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Colorado Hiker Who Abandoned Injured Dog Relinquishes Custody

Misconceptions and Realities About Who Pays Taxes

Revolution Starts Today....

As a worthless hanger on who sits around waiting for my daily check, I just have to know

There ARE two types of people:

Apparently, taterguy works at

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! The best cat toy EVER!!! EVER!!! EVER!!!

I think Mitt Romney will be a national hero one day.

Romney wants to keep 20k troops in Iraq...

Men's hairstyles over the last 50 years... who'da thunk they were all inspired by the same thing?

MiddleFingerMom is NOT the one responsible for his problems with mornings!!! It's not HIS fault!!!

Photo explains why MFM is so renowned locally for offering free mustache rides to complete strangers

Ed Schultz is back and is on FIRE!

I am the 53%

The Obama Campaign responds to Romney's comments ...

Willard is not awkward in his hidden camera video

Tu Ere Maricón: Blue Jays’ Yunel Escobar triggers online uproar over anti-gay slur

I think Ed is missing the point on the 47 percent

Big Ed is just UNLOADING on that Romney video.

Muslim man explains how the Koran expects a Muslim to react to insults to their Prophet:

Just saw rMoney's new vid: It will be his Waterloo! It will break him!

MFM likes his new cell phone!

Jimmy Carter's Grandson Helped Leak the Secret Romney Fund-raiser Video

Vote suppressors to Romney: "You were supposed to keep it close enough to cheat, dumbass."

Time for Harry Reid to hit the airwaves again

An Exceptional "Live from Darryl's House with Jason Mraz...Good Food, Friends & Music

PATHETICALLY FUNNY!!! - Mr. Romney - Where Are the 47% of Americans Who Pay No Income Taxes?

I have been following politics for nearly 40 years

Jimmy Carter's Grandson Helped Leak the Secret Romney Fund-raiser Video

Corn tells us there are MORE embarrassing moments to come.

Billionaires get richer, many millionaires lose ground

Video shows Libyans trying to rescue US ambassador

Does it count if you see a Rmoney bumper sticker on a car roof??

Just did a survey of networks of the Romeny video screwup ... Fox News and CNN not a peep.

Romney's going down, Chicago style.

Obama's New Ad Campaign!

Romney gaffe is just like the Obama gaffe?

Nontaxpayers are Overwhelmingly the Elderly and Students (Mark Thoma)

Controversial private fund-raiser video shows candid Romney

One of the most chilling audio bits (6 sec) from Romney... on Unions...

Tonight's Twitter humor and scathing comments per Romney

Do You Remember??

Rare deer in my back yard today.

Troops pack up gear to ship out of Afghanistan

Are Americans not "entitled to healthcare, food, housing"?

Republican Messages are getting crazier by the minute

Chicago teachers to again consider ending strike

This state is not as red as you think. New Indiana Poll: Romney 47%/Obama 41%

Todd Akin's Wife Compares GOP's Treatment of Her Husband to Rape

(MI AG) Schuette appeals dismissal of lawsuit against U.S. birth-control mandate

Clean Energy Works for Texas - Sign On

Here are the people who Rmoney considers freeloaders

About Those 47 Percent Who Pay “No Taxes” ... It’s A Myth ...

...and then I said...

U.S. asks appeals court to freeze military detention ruling

Study: Tax Cuts for the Rich Don't Spur Growth

A nice list of walks and hikes around Los Angeles (LA Times)

You Lazy Good for Nothing Americans don't Deserve Mitt Romney

A Spankin' for HipChick: Got My Mojo Workin'

It sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Michelle Obama gets larger crowds than Mitt Romney...

smile... just saw this ad

The video could be the best thing to happen. To Romney.

Why the Poor Pay No Federal Income Tax: A Wee Tutorial

Take Five (Aw, Shut Up edition)

This has been just like Christmas in September!

(Kinda) rare deer in my back yard today.

Is there a clip longer than the 1:07 version of the Romney 47% statement? n/t

My translation of Mitt Romney

Nebraska: Your Vote Matters!

Romney should have a new slogan ... "Who do you trust ... Me, or 99.99% of reality?"

I am SOOO Happy Mitt Got Caught with is foot in his mouth again!!!

WE should start an I'M NOT A MOOCHER AND VOTING FOR OBAMA Facebook page

Bloomberg: Today, Mitt Romney Lost the Election


Hezbollah leads massive anti-US protest in Lebanon

A Woman’s Place? The Dearth of Women in the Secular Movement

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Priorities & a new Roomba Kitty gif

Clueless "Values Voters" think Rmoney needs to be more visible

Mittens makes Latino joke on the fundraiser tape

Shameless self promotion....

Hey... The Moderate Republican at the DMN supported Sadler...Time for US to!

Obama makes ‘unwavering’ pledge to protect religious liberty in new video

interesting article on Amendment 8

(VIDEO) Romney on Chinese labor

What do you think is going to happen with regard to Iran and the straits of Hormuz?

Feds Urge Appeals Court to Overturn ‘Dangerous’ Indefinite-Detention Ruling

Romney Camp Silent On Whether Bain Purchased Brutal Chinese Factory

How come Rmoney's leaked video has pretty much the same content

Sorry if this has been covered but who took and turned loose that video?

Catholic laity seek voice in choice of bishop

How F**king Dare You.

For someone who once took a ten million dollar GOVERNMENT HAND OUT, Mitt Romney sure

Rachel Maddow said there is more video to come from that Romney 47% speech.

I am a straight white man. Here is how you get my vote, Mr. Romney.

I guess I'm a moocher, any others?

David Corn is on Rachel Maddow right now...

Tape was from Boca home of Marc Leder on May 17th

America's new cyber attacks on Middle East

WaPo Headline: "Romney Campaign faces Distractions"

Occupy New York is back for their year anniversary

Could use your opinions here

Aw, snap! David Corn just revealed the time & place where the Romney video was filmed

Dear Mitt, about that new video...

"Fox News‘ O’Reilly announces 90 min. debate with Jon Stewart" at the Blaze

I'm a moocher, you're a moocher, he's a moocher, she's a moocher…

Chicago Teachers Strike Enters Second Week

Has Mitt's Shitty Campaign Responded yet?

That was a $50K-a-plate Dinner taped at the Leder Boca House that night

Another 47 Democrats and *1* Republican Registered to vote in Florida on 9/16

U.S. human persons under 18 and over 64--37%

Hey, Shitt face Romney, you goddamned

LOLGOP just summed it up perfectly!

*OMG, Rachel talking about Elaine Chao,

I do not look forward to the video leaker being identified

I'm in the 47% dependent class. Should I self-deport?

Now he said it, now get out the hammers

"Mitt Romney Will Not Be Providing a Detailed Economic Plan Anytime Soon, Thankyouverymuch"

This is way, way, way, way, way, way, way out of date.


Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa DUers - Please be on the lookout for Charlie Dowd

Tomorrow's meme of the day: "You think we are moochers? Where are YOUR tax returns Mitt?"

What EVERYBODY is missing about the 47%

Mark my words: it was "The Help"

"Romney’s theory of the “taker class,” and why it matters" by Ezra Klein at WP

I will be voting for Obama. I pay fed. income taxes.

Mitt, should you be drawing attention to your tax returns?

BBC: Will the rich flee France's 75% tax rate?

Romney base firm despite leaked video

Who are these "victims"?

Now I really, REALLY want to see Romney's tax returns

CAW reaches new deal with Ford

How many points is a a state's redness/blueness worth?

Mr. Romney: How F**king Dare You.

Young Asian's making their mark on Australia (moving away from old immigration policies)

"Video of Romney's comments hit the web like a NASCAR driver hydroplaning on a puddle of motor oil"

Rachel may be dealing with The Video shortly.

Gopers and teabaggers are so upset right now

Has Duchess St. Rollins weighed in on the Romney video yet?

DOJ Says Ruling on Indefinite Detention Law Is ‘Unprecedented’

Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart will debate each other...

Revealed - Pre-orgy photo from Romney fundraiser


NYT article on Romney's fellow vulture capitalist Marc Leder

Here’s where Romney’s 53% fundraiser took place

"Mitt Romney Budget Would Actually Increase National Debt: Analysis"

Here is their Versailles where they discussed the other half

If Bain bought that Chinese plant while Romney was in charge, it could be worse than the video

CrossTalk on RT, topic: Are fact checkers biased to the left?

Romney "47 Percent" Fundraiser Host: Hedge Fund Manager Who Likes Sex Parties

After watching the VA focus groups on Cspan, it dawned on me

Forbes: Memo To Mitt Romney: The 47% Pay Taxes Too

Speaking of those who don't pay taxes

Awkward Rosh Hashanah moment for Mitt Romney today...

The Boston Globe is headlining Rmoney's latest self-inflicted crisis.

The Romney Campaign.

"My Dog, the Paradox." I can't stop laughing!

"The story" is all over the place now

Chuck Todd: Romney may respond tonight UPDATE W/ROMNEY QUOTES

Who would have thought the Romney camp would look at last week as the "good old days"

I'd love to see this happen at a WBC Phelps "protest."

Animal Activist Puts Baby in Cage With Gorilla

Occupy Wall Street and The Meanings of Success

150 years ago today: Anteitam, the bloodiest single day in the civil war

"The News" even found its way to Gwen Ifill's lips on PBS Newshour tonight.


And in THIS video from the fundraiser, Mitt praises Chinese working barbed wire.

Forbes: Hey Mitt Romney, Even Marie Antoinette Thought The Peasants Deserved Cake

WSJ Map of Food Stamp participation per state shows Mitt has an ARITHMATIC PROBLEM.

Mitt Romney is voting for Obama!!

Ohio Voter Rolls Smaller After Statewide Purge

The ED Show - Secret recording catches Romney’s comments about Obama supporters

Romney says 47% of us believe we are entitled to food, healthcare and housing?

How in the Sam Hill is he going to be able to walk this one back?

*David Corn on Lawrence now, about the tape.

Merry Christmas DU.

