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Archives: September 2, 2012

Underground sex club found at Whiskey Row

Blair & Bush should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu - MUST READ

Anyone else here remember the pop group "Sun Blind Lion?"

PPP to have first post Convention polls out tomorrow night after 9:00PM

Betty White

I Claudius on WETA UK all evening.

"Taxes Avoided by the Rich could pay off deficit"

"Won't Back Down" draws controversy

Bill Maher: Alexandra Pelosi’s 2012 GOP Convention Video of Republican ignorance and anger

Stephen Colbert Interviews Clint Eastwood's Chair!

Ex-Marine battling cancer marries sweetheart

An Akin wannabe ...

Will this be the latest in the year that a DNC has ever been held?

Sunday Talk Shows, Finally dominated by Democrats

Sexism against men proliferates on DU once again

Republican mantra ...

Romney Convention Bounce killed by actually seeing Romney

Obama ad (Bill) in the first commercial break of the first primetime college football game.

Chris Hedges: Hear the 99% Roar

Use the word "douchebass" in an existing thread title.

Keiser Report: Fraud on Wheels

I'd like to invite my Classic Film buds to my filmmaking debut!

A word to those who think young people don't need health insurance...

Youtube parody pharmaceutical ad for "Legitimate Rape"

Chemical Barrels: Underwater threat may devastate Black Sea

Hey, I just ran away from home!

Just saw this...would make a GREAT bumper sticker!

Clint Eastwood: the bad, ugly irrelevant! :-)

I'm beyond my control...

Rammussen, Romney up by 3 points, Obama has average of 0.3

Bama is rolling!

Feel free to use as you please ... "Forward, not Backwarrd"

Drought is ruining people’s ability to throw cow dung at things

What Republicans Fear in Their Future

Barack Obama struggles to inspire voters on the campaign trail (FUD article alert)

German Drug Maker Apologizes to Victims of Thalidomide

British far-right extremists voice support for Anders Breivik

Fiery Obama embarks on march to the Dem convention (AP via Yahoo)


Since 2000, there have been 1490 instances of coconut-related injury, 10 of voter fraud.

Paul Ryan: I’m Practically From Ohio (Can He See It From His House?)

Bill Maher skewers that douche Dinesh D'Souza.

NO BEER AT The RNC Liars Fest This Past Week.........

Regence Blue Shield going for the big ripoff (again)

I love the Ryan Marathon lie story.

Here comes a jolt:

Awe, look at this thoughtful gift from my daughter...

I went to Obama's rally in Sioux City today. Not a single lie.

Four campaigns that couldn't close the deal: Dukakis, Bush 1992, Bush 2000, Kerry

Protests at our convention will not be a bad thing

Pilot killed in Iowa air show crash

Why Russia wants a Nuclear Armed Iran

Things we'd like to have had in the platform...but knew wouldn't be...

The Great Republican Lie .... translated

This here chair talking guy.

Romney's bounce from convention looks short-lived: Reuters/Ipsos poll"

Teens sucked into drainage culvert come out battered, but alive

Hey Mike---I'll bet you a thousand dollars straight up that Obama wins in Novemeber!


Microsoft Changes

Obama on GOP Convention: A Rerun On a Black and White TV

Top GOP Strategist Karl Rove Loses Cool Under Questioning from "Boss Rove" Author Craig Unger

wow. I'm laughing but... Mitt lied about his fricking NAME on national TV

What do you think is this word that trumad wrote? >>

Simple poll.

"Osama bin Laden Is Dead And GM Is Alive"

Now it is OK in PA to hire your unqualified brother to be a school superintendent.

2 completely different attitudes

This long holiday weekend has been brought to you by the blood sweat and tears of the Labor Movement

Check out these numbers from Nate Silver's blog...

Iowans Send Message to Obama

The GOP has no respect for the Presidency

"There ain't no way to hide Paul Ryan's Lies"

Iowans Send Message to Obama (At least our protest signs use proper tenses)

Does a high school REALLY need a $60,000,000 football stadium?

Betty White meets Mitt Romney ;)

"Nate Silver: Obama has a 71.6 % Chance of Winning the Election" by leftreborn at the Daily Kos

Check it out---Plaid Adder has returned.

