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Archives: September 4, 2012

Interesting turn of events at the PBR in Del Mar, CA!

Is anyone here from Iowa going to the DNC?

Mitt Romney's Dumbest Quotes So Far

High Lies - Dedicated to Condi Rice

Betty White caught "Eastwooding" Again

'Green Mile' star and Chicago native Michael Clarke Duncan dies at age 54

Had a little fun on Facebook .... LOL!

Photo's from DNC by Joe My God

i am doing some research on gender roles in early modern europe (1450-1600), particularly spain

Something is up in Cuba. Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo got detained after writing this:

New York Probes Private-Equity Tax Practices

Bull-Fucking-Shit Mr. Romney

Just talked with my sister....

Can I get some light for my kitty, please?

Is there truly an "enthusiasm gap"?

So I am holed up at the Canary Wharf all week..

Is this for sale at Daily Kos or not?

"...and that's why we call it 'Labor Day!'"

See....this is why I love Ed....

When you become a God, will you use evil the way God does?

Isn't it a Pity So true in today's it's all about me Culture

Ed started his show tonight with clips of W talking about how bad the economy

Legend of the Red Deer and the Hunter, Turkish animation

Betty White.

OK, just what the hell is a snollygoster?

"Don't boo -- vote."

Madeleine Albright: 'I Can't Understand Why Any Woman Would Want To Vote For Mitt Romney'

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy! & a new kitty gif

USA Today: "The President says" that "you didn't build that" taken out of context

Ryan.. he didn't run that.

Why Did Jerry Lewis Leave the Telethon?

Is there always so much hyperbole during election seasons?

Nat Geo EXPLORER: Mystery of the Murdered Saints

Convention eve: Obama consoles storm victims

“Cocaine godmother” Griselda Blanco gunned down in Colombia, media reports say

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement On Labor Day: President Obama Is Fighting for America

Harold and Kumar Go to the Democratic National Convention

“Cocaine godmother” Griselda Blanco gunned down in Colombia, media reports say

Presidential Proclamation -- Labor Day, 2012

Logic exercise: Mitt wanted to take over GM with a Bain style buyout

Time for the yearly viewing of the movie Picnic, the movie was based on Labor Day.

I would love to go to the Democratic National Convention

Two Texas cities, including Dallas, named Top 10 best places to raise kids

PPP: Obama +3 in COLORADO

British Airways Clerk Joins Nurse Challenging Cross Rulings

Obama hasn't done anything in his first four years??

Rib bone.

Bounce Expectations

PPP: Obama +7 in MICHIGAN

Most Important Factor in 2012

Simon Johnson: Big Banks = Bad News

For Labor Day: Best Union-Themed Movies

Media hypocrisy and irony

Labor Day cookout with Republicans today.

"Is the Right-Wing Psyche Allergic to Reality? A New Study Shows Conservatives Ignore Facts..."

Oh, shit, I'm now officially Ignored the EIGHT/8 humans. I *don't* deserve that (dissention is optio

NY Times' Alessandra Stanley: Ryan "finessed the facts" on factory closing

Bain Capital-Controlled Companies' Employees To Speak At Democratic Convention

Biden's message for labor: We're on your side

President Obama takes swipe at Bush during Gulf trip, Reid and Carney comment

Anyone else remember the Palinaspresident interactive website?

The ED Show - History shows we're better off today than 4 years ago

Karen Lewis Speaks to 20,000 Chicago Teachers at Labor Day rally

Makayla not impressed with Dodgers.

It's time to retire the "Are you better off then you were 4 years ago" stupidity.

Obama tells Americans to ‘punt’ Romney’s economic plan

John Burton apologizes for comparing Republicans to Nazi Goebbels

"Why ‘Are you better off?’ is the wrong question for 2012" By Jamelle Bouie at WP

The ED Show - That 'thud' you heard? Yeah, that was Romney's poll numbers

Want to keep election officials from blocking your vote? There's an app for that.

Bird watcher?

What THREE Million Obama Donors Looks Like:

I am so sick of my job as a tax accountant

209. clarification: Are you saying that someone could start a thread in GC&RKBA and open

Hours from Penn State, children's charity shows new way to heal

NJ prosecutor's office: Neighbor high on PCP and pot killed boy, stabbed sister as they slept

North Dakoda Senate Candidate voted to Criminalize Abortion in Case of Incest, and Rape

The Democratic Party Platform is now online. Link:

Romney is right!! I'm not better off than I was four years ago!

"Michigan- 52% of voters think Romney should release 12 years of his tax returns"

My GOP "friends" do not get it. I ask them "What if everyone had a Masters Degree"??

"He obviously misspoke..."

Tweet from Ashley Judd

Labor Day marked with parades, political speeches

Will the Obama campaign jump back on this Taxes issue?

"Cruel Conservatives Throw a Masquerade Ball" by MAUREEN DOWD at the NY Times

U.S. Is Near Pact to Cut $1 Billion From Egypt’s Debt

Los Angeles Asks Its Voters to Extend Transit Tax Far Into the Future

Tweety's documentary about Obama just started on MSNBC

Dwight Eisenhower quote

How do I explain to my son that racism is still going strong, especially lately?

Wow - alerts must be way up

What would you say if asked "why Democrats didn't act when they had

Louisiana asks for $3.4M labor emergency grant ( Say it ain't so, Bobby)

Russia enters the race for cosmic energy

Chicago Teachers' Union President on Rahm Emanuel: “He’s a liar and a bully.”

Who is watching / listening to Chris Matthews' Obama show?

He saved our industry

When I was 10 or so, I used to have impure thoughts about Jo Ann Pflug.

