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Archives: September 20, 2012

Make sure you watch Tweety's redistribution rant

Nate Silver: Obama’s Lead Looks Stronger in Polls That Include Cellphones

Treasury must find £14bn more cuts to hit deficit target, says thinktank

Does the Pug make David Hester more human? Or is it dog day afternoons for Yip and Yap?

Obama +7 FL, +7 VA, +5 OH. Fox tries to find way to make own poll seem better.

Tony Blair's 'disastrous' wars to blame for secret courts, says Ken Clarke

Romney campaign considering hastily called press conference to explain

Marco Rubio Calls Romney's I-Wish-I-Were-Latino Comment: 'A Joke'

You know, we can thank Mitt Romney.....Who's with me?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Just looked at Michelle Pfeiffer's bio.

Guess Audrey Hepburn's Shoe Size

Whoopi Goldberg Takes on Rmoney

Mike Huckabee just called me at 8:15 at night via robocall to make the statement about same

Obama Crashes Iowa Wedding, Leaves Note and Gift

Flooding emergency declared in Seward, Alaska

Thank you, Barack Obama. For the first time in 5 years, we will be able to afford health insurance.

Hottest Ever Water Temperatures Off East Coast All the Way Down to the Bottom of the Ocean

How many of you....

In honor of Talk Like a Plato Day.

'Innocence of Muslims' Actress Sues YouTube, Filmmaker

Mitt Romney: Barack Obama Sometimes Calls Me the GrandFather Of ObamaCare

From Wayne Powell

Anew DU Lounge feature: Dogs on Trampolines

Rep. Jackson puts D.C. home on the market

You know what I love DUers - the number of times

Business Insider: 'Mitt Romney's October Surprise Is Going To Be Legendary'

"With Ryan pick, Romney doubles down on economic radicalism" by Greg Sargent at WP

Martin Bashir - Romney doubles down on ‘47%’ amid conservative jitters

Nebraskan gets jail time for 1,000 dead pigs

Fox's Gutfeld On New Lincoln Movie: "First, We Have A Kenyan In The White House. . ."

Obama to create Colo. national monument

Ayn Rand was the 47%.

On the So-Called Voter “Enthusiasm Gap”

Capriles says team will have witnesses at all polling stations

"Why Are the Rich So Damn Angry?" by Kevin Drum at Mother Jones

More Dogs on Trampolines

Had a really bad crash today

My novel, THE UNWANTEDS, just hit the New York Times bestseller list

Monday was the feast day of St. Januarius. He is famed for one of the most reliable miracles

Maybe it's talk like Pilate day

Scott Brown's unique friend Mr. 47% of America's don't matter. Two peas in a pod.

Since corporations are people, too, guess how many of the largest corps. paid NO INCOME TAXES!

Troubling PPP Tweet regarding Wisconsin...

Has anyone identified the factory in China that Romney visited?

Whoopi Goldberg fires back at Mitt Romney: ‘I used to respect you’

U.S. of A. A Worker's Paradise

BORN ON 3rd.BASE:What the Forbes 400 Really Says About Economic Equality and Opportunity in America

Clausewitz and Terror

Looks like the pros have called a bottom to sea ice extent, ...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!Wednesday night tent revival! Hallelujah!

Tucson Progressive Film Festival . . . . . . . . . . and two more events!

"Obama Official: Benghazi was a terrorist attack' posted By Josh Rogin at the cable

A conversation with Mitt's babysitter

FLASHBACK: 2002 Mitt Romney bragging on all the RE-DISTRIBUTION he wrangled.

Buyer for Anschutz's AEG may be difficult to fiind

O4A Responds to ESAF's "Fiscal Cliff" Book

Anyone watching Rachel? OUCH! That +43. Romney just might as well as throw in the towel.

Paul Krugman-Nation of Takers

Polls: "Party ID" is to 2012 GOPers as "Land Lines/Cellphone" was to 2004 Democrats.

Obama boosted by upbeat housing reports, new polls

Romney's comments ripple across battleground map

So has Mitt Romney just given up? He's really mailing it in

Mitt Romney: Barack Obama Sometimes Calls Me The Grandfather Of ObamaCare, It's a Compliment

CT-SEN: The video that Republican Linda McMahon doesn't want you to see.

I just had a really bad thought on Mittens 'foot in mouth disease'

Mitt Romney has performed a great service to America

Are you outraged yet?

Rachel's live feed of Romney Event: Looking at Romney and hearing the little of him speaking you

Next School Crisis for Chicago: Pension Fund Is Running Dry

Why Do People Here Worry So Much?

"Who’s Sabotaging Iran’s Nukes?" by Eli Lake at the Daily Beast


Ex-paramilitary leader admits to slaughter of 26 people .

Latest Poll: Which Candidate..........

breaking: "Fast Furious" is over. Darryl ISSA can go back to VEHICULAR THEFT. eom n/t

The September Photo Contest Final Thread is Posted!

Check your voter status!

sigh. (dumbed down TV news)

Philip Anschutz, Right-Wing Billionaire, supports Walker's union busting...

I know I shouldn't have gone there, but I did

Kelsey Grammer was supposed to be on Piers Morgan's show tonight but he left the building

SC Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says DOMA will likely go to the US Supreme Court within the next year

Is there a place where one can find how much money Issa has spent on his witch hunts

NSW apologises for forced adoptions

Tammy Baldwin leads Tommy in recent poll 48-45%

The ED Show - The angry 1%

One thing that really ticks me off

Susana Martinez Rejects Mitt Romney's "47 Percent" Comment

Tom Latham blames Eric Cantor on farm bill

Nate Silver's Now-cast: POTUS at 94.4%

How could the Senate Republicans KILL the veteran's job bill?

Did someone say it was talk like Pluto day

Founding Fathers on Spreading the Wealth

‘Knuckleball!’ documentary is pitch-perfect

This is as perfect as it gets

Ichiro Suzuki me loves him SEVEN hits against left handers in two games today AND FOUR stolen bases

The ED Show - Undercover video sheds new light on Romney's crisis reaction

Romney campaign cautious with ad budget, even in key states

whats all this I hear about Play Doh?

Sponsor Of Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Defends Romney, Says ‘Lazy’ People Also Shouldn’t Vote

I'm so glad my right wing nut neighbor is moving.

Meet Wayne Powell.

Is it true that Ann Romney said

Sponsor Of Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Defends Romney, Says ‘Lazy’ People Also Shouldn’t Vote

Is Romney wearing BRONZER at the Univision appearance?

The ED Show - Ryan jumps on Romney’s ‘makers vs. takers’ philosophy

"Most independents believe the government should guarantee food and shelter" Posted by Suzy Khimm

Mother Jones doubles previous traffic peak with video of Romney on 47% (spike in donations and subsc

Mitt Romney: ‘This Is A Campaign About The 100%’ (damage control)

In Washington State, they vote by mail. Should this become the national standard?

Things will be very different come the New Year.

I have happy news coming from *Arizona* re: Jon Kyl's seat (he's retiring TG)........

Use One Word To Describe Willard Romney

BREAKING - Romney Was Part of 47% Who Didn't Pay Any Federal Income Taxes In 2008 and 2009

Wow, only TWO WEEKS until the first debate!!!

Guardian (UK):Eric Holder's exoneration by Fast and Furious report strains credibility


Mitt Romney dyed his face brown for his Univision interview - 'Real Photo'

Romney's "47 percent" remarks damage his image with voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll

NOW more than EVER

President Obama leaves newlyweds a gift...

Is George Soros Not A fan of the Obama Administration ??

Free speech or incitement to violence?

Romney: 'My campaign is about the 100 percent'

There is a team of papparazzi whose ONLY job is to get topless photos of graywarrior!!!

The bestest drinking helmet ever. EVER!!!

