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Archives: September 21, 2012

I wish Elizabeth Warren spoke about Pollution of Nuclear Power

Pew Research Center: Take a test to determine your true political affiliation

Anyone watching SNL? OMGosh

Domestic Terrorists

SNL is on live now

Debates: Have they ever turned a loser into a winner BY THEMSELVES?

Elizabeth Warren Dominates Scott Brown In First Debate (Points Out-If Brown Wins-Inhofe Heads EPA)

Scott Brown Mum On Romney While Warren Praises Obama During Debate

When push comes to shove, Brown will vote with the Republicans...

Best Tumblr Page of the Day:

Altavista officer shot and killed an 83-year-old woman last night

Tammy Baldwin coming up on Ed! And he'll discuss the Brown-She debate.

I've heard that Willard has had several debates in a 48-hr period

Ed Schultz just said:

Poll: Obama ahead in Colorado,Iowa and Wisc.

Yes. You are welcome Frisco.

CSPAN carrying Warren/Brown Debate Now.

Does Mitt Romney think 51 percent of the U.S. population are feminazis?

There was a great point on GEM$NBComcast today

Could Twit and Lyin both lose their home states?

Can anybody translate Greek? A website is using one of my photos...

SNL political special

Brown won't say Romney

MM:The Drudge Report, NBC News and Edited Tape (RW attack of Andrea Mitchell 4 not airing bogus vid)

Dad used Bible to justify sex with daughter

Romney's small donor decline

Pittsburgh Duds

Save Your Tears For the Hideously Rich

When they say we should vote for Mitt…

I have the best job EVAR!!!!

Ed is going to recap Warren/Brown debate coming up after the break.

OBAMA: I'm confident we can win this thing-but it's not a sure thing & I'm going to need all of YOU

Check it out ~ Scott Brown is getting all his money from Wall St, Defense Contractors, Bain,

N.F.L. Blueprints for Getting Out of 0-2 Holes

New Mexico Gov. Requires Women Seeking Childcare Assistance To Prove They Were ‘Forcibly Raped’

My diet of drinking herbal teas in the evening is working. I've lost 5 pounds

Breaking: Rush Limbaugh Cannot Find Penis - Blames Feminists

Sarah Silverman On Voter Suppression

Jurors convict suburban Chicago computer specialist in deaths of wife, 3 kids on road trip

Price tag to get Fort Calhoun nuke plant up and running? $134 million

Romney's SuperPAC Running On Fumes

Can't get in on www or upload, only sync.du. Is it super busy or something?

LOL: Warren Leaves Brown Limp

I didn't realize that Tommy Thompson was the progenitor of Medicare Part D

New poll: Sink would beat Scott, Crist would tie in 2014 gov race

Chinese meet with Perry?????

Great Hillary quote from Aung San Suu Kyi Ceremony

Judge blocks part of Texas effort to purge dead from voter roll

In clips I've seen of Romney's Univision interview it seemed like he stacked the audience

Scott Brown thinks that Native Americans can't look "White"…

the Juan percent

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Can We Get A Bigger Etch-A-Sketch? &

Top 10 most overplayed songs that you used to like but don't anymore

IUDs, implants urged for teen girls' birth control

Scott Brown thinks that Native Americans can't look "White"…

SNL Mocks Fox & Friends For Sugarcoating Romney Gaffes - video link

President Obama's Univision

Exclusive: U.S. Mortgage Task Force to Act Soon (NY AG Schneiderman)

Granny Wontcha Smoke Some Marijuana

Another 4,692 Democrats and 2,532 Republicans Registered to vote on 9/19 in Florida

US economy hobbled by weak hiring, manufacturing

Twitter histories of events are vanishing

Boston Globe article about Elizabeth Warren and the Travelers Insurance asbestos case

Obama suggests Romney is out of touch with America

Paul Ryan urges House colleagues to remain optimistic about election

Mitt Romney ... the true test of a man's character --->

Is likely voter polling more accurate than registered voter polling?

Higher stock prices help Americans regain wealth

People say the Univision appearance for Willard was just a bad makeup day

only 47 days to go...

What do Elizabeth Warren and Kristen Chenoweth...

once again, my naivete is showing

Warren-Brown debate: Whose side are you on

It appears Sarah Palin and Mitt both got spray tanned today.

Amish sect found guilty of hate crimes in beard cutting

John Nichols, The Nation: Elizabeth Warren Wins the 'Which Side Are You On?' Debate

Full length Warren,Brown debate from Cspan

Lindsey Stirling releases first album

Who had the stronger performance in tonight's debate?

Sen. Brown just came off as strange.

U.S. war resister deported from Canada, arrested at border

Boston Globe online poll on the Elizabeth Warren - Scott Brown debate

Wal-Mart Is Deleting the Kindle From Stores

Harrisburg mayor, a devout Christian, to deliver remarks at atheist conference

ANN To GOP Critiques: “Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring,”

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the Obama campaign headquarters ...

Maureen Moss

Obama has $88 million on hand to spend. Romney $50 million.

There they go again!!!!!!!

The ED Show - Brown and Warren debate starts with cheap shot

*** Elizabeth Warren v. Scott Brown -- Debate ***

W thought working 3 jobs was "uniqely American & fantastic"

Deputy FM: Israel doesn't meddle in internal U.S. politics

Drat! I missed the Warren/Brown debate. Is there a video link yet to watch full debate? ~nt

Europe Said to Be Close to Approval of EMI Deal (Universal and EMI merger)

Missouri remains land of religious promise for Mormons

You couldn't get Scott Brown to say the word Rmoney with a subpoena

Ann Romney in Iowa today...Wow...just a lot of Wow. WOW.

email of Letter to Sen Franken regarding Italy convinction of 23 Americans for torture.

Scott Brown personally insulted me tonight & I'm a Michigander

Peace activist and mother ask for US Attorney to stop Grand Jury Trials on Activists Call in 9/24.

Are Sen. Franken and Sen Klobuchar allowing fracking in Northern MN's boundry waters?

Eddie Vedder claims 47% status at Obama fundraiser

Palestinians condemn Mitt Romney comment that they have “no interest whatsoever” in peace

Democratic Enthusiasm Swells in the Swing States, Nationally

Mittfalca goes after the senior gay Latino vote.

DUers from Pittsburgh or those who know the area. Need some info about Parking places

Does Willard think marriage is a sacred trust between a man and woman

The ED Show - Romney's real view of workers

Someone explain to me what the big deal is about Elizabeth Warren and her native american heritage

Which states pay the least and most in Federal income taxes.

First LGBT-Themed 3D Film Makes Festival Premiere


Submitted without comment.

Aaron Rodgers... I'm a Giant Chicken Sandwich

Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers

How do we know that Mitt Romney isn't a corporation?

On the half time show: Paraphrasing Steve Sabol...

**Link to univision 'meet the candidates' with Obama**

"What Romney doesn’t understand about personal responsibility" Posted by Ezra Klein at WP

Nats clinch playoff berth by beating the Dodgers

Social Security survivor benefits paid for my college education.

