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Who's that beautiful young woman singing right now? On c-span?

BP -- the gift that keeps on giving

Paul Ryan Facts (ala Chuck Norris)

3 more suspects plead guilty to plotting to bomb Ohio bridge in move to avoid life in prison

**Gabrielle Giffords To Lead Pledge Of Allegiance At Democratic National Convention**

What about Elizabeth Warren?

Does Ann Romney think playing the 'pity me' card will win Willard female votes?

Now THIS is one hell of a fashion statement

Michigan high court clears way for vote on tax restrictions

The women today were real worked up. REAL worked up. Mrs Obama, I think, just woke a sleeping giant.

Why the Battle Between Hotel Workers and Hyatt is Important

GOP's war on voting rights isn't new. It harks back to past efforts to alter the political process.

Joe Who?

"Take in ironing??"

"Any more 'help' from Mitt Romney, and I'm going to have to take in ironing" - zing!!!!

UNREAL: Democratic delegates loudly booing DNC chairman after he lies about the results of a vote.

Cecile Richards . . . . who knew?

Netflix Login Problem in Mac

Inflating the Next Bubble (in food)

How do you feel about baptisms at college football practice?

Well - I tried and I have to say, I'm happy to fail!

I will never forget this picture: Congressional Hearing on Women's Birth Control

Mark Up One for the Alberta Wild Rose

I'm really loving this convention!

Romney campaign tells Obama to 'rein in his supporters' on Nazi comments

Transcript of Cecile Richards remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

Lord I'm a dumbass.

Baron Ryan von Münchhausen

Almost 4 MILLION more viewers of DNC first night compared to RNC first night!

Most women have no idea what it's like to be a man on a daily basis either.

Bits of Mystery DNA, Far From ‘Junk,’ Play Crucial Role

Australian rich ***** does it again!

Putin Pulls Off Latest Feat: Flying With the Birds

I was just thinking about FLOTUS's speech...

I wouldn't have predicted I was capable of this myself, but ...

Cooking with a left over recipe in mind.

The music is awesome too! Who picks it?

How do you know when you've pissed off a judge?

VA Chief: Obama Best President For Vets Since FDR

DNC affirms using your God-given potential; Jerusalem forever the undivided capital of Israel.

A client wants to UPS his laptop from Texas to Indiana

Nuns on the Bus up now! DNC convention.

I missed Mumbles Menino.

Sister Simone Campbell - one of the Nuns on the bus

Speaking on C-span now: Sr. Simone Campbell, leader of Nuns on the Bus.

You can watch live streaming of the convention here:

Pride at Work to pass along concerns about Cardinal Dolan!!!

Australian Doctor Prescribed Chemical-Castration Drug To Gay Teenager

Nun on a bus on deck

Nance Greggs: There IS a Difference

The more things change...Four Marines Arrested, Beating A Man Unconscious In Possible Gay Hate Crime

Wow! Nuns on the bus!!!!

Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords To Deliver Pledge Of Allegiance At DNC Thursday

10-year-old brothers taking care of their bedridden mother?

Michele Obama, Top 10, Letterman, tonight, new...

Go Sister Simone

Paul Ryan asking for Affordable Care Funds. He must have left that out of his speeches.

Ryan and Romney lies

Nuns kick ass.

Where's Barney?

PWC on Romney tax returns: No evidence anything had been stolen

Transcript of Simone Campbell remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

Bain Employees Say Romney Has No 'Moral Compass.'

I am installing Guild Wars II as I write this

Sister Simone Campbell: Ryan Budget Would ‘Harm’ Poor Families

Thousands Of Chinese Students 'Forced To Work On New iPhone 5,' Chinese Media Reports

Atheism Plus? No, Crucifixion Plus!

Future leader? 9-year-old Boy Scout quits, says he doesn’t like unfairness of anti-gay rule

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Good cartoon Romney-Ryan 2012

Singer’s mum: Thin Lizzy would have opposed “anti-gay” GOP using their song

These terrific DNC speakers are making me nervous!

Clinton: No one could have restored the economy in 4 years

Thank You Rachel! She is EXPOSING the Republican OBSTRUCTIONISM

Dan Rather is sitting in the cheap seats tonight...

Romney: No 'Bailouts' for Threatened Homeowners

Matthews did it again...

The brewer from VA: Good guy. Obama supports and helps small businesses!

Clinton speech excerpt: Do you want a you're-on-your-own, winner-take-all society?

Guess Who Stuck a Knife in the Budget Deal?

What's all this talk of Hillary Clinton in 2016?

My Attorney General Kamala Harris. I am glad to live in CA where common sense has a chance.

That's not leadership . . .

George Snuffleupagus says O will be in the hall tonight to see Big Dog. n/t

Did anyone else see Rahm on the PBS coverage?

An undocumented immigrant coming up to speak to the DNC

Breaking MSNBC: Barack will be at DNC tonight

Benita Veliz, I am proud that you're a member of our society.

President Obama will be in the Hall tonight.

Difference between the DNC and RNC

I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag...

MSNBC: President will attend convention tonight

OK, I admit, I'm not sure where to post this...

Christina is VERY popular.

RIP Joe South

I'll say it...bringing undocumented aliens to the convention is a ballsy move...

Just watched a clip of the MSNBC panel talking about Hillary in 2016 as though a run is

President has arrived at DNC!!

Ok, another FB "thing" <<----not a *fight* (yet)

Steve Schmitt, the lone republican on m$nbc's panel currently...

Michelle Obama's dad went to work every day with MS?

Sandra Fluke coming up. n/t

Obama on his way to Charlotte Arena

"Romney calls them Illegal Aliens, Obama calls them Dreamers"

it was President Obama that ordered GOD and Jerusalem be put back into the platform...

Hook 'em from Austin

Holy shit. Steve Schmidt may well have his balls cut off when he goes back to repicon central

Surprise - Obama is at the venue

Former CarMax CEO. I'm lovin' these business people as speakers!

I just liked CARMAX on Facebook, and plan to use their service.

"Breaking" - President Obama is *at* the convention. ~~A "chair" moment on stage?~~

Cristina Saralegui: Romney Would Put American Dream ‘Further Out Of Reach’

You know, I was never a supporter of Hillary in '08, but...

Dear Mitty and Queen Ann -- Here are a few words for you:

Sister Simone Campbell at the DNC

They're moving on to union speakers, now. Wow, what a lineup.

can we find an MS sufferer that Bain caused to lose their job and health insurance

Mike Luckovich cartoon:Mitt's Convention Bump

The ‘no compromise’ Senate

Anywhere With a DNC Live Feed?

Here's Mitt's new bumper sticker

Toon: Clinton Cycle

Republicans love America (wait for it...)

I wish NC allowed unions


Fox News censors Democratic Convention

Ok, Randy Johnson, current DNC speaker, is giving me chills

VP Biden in the house. nt

Joe Biden is in the house

Victims of Bain Capital speaking now!

UAW President: GOP Doesn’t Want Workers To Have A Voice

Damn, I'm getting even MORE ticked off at Romney/Bain with these fired workers speaking.

DNC puts a face on women’s rights

#16TrillionFail trending topic, purchased by Americans for Prosperity biting them in the behind

I see my mayor Michael Nutter

Rahm Emmanuel will run for US Senator of Illinois.

"I fault him for making money without a moral compass"

So let me get this straight...

Al Franken! I've missed him.

Turns Out Julian Castro Isn't Related To Fidel Castro

So I'm watching the convention on PBS...

Where are the real facts?

Paul Ryan's twisted logic

Sister Simone Campbell puts the CONVENT in CONVENTION!

Message to Moderates: When it comes to new taxes/spending cuts, Repugs won't even meet us 50/50.

Historian sees complex debt schemes key in many US downturns

"Paul Ryan, America is literally in your debt"

Following GOP's promoted hashtag #16TrillionFail...

Lets keep this thread archived for the next time

Sandra Fluke!

Go Sandra - tear Rush and Rmoney a new one


Convention schedule juggled to open Betwork coverage wth SANDRA FLUKE!

Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Go Chris Van Hollen

Laid-Off Workers At Bain-Owned Companies Slam Romney

Sandra Fluke's first elected office will be . . . . . ????

STANDING O for Sandra on a President "thinking of his daughters, not his donors"

Right now a large breasted drug addict with a golden micrphone is

My Heart! Sandra Fluke

Enough! DUer using the winking smiley in very offensive ways!!!

Transcript of Sandra Fluke remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

US judge backs key provision of Arizona migrant law

Sounds like the world could use more COSTCOs....

Hey RUSH payback is a bitch, her name is Sandra Fluke (Coulter: Clinton just impregnated Fluke)

Sister Simone rocks the DNC!

Arctic ice melt 'like adding 20 years of CO2 emissions' (BBC)

Up next at DNC: Bill Clinton here is CSPAN link, watch live.

So the Republicans are saying it is horrid they used a Ted Kennedy video during the DNC

The Capital of the United States is Washington, not Wall Street.

Elizabeth! nt

Sandra Fluke is gorgeous!

Tell me about VERMONT!

Elizabeth Warren!

