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If an ID card costs even one penny - then requiring it IS a poll tax

Why Do People Hate Teachers Unions? Because They Hate Teachers.

The NHL Lockout Song

Romney stops in KC, eats barbecue

A $23 million mansion heads to foreclosure as an entrepreneur’s fortune vanishes

Space Camp (1986) My opinion

Barack Obama Has A Healthy Lead In Brand Spanking New VA Poll

Flailing: Mitt is boxed in and doesn't have a plan.

PPP: Obama +5 in VIRGINIA (51 - 46)

VA - Obama 51 Rmoney 46

There is another Issue 2 on the ballot in Ohio

There is another Issue 2 on the ballot in Ohio

Inside the campaign: How Mitt Romney stumbled

Conventional vs. Religious Logic...

Just great. "Alf" will be a CGI character in a movie coming up...

What do I do for Rosh Hashanah? Reflect on my year? Buy presents? Fast? Listen to Sha-Na-Na?


McCutchen is inching up.

The Republicans want to talk about unemployment. Let's accommodate them.

Who is behind these nasty TV ads against Rick Nolan?

Six puppies (about 9 days old now )

Republicans Accidentally Vote To End Welfare-To-Work Requirements

Week 3 Heisman Watch: (WVU quarterback) Geno Smith leads wide open race as Matt Barkley falters

Week 3 Heisman Watch: (WVU quarterback) Geno Smith leads wide open race as Matt Barkley falters

New work-around for PA voting law?

Interesting inside of Romney's campaign

Ad Spending Tops Half-Billion Mark

Birmingham Sunday

If you could do your job via internet (telecommute) would you move?

Righties just can't understand why Romney isn't winning

Is Obama a terrible debater or are they trying to lower expectations?

Bill Moyers, Katrina vanden Heuvel and Jamie Raskin on the Pro-Corporate Supreme Court

Meanwhile in The Sticks...

Rabbi Shmuley's quixotic candidacy..........

Rahm to ask judge to order teachers back

Autumn is upon us.

Mitts best day of the campaign to date.

Obama Romney Campaign Commercial on SNL

Come The Rapture Pulease Take All These Damned Fundies And Republicans ......

How the Republican Convention (and campaign) went off the rails.

POLITICO's Post Mortem of Romney's Campaign

Things are really getting out of hand in China with Japan hatred.

Romney (ahem Bush) Foreign Policy Team...

Chicago mayor seeks injunction to end teachers strike

Famous Whiskey Voices. Post 'em Here!

What is Romney doing with all his donated money?

2016: Dinesh D'Souza's Exercise in Ego and Delusion

It's impossible to deny that republicans are just about impediments

Ever hear of a band called "Little Feat?"

Israeli PM makes appeal to US voters: Elect president willing to draw ‘red line’ with Iran

Yemen Inflamed (The Nation)

Commander confirms Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in Syria

Krugman: Hating on Ben Bernanke

NATO disasters stack up in Afghanistan - LA Times

Does music make you go nuts?!1 Like right now BIZET Sym #1 pt 10

PPP: Warren +2 in MASSACHUSETTS (48 - 46)

Better off than 4 years ago: Detroit's 106-year-old Belle Isle Aquarium reopens to public

GTX 460's overheating

Reich: Why Romney and Ryan are Going Down (they’re relying largely on one slice of America).

E.J. Dionne: The American election’s global reach

Weirdness happens.

Muslim Homophobia in Britain

Paul Krugman joins in on the "abandoned Countries" Fun!

So much for that!

John Fugelsang: Every time I see Mitt Romney I wonder how Satan got Ward Cleaver pregnant.

Bill Moyers: Craig Unger on the Continuing Power of Karl Rove

An Indecent Proposal from Sarah Silverman

Syrian army shells northern cities; helicopter stike in northwest.

Senator Johnson (R-WI) pens Politico op-ed attempting to sell Mitt's economic snake oil

What time should I get in line to see the President?

you know, I am not afraid to die, I am straight with God, but I am afraid to leave my family

Does anyone else think McKenna's TV ads are a bit strange?

We're going to see the President tomorrow!

SF Bay Area Chinese-Americans protest Japan's purchase of disputed islands

LOL...George Bush's "On-Time Performance Rating" is 40%..

Obama up 5 in Virginia

Far-right German group plans to show anti-Islamic film

Abusing freedom of expression...

I was looking through the Sunday papers and noticed that Romney hasn't released his Tax returns.

New PPP Massachusetts poll: Warren rebounds

Just checked in...first two DU titles

Inland Northwest executive pay jumps again- -Spokane Journal of Business

Toles Toon: Two-Dimensional Chess

My brother comes out of the closet

It is really annoying this TAX RETURN issues has 100% gone away!

LOL! - Hash tag #LizCheneysGlobeHas on Twitter

Border Patrol Expansion - 100 miles from all borders

I shut up a birther/fundie today with this:

Our country needs a serious discussion

AP sources: Obama launching China trade case

The Grand Old Party Ain't What It Used To Be: Interview with Lewis L. Gould

A most relaxed cat

This Is Both An Exciting and Disturbing Read About the Elections And Beyond

Romney camp thinking of changing strategy

What is going on with Amanda Bynes?

Sources in Romney Camp Blame Adviser for Mediocre Campaign

Not only is Candy Crowley hosting a debate - she is hosting the one on foreign affairs.

So did the President have advance warning about the attacks in Benghazi?

Tax Cuts Don't Lead to Economic Growth, a New 65-Year Study Finds

The Grand Old Party Ain't What It Used To Be: Interview with Lewis L. Gould

Romney justifies virtually no job growth at his 3 1/2 year point in Mass.

