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President Obama meets with State Department employees - pic

New Obama ad: Romney Just Won't Say

WTH !!! Are we going to War????? Just flipped on Fox. They said war ships

Yep, They Hate America Alright

Mitt Romney needs branding experts? He's already got 'em

I am so moved to Libya and a post *Update*

INTERVIEW: Allan Lichtman predicts that President Obama will easily win re-election

When income grows, who gains? (You already know, but here is a great chart)

Did Bob Dole try to politicize the Khobar Towers attack in 1996?

Romney walks into a forearm shiver.

OMG the idiots on Tumblr

When I woke today alll 3 maj cable channels seemed to be pushing to prepare to be on a war footing

Approx. 10 Libyans died defending US citizens

U.S. warships headed to Libya after deadly consulate attack: officials

Actually, I think that he would…

Blood Type Diet

Martin Bashir - Romney tries to turn any situation into a political profit

A Song of Ice and Fire discussion (SPOILER WARNING)

The power of the Internet.

Did George W. Bush try to politicize the USS Cole attack (October 12, 2000)the day after the attack?

Any one remember The Association?

Seagull steals video cam shooting sunset. Flys away. Puts cam down. Lady gets the cam back. Laughs.

Hobby Lobby sues government over healthcare mandate

This Statement Attacks American Values

In pandering to the far right anti-Muslim faction and the idiotic conservative morons,

Martin Bashir - Romney doubles down on politicizing national tragedy

Where is the link for vocabulary abbreviations? I see MFM in thread.

Don't despair, Neptune's Grace is upon us...

Obama up to almost a 63% chance of winning on Intrade. Romney down to 37%

Jim Calhoun Set to Retire...

MSM Reaction to Romney Today

Oh JoeyBee and XChrom...check out my future husband! StandUp: Making of The Ben Cohen 2013 Calendar

When the batshit crazies start abandoning you,

Oh great god in a butter hat! ... "Committee hearing on Obama Administration's Abuse of Power".

Dear Michael Medved:

Smoke, confusion and a missing ambassador in Libya attack

What is the difference between "Justice" and "Revenge"?

Martin Bashir - Pres. Obama: Romney ‘shoots firsts and aims later’

US investigates: Attacks coordinated to mark 9/11?

The real Linda McMahon exposed (Kos)

First LINCOLN trailer released!

No one happen ever in the history

AP IMPACT: Aggressive start for consumer bureau

What's rMoney's most disturbing statement / sentiment? - To me it was when he told

Maker of Anti-Islam Movie in Hiding after Violence in Libya

Oliphant Toon Captures PERFECTLY the difference between Mittens and Obama

Outspending the Truth – The GOP Plan for Election 2012

Violence breaks out at Venezuela campaign event

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Another “False Flag” Operation?

Just got polled by our state repukes! Had a little fun with 'em....


President on Telemundo via Rachel; live, 9:03pm ET.

GOTV of course - but these are Nate's just-updated graphs...Wow...the jaws are opening!


You must watch Joy Behar on Current.

Mitt Romney Drops His 3 a.m. Phone Call

What if this anti Muhammad(PBUH) movie incident is a RW extremist plot to discredit President Obama?

This just in: I have a fan club.

Can we now put a fork in Romney? (and remove the silver spoon from his ass)

Does Rachel know what the heck she's talking about

Im not normally a conspiracy minded guy

Would it bother you to see a huge SUV parked in one of these spots?

These debates are going to be EPIC.

Nate Silver's Now Cast has Obama at 91.6%

Paraguay, its coffers empty, sells $45 million in bonds to cover operating costs

Paraguay, its coffers empty, sells $45 million in bonds to cover operating costs

Incitement to Riot is not protected "free speech"

Putin Thanks Romney for Reminding Him That America Is Almost 50% Dumbass

New monkey discovered

I have full confidence in my President.

Here's What Bothers Me Most About What Romney Said...

Bill Clinton: Republican party controlled by most extreme members

Any others DUers expect WilLIARd to pick up his cars and

Expect a lot more of "He said WHAT"

I'm 61 years old.

Lawrence O'Donnel wins timeslot again in money demo Tuesday Night

Is Nate Silver copying me?

In the discussion thread: I am so moved to Libya and a post

Please PLEASE could we have another photoshop thread?

Oh Rudy

THE FACT CHECK: Romney misstates facts on attacks

AMERICA, if Romney is the guy you want as President, we're fucked and so are you

What repukes are still in Rmoney's corner?

Violence breaks out at Venezuela campaign event

A plea from the UK not to be like the US

ok all you heavy READERS out there..(huge free data base)

What do recs mean on DU?

Palestinian beaten by Jews: "Attacks on us happen every day"

AP FACT CHECK: Romney misstates facts on attacks

how obsolete is this phone?

I didn't know that one could alert... have a jury vote no... and then alert on the jury vote

A forum I frequent (where Sean Smith, killed in Benghazi, was a moderator) is ENRAGED at Romney.

Couple wed in first same-sex Buddhist service in Taiwan

Missouri Legislature Overrides Dem Gov's Veto Of Birth Control Bill

No Andrea

Hey, people on welfare, conservatives would like you to know the rules. So here they are:

Prediction: Romney campaign will face cash flow problems

7 Things that will Destroy Us ~ MKG

Mitt Romney's Theme Song

Mitt Romney Now Has Less Foreign Policy Credibility Than Sarah Palin

President Obama looks absolutely exhausted, dark circles, weary face.

Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision he makes

I could be mis-remembering 2008 compared to 2012 . . .

We're taking Regional Rail home after seeing a play in Central City, Philadelphia.

"Justice will be done." Barack Obama

Rate Willard Romney's Character

Ohio Supreme Court says ballot summary for redistricting issue is inaccurate

Desperate WiLLIARd Rmoney

Obama DOES Apologize to World — For Mitt Romney!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 13 September 2012

This is the day everything changed

You know what I don't get?

If Romney Doesn't Have Every Nutter Vote By Now He's In More Trouble Than I Thought

President Obama Elaborates On Romney Criticism

There will be blood. Seth MacFarlane is the guest host this week's SNL

Any handy men around here? Question about a Home furnace belt.

Tragic Loss of Skateistan Youth

I think this is the October Surprise and Swiftboating all wrapped up in one big Rat Fu*k

Letterman to be among Kennedy honorees

Please, Lawrence. Stop showing film of Limbaugh!

Ok, it is Honey Boo Boo night on TLC channel.

Voting is Sexy

A RWer posted the pic of the dead ambassador on FB and I reported it...

Song of the Moment: Chicago Teacher

What Romney did, by criticizing the staff at the Cairo embassy for trying to calm an ugly situation,

Anti-Islam Video by “Sam Bacile" Silly & Poorly Made. Knowing Potential Outcome Make It Unpatriotic

Obama is a fugging genius - When Rachel had Richard Engel on

Success! Breakthrough with my wife.