Shhhhhh warren speech

NY Post wingnut: "The perma-smirk on Sandra Fluke's face is one of the reasons I'm a conservative"

Candy Crowly: Clinton takes the energy from the crowd, and Obama gives the crowd its energy.

My Youtube videos are stopping and starting and adobe is crashing alot

So I did something today I've never done before...

Why is Nate Silver mocking the Dems' change of venue for Obama's speech?

The future Mrs. Cloyd is speaking!

Hickenlooper touts Obama to distracted Democratic convention audience

There is really one truth

The arena in Charlotte was locked down for Obama's & Clinton's arrival...Ed Henry was locked out...

I love her speech

The most intelligent speech yet.

Something about Romney's tax returns....

This is one hell of a warmup for ol' Bill,

Tea Party Chair: Obama doesn't "love America the way we do"

***** DNC Convention LIVE blog *****

Dear Sandra Fluke:

I don't know about you but;

Up next: The Big Dawg!

I love the CSPAN coverage-


I'm sorry Elizabeth Warren's speech left me bored. n/t

When the news is too bad to read...


Somewhere Scott Brown's knees are shaking.


Great Speech By Elizabeth Warren

Transcript of Elizabeth Warren remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

This reminds me of the adulation and tribute at the RNC for their last Pres....


The Big Dog is coming to eat.

Elizabeth Warren: ‘The Game Is Rigged’ Against Working People

Having a drink after every time Bill bites his bottom lip.

Oh he's so good. So very good.

President Bill Clinton Personally Nominates Barack Obama for President.

24 to 42

I'm glad he said it.....they HATE us

Democrats Kick Ass...Clinton is tearing it up...

HuffPo: CONFIRMED: President Obama will join President Clinton on stage after the speech

He is taking away Republican votes....

What are the moderates thinking? How can they NOT go with the Dems this time??


Joe looks like he's gonna bust.

Thank You President Clinton

Coming Out Pagan

Boy, the GOP MSM sure has the "long knives" drawn this week for President Obama and Dems in general

Martini time! Sköl everybody!

They love them some DAWG

How To Make a Mabon Cleansing Wash

I do believe the term for the Big Dawg's speech is...

Step right up...

My conservative friend from Los Angeles just called me

Hoist them on Reagan's petard! Masterful!

The "God/Jerusalem" platform insertion...worth it or not?

The Truth is a powerful thing, ain't it?

Oh snap! Clinton using Raygun's "There you go again" line against the Repubs.

'There they go again...'

OH my GOD Clinton is good.

No matter what he did, or what you think of me, President Bill Clinton will ALWAYS be my hero

Nice! "There they go again!" Clinton feeds GOP snake its own tail.

He did it! He took the "are you better off" bit away from the GOP!

I hope everyone is listening to Bill Clinton tonight

Chris Cillizza again grouses about a Democrat

I'm not usually that impressed by political speeches. But I think Mittens and

"No President -- NO ONE -- could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just 4 years."

Billy C ... still has the mojo!

The Activist Witch: Finding Your Way to Change the World

a biography of the day--phillis wheatley

I think President Bill Clinton is better than ever!! Aged well, smoky oaks..

ever wonder what is going through Mitt's mind?

Seeing tweets from journalists saying Clinton is riffing on prepared text, adding to it.

Seriously, DU? 3-3 to leave yet another gender slur

The Fix -- Chris Cillizza now tweets asking best convention speeches...

Obama annecdote from Texas

quotes of the day--crystal eastman

are you listening ohio and michigan?

'Obama 250,000. Romney Ze-ro.' nt

Obama 250,000 and Romney 0

What did Bill mean when he said

Rude Pundit Tweet: Bill Clinton is ear-fucking the shit out of this crowd.

That ackward moment for Mitt Romney

the Big Dawg on health care...

My nephew has a deep conversation with the President...

today in women's herstory

Sandra Fluke at DNC

The Question is "Are WE better off today than WE were 4 Years ago?"

Tweet: Dubya officially gets more applause at #DNC2012 than RNC

The Rude Pundit: "Bill Clinton is ear-fucking the shit out of this crowd."

oh and... Obama KILLED BIN LADEN

"It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did."

"It takes some brass"

"It takes some brass..."

"It takes some brass for attacking a guy for doing what you do"

Big Dog is closing the deal!


I think Clinton is even better now than he was

He is shaming them. Just plain shaming them.

Wiccan prisoners in B.C. cursed by the federal government

Ryan just got castrated

No way can lightweight Romney recover from the Big Dog's speech.

This is a 'Big Dog' that Romney wishes he could strap to the top of his car and drive him to Canada

Elizabeth Warren Explains: ‘No, Governor Romney, Corporations Are Not People’

After this speech, Mitt Romney has decided to vote for Barack Obama.

Seriously I love old people at DNC

Wow, I hope some repubs and independents are watching this.

Tell Us How You REALLY Feel, Bill!

Without saying it he just..

He is SNATCHING wigs tonight


Did FOXNEWS cut him off yet?

Now this is a nominating Speech...

Paul Ryan's new theme song

Phoenix pagan perspectives on eBay banning magic and metaphysical supplies

Would you go to this show?

Big Dawg School House

I love that Clinton keeps 'shushing' the crowd...

Elizabeth Warren speech - Democratic National Convention

Speeches tonight could be source for infinite great ads bet. now and the big day.

Underground: The Julian Assange Story

"What did we bring to Washington? Arithmetic!"


Cinton: How did I deliver a surplus? ARITHMETIC.

We need a "Standing Ovation" smiley . . . . and a way to do it electronically!


If this speech were a boxing match

Is he just speaking without notes or teleprompter? Wow...

Double down on Trickle down.

Mitt Romney must be vomiting right now.

He has facts......and uses emotion superbly to demonstrate them!

Bain-hurt worker: Romney put profits before people

It's the Arithmetic, Stupid!

Libertarian interviews (D) delegates: whether pro-choice extends to food, schools, or light bulbs

Clinton is going after the right-wing vote suppression!

Bob Woodward Book: Debt Deal Collapse Led to 'Pure Fury' From President Obama

Tomorrow's Headlines: Bill Clinton Schools Republicans

Bill is dominating the airwaves! he's owning all the 11 oclock news veiwers with no rebuttal

when does Biden speak?

The maestro delivers a virtuoso performance

Dems should replay the Clinton nominating speech of Obama on Election Eve

Costco former CEO and co-founder Jim Sinegal at DNC

Michelle Obama last night, Bill Clinton tonight

BO Onstage With The Big Dog! nt

The Big Dog was off the leash and off the prompter (toward the end)

Help President Obama, and get him a new Congress! LET'S DO IT!!!

That was a great hug.


The Convention is not on any network TV stations???? Only Cable



I need a cigarette.

Holy shit! I need a cigarette after that speech!

My world is perfect seeing those two men, together on

Transcripts of Bill Clinton remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

Did Bill just say this? I haven't seen his speech yet.

M*A*S*T*E*R*F*U*L !!

Great music choice: "I won't back down!"

Chris Matthews: "It put them on retreat" n/t

I had a politicgasm...CLINTON killed it.

Well two for two ... let's make it three for three tomorrow night!

There is nobody in all of American politics like William Jefferson Clinton.

BUZZZZ KILLLL - Andrea Mitchell Greenspan...oh please go AWAY!

Dawg surprises BO

We got the enthusiasm, they don't.

My dog thinks I have lost my mind.

Simply the best!!!

Brit Hume;

Idiot Brit Hume: Clinton was "wonky" & "self-indulgent" & his speech was 30% too long.

moms discriminated against at dnc?

Pres. Clinton made a speech about medicare, budget, etc. more interesting than football

WOW just WOW

SKINNER make the DVD of the DNC available for purchase, please.


The Revenge of Seamus: Big Dog unleashed!

Clinton took it back 50 FUCKING YEARS and brought it to Paul Ryn and Mitch Rmoney last week.

Bubba hit a home run

Bill Clinton just showed why is one of the most gifted politicians in history!

Steve Schmidt is now wishing the GOP had a speaker like Clinton

Would love to put in LBN, but...judge for yourself. Hackers holding Romney's tax returns for ransom

Castellano: "Lock the Doors. Don't come back tomorrow night. This was the moment ...

im not usually a fan of political speechs but wow

Just raised a glass of Bushmill's Irish Whiskey in tribute to Bill Clinton and Barak Obama!

I think the right must be so pissed that they can never bring the Big Dog down.

I don't want to hear one more fucking Republican hack say Clinton doesn't want Obama to win...

So I hope that those that were "concerned" about Clinton being unleashed are shitting their pants

We've got a way to go before the roll call reaches Washington State.

Bill Clinton's Kick-Ass DNC Speech - Part 1: 'I never learned to hate them the way the far right...'

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver rocks the house at the convention

Romney could never hug like that


TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 6 -- TCM Spotlight: Mack Sennett

Dems 42, GOP 24

Think about the contrast . . . we have Clinton and Obama. Each one better than the other.


shout out to Hillary Clinton

#arithmetic is trending on Twitter

Bill is still a Master at Work

"He didn't come from heaven to make this speech, he came from hell to make this speech"

Football game on NBC

"He didn't come down from Heaven to deliver that speech. He rose up from Hell."

