Strait

Plants' Fungi Allies May Not Help Store Climate Change's Extra Carbon

Dear Freeper, we need to talk (re: Freeper Conundrum)

Albums you can listen to from start to finish, no fast forward, etc.

Anti-abortion personhood amendment won't make Colorado ballot

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum at 60



Record dominoes 9: PIOMAS sea ice volume

Honey Mustard Grilled Salmon

Some recent comments from a Republican friend:

Speaking of "Bold Moves".

On a completely unrelated news topic, some MittWitts try to promote Mitt for POTUS

Syria conflict: Fighting rages at Syria air bases

Public pension funds stung by Facebook's falling stock

Has Colin Powell Come Out And Endorsed Either Rmoney Or Obama?....

Man complains to police of prostitute price hike

Mormon Caffeine Policy Clarified, Coke And Pepsi Officially OK For Latter-Day Saints

We need to stop talking about global warming, climate change and carbon emissions.

I will refrain from attacking Obama until the election

BBC's "The Mormon Candidate"

a-wipe Alex CASTELLANOS names losers of Rethug confab: CHRISTIE, Rand, AND Mittens himself

Saturday, September 1st. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Outstanding turnout for the Travis County AFL-CIO Labor Day fish fry

Mitt Romney to Homeless Issac Flood Victim: "GO HOME AND CALL 211!

"The Space Between". One powerful movie.

Mitt the Twit tells homeless hurricane victim to go home and call 211!

Rubio Shows Why 'In God We Trust' Must Go

I just watched Bill Maher run over Dinesh D'Souza.

Right on, Danziger, Right On!

Ryan claims his grandfather created the Cob salad

For those of you who are familiar with facial expressions,

10 FACTS ABOUT MITT ROMNEY (may be funny to you)

They call Biden a gaffe machine? Mitt takes the proverbial cake

This campaign season is bringing out exceptionally nasty cartoons

Does Ryan consider Romney Nouveau Riche trash?

NYT's Gail Collins: Only The Good Get Rich

The throat-slitting gesture: Did EASTWOOD know it's part of Mormon ritual?

For those of you not old enough to remember, here's an example of govt regulations that HELP people

Meet My Horse

Why Young Republicans in Texas are teaming up with the NRA

Another CNN poll (Eastwood)

The Sad truth about Clint Eastwood, in 1 toon

Let’s use “legitimate rape” comment as a learning opportunity

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Sept 1st

Do republicans celebrate Labor day?

Paul Ryan Backtracks On Sub-3-Hour-Marathon Claim

what do you think of this note to CHASE BANK?

Obama Derangement Syndrome

hidden beach


Mitt and wacky LDS endtimes juju - why does he want more world conflict?

"Go home and call 211."

Our convention is sure to be better than the RNC, as long as we can avoid one little thing...


Why a plank in the GOP platform: "No minimum wage for the Mariana Islands"? Ask Ralph Reed

He just got back from Louisiana and just made the joke


What's North American Energy Independence?

James Lipton Scolds Clint Eastwood/GOP: "The words were vulgar and worse, they were disrespectful."

Weekend TOON Roundup


The Balloon Drop At The Roach Motel

Well, we're going to do it. Send the Corolla to my sister.

Mitt Romney To Flood Victim: 'Go Home And Call 211'

The Assassination of Clint Eastwood by the Coward Mitt Romney

The meme that never gets old.

Need help with an iPod Nano ## Updated ##

UCLA ‘Study’ Critical Of High-Speed Rail Was Authored By Veteran Aircraft Exec

Up to 10,000 Yosemite visitors at risk of virus

LIAR! Paul Ryan's campaign admits that Paul is a big fat LIAR! (He never ran a 3 hour marathon)

Ralph Reed in the Marianas Trenches

All the Republican Party marbles belong to us now.

WOW! Who just saw Melissa Harris-Perry go nuke-u-lar on the conservative?!

Melissa Harris Perry just tore the RW economic "expert"

How does Cutting Taxes for the Rich reduce the National Debt?

Ry Cooder - Jesse James (from the soundtrack of The Long Riders).

Druid drone the mystery Downs din?

Bitch-Slapped Sacks of S*** of The Week – Texas Legislators

I never thought I'd say this but James Lipton makes a good point.

Don't miss this great thread

Today’s College Football and Tailgate Thread (Sept. 1)

Did Romney say ONE thing about veterans and active duty?

Will the MSM give Romney a pass on his "call 211" comment?

So the "press" has no trouble calling out Ryan for lying about running?

