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Archives: September 30, 2012

I want this tub!

RollingStone Magazine Exposes Mitt Romney’s Real Agenda. Why Romney is Worse than Bush

New Iowa Poll just released....4 point lead for Obama

Neanderthals and humans lived side by side in Middle eastern caves and even interbred, research find

Fuck you Mitt.

Finding the Gift

Making my way through Clash of Kings... SPOILER ALERT!!!!

Has the printing of daily newspapers become a silly thing to hold on to?

Hey Zombie Movie fans...

Everyone, heads up!!!!!!

70-63? Records galore!

The Obama-Romney Map Is Turning Blue

U.S. Use of Truth Drug Revealed (New Evidence All Gitmo Detainees Given Involuntarily)

Romney will need fresh Zingers to use on Foreign leaders if somehow he becomes President

Video of Romney Practicing his Zingers

I can't hold this in

I have been on 4 juries this week. Anyone else have a lot of jury duty this week?

Nate Silver has Florida at a 69.4 chance of an Obama Win

Dog vs. Cat vs. Ennio Morricone

Watching "Airplane!"

Should presidents be allowed to run for more than two terms?

In 37 days, you won't have to see this face anymore...

Is this Cover to steal Ohio?

Sunday Talk Shows

IS a Clam Bake just an East Coast thing?


Will the presidential debates be on TV

There's a pic of Romney on huffpo wiping his brow with his left he left handed too??

kitchen tree

What are you reading the week of September 30, 2012?

Shower forever

Netanyahu and Romney share ideology – and donors

I want to live here

Profiles of (marginal) Canadians: Eddie Shack!


Fox Hires Romney Advisers To Attack Obama – Fails To Disclose They Work For Romney’s Campaign

Vietnam draft dodger 'extraordinaire' (Romney photo)

"Bad News for the Republican Party: Americans Are Becoming More Informed"

With friends like these... (JZ Knight/Ramtha promoting WA Democratic candidates)

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight Now-cast, 9/29: 339.4 to 198.6, Obama with 98% chance of winning

Have Obama and Romney met before?

Getting an ID in Pennsylvania: One 84-year-old voter's nightmare tale

Chris Hayes: GOP now ‘smoking what they’re dealing’ on Romney poll numbers

I just got a lecture on a thread I'm locked out of

"Gwen Ifill debunks five myths about presidential debates" By Gwen Ifill at WP

Want to Fix Education? Fix the Economy for the Students and Teachers

Baltimore, Wall Street again tied for first in AL East

Well, now.

Watching "Red vs Blue" on "How the States Got Their Shapes" on H2.

"Perspective Is at Play in Who Is ‘Better Off’" By JAMES B. STEWART at the NY Times

Seattle Times Endorses President Obama for a Second Term

automatic ball thrower

I just don't think Mittens is really into this that much. I really don't.

I'd like to appoligize for a post I made today which completely gave the wrong impression of what

Yahoo Political Articles

Is anyone else concerned about the polls moving in Obama's favor?

"The GOP’s problem isn’t just the salesman. It’s what he’s selling."

If Romney had a cat...

Any mushroom foragers out there?

Van Gogh's "Starry Night" updated as a mosaic of Hubble images...

Riverside County GOP registration surge raises questions of fraud

Che's daughter finds her Irish roots


If Romney loses Ohio...

"Mitt Romney's Real Agenda" by: Tim Dickinson at Rolling Stone

Romney's Circus of Lies

What are ReTHUGs going to try and pull between now

Debate munchies?

Open letter to the Secular Coalition for America?

Mitt Romney = Sideshow Bob

So, I've got a job interview on Monday

Should we go to a Parliamentary system?

What's with the meme from anti-Obama people that he's gonna make the Economy SOOOOOO much worse?

MFM! answer the door

Jo cho je quai ler!

Russian city cancels Jesus Christ Superstar performance over religious complaints

My latest posts

No theme, 6 diverse favorites of mine from my new archives

Can you create a spreadsheet for this...Please help me...

When is this fake going to retire, or just die?

How Small Business Owners Get Health Insurance

‘Killing Is The Solution’

Was ohiosmith's experiment successful?

As a brooklynite I really do not like bloomberg.

Who would you vote for in 2016?

