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Archives: September 3, 2012

Desmond Tutu gets my Admired Person Of The Day award

If there was a zombie outbreak, liberals would probably be first to go, because

Tell me how to get people to stop telling me about the movie "2016: Obama's America"

If there was a zombie outbreak, conservatives would probably be first to go, because

Daily Show: "You See This Watch? This Watch Is Worth More Than Your Entire F**King State!"

It's Obama's to lose right now and he is not the type to make big blunders

"I wonder if they will bury Sun Myung Moon in a mass grave."

Employee, 76, shoots intruder in scuffle

Mitt Romney runs for president of Imaginary America

A race for gold ... at what cost ?

Did anyone watch the season premier of Dr Who last night?

What's with the BULL SHIT AD on cable TV for the movie, "2016" ?

Lest we forget...

A significant slice of American religion has always been and is now dedicate to peace

Biden: Paul Ryan ‘Walked Away’ From Deficit Commission

Swing states beware: It’s the latest attack of the nonstop attack ads

Nebraska town in the grip of outsourcing (was “Home of the Vise-Grip.”)

Put A Chair On Stage During The DNC, and Have Obama Sitting In It

Want to hear a cheetah purr?

Lobbyists Are 'Solution,' Government Is 'Enemy' - GOP Senate Candidate (Denny Rehberg)

OMG! What if voter ID laws are just a smokescreen for stealing it???

Could someone please repost the debate schedule?

So what is the Oh Noes concern troll thing of the day?

Come to a convention watch party

Cover Boy

Are the Colorado Rockies only 3 games behind the Miami...

TYT: If Romney Is Leading In 2 Weeks He'll Probably Win Election

Funny political lies meant nothing but a sports lie tumbles the VP

Unprecedented R obstruction: Complete details for all SENATE FILIBUSTERS since Nixon's presidency

Secretary Solis' Labor Day Message To The IBT August 31, 2012

(Glenn Greenwald on) Election 2012 and the media: a vast rightwing conspiracy of stupid

"Legitimate Rape" Pharmaceutical Ad (Parody)

Psssssssssst ReTHUGs

Little help countering Republican Facebook post?

Anyone who got a tax break making over $250,000.00 to be drug tested

Account Says Navy Author Wrote Book After a Slight (No Easy Day, book about bin Laden raid)

Facebook meme: 'If you can afford don't need food stamps or welfare'

Doing a little research to find out . . .

Murder Suspect Tries Twice to Turn Himself In

MS Advocates Split With Romney Over Obamacare

"Crazy Country: 6 Reasons America Spends More on Prisons Than On Higher Education"

Anyone every hear of this disaster?

'Witch' burned in northwestern Colombia .

'Witch' burned in northwestern Colombia .

Does the GOP need a hologram pep-talk from George S. Patton?

PPP: No bounce for Romney in Florida - Obama leads 48-47

J Mascis w/ Mike Watt, George Berz

A taste of the Real Thing: Barbara Jordan 1976 DNC Keynote Address

Romney in danger, according to CNN

Obama hits Romney Obamacare slam, says 'I do care'

GOP portraying Biden as liability

U-Haul truck for Biden event tomorrow in Detroit was stolen. CNN They did

Now on Current TV at 10:06 PM eastern

Ticket Sales Fail to Make Hollywood’s Summer

"In a Tactical Test, Romney Stakes Hopes on Ohio"

Doubts surfaced early on Michael Jackson (LA Times reveals new emails regarding Jackson's health)

My independent male friend in a debate with my husband about the election who voted for

When will consumers wake up to the shrinking food package + inflation scam?

John Cusack Interviews Jonathan Turley About Obama Administration’s War On the Constitution

The proper answer to: Are you better off today than four years ago....

More Twitter wittiness from Chris Rock

Missouri Democrats gather in Charlotte hoping to build momentum (STL Post-Dispatch)

So I turned on CMT for some reason, and they're playing . . .

Chris Hayes: from someone who has helped create a union. The goals are much more basic at the start

The war that Canada won

Post your Internet humor (Warning: Potential Bad Taste Zone)

Paul Ryan Doubles Down on Lie About His Marathon Time

Another reason for me to dislike CITI Bank.

Would nature be beautiful if we were not here to see it?

Fabulous Life Of Filthy Rich Billionaires

Report: U-Haul truck holding equipment for Biden event stolen

GOP will "win" unless Dems wake up (Harvey Wasserman posts dying on the vine lately-this is CRUCIAL)

"Martin O'Malley: 'Yes, We Can' Blame GOP For Unemployment (VIDEO)"


New PPP Florida poll: No bounce for Romney, who has worst favorability of all RNC primetime speakers

Biden claims Romney wants war with Iran and Syria

Romney staying out of public eye this week for debate prep

I am going to march in the city Labor Day parade tomorrow

Lufthansa Attendants to Resume Strike Tuesday, Union Says

GOP Platform Declares Medicaid Unconstitutional

I may be off my rocker...