Very tired of Lyin Ryan and Mitt the Twit -the whole bunch of their followers are clueless n/t

And the President....

Song for Chicago teachers

Blast from the past: election 2008. Anyone remember the elusive

I Finally Am A Registered VOTER in OREGON

Apple sold more iPads than any PC maker sold PCs last quarter.

Is anyone else hearing stupid jokes about how supposedly ugly Sandra Fluke is?

Anyone owned or are familiar with Norwegian Forest Cats?

Alright, What’s Up?

Protesters at Rep. Tim Walberg's office drop off giant $160,000 check to 'Millionaires'

McCain<=>Lehman . . . . . . . . . Mitch<=>Benghazi

Two Visions for Chicago’s Schools by Diane Ravitch

Where did the 3 am phone call originate from?

The Republican candidate for president criticizes the Obama Administration, but apparently doesn't

About to hit 64%...

remember LTC Terry Lakin?

There's just one thing I don't understand...


The National Republican Senatorial Committee is claiming McCaskill voted to raise taxes 50x

"Anti-islamic film search leads to coptic Christian in California" by Rory Carroll at the Guardian

Frank Rich tweet: If just one of his 5 sons were serving

Clueless: The Chronicles of Mitt: Sept 12, 2012

Reason has its place, but the human heart yearns for awe

Anyone know what kind of snake this is?

Why did video backers concoct phony Israeli/Jew filmmaker ID? Why did they want Jews to be blamed?

"Five Ways Charles Koch Benefits From Practices He Critisizes In Absurd WSJ OpEd"

40+ Libyan guards did little to defend the consulate (Reuters)

Does the Dalai Lama Want to End All Religion?

Ahmadinejad crazy talk: he thinks Americans are stealing Iran's rain clouds

Mitt's most awkward moment yet

twitter trending: #describeromneyinoneword

Here's what's next: on the day of Ambassador Steven's funeral,

Al-Qaida’s No. 2 leader in Yemen killed in airstrike

Mitt Romney's foreign policy blunder

Here's a Timeline of the Confusing Statements on Libya and Egypt

Nuclear Insecurity

Hell hath no fury than an Aspi mom with a keyboard!

Dear Libyan people:

Rachel Maddow - Romney's conduct unbecoming

"...more people are getting money from the government than are paying into it. "

Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff asks Terry Jones to not screen film.

I scored a day off on Friday!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 13 -- TCM Spotlight: Mack Sennett

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 14 -- What's On Tonight: Elizabeth I

‘Saturday Night Live’ elects a new Obama; Jay Pharoah to take over role from Fred Armisen

Commentors on CNN make my head hurt =(

GOTV - OFA got it goin ON!

House set to pass spending plan to fund government through March

your advice solicited...

President Obama: Egypt not an enemy of US, but not an ally

Renoir painting found at US flea market

I'm haunted by what the Ambassador and staff must have suffered before they died.

I think the problem is violence in general, not just guns.


Obama opens ten-point lead in Michigan in new poll

NYT Editorial: Murder in Benhazi (Romney showed an extraordinary lack of presidential character)

Child deaths: Unicef says global mortality rates fall

Akin says Missourians have forgiven his 'foot in mouth incident'

Survey USA: Obama leads by 22-points in California

McDonald's Menu to Post Calorie Data

I have been hurting all day

18 USCS § 2102 : To Incite a Riot

Bolton just on Alan Colmes' show saying Romney has foreign policy experience

Real 'Donnie Brasco' to testify at Quebec commission

Obama: Campaign registered 100K voters last week

"Mitt Romney's biggest problem is... Mitt Romney" by John Stoehr at the New Statesman

"Snow Blind - A Brief Career in the Cocaine Trade" -- One of the most fun books I've ever read,

How could DU jury duty be improved?

Can someone tell me what happens when a juror taps out some crap and an alert is made re that juror?

New group buys TV ads to help endangered Blue Dog Democrats

Romney gets capital of Libya wrong in press conf criticizing Obama on foreign policy

Sandra Fluke Responds To Joe Walsh's Attack

House votes to renew controversial surveillance law

Study: Sea otters' role in kelp forest health could aid in global warming prevention

Bill Schorr: R.I.P., Ambassador Christopher Stevens...

Obama leads Romney by 10 in Michigan...

Denouncing City’s Move to Regulate Circumcision (NYC)

Father Andrew Greeley

In Chicago, Rahm Emanuel is in a showdown against teachers (how RE wants to restrict strikes)

Willard "Mitt" dog-crating Romney

Anti-islamic film search leads to coptic Christian in California

Today's tragedy proves it.

Two American Troops Killed In Ambush En Route To Rescue Besieged Diplomats In Benghazi

What my 82 year old mother won't say

Simon's Cat in "Double Trouble"

September 11th, 2012 and Romney

Pix el art

The wannabe emperor wears no clothes

I unfriended a racist on FB tonight and it wasn't my sister...

DNA testing may establish lineage going back more than 500 years

I have a question Mr. Romney. Your middle name wouldn't by chance be DICK, would it?

Yahoo: Romney under friendly fire for his response to embassy attack in Libya

Steve Klein is off the deep end.

Hey Mitt -- ambassadors are people, my friend...

"Chance of serving on a Jury: 60%." Been on four juries since Monday.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, September 12)

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange says US gave 'tacit approval' to embassy attacks

Rmoney basically called President Obama a coward and anti-American today...

Mitt Romney caught up in billboard affair

Romney attacked a group of Americans fighting for their lives...

Suburbs are key to victory in Colorado

Obama campaigns in Vegas after ‘tough day’

In case you missed it: The Bain Bailout

Did I hear this correctly?.........

They gave Bush 8 years to create the mesh, give Obama 8 years to clean it up!

They gave Bush 8 years to create the mesh, give Obama 8 years to clean it up!

They gave Bush 8 years to create the mesh, give Obama 8 years to clean it up!

RYAN: "Peace through strength works..." (oneliner in a speech given in DePere WI today)

Online Poll: Was Romney out of line with his criticism of President Obama?


NY judge strikes down terror law scholars fear

Help. My electricity bill has gone through the roof. It used to be $50 every two months. Now it is

Movie that set off violence in Middle East produced by Southern California nonprofit

I just watched the 14 minutes, or so, of the "trailer" of "innocence of muslims".....

WTF with a "trailer" for a film that doesn't exist? Insults to Islam dubbed in post production?

Merry Mitt-mess Eve!

Toon: Romny pays his repsects.

The Romney Smirk

The growing power of Rush Limbaugh's most loyal legion of listeners

I just saw Norm Coleman speaking as Romn. foreign policy advisor on CNN

Census: Middle class shrinks to an all-time low

what do you want written on your tombstone

Facebook friends’ voting has impact on Election Day turnout, study finds

A Gun in the Home Actually Makes You Less Safe

This toon says it all.

