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iPhone attachment designed for at-home diagnoses of ear infections

"Why Is Romney Such a Loser? Seven Theories" by John Cassidy at the New Yorker

Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues - A HAND LETTERING EXPERIENCE

Design tips from a tiny Swedish apartment

Mitt Romney is working his way into being the most hated man in America

MITT ROMNEY'S SON Signed 'Abortion' Clause In Surrogate Birth Contract

Anyone got an e-mail address for Jake Tapper to call him out on his lies?

Someone ask Grover Norquist his opinion on Romney paying more taxes than

Union official scores Republican ad featuring fake coal miner (a coal executive!)

Romney: I am unqualified to be President

Great article on Micro-targeting and the importance of CANVASSING (the New Yorker)

California's first 3D printer retail store to sell $600 model

Let the flame wars begin!

CNN Money: Romney full tax history still a mystery

By Romney’s Own Standard, His Tax Returns Would Disqualify Him From The Presidency

Libyans storm militia building after giant protest in wake of attack on US consulate

Tweets in Space

CSIS warns business leaders of Chinese cyber-spies

Any break-down of INCOME tax in the 20-year summary?

What makes Mitt Romney happy?

Response to Those at FOX NEWS Who Have a Problem With Obama's Flag...

Gohmert: Obama "Helped Jump-Start a New Ottoman Empire"

OK, this is weird (they're watching you edition)

OMG! The Reps. found a way to turn me off candy!

Those of you who have a problem voting for President Obama

FBI checks envelopes used in probe of Rep. David Rivera

What makes Mitt Romney happy?

Why don't we see some more Democratic arithmetic?

Stop it. This is hard. Get in the ring.

"Fossil Fuel Group Whines About Tax Credits for Wind"by Kate Sheppard at Mother Jones

Romney campaign spends more than $200K on senior staff bonuses after Republican convention

Good Effing grief Lyan really faced some serious booing there

Wonder why Romney's accountant had to go back 20 YEARS to get a higher tax rate?

Jazz fans?

Dog shaming

Low water in Polish river makes it possible to recover 17th-century looted artifacts

Charitable giving is NOT equivalent to paying taxes.

Philosophy vs Science (Baggini vs Krauss)

My dogs are driving me to The Lounge.

Ann Romney to critics: "Stop it. This is hard"

Wouldn't '09 amnesty penalties and interest have spiked Romney's 'average tax rate'

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! That Was the Week That Was & a new kitty gif

Does anyone have any numbers or know if Elizabeth Warren "won" the debate

Vice presidential debates - Danville, Kentucky

Bwahahahaha! Herman "999" Cain says he would lead Obama by now.

Here's a great link on how to store any kind of produce

Not long ago it was speculated that Raul Pyan would be Mott Rmoney's Sarah Palin.

Gohmert "credits" Obama with a 'new Ottoman Empire' without realizing he's standing in front of a

This blog has some great household tips

Alabama GOP Chair Goes Birther, Says Obama’s Communist Upbringing ‘Verified’

Romney is claiming that the Charitable Deduction that were not deducted was

Shale Gas Outrage 2012 in Phila.

Global Frackdown to Ban Fracking on September 22, 2012

Showwa hans . . . . . who believes Willard's and The Missus' tax returns?


I have wonderful news to share with the DU Community.

After despairing Facebook posts, hostage-taker in Pittsburgh high-rise surrenders

Rachel Reports: Top Romney Surrogates Christie, Santorum and Jindal---All in Iowa.

Ann Romney says "Stop it! This is HARD!"

Key & Peele: Obama's Anger Translator - Obama Responds to Clint Eastwood

Revealed: flow of funds to members of Congress in support of Iranian group

Fox Noise Format

New Randy Newman Song “I’m Dreaming (of a white president)” Available for Free Download

Curious how you Women feel about

Hesitant for the President? SUPREME. COURT. NOMINATIONS.

States with Stronger Unions Have Stronger Middle Classes

Rachel is about to cover the Ryan booing incident. Tune in!

I was unable to comment on this when I saw it originally, but the "Obama Flag" would make Freud

Health Illinois cannot make pharmacists give 'morning after' pill: court

Chris Matthews will be a guest on Real Time tonite

The last space shuttle made it's final flight today circling Los Angeles

PPP: Baldwin +4 in WISCONSIN (49 - 45)

I smell a rat.

Montana gubernatorial candidate compares getting an abortion to taking aspirin

I sometimes channel surf to Faux news just to see what BS

Bobby Jindal’s Voucher Schools: American Indians On the Trail of Tears Were Just Coming to Jesus

SC homeowner wakes up to home invader, fights back.

Wash. secretary of state (R) warns 1.1 million voters they 'don't appear to be registered'

Nate Silver: Obama's Bounce May Not Be Receding

Wait, wait... Hold on, hold on... Did I hear right? He paid 10's of thousands $ bonuses to staff?!?