Lyin' Ryan does build something...

Hope vs Nope

K & R if you support the Democratic Party Platform.

Cheer The Fuck Up

link for a free Obama bumper sticker


At what point does the electorate wield the most influence?

Sun daddy: 'Machines will replace 80 per cent of doctors'

Classic Bill Maher: I'm talking to you, Mr. and Mrs. Teabagger.

Why a pro-gun control group is needed at DU:

Mitt and Tagg Romney implicated in a $8.5 billion Ponzi scheme

The President and Kal Penn...good stuff...

Legitimate subject: ARE MORMONS CHRISTIANS?

Facebook Page: Paul Ryan Is A Douchebag

I'm guessing there is no Daily Show tonight as the convention coverage

Mitt's Yellow Ribbon

Melissa Harris-Perry Erupts At Guest: 'I'm Sick Of The Idea That Being Wealthy Is Risky' (VIDEO)

My Father Built This: A Labor Day Reflection

In Florida, Medicare is not a senior-only issue

Great quote : Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt

Anybody watching the Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech game?

North Dakota Senate Candidate Voted To Make Abortion In Case Of Rape, Incest Carry Life Sentence

The fact checkers are hard at work

HuffPo - The Best Political Jokes Of The Week: The RNC Edition

That guy, Joe Biden

I love Obama now as much as I did..

I thought about voting Republican once...

My take on Romney.

Four Reasons Atheists Have to Fight for Their Rights

Just Released: Democrats Unveil 2012 National Platform-

Rep. Eric Cantor: Labor Day celebrates business owners

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

"Are you better off?" they ask...

Children in the Fields

Rachel Maddow - Don’t mention it: At convention, GOP fails to address wars

"Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices" -- one of the specials on Current TV

I had to work today.

Media war against Cuba in full swing

I just don’t understand it. Apparently, the Right Wingers...

Eric Cantor says Labor Day is a day to celebrate Employers

Mr. Rmoney, you've got a new endorsement...

Democrats Will Portray Romney As Bush 2.0 In Charlotte

"Plane towing anti-Harper banner grounded by RCMP" at CBC News

Well, guess what I just learned to do?

Martin Luther King Jr. Speech at 1199 SEIU

Something about Rmoney bothers me.......

Top Democrat says party should fight for Missouri

The very worst thing that could happen to the Republican Party is that they win the next election...

Homeschoolers object to proposed Raytown MO daytime curfew

"Chris Matthews Accuses Romney of 'Encouraging White Anger'"

Democrats Issue Final Platform With Full Marriage Support

The New Generation of Republican Stupidity

Rachel tonight: Romney calls reporters to cover an event & then goes boating

1936 and 2012

Which Democrats Are Hostile to Teachers?

If Rmoney dropped out...

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Labor Day)

Voter Registration

The 5 reasons why Romney/Ryan must be defeated in 2012

Tuesday's Speakers at Democratic Convention

"Disappointment isn’t the dominant emotion held by Democratic delegates," declares Politico

Mitt & Paul Munster??

Why Chris Hedges Believes That Serious Revolt Is the Only Option People Have Left

Nate Silver has Florida light blue today with a 59.2% Obama win prediction for November 6! UPDATED

A Labor Day Message from Bernie Sanders

A really good guy we knew was killed in a road rage incident this weekend.

Opinions on The Democratic Party Platform, 2012?

Right doubles down on Eastwood buffoonery, attempts to organize Empty Chair Day

Will Republicans succeed with Jim Crow lite laws?

A well-regulated militia -- The Federalist Papers # 29

'A great silence is spreading over the natural world'

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

Kindred Souls - Favorite Actors Of The Right

London: guilty verdict for three Catholic peace activists

Thom Hartmann: The GOP's nightmarish response to MLK's "I Have a Dream"

Where is will i am? I want another song.

Yes We Can (again in 2012)

Thom Hartmann: Did Chris Christie take a line about love and respect from A Bronx Tale?

Chuck Norris: America faces ’1,000 years of darkness’ if Obama wins

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Sept 4th

Republicans See California Comeback

What went wrong with WikiLeaks

So, Is the pressure for...

The Tuesday 2012 Democratic Convention Schedule

Hackers Release 1 Million iOS Device UDIDs Obtained from FBI Laptop

Utah - America's Pyramid Scam Capital

German MP visits Assange

Swimming Across Lake Zurich, Switzerland:

Kali helps the Border Patrol in their search for illegals:

Debt and the Depression that Never Was

U.S. Highway 71 from Kansas City to past Joplin to become Interstate 49 in December

Why would anybody do this?

Early voting starts this Thursday in NC

West Wing Week: 8/31/12 or "It's Summer Mailbag Time!"

On Teabillies Taking US On A Tailspin

This is the time to finish what we started...

Study questions how much better organic food is

Bahrain appeal court upholds activists' convictions

China warns U.S. not to take sides in sea disputes as Clinton flies in.

Bill Clinton is extremely important in this election

"Are you better off now? You damn right you are!"

Tan Mom gets hammered (drunk) at drag queen roast (may upset your stomach so enter with care!

Townhall (a conservative site) is having

Only in America can a Right Wing businessman be considered for president just 4 years after...

Jon Stewart if a state is failing just shut it down like a business

Morality Tale for Republicans: What Greed is doing to the Elephants

Don’t wimp out on gun-control platform

Is GM going bankrupt again?

John Edwards has the best marathon time of the politicians on the Presidential ticket

UN says Syria refugees hit record in August

Maya Prince's Tomb Found With Rare Drinking Vessel

Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 "Doomsday" Myth

Betty White introducing Joe Biden...