Missouri secretary of state candidates disagree on voter ID

So what happens

Pink UFOs Show Up On Texas and New Mexico Google Street Views

Romney vs Kennedy 1994 debate

Tide for Mormons (funny)

"Ireland Risks Becoming A 'Feeder Nation'" by Jamie Dunkley and Emma Rowley at business insider

Mitt Romney's mug shot

It ain't American Top 40 but it'll do.

A Very Important Discovery

Wake-Up Call, not over?

Oh, so true...

my local nyc abcnews at 11 said Romney and RYan have issues. What is that about?

Bouchercon 2012

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, September 29)

Team Bush Paid Millions to Nathan Sproul—and Tried to Hide It - by Mark Crispin Miller

The Salt Lake Tribune's Pat Bagley mocks Mormon Fast...

Romney surrogate slams Obama’s Libya response with homophobic slur

Romney surrogate slams Obama’s Libya response with homophobic slur

MSNBC's - Chris Hayes To Republicans: “Never get high/on your own supply”

Bush official heading up Romney transition team

If the poorest, least educated states in the Union stopped voting Republican

I do expect Beldar Conehead to make a good "showing" at the debates

Connie Mack battles polls, voter lack of interest in quest to unseat Sen. Bill Nelson

Florida Republican Volunteer Tells Senior Citizens: Obama Is A ‘Muslim’ Who Will ‘Get Rid Of Your...

A few before I go to bed

Caught on Tape: GOP Volunteer tells Seniors Obama Is A ‘Muslim’ Who Will ‘Get Rid Of Your Medicare’

Pat Boone is tragic!!!!

Boston Globe poll: Elizabeth Warren leads Scott Brown by 5 points.

What did I miss?

Why mittens is more fucked than he realizes

This should be burned into the brains of everyone who has children.

Help finding the names of two movies

Who thinks Greta Van Susteran sold her soul?

URGENT Deadline from Wayne Powell

Mitt Romney, struggling, makes a new effort to connect

Ryan: Gun owners should fear an Obama re-election

Romney leads Obama by only four-points in ... Arizona.

URGENT Dealine for Wayne Powell

What's up with the Bizarre Northern VA Lyme Disease Mailer Being sent out by the Romney Campaign?

Election 2012: Wayne Powell sees duty to serve.

Two Venezuelan opposition activists shot dead

What do you think of all these new alternate uniforms it seems every team has?

The Home Stretch...

GM recalling 40,859 cars for potential fuel leaks

If you have ever had Drunken Regrettable Sex with Paul Ryan, you will Love this NY Billboard

Two Venezuelan opposition activists shot dead

Medical examiner: Taser caused death

Rape Away The Gay? Radio Personality Tells Father To Get A Man To Rape His Daughter Until She Turns

How come it is ok for some to curse in their posts , but some people get in trouble when...

I'm going to start phonebanking for the Republican Jewish Coalition, after 50 hrs, I'll get an ipad3

ATTENTION former LIBERAL Democrat runs as a conservative Republican just 4 years later (Keep kicked)

Moment of Zen

Oakland schools to get suspension monitor

Wow, look at this 360° panoramic high resolution photo thing of the Taj Mahal, India

My mother in law still knows how to mentally abuse my wife. What do I do to help her?

Happy Harvest Moon, Lounge.

New Boston Globe poll: Warren (43), Brown (38)

Brazil to deploy military troops during next month's municipal voting in Rio de Janeiro

Miller, Fugelsang, Sparks, Reagan and Savage!!

Involuntary Manslaughter for Wyoming Man who Killed His Brother

CA Governor Brown Signs Bill To Protect LGBT Youth From Psychological Abuse

.... illegitimate families on welfare—give all the kids up for adoption and execute the parents....

Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico Beg for an End to the Murderous War on Drugs

New Leader Of UK's Green Party: Nuclear Power Is The Betamax Of The Energy World

Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico Beg for an End to the Murderous War on Drugs

Ecuador rescues 2 kidnapped tourists

Iowa:550-plus, mostly Democrats, vote in Polk County

Some conservative LTTEs regarding minimum wage: Stop spending so much, move, or get a better job


Judges to Review Constitutionality of NDAA Military Detention Legislation

Peru high court annuls trimmed sentences for 15 death squad members.