L.A. mayor: Current GOP platform looks like retread from 1812

New Obama Tshirt Design

"Why Do So Many Southerners Think They're the Only Real Americans?"

CA gets on board with Self-Driving Cars, a new fun technology that

GOP Unicorn Icon set for everyone! Use freely! BONUS Downthread.

Electoral College/Presidential election system poll

Anyone laid hands on a Sig P938

"49% of Florida voters think Romney should release 12 years of his tax returns"

Psssst, here, quick question:

Breaking Bad 2012 finale.....

No bounce for Romney in Florida

Dollar General robbery suspect charged with murder

US experts probe beaching that killed 17 whales

Hey, just so y'all are aware...

What's your favorite song about Crying or w/crying in the title?

God, the convention in Tampa with a couple of has beens, and a chair sound dull compared

Curiosity rover's intriguing geological find (BBC)

Do think the TeaOP would recognize Jesus?

So, what is it about Republicans

If Republicans hate gov't so much, why do they desperately want to run ours?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, September 2)

Which Side Are You On? - Almanac Singers (HAPPY LABOR DAY)

Joe Biden takes aim at ‘Vouchercare’

Posted in the spirit of "You didn't build that!"

Last stand of the Madagascan spider tortoise (BBC)

What do you wish you could do that you currently cannot? I'm on meds

Danger Ahead: Many critical investor protections were stripped away by the JOBS Act.

To Grandpa (a veteran of the Ludlow Massacre) on Labor Day!

This is a great example of what Obama is facing this election

I asked my republican father-in-law a question earlier tonight...

Absentee-ballot fraud inquiry:Possible ballot turf war leads to minor mayhem in Hialeah

Br Ba1: Mr White... Sup dog!!!

The Fact That Romney Is NOT At Least 15 Points Down In The Polls Is ----

Br Ba 2: Breaking Bad vs Sharks -- a dead tie

Br Ba 3: During the off-season, Walter White pursued his musical career.

Br Ba 4: Something sweet to give to your SO

Br Ba 5: All work and no play makes Walt (and you) a dangerous boy.

Br Ba 6: We'd step in with an intervention, but most of us are right in there with you already.

You know that new Jeff Foxworthy Bible challenge game?

Joe Biden In York, PA Sunday 9-2 (Dial-up Warning)

I just had to meet you here today

Romney's biggest problem going into the debates is Obama.

Underwater robots to 'repair' Scotland's coral reefs (BBC)

Arlo Guthrie - Labor (Union) Day

What did you think was going to happen? (Breaking Bad Spoilers)

Great White Shark Washes Ashore; Officials Close New England Beaches

Minneapolis Action to Free Manning! Obama's Minneapolis Campaign Office - Sept. 6th!

Did anyone catch Meet the Press on Sunday????

The first anti-drone protest at Camp Ripley on Aug 27 gained a lot of media attention

Cool site to check out. Input the stuff in your fridge and it produces a recipe

"You go into an Apple store and you see the future,"

Mitt Romney exited Bain Capital with rare tax benefits in retirement

Another double amputee accused of having an unfair advantage

When it comes to U.S. aid, some in Latin America fret about the political costs

When it comes to U.S. aid, some in Latin America fret about the political costs

Cruel Conservatives Throw a Masquerade Ball (Dowd)

Mitt Romney makes how much?????? OMG, Real-time calculator!

If Bombing of Iran Begins..Public Event 4:30pm until 6:00pm Pedestrian footbridge over 35W just so

I'm so looking forward to the Ben Affleck film "Argo" about the Iranian hostage rescue in 1979.

Looks like our local Occupy candidate won the Dem Primary for US Representative!

PPP: North Carolina TIED (Obama 48, Romney 48)

What do you think will be the fate of the global economy in the semi short/mid term?

I always find this hysterically funny

Labor Day - IWW Sabo Cat

Happy Labor Day!

Is there something wrong with mediocrity?

Ethos The Documentary

America Wrongest Man - D'Souza

at the dog park


0/~ Sisters, Sisters, There were never such devoted sisters 0/~


Virginia is hiring a State Board of Election's Data Sheriff

Republicans Plan Publicity Effort At Democratic Convention

U.S. and U.K. in Legal Battle over Ex-IRA Militants' Stories

Virginia is hiring a State Board of Election's Data Sheriff

No matter what you think of Wikileaks

Barbara Ehrenreich - Smile or Die: How Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Undermined America

The Star Wars Exhibit

Dems To LIve-Stream Convention - Will include user-generated content at Charlotte get-together

Alpine Lake, and Fir Needles.

The most amazing thing about President Obama's faked birth...

Bill Press on "Paul Ryan: Prevaricator-in-chief"

Anger and Humiliation in Sauce

Mexico City’s Aztec Past Reaches Out to Present

Anyone here going to the DNC?

Here's the real Mitt Romney -- PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY

Why Paul Ryan thought he could get away with lying: 6 theories

Steve Jobs is the Henry Ford of China not an American hero...