Headline: Paul Ryan's ex-lover spent five months in prison for defrauding her employer

A montage of Republican "hard scrabble" beginnings from Up With Chris Hayes

The Man From Bloomfield Hills

"Here Comes Mitty Boo Boo" by Kathryn Borel at the Globe & Mail

Just having a little fun with the boys after a hard day of campaigning...

Romney: He Doesn't Have Much To Say (new Obama ad)

Corporate Profits Just Hit An All-Time High, Wages Just Hit An All-Time Low

Labor Day at the Beach...

What are the chances the Dead Sox go winless the rest of the way?

Jindal one of the most intelligent idiots ever to be elected to office.

Betty White DNC pics, you've gotta see these.

This fits this asshole...

I have not spoken to my mother in at least a month...

The Party's Over! Bain Capital Under Investigation For Tax Evasion

PHOTO: Ginormous Praying Mantis on My Living Room Window!

Bain Capital Under Investigation For Tax Avoidance-Romney Denies Any Benefit

Obama's speech at 2008 DNC on cspan NOW

Men on rape cartoon

Name two songs about cheese.

Class Reunion Letter Lists 'White Graduates Only' Party

List of speakers at the Democratic National Convention. (AWESOME)

Dear GOP fuckwads: This is what Obamacare is trying to prevent.

Drip drip drip

Bisexual Candidate Wins Arizona Congressional Primary

What are you reading the week of September 2, 2012?

What an embarrassing performance by a Big Ten team against an SEC team.

Questions about using InTrade

Polls are in: NO CONVENTION BOUNCE! (w/ funny GOP reaction)

What are you noshing on tonight? Me, a cherry popsicle at 60 calories.

One Crazy Too Many

Do we need an El Supremo appreciation thread after his team got humiliated last night?

Is this guy that guy? I saw a preview for Eastwood's upcoming movie

Malvinas islands' Executive Council approves March 2013 referendum

"I reject the idea..."

We/ve lost Craig Salins, chair of Washington Public Campaigns

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies...

Barbara Hand Clow - Uranus Square Pluto and Generational Tension

N.Y. Fed quiet on Barclays’ admission of rigging Libor

Just how is Homeland Security protecting us?

"Life Edited"

Twitter is all aflutter with the amazing things Paul Ryan 'has done'. Especially Paul Begala.

Republicans had Artur Davis, the Democrats have Lincoln Chafee AND Charlie Crist!!!

Texas high school spends $60 million on football stadium

Did police go too far in undercover Occupy mission?

Poll: Romney Loses RNC Bump

Prediction: Obama will give one of the most optimistic nomination acceptance speeches since Reagan

Obama: GOP ideas better ‘for the last century’ ("You might as well have watched it on a B & W TV")

Cuba Approves Quick Test to Aid in Early Cancer Diagnoses

Republicans Plan To Descend on Charlotte for Elaborate Counter-Convention

Obama’s Chair Responds to Clint Eastwood at RNC

There is a rape joke in the movie Blazing Saddles that I use to think was funny

Arkansas State and Oregon have combined for 60 points in the First Half.

Paul Ryan trips over marathon question

(Oregon) Farm bureau and state officials blast 'heavy handed' federal labor investigations

If you were searched by TSA right now, what would they find on you?

Quote Of The Day - Micky Ward retracts support for Scott Brown

Kuncinich: America needs a raise

So the topic at today's family gathering was the GOP convention ...

(Full face veils/niqab) In a Ban, a Measure of European Tolerance

I'm sorry it makes some people uncomfotable

Clint Eastwood on gay marriage

The Biggest Threat to Free Speech and Intellectual Property That You’ve Never Heard Of

New GOP Logo Revealed

New Republican Theme song

Bill Maher destroys Dinesh D'Souza over Anti-Obama Documentary 2016

New Rules: GOP Conveniently 'Forgets' Bush Ever Existed

Hello, any chance of

Vancouver Stanley Cup riot suspects tracked in U.S.

It's a real advantage to us that Romney's tone-deaf

TCM Schedule for Sunday, September 2 -- Tonight on TCM: Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Chris Rock kills 'em again on twitter

The Obama Chair Responds to Clint Eastwood


Was this the original wardrobe malfunction?

Troma movies are online!

Was the repub convention sold out?

Imam held in Pakistan blasphemy case (PLANTED burned Koran on arrested girl)

Can't get Adobe Type 1 fonts to load in Mountain Lion (OS 10.8). . .