I didn't watch it, but the Cowboys beat the Giants

I have finally come to terms with the fact that The GOP will never run an Arnold Vinick.

Loved the speaches but am LOVING the votes

Alex Castellanos on CNN is saying Clinton won the election for Obama tonight if

We get Bill Clinton and the Republicans have Shrub and Sarah Palin!

EWWW!!! EWWW!!! There are pictures of dead RATS in my anatomy book!!

Meme o' the evening.

Big Dog has still got it.

Dems blew a major "teaching moment" re "god" in the platform

Gloat free NFL Scores

So, Bill Clinton took the repuke platform and spanked Rmoney/Ryan with it.

Paul Ryan, "I'm actually Bill Clinton."

Did you hear it? I asked my spouse

Bill Clinton refuses to address LGBT inequality in his DNC speech.

I give you Michelle Obama

A brief and tentative analysis of the state of the group.

Sandra Fluke = Elizabeth Bennett

Coulda done without Clinton's endorsement of Bowles-Simpson

Romney after hearing the big dawgs speech

I remember where I was on election night when Bill Clinton was elected president.

just got an email from ol bill clinton. boy he works fast. send money. so I did nt

I think we've seen the end of GOP commercials trying to use Clinton against Obama.

Seems like Clinton didn't know Obama was coming on the stage with him.

I don't need a chair...

Well, I thought Clinton's convention speech was way better than George W. Bush's

The convention today made me feel like a Democrat..

email just received

Day Lilies

Did anyone else giggle a little ...

Matthews on Priebus tweet

the hug

Can you imagine Dubya doing that for Romney?

Day Lilies, B&W

"The Real Importance of Bill Clinton's Wonderfully Long Speech" by Robert Reich

Robert Reich: The Real Importance of Bill Clinton’s Wonderfully Long Speech

Meanwhile, over on Fox,

ok, i'm going to hell for this

Pre-fire cloud mostly steam, Chevron says


Rep. Emanuel Cleaver gave the most inspired speech I have heard in a long while...

Bill Clinton Takes On Paul Ryan’s Medicare Lies: ‘It Takes Some Brass’

"This was Bill Clintons greatest speech and it wasn't about him - he did it to help somebody else".

WARNING: GRAPHIC!!!!!!!BREAKING (from The Onion): Bill Clinton Finally Just Shows America His Clenis

Nice, Kansas delegation called out the neocons including the Koch brothers.

What a convention bounce looks like:

we have met todd akin, and he is us


So did everyone enjoy the speech tonight from the Vegan Ex President?

Bill looked like he was havin fun tonight

Any place to watch the first 10 minutes of Clinton's speech yet?/nt

Of ALL the numbers I have heard today--this one, IMHO, is the MOST important

Foreign news outlets following the convention?

I Donated Tonight For 1st Time Ever

clinton just destroyed the whole republican platform

Romney campaign responds to Clinton DNC speech

Go, Chris! O-HI-O!

POTUS is our nominee!

Barack Obama nominated as the Democratic Party Candidate for President of the United States.

Been watching C-span for the duration.

I'm in for the win. To see Warren and Clinton get such great responses from the DNC delegates

Charles Krauthammer has turned comedian.

I'm feeling a BIG Convention Bounce - come join me!!

BREAKING: Democrats Nominate Barack Obama for Second Term as President.

We need a "Where's Dubya?" meme.

OMFG - Romney campaign responds to Clinton DNC speech

How to counter-attack Repubs

Wow....and , wow....thought Michelle was a powerhouse,

Repukes revise history once again in their response to Bill Clinton's speech...

Same question as last night: If you could only pick one, who gave the best speech tonight and why?

I heard Clinton speak in Louis Gohmmerts backyard and he simply rocked the house

Dang I am proud of the many Minnesotans that were shown on the TV tonight!

Be someone

Elizabeth Warren Explains: 'No, Governor Romney, Corporations Are Not People'

I live in a red red red part of Arizona & I have been kinda scared to put my Obama sticker on my car

POTUS hug.

Castellanos: Clinton speech = a major league pitcher effortlessly throwing strikes from center field

After listening to president clinton kick republican ass


Bill Clinton Takes On Paul Ryan's Medicare Lies: 'It Takes Some Brass'

MO reading Lettermans Top 10! Now!

Wants some more excellent news? Nielsen ratings...

We need the "It Takes Some Brass" bumper stickers now !

GOP and ex-Romney aide Alex Castellanos says on CNN:

Wednesday final update, DU at the DNC -- We got Floor Passes!

Just saw an AFP ad with Shona Holmes...


It will all be for nothing unless we get out the vote, and do not get disenfranchised

So will the media cover Clinton tomorrow?

Gallup's 7-day average is revealing something about Polling

YouTube Parody: The Key of Awesome! : Hot Problems - feat. Mitt Romney!

Candidate Romney Will Finally Meet the Press

YouTube :: Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)

So will Howard Dean make an appearance?

"There they go again." Clinton has stolen the famous line.

Honolulu Police Dept. changes Facebook policy

If Jesus ran for the Republican nomination

It really is an alternate reality the live in. Graphic Warning.

Bill Clinton To Mitt Romney: Barack Obama Is My True Heir (pics)

iPhone 4s - Mitt Romney Suri Ad!

Has anyone ever attneded a game between USC and Oregon State?

Mitt Romney is George Constanza (Seinfeld 2012 Election Parody)

Sandra Fluke's FULL DNC Speech (6:48 minutes)

Dems would be insane not to cut ads featuring Clinton's speech

I had to work, did the President get the nomination?

Now I'm all fired up and can't get to sleep!

Peter Schiff trolling the convention.

watching Charlie Rose - dude from Politico - "Obama has lost older white men"

Exceptional Upward Mobility in the US Is a Myth, International Studies Show

Juan Cole: Top Ten Ways We are Better Off Than in January 2009

Bill Clinton says Democratic presidents top Republican presidents in job creation - TRUE

Obama-Biden 2012!

Magnifico! Big Dog! Magnifco!

Mitt Romney Iowa Victory Speech (parody)

How'd I do, Hill?

The Luddite Lament

Tweety is killing me - Clinton rope-a-dope.

"The only arithmetic Mitt Romney understands is division."

What will President Obama's Speech be like, after...

GQ Discloses Paul Ryan’s Secret Service Code Name....

Mitt Romney and Bane Spoof Parody Ad, Obama's latest attack ad dark knight rises batman

So Karl Rove bought a #16TrillionFail trending tag on Twitter tonight, and it didn't go so well

Conservatives off TV in Michigan and Pennsylvania

The "brass" clip...

Mitt's mom talks about how the Romney family took welfare

Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast: Clinton Totally Kills It

One Fine Day To Be Nude

Heard Rachel say something about Bank of America...

"It Takes Some Brass To Attack a Guy For Doing What You Did" - Bill Clinton on Paul Ryan

Bill Clinton breaks it down: "we always come back.

The Big Dog was emphatic !

Been posting clips and videos about dems to facebook - friends are dropping

CHP officer pronounced dead following shooting on I-680

"politicians don't talk about poverty because in general the poor do not vote"

Who was the woman speaking for Tennessee?

I missed the convention tonight and instead watched Steve Vai in concert

They suck at everything except lying and voter suppression

Just when you thought Ann Coulter couldn't get any lower she finds a way....

Let's be honest, Obama isn't just undoing 8 years of bad policy...

MITT ROBOTNY - Funny Romney Classic Sci-fi Horror Film Trailer / Campaign Commercial Spoof

In one month from today, voter registration deadlines begin to close in some states

Ann Romney Explains "You People" Comment, Talks Caddys and Bentleys!

Krauthammer: DNC Has Known What Weather Will Be For ‘Months’

The Nuns on the Bus reminded me of the Green Bus

Mitt Romney The Musical (HD)

Jay Leno on Mitt Romney in Detroit

Jay Leno on Mitt Romney's Lie

Alex Castellanos, GOP Strategist: Clinton Speech Was 'Moment That Likely Reelected Obama'

Mitt Romney • Believe In America?

We actually mocked an intern for blowing this guy in the White House? I just tried to through my TV

President Bill Clinton heaps praise on President Barack Obama for 48 minutes

'Nother new Mittsticker

Romney is The High School Jerk

Mitt Romney Raps as RMoney

How Bill Clinton's Speech Impacted This Arkansas Delegate (hours after his grandmother's death)

33 Quotes About Conservatives/Republicans That Liberals Should Know About

The Koch Brothers' Twitter hashtag back fire

Mitt Romney Killed his Other Dog

Mitt Romney - Corporate Serial Killer - Dexter Parody

Keeping score? Obama (250,000) and Romney (0)

Generation Obama grows up and moves on

'70's music ended on this high note for one...

Obama vs Romney Boxing Match Parody

Mitt Romney endorses President Barack Obama! - 2012

Obama will win the election here in the West.


Nate Silver has Obama at 76.3 percent now

Wayne Powell recognized by Virginia delegation to Dem. convention.

Betty Bowers Interviews Ann Romney

Made a Photoshop cutout. Share it around. ARITHMETIC!