Anger and Humiliation in Sauce

Why I love the Clint thing.

Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis go tag team on Koch brothers/Citizens United

There seem to be many, many new DUers these days. I'm so glad they are

And the worst box office bomb of all time happened this weekend.

538 now gives Obama a 74.5% probability of winning...

Without any further ado, America – this WH brew's for you:


Message to Llewlladdwr & all other Southerners: Perspective on the South bashing.

Democratic Split Over Education Reform Tested By Hollywood Movie

Voter Registration Forms AND GUIDELINES FOR EVERY STATE HERE....please share!

I want to draw attention to this thread...

Bolivia leader: US 'commands' Colombia's military

Bolivia leader: US 'commands' Colombia's military

Friedman on Meet the Press

Five mutilated bodies found in Honduras

Five mutilated bodies found in Honduras

Naked Touching in Mormon Temple Ceremonies...

Has any one ever earned a billion dollars?

Swiss police arrest ex-police boss of Guatemala on charges of involvement in killings

Bystander Fired Deadly Shot, Not Officer

MITT (movie poster)

Poll: Patrick Murphy - 47, Allen West - 46

Pakistan car bomb kills two in US vehicle

About the south bashing

To Jack Sprat: 1948 & 1964 is what changed

World's conservation hopes rest on Ecuador's revolutionary Yasuni model

Missouri Democrats gather in Charlotte hoping to build momentum (STL Post-Dispatch)

It's Eerie; Climate Disaster Is Happening Right Now & Humanity Is Just Pretending It's Not Happening

Venezuela: 'No evidence' of Yanomami killing

Venezuela government says worker wounded in shooting on state farm, TV crew suspected

Hagai Amir: I have no regrets about Rabin's murder

Bubble and Squeak

An image from facebook: Truer Words never spoken

The GOP "Left Behind Economy" That's At Least 70% Not Able To Make A Living

Calling all cordwainers: How well do you know Labor Day?

Rebekah Brooks back in court

Rebekah Brooks appears in court in relation to alleged phone hacking

Chief GOP Strategist RIPS into Romney/Ryan!!

Tweety special on now, 7am ET, m$nbc, on Barack Obama~

Cambodia arrests Pirate Bay co-founder

NC: "51% of voters think Romney should release 12 years of his tax returns"

Romney's speech "gets lowest ratings of any Gallup has measured since 1996"

A Union-Made Labor Day

Why Chris Hedges Believes That Serious Revolt Is the Only Option People Have Left

Global Climate Disaster Is Happening Right Now... and Humanity Is Just Pretending It's Not Happening

Elon University poll in NC: Romney 47%, Obama 43%

Fractal Maslow Windows and the Near-Term Colonization of Mars

Red Bull Heir Suspected in Deadly Hit-and-Run

Obama ad hits Romney on tax plan

Kos's Abbreviated pundit round-up: The war on workers doesn't stop to catch its breath on Labor Day

Tweet of the day!

Chris Hedges: Life Is Sacred

Polls: I have said it before, but


GOP Convention, Romney Speech Evoke Lukewarm Reactions

Found an interesting comment about Romney on a blog that might have some truth to it . . .

How stupid are the Democrats for falling for...

Good. It's about time: Knoxville attorney sanctioned for anti-Obama lawsuit


Blackhawk Helicopter used to find 60 pot plants

Repug goons try to prevent Amy Goodman from interviewing David Koch

A Reminder: The History of Labor Day

A timely oldie: How Rev. Moon’s ‘Snakes’ Infested US

President Obama Will Follow Convention With Swing State Events

Every election year there's a cadre of DUers who say "pay no attention to the polls"

How long before the two pizzas are ready?

I'm avoiding anything with Chuck Todd as host

Clint Eastwood cited for mis-use of car pool lane.

Longtime gungeon poster (Hoyt) unilaterally banned by group host.

Obama Deputy Campaign Manager: U.S. ‘Absolutely’ Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago

Union members offer free hugs at Charlotte event ("Hug-A-Thug" )

A PBI* -- Thinking about what drives Willard

Looks like CNN put very little into their DNC set

In America, the most difficult jobs, the hardest jobs to do pay the least.

Krugman: Rosie Ruiz Republicans

Phone hacking: Rebekah Brooks appears in court

Conservatives and Liberals Have Different Brains, Studies Show

China probes 'gutter oil in medicine' claims

Did we go back to last week?

BREAKING: Romney suspends campaign for two weeks due to Pon Far ("humans wouldn't understand")

Happy Labor Day, suckers.

Yesterday, on a 3-hr trip, I found the Everly Brothers soothing.

Wife of US Diplomat Attacked in South Korea

On this Labor Day (2012), I present to you Truman's Second Bill of Rights (1944):

Why the fuck does the President have to accept the nomination at a stadium?

High Performing Charter Schools: Beating The Odds, Or Beating The Test?