Self tanner $13.99 American Flag pin $129.00 New suit $1500.00 and priceless -

"Elizabeth Warren Dominates Scott Brown In First Debate" at Politicus USA

US power market regulator threatens to suspend JPMorgan

How about Hometown check in? Where ya' from?

Request of Pittsburgh-area DUers:

HUH???? WTF??? There is no thread about the BYU-Boise State battle on Smurf Field???

anyone want to take any odds or pick which debate Mitt will skip out of?

Coursera offering - "Securing Digital Democracy"

Conservative groups reaching new levels of sophistication in mobilizing voters


Today's history lesson - Charles Curtis - 31st Vice-Pres of the United States (with photos)

Derek Jeter gets political !

Lawerence O'Donnell brought up the West Wing and it reminded me of this.

Nearing end of term, Obama’s snared no big Wall Street fish

The ED Show - Obama hits Romney on 47% while Republicans flee

The Obama West Wing Season 3.

Noonan escalates against Team Romney-"I Was Being Polite. I Really Meant "Rolling Calamity"

Mitt Romney's SPRAY TAN was just now mentioned on Lawrence O'Donnel's The Last Word show :)

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 21 -- What's On Tonight -- Adolphe Menjou

"Would Obama or Romney redistribute more?" Posted by Ezra Klein at WP

Romney/Ryan shirt

GOP Candidate Wants To Eliminate Dept Of Energy Because He Saw Officials ‘Sitting .. Reading Books'

Joy Reid on O'Donnell NAILS the spray tan!!


TRENDING: 'Apocalypse' now: West Wing cast reunion for 'nonpartisan' election plea

Support The Troops?

Conservative groups reaching new levels of sophistication in mobilizing voters

Dear Queen Ann Romney, I know it's hard, you don't have to tell me!

Can anyone tell me about yoga?

Mitt: Thank God We're Not ALL Moochers!


David Letterman - Dave Comments on Mitt Romney

C-SPAN2 screen: Rebroadcast of Warren-Brown debate at 1045pm Eastern

Eddie Vedder takes issue with Romney comments

Uh...LDS might be throwing Romney under the bus.

"The Case For Optimism" by Bill Clinton at Time

Mitt Romney and the Infinite Sadness

Walk and Talk the Vote - West Wing Reunion - Bridget Mary McCormack

OK...I just finished Murakami's 1Q84. wow. I just loved it. Next Murakami.....

Occupy activists commandeer anti-Occupy Wall Street rally

For a good time, go to Google directions, type in New York to Paris France.

Tim Kaine will pay the price for flirting with Republican lunacy

Ann Romney Melts Down and Tells the GOP They are Lucky To Have Mitt

are more psychiatrists becoming holistic ?

WTF, advanced search shut down due to high traffic?

IRONY- Fox Shocked At MSNBC Not Getting The Full Romney Video Yet.

My Seamus Epiphany - Seamus Is All You Need To Know About Mitt

Some people say . . . . . the fumes from spray tan propellant make you stupid.

Who else misses the big red message identifying edited posts?

"Intangible Dividend of Antipoverty Effort: Happiness" By SABRINA TAVERNISE at the NY Times

'Planetary emergency' due to Arctic melt, experts warn

Paul Krugman: Disdain For Workers

Mitt Proven Right!

Is Tom Coughlin making a point right now?

Girl Sings Karaoke At Grocery Store (Not Political)

Rachel Maddow - Brown dances away from R-word in debate

Why should government be ran like a business?

SNL goes after FAUX News - fact checking

OFFICIAL appreciation thread fivegan

Climate change causing rapid reduction in sea ice: An ice free Arctic summer by 2016?

Shakedown or public service? Mug shot websites spread

. . . and they called US colored!

China joins nations seeking treasure in warming Arctic

Copying and pasting images from an iPad

"What working class whites really think about dependency and redistribution"

Romney is a “Roomba caught in a corner.”

I can't help but feel that Mitt Romney has been set up.

29 Senators take a stand against a SocSec/Medicare December Surprise.

I saw both candidates on Univision. Some observations

Mitt Romney In Living Color (toon) - image

Vote at on who won the Warren vs. Brown debate

Rachel Maddow - Scott Brown hopes voters accept word over deed

Admins: please look into this

DCCC Outraises NRCC in August

Scott Brown Voted Against 9/11 Heroes, Citing the Budget. Then Voted to Build a Golf Course w/ Tax $

Once again, Romney is not.....

The Race Isn't Over But Would Queen Ann Be Acting Like Her Hair Is On Fire If The End's Not Near

"Apparently he just entered the spray tan booth and cranked it up to Montalban."

Romney walked into the tanning booth and cranked it up to Montalban

Still waiting for the VFW to condemn the remarks made by Joe Walsh about Tammy Duckworth

So my one puny vote is equal in influence to that of superPACs, corporations, and foreign leaders.

Local bumper sticker check - North Raleigh, NC - Obama/Biden stickers seem to outnumber RMoney

My theory on Mitt

Looking at it appears Mitts screwups are taking a toll

Food scarcity--another reason for Middle East rioting?

Is the Mormon church running away from Romney?

What Happens If Colorado Legalizes Marijuana?

Did the Daily Show talk about Latino Romney?

If, and it's such a big If, but not as big an If as it used to be....

Binyamin Netanyahu Gambles On Mitt Romney Victory

Bruce and Linda remind me of Mitt and Ann nt

"Romney Campaign Isn't as Flush with Cash as We Thought" by Connor Simpson at the Atlantic Wire

America's Joyous Future

Jon Stewart Commends Bill Clinton For Using ‘Facts’ And ‘Numbers’ In DNC Speech - video link

Well, Queen Ann did it...#StopIt is now trending on Twitter!

Forgetting to do your hands and ears while pretending to be Latino--

Good Signs All Around

Australian Finance Minister warns of Republican ‘crazies’

I've got a way of beating these tea party group and Governors trying to keep people from voting.

Getting tired of hearing Romney talk

"I'm a Moocher, and I'm Not Voting for Mitt Romney" ~ Amazing Song!!!

The Mitto Romneyto - Our new hot latin presidential candidate

If Obama wins it'll be the first time 3 straight presidents have been elected to two terms since...

They really just want us dead.

Re: Romney campaign facing cash flow problem,NYT confirms grantcart prediction

Obama Outraises Romney By Over $17 Million

President Obama questioned about immigration and Fast and Furious at Univision town hall

It struck me tonight...

US ends ban on New Zealand naval ship visits

NY Times - "Mitt Romney’s Secret Plan" On Immigration

Coolest line today by a person you never thought would come from?

Mitt on Univision: "Taxes? We don't need no stinking taxes!!"

Arsenic in Brown Rice: Asians and Hispanic Affected More Than Average American

Liz Warren’s jabs get under Scott Brown’s skin

The danger is as troubling as it is obvious. Elections can be stolen, without anyone noticing.

Arsenic in Brown Rice: Asians and Hispanic Affected More Than Average American

Obama has more campaign money to spend than Romney

About 30 "Americans for Prosperity" showed up @ Occupy Anniversary to tell the 99 to shut up.....

