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Archives: September 9, 2012

Please stop calling the R/R Medicare plan a voucher plan. Call it what it is: COUPONS.

Reuters/Ipsos - Obama 47, Romney 43

Two troublesome omissions in Clinton's speech

I agree with my neighbor's theory about why Obama will win a second term.

Harry and Louise, please come back!

Charities and homeless get leftovers from the cancelled outside part of dnc2012

Third Way POS Matt Bennett trashes Elizabeth Warren in NY Times

White House Honey Ale

DNC Platform Change Vote Was Predetermined on Teleprompter, Delegate Voting Was Merely for Show

Difference between Conservatives and Progressives?

Did Lance Armstrong buy his freedom with a $100K donation to Planned Parenthood?

Obama cracks a birther joke

Is Obama running an ad in Ohio that shows Mitt Romney supporting the anti-union/anti-collective

Saturday Night Squee!!!

11,000 Show Up for Obama in Florida While Romney Draws Hundreds in Virginia

The media needs to stop its obsession with monthly job reports.

Today at my yard sale

Obama cracks a birther joke

Hustler magazine offers $1 million for a different type of exposure – CNN Political Ticker -

President Romney" -- How to Prevent Those Two Words From Ever Being Spoken

Some more interesting tidbits from Nate Silver's 538 blog....added in EV totals

Another Bill Clinton speech...Nite before election 2006 for Jim Virginia..

"And let's face it, Barack Obama is still cool..."

Though 6 quarters Savannah State has been outscored 132-0

Shocked by local wingnut today

Look In The Mirror, Paulie-Boy

Freeper explains why Obemba will win

Maryland Lawmaker Asks Baltimore Ravens Owner to Curb Brendon Ayanbadejo

Kissimmee, Florida is FIRED UP!

A message to republicans

3 polls show Obama expanding lead over Romney

Kali stands to make a FORTUNE if her "Surf AND Turf Koi" hybrid takes off!!!!

The least interesting man in the world.

PPP on Twitter, on 5 state polls & nat'l poll started last night: "What they're looking like: 2008"

Romney Cannot Talk About Ideas He Does Not Have

I honestly believe something fishy is going on with Rasmussen

Dinesh 'Dumbo' D'Souza on Book TV now

Why personal attacks are OK, and why that's the least important part of DU3.

Sunday Talk Shows. Excerpts from Pelley's interview with Pres. Obama

What are you reading the week of September 9, 2012?

We got more Spam here than the Army in WWII.

Mitt Romney Will Fix the American Economy

CURSE those damned celebrity death hoaxsters anyway!

Disney Wilderness Campground asks camper to remove R$ sign (Fundies Freakout)

Mittens on Class Warfare....

Just donated $50.00 to the Obama Campaign

How realistic is it to think you can save yourself economically with a "start-up"?

Hey Rep. Joe Walsh - Go pay your damn child support you deadbeat dad.

Christ and the Woman Taken In Adultery.

my heart is breaking. my daughter is turning into a republican

New Rules September 7 2012 - Empty Chair Edition

Bwahahaha -- we ain't got no steeken enthusiasm problem

Obama campaign touts 700,000 donations over Dem convention week

Rmoney!!! You have some tax returns America needs to see! Where are they???

538's Nate Silver: We're adding the RAND national tracking poll to our database...

“You were born in Hawaii? You have a birth certificate?”

It's a shame the Republicans didn't have any living presidents to showcase at their convention

Obama Campaign Debuts "Rocky IV" Movie Poster

Anyone ever had an a-hole supervisor like this?

Miracle-Gro Caught Violating Pesticide Laws

I've posted this today on my Facebook. Robert Greenwald's "Koch Brothers Exposed" (Full)

Nate Silver: Sometimes the election is won or lost at the conventions and this looks like it could

Stories from the Road: Where would I be right now?