Lawrence O'Donnell just reported that Romney wants to do a press event tonight.

Romney to hold press conference tonight - per Lawrence O'Donnell just now...

Romney's response" Comments "not elegantly stated, and off the cuff."

*Lawrence just read rmoney response/statement at 'press-avail:'

Flash-free in Safari.

Josh Marshall on Mitt's press conference

"Off the cuff"?!?! Did Mitt Romney just apologize?!?!

Were We Wrong About the Closeted "Moderate" Governor Romney?

Yeah...that's because there's no elegant way to call half the country a bunch of freeloading bums.

Romney: "Off the Cuff?" "Not elegantly stated?"

Mother Jones subscribe server SWAMPED!!!

Romney "47 Percent" Fundraiser Host: Hedge Fund Manager Who Likes Sex Parties

when is the real shock going to hit... that Willard has not paid taxes for a decade!!!

Guess where the 47%, the "moochers" live? Mitt might be shocked.

Apple sells 2 million new phones, shares touch $700

Take your apology, Mitt, and

The BAD thing about Romney's campaign being dead is ...

Not elegantly stated: Goddamn greedy lying asshole

The back story here may be that the Romney video was paid for.

Per Lawrence O'Donnell: According to the numbers 75% chance Obama will Win Wonder

I just might be "inelegant" and donate $47.00 to Barack Obama tonight

Romney is pissed and pissing his pants at the same time. nt

Rmoney looks down his big ugly nose at the poor because they "don't pay taxes"

During press avail Romney says he hopes the FULL video will be released. Me too :) n/t

Rmoney is committing suicide.

After your "explanation" Mitt, how will you explain the

OMG Disaster Rmoney Presser

Dang, Mitt is one cold hearted robot

excellent point made in the lounge


You're not smirking, now, are you, Mitt?

If a year ago you told me that Romney would be a joke of a candidate I would have not believed you

Four thugs shoot at CCWer, shoots back, kills one, others flee.

My dog: the paradox

It's a Celebration Day for me!!!

I wonder how many members of the armed forces are in the 47%

Did you just see Mittens hair? Holy shit the wheels really have come off the bus!

1st Time ..... Mitt's hair was not perfect

Keith Olbermann's SpecialTwitter Comment on the Romney tape

Can Romney destroy the whole party?

How many times do we need to stick a fork in Rmoney?

Mitt Romney wants to pin us down and shear off our hair

Romney stands by message in secret video

What are the polls looking like in the states/districts that COULD make the difference,,,

Keith Olbermann Special Twitter Comment on Romney '47 Percent' Tape/Romney Fundraiser's Sex Scandal

Will Stewart and Colbert have at least some of the Rmoney melting

"BREAKING: Todd Akin asks Mitt Romney to step aside for the good of the party."

What about poor Ann?

is romney part of the 47% that doesnt pay taxes? the curious want to know.

Voter Suppression: Don't Take My Word For It

A tool so Mitt Romney can see the reason 47 percent of Americans don't pay fed. income tax

What happened to Cosell, Meredith and Gifford? These guys suck!

Romney Calls 47% Of Americans Lebensunwertes Leben

Quote from the great Shirley Chisholm

Hannity Panel Laments Romney’s Less-Than-Ideal Position Leading Up To Election

Why are cats assholes?

Does Willard Romney Have The Moral Character To Be President?

[O'Donnell] on Romney's Press Conference: "That was a desperate man in a desperate situation."

hate to go to bed on a night like this

Exclusive: Ghost Warehouse Stocks Haunt China's Steel Sector


Romney defends Statement "Same message I give everyday "

You might be a Romney if...

Trending on Twitter - #RomneyEncore - started by Nicholas Kristof

Could this be a setup to energize the base?

In 'Part 2' of Secret Tape, Romney Proposes The Forty-Seven-Per-Cent Solution

Barack Obama: Commander-in-Chief (video)

I am part of the 47%. I depend on the government to...

The ED Show - The trouble with cutting taxes

Lets show some DU love to this guy

Mitt says 47% are "Moochers", it's actually 100%. And I am proud I am one of them. Are you?

On Wealth, Income, and Power ~ Do Taxes Redistribute Income?

Yes we are victims

Obama and campaign staff respond to R$'s presser tonight

The RMoney presser....Mussed Hair version. Watch Mitt Squirm...

A round of applause for the videographer please

Chuck Todd trying to spin this...

Yes, Class Warfare is real - because THEY fired the first shots!

Microsoft pushes software subscriptions on home users—whether they like it or not

Donate Now

Romney On Controversial Fundraiser Remarks

"Obama inches ahead in key voter polls" by The Christian Science Monitor at the Raw Story

Romney On Controversial Fundraiser Remarks - VIDEO

Mitt the Moocher

Hey Mitt... did I just hear you say your campaign is "about bringing people out of poverty...

The ED Show - Romney campaign struggling with strategy

It takes SOME nerve for Idle Romney to dish ANY American!

Text From Hillary (re Romney)

Tractors and a touch of the macabre.

Disabled veterans are moochers

About the "sex party" thing..

Seriously, WTF would Romney do if he met my wife and I.

Here's What The Pig Said About The Forty Seven Percent

Last month, Romney quoted favorite scripture: "For I was hungry, and ye gave me meat..."

Chris Rock takes a tweet at the latest Mitt-scapade...

Let's imagine you could buy a billboard in a "battleground state"

In light of Romney's recent comments regarding his desire to be 'Mexican'

My first college article on the proposed FL 8th Amendment...Yayyy :)

Romney Tape Came From Estate Of Sex-Party-Throwing Hedge Fund Manager

Is Romney a Good Businessman?

Cue Jon Stewart

NYT's Brian Stelter: Fox News had NO coverage of Romney tape tonight until the press conference

Isn't Paul Ryan a moocher? The Government pays him and provides benefits?

AP Photo of Mitt Romney After His "Apology" Press Conference

Let them (the 47%) eat cake

Mitt couldn't be doing a better job for us if he was created right here on DU !

crap ... is it something in the water?

Even if you are employed, Romney and his ilk considers you to be a moocher.

He's Fucked.

Okay news for FL's SYG

"I am the PRESIDENT, I am no longer a candidate"

Keith Olbermann: Ok, Ok, HERE is Tonight's Twitter Special Comment on Romney's Tape & Fundraiser

Sorry, MFM. I've got an even better -- but far more dubious -- cat toy.

Mitt Romney...the 21st Century white male version of..........

Hey wish it will just be 47% who will vote for Obama!

Liz Cheney Caught Flip Flopping on Romney!

Conservatives Embrace Romney's 47% Remarks

And With That, Ladies And Gentlemen, The Incipient Civil War Within The Republican Party

So my wife, who isn't very politically motivated, just asked "Are we in the 6%?"

Mitt seems to think being white is a disadvantage electorally

Joe Sixpack here in Philly says Craft-beer drinkers call it for the President.

So, between the missing dog stories and weather - the Mitt video issue on our local news!

"Cats assholes" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "cats assholes".

Outside groups make up almost half of all presidential campaign ads

What the media is missing......

Mr. Romney: You MUST Prove You Yourself Are Not in the 47%. RELEASE YOUR TAX RETURNS.

47% to Mitt Romney = Hey Mittens! Show us **YOUR TAXES.**

Romney isn't sorry

#iamthe47percent - Good stuff on Twitter tonight!

The Pig Said His Quest For The Presidency Would Be Easier If He Was Mexican

It does my heart good to see Republicans suffer

How Long Before Willard Romney Uses The N Word?

"I collect S.S. and never thought he was referring to me. Anybody with a grain of sense knows..."

Well, it's clear Romney is a man of his word!

O.M.G. Wht genius told Mitt to do that presser?!?

Now we know what is said in quiet rooms

Where Are the 47% of Americans Who Pay No Income Taxes?

President Obama winning in November is going to be one of the highlights of my life.

This makes me so angry!

Not "Elegantly Stated?" "Spoken Off The Cuff?"

The HuffPo piece on the presser? More than 57 THOUSAND comments.

Did Dworkin completely lose her mind prior to its end?

Willard Romney Is Really George Wallace With Better Hair

Anlin Windows - Anti Obama Signs

I wonder how many of the 47% are Republicans and independents

Texas museum kills two healthy mules for art exhibit

Keith Olbermann presents a Special Comment

My Child's America

We have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness , but

Taking Mittens at his word . . .

BBC World News segment on the RMoney garbage statements...

Oh Faux News...

Thurston Howell Romney by David Brooks

The Real Romney Captured On Tape Turns Out To Be A Sneering Plutocrat

When you're holding a presser in mid-September to explain yourself, you're in trouble.

mitt stands by his shit...Romney: Secretly recorded remarks 'not elegantly stated'

Rachel Maddow - Secret video shows Romney in candor

Jon Stewart Tears Into Hannity, Other Pundits For Hypocrisy Toward Middle East - video link

All-American Apple? iPhone 5’s Monster Lift for China

Millionaire Towns for Obama

Dear 53%

They funny thing about Romney insulting the 47 percent

Have you been over to the free republic? Those extremists

I need a good rebuttal for a right wing tax metaphor

We can safely say Mitt's campaign is in "reactive" mode about all the time and not

Remember, this was supposed to be the day Romney reset his campaign...

B.C. legislature wont sit again until February

Michigan's Renewable energy initiative - most important energy vote in the country

It seems to me that the only people that complain about paying taxes are voting for Mitt.

...and David Brooks now weighs in - "Thurston Howell Romney"

I hate to admit it, but I am enjoying Sons of Anarchy.

I always thought the Preamble of the Constitution stated what to expect from Government.

Even if you agree with Romney....

Lakoff: Obama is way in front on freedom of religion

A uniter and a divider

Obama didn't disavow anyone in his 2008 statement as RMoney has done with 47% of Americans

Marc Leder, Rmoney fundraiser, also throws swanky sex parties

I'm new here. But, I've been reading all of the posts

Jonathan Chait: The Real Romney Captured On Tape Turns Out To Be A Sneering Plutocrat

Stand with Bishop Talbott in defense of marriage equality

Toronto Blue Jay: Tu Ere Maricón

Yoon Ha Lee: Blue Ink

FOX NEWS finds the perfect way to deal with Mitt's fiasco...

