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At least I'm not this much of a flip flopper! >>

Current TV EXCLUSIVE: Civil Rights Leader John Lewis On GOP Voting Laws: 'They Want To Take Us Back'

New report by 2 US senators details strategies to prevent "security crisis" in the Caribbean

Court mulls Arizona sheriff's request to lift ban on immigration-related traffic stops

Bob Kerrey (D-NE) On Wall Street

In wake of the 'smirk,' Mitt's campaign now blaming the press

House passes revamped Stolen Valor Act

Great quote on a graphic going around facebook

Abba's music is too angry, according to Mitt Rmoney.

Come January 20th will Mitt Romney just push Obama out of the way

He'd start an international incident to divert us from his TAX RETURN PROBLEM.

Mega Corporations Understand The Dangers Of Climate Change

"Romney Says U.S. Is at ‘Mercy of Events’ Rather Than in Control"

Mitt Romney and the "White Horse Prophecy"

Isolated incidents or birth pains of a movement?

I think I understand why you don't see many Romney/Ryan signs in yards or bumper stickers

A speech for DU and all Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives:

iPhone 5 will not support simultaneous voice and data on Verizon LTE.

If Obama wins will Robbedme concede? I mean this asshole's ambitions are destructive to the planet.

Any Chance that Dems Reclaim House Majority In November/

Lincoln and Losing

Media is wrongly claiming Embassy’s statement as an apology

Hard to type with the dog on my lap.. how do people drive with dogs on their lap?

Toon: One more out of work

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 14 September 2012

Behind the bogus anti-Obama welfare ads? The Heritage Foundation guy who said poverty's no big deal

Want a better chance to survive a heart attack? Check this out!

Why Romney falsely calls it an "apology"

Guess how many years of tax forms Romney demanded from his VP contenders?

Past Monthly Winners (see anybody you know?)

Manufactured Crises

Help me nail Drudge! + The Echo Chamber's newest meme

Republicans blame Obama for Fed action

Bobcats make themselves at home

Gina Rinehart, more luck than hard work with iron ore prices skyrocketing

what do you want written on your trombone?

Rut Roh - 3 electors say they won't vote for Romney

Aide to Venezuela opposition candidate fired amid corruption talk

Memo to Governor Romney: The Constitution Is Not a Conservative Document

Mitt's Movie Moment

So you start to exercise again, using weights and shit you don't normally use...

"Yes, We Can Make iPhones in America"

Sidewalk driver busted by police

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Golden Moments & a new Kitty gif

Australia's female Mitt Romney at it again. Gina Rinehart makes case for $2-a-day pay

Low post concern/meme of the day?

Your Brain on facts and your brain on fox. lol!

Mitt wouldn't pass a Turing Test.

55% of Chicago household support the strike

Kissinger before the 1968 election. GHW Bush before the 1980 election.

Cantor Finally Admits That Federal Spending Cuts Kill Jobs

Halifax man pepper-sprays teen over gay slurs

Do freepers have apocryphal stories about confrontations with liberals?

No protest before Benghazi attack, wounded Libyan guard says

Someone’s watching: More than 200 British high schools have cameras in bathrooms, locker rooms

Republicans Don’t Want The Federal Reserve To Help The Economy

Amazing! New Species Of Monkey Discovered. Has "Almost Human Looking" Eyes!

InfoCision, telemarketing/telesurvey firm shill for Repugs/CONservatives, caught doing "legal" but

UPDATE WITH VIDEO: Rachel Maddow is brilliant! She had researched and broken

I have a nice bottle of wine I've been sitting on...

Clint Eastwood presented evidence today that Obama was good friends with Karl Marx

How Do You Get Right-Wing, Fundamentalist Evangelicals to EVER Vote for a Mormon?

Mitt Romney Has Worries Just Like You and Me!

First "Lincoln" movie trailer released tonight.

Why Do People Hate Teachers Unions? Because They Hate Teachers. « Corey Robin

Don't be the Rabbit to the GOP Turtle

LGBT Community In Iraq Face Total Hell

I think it's time to bring ALL embassy personnel home NOW

WAaaaa! Apple pie sadness!!!

Rasmussen has Romney up by 1%

Seriously, Will Mitt Agree to 3 Debates?

For those of you not watching Maddow, it's

Quit feeding the trolls, people!

The differences between boehner and the President, according to boehner...

Southern whites troubled by Romney's wealth, religion

Jennifer Granholm was on The Dating Game in the late 70s

Want to have some fun? Since Joe Scar leaked that he plans a 2016 run for president, he spends

curious - former MIRT members

US election system criticised over finance rules and voting restrictions

Off to Antietam on Friday. I just feel I have to go there.

Romney:" What I Said, Was The Same As the White House."

Ok, Romney will not skip the debates, He will not drop out, He is not trying to lose the election!

NFL Television coverage for week #2..

FL -Obama -49%- Romney 44% /Virginia Obama 49% Romney 44% /Ohio Obama 49% Romney 43%

A truth that should not die

sonic egg barking preventer?- update

LOL At Republican Pollsters And Crypto Republican Pollsters

I guess that's one way to get people to the polls!

Winterhaven, California

Saw a Mitt Romney scary Halloween mask at Target tonight (pic)

The prettiest thing I've seen all year!!

McConnell will have Rand Paul's (Tea Party) campaign manager for 2014

Chickenhawks, chickenhawks and now the worst chickenhawk of all . . . .

Claire McCaskill just pulled ahead of Akin in this poll :0)

X factor

First Lady Arithmetic

So I'm watching X-Factor, and what I can't stand is Britney Spears' sourpuss faces.

Palin: Obama Is ‘Promoting Democracy’ In Nations That Do Not Share Values With ‘Civilized Societies'

CPS television advertising?

Like "2016: Obama's America"? Then you'll probably love ...

Yosemite Park hantavirus alert to 230,000 campers

Bexar files 1,000 lawsuits against late taxpayers

Romney cultivating Tea Party Islamophobic Activists

Battle for a friend's mind and heart: vett this post pls?

Read this .... What year is it

Interesting to note that neither 538 or RCP is showing updated polling numbers...

It's ROMNEY Who Apologizes, for Capital One Visigoths!

Dan "the security man"... a FOX news viewer and Republican voter

Chris Stevens, ambassador to Libya... anyone know anything about

I think Republican leaders are starting to attack Romney so they can say he was a bad candidate

Maddow made an excellent point about free speech/protests tonight.

I would want to comment for you all

Colorado DUers, update us on how the "Legalize Pot" chances are looking.......

Need more proof of Romney's desperation and the lunacy of his allies?

Romney lays out his foreign policy

There is only ONE thing Mitt Rmoney can do to change the topic of conversation this week...

How could you not like that Kuhn?