Busted a gut: Walmart (& Target) banned Kindle/Amazon

Obama's Afghanistan "surge" ended today

Christopher Hitchens Mortality Review: An Atheist Prepares for Death

Two interesting points from the Wall Street Journal's "Live Audit" of the Romney tax documents

The M. F. paid only 14% in taxes yet he is storing millions offshore!

Le Pen calls for ban on veils and skullcaps in public

Mitt Goes TOO Far Insults MY STATE-California, What an asshole!

Just got open enrollment notice from my Health Care Provider, A VEBA...

Shuttle Flyover at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank

Bill Clinton, Peggy Noonan set for ‘Face the Nation’

Dare you not to smile: First Lady Michelle Obama - pic

Has any one seen this?

Fox News Needs a Name Change

Anything about any kind of Ramen

The Brownback tax plan

President Obama greets Holli Benson during a visit with wounded warriors at the White House - pic

Small-town Wisconsin feeling like Romney doesn't care (LAT)

President Obama with the troops at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX, Aug. 31 - pics

One More Term

Last night's SNL Weekend Update Thursday Special is coming on right after Rachel>>>

One Term More

Why won't RCP update its NORTH CAROLINA page?

President Obama plays basketball during a visit to the McIntosh family farm in Missouri Valley -pics

Netanyahu: I'm Not Backing Romney

President Obama meets with children from Make-A-Wish - pics

Who's watching MSNBC?

The ED Show - Breaking down Romney's tax returns

Odd similarities

How the Bidens do fall (with a 36-pound pumpkin) - pic

Women For Mitt...

Are Mitt's Taxes Officially Obscene? Almost! Absurdity Today! Sept. 21, 2012

The boss got inappropriate with me today at work.

The ED Show - Paul Ryan gets booed at AARP convention

Jon Stewart on Daily Show about Gretchen Carlson during RNC convention

LOL - Tweety just took over the Bill Maher show

Boy!!!!!! Chris Matthews, keep going!!!!!!!

Maddow: Tea party groups trying to steal election via voter purges (North Carolina)

LOL "GREAT CROWD" - Todd Akin finds some women to stand with him

Jon Stewart on Daily Show after Chris Wallace's statement on Romney's speech.

A summary of Mitt Romney's 2011 tax return (379 page PDF attached)

The folks at AARP didn't just boo Paul Ryan. They booed Paul Ryan in front of his mom

WHAT'S HE HIDING?---7.2 MILLION difference between Romeny's 2011 preliminary & final return

Need some help with RW BS - WARNING!

A Conservative History of the United States

Stop It!!!! This is Hard...

For those in CST, SNL "Thursday" political special, is on MSNBC. 9-10 CST.

Eddie Vedder introduces President Obama at Home of Lisa DeBartolo & Don Miggs

Sept. 21: Presidential Race Changes, but Swing States Stay the Same - just posted 538

A week off in the middle of campaign season


Libyans angry at killing of US ambassador evict militiamen in Benghazi

McDonald’s Calls Police On Man Dressed Up As The Burger King

Bill Maher And Chris Matthews Fight With Conservative Guest Over Why GOP Hates Obama

New Jersey Bans Smiling in Driver's License Photos

Obama's Electoral Victory is Assured!

Man Hospitalized After Jumping into Bronx Zoo Tiger Den

Jams, Jellies and Butters...

MY SO who has not in his life voted (age 36) is motivated to vote this year.

The Blue Ribbon Report Ricard Nixon chose to Bury has cost tax payers over 100 billion

tweet Barbra Streisand on #paidsickdays? (NYC)

What is the word I am looking for? Either a medical word or a science word for

Dear Romney, et al. Ain't that America...? Mellencamp & Kid Rock.

Guatemalan massacre suspect extradited to US

Guatemalan massacre suspect extradited to US

Rachel Maddow - Tax master Romney fooling no one with returns ruse

"Texts from Mitt Romney" - hilario

I have a politics crush on Chris Matthews

Rachel Maddow - Americans care about taking care of veterans

Perry is considering running for another term as Governor.

"Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives."

"Mitt Romney is paying… too much in taxes?" by Brad Plummer at WP

Ann Romney visits Omaha for fundraiser (canceled interviews after controversy erupted this week)

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 21 -- The Essentials: Casino Night

I'm not going to be happy until Tweety bites the head off of a winger and spits it out

TCM Schedule for Sunday, September 23 -- What's On Tonight: Whodunits

Rachel Maddow - Romney plays tax games with 2011 return


Louisiana sinkhole area residents need our help!

Watching Real Time right now....

"America’s Last Politically Contested Territory: The Suburbs"

A little local example of what we face in the election (Tampa)

Obama's basketball buddies revealed

I Saw Three Cities.

