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Archives: September 10, 2012

George Soros urges Germany to save euro

Anyone watching the former navy seal on 60 minutes?

Why Does the IRS Encourage Churches to Break the Law?

Joe Walsh Slams Sandra Fluke On Contraception Issue: 'Go Get A Job' (VIDEO)

Officer in Obama motorcade struck, killed in West Palm Beach

Did You Hear Romney's Remark About Employer Based Healthcare?

"Mitt Romney will need over 60% of white people to vote for him or he will lose"

TYT: Obama Grilled About Kill List By Local Reporter

Journey - Feeling That Way/Anytime. The apex of Journey's production IMHO.

I hate to be the one to say it, but.....

bwa... bwahaha... BwaHaHa... BWWWAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHA

Shouldn't Obama remind everyone that half of Europe is in Recession

Crossbar 1 V. Davis 0

Great video from Virginia Tech teacher

Maple bacon ice cream...

Within Hours, Mitt Romney Takes Back Everything He Said About Preexisting Conditions

Sunshine come on back another day

Juan Cole: A Rebuke to the American-Israeli Economic War on Iran

NYC DEMs and DUers can support the Chicago Teachers in Union Square on Monday at 5 pm.

Bad week-end for Wisconsin sports :(

TSA agent admits detaining people is not really about airline safety

Any one remember Steve Gunderson?

Here's the video of President Obama and the Florida pizza parlor owner:

Piano kid

PPP polling being released sooooooon

Anyone else find it ironic right wing radio would accept tax attorney ad mentioning offshore income?

Gov. Jerry Brown to GOP: 'Get out of the way'

Lies and hope

Foo Fighters DNC performance - My Hero & Walk

PPP: Ohio/Obama 50, Romney 45

Romney Pulls Double-Arabian, Takes Back "ObamaCare" support (updated)

severe storm hits Yuma

Poll:Obama expands advantage over Romney

West Virginia mountaintop removal mining opponent dies

Could you remotely imagine seeing Romney in a pic such as this?

Apparently Larry Gibson--one of our staunchest opponents of Mountain Top Removal has died

Who is going to take care of the unwanted children that

Larry Gibson, mountaintop removal opponent, dies

15% of Ohio Republicans think Romney is responsible for killing bin Laden.

Romney Makes Appeal To The Common Man: Claims Favorite Show is Jersey OFFshore

Hungarian Prime Minister Uses Facebook Page To ‘Unfriend’ IMF, Rejects Alleged Loan Conditions

PPP Ohio: Obama 50, Romney 45

Obama should be asking the country to give him the Congress back so he can get the deficit under

NM poll by Albuquerque Journal has Obama up by only 5, but the polling was done before DNC ended

Well, I'm a bit pissed off at CNN tonight.

The Koch Brothers Exposed is showing on Current TV right now!

West Highlands, Scotland. What to see, what to avoid?

Who in the national sports media has most overstayed their welcome?

Is this Navy Seal on 60mins legit?

Tomorrow in Atlanta: The People vs. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. Homes Are For People, Not Banks!

Michelle Obama, the great persuader

PPP: Obama leads by five-points in Ohio

Mitt Would Have Yelled For Help...

Reasons for skipping jury duty on the DU? Last night there was a word

Jay-Z knocks Occupy Wall Street

Largest manufacturer of guns to underage minors

Just Watched 7 Days in May.A Very Timely Movie

(Chicago) Teacher contract talks appear done for night as strike looms

WTF is up with TPM's Polltracker app?

I need a concise source for all of Willard Eulenspiegel's "merry pranks"--

Nutter Butter, chocolate mint cookies, strawberry, frozen yogurt sundae.

Not sure how it will effect the election but my 10 year old gson

Dear Bill Clinton, I'm really really sorry...

Nance Greggs: Us v. Them

So, if you're on a jury and your wireless goes out for a few minutes,

Best. Nom. Ever.

OMG! PPP Poll: 15% Ohio GOPers say Romney more responsible for killing Bin Laden.

have you ever seen a dog sit like this?

Romney Says He Supports Popular Obamacare Provisions On NBC, Quietly Reverses Hours Later On Conserv


WINNERS - Scenes of Summer

NASA hopes the Mars rover doesn't find water

Dr. Mona Mangat of Doctors for America Defines Obamacare For All To Understand

My Democratic Convention Round Up–Tell me what you think

Obama needs to stay away from pizza hugging guys and others ASAP....dangerous

There is something I would like to discuss and can't seem to find the right Group to fit it into

CBS Breaking News- Teachers vote to strike. n/t

Want to see something that looks awful? (Pics heavy)

KUMBAfreakinYA this feels great; successful DNC, Polls are up, rallies full, Obama picked up!!!

Boom! Obama at 80.7% win probability.

Biden!!! When the President was getting 'picked up' in bars - Joe was, well... you decide....

Article on the dangers of the TSA body scanners

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 10 September 2012

Across most of Alaska - lows in the 20's tonight - winter is a' comin' after all nt

Paul Weyrich - "I don't want everybody to vote" (Goo Goo)

Teachers will be on strike, union president says

How did i not get this before

RIP W.Va. mountaintop removal opponent Larry Gibson

Mike Malloy What Have Republicans Ever Done For Anyone But Themselves

"An 8-Point Convention Bounce for Obama?"