Kansas board delays decision on keeping Obama on ballot

This is giving me the biggest fricking goosebumps EVAH!!!!!

Harvesting a Climate Disaster

The Lives Of Young Workers Before Child Labor Was Abolished

For you DemoCATS out there....

Nance Greggs: To Rick (Google for more info) Santorum

This is about British Conservatives but it applies equally well to Republicans

Transcendental meditation?

Rachel Maddow - Republicans fall in line with Romney attacks

in the early 90s I worked with a Russian guy named Valentine...


Did Romney Fan the Flames of US Hatred?

"Over half of likely voters blame Bush and Republicans for America’s flailing economy"

What's the matter with Kansas? KANSAS GOES BIRTHER...


Rachel Maddow- Romney attacks heedless of actual attacks on US

The Egyptian Outrage Peddler Who Sent an Anti-Islam YouTube Clip Viral

Wells Fargo unilaterally changes contract, demands 1-year repayment of $87k home-equity balance

Mitt Romney walks like a man

LA Times Editorial - "Romney's opportunism"

Damn !! Small Crowd greets POTUS in Colorado today

Limbaugh sponsorships

now three tweets - not confirmed at all - but intriguing re Mullah Omar...

What do you call an opportunist cowardly liar?

The food Nazi's in New york just pissed me off..

Romney’s ‘Apology Tour’ Attack Line Crashes on the Shoals of Reality

Free Republic's comments about Virgil Goode.

Obama in Vegas...Fantastic!

Never forget when you hear the words promoting "A strong Military" what the speaker actually means

Wheee! Buzzed on a couple of pints of Irish Death, and a bottle of hard cider...

Does Rush Limbaugh collect royalties from South Park?

Romney: White House Agrees With Me On My Critique Of The President

Chicago teachers: “Assault on public education needs to end here”

Nazi tattoo on head...why?

Cat walked across my keyboard and now the white on my computer screen is an eerie, ghostly, pale

Removed- bad link...and thanks for the heads up!

As U.S. Inequality Widens, Cornel West and Tavis Smiley Launch Poverty Tour 2.0

F**K the F**King Republicans!!! Top Romney Adviser Faults Obama For Murder Of U.S. Ambassador

Da Bears still suck!

So, You think Lovie's going to have to remind Cutler that you don't throw to the other guys next wee

Globes Israel - "Did Adelson engineer Obama-Netanyahu crisis?"

Top Romney Adviser Faults Obama For Murder Of U.S. Ambassador

"Romney Loses His Advantage on the Economy" at Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

3 GOP Electoral College members say they may not vote for Republican ticket of Romney/Ryan

Here's my reply to someone who called Mitt "presidential"

It's important to know where your party stands.

If the embassy was attacked because "Obama's weak," does that mean Bush was 1000x weaker?

Ok - check out this idiot wannabe freeper

Romney to Begin Receiving Intelligence Briefings

Venezuelan Immigrant Community Marches, Proposes Inclusion Law

Venezuelan Opposition “Falling to Pieces” as Four Parties Withdraw Electoral Support

The Coolest Halloween Costumes - One-Stop Online Halloween Shopping!

Esquire/Yahoo! News: [Obama +4] Obama 50, Romney 46

some things can never be unseen

Oh my! The Onion's front page is NSFW right now!

Eric Cantor accidentally told the truth today, said Wayne Powell!

This guy who made the anti-islamic film was obviously a psychopath

Romney Adviser: Libya Attack Never Would Have Happened Under Romney

In light of this latest "Atrocity-in-the-name-of-God," this seemed fitting.

Kansas GOP officials consider removing Obama from November ballot

This is disturbing on so many levels

Netanyahu deputy disagrees on setting Iran "red line"

Romney: 'We Should Never Apologize For American Values Or Japanese Internment Camps'

Male killer whales benefit GREATLY from their mother's longevity.

Sky at dusk.

I agree the Administration had prior knowledge and it was their fault.

Romney: 'We Should Never Apologize For American Values Or Japanese Internment Camps'

Romney Adviser: 'Apology' Statement Fit Our Narrative, So We Went With It',

Hawking and the theory of everything

Is Willard Romney A Demagogue?

Deafening Silence from Republican Leaders on Scandalous Members

"pastor" Terry Jones returning to Dearborn in Oct. to protest "aggressive bullying" by Muslim gangs

Mitt Romney is telling the terrorists, and those that hate America that is is ok to belittle &

D.C. launches transgender rights campaign

So what does this mythical Nakoula Basseley Nakoula look like?

Reporters agree to stop giving Romney and Ryan softball questions to answer during interviews

This Made Me A little Emotional . Bless POTUS

Obama Birther Challenge Subject of Kansas Objections Board Hearing

Josh Marshall retweets on #RomneyStrength are cracking me up!!

More information about the anti-Muslim filmmaker.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, September 13)

Dog stands guard over deceased owner’s grave for six years

Juan Cole - Romney Jumps the Shark: Libya, Egypt and the Butterfly Effect

So I just got back from filling a prescription at my local Walgreens

Clerks defy ballot citizenship rule - Sec of state wants checkoff box at poll to prevent voter fraud

Mitt Romney Indenti-Kit

Single from new Muse album

Holy crap! CNN dishonest reporting on polls

My mailbox told me to introduce myself!

Off to CO for a bit

Foot in mouth and lack of transparency is a double-whammy for Romney.

Anti-Islam Film Producer Wrote Script in Prison: Authorities

GOP elector resigns, says she can't support Romney

In Romney’s swing state shuffle, Wisconsin becomes focus

Richard Nixon was a fucking crook and even he didn't lie as much as Romney does...

Cartoon pretty much sums up Willard on Libya

From Michael Lewis’s new Vanity Fair profile of Barack Obama:

House passes 6-month stopgap government funding plan

Mitt Romney is the "rebound boyfriend" just killing time until the GOP triples down....

CASABLANCA - watched it on TCM today again for like the 500th time in my life...

Just now there was aa ad for email Brazillian brides

Mitt Romney possible landslide indicated by polling data released today

NHK - Chinese fishing boats to head for Senkaku waters

voting process

Question on DU policy regarding copyright of articles.

Obama widens lead over Romney to seven points: Reuters/Ipsos poll


List of Anti-Women Votes By House Republicans Since 2011

Kansas Goes Birther: State Board Considers Removing Obama From Ballot

Report from the Trenches.

Paul Bremer surfaces. CNN 9/14

Other people's kids. Do you avoid them like the plague because ...

Obama’s Way

The mitt romney conspiracy theory

While Miami burns... Obama and Cuban-American politics

Romney: 'We Should Never Apologize For American Values Or Japanese Internment Camps'

Cuban 'scorpion' drug cleared for Jamaica

Cuba Condemns Libya Attack on Americans

Cuba Condemns Libya Attack on Americans

Did you know the President's suite aboard Air Force One is in the nose?