Larry Flynt offering $1 million for Romney's financial records

"'Register to vote' Google searches double after Obama speech" at MSNBC

Saturday Night Blues: ZZ TOP - Blue Jean Blues

State of the race: Advantage, Obama at Politico

Romney Campaign Admits: Down in Ohio by "High Single Digits"

How can we fair presidential campaigns without open debates?

Need some web page help - SQL and WordPress maybe?

The Wing-Nuts cannot comprehend statistics.

The Obama Cool: Only One Candidate In Race Inspires Heartfelt Fandom

Obama reminds us: It’s our government

"God Is Missing From the Republican Platform" by Charles J. Reid Jr. at Huff Post

Video of Obama talking about "the secretary of explaining stuff"

Jeff the Brotherhood "Sixpack"

GM to hire 500 employees in Texas to bring IT in-house

Free Reads for Reviews - check it out

"Why won’t Obama voters `break up’ with him?" by Greg Sargent at WP

I just took 10 mg of Ambien. Ask me anything, but do it FAST!

Republicans for Obama FB page.

Did I just see Christine ODonnell admit to a federal crime ?

Massive Tsunami Debris Field Only 800 Miles Off The Coast Of Washington State

Spirituality without the Supernatural?

Romney's new campaign plane grounded in Richmond with mechanical problems, live-tweeted by reporter

Re: Political Discussion on Facebook. Fully half my posts are political. If anybody gives me grief

Romney Revealed

When nothing goes right

what I am capable of



This creator of this protest sign has got to be a Democrat.

Senate candidate’s senior adviser attacks Baldwin for her sexual orientation

rockin it!

Romney Campaign Admits: Down in Ohio by "High Single Digits"

Sign on the side of the road in Tallahassee, Florida

My Encounter With A Right Wingnut

Anyone else get a SPAM text on your cell, about "Last Ounce of Courage" film today??


Where the heart is

Journey ~ Now is the time

"Have Americans Turned Inward?" By Bruce Stokes, Special to CNN

Trust the one

Tulane player seriously injured in collision will need spinal surgery

And I will not cry

I just took 10mg of Viagra. Ask me anything, but do it fast!


Romney Pulls a Palin at a NASCAR Race!

Angry Putin, With Birds

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows


Finally: The best reason ever to vote for President Barack Obama!

"Analysis: Things we learned at the Democratic convention" by David Lindsey at Reuters

So let me ask you this -- suppose for a moment that you support deficit-free small government

Nate Silver: Sept. 8: Conventions May Put Obama in Front-Runner’s Position

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, September 8)

It was "International Drive Your Studebaker Day" today...

Stephen Strasburg shutdown begins now, manager Davey Johnson says

What are you telling your Republican friends?

Why Do Schizophrenics Hear Voices?

Police: Teen poses as cop, arrests friend in order to steal from Walmart

Libertarian Gary Johnson is killing republicans lol! They continue to try to get him removed from

Mitt Romney's Mom Says his Dad was on Welfare

Romney's campaign plane is a metaphor for his campaign...

There is no Republican War on Women

Anybody else watch "American Guns"?

When the SuperPacs Abandon Romney

Holding the US to account for civilian drone deaths in Yemen

Gov. Mitt Romney meets a medical marijuana patient--Oct. 6

I bet Mitt is scared shitless of the three debates!

Fox News' Gregg Jarrett Grills Romney Policy Director Over Tax Plan Details

Never Forget That Little Boots Didn't Keep Us Safe.

NASA Explains How We Caused the Hottest Decade and Are Generally Screwing Ourselves Over (VIDEO)

NYT's Andrew Rosenthal: Romney "childish, offensive, ridiculous" for suggesting Obama loves God less

Sunday's Chicago Sun-Times Rips Obama.....

Wayne Powell: 7th District candidate details campaign

Wayne Powell, cantor challenger, details campaign

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Community #10

911: Window of Exposure

The Des Moines Register!