"Why Romney and Ryan Are Going Down"

Report: Seahawks-Cardinals field judge was paid by team when calling Seahawks practices

Came Across This in Downtown Baltimore Tonight...

Three Men and a Bibi (image)

"Automated Message" has a user account.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 17 September 2012

CNN's Don Lemon calls out Mitt Romney's lies (UPDATED with video link)

The Eyes Of Marines

"Why Obama's Lead Is Even Better News Than You Think" by Mark Sumner at Daily Kos

Mark Halperin devotes his Time column to Democratic strategist Doug Sosnik's analysis


UPDATE: Rodeo clown, not announcer, is said to be the person who made racist joke at Creston rodeo

Chinese Schoolchildren Must Bring Their Own Desks to School

Nothing says more about the Republican Party’s priorities then the manner by which they spend their

"More details emerge on U.S. ambassador's last moments" by Arwa Damon, CNN

Campaign ads

3,528,633 vs 3,491,555

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, September 16)

(UK) Fertility regulator to consult public over plans for 'GM babies'

Complexities in Poland

A 7 Point Swing For Elizabeth Warren Powers Her into the Lead over Scott Brown

Rupert Everett says nothing worse than being raised by two gay dads

Breaking News: Most Of Planet's 1B Muslims Had A Normal Day

(WIS) Capitol Crackdown Sends Disabled Veteran to Hospital, Another Activist to Jail

Stanton Moore - Poison Pushy

Investor Bankrolls Big Romney Campaign

Pa.’s new voter ID law sends non-drivers on a bureaucratic journey

Will Someone Ask Romney Would He Forgo His Tax Cut If War In Iran Starts?

I missed the news, did Germany invade Czechoslovakia again?

Romney at risk of losing edge on deficit

How is Eric Cantor polling these days? (VA-7)

Romney to Pledge to Fix Troubled U.S. Immigration System.

Romney Campaign Lightweights Only Occupy Space And Time

Vivienne Westwood uses London Fashion Week to declare support for Assange

Over 200 fires burning in Eastern Washington

"Romney Camp Dumped RNC Speech" by Cheat Sheet at the Daily Beast

Venezuelan Opposition Legislator Decries MUD “Hidden Agenda”, Expelled Hours Later

Anyone know anything about Rhodesian Ridgebacks, the dogs?

I just saw Jeb Bush on my local news

Santorum: "We Will Never Have The Elite, Smart People On Our Side"

Photo from a gig we played today.

Chicago Teachers Rock Social Media

What sites do you use?

the problem that Romney and Ryan have is simple...

U.S. vice president's wife makes stop in Strip District(Pittsburgh,Pa.)

I think this may be it. The beginning of the end.

Can I just come in here and beat my head against the wall a minute?

Don't Change Horses In The Middle Of A Stream

Funny story about doing Find a Grave work

Brandi Carlile - The Story..... DAMMMMMMN!

Voter Registration Groups Racing Against Time In Post-Purge Florida

California’s largest lake is doomed

Heads up: Don Lemon NOW on CNN going after Romney hypocricy!

Public Policy Polling survey :Warren rebounds

Thom Hartmann and Rep. Adam Smith (D-Tacoma, WA) on Romney's foreign policy

Liz Cheney: Francisco Franco is NOT DEAD

Teachers in a Detroit burb take a hosing on new contract. ... Toon added!

I slept through another Sunday....Just wondering

ProPublica - "Finders Weepers: Early Bain Disputes Cast New Light on Its Business"

We better brace ourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin' at us from a neverending parade of stupid.

Rights are what makes me really care about politics

"White Student Union" Controversy at Towson University

NSA whistleblower Tom Drake is on the Coast To Coast AM radio show

Capriles goes to Chavista barrio Petare (videos):

Spinning the Video of Ambassador Stevens

Heard rumors that Rmoney's tax returns were coming out today...

U.S. and Japan announce shared missile defense system expansion

The Big Rmoney Flip Flop Compilation...

WH: West Wing Week: 09/14/12 or "Eleven"

Remember Fat Freddy's Cat?

Mitt Romney's Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

If Romney turns out to be a huge disappointment to the GOP, their excuse will be?

Gov. Mitt Romney meets a medical marijuana patient

Lundgren and Bera to debate 9/25

MFM demonstrates his patented water slide free style move

Romney's new tattoo (image)

Inside the campaign: How Mitt Romney stumbled

Maureen Dowd meets anti-Semitism charge

Extreme World: Venezuela (video showing the depravity that is Venezuelan violence):

Former UBS AG banker Brad Birkenfeld awarded $104 million for whistleblowing

Nothing says more about the state of republican party than that this man

Tops story on Google News: Mitt Romney and his band of clowns continue to run one

Trying to imagine the insanity: An Israeli attack on Iran

Shell postpones plans to start Arctic drilling until next year

Mosquitoes and gnats think I'm delicious.

This is what a real democrat looks like

Poll: Colorado's Marijuana Legalization Initiative Leads 51-40

The fat cats of foreign aid: Ministers 'to target consultants paid £500m by the taxpayer'

UK - 'Three-parent baby' fertility technique could be made legal.