Benghazi air space shut over security fears: Libya source

What's for Dinner - Friday Sept 14th

New Report Finds Financial Crisis Cost Economy $12.8 Trillion

At voter-ID hearing, Pa. justices have tough questions and a surprise

Asian Fashions past and present

Facing criticism, Netanyahu denies interfering in U.S. vote

What the hell does Mittenyahu want President Obama to do?

LOL. (I guess) Freepers: I"’m Nakoula Basseley Nakoula"

Venezuela back to Latin American Federation of Journalists

For the record the US embassy was not attacked in Benghazi

WTF? "Did he have a distinct smell?"

Take this to the bank - President Barack Obama will

Protests spread against US over anti-Islamic film - live updates from the Guardian.

Joe Scum says it's so depressing

The Fed is trying to jumpstart jobs because CONGRESS won't do its job.

Cubans participate massively to elect municipal delegates

Talking Smack

So, what do you think that #Romneystrength is?

I'm increasingly confident that Angus King, the next Senator from ME, will caucus w/ the dems

A Jaw-Dropping Explanation of How Governments Are Complicit in the Illegal Drug Trade {long but good

5 So-Called Liberal Pundits Who Are Attacking Teachers

Elements in the MIddle East are trying to sabotage our Presidential election. Warning:

Work stress 'raises heart risk'

Diabetes link to breast cancer in post-menopausal women

Will Pennsylvania Execute a Man Who Killed His Abusers?

Romney suffers from pre-existing positions

Unions and the very existance of an American middle class are strongly linked

Hurricane season reveals economic perils of ignoring climate predictions

New Research Continues To Diminish The Right-Wing Media's Voter ID Argument

Electricity flows from ocean turbine to grid for first time in western hemisphere

NYT: Egypt, Hearing From Obama, Moves to Heal Rift From Protests

"Even We've Had Enough"

Fossil Fuel Industry Ads Dominate TV Campaign against Obama

Romney to George Stephanopoulos: "No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less."

Maryland Police Are Deploying Cameras To Watch Other Cameras

Wow. Joe Klein: The Mitt Mirage

China ships sail in waters near disputed islands

On Brazilian Runways, Transgender Models Are The Norm

Veterans jobs bill stalls in Senate

Why Winter Is Going To Be Brutal This Year

Someone pointed me at the "Common Sense Club." Turns out, they didn't have *any.*

CBS/NYT poll: Obama (+3) with LV, (+8) with RV

"Morning Joe" playing up new Swing State Polling results...

Iron ‘blueberries’ may be sign of microbial life on Mars

Gov. Jon Huntsman pretty much pissed on RMoney on

More Cowbell: Christopher Walken endorses Obama

Are you confused about WTF is up with NDAA?

EXCLUSIVE – Romney on Debates: Obama Will ‘Say Things That Aren’t True’

Ann Romney to hold fundraiser at dim son's house in Dallas

‘Students Suffer in Low-Performing Charter Schools’

I'm not a troll, and this Independent report concerns me.

WAKE UP AMERICA, the DOW is its highest since Dec 2007!!! Obama has...

Fox Guest Hypes Discredited Rumor That Marines At Cairo Embassy Were Barred From Carrying Live Ammo

What I'll call Mitt's large political fuck-up on 9/11.

Bookman: Under President Romney, Mideast would be calm? Really?

A "good" "Christian" "friend" just posted a support picture of Romney and a link right about it

Republican firm acknowledges it didn't turn over court documents (redistricting)

Who knew? Geraldo Rivera has some foreign policy cred. He just gave

China: Romney's rich because of us

The debates are going to be a complete disaster for Rmoney

Morning Joe Pundit: If He's (Mitt) Down 5 in Florida ....its over.

Former Met police officer admits failing to investigate rape cases

Are undecided voters really non voters?

I'll make a prediction about the 1st debate: rMoney will try to morph into Reagan

Commerce Secretary Declares King Salmon Disaster For Yukon, Kuskokwim, Cook Inlet

Are You Better Off Than 4 Years Ago? A 3 question poll by CNN.

“Breaking Bad”: White supremacist fable?

It seems any western embassy will do: Protesters try to storm German, British embassies in Sudan

Monopolizing War? What America Knows How to Do Best by Tom Engelhardt

Microsoft zaps botnet found pre-installed with counterfeit Windows

My favorite republican: Jed Morey

Plans For Antarctic Marine Sanctuary Falter After NZ Politicians Reject US Plan

Meet The Blogger Who May Have Just Saved The American Economy

Arctic sea ice melt 'may bring harsh winter to Europe'

I don't want a Hospice near my home it drives down property value

Would you support Bob Kerrey's proposed "George Norris Amendment"?

I'm Not Going To Wet My Pants Over The "Independent" Story

"Obama blew off his security briefings since the 4th to go campaigning"

As Summer Ends, US Drought Hits Greatest Extent - 64% Of Lower 48 In At Least Level 1 Drought

Is it appropriate to post a film trailer in the vid section??

Is there even less Arctic sea ice than the satellites show?

J.R. Ewing is high as FUCK

German, British embassy stormed by protestors [Sudan]

Romney: Obama may lie in debates

WaPo: Romney owes an apology

Joe Scarborough is the first I've read to state correctly why Mitt wants to be president

Protests spread against US over anti-Islamic film - live updates

Romney made his wealth from China ..quit bashing us officials say

Amateur acoustic guitar solos

Americans killed in Benghazi include former Seal and an air force veteran

Friday TOON Roundup - Go to Hell, Rmoney

Friday TOON Roundup 2- GOP and Lyan Ryan

Friday TOON Roundup 3- Middle East

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

EXCLUSIVE - Romney on Debates: Obama Will 'Say Things That Aren't True'

God's Waiting Room

NYT/CBS poll: LV - Obama 49, Romney 46; RV Obama 51, Romney 43

Brutal must read from the Sun Sentinel....Republican party is finished

Tavis Smiley wants Obama to "completely eradicate" poverty

I think we blundered in leaving Christopher Stevens so lightly guarded.

Wow even the Chicago Tribune is admitting that Pres Obama is ahead in the polls

Elizabeth Warren: Mitt Romney ‘really out of line’ in remarks about embassy attacks

Watched some clips from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and from "Idiocracy" last night

Ebola virus outbreak in Congo kills 31

There is a Super Typhoon Sanba out there with winds of 170mph

DU this: Advocates petition Gov. Herbert to stop public lands lawsuits

What are the chances that the ME could settle back down once this blows through the region?

Malaysia holds seminars to help teachers spot 'gay children'

Rahm's Chicago has all the money it needs to run the schools.

