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Archives: September 25, 2012

Why was Mitt so concerned...with Ann's Airplane mishap?

Mitt Romney Losing Support Among Older Voters

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Tops FNC’s Sean Hannity In Weekly Demo Ratings

Hey, I thought the Frisco Farty-Whiners were the best team in the league?

Vic Toews shrugs off call for probe into Omar Khadr leak

DU ACTION ALERT: woman with stage-IV breast cancer + foreclosure (need recs, pls!!!!)

Asking for you kind, compassionate ASAHers to please k&r this thread:

"If only there were a vaccine against the crazies, we’d rush it right over to the NJ chapter of NOW"

Another 423 Democrats and 148 Republicans Registered to vote in Florida on 9/23

Anyone else here looking forward to new releases of any videogames?

More Mitt Romney science: He believes University of Utah 'solved' cold fusion

nytimes: Conservative ‘Super PACs’ Synchronize Their Message

"Economic Patriotism" - GREAT new meme from Ed Shultz!

Does any one know?

Obama ! Please do what Rick Perry did during debate

Rights groups condemn detention of atheist on blasphemy charges

On Ed Show: Todd Akin is enlisting Newt Gingrich to revive his campaign.

Thom Hartmann highlights 9/25: ER health care, capital gains tax, voter suppression, freedom

President Obama riding a lion with a crossbow and a light sabre

So pretty..... TPM's Electoral Map. Only 2 swing state left (NC+NH). The rest have swung blue.

Spain Recoils as Its Hungry Forage Trash Bins for a Next Meal - NYT

Alright, it is Honey Boo Boo night tonight, all night on TLC.

Wisconsin DUers - tell me more about this Tommy Thompson tape

This national ad just ran in Packer-Seahawk game!

If Romney calls you for money....

Obama v Romney on Leadership (60 minutes spot)

Muslims Are No Different, or Why Bill Maher’s Blood Libel Is Bigotry

Computer question (really random shit)

Romney's "I Meant to Do That" Campaign

So, Romney packed the recent Univision campaign stop with tea baggers from South Florida.

TSW #36

Political Warfare:is it wrong to go to Romney website and donate 1 cent?(he pays a bigger visa fee)

Just saw a cat walking along a fence. The fence was right beside a busy

mittens doesn't understand why

Mitt Romney Show: forty seven

Planning to Vote for Romney?

Another useless - Facebook exchange - post .....but it feels so good

John Hagee, equal opportunity bigot

American Autumn

July, August, and September - Only 12 days in session.

Not enough, rather than too much fat, causes metabolic problems of obesity

Civitas poll released on Monday September 24 -gives +4 edge to Obama over Romney in N.C.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Tax Man & a new Bunny gif

Mitt Romney: I am unqualified (Comix)

romney says going to the emergency room is free.

New Documentary on the Occupy Movement Makes Debut in NYC

WAYNE POWELL DEBATE w eric cantor on C-SPAN!

Romney in Final Push to Alienate Remaining Voters

Because Mexicans will never forget their sacrifice

a little blurry.... but purty?

How do we change passwords?


Ohio State president Gordon Gee’s lavish spending includes $64K in bow ties...

Mister Sparkle...

Tommy Thompson Says He Has A Plan To "Do Away With Medicaid And Medicare"

Rmoney's Cnooci problem - turn on Rachel right fuggin now

This is how much I spoil my cats:

Mitt Romney Gaffe Compilation

About time I weighed in...

How would you go about taxing wealth?

Can someone smarter than me answer this?

Elizabeth Warren answers back about Scott Brown's attacks on her family

Are Biologists Watching an Evolutionary Leap: One Life Form Absorbing Another?

Anne and Mitt discuss Airplane Windows (photo desperately needs caption)....

Any ideas on how to clean

Wax Filling Was the Cutting Edge of Stone-Age Dentistry

Nikita season 2 is streaming

How republicans view the polls

U.S. Rep. Bill Young says he's the victim of burglaries; police disagree

Mitt Romney tripped his daughter-in-law in order to win a foot race

Apple supplier halts China factory after violence

Romney’s China holdings criticised

At Falwells’ Liberty University, Trump calls Obama ‘Teflon,’ counsels students to ‘get even’

Fiona Apple Gets Nasty Letter From Texas Sheriff Department Telling Her to "Shut Up and Sing"

"The Corporate Tax Rate Is Lowest in Decades; Is Business Paying Its Fair Share?"

Happy Birthday!

Romney assails Obama after US ambassador's death

New Zealand man gets eel stuck up his butt

Romney is proving to be an ignoramus. Air plane windows, cold fusion discovered in Utah,

Romney's new tax incentive for outsourcing US jobs

UN envoy: Syria war is threatening the region

LOL Rachel did about a ten second take on that Romney plane windows story.

"With 8.8 Million Hits Romney Secret Video Annihilates Right Wing Super PACs"

Someone on Twitter trolling the HELL out of new rightwing darling "".

Mitt Romney Has the Lowest Favorability Rating Of Any Presidential Nominee In Modern History —

Conservative ‘Super PACs’ Synchronize Their Messages

A List of Great Soul Searching Vibes

Presenting "Romneyfinger"!

Despite the drilling moratorium, some NYers water may already be contaminated with frack fluid

Odds of holding Senate have been improving recently. Anyone know about the House?

Children of Syria badly traumatised

"Economists' surprising election-year request: Raise taxes, please!"

The ED Show - Calamity Romney and his tax troubles

As A Supporter Of The State Of Israel The Republicants Aren't Doing Them Any Favors

"Madison School Board to negotiate contract with union" !!!

Have you heard about the newest pro Obama Demographic group?

Romney invests with China knowing they are "Stealing our Intellectual Property, Patents, Designs..."

Hardly a shock. Corp of Engineers ruled not liable.

The Obama campaign is placing ads on the SyFy channel...

Incredible Dolphin Birth at Dolphin Quest Hawaii

Prediction for aftermath of election (joke)

so is Florida medical examiner Michael Berkland in custody?

A Pictorial History of Mitt Romney Getting Mind-Fucked by Airplane Windows (warning mitt-pic heavy):

Yikes.....the Seahags are killing my Packers....

Romney to spend less time on the campaign trail and more time courting his base.