School of The Americas Watch,

How Mitt pulled a fast one on the media with his 2011 tax return

Zen Buddhism teaches us of the importance of living in the present

Secretly Impregnated by a Communist

So I seeded, I limed, I fertilized, I aerated (first) and tomorrow am

Bill Maher and Chris Matthews Fight with Conservative Guest Over Why GOP Hates Obama

Here is my guess regarding the Douchebags Tax Returns

Yahoo News totally misrepresents Fast and Furious

Romney softens tone for Hispanics

Bill Maher Trashes Undecided Voters: ‘Ignorant Jackasses Bullsh*tting About The Election’

This is too weird. Anyone ran into anything like this before?

Ya know what's fun? being at a friend's Bday party and seeing your ex-gf and her new boyfriend

Got some news from MO Democrats tonight

Senate currently IN session (12:19am EDT, SEPT 22)

As Bill Watterson's Calvin once said: "What a stupid world".

"What he lacks in charm, he makes up for in secrecy." - Best line of the day - Can you top it?

Man Mauled After Leaping into Bronx Zoo Tiger Den

Democrats Lead Republicans 6:1 In Early Voting in Iowa

The intrade chart looks so pretty

Rachel Maddow - Science of campaigning goes beyond fundraising

Clayton Williams in his own words (1990 ad)


Christie Vilsack will be on Up with Chris Hayes tomorrow

So basically, Romeny cannot afford to lose

Romney tells homeless to move in with their butlers (satire)

HELP!!! I somehow got my DU page print HUGE! It's only on

Democrats regain registration edge in Lungren-Bera seat

Mitt Romney's chip malfunctions yet again

Idaho Wildfires Head Toward Radioactive Sites

Ocotillo Sunset

Happy 2012 Autumnal Equinox!

I suspect this guy does not have a girlfriend and never will

A crucial part of the Demographic Transition is the empowerment of women.

SF Occupy camp now a homeless haven

Oakland pays $900,000 to cop consultants (to avoid federal takeover of police)

Pole Creek Fire: 26,000 acres in the Deschutes NF

After Chicago success, teachers unions spread their message

Anti-Obama Movie Mailed To 1 Million Ohioians

Governors' exemption cited in Ohio records fight

Whew. Just posted my only took eight years.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, September 21)

Romney released 20-yr tax summary rather than 12-yr or 10-yr to average in higher 1992-97 rates

BREAKING: Senate approves bill funding federal agencies for 6 more months and avoiding government sh

Will seniors get hurt with President

David Bowie forms his first band at the age of 15.

Russia Announces Enormous Finds Of Radioactive Waste And Nuclear Reactors In Arctic Seas

It is almost 2 am ET in D.C. and the Senate is still in session ...

India’s Premier Pleads for Support of His Plans in Televised Address

Hey, Harry, as long as the testosterone supplements are working...

Missouri Senate Debate - McCaskill vs. Akin (VIDEO)

Anyone here from Wenatchee, Cle Elum, Ellensburg?

First black woman nominated to D.C. federal court in three decades

Congress wraps up, leaving work until after election

Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked an attempt to confirm 17 nominees for federal judgeships...

Coyote pack attacks suburban pets

Clive Owen makes a great Ernest Hemingway...

KMIR6 Investigates Coyote Problems in Rancho Mirage

How China became the US election bogeyman

Mitt: "Doesn't everyone pay their taxes on"?

Carmageddon II in Los Angeles!

Feds turn tables on Florida Gov. Rick Scott, deny storm money

Facebook agrees to delete European users' facial recognition data

Hunt Ends for a Nazi Now Believed to Be Dead

Seminole man calls 911 because daughter refuses to get him beer

Monsanto Charged with Chemical Poisoning

Romney Shore!


One thing that could change this year is that if it looks as if President Obama is going

Chemistry cat

I cannot recall a more pitiful picture...

Paul Ryan gets booed at AARP convention (VIDEO)

Just sitting her on my pineapple, then Junior here goes zipping around messing up my peace!

Time to Pay the Price of War (Addressing Troop Suicides & Mental Health)...

The Norton Project

MISSOURI - YouGov poll (Romney +6)

How to steal a Presidential election

The bikers code

It's kind of hard to believe I was a bit sad at not having a Palin in the race this year

The Real News: The Neocons and 9/11

Have the large fonts option been removed.

4 Pinocchios for a truncated, 14-year-old Obama clip

Biden trumps convention Nielsen ratings, Clinton most watched online

Mitt Romney paid more taxes in 2011 than he needed to

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Sept 22nd

Robert Reich: What Mitt Romney really represents

Cranfield firm's 'breakthrough' for English airships

Bifocals? Bifocals!

Keep an Eye on Some of the Best Organizing Going On in America: 6 Activist Projects to Watch

President Obama Slams House GOP Over Unfinished Business

Weekly Address: Congress Must Act to Create Jobs and Grow the Economy

Take a Look at What Paul Ryan Did to His Own Congressional District, and Be Very Scared


Senate votes to fund the federal government, strengthens resolve on Iran

Happy Mabon -- it's the equinox!


Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)


Louie Gohmert seeing monsters under his bed again

Helpless as my son, 13, was profiled, cuffed

New voting guide from Funny or Die

Classic Koch: How California's Prop. 32 Could Enrich Two Billionaires

How to steal a Presidential Election!