And how about the Reince Priebus serving of bullshit in defense of the RMoney vid?

Thank You Jimmy Carter's Grandson, for helping to get the Romney video released :)

Cops revealing too much in criminal record checks: Report

Lavie Tidhar: The Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String

Marie Antoinette LIVES!!

Juan Cole: Tax Deadbeat Romney Calls Other Non-Taxpayers Leeches he doesn't want people to get "tired of Ann"

US conservatives seeing multiculturalism, radical Muslims seeing Muhammad...same thin skin!

geez. go out to dinner and come back and the Whole

Republicans are upset, because no matter what they do to Obama, his favorables continue to rise.

Fanning furor, Justice Scalia says appeals court judge lied

Clint Eastwood should comment on the new Romney video

DNC, Obama Campaign, Romney just gave you the best gift EVER! Time to bring back the taxes!

Where are the "47%"? Let's track down those lazy good-for-nothings...

So will "Morning Joe" be missing its namesake tomorrow morning?

So Pompeo is the most conservative of the Kansas delegation


"The Real Romney Captured On Tape Turns Out To Be A Sneering Plutocrat"

American Bridge already hitting Romney hard in new video

Is it too late for Republicans to change "Romney/Ryan" on the ballot to "Tax/Cuts"?

Obama Speech Community Credential Story

So I Guess Mitt's 47% Remark Means -----

Elizabeth Warren: (+4) in Suffolk/WHDH poll!

What makes red-staters think Mitt likes farm subsidies?

"Misconceptions and Realities About Who Pays Taxes"

Where Are the 47% of Americans Who Pay No Income Taxes?

For the first time in 15 years, I am going to be a renter.. with a dog. this is heartbreaking.

Sweet lord Jesus, I'm fat.

Twitter trends right now...

Call Me Crazy, But....

So are we going to let China throw 730,000 people in Ohio off voting roles?

Dental Plan!

Why are not Democrats fighting for Senasta Workers during this campaign. thanks to Bain.

You've Got It Wrong, Mitt... NINETY-NINE % of us want what WE'VE EARNED.....(&, by the way, we pay a

‘Super PAC’ Makes Some Intriguing Bets on Romney

Mitt Romney's press conference

I saw TWENTY-FOUR patients in clinic today. I'm exhausted. Does Rmoney REALLY think

Like he can win this thing fair and square--ask the Indians about white men and rules n/t

I kinda feel bad for Ann Romney

What can we do to lessen the fear of terrorism?

Corn tells us "there are more embarrassing moments on segments of the video he hasn't released yet."

If You Haven't Earned It You Do Not Deserve It

Thurston Howell Romney

(NYC) Voters Annoyed by Hard-to-Read Ballots

David Brooks: Thurston Howell Romney

It struck me tonight just how perfect of a foil...

Unrestricted Rights

"An Anatomy of the Obama Bounce" by Nate Cohn at the New Republic

How Jimmy Carter's Grandson Helped Leak the Secret Romney Fund-raiser Video

#Romneyencore is trending number 1 worldwide

Mother Jones says Part II will go live tomorrow morning EST. Full tape later

"My job is not to worry about those people."

Not Even Diebold Can Save Him Now

Suicide bomber targets foreigners in Kabul

Forget Romney! I want to know who the assholes were that applauded what he said!!

Check in here if you are a lazy moocher who voted for President Obama!

Hedrick Smith ("Who Stole the American Dream?") was on w/Tavis tonight - 5 Stars - MUST SEE VIDEO

Guess who: the researcher who brought Rmoney's 47% video to MoJo's attention?

Mitt's gift so great we thought it had to be a Rove trick! Who else here thought it was???

Who would *want* to release this video of Romney?

Why even Robert Nozick, the philosophical father of Libertarianism, gave up on the movement

Sooooo, what did I miss....

Republicans TRASH Romney "Liar, Fraud, Making Up Stuff, Dishonest, We're In Trouble"

Hrm. Thought just occured to me that Romney could be heading for an "I'm not a witch" moment.

Lets Check In With Intrade

"FREE" Obama Biden bumpersticker

Romney might want to check this map of that 47%

Tape: Romney afraid voters will get tired of his wife.

I am going to buy and wear this to show my support for Missouri Democrats

My Official Reaction to the Latest Romney News

Obama widens margin over Romney in Massachusetts (64-32 RV, 60-38 LV)

If anyone from MIRT is online I found two posts for you (spam).

FOX: Obama Campaign Seizes on Mitt Romney "Victims" Video

Question for the legal eagle's

Before someone says can't happen...

One year ago OWS coined the term 99%

How big or small of an effect do you Romney's 47% statement will have

How many of that 47% were laid off by Bain-owned companies?

Romney's Hidden-Video Fundraiser Host In June: Economy Is “Not Too Bad”

And we still get to watch him debate our President!

Remember the last overheard at a fundraiser Rmoney moment? It was April 15 2012. 4/15/12 No Kidding

Romney:“Ann and I, we know what it’s like to grow up with nothing, to wonder where your next meal is

Update: On racist joke told about Michelle Obama at rodeo.

Remember when the Mittster said he paid taxes, but neglected to use the modifier "income"?

Mitt says: "47% of the country are people who pay no income taxes." I say "and YOU'RE ONE OF THEM..

EF-0. Economic Statistics with links to original sources. Links to LBN jobs threads thru June 3

Romney Slurs the Greatest Americans

Fundies blast Dr. Pepper's "evolution of flavor"

Useful links for the comment sections on the 47% story

Is Connecticut becoming more Conservative?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, September 17)

Mother Jones Tweet: We are sorry, it's 6:00am Eastern and 3:00am Western actually...

This Obama supporter pays a higher tax rate than Willard Romney.

Mother Jones Tweet regarding more new videos: 6am Eastern, 3am Pacific. Sorry for any confusion.

Obama Channels M.C. Hammer In New ‘U Didn’t Build That’ Video

Myanmar's Suu Kyi to meet Clinton in Washington

Qaeda in North Africa urges killing of more U.S. envoys

North Korea says signed debt deal with Russia

Russia reveals shiny state secret: It's awash in extraterrestrial diamonds

Who's your favorite juror?

Romney Doubles Down

Nato cuts Afghan joint patrols over 'insider' attacks

132 inmates escape Mexican prison on U.S. border

Must see video:Prehistoric Animated Cave Drawings Discovered In France

Jon Stewart to debate Bill O’Reilly in online pay-per-view event

"Clint Eastwood was wrong". (Clay Bennett)

Prehistoric Animated Cave Drawings Discovered In France

Mittins can easily divert the MSM's attention to this latest secret video gaffe crisis by....

Hello, boys!

Post Your Halloween Costume Ideas

Marin Luther King Jr. was a Republican!!! ??

BTW....Romney lied in his press conference

I honestly believe liberals are different from other people.

Over 75,000 comments on Huffinton Post

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Sept 18th

Viruses 'are not to blame for ME': Study rules out old theory 'once and for all'

47% plus 1

West Coast Byron Allen fans, check in!!!

Dear David Corn and Mother Jones: Thanks, Man.

Part of what made Mitt's blunder SO DUMB

Greek protests enter menacing phase

Caption time!

The Real News: Anti-austerity protests in Spain and Portugal

Chavez Leads Polls as Opposition Fractures

I am somewhat skeptical of this whole story.

EU Commission to limit food-based biofuels

Matt Farmer sounds out about Chicago's double standard in education

Psst: Queen Anne... it's hard for other's to demonize Mitt for lack of empathy

Billionaire to back Romney, GOP with $12M in ads

How James Carter IV Helped Spread Romney Video -- Daily Intel

poll could use some help Public union bargaining rights

Hey Mitt... you just built this

Introducing self...

Shocking Report Explodes 5 Myths About American Education

Psssssssssst - DUers are you ready to watch

The "47%" story needs to be the DEATH KNELL of the MittTwit RobMe campaign ! Keep it VIRAL.

Economists Agree, Cutting Spending Now is Bad for Recovery; Why is Fox Still Lying?

Mitt Romney - The Entitled Millionaire

Muslims (or other religious people) do not have to "accept" insults to their religion.

After NATO Strike Kills 8 Afghan Women, Pundits Still Wonder: Why Do They Hate Us?

NEW SECRET VIDEO: On Israel, Romney Trashes Two-State Solution

How's this for an election indicator?

The new video is up at Mother Jones

Do we have any ability to know how many people are on DU at a given time?

Toon: Your country on..........


Andrea Greenspan sees the light.

Why would you deface your car with something you hate??

Nato's Afghan Strategy Has Imploded

US Military Suspends Joint Patrols With Afghans

FIRE TORNADOES Ripped Through The Australian Outback Last Week

Here's a Graphic I Made

Joe Klein: A Nation of Moochers

No Mr. Eastwood, apparently Romney *can* "do that to himself"

SECRET VIDEO: On Israel, Romney Trashes Two-State Solution

I haven't had a chance to listen to NPR yet today...

Wave finds that hand-counts of paper opti. scan ballots differed from elec. night totals...

Exclusive: News of the World 'ordered burglary'

O.K. Rmoney, Here's your chance to prove you are not one of the lazy, freeloading 47%...

Update on the Michele and rodeo 'mishap.'


Ian Tomlinson case: PC Simon Harwood sacked for gross misconduct

the tape was made by an attendee

President Obama On Letterman Tonight

What if, God forbid, this man actually becomes President?