The ED Show - Romney's jaw-dropping answer on health care

Madison School Board to negotiate contract with union

The ED Show - Romney bused in activists for TV forum

So Romney's 2011 Tax Return was 400 pages....

The ED Show - Surely Mitt can't be serious!

Wisconsin Workers say: "We're not just Paul Ryan and Scott Walker!"

Intrade on Romney hue....

This American Life - The Psychopath Test

Meanwhile, in Britain…

Romney Campaign Reboots For 72nd Consecutive Week


Ignorance alive and well in Indiana: Catholics outraged that they had to share a public space with n

Congressman’s Campaign Office Vandalized

Paul Ryan In 2010: The Cayman Islands Is "The Place You Hide Your Money"

The ED Show - Romney dragged into ugly Senate mess

Cayman Islands "The Place You Hide Your Money"

A letter to my Repub family and friends from this disabled vet. I posted this on FB.

I think it's time to post this again..

I just did some research. THIS man is running for president? Some of Mitt's Shits.....


Abu Hamza and Babar Ahmad extradition approved

Obama Yard Sign Replaced With

At U.N., free speech divides West and Muslim nations

Taiwanese boats off disputed East China Sea islands

Starring William Shatner as Mitt Romney

Suggestion for additional smilies

It's 1936 All Over Again

Discover to refund $200m to customers

Eric Schneiderman (New York AG) Defends Authority To Investigate Dark Money Groups

All of Vermont's city mayors but one just endorsed the dem governor

A Romney Nightmare:

"Mitt Romney Blames The ‘Victims’" By LOLGOP at eclectablog

anyone watch Partners?

Bernie is a "technofacist war monger" & Vermonters smoke too much pot- Counterpunch

Respect's Salma Yaqoob: 'Why I quit'

Foxconn worker riot closes factory

GOP backer Adelson accused of commandeering Israel's media market

Let's start early! Watching election night together in the RTP area..???

New Wisconsin Poll: Obama 53%/Romney 41%

I can't believe they actually went there.

The Deep Sea Mystery Circle – a love story

"The Truth-O-Meter Says:" (re GOP ad on real unemployment at 19%)

Sheldon Adelson Sets New US Political Donation Record: Report

Liberty Lockdown: Raid on Zuccotti [LEAKED TARU FOOTAGE]

Why Bill Maher’s Blood Libel is Bigotry

PBS NewsHour: Political Ad Spending Doubled in 2012

plastic face ...plastic smile

Chris Hayes just tweeted a link to this article about the film "Won't Back Down"

Please Remember. Republicans Steal Elections.

if you want to save social security without lifting the cap-

Super PACs stimulating the economy to Obama's advantage in states that went blue in 2008

Where did it go?

Help, looking for a good honest breakdown of Obama and Romney's Medicare plans

Yes! Even a woman can!

Supermarket Chain Gets Blasted For Selling Pre-Peeled Bananas Wrapped In Plastic

As a shareholder in the GB Packers, I will be complaining to end the lock out of the refs

The NFL Has Jumped The Fucking Shark !

Stop The GOP War On Americans

"Republicans Are Preparing For Four More Years Of Obama" by Eric Pianin at Business Insider

Ugh. Leno is definitely slanting his jokes as anti-Obama.

Wow. NC has gone blue on Princeton. Check out this -"Bustin' Out?"

Not sure how to ask this, but

Concerned that my laptop is screwed.

Heard that Obama is going down in polls amongst rural voters.

Obama: Benghazi Attack More Than A ‘Mob’ Action

For laughs: A bad lip reading of Mitt Romney

Wow, the refs gave another game away

That was fucked up. The Seahawks?

gods damn piece of shit scab scumfucks!!!

Chillin' at the E-Ward

Most bizarre ending to an NFL game EVER! This happens when scabs replace professionals.

If the entire state of Wisconsin slides into Lake Michigan, I wouldn't be surprised right now

The NFL Is Cannibalizing Its Product Because of Greed

Rachel Maddow - Scott Brown takes the racial low road

To righties who would have us become energy independent with "drill here, drill now'

i am boycotting the NFL until the real refs come back!

Rachel Maddow - Adelson captures dubious distinction in spending

I Miss You !

Documentary: Why Does U.S. Health Care Cost So Much?

I wonder if political TV ads have the same power in the DVR age

Todd Akin (R-MO) Bragged About Being a Congressman for Sale

This made me laugh

Could the league reverse that call and award GB the game since it was the last play? n/t

Representative David Howard Suggests Civil War if Obama is Re-Elected

If all States had vote by mail like Oregon...

Steve Young on refs: Fans still watch, so NFL doesn't care

Replacement refs rob Green Bay of victory after bizarre last-second Hail Mary

When one speaks about the officiating in NFL games, it's a $10,000 fine.

KETV - Mobile home park residents face eviction

"Corporations Arguments For Skyrocketing CEO Pay Proves False"

Seahawks Defeat Packers, 14-12: Disputed Replacement Referees' Call Results In Golden Tate TD

From inside the chrysalis to epic migration: secrets of monarch revealed in 3D

Do you have to do an alert to get posts locked if off topic?

My Romney Sleepover

Ig Nobel Prizes honor research on why coffee spills when you walk

Ebenezer Romney

ESPN verbiage "what should have been an interception..."

A comment of mine re. "What's Wrong with Pennsylvania" on the NY Times site...

NYC schools handing out morning-after pill without telling parents

Now trending in 2012 Halloween costumes.

I guess scab referees are as bad as any other scabs.

lucy needs a home

Serge Gainsbourg - Chez Les Ye-Ye

I have the solution for the voter fraud issue.

Fucking terrifying...

As of tomorrow the substitute NFL refs will be taking the blame for:

If Obama wins and We dont regain the house but hold the senate.

Funniest Video On romneyPlaneFeatures! Question Presented to Fifth Grader, Elijah..

Wanted Hindu guru escaped to India, officials say

Gay :President Iran Ahmadinejad Slams homosexuality CNN's "Piers Morgan" 9-24-2012

Just opened the second box of my sister's records, FIVE Leonard Skynyrd Albums!

Mitt wants to invite you for a trip on his campaign plane...

Heads up: President and Mrs. Obama will be on "The View" on ABC today (Tues. 9/25) nt

PA voter ID.