Naomi Wolf: Anonymity for rape accusers gives impunity to prosecutors

The question is not "are you better off..

Is there a DNC website where I can watch the Convention?

35 years later, Voyager 1 is heading for the stars

Hillary Clinton won't unite south-east Asia against China

If you believe anything that a ReTHUG tells you about Medicare

Torygraph reporting decision on Assange bail expected today from Westminster Magistrates Court

Jury to decide value of some (Michael) Jackson copyrights

Prisoners Treated Like Cattle in New Orleans

NYT: Ohio Unions Battle Conservative Super PACS for Votes

Could You Raise Your Kids on Less Than $15,000 a Year? Millions of Parents Are Forced to Learn How

Omaha's Labor Day parade, festivities draw thousands

We are a punitive nation at heart

David Cameron's reshuffle

I don't hate white men

'Mystery' stick insect discovered

Just say NO to Joe.

Liberia rainforest: '60% handed to logging companies'


Georgia Militia Terrorists Fit DHS Bulletin Profile Perfectly

Morning Joe coverage of Tampa Vs Charlotte...


Elephants Dying in Epic Frenzy as Ivory Fuels Wars and Profits

Rhino horn: Vietnam's new status symbol heralds conservation nightmare

Romney To Flood Victim: 'Go Home And Call 211'

From Backyard Farmer to Community Visionary in Oakland

"Get Over It . . . And See A Therapist" KY Prosecutor Told Teen Sex Attack Victim

Peak oil review - Sept 3

Here is Westlake Ohio, hoping for rain - maybe it will put the fire out in Paul Ryans pants.

Drumbeat from the holiday weekend...

Drumbeat from the holiday weekend...

The "are you better off than 4 years ago" can't be individual, but must be answered as a whole

Peak oil review - Sept 3

We're one crucial step closer to seeing Tony Blair at The Hague

Vietnamese police seize 4 baby tigers in car

We're not better off than 2008, because Republicans block good bills

Albright on Morning Joe

Madeline Albright Schools Mrs. Greenspan

Action needed to prevent food price catastrophe: UN

Putting an Arrest Bounty on Tony Blair's head.

So the "Willy Wonka" pic is going around FB, you know the one...

Mama's Votin' For Obama not for The Man from Bain - Bwaaaaaah - too good

With military at ‘turning point,’ defense chief Leon Panetta avoids bold moves

Borowitz: Ryan Gives Detailed Account of Day He Killed Bin Laden

Police officers to face magistrates after protester's arrest at anti-EDL rally

Dear Hank Williams Jr - Loving the Gays doesn't make you gay

Zinc lozenges to ward off/minimize colds...your experience?

Obsolete Thread 1 ...go to thread 2 - for funraising

Can someone help me understand the R idea that President Obama

'Jesus is a monkey' daubed on Jerusalem monastery wall

Goodbye Andrew Mitchell hello Justine Greening

Speculating Banks Profit as World's Poorest Go Hungry

The Six Stages of Climate Grief

Earth, Wind & Fire - September

Krugman: The Fire Last Time

Chavistas attacked a convoy of Capriles

Why Clint's in my line of fire for backing Mitt

Soledad and Mayor Nutter hammering Tea Bagger

Love for Labor Lost? Little to Celebrate This Year for Unions

September When I First Met You - Barry White

What exactly are gop voters so terrified of?

A Real Democrat Gives One of the Best, Most Kick-A** Political Speeches I've Ever Seen!

David Corn: Obama Should Play the Blame Game

The Happenings - See You In September

Obama's credit card was declined in 2000 and he just recently stopped paying student loans.

Dinah Washington - September In The Rain

Sex traffickers force girls as young as 8 into prostitution in Central Florida

FRANK SINATRA - September Song

dixie chicks vs hank williams jr.

Republicans are very skilled liars

Joe Biden: "Bin Laden is dead & General Motors is alive"

September - Cry for you

Mitt Romney's Tax Avoidance Weakens Bonds of American Society by Joseph Stiglitz

Billa Qause - September in my ears

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

MFM looks for love in all the wrong places

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

This seat reserved for...

Waste Cooking Oil Makes Bioplastics Cheaper

WaPo Plumline: It was, by any reasonable standards, a staggering, staggering lie.

Samsung to review 250 Chinese suppliers for labor violations

Gone In September - Mike Posner

The Empty Chair interview makes the Weird News section of NBC News.

Hope Scholarship petition - please sign and pass it on

Nina Simone - One September Day

If This Is True: Why Does FBI Have 12 Million Unique Device IDs On An Agent's Laptop??

Tom Toles: When you come to a fork in the road...

What every Democrat should be saying during the Convention

Beady Belle - September

'Triple-Threat' Approach Reduces Life-Threatening Central Line Infections in Children With Cancer

Get involved - and stay involved - with the Convention!

Madita - September

The Hill continues to hide Rasmussen's role in their polls

France’s far right leader to lead campaign against European budget treaty

Romney caught lying & laughing on video about millions of dollars

Roomnoise Project - Sweet September

Romney On Whether We’re Better Off: ‘Of Course It’s Getting Better’

Another empty chair

Skinner and EarlG at the DNC: Tuesday

Andrea Mitchell blames Democrats for Congress's low approval rating

Alex Bennett+Sirius XM Left in the am

Happy convention week, DU'ers!

Straight from the Stalinist archives...

Paul Ryan defends Afghanistan omission at GOP convention...

Media: Obama is egotistical, selfish, dull

Senegal floods uncover ancient artefacts in Dakar (BBC)

Gasoline hording...