Romney's "4% for Freedom" is 100% impossible

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 1, 1986

George W. Bush was just clueless and a patsy, Romney is a conniving, lying, POS

Chris Matthews Has Heated Run-In With GOP Delegates In Tampa

Revolt of the Rich: Our financial elites are the new secessionists

Mitt Romney and the Mormon Machine

Obama tweets response to Eastwood's "Invisible Obama" monologue

S.C. voter ID law takes some hits in court

The Republican Convention, Paul Ryan and Baghdad Bob

Mitt Romney Speech Line Contradicts 2009 Claim He Wanted 'Liberal Policies', Obama 'To Fail'

Mitt Romney's speech: What about the veterans?

Just a PSA: the DNC has launched a new mobile app for the Convention

Updated Obama versus Romney polls in 10 key battleground states

Dinesh D'Souza's "2016: Obama's America": The Five Most Hilarious Lowlights

Iran To Hold Massive Air Defense Drill In October

This video is dedicated to Paul Ryan.

Reminder, watch last night Daily show if you can. One of the best ever about the GOP convention!!!

Exclusive: U.S. Scales-Back Military Exercise with Israel, Affecting Potential Iran Strike

Vouchers & "Obamacare"

Upgraded to Windows 7 from XP and Explorer to Chrome and nothing is the same or intuitive any more

Jon Stewart last night, yes, on a Friday, was an absolute must see

Russia To Develop Sea-Based Space-Defense System

On FB, this morning an acquaintance had a link up whining about vacations for the Obama family

Paul Ryan Admits Marathon Time Claim Not True

What is this crap about Obama raising the oceans?

Ellen Barkin: 'Wow Is Twitchy defending Eastwood gesture . . . secret desire to kill POTUS?'

should Meta be a SERIOUS forum all the time?

DUers, displaced by the hurricane

I Was Thinking the Democrats Should Play and Dedicate This Song to the Republican Convention

Big Love: Romney, Bush & The Mormons

A letter to Ann Romney…

When the arctic ice cap is gone the mercator orientation will be obsolete

How the Right’s Building a ‘Poll Watcher’ Network for November

Obama Campaign Promises Full Stadium

Coffee Party Radio LIVE NOW: GOP Convention-Lies & Alternate State Of Reality Sat 12–2PM CST

HUGE crowd at Obama speech in Des Moines!

Stuck in a Room with Mitt Romney

Bill Maher: Eastwood 'killed' it

Click For Willard Romney's Humongous Convention Bounce

Are Star Members not seeing the extra scroll bars ?

Ryan's prepared (not off the cuff) statement proves he can't speak correct English.

When is it OK for Mormons to lie?

And then he started talking to a chair!

Gallup, 9/1 -- NO POST-CONVENTION BUMP so far for Romney, no dip in President Obama's approval

Ret. USAF Col. Klass: Romney Failing the Commander in Chief Test

Doonesbury: About those taxes, Mitt Romney!

Education use to be an individual effort then the corporate world

Republicans Transcend Birtherism and Embrace Brazen Racism

George Takei Takes Story Of Internment To The Stage

2 Random Observations for today:

For those in the hurricane

Plum cake

Verterns who support President Obama

China mine: Xiaojiawan blast death toll rises to 43 (BBC)

A Conversation on Economy: Culture Project Impact Festival 2012

Atheist groups look to boost, diversify membership

Mediaite headline: World Class Liar: Runner’s World Debunks Outlandish Paul Ryan Marathon Claim

World food prices jumped 10 percent in July-World Bank

Al Gore: Electoral College System Should Be Replaced By Popular Vote (VIDEO)

Representative example of GOP Progress

My Take: Give me Bali's empty chair over Eastwood's

8 Words That Most Liars Use

True story ;)

President Obama at Fort Bliss, August 31

scroll bar problem

Cardinal Carlo Martini says Church '200 years behind'

Trust me, the world of runners is a cult.

DNC Convention surprise guest: Paul Ryan's wife

I finally landed home..Mississauga ON. - DIAL UP WARNING - PIC HEAVY

As Afghanistan war drags on, Romney omits war from speech, a first for GOP nominee since ‘52

Well, even I in Missouri didn't get away scot-free from Isaac...

Siegelman talks with brad blog about Dos aviation-recipient of no bid contracts from federal govt.

GOP calls for repealing student loan reform so private lenders can get a bigger piece of the pie.