Rights activists appeal Arizona "show-your-papers" ruling

Today Paul Ryan will be speaking at Crazytown aka Tony Perkins' Value Voters Summit

Can someone contact the right people at FB to get the horrible page off? Warning VERY OFFENSIVE!

"If you prick us, do we not bleed?" - The Absent Humanity of Willard Mitt Romney

"Get the body bags ready"

The thin line between bravado and delusion

Ansar Al-Sharia to be disbanded “by force if necessary” as first arrests made in connection with US

Fairleigh Dickinson poll: Obama (+14) in NEW JERSEY

On the Dark Side in Al Doura - A Soldier in the Shadows (a reluctant witness to war crimes)

Romney's Fatal Libya Blunder

A Summary of Politics -- Or What Has Obama Done?

5 Logical Fallacies That Make You Wrong More Than You Think

Institutional sexism is closer to home than you think

Looking for advice and/or comments about my 6-year old son and Cub Scouts

Apparently saying you will vote 3rd Party is A-OK now.

Yes, yes, yes! Voter Suppression Laws: "These courts smelled a rat."

Terror victim demands Ahmadinejad's posh Midtown hotel room

Even though Obama comment has been criticized--Egypt got the message...

Womens' support for Obama grows

Rmoney's debate strategy - Call Obama a liar and channel Raygun...

I think Romney is simply opposed to being diplomatic

From "What Was Really Behind the Benghazi Attack"

Hey guys, wanna watch Michele Bachmann now at the Value Voters Summit?

US beats Libya for the hottest place on Earth

In light of the new Apple iPhone 5,

Romney Rally: Our Wives are Home Doing Laundry

Transcendental medication?

Pssssssssssst-Penn Supreme court scrutinizes voter ID, justice labels it 'unconstitutional'

Hey, Joe Scarborough! Arrest Is Made In Case of Human Remains at Florida Storage Unit

The Romney Campaign concedes that their man isn't as likable as the President.

I wonder how many DUers live in a rural area where there is only one Post office for many miles.

If POTUS wanted to make a prime time speech on Libya and middle east in general...

Drumbeat: September 14, 2012

Romney says middle income between $200K and $250K

Broncos Fans: "Get Rid Of The Pigeons That Are Pooping On Our Heads"

Peak oil notes - Sept 13

Fox News Saved my Life

Peak oil notes - Sept 13

Drumbeat: September 14, 2012

NBC-Marist poll: OH - Brown up by 7 pts. FL - Nelson up by 14 points.

Today's simple lesson: If you don't want pictures of you topless to go public-----

Whenever you don't want it too, foreign policy slaps you in the face

Mitt Romney: Barack Obama may lie in debates

Kansas Courts could delegitimize both Presidental Candidates

Adviser: No protests if Romney were president!

A sweet lesson on patience.

Steve Klein & 'Innocence Of Muslims': Film Promoter Remains Outspoken On Islam

Majority of U.S. Schools Not Ready for Next Pandemic, Researchers Say

Bacon Numbers and Google

HE SAID IT!!!!! On TV Yes!!! Mitt Romney is a threat to our National Security!!

Study of Giant Viruses Shakes Up Tree of Life

"If you want to look tough at the expense of public-school teachers, you are a snob or a coward"

Here is why Rmoney and the repukes are asserting "OBAMA APOLOGIZED"

Wife is thinking of Christmas/Holiday gifts already. We are having an engraving debate.

Laser-Powered 'Needle' Promises Pain-Free Injections

US Embassy in Tunis breached

If I ate on organic salad -- organic everything, all tasty, some heirlooms -- what would happen?

Is there an up-to-date poll on the Warren/Walker race?

Essay: The One Percent Court, by Bill Moyers and Bernard Weisberger

Anti-American Protests Over Film Enter 4th Day

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 14, 1964

Speaking of Hobby Lobby:

China pushing for War against Japan?

Why everyday gender inequality could lead to our next war

Secretary Clinton Delivers Powerful Religion Speech After Middle East Embassy Attacks

Wisconsin: Recall Election Recount - Counting opportunities remain. Can you help?

Stark difference between Romney, Reagan in 1980 (Editorial)

Killer whale mama’s boys live longer

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Says His Campaign Will "Come Into Focus" After Debates

EXCLUSIVE - Romney on Debates: Obama Will 'Say Things That Aren't True'

Thom Hartmann: Egypt & Yemen...Let's look at a Marshall Plan instead of drones & war?

Oil approaches $100 in New York on Fed stimulus, Mideast unrest

Is religion good for women?

No One Murdered Because of This Image (The Onion)

Romney defines ‘middle-income’ as between $200,000 and $250,000

First dengue vaccine trial disappoints

House GOP Bill Would Actually End Welfare Reform Work Requirements

Religious Ivory Demand Killing Elephants by Thousands, Report Says

Based On Latest Polls On Election 39% Women Still Support Romney What ----

Street Harassment is Everywhere; What do We Tell Our Daughters?

Romney on GMA "I Plan on Pulling a Palin During Debates" (updated)

How Qaddafi loyalist's Fake Rape Story became RW dogma on Facebook

I just entered a contest to watch MNF on 10/8 with Brendon Ayanbadejo. A question for you.

Why Is Romney Expected To Receive Intel Briefings Before the Election (see the link)?

Jim DeMint is a neo-confederate, isn't he?

West African Black Rhinos Are Now Extinct

Federal probation department is looking at controversial filmmaker

International Poll: Obama the choice of 81% of voters

Mitt Romney goes off the deep end with new defense of his embassy attack

Romney tells Muslim world the content of offensive video is part of "our values"

Marines on there way to Yeman

Outrage machines...

UT campus under evacuation order

What Rmoney and the right really stand for. Why they'll lose in November

These Values Voters Summit speakers are complete idiots

Netanyahu says Israel may have to confront Iran

University of Texas Campus Evacuated

*** Gets out staple gun and hangs sign - "New at the DU Gift Shop" ***

Four crazy conservatives you haven’t (yet) heard of

Breaking: North Dakota State University also being evacuated.

Obama Leads Romney in Poll of Florida, Ohio and Virginia

Who Is Alan Roberts, the Director of 'Innocence of Muslims'? We Think His Real Name Is Robert Browne

'Innocence Of Muslims' Shot On Hollywood Set, Film Permit Connected To Christian Charity

The film Innocence of Muslims is putting barriers of hatred between religions

A clip from The Newsroom HBO show about what debates could be....

Purged Florida Voters to Be Returned to Voting Rolls, State Says

"Kinky Boots". Funny British movie.

Twitter hands over messages at heart of Occupy case

BREAKING: Romney Apologizes to Muslim Rioters

Screw that - who here as a Erdos–Bacon number?