A DU thread is trending on iGoogle, has 8 recs, but it's not on the Greatest Page?

I have a dog that does this

10 "Rankest Hypocrisies of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party"

One way or another, a small number of Seal Team 6/DEVGRU operations were made public.


15% of Republicans in Ohio are... is degenerate the word I'm looking for?

They should pay more attention to where the model's head is

I am tired punchy and this was really funny-figured out the president is my cousin

Fixing AAPL

"We The People" ad by Priorities USA

Please fake you're enthused for Romney,...or sit in the back...

Just one more empty chair cartoon - this one is worth it :)

Another photo of VP Joe Biden with The Shadowmen bikers has surfaced

New DU contributor has an important thread on the ACA.

"Hitching His Wagon to Obama’s Star: a Republican Senator"

Obama campaign hauls in $114 million in August

Where is our humanity?

Massive Tsunami Debris Field Only 800 Miles Off The Coast Of Washington

"Gingrich: Bill Clinton’s Dem convention speech was ‘eerily anti-Obama’"

Greater Phoenix Tea Party bash w/ Sheriff Joe & Fat Goone cancelled due to lack of interest. Bwaha!

Another photo of VP Joe Biden with The Shadowmen bikers has surfaced

Romney Supports Some Obamacare Provisions On NBC, Then Quietly Reverses Hours Later!

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, September 9)

last 2 star trails

The Deeper Metric; Or, Revenge For The Ego-Penis

Romney’s campaign announces $111.6M August fundraising haul

OMG. Typical Republican spin!

Obama campaign hauls in $114 million vs Romney’s campaign announces $111.6M August fundraising haul

Louis CK on Gay Marriage

"Romney Campaign Admits It: They're Losing" by Kos at the Daily Kos

What happened with our democratic process and the Debate Commission?

Phew ...

New DU contributor has an important thread on the ACA.

So did we ever find out who let the dogs out? nt

HUGE: Obama's grassroots campaign outraised the Romney campaign in August!

George Will Questions The Arithmetic Of Romney’s Tax Plan

"12 Signs Obama Is Showing Some Serious Backbone Against Republican Greed and Madness"

How long will the Koch Bros continue to support a losing cause?

"if his IQ were three points higher, he would be lint"

Josh Mandel, Sherrod Brown spar at meeting for Plain Dealer endorsement

Romney says he won’t cut taxes on wealthy Americans

Ohio GOP Governor on Romney: "He says he’s got a 53-point plan or whatever, I don’t know”


This is serious. Romney really IS calling for the largest tax increase in history.

octogenarian lesbian widow in New York, is going toe-to-toe with the House Republicans on the

Forget Mitt Romney. Karl Rove's Eyes Are on the Senate

Birthers now blaming Boehner for "obstructing"

NFL Player: Gay People Getting Married 'Won't Magically Turn You Into a Lustful Cockmonster'

Obama campaign hauls in $114 million in August, edging out Romney's $111 million!

"I think there's some issues that I'd like to wait until I'm a senator and deal with them in a

Good lord! The cat and my husband are BOTH snoring!

Can someone please tell Yahoo and MSN that celebrity fashions are not news worthy?

More Young Adults Have Insurance After Health Care Law, Study Says

U.S. Puts Transfer of Detainees to Afghans on Hold

Traffickers Go Under the Sea to Smuggle More Drugs

Bill Clinton tickets available Monday in Orlando

President Obama's Weekly Address: Coming Together to Remember September 11th

Tetris goes metal (video)

Thom Hartmann vs. Tony Sayegh: Rolling back the Reagan tax cuts

"The Lift" has over 336,000 "likes" (and climbing every second) on Obama's FB page!

Obama now at 80.7%

"Lost Film" of the Young Princess Ann Rmoney.

A Tight Election May Be Tangled in Legal Battles

Middle-class Mexicans snap up more products ‘Made in USA’

The generic U.S. House polls on RCP show the Dems are in a DEAD heat with the Republiban!

One of my favorite sites: Animated Knots by Grog

Thom Hartmann: Here's why we should not have a standing army in times of peace

Obama $114 mil. Avg. donation $58 - Rmoney $111 mil. Avg. donation $2400, says it all n/t

Abstinence... it's the only way.

Secret Service Looks Into DNC Delegate Who Said She’d ‘Like To Kill’ Romney

On Sept. 9th, 2008, Intrade put Obama's odds at 50.0 & McCain's at 49.0...

When Romney said he would keep pre-existing conditions from Obamacare...

Nate gives us a 80.7% of winning

Lookie here: TWO presidential electoral forecast maps that do NOT show Texas as solid red

REMEMBER- Mitt assigned DAN SENOR to Lying Ryan in the Steve Schmidt/Woody Harrelson role

CBS has video of "the hug" of Obama today

Cool veggie gastroporn

Robert Reich - The Biggest Economic Challenge of Obama's Second Term: Restore the "Basic Bargain"

Fun with #RomneyHardships

Joe Biden Hitchhikes To Democratic National Convention

If what Mitt is proposing worked--

Ryan Claims 'Going to Funerals' part of his Foreign Policy experience - Oh Palin!

Albertsons Store Closings Identified

Here is an example of an AP reporter that should be fired

Gold Fields says 15,000 workers strike at South Africa mine

"Market Fundamentalism Destroys More Human Lives..."