Am I correct in my assumption

Republicans only wish they had a former president like Bill...

King Of Bain (Police Parody)

Heh, clever direct action. Hope and Change:

Mitt Romney's Tax Shelters & Magic Underwear!

I was thinking about what the Republicans & their toadies did to Bill Clinton during his Presidency.

Bill Maher MR he is not like you & me

This Democratic Convention has a Lord of The Rings feel for me

President Bill Clinton Full Speech

Paul Ryan Quietly Requested Obamacare Cash

Do not ignore ear infections

Bill Maher: Mitt Romney is an oily salesman

Sometimes the antics of the people in the background of the MSNBC hosts are

Jay Leno on Romney-Gingrich iPhone Camera

Debate This Mitt Romney

Rich Kids for Romney

Romney Ryan Care by The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band

Before the Obama Clinton hug, there was an Obama 'lean forward' and a Clinton 'bow'

US border police shot dead man: Mexico

US border police shot dead man: Mexico

Vote for Michelle Obama at CNN Quick Vote

As a fan of metal and classical...

Mitt Romney for 2013

Mitt Romney's YouTube History Mashup | What's Trending

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Sept 6th

Ann Romney Wants YOU (To Stay Home!)

Alex Castellanos, GOP Strategist: Clinton Speech Was 'Moment That Likely Reelected Obama'

Paul Ryan Parody "The Beverly Hillbillies"

The Christian troll

Romney Ryan in Oval Office (Green Acres Parody)

Has a team of hackers gotten ahold of Rmoney's tax records?

Bill Maher on Paul Ryan - The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

I'm a nervous wreck.

Bill Maher On Paul Ryan Pick

Paul Ryan Rape Comment - SHOCKING

New CIA Waterboarding Charges Surface

Jon Stewart Mocks Democrats’ Idolization Of ‘Mythical,’ Superhero Obama

Billionaires Tea Party

The Tea Party and the Billionaires - How the Koch Brothers Manipulate Politics

Emanuel Cleaver's FULL DNC Speech (11:06 minutes)

Robert Reich explains The Magic of Private Equity in 8 Easy Steps

Letterman used the "Rmoney" thing tonight.

Glenn McCoy: the male Ann Coulter

Bill Clinton speaks at the 2012 DNC (C-SPAN) - Full Speech

Global Warming?????

Judge who has taken over the Zimmerman murder case, previously rejected "stand your ground"

Bureaucratic nightmare for health insurance for part time employees

News Corp cuts Murdoch's 2012 bonus, citing scandal

Did it bother anybody ELSE that they gave Rahm a speaking slot?

Ryan did not just start lyin'--he's been at it for years

Poll: Alan Grayson - 45, Todd Long 41

The Democratic CongressWomen of the U.S. House at the 2012 Democratic National Convention

Nazis, Teahadists and the attempt to turn Christianity into a right wing political movement.

Fears of home extension 'free-for-all'


Dear Algebra

Jesus Is _______________

Why military occupations in 148 other countries, but no occupation....

This Should Be Clinton's Response To The Rmoney Statement On His Speech......

Kroger Hits Sustainability Milestones

Human Rights Watch accuses US of covering up extent of waterboarding

Facts? Mitt doesn't need them (Image)

Alps shooting: Second girl found alive under mother's body after eight hours

Paul Ryan Sought Obamacare Dollars to Fund Clinic for Patients Without Healthcare in his district

A fuller post of the Elizabeth Warren Speech "We run this country for people not corporations."

Martin’s Food Markets Checkouts Trade Candy for Fruit

One of best part of Warren's Speech so obvious who would think you'd ever have to say it

Way too early, just spent their entire opening segment shitting on Democrats!

MJ show...really early

The reviews are in - Bill Clinton destroyed the ReTHUGs

Did Citigroup Defraud Billions from U.S. Ally Abu Dhabi?

8 Reasons the Duggars -- TV's Christian Baby Factory -- Are A Creepy Cult

Does anyone have a link to the log-in page for DU2?

Three axed ministers CRIED

Sorry, but I think this has some merit

Was anyone disappointed with Bill Clinton's speech last night?

Mikka (on the Republicans) - "They didn't bring out

Beau Biden: ‘My Mom Could Take’ Paul Ryan in a Marathon

I want a man

Seal holds hands with diver...too cool

Girl Catches Bubonic Plague From Squirrel

Libyan Alleges Waterboarding by C.I.A., Report Says

U.S. to Retain Role as a Jailer in Afghanistan

The Slaughter of Elephants in Vietnam Is Nearly Complete

On the first night of the DNC, the speakers hit the GOP’s perceived strength: family

The demise of the GOP lies smack dab on the shoulders of Mitch

Chicago Teachers Find Emanuel’s Prominent DNC Speaking Slot ‘Ironic’

Kraft Foods Bites Into Labor Struggles in Tunisia and Egypt

We're STILL proud of President Clinton, while the gop hides bush sr. & jr.

Ding Ding Ding- We have a Winner (toon)!

In the Twilight of Empire: America’s past performance is no guarantee of a future

RIP Joe South (Down in the Boondocks, Hush, Games People Play).

Romney's convention bump (cartoon)

Chairs placed by Eastwood cutout on Calif. trail


President Barack Obama personally intervened to change party platform on God, Jerusalem

Bloomberg tv is really going out of their way to throw cold water on Clinton's speech, and for that

Doorbell problems

Alex Bennett: These speeches at the Convention are getting BORING!!

MSNBC beat both faux and cnn in convention coverage last night /nt

Does it seem to you the MSM is not really reporting on the Democratic Party's Ideas?

*Not in prepared remarks . . .

Scorpion sting leaves Arizona woman with huge bill

Scant Testing for Shell Oil Spill Equipment, Despite Green Light in Arctic

The US Chamber of Commerce's Multimillion-Dollar Attack Plan

Al-Anon info requested

'We simply cannot afford to give the reins of gov't to someone who will double down on trickle-down'

Watching Bill

Ann Coulter: Bill Clinton just impregnated Sandra Fluke backstage

Der Spiegel - German Jewish Leader Attacks Germany Over Circumcision Debate

Layoffs Are Down Hit a 20 Month Low. Good News!

Water voles wander across 'fragmented' Scottish habitat

Okay, sure Bill Clinton hit it out of the park, but

Bloomberg just fact checked Bill Clinton's speech and found out it was true what he said. They made

The attack dogs on Whining Joe have David Axlerod on the fence and

My older brother just phoned- totally fired up by our convention! Our crowd=diversity, theirs=not

Thousands gather at wake for 'Moonies' founder Sun Myung Moon

Actually this would be Hello (again) !

The President needs to deliver a knock out speech

Better than expected ADP jobs report. 201,000 private jobs in August. /nt

Great Patton Oswalt tweet:

The ADP National Employment Report August 2012

West Nile virus death toll in US jumps by a third

Where's Sarah Palin? tee hee hee

AP joins the non fact-checking game

Fact check: Bill Clinton at the DNC

Women Failing To Get Hired In U.S. Seen In Childcare Woes

Will Republicans Self Immolate If Tomorrow Brings A Good Job Report

This Las Vegas summer wasn't ungodly hot, but it doesn't want to end, either.

Who is the most dangerous elected person in DC to never hold national office?

Happy 69th Birthday today to Roger Waters!!

Initial jobless fell to 365000 decline in jobless claims. fell 12K last week /nt

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (09/06/2012)

The Sunnev electric car

Ski Lifts Help Open $25 Billion Market for Storing Power

Is CNN Running Out Of Money?......

ECB agrees new bond-buying programme: Draghi

Art Modell dies at 87

Which party is best for the economy? It's not even close

what the heck happened at the party platform ???

Paul Ryan Responds to Bill Clinton's 'It Takes Some Brass' Comment

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Mitt Romney Repudiates!

Vaginal Ring Protects Monkeys Against AIDS Virus, Study Shows

What's the best online place to review a horrendous landlord?

Letterman: Michelle Obama's Top Ten Reasons to Watch The DNC Convention:

Did I see Former McCain senior campaign strategist Steve Schmidt last night clapping for Clinton?

Warren the Big Shot

Text from Hillary

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 6, 1963

Michelle Obama's DNC Speech Written at SEVEN Grade Levels Above Ann Romney's

What "bombshell book" is coming out today?

MEN WITH GUNS-- a movie--it was in Spanish, about a doctor who was looking for his former students.

This is why the platform changed

Democrats Talk About Arithmetic. Republicans Talk To Invisible Chairs. More Effective?

You can't dance to atheism

Jobless claims improve, exceed expectations

Illinois Boy Wins $1,000, Donates Money to Neighbor Fighting Leukemia

The Embrace

Big Dog makes a statement at the DNC


In the U.S., neither party owns faith

Plan for Catholic Church in Bahrain makes waves

"This will be the moment that probably reelected President Barack Obama" - GOP Strategist

Just read somewhere that the Democrats are handing out buttons that say

Catholic nun brings her star power to DNC

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Repubs, including He-who-shall-not-be-named

As gatherings go, the difference between our convention and theirs

Hmmm..Chuckie Todd just said there is a "surprise" speaker at the convention tonight...

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Elvis is in the house

I was thinking about the Shrub last night.