GOP Senate candidate cites Romney for bad poll numbers

Memo to Mitt: Increasingly, w/smart phones, etc. there are no "quiet rooms" anymore. Deal with it.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, September 20)

Rachel Maddow - 'Dead voters' exposed as phantom scandal

Change Washington? Romney in 2007 echoes Obama in 2012

Sununu was Claiming the Race was Tied on CNN

Lawyer for Guantanamo Detainees to Speak at Ithaca College for Constitution Day

Thread won't open

Ricky Perry and his Christian soldiers ...

QUESTION: Is Willard still a religious leader within the LDS??

I Can't Get This Post Elsewhere On DU Out Of My Mind - "My One Puny Vote Is Equal In Influence"...

Joy Reid brings it: She sez: did you catch that swanky spray tan? I couldn't look away."

Ann Romney, STFU...

Mitt Romney Campaign Gave Bonuses To Top Staffers, Disclosure Records Show

53% of Americans no longer have dinner seated at an ironing board. Some still eat tuna fish.

I was going to start a thread defending my hidden post, but

Murder - Suicide in Connecticut

The latest Facebook photos making the rounds

EZ to be Latino spray

Senate Republicans Shaft the Vets

Bill Clinton tells Jon Stewart: Romney driven by ideology instead of evidence

Psy stopped by the office of Chelsea Lately and we put him to work...

7 Signs That Now's Not the Right Time to Retire

The top 5 midnight snacks to help you sleep:

What Obama said 14 years ago vs what Rmoney said 14 years ago

Castlewood Canyon State Park, CO

If no one on Earth can show 50 instances of "voter fraud" in the last twenty years

IMO it's mainly the Republicans that keep telling everyone that this election is about the 'economy'

In presidential race, education offers rare common ground

Thursday's TMI Shutdown Is The Second In A Month

What impressed me early in life about Mormons is their collectivism.

Judge quotes bible in decision to deny a transgender woman a name change

Dan Savage: Romney is 100 percent anti-gay

There is an interesting attempt at damage control emerging from Romney supporters . . .

Rainer and Atticus Meet Michelle Obama at the DNC!

The Simpsons lampoons GOP-backed voter ID laws

OMG!!! Sarah Palin with a brown-face and white ears!

Romney on Being Rich, Famous & Happy

Liz Warren’s jabs get under Scott Brown’s skin

The disparaged 47% are probably closer to 100%

Romney Ends Rough Week With Disappointing Report on Campaign Finances

Fuck You, Mitt.

Obama Takes Lead Over Romney in Three More Swing-State Polls

Ross, Dershowitz confident Obama has Israel’s back on Iran

Richard Nixon Odered Cannabis' Permanent Schedule I Status.

Bill Clinton tells Jon Stewart: Romney driven by ideology instead of evidence

Ann: "My horse has more class.... in its hoof than they do in their whole deal"

Tommy Thompson Blames Romney for His Plummet in the Polls

South Korea fires on North Korean fishing boats

Who was Dumbass trying to fool?

Epic Gallery: 150 Years Of Lesbians And Other Lady-Loving-Ladies

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bills giving veterans more state benefits

Fuck Tim Kaine: Open to minimum federal income tax

Colombian govt proposes decriminalizing abortion .

Colombian govt proposes decriminalizing abortion .

HPU/Fox poll: NC - Obama 46%, Romney 43%

Uribe behind assassination of AUC founders: Demobilized warlord .

Obama 46 Romney 43% NC registered voters

Getting grief for wearing team shirts when I am not a fan.

Current Comedy, 4/14/10: With Washington in Their Gun-Sights

Venezuelan electoral process, “one of the most advanced and reliable”

French Muslim leader urges calm as Mohammad cartoons republished

Spain considers pension reforms with aid package in sight

1,000-year-old tomb found in Mexico

News Corp to give James Murdoch more control of U.S. TV operations

MPs call on G4S to forgo £57m fee after Olympics failure

Judge says anti-Muslim clip can stay on YouTube

Tensions high for day of anti-Islam film protests

SNL Thursday Night Weekend Update Special Reviewed

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Sept 21st

Do you recall when everybody was talking about the baby boomers retiring?

Nicaragua assembly approves $6.5 bln refinery


Shell Sues Greenpeace to Stop Artic Protests

Mideast ambitions: Turkey and Egypt seek alliance

"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes..."

GOP gives up on trying to push Akin out

The Ballad of Tim Kaine; Or, How Not to Talk About Tax Rates B

Heath Lovell, Coal Executive, Poses As Miner In Ad For Republican Congressional Candidate Andy Barr

Pssssssssssssst - Obama has reached 50% in three swing states

Ann Romney: STOP IT!!!!! this is hard

Morning Joe just admitted the media needs to rebound the race to keep the story going

The thing that struck me about the Warren/Brown debate

GOP-commissioned poll puts Romney 1 point back in Pa.

VIEWPOINT/A letter to Thomas Paine

Australian deputy PM: 'Cranks and crazies' in GOP threaten US economy

Elizabeth Warren WIPED the floor with Scott Brown's ass in the first debate

This is so true!

Joseph Stiglitz Calls to Abolish the Capitalist Church of Self-Interest

Spitzer: Romney Has Lost. The Senate Battle Is What Really Matters.

Beyond God and Guns: Why the GOP May Lose the White Working Class

Critics blast (R-NE) Johanns, other GOP senators for vote on jobs bill for vets

It's that pesky 47%

Has DU made it impossible for you to watch most news media sources?

Joe Klein- The Imaginary Campaign

Last of Obama 'surge' troops leave Afghanistan

Canadian auto union has deals with 2 of Big 3

Turtles Looking Up to the Heron God

Pompeii at the British Museum

Black women rally against voter ID laws

Ted Koppel Gives it to FoxNews - To Their Face!!

"Ewww .... put those back"

"Yeah, I admit that I used to be an Obama hater, but he is a good guy"

1 killed in prophet protests in Pakistan

Carmona leading Flake by 5 points . . . . . . . . . . in AZ Senate race

Familiar?: Mitt Hands Top Staff Hefty Bonuses While Borrowing Millions

Romney campaign gave out $200k in bonuses to senior employees just after the RNC

Yard signs for Brown and Warren all over my town. Lots of people who never had yard signs

Free bus passes 'have health benefits', UK study suggests

Heartland/Monitor National Poll give Obama a seven-point lead

History Lesson Part II

Lemurs identify callers from nose grunts

How American Democracy Became the Property of a Commercial Oligarchy by Lewis H. Lapham

Wow! I didn't know Elizabeth Warren founded the Occupy movement. Thank you Elizabeth!!

Bill McKibben’s Rolling Stone Article Was a Hit — So Why Didn’t It Make a Splash?

Reversing Trend, Life Span Shrinks for Some Whites

Hey Joey Scar...a few questions for you:

Drone Warfare's Deadly Civilian Toll: A Very Personal View

Is there a site or instrument that that tracks internet traffic?

Poll: Obama Claims Lead Among Small Business Owners

Bet you I know what FakeBake's accountants are doing this very minute

These pictures turn all women into objects

Israeli soldiers 'injured in Egypt border clash'

Mitt Romney ended August with $50M in the bank

Democratic Strategist: Demographics Work Against Romney in Some Battlegrounds

GOP Attitude Toward Vets - It Is A Privilege To Serve - Expect Nothing When Your Return

Can a Kids' Toy Bring More Women Into Engineering?