Obama & Israel: An important op-ed

Extensive Interview with Nate Silver on David Gregory's show

Meet the 'End Times' Novelist Adored By Glenn Beck Who Is on His Way to Congress

Under the radar: Slimy, disgusting DVD sent to millions in swing states

US military death toll in Afghanistan reaches 2,000

Tell Archbishop Myers: Don't use communion as a political weapon

Iraq hit by deadly car bomb explosions

US military deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000 after 11 years of war




Mitt Romney’s business record: Ten things you need to know

Loop the Loop, DNA Style: One Or Two-Way Transcription Depends On Gene Loops

Now We Know Our ABCs. And Charter Schools Get an F.

In Libya, security was lax before attack that killed U.S. ambassador, officials say

New Mexico Offers Look at U.S. Elections of the Future

Rmoney intends to reverse Obama's anti-torture executive order

I am not celebrating President Obama's victory.

I never tire of watching this....

Study linking GM maize to cancer must be taken seriously by regulators


Website chronicling Chavista electoral abuses:

String of Iraq car bomb blasts kill at least 17

Jeffrey fucking Macdonald!!!

Fall Calls Bats to Hibernate, Scientists to Study Them

It's Not Too Late for Troubled Fisheries, Experts Say

La Bastida Unearths 4,200-Year-Old Fortification, Unique in Continental Europe

Fantastic Newsweek Cover story

Joan Walsh on College Educated Progressives' Prejudice Against the White Working Class

Pennsylvania is the most outrageous state in the Union...

Medicare fines over hospitals' readmitted patients

Men have more options in prostate cancer treatments

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Truman Catpote Edition

Had my LTTE published re: single payer health care!

Dairy Question

Labour conference: Miliband threat to break up banks

September 30 is the FULL MOON


Groups Tell US: 'Get on Board with Robinhood Tax'

Mitt's debate Zingers

Sen. Schumer says there should be ‘reasonable limits’ on the Second Amendment

PA GOP senate candidiate Smith making gains

In case you new DU'ers didn't know it, we have a Gaming group

Epic statements you have uttered at times in your life, good or bad.

China's Economy and the Future of American Fear

Sunday's Doonesbury - "We'll need more Prisons"

In the Garden - Willie Nelson

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon- Smells like....Politics

On gun control, Bloomberg's money does battle with his words

Jill Stein on CSPAN

Tomorrow will be better.


There's a hell of a lot riding on the debates- particularly the first one.

Ryan is coming to CT and of course....

Obama Maintains Lead Nationally

Warren Leads in Massachusetts

"I was stunned by the vehemence of the thumbs-down-on-Mitt verdict."

Is the idea of vast Rep Super Pacs war chest a myth? Obama @ friends outspend Romney.

Why Obama Is the Least Efficient Antichrist Ever -- LOL!!

On the Elizabeth warren issue.

is the end of monsanto near? prop 37 succeeding as nations ban GMO

Let X be a person who, as of today, 9/30, refers to "the Obama cheerleaders" in a spiteful manner.

Bangladesh: Muslims torch Buddhist temples, homes

Undecided voters lean from Romney toward Obama

10 ways to reduce our out of control prison population

There should be some consideration for sanctions against trivial and mendacious alerting.

The disclaimer

Senators seek information on St. Louis chemical spraying

Just watched "The Bad News Bears" again (the original). Forgot how hilarious it was!

Geesh that Joel Osteen is a sickening person when he preaches.

5 Biggest Lies About America's Public Schools -- Debunked

Obama within reach of electoral votes for 2nd term; Romney could still win but path narrower

Will the Roberts Court reignite the Civil War?

Hey, Floridians! when do snowbirds come and when do they leave?

Let's settle this: Hate speech is protected in the U.S.

The ‘World’s Worst Political Pundit’ Guarantees Obama Victory

Meet a Romney Extremist in Virginia

Has anyone seen this? Quite damning.

October 13: Americans for Prosperity road trip in Parsippany, NJ

I predict the story of the debates will be Romney's lies

It's OVAH*-Ohio Poll- Obama (D) 51% -Romney ($) 42%

Ugh, David Gregory. You even smell like Karl Rove these days.

Occupy Lexington reunion media coverage. W/video/photos.

Ex-Rubberstamp GOP Senaturd Voinovich Politicizes Auto Bailout: "Bush Deserves Credit".

Democratic exodus over gun control

What's Wrong With This Picture?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Sept 30th

Obamanomics: A Counterhistory (NY Times)

Romney's only debate point is that the economy isn't growing fast enough.