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Romney Blasts Obama over Food Stamp Record

My Hazmat Suit Is At The Cleaners. Did The Freepers Fall In Love With Willard Romney Yet?

Chariots of Liar

Organising against war within a war party

Breaking Video: Why I'm Sticking With The President in 28-Seconds

In honor of the Big Dawg's speech last night . . . pix from 1992! TAKE A LOOK!

Love and Presidents: The Difference Between Michelle and Ann

Reports: Jobs, Unemployment Show Signs Of Improvement In August

Ten True Facts Guaranteed to Short-Circuit Republican Brains

Axe: 'We're Interested In Lifting The Country Up'


Clinton delivers a tour de force

Republicans ‘Break Up’ With Obama In New Ad

If Romney repealed ObamaCare...

Hey guys. I decided to grow a beard for the first time in my life at age 47.

A Tale of Two Conventions - great read by David Corn

Great commentary from Charles Blow

Does my auto insurance cover a rental car?

be still my heart...

Widespread War on Reproductive Rights

Clint Eastwood yelled at a chair. Bill Clinton had a conversation with America. That is all.

How well do you know Mitt?

LOL - Krauthammer on Faux: "Mighty Casey — and Bill Clinton is a natural — struck out on this."

NBC's David Gregory cuts the line - "They were excited to see him until they weren't."

p.s. One more pic of Clinton from 1992 . . .

Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast: In non-Charlotte News, Paul Ryan Amazing Hypocrisy Watch

To do list - Nov 7, 2012:

Benedict Groeschel retires; leaves EWTN after sex abuse remarks

It's the President's fault I am going to miss his speech.

feels good doesn't it?

State recovers $649G owed to Woburn bakery workers

John Nichols: Bill Clinton Forms Barack Obama's More Perfect Union

Clinton's age an advantage

South Korea probes Samsung over Apple antitrust complaints

+++ NFL Picks / Week 1 +++

$64,000 Question - If Romney Wins Abolishes ACA And Cuts Medicare $716 Billion -----

President Clinton's 'brass' gibe was an ad-lib last night.

Bill just brought into question what we all at DU know. The credibility of some of the MSM

Castellanos, GOP Strategist: Clinton speech was 'moment that probably re-elected Obama'

Did You Miss It? The Empty Chair Last Night in Charlotte.

Geek Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else find it interesting/exciting how topical DU tends to be?

Judd Talks About a Possible Run. Why She’s Voting for Obama

Clinton was apparently doing a good bit of riffing and ad libbing last night.

Mitt Romney’s psychopathic rage should frighten everyone (Video)

Bill Clinton gave emphasis to the clear difference between the Conventions

Costco Founder Nails Romney - He Best Return Those Shirts!!!

More bad news for GOP, jobs report is out.

Laid-Off Workers At Bain-Owned Companies Slam Romney

#arithmetic is STILL trending on Twitter this morning

From “slut” to speaker

China approves 25 urban rail projects to boost economy

Steve Jobs’s Widow Was Hanging Out With Chelsea Clinton at the DNC Last Night...

My Facebook news is very quiet

I'm listening to Roberta Flack's rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

Nice! Bill Clinton’s stem-winding nomination speech was a fact-checker’s nightmare:

Report: US health care system wastes $750B a year

"Arithmetic" is the greatest challenge Republicans face

I was thinking about Luntz last night

Help! Song driving me crazy. Old Rock Trivia Question.

Report: "August Job Growth Blows Past Expectations"

Hillary Clinton watching Bill from East Timor:

Brazile: "Last night was like going to church"

A Tale of Two Conventions - cross posted from Politics - really important read.

Did the Networks all stick with Clinton?

Juan Cole: Top Ten Ways we are Better off than in January 2009

Rep. Keith Ellison: GOP is "Basically a Bigoted Party"

Amerigo Vespucci gets a Woody that "helps him" every time he photographs food porn.

Taterguy only LIKES to think he's especially empathetic when it comes to birds.

The most dedicated of college students can be brought down by just ONE bad influence in their midst.

OH, HAPPY DAY! (oh, happy day!) OH, HAPPY DAY! (oh, happy day!) OH, HAPPY DAY! (oh, happy day!)

MiddleFingerMom didn't choose the thug liife. The thug life chose MiddleFingerMom.

From a very early age, MFM chose a VERY specific region on which to focus his bodybuilding regimen.

Brokaw taken to Hospital

This woman loves Bill Clintons speech

Bill Clinton's wordle from last night's speech...

Krugman: Clinton isn’t just an amazing political talent; he has the ability to make wonkery

What's the text number to donate to the Obama campaign?

Conservative super pac pulls Michigan ads

Rachel Carson Didn’t Kill Millions of Africans

Amazing article from religious quacks

The Rude Pundit - DNC Day 2: Bill Clinton in Full Bloom

Breaking on Reuters

I know what it is like to have no hope.

Dinosaurs Were Not The First To Die Out 65 Million Years Ago

Clinton > Ronald Reagan

The knight templar looked especially jaunty this morning

Krugman: The idea that we are at the mercy of the very influential. Yet it’s just wrong

OFA: Promises Kept

Reader comment creates ready-made Scott Brown slogan for Mass. Democrats to use

Glacial Thinning Rapidly Increases In South America

Bill Clinton simply rocked the house

Art Modell dies at 87

Hillary Watching Bill...Sweet

Krugman: But is the economy being cleaned up? ... A good case can be made for "YES".

Neil Armstrong To Be Honored By NASA At National Cathedral

I am so proud of our party!

Irony or Karma? Remember W looking under the table for WMDs? Re RNC - was W under a table?

We stand on the shoulders of giants

"It's going to get worse before it gets better."

When Bill said "even a broken clock is right twice a day" the camera cut to Rahm Emanual.

Wayne Powell on Convention floor!

We lost my little brother this morning

How Zombies and Liberals see the World

What Bill Clinton Wrote vs. What Bill Clinton Said

Ben Jealous on Facebook

Clinton and Millenials.

When Bill called out the Republicans for obstructing Obama's efforts, Michelle leaped to her feet.

October Surprise

Best Tweet of the night

In people we trust, God can take care of herself

Was/will there be anything for Jimmy Carter at the convention?

Team Obama previews acceptance speech with ‘Promises Kept’

Again for the knuckleheads who don't get it--Quit using the term "mAnn" in describing Ann Coulter.


Obama's speech does not have to top Clinton's

DU this Cleveland Plain Dealer Poll on Big Dog's Speech

I want to write a nice thank you letter to Rush Limbaugh.

US Crude Oil Supplies Drop By 7.4 Million Barrels

Interesting: Flesch-Kincaid Test shows MO's speech at 12th grade level; Anne's

What's up with the "Vote Black" buttons at the DNC?

*Gulp* I need to make a confession and ask for your help

“We left him a total mess. He hasn’t cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in”

For Farms in the West, Oil Wells Are Thirsty Rivals

Had a private sit-down with a prospective 2016 candidate today...

I'll Go With YES!

I'd liked to thank Skinner and Earl for all the photo threads

I lost my star

Romney, GOP Groups Pull Ads From Michigan and Pennsylvania

Romneyland's got nothin'

How did 12 million Apple device IDs end up with FBI?

Pisser and Stig at the Dealer Only Auto Auction

I went to jail on my 58th birthday

Meghan McCain: "we need Romney, because Obama hasn't pulled us out of the recession in less than

Budget mess due to Cantor's bad behavior. GET HIM OUT!

Romney cedes Ohio TV airwaves to Obama (at least for now)

Hmmm, let's see ... four years ago ...

From BarackObama's tumblr: Run DNC - "best thing we've ever seen"

My dog has an inoperable cancer tumor on is front foot/leg and just started 'experimental'

I was so glad to hear this: the Daily Show did a bit about how tight

#TakesBrass - Let's make it happen

How Does The MSM Handle Obvious RW Lies Apres-Big Dog's Speech Last Night?

Romney, GOP Groups Pull Ads From Michigan and Pennsylvania

This I know. GOP speeches tear down. Dem speeches lift up.

more 'made in america'

Does anyone have the transcript of

Wayne Powell recognized by Virginia delegation to Dem. convention.

Unfortunate TV scheduling conflicts that might cut down on youthful viewers tonight.

Friday's Jobs Report

Migrant boat sinks off Turkey, children among 60 dead

Romney campaign tells Obama to "rein in his supporters" on Nazi comments

Regarding "The Men Acting Badly " Posts

A tale of 2 conventions

So remote, it could pass for Mars

Mitt on MTP this Sunday. What's left of David Gregory's reputation is on the line now.

Canada proves the decline of unions is not inevitable

I know Eastwood's speech was last week, but I just watched it, and....

Three Cheers for Gabby!!!!!

President Jimmy Carter DNC Speech

Can anyone enlighten me about a Nazi reference?

Elizabeth Warren: "Republicans say they don’t believe in government. Sure they do."

GOP: "It's Over" (Clinton and Michelle Obama speeches more Tweets per minute than Mitt's)

DAMN!!! President Carter created 10 million jobs in four years

Robert Reich on Tavis Smiley - must watch TV

Barrack and Bill pictures

Technical question concerning drone strikes

Joe Kyrillos ads hilarious

better off?