America needs a raise: Dennis Kucinich

Student borrowers sue US Bank

Maybe some of them are Democrats

Proof the Dems have the wittiest political comics

Time to rethink Cuba policy?

Bundy policy, good then, or bad now?

Living outside of failing industries

Aware of 'no options,' woman dies fighting for medical coverage

Great Paul Ryan tweets from ‏@jhlinko

All tactics diminish in effectiveness with continued use

All tactics diminish in effectiveness with continued use

Interesting point in an MSNBC article about the PA Voter ID law...

Introducing Ms. Ladybug wiggly giggly ball cover!

Hüsker Dü - Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely...

Just saw "You've Been Trumped"...any of you guys see it yet in the UK?

The EPA: Death By GOP

United Nations speech, a winning action for Obama ?

I cannot believe the Fed gave Citigroup 2.5 Trillion Dollars!

If you believe that Obama will win handily, you haven't been paying attention

RNC "Scripted" Rules Change. Result of the vote was entered into teleprompter before vote was taken!

The "Wide Awakes" young exuberant supporters pushed Abraham Lincoln into power

Hollywood stars headed for Charlotte... Dawg!!

Do you alert a lot?

India should deprioritise Nuclear Energy

Newborn babies could get whooping cough vaccination

Takes a deep breath.... AND...

A question about what I do normally in my garden, now can't, and what I should do about it.

Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu

Obama, a 'huge' Clint Eastwood fan, not offended by skit

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Beeyen Nawtee Edition

Naomi Wolf: Sweden's Other Rape Suspects

Romney's bounce from convention looks short-lived: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Asian giants seek better ties; China's defense minister in India

Justin Bieber Comes Under Fire For Unsafe Fake Gun Twitter Pics

The Right Goes the Wrong Direction in Space

Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Delaware

Just found these in this week's "" PHOTOPLASTY contest

How China's Leaders Steer a Massive Nation

Hhmmm. now let's see. I must choose between a sitting President

... the five great drivers of European unification since the 1950s have now either disappeared or

Afghan police recruits' training halted after attacks on Nato

I'm glad nobody pays attention to Zogby

Gun Laws Work, So Why Don't We Have More Of Them?

The bush/romney plan: Steal the election. Start a war. Rob the money.

Seeking some intelligent posters to stop by another forum once and a while..

Sanjay Gupta is tearing Lyan a new one

Henri The Existential Cat. Paw de Deau.

The beer recipe...

How are you supposed to pronounce "Plaquemines?"


Romney's "coach" analogy:

U.S. defense firms trying to find bigger foothold in India

Paul Ryan And His Lies

My Sunday breakfast of champions. Too good for the plebes.

Aetna, Coventry and the arms race in health care

Is American atheism heading for a schism?

An electable LGBT DEM running for Congress in Cal:

America’s religious divide: Can the peace be with us?

For a needed smile this morning: (a reprise of the 'Eat Yo Peas' blues-starts my morn off right!)

i`m sure mittens dad would NOT approve of this message

Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

As John Carr, Catholic policy adviser, retires, Catholics worry who will replace him

"What is riskier than being poor in America?"

Transgender Deaths: Where Is the Outcry?

Campaign References to Afghanistan Are Missing In Action

The "Empty Chair"(Clint Eastwood in Tampa)

Why has Romney not shown us his birth certificate?

'Just One' More Beer In Iowa: President Obama Visits The Pump Haus In Cedar Falls

Your PC Just Crashed? Don’t Blame Microsoft

So you post a thread chriping that your team will win, and when they lose, you delete it?

Romney can't stonewall much longer on his tax returns, now that Bain's taxes are being investigated

Ex-Obama advisers seek health care cost control

Axelrod: GOP Convention ‘A Terrible Failure’

Romney takes Labor Day weekend off

Retired N.J. abortion doctor speaks up, again

Read an article on Leslie Elder this morning, and was dismayed.

Have you seen a Ronmey/Ryan bumper sticker?

Sunday's Doonesbury - Do Nothing CONgress

The Hellephant

Think There May Finally Be Some Sanity At The DoD?

Hopefuls say don't ignore N.J. races as campaign money, manpower leave state

Hopefuls say don't ignore N.J. races as campaign money, manpower leave state

Can you help find origin of pic of Obamas and Veteran?