Printing Hate Columns

Lesssons on how Dick F-Yourself Cheney would have handled it for Mitt

Pickled Cherry Tomatoes

US school lunches, generally more processed than most, because it's supposedly cheaper

Russians Say Attack in Libya Vindicates Their Position

As a filmmaker myself...

Arrest in Kashmir in India IC-814 hijack case (1999 hijacking)

Family of Down's patient sue hospital over DNR order

Alabama again denies application of would-be abortion clinic operator (was bombed by Eric Rudolph)

The clock's ticking folks! Download @AFineFrenzy's "It's Alive" before 8am ET!

Ohio governor at Romney rally: Our wives are at home doing laundry

National Seniors’ Organization Launches Seven-Figure Effort to Educate and Mobilize Voters

Hi y'all...

CNN Poll: Which pres. candidate do you trust more on foreign policy?

Watch Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide on PBS Oct. 1 & 2.

Sweden Must Import Trash For Energy Conversion Because Its Recycling Program Is So Successful Romney Gets It Backward

Yemeni protesters storm U.S. embassy in Sanaa-witnesses

No Death By A Thousand Cuts By Any Means

Has anyone noted that Levi is a new father, whose daughter has a stupid-*ss name?

After all his gaffes, this should be his new campaign slogan.

Cuba 'ready to negotiate' fate of US detainee Gross

Romney's Swiss Cheese "Tax Plan"

Levi Johnston, Sunny Oglesby Welcome Daughter Breeze Beretta

Watch Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide on PBS Oct. 1 & 2.

Dutch election: Pro-Europe VVD and Labour parties win

If MO becomes closer, should $ be spent there?

The Republicans forgot to tell their operatives in the Middle East that an "October Surprise"

Embassy in Yemen under attack. Update coming.

NASA Coverage of Neil Armstrong Service at National Cathedral 10 a.m. EDT, Thursday, Sept. 13

I hate the thoughts that I am having that we are witnessing a type of planned swiftboating with

Cui bono?

Kate's short speech in KL

WWII Landmines Block Egypt’s Access to Oil and Gas

Steve Klein is a name your going to be hearing a lot about

Would someone please email this to Joe Scum

That pastor that burned the Quran and noosed President Obama in effigy was partly behind the Muslim

Julian Assange: Hunted by America's Violent Empire

Yes, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

The Dystopian Digital Sweatshop That Makes the Internet Run

New species of monkey found in the DRC

Nakoula/ Bacile -- a guy guilty of freakin' bank fraud -


Mika: "The mask is off and there's NOTHING there."

Heinrich, Obama in good shape (Great NM Senate and Presidential news)

Sanity Check: Student-to-teacher ratios and class sizes

I had a crazy dream last night that I was on a road trip with Romney, driving around in

Taking bets on how long it will take Romney to crawl out today

I demand an apology from shit romney to our president & to America

Facebook friends network 'quadruples voting behaviour'

Amy Goodman: Mayor Rahm-Ney’s Attack on the Chicago Teachers Union

If you want to know what happened in Libya, read this.

Child deaths: Unicef says global mortality rates fall

If Mittens had just kept his trap shut, President Obama would have more troubles, headlines-wise.

Polygraph Test (cartoon)

Mexico 'Gulf cartel boss' Jorge Eduardo Costilla caught

Poll: Ryan’s race closer than expected

Karachi factory fire: Relatives bury dead {247 dead}

Hospitals 'on brink of collapse' {uk}

South Africa mine protest leader urges national strike

A gun in your home makes you less safe, unless you have your own.

Cartoonists SLAM Rmoney

The sting of subjugation: 'Green on blue' attacks in Afghanistan

That's what mittens gets for taking advice from sarah palin.

I got a disgusting email this morning with photos of Ambassador Stevens body being dragged in street

Am I the only one who thinks "blowback" Re: Egypt, Libya, Yemen?

Himalayan Glaciers Retreating at Accelerated Rate in Some Regions:

God the insufferable jerk, Mark Morford

If you like storms of all kinds

Tommy Thompson: No One's Senatorial Candidate But The Lobbyists

Mayor of New Yorkadelphia, Dr. Raymond Cocteau was just on Mourning Joe

Religious Right Seems To Intend To Stir Up Trouble For Obama Even If -----

Dakuwaqa's  Garden - Such a beautiful and amazing world

Luckovich on state of Romney's campaign...

Who did Eric Cantor meet with when he visited Israel, and promised that he would keep an eye on

Comment from KOS : Romney lost my dad's vote

Wisconsin: The Substitute Teacher (OMG, it's Scott Walker)

Glue sniffer's latest article may contain a virus

Protection Against Whooping Cough Waned During the Five Years After Fifth Dose of DTaP

Just for weather freaks!

U.S. Consulate in Berlin Cleared After Suspicious Envelope Found

Affordable Care Act has SAVED consumers 2.1 billion on insurance premiums

What real leaders look like in tough times.

NY Reps: “Tommy Thompson Didn’t Make 9/11 Health A Priority.”

Flash mob Gangnam style!!

Rare Cliffhanging Plant Species Uses Unique Reproductive Strategy With Ants

Chavistas violently attack Capriles. Capriles gets a boat. Thousands show to hear him speak.

Flash mob Gangnam style!!

Wisconsin - Erwins Campaign of Intimidation: It's Not Working (subtitled: Screw us and we multiply)

Search for King Richard III Enters New Phase After 'Momentous Discovery Has Potential to Rewrite

Steve "The Bullet" Schmidt has said it best on Romney's smirking Libya statement ...

Favorite song about bottle deposits?

"Eager to punch back the President fired back on 60 Minutes" -- Jake Tapper, really?

Attack on Ambassador and US Troops Points to Safe Haven in Libya for al-Qaeda

The Amount Of "Military Aid" The US Government Provides To Law Enforcement Is Astounding

The Myth of the Education Crisis

Looking up the wrong word and getting some milage out of it

+++ NFL Picks / Week 2 +++

We need to wallpaper FB with:

The Other Side Of Joe Biden

Has anyone seen the Libyan "apology" photos?

Anyone watching Morning Joe???

I Do Not Usually Pray But I Pray That ----

WikiLeaks blames US stance on Julian Assange for Libyan embassy attack...

NEW YORK: Quinnipiac poll (Obama +28), (Gillibrand +37)

Romney's problem with our President

Portion size inflation

Mitt Wrongney - Unpresidential Candidate

Julian Assange threatened legal action over WikiLeaks documentary...

It's amazing how bad Romney bumbled this

Bank robbers try throwing money as distraction

Did John McCain just agree with Rmoneys statement before the facts

Do you remember William Casey and the shenanigans he was involved in?