A long story about The Southern Strategy

George Washington campaign ad... Paul Ryan Style

Mass entry of Palestinians into Israel calls for new approach to permit regime

How Democrats & Progressives Can Win: George Lakoff

Very Interesting look at the life of Tip O'Neill

US 'scales down' military exercise with Israel

Anthropology and the Assault on Common Sense: Critical Thinking About Being Human Is a Useful Hobby

You heard it here first

Michelle consoling Barrack

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Employs New "Eastwood" Strategy

Lufthansa says strike cost millions, cancels flights

TOONS: The War On Women

Marco Rubio in a rare moment of truth

Jim Stockdale - does that name sound familiar?

Look out, Romney! Facebook cracking down on bulk "likes"

Mitt Romney's tax returns (Andy Borowitz)

Fear is the single greatest enemy of survival

So what would happen if the US was run like a business as the GOP suggests.

Jeff Bridges quote

Bill Maher’s New Rule For GOP: You Must ‘Admit The Historical Existence Of George W. Bush’

Y'all do realize that the Arctic sea ice is going to be GONE within the next administration...

Has Anybody Even Said How Intellectually Cowardly The Chair Shtick Was?

Judge Lester is OUT, as a "Florida judge tough on defendants assigned to Zimmerman case"

Now that the RNC is over, can we get back to

Computer virus hits second energy firm

Perry Going to Italy for F1 Race, Economic Forum

Uncompensated Care Costs for WI Hospitals Grow to $1.2 Billion in 2011

EPIC FAIL: Romney as MA Gov. The 2006 Floods (flashback, notice the pattern)

Name the groups of potential voters that the Romney/Ryan ticket have insulted so far.

It's official -- Mitt is about to leave the building

Gangnam Style - sweeping the nation!

I Think Joe Biden has Aspergers Syndrome

If I was programming our convention...

Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

Democratic Conventions thru the years (heavy photo content)

Stop You're Killing Me - Sept. 1 email

one of the best daily shows ever

I had a conversation with a 20-year-old atheist relative yesterday.

Summary of the RNC IMHO:

Found on Common Dreams today:

"So you are promising to keep Medicare exactly the way it was in 2007?"

If you are having a bad day I can top it.

Since atoms are mostly "empty space,"

Melissa Harris-Perry spanks Rightwing Grima Wormtongue about what real risk is

A book for Labor Day: Playing Bigger Than You Are - A Life In Organizing

Scott Brown is running a dumb ad in Massachusetts

a moment of bliss

I left this note under the hotel door of the room next to me this morning.

Ale to the Chief! White House Honey Ale recipe

How Romney/Ryan Would Undermine Churches And Faith-Based Charities

Stephen Colbert Compares Paul Ryan's Misleading RNC Speech To An Athlete 'Doping'

POTUS Is Killing It

The Republican Rmoney/Ryan message:

What is Neoliberalism? A Brief Definition for Activists

I do not understand how the polls are so close, are they polling turnips?

My latest show starts in five @3PM EST

Breaking: Romney To Host "Labor Day Telethon" (who needs Jerry Lewis!)

WAPO factchecker questions motives of Ryan's critics

Seeing the President's great speech in Iowa I am 100% sure that he will

Ryan: nomination is "my greatest triumph since winning the Tour de France"

Well, I'm off for a drive through the Sierra Nevada granite country.

My son bought and received a defective laptop yesterday.

1st Annual Labor Day Powell Party!

Phyllis Schlafly calls for Rove resignation over Akin ‘murder’ remarks

Smug Ignorance Does Not a Leader Make

Invisible Obama

No hex please, we're witches and

Rednecks for Obama

O'Bannon expands NCAA lawsuit

ON CSPAN Just now..........

I heart the Gene Wilder meme, which fits every occasion.

the only star of the RNC convention who didn't lie to America!!

Groups to protest at Democratic convention in North Carolina

Republicans Boast About Voter Suppression in Tampa, but the Ground Is Shifting

Facebook Romney ads are "offensive"

Clint Eastwood's speech summed up the Tea Party


White House releases beer recipe

Des Moines, Iowa is fired up...

Caption this Photo

Brad Dutcher, Former Janesville GM Plant Employee, Says Paul Ryan 'Should Be Ashamed Of Himself'

John Cusack Interviews Law Professor Jonathan Turley

Facts Speak Louder than Words.

Did Brooks finally grow up?

where's the outrage from the christian right teaparty over clint eastwood's vulgar performance?

My dog ate a squirrel.

Ohio beats Penn State 24-14!

Why did Eastwood draw his index finger across his throat (as if slitting it)?

St. Paul civic, religious leaders decry violent arrest captured on video

Oh You!

Defeat the Medicare Lie Easily...with Groceries!