NDSU evacuated

Myth Romney sticker

Willard calls The President of the USA a liar

US Consulate in Benghazi was not given the standard security contract

Jennifer Granholm on the Dating Game (1978)

The wingers are doubling down on the lie that Amb. Stevens was killed by protests, not by AQ

Consumer Sentiment Jumps to Highest Level in Four Months

UPDATE 1-US consumer sentiment rises in early Sept on jobs view

Actual Fox “News” headline 09/13/2012-messaging for Teabagistan, carefully coordinated by GOP

Though Not Yet Open, a Huge Mine Is Transforming Mongolia’s Landscape

CBS/NYT: Obama Up 3 Over Romney Nationwide

Colombia court orders police to destroy 'stolen' electoral records .

Check out the beautiful music of Three Metre Day


Check out the beautiful music of "Three Metre Day"

White Roofs in Cities Could Reduce Rainfall

Romney, Republicans and the right wing

this value voters summit is a pile of dung

Ryan accuses President Obama of treating Israel in a manner "bordering on contempt"

Northeast Lukoil Franchisees Publicize $9 Gas in Protest

Obamas Post Convention Advantage

Romney criticizes Obama for not meeting Netanyahu

Japan Draws Curtain on Nuclear Energy Following Germany

Rush Limbaugh Theorizes that Al Qaeda Gave Bin Laden Up to Help Obama Win Re-Election

Mountain Climbing Marathon Man addressing Right Wing Hate Organization

The Independent: THe State Department has knowledge 48 hours prior to the attack on the Embassy

Wow. Ryan is one crazy-ass mofo.

Japan’s decision to phase out nuclear could be ‘climate disaster’

Romney Criticizes Obama For Not Meeting Netanyahu

"I've never thought of government as something I belong to," says Ryan,

Foreign Service "Rage" Towards Romney

My prognostication on the EV....

Conspiracy to incite riot vs free speech

Thom Hartmann: Why the GOP Doesn't Want The Fed to Help

China surveillance ships near islands disputed with Japan

Remember what they say about a cornered animal....

President Obama To Honor Return Of Libya Attack Victims

No googling - what significant event in history happened on 9/14/1901

Migg Rmoney can't be that dumb. There *has* to be some rational plan in place.

Guatemala's Volcano of Fire erupts; 33,000 evacuated

Israeli Leader Suggests His Country Cannot Rely On US To Act Against Iran Over Nuclear Program

Mitt doesn't realize that the median income is actually less than Rafalca's yearly tax break

Pasta with Swiss Chard

I simply cannot get over how little fucking ice is up there...

Government a huge doner to charities.

SHOCKING: The Truth About How Walmart Treats The Employees You Don't See

First Look at Catching Fire's Finnick

White House Spox: No Information To Suggest Libya Attack Was Pre-Planned

Pardon me if this is a stupid question but...

A review for the Paperboy.

Mitt says....

Talking Smack is a Tool

More Proof the Senate is Broken

"God help us, every one" said Tiny Tim

Florida Democrats registered 2,656 new voters and the GOP 1,070 on 9/12

Right-Wingers DO Recycle. I Have Proof.

Protesters set fire to American school in Tunis - @Reuters reporter

Instead of VOTE OBAMA the mantra should be VOTE D

URGENT TIME to help Wayne Powell kick Cantor OUT!

Another restaurant receipt, another racial slur

Conservatives, this what being Presidential looks like...

COOK POLITICAL gives the edge to Obama...

URGENT! Help Wayne Powell kick Cantor OUT!

I do not hate Muslims

URGENT NOW! Help Wayne Powell kick Cantor OUT!

Jon Huntsman doesn't know what Romney is proposing on the Arab Spring - "kind of a problem"

Diana Krall Honors Neil Armstrong With 'Fly Me to the Moon'

High Five!

Why hasn't the press asked Romney

It appears Romney doesn't even know what the First Amendment says...

NY: Two Gay-Friendly GOPers In Primary Trouble; Homophobes Claim Victory

Mitt Romney as Batman

Obama campaign: The Top Five Reasons Why Mitt Romney Won't Release More Tax Returns

Of the gore road trip movies, ( like the Wrong Turn movies), the most satisfying

TYT: Fox News' Military "Expert" Calls For War In Libya

Mitt Romney tells Kelly Ripa he 'Prefers to Sleep Naked, is a Snooki Fan (and more weird stuff)

The heading for DU forums and groups is "faded out"

2 year old gets ticket for public urination

Election day can't come soon enough

Meanwhile In The Real World Our President Is Moving Up In Intrade And The Betting Markets

Overheard at work

Animal of the day – 12/15/2010 – The Hoatzin (I only just discovered this one!)

Rasmussen: VIRGINIA (Obama +1)

You know it's not really all about the "film", right?

Central America’s Newest “Death Squad Democracy”

Central America’s Newest “Death Squad Democracy”

Mr. Romney, Trust Your Pants

Who wants to jam to Def Leppard with me

This is the reality of Romney's foreign policy....

The Last Word - FOX News tries to rewrite its poll

It's so nice to see Romney attacking Obama during an international crisis...

Staples Surges On Report Of Possible Bain Capital Take Over

We're going to need a bigger brain...We're melting we're melting...

Roger Ebert tears into "Innocense of Muslims!" and Mitt Romney!

The Romney attack!

ObamaCare is already paying dividends

Stop Street Harassment

9/14 Romney gaffe of the day "'Middle-income' is $200K to $250K"

Enjoying a day off today. Ask me anything.

The Scientologists' Iron Grip on Hollywood is insufficiently strong enough to stop "The Master"

Female supporter caught flirting with the President. No shame

President Obama: "The Values That We Hold Onto"

Gallup - Obama (+5)

They've got the 3 duckwads on now for Andrea Mitchell

Romney requested 10 years of tax returns during V.P. vetting process

Romney Tries to Defend Embassy Lies

Craig's list, WOW!

Chuck Todd: Pollster said Nevada is "demographically impossible" for Romney to win.

The Last Word - Romney's Libya retreat

Thought for Today


Who Made The Anti-Muslim Video? What L.A. County Knows But Is Not Saying.

Just Got Back from 7/11

Indian Cleric Warns Americans To Leave Over Anti-Muslim Film

More Think Obama is Telling the Truth

Soldiers Open Fire to Disperse Nigeria Protesters

Obama should be ahead by 25% or even MORE!

I'm wondering if this Mid-East violence is the GOP's October Surprise?

Twitter hands over messages at heart of Occupy case (BBC)

Romney On His Knees

Got tickets to see the First Lady in Tallahassee Monday!

US media angrily marvels at the lack of Muslim gratitude

Romney Insists $100k Is Well BELOW Middle-Income

My Opinion: We Are More Than a Single Stereotype

Romney: Gene Hackman should play him in a movie. Who do think should?