California Online Voter Registration Now Available - Pass it on!!

Nowadays, Ozzy only uses his powers for the greater good of Humankind.

Cats - always confused when they run into a bird (a BIRD!!!) with more attitude than they EVER had..

Take it from MFM... he has been, is and WILL be more of a badass than you EVER wanna mess with!

when is the debate?

Anywhere where I can watch the univision 'meet the candidates'

Have any of you heard about the Derwin Brown case?

Remember 2004.

Friend and relatives quickly learned that MFM was the LAST person to ask to give their kids THE TALK

For my 8,000th post, the most biased internet poll ever! Your vote for President is...?

One Charbroiled Burger Pollutes As Much As An 18-Wheeler Driving 143 Miles Says Study

I forget. When did GREED and HATE become “Family Values”?

Romney's comments about desperate, grateful sweat-shop workers in China

Juror #3 Made my day. Not that it was a bad day, as far as ratings go.

Mayor Rybak: We built it together: a hand up for Mitt Romney’s family, Paul Ryan’s family, and mine

Ex-Mormon: "Romney's Mormonism will dominate Presidency"

Reuters/Ipsos polls: Can anyone explain how their online polling works?

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up? Ooops, think he did!

Standard & Poor's lowers New Jersey state credit outlook

What did Mark McKinnon answer

If you guys get a chance check out these 2 diametrically oppose political threads on a cancer board.

"American Autumn", documentary on Occupy, by Dennis Trainor Jr. (link porovided)

The kind of "redistribution" Rmoney gets excited about..

Ten new charges sought against accused Colorado (James Holmes) gunman: report

Of all the quotes, statements, disclaimers, etc. this's the BEST quote I've heard

Lawrence O'Donnell going to play a segment of tape he says we haven't seen and

Piano for rap

A Latina Responds to Mitt Romney!!

"The Intellectual Roots of Romney’s 47 Percent Rage"

So now Mitt wants to take credit for the MA health care law? OK

Lounge daily inspirational message

Faint galaxy sheds light on universe's early years


Daily News Headlines

Voters React Negatively to Romney's 47% Remarks

San Jose mayor again refuses to support marriage equality

A family of 3 would have to remain on welfare for 328 years . . .

Fox News On Mitts Hidden Tapes, "But, But Look what Obama Said 14 years Ago"

No press allowed at Mitt Romney’s $50,000 a head SF Bay Area fundraiser

Good Quote (Elizabeth Warren)

Heads up: Tony Danza is the lone guest tonight on Tavis' PBS show

Is anyone having formatting glitches on DU?

Jon Stewart is on fire tonight

Jon Stewart (Daily Show) on fire tonight.

Chavez vs. Capriles: Corruption takes center stage in Venezuela's election

So is the mittwitt clown car just saying fucking it now?

Two curious things around here...

xkcd today

Karl Rove and Corporate USA Could Make Jerry Sardusky Competitive As A Presidential Candidate

Seriously. This is the headline. It isn't the Onion.

Rachel Maddow - Romney's down-ballot toxicity

Chavez Rival Maintains Lead in Poll Ahead of Oct. 7 Election

Whoopi Goldberg, why would he say that about her???????

Bugs found in soup at metro-area schools

Advocate of Democracy in Myanmar Meets Obama

WTF??? Ann Romney and this tool "reporter" in Denver saying women are doing WORSE under Obama?

Ayn Romney looks a lot like the sneering woman in this old Danziger toon

The next time some Republican troll says Obama is the most divisive Prez in History...

Republican Lynches Empty Chair in Racist Presidential Effigy in Northwest Austin, Texas PICTURE

The Imaginary GOP

Actress Cindy Lee Garcia sues over Innocence of Muslims

'Call Me, Maybe' Gets A Catchy Pro-Choice Rewrite

I broke decorum today and flat-out told a coworker that he's full of shit

Freeper hysteria over Paul Ryan criticizing Romney's gov dependency comments

Western Report - Iran Ships Arms, Personnel To Syria Via Iraq

Rachel Maddow - Is Romney too far gone to come back for Latinos?

Ask not what your country can do for you

Peter Buck on upcoming vinyl-only solo debut: ‘It’s not gonna be in Walmart’

Romney & The GOP are hellbent on reminding us that they're reprehensible bastards

Romney says he accepts being linked to Obamacare

not since Martha Mitchell raised hell with the press..

The end of an era. The founders of Bioware retire.

Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News Over Romney Video: ‘Chaos On Bullsh*t Mountain’ - video link

Univision fb page reaction to Romney - here are examples (translated)

"The Moby Dick Big Read" (check out the link)

Rachel Maddow - Republicans kill veterans' jobs bill

Romney Toes Conservative Line On Immigration, Refers To ‘Illegal Aliens’

Republican Lynches Empty Chair in Racist Presidential Effigy in Northwest Austin, Texas PICTURE

In rest of '98 clip, Obama speaks of 'competition' and 'the marketplace'

Ha! Jon Stewart Nails Fox over Romney Video: ‘Chaos On Bullshit Mountain’

Have You Read Barbra Streisand Pro Obama Editorial Today ??

Here's an interesting tidbit - those senate polls from Nevada and Connecticut....

A Conservative History of the United States (LOL!)

Please tell me he didn't go "George Hamilton" just to do Univision.

Romney rescue plan: More Mitt

Standing up for teachers

One Month before Venezuela’s Presidential Election Polls Show Huge Leads for Chávez

Mr. President! Mr. President!

I'm confused

I am curious what opinions people have of the jury system?

Baby birth shock for soldier on Afghanistan deployment

Mitt Romney to launch Ohio bus tour next week

UK deports Tamils to Sri Lanka

School bullies beware: San Francisco won’t tolerate that behavior

Country No Longer Worth Serving - Boycott Military Service + ADDENDUM

Anyone interested in helping host this group?

Seeking Revenue, Postal Service Plans to Deliver More Junk Mail

Does Romney dislike America?

Inspectors Certified Pakistani Factory as Safe Before Disaster

'Occupy' activists use iPhone line as podium for protest

Homeland Security Officer with Concealed Carry Permit Stopped at Albuquerque Airport

Lawrence O'Donnel's segment on Hate for Eric Holder

Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry

Beef product warning expanded by food inspectors (in Canada)

It Takes One to Know One

Far-right talk not helping the GOP

Romney Campaign Cautious With Ad Budget, Even in Key States

Fewer U.S. States Show Income Drop, Vermont's Up: Census

How do you spell Romney?

Masks Come Off for 2 Callers Who Gave WBAI Grief (for decades!) NYT

Greeting Romney at airport was violation Boy Scout policy

Report: At Table Of Big (Romney) Donors, No One Thought Romney Will Win...

Mitt ad miners co. spokesman: “Attendance was mandatory but no one was forced to attend"

BOOM - I am gay... De-Borah on The Voice

Guy Running against Sherrod Brown looks like A Douche

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, September 19)

Washington State Makes It Harder to Opt Out of Immunizations

Iran underlines ‘right’ to nuclear energy

Pasadena/Altadena area invitation to register voters

Robert Reich: Four Reasons Why Romney Might Still Win

To put things in perspective....

I don't know why, I got tears in my eyes when I saw this.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says Supreme Court Will Tackle DOMA Soon

47% Mighty Sad Song

Pepper-spraying campus police won't face charges

Criminal soft drink labs planned by NY gangs

Mitt Romney's Mormon church baptized President Obama's mother back in 2008. WTF?


Income Data Shows Widening Gap Between New York City’s Richest and Poorest

Mitt Romney screws up nuclear weapons 101

While Obama will have coattails...

Now the rethugs are dragging out Monica Lewinsky: Tell all book being shopped

Romney rescue plan: More Mitt

What a bunch of hypocrits

Korean-American Parents Re-act to Gungnam Style!

brisket help?