Bernie Sanders smacks down Mitt Romney over 47% comments

Pelosi against extending payroll tax cut (FICA)

Flotilla group linked to Syria gun-running

Romney's 47 Percent: Fact or Fiction?

Why Romney is an evil man

Rasmussen: Romney May Be the End of the Line for the Republican Establishment

An open letter to folks on why I will vote for Obama.

Quantum teleportation tipped for Nobel Prize: Thomson Reuters

Who is Reading SHOWDOWN by David Corn?

Question for DUers - Was this the earliest Congress went home before

Chris Christie wants to fine $10,000 for telling the unauthorized truth about his budget numbers.

Lincoln man accused of threatening to 'slaughter' state worker

The House not finishing their work

A Record Amount Of Livestock Was Slaughtered Last Month

Up With Chris Hayes is very good this morning!

All this gushing and "aaahing" about RMoney's very generous $$$ to "charity".

By next week half the country will be voting early look at the map of states who vote early

The Eyes Have It: Men and Women Do See Things Differently, Study of Brain's Visual Centers Finds

Mitt Romney's Housing Plan Has Got To Be A Joke (Business Insider)

I'm thinkin' the GOP is getting their collective arses kicked

Whoa! Last year, I made $7 million less than I thought I did! Anybody else have this problem?

Can you believe that 2000 was 12 years ago?

Shouldn't NPR disclose the political slant of people they have on as "objective" analysts?

Ah, fall. It's here- the season - and RMoney's polling numbers. Some Sat AM tidbits -

More PA Democrats may get around GOP by using voter-ID loophole

Why is a lifelong government freeloader like Ryan running as an outsider?

Bill McKibben: Go After the “Outlaw” Fossil Fuel Companies

Like Jindal:In surprise move, Florida GOP opposes Supreme Court justices’ retention in November Rea

NKorea accuses SKorea of firing inside its waters

McCarthy = Mourdock

No Days of Peace in War-Ravaged Afghanistan

Beauty of Science: A Gallery

So Romney is being "frugal" with the ad money, showers $200K bonuses on staff and

My friend had two unique trumpets stolen during a burglary of his house.

Wireless Electricity?

News update from KOS, some good.

The trend continues: Today's UPI poll has President Obama up 4 w/ likely voters

Tide Shifts to Obama in Most Competitive States

Nanoengineers Can Print 3-D Microstructures in Mere Seconds

Wild parrots name their babies | video

Look at this Mandelbrot...longship

Reasons for Romney Tax Release Emerge

Jake Tapper, top-tier political reporter

NM "pro-life" group uses racism in a graphic poster, then denies it.

Homer votes for Romney in season premiere on Sept 30th

They are going to go after James Earl CARTER IV, slaughter him for linking the Mittens video

Ryan's latest whopper: Oops, I 'overlooked' 20% of my income

For sale: John Lennon's dream island where King of the Hippies reigned

The Republican Party’s Race Problem and Strom Thurmond’s Legacy

Republicans at risk of losing the House

The relaxation of cannabis laws shows the failure of the war on drugs


Charles Pierce on MSNBC now

President Obama is asking the rich to pay just a little bit more in taxes - Romney apparently agrees

Romney is losing his grip on Arizona, Missouri!

What is galling about the charitable contribution deduction is that it is

I realize "Bronzergate" is past its sell-by.

Bus driver gives his shoes to homeless man

ineptitude, ignorance, confusion, apostasy

Get the picture? A Sea of Blue.

Zimbabwe city residents synchronize toilet flush

Watching C-Span this morning I see one of the great problems with our nation

Eastern Germany: the most godless place on Earth

OFA - Mitt Romney's Tax Returns: What Else is Hiding?

Romney campaign trails in crucial ground game

South Central Federation of Labor

Homes of Worship: Rich tapestry of religious centers stretches along the Gulf Coast (gallery)

Bangladesh police, prophet film protesters clash

Perfect 10 for 10 Awesome Feather in the 2012 Nasty Storm Stakes

LOL. Romney will campaign with Jack Nicklaus in OH, going after that elusive "swing" golfer vote.

Birds catching malaria in Alaska

Rep. Nancy Pelosi Promises To Overturn 'Citizens United' If We Give Her Back The House

Libyan Islamist militia swept out of Benghazi bases

6 more from the little town in France. One plant gave me the finger.

Romney is very very jealous of the 47%

Congress should pass a law “no supernova explosions within 500 light years of earth”

Turkish court finds 330 military staff guilty of attempted coup

Just for fun...when Romney loses, what will he do next?

Veterans call for elections supervisor's resignation over survey

No, "I'm an energy voter" commercials, there are lot's of things more important than jobs

REPORT: Expiration Of High-End Bush Tax Cuts Would Have Little Effect On Economic Growth

Just your typical republican, using fake web sites to scam donations...