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (09/13/2012)

Mitt's Arithmetic

Team Bibi: "They are grimly accepting the reality Mitt won’t win.”

The Senate Races: Where they stand today. Find your state and tell me what I got wrong.

What the hell is Joe Scarborough trying do do this morning?

Parking lot skeleton may be Keith Richards

Restaurant owner libels critic...

Sept. 12: Polls Since Conventions Point to Decline in ‘Enthusiasm Gap’

Anybody heard from Mitt Since Yesterday?

Nonpublic weird beliefs of mormons

MISSOURI: Romney +3 in Rasmussen

I don't usually quote John McCain on DU. McCain on the Libya attack

LOL! WSJ: Yeah, Mitt's statement was bullshit, but give him a break!!!

Canadian descendant of Richard III is asked to give DNA after 'grave' find

To continue my theme, mitt romney is STOOOPID!

Facebook Events: Franklin D. Roosevelt Created the 4 R's: Relief, Recovery, Reform and RAVE!

Shipwreck in 'exceptional' condition discovered by archaeologists in France


Yemen Embassy stormed. Who's next? And is it coordinated?

Ann Coulter knows exactly who to blame for Romney's screwup!

Extremists don't speak for Libya

Wage freeze bill for teachers passes in Ontario legislature

Attorney: Raritan Township homeowners have First Amendment rights to oppose developer

Teacher assigns 4th graders to draw pictures of 9/11- including people jumping

Facebookers instead arguing for General Dempsey to resign

Esquire and Yahoo poll: Obama Up by 4 Points Among Likely Voters (11 points among registered voters)

The secret plan that will control your life....TPP

Do you know who is running the Romney campaign?

College freshman kicked off football team for kissing 65-year-old boyfriend

Europeana opens up data on 20 million cultural items

Hurricane Isaac pushes jobless claims to two-month high

Cartoon: Ambassador Stevens

Stupid question

Senator McCain's comment on Libya and Romney statement

Nutrient levels in food are more complicated than new diss of organics suggests

Flowers for DU, who's gonna sign for these?

John Kasich: Political Spouses Are At Home Doing Laundry

Romney requested 10 years of tax returns from VP candidates even though he'll only provide 2 yrs

PoliticsUSA breaks down Sarah Palin's *literal* lie-a-minute analysis of Obama

Was Ex Gitmo Detainee Leader of Group that Attacked Libyan Consulate?

The Picture of Stevens' Body Being Carried ---- TO THE HOSPITAL

Record Poverty Persists While Gap Between Rich and Rest of Us Increases

rush the lush and lost in space laura Ingram

Equity Firms Like Bain Are Depicted as Colluding

The Provocateurs Know Politics and Religion Don't Mix

NYT what the hell is up with this?

The response to Rmoney's inevitable defeat...

Dick Cheney's evil spawn spew some more filth...

'Social voting' does really rock the vote

Money, Power, Ruses, and the Right to Vote

listening to msnbc-repukes still stalling

Some cartoons just say it all

Joe Scarborough turns on Mitt

The Morning Plum: Has Obama neutralized Romney’s advantage on the economy?

Top Election Predictor: Obama WILL WIN in November

Mitt Romney’s family successfully sued Mexico after using it as a safe haven (!?)

How Paul Ryan Would Decimate the New Deal

Dilbert on the executive class

Yes, Virginia, the American Theocracy has arrived.

OMG!!! Check out these photos from space!

It should be remember that john bolton, and others are advisors to romney, and no one should have

California man confirms role in anti-Islam film

Did I Miss Something, As In The Past Ten Minutes? Obama Moved From 62.7 To 64.3% On Intrade


Today in Peace and Justice history on September 13, 1858

New Study Finds High-Income Tax Cuts Don’t Stimulate Economic Growth

Bob Costas Disses NBC Olympic Coverage

So, Romney, where is the goddamn apology in the Cairo embassy statement?

At the grocery store today:

Beef producer plans defamation lawsuit over pink slime furor Romney Gets It Backward - He has just gotten his basic facts in the wrong order.

Sweden recycles so effectively that it has to import garbage to incinerate

Hey Rummy--there were 12 embassy attacks under Bush II

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” Plato

Trending on Twitter: #DescribeObamaInOneWord

Santa claus politics

RobMe is such a little man

NYC big-soda crackdown plan goes to vote Thursday

Trump demands to know why Obama is towing cows!!

The Pay of Chicago School Teachers and Selected Others, including Rahm Emanuel

Boy, McCain just changed his tune! On The Today Show he's now making excuses for Romney

Romney Asked VP Candidates for 10 Years of Tax Returns

Today is World Day of Prayer, join Silent Unity in a livestream at 1100 Central Time

Muhammad Ali to receive Liberty Medal today

Let's start talking about Senate Races

Holy crap! Yday was a pretty tragic anniversary for my family, so I was with them all day

Our Canadian Immigration problem

NPR's Morning Edition gave a gauzy, gentle account of Romney's Libya disaster

Community to spend Thursday supporting Bear Hug Pizza Guy

Behind Romney's Welfare Attacks, America's Top Poverty Denier

Big Picture: Someone is Trying to Precipitate "The Clash of Civilizations"

Something from Michael Roberts.........

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Advanced Last Week Most Since December

Haaretz Editorial warns Netanyahu to stop meddling in the US election

Oil Rises to Four-Month High on Mideast Unrest, Fed Meeting

Brit producer of gay play in Uganda held in jail

John Kasich: Our Spouses Are 'Doing The Laundry' While We're On Stage

U.S. Tap Water Causes 1 M Cases of Stomach Illness Per Year

Wholesale Prices in U.S. Rise Most in Three Years on Oil

A ‘Lost Decade’ for the Middle Class Caused by Conservative Policies--Economic Policy Institute

'These People Are Animals' ... and we wonder why there is a jihad?

"Why did god create atheists?"

Romney Asked VP Shortlisters for Ten Years of Tax Returns

Remember when GOP said "criticizing the President during wartime" gave "aide & comfort" to enemies?

Could it be that America and the world has a new Robert Nofacts Novak?(May he now RIP)

Gay marriage protesters not guilty in Asheville

Is there a written and spoken language test for students whose first language isn't English,

How Chicago's teacher strike explains the education de-revolution

Toons: Romney

Rich-Poor Gap Widens to Most Since 1967 as Income Falls

Shoot first and aim later...

Hillary Clinton Denounces Anti-Islam Film as "Reprehensible" in Powerful Statement

Channel 4 cancels screening of film questioning Islam's origins

I have Poison Oak. Ask me anything!!!!

Romney's reprehensible reaction to the violence in Libya and Egypt

Beyond religion in the Middle East

'Pivotal' Obama Campaigner Lobbied White House on Keystone XL Pipeline Project

The word for today is KICK. please. I mean, C'MON!!!