The Ed Show: Romney's '47%' affecting Senate races

Ex-CME worker admits US data theft to help China rival

Hispanics the focus as Romney pushes ahead...

Dana Milbank: Why the lamestream media should go easy on Romney

If Romney loses the Republican party will blow up

To bully Christie: Standard & Poor's lowers New Jersey state credit outlook

Nate Silver: 'G.O.P. senate map is imploding. Chance of a takeover now just 21%'

Video - Mary Matalin Calls 47% “Parasites”

MSNBC Continues to Beat Fox in Key Demos... See it for yourself clearly at cool link!!!

For the love of horses!

Why is Romney going after Hispancis now? Another bonehead move?

Police: Pa. couple sold neighbor's lost puppy

Inarticulate, bumbling, stammering, inelegant phrasing.. All words applied to Romney, BUT

Roger Federer: Claims of Exhaustion Don't Bode Well for Future

Gallup poll: Democratic voter enthusiasm increases twice as much as Republican voter enthusiasm.

"Chaos On Bullshit Mountain"

Here's a link you can "tweet" or share on Facebook about Romney's Latino tan

So now Romney is concerned about "100%" of Americans, and Hispanics too?

Matt Taibbi: Mitt Romney and the Looting of America (1/2) A must listen.

The Road to the Stars-revisiting the original Space Odyssey

I notice that Romney likes to refer to liberal women such as those on The View as "sharp tongued"

The Road to the Stars-revisiting the original Space Odyssey

Daily Kos: Standard & Poor's lowers New Jersey state credit outlook

Household income declines, poverty rate flat graphic with interesting points on consumer food prices

Matt Taibbi: Mitt Romney and the Looting of America (2/2)

So Romney doesn't have the campaign money that everybody though

Man leaps on gator to save his dog

Romney-nomics: Never Give A Sucker An Even Break

What if God is intentionally hiding?

Top 1%: 21% of total income, pay 21.6% of total taxes

Romney did a version of blackface in front of a Hispanic audience and the nation last night.

Why the Election May Be Won By Going Door-to-Door in Swing States

'Popcorn lung': Wayne Watson wins $7.2m in US court

The Looming Threat That Could Initiate the Next Economic Collapse

With poverty comes depression, despair, alcoholism & drug abuse

Ofcom says BSkyB 'fit and proper' but James Murdoch criticised

Koch Brothers Are Openly Funding an Astroturf Protest Against Occupy Wall St.

Romney Lying On Steroids Now - 100% Flip Flop

Japan drops plans to phase out nuclear power by 2040

Romney is putting all his chips on the debates.

Mitt Romney ad spot leaves coal workers fuming

IEA: New Car Fuel Consumption Could Be Halved

US Action survey needs your Medicare and Medicaid stories

Useless news:To Wear or Not to Wear White After Labor Day, That is the Question

Meet the Pontius Pilate of Voting Rights: Pennsylvania's Supreme Court

Ralph Lauren Hires First "Plus-Size" Model Robyn Lawley (She is 6 feet 2 inches and wears a size 12!

Besides Safari, what

'Born on Third Base': How the Wealthy Inherit the Earth

Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French is a Big Atheist

Judge: SD prison tobacco ban substantially burdens Native American inmates’ religious rights

Pakistani protesters teargassed, beaten in clashes with police


Judgement is coming... but what if it's a hit...

Herald poll breaks Warren trend: Brown up 4 : (

Poll: Democrats' excitement soars

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 20 -- What's on Tonight: TCM Spotlight: Mack Sennett

Romney gets dirty bomb threat wrong

Can someone tell me what the Romney's are doing with their hand?

Top Ten Mitt Romney Pet Peeves About Americans

New Apple maps app under fire from users

Democratic Enthusiasm Swells in the Swing States, Nationally

47th, 47%, 47 days left

Tampa Bay Buzz Blog: Marco Rubio stars in Medicare-based TV ad for Romney


Women Speak Drastically Less When They’re Surrounded by Dudes. And That’s Bad.

Latinos Give Obama Higher Ratings on Immigration, Fox News Latino Poll Says

Girl, 10, formally charged with manslaughter in death of Fairfield baby

Oddly enough, the thing that has finally driven me around the bend on Romney

Bank of America cutting 16,000 jobs by year’s end: Report

+++ NFL Picks / Week 3 +++


Pawlenty to become top banking lobbyist

Guess that phrase! (Romney adviser - "campaign turning into a vulgar, unprintable phrase.")

I was listening to Joe Scarborough today...

American Family Association: Ambassador Stevens was gay, so no wonder...

oh boy, bloomberg has edward lazear, "bush's" economic advisor from the hoover institute telling us

Does Romney dislike America?

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Sept 20th

Scooter Store cuts 220 workers

Charity warns of 'retreat' from dementia research

Anthrax vaccine bid for Nato by Cardiff University

Peak oil notes - Sept 20

Decorative spider webs attract dinner

So Pawlenty threw him under the bus as well

Peak oil notes - Sept 20

Obamas to make 1st joint appearance on 'The View'

Hey Mitch! Parasites, you say?!?!

Oyster genome mystery unravelled

Maybe romney's a secret Democratic double-agent operative.

Tune in tonight to support Elizabeth Warren in her First Debate!

Romney With Fortune Missed Private Equity Boom Worth Billions

Brown and Elizabeth Warren Square Off in First Debate Tonight

What happens if Romney/Ryan win despite pre-Election polling showing them losing

OK, as George Lakoff would say, let's tighten the narrative.

Shell Leads LNG Competitors Out to Sea With Biggest Ship: Energy

Oviously most right wing AP reporters

In 1968, France was a dangerous place to be for a 21yo American but Romney was right in middle of it

Analysis: 'Manufactured outrage' behind Middle East protests

In the NY Times, Nick Kristof Erupts: "It Takes One to Know One"

Good News in NEVADA SENATE race: Berkley (D) moves into a TIE: Rasmussen

Widespread panic in GOP as reality of Romney disaster begins to sink in

Getting both Houses

Non Sequitur Toon: "The God Particle"

Obamacare Strengthened Medicare Advantage..Provide More Low-Income Americans... Affordable Coverage

Even Romney's top bundlers think he's going to lose

Buying cases of food at or after the expiration date -- is this common?

FDIC’s Hoenig Says Banks May Revisit Pre-2008 Risky Behavior

Republican Lynches Empty Chair in Racist Presidential Effigy in Northwest Austin

Republican U.S. House Staffer Pleads ‘No Contest’ To Five Election Fraud Counts

Kentucky Man Arrested For DUI While Riding A Horse

Obamacare Strengthened Medicare Advantage To Provide More Low-Income Americans With Affordable Cover

Here in South Florida....

A great pic of my dad!

NBCNews: Tim Pawlenty to step down as national co-chair of Romney's Presidential campaign

Willard Romney Said He Is A Self Made Man. Do You Agree He Is A Self Made Man?

" ... it would be helpful to be Latino."

Pawlenty Steps Down From Romney Campaign To Join Bank Lobbying Group (updated)

Eff you and your entire family...

Poll: 58 Percent Of Latino Voters Approve Of Obama’s Handling Of Immigration

I think it would be the funniest thing in the world if Obama would speak to an empty chair

Toles Toon: Mitt's 300 million piece puzzle

Bennett: Clint Eastwood Was Wrong!

Comedians campaign for Canada (the whole country) to be elected US president

Signe Wilkinson Toon: "And the Problem with That?"

Romney will lie in the debates, everyone knows it

Toon: Ann unzips 'Super Romney ..LOL

Someone In Detroit Pointed A Gun At A Google Street View Car

Jon Stewart tapped into the right-wing meme.