Oklahoma State 38

Romney's resume gap?

How the GOP Has Changed the English Language

Rev. Jackson Says His Son Is Not Ready To Return To Congress

"Cars. Fast. Good."


James Taylor Sings "Romney & Bain" ("Fire & Rain" Parody) - Jimmy Fallon

What's for Dinner - Sunday Sept 9th

Sunday's DOONESBURY: All Of The Blame, None Of The Credit

Explosions Kill 58 in Iraq, French Consulate Hit

Anti colonialist? Nah, just self-determination

Studies Find More Students Cheating, With High Achievers No Exception

Nate Silver: 7-9% since the Clinton Speech


Deval Patrick's DNC speech

Social Issues Hold Sway Over Ohio's Black Voters

Obama's response team still has room for improvement

why is teaching to the test demonized when so many kids aren't meeting grade level in reading...

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair isn't THAT weird. Happens to MiddleFingerMom all the time..

Please vote for this project.

The post that got me banned from the whole Buddhist group

Fun with #RomneyAirlines

Need feedback on my new Romney graphic

Reasonable suspicion" should now be able to apply to Mitt Romney as it applies to anyone--

Cherokee Nation chief calls President Obama best president ever for American Indians

The Senility Prayer

Bernie Sanders: billionaires are after your Social Security

Obama takes on campaign financing

Progressive Central at the DNC convention.

Clinton: Deep differences with Russia on Syria

Adopting Daniel: US couple tests new Guatemala law

Many dead in attacks on Iraqi security forces

Where's BossHog when you need him????

Children 'need more teaching on cancer causes'

This is old(ish) but I have to share

Lemon sharks 'learn' skills by watching each other

Australia: sexual equality debate rages after DJ Alan Jones's outburst

I love Bill Clinton, I really do...

Would you eat in a McDonald's vegetarian restaurant? {debate}

Stewart Rips Into Fox For Its Hypocritical Coverage Of RNC And DNC Conventions VIDEO

Help with convention fever! I keep GOING TO CAROLINA IN MY MIND.

Greeks protest 'last' austerity cuts

British producer arrested in Uganda over play exploring gay issues

Oklahoma 3.4

The Great Riches of Our Seas Have Been Depleted and Forgotten

Go check out the front page of HuffPo...

Democratic 2012 Platform Calls for Reinstating Federal Assault Weapons Ban

Madonna Shows Off 'Obama' Tattoo Painted On Her Body During Concert (PHOTO, VIDEO)

How Reforming Welfare and Gutting Programs for the Poor Became a Bipartisan Platform

Wave of deadly bomb blasts hits Iraq

Wingnut Math: Romney: 317 Electoral votes, Obama: 179

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Floofeh Belly Trap Edition

James Taylor Sings "Romney & Bain" ("Fire & Rain" Parody) - Jimmy Fallon

How Michelle Rhee Is Taking Over the Democratic Party

Clueless or a wonderful touch of Hutzpah?

How the Clean Air Act Has Saved $22 Trillion in Health-Care Costs

How Sea Otters Can Reduce CO2 in the Atmosphere: Appetite for Sea Urchins Allows Kelp to Thrive

The Obama Cool: Only One Candidate In Race Inspires Heartfelt Fandom

Archaeologists Uncover 'Lost Garden' in Quest for Richard III

The 5 worst things the Koch Brothers have done

Can anyone imagine a presidential campaign ad like this running in any swing state today?

Genome of Malaria-Causing Parasite Sequenced: Even When On Different Continents,

Small businesses and the right wing?

Herders, not farmers, built Stonehenge

I was thinking of making a bumper sticker that read The US Constitution is a social contract. Then..

MRI spots silent heart attacks

Obama hits Romney with new Medicare study

Military combat marks the brain

Erin Burnett Makes False Claims About Federal Reserve

Mississippi Mass Choir "Near The Cross"

What god does romney pray to?