Which Repub would you most love to see lose their seat in the House?

Toon: The Expert

Toon: His Fault

Number of uninsured Americans drops by 1.3 million, census report shows

Wow, 24 hours without a single word from shit romney.....

My apologies to Norah O'Donnell (CBS Morning Show).

Stupid GOP Attacks: Jon Kyl's Rape Analogy

'Stop and detain' counter-terrorism powers may be scaled back

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Huddles With Advisers

Maryland Marriage Coalition Issues Warning on NOM

Romney Campaign Pushing False Line That ‘Apologies’ Caused Attacks In Libya

Fucking Wallmart!

Romney focused on campaign, screws it up

Mitt Romney's Smirking Suicide: Things Have Changed

I bet Mitt Romney wishes he had an Etch A Sketch right about now

Best rock guitar solo of all time? Why?

Poll: Obama Leads Romney By 10 In Michigan

House to pass 6-month spending bill

3 Ron Paul-Supporting Electors May Not Support Republican Ticket

What Romney Doesn't Want You To Know About His ''We Built It'' Slogan

Rumsfeld thinks what?

Romney is a huge fucking liar on Libya he believes his own lies

Roger Simon on Romney: “When reaching for shiny object, make sure you are not standing on cliff.”

"I'm the President"

Chris Hedges, et. al., win NDAA lawsuit.

There are 16 other motherfuckers who need to go eat shit and die too

So what exactly have all of Romney's positions on Libya been?

So when the SPLC labels a group a 'hate group' and a nut injures an FRC guard, it's their fault...

Rachel Maddow - Foreign policy tone deafness becomes liability for Romney

"Welcome Back, Mr. Ryan!" - BRILLIANT new video from Nancy Pelosi

Why not do a remake of "Hound of the Baskervilles" or "Star Rover" see how Mitt likes that?

It's 2012-and the Republican Party platform tells women:

And don't even forget this gem...."You Talk About Things You Think Are Important"

Genetic Roulette

Romney's next bus tour....

Wisconsin Lawmakers Exploit Loophole to Hide ALEC Ties

Maddow show last night,,,

Clint Eastwood, "When somebody does not do the job, we have to let them go!"

Bill Clinton campaigns for President Obama in Orlando

I Forget - Did The Founders Require A Photo ID To Vote?

Jury used to hide facts DUers dislike

Romney Asked VP Shortlisters for Ten Years of Tax Returns

Why is there so much outrage in the middle east over insults to Islam?

Morning Joe: ‘Is The Romney Campaign Too Immature?’

The Last Word - Who’s advising Romney on foreign policy?

Police: Man used stolen trailers to build 'Doomsday bunker'

Why can't youtube just pull the film?

Does everyone remember PNAC (Project for a New American Century)?

Is Google down -

Wierd moment here in the office

Romney Cartoon: Gravedancing

If Romney really feels a need to comment on a video....

Citing religious freedom, Missouri lawmakers override Nixon’s veto of birth-control bill

Researchers find Facebook peer pressure gets out the vote

Police Sent to California Home of "Innocence of Muslims" Producer (for protection)

Suspects held over fatal consulate raid

London Olympics look like the pinnacle of modern diplomacy R

Siena: Buerkle-Maffei looking like another squeaker (NY-24)

"Why Muslims Decry Prophet Images"

John McCain expects us to believe he doesn't know what Romney said about Libya killings

Republicans DESPERATELY want Obama to be seen as "Jimmy Carter 2"

The Last Word - Mitt Romney's Libya mistake

Various Arab factions ginning up outrage for their own purposes

NFL players on gay rights:

It's not just about a movie - it's about Pundits, Politicians and Priests.


Fake Centrism: Democracy's Retrovirus


WikiLeaks: U.S. gov’t gave ‘tacit approval’ to attack embassies worldwide

THIS AMERICAN LIFE: When education "reform" killed a good public school

WARNING: Don't Look At This Graphic Unless You Can Handle Colorful Language

Aren’t we all supposed to be on the same team?

Former Banker Promises Inside Peek at Goldman

Tim Scott SC-01 says that Democrats voted against jobs bills 32 times, huh?

Singer From 'The Black Eyed Peas' Has A Strong Message About 'Show Me Your Papers' Laws

Pic Of The Moment: George W. Bush Critiques Mitt's Foreign Policy Performance So Far

I may be mistaken, but doesn't embassy territory, security oversight, etc. end at the boundary?

Benjamin Netanyahu vs. Barack Obama

A Mittstake of Epic Proportions!!

Ok. Will somebody with more Apple aficionado-ness than me

The media, which seemed to be turning away from Mitch Rmoney now seems to be reversing . . . . .

It has been interesting surfing DU without a star

Three GOP Electors say they won't vote for Romney

Democracy Corps (D) Poll- Obama -50% Hysterical Opponent 45%

Permanent Injunction Against Indefinite Military Detention in NDAA Issued by Federal Judge

News Flash: Mitt Romney blasts the Statue of Liberty...

Florida Pastor Terry Jones promoted anti-Muslim film

"The Book of Mormon" is a Tony-award winning Broadway show that mercilessly ridicules Mormonism.

Republicans' craven attempts to gain on foreign policy and national security

Blasphemy riots: less about theology, more about power plays

"If this is what Romney does wide awake, imagine at 3 A.M."

CTU chief--Deal Likely Today, Classes to Resume Monday.

"Innocence of Muslims"--Pick ONE director who could re-cut/re-dub it into something watchable...

Some elected reps actually DO get the ed "reform" scam. Video.

Sole finalist for Berkeley schools superintendent supported Prop. 8

Romney has lots of foreign policy experience.

2 Versions of Faith Outreach at the National Political Conventions This Summer

5 more charged in Ft. Stewart military militia case

Pretty epic Romney billboard in South Boston

Listening to Romney now on MSNBC

WikiLeaks criticised for linking Benghazi attack to Julian Assange case

Parents, teachers uneasy after second gun incident

Can't get 'alert abuse' button to work.

I mixed up a fresh batch of koolaid.

Scott Van Duzer, Big Apple Pizza Owner Says Sales (And Hugs) Are Up

'Irate' LaPlace man accused of pulling out assault rifle when denied disaster food stamps

Census: Kansans’ real income drops while poverty rises

Canadian Government Fires 1,500 Workers to Cut Costs, Then Hires Private Firm for $100M to Do

Okay democratic photo-shoppers, see what you can do with this idea.

What Middle East War Did You, Would You, Support?

Rasmussen: Obama + 2 in FLORIDA

"They're at home, doing the laundry"

McCain coming to Romney's rescue calls the President's foreign policy "feckless"

Why is America becoming a battleground?

WikiLeaks' bizarre claim that the assault on the U.S. embassy in Libya was really all about them

What the heck would a Republican apology sound like anyhow? Anyone ever heard one?