Any DUers know what'sgoing on with the Voting Machines

Never Mind, Chick-Fil-A Still Has a Way To Funnel Cash to Anti-Gay Marriage Groups

Petition to have fact checkers at the debates.


Rules for Running (esp for Ann Romney)

Sculptures and a fountain - children - water - and nobody draping boobies.

A Look at How the Left Hit Romney From All Sides Over His 2011 Tax Returns

Electoral Vote today shows 3 Senate races as "barely republican" - can we help push those over?

Broadway Cares flea market Tomorrow Sept 23

Seriously, if he can't even manage a campaign, how the hell would he manage the Presidency?

Another "Ask Me Anything" Thread. I am HIGHER THAN AN EFFING KITE. This could really be fun!

Is Mittens collecting social security?

Hypercomplex Fractals 3D code

Sen. Reid: 'What Else Has Romney Manipulated In His Tax Returns?'

A man earning $30,000 giving $300 to charity sacrifices more than a Billionaire giving away millions

Gordon wins pole position at Loudon

My son was afraid that this pic, found on Facebook, would offend people.

Soldier's E-mail Changes House Defense Chair's Position on Afghanistan

Romney Hits The Road With A Man Who Likely Accepts His Mormon Tradition That Blacks Are Inferior

Gallup massively overestimated Repub vote in 2010

The Hanging Chair

MUST READ: The blunder years

Obama to Congress in weekly address: Get back in town and pass some bills

Ann Romney's concern ought to be our concern.

Voter Harassment, Circa 2012

Lions safety fined for hit on Alex Smith...

Sex stings do happen. Lawyer caught in a round up.

People should go ahead and get a photo ID or state ID, if they want to vote.

Ryan humbly accepts nations thanks for inventing the space shuttle.

David Frum nails Malkin

Fractal Galleries

SpaceX's 'Grasshopper' vertical takeoff / vertical landing rocket takes its first small leap (video)

How Romney Packed The Univision Forum

In Romneyworld, what is the difference between government assistance and charitable assistance?

Early Voting in Dallas, TX starts in ONE MONTH!

Animated Fractals

Sarah Silverman on Voter ID laws... a public service announcement

Ryan's latest whopper: Oops, I 'overlooked' 20% of my income

Should YOU have to pay money to subsidize MY donations to Focus on the Family?

'Ninja taskforce' formed to quell noisy theaters

Travers dead heat winners meet again in PA Derby...

Bachmann: $16 million and counting

Have a good "Billy Sipple Day" along with the Equinox

A message to Mr. Romney from a Petty Officer in the US Navy

Voter harassment, circa 2012

Demonstrators hold up signs as Mitt Romney’s motorcade passes enroute to a campaign fundraiser...

God Bless (half of) America

Falling back from the edge of technology: This time, leaf blower/vac. Back to raking.

That Scott Brown crack Against Elizabeth Warren's Indian ancestry is still pissing me off

Curbs on Iran female students take effect

Saturday, September 22nd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day

Unproductive Congress skips town until November

Okay Here's Your Chance, Writers: America's Next Author

Romney accuses Obama of redistributionism

Ryan petitions court to change his name to "Hercules"

This is right on the money!

Sign That The Mitt Apocalypse Is Here

Jill Biden's 'Double Entendre' Introduction Crack Up Crowd/Joe/Herself

Study reveals more Americans take their own lives than die in car crashes

Iranian university bans on women causes consternation

I think the most dangerous time is when they know they likely will lose

Some weekend TOONS

Making the Republicans' voter suppression backfire

EZ to be Latino Spray (Toon)

TOONS: Romney And The 47%

Some sites to check out for writing jobs

By his own words

Can religion save Africa's elephants and rhinos?

Missouri the show me state.. if you say so Mitt

Evidence Does Not Back-Up Spinal Manipulation for Acute Lower Back Pain, Review Finds

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge: Pt. 2 of "Ready for my Closeup"!

"Stars Earn Stripes" - opinions please

Religion by rote leads to hypocrisy

Ancient Tooth May Provide Evidence of Early Human Dentistry

JK Rowling: 'The worst that can happen is that everyone says, That's shockingly bad'

Meanwhile, on Mars

Modern wheat a "perfect, chronic poison," doctor says

Atheist Schism?

I don't know how Chris Hayes could stand that RW National Review guy on his show today!

Women Speak Drastically Less When They’re Surrounded by Dudes. And That’s Bad.

I haven't had a job in six years...

Folks, this is important: Romney has not released a SINGLE COMPLETE TAX RETURN YET.

Today’s College Football Thread (9/22/12)

Romney's losing it bigtime...

Bad Trade deals and Outsourcing will continue no matter who wins in November

Cracks Me Up - Ryan Gets Booed At AARP For Saying They'll Repeal Obamacare And.....

Live Radio NOW Two Doctors Tell How Obamacare Affects You Sat 12–2PM Central

CNN Reveals Finding Ambassador Christopher Stevens' Journal And Discloses Reporting With It

Motorsports with soul, see how we are (NASCAR haters bite me!) pic thread - all sorts of cars.