Swedish doctors claim pioneering uterus transplant

Airlines charging 'you-get-to-sit-with-your-kid' fee

Oh Mittens, I can't quit you! (Alternet: "7 Mitt Romney Statements Idiotic as His Libya Response")

(R-IA) King: School lunch rules leave kids with growling tummies (Michelle Obama's project)

Small price to pay just for topless pics

Single income families were the norm before Raygun

Romney adviser complains about high taxes – but fails to mention his company’s paltry 2.2% tax rate

Democrats Need Better Debaters

Mitt Romney, I'm not as smart as you, so let me see if I've got this correct

Since rMoney brought up the issue of who pays income tax and who doesn't...

I am of the opinion that Romney expressed himself quite elegantly...

What "helping people take personal responsibility" really means in these times

2012 hottest year on record, federal agency says

I go to this kind of fundraiser several times a year...

Cuba says it proposed talks on jailed American, no U.S. response

Morning Jo is such an asshole.

Bic Cristal Pens for Her!

Repukes going balls out to defeat Independent Angus King in Maine (Senate candidate)

Occupy movement bears fruit (chart)

A real question on the 47%. I know people say these people are retired people or people

"Morning Joe's" opening comment on the Romney video...

Nato's Afghanistan decision shatters implausible claims of progress

Mitt Romney to bet every American $10,000 he’s not too ‘out of touch’ to be President

Just stop feeding & housing the entitled victims & the rest of us will prosper


NEW POST in GD: Please help keep kicked!

Battle over mining in ancient forest goes to Sweden's highest court

Are Republicans secretly in favor of stealing elections?

Randy Newman writes new satirical, political song (and here's the video)

How to teach ... Polar meltdown

I believe that Romney will use this incident to show leadership and take action...

Karl Popper, the enemy of certainty, part 2: the virtue of refutation

The Romney Campaign reminds me of McGovern in 1972

Neanderthals used feathers as 'personal ornaments'

Push to create a million UK ponds

Why has Bay Buchanan slithered out from under her rock?

Teck Resources Admits Polluting Columbia River For 100 Years; Damage To Be Assessed

How the Romney Campaign Scrambled to Respond to Secret Video

The 2016 GOP push has begun in earnest.

Some senate polls are coming in, and it's looking good! (Thank you, Romney! Thank you!)

End of life rethink 'is needed'

Elizabeth Warren Leads Scott Brown In Massachusetts Senate Race Poll (Another poll from Monday night

The mayor who made it his mission to destroy the myth of capitalism

Wait a second... this SOB sends peoples jobs overseas

CBS radio 8:00AM: "My job is is not to worry about those people." That story led their broadcast.

Democrats running for State Supreme Court

Mitt Romney Says He Is A Fan Of Snooki!

Michigan DUers - please remember these names and let other Dems know

Vote Obama Style (Gangnam Parody)

Melting Pot, My Ass....The Separation of the Classes is *By Far* Our Biggest Problem as a Nation....

Mitt Romney: God's gift to the 99%

This is not flip-flopping - This is lying!

Mitt Romney To The 47% Drop Dead

Dark energy camera snaps first images ahead of survey

Mitt... You just got me out of hibernation...

Mitt Romney And The 47 Percent

Why do Republicans repeatedly make the mistake of pandering to their base in the GE?

Michael Tomasky: Mitt Tells Voters in Video to Drop Dead

mitt just guaranteed 4 more years of President Barack Obama

And lets not forget... Romney audio saying he wants to put 20,000 troops back in IRAQ

Brussels celebrates 11th annual "Car-Free Day"

Local news shows '47-percent' video....

Sonya, the Google maps stray dog rescue. Please share.

very interesting read about Romney

Juan Gonzalez: And We Have a Winner: Karen Lewis! ( And American teachers.)

Obama leads Romney among small biz owners, survey says

The Media would never let a Democrat get away

Romney: Palestinians Don’t Want Peace, Two-State Solution Not Possible

Ask Republicans You Know This Question:

Romney campaign seems to be sticking to its disastrous strategy of allowing Mitt to open his mouth &

Wisconsin Act 10 unconstitutional, says Judge, citing McCarthy-era case.

Guess who got his first intel briefing yesterday? Good old Mitt Romney!


MICHIGAN: (Obama +6, Stabenow +6) - MRG poll

Romney Adviser: Leaked Fundraiser Video A ‘Bump In The Road’

My interesting conversation with a Republican

My recipe for Grilled Curry Squash Soup

I think I am entitled to healthcare and food.

This seems appropriate again...

Chuck Todd is a dick.

New Romney Video: Hidden Camera Captures Scene from After Party (Satire)

Once again, Romney ignores "When in a hole, stop digging" advice.

New York's Fractivists Keep the Heat on Cuomo

Chick Toad, in discussing Mutt Rmoney, drags out clips of Clinton and Obama from years ago

OREGON: Obama +9 in SurveyUSA poll

"Morning Joe" video discussing leaked video of Real Romney

Pres. Obama rep. on Romney leak: "It was a deep chasm"

OK, How Soon Will Mitt Romney Have His Next Press Conference

Two shot, one fatally, at Don's Guns in Indianapolis

Republican Congressman Pushes For Unlimited Calorie School Lunches

After 225 Years, It's Time to Respect the Constitutional Rights of Workers

One thing to watch for today - rising MSM panic. They could be watching ad dollars fleeing

Reported firearm thefts in Houston

Some of the people Romney despises

"Romney Just Can’t Sustain Any Momentum (CHART)"

Randy Newman - "I'm Dreaming" (Of a White President)

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 18, 1850

60 year-old mentally ill man dies in isolation hours after police tasing

Krugman: "Clearly, we’re living in a bad political novel written by some kind of liberal."

My Inglorious 53% Story: Living (Way) Below the Poverty Line and Paying Taxes

Borowitz: In New Campaign Strategy, Romney to Have Mouth Wired Shut Until November

ReTHUG IT gurus - just a reminder from Mike

My prediction: Romney is going to lose every "swing state" except possibly N. Carolina.

High School’s Awful ‘Prey and Predator Day’ Lets Guys Dress in Camo While Girls Dress in Animal Prin

Rmoney's little Mexican joke on the hidden video isn't gonna help him either.

"GOP: 'Balloon Boy' Dad to Replace Ryan on Ticket. Insiders say Ryan wasn't lying enough"

chuck todd: 'romney is hardly the first candidate to get caught talking behind closed doors'

Mitt wants the full video huh? Well don't worry, there's more to come.

If the Romney campaign is leaking the truth about Romney

"Paid no taxes" . . . . . Help me out here . . . . .

What really disturbs me...if your Rep. friends/family members vote for Mitt after the last few weeks

Romney is on Kelly and Michael. Just like cardboard. Oh BTW, his wifey is there, too, for support

Dressing Properly for Job Hunting -- Disagreement With My Nephew

Romney Rejects Ronald Reagan

The American people are learning that there is a difference

The worst presidential candidate since when? Since who?

*** Gets out hammer and posts sign for all you DU Lounge Tourists ***

How to complain officially if a Church is violating 501(c)(3) status

Stephanie Cutter is as strong as a garlic milkshake...

So, now that the Presidential race is over,

'Not elegantly stated'

Prominent African-American Clergy to Endorse Marriage Equality on Maryland Ballot

"and so my job is not to worry about those people.

Does anyone have experience with high-end hearing aids?

Romney public/Romney private - on the 47%

Has Fox covered any of this latest flap on Rmoney?

If, like millions of people, you pay Payroll taxes but not Income Tax

Pat McCrory

Strickland nails it this morning on CNN:

Chuck Toad is correct--Mittens is not the first to be caught on tape behind closed doors...

if george romney was born in mexico, how could he run for prez? eom

When I was a kid in the '70s, 2 things had a huge influence on my politics.

Do you still use a land line?

Clint Eastwood on Criticism, Gay Marriage and his Daughter's Boyfriend

COMING SOON! - O'Reilly vs. Stewart

$7 million in gold found in dead Nevada man's home

Can Somebody Please Provide Me A Pie Chart Of Groups Who Pay And Don't Pay (Income) Tax

Michelle Obama: Bo Obama Sleeps In Bed When The President Is Away

I'd bet my last dollar that Mitt was one of them:

It's time for Mitt Romney to prove he pays taxes

Mr. Romney, I pay taxes, so I am not one of your 47%. I am voting for Obama. nt

First Read: A Brutal Three Weeks (for Rmoney)

So the jocks win again

IT'S TIME - for Mitt Romney to prove he pays taxes

Romney meets the 47% (picture)

Ah Ah's back: Viral video of boy reuniting with lost lovey will make you cry

You know what bothered me the most about Romney's "47 percent" comments?

Romney just strapped 47% of the electorate to the luggage rack

Michelle Obama Embraces and Exemplifies the Very Values Romney Rejected Before His Wealthy Donors

Do You Think Willard Romney Should Provide All His Tax Returns To Prove He Has Never Been A 47%er

Very cautious take from Nate - "Sept. 17: Electoral College May Not Help Obama"

Romney: "Our responsibility to one another – to our fellow Americans"

The tax code in America produces a FLAT burden. They are ALL LYING

Sir Ranulph Fiennes to attempt record Antarctica trek

GOP Civil War Is Coming as Mitt Romney Campaign Flails in Video’s Wake


Milk's nutritional value debated as we consume more

Romney Vid: Palestinian's don't want peace....Does that mean Romney would bring them war?

Does this surprise you?

Where do Romney's "Takers" live? You'll be (not) surprised to learn, they are in the Red States

Thing I thought today: an unsettling similarity between alcoholism and Mitt's apparent duplicity

He already said it loud and clear earlier this year:

Have the DUzy's vanished again?

Season 2 of The Newsroom just wrote itself

Attention Java Junkies -- drink 'em if ya got 'em

WOW-David Brooks: Thurston Howell Romney "when will the incompetence stop?"

Wow, how do you dig yourself out of such crappy ratings?

Fun facts about the 47% of Americans Mitt hates so very much

Pic of Hillry speechifyin’ from the bed of pickup.

This is THE BEST article I've read on the Romney video fiasco


Poppin a bunch of popcorn for tomorrow's Secret Video - Can't WAIT!