Wrap it up, Sweetheart

What a beautiful quote from Elizabeth Warren

"So, yes, let's high five it for a day or 2 . . .

Amazing Animated Optical Illusions! #5

Has there been a schedule posted for tonights event? TIA

Great pics of Kstew on her way to the Toronto Festival. She has a good taste in boots.

I'd like one of these....for one of my Republican friends....LOL

L.A. to Vegas in One Charge?

Run DNC!!!!

There's no doubt about it Ted!!

Last Summer's Biggest Loser: Eric Cantor

Russia Warns Against Attacking Iran Over Nuclear Fears

Republicans were counting on a bad jobs report: It must suck to be them today

What happened to the thread about Rove offing Mike Connell GOP tech guru?

CNN International's Response to the Guardian (re: Greenwald)

Here is Mopinko's matching funds (up to $500) for Duckworth, thread-

The Difference between the RNC and the DNC...

Perhaps NOT a fan of Hank Williams Jr.?

What The Republican Party Needs To Know About The 'Proud, Free, American Vaginas'

Mitt's Magics in bunch over joke made about Gov. Haley being down in the bunker a la Eva Braun

Big Dawg's bow to Obama - Facebook Timeline photo. Help Yourself if you like it.

Thom Hartmann: Why is the DNC promoting school vouchers?

You donated to Obama, but did you donate to your Congressional candidate(s)?

When did you "know" Obama would win?

Not a Sea of White!

Romney on Cusp of Defeat

Rachel Maddow Blog.

"How do we lie to thee? here's another way (a lighthearted one) from RMoney....

My very favorite Obama poster so far! (chills)

Milestones no longer show up in Latest Threads

Cross post - a really important video you should watch - Reich on Smiley

I was just walking through ...

The 8000-Mile Sniper Shot: I've Lost Friends To Combat, Now I'm Losing Them To Suicide

The BIG different between Mitt's America and Barack's America...

Prison for Shepard Fairey?

DOJ Approves New Florida Early Voting Plan

Woman on CSPAN is bothered that God was taken out of the DNC platform.

Gov Charlie Crist isn't getting out of the Hotel lobby...

Two Students Discuss Their Religious (Non-)Affiliations

Disillusioned Obama Supporter In Romney Ad Is Actually GOP Staffer

President Obama: "We've Come Too Far to Turn Back Now." FIRED UP!!

Beau Biden just ripped Andrea Mitchell a new one!

Charlie Pierce on Bill Clinton:

Are you better off now?

My Take: When it comes to 'God' in our political platforms, less is more

Texas Spent Over $2M Defending Discriminatory Voter ID Law, Redistricting Plan

The power of thought and conviction

Denis Leary quote

I need some advice re back strain:

Costco cofounder at Democratic convention: ‘Costco’s story is the American story’

Gallup has Obama approval rating at +4 right now

President Bill Clinton NAILED his speech at the convention....

There's something happening to the Democratic Party...

Ripping someone a new asshole

Oy vey! Celebrity rabbi calls Autistic child "broken"

self deleted

Why is Andea Mitchell asking EACH AND EVERY GUEST the following:

How'd I do Hil? HAHAHAHAAA

“no person’s rights, privileges or access to public services will be denied solely because he or she

Any gun control advocates opposed to Ted Strickland being allowed to speak at the DNC?

Faux news..

Obama didn't even give his speech yet but Gallup has him at 49% approval

Michael Steel just dished gibberish.

Paul Ryan Cuts $120 Million In Wasteful Spending

I am so sick of it!

Thom Hartmann: Rebuild the middle class...rebuild America

Fox News Ratings Collapse On First Day Of The Democratic National Convention

Dear AIPAC: Fuck Off

Karma? Robert Rubin, Former Treasury Secretary Falls Into Swimming Pool At DNC Party

ZEE-RO - pic

OMG - Someone made an Eva Braun reference?!?!!!??? For SHAME!

Gallup: President Obama's approval rating is back up to 49%, +2 since yesterday

Andrea Greenspan is Such.A.Fucking.Dirtbag

Cool! I just saw the Foo Fighters in the background...They've worked O into their name

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, September 5)

Obama's election to lose? What can go wrong? Let us count the ways

Led Zeppelin fans rejoice! No, not THAT much..

President O just called a family member to apologize!!!!!

North Dakota Senate Candidate Loudly Booed For Promise To Privatize Social Security

Which 2012 Presidential Candidate do you side with? (QUIZ)

Three People Who Need to be Fired from MSNBC

Charlotte, NC : 80% chance of thunderstorms at 7:00 P.M. tonight.

Clint - On ----->

Ashley Judd is an incredibly impressive woman

Explosion of Galaxy Formation Lit Up Early Universe

Villaraigosa: Obama wanted platform changes - USA Today (God & Jerusalem)

ADP says 201K jobs added in August

China approves 25 urban rail projects to boost economy

Front page of Newsday (a Long Island newspaper)

Insight: AIDS science leaping ahead, but will the money follow?

religion and tax exemptoins

Toon: Don't worry. We won't pretend you're not here.

Who will prove to have been the bigger liability, Sarah Palin or Sarah . . . er Paul Ryan?

Obama Ticking Up In Gallup Poll -49-45% Approve/Disapprove

How Romney Learned The Hard Truth About Promoted Hashtags


If Mitt Romney thought he could win by running to the left of Obama, he would morph into Dennis

Toon: Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Will the GOP Steal America's 2012 Election?

Obama On 'You Didn't Build That': 'Obviously I Have Regrets For My Syntax'

Toon: And now a few words from OBL...

For sale: The American dream

Thursday, September 6, 2012 Convention Speaker Schedule

Yeah, Willard, I am better off now.

Shout out to North Carolina DUers

What are the odds that the House of Ras...

Schumer: Senate should vote soon on Ryan budget

Does anybody know of good site to see where the senate races stand?

Photoshop help wanted

Judge orders Ohio secretary of state to show up personally to explain why he's ignoring court order

Toles Toon: Former presidents at the conventions

"Romney, Son Of Welfare Receiving Mexican Immigrant (VIDEO)"

Free Speech Advocates Defiant in Madison, WI

Desperate Mitt's new ad features Bill Clinton

The Nation: The United States Must Abandon All Support for the Syrian Rebellion

Hmmm- Gallup Shows The President With A Twelve Point Higher Approval-Disapproval than (R)asmussen

Democrats picture bright side of Pennsylvania voter ID dispute!

How about a great tweet from Chris Rock...

Oregon Homeless Bill of Rights

Is this what Mitt is crying about today?

Clinton, Obama, and the Triumph of Substance

Yes,the convention is boffo, but the fight is not over

Did St. Ronald Reagan Endorse President Obama? (VIDEO)

I was just thinking, if Bill Clinton lives to be 90 he will give at least 6 more

Tamron Hall has been fired up on her show...

DU at the DNC: Thursday afternoon update!

This Convention is Done...

S&P 500 hits more than four-year high after ECB move

Word is Clinton beat the NFL opener in ratings last night

Obama will give his speech with the Dow @ 13,200 ... he gave his speech in '08 with Dow @ 11,200...

Someone Asked A Really Good Question: What's Romney Going To Do For Wall Street Anyway?

AP Fact-Checks Accurate Clinton Comment By Invoking Monica Lewinsky

How about that Marco Rubio?

Conservatives (PACs) pull ads from Michigan

Just announced on MSNBC: Romney/Ryan pulls ads from Wisconsin!

My Daughter is in Civics this year

Ok, before I donate to the Obama campaign...

EXPOSED!!! 2009 Paul Ryan & GOP Plotted To Sabotage America's Economy

Hellz Yeah, We’re Better Off than We Were Four Years Ago

Why do they hate him so much??

Tell me about VERMIN!

Workers sue Darden Restaurants over wages

Behind every comedienne's joke, there is a painful story.

Tom Brokaw discharged from hospital 'in good health'; Anchor says he ‘mistakenly took’ Ambien

Bill Clinton Finally Just Shows America His ... (NSFW)

When was the last time the rethugs changed their position or apologized due to Democratic pressure?

Lounge inspirational message of the day

Guess what else this convention is proving?

Tamron Hall just announced on her show.......

English bulldog

THE TRUTH Can Go Viral

Do you mind?

Bonddad blogger on what to look for in the jobs report tomorrow:

Has anyone seen the Romney ad comparing the Canadien health care

Clinton versus Bush - The Relevant versus the Irrelevant

Has anyone had potty issues with their dog when they moved?


The best SportsCenter commercial

Seems legit

As Donald Trump would say, "that Bill Clinton speech was HUGE!"

Mr. Infidelity and Mrs. I'll date and then marry you if your wife is sick

The difference between fathers and mothers

One thing about us Dems is

Ugly Ad from Allen West: 'Three Times' They Said No To God

Bigelow to Rehire Workers in Wake of NASA’s Commercial Crew Awards

GOP To American Worker: DROP DEAD!

Luke Russert - HUhhh?