"And he told me that Romney scares the **** out of him so he's voting for the President..."

It’s all on Romney in the final stretch

Top Progressive Senator Shares What It's Like to Fight Against $15 Million in Right-Wing Election

OHIO POLLS before convention: Romney +3. Now: Obama +5

3 Ways the GOP Has Already Disenfranchised Thousands of Swing-State Voters

It seems as if over night the country decided no more Bullshit...

The next front line of the labor wars: The Chicago Teachers are On Strike

The Ryan Sinkhole

CPS Parent Matt Farmer Puts Penny Pritzker on Trial at CTU's STANDS STRONG

Afghanistan: US hands over controversial Bagram jail

Alternet: Three Ways GOP is Cheating in Swing States

Meet Mr. Leopard! *UPDATED*

Crippling viral infections 'cause asthma'

One thing I've noticed looking at the convention speeches on Youtube...

APNewsBreak: Border Patrol halts Mexico flights

US watchdog questions spending for Afghan army

More non-Va. gun owners get permits

Sections of Taliban ready to accept US presence in Afghanistan – report

UK police evacuate homes of al-Hilli neighbors

Tuberculosis explosion in South Africa blamed on weak public health system

About Obama out-fundraising the Mitt Twit

Clays in Pacific lavas back drier early Mars

Bellevue, union square off over police pay and benefits

Karl Popper, the enemy of certainty, part 1: a rejection of empiricism

Workers at Queens car wash form the city's first car washers union

America's refusal to extradite Bolivia's ex-president to face genocide charges

Caribbean coral reefs face collapse

Joe Scum is really really unhappy this morning

Enough Wind to Power Global Energy Demand: New Research Examines Limits, Climate Consequences

GOP versus Democratic Convention

Why an AIDS Vaccine Has Been So Difficult to Develop

Whoa!!! Joe Scar off on a rant: "Repuke Convention should have put G. W. Bush on stage

It's 56° here this morning. I don't remember the last time it was that low here.

Technical Question

American Crystal Sugar Is Killing the American Dream

Scott Brown, a perfect example of why Republicans should never be given a pass

Romney will lose. Now it's time to focus on the House and Senate.

Mitt Romney's father was on Walfare

The Code: Romney’s Campaign of Divide and Conquer

Hollande Tells Billionaire to Be Patriot in Paying Taxes

Obama Camp Hits Romney On Lack Of Tax Plan Specifics In New Video

Fumbled DNA Tests Mean Peril for Breast-Cancer Patients

Petition to Congress to CUT ADMINISTRATORS' PAY -- nationwide!

Romney: The Presumptuous Jet Setter-In-Chief

Why Does Sandra Fluke Drive Conservatives Bananas?

Politicians Who Deny Climate Change Cannot Be Pro-Business

I slept away my Sunday, just woke up...I assume Romney

Weekly Standard-Dead Heat?? Sorry. Pres. Obama is winning.

TUC backs public sector strikes over pay

How the U.S. Health-Care System Wastes $750 Billion Annually

Chicago Teachers Union Strike

Krugman: Obstruct and Exploit

The Everyday Sexism Project

AXE: Grassroots Respond! President Obama out-raises Mitt's mighty money machine in August!

Key issues separating Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union

Nate Silver's Forecast Now Shows Obama at 80.7% probability of a Win


The 'even larger' hadron collider: Cern reveals plans for new experiments measuring 50miles in lengt

If You Build It, They Might Not Come: The Risky Economics of Sports Stadiums

If your car runs out of gas, can you just pour gas back in the tank?

These poll results are nice and all, but it's September

TMJ Reporter Arrested, TMJ Doesn't Report It-----Cognitive Dissidence

power grid

The greatest intro to a Japanese TV show ever

Prius owners, how's your mileage?



The Real News: Protestors Target Democratic National Convention


Please post in this thread if you support Chicago teachers.

The Real News: Israeli Defence Minister Rumoured Cooling on Attacking Iran

One Canadian is the only illegal alien caught in Florida fake-voter dragnet

12 Statistical Charts prove economy is recovering

Halperin joins death march

Romney/Ryan are going to bail on the debates.


Chris Hedges: Growth Is the Problem

Troubling rise in small arms trade

Robert Scheer: The Great Deregulator

Join Senator Bernie Sanders, Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 2:30 PM ET for a half-hour live chat.

'Hello, this is Barack Obama'

"Sweden got its fiscal house in order..." sez David Walker on MJ today...well, well...

sept 10, 2008 --are you better off 4 years ago.....

15 percent of Ohio GOP voters think Romney deserves credit for Bin Laden raid

Secularists are not atheists

Let's Not Get Over-Confident

California Gov. Brown signs bill banning religious discrimination

First it was Morning J being the campaign strategist

"Romney is an autistic Gordon Gekko in magic underpants."--Freeper comment (Bwaaahaaaaa!)

"Barack Obama is winning....and he has been pretty much all year" - salon

Eleven years have passed.

El Paso restaurant manager part of arms-trafficking network

To me, Sept. 11 represents the greatest failure of government in our history

MSM Pressuring Nate Silver to "Wait for More Data". Nate: Call It As You See It

My liberal boss was driving through east TN and saw this billboard.