LOL! Morning Joe complaining about MSM playing the "Romney Rebound" story

Life Expectancy Shrinks for Less-Educated Whites in U.S.

Why Obama Will Win

The man who turned his home into a public library

*** Gets out her hammer and posts new request for the DU Lounge Bathroom ***

Lehman Brothers ordered to pay compensation

Strikes Work

FOX NEWS POLL: Obama has Edge over Romney in Three Battleground States

It's heeeere. The Scott Walker anti-petition petition

The Romney Campaign: Problems compounded by problems.

I'm sure Sugar Daddy Koch will pick up my member donation from now on

Ice-Free Arctic Is “Uncharted Territory”

Pennsylvania Grandmothers Star in Global Fracking Debate

america: where you're free to be a racist.....Empty chair 'lynchings'

Bachmann country is now a battleground

Romney and Ryan: Nightmare for the farming community

Obama campaign: The 47 Percent: Seniors

Ralph and Edna or..reasoning among ReTHUGs as they ditch Rmoney

Anyone plan on seeing The Master?

I just took a trip over the Fox and Friends and mean ole' Obama keeps "Setting Up Romney"

Greetings, lazy bums, I’m Mitt Romney. Vote for me! (by Eugene Robinson)

Krugman: Things Mitt Romney Can’t Do

Controversial "Piss Christ" art back in New York

Jan Williams, 47 Percenter, Says Romney's Comments Have Turned Her Into A Democrat

WHAT??? Chick-Fil-A isn't really ending donations to anti-gay groups? Go figure.

Matthews: 'Get Ready For The Worst' as GOP Makes Last Gasp Attempts To Defeat Obama

**TODAY is INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE 2012** (let's show what we're about -- K&R!)

It's International Day of Peace today. Wanna give this thread some ASAH love?

GM corn linked to early death in new study (Canada)

Cash Low-Romney Striving to Find New Large Donors (has borrowed $20 million & sharply curtailed ads)

had to share, funny Romney image

‘Cranks and crazies’ among Republicans greatest threat to U.S. economy, says Australian cabinet mini

Pair Of Polls Show Obama Up 7 Nationally

Florida couple having oral sex driving on I-95 pulled out gun after being spotted

Swiss railway weighs challenge to Apple over trademark clock

High Point poll: Obama +4 in NORTH CAROLINA

David Bossie on C.N.N. Hawking Brietbarts "Occupy Unmasked"

Visitor's gun discharged at St. Vincent's (hospital, FL)

Murder Tops Crimes by Women in Afghanistan

Involuntary Sterilisation Threatens Rights of Disabled Women

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Mitty Antoinette

Human Rights Education Shows Its Potential

Joe Biden’s Speech Most Watched Of The Convention

Friday TOON Roundup 2- The rest

Cyberwar on Iran more widespread than first thought, say researchers

Basic smarts and the super rich

Joe Biden Was Most-Watched Convention Speaker

International Peace Day from Kabul, Afghanistan

Mitt aka 'Buckwheat' Romney to take time off from campaigning

When Romney Went On Univision With His Spay Tan To Look Brown

"Occupy Unmasked" Hawked on C.N.N. by David Bossie

Subtle comments from Intl leaders

Woke up today to Joe Scar whining about Harry Reid...

The Only Petition That Matters Now

For The Soldier Enthusiasm For Combat Ends With The First Sounds Of Bullets Flying Past

Sharp drop in number of UK homes installing solar panels

'Cranks and crazies' have taken over US Republicans

3 Reasons We Need to Reexamine How We Elect Presidents

BOMBSHELL: New Study Destroys Theory That Tax Cuts Spur Growth

Was Newton a scientist or a sorcerer?

Man claiming to have a bomb takes over Gateway Center suite

Obama Leads Romney 52-45 In New Reason-Rupe Poll

Hey Scott Brown... Am I 'Indian' Enough For You?

Is Branstad part of the 47% not paying taxes?

Great news in Orlando! The new State Attorney is kicking out the good ole boys!

Pro Obama superpac beats republican superpacs for the first time in August fundraising

Insider Advantage is a joke

I'm seeing Peter Gabriel tonight - he's playing the entire 'So' Album. So today's question...

Several states begin early/absentee voting today--check to see if your one of them...

Full planet, empty plates

What's up with Gallup?

Romney must watch "Real Housewives of New York"

Eddie Vedder: Romney Comments Are 'Very Upsetting'

David Sirota: Drug Dealers Protecting Their Turf

Which comes first, violence or religion?

Notes from the trenches: Examples why Romney will lose.

Hey Scott Brown... Am I 'Indian' Enough For You?

Another North Carolina Poll gives Obama a lead

Bipartisan Morning Traffic

Rasmussen: Baldwin +3 in WISCONSIN

When Worker Productivity Goes Up & Worker Pay Goes Down - That Is Wealth Redistribution

A little RMoney "movie poster" laughter for Friday

Can they do this? Shia LaBeouf is having real sex in his movie Nymphomaniac.

Romney 's true colors

Sununu is a Raving Lunatic

Sweet Jebus!! You won't believe who Nicolas Cage really is.

Whoa. I hadn't seen this video of Romney yet.

I think we're gonna need retakes

Brown makes an idiot out of himself. Re: Warren/Cherokee Heritage..

Who here remembers the Cosby Show?

Hey Fox, The Jokes On You Again!

This might be photoshopped

I Am So Sick Of This Horse Race Thingy

Ann Romney: Spoiled Brats Become Even Nastier With Age

Sometimes you just gotta say fuck the rules

Who remembers Gambit? Now think of it with all your favorites.

Peggy Noonan strikes again...

AFL-CIO: Are Your 'Vote Hands' Warmed Up?

Isn't Obama about 8 points ahead in the polls?

This is not a major issue but you probably shouldn't be able to edit poll options

Papantonio: Voter Backlash Anger Will Destroy Republican Party

Beauty and the Beak (you see the best & worst in humans)

Interesting article by Paul Krugman

Herbal Menopause Supplement Often Contains Other Species, DNA Bar Coding Reveals

NJ's monthly jobless rate nears 10 percent

Mitt Romney's Son Signed 'Abortion' Clause In Surrogate Birth Contract

Politics in meetings

Safety Rules for Fracking Disposal Wells Often Ignored

I love this bumper sticker!

Nunavut's Mysterious Ancient Life Could Return by 2100 as Arctic Warms

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Pays Top Staff $200,000 In Bonuses

Britain finds a new voice for women in campaign against sexualisation

Caught on Tape: Ryan calls Social Security a 'Socialist-based System'

I am in the ER and not happy about it.