Mitt Romney Explains '47 Percent' Leak: 'Victims' Comment Not Elegantly Stated

Mitt Romney is running as a proud, honest Republican.

Rachel Maddow - Fox News blurs line with Romney campaign

Rumor-mongering surrounds Chris Stevens’ death

Chris Rock: "God Bless 47% of America"

Romney has fallen for a fake statistic (“boob bait for bubbas”) created by the Wall Street Journal.

If Rmoney is such a good executive--why is he running such a bad campaign?

"47%" HalfMitt the HalfWit

31 states outlaw gay marriage. But this election offers four opportunities to stop bans.

Advice For GOP: Stop Blaming Media & Blame The Existence Of Recording Devices.

FOOD. That's the one word I just can't get past. FOOD.

September Surprise - Cheney Will Love This!

DREAMers to Protest Mitt Romney in Dallas, Texas, September 18th (this Tuesday) at 5:00 pm

House Republicans Have Military Mom Arrested for Supporting the Troops

Mitt Romney is the anti Reagan. He's not just going to lose the election . . . .

This just tells us something about republicans....

It's time to flip the House!

Bain’s Birth by Death Squads

Bill Kristol: Romney Remarks ‘Arrogant And Stupid’

Landmine non-profit teams with Oil company to discover reserves in volitile areas... thoughts?

Romney's Bizarre Attack on the Fed; How much can you get wrong in just three sentences?

David Frum: "Only This Guy Can Help Romney Now."

So Fall is the time for Home Improvements...what tax credits are available and for what?

Rachel Maddow - Conservative base alienated from GOP/Fox News establishment

David Letterman is must watch tv tonite (9/18) - His guest? The President of the United States.

the Choice

Another day, another lamentable Florida story: Man beats girlfriend with dog.

English 'United' Against Mitt Romney, David Cameron Reported To Have Said

Frum: "The Siniser Message Behind Romney's 'Gaffe'"

On ‘Predator and Prey Day’ Boys Hunt Girls

Michael & Kelli Live: Romney trying to be empathetic and one of us.

The Atheist's Primer By Michael Palmer Due 12/30

Cray-Cray Smart Water commercial with Jennifer Anniston.

US Homebuilder Confidence Surges To 6-Year High

Rachel Maddow - Silver lining on Romney's clouded campaign

Mitt Romney Never Mentioned Our Troops At The RNC & NOW He Is Calling THEM Moochers Too!

"his faltering presidential campaign" -- I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

I hate Romney and everything he stands for.

Blahs And Browns To Form Scary Legion Of America Doom


If I could say one thing to Romney, it would be: Look here, jackass.

Joe brought up a good point-What about the waiters who were serving him

From the Tallahassee Democrat: 10,000 turn out to see First Lady

"One of the 47% is my blind, widowed mother, who only "worked" 7 years in her life, " (Krugman)

Where is Meta? I cannot find the folder for it in the forums listing.

Just browsed over to Foxsnews

If I was white and rich I'd have a better shot of understanding just what Romney is saying here

You know he said it all before. Out in the open, on TV, for everyone to hear.

Alan Rickman playing Ronald Reagan?

What's Romney going to do today?

SECRET VIDEO: On Israel, Romney Trashes Two-State Solution

The Last Word - Mitt Romney's ‘devastating’ videotape

Yesterday, the 150th anniversary of the bloodiest day in US history - Antietam.

Meet Marc Leder, home of the $50,000 plate fundraiser and infamous tape

Paul Krugman: The Real Romney

Bill Kristol: Romney Remarks ‘Arrogant And Stupid’

So according to Mitt Romney - he's voting for Barack Obama...

Romney demands that seniors take 'personal responsibility'


Flip Flop - Romney was for an Israeli/Palestinian two state solution, before he was against it

I am the 47%.

Urban designers are from Mars, transit planners are from Venus

Suffolk University Poll: Obama beats 64-31 in Massachusetts

Someone said Rove's REAL target is the Senate - Romney is a diversion....

If things don't change, "next year we may be celebrating 'Dependence Day'"--E. Hasselbeck today

Soledad O’Brien grills Romney aide: Your campaign is ‘just a hot mess’

Romney Surrogate: 47% Remark Was Intended For ‘Business People’

Mitt's "Earl Butz" moment

The day the music died on Romney's campaign....

Just got up, and I searched DU...can't find it now. Did the 3 am release of

Mitt - The gift that keeps on giving.

How ironic. The very 47% that Romney trashes live in red states.

Tweeters mock Newsweek's #MuslimRage cover

Religious Education Should Not Be An Oxymoron

Romney looks to steady shaky campaign

The Last Word - Romney responds to devastating video leak

"It's like watching an ocean liner go over Niagara Falls in slow motion."

michael moore tweet at RomneyEncore

'Substantial' Religious Discrimination Affects Muslims, Pagans and Christian Sects, Research Finds

'MY JOB IS NOT TO WORRY ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE' ~ Huffington Post front page headline today.

Could someone explain to me what is this FREE-MARKET APPROACH Mr. Willard refers to?

I've got a REAL problem with this:

Willard channels Mel Brooks

Parts 1 and 2 of Mitt Romney's Secret Tapes

Thanks for delivering the South to the President....

Sometimes I think WE think Repukes are smarter than THEY do.

Atheist Spills Details of Conservative ‘Values Voter’ Conference

Some Real Morning Joe

Let's imagine you could buy a billboard in a "battleground state"

I need help refuting a rumor...

Why Does Romney Hate Himself?

Romney calls for full video to be released.

Finally, the nude Kate Middleton Photos everyone has been looking for (NSFW)

Mitt, thee productivity/wages graph shows the real problem.

the 47% includes handicapped children

RAVITCH: 50% drop in enrollment in teacher training? Are We Decimating the Teaching Profession?

Pic Of The Moment: The Choice

Conservatives Agree: Romney's Wrong

Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Subsidies than Social Welfare Programs

Revenue Reform, ala 1888, aka Robber Baron Era

The Rude Pundit - Note to Mitt Romney: Everyone Is Dependent on the Government, You Dumb Fuck

Romney's New Religion Centered Campaign Strategy

A "must read" book about power in contemporary China

President Carter To Grandson Re: Mitt Video: "James: This is extraordinary. Congratulations! Papa."

GOP does a 69 at the University of Colorado.

Have you found Jesus?

Romney is referring to a report that said 43% of FULL TIME EMPLOYEES don't pay FEDERAL INCOME TAXES.

Arrogant + Stupid = Loser?? Think again!

Weed, not war

OFFICIAL Rep John Lewis appreciation thread!!!!

Day 2 of brilliance caught on film

Nobody Chill The Fuck Out

"In Week 2, we've seen just how incompetent these officials are"

Cutter: Romney’s Remarks ‘Opposite’ Of Obama’s Guns And Religion Comment

If Romney weren't born to money, he'd be living on the street

On Mitt Romney's comment about entitlement to food.

Dang-WaPo just published infographic-who does not pay taxes-demonstrates that Rmoney is full of shit

Antarctic krill population has declined by 80%

Hi folks,

"You people" "Those people" "We the people"

iPad 2 or the New iPad?

Where are the "Suppression Soldiers " For Our Side?

So if the September Surprise is the release of the video...

Experiments Suggest Grassland May Replace Forest in U.S. Southwest

so last week my 91 yr old mother was a member of the greatest generation ever--today she is a 47%

Do you think Romney will be over 40% by the end of the week?

Thom Hartmann vs Carrie Lukas: Should we really be banning Super Size Sodas?

Learning to appreciate Serena the Conqueror

Mitt Romney Makes Jim Backus Look Good

Why I have frequently criticized Christianity but not Islam in my life:


New video shows Romney saying Palestinians don't want peace

The real blunder in Romney's speech is not so much the "47%" line, it's:::>

I had a Repub ask me if we are better off than 4 years ago...Guess what happened?

ice gyre

poor, poor, poor, little rich boy

Romney's Responsibility Map


Carney: Obama Is ‘President Of All The People’

PBS Newshour Propagates Confusion On Climate Change

Oxypigboy sez...

Carney: Obama Is ‘President Of All The People’

Something on Facebook this morning gave me HOPE!

Bill Clinton On What Republican Desperation Means For Voters

We are victims.

Let Detroit go bankrupt

Entitlement society? It's time to reframe that one!!

Ebenezer Mitt

Its time for Romney to go all-in

Is the election over now, or does Mittens still have a chance?

The Billionaires' Tea Party

Only A Fool Would Compare Barack Obama's Questionable Sociology With Romney Dissing Half The Nation

NEW OBAMA VIDEO: Americans react to Romney writing off half the nation


Thom Hartmann: Happy Birthday OWS...The Game is Rigged - Keep it Up!

One size fits all school lunch policies not working for many

Section 1021(b)(2) of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), declared unconstitutional!

I'm ordering sushi - what can I get you?

Thank you Fox News! Thank you! Thank you!

GOP dropping Mitt, replacing him with someone with a better chance

BREAKING NEWS: Mitt Romney is an arrogant dick who looks down on the unwashed masses with disdain.

Mitt Romney speaks for the Republican Party

Robyn Blumner: Ryan Calling The Kettle Black With Medicare Scare Tactics

The greatest post ever on Huffington Post ever?

An Open Letter to Mitt Romney from one of Those People.

We should refer to Mitt as "King Crab"

[Re: Romney Video]: 7 Deadly Sins in flesh...

Breaking Up the Echo

How dare they think they are entitled to food?

Wisconsin Wave (recall vote audit) latest bulletin... and...

I would just like to say KUDOS to the Obama campaign staff

Egyptian Warrants Issued For Terry Jones, Coptic Filmmaker

Why Are The Wealthiest And The Poorest Usually The Most Religious

The worst thing Romney said was "people think they are entitled to food"

Who'd a thunk it? A "Mere Cater Waiter" might end up being somewhat of an American hero.