I'm having trouble retracting my landing gear

Is (R)asmussen Abandoning Romney Too. It's Obama (D) 49% Romney ($) 47%

A manifesto for the entitled: I am a job creator: I am entitled to everything I have & more

Muslim protesters torch Buddhist temples, homes in Bangladesh

Letterman: 'Don't Vote For Romney'

More Dorworth embarrassments for GOP -- time for a new speaker

Young atheists steal the show

Elizabeth Warren - UP BY 5 - appears to inch ahead of Scott Brown in new Globe poll, 43 - 38

This race is still too tight. Here is what we all can do now:

Obama Victory Song

BINGO - The Last Stand of the Modern GOP

Crazy question

Thousands of uninsured flood the Dallas convention center for health care

Paul Ryan: (Rape) "the method of conception doesn't change the definition of life"

US military deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000

What will Romney's zingers be? I'll start...

Religious right leaders woo voters at 'America for Jesus' rally

My prediction: the evidence of election fraud will be sweeping and breath-taking

help me with this Mitt graph (facebook post)

Where to find a shower in DC (or elsewhere)

Hey Romney/Ryan, know why you're losing SENIOR voters?

Poll: Obama up 9 points in Ohio

Elizabeth Warren's going to win, there's no question anymore.

Dispatch Poll: Obama widens lead as balloting starts

Plouffe: Romney Will Probably Benefit More From The Debate Than Obama

Pope's bid to win over Catholic rebels seems at dead end

Paul Ryan: 'It Would Take Me Too Long' To Explain Mitt Romney's Tax Plan

Student Essay- A Chance to Advance Gay Rights as a Priority of U.S. Foreign Policy

Photograph of a mirror on an easel in the desert that looks like a painting

Christie's big mouth is all over the place this morning.

Show this to your friends and co-workers every day, if they still think Money BooBoo is their man

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 2: Groucho's Birthday and The Projected Image

FOX News pushing "media bias".

Psychopaths Have a Poor Sense of Smell

Another 3,589 Democrats and 1,683 "Republicans" registered to vote in Florida on 9/28

The escalating disaster that is Paul Ryan.

Heather Beavens District 6 Fl.....Does anyone know what is going on with her campaign?

Romney is being armed with set of zingers for the debates.

Know your voting rights BEFORE you go to the polls...

Did You Just See That on "Face the Nation?"

Right wing bullshit from the WSJ. Jury votes 5-1 keep it.

Rand Poll-Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 43%

Rolling Stone Politics: Mitt Romney's real agenda

I'm a depressaholic

Don't Talk to Us about "Red Lines"

What does Paul Ryan remind you of?

Swimming Marcy

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 3: Leo McCarey's Birthday and Classic Horror

Undecided voters lean from Romney toward Obama

Unhappy Birthday to the Amendment That Started the War on Women

It's September 30, and I met a numerically appropriate personal goal.

U.S. online banking hacked; Muslim hackivists take credit

New Documentary on the "third" gender

Busting Baca on the jails

Romney Debate "Zinger" Drinking Game

Can matchmaking websites help Iran with 'marriage crisis'?

Photoshop challenge: Arm Romney with zingers.

Where does mania begin and personality end?

France unveils tax-heavy budget

Michigan senators draft new EM law if voters approve repeal

How Saudi petrodollars fuel rise of Salafism

Union talks stalled; Easton firefighters file unfair labor practice complaint

Snubbed by Obama?

Make Your Own Damn Sandwich

Friends Don't Let Friends Get Fooled by "Won't Back Down": 5 Reasons Why

I love Freepwads freaking: Rasmussen has Obama at 48 and rMoney at 44 today

Latest threat to the Eurozone: Catalonia independence quest

OCC receives training funds from Department of Labor

I Guess Rmoney Needs All The Debate Help He Can Get........

As Apple and Samsung dominate, Japan’s tech giants are in a free fall

Suspected insider attack kills U.S. soldier, contractor in Afghanistan

Veteran Emerald Triangle pot growers see their way of life ending

In labor disputes, management’s leverage on the rise

McCain Suggests Harry Reid ‘Doesn’t Care’ About The Death Of US Ambassador

Presidential race may leave lasting imprint on Supreme Court

JPMorgan case shows why energy trading schemes are chronic problem

Ann Romney: Biggest Fear Is For Mitt's 'Mental Well-Being'

Resolution in NFL refs' labor case proves expertise is hard to replace (labor built this country)

The health care law was the biggest positive for low income Americans since Medicaid was implemented

I'm keeping him

Mitt Zinger Game For Recovering Alcoholics

Exxon yet to inspect Afghanistan's biggest oil project: minister

Chris Christie predicts a whole new race come Thursday morning

Mitt's Debate Prep

Rmoney will finish each zinger with: "Pause to let common people laugh."