Poll: Colorado's Marijuana Legalization Initiative Leads 51-40

Occupy Your Victories: Occupy Wall Street’s First Anniversary

Stolen guns nurture deadly violence

Inside the campaign: How Mitt Romney stumbled

SNL Bain Capital Ad very funny

A Totally Different Way to Think About Economics — with Visionary Charles Eisenstein



2008- McCain Defends Czechoslovakia, A Non-Existent Country -- Again

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah my Monday has a great start

Chris Hedges: We Won—For Now

Flu Antibody’s 'One-Handed Grab' May Boost Effort Toward Universal Vaccine, New Therapies

Most Coral Reefs Are at Risk Unless Climate Change Is Drastically Limited, Study Shows

Your Joke for Today: Christine O'Donnell Considering 2014 Senate Run

Shell Suffers Alaska Oil Drilling Setback After Dome Damage

Vaccine for Staph More Lethal Than Skin Cancer Tested

Simple question

Iran will pursue makers of anti-Islam film: vice-president

Money for smaller classrooms & afterschool programs would get the ax, But not salaries of Congress.

Wallasea Island nature reserve project construction begins


A cub is born to giant panda at National Zoo Read more:

Hold on to your hats: Romney to pledge today to fix immigration

Does anybody know where I can get a good calzone?

Voter Protection or Voter Suppression?

The Republican lie about "Democrats controlled Congress for two years"...

I sent a letter to all my state and federal reps, you might want to add your name

Bob Woodward has Joe Scarborough all giddy -- almost orgasmic

Mystery undercover DUer makes FoxNews look more like an ass than usual!

This week in the War on Women: Lady-Americans still totally not into Romney

China sends 1,000 boats armada to disputed island chain

Romney's "20% tax cut for the middle class"

Protest held in Bradford over Pakistan drones 'injustice' {uk}

Walker's Wisconsin: Safety rules? Don't need them. Questions as to why not? Ask a lobbyist.

Let's Actually do something !

Panera is probing when they ask you to register their card.

European biofuel targets contributing to global hunger, says Oxfam

Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years

Healthcare, tech and defense is supporting Obama. Only wall street betting on romney, at least

Bill Moyers, Katrina vanden Heuvel and Jamie Raskin on the Pro-Corporate Supreme Court

The End of Men, for Real: Hooters Is Desperate for Female Customers

Scott Wiener, San Francisco Supervisor, Considering Public Nudity Ban Over Increased Cock Ring Use

Seymour Hersh, Jeremy Scahill, Chris Hedges and Laila Al-Arian in Conversation

Does anyone believe this: "African-American Christians waver over vote"

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Sept 17th

Soledad just nailed Rep King for all his crap that Obama has been apologizing for the

Wasting millions to advance a purely political agenda-That’s the new“fiscal conservative”Republican

CNN contributor/wingnut Erick Erickson is having a meltdown over the thought of Mitt losing

Morning Joe: Romney campaign "one of the worst-run Presidential campaigns in American History"

UK : Sarah Catt jailed for full-term abortion of baby

Mitt Romney abruptly shifts strategy

California Soccer Moms Face Off against Monsanto

Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Hard Battle

Tax Cuts Don't Lead to Economic Growth, a New 65-Year Study Finds

Salman Rushdie: Satanic Verses 'would not be published today' (BBC)

Europe's Metop weather satellite set for Soyuz launch

Ryan: Specifics To Romney Tax Plan Will Be Sorted Out By Congress

France Says No to Genetically Modified Crops, No to Fracking

Are Republicans such dinosaurs that they do not understand that Russia is not a superpower

Turkey PM Erdogan says 500 Kurdish PKK killed in raids

Whose better at foreign policy?

Czechoslovakia still doesn't exist

Jamie, don't go away mad. Jamie, just go away.

Not sure Louisiana can take any more water and this is almost stationary

LOL Dog notes from Stephanie Miller

Monday Toon Roundup 1- A little R and R (warning 1 graphic toon)

Live Stream of Occupy Wall Street 1 Year Anniversary March

Monday Toon Roundup 2- GOP'ers

WOODWARD the Tool: Rethugs gave the president IDEAS-ideas-ideas, all turned down

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

Obama Camp: Romney Might Not Be ‘Ready For Prime Time’

Mitt Romney: Extreme Makeover - Campaign Edition

Romney's HUGE shift on what he SAYS his tax policy will be

Romney speaking to Hispanics today - I am having visions of the Michael Scott Mexican fiesta

Five Looming Curses of Privatization

why is it...

Whatever happened to the so called stolen tax returns

OK. I'll say it. Yes, I'd rather risk Iran having nukes than

Bay Buchannon: Romney "wants people who are going to tell him exactly what he thinks."

Opponents 'Vindicated' As Shell Halts Arctic Drilling

bay buchanan? really chuck?

Thanks n2doc

INDIANA Senate race: Donnelly (D) (+3)

Wonkbook: Romney campaign in disarray

Bay Buchanan gasping for breath as she tries to spin Romney!

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - Sept 17

Peak oil review - Sept 17

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Loyal Dog, Capitán, Sits By Owner's Grave For Six Years

Romney's New Strategy Turns Right (LOL!)

Hosea Ballou (Universalist preacher, 1796-1852) on the ancestors of the Tea Party:

Study Puts Blame On Big Banks

Boy Scouts' sex abuse blacklist reveals decades of coverups

I Think We Should Have a Collective Response To Strangers Who Tell Us To Smile

Romney Blaming Obama For the Poverty Growth Among Hispanics The GOP Created And .....

The Morning Plum: Is Romney finally set to get specific? Nope.

Is this the idiot Scabs didn't name who says Prez should resign & called cops Brownshirts?

Netanyahu : Iran close to having nuclear bomb ......Wait did he say that in 1992?

Japan brandname firms shut China plants after protest violence

Red State: If The Election Were Held Today Barack Obama Would Win

When will someone ask to see Romney's Tax Returns?

Wingnut Meltdown Over Romney Is In Pandemic Stage

Deceptive Telemarketing Firm Has Republican Ties. Well, Duh.

