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Asses of Fire

One of the greatest moments in Presidential history - When the President declared war on poverty

How does Obama look in your state?

Riveting coverage on Elliot Spitzer on current right now on failure of Bush

Mittens: He is too cheap or too incompetent to make sure you can hear him lie to you at his events!!

Netanyahu Says Obama Administration Has No 'Moral Right' to Restrain Jewish State

Secret courts could suppress evidence of UK role in torture, says UN official

The infamous Polygraph test....

Cairo U.S. Embassy Protested Over Anti-Islam Film Linked to Terry Jones

Jonathan Alter is tearing the war criminal of a Dick a new one on

Republicans Still Angry Bin Laden was Killed ?

If only Pres. Obama could have kept us as safe as Bush...

SKYRIM: So I have this, um, friend... who is, like, a total geek-face...

Cities By the People, Cities For the People

USA v Jamaica - return leg

Keith Olbermann responds to Joe Scarborough’s presidential bid rumors

Papantonio & Kennedy: 9/11 Blood on Republican Hands

Have residents of Minnesota's 6th congressional district finally tired of the circus freak?

A Terrifying Look at Gay Marriage Equality

Today (9/11) Real Clear Politics (RCP) is All Blue (Every Poll has Obama Ahead)

CNBC's Jim Cramer Says His Father, a Vet, Can't Vote Under PA GOP's Photo ID Restriction Law

Director of Private School Where Rahm Sends His Kids Opposes Using Testing for Teacher Evaluations

DHS/Border Patrol executing mutual assistance to local law enforcement...

IRS pays whistleblower $104 million

This is a strike of choice.

Oliphant Toon : Are we there yet?

Have You Noticed How Non-athletic Republican Candidates Are as a Group?

Fun with the trending #carsforconservatives

How did you get a weekend or 8 hour days?

FUCK #vouchercare!!

climate change guide



Nance Greggs: An Open Letter to George Will et al.

Greg Palast | Investigative Reporter weighs in on Chicago

NanceGreggs: An Open Letter to George Will et al.

Even FOX News had more class than this!

Remember the tale of Icarus.

The story of Travis Turner on "The Ed Show."

Someone should make an Ad showing how much Adelson would benefit from Romney

Okay, so . . . forget the Chicago teachers for a moment. Would you support PATCO?

"Rahm Emmanuel in my opinion is a school bully."

brigham young's great-great granddaughter on mormonism and mitt romney

FFRF National Convention, Portland OR, Oct. 12-13

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Eleven Years Later & a new kitty gif

Anyone see the new nickel, the President sure looks different.

How easy is it for someone to hack into your cordless phone conversations?

Holy Shit!! Turn on TRMS right now!!

TV Host Jim Cramer Says Father Will Not Be Allowed To Vote Because Of Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

Mark Moford - God the insufferable jerk

I think we have a cameo DU member.

This was so funny.

Dead Gitmo Detainee Was Cleared for Release in 2009

More than 50,000 people surround Chicago Board of Education in support of teachers' strike

Nate just updated 538. You are gonna love the Now-Cast picture! end of bounce? Nope!

do you think extractive industries are rooting for climate change?

"Q" is back for more....good to see some of my old friends on DU...


Florida sheriff wants to shoot at his opponent!

After 9/11/01, Mitt Romney profited from a company designed to make money from the chaos that follow

Parenthood versus Sons of Anarchy season premiers

Today's lesson: DIRTY DANCING is about the 2012 election. Seriously...

Just one more day for ORANGE entries

Say what you will. Honey Boo Boo is an original.

Kurt Eichenwald coming up on Rachel after commercials

It's Almost A Sea Of Blue

ILLINOIS: Obama +17

Michael Lewis - Pres. Obama - Vanity Fair - Rachel Maddow

David Korten: Growth or Equality: Two Competing Visions for America’s Future

I told myself I wouldn't look

Kurt Eichenwald on Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer

A Repeat: The 36 Hours That Changed My Life...

No need for Canadian Energy Strategy, federal minister says

Dissecting Romney’s Vietnam Stance at Stanford

Moody's set to downgrade US without budget deal

IA: Secretary of state faces scrutiny from lawmakers and public

I'm going to start drinking fancy teas to see if that doesn't fill me

Zuckerberg: Time to 'double down' on Facebook

Thank you EarlG for deleting the Spam!

Opinion: Please tone down the rhetoric about the PQ being racist

US stocks rise ahead of Fed meeting

Colorado Secretary of State Gives Up On Voter Purge

live police pursuit here in l.a. now

Nielsen shows how people use TV differently

Teachers’ Leader in Chicago Strike Shows Her Edge

This is hard my friends, but needs to be viewed.

The ED Show - Republicans use 9/11 anniversary to attack the President

Has the SE Cupp experiment on MSNBC ended ?

The ED Show - What billionaire Sheldon Adelson would make under a Romney presidency

Southern Whites Don’t Like Mitt

Crisis averted, Jim Cramer thanks Twitter for making things "right"

Little cordless Bluetooth speaker for iPod

Salvadoran accused in 1989 killings admits US lies

adorable search and rescue puppy in training.

Salvadoran accused in 1989 killings admits US lies

How long has it been since we had a picture thread?

SoS Clinton confirms that a State Dept. officer was killed in an attack in Libya

The Republican Plan To 'Destroy' Obama Started at 12.01 January 20th 2009

Sheldon Adelson has already bought a politician: Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu

PA Voter ID Law relies on 1869 case that warned of "rogues," "strumpets," and "wandering Arabs"

President Bush-Look In The Mirror-The Finger Is Pointing Straight At YOU

Harper, honoured in N.Y. as statesman of the year, aims to snub UN

Monday's Cable News Ratings: Rachel, Lawrence beat Hannity/Greta, Rerun Ed beat Rerun O'Reilly

O'Reilly: Planned Parenthood & Sandra Fluke A Major Mistake To Help Obama.

Obama did NOT do a live radio interview this morning. Do right wingers not understand tape delay?

Worst. Politician. Ever.

Adelson: Obama's moves liable to bring the destruction of Israel

I'm lucky

No, American teachers don't get paid too much

Its here

all right , what is it? Mitt has a funny way of walking

‘I Didn’t Know You Had Families’ Mitt Romney Told Group Of Gay Parents

Charter schools in session despite strike

And ain't it the truth!

Dining out alone...I invited a guy to sit with me at my table..

"GOP to Mitt Romney: You’re so vague" at Politico

Jay Townsend, GOP Spokesman: 'Let's Hurl Some Acid At Those Female Democratic Senators' (graphic)

Director of Private School Where Rahm Sends His Kids Opposes Using Testing for Teacher Evaluations

Will we really "leave" Afghanistan, or will we stay like we stay in Iraq?

Virgil Goode, the Independent on the ballot in Virginia...

Virgin births discovered in wild snakes (BBC)

Rachel Maddow - Getting 9/11 history right to fact check our threat response

Paul Ryan credits Lennon & McCartney for Soc. Sec. reform plan

So My Conversation With Hotel Management About Television

One And A Half Years After Fukushima Accident

A $7 box of kitsch at a WVa auction nets a Virginia woman a real surprise.

White House: Obama talks with Netanyahu on Iran, no meeting sought

Any One Else Believe that Netanyahu Wants To Cost Obama The Election

Student Loan Collections Question.

A little classic John Sebastian for a mellow evening

Paul Ryan, Certified Lyin' King

Let's end all of the myths about the wealthy and tell the truth instead…

"9/11: When the Facts Didn't Fit Their Neocon Fantasy"by Susie Madrak at Crooks & Liars

The Triumvirate of Adelson, Netenyahu, Romney - Citizens United's Impact On National Security

Romney’s “Mormon” Draft Deferment Not Legal

Romney Blasts Obama on Cairo Embassy Apology

Thompson "reassigns" staffer who brought up Baldwin being a lesbian

Cheney hits Obama on national security as campaigns pause to mark Sept. 11..