Romney's 5 Oddest Fundraiser Statements on Israel, Iran, and Peace

Occupy publishes The Debt Resistor's Manual

47% (Obama web ad)

I love the drip..drip -- contempt for 47%, love for Chinese factories, now the Palestinians clip

Lady Ga-Ga being Lady Ga-Ga

"TV's Frank" Conniff via Facebook: "Romney says remarks "not elegantly stated" and...

October 22 Deadline to Submit Claim Form in Chicago Anti-war Class Action Lawsuit

Tammy Baldwin Takes Lead in Wisconsin; Two polls show Baldwin Ahead of Republican Tommy Thompson

Higher Levels of BPA in Children and Teens Significantly Associated With Obesity

Will Romney even show up to the debates? What if he doesn't like a question given to him?

Who are the people using "food stamps" anyway?

We now know the real Romney.

Nice. Someone tries to sell me weed next to my kid's school.

Nate Silver: Obama could only win the popular vote

Have you seen the "Occupied Wall Street Journal" magazine.???? Free online here:

You know it's probably a good thing that pants don't actually burst into flames

Nate Silver finally shows the Senate Race - Pic below

Fox News Affiliate Fails on Basic Research

Bid to overturn L.A. pot shop ban qualifies for ballot

Irate Muslims, then and now

Jesus reacts to Mitt Romney's comments

The Times They're a Changing. Or Are They?

Since I paid 30% in taxes, and Rmoney paid 13%, does that mean he is among the ones who "believe

There are more videos out there. Count on it.

Wow! White people still think like this!

That's Right..........

Paul Ryan Says He Has Less Body Fat Than Olympic Athletes

I just turned red when I heard what Romney said

Mitt Romney won't be hurt as bad by this video as some of you think. A lot of people who will vote

Mitt Romney's Mom says George Romney was on Welfare as a child.

Chris Christie "I'm The Governor Of All The People"

Good afternoon, Fellow Moocheurs and Moochettes!

Heh. "The Donald" weighs in (Romney 47% gate). "Don't apologize!"

Have a Blessed Mabon everybody.

If people reject Romney for his 47% remark, shouldn't that free Dems from GOP ideas?

I get the strangest e-mails...

Romney "47 Percent" Fundraiser Host: Hedge Fund Manager Who Likes Sex Parties

Mother Jones to release full video today ("around mid-afternoon.")

First Thoughts: Romney's brutal last three weeks

Romney's Going To Try (Hilariously, No Doubt) To Stop The Bleeding T'Day With FOX's Cavuto At 4:00ET

Here we go Mitt. Corporation taxes paid.

So this guy who has never had callused hands in his entire life just called 1/2 of the USA Lazy...

W.H.: Obama is 'president of all the people,' not the 47 percent

Two polls suggest Baldwin now leads Thompson in Senate race

GOP Senate Candidate Linda McMahon Denounces Romney's 47% Remark

Mitt Romney as a young man: Use The Servants' Entrance!!!

47% of Americans pay no income taxes, and Mitt's one of them likely.

Remember Obama's "Cling to their Guns and Their Religion" Comment?

Christine O’Donnell Says She ‘Owes’ It To Us To Consider Another Run


CEO pleads guilty to fraud (steals 200 million)

I really don't think Romney should talk about the percentage of Americans who don't pay

I hope to see a new ad featuring the 47%

Look How Far We’ve Come Apart

The Romney video - staff do not exist as human beings

Chuck Todd Asks Stephanie Cutter How Obama’s ‘Clinging To Guns’ Comment Differs From Romney’s

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter Congratulates Grandson on Unearthing Romney Video

Republicans Who Run For Office

New NBC poll numbers today...

47 percent - Obama for America

So tell me why NC is trending Rmoney

How many different shades of black mascara can there be?

Wanted: Audio / video remix folks... to create "Dean's scream on steroids" for Romney

Romney, are puppies also part of the 47%?

John Sununu is a rude...

I showed a Romney supporter the video of his remarks, and videotaped their reaction.

Rmoney put the dog on the roof of the station wagon

A graphic on Cspan this morning and a Republican caller

I am on SSI. I am constantly hounded by RW assholes because of it.

New FiveThirtyEight tab on Senate outcome...

Hollywood's tribute to James Carter regarding Romney video:

Sununu tries to adjust the middle class down to those with AGI of $60K just now on

Watch the polls. Part 2

Fox News: Obama 'answers to the Quran first and to the Constitution second'

Powder Springs Gun Range OK'd to Serve Alcohol

Religion movie ‘masters’ great filmmaking

So Mittens allows as how his comments were "not elegantly stated, but . . .

Big Ed on radio interviewing Nina Turner on voter supression on Ohio STILL A BIG PROBLEM

Bill Kristol: Romney Remarks ‘Arrogant And Stupid’

Oh mah lord...David Brooks speaks up in (sort of) opposition to Rmoney!


Editing and the Romney video... is the entire video available?

A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus' Wife

Detained Palestinian theatre director resumes hunger strike

Strasbourg judges rule indeterminate sentences unlawful

Germany bans “hate preacher” Terry Jones

Biden on Romney’s '47 percent' remarks: ‘I’ll let his words speak for themselves’

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Mitt and the 47%

POLL: Media statements about Romney's floundering campaign in your opinion are more likely to

Sorry, Philly Inquirer reported and then retracted Supreme

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

Steve Sabol of NFL Films has died

(Afghanistan) Judges reject detention without a trial

WTF, Gallup Obama 47, Romney 46! This after Libya???

Great Carlin quote:

At least 22% of those who don't pay federal income tax are retirees.

Try not to laugh while watching this video

Repukes Jumping Ship: Republican U.S. Senate candidate-Linda McMahon Denounces Mitt Romney’s Remarks

US drug czar to form team in Colombia .

US drug czar to form team in Colombia .

Just read on twitter that the Pennsylvania voter ID Law

Romney Getting Crushed in His Home State

If you think access to basic housing and medical care are "entitlements (Eeep!!1!)"...

Pa Supreme Court vacates voter id law.

Ex-paramilitary leader implicates top army officials in massacres .

Ex-paramilitary leader implicates top army officials in massacres .

Mother Jones will be publishing the full Romney donor video in 2 parts, 49.5 minutes total, at 2:30P

Wow!! Obama leads Mittens by 52-44 in Virginia in Washington Post Poll

Louis C.K. on Gay Marriage

The Inside Story of a Controversial New Text About Jesus (The Smithsonian)

The Moment Romney Lost The Election: "If my father had been born of Mexican parents..."

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Wipes Out Pro Voter ID Decision but Declines to Block Law

Rush Limbaugh: Secret Fundraiser Video Is "Golden Opportunity" For Romney

Florida Caterer Sees Big Opportunity Go Horribly Awry

Two men shot by their own dogs, 'accidentally'

You People, Those People, We The People - pic

Tax Policy Center: Who Doesn't Pay Federal Taxes?

Tea Party Nation Responds to Romney @ Leaked Video

Laughing at them is killing them

Romney believes he could have said it more elegantly

Why is no one talking about Romney's Hispanic comment

What "Panic" looks like

PA Supreme Court Voter ID decision


Stewart to debate O’Reilly in charity pay-per-view showdown

Obama wins right to indefinitely detain Americans under NDAA

Russia Terminates USAID Activities Amid Kremlin Crackdown On Foreign Groups

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Sends Voter ID Law Back To Lower Court

Romney's speaking style

Romney's new slogan - I think it has kind of a ring to it

Mitt Romney's Most Idiotic Quotes - At Least Until Next Week

Mitt Romney is Now Road Kill, Caught Between the Center and the Fever Swamps

Bands with very distinctive sounds that could never be replicated

US lost eight jets in worst air loss in one day since Vietnam war


I've found some great music befitting the Romney campaign

Thom Hartmann: One Year later...Can OWS have an impact without physical encampments?

"I inherited nothing," Mitt Romney declares ...

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Puts Voter ID Law In Jeopardy

Fun read: Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World

I don't always pee on political signs....

The more I think about Rmoney's attack on the 47% who pay no federal income tax,

TYT: David DeGraw (co-Founder 99% Movement) Interview

It's time to change his name to "Moot Romney."

OOPS: Akin’s Site Touts Democratic Operative As A Female Supporter

Reading the tea leaves: PA Voter ID law will be upheld - more obvious attempts....

The Obama Campaign needs to create some ads...

Fl Governor Scott paid absentee ballot collector...

Why Romney's Secret Speech Will Matter

Rep. Allen West (R-Crazytown): Romney's comments were "a little clumsy"

Blitzer's face...

Worst presidential candidate EVER! Please come CAPTION Witless Mitt! (The one on he ground.)

LF Update

Just listening to Big Ed...

Biden on Romney tape: 'words speak for themselves'

I thought a nominee's 'October Surprise' strategy was supposed to be....

Sullivan to Mittens: Fk you

Meta Message - Romney -Sherif Of Nottingham - The 47% Will ----

Is there an Ask an Admin type of place in DU?

Little Concern for the Environment in EU-Central America Agreement

The Real Romney Captured on Tape Turns Out to Be a Sneering Plutocrat

Little Concern for the Environment in EU-Central America Agreement

2012 time-series of ice extent using sea ice concentration data

Romney Will Address Leaked Video On Fox News

USAid withdraws from Russia after Moscow decision to end agency's work

Mother Jones Full Video(two parts 49 minutes)

Full Rmoney Fundraiser video part 1

Full RMoney Fundraiser video part 2

I believe Romney said things most GOP thinks

Red State Moochers

WATCH: Full Secret Video of Private Romney Fundraiser Mitt Romney wanted the full tape. Here it is.

Mitt Romney: All Hat And No Campaign

The Single-Issue Trap

Council Agenda Could Spark Battles With Mayor

Ezra Klein: "This Division of 'Makers' and 'Takers' Isn't True."

Hey Mitt: Release your tax returns, THEN we'll talk about who's not paying taxes

At what point do Romney voters lose heart and stay home?

Swedish doctors claim pioneering uterus transplant

Yippee! Got my Obama stickers today...