Dirty Bomb, Muddy Thinking -- Mitt Romney screws up nuclear weapons 101

BP close to sale of Texas City refinery

Deconstructing the Nuclear Triad

Something I posted for my "friends" to think about on facebook

Do you get crazy right wing chain e-mails?

Romney loves the gays!

Romney loves the gays!

UConn/Hartford Courant: Obama (+21) in CONNECTICUT

Marco Rubio, In Mitt Romney Ad, Argues For Changes To Medicare

Try out this next time a GOPer starts a name calling tussle.

Things are scary in Islamabad today

You know what is so amazing to me about the Romney fundraiser film clip?

Now this is sick - Chef says he cooked wife's body for four days

some a.m. Zappa

First Presidential Debate: What will be Mitt's "zinger" at the President?

Rick Berg’s wealth under scrutiny in North Dakota Senate race

Even Ras can't help Mittens today---Obama up by 2 in their tracking poll

Time to call the BoozMan!

BAD NEWS FOR ROMNEY - Rasmussen shows OBAMA back in the LEAD (+2) !

May not be lounge material, but I went to the doctor yesterday.

What the heck happened to Swamp Rat?

I love the internet ....... google michigan trees and this comes up

If this needs to be moved to a different forum, feel free,

"I really am the Juan Percent"

Pawlenty Steps Down From Romney Campaign

North Korea Human Rights Month in Seoul

ROTFLMFAO- Did (R)asmussen Throw In The Towel -Obama -47% -Romney 45% /Obama-50% Romney 47% Leaners

Only a man who has never looked up from the pit of poverty could look down his nose with such scorn.

"My Life Without Me". Excellent indie movie

Reich: Four Reasons Why Romney Might Still Win

GOP Hammers Mitt Over Missteps

Just 47 days until the election Mitt Romney. Where are your TAX RETURNS??

First Lady Love in NC

Chinese provincial governor likens the ruling party to a frog in a pot of slow-boiling water. broadcasts debate between Chris Hedges and Dinesh D'Souza

Debt and the Deficit, what GOP loyalist Obama haters don't seem to know.

Easy Garlic Bread

Riots & Murder In The Name Of "God-Man" (so relevant)

Friendly Pollster Brings Freepholes Bad New-Denial, Delusion, and Despair All Set In

“The working poor haven’t abdicated responsibility for their lives. They’re drowning in it.”

We all need to write Romney and tell him that he looked great wearing the bronzer

New picture emerging of "terrorist attack" in Benghazi

So really ... what is wrong with redistributing wealth?

Banana hammock

Romney to unveil more aggressive campaign schedule, fatigue will set in and gaffes will come

Did Anti-Muslim Film Cross Legal Line?

House Democratic Leaders Letter to Boehner: No Recess Until Responsibilities to American People Met


Paul Ryan Says...

Mitt Romney Video Sends Capitol Hill Republicans Running For The Hills

College students from China now in Taiwan: Is Taiwanese democracy changing Chinese students?

Jimmy Fallon does brilliant Mitt Romney impression

Went to my 25th Back-to-school night last night and heard something I haven't come across before.

I am a Moocher. I intend to Mooch again.

What the hell is rMONEY doing with all his $$$$?

Falling Romney. LOL

When sports writers use your campaign as a metaphor for bad/worst, your campaign is in trouble

Watch cat

Important Petition: Verify that Mitt Romney is not an Oompa Loompa

Should Latinos put off self-deporating themselves?

Door knockers for Graves needed for Saturday

Another Rotten Gorrell Cartoon

Mitt Romney's Disdain for the 47% - The Ad that Should Be

I don't usually call the poorest 47% of America lazy bastards

Gallup: Democratic Enthusiasm Spikes In Swing States, Nationwide

So how much did Boehner charge Mitt for use of the orange face paint?

MPs demand moratorium on Arctic oil drilling

Why do we need all these MA presidential polls?

Donald Trump anti-wind power fundraiser fails to get off the ground

(UK) Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012 - slide show

So the CO-CHAIR of Romney's Campaign QUITS 6 Weeks Before the Election to Become a Bank Lobbyist??!!

Flavor of the day: Freeper Despair. It's the taste of things to come.

Windfarms could provide windfall for local communities

Wisconsin: U.S. Senate race poll shows Baldwin now ahead of Thompson

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 20, 1906

Mitt Romney Sincerely Hates You

Humans Were Already Recycling 13,000 Years Ago, Burnt Artifacts Show

PPP will release a Wisconsin poll later this morning showing Obama going UP

EXCLUSIVE: Moby Speaks Out About The Secret Tapings Of Mitt Romney, And His Comments About The 47%.

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 20, 1906

Obama Hits 70% on Intrade

Hey Romney, if the 47% who "don't pay taxes" are victims and moochers?

Blown call hands Dodgers win...costs Nats and Giants.

U.S. troops in Afghanistan do not pay federal income tax on their combat pay. #47percent

Genetic Mutation May Have Allowed Early Humans to Migrate Throughout Africa

Mittoons for Thursday

Mitt: "47 percent believe that they are "entitled to health care, food, and housing"

Chris Kluwe: Won't stand for world that demeans those it finds 'different' or 'gross' (read & weep)

Is redistribution a foreign idea to the US ?

OK judge refuses to let transgender person change name.

Religious intolerance on the rise worldwide, says US report

Closing the enthusiasm gap for women's rights

I donated to Chris Murphy. Close US Senate race in CT.

Religion, marriage and the Constitution

Romney campaign leaks yet another plan to re-release Mr. 47%

Pastors pledge to defy IRS, preach politics from pulpit ahead of election

GOP Defined

Michael Tomasky on How the GOP Invented Mitt Romney’s “Moochers”

Netanyahu ad to debut in Florida

FINAL: Lance Armstrong and Political Manipulation 1, Fairness and the Sport of Cycling 0

Role of religion on interstellar space voyage spurs debate

Syria rejects UN report on 'child torture'

Who Was at Romney's "47 Percent" Fundraiser?

GOP-leaning 'WeAskAmerica' shows gain for Obama in FLORIDA

Hitler, Stalin, Mao...

will the ACA tax report hurt POTUS?

Al Qaeda threatens to kill French hostages

The 47% Faces of Hope and Change

Study: American Schools Still Largely Segregated On Racial, Economic Lines

U.S. war resister to be deported from Canada today

New Mitt Strategy to save campaign: Give Voters More Mitt

HALP. I need a "bump."

Sources: Menino expected to endorse Warren at Friday rally

As much as I dislike any of the republicrat field

Michelle Obama at East Carolina University…… look at those crowds

Romney's "47 percent" remarks damage his image with voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll

"Money Boo-Boo"

someone went and did it...

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Appears On Univision

Joke, or not...


Meet Robert Rubin: The Man In Charge

PEC: 74% chance Democrats take back the House

brushing off the haters

Bob Somerby, on birtherism:

Just one question. Contraception is practiced to prevent pregnancy. the rhythm method is used to

Justice Ginsburg Sees DOMA Ruling In Her Near Future

The Last word - Romney's stock option secret

Charles Blow: I Know Why the Caged Bird Shrieks

Joel Osteen Tells Soledad O’Brien: LGBT People Aren’t ‘God’s Best’

Daily News Headlines: MITT MUTINY

Rmoney recently did five mock debates in a 48-hour time span

I was a food stamp single mom and now I own my own business.

Is This "Vogue" Cover Dangerous? Domestic violence advocates say yes.

Mitt Romney needs to stop talking

The Last Word - The 'victims' according to Romney

Powerful Read: An Open Letter To Candidate Romney

Drowning kid is saved by swimming pig... why can't humans be this nice?

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (09/20/2012)

Sherrod Brown is getting slammed by Super PAC money (and it's working)

There are several recent posts about Juror #3. This has to stop.