Anybody seen the trailer for Spielberg's "Lincoln"?

Bob's cat makes himself at home

What the BART map should have looked like

The anti-Islam video isn't incitement of violence

Obam Has Popped To 66.2% At Intrade -Wow -Flipping Wow

Blowback in Benghazi: Attack Linked to Regime Change Operations in Libya and Syria

9/14 Intrade UP UP UP 66%

Am I asking a question that I already know the answer to, or can you answer it better instead? nt

President Obama's Plan to move America forward..Mitt has shit for a plan..

Could Virgil Goode Win Virginia for Barack Obama?

Atomic bond types discernible in single-molecule images (BBC)

Daughter's exchange with a rightwinger...

I'm surprised no one has tried to blame the Middle East crisis on Al Gore yet....

Europe hits old internet address limits (BBC)

The law is not a parlor game.

This is still true today...

Genes for face shape identified (BBC)

Conservative Kansas Congressman: Obama ‘Will Be On The Ballot’

I Screwed You All!!

Crazed GOP congressman calls Planned Parenthood "racist killers"

Paul Ryan Knocked Over By Pack Of Rambunctious Romney Boys

Call to freeze fishing in Europe to replenish stocks (BBC)

John Scarborough comment on Romney..

Equal pay for women issue. The Mary Tyler Moore Show season three, episode one.

Papantonio: Republican War Hawks Salivating Over Libya

President & Mrs. Obama welcomes members of the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams (updated) pics

Reihan Salan: How the Occupy Movement May Yet Lead America

This may be the year the Sharks don't choke

SURF’S UP, WAGE DOWN: Newport Beach is Latest SoCal City to Avert the Prevailing Wage

Presidential drivers

Ecuador has said Britain threatened to send police into the embassy


Paul Ryan: Obama Doesn’t Truly Believe ‘We’re In This Together’ Because He’s Pro-Choice

Mitt's middle income gaffe, an accidental truth

Bachmann: Libya attack was effort to impose Sharia law on the U.S.

Obama, Hillary Clinton Honoring Return Of Remains Of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Libya Attack Victims

sorry to insert some politics but I read this and now I have to change where I buy craft supplies

Ferrari Driver Mysteriously Shot In The Balls, Drives Into Emergency Room

Coming soon to Honduras: privately run cities

Two Visions for Chicago’s Schools by Diane Ravitch

rmoney successfully puts embassy gaffe behind him

So Bill Bennett read Rmoney's comments on the attacks-

Environmentalists Plan Mass Mobilization Against Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

Their There They're

President Obama greets Olympic and Paralympic athletes on the South Lawn of the White House, Sept 14

What happened to the rethug mantra of not criticizing the President during times of crisis?


The Rude Pundit - Grappling with Obama's Un-Liberal Actions: A Voter's Conscience (Part 3)

HeadsUp - Ceremony at Andrews Airforce Base for the four killed in Libya

Cross-shaped WWI monument causes atheist uproar

Now I've seen it all- what killed the dinosaurs? too much of teh gay!

What's the big deal about Princess Kate going topless?

This is how you turn the tide. Adapt the lesson elsewhere.

Best cat ever

Picture of colon removed (caution: graphic)

Went for a ramble yesterday.

This is why I seldom watch

Remembering the Mesabi Range Strike of 1907 (Minnesota)

Mitt needs to stay out of foreign policy NOW. His trip to the UK & Europe demonstrated how

Cable news stations are showing the

"That's what Limbaugh said" should be a regular response from Democrats

Muhammad Ali Receives Liberty Medal For Humanitarian Work For Civil Rights, Religious Freedom

Republicans in disarray over the farm bill

My theory: The "film" is merely a con-game

Five Reasons Mitt Romney Is Losing

House GOP Bill Would Actually End Welfare Reform Work Requirements

Embassy attacks

Did anyone catch the mic whispers between President Obama and Secretary Clinton just now?

Samuel L. Jackson is working on an unofficial campaign ad for Barack Obama called "Wake the ...

Shit Rmoney - take a lesson on what leadership is

I think the polls are bullshit, I think the media is trying to make this a race

I really respect our Secretary of State....

Should the government have any role in fighting obesity or improving the health of its citizens?

John McCain gets the Bum's Rush off of Hannity's show for Refusing to Read from the Script.

Blown away by Hillary as a diplomat and stateswoman...

weather We Dumb It Down The Best We Can For Our Viewers In The Deep South

Tears, tears, tears for this coming home ceremony for state department personnel.

I believe that at this point, RMoney has screwed up so much that it's impossible...

Help! My track pad just started actin all wackadoodle!

Highest-income places with a pop of at least 50,000 & Romney is still at least $100,000 off!

HELP! I am getting slammed on FB over the lack of security in Benghazi...

Fox News spreads new Obama myths

Media sure is giving lots and lots of Oxygen to the Anti-Islam Film protests....

after the solemn ceremony for the ambassadors and the three other personnel, I am about to get

Something on DU is really bothering me a lot.

Obama Is Trading At 67 On Intrade /That's Better Than 2-1

Obama tied with Romney in Colorado in Denver Post poll

Arctic sea ice melt 'may bring harsh winter to Europe'

We Can Thank The Tea Party and REPUKES Foe Middle East Violence..

Fox is trying to spin that the admin. had prior intelligence about the attack.

A thread of quiet admiration

And...our FRiends get the news about Mitten's latest flip-flop...

OMG. This was priceless.

This country has some disgusting people and most appear to be conservative

RWer's movie causes trouble: RW wants to vilify Obama for the response in ME

Intrade: Obama 67.3% Romney 33.3%

You're are the reason...Obama in Golden, CO

Seriously Mitt You couldn't wait 5 freakin' mins!!!

The staggering decline of sea ice at the frontline of climate change

Obama was right to say Egypt was neither an ally nor an enemy

MSNBC Says Egypt And Israel Are Only Allies* In The M E

NYT: Anti-American Protests Over Film Expand to More Than a Dozen Countries

Samuel L. Jackson rants about Obama, race

There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data,

The Cheaters - Obama for America TV Ad

Explosives detected in KC scare

Texas asks voters: 'Are you dead?'

White House asked YouTube to review anti-Muslim video

salute to the fallen

White House Releases Sequestration Report

The Most Pornographic Astronomical Terms

On campaign trail, Romney ratchets ups God rhetoric

All you need to know about Paul Ryan: He's sharing the stage w 'Kamal Saleem'

Remembering Ambassador Chris Stevens

Change of Pakistan's blasphemy laws unlikely

Charlie Cook: Obama’s a Good Bet

Apple Does Not Violate Samsung Patents: ITC Judge

Street preachers oppose law they say keeps them off Bourbon Street after dark

Can someone find and post the CNN interview of Paul Bremer by Blitzer 9/13?