Democracy Corps: Obama +5 (Obama 50, Romney 45)

Mitt Romney: "Murrca... FUCK YEAH!!!" Romney is "amateurish" & needs to be reminded "that hate is not an American value"

Current fundementalist & reactive Islam is a fairly recent innovation.

Obama not the only one to get a big bump out of the DNC Convetion - BRUUUUUUCCCEEEE

Why is Sam Bacile/Nakoula not being held for violating his federal conviction decree??

New York Fed details QE3 bond purchase plan

I had to drive ten miles or spend 2.5 hours on train/bus to get my I.D. in PA.

I'm so glad Led Zeppelin is releasing 'Celebration Day' in the theaters first

Our trip to Iowa and my evolving views on guns....

American Research Group: Obama +2 in COLORADO

I have been reprimanded for "swearing" too much at work.

This election needs Lady Votes....and other news...

ABC News sued for defamation over "pink slime" reports

Poll: Obama 47%-Romney 37% in Michigan

(New York City) Health Board Approves Ban on Large Sugary Drinks

Maybe it's just me, but I get the feeling that winger assholes are trying to get some of us killed

(Canadian Auto Workers) CAW appears ready to accept lower starting wages

Fondue for the Swiss Army

Mourners recall Neil Armstrong's 'life well-lived and service nobly rendered'

You know what would be a lovely humiliation of Mitt?

MITT---- is a four letter word ............ n/t

Romney: Obama Wants U.S. To Have Capacity For One Military Conflict At A Time

Poll: Who would win in a fistfight...

Is it about empire?

Mitt Pimps the dead one more time.

Jog my memory: Golden Colorado.. Fundy hub?

Health Board Approves Ban on Large Sugary Drinks

PA Supreme Court decision can loom to change the dynamics of this race.

Steve Klein (film consultant) interviewed on Al-Jazeera (video now expunged)

NBC News Apologizes to Affiliates for Sept. 11 Omission

Fresh Hopes for End to Chicago Teacher Strike by Weekend

Got this email...guess Ryan is a tad unsure about his VP spot:

Not all Muslims are savage brain dead terrorist

Gallup -Obama -50% -Romney 44%

Bernanke smacks down Romney, launches big stimulus until jobs rebound. Stocks soar.

your feedback please

OnSight Public Affairs/Project New America: Obama +5 in COLORADO

Senator Barbara Boxer Lashes Out At Netanyahu For Attacking Obama On Iran

Romney Complains That The U.S. Isn't Fighting Enough Wars!

Every day, every speech, every utterance from Mittens' mouth...

This 53 year old has it right....

Krugman: Why The Vileness Matters

Police: 73-year-old woman sexually assaulted in Central Park

Hey, Guy Who Makes Decisions About Chicago's Public Schools! Your Double Standard Is Showing.

Shushhhhhh-The President Is Speaking Now

Hey Mittwitt! Where's your tax returns? We still want to see them!

Todd Akin, Ann Romney won’t be at Values Voters summit

This toon nails it!

Public College In Arizona Breaks With Governor, Offers In-State Tuition To Undocumented Immigrants


Death Valley gains title of hottest place ever recorded on Earth

Pass the Jobs Bill...

More Easing From The Fed

HHS Secretary Sebelius Violated Law With Political Speech

The Last Temptation of Christ was a hardcore gay porn film...

Mitt stole a somber reflection day from Libya victims.

How long has it been since we had a pitcher thread?

The psychopathic trait successful presidents have in common

Reid: Blocking Veterans' Jobs Marks a New Low for Republicans

Canada blames U.S. for delay in Omar Khadr return

‘Berlin patient,’ doctor convinced HIV ‘cure’ is real

Marlon Brando's Oscar win for "The Godfather"

Scott Brown pushed STOCK Act, but bill Obama signed in ad was not his

Khmer Rouge leader Ieng Thirith unfit for trial

Romney Botch Watch

Libya killings show U.S. at risk in Arab world

It's 3AM...Who Takes The Call?

Citing religious freedom, Missouri lawmakers override Nixon’s veto of birth-control bill

Toon: So true! LMAO

Watch the polls.

NDAA: Judge Strikes Down Indefinite Detention Provision

Anyone have experience with dog allergy shots?

President Obama in Colorado

Flowers for your next dinner party...

Vin Weber - the perfect Romney spokesman

Mitt has finally won the hearts and, well, hearts of freepwads

It's 2012, And People Are Still Being Killed Over Make Believe (Religion) Being Treated As Fact

Fact-checkers say no to Romney ‘apology’ claims

Topic of 3rd Presidential Debate: Foreign Policy

Libya Makes Arrests After Benghazi Attack

Could we have a new smilie tag and icon? I think we're going to be needing it.

Memo to the MSM, the reason oil prices continue to rise has nothing to do with fear of Middle

How long will it take...

Voice of Doom

Karen Handel pushing lies on Andrea Mitchell.

The scary thing about Romney....

Boy Did He (Tommy Thompson)


Today's comments from the POTUS

Revealed: MFM's parasitic twin.........

Romney: Obama Wants U.S. To Have Capacity For One Military Conflict At A Time

PA State Senator Daylin Leach posting on FB from the Voter ID hearing at the PA SC.

Ben Bernanke is a lot of why we are still standing

Video of Libyan Demonstration in Support Of America RE: Internet Claims Of Photoshop

Birther nut challenges Obama being on Kansas ballot and gets a hearing...

Kathy Bates reveals breast cancer diagnosis, double mastectomy

Should we start another "Made in America" thread?

KEYSTONE XL: As Texas farm owners square off with TransCanada, pipeline opponents see an opening

Stowaway cat Bob-bob survives plane ride to Orlando in suitcase

COEXIST - Let the Worlds of Nerdom Unite!

The Rude Pundit: The Chicago Teachers Strike Is for the Children

Obama Is Trading At 65% On Intrade

The 7-Election 2012 - another good online predictor of who'll win!

Another thought provoking article that will be condemned here.

We've been told any action reasonably expected to elicit a violent response

CTU chief: Deal likely today but classes may not resume until Monday (Chicago Teacher's Union)

Was the GOP's "Obama gutting Welfare work requirements" lie a campaign strategy conspiracy?

PPP: Obama leads Romney by 7-points in Minnesota Complete info on Chicagonteacher's strike nt

NASCAR team steps up for veterans

Suit against Secretary of State Matt Schultz goes forth.

WikiLeaks: U.S. invited attacks abroad

Exclusive Pictures: Maya Murals Found in Family Kitchen

If he runs a campaign this badly, imagine how he'd run a country.

Nancy Pelosi: Welcome Back, Mr. Ryan!

Kaweah church tied to possible consultant on anti-Muslim film

The Mitt Mirage by Joe Klein

I went to a disability-oriented Obama fundraiser in SF last night. Ask me anything.