Good council: Readers on Vatican II

Is it 1996? Or 2004?

Conservatives Comparing This Election To 1980 And 1988 Are Monumental Fails

!@#$%& truth tables!!

Chuck Todd you talentless hack part II

(R)asmussen -Obama 50% Romney 45%

Obama narrowly outraises Romney in August.

Isn't it odd that republicans are saying that Bill Clinton had the best speech,

Lyin' Ryan Sez: "You're Mistaken," I Didn't Vote For Defense Cuts I Voted For

ABA, headed by major Romney supporter, establishes "shadow money" group to influence election

Dana Siegelman: "Today I drive my dad to prison."

RMoney/Ayn campaign memo - "Don't Panic"!

Drumbeat from this weekend and today....

Obstruct and Exploit (Krugman articlre)

Brad Pitt: Why my mother is wrong about Barack Obama and gay marriage

Drumbeat from this weekend and today....

Another pic of Obama's highlighting humanity. You won't catch Mitt in a pic like this one either.

Academic study shows DADT repeal improved trust

Strickland:"..President Obama recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and our partys platform"

The Romney people are living in a fantasy. Check out new memo.

I know this is so wrong, but I can't help myself. I lifted this from TV Frank's FB page

I'd like to volunteer for host of our IL Group

Obama Raised more than Romney last month

Good fundraising news!

Tom Tomorrow: Convention Coverage

If an enthusiastic voter picked up Mitt, he would

A new experiment in Unitarian Universalist diversity...

DNC Photos from Charlotte

Wisconsin: Amy Goodman at the Barrymore, September 20

Skinner? Are we going to allow open Third Party advocacy, just weeks before the election?

Free market healthcare

Yo Rahm---Take care of the Teachers!

Gotta parse Romney's, words (same difference)...

Et tu, Rasrobot?

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 10, 1996

Scott Duzer, Mr. Big Guns to appear within the hour on msnbc

Guild Wars 2 hack impacts 11,000 accounts

1 question for those supporting the chicago teachers

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 10, 1996

In today's edition of Not News, Newt Gingrich is full of shit.

LAPD holding community meetings on violent arrests

Whoa! Princeton Election Consortium: Obama reelection chances now at 87%!

Borderlands 2 - Skill calculator released.

Romney Adviser: D.C. Media In Financial Conspiracy Against Romney

'Whoa - defensive, a little?' Romney advisor on reports campaign thinks it's losing

?How Many Republicans Does It Take To Fix A Problem?

Look at Ohio!!

The Three-Party race of Obama vs. Romney vs. Romney

Please donate for President Obama

Voice of the People > Billionaire's SuperPacs

Here's a thing:

Derf Toon: How Far We've Come

Free e-book

Woman murdered by her boyfriend after sex she tells him after sex she has the monster

Here is a multi-million dollar idea.

Monday TOON Roundup

Aaron Rodgers to wear 49er jersey..

Holy shit: Mitt Romney admits using Chinese slave labor @ Bain.

Global Warming Deniers

My Take: The Mother Teresa you don’t know

This is shaping up to be the most racially polarised US election ever

Gee, Matt Drudge has no poll numbers on his website this morning!!!

"ALL men are rapist."

Scott "Bear Hug" Van Duzer is a Game Changer for this campaign

Where are the Mormon “Nuns on the Bus”?

How to put this into words.......

Slo-mo kicker joygasm in San Francisco

I think Georgia is more in play than we know...

The media is the ultimate recipient of Rmoney's PAC $$$. So it will always be "a close race" on TV

U.S. ‘Not Setting Deadlines’ for Iran, Clinton Say

President Obama's Speech at the DNC: A Different Perspective

"Mass. gay couple sues church over nixed house sale"

Chris Hedges: Growth Is the Problem

I thought I saw it all in regards to TV Reality Shows but then I found this....

How Dubya's ghost is screwing Mitt. An interesting observation

DU at the DNC: Recap

Lord and Lady Romney meet the press

Men arrested hiding loris in underwear at Delhi airport (BBC)

I figured it out: Paul Ryan thinks this is a small family business:

The Correct Vagina Route to Success

"Your Brain on Politics: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Liberals and Conservatives"

FYI: 13-inch Retina MBPs and New iMacs (non-retina) are imminent.

In the skies of the Arab desert nation of Yemen, drones are more common than rain.

Question about all the companies sitting on cash reserves:

2nd page of the "Nation and World" section of my paper this morning...

Asian Water Scarcity Risked as Coal-Fired Power Embraced

Climate change challenges power plant operations

George Bush and his RETHUG government failed the American people on September 11 2001


Judge: Navy Can Train Near Rare Atlantic Whales

Do-Nothing Congress Comes Back From Vacation, Will Likely Do Nothing

Debt Collectors Cashing In on Student Loans

Wood Could be the Future of Wind Turbine Masts

Jonathan Sacks and Richard Dawkins debate at BBC festival

(Woman) Judge Blames Woman Sexually Assaulted by Cop

Prediction: Romney Crushes Obama In Presidential Election Blowout

OMG The Donald just complimented the DNC! That rat knows a sinking ship when he sees one.

Just got my absentee ballot app!

Papantonio: The Pathology of Whiny Republicans

Americans for Prosperity collecting absentee ballots in NC.