Young love

Inside Bill Clinton's Epic Convention Speech

Don't want to be a soggy mop here BUT Romney and Super-pacs pulling out of serveral states

US health care: It's officially a mess, institute says

Let's go NATS! There's a new kid in town, NL East, and he's ready to kick some ass!


Screw it!!! Post your best medical advise here!!!

Russia's Putin: Romney 'mistaken,' Obama 'honest'

Hey Mittens, you made a piss poor choice for your running mate.

Dare To Call It Treason?

This is how "off script" Clinton really was last night.

Got our seats to see President Obama. The long wait begins...


Clinton Regrets Reading Short Version of Speech

When GW & SCOTUS stole the election in 2000, Dems held a secret meeting

On Facebook, Clinton's speech more popular than NFL kickoff game

Largest one day point loss in Dow Jones History - 4 years ago - Sept. 29, 2008

"Has President Obama swept MItt Romney away?" - politico, Roger Simon

I had no idea that Mitt Romney chose the father from "Big Fish" as his running mate.....

Obama Praises Clinton and Talks Stadium Move in Call With Supporters

FBI Tracking iPhones And iPads

See you in November!

I've just donated money to Elizabeth Warren's campaign. We have to get her elected.

Honey Boo Boo got higher viewer ratings over the RNC

Putin Calls Missile Deal More Likely if Obama Wins

No explanation needed!

DNC Day Two Ratings: MSNBC Tops on Cable, ABC on Broadcast

Promises Kept

9/11 Memorial Treated Like Disney Land?

HOLY #*&@ Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md) Federal Student Loans Are Like the Holocaust

it just occurred to me about bluebirds

Schumer Says Obama Must Address Israel in Convention

"Becoming Barack" playing on Current TV right now.....

She's brilliant and stunning!

Can someone here explain how Elizabeth Warren is polling behind Scott Brown?

Did Paul Ryan lie about climbing 40 mountains too?

'Looks like the right weather call was made' (Todd eats it on Dem stadium venue change):)

Report: Romney Launches $4.5 Million Ad Buy In Eight Swing States

The Democratic Party used socialist methods to avoid

Another case of trigger happy cops, another dead innocent.

Get on "THE LIST" Still Rising ! Now $ 13,417

President Obama did it...

Not buying it.

I'll bet it gets Mitt's Magical Underwear in an unholy wad when...

Hey Ron Fournier -- National Journal

Plan for suburban Detroit mosque draws resistance

Hey Cupp lady

How would you introduce a person who hates eggs to eating eggs?

‘It’s Arithmetic’: The Best Of Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech, In One Infographic

Chart: Mentions of GWBush at the Conventions (for your amusement)

When has Obama ever let us down when it comes to him rising up to the occasion?

My new favorite slogan

Romney won't watch Obama's speech

Internal polling and media buys.

Handmade34 is at the convention--see the front page!!

Bill Clinton is the only person I have heard who can actually make Republicans want to help the poor

SE Cupp said Obama is overrated as an orator. LMFAO! Unbelievable what planet does she live on?

Thom Hartmann: World's Richest Woman Wants Africans To Work for $2 A Day

Joe Biden - Will He, Or Won't He? - Place Your Bets Now

Obama has a road to victory WITHOUT OH, NC, FL and VA!

OK so which is it?

BREAKING: Drew Peterson convicted of killing 3rd wife.

Geez...cats are so touchy when you try to clean their paws.

Gunman robs woman at church.

Texas to apply for federal waiver from No Child Left Behind

Well, that wasn't such a good idea.....

Democratic National Convention, Day 2 recap

This afternoon, Limbaugh claimed that the National Weather Service has said that ...

Historian Jonathan Zimmerman: History shows business experience doesn't make a good president

Such a cool delegate: 91 years old from Wasilla Alaska

Does anyone else suspect that the DNC has been a "game changer" for this election?

Official Swing State List: Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and NH

Spider mites!

Bashir on the Clinton speech

Can Skinner or someone at the DNC find out the reason Romney is pulling out of PA, MI and WI?

Obama's keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention

Hold the cheering on Romney withdrawing advertising


Bill Clinton's DNC Speech Breakdown

Report: Romney Launches $4.5 Million Ad Buy In Eight Swing States

Conventions leave atheists asking: What political party represents me?

Ft. Hood shooting suspect must shave -- or be shaved, judge rules

NASDAQ just closed at its highest level since 2000

S&P 500 Closes At Highest Level Since Jan. 2008

VIDEO: Romney (kind of loses it) Says he won’t be Watching Obama's Convention Speech Tonight

First they came to Loan Money to College Students, and I did nothing

Man the vibe about Obama is just about awesome right now.

RNC staffer caught cheating...

Gay Democrats Celebrate a Newfound Visibility

7 Grade levels higher

Romney Ads Take Offensive

real interview with an actual alien

Faux News: Secret Service looking into delegate who said she wants to 'kill' Romney

More Good News: ADP Jobs Report: 201k private sector jobs in August

Exclusive: Paul Ryan Quietly Requested Obamacare Cash

Regarding google dumps and questionable sources...

Storm soaks Charlotte hours before Obama's speech

LOLOLOLOL...Martin Bashir on MSNBC just talked about the BIG Crap burger

How the Associated Press Encourages Republican Obstructionism

CNN: Dow adds 243 points. All 3 indexes close at multi-year highs after positive jobs data

A question for Romney

BWAHAAA! Condoms Planned Parenthood handing out at DNC!

Somerville gun arrest: 'We are very fortunate this didn’t go bad,' Deputy Chief says

Occupiers rally in front of Obama campaign headquarters

When will the "swift-boating" of Obama begin? Tomorrow?

Who is this Hogan Gidley clown, attempting to act like republicons have always liked the Big Dawg?

In order to cover up poor showing for stadium speech, President Obama makes it rain...

Who is marching in Charlotte to protest the DNC?

Anyone else in Central Florida?

Mitt Romney: Angry White Man

We should caption this pic...I will go first...

Three-way civil union sparks uproar in Brazil

Why are republicans always going with the riskier choice?

Occupy The Conventions: Where Are The Protesters At The DNC, RNC?

AIDS around the world

Asshole Romney son. Romney's son jokes about Obama's birth certificate, grades

Gang initiation

The Learning Channel's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" got a higher rating in the 18-48 demo than the RNC

Has there been a schedule posted of the times for tonights festivities?

I don't hold great pride in being Indian American however,

Need help finding the speakers' list for tonight. Thanks.

A picture of Romney's Lansing Michigan Headquarters today. Oh my.

DNC ratings 26.2 million watched Tuesday vs. 22.3 for GOP week before

Did i miss the pledge of allegiance?

It's Arithmetic!


Disillusioned Obama Supporter In Romney Ad Is Actually GOP Staffer

Remember, they can't have the keys back...we don't want to go back in the ditch

Let's win for Zoe Lihn banner!

Oh Dear...psst...the economy

***DNC Live Coverage Day Three on C-Span***

Tweety is having so much fun!!

The inimitable JAMES TAYLOR on stage now--DNC!!

In light of the Ryan marathon and Colorado 14er's brouhaha...

Calling all crossword addicts...

Oooooooooo, James Taylor

Goin' to Carolina

Going to Carolina in my mind. New meaning after this week

watch this

James Taylor Makes Empty Chair Joke

"I've been watching the coverage, and I don't get it, I'm an old white guy and I love Barack Obama"

James Taylor: "I don't get it. I'm an old white guy, and I love Barack Obama."

Hey Matt Romney: See the First Black President of the Harvard Law Review

Matt Apuzzo Fact Check This> 2009 Paul Ryan Plotted To Sabotage America's Economy

A torch was passed last night

Workers denounce firing for tweeting about empty supermarket shelves (Spanish)

Deaf, Black Students Say They Were Manhandled By Police

Romney on Cusp of Defeat - Conceding Michigan & Pennsylvania UPDATE: & OHIO TOO?!?

Supreme Court Sets Date for Critical Session

Joe Biden is going to be a beast tonight! I cannot wait!

Corporations can't dance like this

Boy they are rocking OUT at the DNC! Dancing to the recorded music, even!

why shrub wasnt invited to the GOP convention

Mr. Rmoney, you didn't just forget forgot the troops!

eastwooding art?

Bill Clinton Backs 100 Year Starship Program

Crossroads ads take aim at 'Forward' - That pasty faced doughy fuck Ham Rove better

Breaking Bad fan tribute - The Journey of Walter White - Major Spoilers

Bill Clinton was found this morning to have been a truth teller

I want this to run as an ad for four weeks before the elections

DOW - Up +244.52 today - Closed 13,292.00

10 Public universities with insanely luxurious dorms

People tearing during the National Anthem

James Taylor

What's behind Romney's decision to pull ads from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania

Marc Anthony has a great voice!

Before we gloat--just WHO is pulling out of PA, MI and WI?

Because of Super Pac dollars Romney's "Campaign" money is now his "emergency fund" so...

When factcheckers get trigger-happy

About the chance of rain in Charlotte tonight, did anyone see Howard Fineman on MSNBC?

Romney letter is proof that he’s not of this world

It must really irk the rethugs that dems have embraced the term "Obamacare".