Like documentary films? Love a good cause?

RNC Asked Nathan Sproul to Create Shell Companies to Mask Payments+

Paul Ryan To Fox News: ‘I Don’t Have The Time’ To Explain How We Will Pay For Our Tax Plan

The Exhaustion of the American Teacher


Can you clear an afternoon . . . ?

We Are Off The Air

Zingers away Rmoney

3.4 magnitude quake rattles Dallas, Texas, suburb

Living Under Drones -- Chilling First-Hand Testimony of Escalating Drone Attacks by the US

Axelrod: If Americans clear their afternoon, would Ryan have time to explain Romney's tax plan?

Muslim protesters torch Buddhist temples, homes in Bangladesh

Living Under Drones -- Chilling First-Hand Testimony of Escalating Drone Attacks by the US

An oldie but still a goodie - 'I'm voting Republican'

Proposal: Malicious Alert Designation MAD

Will UnRec be coming back after the election?

Toon: Cheating Stops, Scores drop

Paul Ryan: ‘We expected media bias going into this’ - ROFL!

New group ALICE to counter ALEC’s influence

certain unalienable Rights

Union Navy veteran first black elected in Montana office

Forget Mitt Romney. I don't think I could take four years of Ann Romney.

Big Money Knocks Paid Sick Leave Off Florida Ballot

Christie predicts Romney debate performance will change course of presidential race

Watch the Most Amazing Lego Contraption Ever [Video]

Obama and Romney fight for religious groups’ votes. Then there’s Romney’s Mormon faith

I overheard a conversation yesterday ...

Ann Romney: Sorry I said "you people"

Take my Mother . . .

Jobs are our #1 priority

Deb Fischer (R-NE for US Senate) 3 sons' legal troubles: at least one DUI apiece

Obama camp should challenge Ryan to post an Power Point explaining the Romney budget

The ultimate Web win: picture of a kitten, and political message involving Mitt Romney...

Blasphemy laws lead to dictatorships and theocracies

Voter Suppression - the wiki entry

McCain: "It's terrible" that Americans "feel better" about the economy.

Christie Defends Romney: ‘He’s Not An Accountant’

Forget Debates and Dialogue about LGBT Justice, the Religious Right isn’t Listening

NBC’s David Gregory Misquotes Obama, Falsely Claims President Said ‘Al Qaeda Has Been Defeated’

Worst case scenario

In the past hour

The Emperor's New Hump (The New York Times killed a story that could have changed the W election)

Shelli Yoder... I want to help spread the word in my home state.

If a person making $20K could buy health coverage for $19/week

Silly question that's been bothering me:

Ann Romney Concerned That Mitt Might Go Bonkers in White House

Looking for a fun DU Job?

Shelli Yoder... I want to help spread the word in my home state.

Rethinking "Out of Africa"

Obama, Romney: Rivals with little personal history

Earthquake: M7.4 - 20km E of La Vega, Colombia

(R)asmussen: SWING STATE: Sunday 09/30: Obama (D) 48% Romney ($) 44%: Leaners: O:50% R:45%

ALEC Ballot Proposals and Election of State Judges

I Expect Barack Obama To Kick Willard Romney's Ass Wednesday Night

BP spill settlement talks stall as U.S. demands $18 billion - paper

California becomes First State in Nation to Ban 'Gay Cure' Therapy for Children

Subconscious religious prejudice in children

"Romney...came across as a heartless rich guy"

Very clever


AP Poll - Not much change

Any Frank Zappa fans here?

Scores of recent TX war veterans have died of overdoses, suicide and crashes

Starting early

Office grenade

Why Is Romney Campaigning on Medical Quackery?

Is Harry Reid waiting until after the debates to drop tax bomb?

The reviews for the First Presidential debates

"Rugged individualism" is "nothing but a political banner to cover up greed" -George Romney

Lounge daily inspirational message (last one for a while)

Has Romney released his medical records?

Dear GOP, thank you for McCain and Palin, thank you for Romney and Ryan

Any good, online creative writing courses?

Miami-based Venezuelans to vote in New Orleans

Why we need laws against anti-Islam internet posts

Pakistan: In twist, Muslims accused of blasphemy

Romney Reboots his Campaign. Again.