I never thought I would ever say this but there are worse choices for VP than Palin

Does anyone else here feel charter schools come off as being rather illegitimate?

Chicago teachers are not allowed legally to strike over anything but compensation

Mitt Romney gets climate change – wait, just kidding!

The chicago teachers union may have just elected romney

Striking Teachers, Parents Join Forces to Oppose "Corporate" Education Model in Chicago

Poll: Bachmann in danger

excellent commercial. "Powerful women took center stage"

Pic Of The Moment: Post-Convention Bounces Illustrated

Was free speech on mute during the conventions?

Curiosity's drill could contaminate Mars

Last night I posted to the GD ...

With the conventions done - post here your favorite moments during the Convention

I saw a couple people at different places blaming the officiating for the Packers losing.

(Ohio) Dems Sue Husted Over Early Voting Flap...

Worst. Teabagging. Ever.

Chris Cillizza tries to make case that Chicago strike could hurt Obama...

I think this is a *perfect* time for teachers to strike.

New Study on DADT Repeal: Openly Gay Service Has Worked

Chicago Teacher: THIS Is Why I'm Striking

Sep 8, 2008 - "McCain Pulls Ahead in Gallup..."

Romney campaign spent $17 million more than they took in...

There was virtually nothing on TV earlier this morning, but what I did briefly watch got me thinking

Has Romney lied about the Chicago teachers strike yet?

Am I the only one who hasn't seen a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker?

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Speeches Make Me Miss George Bush

Are voters REALLY SEEING all those campaign ads?

Romney campaign trying to calm their base...

Hey LynneSin: can you get the staple gun out for my wife's needle point?

Why Experts Say Obama’s In For A Rough Four Years — Even If He Wins Big

Ahmadinejad to Address U.N. General Assembly on Yom Kippur

Woman Donates Cadillac To College Student Hurt By Hit-And-Run Driver

All that 'cognitive dissonance' for those 'poor' Republicans:

There is something I want to make sure everyone here knows about CBS.

Exclusive: Obama, Romney to speak at Bill Clinton's philanthropic summit

This Is Not A Violation Of Godwin's Law

In the reddest part of WI a school closes thanks to Walker

The Hill Poll: Voters see election as choice, not Obama referendum

EXCLUSIVE: The real source of Apple device IDs leaked by Anonymous last week (Not the FBI)

Ed Schultz show covering Chicago Teacher's Strike now-

Romney, Ryan sound bipartisan tone on taxes, health care

Rule by the Rich

Rush Limbaugh is in denial over the latest polls

Thank you, Wesley.

NYT: A Tight Election May Be Tangled in Legal Battles

Democratic Congressional Candidate's East Moline Campaign Office Egged

Gallup -Obama -49% -Romney 44%/Approval/Disapproval 50-44%

I am getting evicted from my apartment next week

Fuck all anti-union conservatives everywhere. That is all. nt

"A partnership to speak" SCOTUS Justice Thomas explains...


Survivors Of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Attack Visit Israel, Hold Protest Against Nuclear Arms

Serious question: just what is Ann attempting to do by reminding everyone

New Books in SF and Fantasy

Time for another shout out to our red state DUers.

Thom Hartmann: How & Why Other Countries have Ended the 2-Party System

Scott Brown tries to ride Obama's coattails.

Ford To Add 1,200 Workers At Detroit Plant

"The Bounce Matters". "the candidate leading two or three weeks following the final convention has..

If the President wins, it'll be a testimonial to a masterful campaign

Penney Makes Free Haircuts For Kids Permanent

A Tight Election May Be Tangled in Legal Battles

his weekend on NPR's ...

Senior Year: APs, College Prep, and Coming Out in My Orthodox High School

Ward Churchill Loses Appeal To Win Back CU Job

GOP Senator: ‘Bomb Everybody Tomorrow’ Is ‘Typical’ Republican Policy

Dana Siegelman: I Met Karl Rove at the DNC

Cicero's Advice To The Candidates (ca. 64 BC)

Operation Undermine

hey, datasuspect

For the Romney campaign, it’s forever 1980

Lincoln Quotation

Democrats.... more than meet the eye...

Another guy shoots his nuts off accidentally...

BP tries to raise money by selling Gulf of Mexico oil fields so they can pay fines

I'm worried that I'm not concerned enough about the recent good poll numbers.

I stand in solidarity with the striking Chicago teachers

Been away from Meta for a!

Evidence in case against Uribe aide stolen .

Evidence in case against Uribe aide stolen .

Why is MSNBC being apologetic about the bounce in the polls for he President

Romney On Obama Recovery: He Gets No Credit For Stopping Recession From Going Further

Auditor General Finds Charter School Reform Could Save PA. Taxpayers $365 Million a Year

Memo to reporters reveals rMoney campaign's desperation

Bear Webcam at Brooks Falls, Alaska

Romney strategist: Obama’s convention poll bounce is a ‘sugar high’

Renewable Energy in Germany

David Gregory, GOP Shill Helps Romney Set Up a Big Lie About Healthcare

For those of you with a mortgage.....

Why does Florida place disabled kids in nursing homes?

Andrea Greenspan may have the worst show on MSNBC

Jim Talent, the latest Rmoney Camp LIAR

LOL! Civitis Poll has Mittens taking 30% of black vote in NC and leading by 10!