Satellite Imagery Leaves Questions About Forage for Wildlife

Scott Brown just ran into the Law of Clayton Williams

Three Mile Island nuclear reactor shuts down unexpectedly

Three Mile Island nuclear reactor shuts down unexpectedly

Judge orders Texas to halt purge of suspected dead voters

former President Al Gore

Pundits: Romney needs a bailout

The Ballot Cops

Mobs Targeting U.S. Missions Torch Banks, Cinemas Across Pakistan

Obama as Hitler: Larouche sign outside BofA yesterday in MA

Drumbeat: September 21, 2012

Drumbeat: September 21, 2012

The poll result that explains the election

Coal Era Beckons for Europe as Carbon Giveaway Finishes

Joe Biden Receives Highest Convention Viewer Ratings

Amish leader, 15 followers convicted of hate crimes in beard attacks

President Obama Meets Miracles In The White House

Nature Bats Last: Let go, or be dragged

SNL Thursday LOL "Fox and Friends on Romney Cold Open"

Why Taxing The 47 Percent Would Put Millions Into Poverty

Still Waters and other Reflections

Hollande Faces Defeat on Energy Price Caps as Gas Suppliers Sue

Judge: Religious signs OK at Kountze High School football games

Stripes on your tabby cat? Or blotches? Scientists ID the gene behind those distinct patterns (WaPo)

Have you ever seen an article about how women with children have a harder time getting dates?

Hey Californians, the Shuttle is getting ready to take off from Edwards AFB

Tortoises Manhandled for Solar Splits Environmentalists

Mapping Acceptance of Same-Sex Marriage

Giving Israel a new look at Hamas

For those who think motorsports have no soul

Alabama GOP chairman recommends anti-Obama movie 'Dreams From My Real Father' (BBC)

New Ad Implies Obama Is Cozy With Muslim Brotherhood

Ann: "You should thank your lucky starts that you have the CHANCE

There Are NO Commons With The GOP - Billionaires And Corporations Are Supposed To Own It

Nine Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Writers Who Weren't Disclosed As Romney Advisers

Israeli strike will unite Arabs

Noonan: Romney Needs a New CEO How to save a listing campaign, the Baker Way.

No more Confederate flag for Lynyrd Skynyrd; some fans outraged (VIDEO) (

Woman Behind ‘Beast Jesus’ Fresco Says Church Owes Her Money for Turning It Into Tourist Attraction

Pakistan film protests: 15 die in Karachi and Peshawar

GMO Food

President Obama TAKES THE STAGE in Woodbridge Va, 12:13ET (live links!)

Protesters, police clash in Bahrain's capital

The veil, the Koran, and the Muslim women's movement

"It's upsetting to hear a candidate be so dismissive of such a ginormous amount of the population"

The Last Word- Mitt Romney's panic attack-filled week

Sarah Silverman: Let My People Vote

Tea Party Threatens Revenge Against Pennsylvania Justices For Not Upholding Voter ID Law

Every State Taxes Its 1 Percent At A Lower Rate Than Low-Income Households

Mitt's Likability Problem

You Will Love This Graphic: The poll result that explains the election

Virtually all Alabama tar balls from BP oil spill, new study shows (AP/

"Having real sex" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "having real sex".

RCP Average: Obama +3.9

For this sea turtle, love is a research project

President Obama taking questions from Jane Pauley and the AARP crowd. (Live feed)

Veteran Strategist Steve Schmidt: Mitt Romney Faces a ‘Character Test’

Man holding hostages in Pittsburgh is updating his Facebook page

Purple Strategies Polls for CO, FL, NC, OH, & VA

The poll result that explains the election

Disabled Vets The Most Courageous People In The Universe

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 21, 1963

You Can Play- The Face Off (great ad in support of LGBT from NHL)

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 21, 1963

a conservative history of the US

The Last Word - Ann Romney to GOP: 'Stop it'

'Eating Alabama' documentary makes TV debut Sunday night on Alabama Public Television (

Purple Strategies poll of Arizona: Romney leads by only three points

Maxine Waters cleared of Ethics Violation

What the GOP really stands for?

Obama’s Journey to Tougher Tack on a Rising China

... And here it is, folks! Today's Daffy Daily Disaster from the Kameroon Kops!

GOP: They're Used To Controlling The Conversation

Hey, you, Lurch....

The Eight Close States

Herman Cain says he would have a 'substantial lead' over Obama!

Karl Rove’s Super PAC Accepts $1 Million From Notorious Rape Defender

Charles Pierce: Warren/Brown I: Night of the Living Overpreparedness

Israel's Future if it Continues on its Present Course: Worldwide Boycott, Isolation and Castigation

Voter suppression at Ft. Hood

Vets Have An Obligation To Share Their Stories Because -----

Ann Romney is sick of you people not understanding how hard it is to be Ann Romney

Watch Live Claire McCaskill/Todd Akin Debate

Republican definition of take our country back.

Mitt's bronzer fairy - spotted this morning on Facebook:

House Republicans throw in $3.2 million to save their majority

Police investigate Obama supporter's missing sign, ominous message in anonymous letter

Stupidest stunt the Koch brothers have pulled to date...

Obama currently over 71% on Intrade.

Romney longing for Cloudcuckooland

Joe Biden Voted Most Popular of Summer 2012 Political Conventions

U.S. to remove Iran group from terror list, officials say

Putin’s Russia Hits the ‘Clear’ Button on the Medvedev Era

No Progress in NFL / NFLRA Dispute ...

"You want to know what can go to hell? Godwin's Law."

How child molesters get away with it

Libyans march against militias after attack

There is SO much gaming goodness right now

Australian minister warns of Republican 'crazies'

Most interesting Poll of the day--Rmoney leads by only three-points in Arizona

McCaskill debating Akin right now.

President Obama: ‘Medicare and Social Security Are Not Handouts’

A RANT: Can folks stop calling these women 'Plus-size models'!!!!

Darrell Issa Won't Halt 'Fast and Furious' Probe

Let's Get It Right, Ann - Mitt Is Running To "RUIN' The Country NOT "Run" the country.

MSU study: Obama leads Romney in Michigan by 9%

Paul Ryan 2005

Mother Jones: How the Tea Party Killed Mitt Romney

Les Misérables - Extended First Look

This is THE story as far as I am concerned!

the NOW with Alex Wagner seating format is irritating

Voter suppression at Ft. Hood

Because sometimes you just need something beautiful

Herman Cain: I would be doing better than Romney

U.S. to remove Iran group (MEK) from terror list, officials say

Panetta first Defense Sec'y to visit New Zealand in 3 decades

Yes, campaiging for president is hard, but BEING president is even harder.

How Green Was My Lawn

I think I'll avoid this restaurant

Swing-State Poll: Obama Lead Grows

Some emails can be stunning

*sigh* The West Wing reunites for down ballot


Paul Ryan Being Booed at AARP for Saying Obamacare Should Be Repealed: ('Silence and Boos')

WHOIS "" anyway? Why the disinformation?

It occurs to me where the Main Stream Media will have serious problems in the next two months


David Corn taking questions on reddit

Paul Ryan Booed Repeatedly At AARP For Attacking Obamacare

Ann Rmoney Sounds Contemptible When She Said This....

Tax Credit in Doubt, Wind Power Industry Is Withering

If workers were paid a living wage there would be more taxpayers.

Fox News affiliate says iPhone 5 features 'laser keyboard,' holograms

Why did Romney just give top staff $200,000 raise?