Russia warns Israel, U.S. striking Iran would be 'literally disastrous'

The Federal Bailout That Saved Mitt Romney: Government documents prove the candidate's mythology is

Could Republicans Lose the House?

Tom Libous must go!

Sometimes junk science is entertainment: Why cats are better than dogs...

Are these bugs in the "rec" feature?

Man wrongly convicted can sue LAPD, federal court panel rules

How to Stop Straw Purchasing

Brawl at one of Mitt's Chinese style Plants stops production.

Race Ratings Chart for 2012 House Elections

Is there something wrong with this DU sidebar ad, or am I mistaken?

"Drones are all over my brain". The horror we are inflicting on Pakistanis. Where is our humanity?

Maybe wishful thinking, May be getting ahead of of myself here, but what is the chance that Romney's

Kea announces Taranaki commercial oil find

This parody series is the only one that made me snort amid laughter

Negative Space

Nate Silver: Obama's Lead is Starting to Look Insurmountable


Conservative fund considers backing Mo. Rep. Akin

Is Karl "MANIPULATE THE VOTE" Rove very quiet because he is busy resetting the Diebold

NFL players across league criticizing refs

Little Face Mitt: His Face is Little

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, September 24)

Latino Decisions - Obama 69% -Romney 24%

Hilarious blast from the past: Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr

One of Mitt's billionaire pals demonstrates for him why we don't open windows in airplanes

"Savage" jihad ad debuts in New York City subway

Letter to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Concerning Evaluation of Teachers and Principals

A clock that will last forever: Researchers propose a way to build the first space-time crystal

Ha Ha! Freepwads discover Ryan is against reversal of DADT repeal. It's the end of the world

NYT Editorial: Why Romney Is Slipping

Mitt Romney should have already known that airplane windows don't roll down…

Bad calls mount as does anger to scab referees. Billionaires still prosper from inferior product

6 Major Reasons You Should Care About the Labor Battles in Professional Sports

Christian Right to the Rescue? How Clueless Romney Could Still Win

The Iranian Extremists America Loves: U.S. Takes Violent Group Off Terror List

6 reasons politicians lie



Mediaite: Breitbart writer begs Libertarians to vote for Romney. Ain't gonna happen...

Joe Scum is apoplectic...

Touchback---Touchdown---one picture tells it all.

Gak! An old friend of mine sent me this link:

Faith leaders across England in 'HIV healing' claims

Report: Premium hikes for top Medicare drug plans

Off to the Surgeon--Men without testicles might live longer, study suggests

They can steal an election but they cannot steal democracy....Jennifer Granholm nt

Obama to urge UN to confront roots of Muslim rage

Some men too fat to see their own penis

Hey, Wisconsin, What Do You Think of Union-Busting Now?

Iran Test-Fires Missiles At A Target Near The US Naval Drills

A PBS Documentary Asks Why is U.S. Health Care So Expensive? (Airs Sept. 25th check local listings)

Bill Kristol: Could Republicans Lose the House?

Aww. Joe wanted Tony Blair to hit Obama...

Analysis: As worst euro fears fade, U.S. fiscal cliff looms

I'm going to see The President tomorrow!

Just an explanation

Prediction--- NFL Ref labor dispute will be over by Thursday.

Harry Reid : Romney “is not the face of Mormonism”

Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous.

My brother's excellent facebook post about the football game last night

Hey Middle Class! . .GRAB YER WALLETS!

Florida GOP Launches Revenge Campaign Against Justices Who Ruled Against Gov. Rick Scott

Princeton Election Consortium: 266 "Safe" EV for Obama, 347 if election today

Why Plane Windows Don't Roll Down, as Romney Would Like

5th Grader Elijah Answers Mitt Romney's Question, Why Airplane Windows Don't Roll Down

Truckers Guided by GPS Said to Hit N.Y. Bridges 200 Times

America Going Orwell at Mach Speed -- Authorities Are Starting to Identify You by Your Voice

Joe Scum desperate to turn Barack Obama in to Jimmy Carter

Luckovich: Pull up, Mitt, pull up!

Arctic Oil Near Soviet Toxic Waste in Exxon-Rosneft Plan

Alaska Sees Asia Driving Annual $20 Billion Via Pipeline

'US drone attacks are counter-productive and terrorise civilians'

Who’s Deceiving Whom? Prop 37 Has Corporations Running Scared

Washington Post polls: OHIO (Obama +8), FLORIDA (Obama +4)

A rebirth of occupational last names?

One Billion Rising

Washington Post polls: Obama lead in Ohio, edge in Fla. hamper Romney path to victory

Washington Post polls: Obama lead in Ohio, edge in Fla. hamper Romney path to victory

Keiser Report: Bankstatocracy

Libya Attack Casts Unwanted Spotlight on CIA and Blackwater Role in Syria

Despite Seattle's "winning touchdown" last night ...

Filthy, filthy-minded Democrats

The Stench

Let me sum up the coming election and what the day-after map will show

Resistance is NOT futile

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Sept 25th

Karl Popper, the enemy of certainty, part 3: rejecting politics as science

The Fat Lady Is Warming Up- Post Poll -FL Obama (D) 51 Romney ($) 47/OH Obama (D) 52% Romney ($) 44%

if Ryan wants to run for national office again, he’ll probably have to wash the stench of Romney off

Faulkner's resignation letter from post office job:

Toon- But what do they really want?

Tesla announces fast, free, solar charging for it's cars.

Tesla announces fast, free, solar charging for it's cars.

Who has the most to lose from the debates?

Climate Is Changing the Great Barrier Reef

Toon- Any of you want to actually Teach?

Study: Increased Costs During Retirement Under the Romney-Ryan Medicare Plan

Was Mitt given amnesty?

Taking back the House: Of 22 tossup seats and 33 leaning R, Ds need at least 34

Supporters Struggle To Defend Romney’s Tax Plan Math

"Lovers in a Dangerous Time". Excellent movie.

Huffington Post has it 332 Obama to 191 Raw Money w/ N. Carolina as a toss up

In case you haven't heard, Romney paid for son's right to abort fetus

President Obama With A Different 'View'

Romney flip-flop of the week: is emergency room care a good substitute for health insurance

Bill Nye, former 'Science Guy,' warns creationism threatens US science (+video)

Meet the superbugs...

what real american would vote for a party that suppresses voters

Rob Zerban

Did Ohio GOP Senate hopeful bilk treasury?

oh fuck. rudy giuliani talking global politics....go away you asshole.