Boogie, children

Switching iTunes library to different hard drive

Original Melissa Harris-Perry on Poverty and can a rich person get money that they don't deserve

Romney (standing) practices for debates…

100 percent class. Obama "huge" Eastwood fan

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Bush and Blair Should Be Sent to The Hague

Axelrod Reminds US-What Really Happened: “We met an implacable opponent in Repubublican leadership"

So George Will just said that the car plant in Wisconsin

Nielsen Poll: Romney Falls Short of McCain in '08


Next Big Bill For Miami - $200 Million+ For Upgraded Wastewater System, Thanks In Part To Rising Sea

Another Clusterfuck in Afghanistan

An image: From the Daily Kos and we at Labor's Pains Concur

Federal Court Overturns Nevada Grazing Case: Gov. Can & Will Enforce Conservation Rules

Taibbi: Mitt Romney Was The Guy Who Fired You From Your Job

More Flooding & Evacuations From Isaac: 7 Confirmed Dead To Date

Speaking of film stars, to paraphrase Tom Hanks' character in A League of Their Own:

Early Morning Blues

GOP will NOT and will NEVER address clogs in social mobility and unemployment's vicious circles

"The Man from Bloomfield Hills" -- The Mitt Romney Story

Could we get a Red Sox Nation group?

Totalitarianism in the US: An accident waiting to happen.

Bizarre phallus-on-its-head fish found in Vietnam

"10 Things the GOP Platform Hates About You"

Joe Romm - Why The Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral Matters

Romney can only HOPE to debate an empty chair in the "debates" ...

meet the press.... newt gingrich and carly fiorina

Cross-border undercover networks are a 'global puzzle'

Kashmir’s Melting Glaciers May Cut Ice With Sceptics

Deconstructing Romney's Energy "Plan" - And The Lobby Groups & Think Tanks That Wrote It

Facebook using DUers I need help in the swing state Ohio...

Greer - The End Of Gasoline Warfare

HOT DAMN: Bishop Tutu calls for Bush, Blair trial in the Hague for war crimes re: Iraq invasion

What nobody is saying about Welfare Work Requirements is the pay is less than minimum wage

Letter To The Editor: I am white. I am male. I am also 68 and a Vietnam Era veteran. And I am angry.

The Empty Chair

Melissa Harris Perry goes off talking about walfare

DIY auto repair

Fox's Wallace Revises Recent Senate History

When Bill met Hillary

Top Obama adviser says Romney campaign based on 'tripod of lies'

I am a bleeding heart liberal and damn proud of it

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 2, 1945

Republicans Pray to Satan at the GOP Convention as Romney and His Surrogates Lie ...

Did Don sl-IMUS know Bob SCHIEFFER bigfooted O'LOOFAH?!1

It's easy to like Paul Ryan if you ignore the lies

Any photoshop Pros out there?

What's Really in Your Cigarette?

Campaign Ad

Tweet of the day

Let's not pretend that condescension is unique to the North

Can the RNC be Charged with Kidnapping based on FL Law?

Bush Chief Political Strategist: Paul Ryan’s Speech Was Full Of Lies

Jesus On Foreign Policy

Eastwood's mocked speech powers huge post-convention bounce

Senior N. Korean official meets Iranian Leader

A note of interest...

Hey, Marylanders: I love your Guv. He's such an articulate spokesman

No More Halfway Measures: The 2016 Tea Party Platform

Do you look down on those who check: Won't serve on a Jury?

Anybody see New Gingrich take over MTP at the end of the show?

My version of the Rmoney bumper sticker

Matt Taibbi: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Speeches Make Me Miss George Bush

Lewis Turco's form of the week: 13) Spatial Poetry

Do you support these new drilling permits for Shell to drill off the Alaskan coast?

Patch on, cigarettes soaked and tossed.

What's for Dinner - Sunday Sept 2nd

Krugman: Mitt Romney, Weaponized Keynesian

Axelrod: GOP Platform 'Locked Up in the Same Vault as Mitt Romney's Tax Returns'

Why are people from small towns supposed to be more likable?

Wells Fargo Fires Iowa Worker for Minor 1963 Crime

MITT ROMNEY: "I insisted on having almost dictatorial powers," he bragged

The 60 year old thalidomide cover-up

Banks use regulations meant to fire corrupt executives... to instead fire low-level employees

Anyone want to have some fun with a Nigerian spammer?