Tentative deal reached in the dispute between the Chicago Teachers Union and the school board

Media ignores NDAA

Mitt Romney claimed that people earning $200,000-$250,000 are middle income.

Repids Having Orgasms because Of the NEW Rasmussen Polls

Meteorological group says Calif.’s Death Valley set all-time heat record, is planet’s hot spot

Smoking Gun: Producer of Anti-Islam Film Was Fed Snitch

What A Sweet, Cordial Relationship Between These Former Rivals

Former creosote plant in Yadkinville added to Superfund cleanup list

Lesson number two: If you don't want your junk to go public, don't play strip billiards.


We should start a fund drive to send Terry Jones and the producer of that film

Romney foreign policy team "a neocon revival committee pushing for another war in the Middle East"

Ask Kansas Is Mitt Romney a Unicorn? Petition

I can still hear Dubya saying "heh heh we want to create democracy all over the world, heh heh heh"

Salazar Establishes 558th National Wildlife Refuge Unit in Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Niall Ferguson: voters don't seem to be making an economically-based choice between Romney & Obama

Randi Rhodes:This rightwing in this country wants us to get hit again thinking it benefits there guy

Egan Jones Downgrades US From AA To AA-

ABC News Sued for $1.2 Billion Over Report on 'Pink Slime'

Fox News, the greatest threat America faces. They're working here at home and undermining

Now this is just getting painful...

Happy Rosh Hashanah to all those who celebrate it!

OCCUPY Weekend Economists! September 14-16, 2012



Thom Hartmann: Voter ID goes to PA Supreme Court Today

Fake Acronyms Defining the Global Powers of the Future


Scott Brown, 'Crystal Clear' No, "on Just Saving Middle Class Tax Cuts.

Scott Brown’s New Woman-Friendly Ad Glosses Over His Anti-Woman Voting Record

Arctic Species cannot be saved by Range States alone

McCain to Hannity: Fox 'wrong about Libya' DESTROYS Romney's tax plan and budget proposals.


Kansas panel delays ballot decision on Obama (Beyond disgraceful, beneath contempt)

Gardner's gotta go

Fake Acronyms Defining the Global Powers of the Future

Romney wants Gene Hackman to play him? OOOOHHHHhhhhh....

Lawsuit: Sheriff Arpaio’s Jail Denied Medicine To Diabetic Inmate, Causing her Death

“No,” Romney replied, “middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less.”

Anyone else having connection issues to DU?

I just got this urgent CNN news alert on my phone:

The Huffington Post has an interesting article about the Innocence of Muslims movie

Romney: My Magic Tax Plan Will Repeal Laws of Arithmetic

Anti-Islam film permit withheld by L.A. County officials over safety concerns

Thom Hartmann: 1980: So the question for Progressives is...was it worth it?

President Obama & Secretary Clinton at transfer of remains ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base - pics

Romney "I am a Snooki fan", Obama on Intrade immediately jumps to an astronomical 67.4%

Romney was silent when George Bush made numerous statements more apologetic than the one he's attack

Southcentral Alaskans prepare for another big wind storm.

This is still my absolute favorite rMoney video on YouTube

Romney tells Kelly Rippa that he sleeps naked, is a Snooki fan, and walked in on W getting a massage

The White House Tells Kansas, "Prove U.S. Membership or Risk Removal from Electoral College."

President Obama in Las Vegas, NV September 12th - pics

Bashir on Sarah Palin

So who decided to translate that video into Arabic days before the

Tweety on the Kansas birthers

I met Donna Bebo today!

Bomb threat in downtown Kansas City

It really sucks when you get locked out of a thread you created because of a malcontent

Mitt Romney and the Faux Goons are going to get someone killed.

Teachers Strike Could Be the Best Lesson for Chicago Kids This Year

Today’s humble offering of the Friday Afternoon Challenge:“Ready for My Close-up!” Pt. I Sculptur

Joan Walsh: Romney’s haunting smirk

Democracy for America endorses Michael Tubbs for Stockton City Council

I met Donna Bebo today!

Admiring the many faces of this campaign. - pic

I condemn Mitt Robney

Romney tells Kelly Ripa he wears "as little as possible" to bed.

The Emerald City Gang

Fill in the blank: My _________ is/are smarter than Sarah Palin!

My two favorite slogans for this election: 1. If Romney wants to be Commander in Chief of the U.S.

Everyone should be aware that public schools MUST take everyone, private schools don't, so the next

Bought Dole Pineapple Orange last week.

Romney Is NOT Unfit!

My love and best wishes to the Lounge-

Google has a new Easter Egg... the "bacon number"

Did Sen. Scot Brown just cut his political throat?

I think Mitt felt threatened by Obama's slight gaffe about Egypt not being an ally, and so...

House Republicans Voted Against The Environment More Than 300 Times Since 2011

Rainer and Atticus Meet Michelle Obama at the DNC! (The Ellen Show)

Great post just now as a WaPo response to a Rubin column.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg really needs to stay out of education

VA health board reverses its decision on abortion-clinic rules

For the first time, power from the ocean is making its way onto a U.S. grid.

Wouldn't you rather live in this Bay Area?

Matt Taibbi writes about the Red Sox.

Kansas Birther Case Ends After Joe Montgomery Withdraws Objection to Obama On Ballot

Obama Spanish-Language Ad: Mitt Romney Opposed First Latina Supreme Court Justice

Bwahahaha -- Obama sympathizes with the heat

Kansas Birther Drops Complaint About Obama Eligibility

Headlines I would like to see in The Onion:

Obama vs Romney in Barber Shop (NSFW)

Advice Ignored: Politicos Attend Values Voter Summit Despite Pleas From Human Rights Groups

The Cheaters - Obama for America TV Ad

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon returns with Google's Bacon Number

who is Valerie Nuland at the State dept and can Obama fire her?

What DOWN-BALLOT races are you most interested in?

While Miami burns... Obama and Cuban-American politics

What's the deal with the the NE Senate race? I thought Kerrey would be competitive, but

Kansas Birther Case Ends After Joe Montgomery Withdraws Objection to Obama On Ballot

Scott Brown: 'Crystal Clear' No On Saving Just Middle Class Tax Cuts

says it all about mittens

You Know What's Great?

Mitt Romney defends foreign policy as polls slip

AP Breaking: Wisconsin Judge strikes down Gov. Walker's law ending most collective bargaining

I am officially requesting Romney's "long form" birth certificate, prior to the election.

Tentative deal reached with striking Chicago teachers

Even crazier out of touch Mittster crap from today, as the Middle East burns:

McCain Blasts Hannity: "You Were Wrong!"

Another 3,035 Democrats and 1,553 Republicans registered to vote on 9/13 in Florida

You know it's sad when the jail inmates have more sense and heart than the jailers


How can Romney claim that we should have done more in Libya?