Study: ‘Apartheid’ School Segregation Deepening In California, Texas And New York

How inequality hurts Romney's happiness

Found a Julian Fellowes film at Netflix

Maxine Waters: After 1000 Days and $1.3 Million, Most Powerful Black Woman in Congress Exonerated

This Is A Repost Of Something I Posted Late Last Night And Don't Think Many DUers Have Seen....

AnnR:how lucky we are to have someone with Mitt’s run the country

Paul Ryan Booed At AARP For Attacking Obamacare

President Obama to Ryan: "We don't need an INSIDE JOB in Washington"

Romney asking for advice on Facebook

Olivia Wilde and Ashley Green like you've never seen them before.

Obama Dings Romney: “We Don't Need An Inside Job In Washington” Obama ties Romney to House GOP.

Homer Votes 2012

Watch Paul Ryan get booed repeatedly at the AARP

Io9 fans

Ryan Gets Booed At The AARP

Andrea Mitchell is decrying Obama's VERY TOUGH DEPORTATION EFFORTS

The Right seems to be forming a circular firing squad...

I now have a few FORMER FB friends...

Edits have stopped showing.

Got our iPhone 5s this morning.

Bain-Bus Cross-Country Tour To Visit Freeport, Illinois

About the Brown/Warren debate...

Can someone be both for the Dream Act, but also for tough immigration laws

"Romney must win two of the three: OH, VA, FL"

What kind of an ASS would go before the AARP and tell them to get f****d?

Texas Purges 'Potentially Deceased' Voters From Rolls, Residents Say

Mitt Romney's Son Signed 'Abortion' Clause In Surrogate Birth Contract

Scientists Can Now Inkjet-Print Lasers

AARP is now trending on Twitter

Gunshot locators for Seattle

Republican-led House bails out.

Space Shuttle Endeavour flying by Golden Gate Bridge on to Southern California at 11:30am PST

John Boehner: GOP Won't Agree To Raise Taxes On Wealthy, Even If Obama Wins Reelection

Torchlight 2 demo available

“New Poll Shows Graves in a Statistical Tie with Bachmann”

Thom Hartmann: GOP says 'lazy people' shouldn't vote

House moves to quash Obama coal, gas rules

I Saw A Glimpse Of What America Will Some Day Be And It Was Beautiful

A comedian breaks down on stage during performance. (NSFW and have tissues handy)

The Last Word: Mitt Romney vs. Mormonism

The Chaos, see how well you can read this

Grist interviews John Kerry about Climate Change

Coco show's New Ad from the Romney campaign.

QUESTION: Property taxes for Education


Who Else Is Feeling Good Today?

QUESTION: Property taxes for Education

The Avalanche Begins

Upcoming Debates

When GOP Says It Still Won't Cooperate If Obama is Elected...

Will Romney Have His Spray Tan At The Presidential Debates?

Breaking: Romney will Release his 2011 Tax Returns Today

Superman Returns: Tim Tebow Touches Down in New York

Rasmussen has Obama up 12 in PA

Breaking - RMoney will release tax returns for 2011 at 3.00pm Eastern today

Are the Romney Campaign Managers Clueless, is it Sabotage, or are they Just Plain Stupid?

Mitch and Anna to release their entire 2011 tax return at 3.00 today

Gov. and Mrs. Romney filed their 2011 tax return with the IRS. At 3:00pm today,

Orly Taitz, Birther, Sues To Remove Obama From Kansas Ballot

Predict R$'s next gaffe, win a pony

Anti-jihad 'savage' ads going up in NYC subway

Romney Releasing 2011 Taxes At 3 PM, ‘Summary’ Of 1990-2009 Returns

Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers

Wanna watch Lyin' Ryan being booed loudly at the AARP?

Rmoney tax returns to be released...

PWC letter covering the Romneys’ tax filings over 20 years, from 1990 – 2009

We need a thread titled, THE DAILY FUMBLE, dedicated to the Rmoney/Ryan campaign. nt

Why, oh why, are elderly voters supporting RMoney-Ryan in the polls?

Learjet: Now 20% cooler (pic)

On R$'s taxes, from his Trustee

You know Romney's having a bad day when ...

Mittoon: Campaign Reboot...

Romney's Path To 270: No Margin For Error

Why does John Boehner run completely unopposed?

Mittoon: The 47% Finger

FLASHBACK: Mitt Romney On Taxes: Overpaying Disqualifies President

The Summary for 20 years won't work WilLIARD

Romney's Redistribution Magic Trick Is Nothing New

Rmoney causing problems for Mormons too

Summary- What's Up With That- Release The Full Tax Returns- We Won't Be Bamboozled

The "smirk"

Romney, by His Own Words, Proves Himself UNQUALIFIED to Become President

Summaries? We wanna see the "LONG FORM" tax returns

This Limited Hang Out By RMoney Is Total Crap

Life Spans Shrink for Least-Educated Whites in the U.S

Romney and Ryan are being "collectivist" and "dependent" by asking for campaign donations.

Do You Want To See A Summary Of Willard Romney's Tax Returns Or The Actual Returns?

Mitt is desperately trying to change the subject, but he's making it worse

An open letter to the electronic right

ABC/Univision says it was a real tan..

Defining a Conscious Economy: A Glossary of Sustainability Acronyms and Terms

Waving bye-bye with one finger

Eugene Robinson: Romney's Class Warfare

Where do YOU think our government should invest for economic stimulus?

So, How's the Wisconsin Whispering Campaign going ...

Thom Hartmann: Surprise! Another Financial Meltdown on the Horizon

Princess Mononoke to be done as a stage adaption

Watching live feed online of the Endeavour arrival in Los Angeles:

What my republican FB friends are in a tizzy about today


Is the iPod touch (5) obsolete?

Romney paid 14.1 percent effective tax rate in 2011

GOP “Word Czar” Luntz Seen As Indispensable


This doesn't make sense to me...

Born on Third Base: What the Forbes 400 Really Says About Economic Equality & Opportunity in America

Paul Ryan tanks at the AARP (updated)

Romney "Paid more than he had to" Flip Flop #10,341

Sister Wendy on Piss Christ (Part 6)

Homer Simpson votes 2012

Friday Afternoon Document Dump (Romney Tax Filings)

Bachmann an embarrassment: says former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson (R)

"I have had faith that both quality and truth will ultimately win out in this election"

Question: Just who the hell IS "Rachel from Card Services?"

Sarah Silverman - Let My People Vote 2012 (NSFW)

Does Rmoney's Tax "Summary" Smell Like Nixon's "Redacted" Watergate Tape Transcripts?

Disdain for Workers -- by Paul Krugman

Jeebus, Scott Brown is a fucking douche. Full video of debate

I've got a big crush on.....

Carter Praises Venezuela, Scolds U.S. on Electoral Processes

I Have A Question For Ann Romney?

After a Romney loss in November, what will be his role in the GOP?