Pretrial hearing set for former Walker associate

Electoral College opinion map update

Pretrial hearing set for former Walker associate

Moody's lowers EU rating outlook to 'negative'

Our Liberal Biased MSM Doing All They Can To Help R$R. -----

My take on the GOP Platform

Paul Ryan: "Obama didn’t close the plant"...

Anyone here with insight into Donnelly's race?

Did anyone catch Mika on MJ this morning pissed about Ryan's lies?

Biblical Styles of the 2012 Presidential Candidates

Manufacturing index slides for 3rd straight month

Hugs are a necessary part of First Lady's convention prep. Fist-bumps too! (Kal and Michelle)

Buffalo NBC Station Uses Photos Of Singer Seal To Report On Actor Michael Clarke Duncan’s Death

Gainesville (FL) Sun editorial: Gov. Scott opposition to expanding Medicaid under the federal ACA

Matt Bors Nails The GOP To Their Slogan: "You didn't build that"

I want to see Betty White

"Impure Thoughts" As a kid, about whom did you have "impure thoughts"?

The Romney team will live to regret putting Ryan on the ticket.

Samsung Tokyo Win Shows U.S. Jury Verdicts Don’t Sway Judges

There is no need to spin or dodge the "Better Off" question

BitTorrent study finds most file-sharers are monitored

My s-i-l was reading a new conspiracy theory - according to this one the homeland security has

Here's a picture of my 2012 prize-winning fair cake.

China Boosts Rail Spending for Third Time to Revive Growth

Axe: Generally, people edit their convention speeches BEFORE they give them!

Undocumented Immigrants Take On the DNC (riding the Undocubus - No Papers, No Fear)

Something good from Texas

REPORT: Temp and Subcontracted Workers Erode Wages, Undermine Worker Protections

Unabashed DNC Cheerleading Thread: Rah Rah Ree! Kick 'em in the Knee!

Does the Obama campaign know about Ralph Maxwell?

GOP Senate Candidate Supports Life Sentences For Rape Victims Who Obtain Abortions

#RNC2012: Jon Voight, Stephen Baldwin, Clint Eastwood, a chair.

Oh, Nicki Minaj...shit rhymes, questionable politics AND functional illiteracy in the SAME song?

"Better Off?" The Question That Exposes Incompetent Reporters

U.S. Auto Sales Speed Up In August: Ford, GM And Chrysler Book Double-Digit Gains

Stanford study: Organic food no more nutritious than non-organic.

Question on Dem Convention coverage:

Record West Nile Cases Make World Diseases a U.S. Problem

Senate Candidate Berg (R-ND): Life Sentences For Rape Victims Who Obtain Abortions

I put in a new floor in the dining room this weekend.

The Brooklyn bookshop saving out-of-print sci-fi, one e-book at a time

Stanford study: Organic food no more nutritious than non-organic.

Take your pick of HuffPo headlines re: Munster-RYAN the liar.

PPP: Obama leads 51-44 in Michigan

Exactly what is "an open and honest conversation about guns"?

Virgil Goode makes ballot in VA further complicating things for the Twit

Chuck Norris - from Moscow Casino Pimp to Evangelical Christian Republican (and his viral video)

Anybody else having trouple accessing

Save me!!! I'm going face down in the blotter!

Tiger Woods tops $100M in earnings

Ever go to a relative's/friend's house for Thanksgiving and they ask you to "do the honors"

Republicans put women on stage, Democrats put women...

Joe Klaine: Obama should play the race card

Getting my "last" chemo as we speak

First Lady Michelle Obama checks out the DNC stage and films a commercial with actor Kal Penn - pics

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 4, 1957

Hey photoshoppers - I have an idea ;) re-Clint Eastwood and his new movie...

Any thought of running the DU login through a https secure connection?

It is difficult to talk about politics without invoking Goebbels

Obama in IC Friday Sept. 7

More perverted hatred from Romney's republicans

Religion: Back With a Vengeance at Venice Festival

Heavy Drinking Rewires Brain, Increasing Susceptibility to Anxiety Problems

ice cover declining even when weather patterns would suggest the decline should stall

Christians take discrimination cases to Europe's top court

Frankenstein's Monsters, otherwise known as the big banks

Papantonio: Political Inaction Spurs Climate Change

The Black Eagle pictured with Stephenie Miller at the Democratic National Convention

Romney and Religion at the Republican Convention

One-Fifth Of World’s Invertebrate Species Face Extinction

I wonder if Romney got much of this in France?

Trouble from the US ‘Terrorism List’

Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: West Virginia Democrats continue to romp in latest polling

Researchers Can Trace DNA of Fish And Marine Mammals By Sampling Seawater

Q: What did the chair have in common with everyone at the RNC???

Another one to confound the creationists

Should the Ignore List be mutual?

Radiation From Sun’s Solar Whip Is Expected To Reach Earth Today

From a minister posting on Facebook. The Lord is grieved.

Some headers are priceless: "Purses that Cost More Than A House".

The Graphic Every Obama-Blaming Conservative Needs To See

Composite Image Shows Superbubble In The Large Magellanic Cloud

Farm Use of Antibiotics Defies Scrutiny

Bad move Kelly Ripa: she picks a stalker as her co-host on Kelly Live

Corporate Crime Does Pay

Matt Barber tells media to gag itself and not bring up the Southern Poverty Law Center

MO - "Let's Get Fired Up!"