Naked man gnaws on a woman's head while screaming like an animal

Judge Strikes Down Wis. Law Limiting Union Rights

Whitlock: Thursday NFL far worse than bounties

Attention Sexy Liberal/Stephanie Miller fans who have Current TV

Obama Notifies Congress of Troops Deployed to Libya and Yemen

PhotoShop this meme -- the Romney Smirk

Judge Strikes Down Wis. Law Limiting Union Rights (link to ruling)

Karen Lewis tackles Bruce Rauner -

Don't vote Republican!!

Blame the Victim Much?

Ex-Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s 1978 ‘Dating Game’ appearance

Someone Should Introduce The "values" Voters Summit Attendees To The Values Of Jesus

It's such a gorgeous Indian Summer day I thought I'd post one of my old poems.

If you are ever 3 hours north of Ottawa in Maniwaki, Quebec eat at the Resto Le Notre-Dame. Very

How A Bunch Of Republicans Accidentally Voted To End Welfare-To-Work Requirements

OMG! Martin Bashir was so

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 15 -- The Essentials: Death Traps

Time to go on the record

Israeli Fallout

The United States of America has Become a Parody

Americans aren't giving up on Hope and Change (the perfect bumper sticker)

TCM Schedule for Sunday, September 16 -- Tonight on TCM: Maggie Smith

World's oldest pet parrot dies at 55 after croaking apt final word

I just got a health package from the VA

Paul Ryan went up on the air with a $2 million ad buy in his congressional race – more than he spent

FRIDAY! Its' been one Hell of a week. Post a song about Friday!


While President Obama is manning the bilge pumps, Mitt Romney is setting fire to the sails…

Nuclear power champions Japan and France turn away

NDAA Case: Indefinite Detention Injunction Does Irreparable Harm...?

First Lady Michelle Obama in Virginia - September 13th - pics

President Obama will hand it to him and the Koch Boys again on Nov. 6....

Republican Ryan says Obama panders to extremists on abortion

WWE Gets YouTube To Take Down Footage

Judge strikes down Wisconsin law limiting union rights

Rapper Tweets 'YOLO' About Driving Drunk At 120 MPH, Dies Minutes Later

Isn't it odd Kansan birthers dropped their claim about Obama after their statehood was questioned?

Brazil: Cemetery of African Slaves Honored

Brazil: Cemetery of African Slaves Honored

The History Channel seems to be pulling all of it's content

Voices United for Seperation of Church and State concerts!

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Looks like Rahmbo caved!

Before "Women of Faith" Hits AAC, Female Atheists Throw a Gathering of Their Own

53% to 39% that's the gap between Obama and WilLIARd on

Gary Bauer seeks to defeat President Obama’s army of welfare recipients and fraudulent voters

India? Really? Are you kidding me with this shit?

A Close Listen Reveals Mitt Romney’s Religious Bigotry

Pepper-Sprayed Students Will Receive Settlement From UC Davis

Larry Flynt Did A Spoof With Jerry Falwell Losing His Virginity In A Drunken Stupor To His Late Mom

Top 100 Religious Books

The Young Victoria - "Only You" (Love Theme) by Sinead O'Connor

Benefits of thorium as alternative nuclear fuel are 'overstated': UK government report

Maybe this increase in right wing nuttery is a plot by Rupert Murdoch to move

dunvegan keep

Can Mitt even GET a security clearance?

In Lebanon, pope mixes bitter and sweet

Yesterday in San Diego: 84 with 80% humidity - today, 102 with 35%...

DNC "Let's Talk About Values"

Oh my god - Wolfowitz is on CNN right now. Who dug him up?

House Republicans Plan Two Month Vacation, Leaving Key Bills Awaiting Action

India arrests 86 over US consulate attack in Chennai

The most despicable thing Bishop Shithead is spewing is the lie about the

Pardon me, is this the forum I come to if I want an argument?

Need advice: Getting an auto loan when your credit is bad.

Friday Talking Points (226) -- Convention Talking Points

"Values Vote Summit" = "Christian" fascists...

Where Did Bain Capital Create More Jobs?

The right is trying to erase the middle class. Romney claims

There are 10 types of people in this world

Frank Schaeffer: "Mitt Romney believes in nothing, and Ryan believes in a lot of things."

Finally it was said on Politics Nation

Walker: ‘We Are Confident’ Collective Bargaining Law Will Be Upheld On Appeal

Wisconsin judge strikes down Gov. Walker's law ending most collective bargaining for public workers

Confirmed: The Director of Innocence of Muslims Is a Schlocky Softcore Porn Director Named Alan Robe

Mitt Romney tells Values Voter Summit that 'culture matters'

Mom arrested for letting her kids play outside.

Breaking News: Obama Erases Romney's Edge on Economy (NYT email)

Benghazi security was OUTSOURCED to BLACKWATER.

Obama Erases Romney’s Edge on Economy

(California) Group With Koch Brothers Ties Gives $4 Million to Proposition 32...

TYT is breaking with who made the film

Obama Notifies Congress of Troops Deployed to Libya and Yemen

Columnist Cynthia Tucker ...

Obama Extends Lead With Jewish Voters

I Guess the Mobs in the Middle East and North Africa didn't Get the Word

Haley Barbour quote

I have to hand it to the men of DU.

Mitt is begging people to get him to 7 million "likes" on FB.

Mitt Romney's Muslim-Baiting Backers

Zombie Apocalypse ... They're Back !!!

Japan to phase out nuclear power

What does Mitt Romney wear to bed? "As little as possible"

Los Angeles DUers- fire in the Sepulveda Pass

Base where Prince Harry is stationed stormed by heavily armed insurgents, two Marines killed

OIL prices are now going to go insane

Rightwing lie says Egypt embassy marines denied live ammo per Obama

Mitt Romney cannot deliver the psychopathic meme "Obama apologizes for American" because

Will the Pirates beat the Cubs at all this weekend?

Anybody else annoyed by this "apology" nonsense?

Valentine: "Weakest roster we've ever had in September in the history of baseball"

Romney thinks middle class income $200,000. to $250,000.

Spellings have been corrected throughout

SF school principal punishes teachers concerned about safety.

House Passes Solyndra Act Aimed at Obama

These guys...we don't want 'em back:

Last night a burglar broke in to my house

The Academy of Sarah Palin Look-Alikes

Obama Erases Romney’s Edge on Economy, Poll Finds

Romney campaign distances itself from Mitt's statement of support for Obama's Iran Policy

Meet'll die laughing (well, not literally)

(Complete) Ceremony to Honor Those Lost in Attacks in Benghazi

Okay this is adorable. Rainer and Atticus Meet the First lady.

I lost respect for Dr. Pepper because they show the theory of evolution