Steven Colbert interviewed Clint Eastwood's chair

Kitty sinus infections--

Thousands come to see President Obama in Iowa - pics

It shouldn't come as a surprise that

Ask your doctor if Legitimate Rape is right for you! (This is satire, but may be triggering.)

I Guess Arthur Davis Is This Election Season's Zell Miller

A Love Story LOL

You're fired

When does Romney give his acceptance speech?

A Republican acidentally telling the truth

so, on the home page, one of the stories is titlted "obama's march to the convention"

The Romney-Koch Handshake That Network TV Missed

"Love, That's America" by Melvin Van Peebles

TCM Schedule for Monday September 3 - TCM Spolight; Telluride Film Festival

If the Romney/Ryan plan is so desirable, why do they have to lie...

Is Anybody As Upset As Me About "The Democrats Hate Success" Strawman

Pathological lying is a very real phenomina...

Bill Maher talks to Dinesh D'Souza anti-Obama filmaker. Most interesting

Despite Privacy Concerns, Mexico Continues Scanning Youth Irises for ID Cards

Despite Privacy Concerns, Mexico Continues Scanning Youth Irises for ID Cards

Some people just need a high five. In the face. With a ....

Ryan's lie, much better than we think..He just defined himself to many.

seen on facebook (undocumented workers)

David Koch shakes his boy's hand, Mitt Romney, while the national media obscures the feed

Rachel Maddow quote about the empty chair.

Huh... I never knew one could buy a trending topic on Twitter (#RomneyRyan2012)

I didn't see any of the RNC. Only thing I got about the chair thing was a text from a friend

Is there a cooler MF-er on the planet than Samuel L Jackson?

The GOP - The 'walkback' Party

Itching dog - definitely not fleas. Given Benadryl, but have heard that it might hurt

Romney's Bounce from Convention Looks Short-Lived: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

Obama begins road to comvention..speech in Urbandale, Iowa, September 1

Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

Couldn't add a comment on a jury vote. Twice it said no explanation had been entered.

Christian Reconstructionist leader: I can't support David Barton's latest book

Louisiana has the highest rate of prisoners in the WORLD.

Brazil asks Venezuela to investigate village massacre claims

We can't forget about Stericycle

Is Chelsea Clinton running for office - as a Republican? I tried to Google this subject but

Chinese manufacturing hits 9-month low

Obama: Romney, GOP offering only well-worn ideas

Krugman: Rob Portman lying about China financing our deficit

Lounge daily inspirational message

Romney got convention bump on 'likability' now 31% think he's likable!!

Any long distance runners out there?

Romney: GOP ‘Let People Down’ on Budget

Hillary Clinton among possible new Yale president candidates

Doctors, Patients Rally In Support Of Obamacare In Tampa On The Last Day Of The RNC

Jobs numbers out next Friday...thoughts?

Cardinal Carlo Martini says Church '200 years behind'

"Once you understand this, burn it"

That FUCKING "liberal media"...Tweety's Rinse Peenus smackdown being labeled "over-the-top"

BBC: Meeting the far-right ultra-nationalist skinheads of Russia

Inquiry on Tax Strategy Adds to Scrutiny of Finance Firms

Right wing voter suppression organizing page "True the Vote"

bookmarking a thread

Romney's Russian Threat

GOP Platform Declares Medicaid Unconstitutional

I could use advice for a friend who's stranded in Chicago with no ID

Think you're tough? Think again. It's not about gender. Let's discuss us men.

Sand sculpture of Obama built by Myrtle Beach SC for DNC convention.

Red State Update: Jackie Talks To Obama Chair!

An Appeal to my Fellow Nonbelievers

Republicans are like people who serve shit sandwiches…

Songwriter Hal David, co-writer of 'Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head,' dies at 91

How Romney/Ryan Would Undermine Churches And Faith-Based Charities

Inquiry on Tax Strategy Adds to Scrutiny of Finance Firms

Even less airline competition on the way?

On September 6th, I am PLANNING on witnessing a mushroom cloud-laying MOTHERFUCKER.

Am so sorry if this makes anyone throw up, but it's just toooo ugly not to share.

Just so you know, the campaign season has begun.

White Racial Anxiety and the Changing Demographic Tide: Legitimate Concern or Illogical Worry?

Dusty Springfield - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

This one is do or die

Dusty Springfield - Spooky

Hal David, Burt Bacharach's Songwriting Partner, Dies at 91

Dusty Springfield - The look of love

teleSUR claims no evidence for Yanomamis massacre.

Dusty Springfield - Son of a preacher man

Facebook timeline Obama campaign graphic

Photoshop this: Paul Ryan Lies

Lyin' Ryan. Float that across everywhere. Saturate it.