Sullivan stomps a hole in Willard

OMG!!! Check out these photos from space!

Inside the US consulate in Benghazi: material and human damage laid bare

Wired article reveals evangelical Coptic Christians behind "Innocence of Muslims"...

simple cream gravy?

3 Republican members of Electoral College may not vote for GOP ticket

Romney: Russia, China, Libya – 3 Strikes and You're Out!


Romney, Rumsfeld Say Embassy Attacks Due To 'Weakness?' -- *12* Attacks During Bush Term!

3 Republican members of Electoral College may not vote for GOP ticket

Can Spaceflight Innovation Survive Deep Budget Cuts?

Can Spaceflight Innovation Survive Deep Budget Cuts?

Romney Heckled Over Libya Remarks

Eruption at Guatemala volcano forces evacuations

World's first colour moving pictures discovered

Ricky Watson of Littleton, Colorado

"Evil People Have Plans!" - MoC #18 (by comedian Lee Camp)

"Reaction to Libya Attack Could Color Poll Analysis, and Vice Versa"

About Mitt and the most important thing about the economy to the GOP, the deficit.

Simplistic Question ...

Romney’s Adviser Complains About Company’s High Taxes — But It Pays Just 2.2 Percent

"How To Rig An Election In Just A Few Easy Steps" - M.O.C. #91

I'm gonna go out onna limb here and suggest Julian Assange sent this here tweet

Attacked on Foreign Policy, Romney Cites His Money’s Experience Abroad

Rommey: Not Ready For Prime Time (spread the word!)


L.A. Blogger Alerted City Council To Anti-Islam Film In June

Underground concert remembers south Wales coal miners

Romney's Libya Timeline Fumble

The Democrats out registered the Republicans by 61% between 9/9 - 9/11 in Florida

Thought that you might enjoy this one...

About the Right Wing Myth That Obama 'Skips Daily Intel Briefings'

Can you imagine Romney in an international crisis and John Bolton advising him ...

Geniuses Smashing BMW X-5 Into Apple Store To Rob It

Continued Positive Views of U.S. in Obama Era

President Obama consoles State Dept employees after speaking to them about the attack in Benghazi

I posted "There will be justice" -President Obama on FB and a wingnutter wrote this:

Krugman Won! (Updated)

How long until John Kasich's next election?

The Most Interesting Man In The World Hosts Obama Fundraiser

The Press in Colombia “Rediscovers” Peace

Could you be an undercover conservative? I couldn't.

New Species Monkey found With Human-Like Eyes

So basically, he's the Russian Paul Ryan, right?

Omg. I just became Miss Teen South Carolina during a presentation.

So, if you're a criminal lawyer and don't want to represent your client, take a photo of his leopard

Irish Festival in Indy this weekend!!

Thom Hartmann: At the end of the day - this isn't about Islam

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks and Richard Dawkins debate deity

Galloway refuses to apologise as Respect falls apart around him

Even as Idiot Son is missing from view, has anyone really forgotten him?

Ebola death toll climbs in Congo

Irish Festival in Indy this weekend!

NFL players on gay rights:

Oh you jurors...

Cambodia helps squeeze WikiLeaks

11 years after 9/11: Who are the terrorists?

Just paged through Free Republic...

IT and tech people report in!

This goes with the beard thread - who dyes their hair to get rid of gray?

FREEDOM OF SPEECH. A Hypothetical Conversation.

Obama builds lead (49 to 44) over Romney in Colorado following party conventions

Republican Senators Introduce Bill To Curb Military Chaplains’ Religious Freedom

As a democrat, you are always going to be the republican's "sinner" of attention.

Fox spreads a false rumor that marines were not armed at embassy.

Nate SIlver/538 - Romney's likelihood of winning if election were held today: 8.4%

SNL Season 38 News

TOON: Romney Kicks America In The Balls!

What a tragedy, to lose such a wonderful, wonderful, uh, wonderful people that have been so wondeful

Looking for statistics - edit

I have been wanting to know, for some time now, how the regulars of this group feel

Randi Rhodes now providing impeccably researched info on recent embassy attacks

A Little End of the World Gem on THIS!

Clashes outside US embassy in Cairo leave 200 injured

Thom Hartmann: Trans Pacific Partnership...Trojan horse for global corporate domination?

Desperation, The Ad Strategy

Elizabeth Warren's KILLER new ad "The Fighter"

Hundreds protest in front of US embassy in Kuwait – Kuwaiti clergymen ask MPs to leave

We like to look at Nate's data - but here is a pretty picture from Princeton Election Cons.

Nakoula just a fall guy. Keyman: Joseph Nassralla

NDAA: Judge Strikes Down Indefinite Detention Provision

New Twitter challenge: #NameRomneysPlaneContest

Trump: "He killed our ambassador"

Reason # 231 Why Mitt Romney won't release his tax returns:

NASA Remembers Neil Armstrong


I wonder what the green lasers are for in the Cairo news footage...

Another rabid beaver attacks in Northern Virginia

NASA Remembers Neil Armstrong

About those unemployment figures....

Warming sign in the Arctic: Starving female polar bear challenges male for food

The Newsroom season 1 finale - On voter fraud and blasting the Tea Party

I dropped Dish Network today.

Crist Meets Man-Hug Guy: "You Know What I'm Here For"

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Squealing?

I have been reprimanded for "wearing" too much at work.

Anybody got a handy link to OUR President's latest approval ratings?

Fact Free principles: Romney equates a piece of trash video with American principles worthy of

New Facebook Cover Photo ...

A good image on the people making education policy

Rally Pushes Stocks to Nearly 5-Year High

A good image Just what educators need

Louisiana terminal may have released more than 191,000 gallons of toxic chemicals during Isaac

Romney condemns QE3 as Bailout of Obama

Poll: 54 Percent Blame Bush And GOP For Economic Woes

Caption this picture (just found it on Josh's TPM page - article - "Mitt's Uphill Climb)

Nanoengineers Can Print 3-D Microstructures in Mere Seconds

Paying a Fair Share - interactive chart comparing income changes to changes in income taxes paid

FLASHBACK: Freepers discuss Linda Rondstant's "free speech"

I've been reprimanded for "sweating" too much at work.

Thom Hartmann: Attention Cash-Strapped States - the Largest For-Profit Prison a Deal for You!

Stiglitz. If you are talking to voters, family, friends, Republicans, Democrats,

Congressional Pukesters: Let's not talk about Mitt.