The Last Word - Rewriting Republicans v. Holder

Mitt Romney's New Policy For The Poor

TAIBBI: Wall Street Rolling Back Another Key Piece of Financial Reform To Screw Cities & Towns

Detroit News Poll: Obama up by 14% in Michigan

Still guilty: Italy upholds verdict against 23 CIA agents in rendition trial

You Gov Poll: Obama opens seven-point lead in New Hampshire

The Fiscal Cliff, In Three And A Half Graphics

The woman narrator in this song seriously needs counseling.

"Finish good shit..."

Dear Nate Silver....

PPP: Obama +7 in WISCONSIN (52 - 45)

Romney: If My Grandchildren Were Gay, ‘I’d Want Them To Be Happy’

She's Not Kidding

Naomi Wolf's: What Neuroscience Really Says About Female Desire

Thom Hartmann: Romneyhood...steal from the poor and give to the rich...

Israeli Strike On Iran May Wreck Arab Treaties: U.S. Officials

Texan Lynches Invisible Obama

Netanyahu ad for Romney campaign boggles my mind and disgusts me

How long will "The New Normal" last on NBC?

Ending Its Summer Melt, Arctic Sea Ice Sets a New Low That Leads to Warnings

Something to think about...

Alfalfa Male

Write Willard Romney's Political Epitaph

A great quote about Romney's 'redistribution' from Chris Matthews

I was minutes from ordering a drone strike on a Taliban insurgent – until I realised I was watching

Don't Look Now But The Pres Is Trading At 69.5% At Intrade

Kasich Doesn’t Agree With Romney’s 47 Percent Comments

I'm still not able to figure this Romney fellow out...

What a buch of moochers. Just getting handouts. Living off the government dole.

Tandering: Romney puts on fake tan to speak to Mexicans - Poll at KOS

Flight delayed four hours due to Flight Attendants feud over cell phone use.

Is Romney Channeling Nixon? (Checkers' speech & bad make-up)

Meme o' the Day

Adam and Eve were the original moochers

Humor on my FB feed

I'd love to wake up Nov 7 to the news of the biggest firing of Republicans ever

Metcalfe says 'lazy' people (the 47%) don't deserve to vote

Club For Growth To ‘Mixed Bag’ Romney: You’re On Your Own

CHART: The Richer You Are, The More Tax Breaks You Get

Speaking the truth about Mitts Mormon beliefs, and the Mormon Churchs reaction..

UNBELIEVABLE: Scientists Find Marijuana Can Stop The Spread Of Cancer

You-Gov Poll: Obama and Romney tied in North Carolina

Even The 'Do-Nothing' Congress Was More Productive Than The Current One (Official Stats)

Protests Besiege U.S. Embassy in Pakistan

Poll: Obama’s Lead Swells To Double-Digits In Michigan

Planned Parenthood targets Romney with online effort

Judge denies request to stop anti-Muslim film clip

West Wing Reunion - Vote on the nonpartisan section of the ballot

I'm trying to put my happy in a really short way but I don't think it's going to work

Anyone else suspicious that protests in middle east have been instigated by outside sinister forces

What Is Herbal Intuition

THIS is the photo that should have won the DU "Orange" Photo Competition.

Democratic Enthusiasm Swells in the Swing States, Nationally

RAVITCH: Conservative think tank praises Obama for standing up to teachers' unions

Oops! Another Republican accidentally betrays the real purpose behind Voter ID laws

Just say no to catnip

Club For Growth To ‘Mixed Bag’ Romney: You’re On Your Own

Virtually the Entire Cast of "The West Wing" Reunites for an Awesome Campaign Ad

Romney Campaign Is Destroying RW Talking Points By Mainstreaming The Same

Is anyone else making caramelized onions for halloween?

MSNBC using "Here Comes Money Boo Boo"!

Girls beat up Iran cleric over dress code

Catholic Official Calls On Israel To Do More To Stop Anti-Christian Violence

Meet the Hendersons

Fox & Friends Issues Correction After Using 3 Year Old (Pirate) Photo To Rip Obama

All those Republican schmucks have the gall to call themselves patriots!

A 95 year old cowboy on Medicaid

Oklahoma judge refuses to let men planning sex-change operations have feminine names

Jeff Masters: Earth's attic is on fire

Colombia’s Constitutional Court says religious precepts can’t be basis for court rulings

Video: Barkley's New Shoes

Now THIS is the America I love!!!!

NASA animation of the August 2012 Arctic cyclone

Chic-fil-a lies again: "A Big Loophole? Chick-fil-A Is Already Raising Questionable Money"

'I Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had' Video of interview with Tony Danza...

Mittoon: Mitt Romney's America

Romney not cut out to be US president

Boston Herald: If we undersample Dems, Brown is still ahead!

Pawlenty is jumping ship--well the Romney Campaign

Broward County, Fla. is First Major System to support Nat'l LGBT History Month.

Thom Hartmann: The Undemocratic Nature of U.S. Elections...

Mitt, You Coward, Come and Say That Lying S*** to My Face One Time

"Hey Girl...I know you're in the 47% and I'm in the 53%. but I care if you eat."

Mayor Menino to endorse Elizabeth Warren at Roslindale Square rally on Friday

This is funny!! First United Baptist Church sign

Tracking the source of guns used in local crimes

THROW THEM AN ANVIL-The Fight’s Not Over. Run Up The Score On The Bastards!

(Kucinich) What Did the Peabody Energy Company Do To American Consumers?

PPP: Obama leads by 7 in Wisconsin

Daum: Romney's sorry state

"I say that jokingly, but it would be helpful to be a Latino." -- Mitt Romney

TONIGHT: Elizabeth Warren - Scott Brown Debate 7pm EST

transcript: Romney revives Bush "nuclear blackmail" lie

NEW OBAMA WEB AD "Out-of-Context" Savages Romney With His Own Quotes

NRA News Downplays Relationship Between Weak Gun Laws And Firearms Trafficking

Who's paying for this mass mailing?

Arsenic in rice--today's LA Times.

Kinsley: Homer Simpson for president

Has Anyone In The MSM Mentioned Rmoney's Face Paint Job Yet?......

Veterans Feeling about Romoney 47%

Elizabeth Warren debates Scott Brown tonight

Mitt Romney: Out Of Context (Hilarious Payback!)

This election's in the bag, baby. I'm so confident, we don't even have to try and get out the vote

Empty Chair 'Lynched' By Anti-Obama Texas Republican Bud Johnson

Mind-boggling Kato. Is he rehashing the past for publicity? Or coming clean regarding Simpson?

California launches online voter registration

MSNBC Tops Fox News In The Demo Two Nights In A Row (Maddow Topped O'Reilly & Hannity)

Say It Loud: Redistribution Is Good for America

Rasmussen Poll - Obama up 2 in Nevada

Club For Growth To ‘Mixed Bag’ Romney: You’re On Your Own

Shuttle Endeavour to fly over Tucson

Head of Wis. economic development quits

Mitt Romney: Out of Control

Meredith Viera is still a right wing phony. She gave as many softball questions as

Rice safe, Arkansas growers say

“But if the trend continues, the question may no longer be whether Republicans can win the Senate —

Witch claims discrimination at LA doctor's office

Apple has been named the best brand and the best design studio of the last 50 years

Papantonio: Bankers Pose Massive Threat to American Democracy

WAPO mentions DU post! - Mitt Romney’s tanned radiance on Univision

Cute Early Sophia Vergara Pepsi Commercial

Lyndon Johnson waged a War on Poverty

Obama Campaign Releases ‘Out Of Context’ Video Mocking Romney

C&L: "Mitt's Unfortunate Reference to 'Illegal Aliens' on Univision"

A Day in the life of a Righty

Body of U.S. teen found at Peru psychedelic retreat

Sen. Cardin on defeat of jobs bill: Our veterans deserve more

A Conservative History of the United States

Ancient henge discovered in North Downs

Israeli strike on Iran may wreck Arab treaties: U.S. officials

Lounge daily inspirational message

When does a swing state stop being a swing state?