FINAL INFO for DU meet up, today, Sunday Sept 23, 6 PM. Tyler's Taproom. Durham


mississippi town struggles with 'school to prison pipeline' charges

Why Are We Occupying?

The John Birch Society, Agenda 21, and the GOP Platform

CNN airs the most ridiculous statements yet on Romney.

With Budget Cuts in Mind, Bloomberg Hands Out Raises To A Smaller Staff

Skilled Hunters 300,000 Years Ago

Electoral vote latest map

Stephanie Miller is getting a lot of calls from Rightwingers today...

Tom Tomorrow: "The Campaigner"

Roman Military Camp Dating Back to the Conquest of Gaul Throws Light On a Part of World History

How Obama stole the GOP’s issue

Pamela Geller's Blog Solicited Funds For anti-Muhammad Film

In a country where people "like" Bud Light better than Anchor steam, Hershey's better than...

Where is that Ryan/Coo-coo's Nest pic?

TPM: Romney’s health care plans don’t exempt today’s seniors

Farmers, ranchers, defense industry, oil industry, the gas industry....they're all Obama voters too?

October surprise? To save Romney is Netanyahu going to bomb Iran?

Krugman- Five Points To Nowhere

"He's as tough as a two dollar steak"


Meet The 'Spiritual Godfather Of Online Leaking'

What do you want done with your body after you die?

New Rule: Right wingers must stop trying to do editorial cartoons.

Do you think that Romney realizes that people at rallies don't love him... don't even like him...

Iran's children look on and families cry for pardons at daily hangings

"Who chuckles when they’re trying to project compassion?”

Looking at a new bike for next season

List of states with nuclear weapons

Did you know that Critters 3 was Leonardo DiCaprio's film debut?

6 Right-Wing Zealots (or Groups of Zealots) That Would Blow Up the World for Political Gain

HCA shareholders allege Bain Capital bid-rigging

Pet Photo Thread -- Please Post Your Own!

Where is that Ryan/Coo-coo's Nest photshop I saw yesterday?

Tom Tomorrow: So, who wants to talk about my tax returns?

Andrew Sullivan: Is Netanyahu Trying To Blow Up The Election?

Robocalls: if you don't opt in they can be charged 16,000 bucks per call!!! (cell phone)


STRIPES (poster) starring Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney

Romney's New Strategy Turns Right- “This is going to be a base election.” More God, less economy.

I find it hard to believe that any state wanting a single nuclear bomb could not get one quickly.

Women's Rights Groups Present Proposals to Chavez for Government Plan

Chick Toad hosts Bay Fucking Buchannan on his teevee hour. : "In the time it takes me to ____, Mitt Romney makes ____"

Tea partiers will be monitoring your polling place--Not a joke!

Why George Romney Released His Tax Returns.

After Consulate Attack, Libya Struggles to Get Its Story Straight

New PA. Law Coming Up for Vote to Make it Easier to Sell Public Parks & Preserved Lands for Cash

China takes center stage (Mitt exposed)

Random question of the day: How will Film Scores be categorized two hundred years from now?

Thom Hartmann: The Arab Spring ''J Curve''

How Effective Was Mitt In Converting The French To Mormonism?......

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 17, 1961

Romney Come Lately

The Pro-Gun Movement's Total Disregard for Our Constitution

Frum: voters ask, "what will this presidency do for me? And 'dick you over' is not a winning answer"

Photo: Dialup warning Solar Flare

Josh Marshall: Fundamentals

Today is the first day of the rest of this campaign.

Josh Marshall (TPM): Bibis 2012 denials remind me of Onion Headline . . .

Powell Party in Mechanicsville --

Will Republican women give Obama a landslide?

Windows sometimes shows what I call "ghost files." When you're looking at the contents of a folder,

TOON: This Modern World on Romney and Libya

Houston's Stolen Guns

Obama: Romney Can’t Stand Up To China After Outsourcing Jobs There

Occupy Lives

Utah prison inmate wins $100 in religious rites case

Chicago Teachers are Fighting for all of Us

Latino tracking poll Obama 68% Romney 26%

The Power of Political Communion

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Vows To Get Specific On Plans

Powell Party Ashland, September 20

Please, can someone help with this?

Rick Santorum Implies That Conservative Movement Base Made Up Dummies

Baldwin Holds Slight Lead Over Thompson in Internal

Powell Party at Stony Point

The Best Movie About The *Reality* of Nuclear War - "Threads"

New recordings of Chorus of Earth from new satellite

Powell Party in Westhampton

How Agnosticism Could Have Prevented 9/11 and a Mormon Attack 144 Years Earlier

Bug-A-Salt - bug killing shotgun (uses table salt).

Fox News host on protests in the Middle East: We should burn one of their flags

Either civics has been pulled from the curriculum or most Americans ignore that section of the

Foundation Beyond Belief

anybody familiar with liquid-fuel camping equipment?

I know a guy that hates Obama so much and will not vote for him under any circumstance

Obama rips Romney over China

Papantonio: Corporate Whistleblowers Crucial In Democracy

There's a new baby panda - born at the zoo last night!


Iran says saboteurs cut power to nuclear site

US Diplomats In Beirut Burning Classified Material

LAT: While discriminating against gays-Boy Scouts routinely covered up sex abuse-dating back to 1919

The Puppetry of Quotation Approval

Five thirty eight latest polling

The Romney campaign IS what you get when your incubator is Fox News.

The world is coming to an end!

If you like music, you'll like this bad review:

You Say You Want a Devolution?

Republican voter disenfranchisement--their version of how to avoid it:

Another thing that Lindsay Lohan did, that I would never do.