College Rape Survivors: Title IX Is Not Just About Sports

Ann Romney Sings The Praises Of American Women, Still Thinks They Are Second Class Citizens

The Rude Pundit: Paul Ryan Tries to Fuck Lies Into Truths

When There Are So Many Truths to Utter, Why Do Ryan and Romney Lie Repeatedly?

"Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

Cracker plant tax break may leave schools with crumbs

Soap Opera Over Kabul - Not the Roman Legions

Florida pollster (Gravis) donated to Republicans

Crooks and Liars: Mitt Romney Tells 530 Lies in 30 Weeks

We have credentials and SWAG!

Pippa the weathergirl goes rogue.

You're wrong again Eric Cantor...

Exclusive: Inside Karl Rove's Billionaire Fundraiser

"Obama focused on Healthcare instead of Jobs"

Somebody filled in the blank space on this billboard...

Krugman: The Fire Last Time (updated)

I like the language that the Obama campaign is using about the job situation..

Make Assange leave embassy, court tells his bail backers

A Record To Run On

Mort Zuckerman is an asshole.

Krugman: Whom The Gods Would Destroy, They First Make Bipartisan

Rasmussen: Romney drops 2 points - Is the 'bump' over?

Who Would U Trade at MSNBC For A Host,Personality, Correspondent Etc... at Fox News

Hee Hee- Ron Paul says Republican Party is not my party

How does this happen?

I could see the mountains this morning better than I have all summer!

"Ryan eyes"

So republicans really don't have to take responsibility for jobss

"Mitt Romney looks more human than we've ever seen him"

I really, really, really wish . . .


I'm looking for an English lit long poem about a woman who could kill with a look.

Dissension in the Republican Ranks

Is Willard Romney The Chump That Didn't Get A Convention Bump?

ROFL.. Ryan Lies about Lying.

Know of any *large* convention-viewing parties in NOVA or DC Thurs?

Romney On Whether We’re Better Off: ‘Of Course It’s Getting Better’

Galloway Rape Remark: Respect Candidate Quits

U.S. home prices make biggest jump in 6 years

Bill Shore and Jeff Bridges comment on progress of child hunger initiative

Julian Assange bail backers urged to convince him to leave embassy

Soledad O'Brien vs. Tea Party ('Obama doesn't love America the way we do')

Burt Bacharach remembers Hal David

I figured out why Republicans have problems with Obama's policies and we don't

Are You Waiting For The Debate Between Willard Romney And Himself?

Paul Ryan's constant lying erodes his media-bestowed reputation for honesty

Right track wrong track

For Oklahoma delegates in the 'reddest' state, pity and respect

I sent Netflix back a DVD that was defective. I believe they sent me BACK the same DVD!

6% of PA budget goes to jailed terrorists

I read an article that gave me some clarity on the abortion issue.

Axe: Another big crowd on road to Charlotte!

Drought-tolerant seeds coming in few months

TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) trade agreement makes it into the Democratic Party Platform

Just saw President Obama at Norfolk St.

Oklahoma Has Been Cooking All Summer In Triple Digits Yet ------

Fired Democrats: Ohio elections chief missed deadline

Ryan - Rights And Privileges Come From God And Not Governments

Prince Philip Accidentally Exposes His Royal Jewels (PHOTO)

If you ban yourself, is it possible to come back?

Help Us Expose My Opponent on Social Security

Is America Better Off? The public Answers

Apparently I'm late for this meme...

Just how bad was "Reverend" Moon?

Kal Penn takes a call from President Obama

Virgil Goode makes presidential ballot in Virginia


Obama holds solid lead in Michigan heading into DNC, poll says

Constitution Party's Virgil Goode makes presidential ballot in Virginia

Lounge inspirational message of the day

Breaking Bad (not a spoiler, but funny as hell)

CSM: Bomb Iran? Why 5 top Israeli figures don't want to do it.

Anyone Else Notice This over at Nate Silver's Blog?

U.S. home prices make biggest jump in 6 years

Baldemar Velasquez Draws on Years of Farm Worker Activism to Organize in Anti-Union South

I'm so tired of the Republican meme, "if you work hard, you can achieve anything"

Barbour: ‘I Would Love For Christie To Put A Hot Poker To Obama’s Butt’

Democrats Retreat on Civil Liberties in 2012 Platform

Andrea Saul mouth piece for the scums (Republicans)

Romney spokesmodel tells Andrea Greenspan that we're not better off and we built that! USA! USA!

Travelers staggered by Cuba's new customs taxes

OMG Andrea Mitchell just corrected a rethug

What Will We Do If Atmosphere Flips? Scientists Have Known Since The Late 1950's That Something Is

FACT CHECK: Romney’s Salt Lake Olympics: Taxpayers Built It

Good night, sweet garbage disposal, and a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Forget "are you better off now than 4 years ago", how about "will you be better off in 4 more"

Ratigan was a Republican?

Election 2012 and the media: a vast rightwing conspiracy of stupid

Rachel Maddow - Why labor support matters to Democrats

U.S. Trade Rep Confident About Trans-Pacific Partnership

Chart Of The Decade - Atmospheric Methane Concentrations Over Time - Energy Bulletin

Are we witnessing a rise in right wing authoritarianism? Look at how we treat the unemployed.

Why Team Obama is Confident that Romney Can't win

MI5 And MI6 Websites Attacked By Assange Protesters

Haley Barbour would like to see a hot poker on Obama's butt

Am I better off now than 4 years ago...Hell No!

OK, which one of you is this?

Yes, you're better off. Bush admits serious financial failures

Comment from Archbishop Desmond Tutu...

WaPo Glenn Kessler is a big dolt and GOP shill!

This is funny...