Reporter Kurt Eichenwald Blasts Ari Fleischer Over 9/11 ‘Truther’ Accusation (MUST-SEE)

Hey Ohio, you've got the best in Brown. Kick that schrimpie little whimp's ass running against him.

Eichenwald on Spitzer Show: Did CIA's Pre-9/11 Warnings Fall on Deaf Ears? (Um, Yes)

"Obama Leads Romney By 5 Points In Ohio After Conventions" by Kyle Leighton at TPM

Administration urges terror surveillance renewal

Mpls City Leaders to make changes to Civilian Police Review Authority (meeting 9/12 1:30pm)

"Minority Voters To Be Intimidated By Polling Place Vigilantes, Report Warns"

Film That Sparked Cairo, Bengazi Protests The Work Of An American-Israeli

Reminds me of my Dog Fred

Zimmerman's "best friend" appears on Dr. Phil to defend his buddy

Flip flop flip flop...Mittens? NO! That is the sound of six RED states turning pink.

26 years later

Smarmy RNC head attacks Obama as 'sympathizing with attackers in Egypt'

Woman arrested four times in 26 hours for playing "Highway To Hell" too loudly

State Dept. Confirms Death In Libya; Romney Attacks ‘Disgraceful’ White House (WTF?)

Damn! I may have to consider the repub for NCC Executive

1966, Romney, exempt from the draft, pickets to support drafting of other Americans (photo)

FOX News pissed me off so much, I had to....

Amy Bishop pleads guilty in Alabama university killings (BBC)

Almost oranged

Mitt Romney's Reported Interactions With Massachusetts Same-Sex Couples Detailed

Cenk's EXCELLENT Segment on 9/11 Intel That Was Ignored

Obama campaign accuses Romney of exploiting attacks on US offices in Egypt, Libya for electoral gain

Scott Van Duzer Bear-Hugs Anderson Cooper (VIDEO)

"Obama Erased Mitt Romney's Biggest Advantage In This New ABC Poll"

Dear Repukes, hating Obama more than you support Rmoney is not a winning strategy. n/t

TYT: Pat Robertson Wife Beating Advice

Obama is "disgraceful"--- Mittens interfering during crisis--- 9/12/12 wing nut talking points...

"This Conservative Poll Contains One Of The Worst Signs Yet For Mitt Romney"

RNC Chair Reince Priebus offensive tweet on Egypt/Obama

Recipe for theft of an election

Gov. Romney, STFU...

Sarah Palin Literally Tells a Lie a Minute About Obama on Fox News (6 mins/6 lies)

Video: Revisiting Jon Stewart's Post-9/11 Speech On The Daily Show

Romney Adviser Calls Foreign Policy A ‘Distraction’

Two Years Ago I Predicted An Attack on a U.S. Embassy...

Carter: 'Financial corruption' harms US elections

Re Introducing myself

Cops: Woman kills husband, mistaking him for intruder

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, September 11)

PPP: (AZ Senate Race) Carmona (D) 43%, Flake (R) 44%

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Mitt Who? Edition

Rather than air 9/11 moment of silence, NBC instead airs Kardashian interview about implants

Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Is there an active effort to minimize the Obama convention bounce?

Must see: Elliot Spitzer interviews Eichenwald, author of NYT article

Rising number of top firms believe climate change is threat to business

Should teachers harm their children by sacrificing their own pay/benefits?

What Mormonism teaches me about religion

Congressional candidate backs off abortion remark

Wow... I served on the DU jury three times today...

Pakistan factory fires kill 85

"The System Was Blinking Red"

RNC 04- "the Conventioneers"

Mark Hamill Says Mitt Romney is ‘Not Actually Human’

Quebec to shut down its only nuclear reactor

(FUD/Wallsten alert) Chicago teachers strike places Obama at odds with key part of political base

Been over St George's Bridge Lately?

San Jose mayor gets traffic ticket

(Catholic prep school) Bellarmine says accusation of abuse by Jesuit in late 1960s is 'credible'

Who the fuck is this Terry Jones

Rence Priebus on Twitter: "Obama sympathizes with attackers in Egypt. Sad and pathetic."

President Obama Speaks at a Pentagon Memorial Service in Remembrance of 9/11 (27:09 mins)

President Obama and the First Lady Observe a Moment of Silence at White House on 9/11 (4:46 mins)

The Boycott Against Obama's Bear-Hugging Buddy Is Failing Miserably

Vice President Biden Marks the 9/11 Anniversary in Shanksville, PA. (7:26 mins)

The Hill: "Romney losing lead among men"

Bill Clinton In Florida Campaigning for the President (36:54) - video link

U.S. embassy in Cairo condemns Muhammed video

Ira Stoll: Failed Obama Seems Headed Toward Re-election

On September 11, 1991...

"Beautiful Venezuela: Tourism with a Social Conscience"

This feels a bit like the first day at a new school crossed with a personals ad!

Stand Against Rahm! The Chicago Teachers' Strike Is the Next Chapter in the Fight Against Plutocracy

Sick Money: How Mitt Romney's Bain Investments Are Exploding the Deficit and Harming Our Health

Virgin births discovered in wild snakes

Antarctic molluscs 'switch sex'



FLASH: U.S. Ambassador to Libya, 3 Other Embassy Staff Killed in Rocket Attack in Benghazi

The Good Girls Revolt

More arrests in white supremacist terror case

Mitt Romney's Biggest Backers: Pyramid Schemers?


Am I the only one who DOESN'T feel like this election is in the bag for President Obama?

From Democracy Now Day 2 of the teachers strikes

Proven! — 'most important unsolved problem' in numbers

Holy Shite - Richard Engel says it was the US ambassador

Excellent: Chris Hedges how the Chicago teacher strikes fits with the rest of the class warfare

I smell neo-cons trying to influence this election

The non-record of the Teapublicans

I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do--

Woolly mammoth remains may contain living cells

Pa. Deputy Hurt by Accidental Shot in Courthouse Office

Flush the TPP!!

Springville child accidentally shoots, kills self, police say

Climate activists target Shell with ice protest over Arctic drilling

Lounge, help quick. 12 days of beard. Keep it or shave it off?

7-year-old accidentally shot in Florence Co.

Jim Cramer Solves His Dad’s Voter ID Mess | TPMMuckraker

Teenage Girl Hurt in Accidental Shooting

Pakistan factory fires kill 191

Today I am turning 40.....ask me anything

The righties will spend the day blaming the President for the attacks in Egypt and Libya. Now

Romney election triumph would sink US reputation in Europe, poll finds

Aussie Wasp On the Hunt for Redback Spiders

I don't know what to say. I just watched the anti-Islam film trailer on YouTube

Stem Cell Researchers Use Gene Therapy to Restore Immune Systems in 'Bubble Boy' Disease

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Not Associated With Lower Risk of Major Cardiovascular Disease

At Least 200,000 Tons of Oil and Gas from Deepwater Horizon Spill Consumed by Gulf Bacteria

So Rmoney and his ReTHUGs had a 12.01am embargo on

Song of Mitt's Self

The US ambassador to Libya is Chris Stevens, the subject of this State Department video.

"Pro-life" Rmoney made millions from disposing of aborted fetuses

Like it or not, God is immoral.

Realms of Arkania 1 + 2 - Free on GOG

Neocon Chickenhawks For Romney 2012

US election: What's behind the Obama polling bounce?--BBC take

Would anyone give advice like this to a male candidate for... anything?

I'm very disappointed that America is still in Afghanistan

A circle of childhood friends broken with a bomb in Kabul

Phoenix burglary suspect shot by homeowner

Muhammad film: Israeli director goes into hiding after protests

Where are Mika and Joe this morning? The show so far has been very interesting, informative,


Mitt Romney is a coward.

Caught in the middle of religious zealots

Mother defends life and child with home safety device.