4 Years Ago I was much worse off

meme double feature: Chairiots of Liar

Romney’s Vow To Balance Budget Contradicts Key Promises

Remember what the Blue Fairy said to Pinocchio....

KILI shares Red Cloud Indian School's Photo mapping fires

Electoral Vote Math: Obama 193, Romney 0

Romney Ryan - Rong for America (pic)

Re: impact of Bain Investigation by NY AG on election....

POTUS and VPOTUS Live on C-Span This Afternoon (Sunday)

GOP tries to portray Biden as governing liability

Toon: And Now A Discussion With Mitt's Tax Returns...

Paul Ryan is so smart! And serious! And he has such dreamy blue eyes, it's almost like staring ...

@InvisibleObama now has a FB page

A Dummy Arguing With A Chair

Toon: Happy Labor Day From Bain Capital!

"Republicans don't have to accept Evolution

Mike Luckovich cartoon: C'mon, Say It!

The next time you think you are having a bad day...

Is trof actually retired?

Vegetarian owl

Netanyahu urges international "red lines" to stop Iran

Meet the Man Who's Trying to Force Paul Ryan to Look for a Real Job

In pictures: Northumberlandia - the reclining lady


Fmr. Bush strategist calls out Paul Ryan over convention speech lies

Obamacare: "I kind of like that name.... because I do care" Right on!

My FB response to someone who said her being against Gay marriage didn't mean she was prejudiced

So, is Romney's stonewalling on his taxes related to the investigation into 'tax avoidance' at Bain?

DNC kicking off and all we can talk about is R&R?

Democracy in Tea Party America (What would Alexis de Tocqueville say about that America?)

The Mormon Church(?) owns an NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City? Really?

Police: NY man, 69, throws acid in daughter's face

Doc Martin fans. Season 5 is now streaming!

Reagan’s Personal Spying Machine

Really??!! He frickin' lied about his marathon run time!!!

'Worst of the recession was over by the time Barack Obama took office

Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back

Obama’s Response To Clint Eastwood Was The Most RT’d Tweet Of RNC

Did anyone see CNN's replay of the Bush '41' hagiography last night?

Glenn Greenwald on the Justice Dept.'s Rejection of CIA Torture Prosecutions After 3-Year Probe

So apparently no poll results released today?

The 2012 Republican National Convention: A Portrait of The Discordant Nature of the 21st Century GOP

Documentation of what you've known all along

Democratic aide: GOP thinks "lying is a virtue"

Ryan made his bones with Willard when he told him how he tripped Grandma

Fareed Zakaria made Grover Norquist look silly

I don't hate Mitt Romney.

Why so few minorities are Republicans

Tax Money Still Flows to Charter School that has no building and no teachers

Tracking a Subtle Scent, a Dog May Help Save the Whales

Obama’s Response To Clint Eastwood Was The Most RT’d Tweet Of RNC

Paul Ryan says he misstated marathon claim.

I Hear The Chair Was The Ventriloquist.......nt

"Hen pecked", "pecking order", "get your hackles up", how about

Preach it Joe! Biden: Romney wants war with Syria, Iran

Property seizures tore at Confederate morale

Daily Show - Invisible Obama

Republicans denounce Crist for Obama endorsement on eve of GOP convention

How Canadians See the Republican Party

How To Be Gay And Republican

Next dog I have I'm gonna name it Stay. Gonna be the most neurotic little fuck ever. C'mere Stay!

Cartoon: Wall St. Labor Day Sale

"The Resurrection of Ralph Reed" Bill Moyers (video)

Cartoon: Wall St. Labor Day Sale

Mitt Romney Dances Gangnam Style at RNC 2012 (Jay Leno)

Did Paul Ryan run competitively other than in marathons? 5K, 10K, etc?

The Three R's - Updated for 2012

I Bet Mitt Romney...

Kirstie Alley, another nitwit closet republican-too chicken to come out.

Paul Ryan: I can burrow through an elephant. And what's more,

Betty White would bring down the house at the DNC...

From FB: Dial-up warning

I feel your pain, Ann!

Button wins 2012 Belgium Grand Prix (plus crash video, Alonso P.O.V)

Are the Water Wars Coming?

Just got contacted by phone by Americans for Prosperity caller,,,,,

Cuban-born talk show host/journalist Christina Salalegui is a GREAT GET for DNC!

Ostpay omethingsay inway igpay Atinlay.