This Convention must BUILD MOMENTUM and further OUR ACTIVISM

Breaking: Romney campaign announces they still expect to win Utah

BREAKING: Romney pulls out of Mrs. Romney.

LMAO ... The Dow closed UP 244 pts on the day of Obama's acceptance speech.

Aransas County Court-at-Law Judge Adams disciplined by state commission (re: child abuse video)

Clinton to campaign for Obama in Ohio, Florida next week

Barney Frank speaking now!

Myth Rmoney not Mitt Rmoney go Barney Frank

Six Texas children die of whooping cough, prompting statewide health advisory

DNC closing night-

Here's the source of Clinton's statistic on jobs created by Dems vs Repunks - from BLOOMBERG!

"Steelworker Featured at DNC Didn't Work for Bain"

Greek Police Block Riot Police In Anti-austerity Protest

Now they're trying to say Reagan Inherited a bigger mess than Obama.

I probably lost another today....

Bill Clinton on voter suppression...

Great use of tech by Obama campaign

Hawaiian COFFEE sale 15% off

She's Back!

The Nation: The United States Must Abandon All Support for the Syrian Rebellion

Great Convention soundtrack

Sometimes it seems so useless to remain

CROWD SOURCE on Voter Intimidation: Need Help - please keep near top

GOP Rep: Federal Student Loans A ‘Slippery Slope’ That Could Lead To Holocaust

"I don't want everybody to vote."

Bill Clinton Draws More Viewers Than N.F.L. Opener

I heard American Airlines is treating its pilots poorly.

Bill Clinton Draws More Viewers Than N.F.L. Opener

Awesome Truth To Power Speech by Rep. John Lewis! UPDATE: WITH VIDEO & Text

Pentagon Aims To Allow Drone Sales To 66 Countries

NEWS ALERT: Breaking Bad announces today that it is in fact a prequel.

7500 shut-out supporters lining up anyway outside DNC (despite being told not to)

WOW! Rep. John Lewis has just unmasked the KKK gathering last week

Marc Anthony nailed it

Ex-Employee of Bain-Managed Firm: ‘Personal Experience’ Tells Me Romney Likes to Fire People

Romney is complaining about the number of people on food stamps

A small bit of justice for Gitmo detainees...

Pickle juice!

Labor Tension Rising at American Airlines, As Bankruptcy Judge OKs Union Busting (10,000 workers)

Ittsa Democratic Party!

Toronto's asshat mayor in hot water

just looked at the radar - line of storms falling in Winston Salem taking aim on Charlotte in a few

George Romney: "My parents...had to be fed...and housed by the United States government"

Toby Keith just opened a new restaurant in Dallas.

This is what GOTV can do for Obama -

Shadow of 2008

Is Gabriel Giffords still scheduled to lead the Pledge of Allegiance tonight?

Who is the female announcer for the DNC?

So I'd like to help get voters to the polls

One Love! Mary J. has them on their feet!

I have a Tea Party…

I think I'm falling for Alex Wagner :)

Wind me, Baby. Wind me.

Judge orders accused Fort Hood shooter to have his beard shaved

Thank God DNC has great singer

David Cameron 'Drank Wine As He Fired Gillan, Told Spelman She Was Too Old'

No such thing as too many stickers at DNC

Howard Dean and Andrew Cuomo..Has anyone seen either of them?..n/t

What might a 2nd term bring? More bully pulpit, no bipartisan illusions

Curiosity rover tracks from orbit!

The measure of success

Where's Mitt Romney's Mom Go???

The" job creators" all think they are John Galt.

Just to prove how disengaged he is, Romney won't watch the President's speech tonight

This should be under "good reads" but its a video

I think Michelle Obama should have a political life after the Whitehouse.

Do you remember this? When Obama went to a GOP retreat and ate their lunch?

Get Your Popcorn Here. "The biggest story of all time"

DU this poll please

Excerpt from President Obama's acceptance speech tonight

Triangle area DU meet up Tyler's Tap Room Durham - Sunday 5 PM Sept 23....who can make it?

Not every event in the world is part of a lurid conspiracy

Designing Food Systems To Protect Nature And Get Rid Of Hunger

"We Seek To Take America Back To The Book Of Genesis"

Americans Feel No Better or Worse Off in the Obama Years; Politics Colors Views of Recession’s Toll

Another Fox News Contributor Isn't Disclosed As A Member Of Romney's Campaign

Latest Citizens United Fallout: Chemical Lobby Buys Pro-GOP TV Ads In Wisconsin

what is an assault weapon?

God is like a shitty girlfriend--Louis CK

Quote from Kerry Tonight: "Ask Osama Bin Laden if he's better off now than he was four years ago!"

Science and Archaeopteryx Win over Creationism in South Korea

Electoral College

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 7 September 2012

This Gay Marriage video is beautiful

Will Joe Go There Tonight ?.........

Zach Wahls from Iowa

My conservative family members are hilarious and having fits

Excerpts: Obama to lay out 'clearest choice of any time in a generation'

John Kerry and Joe Biden drinking game!!

I just watched Tower Heist....

Fed Ex had an ad mocking the Negative Campaign ads

I have to say that I feel more included and more visible in this convention as a gay Democrat

Clinton Speech Dominates Swing State Newspapers (Dial-up warning: Image heavy)


Okay, I don't know what Biden will say tonight...

MAP: Extreme Weather Supersizes Global Food Price Tags

Barack and Bill. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I voted in my state's primary today.

Wow, it's kinda exciting again to check

Maastricht (Netherlands) mayor does u-turn over cannabis club membership

Atheist Lobbying Group Organizes In D.C.

Don't worry, be happy

John Lewis....

‘It’s Arithmetic’: The Best Of Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech, In One Infographic

Text 62262 to donate

When is James Taylor going to sing/speak?

Biden's son

Obama Campaign Calls Police to Remove Bradley Manning Supporters Attempting to Deliver a Letter

President Obama’s faith challenge at the Democratic convention

Rep John Lewis has me crying

Rep. John Lewis Connects GOP Voter Suppression To Jim Crow

Yosemite extends hantavirus alert to 12,000 more park visitors

Joe Biden crying after that nomination by his son

Damn Skippy!

Beau Biden Nominates Father Joe Biden For VP

Whoa.. I need this video

So, wait, does this mean Hillary won't be VP?!?

Sen. Schumer Calls Jerusalem Fight a ‘Mistake,’ Says Obama Will Talk About Israel!


fighting Foo at the DNC

Jury selection opens in former Detroit mayor's corruption trial

I'm so proud of Tammy Baldwin

Obama Girls’ Role: Not to Speak, but to Be Spoken Of

White Democrats in the South: An endangered breed

Al Sharpton nails Voter ID laws: Not Jim Crow but James Crow, Jr., Esquire

Federal mediators to try to restart talks with dockworkers

Shock!! Obama's 19-Year-Old Son Makes Rare Appearance At DNC

A very compelling argument for GOTV.

John Lewis on voter ID

Dems do Afternoon Floor Vote: "Change Platform to Add God, Jerusalem " on THREE VOICE VOTES!

Foo Fighters!

Understanding Nikki Haley on Voter ID laws.

US plan to hold Afghan prisoners after transfer 'breaches deal with Kabul'

Whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office is in big trouble.

So nice to see such a happy crowd of voters!

****DNC NIGHT 3 LIVE THREAD**** Sweet Baby James and the now and future PRESIDENT

Tammy Baldwin: Paul Ryan, Scott Walker ‘Don’t Speak For All Of Wisconsin’

Final Convention Night Speaker Schedule (from and

The Musical Selection Difference between the RNC and the DNC

For the record, storms w/lightning popping up all over NC including around Charlotte.

We didn't ban all the gay people. You all know that's a stretch.

Huge storm pummels Alaska

It is indeed a great day/night to be a democrat! I love our party, it is inclusive & it rocks.

The 5 Most Terrifying Supreme Court Decisions |

Mt. Fuji about to blow its top?

James Clyburn in the house

James Taylor Performs at Democratic National Convention

The Hourglass Society

Foo Fighters at convention only on C-span

Distractions from the GOP will be coming tonight

post-speech action

I say its gloves off-Time to call it what it is...UN-AMERICAN!!!

Not political, just cool... Obama already knows the unemployment number.

Who is Kerry Washington??

DNC Video Highlights GOP Obstruction Of Obama

WingNuttia Daily: Cenk Uygur a Holocaust denier

This woman is rocking the house!

Promising jobs forecast for tomorrow, ADP predicts 201,000 new jobs, new jobless claims down.

Gabrielle Giffords coming up. n/t

EarlG brought a special guest with him to the DNC :P

We've got Foo Fighters, they had an old man yelling at a chair...

Texas AG compares fight against Obamacare to.. the Alamo?

"Shining Star"!

Martin Bashir - Clinton hammers GOP on lack of compromise

Overflow Crowd From DNC Going Crazy!

oh boy , Everyone is sure having a great time at the convention

Claim of Romney taxes theft a puzzling whodunit

Gabby. Dear Gabby.

Wasserman and Giffords BOTH look gorgeous. Look how cute Giffords looks! nt

Let the tears begin. Gabby is gorgeous!

Gabrielle Giffords

you couldn't wipe the smile off her face.