Obama campaign has an arena fallback plan in case of rain

Krugman: Paul Ryan is the male version of Rosie Ruiz

Worse than Bob Dole 1996

Armenia breaks ties with Hungary over clemency for murderer

Apple pushes for Samsung Galaxy S3, Note and Tab 10.1 tablet ban in US

NJ's Hidden Poor

I can't believe a teacher friend put this on Facebook

Bush's lingering presence over his party

Tufankjian for OFA in Iowa ~ Forward

And today they're talking about the deaths in Afghanistan....

President Obama and Vice President Biden's schedules for today

Chuck Todd is such a DICK

John Heilemann: Joe Biden Isn’t Finished

I want to smack them all...

Heavy Load - Obama for America TV Ad (Romney "gives millionaires an even bigger break")

Joseph Stiglitz, The Guardian: Mitt Romney's tax avoidance weakens bonds of American society

from Queen Ann

Grand Old Marxists

The real welfare queens

Being a Liberal carries a personal responsibility!!!

Some food bears little resemblance to what’s on the box (Consumer Reports article)

Margin Call (2011) available on Netflix streaming

Twenty-nine hours on the road in a new Camry -- a labor of love.

Isn't America better off than 4 years ago

Ryan's Budget: The Most Fraudulent Proposal in American History

Tom Tomorrow Republican Convention 2012 'Too Much Crazy' Super-Sized Edition!

GDP and Employment drag from State and Local Governments

Pa. lawmaker attacked for stolen vote story in support of voter ID

The New Adventures of Queen Victoria skewers the GOP

GOP will "win" unless Dems wake up (Harvey Wasserman posts dying on the vine lately-this is CRUCIAL)

The Question That Exposes Incompetent Reporters

Watching MSNBC during the Dem convention? I don't think I will.

Steve Kornacki, Salon: The GOP convention was a bust. The question is why. Here are 3 theories

and amazingly people still fall for it ...

State jobs deficit at quarter-million, report says

Happy Labor Day!

Time to bring back OFA's ad: Firms

LYNNESIN! Where is the True Blood Recap!!!!!

Obama In The Buff

TOON- No Time Off

Children to carry on Rev. Moon's religious movement, but feuding could endanger the empire

Labor Pains

Pakistani police: Muslim cleric framed girl in Pakistan blasphemy case

We almost lost Russell Crowe to water dingos yesterday.

Listen to Paul Ryan Praise then Reject the Philosophy of Atheist Ayn Rand


Sean Penn Plays Rock Star Turned Nazi Hunter in This Must Be The Place Trailer

Facebook now has a "National Empty Chair Day" page in support of the Conservative Cause

Fears About Shariah Law Take Hold In Tennessee

Taiibi has most important summary of this election

Toon- We deserve better

TOON: "And now a discussion with Mitt Romney's tax returns . . ."

Today's Toon to send to the Right Wingers

Sun Myung Moon dies at 92

Paul Ryan is the Rosie Ruiz of American politics

I thought the DNC was this week?

Do we want an American Theocracy?

Ariz. Governor Signs Bill to Allow Bible Classes in Public Schools

(Paul "Rosie Ruiz") Ryan set to campaign on 'are you better off' question

The Republicans are well known for their faith in the American People

Just spotted my first Romney/Ryan bumpersticker

Baby Kangaroo photo. Looks like a puppy -- with killer claws.

What is the toughest minimum wage job you have had?

You might be (D-Milquetoast) if ...

Reel Saps: Post a Pic of a Sap from a Flick!

Good image from facebook

I am so looking forward to the Presidential debates.

Atheist Park may have advantages

CA Dem chair John Burton compares GOP to Nazi Goebbels for 'telling the big lie'

Some R posted this in a thread on my FB page. Can anyone tell me

In 1972 George Romney complained "My family and I were forced out of Mexico..."

Muslims From Abroad Are Thriving in Catholic Colleges

Obama campaign needs to get this

A Labor Day tribute to work and workers

Coalition Stages Historic Charlotte March Before DNC Convention

Cardinal Burke's sex abuse analysis woefully inadequate

Labor Day Singalong: I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night ...

GOP Loves Women? Please.

Carney recasts Obama words on Afghanistan

Democratic Split Over Education Reform Tested By Hollywood Movie

Luckovich nails Paul Ryan AND the media

Here's what the democrats should say on the media's better off question

If You are Anti-Labor, Get Your A** to Work Today

A new one praising Mitt on Facebook.

Found online: Some fake Obama and Romney campaign-posters.

President McCain & VP Palin: HELL YES, I'm better off!

Veiled female news anchor marks wane of secular Egypt

At the bottom of a thread,

"Hungry people are angry people . . .

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 3, 1970

CNN camerawoman says peanut incident could just as easily have happened at DNC.

So much concern, so little time

m$nbc must be feeling the heat, they have joined in the repug meme..'are you better off....?'