Ohio moves to ‘Lean Obama’ on Fix electoral map

Home prices rebound

Wisconsin: “There is a time and place for free speech, and we reserve the right to regulate that...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Willard the stupid

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Replacement Refs

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Repubs and CONgress

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

UK spent millions training security forces from oppressive regimes

Why is Mitt Romney giving a big ole speech on MSNBC right now?

New Republican Talking point: "Obama is a not personable with our foreign leaders."

mitt, who hasn't 'worked' for years, is on the teevee talking about 'work'

Ah, the English language.

Drone attacks in Pakistan are counterproductive, says report

Daily Caller Asks Its Readers To Help Advance National Rifle Association Agenda

Do you remember your mom's phone number?

ROFLCOPTER-Romney Is Even Getting Crushed In The 7-11 Poll

Mitt Romney Makes What????? - Realtime Calculator, Funny

Town turns tables on school prank

Has Mitt said anything stupid yet today? It's after 8:30 central already...

Irony: Mitt Romney is insulting the U.S. and praising the Arab Spring

New Jersey Foreclosures Crisis: Chris Christie Not Using $300 Million In Federal Funds To Help

VIDEO: Christie Attacks Reporter For No Reason (Again)

Bush FDIC Chair ‘Aghast’ With Romney, Plans To Write In Huntsman

Not the Onion or Fark.. FLY 'On board with mitt' .. new Romney promo

*** Get's her staple gun out and posts new DU Lounge Emergency Instructions ***

Rethug outreach to Hispanics is working: Reaching 10 millions in voter suppression (sarcasm)

Calm Down, Dear; You're Being 'Butch'

EconoTrolls: An Illustrated Bestiary

Chavez Miami Foes Hire Planes to Vote in Venezuela Race

CBC: Canadians a satisfied bunch, study finds (Second only to the Danes)

President Obama Speaks to the UN General Assembly - 10:10 AM (LIVE LINK)

Religious Right Could Win This Election Just by Playing Their Anti-Muslim Card

Heads Up: President Obama's UN Address Starting at 10:10ET on (more links)

Tammy Baldwin (D) in Wisconsin: From 7 pts behind to 10 points ahead in one month

Yeah, that'll work: Republicans Champion ‘Voluntary Taxes’

Call Scottie Brown's Boston election headquarters @ 857-263-8346

why isn't Obama meeting with leaders at UN? Andrea saying it was

Shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded world: What blasphemy law debate can mask

Union-Busting GOP Governor Scott Walker Demands Return Of Unionized NFL Referees

Six weeks before election, Pennsylvania voter ID law back in court

Elizabeth Warren Stands With Nearly 60% Of Massachusetts Voters By Supporting Medical Marijuana

Cyndi Lauper Discusses Tough Childhood, Sexual Assault, Support For LGBT Community And More

When will Super PACs abandon Romney?


One of the reason President Obama didn't feel he needs to meet with a few


Obama will win because he is "honest"

Juan Cole: Top Ten Mitt Romney Solutions to our Problems

Bibi in a Box: Netanyahu Loses Support on Bombing Iran

Another epic jury fail.

Senators Shaheen, Collins, and Whitehouse Introduce Legislation to Protect LGBT Jurors

Conan's take on Mitt's "60 Minutes" appearance

Boy with autism arrested for assault after police called to classroom.

The Last Four Years in One Quote

Some windows on airplanes DO open. Hundreds of planes have landed safely after depressurization

Todd Akin: Constituents Who Want My Attention Should ‘Write Me A Decent Check’

The Avenging Uterus vs. Rush Limbaugh

Viking jokes. (Wizard of Id)

Seeing The Feminist Light: An Ex-MRA Tells His Story

Bonjour. Je ne parle pas français. Can you help me understand these lyrics?

This is why Chris Christie is a big jerk

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 25, 1957

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 25, 1957

President's speech to UN live, now...n/t

yeulayeu LGBT flashmob

Freedom is like a muscle. It has to be exercised to stay strong.

More proof that the right is insane & stupid: The website where Mitt Romney’s winning in a landslide

Sheesh, a rightie trying to argue that a square meter is about 3 square feet.

First Read: Romney’s make-or-break week for Ohio

When truth about Romney's tax amnesty comes out, can his donors sue him for not disclosing

Rahm uses NFL scab referees as scab teachers ... toon

Article on romney campaign: effect of the tea party base & pandering without core principles

Ad Spending tells the electoral story...

By Their Actions Ye Shall Know Them

Andrea Mitchell report the entire story or STFU!


What's the difference between Ahmadinejad and (insert Repub name here)?

Six more weeks, a zillion more news cycles (by Neocon Jennifer Rubin) with my own comments

Men without testicles might live longer, study suggests

What PLANET does Ann Coulter live on?

I hope we're seeing the end of Karl Rove's "Political Idol" experiment

Yes, I have a confession to make to DUER'S, I DO have a personal agenda!

It's not often you see a candidate work so relentlessly to make sure he won't be elected

"McCrory enthusiastic about fracking, Dalton wary of safety"

Pic Of The Moment: Clinton Discovers Romney's Secret

Andrea Mitchell Totally Misrepresented Pres. Obama's Speech

Scientific American responds to Romney's question about Airplane Windows

Is Obama keeping talks w/ foreign leaders private to keep Romney from starting WWIII?

Heart heals itself

Abramoff-bribe-taking corrupt right-winger defending "conscience" clauses at 10 o'clock

If President Obama lets events dictate, as the Romney campaign suggests,

why can't people just be nice...seriously...why?

How much damage will the tea party suffer if President Obama is re-elected?

Poll: NJ getting bluer while Christie hits NH

Sen. Scott Brown staffers caught on video chanting Indian war whoops, making tomahawk chops

Scott Brown Staffers Mock Warren With ‘Tomahawk Chop’ And ‘War Whoop’

Homophobes should take a long walk off a short pier.


Scott Brown staffers caught on video chanting "native American" war whoops

Hey Dallas football fans, don't forget to visit Cowboys dot com

WilLIARd seems extremely uncomfortable in front of the Education Nation forum.