Republicans have a serious problem on their hands

Lady at a game yesterday ordered me to take my hat off for the national anthem

Obama, Romney to address Clinton Global Initiative

Jury results never appeared.

Asked For Specific Tax Loopholes Romney Will Close, Adviser Says ‘Energy Independence’ (LOL WTF?)

Dukakis Led Bush By 17 Points After 1988 DNC--but lost by 8%.

2 Republican Senators Endorse 1 Democrat Over Another Democrat In Intraparty House Race

Images of Minors

“Real pluralism cannot develop in conditions inherited from Pinochet era”

Here's some impossibilities in the world I bet you won't believe!

With a little help from friends and strangers a veteran and his dog are together again

David Pakman: Bill Clinton's Speech Puts Fact-Checkers Out of Business

Chicago teachers strike: Mitt Romney slams union, walkout

Florida becoming famous for good hugs

TYT: Obnoxious Advice From World's Richest Woman

My argument to a Tea Party proud member about this 2012 election...

What's the best movie set in the 80s that wasn't made in the 80s?

Romney campaign sends out a 'Don't Panic' memo...

Teachers wrong-school board right. This is how Romney sees it.

NSFW: Snoop Dogg Endorses Obama.

ReTHUGs knew this election was over when Bin Laden was killed

Thank you, Andrea Mitchell!

Teabagger: The Movie (I have no idea whatsoever what this is supposed to be about)

Essay: "What It Cost Me in Time and Money to Comply with PA.'s Voter ID Law"

Prisoner dies at Guantanamo; details not released

There Is A New E-mail Going Around Today By Repug's Citing Jan 3, 2007 As Being A Watershed Day.....


COPD?! Are you fucking kidding me? Started having trouble breathing three weeks ago. My PCP

Obama maintains 5-point lead in Gallup today

Mayor of New Jersey's capital arrested on corruption charge

Romney: Chicago teachers turning backs on students

Mars rover captures self-portrait

Labor Day 1956 Poster, my have things have changed.

If Rmoney were ahead by 5 pts. how would the media be reacting? The spin is making me dizzy

Romney's Lies Can Kill You

Obama is right where he wants to be (Mitt panics!)

Pat Robertson Tells Man to Beat his Wife, Move to Saudi Arabia

Santorum: 'Pursuit of Happiness' Means 'To Pursue God's Will'

Jackson: Blacks and Hispanics Must Leave The Democrat's 'Ideological Plantation'

The problem with the good poll numbers

Maryland Politician Now Supports Right of Footballer To Support Marriage Equality

Bolivia signs deal with Austro-Swiss company to build cable car system in capital

Krugman: Romney walked back the walkback of the walkback re. preexisting condition coverage.

Nonstop Fundraising Stretch Starts

Awesome update: Gay-Baiting Maryland Legislator Decides NFL Players can say what they think after all

Latin America Stays Strong amid Economic Stagnation

anonymous takes down godaddy

Airlines accused of 9/11 negligence must stand trial

Ohioans Confused about Osama Bin Laden's Death...

GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites, Anonymous Member Claims Responsibility

Times have changed a little, but these are still the faces of our opposition:

We Are Winning! Priorities Out With New Ad To Kick Romney While He Is Down

What's for Dinner - Monday Sept 10th

Need help with a list. If I was to become a minority

Because the truth plays better than fiction ...

DAYUM! Thank you Joe Walsh. I was wondering if I was Gonna Hear This Ol'Phrase: GET A JOB! DERRRRP!

Hiroshima survivors in Israel, hold nuke protest

Romney says Chicago teachers turn backs on students, Obama favors unions over education

Dutch Disease and the Alberta Oil Sands

Shop for these items now to net big savings

I just finished brewing 5 gallons of White House Honey Ale - Ask me anything!

Maybe it's just because I don't draw a paycheck from being a newsie…

I highly suggest that anyone interested in how investment banking works and doesn't...

More positive polling news

Is it against copyright to use a picture from google maps in an ad?

Plague Inc. - the game

Minority Voters To Be Intimidated By Polling Place Vigilantes, Report Warns

My Partner Is a Chicago Public School Teacher

Krugman: Republican Party's Base 'Is By And Large Elderly White People Arguing With Empty Chairs'

An environmental hero died yesterday and no one seems to be paying attention.

I am so bummed about the recent celebrity deaths.

Do I stand alone, when I say the BP TV commercials make my stomach churn?

I love a good convention bounce

Airstrike kills al Qaeda's No. 2 leader in Yemen

CNN teasing its poll 'when you see it, you'll agree conventions do matter...'

And the political weirdness in SC rolls on:

15 Percent of Ohio Republicans Think Mitt Romney Killed Osama bin Laden

They've already thrown in the towel at Laura Ingram's show...

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Alan Uke - Buying America Back P1

Why do cats

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Alan Uke - Buying America Back P2

Save the kittens!

Obama Grilled About Kill List By Local Reporter

My daughter's Facebook status:

CNN Poll: Obama leads Romney 52-46 nationally.

Paul Ryan posts online Q&A, gets 200 views and one question. Campaign declares it a great success.

Wake up America! Wages have "effing" flatlined for 30 "effing" years

The New York Times Has A Crazy Suggestion For The Paul Ryan Budget

ayn romney.