Just so you know - I write the songs that make the WHOLE WORLD SING!!!

NFL Films Presents: Cursing

Romney: Most undocumented immigrants lack "skill or experience"

California launches online voter registration

Artist documents same-sex military couples in new photo project

Romney would throw in the towel but

Gallup: Shows Obama and Romney tied at 47%

Well, Jesus Christ believed in the redistribution of wealth. What about that?

Thom Hartmann: When will the total collapse of the Arctic ice sheet occur?

I'm dreaming.

Transcript of secretly recorded conversation between Mitt Romney and Jesus Christ:

Mitt Romney’s ‘Invisible’ America

Veterans Are Vital Part of the '47 Percent'

Hahaha. . .Canada Party announces candidacy for U.S. Presidency!

More I think about it... Isn't Romney bronzing his face before the Univision forum the worst

Video idea: Anyone got a camera?

Hitler finds out about Romney's secret video

Happy 11th Birthday to my little Scooter

8 out of 10? 9? Hey Mittens, Honor they father.... show us the taxes.

Intrade - Obama almost at 70%

2pm: Sens. Sanders, Franken, Begich & Whitehouse will hold press conf. on SS

Some Texas Veterans facing tough job search

GAWKER running a "Romney dyed his face brown" story...with link to DU

Veterans’ Jobs Bill Blocked in the Senate, Greed at it Best

TENS of TRILLIONS stashed ILLEGALLY in tax havens

Club for Growth may target Lindsey Graham in 2014

The Truth about Private Prison Contracts

Meet the 40 Senate Republicans Who Betrayed Veterans By Killing $1 Billion in Jobs

Makers and takers

Labor’s Electoral Foot Soldiers Earn Right To Give Some Commands

Romney Locked Up The John Boehner Vote

I bought the "Lego Batman 2" videogame a couple days ago.

Need some help with a problem

Putting on paranoia hat: Could the polls showing large Obama leads

Party of resentment ? The two people on my Facebook who are the most strong Republicans

First Warren-Brown debate tonight

Who else received junk mail from Grover Norquist ie: ATR

Bumblebees navigate new turf without a map

White House: Benghazi A ‘Terrorist Attack’

Stunning contempt and hypocrisy for America.

Allen West Targeted By Democratic Super PAC With $1 Million Ad Buy

I think I put my foot in it! You can to!

space shuttle Endeavour just flew over Texas Canyon!

Republicans recruit Hercules to help their campaign!

Uh, oh, could the fix be in for elections in California? Computer voting in place for election.

These Powerful Stories Of Americans Telling Mitt Romney, 'We're Voters, Not Victims,' Will Move You

Schumer: Mainstream Republicans Planning Resurgence If Obama Wins

Oral MS drug passes tests

Pakistan hit by anti-Islam video protests

DUMB ASS Tim Kaine just lost the VA. Senate race with his 47% stupid statement in a debate

Why Romney's 'Let Detroit Go Bankrupt'' Would Have Been Exactly The Wrong Move 4 Years Ago

Africans’ genes mute on human birthplace

What Ann Romney Thinks Of The 47%: 'My horse has more style and more class in its hoof than they do'

"Staple a Green Card" to Every Diploma? Not So Fast

Housing vouchers gave impoverished single mothers emotional but not economic benefits

(fanfare please) Ladies and Gents, MY MOM JUST WENT BLUE!!!!!!

"Mitt Romney Sucks Pass It On" Has Almost 8 Million Notes On Tumblr

Republican Politician Says Disabled Veterans and Retired Seniors Don’t Deserve to Vote

Top Iranian Official Admits Tehran Misled Foreign Officials About Nuclear Program

I'm of the opinion these tracking polls are bullshit first of all

Scientists name new snake species to criticize mine plans in Panama (photos)

I feel weird today. It's like 47% of me wants to lie around and have welfare babies, and the other

The 15 Best Protest Signs From The Chicago Teacher's Strike

Do you think this is for real? I wasn't there in 1347-51, but I never thought plague looked like

Mitt's doing more flip flops now than Olga Korbut, Mary Lou Retton and Nadia Comaneci combined.

What Do Authors J.K. Rowling and George R.R. Martin Have In Common?

Former Guantanamo inmate accused of attack on US ambassador to Libya

MANIFESTO:Privileged-White-Guys ARE Disgusted With Angry-Privileged-Not Too-Subtly-Racist-White-Guys

President Obama’s Univision Townhall....Live Stream

4 Pinocchios for a truncated, 14-year-old Obama clip

The 47% Dog Whistle Is Nothing New

The big boatload of delusional nonsense ...

Messina: 'Romney may have tried to soften his policies last night... but Latino voters won’t forget'

Fat Cats on Capitol Hill...

Mitt "Spoiled"

Watch Elizabeth Warren debate tonight at 7 pm EST.

Love this photo from Elizabeth Warren!

The Rude Pundit - Mitt Romney: Useless on Univision

Boner on the Mittens video: "I JUST HOPE I SURVIVE"

Romney's Rhetoric Responsible For Obama's Surge And New Lead In Polls

West Wing reunion: Cast cuts ad for Mich. Supreme Court candidate Bridget McCormack

"I Will Occupy the Polling Place in Honor of My Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather"

The final verdict on Romney's 47% comments...

Microsoft, HP skirted taxes via offshore units: Senate panel

Public school systems are one way we redistribute wealth.


WP: Ann Romney’s private response to horse attacks

Obama Campaign Releases ‘Out Of Context’ Video Mocking Romney

Debate tonight!

WI: GOP Senate candidate (Thompson) cites Romney for bad poll numbers

Chris Hedges: The ruling elite is nervous.....this system will ultimately implode

I am shocked! Shocked!

Obama does Univision forum

Even some Democrats are loving the Koch Brothers money

Is it too late for Republicans to get somebody else on the ballot?

The Cycle on msnbc?

Q: What's The Difference Between Rmoney & His Preppy Posse And An Amish Leader & His Followers?....

Mitt Romney dedicates a song to voters, and here it goes :)

Obama Delivers Stronger Rebuke of Romney's 47% at Univision Town Hall

Princeton Election Consortium gives Dems a 74% chance of taking the house...

Democratic Enthusiam Grows in Swing States

Romney mentions his dad's "help from the government" on the stump

Teachers should be evaluated by student test scores ... well ...

New polls coming in showing dems pulling ahead in the Senate race

Mitt is such a Muggle.

WaPo picked up Rmoney's fake bake that DU started and linked to us...

10 Worst Energy-Related Disasters of 2011

Why Medical Marijuana Patients Are Protesting at Obama's Campaign Headquarters Today

Poll: 52 Percent Support Maine Gay Marriage Law, But Opponents Are Gaining

El Tiempo may sack Uribe-loyal columnist for lying .

El Tiempo may sack Uribe-loyal columnist for lying .

New Survey Dispels Myths About White Working-Class Americans, Resets Debate About This Critical Grou

Moochers: Let's list them.

Woman who botched Spanish fresco of Jesus wants royalties

Ann Romney’s private response to horse attacks

What is the worst run presidential campaign you've ever seen?