Big Banks Are Hazardous to U.S. Financial Health

Obama's better off than he was four years ago

3 million!

nytimes: The G.O.P. Fact Vacuum

Hedrick Smith, NYT: When Capitalists Cared

Christians have tough choices? Nah.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Not Enough ‘Angry White Guys’ to Sustain GOP

If there is anyone in Charlotte who has the misfortune to look exactly like me, I have good news

Gallup: Romney worst acceptance speech since Dole

The Rude Pundit: A Poem for the Laborers

Check out the Obama swag.

Josh Marshall, TPM: ‘4 Years Ago’ Could Work for Obama

I have a question for all of the right-wingers regarding 'entrepreneurs'...

Obama’s convention message: Look what I’ve done

Are you one of the 3 million OFA donors? I am!

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are and I'll Tell You Who You Are

Hell yes, I'm better off than I was four years ago!

Kal Penn is hosting a DNC sponsored TV/Stream/Show for the Convention and was asking for questions

To the relief of physicists, time really does have a preferred direction

The "ick!" link of the day...

Mitt Romney: placeholder

Tweety did a good job on his "Barack Obama: Making History" special

Labor Day 2012: Honoring the Great American Worker

What Music DOES Mitt Like?

Big Banks Are Hazardous to U.S. Financial Health

MSNBC reporting Sarah Palin ran a faster marathon time than Paul Ryan

Carolinafest is pretty neat

Rosacea may be caused by tiny face spiders pooping in your pores. (Face Washing Warning)

Guy builds a model dragon that flies AND breathes fire!

Peter King attacks AP reporters who exposed NYPD's surveillance of Muslims

Knowing the history of the Romney family, I have a theory.

Europe Change Of Borders

How the Fed stole $9 trillion in 2008-2009

Meanwhile in Chile

While you are enjoying the holiday, remember....

my new site. let ,me know what you think

POTUS begins Labor Day with autoworkers at Rick's City Diner in Toledo, Ohio

Short shelf life graphic Idea. "The Lyan King"

Obama Says He's the Miami Heat, Romney is Jeremy Lin

Pistorius cries foul at Paralympics loss

Obama speaks at a Labor Day celebration LIVE VIDEO — President Obama makes remarks at the UAW Labor

Before you Judge what a person buys with an ebt card Consider this

Chuck Norris threatens ’1,000 years of darkness’ if Obama wins

Democratic Women Are The Life Of The Party

Maybe the Democrats would be wise...

Joseph Stiglitz: Mitt Romney's tax avoidance weakens bonds of American society

Desmond Tutu: Why I had no choice but to spurn Tony Blair

An honest question

Canada: Human rights case seeks equal billing for religion and atheism in schools

Obama's on the cover of Parade Magazine

Mike Thompson's Labor Day toon

Wesley Clark, NBC - epic fail

Austerity Works!

Looking for a fingerprint-reading padlock

We already have a minimum wage. What we also need is a maximum wage.

Doubt is grist for the mill of knowledge.

Don't drink and drive.

Considering what's at stake, can we put the Obama criticisms on hold until after the election?

8 years – 1000 posts

Another reason we MUST reelect President Obama.

Caption this Photo

Obama at the University of Colorado

Muslims From Abroad Are Thriving in Catholic Colleges.

Voters still like Clint Eastwood

CA conservative assemblyman proves why republicans are unfit to govern

Ann Romney, Blessed Martyr

Toon: A Fistfull of Dollars

Borrow money from your parents for college?

The economic costs of war and threat of war

Obama interview with Parade Magazine

Biden to offer unique portrayal of Obama

Romney speech gets lowest ratings of any Gallup has measured since 1996

Why is it when 1 bankster CEO robs from us we give the rest of them the benefit of a doubt?

It Is Official- There Was No Convention Bounce For Willard Romney

Are Americans Better Off Today Than They Were Four Years Ago

"We Take Care of our Own" - perfect!!!

Ain't that the truth - Bill Maher quote

Empty Chairs...

A photoshop that made me LOL.

'I shall always be with you'-Milada Horáková's letter to her daughter the night before her execution

Do identical twins have to share a Soul?

Another chart that Republicans don't want you to see while they whine about gas prices:

On Labor Day, Obama tells union workers in Ohio that Romney would bring a 'losing season'

Mr. Fish Toon-Labor Day

Not buying it Mitt!

Why the fuck didn't Romney accept the nomination in a stadium?

Obama, in Toledo, has breakfast with 3 auto workers at diner

For Labor Day: Free Kindle Download of "Win More Union Organizing Drives"

Some advice from the dogs for when we get frustrated trying to talk to...

Could Paul Ryan lose his House seat??

Check out the flag at half staff

If you own stock you are, in fact, much better off than in early 2009

This Should be heard again

Screw you Greta Van Susteren!!

What's left of Isaac

Climbing Redwood Giants.

Playing with the cat

Bush/Republicans destroyed the economy, now ask "are you better off?"

3D printers are going to change the world - and the future of work for everyone

What's your favorite band with the word Cryin' in the name?

House Member Recalls Both Obamas From College

A republican witch just called me

Bernie Sanders is like a bad affair from the 80's, unable to commit.