One dead, two injured in Detroit party store shooting

Simon Jenkins takes on Boris the Demagogue

The shit hits the fan in Libya: US ambassador dead, Romney attacks Obama for siding with attackers

Mitt Romney Should Ask Siri If iPhone 5 Is Better Off Now Than 4 Years Ago

The Theft of Your Vote is Just a Chip Away

David Korten: Growth or Equality: Two Competing Visions for America’s Future

Wisconsin: Pure, Unadulterated, Unmitigated Fascism

Confirmed NBC: Ambassador Stevens has been killed

Wisconsin: Security theater at the Wisconsin Capitol: 482 panic buttons installed

Wiki on the anti-Islam propaganda film and director with link to trailer.

Gun violence worries poll respondents

New swine flu virus could infect people

Not liking an offensive movie is not an excuse to riot and kill people.

Donnie Deutsch just made the statement on Morning Joe that it was the Bill Clinton speech that

repugs are already milking this tragedy for all it's worth.

iMediaEthics PollCheck Highlights Problem with General Questions in Gun Control Polls

Waking up to the news...

Have you seen this tweet from Reince Priebus??

Does anyone else think it's more than just a coincidence that Bibi Netanyahu is showing up today ...

The current unrest in Egypt and Libya only underscores the need

When Rule of Law Meets Politics

I am so grateful that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are in charge in this crisis.

God punishes women who have had abortions by making future children disabled

Knee jerk reactions are for fundamentalist crazies, not for American Administrations

Why there are conspiracy theories at all

How come in Miami Beach (and some others) the water is clear and you can see straight to the bottom,

REPRESENT - The Native Vote featuring Mikaela Thinn

This chart represents the teaching experience ...

If Sheldon Adelson and his buttbuddy Mitt the Twit want to bomb Iran--

harvey gloub, former ceo of american express is on bloomberg trashing Obama, effectively saying he

Why Chicago teachers are on strike.

So, Romney is using the tragic killings overseas to attack and humiliate our U.S. president

What Obama needs to say in his statement on the Attack in Libya:

you really can manipulate others to kill for you - with just the right words.

As an atheist, I'm immune to anyone insulting my deity of choice

Do we use Blackwater to guard these embassy buildings? nt

Are Chicago Teachers Really Rooting for Student Failure?

The consequences of overreaching (or how Romney hammered the final nail into his own campaign)

Joe Klein (Morning Joe): "Iran getting the bomb wouldn't be nearly as bad as Pakistan having it."

Living in “The Greatest Nation on Earth” by Tom Engelhardt

My email back from the President's "hug buddy" foundation

US embassies in Algeria, Tunisia warn of protests

Has Anyone Seen The Trailers For This Film?

Mitt’s shameful Libya statement

The Persecution of John Kiriakou: Torture and the Myth of 'Never Again' {whistle blower}

Another campaign ad from the past - the likes of which you will not see these days.

A) This is a tragedy B) Let's be serious - this could send the election off the rails

American University professor breast-feeds sick baby in class, sparking debate

Filmaker Sam Imbacile, in hiding, criticizes quality of U.S. embassy security can something posted in GD be "off-topic"?

I have one question for you, Mitt Romney...

Get the U.S. OUT of the middle east, who's with me?

President Obama Apologizes by Sending in the Marines....

Turtle > Obama...amazed at republicans hatred

Really? The film maker is at fault? That is the lesson learned?

Will Israel bomb Iran in October in a "reverse" wag the dog?

romney proving that absolutely nothing is sacred when it comes to winning an election

Can someone post or link Obama's statement on the Embassy attack?

Obama Plans Wisconsin Advertising, Signaling the State Is Now in Play

I actually think that Romney's comments will backfire and harm his standing.

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 12, 1977

Gainesville pastor Terry Jones has american blood on his hands.....

Chuck Todd opened his show by saying Rmoney's statement...

Common type of rail car has dangerous design flaw

Worldwide Distrust of US Intentions Follows 11 Years of War

"When You Meet the One"

Ya' know, if the God you worship is all knowing and all powerful

US ambassador's murder: Mitt Romney looks as if he's seized on a human tragedy for his own ends

When Are The Romney's Five Sons Going To Sign Up To Defend Our Country?

Romney attacks American President following attack on America

Afghanistan says it bans YouTube so 'offensive video about Prophet Muhammad' can't be viewed

i had to explain to my two sons what happened with the movie, egypt and libya today,

The Silent Robber of Middle Class Income? It's Still Health Care

romney's statement on the libya attacks...

Chuck Todd says that Romney Campaign wishes they could take their Libya statement back

I recently saw a clip of Romney (?2004ish?) saying foreign policy was reserved for the White House.

Rmoney on Healthcare

Romney Attacks Obama Over His Statement On Egypt and Libya Before He EVEN MAKES A STATEMENT

Rmoney following the shiny ball?

Democrats DOMINATE Republicans on Economy, Stocks, Jobs for 80 Years

Mitt’s Romney's Shameful Libya Statement

Why can't we all just get along

Thank God for Hillary Clinton.

Is President Obama still making the Las Vegas campaign stop today (and isn't Denver today/tommorow?)

Rock Hill, SC woman’s ex-boyfriend found living in her attic

Who is Alan PARSONS and why is his Eye in the Sky?!1

This transcends politics, Americans have died.

Obama statement at about 10:35am east time

Mr. Fish Toon- United We Stand (warning-harsh image)

If you hear/read anyone saying "ATTACK LIBYA ATTACK WHAARGARBLE!1!1!", kindly remind them that...

Mahashweta Devi, Aruna Roy, Vandana Shiva: Stop Fuel Loading And Repression In Koodankulam

Ben Labolt Denounces Mitt Romney's Political Exploitation of Violence in Cairo and Benghazi

What is the most weight you can lose in a week and how can you do it?

It's not just Terry Jones. Anti-Islam Filmmaker in Hiding After Protests

Studebaker Re-Emerges - Introduces New Car Model

Mo. Farm Bureau keeps support of Akin

Hey Bibi: "A Plague on Both Your Houses" is the most likely US response...

Who posted the clip of Sam Bacile's anti-Islam 'film' on YouTube, and when?

If I believed in God I would be THANKING him that Mitt Romney is not president today!

This is the essence of President Obama:

Profitable or Not, China Doubles Down on Investments in New Metro Systems

Missouri veto session will focus on birth-control coverage bill

"what kind of person sees a foreign attack on Americans...and thinks it's acceptable to lie..."

Ryan: The lyin’ king

In Letterspace, No One Can Hear You Kern

Obama will handle the Libya crisis...

Japan to abandon nuclear power by 2030s: report

Occupy the Media from your laptop - DUers - Where are you?? Lies are going to be flying today.

Okay, Dumb question here but I will be honest I am not very political that I know EVERYTHING

Because of her support, @CondoleezzaRice needs to put out a statement condeming Romney's actions

Oil sands development about to exceed Alberta’s new pollution limits

Maybe Government Should be Run Like, You Know, a Government

Harris County says state erred with lists of 'dead' voters

Fuck! It is 37 degrees outside.


But you’ll never hear a crack about Mohammed Cuz I don’t wanna get shot in the chest

Interest...Romney change plan for the statement in Libya

Glenn Beck Returning To TV With Dish Network Deal

Is the Bacile movie entitled to Constitutional protection? Should it be?

Write the Right Wing Narrative - how will the Goopers spin this against Obama?

What was the substance of this anti-Islam film?

Hillary Clinton is speaking now and she

Profitable or Not, China Doubles Down on Investments in New Metro Systems

Clinton pays tribute to slain ambassador

The media is (rightly) piling on Romney for his foolish statement on crisis

Mocking religion is wrong but it should not lead to violence

Irresponsible right-wingers make film that elicits inexcusable right-wing violence.

Organic food: Still More Than an Elitist Lifestyle Choice

NYT: Dissecting Romney’s Vietnam Stance at Stanford

I used to wonder if rw'ers Bush and Ahmadinejad had a go-between to coordinate their activities.

Had a chat with my friend this AM about Reince/RMoney's statements....

Romney election triumph would sink US reputation in Europe, poll finds

Romney: Obama responsible for 'apology' issued after embassy attack

President Obama's statement on the attack in Benghazi


Drumbeat: September 12, 2012

Romney's doubling down on their lies. Using American lives for their selfish lusts.