Whale Story

Romney Camp Pushes Dueling Messages Ahead Of Debate

When Aaron Sorkin uses a statistic in his script, does it then "become fiction?"

Who is the liar, Senator Brown???

Flat Out and Royal Delta...

"I was told there wouldn't be math." (JoePhilly)

Thom Hartmann vs. Nick Gillespie -How about the 49 percent on the public dole?

Above it all

Take Five (Did You Hear His Middle Name’s Hussein edition)

Loop the Loop, DNA Style: One Or Two-Way Transcription Depends On Gene Loops

Colombian neo-paramilitary group kidnapped tourists: Ecuador .

Chris Wallace Cries Obama Won't Come On His Dopey Show.

What the hell is wrong with Rendell's brain? Why is he on Meet The Press TOUTING the MittTwit???

Kristol: Romney Can’t Win If He Loses ‘The Tax Debate’


Patrick Stewart has a sense of humor (from George Takei's twitter)

Is something wrong with Ed Rendell's brain? Why the hell was he on MTP TOUTING the MittTwit???

A possible reason why the President doesn't deem to be getting hurt by the rightist super PACS.

Christie Steps All Over Ryan

How do you like my hair?

Appreciation Thread for CA Senator Lieu & GovJerry Brown for Passing the Nations 1st 'Gay Cure' Ban

Where's Manny?

Suspect arrested in 2 killings in Venezuela

Obama Would Win If Election Held Today: AP

TOON: Risk Assessment by Jeff Danziger

Suspect arrested in 2 killings in Venezuela

found on facebook -- FREAKING PERFECT!

President Obama Doesn't get enough credit for his plain speaking...

How Much Did Romney Campaign Spend To Focus Group and Develop Debate Zingers?

American banks hit by more than a week of cyberattacks

When is the MIRT turnover happening? Any word on when new sign up will be?

$10 says first book on why Romney lost...

All of the Reptilians are saying it "will be a debate for the history books"

Fish to shrink as global warming leaves them gasping for oxygen

We Are The Introverts.

For a Romney win at Wednesday's debate Romney just has to stand on stage for 90 minutes and not

VOA: Thousands of Libyan Anti-Aircraft Missiles Loose. Video shows Syrian Rebels with SA-7.

Any miners or geologists in the house?

How 'unskewed polls' could actually favor Obama

Letter-Writing: Ten Tips

'Amazing rendition of "Happy Birthday" from the Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida'

Episcopal Bishop of Newark responds to Catholic Archbishop of Newark anti-gay tirade.

I was watching HLN and they were discussing the ReTHUG firm

New DNC Vid --Mitt Romney: Great Expectations

New Obama ad - 47 Percent - Ft. BIG LOU & BRUNO MARS.


So David Gregory wants Chris Christie to convince Mittwitt to "go large."

Tellin’ Ain’t Teachin’: The Need for Frequent Processing by Spencer Kagan

As the Romney campaign unskews, will the GOP's racist id take over?

{Obama Understands} The World We’re Actually Living In

Chavez to Obama: I'd vote for you, and you for me

Saudi to accept Philippine maid applications from Monday

Research suggests that evolution sometimes meant becoming simpler, not more complex

A terrible Hide

Only two shopping days until

Propositionaggedon 2012: California Democratic Party Endorsements

‘Meet The Press’ host caught misquoting Obama

Mitt Rmoney has been running for POTUS for nearly six years. Has he ever gotten off a zinger

Letter to my wife from one of her former students

Hey, Mitt, did you ever watch Fight Club? Here's the 47%

It's worth watching the Romney/Kennedy Debate

Resolved my Ouch ouch, help help!!!

"Myths And Facts About The Benghazi Attack And Protests In The Middle East "

Showtime: Homeland starts tonight at 10:00 PM EST

IRS, Why Aren’t you Enforcing the Law against Churches engaging in Partisan Politics?

Rmoney's Got To Realize That He Won't Be Debating Obama On Oct 3rd - He'll Be Debating......

Schwarzenegger bucks GOP: I performed same sex weddings as governor

When all you have is a hammer...

The refreshments are served

Biden: I don’t recognize Mitt Romney’s America

Romney wins Florida and other states?

There's a couple of different ways you could take this

What are the odds that Romney will actually bring up the "birther" issue of where Obama was

Mitt's Endorsements---Enough Said.

Apparently there is a huge donation deadline tonight at midnight

Romney campaign demands debate against empty chair.