Conflicting partisan polls in Missouri's U.S. Senate, presidential races

New Elizabeth Warren ad

Anti-Muslim Movie Maker a Meth Cooker

House Republicans voted against women 55 times in the past year and a half

Dow soars 207 with news of QE3-GOP enraged

Letter from the president: Thank you, Charlotte, for your hospitality

Man-hug update: Charlie Crist meets Fort Pierce pizza guy, gets the Obama treatment

German Court Backs ESM Rescue Fund in Double-Edged Ruling

Female Fox News contributor says Michelle Malkin ‘needs to get laid’

The newest campaign poster for Romney:

UNL professor unearths largest Roman mosaic ever found

Wisconsin U.S. Senate candidates will debate Oct. 26 on WISN 12

Matthews just asked his panel who Mart Rmoney would offend by condemning the video.

Romney to start getting intelligence from the Administration OH HELL NO

Editorial boards across America savage Mitt Romney's bungled response to Libya attack

NRDC Studies: U.S. Wind Economy is Rich and Getting Richer

A Very Strong reason Obama will Win (wonky, but powerful)

Perfect cartoon for Mitt's Libya Debacle

Anti-Muslim Movie Maker a Meth Cooker

I'd like to recommend Distant Land of My Father

Mitt Romney ‘Cheating’ Billboard Taken Down in South Boston

Ron Paul makes watchdog group’s list of ‘most corrupt members of Congress’

Hahaha! ring ring

When's the last time we had a "picker thread"?

In largely symbolic move, U.S. sanctions Hezbollah's Nasrallah

Has anyone actually seen the trailer for this movie?

Libya Arrests Four In Embassy Killings

Fed now targeting nominal GDP

US braces for more violence from anti-Muslim film

2012 Presidential candidate test -

Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown arrested in Dallas

Will Obama's Post-Convention Bounce Fade Like McCain's In 2008?

So should I frame it or cash it?

How peanut butter is made

You can't choose to like Dick, but you can choose to be one....

Step in here. Media question and how to research it.

Obama widens lead over Romney to 7 points: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Awesome catch. Bush Administration condemned the Danish Mohamed Cartoons

Collective Soul Cat

OFA: Why Won't Mitt Romney Release More Tax Returns? What is He Hiding?

Fox News Headline of the Day

On Al Sharpton's show: John Bolton might be SoS

What's for Dinner - Thursday Sept 13th

Gov. database shows only 207 ineligible FL voters

Election Officials Falsely Tell New Hampshire Voters They Need ID To Vote

That's why we need Elizabeth Warren also!!

New Ad: Why Won't Mitt Romney Release More Tax Returns? What is He Hiding?

Hear on local NPR today: Gasbag Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) using the 'he has a history of apologizing...

Marco Rubio got quid-pro-quo deal on Cuba travel with President Obama

Today I spoke to a Teabagger who said Obama went to Reverend Wright's church to practice Islam! WTF?

Obama sprints to 7 point lead in Ohio, leads by 5 in Virginia & Florida...

This "Apology" line that Romney is using

Obama +7 OH, +5 FL, +5 VA

I can't picture handing any 80 year old person a voucher...

Crossing a picket line is no way to move women's rights forward

Let everyone know where Mitt Romney and his party stand on women's rights.

Dog: Message for you, Romney

Mitt to the Muslim world: BRING IT ON!

Todd Akin claims Obama "doesn't like America."

Did you guys see the PA justices comments about the voter id laws?

You call that a smirk? You be the judge

So what will Romney come up with next? He can't run on the economy, he can't run on foreign

PA Supreme Court Judge says,

A good friend of mine passed on Monday. His obit is hilarious!

The Progressive Education Narrative

The poster gets an update (From the Daily Kos)

Kansas panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

Well, THAT was embarrassing...

Martin Bashir - Mr. Romney, you owe diplomats who risk their lives an apology

Interesting article By great great granddaughter of Brigham Young

3rd Romney bumper sticker spotted today, He decided to confront me

How important is kitchen safety to you?

"I never met a veteran who fought for socialism". Comebacks, please?

OMFG! Is there anyone who still thinks this ignorant, craven fool can be trusted with this info?!

Get Your War On: I'm A Bank! (VIDEO) Very funny

Jennifer Granholm on the Dating Game TV show in 1978

Statement by VicePresident Joe Biden on the Eighteenth Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act

Romney knows he's toast. Idiotic defense alert!

I stopped a birther rant dead in it's tracks today.

Chihuahua that I fostered came back.

(another Romney lie, on wealth disparity) Romney Makes Appeal To Women Voters In Virginia

Kelvyn Park (Chicago) teachers stand up for students

Charter Schools Stay Open During Strike, But Solidarity Lurks Inside - Working In These Times

Martin Bashir - Romney lets conservative media do damage control for him

Have We Forgotten How to Be Secular?

Heads up: Prof. Juan Cole is on NOW with Cenk

Extremist Religious Views Dominate The News But Don’t Represent The Faiths

Judge denies Ohio elections chief's request

Martin Bashir - GOP defense of Romney embassy remarks equally insulting

wow Obama has sizeable leads

School Cancels Cosmetology to Stop Gay Students from Joining

Jimmy Kimmel Proves: Apple’s Magic Is In The Brainwash

The Audacity of Hope quote (page 261)

Romney Advisor Harold Hamm Exceeded Contribution Limits

Teahadists, knowing full well what they have wrought, trying to start the End of Dayz

There are only four of these left in the world.

my wife just pointed out to me...

Papantonio: Citizens Media Asks The Questions Traditional Media Won’t

Peregrine CEO Set To Leave Jail After Guilty Plea

There are just some cases that really make me question my opposition to the death penalty... following military build up in the Gulf !

Poll shows Obama up five on Romney in Colorado

Bad Ideas: WikiLeaks Seems to Think Attacks on U.S. Embassies Are All About Them

Toles sketch on Voting

The hardship of obtaining an ID in order to vote...

Worcester Voter Complaints Could Spell November Problems

Toles Toon on Rombot

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teamsters leader compares GOP to Cambodian dictator

Statement by Nancy Neuman, League of Women Voters on the Presidential Debates

Stephanopoulos interview today with Mittens

Undocumented housekeeper files abuse lawsuit against Coral Gables hotel

The Romney campaign in 17 seconds....

With numbers like this, can Romney retroactively un-nominate himself?

Do you know what a Coptic Christian is...?

Willard, willard, willard...anyone who can read or watch teevee knows the truth

Did you ever get the feeling that Mitt is a 1970's fabrication...

The Amazing Sister Simone Campbell - If you are a fan, like I am -

Chuck Toad didn't know the answer for Article 47 of Consitution regarding Cantons on Jeopardy.

Just saw my first Romney bumper sticker here in South Austin.

Libya arrests four suspected in deadly US Consulate attack in Benghazi

Bill Maher will be on Rock Center with Brian Williams tonight.

I Have a Theory About Romney's Recent Behavior

Does anyone here think maybe the debates are not going to happen? With the awful, terrible, week

My screen resolution changed when I unintentionally ran my hand across the