Drumbeat: September 12, 2012

ZOMG! Turn on the news--Romney's delivering an amazing word salad to "respond"...

Resist theocratic bullying and the superstitions that underlie it. - Christopher Hitchens


wrong time... Romney... how dare he play for politic

Anyone listening to Rmoney? What is it with that lip smack or Tit sound after EVERY LINE?

Romney BREAKING on MSNBC: He talks of sadness, death, murder as his eyes twinkle with glee

Morris Sadek seems to be the most proximate cause of this crisis....

Fuck You Williard you dimwitted asshole

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP

Today is Exactly Why President Obama Asked Clinton to be His Secretary of State

Why is Romney playing the fake President on my TV?

Man we really would be in "the latter days" if hothead Romney is ever in charge!

Why did Senate Dems vote against Obama's budget proposals twice?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- CONgress

The Politics of "Bring it On!"

"Romney was faced with an important leadership test last night. He failed spectacularly." (updated)

OMG! You can't say an Embassy's statement is the same as a White House Administrative statement

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

Re: the murdered ambassador -- Obama needs to explain and defend free speech NOW

Chickenhawk runs away from cameras. nt

Franciscan University Deviant Behavior Class Equates Homosexuality With Rape, Murder

How will Romney reward Pastor Jones?

Notre Dame joins ACC...all sports except football...

Rmoney just blew his 3:00 a.m. phone call

The Economics of Magazines and Diversity

I have no words.....

Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu Are Old Friends - NYT

Killing of US envoy to Libya underscores threat of unchecked religious fanaticism

The REAL President will be talking from the Rose Garden in Four Minutes.

What the fuck is Romney doing??

Romney's comments: gibberish. WTF is talking about? (updated, OMG!)

Very rough transcript of Romney's statement just now

TIn foil hat time - the last time a US Ambassador was killed

Theory: Romney's candidacy is elaborate performance art comissioned by The Onion

Romney Has Had His 'Palling Around With Terrorists' Moment.

New Classical Tracks - African-American Voices

Bruce Bolling, City Council’s first black president, dies at 67

Army vet, one of first black women to serve, celebrates 105th birthday in style

How did football(soccer) fans get so involved in right-wing violence? In the UK, Greece, now Egypt..

Frederick Douglass statue to be moved to the US Capitol

Bob Dylan: America ‘founded on the backs of slaves’

Gail Warrior leads largest minority woman-owned construction

Pres. Statement on yesterday's attack

My Suggestion: Let Terry Jones debut the film at the Cairo Film Festival

Did you know Keanu Reeves was coming back to the silver screen?

Even Mark Halperin is attacking Willard Romney

Serena Williams stands up for Taylor Townsend: ‘Everyone deserves to play’

Dark energy is real, say astronomers

Kerry On Libya Attack: ‘Exactly The Wrong Time To Throw Political Punches’

Reince Priebus blasts Obama for the attacks on embassies!

Engineered Human Antibodies Lead To Flu Cure

Con or Conspiracy: Are They Really Out to Get Us?

Remember when McCain tried to look presidential during the financial crisis?

FAMU blames hazing victim for his own death: Heartless or prudent?

Poll: Obama holds 10-point lead over Romney among Catholic voters

'Announcing "I'm offended" is basically telling the world that you can't control your emotions'

31 potential jurors picked in Kilpatrick corruption trial

Simple statement, completely non-political, and now to work. People will bark and he will work.

TIME LINE: the events in the last 24 hours: those that need to get caught up.

My first thought was "how is Rove/Cheney/Any R" involved in this?" Is that wrong?

Jordan Brand Gaining Speed With NASCAR

18 of 20 biggest Dallas law firms get 'F' for diversity, report says

Tell Dish we don't need no stinking BecKKK!1

'Black Power Mixtape' to be screened at Wright museum

One last heartfelt THANK YOU to my DU family & a pitch for homeless dogs & cats

Hillsborough disaster: David Cameron apologises for 'double injustice'

Corn-Crop Drought Damage Less Than Expected Spurs Price Drop

Has Rush Weighed In On This Yet?.....

Libyan President Apologizes To U.S. For "Cowardly" Attack On Embassy, Offers Condolences.

The comment in Yahoo Forum regarding the Libyan Ambassador are unbelievable

Man kills girlfriend after she didn't tell him she had HIV before they had sex

Why Are Some of the Most Popular Organic Brands Trying to Take Down Consumer Labeling Efforts?

Mitt The Unfit!

Can anything be done to that "preacher" Terry Jones?

OH SHIT!!! Sarah Palin: Obama needs to GROW ONE

If we're not supposed to condemn the jerks that made the anti-islam movie

Number of deaths due to the movie "The Life of Brian" = zero

Howard Kurtz - Daily Beast and Jay Bookman - AJC weigh in on Romney's fake presidency

Was the attack on our embassy an act of war?

Our Children Are The Reason We'll Fight To Make Sure Obama Stays In The White House

Somebody should ask Rmoney if he supports Terry Jones. nt

Israeli filmmaker in hiding after anti-Islam movie sparks deadly Libya, Egypt protests

I am so proud of our President for not giving Mitt the time of day.

Luckovich nails Romney on Obamacare


Just a quick post-move "Hello" / check-in...

Fusion: the infinite GOP do-over credit card maxing out

Tweet from Oliver Griswold

What LGBT Couples Should Have in Case of Emergency

Mitt Romney 2010: "Burning the Koran is wrong, puts troops in danger"

Who is the face of the modern day tobacco lobby on Capitol Hill?

Terry Jones = Osama bin Laden

You know what's bad, what's really really bad....

Quick Transcript of Romney's Sniveling, Reckless Lies In Today's Libya Presser

When You Learn They’re Not Ready "Not Worthy" "Undignified" Unfit to be President.

You ever get the impression that Mitt doesn't really want to be president...

So Fucking Sick of Religious Nuts

Household Income Drops for the Fourth Straight Year

Via Facebook Palin attacks the president

Awesome street sign ahead...

Adelson? Is that how you're spending the $100M you've committed to

Romney's offensively opportunistic speech

Tweets from Matthew Dowd: (Bush-Cheney)

Criticizing A Statement From A U.S. Embassy Desperate To Save Lives Should END Romney's Campaign

KS republican who wanted to shoot immigrants from helicopters gets leadership role

Question - who spread the meme that this was connected to

Europe space agency eyes manned flights with China

So Mittwitt rushes right into the spotlight in his clown car and tries to usurp Mr. President's

mr romney moves quickly to exploit the death of a u.s ambassador for political gain

Just realized, on foreign policy, Obama speaks softly & carries a big stick. Romney...

I Love Terry Jones

Rachel Maddow - Frequent flier Romney abstains from foreign policy

Is it just me or is the response the right seems to want in Libya that we bomb the shit

Seems like our embassy's would have a panic rooms.

Romney - Blame America First

Mitt's smirking disaster (The Difference in Demeanor When Americans Are Killed)

Here in Glen Beckistan, Our Violence is More "Tasteful" than Violence in the Muslim World

2312 by KSR

'New York Post' Runs Boldest Anti-Obama Ad Yet

I like Ike

Would you have made that film had you known it would cause this kind of violence?

To us, it's "just a movie" because we have generations of movies as entertainment

Mitt Romney is an inspiration!

Contradictions of Finance Capitalism

The Last Word - Panicked Palin gives Romney advice

Criminal complaint alleges father, uncle locked children in house before setting fire

a biography of the day--madam c.j. walker

If the Mormon Church decided that those making fun of Magic Underwear should be murdered,


Romney's Libya Double Down: "One Of The Most Craven, Ill-Advised Tactical Moves In Entire Campaign"

quotes of the day--mary daly

The Last Word - The questions Romney refuses to answer

Basically Romney just criticized the decisions of man who died in service to his country on....

UPDATED: Romney Calls Anti-Muslim Movie "American Values" (Was this a Agent Provocateur Op?)

Dana Bash saying McConnell pissed at Mittens

No movie "caused" this violence

A Tennessee family needs a bit of help

Paul Ryan is about to speak on the embassy murders. Do you think he will politicize it?