Slacker In Chief? try - "Johnny On The Spot"!

I have just voted.

Ryan anticipates Romney defeat in debate

Hopefully Romney won't have a gun to shoot himself in the foot with during the debate

The Politics Of Loving Your Neighbor: A Commitment To People and Place

Obama likely to be hit hard in debate as deficit highlights a broken promise

Blood, Gold and Coke: The Price of Free Trade in Colombia

Blood, Gold and Coke: The Price of Free Trade in Colombia

"We want to give all of our children a foundation for their dreams."

The DU Cliché

Did The Fact That We Learned That Rmoney Has Been Coached To Use Zingers In The Debates Take Away...

Mitt compares taxes on high incomes to charity..

First Lady Seeks More Help for Military Families

Updating "The Hollow Men": Not with a bang but with a _________

Romney & the Republicans have fucked up with their debate expectations...

Regarding Romney lies....Let's take bets.....

I'll have your Spam, I just LOVE it. I'm having Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam!

So , this doctor was being interviewed on the radio about his new book,

F. Scott Fitzgerald on behalf of the 47%

Now that my dad knows how to use "brother from another mother" everyone else needs to quit saying it

NYT to Obama v. Romney, "let's you and him fight"

GOP Pollster compares Akin to David Koresh

I'd like to change my username

The Republicans say the debate will be a game changer. What do you think?

Reid hits Romney over taxes, '47%' comments

DU posts from 2035

Voters are not going to fall in love with Romney between now and Election Day.

Did you know the Jacksonville Zoo serves Rum and Coke?

First Battle of Newtonia, September 30, 1862 in Newton County, Missouri.

Vote counting company tied to Romney

Tomorrow (well now today) is Jimmy Carter's 88th birthday

Where were you in December of 2000?

Mediaite: Ann Romney Delivers Mitt Romney His Very Own ‘Brainwashing’ Moment

United States Attorney Announces Procedures to Handle Election Fraud and Voting Rights Abuses

Sen. Harry Reid, Op-Ed: Romney’s offensive comments raise doubts

Does anyone think Romney WON'T say something stupid in the debates?

Sounds - Vladimir Nabokov.

Hysteria (movie rec)

There's a live one on the Sunday before the first debate

Will women be forced to interact with their rapists if their choice is taken away?

New Ohio Poll: Obama Leads Romney By 9 Points

Romney Remark That 47% Feel Entitled Was Misstep, Ryan Says

Mormons at war with Drug Cartels, killings, kidnappings, Romneys

Record number of Supreme Court Justices attend Red Mass

What is best web page for military polls for Presidential race?

New from the GOP deli ...

Will Romney get the debate questions early like McCain did in 2008?

Chris Christie has been all over the Sunday shows today saying...

In Gov. Christie's latest rant against Dems, a clue to his future

Obama camp mocks Mitt's "Great Expectations"

Lol...honeymoon's over.

If the election were held today...

It's 3 AM and the phone in the White House rings...

According to the Daily Kos: Miami Herald: Koch brothers trying to buy FL Supreme Court

Happy Blasphemy Rights Day International 2012!

Pope Ratzinger (R): "The butler did it."

A man from Kenya commenting on the Birther issue ...and laughing his head off

News from The Associated Press. More in Catalonia want to separate from Spain


In Gov. Christie's latest rant against Dems, a clue to his future

Please help a Dem House candidate's campaign that is SO CLOSE! NC-09!!!

Maybe we misunderstood the Mitt zinger thing. He could be taking voice lessons to become a better

Joe Nocera Is Wrong, Mitt Romney's Tax Rate Should Be Zero

Dexter Day

I am hearing that clamour again....

Anyone else getting 'rolled' this week?

Is Mitt Romney a felon? A Q&A with MoveOn's lawyer.

Ted Kennedy

Paul Ryan To Fox News: ‘I Don’t Have The Time’ To Explain How We Will Pay For Our Tax Plan

Weird love

A new pic of Mitt Romney is out!

Election 2012: Wayne Powell sees duty to serve.

Great door to secret garden

Commentary: A 53-percenter's memo to Mitt Romney

KILLER Cuteness, SHIRO and Mimi hanging out in a frying pan

We need to inoculate our friends to the 'zingers'.

Colbert gives an elegant speech for Romney

President Obama's pre-debate non-zinger zinger at Mittwit

Dear Romney/Pre-existing conditions. If you can't explain your tax plan to your mouthpiece...