I'm farming and I grow it

Dear Mitt, Fuck you and the dancing horse your wife rode in on. nt

Reagan and Dubya's tax cuts are why so many people don't pay federal income tax now

What's up with the CNN electoral vote tracker?

Trump butts in Palm Springs windmills, insults many

Oregon legislator, Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association support marijuana legalization

At N.H. town hall, Paul Ryan urged to ‘take the gloves off’

47% believe that Republicans are deliberately stalling the economy

Elizabeth Hurley's Bikini Line For Young Girls Called 'Disturbing' And 'Inappropriate'

Andy Borowitz Tweet

Mitt's full video here

Minnie and Mitt

Dark Money Groups Free To Spend Money Without Disclosure Again After Appeals Court Ruling

Multiple new polls: Obama holding solid lead, Romney fading in all areas

SO, is Mittens part of the 47% who has NOT PAID TAXES????

I remember the first time I saw Occupy at work.

Papantonio: Confederacy of Dunces Alive in the South

Who are the 47%? ~ 70% pay income taxes - 17% are seniors.

Bolivia enacts law to protect Amazon pink dolphins

Clint Eastwood: Romney is 'dumb enough'

Romney is driving his campaign clown car into the ditch......

Malaysia "on the lookout" for gays...

Moving email from Heather Beaven running for Congress in Florida's 6th Congressional District.

The speech Rmoney should give

Bernie Sanders The American People Are Angry

"Mitty the Moocher"

4,000 millionaires in Romney's '47%'

"Who Pays No Income Tax?" A Look at the Original Source from 2009

Video: Keith Olbermann Releases Special Comment in Response to Secret Mitt Romney Speech

PA. Supreme Court Passes the Buck Down to Lower Court Judge to Decide Upon Voter ID

We Built That: Small Business Abandons Romney and Supports Obama, 47%-39%

Foreshadowing Libya? Mitt on the video

This is what patriotism looks like....

A reminder - this is why we have a Food Stamp Program:

As Romney Spirals Out of Control Republicans Jump Ship to Obama

Fox News in one cartoon...

something to think about - from Tunisia

Romney Wishes Govt Workers Weren't Unionized So He Could Clean House

Newsmakers Trade Access For Quotation Approval

Thom Hartmann: Hartmann Vs. Selig - Trickle-down economics only creates a nation of peons

THIS MORNING MY 15 year old son said

Romney Has Support Among Lowest Income Voters

The worms are turning...

Please consider helping us with this action involving the use of federal tax dollars to destroy

Chris Murphy: Yes, McMahon Does Agree With 47 Percent Remark is not a news source

Please consider helping us with this action involving the use of federal tax dollars to destroy

From FB: Obama team strikes back!

Please consider helping us with this action involving the use of federal tax dollars to destroy

Government wins temporary freeze of military detention order

Hard Work and Success

I've reached the conclusion that R-money is a Democratic mole that Obama

My hat is off to the entrepreneur behind the bar at the Romney fundraiser.

Romney comes clean -- the rich are just better

Please consider helping us with this action involving the use of federal tax dollars to destroy

The existence of poverty in “The Richest Country in the World” ...

Occupy Wall Street, Year 1

Controversial New Text About Jesus

Please consider helping us with this action involving the use of federal tax dollars to destroy

Another rat fleeing sinking ship: Sen. Brown distances himself from Romney comments

The republicans I work with are VERY cranky today.

Some early Christians believed Jesus was married.....

GOP Doubles Down on Irresponsible Mooching Loser Message

Mitt Romney’s disdain for 47% of Americans makes him unfit for the presidency

Willard ........ the Great American Liar and Fraud

Mitt Romney on Iran's Nuclear Program

So Jimmy Carter's Grandson James Carter III most likely brought down Mitt Romney's

12-year-old boy calls out Romney on his threat to repeal Obamacare...

Media Matters and emails from this a problem?

CNBC Poll. 76% agree with Romney's statement, re: dependent, needy victims who want free stuff

42 years ago today, we lost Jimi Hendrix.

Linda McMahon: 47% PAY NO TAXES!

Mother Jones article: Who Was at Romney's "47 Percent" Fundraiser?

Robert Fisk: The Forgotten Massacre

Excellent new ad by Elizabeth Warren's campaign...

Elizabeth Warren: Romney Wrote Off Half Of America As ‘Deadbeats’

Clint Eastwood is guesting on "Ellen" in case anyone cares...LOL..n/t

House Republicans Have Military Mom Arrested for Supporting the Troops; Reps VOTE NO on Pay Increase

Thom Hartmann: Should Strip Tease be Considered Art & be Tax Free?

Salon: Teaching ate me alive.

Obama Abandons Czechoslovakia

Just a reminder that 400 Americans

GOP Sen. Scott Brown denounces Romney comments

So Jimmy Carter's Grandson James Carter IV pretty much brought down Mitt Romney's Presidental

Mother Jones Metrics ‘Melted’ After Romney Meltdown

Am I wrong to resent my tax $$ going towards republicans who refuse to acknowledge

David Corn of Mother Jones Magazine should receive a medal for his great work in this campaign.

What does a good vehement argument look like?

WHo's gonna take one for the team and watch Romney on FOX?

Mitt Romney's Responsibility Map - you decide what 47% don't matter.

President Obama Crashes Wedding In Iowa, Leaves Awesome Gift - PHOTO and VIDEO

**TONIGHT: @andersoncooper interviews James Carter IV about the hidden camera video**

Hopey, Changey, and Stealthy...

Tim LaHaye's Christian voter mobilization video

HEY!!! Where are the commercials with workers saying, "I'm no moocher, freeloader, etc.?"

Sorry Mr. Eastwood, but you were wrong. Romney is CLEARLY capable of fucking himself.

There he goes with the hip hop 40 oz BBQs again!

Blago Former Governor Of Illinois Wanted Full Release Of All The Tapes They Made Of Him......

What's the connection: Mitt, the 1980s Iran hostage crisis and attacks in Libya

Gallup: One-Third Of Lowest Income Voters Support Romney

Mitt Romney secret video reveals views on Middle East

This tape has the possibility of being Romney's "Lonesome Rhodes" moment

When you look into Mitt Romney's eyes there is no soul. It is very creepy. nt

Rotten Tomatoes review of Romney's video

TONIGHT: @andersoncooper interviews James Carter IV about the hidden camera video

Scott Brown: Romney’s Comment ‘Not The Way I View The World’(denounces Romney comments)

"I'm Dreaming (of a White President)"

A couple images from the Festival Latino.

Cool Event on Long Island

I still remember with great fondness the Bush scorecard of evil

Lauren Corgo update.

Interesting 47% Graphic from Guardian...

Poetic justic or ironic that Jimmy Carter's grandson was the guy who exposed Mitt on tape

Clint Eastwood on Good Morning America from Conan O'Brien

For Lurking Trolls* And Nervous Friends -A Link To Seven Nat'l Polls With Six Showing The Pres Up

Middle East Protest and Violence...

Politico Breaking News: "Mitt Romney refused to back down" (from email from Politico)

Gosh, what a magnificent day here today!

Gallup: One-Third Of Lowest Income Voters Support Romney

I think the difference is gratitude and empathy

Keeping Romney at arm's length (Republican Senate candidates running from Mitt)

OK Obama campaign - what you need now

Cameron pledges cabinet-level review of British policy in Afghanistan

Romney's performance at his "presser" last night, reminds me of this famous performance by Bogart.

We need Reid to do another Call out for Romney's Taxes especially after his 47% comment.

What my 13 year old daughter thinks of the form of Looney Tunes

sound-alike songs

Ladies and Gentlemen the President of the United States!

I just got POLLED!

R-money's not acting like someone who doesn't really want to win -

From the Conservative Gospel of Repubs:

We're trying to have a civilization here!

Borowitz: In New Campaign Strategy, Romney to Have Mouth Wired Shut Until November

Anyone voting for Romney is voting for more wars, and an end to social security, Medicare, woman's

Eugene Robinson: Standing up for teachers

Dallas suburb that’s pushed to ban illegal immigrant renters has new court hearing Wednesday

Obscuring the line between church and state?

That Smirk

Does the full tape have Romney describing the Chinese factory Baine bought?

Robert Reich: The Real Romney Revealed... "Indignant"

We are not so different

The Butterfly and the Bulldog

You know what, Mitt? The government does have a responsibility to care for the people.

Question for presidential debate: "Mr. Romney, how can we be sure that you are not part of the 47%

Police can start enforcing Ariz. immigration law, judge rules

Mitt Romney Doubles Down To Neil Cavuto On Hidden Camera Video Remarks - video link

For those worrying about Gallup showing Obama up by +1...

One Poster Brought Up Interesting Idea About American Worker. He ----

Can Romney Reinvent Himself Sufficiently?

Nevada recluse dies with just $200 in the bank, but $7M in gold stashed in his garage Read more: ht

My facebook post today-was it a mistake?

rMoney Math. My mom is a "mooch".

Don't forget to watch Letterman tonight.

I'm a retired Maker; am I now a Taker?

Callous disregard

Tweety singing - If I were a rich man...dumb, dumb

Why is Romney not backing down from his comments on the tape?

RMoney was supposed to appear on Neil Cavuto at 4pm EST. Anyone see him?

*New tape (segment)

That librul media...

The last 30 years ... have been better for the rich than any time or place in human history

Dems aim to dismantle state voting restrictions

As Mitt Romney struggles to recover, here's some helpful advice...

I Guess Veterans Are Takers And Moochers Too - The Ryan Budget ----

Mr. Rmoney, about 61% of those not paying Federal Income taxes do pay payroll taxes and various

Tony Auth Toon-A Few of Rmoney's IRRESPONSIBLE MOOCHERS

On Cavuto Romney Says He Will Get Half The Vote And Doubles Down

PENNSYLVANIA: (Obama +9) - Morning Call poll

Romney seems to sincerely believe that there is no problem that money can't fix.

Just Watching The Rmoney Tape Again It Struck Me That.....

For those who don't have a clue who Emma Watson is. Extremely brilliant.