Republicans Scoff At White House Theory That Obama Victory Will Break GOP ‘Fever’

Link for livestream of the DNC?

Elephants Dying in Epic Frenzy as Ivory Fuels Wars and Profits

Insert your name here

Ashley Judd at DNC: 'Rape is rape'

Barney Frank: Mitt Romney on every side of all issues

Axe: Ryan vows to finish 63-day campaign marathon in 42 days!

Well, Obviously Some People ARE MUCH BETTER OFF!!!

Lyin' Ryan's Secret Service Code Name: Bowhunter

Live streams at the DNC (links) ... updated with more links ...

Former GOP chairman talks of branding Obama with hot poker

Sure, I'm Better Off Than I Was 4 Years Ago. Better Off Than 12 years Ago? Not So Much.

My favorite rummage sale coming up this weekend

DNC Chair, Mayor Villaraigosa, asks Dreamers onstage, says they "have names and are human beings

Pooor widdle Glenn Beck - denied basic human treatment(sarc)

How Dems Can REALLY Exploit Paul Ryan's 'Marathon Lie'

Democratic Platform: Enough With The Spending Cuts

The Day in 100 seconds: Are You Better Off ?

The REAL Question We Should Be Asking Americans...

We are sure a lot faster than we used to be.

Pelosi: 'Our country is better off than where we were' four years ago

Question about Chris Van Hollen

Just heard on MSNBC

POTUS makes surprise stop at Norfolk fire house -- Brings them some WH home-brew beer

Five Ways Courts Say Texas Discriminated Against Black and Latino Voters

Pro-Romney Super PAC: "Obama is trying to force gay marriage on this country"

"The Fire Last Time" KRUGMAN Most Awesome Answer to the "Are You Better Off" Question

Romney-Ryan Robocall Attacks Obama For ‘Changing Medicare Forever'

Gabby Pac

Some Florida Dems disgusted with Crist role at DNC

Watch DNC Convention Live Here:

Obama holds solid lead in Michigan heading into DNC, poll says

Political break: Le Chat Noir wins Best Cat Video on the Internet

Judge: Florida cannot charge students non-resident tuition due to parents

Analysis: Chastised Israel Seeks Way Forward With U.S. Over Iran

Breaking Bad fans: How do you think the show will end? *spoilers*

BREAKING - Ohio Secretary of State says he will not restore early voting

Watch DNC Convention Live Here:

Can we get a list of questions for the Presidential Debate Moderators going?

Massive DNC photo update, including our first celebrity sightings!

The Allergy Season..........

Switzer joins hunt for Oklahoma dog killer- graphic story warning

This DU in Charlotte update sponsored by VISIT MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA

The Nation's Ari Berman: Voter Suppression: The Confederacy Rises Again

Chuck Norris: Obama Reelection Will Bring '1,000 Years Of Darkness'

I miss ghost kicking.

The Competitor in Chief

Axel Foley all growed up. Will his kid be as hip today as he was thirty odd years ago?

Do y'all really have any idea how devastating it is for LGBT Democrats to see Cardinal Dolan

Republicans: Stop Fooling Yourselves

Does Romney want Israel to attack Iran BEFORE or AFTER the election?

Democratic Platform Includes Support For ERA

America's Coming Infrastructure Disaster - Newsweek & the Daily Beast

Obama at Norfolk State University, Virginia, September 4

Why declare yourself the Messiah these days, when you can say what God thinks and get RW respect?

It is the REPUBLICAN economy, stupid.

U.S. Car Sales Up Double Digits In August

94 years old and volunteering for Obama..AWESOME!!

I've captioned this picture of EarlG at the DNC.

Ohio Secretary of State Refuses To Comply With Early Voting Court Order


TYT: Republicans still carrying a grudge against Native Americans re: General Custer

Mitt's Pink Slip - get his azz outta here. Please.

Republican PAC unveils marriage attack ad

"As a one-percenter, I may not pay taxes..."

Video: Mitt Romney Admits the Economy is "Getting Better" under Pres. Obama

This was how Mitt felt 4 years ago...

I wonder if this will sway the ladies

Obama Team: Our GOTV effort will make '08 look like 'Jurassic Park'

Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan Campaign Launches 'Mediscare' Robocall

Video: Mitt Romney Admits the Economy is "Getting Better" under Pres. Obama

Are the mouth-breathing rethugs screwing with us yet?

Chris Rock Nails It!

Check this out

Are you better off than you were 4 years ago???? --->

Hilarious Romney .gifs

Pres. Obama coming to St. Pete College

Tweet from Charles M. Blow

Jean Schodorf, Kansas State Senator, Leaves Republican Party

Papantonio: Tea Party Finally Tips The Craziness Scale

Laughs from elections past: Correspondent Wanda Sykes on The Chris Rock Show, post election 2000

Oops - I want to apologize to the jury here...

Live streaming video to the Democratic National Convention

I wish somebody would ask Romney & Ryan - "Are you more full of shit now than you were 4 years ago?"

DNC Facebook Page Needs Some DU Likes

EDIT: Sheldon's boy will be prez if Mitt wins... (Pic)

Why we're better off today than we were 4 years ago in one chart

Romney/Ryan would be even worse than George W.

F*CK Them!!!! Look at what the Righteous Liars are doing now....

Retired generals implicated in Galan murder .

This is not a man we want leading our country...

Mitt Romney: Climate change is real, but addressing it would be wrong

just sayin'...

Former SEAL’s Book Reveals Classified Information: Pentagon

Retired generals implicated in Galan murder .

Where's the best TV/Internet coverage for the convention?