Doing all we can do

Multiple personalities of the Muslim rage

Thom Hartmann: Gov. Jesse Ventura - How Pro Wrestling Prepares you for Politics

Cameron: Romney has "Unique distinction of uniting all of England against him"

Why is Romney flailing so badly?

My volunteer project made the local paper.

5 SCOTUS Cases That Could Be Overruled In A Romney Court, And 5 That Could Be Overruled Under Obama

Talking Point for Monday, 17 2012: "He can't run a campaign, how do you expect him

Boycott the Chicago Cubs

NY Fed Manufacturing Contracts In Sept, Lowest In 3-1/2 Years

Q: What do you call a Mexican in a rocket ship?

Todd Akin’s Wife Compares GOP Abandonment to Rape, Tyranny

Fired up crowd in Cincinnati listening to (cheering) President Obama (12:25 speech - live links)

U.S. Launches Auto Case Against China, Beijing Fires Back

Full-scale badger cull set to get government go-ahead

Real clear politics has VA and Ohio tossup

Ouch! Mitt's "campaign is filled with people who spend their time avoiding him or resisting him"

Before Iraq we had never struck first

The Rude Pundit: The Continuing Necessity of Occupy Wall Street (in Spirit, If Not Presence)

"No Tax Returns, No Votes!" Bumper Sticker And T-Shirt

found on failblog

John McCain sees vet support slipping for Romney

PREDICTIONS and the Republican party after their stomping on election day?

Bravo Newsweek- Your Mediocre Tabloid Cover SUCKS More Than Fox Noise!

Judge punts on forcing teachers back; no school likely Tuesday

GM asks for gift of Billion$, and is denied

The Latino gender gap: Latina voters prefer Obama by 53 point margin

Fit to Lead?

Seven weeks out, Romney oversees campaign in disarray

Gabe Ortiz Tweet

Bias case leads to guns


Dick Morris: The Democratic Convention was "very successful"...

Peanut butter and jelly is "racist?"

Panel Decides Obama Will Stay On Kansas Ballot Despite Birther Objections

Tax Cuts For The Rich Do Not Spur Economic Growth: Study

Say It Loud, Democrat and I'm Proud!

I Don't Resent Mitt Romney for His Wealth-I resent Mitt Romney for the poverty of his ideas & values

Gallup -Obama -48% -Romney 45%/Approval/Disapproval 50-44%

Anne Ortelee -- weekly weather 9/17

Could Romney have pulled off a "mainstream" strategy?

bomb threat at LSU

Romney’s New Hispanic Outreach Sounds A Lot Like Romney’s Old Hispanic Outreach

Lounge daily inspirational message

Great moments of brilliance captured on film

Ricky Gervais tweet

Get it while it's hot: Romney/Ryan Campaign Gear

PA. Voter ID Decision Based Upon 1869 Decision That Made it Harder for Philadelphians to Vote

Disproportionate penalties

I got the from Facebook religious right wing nuts have a lot more in common than they'd

Rep. Peter King insists Obama went on an apology tour and he doesn't care what says

Armada of international naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike

A great quote from Hillary Clinton

Why does Gallup have there own unemployment rates

I would definitely support this....

The Economist: "Mitt Romney's campaign: The flail wail"

William Cohen is taking Ms. Mitchell to the reality woodshed as she tries to get him to blame...

Are We Asking Too Much From Our Teachers?

When GD gets me down I look out the window.

PPP--Wisconsin: Obama (+1) Baldwin (+3) likely voters--improvement for both since last poll

Retired firefighter goes missing from Amtrak train

A senior Romney adviser admits not done good job explaining difference in tax plans...

Let's not get overconfident

Climate change could see a third of Victoria's animal species extinct in 60 years

Everyone in District 3 Really needs to get out and Support Congressman Boswell

Romney's Plan Will Balloon The Deficit & Radically Increase The National Debt

Not only is the story itself disturbing, but so is the idiocy in the comment section.

Coral Reef Conservation & Climate Change: 'We Have The Environment Facilitating Humanity,' Scientist

Graphic: 5 Historic Cases that can be overturned in a Romney Court

Twenty-five things that Mitt Romney needs say in order to get elected in November

Comedian "Punks" Fox & Friends

Congress NC-9: Jennifer Roberts now in dead heat with Republican in heavy GOP district.

Germany Bars US Pastor Terry Jones, Concerns over 'Public Order'

Another 357 Democrats and 161 Republicans registered to vote in Florida on 9/15

Don't forget this very important lesson....

Climate change could see a third of Victoria's animal species extinct in 60 years

Via Krugman, this chart illustrates Mitt's problem when it comes to the economy

Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years

Romney Puts Bush Back in the White House Saddle...... introducing Bush III

shana tovah!

"Akin's return to campaign trail has excluded St. Louis area, candidate expected here this week"

'Nice' Conservatives Crying That Their Party's Lost Its Way Are Mostly Full Of S**t

The Tripoli Post - Libya Lost a Friend in the Death of Ambassador Stevens

Monmouth University-Survey USA Nat'l Poll -Obama 48% Romney 45% LV 48%-41%vRV

‘Democrats For Lingle’ Ad Features Republicans

romney supporter just outright lied to andrea mitchell....

The Invisibility of Misogyny

When was this said?

Campaign on re-releasing Romney: 'We're not rolling out new policy'

OUCH! Burn! Obama: "You can’t stand up to China when all you’ve done is send them our jobs"

Howard Stern today "I will cast my vote for Obama"

Wow, Andrea Mitchell cut the GOP spokeswoman off at the knees...

New Hampshire Jury Nullifies its First Felony Marijuana Case

Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say

My white male millionaire friend is voting for WHO!?!