70 yr. old Ohio Republican Voter: "I’ve never seen such HATE this year in the Republican Party"

Schwarzenegger vetoed gay marriage twice, secretly performed two

So Romney will throw zingers at the debate?

Have You Ever Seen Another Moon in an Alien Sky? (Daily Kos)

Kid Glove Sez: Media Left of Center for Obama

Who's funding the "Ending Spending Action Fund"?

In the 2012 Matron(GII), Kauai Katie runs away and hides. Stay unbeaten.

It's bribe-giving season in China

Zinger 1 - Trees are always the right height.

Zinger 2 - My dog travels inside a vehicle. Not outside.

Zinger 3 - I don't have any bank accounts outside of the USA.

Ryder Cup Spoiler - do not open if you don't want to know the result.

Woman who collected welfare benefits despite winning a $735,000 lottery prize dies of overdose

Documenting Rush Limbaugh's Slow, Inexorable Downward Spiral (Daily Kos)

I am a job creator: A manifesto for the entitled

Apparently Calvin and Hobbes are running Rmoney's campaign...

O’Brien v. DHHS–An Important Religious Liberty Case

In Ct., Ryan says Obama seeking to divide nation

Does Anyone Still Make Wilted Lettuce Salad?

from Rob Zerban's (ryan's challenger) campaign manager:

Bill Moyers: United States of ALEC

Man who 'attacked Lindsay Lohan in her hotel room is a GOP congressional staffer

Zinger 4 - My top tax rate was 35%. What was yours?

Zinger 5 - The public has 12 years of my tax returns. When will the public see your other 10?

Check in here if you've been on a voter registration campaign!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 1 October 2012

Jimmy Savile sexually abused us as girls, 10 women tell TV exposé

Who will be watching the big A-hole on 60 Minutes tonight?

Stupid Question 25,394

10-year remembrances to be held for Paul, Sheila Wellstone

So the Republicans know how to rig an Election, right?

Romney Zinger 1 - I am a billionaire

Kidney stone tips

Schwarzenegger is back in new role as think tank guru

A solution to the voter supression efforts...

Vegas Review-Journal details how a Sproul employee harassed & misinformed a voter

When the our country called and thousands went to Vietnam...

It's looking more like a landslide

Google redirect virus

Pirates assured of their continuing record for all major sports 20th losing season

a response from a Wampanoag about the Brown/Warren Indian ancestry controversy

Volkswagen's 250+ mpg concept car

Looks like the only thing going down are the Republicans..

Something that Christie said....

A while back, someone on here

The Most Challenged Books of 2011

Have A Sick Mom That Can't Get To Church & Just Put On A Catholic Mass On Cable TV & I'm Now Furious

So, why is Kerry downplaying Obama's preparation for the debate?

Proof Positive Government Rules and Regulations Work to Save Time, Money, and very important..Lives.

Voter registration fraud only matters

"Romney’s offensive 47% comments raise doubts" - OpEd By Sen. Harry Reid SLAMS Mitt

According to the Daily Kos: Miami Herald: Koch brothers trying to buy FL Supreme Court

Seeking Advice and Suggestions for Home Defense

Canadian workers at Chrysler accept new deal

Nuclear weapons are no ‘guarantee of security,’ Kazakh Foreign Ministers tells UN debate

Some Facts and Ideas About the Libya Attack That Don't Seem to Get Spoken

Now I know voters in Massachussetts are STUPID look at the break down of the Senate race poll

I am on vacation...ask me anything!

PPP Poll-Florida Obama (D) 49% Ronmey ($) 45%

PPP: OHIO (Obama +4)

California Nurses Association endorsements

My Raiders Suck Rant

I just got a new tattoo, it's a Chinese symbol.

About Amb. Stevens

The Tea Party. Does it still exist?

Obama Working On Shortening Answers In Debate Prep

Right-Wing Extremists’ Popularity Rising Rapidly in Greece

As a cohost to this wonderful group I have a question for you

There have been 14 bullying related suicides so far this school year

I had a scary situation in a plane on friday...and was looking to see if anyone

Native Americans chafe at Brown-Warren race

HAPPY BLASPHEMY DAY! Here's a clip of Mike Malloy skewering Bishop Eddie Long

Need vibes of calm. Taking part 1 of a heart stress test tomorrow and

Obama Campaign says 'Don't expect zingers'