I love our President and think he is the best man for the job

They are STILL calling Al Gore a liar--what about ROMNEY/RYAN?

This toon says it all about the GOP

Romney gets one-point bounce...

The hiring freeze at my office is now officially over.

Betty White Tweet

Snopes: President Obama's Executive Orders

Bully Teacher - Was He Punished Enough?

CHARTS: Yes, We’re Better Off Than We Were Four Years Ago

Health insurance

simple question

CNN Poll: Romney gets convention bounce of 1 point

what is eating holes in my petunia blossoms?

Martin Bashir just said "the republicans are talking like they're from planet your anus"! Oh! Maybe

Protest Outside Convention Leads to Standoff With Police

Frm. Santorum Communications Dir. Can't Name One Single Pro-Woman Romney Policy (Video)

Is Martin Bashir trying for Olbermann's "Angry Snarky Liberal TeeVee Commentator" seat on MSNBC?


Obama campaign nails Romney on exploitation of tax loopholes...

Sears Drops Rush Limbaugh

Saw these on Fbk

Thom Hartmann: Greenspan's Body Count

Gallup: No bounce for Romney post-GOP convention

I miss goat kicking.

Teabagger on CSPAN says, "everything went to hell in 2006 when the dems took over"

Colombian peace talks to begin in October in Norway

Colombian peace talks to begin in October in Norway

Eurozone demands six-day week for Greece

Use the Paul Ryan-Adjusted Marathon Time Calculator to determine your Adjusted Time! (LOL) ...

PBS Newshour's Judy Woodruff auditions for Fox News with a punk remark for Obama dep campaign mgr

What value, life? (reprise)

Here we go: ****DNC LIVE THREAD****

PBS Newshour's Judy Woodruff auditions for Fox News with a punk remark for Obama dep campaign mgr

Did Obama buy a $35 million house in Hawaii?

Alec Baldwin: Hank Williams Jr. Is 'A Broken-Down, Senile, Racist Coot'

When Fascism Comes To America...*

News Corp nominates former Colombian President to board

I Wish My Parents Would Stop E-Mailing Naked Pictures Of Me To Their Friends

I don't like that we lose our post if we click back. [FIXED / not an issue]

On Hartmann: "Romney STILL getting paychecks from Bain Capitial"? Did I hear that right?

Murdoch UK papers' scrutiny could last three more years

Gavel to gavel coverage on CSPAN.

I think Romney not receiving a bump is an important, underdiscussed point...

The speech that should be shown at the Democratic Convention...

Keep in mind what Mitch McConnell said

My hand was on MSNBC just now. **Here's a pic!**

Almond-Nectarine Galette

I got a free APP from the Dem convention web site. I can listen and watch the convention

Keynote Speaker Julian Castro on Romney tonight: "He just doesn't get it"

I miss guest kicking.

Democrats move Obama's speech


Christians take 'beliefs' fight to European Court of Human Rights (BBC) {religion and GLBT}

Biggest Republican Lie

The one where the weather-girl melts down on TV

This is hilarious....seriously

Wet Seal’s Specs for Store Managers: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, White Skin

Hurricane Isaac: '13,000 homes damaged' in Louisiana (BBC)

Quick, what's an anagram for "redistrictings"?

I would love to spend a Weekend at Bernie's

Liberia rainforest: '60% handed to logging companies' (BBC)

Israeli Settlers 'Desecrate Christian Monastery'

Chuck Norris talks about a 1,000 years of darkness. Isn't that like watching a Norris movie

Romney's Stupidfucking Anti-Gay Ad.

Slobford Study: You are what you eat

Judge: Fla. can’t charge students with undocumented parents higher, out-of-state tuition

Union Boss Boycotts Breakfast

Imus guests kicking

Some labor discontent in Charlotte

My recipe for fried fish...

The Republican Congress has been very busy...

Did the Chair get a pass to attend the DNC?

MSNBC banner: Ryan - Marathon Man

Republican dont attack women..

See you soon, Skinner & Earl G.

The Man Who Wants to Beat Eric Cantor

Wayne Powell's in Charlotte!

The timorous, quavering fear in his voice kinda spoils all those Chuck Norris jokes for me now.

Ann Romney's chart

Two American Kids Shipped to France in One of the Worst Custody Decisions. Ever.

Barbara Lee Gave a "Barn Burner Speech" at Dem Opening Ceremony!

Wee-doh, wee-doh, wee... WAH-WAH WAAAAAHhhh....

Notice: New Lounge wireless network is active

OMG the Dems are talking about actual STUFF!

David Rovics: Travels Through the Police State (Tampa)

Why is Cory Booker shouting

Ron Paul rumors.

The DNC podium looks like ...

One third of all Republicans

Voter ID laws wend through courts, with implications for November

Ahead Of Keynote, Obama Camp Releases Video Highlighting Julian Castro’s Mom

Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode Makes the Virginia Presidential Ballot

Number Of Muslim DNC Delegates Doubles

"We’re going to make 2008 on the ground look like 'Jurassic Park'"

Corey Booker is on fire!

Mary Ann or Ginger

Dick Durban is slapping down this Fox News reporter on his stupid questions

POTUS on XM/SIRRIUS is doing Fantastic Coverage of Dem Convention

Martin Bashir - Obama: Don’t believe GOP’s insults, distractions, ‘baloney

I am better off today that 4 years ago because a 3rd term of Bush-Cheneyism was ABORTED.

Democratic folks never look uptight like ReTHUGS

Romney or Ryan must be close to Ohio I'm seeing

Why is Upton motorboating a giant bag of popcorn?