The 2012 Republican National Convention: A Portrait of The Discordant Nature of the 21st Century GOP

Andrea Mitchell just got pissed at Chris Matthews...

Ayn Rand's Fountainhead - Insight Into Paul Ryan's Understanding of Forcible Rape v. Kinky Sex?

Tweety at it again!

Chris Matthews goes off again! This time on Andrea Greenspan

A friend of mine saw someone using food stamps to pay for ice cream bars.

Cantor: Today We Celebrate Those Who ‘Earned Their Own Success’

TWEETY unleashed!!! Just ripped the Repukes a new one

what's for dinner? labor day edition

Betty interviews Mitt

Does anyone use a NAS?

Mexico leader says US shares blame for drug violence

Mexico leader says US shares blame for drug violence

Son of Red Bull owner arrested for hit and run death of police Lt. Col (Thai)

The only thing that can prevent Romney's promised 12 million new jobs is

Obama to Paul Ryan: "You didn't run that"

Moyers: Money in Politics: Where Is the Outrage?

Scientology helped Tom Cruise audition girlfriends, says Vanity Fair

'Respond quickly and powerfully'

Are You Better Off Than Four Years Ago??

Thank you Jimmy Carter

U.S. Prepares Economic Aid to Bolster Democracy in Egypt

The south is a lost cause

Secret Service recovers truck with Biden supplies

James Carville quote

New N.C. poll gives Romney small lead in presidential race

It must be catchy! Now Howard Fineman talks to an empty airline seat!

I just shut down a tea begger

The DNC Entertainers

More amazing shots taken by Google Street Views

all I will say about the hideous way people treat the Poor in this Country

Paul Ryan's ex girlfriend

Paul "Rosie Ruiz" Ryan tries to diss President Carter

Dear President Obama

PHOTO of MD Gov. O'Malley jamming with The Dude before the DNC

What will be the impact of Clinton's speech being up against the NFL on NBC?

Governor O'Malley and The Dude

Eric Cantor's Labor Day Tweet (out of touch is an understatement)

So, did you know there is a Duke St. Rollins also?

When did Labor Day become about business owners?

Clinton warns against coercion in S.China Sea dispute

Pittsburgh's Labor Day Parade = AWESOME!

I like this commercial:

Phil Lynott's mother objects to Mitt Romney using Thin Lizzy's music

Middle-aged rockabilly legends who keep their hairstyles STILL look like...

Democratic convention chair: ‘As a nation, we are better off’ than four years ago

Can someone explain the whole Warren Indian thing to me?

Channel Paul Ryan and post your best Paul Ryan whooper right here!!!

Our First Meme on Ryan Running and Obama Dunking

GOP veterans’ cuts

Secret Service recovers truck with Biden supplies

This Mama

Chesapeake squeezes landowners on costs amid cash crunch

I am not a Democrat because I support President Obama.

Feminism and #DNC2012

Obama Rips Up Romney's Football Analogy to Threads

Mitt's Blind Trust Bluff

Oh, it's called the Gish Gallop

Don't call it a comeback...That's not a bounce; it's a hiccup.

Pittsburgh's Labor Day Parade = AWESOME!

Please DU this poll

Geo-Engineering - That's why they call it Re-Search....

What is this Constitutional amendment all about?


The Science Of Beer Foam

Architect of SB1070 soundly defeated in Arizona Republican primary

Guess who has been listed as extinct...

Eric Cantor to rank-and-file workers about Labor Day: You didn't earn that, the business owners did

What Fox News doesn't tell you....

Monday, September 3rd. The Labor Day Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Do you think that she will still vote for Romney?

New Obama ad: Heavy Load

Sumatra 8.6 Magnitude Earthquake Was Largest Within-Plate Quake In Observed History

What's green and would kill you if it fell out of a tree?

No, actually, she's just behaving like a normal Republican.

Ever decide not to put an explanation for your decision on your jury service because you

Bain Capital-Controlled Companies' Employees To Speak At Democratic Convention

There's an app for that: Apple iPod Touch helps adults with autism function in the workplace

DU Road Trip! (Updated 7:30pm ET)

How do we get across to small business owners that when they support Romney,

RNC chairman: Romney would win if election were today

Bill Maher: Republican don't have to accept evolution, economics, climatology or human sexuality BUT

Thanks to the labor movement

Obama Reports 3.1M Donors, Tops ’08

Today's Non Sequitur TOON: The Free Market Celebration of Labor Day

We'll fight for your bargaining rights, Biden tells union members in Labor Day rally

Ryan Gives Detailed Account of Day He Killed Bin Laden

President Obama: ” I’m counting on you” to not accept the GOP version of things

Florida Democrats have registered 3,000 voters in the last few days

"God Bless America" Trending on Twitter... Use it!

Republicans have read the Communist Manifesto and declared "We want to be MORE like the bourgeois!"