Finally got who Reince Priebus reminded me of, Deck Shifflet.

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Gets The 3AM Phone Call

Director of Anti-Muslim Goes into Hiding after US Consulate Attacks

I'm pretty sure Rachel Maddow and Ed Schulz will OBLITERATE Romney tonight


The account on this tragedy, and the narrative moving forward.

today in women's herstory

Question about sleep patterns :

"Romney’s moment was...rash and shameful...Crass, undignified and troubling on many levels."

Hill GOP leaves Romney out on limb on Libya

Just heard on Huffington Post Live Obama is sending in 50 Marines to stablize the situation

No Mitt - the first response should not be to condemn the attackers, it should be to keep other

Religious freedom and festival admission

Duckworth---Walsh Debate

Mitt Romney leaving the podium (pic)

Fuck Mitt Rmoney

I'm Glad The Big Guy In Washington Is Taking A Firm But Reasonable Approach

Mitt Romney's opportunistic, incoherent attack

So this SATURDAY is Fighting Bob Fest. In Madison.

Romney FINALLY Releases Details Of His Foreign Policy

O4A responds to Restore Our Future's "Debate" ad

Religion shapes same-sex marriage debate in North Carolina

Did Willard Romney Jump The Shark With His Recent Comment On The M.E. Situation?

You're going to get this in the forwarded emails and

The Rude Pundit: Romney Hooks Himself Off the Stage

Marines headed to Libya to reinforce security

Mark Halperin: Romney statement on Middle East "craven", "ill-advised"

Police video of Sikh temple shooting released

What's with all the 'confusion,' cross-talk, etc etc etc,

Could anyone explain the ending to "Irresistible"?

Part II Wisconsin Capitol Police Try Intimidation; Deliver Citations at Man's Job

anti-abortion violence in the US

I think I can sum up Mitt the Twit's life history, in just two hyphenated words.

Shittiest Movie in History Sparks WWIII

American Amageddon

Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Calls For Pussy Riot Rockers To Be Freed

Mysterious changes in ocean salt spur NASA expedition

Moody’s: Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

Runner who first questioned Paul Ryan’s marathon time speaks out

Bacile may be a pseudonym, possibly for someone affiliated with the Egyptian Coptic diaspora

What's this ass smiling about

Screen shot of smirk the jerk Mitt talking about American deaths

Mittster boxed himself in nicely now

Willard Romney-Dangerously Emotional Or Calm And Decisive

Romney Fife: Mitt Romney is the Barney Fife of foreign policy matters.

Full Committee Hearing: "The Path from LEO to Mars" - September 12, 2012


Williard and Lyan are going down I'm pissed

Ryan's comments are as bad as Rmoney. He is saying we need strong leadership. A holes

A sign of comfort for ALL! It's for ALL of us. Why can't you people GET that?

"Foreign Policy Hands Voice Disbelief At Romney Cairo Statement" (including Republicans)

Imbecile needs to face the American public and show some compassion for the death of the

Boehner is back with the same old bull crap, claiming that the House has done its job.

Politics of peace

Romney Camp Triples Down On Libya Lying -- Talking Points Issued To Republican Leaders and Minions

Anti-Islam filmmaker in hiding after protests

Father in arson case tried to shove daughter back into flaming house

Video: MSNBC's Chuck Todd Calls Mitt Romney "Irresponsible" for Attacking Pres. Obama Over Deaths

2008 loser Palin encourages Romney campaign to start utilizing her 2008 losing tactics.

Breeder's Choice Pet Food Recalls AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula

Gay Man Kicked Off College Football Team, Accused of Lying About Kissing Boyfriend During Game

143 km: Physicists break quantum teleportation distance

If Mitt Romney were a less-contemptible cretin, I would feel sorry for him...

In New Woodward Book, C is for Cantor — or Catastrophe.



I Want To Make Sure I Have This Right Re: The Romney Reaction

Sam Bacile,maker of anti muslim film,may not be a real person:

Bush WH on 2006 Danish Cartoons: "We Certainly Understand Why Muslims Find These Images Offensive"

When your entire position can be summed up as "I believe everything the opposite of what he thinks"

About that American Jobs Act

Why does Mitt Romney hate America?

When did MSNBC suddenly switch into full-on Fox News mode?

Dustin Hoffman and David Letterman among Kennedy Center honorees

Consensus: Mitt Romney Made A Fool Of Himself With Libya Response

For The Real Reason Willard Romney Is Becoming Unhinged Click

Naomi Wolf and the Sacred Vagina

Gallup- Obama 50% -Romney 43% -No Wonder That Clown Is Crapping Himself*

The Rude Pundit Calls It: "It's Over."

Federal prosecutors, defense lawyers debate religious motivation for Amish beard-cutting attacks

Will the media report on Romney's glee at Americans being killed in Libya?

So I was looking through the news reports....Apparently Romney hasn't released his tax returns yet.

Fifty years ago today we chose to go to the Moon

Thom Hartmann: Bush's Failed to Keep America Safe on 9/11

Gallup: Obama Approval rises to 51 percent

Obama now up by 7 in Gallup, 50-43.

A very serious question

Is the film equivalent to the "yellowcake" caper or other agitprop?

Movie Review

The situation is still developing - Ambassador Stevens risked his life to

I just realized I've been too easy on Romney.

Forget for a second how YOU feel. How do you think Mitch Rmoney's statements were received today?

Tunisian police fire teargas at anti-US protest

I have an AVG Identity pop up telling me

Meanwhile, outside the campaign office...

That was a real glimpse of Bain's former CEO, Mitt Romney, vulture capitalist.

Amazing jurror response I'm posting for public shaming...

Creepy Photo: Mitt Romney Caught Smirking As He Leaves Podium After Politicizing American Deaths

I swear to fucking god, I think I literally just felt something pop in my head.

Apple Unveils New iPhone 5

More rope, Mr. Romney?

US officials say attack in Libya may have been planned

ACTION: Tell Hobby Lobby to quit meddling with women's health!

LBJ Daisy ad

Mitt Robbedme wants to take us back to the days of reactionary foreign policy. The most dangerous

What is it to incite others to violence?

Libya Attack Was Planned, Protest Was Diversion

It looks like it was a terrorist action (this is still unsubstantiated but is being reported)

Ohio Absentee Ballot Postmark Deadline Inconsistencies

To my Mormon relatives and friends

Meanwhile, my campagin in Oregon still needs money

PPP: Obama leads by 11-points in New Mexico

Mitt's Smirking Disaster

"At least 289 killed as fire in Pakistani garment factory rages"

Andrea Mitchell just now to Romney advisor: "Facts Matter" your local papers, stations, etc....and express your disgust at the Romney campaign.

Team rmoney is doubling down on stupid. Some idiot from his advisory team is actually

Raise your hand if you think, it would have helped to...

Should Mitt Romney apologize for his own lack of values?

Does anybody else remember the movie 'The Last Temptation of Christ'? The protests?

President Obama A Failure?

Kathy Bates Battling Breast Cancer, Underwent Double Mastectomy

Report: Drones headed to Libya

The 2012 election became a litmus test for me today.

I was looking for a member of the Blackfoot nation

NYT: New Medical Care Networks Show Savings

Doubling down on the lies: Romney spokesman claims statement made AFTER violence

Ok, can somebody give me a nutshell summary/timeline of the whole

Pew Ado: Catholic Leaders Endorse Candidates Despite Growing Flock Objections

OK, this is getting f**king weird: "Pro-al Qaeda group seen behind deadly Benghazi attack"

A 'Lehman moment'

Emma Watson's wardrobe malfunction.

TIME: One of the most craven and ill-advised tactical moves in this entire campaign.

John Kerry: 'Exactly the wrong time to throw political punches'

Secretary Clinton's Statement About Killings at Libyan Consulate

Terry Jones: Florida pastor endorses anti-Muslim film that sparked protests

This whole blaming thing for the rioting/killing gets murky.