North-Colombia journalists threatened over interview with demobilized paramilitary .

Internals show Senate Democratic candidates ahead in Indiana and Wisconsin

Pro-Obama high school student

Duped Actors on the Innocence of Muslim Apparently Directed by...

Sheldon Adelson's Tax Cut If Romney Is Elected Is...

Election 2012: But what about the Congress?

David Frum savages the Romney campaign

Hey Republicans, WE GET IT

Romney speech: Another fib about Obama

Poll: Tea Party Less Popular Than Muslims, Atheists, 21 Other Groups

The River Crossing (Updated)

"I'm not a witch" part II: Christine O'Donnell may run for senate in 2014

Romney is The Smirking Twit!

How Big Coal Keeps America Stupid

Liz Cheney: The Lemon Does Not Fall Far From the Tree

Juan Cole: Top Myths about Iran’s Nuclear Enrichment Program

13 Powerful Images of Muslim Rage

UK - Call for ban on sale of gun magazines to children gets massive public support

Boardwalk Empire is going to be Bad Ass this season.

Fox & Friends Gets Trolled Hard by a ‘Former’ Obama Supporter Pretending to Be for Romney

Elizabeth Warren Pulls Ahead Of Scott Brown By Six Points!

I think I know where the GOP will take the spin of the 'Obama sides with the protestors' meme.

You Du'ers that live in the hot states where it's hot 8 months out of the year (or more), how do you

Is scavenging for scrap metal a bad thing?

Not dead, but still voting

Could juries be often infested with one or two trolls or socks?

Are We a Nation of Line-Cutters, or Are We the Line?

New York Times new public editor: Another Step Forward on the 'Post-Truth Politics' Trail

‘Democrats For Lingle’ Ad Features Republicans

Poor Megyn Kelly! The poor dear is upset over reports of infighting in the Romney campaign.

I got a teen arrested last night for drug possession. Feeling a little bad about it.

Do we have the capacity to recall everything we've ever experienced, even if under

If The Koch Brothers Only Channeled Their Money For Good.....

Cute girls at Moon festival

What Pro-Lifers see when making breakfast…

Conservatives rail against ballot measure to require sick time

Should Salafist TV stations be taken off the air?

Do you like Democratic Underground? Then Like us on Facebook!

Actress In Anti-Islam Film Speaks Out

plush puppy

Boulder Rep. Claire Levy plans bill that would allow CU to again ban guns on campus

Kannapolis to limit handguns in parks

Morning Joe On The Entire Muslim World: 'They Hate Us Because of Their Religion

Pew: Americans React Negatively To Romney’s MidEast Response

Mitt Romney Adviser Admits They Are Losing Message War On Taxes

Romney speech in 10 minutes from LA. Apparently he is going into specifics of his

Gillespie: Romney to 'reinforce more specifics,' not announce new policy

Such a beautiful picture, that speaks louder than words!

Interesting media nugget I heard this weekend...

VIRGINIA: KAINE (+2) - Rasmussen poll

Everton FC- Reds salute you!

Many arrested, charges often dropped for guns at airport

I think reports of discord within Romney's camp is disinformation

Ricky gervais LMFAO!

Seagull Steals Camera, Gives Tourist Inadvertent Panoramic View of SF Bay

Rompocalypse Now?

An update on Southcentral Alaska's weekend storm

Citizens United's hour-long anti-Obama film to reach 130 million homes

KENTUCKY poll: Romney (+14), (which is below McCain's score of +16)

Lip-smacking schmuck on TeeVee machine just had a Freudian slip

Americans hate President Obama and are just itching to replace him…

If the campaign so far were portrayed as a game of one-on-one basketball

Fake Jerry Jones on last week's season opener win

Website Help needed!!

Just a little reminder from our dearly departed Mr. Zappa

Should I get a Kindle or an iPad?

This Cowboys fan is NOT happy..

sept 17, 2008 4 years ago today

I just got a robocall from Huckabee

Just when it seemed DC sports were becomming fun again....

How Denmark Promotes Mass Transit (captioned)

I'm wondering if DU could discourage trolls with a rule

This made me laugh. The Factory: How A Dildo Is Made

Have at it.


LOL, my poor brother and his crazy wingnut brother in law staying with him.

What music is Romney using for his appearances?

Secret Mitt Romney Video: Barack Obama Voters 'Dependent On Government'

Obama in Ohio: 'We're not going back'

So what awe-inspiring details is Romney providing in his speech?

‘Fox & Friends’ punked by Obama supporter (VIDEO)

White Supremacism in 'Breaking Bad'?

Stop the Execution of Reggie Clemons in Missouri

"...He’s right on the edge of a self-­fulfilling downward spiral.”

Here they are! Jerry Wipes.

Wikileaks Greatest Hits: Carl Bildt is tall! and smart!

Occupy Wall Street Protests Return for One-Year Anniversary

How Denmark Promotes Mass Transit (with English subtitles)

Conservatives Have Made American Politics Simply About The Tax Rate That The Rich Pay

Romney Leak: Obama Supporters Dependent on Government.

Climate change threat more real to those with perceived personal experience: study

Groups sue (Michigan) Secretary of State over voter citizenship question

does anyone know who this is

'It revealed him as completely craven'

The Romney Campaign Is In Trouble

"...the Great Willard"

10 key charts about inequality - ThinkProgress

Those of us still alive in Arizona appear to have MADE IT!!!

Was "Romney’s “Mormon” Draft Deferment Not Legal" ?

Pretty Much Sums It Up

U.S. asks appeals court to freeze military detention ruling

woohoo!!! The kittens are awake and playing!!!

This is the Same Guy Who Saved the Winter Olympics?