Google has no plans to release Maps for iOS6

So union workers are easily replaced

Although a solid Obama supporter I've never fawned over his speeches....till today.

Contest: On Board With Mitt. Enter for a chance to fly on Romney's campaign plane.

Krugman: Employment recovery from Great Recession better than after most historical recoveries

The Republican brain drain

Romney: "If the parent shows up, then the child is going to be just fine."

9 of the 10 "poorest states" are Romney states

You know, the Amnesty question is really a big issue

5th Grader Elijah Answers Mitt Romney's Question, Why Airplane Windows Don't Roll Down

Michelle's coming to Wisconsin! She'll be in Appleton September 28!!!

Mittoon: The weight of the 47%

If my memory serves me right

Iowa: Be The First to Vote for President Obama

Romney's Sex Tape

The 1001 Burkean Nights of David Brooks

This election is not over

Obama: Romney is a teacher-basher

Obama at the U.N.

Right Wing Commentators Are Sounding Very Desperate

How the US Drone War is an Ongoing Nightmare for Pakistanis

The Future Belongs To . . . PBO at the UN (video)

Video: Scott Brown Staffers Chant Indian War Whoops, Wave Mock Tomahawks

Rachel Maddow - Chinese oil company's Romney connection fouls new campaign message

New PPP has Obama up 52-43 in Nevada & Berkley over Heller

It occurs to me what American schools really need to do.

Matt Bors: The Avenging Uterus vs. Rush Limbaugh

A message to homophobic bigots...


So the president coaches Sasha's basketball team?

Local Coal Miners Union Could Sue Romney Campaign

The numbers don't lie...

Romney WAS joking about the airplane windows

A hilarious quote from Chris Rock!

What's the real story on the Romney-on-welfare thing?

How many children? Why?

How many Congressmen and Senators have off-shore bank accounts?

Heads Up! President Obama Gets His Say At the Clinton Global Initiative Forum (12:10 LINKS)

The Rude Pundit: No, GOP, It's Not Us; It's You

Samsung possibly alleging jury misconduct in appeal

The Last Word - Romney's emergency care reversal

Son of Fred Phelps speaks out about abusive father...

The Last Word - Republicans slam Romney strategy

Obama Tells Middle East To Get Its House In Order After Libya Attack

Iran Unveils Long-Range Surveillance Drone

Alex Wagner, The Republican Talking Point Has Been Shoved Down Our Throats Today - Don't Pile On

Ryan Shrugged

Is someone paying the scabs to be this bad?

The Last Word - Romney's not so big tax reveal

The Last Word - Rewriting the many things Paul Ryan cannot say

Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page May Take Government to Court

Romney On Polls: ‘You Can Ask Questions And Get Any Answer You Want’

Elect an organic farmer to Congress!

Elect an organic farmer to Congress!

Americans Sour on Endless War

Elect an organic farmer to Congress!

Ralph Reed = focus grouping/"fellowship" = specific selective brands of political activism

Crossroads Launches New $5.5 Million Ad Offensive In 5 Senate Races

Middle Class Do Not Be Fooled – This Election Must Be About Class Warfare

A March of Folly Toward Iran

I hope Romney gets laughed off the stage during the debates...

Really, CNN?

Since it's almost Halloween....

Wisconsin Attorney General Van Hollen gets denied on inflicting Walker’s unconstitutional Voter I.D.

Brown Staffers Make ‘Tomahawk Chop’ Motions At Warren Supporters

Check out the windows in Romney's plane...

No doubt this is true....

There used to be a media activist group on DU, w/contact info...

It pays to educate yourself about your illness and self care -

Why do so many Dem Party leaders support groups who support GOP & destroy lives of Dem voters?

Boykinism: Joe McCarthy Would Understand

The REAL "Entitlement" Programs Benefit the Rich

President Barack Obama speaking at Clinton Global Initiative

NJ Poll Obama (D) 52% Romney ($) 37%

Heavy Early Voting Seen in Ohio's Democratic Areas, Down In Republican Areas

Papantonio: Romney’s Religious Extremism Scares Voters

America's 10 Poorest States: 24/7 Wall St.

President Obama addresses the United Nations General Assembly, Sept 25

Who’s Creating ‘Daylight’ Now? Jewish Dems Ask Netanyahu

Note to tin-foilers, this is what an ACTUAL conspiracy looks like:

Supreme Court Still Mum on Prop. 8 Case

Mike Horner to remain president of Osceola chamber for now, chairman says


Madonna's "In your Face" style. Not sure this is going to go over big with the right.

If you missed Rachel Maddow on Romney's idiotic airplane comment

What do you think will happen on debate nite?????

New Jersey Foreclosures Crisis: Chris Christie Not Using $300 Million In Federal Funds To Help

My Tales of the City

Beyond-the-moon base stirs up buzz

Star Trek help...

Screaming Iron from Outer Space

Son of a bigot

I hear Rmoney wants to restart the space shuttle program

Oh this is good. Republicans... the last time someone had this much interest in my vagina...

Entertainer Jon “Bowzer” Bauman Joins National Medicare & Social Security Truth Tour

Amy Bishop will be in prison for life, victims did not want her to get death penalty (

Ann Romney will be on Leno tonight

Sun-Diving comet could put on a big show next year

Nothing Like The Smell Of Puke's Hair On Fire In The Morning-Gallup -Obama 48% Romney 45%

Unskewed' polls show nearly 8-point Romney lead

Madonna: 'We have a black Muslim in the White House! Now that’s some amazing sh-t'

from Patrick Murphy, challenging Allen West in Florida:

Ralph Reed's Group Compares Obama Policies to Nazi Germany

How liberals deal with the trauma of one of their kids coming out of the closet.

"Turn back the tide of socialism that has been sweeping the country the last 4 years!!!"

I have an idea about how to fix the CEO/worker wage disparity and maybe some others have ideas also?


We Are the 96 Percent

Repeal and Replace

(NV-SEN) PPP: Obama up 9 in NV (52-43 LVs), Berkeley up 4 (48-44 LVs)

StopItThisIsHardYouWantToTryItGetInTheRing-Gate, starring the ever-charming Ann Romney

Riot at Foxconn Factory Underscores Rift in China

Romney Sounded Almost Human At The Clinton Global Initiative

Gap Extends Discount To Same-Sex Partners

Key differences between Mittens and Obama

'It is what it is.'