It appears that Mo Dowds weather vane has---errr---predictibly shifted.

NYT: GOP Ticket Has Nothing to Offer on Economy

Unfortunate billboard placement

Who won the 2004 debates???

A Close Election But Romney Has Never Led

The illusory promise of free-market health care miracles

WilLIARd Rmoney will never be President

Obama's 'Gone to Great Lengths' to Keep Gas Prices High, Ryan Says ????

When Mitch Rmoney speaks "angry" he comes off sounding crazy

Where is Romney today?

Guards at the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will no longer carry guns

My FIL says: "All politicians lie."

So John Kerry Is Playing Mitt Romney In Mock Debates With The President

This Morning When I Rose - Gospel Legends Volume 3 soloist Mosie Burks

Gregory blows Romney: You know that's what happened

WiLLIARd is bawling about low paying jobs

Jobless Greeks Resolved to Work Clean Toilets in Sweden

Rough Side Of The Mountain - Gospel Legends Volume 1 Rev. F.C. Barnes

Rmoney on MTP today: "I will appoint judges who wil overturn Roe v Wade"

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 9, 1980

RAZ Shows Growing Obama Bounce: approval: 52/47 Head-to-head: 49/45

In memory of Seamus (pic)

Do Mormons believe in the holy trinity?.

Fox network: The Tale of Two Weeks

PPP: We polled 5 states and a national poll its looking like 2008

Romney says he likes parts of 'Obamacare'

In looming federalism fight, three states say feds can't 'unmarry' gay couples (CS Monitor)

Italian soccer team bans sex two days prior to games..

Rasmussen, 9/9: Obama 49 (+3), Romney 45 (+1)

Do You Think Our "Friends" At Free Republic Are Immolating Themselves Over This

'The Republican Party left people like me': Workers in the Democratic convention spotlight

Former Lifelong Republican and Ohio Firefighter Doug Stern at DNC 2012

Let me coin a new one, about conservatives, I think.

49-45 Obama-Romney in Rasmussen today

California Gov. Jerry Brown compares Romney to Dewey

Detroit Free Press: How nuns have become soldiers in the battle for the White House

FWIW - 2008 on 9/9 - O 45.6 McC 48. 2012 on 9/9 - O 47.8 - RMon 46.2 re RCP

Nickelback guarantees I turn to another station. nt


What world does Peggy Noonan live in? "It's incredibly close right now"

Melissa Harris Perry on the Pennsylvania Voter ID law

For the first time since May my AC is off.

Republican women

Gah!! Lyin' Ryan on ABC right now!

Romney: Voters can look to 'principles' for sense of how he'd govern

DU Poll: Forward vs. Backward Thinking ...

According to Russian Television: Anti-Austerity Anger: Greeks take to streets in light of new cuts

Group with liberal name but GOP links attacks Democratic Senate candidates

This is what happens if you tweet with insufficient I sent out just this AM

What's the difference between Willard M. Romney & George W. Bush?

Okay ... I am officially ascared ...

There is a HUGE difference between President Obama and the pretender Romney


George Will already spinning this morning, "Depression Like"

No News Is Good News

Paul Krugman on Paul Ryan:

Bain's former employees weigh in as Romney's roll as a job creator

Nice Zing by Non Sequitur today

Dear Bill Maher - that was all nice and dandy you apologize to Christine O'Donnell however....

Watching Krugman on THIS WEEK is too painful

Phoenix Tea Party Patriots' BirtherFest event cancelled due to lack of interest

Message management in the democratic party is piss-poor...

Here's Newt with a twist - "Clinton’s DNC Speech Could Be Seen As ‘Condemnation’ Of Obama"

Liar Liar Pants on Fire Ryan on Farce the Nation today

Just saw Romney's newest Bill Clinton hates Obama ad.