Big Eddie Is Back Fresh From Back Surgery Today On The Ed Schultz Show!

Waiting for Armageddon - Evangelical Documentary by

Peregrine CEO to stay jailed as government balks at release

Obama’s Romney Shot: ‘I’ve Actually Done My Own Taxes’

Does anyone keep bees in the suburbs?

OMG, he went there: Obama: "I've Actually Done My Own Taxes" (video)

News headline November 7, 2012

The GOP's last hope: Ineffective billionaire-funded attack ads

Romney leak

Surreal Mars photographs by Kahnselesnick

Donald Trump: "Everyone that is not working is voting for Obama."

"Everyone that is not working is voting for Obama."

You watching the streams or Twitter feeds? New York's pigs are going full-Soviet against OWS.

I Will Occupy

Graph: Tax cuts don’t generate economic growth — they just generate more income inequality

SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters

Electoral Map: 9/17/2008 vs 9/17/2012

The corruption of the Republicans and how we win

Speakers at "Values Voter Summit" Oppose Porn, Blame Gay People For Holocaust.

For as long as I can remember...

65 Years of Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Created Record 'Inequality' Not 'Prosperity,'

For your amusement:

Why I like small businesses

Fox & Friends Hosts "Credible" Pam Geller Who Says Obama "Sanctioned" Middle East Protests

So Romney thinks the only ones who support Obama are dependent on government

SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of "Those People" - Obama Voters

Mitt Romney: "We use Ann sparingly so people don't get tired of her"

Missouri college challenges federal health care law

Mitt Built That…

Romney's new campaign needs a slogan!

What is your earliest memory of watching the news on t.v.?

Just realized: Santorum essentially called Republicans 'stupid' at VV meeting

GOP Congressman Blows Up: ‘I Don’t Care What Fact Check Says,’ Obama Apologizes For America!

Romney: Obama voters “believe that they are victims”

'One of our Students for Powell just made this donation

A Preventable Massacre (NY TIMES)

Vandehei on Hardball, addressing Mitt's fecklessness.

Romney Buys 42 Taco Bells To Win Over Latino Voters

The U.S. Economy: What Happens on November 7th, 2012?

He deserves to lose and spend his life in shallow emptiness.

Can We Shake Things Up Here - How About Government Is Dependent On Me....

Christians Hate Us For Our Freedoms

Tell me more about this Kenia place.......

Question concerning policies in state-run drug rehab programs

They're scared.

Romney Explains Obama Voters

Apparently I have lost my Mojo....

Nick Kristoff tweets that he, Obama & Romney are triplets born in Kenya. Witnesses emerge!

Disabled voters possess untapped political power

Romney speech in Los Angeles: Mitt Romney's Immigration Pledge Again Without Details

To Protect and Serve or To Harass and Intimidate?

Sabra-Shatila 1982; Iran 2012? The Same Volatile Dynamics

Joe Klein: Republican Fantasyland

Mitt's "47% of Americans" quote is starting to hit Twitter

Coca Leaf Production Drops Off In Bolivia, UN Report Finds

Barack Obama is tired of your shit

Crazy Orly Taitz shows up at the Kansas Election Board, I mean, Birther Hearing

Top Arizona Republican Leaders Endorse President Obama

Mitt Romney's Bittergate

I am so mad right now: What happened in my daughters class today (UPDATE)

Exposed: Major Nikon's Cock Ring......

Religion is like a penis...

Frances Fox Piven: Occupy's protest is not over. It has barely begun

Poor Mittens, condemned to being pasty white


Merrill Brokers get award - judge vacates objections from BoA

Chicago fantasy

Mitt: "we use Ann sparingly right now so that people don't get tired of her."

Do ancient truism holds especially today?

Lifelong Republican I know plans to vote Obama, but.....

That 47% of people who paid no additional Federal income taxes,

Could super-realistic avatars of dead presidents influence election results?

More from the Romney Tapes: If I Were Mexican, 'I'd Have A Better Shot At Winning This'

Josh Marshall: "This tape strikes me as absolutely devastating."

Conversations I don't want to have with my gay son (an article about how are we have to go)

Mitt Romney: 'I Say That Jokingly, But It Would Be Helpful To Be Latino'

What do you want done with your body before you die?

BREAKING SECRET VIDEO: Mitt Romney says 47% that support Obama are "Dependent" and "Victims"

KRUGMAN: "The Real Romney-Despises Half The Country"

Fifty Days, DU. Double Down Time.

New Zealand Grants a River the Rights of Personhood

Max Rice, ‘Fox & Friends’ frustrating interviewee, speaks

Mitt says......

OBAMA To ROMNEY: 'It's hard to serve as president for all-when you’ve written off 1/2 the nation'

Farewell Spain? Al Jazeera on Catalunya's independence movement

Well, I found the "Whitey" tapes. (All 5/Presser/Will Have 6am tapes.)

Obama:“No family should have to set aside a college acceptance letter because they don’t have the $"

Is Jim Vandehei a paid Romney campaign staffer?

Fox's Eric Bolling: Obama Administration "Answers To The Quran First And To The Constitution Second"

Hey, You. Are you a Mittler 47%er?

Fuck Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney on HIS Consultants (that work for Bibi Netanyahu)

Since Mitt Romney brought up the concept of people not paying income tax,

Anyone here in the Lincoln, NE area?

Since Mitt the Shit Pays no Taxes

This tape would destroy Romney's chances if he had any. nt

Inbox: "Hi, I'm Jim Messina and today I have the easiest job in the universe" nt

Citizens United Obama film to air on TV. You must read this. It's what they think is a game changer

Why does Mitt Romney hate half of America?