9 Hungriest States of America

"My Horse has more class than their whole deal"

New Mexico Gov. Requires Women Seeking Childcare Assistance To Prove They Were ‘Forcibly Raped’

Thomm Hartmann talking about Mittfalca's orange face minstrel show. Menitoned DU. nt

Rick Perry Blames Separation Of Church And State On Satan

Priorities USA Memo: Voters Think Romney Will Hurt Middle Class

Most Americans believe they pay income taxes, and a lot of Americans do not believe Obama cut their

Re: The Gallup Poll That Has Some Of My Fellow DUERs Concerned

Rick Perry Blames Separation Of Church And State On Satan

Obama solidifies lead over Romney, ahead by five points: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Obama is kicking butt in state polling today...

Fueled by women voters, Obama widens lead in Michigan

Freaked-out climate scientists

Democratic Virginia Senate Candidate Kaine 'Open' to Taxing 47 Percent.

Romney Fundraiser Host Used Controversial Tax Strategy

Obama: Republicans Walked Away From Immigration Reform

Shooting threat closes Skyline HS, but some don't get message

Ex-Insider Calls High-Frequency Trading 'Cheating'

Pop music replaces San Antonio talk radio 'The Patriot' (Savage, Ingraham, Boortz, etc.)

I'm waiting for Romney to use this famous quote from Richard M. Nixon

Wow! Thom Hartman says he believes that Rmoney feels he does not have

President Obama (Univision): 'Dismiss 47% of the country . . .? You haven't been around a lot.'

Starve the Beast: found on Facebook

Harry Reid cancels votes tonight, saying Sen. Scott Brown has no excuse to skip debate with Warren

Proof that Romney is a fan of Snooki

Today Romney is campaigning repeating over and over he is for the "100%".....

Tuesday the 25th is National Voter Registration Day!

Holy Crap Hemp Seed Cereal rockets to ISS

Check out my new ride, it's the bomb!

New TV Ad hammers Romney/Ryan Vouchercare

Weird news...Cubs pitcher goes into the record books...4 strikeouts in an inning.

On the "lighter side," the Motown group Temptations may have mentioned "gun control"

I AM.....47%

Homer Simpson Gets Voter Id'd, Votes for Romney, Gets Outsourced (Video)

Mitt Romney: '95% Of Life Is Set Up For You If You're Born In This Country'

New Romney strategy: "More Mitt"

Bernie Sander: Do Not Cut Social Security

Obama Ad Attacks Romney’s Medicare Plan In Florida

Yes, you heard correctly...

Obama To Romney: 'There Are A Whole Bunch Of Millionaires Who Aren't Paying Taxes At All Either'

CNN poll: NEVADA (Obama +3)

Republicans in 2012 and cults...people who adamantly believe falsehoods- how to persuade them?

How does one post a picture onto DU?

President Obama courts Latino voters in Univision forum

Obama leads by 7 in Wisconsin

Walker campaign launches petition drive for Act 10

Orange Skin? Are we being invaded or something?

Wrong turn: Apple's buggy iOS 6 maps lead to widespread complaints

Buzz blog: Of roofies, wild yacht parties, and Romney's Palm Beach Fundraiser

Victim? Dependent?

MSNBC beats Fox in 25-52 demographics for 2 nights in a row.

About lawn signs, good news and bad news. Who is putting signs up in your area?

President Obama at a town hall hosted by Univision - pics

Speaking out

Thompson Suggests Romney Is Dragging Him Down

New Mexico Gov. Requires Women Seeking Childcare Assistance To Prove They Were ‘Forcibly Raped’

Airplane banner: "Romney See Any 47 percent victims at the Ritz?"

Was 1 foot away from Pres. Obama!!!!!!!!!

Non-orange faced Mittens speaking at campaign event on MSNBC...

Funny Thought: I Wonder What The Repugs Would Say If Obama Put On White Face Paint....

President Obama with David Letterman - White House Photo of the Day Sept. 18th - pic

Lucky the sea turtle almost eaten by hungry fisherman

Bashir just said that Rmoney is being heckled in Florida right now

President Obama, Aung San Suu Kyi, Secretary Clinton, and Bo in the Oval Office - pic

Mitt Romney Accused Of 'Dying His Face Brown' For Univision Interview (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Let's Stop All This Criticism of Romney

Making sashimi at home.

Venezuela oil workers sure Chavez will win: union boss

NV Congressional District 3: Oceguera D vs. Heck R

Huffpo Running Romney Face Dye story with DU link to Tx4obama's Thread

In The Nation...article Does Mitt Romney really want to be president?

"I'm not for the percents, I'm for the people ... the American People!"

Rachel Maddow - Republicans kill veterans' jobs bill

Romney campaign ad on now begging for money to stem the tide of socialism because

Unusual Cavefish Navigate in Darkness by the Teeth on Their Skin

Debating a Conservative @ PoliPop 9:30-10:30 PM ET

CNN poll Nevada: Obama 49, Romney 46 (LV); Obama 50, Romney 44 (RV)

Prez's Too Cool Brush-Off W/Jay-Z, Beyonce Et-Al

NBCNews Reporter: Romney Supporter yells 'SEND HIM BACK TO KENYA' as Romney speaks at Sarasota Rally

I'm watching Martin Bashir and ust saw an infomercial for ROMNEYELECTFUND.ORG!

I miss having the accurate (I guess) numbers of members and posts on the home page.

Can Executives be honest? Scotiabanks' Chief Executive blames banks for mistrust


Rmoney's team clipped the 14 yr old tape of Obama so as to distort Obama's meaning 180 degrees.

In New Policy, The Times Forbids After-the-Fact ‘Quote Approval’

I think my brother's head exploded on the phone!

Romney’s gift to Democrats


Question re: SNAP. I'm in MA and could use the food stamp help so

Has RMoney boxed himself in on his taxes?

Tim Kaine trending on twitter

County Executive Takes Advantage of Massive Loophole in the PA. Voter ID Law

Help refute: 6 million will now get a tax increase because of Obamacare

You-Gov Poll: Obama leads Romney 48-42 in Iowa

Army. Navy. Air Force. Marines. We, the people, believe you earned the Veteran's Jobs Bill.

You-Gov Poll: Obama leads by 8 in NEVADA

Anne Romney, tax cheat, mooch millionaire. She Bilked It.

A Conservative History of the United States

Mitt, the look is supposed to be "macho", not "mocha"

Sandusky accused of being part of tri-state child porn ring.


Trending on Twitter #RomneySkinCareProducts

Mitt Romney Responds To The "47%" Controversy - Jimmy Fallon

Canada for president: Can the US learn from the north? (BBC) {video/satire}

Leaving MFM alone to watch the baby seemed like a good idea at first

Our Governor is a 6th grader?

Guitar pig

Mitt's "47% Tapes"--The Missing 2 Minutes

Self-described 'child prostitute' connects Jerry Sandusky to Poly Prep sex abuse scandal and...

Thursday Toons roundup 1- Rmoney the Horse's Ass

Regrets [TOON]


Brandi Carlile: "these atrocities are happening right here, right now"

Jon Stewart takes on Bullshit Mountain aka Fox news Must view

Harry Reid Calls Off Votes To Prevent Scott Brown From Ditching Debate With Elizabeth Warren

India strike over supermarket reforms

Hoodwinked: Romney Campaign Does NOT have the Money they trumpeted

About Mitt's make-up --

5 jailers arrested in attack near Tucson bar ***now with link***

Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell is now a wrestler. Well, kinda sorta

Thursday Toons roundup 2- The Rest

National Review PHOTOSHOPS Obama For It's October Cover

In wake of Act 10 ruling, Dane County Board plans to approve new contracts for union workers

Ellen's Young Presidential Experts at the RNC

Rand Paul’s Solution For Lowering Health Costs: Have Patients Pay In Cash

Special Invitation: Obama and Ryan answer our questions (live Fri 9-21 must be AARP member)

Conservative history

Paul Ryan in 2005: Medicare and Social Security Are "Collectivist" and "the target"

OBAMA At Univision Town Hall Today: "People want a hand up, not a handout."