Hey Ryan!

Ohio Democrats Have Creative Way To Protest Mitt Romney

Lingerie Football League says it fired refs now in NFL...

You got that right!!

Ruling Class Shows No Effects of Physiological Stress

They really are the Munsters..LOL.... nice GIF.

American College of Emergency Physicians Snaps Back At Romney Remarks

Omg France is going to ban mothers and fathers

massive rainbow near me yesterday

Republicans look for voter fraud, find little

Washington Post poll: Brown leads Mandel in Ohio Senate race

Thought experiment: we win a huge victory in November

Paul Ryan compares NFL replacement refs to Obama, which makes as much sense as last night’s game

Time Machine backup problems

Why would Bill Clinton invite Mitt Romney to CGI?

Is there an up-to-date database of MEDIA CONTACT INFO that you know of?

China Invests. How the rising superpower eating up western energy companies.

Paul Ryan says Reversal of DADT is step in wrong direction

Republicans created a website to make up their own poll numbers

GOP takes aim at ‘skewed’ polls

A new climate state

Ballllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiin! America’s Richest States… Are You And Your Neighbors Livin’ Large?

How in the world does a soldier (private) support a family on this pay. To think that repugs veto

Home price bounce will help boost economy, but it will take time

Is it that big of a deal that President Obama has not met with other world leaders this week?

New PPP Illinois poll has Tammy Duckworth leading Joe Walsh 52-38

Yeah, it's pretty much just like that...

"Butt chugging" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "butt chugging".

I totally missed Talk Like a Pirate Day

Obama Breaks 50% in LIKELY Voters in FOUR Battleground States; Leads Romney by 4-8 Points in Each

PPP: IL 8th Congessional District Poll: Duckworth (D) 52% Walsh (R) 38%

‘Bulimia and Anorexia Since I Was 15': Lady Gaga Responds to ‘Fat’ Headlines With Half-Naked Pics...

Union-Busting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Calls For Return Of Unionized Refs

Breast Cancer: Call to action

Will we go off the fiscal cliff?

We're Number One! We're Number One! Las Vegas Best Place to Cheat!

Republican Party calls for NFL Officiating of Polls

Canadian (conservative) Finance minister's plea to business: "Use tax cuts to create jobs"

Ohio congressman blasts Romney on China trade

Can you remember the first five albums (any format) that you bought?

Every two years I ask this question and every two years DUers answer it. Where are the best

Union-Busting GOP Governor Scott Walker Demands Return Of Unionized NFL Referees

For fifty years I had believed it was borogroves. I was wrong.

Union-Busting GOP Governor Scott Walker Demands Return Of Unionized NFL Referees

Scott Brown is a racist asshole and doesn't deserve to be a US Senator or any other elected position

Worst state governor EVER?

Cheese Head Hypocrisy: Union Crusher Scott Walker Wants Union Refs Back After Packer Loss

You have got to be shitting me...

I think there's been a mistake...

Kroger manager mocks woman for using food stamps

Scott Brown is a Republican...

Need advice on a car front tire/wheel/????

I lost my temper!! Special true story I wrote for DU.

Arshad Hasan: Why the House Matters

Arshad Hasan: Why the House Matters

Romney: It’s better to have a parent at home

Thom Hartmann: I Have a Bush Administration to Sell You!

This is the anniversary of the event in the video. Never forget!

Defusing Israel's 'detonator' strategy

Mitt Romney's Taxes are a Joke

The numbers don't lie: Obama's a better businessman than Romney

I can PROVE that even 'they' don't really believe it's about "bad" teachers. Ready?

Obama on Iran's Nuclear Program at UN

America's detainee problem

Why won't Barack Obama release his elementary school report cards?

Bill Nye Steps of Creationists toes....

Thom Hartmann: It's time to Tax God!

"Kyle Johnson": The next big right wing sex scandal?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to address UN meeting via videolink from embassy hideout

Five-year-olds put to the test as kindergarten exams gain steam

'Unskewed' polls website associated with plainly skewed guy.

Mitt Romney is a Fucking Asshole

Romney campaign clarifies: Romney was just blowing off 50 million uninsured Americans

Madonna Tells DC Concert Crowd Obama is a Black Muslim

Scott Brown Staffer Taunts Elizabeth Warren with "War Whoops and Tomahawk"

"Kyle Johnson": The next big right wing sex scandal?

*Mudcat for Wayne Powell tonight, on Rev. Al show!

Housing starts and existing home sales both rose in August

PF Changs....

My Amazon review of Ann Coulter's new book Mugged:Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama

There's a LTTE (not mine) that I want to post in Politics 2012

Another Bain Success Story

Christian Right Honcho Ralph Reed to the Rescue? How Clueless Romney Could Still Win

The Avenging Uterus vs. Rush Limbaugh

Does Anti-American Violence Mean Obama Has Failed?

Is this shooting self-defense?

Spain austerity protesters clash with police in Madrid

Cars you have owned?

Thank Goodness For Television

When people who should be in jail get to fatten their pockets at the expense of the ignorant.

*IF you can stand it, rmoney, ryan, portman, and RAND PAUL on C-SPAN now!

Hypocrite of the day: Union-buster Gov. Scott Walker calls for return of union refs

Ryan compares replacement refs to Obama

If you live in Texas this is some real BULLSHIT just heard this on Al Sharpton radio show

This is a fucking AMAZING new song - 'Analog Man' by Joe Walsh

Rep. Allen West: : An ‘angel of death’ will destroy US enemies

Disturbing: Cops Tase Scared Woman to Evict Her

Greenberg: GOP Party I.D. Tanking

Nuns On A Bus: Romney’s 47 Percent Comments Show ‘He Has No Idea How Hard It Is’ To Be Poor

Romney is just as in the bubble as McCain was...

We need a hand signal for "too many scabs on the field"

Good news for PA voters re obtaining voter ID - another change!

When you learned to drive what car was it that you used

Lyin' Ryan compares President Obama to NFL replacement refs

Phone calls to swing states

Seamus Is Lucky Romney Didn't Strap Him To The Roof Of His Airplane

You see, Donald Trump really does love "the Blacks"*!

Pete Carroll was a scumbag when he coached in college and still a scumbag.