Meanwhile at Romney campaign headquarters:

A coincidence, but still entirely appropriate for today:

I wish we would do what is the easiest thing to lock the election up in one day

Stem cells bring back feeling for paralysed patients

Richard Roeper: The fears and loathing in ‘2016: Obama’s America’

Obama Campaign Hits 3.1 Million Donors (updated with graphic)

Black Mesa Source release date revealed, high-res headcrabs due in 11 days (PCGamer)

Yeah, food stamps are stupid. You should check out the super-effectiveness of tax cuts instead

DNC Youth Council In The House

82 wins

Went to the doctors with my wife, I said, "I'll take the heart transpant please"

Slogans Wanted

Better off now than 4 years ago? Ryan says Jimmy Carter's leadership was better than Obama's

"Orgasmatron" is by far Motorhead's best song

How copyright enforcement robots killed the Hugo Awards

What are your Trashed groups? Here are mine.

I thought it was English only for the GOP...

Are Corporations, profits, and the stock market better off than they were four years ago?.

How come there's no Knife group? Isn't that the same as a Gun group?

Media critic: Paul Ryan is who the media pretended Gore was

Did Bain Capital Execs Break The Law Using A Common Tax Avoidance Strategy?

I learned that I have "groupies".........

Chess (September): So you thought the Olympics ended, eh?

Only 29% of Democrats are enthusiastic about voting compared to 35 for the rethugs thats pure BULL

David Frum is tweeting about rescued baby squirrels


*Martin WON'T LET them continue to deceive!

Help. Need seed identified.

I learned that I have "guppies"......... oh CARP!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 4: TCM Guest Programmer: Regis Philbin

How to Get to Mars....

MSNBC posts Greenspan v. Matthews showdown video

Fort Wayne Indiana Labor Day Picnic

The most annoying thing about this "Are you better off today" question

"Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? Vote for Romney for a better past." nt

Just in time to warm your, um... spirits on those soon-to, um... come chilly Fall evenings...

U.S. Companies Brace for an Exit From the Euro by Greece

Why yes that is Kal Penn, "interviewing" FLOTUS on the DNC stage

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 5: Star of the Month: Lauren Bacall

etiquette with replies, related to "ignore poster" function

Juror #5 is an idiot

On the cover of Atlantic Magazine: WHO WILL WIN THE DEBATES?

So many stories still untold...this one is entertainment (inspired by a true story)

How Obama Stole Romney’s RNC Thunder With Clever Social Media

The Republican Party has redesigned their party logo to reflect it's platform better.

"Bain Employees will speak at Democratic National Convention" - Whistleblowers?

Beauty is where you find it.

Blame Bush.....

sexual assault prevention tips (real ones, for everyone)

CBC: And old book, The New Class, describes the 1% in the USSR and Yugoslavia -

Coconut oil could combat tooth decay (BBC)


Chick-fil-A CEO In ‘Diversity’ Talks With College Campuses

Barns for Obama

Urgent action: Kraft Egypt sacks union leaders who called for company to obey the law!

Something to consider? Baking steel

UK tells Ecuador Assange can't be extradited if he faces death penalty

Ryan Gives Detailed Account of Day He Killed Bin Laden

More movie blasphemy...

Britain's Hague urges Ecuador to resume Assange talks quickly

I had to give someone some really bad news today and it was not a pleasant task.

Assange supporters shut down Swedish websites

This is on POINT

Got the kid's Halloween costume ready

Flashback: Chris Matthews thinks Hillary's 3am ad was racist

By Matt Murray: This Labor Day, Remember The Workers

Jon Stewart Blasts ‘Truth-Teller’ Paul Ryan For Inaccuracies In VP Acceptance Speech

"Wood doesn't bounce."

Carolinafest Flash Fun

Press Release: Sister Simone Campbell to Speak at Democratic National Convention

Julian Assange: UK rejects death penalty claim

Live MSNBC Audience makes watching annoying

Obama Tosses Football Back to Romney: "That's a Losing Season."

If you have Current TV, turn it on now.

Betty White interviews Mitt

It's Labor Day! Show Solidarity with Farm Workers

Why the “zombie facts” of Assange supporters are wrong (New Statesman)

Labor Day.

What's your favorite song that gets you Cryin'?

Paul Ryan handed Obama a "crapburger"--Comm dir. for the DNC

Knife, knife, knife, knife, knife! We need a knife group.

Family Research Council ("food stamps feed animals") received 6 million in taxpayer dollars

I like southern Arizona.

Union rights are human rights

PPP: Vote where you'd like them to poll next!

Misinformation, Fear, And Hate In America

Matthews to Mitchell: It's not opinion, it's factual.

Mitt Romney tells 533 lies in 30 weeks, Steve Benen documents them

100th year anniversary of "Bread and Roses" strike in Lawrence MA

I'm so proud of US

It's past time to close the Corporate Welfare Office

The "salvage your photos" thread

Study Questions Advantages of Organic Foods

Bad Joke Cat @BadJokeCat

Does Labor need capital to exist?