VP Joe Biden visits site where Flight 93 crashed - pic

It is useful to think of an channel like Al Nas TV as Fox News

Runner that First Questioned Paul Ryans Time Speaks Out

again--our republican weathervane Mark Halperin doesn't side with Romney on Libya

There's a reason why elected officials don't speak against the POTUS during a crisis

Muhammad Film Consultant: 'Sam Bacile' is Not Israeli, and Not a Real Name

"The First Unmistakable Sign of Panic from the Romney Campaign" - Am. Conserv.

How wonderful

So we're supposed to believe that the Muslim world is so fragile that some two-bit shit can just

Hey Mitt: When Peggy Noonan Tells You To Shut Up, It's Time to Exit

Did Romney make a deal during Israel trip?

The Radical Right Wing and the Ham Sandwiches like Romney want another war

In light of recent events...

President's personal note on the late US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens:

Do Old Time Pubbies Like Ike, Ford, And Even Bush Pere Look Statesmanlike When Compared To Romney?

Thom Hartmann: First Responders Left in the Dust


This is what you get when a US President (Bush) declares war on Islam

" I'm angry. I'd like to run Romney out of the country on a rail."

WTOP: Officials believe embassy attack in Libya was coordinated

What Dems Plan to Do Vrs What Repigs Plan to Do when Either lose the election

Let's separate out the protests...and the attack on the embassy.

Juror: I'm Too Racist And Homophobic To Serve On Jury

Why Ryan's lie regarding his marathon time should be important to the Republicans

President Obama and Secretary Clinton deliver remarks on the deadly attack on the US consulate -pics

Mitt Romney’s opportunistic, incoherent attack

Three Fox News employees sought to downplay criticism of Romney's statement by falsely claiming

Bashir: Look, Mitt Romney's going to hell..

If sombody takes an action that they *know* will provoke an attack on the US,

Romney campaign 'quietly advising' GOP on how to cover Mitt's ass

Press Conference Like He Is the President GTFOH

MSNBC just reported that there is some reason to believe that this whole Libya affair was

I have a (serious, technical) question about these flags that Mitt is standing in front of.

Romney Is Using This Like McCain Used the Backwards B Girl

My friend Jessica just got some amazing news and posted it on her Facebook page!

Paul Ryan And Todd Akin Will Both Appear At Values Voter Summit

Pastor Terry Jones still promoting incendiary film

My friend Jessica just got some amazing news and posted it on her Facebook page!

Lying about your marathon time is like a soldier wearing a decoration he didn't earn. He's a lier,

Just Found Out Jimmy John Liautaud Of Jimmy John's Sandwich .....

Romney campaign 'quietly advising' GOP on how to cover Mitt's ass

Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina & Florida - we need 11

James Fallows: Mitt Romney Drops His 3 a.m. Phone Call

Regarding Romney's taxes--do you realize...

Gov. Romney Didn't Know Gay People Had Families

Timeline on Egypt and Libya Undercuts Romney Attack on Obama

What Mitt "RobMe" said was totally understandable to me.

anti-Rahm sign in Chicago

WATCH: Washington's First Marriage Equality Ad

We need to demand Romney apologize to the President and the American people.

Obama on Libya attack: "Justice will be done"

Meet The Right-Wing Extremist Behind Anti-Muslim Film That Sparked Deadly Riots

Here might be a good question about who helped Rmoney's response.

Romney does the talk...

Papantonio: Exposing GOP Dirty Tricks To Suppress The Vote

Top U.S. military officer called Pastor Terry Jones, urged to withdraw support for film

New Hampshire elects an openly gay state senator

Just had a big laugh!!!!

Whoa! Are we at Defcon 1 over all of this.

Jeebus . . . the assholes at Fox will seize on any perceived fault

What is the Romney campaign trying to accomplish here? Are they really still playing to their base?

Two Gay Candidates Win Delaware Primaries RW email - 79% of GM’s sales last month (June) was government purchased. FALSE!

Romney campaign until now: Foreign policy a 'shiny object' that 'real Americans' don't care about

leftaction petition re: r(rat bastid)omey's shameful response

Obama leads by 4 in Florida.

Gallup: Obama Increasing In Both Approval and vs. Romney

Carpetbagger Chip Cravaack is giving away Northern Minnesota Wilderness to foreign mining interests.

What Happened to Peak Oil?

(Actual) Romney surrogate Talking Point memo on Lybia

Doug Flutie's advice to Mitt Romney:

Pic Of The Moment: Romney On Libya: The Reviews Are In


Did Libyan security forces assist the mob which murdered Amb. Stevens and the consulate workers?

The Union of Concerned Scientists Picks a Winner!

Forbes: The Lost Soul Of Mitt Romney

Those responsible should not have pissed off Barack Obama. He will get their butts with

Thom Hartmann live thread: 9/12/12

Someone needs to tell the ReTHUGs that President Jimmy Carter

Terrorism and Palestinian Statehood

Randi Rhodes Blog


Swell sunset the other night

Obamacare Lowered Uninsurance Rate, Census Finds

the pacific northwest blew into town yesterday

Russians Say Anti-U.S. Attack in Libya Vindicates Their Position

When they say and what they mean.

Has the Romney campaign done ANYTHING right since he wrapped up the Republican nomination?

In case you haven't checked Intrade

This is How Bad It's Gotten In Wisconsin - Must See Video - And Panic Buttons

(Another Take) Libya official says Gaddafi loyalists killed U.S. diplomats

One of the most thoughtful and considerate statements today on Ambassador Stevens' death (others)

Story behind Ryan's 'marathon' lie...

Captain Queeg...

Allen West Blames President Obama For Libya Attack; John McCain Backs Arab Spring

Republicans are OUTRAGED, Outraged that President Obama talks about killing Osama bin Laden

Re: Accepting a conqueror's religion... after they're gone

Obama vows justice for killed US envoy.

The Best The Republicans Had To Offer


In secret visit to Israel, U.K. officials warn Netanyahu against unilateral attack on Iran

For LynneSin and other Skarsgard fans.

I've seen here a website that tracks all of Mittens' gaffes.

Photo Gallery of most startling actor transformations for movies.

The Neocons Advising Mitt Romney Just Killed His Campaign

Thank you, Hillary Clinton

Applegasmic, anyone else getting the iPhone 5

Who’s Advising Mitt Romney on Foreign Policy?

Sam Bacile And His Low-Budget Anti-Muslim Movie: Is It All A Hoax?

Man-hug alert! Charlie Crist wants to meet pizza guy who lifted Obama

Nutrition Science Initiative

OMG - I know this guy!

Mosque Near Hebron Vandalized

Chris Rock tweet Re: Romney.

Thom Hartmann: Sex, Lies & Voter Fraud in Florida...

Gallup: Election 2012 Trial Heat: Obama vs. Romney (Obama +7%) & job approval 9% over disapproval

Beaut! Optical Illusion video-

Romney is waiting for Obama to respond to his recklessness.

TSA: annoying and wasteful?

Any realtors out there? I just interviewed a realtor and he made a comment about election...

Bush Homeland Security Secretary(Ridge) Disagrees With Romney’s Remarks On Libya

Allen West dog piles on Obama. Surprise! Surprise!

Netanyahu Votes Romney, Ehud Barak Endorses Obama

Neil Armstrong Memorial at National Cathedral will be streamed online

Methanol kills 19, injures 24 in central Europe

Ex-Ambassador 'Very Disappointed' in 'Unwise' Romney Response

One of the best tweets I've seen on Mitt's implosion yet today:

Origins of Provocative Video Are Shrouded

Is "Sam Bacile" an anagram? nt

GAMECHANGER! So Says a 2008 Romney Campaign Advisor

Help! my debit card was just stolen

S E Cupp wouldn't even defend Romney!!

Poll: U.S. Satisfaction Triples In Year

Obama within five points of Romney in Montana in new poll

Scott Walker for Secretary of Labor?

Romney: 'Can't imagine ever saying no' to a meeting with Netanyahu

This isn't the first time Romney attacked Obama without getting all the facts...

Got this e-mail from Al Franken......regarding Jon Tester.....