Inadvertent Penis Joke Keeps Jill and Joe Laughing

2012 US Election: Parties End, Celebration Begins - Christopher Taylor

Which would you rather be? Werewolf or Vampire

Herman Cain says he would have a ‘substantial lead’ over Obama

Fact Checks from Fox & Friends first two hours (SNL)

A Letter From Ann Romney to the GOP

PIC: Thomas Jefferson on Obama vs. Romney

McCaskill Uses ‘Legitimate Rape’ Debacle To Cast Akin As Extremist In Debate

Melky Cabrera asks to be removed from N.L. Batting Title Contention

No!!!! First Republican in Known Recorded History Sworn in in Grundy County, TN

President Obama Rally in Virginia: "What kind of inside job is he talking about?" (Video)

ROMNEY campaign FLAG image / OBAMA campaign FLAG image

Romney Artificially Inflated 2011 Taxes After Decrying The Idea

Actor Patrick Kilpatrick goes on anti-Muslim and anti-Dem tirade...

Romney's 2011 Tax Return: "Sorry this Page is not available"

By Romney’s Own Standard, His Tax Returns Would Disqualify Him From The Presidency

"Legit" and big local media stalls in reporting on MN

From 1998 to 2010 I paid an effective tax rate of 98.6%

So last year Mittens donated over $4 million to charity, eh?

In Desperate Attempt To Save Campaign, Romney Channels Abe Lincoln

Former Romney Campaign Chairman Turned Bank Lobbyist: Banks Should Regulate Themselves

How Nixon Expanded Fannie Mae’s Footprint

Prejudice in Briefs: Why Page Three Is Toxic to All Women

Beer Will Survive A Nuclear War!

What is your opinion of taxes on capital gains??

I'd have more respect for Raul Pyan if he was at least consistent and endorsed the Hemlock Society.

Reid, Senate Dems oppose Social Security cuts in debt deal

Green Homes & Great Health Festival at Missouri Botanical Garden

Mitt's Son Signed Abortion Clause (Mitt covered the expenses) Reports TMZ

Pig saves goat whose foot was stuck underwater

Dems have Romney's tax returns.

How does someone overpay their federal

Most Republicans have always been shielded by their wealth from the poor, blacks and hispanic people

Things that shouldn't have to come with instructions?

how does Romney get $100 million IRA with a $5K annual contribution limit

WOW! Pictures of President Obama in Woodbridge, Virginia

Obama predicts Chisox - Nats World Series

Debate Drinking Game

Anatomy of a Campus Coup

Rethinking the Classroom: Obama’s overhaul of public education

Ooh Calamity! It looks as if the Kameroon Kops have a Daffy Disaster Double Today, playmates.

The conditions sucked, but the subject was awesome.

Hey guys. The DU ROTFL smiley called. He's exhausted.

Akin, McCaskill spar over rape comments in first debate

Ig Nobel honours ponytail physics (BBC)

Romney tax returns: I like how he averaged 20 years......why not 10?

You're making all of us look BAD...

By Romney’s Own Standard, His Tax Returns Would Disqualify Him From The Presidency

Examiner Misrepresents Obama Tweet Re: "Flag" is really map of U.S.

Shuttle Endevour

Space Shuttle went right over my house really close and has now landed at LAX!!! n/t

Is the Therefore part of the recital or part of the body?

Folks who don't watch this show, for any number of myriad hypothetical reasons, are missing out.

Arrgh! My across the street neighbors are having a garage sale.

Who's going to tell Republican 47 percenters what Romney and his money men really think of them?

On the fall of capitalism, from counter-punch

The 6 kinds of idiots you see waiting in line for the new iPhone

He says he is the ultimate turnaround expert. So can Romney fix his own campaign?

Do some people really not see themselves as equals to the rich?

Admins: please look into this

Elizabeth Warren Is Part Native American

The "Lucky Sperm" Club

Ron Christie looks like he's about to cry

A Blushing Jill Biden Inadvertently Makes A Penis Joke while introducing The Vice President

NO RIGHT to a secret ballot ...ya gotta be kidding me

Booooooooooo! Boooooooo!! That felt good! nt

Shuttle Endeavor flys by the Hollywood sign on its last voyage today

Hey Mitt!!!! A note from Barack to Mitt!!

Princeton Election Consortium: Republicans at risk of losing the House

Former Mitt strategist on Romneyland tax dump: 'Is this an April Fool's joke?' (updated)

The most delightfully hostile notes ever left on a car windshield.

Romney has redefined his campaign

We Can't Wait: Obama Administration Announces Two California Transportation Projects to Be Expedited

Latino And Black Law Enforcement Groups Endorse Colorado Marijuana Initiative

OMG I am absolutely dying here laughing- must share!

So, Romney Rigged This One Tax Return For a Rate Above 14%, Just For This Election

The letters in “Massachusetts” cannot be rearranged to spell “same sex marriage.”

Early voting: Half of U.S. begins voting by tomorrow... Advantage Dems

The BS GOP talking point on the tax "summary"

Mitt Romney Prepares for his Interview with the Lifetime Channel

Mitt Romney Could Recoup Extra Tax Payments After Election With Amended Return

Who should go to HELL??

"Women for Mitt"

YES!! MUCH Better!!!

Ezra Klein on the working poor...rebuke to Romney

Random musings: when did RW talker Bill Cunningham get a day time talk show?

How can David Barton be a historian if he can't even get the past 10 years right?

They Don't Want to Save Social Security; They Want to Destroy It

Romney's tax rate actually 9%

Joe Klein: The Imaginary Campaign

Alabama GOP Chair Goes Birther, Says Obama’s Communist Upbringing ‘Verified’

Have you seen Mitt Romney's Campaign Headquarters lately?

“From Battleground to Breaking Ground,”

rMoney proves it. The rich can easily absorb higher taxes

Check out the makeup job they did to Ryan for his AARP speech.

Hello, DU...for today’s Friday Afternoon Challenge: Pt.2 of “Ready for my Closeup”!

Good news today! My COPD is manageable and I may be able to reduce my meds next year.

Wouldn't a lot of the 47% be paying taxes if they were paid competitive wages?

“From Battleground to Breaking Ground,” for Texas Vets

Elizabeth Warren asks Scott Brown who sign are you on: Whose Side You Stand On

Did You See Ryan At His AARP Speech?

I cannot take this anymore!

BREAKING NEWS: Ann Romney's plane makes emergency landing

What is Scott Brown in the wild West going after Warren's heritage

"When you strike at a king, you must kill him" (Emerson)

Romney Tax Returns 2011 PDF: 3 Crushing Reasons the Taxes Have Destroyed Romney in Election 2012

Romney’s tax return comedy

Tweety's rant coming up later - What is WilLIARd Rmoney

A free Kindle Book..which is a parody of Joe the Plumber....screemingly funny!

*Kaine on Hardball NOW.

Do Not Ask what Good We Do - Robert Draper's account of how GOP decided to sabotage Obama's admin.

Romney Dumped Shares In Chinese Video Giant That Was Piracy Haven

Queen Ann and the revenge of the 47% - A Mike Thompson toon

Thom Hartmann: Just Asking - Does Mitt Romney Think he's Jesus - Who'll Save America?

Karl Rove’s Super PAC Accepts $1 Million From Notorious Rape Defender

What Makes Mitt Romney Happy

An open letter to folks like myself who cannot in good conscience vote for Obama

China government's hand seen in anti-Japan protests

How big a role does Republican White Supremacy play in this election?