When A Troll Upsets You He Or She Wins

From The American Conservative:""Our plutocracy now lives like the British in colonial India"

How the government can save money

I'd like to see this film finished.

Romney and Ryan's Post-Truthiness

LYAN KING posters for all! 2 sizes! Insert your own lie-du-jour! (pics)

The ignore list

An All-Clear for Bush’s Torturers

“Green Mile” actor Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54, his fiancée says.

Kitchen dancing, the Labor Day gay edition -

Which train should I take to get to Harlem?

Michael Clarke Duncan, 'Green Mile' actor dead, fiancee tells AP

Has this Knife group been created yet?

What Is The Meaning Of Labor Day?

Plan for Catholic church makes waves in Bahrain

My oh my! Look who's #3 >>

Surprised and disappointed

What is Christie's response to Gov Brown's challenge of a 3 mile run?

Poll: Romney Speech a Dud

Toledo pride worldwide

Gov. Bev Purdue (D-NC) on Repubs & abortion: "We'll be back to days of coat hangers in the bathtub"

Found some leftover gop souvenirs from their convention...

Fundies declare Jihad on Bill Nye

What a rush.

Iowa Democrats tout 'Be The First' to vote (Early voting in Iowa commences Sept. 27)

CNN Quick Poll: "Are You Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?" 54% say YES

Simone Campbell, mystery Bain execs, Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren,

My DNC poster entry didn't make the cut

Nice new Doo Wasse!!! (Foxie Wasse ?)

Salon Media Group is looking to sell The Well, an online social community founded in 1985.

My guess is that Rmoney will be so desperate by the time of the debates...

A talk on Income Inequality and the differences in taxation given by Nick Hanauer

Green Mile actor, Michael Clarke Duncan passed away

Wanna apologize for being pessimistic

Toon: Welcome to the Republican Disaster Relief Hot Line...

What's green and lets you do things?

Like a fish, if he hangs around long enough


Typical MSNBC headline on their website

This is why Obama will accept renomination in a stadium...

Yeah, every candidate is the worst ever, will reap the most destruction, will undo all yer liberties

My boyfriend had a scary medical thing today.

What do these prominent self-described uber patriotic Americans have in common?

100 years ago in American Labor History: The Bread and Roses Strike

The typical GOP family values man

DNC Live Stream?

Vanity Fair writer's BRUTAL takedown of the GOP: "They must be stopped"

"Why, they's angels. Angels, just like up in heaven." RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

Blinded by the White!

Odd twin event on DU3.

Any current or former Justices of the Peace here?

When I saw Barack Obama give the keynote in 2004 I knew he was going to be the next President.

On Labor Day, GOP Leadership Celebrates Management

OMG, It's labor day....

Don't miss Tweety's documentary on Obama tonight - 10.00pm Eastern

Madeleine Albright: 'I Can't Understand Why Any Woman Would Want To Vote For Mitt Romney'

Top 10 things Paul Ryan has accomplished during his lifetime

With R$R We Might End Up The United States Of Chaos

'Lil Pauly Ryan needs a visit from this guy

Selling arms to Indonesia, do tricky words betray WW-II veterans?

I am all but speechless. According to Wash Post Fact Checker lying at the convention is AOK

just wondering

Is this hyperbole? Rebublican control would take us back to a new Dark Ages

Nominate a movie to be shown every Labor Day:

When Romney speaks check the expiration date.

Romney Lying About Millions of Dollars, Admits to Scamming!

Next time someone talks about teaching creationism in schools...

NOT happy about Vilsack being allowed to speak at the 2012 Democratic Convention

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Do You Like Fox News Democrats Like Joe Trippi.Bob Beckel, and Doug Schoen?

when/why did they discontinue the MDA telethon?

On the Political Context of the Charges against Julian Assange

"Like dropping a bowling ball in a sandbox."

Romney...another run at that iceberg.

If this guy gives a killer Keynote address speech I say he's a future president

My father is a retired union sprinkler fitter

Justice First outlines their infrastructure building plan:


Chipmunks are Republicans

The Republican Version Of The "3 R's"

President speaking from NOLA on GEM$NBComcast now n/t

The Amazing Spiderman

President Obama Must Use the Convention to Tell the Unvarnished Truth

I have seldom seen a more adorable animal picture than this one...

Would you call this a "collectible car?"

Romney Spends Labor Day at Home

Remember the First 100 minutes of the Obama Presidency?*

*DAMN! Stephanie Cutter did a good interview on NewsHour just now,

President Says GOP Creating 'Fictional' Obama.

Closer Than You Think: Top 15 Things Romney and Obama Agree On

Jerry Brown Challenged Chris Christie To A Three Mile Race, A Push Up Contest, And A Sit Up Contest

Top 10 things Paul Ryan has accomplished during his lifetime (alternate thread)

Michael Clarke Duncan dies; Oscar-nominated 'Green Mile' star was 54

Professional Bull Riders at Del Mar, CA

Trumka/Warren 2016

Batman has a weight problem and his kid is lunkheaded elf