Mitt Romney Debate Prep

Florida man accidentally shoots penis while cleaning gun

Why The Republican Party's Priorities Are Really, Really Skewed

The Just So Stories of Evolutionary Psychology...

CNN Poll: Obama up six points over Romney

I live in very Blue Montgomery County Maryland, and I've seen a couple signs

Every Facebook Political Fight

Any trustworthy email services online?

CNN-Obama -52% -Romney 46%

Swiss Francs and Cayman Island Dollars don't contain the word "God". Yet those are the ...

Romney's Twitter Plans for the Middle Class...

KING 5 poll: Obama with 16 point lead in Washington state

How Beer Saved the World

HP adds to layoff tally, now plans 29,000 job cuts

Arizona’s Birtherpalooza Canceled Over Low Ticket Sales

"This is a test..."

Rasmussen: Democrats +2 in Generic Congressional Vote

Why the Supreme Court may soon strike down key section of the votings right

Ok, I'm taking one for the team here.

Palin: Obama Depending On People Who Want "Free Stuff" To Vote For Him

best smartphone apps

Clark: Romney’s Afghanistan Omission ‘Unbecoming’ Of Future Commander In Chief

Martin Bashir (MSNBC) has been absolutely SHREDDING...

Most valuable penny of universe helping Mars Curiosity rover

Martin Bashir has been on fire lately

If Obama's poll bounce after the DNC is just a 'sugar high'...

Gov. Romney And Rep. Paul Ryan Want To Drill, Slash, And Sell Our Public Lands

The Bobblespeak Translations!

Savanna Cheetah Cub and Puppy Max Play - Cincinnati Zoo

On the Road: The carnival game master (who donated 250,000 toys to charity)

Avatar 4 to be a prequel, Cameron says we go - bounce showing up on RCP

The Rude Pundit - Photos That Remind the Rude Pundit That the Fight Never Ends

Mitt Romney vs Mitt Romney

Gobbers claim US labor costs are too high.?

Hitler's Children Disney Education For Death Cartoon (1943)

President Obama demonstrates size of bounce received by Romney after Republican convention:

Why do birds

Today's IBD: "The Financial Crisis Was Clinton-Caused" Guess who GOP will blame for econony?

Is Corbett Having State Employee Compile Enemies List on State Time? (Dennis Roddy)

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!

Romney campaign: Polls are liberal media lies

Obama Tweet

Mallard Fillmore compares Joe Biden with Todd Akin

Politico Jim Vandehei is stating delegates at the RNC convention loved Romney. Bullshit!

Hardball: Vandehei selling Ryan hard.

Post-convention bounce illustrated...

Dutch election tomorrow focused on EU and Eurozone

Famed Director: There's Nothing Wrong With Incest

Luntz: That ad KILLED Mitt Romney in Ohio.

Harry Reid: Paul Ryan's 'Fictitious Math' Applies to Marathon Time, Tax Loopholes

Dems lawyering up to challenge new voter ID laws is like

I am amazed at Romney's ability to draw an all white crowd in Virginia Beach

"These men aren't fit to serve in the White House. They aren't even fit to run for office."

Children of the Undead

Where exactly is this right?

Rush Limbaugh: Chicago strike is Democratic ‘setup’

my daughter has created a new word

Chris Matthews showing FDR clip about Republicons. LOL!

Obama just hit 60% at Intrade

Yemen says key al-Qaeda chief Said al-Shihri killed

Americans now trust Obama by 11 point margin on Medicare. On Aug 23 it was a one point advantage.

Romney’s Wife to Stand Next to Him at Debates

Season finale alert - MasterChef/Hell's Kitchen

Frontier sells its customers out to Yahoo.

Here is what the Chicago Teacher's Strike is About..It ain't about money...

Republican senators endorse Howard Berman against other CA Democrat.

Papantonio: Republican Healthcare Plan Is "Go Home And Die"

Mitt on health care

Beer shortage looms for Oktoberfest! Call the Bundestag,......RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Let's put our foot on the necks of the Tea Party in November--- and choke it to fucking death.

Today is world wide suicide prevention day.

Scott Van Duzer, the Obama hugger: Shop facing boycott

Poll: Clinton speech was the favorite

gotta love it when Robert Reich uses technical terms...his tweet just now

Anyone here had experience getting rid of a skunk visitor?

daily kos "Mark Halperin rips Romney and his "troubles" and a possible upcoming Romney "death stench

CNN poll on Medicare: Mitt moving in wrong direction, President Obama up by double digits

WooHoo! Unchanged is good.

Wanda Sykes quote (Hilarious!!!)

Michele Bachmann's Poll Lead in Minnesota is Narrowing

the universe used to laugh behind my back, now it walks up and

Age 6,408??? On my husband's new ss statement

UPDATE 1-Japan energy deadlock deepens; government fails to announce policy mix

Is there something we, at DU, can do to support our DU teachers?

Papantonio: The GOP’s Gender Gap Problem

A nightmare

Unhappy Anniversary: Republicans Have Blocked The American Jobs Act For One Year

More4's Julian Assange documentary was not unfair, says Ofcom

I just heard on NPR that Romney stands with Chicago's parents and students.