Busy last couple of days, just wanted to add, fuck YOU Mitt Romney I pay a higher tax rate than you

Just got a new Razr!

Pakistani politician calls on U.S. to ban blasphemy

Let's get the Teabaggers to help us help Democrats to vote.

From WAPost: We STILL don't know what percent of taxes Mitt actually paid over the 20 years.

Anybody else see the space shuttle today?

Raspberry pie recipe just received from PBS:

Ann wouldn't get in the ring with the Nebraska press, canceled interviews. nt

Are you happy?

Now that you cannot get a job and have to rely on un-taxed VA benefits...

Scott Brown's comments disputing Elizabeth Warren's native heritage, really pissed me off.

Martin Bashir - Boos for Ryan’s AARP appearance, Romney’s tax returns

Mitty's missing millions mystery

Harry Reid Condemns Mitt Romney’s ‘Creative Accounting’

There is NO IF Romney becomes President, IT AIN'T AHPPENNG, stop wishing for it to be so

The President is a great politician, but

I not homeless... and other dog picks.

The Endeavor flew over my school today!

Smith - Baby Its You ('69)

Gary Johnson Files Anti-Trust Lawsuit To Get Into Presidential Debates

Is it time for "Three Days of the Condor" once again?

Queen Ann's plane makes emergency landing in Denver.

Turn on Rev AL right fugging now - David Kay Johnson says that the releases used the word

Descartes' Mistake

imagine you've given mitt romney one hundred million dollars...

Col. Sanders just gave his "I'm really your best friend" speech in the wrong damned chicken coup!

Rep. Frank all but calls Republicans too crazy to functionally legislate

Mormons Want to Excommunicate Romney Critic

Sarah Silverman's Insanely Great Video Going After GOP Vote Suppressors

"Mitt Romney: The GOP's Very Best" By Kevin Drum at Mother Jones

my new name for our wanna be royalty: HRH Queen Annie needs her nannie and rMoney Boo Boo

Is It Me Or Is Rmoney Getting A Lot Of Air Time On All The Cable News Shows.......

Florida’s unemployment rate holds as state has best job creation in 16 months

This distancing oneself from the chosen candidate happened before. but we were on.

Scott Brown: Character FAIL!!!!!

Cedars-Sinai and UCLA cut from Los Angeles health plan

Walkom: Three cheers for Rob Ford, true face of the modern right

Martin Bashir - Romney Friday tax return latest bomb in ‘rolling calamity’ campaign

Talkeetna, Alaska, to evacuate; failed dike

Welcome to Fantasy Island taxes on Friday afternoon

Hello DU

Don't You Just Love It when a Poster announces in Open Forum that

"If Mitt Romney gets any darker, he's not going to vote for himself'....Conan O'Brien

9 things you must know about Mitt Romney's Tax returns

California nursing home ordered to recognize union and hire 50 employees who worked for the previous

Conan:If Romney gets any darker he won't vote for himself

Mitt Romney PwC Letter Is Meaningless, Reid Fires Back

Al Shapton showed a clip of people leaving Rayans speech

Democratic Enthusiasm Increases Dramatically in Swing States-------Gallup Poll

A retweet from Keith Olberman that made me LMAO

Lynyrd Skynyrd decides it’s finally time to stop using the Confederate flag

Thank God Queen Ann is safe and sound

Another 943 Democrats and 647 Republicans Registered to Vote in Florida on 9/20

Boy, was I right !!

Obama's signature on Mars!

It's Hard Out Here For A Romney

Pro-democracy protesters overtake Islamist group's HQ in Benghazi

To the small group with me at Sen Wellstones office Dec 2000

If you are patient with dogs, this guy needs a home: Keenan, a bull mastiff (with issues)

If you are patient with dogs, this guy needs a home: Keenan, a bull mastiff (with issues)

If you are patient with dogs, this guy needs a home: Keenan, a bull mastiff (with issues)


McMahon Pays Stamford Property Tax Late; Was Charged $1,217 Interest

Missouri Women for Mitt!!

Lynyrd Skynyrd decides it’s finally time to stop using the Confederate flag

Tell the NLRB to investigate the mandatory and unpaid attendance of mine workers at Romney event!

How hard does Alex Castellanos work on being stupid?

It's not "Romney/Ryan", it's "Romney/Pre-existing conditions"

Dear Massachusetts

Mitt Romney must have lousy financial investments to lose 30% in gains in one year....

Centuries of Indian life could be extinguished by the arrival of Walmart

Romney pulling in big crowds at UNLV's Cox Pavillion today!

Time to donate

Why do the Republicans

Get Booed and smirk about it!!!!!!!!

'I'm Dreaming (of a White President)' by Randy Newman

Romney: My campaign doesn't need a turnaround

Supply side vs. Demand side

Mitt Romney: My Campaign ‘Doesn’t Need A Turnaround’

Mayor's Julian Castro and Corey Booker recording a message for the President.

Aung San Suu Kyi: Free Pussy Riot

The ultimate weird Tax Deception.

Mitt Romney's tax returns are a distraction.

And the winner is Yogi Lemon/Ginger herbal tea. My new fav. What is your favourite non-alcoholic

OMG DU! You will shit bricks, it will be like Tetris in your underpants. Watch it:

I just called the Secret Service about the Dear Mr. Obama sign in my neighborhood.

A nice? tentative first-step Willard, now will you release 9 more full years of tax returns?

A photo taken of the Endeavor Shuttle flying by the Golden Gate Bridge today

"Mitt Romney's Hillarious Attack on Obama" by Diane Sweet at Crooks and Liars

Romney's trustee invites your email comments on the tax information

Duck fat and ghee

Robert Altman's "Nashville" is one of the best political films ever

Hrrrmmmm (Mitt's tax return discrepancy alert)

Very interesting what I saw

Friday Talking Points (227) -- Smile, Mitt, You're On Candid Camera!

Why release an average figure way back to 1990? Because CG tax was 29% till 1997

Biden piles on Romney's 47 percent comment, "profoundly wrong"

"Swing-State Poll: Obama Lead Grows" by Kyle Leighton at TPM

Mrrowww. I came back...

So If I click on the occasional RW ad that pops up, that means they have to give DU money, right?

Yellow Jackets SUCK!

10 Questions Romney Must Answer About His Taxes

White House Photos: August 2012

Climate change and migration: An emerging nexus

I never watch the Simpson's, but.................

8 shirtless politicians to tide you over until Paul Ryan gives up the goods -GROSS OUT WARNING

Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames players say lockout is illegal under Alberta law

Social Security is Welfare. Social Security is Welfare. Social Security is Welfare.

Economy is recovering according to government statistics

Weekend Economists' Harvest Ball September 21-23, 2012

Rush Limbaugh blames shrinking penis on feminists

I wonder if Romney will concede on Election Night...

What would you say to a middle aged guy who hated PE in school and now wonders about joining a gym.

Daily Show Moment of Zen - Mitt Romney's Boyhood Dreams

Working Class Submarines

"GOP retreat on taxes likely if Obama wins" by Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane, at WP


The Lie Factory - the couple who start political consulting - read this one chilling passage