All agree on our platform!!

Here's how to listen to MSNBC on PC.

Is talk of the poor no longer a topic in polite society?

Auto industry rescue continues to pay off

"Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" - Answered by Bartcop

CNN has their pre-set talking points in play, regardless of any speech.

5 Ways to Leave Your Body (Discover Magazine)

Does anyone DVR TDS?

For those that claim that trickle down does NOT work...they are wrong!

This Friday's jobs report

Ummmm.. MSNBC, why are you forcing me to watch CNN?

Somebody Needs To Write A Book Called "Your Republican Party"......

Democrats Drop "God" from Platform

To All The Sinners Out There! (Otherwise Known as Drinking Songs. Post 'em Here!)

There seems to be people of many different races at this political convention on my TeeVee.

Quick DNC photo update

The Balvenie Doublewood

No global climate change or anything like that.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn:

When is the roll call of the states at the convention?

Faux's interpretation of "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

Cory Booker DNC Speech Democratic National Convention

The Most AWESOME Dem Convention Speech (so far) - Cory Booker

"Being asked to pay your fair share in taxes is not class warfare. It's patriotism."

Just did my first 'alert'. Lost in a 5-1 decision.

Are you watching?

Since When Did Paul Ryan BECOME a Liar?

Dallas Cowboys fans! (Are there any left?)

Photobucket is giving special maintenance to my/personal/specific account? Ever hear of this?

what a difference a week makes.


I saw an Omaha union member on MSNBC in the crowd

I just saw something!!! No link. No details. No names. Just thought I'd post it.

I am better off now than I was 4 years ago.

Who should you vote for? Take this multiple choice questionnaire and find out.

When Capitalists Cared

2012 LGBT History Month Preview

"Democrats just have more fun than Republicans"

Response to the 'Are you better off now than 4 years ago'

tweety's already on fire...


Who knew NWS weatherpersons could actually be funny?

Harry ask RMoney about his tax returns

Conservative Christian Schooling - I had it

Is there a graphic somewhere of the billionaire and millionaire big donors of the Republican Party

Harry's going there!

Romney 2012 — putting God back in Goddamn Liar

Can't they just fire Andrea Mitchell already?

Harry Reid!!!!!!! Yesssss!!!!

Harry is going there! C-SPAN, killing it and blasting Rmoney. His tax returns or lack of,

The Real Hunger Games - Big Commodity Traders Control World Grain Market

Boner sez Obama lacks 'courage' to 'work with foes' on debt.

DNC 360 -- more Convention pics

Rising Latino star in Democratic Party to deliver keynote address

Police Fatality Statistics Show 2012 On Pace To Be Safest Year For Police In 60 Years!

Look at all those women on stage!

The GOP's Network of Ruthless Deception

Where do you stop at?

"Where are the women!?"

Hahaha, Conservo-Nut Virgil Goode makes the ballot on in VA!

Chris Rock rocks!!

Reid continues verbal assault on Romney to release tax returns in convention speech

ABC News/Washington Post: Head scratching #'s

Have you seen the latest Obama trailer for the Democratic Convention?

princess anne (the REAL one) unveils giant UK coal mine sculpture (goddess)

Obama Needs 80% of Minority Vote to Win 2012 Presidential Election (Nat Journal)

Chuck Todd was right.. no diversity there

McClatchy: Democrats turn left on social issues, widening chasm with GOP

There's a huge difference between the Democratic Convention and repub convention...

Moscow Rejects U.S. Claims of Arms Control Breaches

Go Jimmy Carter!!

Love you Jimmy Carter

God Bless Jimmy Carter!


Is it me, or are there more women and minorities being shown in the DNC...

I am very heartened to see diversity and youth at the DNC.


I love me some Jimmy Carter

Mayor Julián Castro: "My story is really an American dream story"

If it were possible to feel sorry for Republicans...

Google ' number of democratic women U.S. house of representatives'. Or republican.

Public Memorial Service Set For Neil Armstrong (Sept. 13, Washington National Cathedral)

Ryan Gets 62 Percent of His Huge Budget Cuts from Programs for Lower-Income Americans

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Craig Unger - Karl Rove's Secret Kingdom of Power P1

September 24, 2008 Bush said........

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Craig Unger - Karl Rove's Secret Kingdom of Power P2

Lost Middle-Class Jobs Being Replaced by Burger-Flipping and Retail Gigs: NELP Study

"Demand Our Right to Travel to Cuba!"

I was thinking about NoRomney's speech!

If Republicans had their way,I would be dead !!!

Mormon Democrats gather for first-ever national meeting in Charlotte during DNC

The truth about torture, terrorism and secrecy – as told by Britain's former spy chief

I miss Teddy

Bwwwwaaahaaahaaa @ Rmoney/Teddy debate video!!!

funny things my hubby says....

I don't think Sarah Ryan is a truth stretcher, or an exaggerator, or economic of facts.

****DNC LIVE THREAD # 2**** We Love You Teddy

Great NBC piece on Dem Mormons....

President Obama’s campaign team "We’re going to make 2008 on the ground look like 'Jurassic Park,'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Unemployment? Underemployment? How about this metric...

The ONLY thing Ted Kennedy DID NOT DO was carve a big "Z" in Romney's ass saying "Zorro was Here."

A tribute to Teddy. *sniff*

Anybody notice Michele and Sarah haven't had anything crazy to say lately?

Little Cooper is back with his newest girlfriend Khloe. She wears the pants! (video)

Here is Jimmy Carter's 1976 Acceptance Speech

Famed Democratic Underground Blogger appears nude at DNC event (NSFW)