Netflix Rec: Paradise Recovered


Nicki Minaj: I Did NOT Endorse Mitt Romney

Cannot believe he went there. Cassavantes, director of the notebook supports incest.

Flight Plan: Nosy Stewardess Outs Canadian Airplane Passenger

India police fire at nuclear protesters, killing 1

Another "Mayor Against Illegal Guns" member gets busted, MAIG tries to scrub references to him

CNN Poll Shows Obama Up Six Points Over Romney

Epic Facebook Smackdown of Nicki Minaj From Now-Former Fan (re: Romney)

2 Dems sue Ohio secretary of state over firing

Dog killed while saving suicidal owner from train...

BJP condemns police action against anti-nuclear protesters

Mitt and Paul: All Your Uterus Are Belong to Us

GOP Rep. Appears on White Nationalist Radio Show

"The Most Anti-Gay Piece Of Political Mail This Year"

GOP buys $2 million of ad time for local Senate race

Obama 52% - Romney 46% (CNN/ORC)

The First Space Alien

Rush Limbaugh: Obama WANTS to create an economic collapse leading to widespread looting and disorder

Do you have a favorite political movie?

UPDATE: YOU DID IT, DU!!! (Time to rally behind another DUer in need)

Nine things we learned from CNN's latest poll

I keep telling my wife this...

between 1865-1967 we get 29 new voter restriction laws, 2011-2012 we already have 25

Martin Bashir - Romney’s twin keys to winning--money and manipulation

a biography of the day--H.D. (hilda doolittle)

What has precipitated the spike in gas prices today?

today in women's herstory


Teamsters: Mexican truck program is a failure (more free trade joy)

Mitt Romney's Epic Incompetence

quotes of the day--mary wollstonecraft

Mysterious 'rotten egg' smell wafts over San Fernando Valley (California)

Bottom line, I think the conventions have gotten a lot of Dems out of the "both sides suck" doldrums

KO is doing commentary on ESPN in the US Open finals

Local Migrant Workers Get Training To Get Out Of Poverty

If you're a vet and vote Republican, you're not doing it right....


mary wollstonecraft--a vindication of the rights of women

Has the DU-3 "Jury Pool" become too small?

Martin Bashir - In Pat Robertson Mitt Romney trusts?

Pat Robertson Encourages Man To Move To Saudi Arabia So He Can Beat His Wife

U.N. nuclear chief urges immediate access to Iran site

1 In 7 Ohio Conservatives Think Mitt Romney Killed Osama bin Laden

This is making the rounds again, vote 2012, debt ceiling/family budget

Daily Kos: his week in the War on Workers: Do farm workers deserve the same protections as animals?

Central figure in election-rigging scandal goes missing as FBI probes Republican Rep.

Al Sharpton has Ohio Block the Vote segment now with Dennis Lieberman

Virginia judge sentenced to 30 days for growing 41 marijuana plants

Romney's campaign gear is made in China (this is fake sorry)

Obama was always going to win this thing by motivating the base...

Scott Van Duzer donation details

Massachusetts: Obama +16 in latest poll from Kimball; Warren & Brown Tied

Is there a website with all Obama/Romney campaign ads?


Separation of Church and State: It's Not Just a Suggestion

The word of the day is.... "Specificity"

Big Apple Pizza is being boycotted by right wing-nuts. (The bear hug guy)

Breaking Bad, should I keep watching?

Biggest Con: Cut taxes on rich in exchange for cutting loopholes.

Is that a penis in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

WTF is the Romney Campaign thinking?

Martin Bashir - Romney, Ryan overtaxed on the ‘tough issues’ of loopholes

Manufacturing jobs boom is for real

How to help your local Obama campaign if you have a little $$$

HP introduces new Apple iMac

Josh Marshall's take on what we might see the next two months....

September Light

Buffalo Central Terminal by Eli's Femur Bone

CNN Anchor Just Said Gary Johnson "Swings Both Ways"

CNN (With Gary Johnson In Race) Obama 51% Romney 43% Johnson 3%

My Mother Hasn't Changed, But Her Party Has

Do You Think Obama Will Thank Romney For Providing The Framework For The Affordable Care Act

Re-Labelling RMoney: he's not a "Businessman."

Florida Pizza Guy Being Boycotted!

Scott Van Duzer, the Obama hugger: Shop facing boycott

Tweety just said PPP polls have race tied in North Carolina...

Assholes!! Pizza Man's restaurant is being boycotted because he hugged Obama

I don't quite get it, but AFT is fully backing the Chicago strike.

Planned Parenthood PAC Buys Battleground Ads

BP sells some Gulf of Mexico assets for $5.55 bn

US consumers cut credit card use for 2nd month

Check out this happy face....

Ezra Klein : When being vague backfires

Iran Space Program Update

Which movie character most reminds you of Mitt Romney?

The New Yorker cartoon that was banned from Facebook (nudity)

Paul Ryan: ‘We stand with Rahm Emanuel’

Today's Florida Newspapers

Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Let This Be True...

Are You Enjoying The Republicans Despair, Denial, And Delusion Today As Much As Me?

Can you believe Romney? He's running an attack ad in Ohio on Obama offshoring jobs to China.

Romney: "I could not care less about my political prospects."

Cuomo: Agreement Reached on Sept. 11 Museum

WP says Obama does not attend intelligence briefings.