Exclusive: News of the World 'ordered burglary' Police probe link to break-ins at homes of MPs/Stars

Romney reminds me of a character out of the Wizard of Oz. I don't know

Romney says tax code that allows him to pay...

toon - Rmoney's pants on fire

I'm dreaming of a white President....

Dems aim to dismantle state voting restrictions

Women are Watching... and Voting

I want to know who made this RobMe tape. I know, it was

Sununu blasts Jimmy Carter’s grandson for Romney’s ’47 percent’ trouble

Mitt's "47%" comments may hurt him, but not with the GOP base

Thom Hartmann: You're right, Rick - the smart people will never be on your side...

GOP strategists alarmed over Romney and the '47 percent'

X-Post POLL: Media statements about Romney's floundering campaign in your opinion are more likely to

James Carter IV coming up on Hardball!

This could be a game-changer for my campaign, with your help.

Heads Up James Carter IV coming up on Tweety after commercials

Romney’s Libya Response May Have Done Real Damage (updated)

The Military is included in the 47%. A new graphic for you, using Mitts own words against him!!!

Did Willard misspeak??

Keith Olbermann's EPIC Special Comment on Romney's videotape disaster

True story about magic underpants!

More Mitt Romney bad lip reading.

New NYT editorial: Romney, not Obama, is waging class warfare

Poll: Romney has support from 47%

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter Congratulates Grandson on Unearthing Romney Video

Romney is a Genius!!!!!

Mitt Romney's 47%

Akin's real deadline to withdraw from Senate race earlier than expected

Romney Apologizes To Nation's 150 Million 'Starving, Filthy Beggars' (the Onion)

Shaving with a sunburn sucks

Pinch me

Had to post(or possibly re-post)this song in response to Mitt's "47%" comment

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney = Money Boo Boo. Yes it's trending #MoneyBooBoo

Romney Apologizes To Nation's 150 Million 'Starving, Filthy Beggars'

"You People" ... "Those People" (picture heavy)

I'm looking for recent special education cases in Michigan...

color photos from 1930's and 40's

Has anyone seen a party implode like this since 1972?

Did anyone see Clint Eastwood on Ellen show today?

'there are not a lot of people out there who think they are victims'

Romney has brought the class warfare into clear focus.

"If somebody’s dumb enough to ask me to go to a political convention and say something...

Sea Ice May have reached minimum today. Conversation with scientist in arctic.

any interest in a meetup? chgo

chicago area du'ers

Movie Poster: Romney Can You Hear Us?

Romney derides 47% of citizens for not paying taxes. Could he be one? How can we know?

27 Photos That Have Been Recolored And Brought Back To Life

Republicans have Theories, Democrats have Facts

Mythbusters returns on Oct. 7, 2012!!!!!!!!!!

How many of the 47% pay no income tax because Romney

Obama on Letterman - NEW - tonight.....

Obama responds to Romney's 'victims' comments ("not a lot of people out there who think they are..")

Logo change for the Romney campaign: Believe in half of America.

Best new Romney hashtag on Twitter

Saw a strange sight today, maybe you can explain it

Thurston Howell Romney By DAVID BROOKS

Yet another Massachusetts poll: OBAMA +18 (PPP)

AIPAC thanks Obama for 'steadfast support'

The Faces of the 47% - image

Toons: The 47%

French leaders sound alarm over planned Mohammad cartoons

A "capital" conspiracy? Another nugget from Romney's 47% video.

In New Campaign Strategy, Romney to Have Mouth Wired Shut Until November : The New Yorker

President Obama has supporters, Mitt Romney has potential subjects nt

Check out Darden's CEO's answer to a question about sick time pay.

Of course we feel like victims

Martin Bashir - Romney’s less than Friendly donor base

UK judges: Gov't must hand over Charles' letters

Analysis: Prophet film diverts gaze from Syria

We Expect More

Want to know how to tell when the Right Wing Noise Machine is in an absolute panic?

Once again - anyone have any idea what that black spot is on the Republican flag pins?

Hey're in the 47%...

Mitt hates those moochers who expect a handout but Ann who has never worked a day in her life

Romney Completely Implodes and Claims Americans Like to Pay Taxes

French small business faces job-creation hurdles

Chicago Public Schools teachers’ strike over

Romney Apologizes To Nation's 150 Million 'Starving, Filthy Beggars'

Is Mitt Romney on Social Security and/or Medicare?

When I was a little kid there were legally banned books.

Another Rich Guy Tells It Like It Is…

Bye for now.

Chart of the Day: Warren’s surge continues in Massachusetts …

What he said…

For Profit College charges $180 for art history book WITH NO PICTURES.

The Faces of the 47 Percent…

Pa. voter ID law returns to lower court for review


This seems like a good time to dust off this old poster and put it up here...

Rmoney tape LEADS on all MSM channels.

Republican Governor of New Mexico breaks with Romney over "47 percent" remarks

Jimmy Carter and the Carter Family Appreciation Thread

Mr. Rmoney since u consider corporations people, note that ~2/3rds pay no Fed income taxes

Support Jewish Voice For Peace! Please like them on Facebook.

Which is worse not paying income tax or hiding money in the Caymans & Swiss banks?

Mitt, if you REALLY want fewer people to be "dependent on government"...

Fuckpubic is in total meltdown....

Romney Apologizes To Nation's 150 Million 'Starving, Filthy Beggars' | The Onion - America's Finest

The Blob. A behind the scene look at why we're fucked in this country.

Journalist Examines Chaotic Fighting In Syria

Multiple new polls: Obama holding solid lead, Romney fading in all areas

Oh, FFS, why is Al Sharpton giving that twit Megan McCain airtime?

New Mexico (Republican) Governor Breaks With Romney Over 47 Percent Remark

Romney saying "I've got a great team,"

I need a new hard drive on an Dell XPs 1330. I am not too computer knowledgeable, but i've seen

Romney Mash-up

NBC Nightly News spanked Rmoney tonight...

What if Hoover (Romney) had won in '32 instead of FDR?

The Theory of the Moocher Class

Martin Bashir - Romney campaign now with 47% more hole to dig out from

Poll: Obama up 52%-44% in key swing state

Obama Extends Lead In New Poll

And the Obama mash-up

Martin Bashir - Mr. Romney, meet the 47%

Romney: "The Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace."

New Rmoney campaign theme song

Martin Bashir - Meet Marc Leder, host to Mitt Romney's '47%' fundraiser

If you don't already, time to subscribe to Mother Jones - consider it an investment in democracy

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama leads Romney nationally by 5 points (50-45, LV) (50-44, RV)

Trivia music quiz!

Come on people, Romney has talent...

Eerie similarity between Mitt Rmoney and

David Brooks and Andrew Sullivan on the 47%

We now know the real Romney. Here's the real Mary Harris (Mother) Jones.

NBC News/WSJ Poll: Obama leads by five among likely voters

A Rare Look at Why The Government Won't Fight Wall Street

Kali's two most-often imbibed drinks ever:

I'm not sayin' LynneSin is a cheap-ass procrastinator, but... ... ... ... ... OK, yes I am.

Scroll down to find out what this picture is.

When cherubs get bored, they're MUCH more inventive than we are at alleviating it.

One of MiddleFingerMom's lesser-known talents is his impersonation of animals.

While riding in AZ, MiddleFingerMom learned the #1 rule is to stay well-hydrated.

My Veterans benefits, I thought, until today, were from a grateful nation.

Putin Watches War Games, Tells Soldiers To Boost Russian Defence

As of today....R.I.P.

The Romney Campaign (you know you have to look)

CBS does its part of false equivalence - plays the Obama clinging to their guns tape...

When These 6 People Think You Blew It, You Know Your Campaign Is In Trouble

You Might Be the 47 Percent If.... you are super wealthy ......or just fairly wealthy....

September 18th 1970. Jimi Hendrix returned home, to play the great gig in the sky.

New Ad in important and close Montana Senate Race (Jon Tester)

Democrats Now Favored to Retain Senate

A RW Political Weakness: They want the World to Burn

President Obama with David Letterman On Romney’s 47 Percent: Not Many ‘Think They’re Victims’ -pics

Martin Bashir - No apologies from Romney for 47% comment

My daughter was a 47 percenter

Mitt Romney, the least interesting man in the world...

Just a reminder to Ramney: 52% of voters in the $200,000+ households voted for Obama in 2008

Without Rasmussen, Obama is up 3.45.

Well, Mitt some of us are your victims - you vulture capitalist.

Is the lack of jobs the fault of government or the capitalist system??

How many ReTHUG Senators and Congressmen and women are

Do you think anyone on Facebook is talking about that "47%" comment? (warning - graphic heavy)

Romney Logo Love and more

"off the cuff" is not Mitt's style.

Applebees calls cops on woman for breastfeeding her 20 month old son

Photography Is Not A Crime Founder Carlos Miller's Trial Starts Wednesday in Miami Florida

Ladies and Gentlemen, I truly believe we are watching....

New guidelines issued on domestic abuse

DU is so fun when the Repubs screw up........nt

Mark Duggan 'given loaded gun' before police shooting

The 47% - A few pics found on Facebook

Logo change for the Romney campaign: Believe in half of America

Company Illegally Tested Products On Humans With Disastrous Results

The Mitt Romney Flowchart

Romney told donors he'd try to 'take advantage' of moment to look strong on Mideast

Fund raiser videos don't show Romney saying he'll release his tax returns...

Not to change the subject, but Randy Newman's new song, "I'm Dreaming of a White President"...

Are we breaking out the party hats & writing GOP eulogies a tad early?

Was the (resolved) Chicago teachers' strike all about Rahm?

Team Romney (pic)

Romney still puts 47% of Americans down saying they feel entitled

"Uhh, Whatcha Got Cookin' There, Mother Jones?"

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the Mitt his daily briefing.

The Faces of the 47 percent

"It ain't over until Karl Rove sings"

Mary Matalin refers to half of the American people as "parasites"

Let's see Paul Ryan do this shit…