Egypt's veiled presenter in breakthrough TV appearance

This elections will boil down to who is considered a decision maker.

Breaking: Sun Myung Moon dead (Unification Church, "Moonies", UPI-Washington Times)

The moonies are in mourning

Republicans Hope Bad Jobs Report Will Overshadow Obama’s DNC Speech

Why do Republicans keep saying Romney wants to give us choices?

With Bush/Cheney, the smart one was Cheney. With McCain/Palin? McCain. But with Romney/Ryan?

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of The (Washington) Times, dies at 92

David Gregory's "Meet The Press" was just awesome today. The panel was terrific and well balanced

Yes, we must

The Cayman Islands Flag? Really?

Romney get endorsement from the John birch Society and the KKK

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Romney in New Orleans asks where the water came from

Explosive Outburst by Melissa H Perry Example Why Economic & Ethnic Diversity In Media Important

President Obama: "I am a huge Clint Eastwood fan." Now, that's CLASSY!

President Obama speaking in Colorado "LIVE"

Questions for those who support banning firearms.

Best Memes Mocking Clint Eastwood

Calling out every Republican lie and explaining why it is a lie is a mistake...

The Secret Democratic Operative...

Will "WE THE PEOPLE" let the rich buy the election - and the country - from US?

A Message From America: Dear Mitt,

Paging Doctor Orwell...

Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu

Anyone else catch these poorly placed signs at the RNC?

Tech Help: Too cute, but oh so true


If I ever have to hear Freebird again, somebody's going to get stomped

Can we please see some more ads for Atlas Shrugged Part Deux?

My first MMORPG, City of Heroes, to shut down by the end of the year

Reverend Moon dead

Cool photo of Lyin' Ryan

Mitt's Karl Rove wannabe Eric "Douche" Fehrnstrom: It wasn’t necessary to thank troops at convention

Anyone else seen Eastwood's wife's reality show on TV?

Why we can't take an Obama victory for granted: a huffpo column and a meme.

To define “success” as “wealth” is to define “fit” as “muscle-bound”.

How Cheaters Prosper

Troll Cat

After 38 years of 'White Graduates Only' Parties, Now Outrage For 1973 Class Reunion In Louisiana

Poll shows women's health issues create vulnerability for Cantor.

Watching a rerun of Nov '04 book signing on Book TV

What Type of Liar is Paul Ryan (poll)

JW Marriott thanks Romney for bringing attention to Mormons, praises lifesaving "holy undergarments"

The Case for Banning Life Jackets - a graphic

Fracking in New York Will Lead to More Wastewater Injection Wells in Ohio

Is Anybody Else Waiting For The Huge RNC Bump?

Sanders Welcomes Obama's Call to Undo Citizens United

Toon: We Built It

Can you spot the difference?

MONSTER crowd greets Obama in Colorado...

Let me be the first to wish a happy Labor Day

Wanna know why Media ignore war criminals? CIA calls the shots.

FED interest rates, Inflation and the Zero-Boundary

Poll shows women's health issues create vulnerability for Cantor.

Living life in a holistic way.

Joe Biden leads Democratic attacks on Romney before Charlotte convention

Bill Maher tweet

Shark Week (Sunday made me literally laugh out loud):

Saw John Waters last night! Ask me anything!

A kiss worthy of Rodin:

I've always known that "nay" means "nay", but now I'm really confused.

Startled Eel Comic is about to paint your town.

Six years in the Army kinda ruined the allure of "roughing it" for MiddleFingerMom.

MFM has found a way to show you EXACTLY how he felt after his surgery. Exactly. (dialup warning)

4:00 Sunday: Joe Biden speaks at a train museum:

Message to Clint Eastwood

You can tell Monopoly is an old game because...

Joe Biden coming up on C-SPAN, from Green Bay WI

I still want my pony.....Democrats

3 hurt when out-of-control monster truck crashes into stands in Oregon

Betty White is just awesome....

Angola's ruling party wins five more years of power

"Paul Ryan lies"-->127,000,000 Google hits!

I love charlie crist is speaking at DNC unlike the Allen West wannabe Artur Davis

Just finished watching/listening to President Obama on C-Span in Boulder . . . Just

Survivor of London 7/7 bombings faces expulsion from UK

US forces put training of some Afghan troops on hold after spate of insider attacks

Murder Charges Dropped Against South African Miners

Obama campaign targets early voters

If people know that they can get away with something, they WILL do it again

Scandal of Mubarak regime millions in UK

Obama at CU Boulder

What wasn't shown at the RNC Convention.