Since Romney Raised the Issue of Freeloaders, What Is Erskine Bowles?

New York City Poverty Rate Rises As Gap Between Rich And Poor Widens

So I hear Mitt got a facial.

Anyone know anything about an Obama flag that is showing up....

Obama’s latest `gaffe’: Vowing to engage more Americans in the political process

Guide to voter ID laws


Question of the Week: If elections were held today, you would vote for...

An excellent reason to be or become a Democrat...

Erskine Bowles Exposed: "Catfood Commissioner exposed as freeloader" --Dean Baker

Remember This Movie?

Study: Higher Unionization Rates Increase Economic Mobility

Europe Does NOT Want Mitt Romney to Win

U.S. Flower Company Steals Wages from Colombian Workers

Maybe the Rmoney campaign could hire a PR genius

Martin Bashir - Romney, Ryan home states may vote Obama

Empty chair 'lynchings': Anti-Obama protests gone too far?

The true story of Kathy Trisdale who is the 47% and is voting for President Obama...

Oh Boy! Secret Ryan Tape: He describes Social Security & Medicare as “collectivist” & “socialistic.”

Koch-funded activists to protest Occupy

The Best Non-Partisan Ad You Will Ever See

It's the fake tan, stupid.

What A Difference A Letter Makes

New form of West Bank terror: Stone barriers

I'm here to recruit you (Harvey Milk's nephew pro Tammy Baldwin D-WI)

Sex abuse claims stem from Tulsa megachurch

Limbaugh: Penises now ’10 percent smaller’ and shrinking because of ‘feminazis’

Did you ever wonder how many of those standing behind Romney or his wife at rallies

Romney has $50.4 million for fall sprint

Obama Solidifies Lead Over Romney, Ahead by Five Points: Reuters/Ipsos poll

More Romney Context Fail

Hello Nurse Alliance Sisters and Brothers

Update: Republican Adds American Flag to "Lynched Chair" Display

Stay Classy Fox Noise

Romney's Desperate Ridiculous Slam on Obama Comes Back To Bite Him

Martin Bashir - Ryan helps GOP farm for gridlock in return to Capitol

Anyone seen kristopher around lately?

Allegheny Co(.W.Pa.) Executive Outlines Plan To Allow Registered Voters To Obtain ID!

Mitt Romney: Outside the Circle (OUCH!)

Found on FB...

Warren debating Brown tonight in MA

Mitt Romney makes ESPN! Campaign called "Circus act."

Kitchen Sink

Man, goose form odd-couple friendship

Black Agenda Report: " Rahm Emanuel: Point Man For Obama's Bipartisan Pork Barrel Pedagogy"


Paul Ryan claims he can run REALLY fast, but I bet he can't outrun...

Mitt Romney is Pro Gay narriage now? WTF? Politics Nation provided a clip




Just heard on Mark Thompson show Larry Flint has some kind of BOMBSHELL!!!!

Obstructionist Congress directly responsible for hundreds of lost jobs in Iowa's wind power industry

Help. There's a thread that I can't get a 'view all' on - what happened?

Martin Bashir - Romney fumbles delivery of 1998 ‘redistribution’ attack on Obama


Bipartisan commission defeats Manhattan Project park

Chicago Teachers Union's Karen Lewis: Deal Ending Strike a Victory for Education

Fox News Fail: Fox Hosts Voter Fraud Expert Who Debunks Their Own Voter Fraud Claims

Hello boys and girls! I am the Mitto Bandito!

If you were a ReTHUG operative and saw the writing on the wall

I wonder how much a "Show us your taxes!" airplane banner would cost for the next romney event?

Obama responds to to Romney's 47% statement

Will the pollsters EVER admit Obama might actually have MORE than 50% support?

Harry Reid Calls Off Votes To Prevent Scott Brown From Ditching Debate With Elizabeth Warren

Jimmy Carter's Grandson Arranged Leak of Romney 47% Video

How Bad Is Apple’s iOS6 Maps Disaster?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 21 September 2012

Mitt Romney Finds A New Message: Only D.C. Insiders, Not the American People, Can Change Washington

President Obama Tears Into Romney’s 47 Percent Remarks (Vid)

The Simpsons lampoons GOP-backed voter ID laws

VIDEO Update on Empty Chair Lynching in Texas -- Chair has been cut down.

Hanging chair in Austin is down

Romney Loses Ground in New State Polls (IA, CO, WI)

(This is hilarious!!) Parody: Obama’s anger translator on the ’47 percent’ video

No Drama

Did anyone see the commercial on Politics Nation asking for

"Boycott NBC" on Facebook. Why do they blame Obama?

Newt Gingrich: Akin won ballot spot in `fair fight,' GOP should back him

An Email from Chris Redfern Chairman, Ohio Democratic Party

Brown to Warren: "She said she is a native American and look at her, obviously she's not."

Thank you, Mitt Romney.

Live blog of first debate between Senator Scott Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren - Political In

It's sing-along time, everybody!

Paul Ryan Joins House Vote To Block Welfare Rule Republicans Sought

I'm really worried about the debates. Romney is such a master debater

Mittens is like a pyromaniac keynote speaker at an Anti-Arson convention

sponsor of PA voter id -voter suppression act thinks many of the 47% too lazy to get out & get an ID

*Warren/Brown Debate NOW, C-Span

Poll: Obama posts significant leads in Iowa, Wisc., Colorado

Funny Tweet from James Carter IV

OH GOD Dick Gregory is on radio with Mark Thompson

Scott Brown is saying the elite are the job creators, not demand.

Wait, why do Republicans blame Obama for people being on food stamps?

Must See, Must See - THE SIMPSONS - Homer Votes 2012

That Is Newsworthy

Stewart Destroys Fox News; Chaos on Bullshit Mountain

where are the ads with McConnell talking about his main priority

So what website is near the end of the Interenet highway?

Thom Hartmann credited DU with getting the Orange Romney ball rolling and highlighted EarlG's

Goldman Sachs CEO: 'You Can't Austere Yourself Into A Higher GDP'

Charlton Heston's make-up in Touch of Evil.

Mitt Romney loses Tim Pawlenty as campaign co-chair 45 days before election...

Boehner: I Just Hope I Survive

Brown looks like the sleazeball he is!!!

Ann Romney says her horse is classier than you people

President On A BadPenny Stabbed My Life

New Video shows Romney saying 'change comes from the outside' about a million freakin times

Exclusive:U.S. mortgage task force to take action soon - NY AG

OUCH! THAT'S gonna leave a mark: "Harry Reid: The 47% Aren't 'Using Cayman Islands Tax Shelters'..."

How to tell if your elk call is effective:

Saw two ads from the Rmoney gang on ABC FLorida

Republicans pull 3 key staffers from Romney election effort in New Mexico

The Universe Shines for Astronomy Photographer of the Year Winners

MSNBC Tops Fox News In The Demo Two Nights In A Row

Mr. Brown: Zombie Ted Kennedy is going to rise from his grave and eat your tiny hamster-wheel brain…

Did Romney Just FORGET He'd Said The EXACT SAME Thing He Slammed Obama For Today?

Obama campaign: Where Change Comes From

Op-Ed by Mitt Romney...

Obama pressed on failures at Univision forum

Astrophoto: A Well-Rounded Glow

And that's the way it is.

So, is the Pawlenty thing a case of 'paybacks are hell'??

Lalo shows us just how easy it is

DU gets another cite: Did Mitt Romney Seriously Just Wear Brownface to Appear on Univision?|Jezebel

US surge troops out of Afghanistan

Why is it that "Black Agenda Report" doesn't get any views here on Democratic Underground?

Retired now and time sure moves fast.

I've found out what Mitt used for his "tan"

Romney's ‘Selectively Edited’ Fail