MI6 chief visits Israel to warn against Iran attack

Can Jerome Corsi get any lower?

Bring back the Military Draft....Think these asshats Republicans will keep playing games

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but an illegal daycare was just shut down in the

Here comes Martin Bashir, this should be good today!!! n/t

Catholic Sen. Supports Marriage Equality, Leaves Parish.

CNN Poll: Obama Favored in Debates

I have had it with the vapid stupidity

Romney Camp’s New Explanation Of Libya Reaction: W.H. Actions Prove We’re Right

Neocon Gambits

Tony Perkins (Family Research Council President): I Don't Think Obama Sympathizes With Attackers

"Both Presidents"

LEAKED: Memo of Mitt Romney's Campaign Strategy

Hebrew expression "lirkod al ha-dam" (dancing on the blood) embodied by Mitt Romney

Pres. Obama just calmly took down Romney in 60 minutes clip.

Martin Bashir is handing Romney his well you know,

Philadelphia Rapist Allegedly Told Victim: 'Ha-Ha, I Just Gave You HIV' (VIDEO)

A comparison of two pictures from this morning.


Wash Post editorial blasts Romney for "crude political attacks" over Libya/Egypt violence

Obama On Romney’s Libya Response: ‘Shoot First And Aim Later’

Fall TV: State of Gay

WaPo: Mr. Romney’s rhetoric on embassy attacks discredits his campaign

There goes the Led Zeppelin vote for Paul Ryan.....

Fox News Parades the "Act of War" Meme...

On Romney...

9/24/08 & 9/12/12

On MSNBC (Martin Bashir)...Jonathan Alter

Open Mic Catches Press Coordinating Questions For Romney On Egypt, Libya

When did Netanyahu become President of the United States? According to Mitt Romney the US President

I haven't seen Charlie Rangel in a loooong time. He is on Martin Bashir right now and he looks . . .

Tortoise vs Hare

MItt Romney may the most dangerous man in the world. His ignorance is frightening.

Producer who made anti-Muslim film that led to riots, death doesn't exist.

Latest Nook Reads!!! With links, if you want to Pricecheck!

Americans died. Romney smirks.

If you can, please listen to 81.5 FM (NPR SF).....Insight on Obama's FP on Libya

Conspiracy Plots Thicken

Seditionist Film Leading to Attacks on US Consulates Features US Porn Actress

It's been a year, but here's some pictures to remember why we should still celebrate this momentous

Limbaugh said Wednesday that Clinton and Obama must think Americans are stupid

Pregnant at 49

Just finished watching the sitcom "Dinosaurs" on Netflix

Brand New WaPo Editorial: Mr. Romney’s rhetoric on embassy attacks is a discredit to his campaign

Roger Goodell backs player in gay marriage flap

This movie is like "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" meets "The Satanic Verses"

After the dreadful news of today and all that has transpired, I wanted to give people

*President Obama said,

President Obama responds: Romney "shoots first, aims later".

Comcast Cable, UVerse (AT&T), Direct TV or Dish Network?

In Mitt Romney's Corner...

"Romney tends to shoot first, and aim later" President Obama

victim in Libya posted in Eve Online game yesterday about fear of attack

Seen the Hands-Only CPR commercial? Do exactly as instructed and you could kill someone!

Eric Dyson- "Mitt Romney has a new direction leading from there behinds." He was referring to Palin

rMoney plays a Full House

Just saw on Bashir, a clip of Obama responding to Romney's criticisms ...

'The Equivalent of Dressing Up in His Father's Trooper Uniform'

Kyl Says Cairo Embassy's Comment Is Like Blaming a Rape Victim

Now I Get It

Romney might have just lost the election today with his behavior. /nt

"Gog and Magog??"

Two Asshat Senators Introduce Legislation to Bar Marriage Equality Ceremonies on Bases

Romney's campaign manager secretly tells the press

Walter Rhett: Doubt and Absent Details

Obama To Romeny: Shoot First Ask Later

Candy Crowley stuttering and spouting RNC talking points with Wolf, I am shocked!!!

Obama responds: Romney tends to 'shoot first and aim later'

Rmoney's latest statement: D'OH!

The Atheist Boys Club and Online Misogyny as Sport

I was thinking about posting here that I heard a snippet of Bob Dylan's new CD on public radio

Metro Detroit Muslim, Arab leaders condemn attack in Libya

Could the cable news networks STOP with the death/sickness-themed medications commercials?

Fuck Ahmadinejad.

Religion as pretext or cause in attacks in Cairo, Egypt and Libya

What's for Dinner Wed., Sept. 12

EXCLUSIVE: Florida To Restart Voter Purge Prior To Presidential Election

If the bishops want to lead, they must first listen

Tom Ridge, W's Secretary of Homeland Security Disagrees Romney's Remarks on Libya

Libya attack: Obama vows justice for killed US envoy

How recent did Cheney say that Obama doesn't read his security briefs?

Mike Thompson toon on Rmoney campaign pulling ads in Michigan

Libya Attack May Have Been Planned, U.S. Officials Say

Do You Think DU Needs More Or Less "F--ck Fill In The Blank" Threads?

Mitt smirked for a reason - he really thought he had a 'Gotcha' moment against Obama

Missouri Lawmakers Override Governor’s Veto Of Bill Allowing Employers To Deny Access To Birth Contr

I just watched a clip from the movie...

How would you respond to this "Christianity being persecuted" e-mail?

Romney canceled his campaign event tonight, but Obama didn't. Bad idea?

(R)Money can't buy Intelligence

Intrade - Obama at 62.8%

Simple, yet effective

Romney must apologize to the families of those slain.

Poll: 1 out of 3 Americans inaccurately think most Hispanics are undocumented

True test of fallout will be 2016 Repub candidate reactions to Romney debacle

romney accused the President of siding with those who attacked the embassy...

12 photos of Libyans apologizing for the deaths.

Paul Ryan And Todd Akin Will Both Appear At "Values Voter Summit"

Halperin is on Tweety spouting that "both sides" crap. I knew he wouldn't be too critical

Al Nas Television sparked these riots

MFM spotted at Wal-Mart

Obama camp goes with big Florida ad buy

12 Photos Of Libyans Apologizing To Americans

Romney-Ryan Plan Slams the Poor, Showers More Money on the Rich

Obama On Romney's Libya Response: 'Shoot First And Aim Later'

Inflammatory Anti-Muslim “Movie” May Not Be A Real Movie

Do You Think Willard Romney Screwed The Proverbial Pooch Re: The M E Situation?

Polls: Ryan beats Biden in popularity

FLASHBACK: Romney condemned Obama Administration during tense diplomatic talks with China

Joan Walsh: Mitt Romney will never be president

Rasmussen: McCaskill +6 in MISSOURI

THANK YOU Mitt Rmoney. Could we send this guy some flowers?

Obama now at his highest level on Intrade since May ... 2011.

There is Just One Nation in the World Where Climate Scientists Face Systematic Harassment

This Romney foreign policy fiasco is a sample of how neocons think without

A day or two after the Oklahoma bombing, two Muslim students came up after class.

Brad DeLong (econ professor): Romney/Ryan worst candidates since Nixon/Agnew

Jon Kyl: Embassy Statement Was Like Telling A Raped Woman She ‘Asked For It’

Mitt's bizarre campaign statement: If Mitt is wrong, how come...!!! (updated)

10 Rankest Hypocrisies of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party

I humbly suggest we start calling Mitt the SNAIL.

Identity of anti-Muslim filmmaker called into question

Hugo Chavez and the Non-Aligned Movement seek an end to Syria’s turmoil

Glenn Beckerhead to be carried by Dish network -Contact info

Rachel Maddow will have Richard Engel on her show tonight.nt

WTF is it with ChickenHawk Republicans discrediting Democratic Veterans?

We will see the Ambassador's body carried through the streets, BUT...

Dutch voters reject eurosceptic fringe

Politicususa: Sociopathic Mitt Romney Smiles During and After Presser on Embassy Tragedies

Why didn't any of the reporters questioned Mittens about the timeline?