It was a joke people...

Syrian rebels say they planted bombs in army building

Belfast riots leave 10 police officers injured

I think the ONLY bump Mittens got from the GOP convention is a speed bump.....

Biden says Romney ready to launch ‘war in Syria and Iran’

BOOHOO! People are telling the truth about me...


Food Stamps ***Rant***

Two Nebraska fires closer to containment

Today both Obama and Biden put Afghanistan front and center -

Joe Biden is live on Cspan speaking nothing but the truth in

Clint Eastwood Gets Cut From Romney RNC Video

Just for fun, this is the celebrity I'd send in to "counter" Clint:

Well done, Cubs' Fans

Egypt retires 70 army generals

Obama gets most retweets of Republican convention with Clint Eastwood jab

"Man Will Conquer Space Soon!" returns in High Res

My vote for Paul Ryan on SNL - Seth Meyers

Clint Eastwoods new movie

Bring Betty White to the DNC - 15,000 likes in a couple days!

Joe Biden in Wisconsin follows/ tag-teams President Obama's speech in Colorado

Mass Murder of Miners and Neo-Liberalism in South Africa

oh, man, this was a weird one

Black Report: Majority of Wall St. Money Now Goes to Romney

These Guys

I have been staying away from Huff Post and today decided to look at it. Anti Obama 24/7 now

Live Bob Dylan - Only a pawn in their game.....Thousands there/King/ rare vido

That deflating moment when you realize that...

U.S. Companies Brace for an Exit From the Euro by Greece

AFL-CIO and MoveOn combine efforts for GOTV

Hundreds take part in 'March on Wall Street South' in Charlotte, NC

World War II Veteran Ralph Maxwell says 4 More Years! (AWESOME!!)

Hunky Dory is a Better Album than Ziggy Stardust.

Clint Eastwood Gets Cut From Romney RNC Video

I haven't had animal crackers in a long time.

NYT: "TV Ratings May Be Leading Indicator of Convention Bounce" and those numbers are not good.

World's richest woman says poor should have less fun, work harder

(D) cmte chair couldn't respond to convention chair's record as mayor of Los Angeles

"Oh, then why not just marry your dog?" Susie Sampson reports on Teabaggin' in Tampa.

CODEPINK Protesters Interrupt RNC (Raw Video)

The Most Ticklish Meerkat Ever

Hypothetical 2016 primaries: Hillary Clinton vs. Julian Castro...who would you vote for?

I added 10 older hens to my flock last night -

Steelworkers reach agreement with U.S. Steel; several other mines without contracts (MN)

What the Economic Crisis Really Means (animation)

Ebooks For Libraries

Jimmy Kimmel quote

Mitt's Dangerous French Adventure

MittPaul on Hurricane Isaac

Do you ever hear a Republican say "Yep, we sure ran the country in the ground under George W." No?

The Best Answer about what's going to be in Pres. Obama's speech Thursday

Homeowner shoots burglar

Internet trolls agree: It's getting less challenging to pose as a right wing nut these days

White straight male at 61 with more in common with inner city single moms than the GOP

Rev. Moon

Whatever happened to...................

a biography of the day--frances oldham kelsey-- (who kept thalidomide off the american market)

Paul Ryan gives most awkward pregame speech ever! Sporting News

This is a must read...

Beneful Pet Food

quotes of the day--helen gahagan douglas

"So, I was thinking...maybe a sofa?"

Why we need labor unions, labor laws, OSHA and Labor Day.

Ohio is taking help away from desperate families

What? Not good enough for the movie version? Clint Eastwood won't appear in RNC mash-up video

Are there gonna be any surprise guests at the convention this week?

Bill Clinton's 1992 Acceptance Speech on C-Span right now

Where Are You Going, Teabag Nation?

“Everybody is looking at us and saying, ‘Are you as good as the Romneys?’”

Any Way You Paint It 9-1-2012 Was Beautiful #MeetSam @BarackObama

Sun Myung Moon dead at 92


Meet the Press....

Does anyone here know how to carve a duck?

10 Worst For Women's Health

Stay deceitful my friend

Clint Eastwood Gets Cut From Romney RNC Video

I soaked some dry beans over night and rinsed them off....

It's almost illegal to be poor

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