You know you have been watching too much Project Runway when:

Univision forum: Romney demanded to bus in supporters - Threw a tantrum over the show's introduction

This might not be the correct group for this but here goes....

Mitt Romney Is Driving The GOP To Pieces: Countdown Day 46

A link from Santorum and Brown: More News From the Republicans war on knowing things

Craig T Nelson is a total dickhead.

Why is no one talking about the real class warfare in our society?

Mitt Fit: Romney Threw ‘Temper Tantrum’ and Forced Univision to Re-tape Intro

Fiona Apple facing up to 10 years in jail over Texas marijuana bust

Sensata, Bain Capital, Freeport IL:

Part-time faculty pay reaching poverty level

Dems were at Festival of the Forks in Albion today!

GOP Group Pulls Ad About Kathleen Kane After Rape Victim's Father Calls It A Lie

And this is what the campaign is about.

I'm feeling good about the dems chances

I love this young ladies message on voter suppression

Pig Rescues Goat

Ryan's latest whopper: Oops, I 'overlooked' 20% of my income

Ellen Church, the first stewardess

Scientific American - Arctic Sea Ice: What, Why, and What Next

Mitt Romney’s Orgy of Creative Self-Destruction

Latest Guinness world records

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 22, 1985

The main difference between dogs and cats:

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 22, 1985

Colombia Okays Prescription Drugs for Addicts in Bogota

OK, for the psychopharmacologists among us, a question:

Has Romney's medical history been released yet?

Krugman: Mitt Romney Says, “I Am The Confidence Fairy!”

In case you missed it - Barack Obama: Making History - by Chris Matthews

Lynyrd Skynyrd calls Confederate Flag racist, prompts fan revolt

Dare you to not smile. (from Michelle Obama)

Another reason we can't trust any Romney budget

Joe and Jill Biden speaking at a Union canvass launch in Manchester! (1:50ET live links)

Raising 'em right!

Mitt and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Is there a chance that somewhere in this great country

DNC Plans Ohio Bus Tour To Counter Romney-Ryan Tour

Io6 for my ipad2 does not include youtube

Republican Staffers Charged With 36 Counts of Election Fraud

Bain Capitol buys Craftsman Tools - Good Bye USA made

Are there websites or YouTube channels that compile all the ads the campaigns and PACs run?

Lady Ga-Ga: A Diva that breaks the mold. In every way.

New Obama ad - Mitt Romney's Tax Returns: What Else is He Hiding?

I cannot, in good conscience, do anything but vote for

Home Schooling? Home SPORTING was recommended for MFM. His lack of focus affected the whole team.

Finally... what we've all been waiting for (though after the fact)... Snooki's sonogram:

Realtors' promotions USED to be "Within walking distance of schools, parks and churches". Nowadays?

An alcoholic horror story:

Senator Bernie Sanders' assessment of the deficit...

Cats are right where they're SUPPOSED to be. Just ask them.

A rare photograph of MiddleFingerMom's old band:

FLOTUS' Response To Ann Romney's "This Is Hard" Whinge

Can we please retire one of the biggest right wing Myths??

Whenever you hear a TEApublican say, "We want our country back!" THIS is what they mean!

Limiting Hate Speech In America Is A Valid Debate

"...Romney seeks Calif. cash"

People should go ahead and get a GUN PERMIT, if they want to vote.

Palin advises Romney, 'go rogue'

Mitt Romney: The biggest business investment failure in the history of the world.

I am so completely unprincipled that in this election I will not vote for a single Republican.

Please stop blaming Asperger's for Mitt's nastiness!

I gotta wonder out loud--does Romney really want this?

PREDICTION: By November 6th, FOX NEWS will become the first TV news network in history...

Asian Americans is one of the fastest growing groups in the nation.

Without Unions

The only chance that Romney has is...

100 views. ZERO fucking replies. When people ask where I am... I think you know what to tell them.

Anyone know if Sue Thorn stands a chance in West Virgina First Cong Dist?

My friend had two unique strumpets stolen during a burglary of his house.

Is it me or does it seem as if Romney is only fundraising?

Canadian linked to anti-Islam film seeks protection

Dear Mr. Romney:

FourSquare Electioneering

(Awesome Video!) Mitt Romney: Worst Week in Washington

What incitement looks like

Tommy Thompson promises to do away with Medicare and Medicade if elected

Dear Mr. Romney, I am part of the 47%...

Here's Obama's Ground Game - Here's Your Jurassic Park

You know what Vegan Zombies say??

Dreams from my real Father (trailer)


Obama Team Produces Brand New Ad on Romney's Newly Released Tax Return!

FREE Rachel Maddow podcasts of full episodes!

Greenland’s ‘Ice Quakes’ May Set a Record

"Undecideds" are "dipshits" - Bill Maher

Resolved: It should be illegal to denigrate fundamentalist beliefs

At the advice of Skinner---I trashed this forum But I'm fucking back for this one.