LOL! Mitt's campaign whining about Ohio polls

Has Romney made his rebuttal speech to the President's UN General Assemby speech? Maybe he

$100K Mailing Seeks Catholic Contributions for Marriage Amendment

Dick Morris predicts that R$oney will win by 4-5 points

Mittfuck: Teacher contributions to politicians should be limited

28 Days Later with wings and stingers

President Obama: My wife Michell would not make a good President she's not patient enough

Do you have any problem paying taxes?

I'm just a bit sad about what's happening in Tennessee in regards to the US Senate Race

Can you imagine Romney saying this?

OK DU'ers hears the latest on PA voter ID AS OF 9-25-12

Rasmussen: Warren & Brown TIED in MASSACHUSETTS - SENATE

Obama: US will 'do what we must' to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons

Side Judge Lance Easley -- Packers at Seahawks MNF game

SE Cupp is mad at the UN because she was stuck in a cab in traffic today.

Krugman: Delusions of Wonkhood

This is one vile woman

Passing And Ratifying ERA Only Way To Guarantee Womens Rights

Clinton: Iran cannot be trusted with nuclear program

Where the hell did they find this idiot Cupp? As if we don't have enough right wing nutty assed

Cut corporate welfare, not mine!!

The first Obama ad on the "47%" was good. This second one is simply outstanding.

Newly released Obama campaign Ad

I Am All For Feminism Because It Means ---

Big Time Right Wing Lawyer Caught in Web of Gay Secret Life

As far as I'm concerned Romney ....

Reminder: Don't Be Complacent!

Onions on hamburger send Oregon man into ‘McFury’

Politico's Concern-Trolling

Bald Eagle of Death on Rep. Allen West (R-Crazytown): "I have no clue what he's talking about."

Reflections On An Early Autumn Afternoon

Romney Caught in a Trap

Voter fraud phishing?

So now Scott Walker wants unions...

We are not a burden are!

Mitt is pretty happy with the modifications to his campaign plane

Air Force One: Romney Style!

Mitt Romney tries to lead a chant. Big mistake.

Mother Sky - The New Revolution

Once again I am watching The Crumbling of America and all I can think about is....

Anyone ever hear of Legs Diamond?

Are We That Stupid - Romney Should Be 20 Points Down And It Should Be Over Except --

I've got it....I know who Mittens now reminds me of! Fred Willard!

Here's what Mittens et al do to the dumbed-down American asshole. Way to go, Kroger manager.

Would churches/religious institution fall under Rmoney's 47%

Japanese man who cooked his genitals and served them to paying guests is charged with indecent expos

2012 DCW Senate Forecast Chart (compilation of seven political website forecasts)

"BHO will move America to force doctors to assist homosexuals in buying surrogate babies"

Great Campaign Ad (and funny too) out of PA-08 for Kathy Boockvar

President Obama and Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative

Romney Campaign Volunteer Says She Works For Clerk's Office, But Only Registering Romney Voters (VID

Who does Mitt Romney remind you of?

Mittoon: About Romney's Dog-On-Car-Roof incident...

Scott Brown's completely tone deaf...

Todd Akin in His Own Words

Scott Brown's brainy supporters war whoops and tomahawk chops

Mittoon: Blame it on Obamacare...

Mitt Romney Praises Adolf Hitler's Energy Ideas

Nuns On A Bus: Romney’s 47 Percent Comments Show ‘He Has No Idea How Hard It Is’ To Be Poor

Joseph Gordon-Levitt As you probably have never seen him. :)

Republican senators (Sen. Cornyn and Hutchinson)should be ashamed for shelving the veteran jobs bill

We know what is in Romney's Tax Returns

More and More (Boomers), in Obama’s Corner - NYT

Riot at Foxconn Chinese phone factory!

Obama: Remarks to the UN General Assembly

A conversation with a low information voter

DNC Ohio Bus Tour: Romney Writing off the Middle Class

*Powell Rally October 6, Richmond

I had an interesting observation today....

Limbaugh acts true to form, blames or compares incompetent refs to liberals.

Just say'n...heard Randi Rhodes this morning and she said,

The GOP Started A War On Women, And American Women Are Here To End It

Epistemic closure and poll denialism

"He will prevail...."

RIP John Henry "Bonzo" Bonham.

Powell Party in Short Pump Oct. 4

Teabagger fav Gen. Tony Tata/Wake Co, NC fired as Superintendent...

Poll: US Trust In Washington’s Ability To Handle Foreign Policy Hits Decade High

Obama is Bond and Mitt is Goldfinger

Wayne Powell online poll!

U.S. Government Embraces the Same Iranian Terrorist Group that Bush Cited When He Alleged

Wayne Powell online poll!

My conversation with a business owner today about the election:

Add It All Up - Under The R$R And GOP Health Care System I Would Invest In ---

Democrats v. Republicans: By the Numbers

Romney: Raising Taxes Was Something Obama "Did Not Do in His First Four Years"

U.S. Trade Office Bows To WTO Ruling On Boeing

U.S. Trade Office Bows To WTO Ruling On Boeing

You might be the 47% if.....

Union Crusher Scott Walker whines over non-union refs

Paul Ryan and the NFL

Dems Release The Hounds As Deadline For Akin To Drop Out Expires

I need a quick reading...

It ain't over till the votes are counted.

Barack Obama 2012 Jingle

AMBER ALERT EXTENDED TO ALL SOUTHERN STATES and the FBI is now involved in the case.

AMBER ALERT EXTENDED TO ALL SOUTHERN STATES and the FBI is now involved in the case.

Romney advantage with seniors erodes

Climate change shift predator and prey’s marine habitat

Romney's airplane joke.


Incoherent on the Middle East

Obesity May Put Nation at Risk, Generals Say

Lets start a survey

Mitt Romney: Barack Obama has not raise taxes on the middle class

I wanted to deck him ...

Romney Says Obama Did Not Raise Taxes ‘In His First Four Years’

Madonna supports Obama, expresses it in a weird way!

"Scientific American" explains why airplane windows don't roll down.

Here comes your next scandal...

If you knew beyond doubt that President Obama

No, Virginia, Mitt Romney Did Not Pay 14.1% in Taxes in 2011 as He Claims, He Paid Less

Anyone buy 'Uno' today?