Mitt says Libya comment came after period of introspection

TPM: Dem (Chris Van Hollen) Offers Plan to Avoid Sequester

The United States Constitution will one day "hang like a thread..."

Ford Opens New Era at Flat Rock Assembly Plant, Source of 1,200 New Jobs and U.S. Production Home of

The riot is looking more like fabricated outrage

Dutch anti-Europe, anti-Islam party of Geert Wilders slammed in national elections

Is anyone else suspicious? The timing (right after DNC, 911). FAUX is running videos of Carter (!)

The Presidental Race is "Tied"?

Dutch exit poll predicts narrow election victory for VVD party of Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Wayne Powell Rally, Saturday October 6, 4:00 p.m.

Why didn't Mitt run for pResident in India, or China, or Mexico.

If Romney come from a financial background...

Does anyone know if there was a statement from Benghazi Embassy...

10 questions on Religious liberty.

McCain adviser Mark Salter criticizes Romney's attack on Obama

GOP Sen Kyl: Embassy Statement Condemning Anti-Islam Movie Like Telling Rape Victim She Asked For It

How hard is it going to be to track down the actors

O.M.G. Mitt lost Newsmax!

Gen. Wes Clark: initial reports are

Parking lot skeleton may be King Richard III

Mitt Romney: "I didn't know [gay people] had families"

How the Old South vs North Conflict Is Related To The Political Conflict and Division In America

An Update on Our Fight For Voting Rights

Did you ever imagine there'd be a worse candidate than Sarah Palin?

So Are The Big Repub Donors Gonna Put All Their Money Into The Congressional Races?

Protest in Gaza over anti-Muslim movie

Actors Had No Idea They Were In Anti-Muslim Propaganda Film

FOX's "correction" for yesterday's baldface lie about unemployment

Fischer Demands Mass Public Executions In Response To Libya Attack

Fox News Poll: Obama 48 % to Romney 43% percent among likely voters.


The Washington Post's Feckless 'Fact-Check' - Eric Alterman

President Obama signs a condolence book after addressing State Department employees - pic

Raw Story on the air: The strange case of David Rivera’s missing political operative

Saw this comment about Romney's Libya remarks on another site ...

NASA Observations Point to 'Dry Ice' Snowfall On Mars

Poll: Obama widens Michigan lead over Romney to 10 points after convention

Pat Robertson Explains Why Muslims 'Go Crazy' When Islam is Insulted

Secretary Clinton meets with Libyan Ambassador to the U.S. Ali Suleiman Aujali - pics

Mitt Romney had a chance to show the Red, White and Blue… Instead he showed his true colors


Anonymous made an appearance at the Benghazi consulate

Rick Steves: Trebinje, Bosnia-Herzegovina: Charming Market Town

"We will not waver

Romney does not get national security briefings

High School Graduation Rates in “Right-to-Work” States Clearly Lower than States Where Unionism is

‘It Makes Me Sick’: Actress in Muhammed Movie Says She Was Deceived, Had No Idea It Was About Islam

A misspelled Sign at a Rally that doesn't invite Laughter

To The State Department Employees Who Knowingly Serve In Dangerous Stations Around The Globe

Republicans Shake Their Heads At Romney’s Libya Attack On Obama: He ‘Stepped In It’

Arthur Tiger for President! Check out the Conservators' Center website, support (big) animal rescue

Rahm denies liking Nickelback

I think it's safe to say that Willard is in full panic mode

New York Times Union Reps Back in Talks With Management Over Contract

McCain is handling Lybia situation well, and isn't doing Mitt any favors

Obama Gets A Gigantic Bounce In The New Fox News Poll

Damn anyone see Joe Madison on Sharptons show

If diplomatic attacks are a sign of weakness, Bush was the weakest of all

Romney has backed himself into a lose-lose situation...

Mitt Romney Response To Libya, Egypt Attacks Called 'Irresponsible,' 'Craven,'

Robert Griffin III makes history:

With all of Romney's money, and the money of his benefactors, why didn't he bring in the best?

Anyone else think that a chastened Romney

Does anyone think Mitt Romney could ever run a real business?

Any DUers here have the article on US support for Gaddafi right to the bitter end?

Greg Palast on How the GOP Is Planning to Steal the 2012 Election

Democrats Increasingly Positive About Presidential Campaign


nytimes takes on romney: Murder in Benghazi

Fox is pond scum. There is no other description for what they have done.

Murdered State Department official Sean Smith was influential online gamer

Tonight's evening news?

ABC news

Workers on strike at Walmart-contracted warehouses need your support:

PPP: With Gary Johnson included Mitt's lead in Montana drops to three points...

Do you like to DIG?

Dogs Vs. Boots No animals were harmed. Physically.

Chris Matthews

The Boycott Against Obama's Bear-Hugging Buddy Is Failing Miserably

If you are playing GW2, please check in

Share this Video: Voices/Voces from the Warehouse (we don't have access to clean water)

Poll: Obama widens Michigan lead over Romney to 10 points after convention

Really, I am the night !!!!

The more I think about the "movie"

This guy again? Rabidly Muslim-Hating Pastor Terry Jones

When Laura Ingrahm opposes you and Donald Trump supports you and you're hoping to be . . . . . .

Kerry on Romney's most recent failure

Cleanup on aisle '12...

FOX News: (Obama +5) Obama 48, Romney 43

California Man Confirms Role in anti-Islam film

Are Americans patriotic when they keep their money in the Cayman Islands or other foreign banks?

New England Journal of Medicine 200th Anniversary, Dialogues in Medicine

For A Guy That Likes To Fire People - Rmoney Is Sure Sticking By His Campaign Advisors/Staff.....

Yahoo News Video - If Romney loses Ohio, Obama wins the election

No matter the facts ...

Media Momentum trumps All

I agree with Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, and Craig. Problem is, you guys should have tried harder

Democratic convention stomps Repugnants truth-burning party in Nielsons

This was NOT photoshopped. National Review magazine cover.

So, I wonder if it was a GOPer that made that film to incite the protests. Did Romney know about it?

We should all have a life-long love-life as fulfilling as applegrove's.

You think you got the blues? You ain't NEVER got the blues like some bluesmen get the blues.

All DUers workin' for the weekend!!! All Duers need a second chance!!!


A sacred MFM Family tradition (it's unclear whether this is a photo of MFM or his great-uncle):

MiddleFingerMom uses the "I-word" with impunity, "AWWWWWW YEAH, ITCHES!!!!!"

My Lucy Pretty Kitteh went missing Monday morning.

Rmoney's Political Statement re: Libya attack backfires

Has anyone seen the actual, full-length Muhammad movie?

Mitt is now the drunk at the end of the bar.

We should throw an online party on October 16 and 22

And now my second ever The Lounge?

DOJ: Pennsylvania School Must Pay $700,000 to Student Denied Admission Because He's HIV-Positive

Former Romney Adviser on Libya: “They Stepped in It”

Chicago Teachers Strike Rooted in Community Struggle

Dunkin Donuts: Stop using styrofoam cups and switch to a more eco-friendly solution (e petition)

GOP spokesblob Limbaugh: Al Qaeda "Gave Up Osama Bin Laden" To Make "Obama Look Good"

Gas prices hit $8 in NJ, Pa. in Lukoil protest

How Did the ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. News Broadcasts Treat Romney This Evening?

Where the FUCK do people get off equating Aspergers with sociopothy?

Did I Detect a Tinge of Guilt As Romney Attacked the Libya Response??

Bill Clinton: Blame me, not Obama

Condemnation =/= Apology

Listening to cbs earlier it sounded like they thought that Obama

After Battle with Mining Giant Peabody, Willow Lake Coal Miners Win Union ($1.02 billion in profits)

Rmoney isn't winning shite

Blast of crazy from the past: Gulag America

Intrade now trading at 72.7 % in favor of Obama winning/Romney down to 27.9%

Sam Bacile = Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

St. Louis, Michigan: Officer Matt Vanhall Shoots Dog Multiple Times In Owner's Yard

Seems like the evening news casts are down playing Romney

A little soft messaging