Yes, Banning 32 Oz Liquid Sugar Bombs Can Help

12 yo son just said, "Is it me, or do the shows on MSNBC all seem to lean toward

Dear Mr. Romney, I am part of the 47%...

Strauss-Kahn group rape inquiry to be shelved

TCM Schedule for Monday September 24 - TCM Spolight: Prepare to atone

Iran's Revolutionary Guard says expects Israel to launch war

Who is Haim Saban?

Anti-militia protests show frailty of Libyan state

William Jefferson Clinton sums it all up eloquently end of Jon Sterwart interview 9/20

UPDATED: GOP's "Kathleen Kane is Soft on Rape" Ad Still Running After Agreeing to Pull.

NY Union urges registration and voting

Fact checkers at debate

An Open Letter to Barack Obama: Mr. President, You Are Abetting Murder in Honduras

Free Syrian Army 'move command centre inside Syria'

Does watermelon freeze well?

Mitt has been running for the presidency for 7 years and yet

CNN Used Slain Envoy's Writings Against Family's Wishes .

Does anyone know anything about model train sets such as Lionel?

Tell Paul Ryan to Debate Rob Zerban

National Review cover: Edited "Forward" signs to read "Abortion"

Dashboard: The tools you need to help re-elect...

Romney has an ace in the hole he hasn't played yet...

MAD Presents's Mitt Romney's campaign journal

Barack Obama Attacks Republicans Over Failure of Veterans Jobs Bill...

Mystery of the Obama yard sign destruction caper is solved

Jeb Bush joins Ryan to court Latinos in Miami

Palin Advises Romney: ‘Go Rogue’

BREAKING: Romney in Final Push to Alienate Remaining Voters (Borowitz Tweet)

More Americans now die as a result of suicide than from car accidents

Poll: Mack trailing Nelson by wider margin (FLORIDA Senate Race)

Deer For Romney

In Quebec It's Official: Mass Movement Leads to Victory for Students

What happens if t Mitt completely falls apart?

With Rich Donors, a More Candid Romney Emerges (NYT)

Ryan Criticizes Obama’s Cuba Policy and Explains His Shift on the Issue.

The 47% of Americans include veterans...

Stewart Acuff...AFL-CIO's national organizing director.

Sucky news.

mr romney....two years of tax returns will not suffice....where are the other TEN YEARS???

Question 7...

Another Romney LIE: "Letterman hates me."

PETITION: Eliminate money's influence in elections by creating a system....


Tom Delay is praying for his enemies :)

A Letter From Ann Romney (borowitz)

10 Questions Romney Should Answer About His Taxes

Ryan Criticizes Obama’s Cuba Policy and Explains His Shift on the Issue

Ryan Criticizes Obama’s Cuba Policy and Explains His Shift on the Issue

Just found this in Daily Kos. Interesting question....

Mauled man: I wanted to be one with the tiger

The Bad Boys Billionaires Club

Romney Univision tantrum part of pattern, including 1981 arrest for disorderly conduct

Obama urges Congress to pass bills creating jobs

An open letter to folks who cannot in good conscience vote for Obama

OK this says it all...bumper sticker...

Ad wars: Why is Romney's Super PAC pissing away cash in Michigan?

So why didn't Obama, with control of both houses of Congress, fix the economy? Ans: 24 days

Spotted over GOP Headquarters....

Reich: What Mitt Romney Really Represents (unprecedented concentration of wealth and power)

Craig T. Nelson totally thinks like a Bagger

American People: Um, that’s not what he said at all, Mitt.

Putting it more elegantly

Cheryl Describes Meeting Mitt Romney

If Obama can't mention the GOP war on Obama, those campaigning for seats in the Legislature sure can

Update: Comment of the month:

Life Spans Shrink for Least-Educated Whites in the U.S.

Happy Equinox!

Can you tell a person's politics just by the way they look? Take this test.

"We are fucked either way we vote." No we are not!!!

'High Value' Air Passengers May Get Fast-Track Passport Checks

A republican told me he was committing voter fraud and

I'm glad we have a President who cared enough to do something about this...

Have you looked thru Mitt-Ann's tax returns? Being moderately poor

Obama yard sign defaced w/ racial slur - McKinney

Report: Romney Bussed in Supporters to Rig Univision Event, Threw "Tantrum" Backstage

(California) Governor signs bill allowing women to obtain birth control without seeing a doctor

Someone did something nice for me in a jury decision.

UN: Torture of activists in Morocco 'systematic'

Ryan condemns contraception requirement in Orlando

GOP trails Democrats in getting campaign boots on the ground

Another high wind warning for Southcentral Alaska today

How we (in Europe) can beat the far right

Floating plastic, papyrus islands may help restore Lake Naivasha

2012 Cotillion Stakes

OK DU experts of political intrigue - let's try and anticipate

Romney Lawyer Admits They Manipulated Taxes to Conform to 13% Claim

Wow-Obama is A 3-1 Favorite At Betfair

What is Art?