Scott Brown channels Jesse Helms

Mitt Romney tries to lead a chant. Big mistake.

Secretary Clinton calls for taxing the global elite ‘in an equitable manner’

Mitt Romney Stops Supporters from Chanting ‘Ryan’ to Ensure They Say His Name Too

So I re-registered today in GA.

Hello! New to the "new DU". How does the link work?

Satellite photographs Endeavours last flight

China Shows Off Carrier, but Experts Are Skeptical

Billionaires & Ballot Bandits Book Trailer

Just got a call, going to go visit another friend in the hospital.

Keep Space for Peace Week: October 6-13, 2012

Mitt Romney cares about Cadillacs

Could you stop watching NFL football on TV if it meant ending the strike?

AMBER ALERT EXTENDED TO ALL SOUTHERN STATES and the FBI is now involved in the case.

Romney has insulted to date:

Turbine Guy Came Up With A Great Meme On My Healthcare Post Its Called ---

AMBER ALERT EXTENDED TO ALL SOUTHERN STATES and the FBI is now involved in the case.

Rasmussen: STABENOW (+16) in MICHIGAN

How The Right's Latest Conspiracy Theory Might Unleash a Wave of Domestic Terrorism if Obama Wins

Martin Bashir - Romney at mercy of neocons, polls at Clinton Global Initiative

You know what? Maybe I DON'T trust the Gordon's Fisherman

Megan McCain on PoliticsNation didn't get the latest...

Ethan Hunter Bennett: Teen Missing since 9-11-12

Virginia voters, keep checking your mail!

Ewww---Meghan McCain on Al Sharpton about the "47%"

Christians have crosses, Jews have stars and atheists have ... what, exactly?

They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: Anti-Choicers Discuss Making Birth Control Illegal

Ex-paramilitary leader sentenced to 20 years in prison

Tattoos from dot-com boom still mark those who took the money

Martin Bashir - National Voter Registration Day vs. ID laws

Romney's Master Campaign Plan

Religious groups denounce anti-Muslim subway ads

Romney on airplane windows

+++ CFL Picks / Week 14 +++

Martin Bashir - The miss-education of Mitt Romney, Ann Coulter

Tagg Romney blocks hospice from being built

Feds target 71 medical marijuana dispensaries in L.A. County

Health Care Reform important for the following reasons...

Romney Now Losing on the Economy

Riding while drunk.

The website where Mitt Romney’s winning in a landslide

Let's stop playing the blame game!

Honduras: Investigate Murder of Rights Lawyer

So they catch an embezzler in Orlando and decide to outsource the fraud department?

Where did the STOCK MARKET WATCH thread go?

Use your brains, give blood.

CBS calls him "Mr. Obama". Twice. Why?

CNN's Blitzer: "Romney is an internationalist". Yeah, he knows all the international tax havens.

House Bill Requiring Warrants For Searching Email, Tracking Location Introduced

Joy Gentle Friends! Joy And Fresh Days of Love! Accompany Your Hearts!

Thom Hartmann: Freedom isn't just for the 1%

Back to Back interviews with Guillermo

Politico: Ryan Going Rogue, Calling Romney "the Stench" - Snark/Truth/Gossip/All of Above

PSA Uses ‘Psychic’ to Demonstrate Dangers of Sharing Personal Info Online

Tom Toles Toon- The Debate

If Team Romney Thinks Biased Pollsters Are Releasing Skewed Results

More to Lady Gaga's weight gain.

Reid calls out Romney on their shared Mormon faith

AP Interview: Guatemala prez urges drug legalization while escalating war on cartel gangs

AP Interview: Guatemala prez urges drug legalization while escalating war on cartel gangs

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Replacement Republicans

The Paradoxes of Darwinian Disorder. Towards an Ontological Reaffirmation of Order and Transcendence

State pushes for safe houses for child prostitution victims

Dumb question

Handy map to find the gender wage gap by your congressional district

CBS: T.J. Lang, Josh Sitton lash out at NFL, refs on Twitter after Packers loss

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Blues lay off several employees in midst of NHL lockout

Column: Why not drop money out of a helicopter?


Judge orders arrest of Brazil Google president

Incredible photos of heroic mother dog carrying her ten-day-old puppies from a blazing home to safet

POSITIVE stuff from Wayne Powell supporter in/near Richmond,

The Romney Campaign has Lie Checkers!

A PBS Documentary Asks Why is U.S. Health Care So Expensive? TONIGHT AT 8:00

Overland Park, Kansas Approves Right to Openly Carry Guns

Toon- Rmoney's Campaign Strategist

Acapulco Mexican Restaurants Raided In Indiana; Leads To Dozens Of Arrests

hardball with chris matthews

Isn't it hilarious that ReTHUGs only side with unions and socialism

"Harvest of Empire": New Doc Tells How US Intervention Caused Mass Latin American

'2016: Obama's America' Filmmaker Defends Against Critics

Parents: Mentally-challenged daughter threatened after homecoming nomination

It actually happened!!! I watched a movie where Sean Bean does NOT die in the end

Romney Launches Anti-China Ad While Bain Capital Is Shipping 170 Illinois Jobs To China

Thought I would share some of the Sacred Geometry stuff I have done...


News piece child labor in U.S. tobacco fields

Rove's Crossroads PAC says Kaine will cut Spending.

Barack and Bubba

Romney's tax returns

Four Prominent Republicans Who Suddenly Love Union Workers Thanks To The NFL Referee Lockout

Religious Question #1

I just got polled by PPP. I think I can safely say that it did have a liberal slant

Generals mocking JFK behind his back during Cuban Missile Crisis caught on tape...

The Polls... Super Skewed.

A DUer posts using the syntax of Jaqen H'gar

Ecuador’s Correa and El Salvador’ Funes, leaders with the highest approval-rate

Todd Akin: Constituents Who Want My Attention Should ‘Write Me A Decent Check’

Does Todd Akin look like an alien skel to you?

Pissed at the NFL about the picket line crossing scabs? (check this out)

wanna see my "action shot" of the day?

Walking across the Irish Sea

Just threw a hissey fit in a store in Cape May, NJ...

John Nichols: Tommy just says it: 'Do away with Medicare, Medicaid'

A 'what if' about Kerry and 2004...

there is nothing more un-american than voter suppression.

Packers fans protest outside Lambeau, across nation