On the use of psychiatric diagnoses to portray politicians.....

Water birds

Righteous Rant! Tom Toles on Lyin' Ryan

Lyin' Ryan Forced to Give a 'Fact-Checkers' Speech

Reasons to vote for the Mittster

"The Republican philosophy: America is a company, corporations are people, the president is a chair"

My Idea for the DNC

Clint Eastwood Named as Chair-Man of GOP

Bernie Sanders Fed Audit (prepare yourself to be ticked off)

Didn't a Conservative Magazine Trash Obama 2016?

PAUL RYAN VS. JESUS VS. AYN RAND! (@JohnFugelsang/Caffeinated #6)

Working women hate themselves

I keep hearing how well "2016" is doing. But I have to ask: where's the VISUAL proof?

Pod of pilot whales come ashore at St. Lucie County's Avalon Park

The GOP Convention Was One Big Mess of Bizarre

Paul Rylan is a grifter. Just a run of the mill con artist who isn't prepared for Big Time Grifting

KKKeep America American???

Exclusive: Financial Firms Face Subpoenas on Tax Strategy

I ain't gonna work in Mitten's country no more

President Obama, VP Biden to rally in New Hampshire after accepting nomination

Obama was great in Iowa, but...

Name two songs about chess.

I'm buying a tazer

All of this is all true!

New iPad help, YouTube vids won't play.

The Daily Show -Colbert - and Bill Maher were CLASSICS last night

Stephen King's message to Mitt Romney

The Good, the Bad and the .....

What does it mean when someone posts

Patriotism and Poultry: George Orwell’s ‘Diaries’

Evacuations are still taking place as a result of Isaac

I just saw an ad that demanded my e-mail before going any further, "Atlas Shrugged 2"

Warp speed, Mr. Sulu!!

Three former UBS execs convicted of fraud involving contracts for muni bond proceeds investment

Are there any rational, decent Republicans left?

Romney Staffer Committing Charitable Fraud

Engage...quarter speed, Mr. Sulu

Bill Maher: Alexandra Pelosi’s 2012 GOP Convention Video of Republican ignorance and anger

What Political Reporters are Missing

Tiny mites on your face may cause rosacea

Two Polls Show No Bounce for Romney (but Obama's got bounce!)

So, what is it? Is it racism? Is it fear of the new? What?

$60 million football stadium so kids could feel good about themselves and their school...

It's funny that anti-evolutionists draw the line at being related to apes.

Romney Staffer Committing Charitable Fraud

Report: Bain Capital Among Firms Being Investigated By N.Y. Attorney General

abortion rights

Got mine and my wifes I heart obamacare sticker anybody else? just being nosy....

Communist, Marxist, Socialist, Fascist

Twin skyscrapers blown up in Chongqing Port, China

Isaac renews old debate about Louisiana levees

Thoughts on Gender Politics in a Generational Context

Clint Eastwood LIED. U.S. Labor Department counts 12.8 million people as unemployed - not 23 million

Alkali metals in air, water

C-span is showing old Democratic convention speeches right now

My Mom just gave me a real treasure.

Sutton Foster sang Down With Love on Craig Ferguson last night

Is it safe to say that everything said in Tampa was a lie?

From George Takei's Facebook page - pic

Dusty Springfield is a poser.

I held her in my arms and let her cry.

What bothers me is the words Clint Eastwood in Obama's mouth

Bain Capital Under Investigation For Tax Evasion


Better late than never. My take on the "chair". >>

President Obama stops at Bob Roe's Point After Pizza & Lounge while campaigning in Sioux City - pics

UPDATED: Anti-ROMNEY Bumper Sticker Slogans!!

Two new polls show no convention bounce for Mitt the Twit

Strawmen and an empty chair

New Ben and Jerry's flavor?

Just say'n...regarding Prez O bumper stickers and stuff...

Romney/Ryan/Rand 2012 (cartoon)

You're talking about Invisible Obama, right? (oh, snap!)

Tomorrow I will be 60 years old.

Gavin Newsom interviewing Steve Forbes, proponent of Paul Ryan Medicaid cuts and gold standard

Go Fish!!!

Grifting Ain't Easy

Obama on GOP convention and ideas: "You might as well have watched it on a black and white TV"

First McCain, now this?

Corrected for accuracy....

Eight Leading Members of Congress Request Access to TPP Negotiations in Leesburg

Romney’s Former Company Under Investigation For Tax Evasion

Hey Mitt..It's time for you to put up.

Jerusalem Puzzled By Dempsey Comment On Iran Strike