— without actually doing anything

RE: DU Decision to go "FACE BOOK" (The Minority Opinion)

Romney Kicks Off Hispanic Outreach Effort With Full-Throated Attack On ‘Amnesty’

nbc nightly news reporting on romney's 'caught on tape' moment....

Transit stop not in walking distance? Try this cool new electric skateboard!

A remake of the Dragnet????

Mitt's video is on NBC news!

Martin Bashir - Why Romney’s errors are symptomatic of a lack of policy details

Mitt Romney is out of his mind. His response to the video:

Actor: Anti-Islam filmmaker 'was playing us along'-details how film was overdubbed

I haven't had a cellphone in a LONG time. Can anyone give me some advice...

***Wayne Powell on Young Turks tonight

Canadian Embassies under siege!

This new video proves Romney wants to raise taxes on the poor and middle class

NEW VIDEO Romney Tells Millionaire Donors Obama voters depend on government

BOOM! almost 2500 news articles on Rmoneys '47% Victims' quote just from today...

Obama May Just Be The Luckiest Politician Ever

I hope when Mitt dies he leaves his brain to science

In-Person Voter Fraud: Not Really a Matter of Opinion

47% include Romney and his dad

If a loud and vicious rant is a good start to your morning, try Morning Joe tomorrow morning.

follow the link to OWS video

How stupid are freepwads? they think that Twitt dissing half of all voters is great for him

Pledging to support Occupy 2

Reince Priebus pulls out the "dependency society" card on CNN interview today.

More than 90 percent of Hostess’ bakers’ union members rejected pact

Okay, I tried to finally use the FB "LIKE" button...

Jesus Christ Romney has a nice head of Hair

Part 2 Of Mitt Romney's Secret Tapes: 'Jokes' About The Latino Vote. And It's Really Not Funny.

Special Edition of Hardball at 7:00 Tonight

On Fourth Anniversary of Lehman Collapse, No Fundamental Change on Wall Street

CHRIS MATTHEWS reporting on the Romney tape, right now!!!

Off topic

Advice to Mitt in light of video

The dog paradox

48, 49, ... uh, 48

West of Chicago is rockin' and rollin', take cover, friends. My kitties are under the bed. :(

How Jimmy Carter's Grandson Helped Leak the Secret Romney Fund-raiser Video

Rmoney: Not my job to worry about those people

Wow Andrea Mitchell really showed her colors

Lincoln, NE DUers...please keep your eyes open for this missing senior:

Krugman: The Real Romney... it’s very, very ugly

Republicans want you to believe THIS!!!

Martin Bashir - Team Romney infighting as campaign hits 'reset' button

The dilemma of geo-engineering

Romney Campaign Responds To Hidden Video: ‘Mitt Romney wants to help all Americans’

Some of that 47% that Mitt Willard Romney mocks...

Mitt Video Changing Minds: "I was supporting the Green Party but..."

I am the 47%

Mitt Romney: 'I Say That Jokingly, But It Would Be Helpful To Be Latino'

Mike Luckovich cartoon: There appears to be infighting...

Morgan Freeman Tweet

You are NOT entitled to health care, to food, to housing,

Standing up for teachers--Eugene Robinson

Yunel Escobar. Homophobic asshole or just stupid?...

Mitt Romney: Freeper

On the TV news tonight, they didn't mention that Romney had released his tax returns.

I have arrived! I just received my first rejection letter!

What game best represents the Romney campaign?

Blind fucking ambition

Why RobMe says such patently absurd things about large segments of our country is simple:

Mitt Romney cracks Latino joke to 1% (VIDEO)

I like the new Romney stragety

Dear Honey BooBoo - WilLIARd Rmoney hates you too

Perhaps most conservatives have some sort of foot based allergy.

"I wish we weren't unionized so we could go alot deeper..."

Has the Obama campaign mentioned the tax returns today?

10ft Tall Bloody, Caged “Pig” Joins Animal Rights Protest Outside New York Walmart (Thur Sept 20)

Romney receives first intelligence briefing

Deadly Denim: Pakistan Workers Burned Alive Making Jeans for Export

both sides do it...both sides are bad...both sides are not talking about policy Today, Mitt Romney Lost the Election

Obama in Eden Park, Cincinnati, September 17

Vandehei of Politico is spinning the new rethug meme that

Has anyone noticed something about Mitt Romney?

We Are the 47%: The Lousy Math Beyond Romney's Gaffe

Fourth and long. Delegate Burns needs to punt. (From Vikings P Chris Kluwe)

Anti-Obama Billboard Hurting Business: Owner

California Rural Fire Prevention Fee

Does Romney know that "47%" figure inluded children and the elderly?


Did the Romney surrogate on Hardball just say...

Fuck you Mitt Romney!! Every person on earth is entitled to food.

Live Virginia focus group on C-span right now

Remember Mitt's Chinese factory video? It looks like the same venue as the current videos

Chuck Toad repeats Obama's guns and religion quote

At the doctor's office: watching Fox News with a right-winger

People who pay no income tax live disproportionately in red states

Question about Twit's "47%" remarks?

It Sucks to be You!

Mitt "inherited nothing"? That's not what Ann Romney says

American Bridge Video Ties Romney’s “47%” Line To Past Comments


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Damnit! I'm FURIOUS!!

Serious question - any ReTHUGS quoting

If a campaign is a dress rehearsal. . .

Article 25. of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Global Warming Lesson #4,280 Fire Tornadoes. Coming to your neighborhoods soon! (vid)

Good to see that the Hezbollah hotties are back...

Mike Luckovich has one possible explanation for yet another Romney campaign gaffe.