Former Pirates owner tells Times he’s gay

Listen, I can remember when people were saying, "No way Bush will win! Did you hear what he *said*?"

Right-Wing Obama Lynching Advocates Take Cue From Eastwood

Breaking: More than 10,000 supporters are waiting for Obama in Milwaukee

PROOF...Romney can't find a woman to vote for him

HPU Poll: Romney has Advantage in Economic Issues but Obama has Advantage in Personal Characteristic

Is a Virginia Democrat trying to lose?

Tom Toles Rant- Entitled

Toon- Last Minute Press Conferences With Mitt Romney!

Rasmussen Polls Should Be Shunned

My friend had two unique crumpets stolen during a burglary of his house.

WATCH LIVE: President Obama in Milwaukee

politics on a play-date

Big crowd in Milwaukee for Obama right now!

Wild game in the House that Steinbrenner built

Warning labels are getting better

Mark Karlin

Who doesn't love puppies?

Romney Threatened To Cancel Univision Forum If Organizers Didn’t Allow Him To Bus In Supporters

Bill Maher's New Rules 9/21/12 The Undecided Voter Rant

Paul Ryan Tells Florida Seniors That Obamacare Includes Death Panels

Remember car bras? This is the next big thing

We the People petition - election campaign reform!

Romney Gives Kudos to Hitler for His Alternative Energy Ideas

If Bain Capital Were Running Mitt's Campaign, They'd Fire Him and Hire a Guy in China

Romney stacked audience at forum with GOP activists after campaign couldn't find student supporters

Shoplifting skill: Advanced

Pakistani bounty put on head of anti-Islam film maker

VP Biden mocks Republicans on Medicare plan, You'd think it was a Republican idea

Taxman to target all £1m home owners in new anti-affluence crackdown as government widens net on tax

Do YOU support legalization?

Ecuador suggests transferring Assange to its embassy in Sweden so he can be questioned

Ecuador suggests transferring Assange to its embassy in Sweden so he can be questioned

Two suburban men charged after checks stolen from Obama campaign

Wouldn't it be great if president Obama earned 54% or higher in November...

I was just talking to Mrs WCGreen about the X-men, specifically Jean Grey....

Best post-building yet...

Tagg Romney tweet

So now that Fall is here and I need to Hire some home contractors...

Jon Stewart's excellent bullshit mountain

Should all drugs be legalized or decriminalized nationwide?

A 14 inning epic was played in the Bronx today

Do you prefer College football or NFL football?

Here’s what’s missing in the Romney tax reports- Christian Sci Monitor via Raw Story

So Romney criticizes public schools and teachers. Have you seen his school?

Do you have a sense of the momentum in your state?

An ideology without promise (conservative Michael Gerson, WaPo)

Do YOU share this feeling?

What are you reading the week of September 23, 2012?

From Ralph Nader: Mitt Romney: A Corporation Masquerading as a Person for President

Messina: Swing States Polls Show Path To Re-Election

Five September storms, so far -- is this climate change?

Meet Janiya Penny...

Romney Lawyer Admits They Manipulated Taxes to Conform to 13% Claim

Free Obama car magnet for Facebookers

Houston Officer Kills Double Amputee in Wheelchair

Is there anyone else where who sucks at FPS games?

Houston officer kills double amputee in wheelchair

New Equinox Features Discovered at Clarke County Solstice Site

Talk like an Egyptian: Ancient Demotic language translated

OMG the Start Trek movie for next year is now titled Star Trek Into Darkness May 17, 2013

Recall - Boots and Barkley Bully Sticks - Salmonella

President Obama Works ‘47 Percent’ Into Stump Speech

Senate passes bill to shield US airlines from EU carbon-emissions law

Well I got my first blocked post.

A Brotherhood of Feasting and Campaigning - the success of the Northern warrior more

First Lady speaks at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Dinner. (7:30ET live links)

Texas serial killer with badge gets a 3 day administrative suspension for killing double amputee

If This Happens, Mitt Romney's Taxes will be "OFFICIALLY OBSCENE": Absurdity Today, Sept 22, 2012

Mabon Feasts and Treats (The Llewellyn Journal)

Bill Maher slams undecided voters: ‘dipsh*ts’ should stay home

Is Obama making big changes, or is the GOP right to attack him for being an insider? (HEATED debate)

Arrogant and Delusional is No Way to Go Through Life


Turkish court sentences ex-generals to 20 years for attempted coup

Edwin Wilson, former CIA operative convicted of selling arms to Libya, dies at 84

They Want to Destroy Social Security (circa 1935)

(Joke) Mitt Romney: "Ask NOT what your Country can do for you...

Can somebody explain to me what are moderates and independents?

10-0, end of first .... GO HOGS

Would someone please explain to me how Romney made money by closing factories?

The GOP essentially governed using the Bain Capital "business model":