I know this is Alan Grayson whom I follow

World’s Richest Gain $25 Billion as Zong Now Top in China

Three Days In September

Universal Health Care Shouldn’t Be Reduced, Lancet Says

Norah O'Donnell makes Sarah Ryna look like a lietrate Sarah Palin on Face The Nation

When did Gregory become a Republican?

New Romney Ad Blitz: Cutting Federal Spending costs us Jobs!

You have to ask yourself why would someone, anyone

Children of the Undead

What??? After the DNC Convention, Mitt Romney Commits to Keeping Parts of Obamacare!!

As expected Mittens couldn't do an interview without Queen Ann

I so want this embarrassment to humanity gone

George Will wants to do away with the conventions.

Rmoney/Ryan Rally Sign: "Seats are Reserved for Willing Participants Only"

Newt: Clinton’s DNC Speech Could Be Seen As ‘Condemnation’ Of Obama

PPP tweet:Obama may have higher lead in Ohio than 2008!

Ann Romney says it's ridiculous that anyone would question her (and Mitt's) empathy

I'm working on swaying anti-Obama voters to vote against Romney

Kansas Residents Disapprove of ‘Sexting’ Statue

Ryan on TW w Steph: NO ANSWER to devastating opening Q on promised 12 million jobs

Does Romney still risk losing some RW voters?

Appeals court blocks Minnesota law on corporate political spending

Direct Mitt Romney quote to David Gregory 9/9/12

Ann Romney: ‘Our Struggles Have Not Been Financial’

Rasmussen: Obama leads Romney by 4

we eat by the grace of nature, not monsanto

Krugman-Teaching Rand Paul about Government Employment

The outrage over George Will comparing Obama to Trotsky is Mounting

Get ready for this hype from Fox and Mitt..."Obama is an amazing debater! Maybe the best EVER!!!"

PPP tweet re new Ohio poll - "looks like Obama leads there by more than 2008 margin of victory"

Multiple sclerosis and cancer? I still don't believe in God's thunderbolts

Was Ann joining Mitt on MTP a deal to get the interview?

Love the misleading title: Shark chomps on man's leg behind South Beach hotel

would the media have given President Obama a pass if he refused to release his tax returns?

Damn you JOE BIDEN.......

Mitt on results of RNC: "I'm better known, for better or for worse"

I like Romney, he did a great job on the olympics

Volunteers From Different Religions Come Together To Build Homes

On This Week, George Will reminds us how the Republicans have offended Hispanics

I am more afraid of what Romney WILL NOT say he will do than I am angry at what Obama HAS NOT done

Why aren't we fighting harder for GA?

Catholic, Orthodox leaders call for peace from Sarajevo

I'm sorry...but DAMN!

Why did this post get no response over in Politics 2012?

LOLGOP on Twitter: Mitt Romney should be the Secretary of Not Explaining things.

Hopw many times can Queen Anne play the MS card?

If you use Facebook, you might want to "like" Opinionated Democrat.

War-weary US is numbed to drumbeat of troop deaths in Afghanistan

Sux to be the Bucs

Harlem gun nut arrested

Obama To Highlight Report Showing Rising Medicare Costs Under Romney; Rival Disputes

Gun fired at Jackson gun show; No one injured

Corey Booker --- Awsome!

I have to be is my favorite picture of Romney He looks good!!!

Black Female Mormon Teaparty Candidate for a Utah House seat ...

Romney, Ryan Refuse To Identify Tax Loopholes They’d Close

S.C. GOP chair says that Dems view abortions as a rite of passage for teen girls

Reports of Junk DNA's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

nfl's kluwe's response to threatening letter from MD state rep

OBAMA: "You have a birth certificate?"

Law could discourage "straw buyers" of guns

President Obama Puts On His Kids Face In Tampa

Well,the specifics are these which is those principles I described are the heart of my policy.”

What is Human Capital? Taken from Romney's own website.

President Obama's birth certificate joke with a Hawaiian kid

This girl is contemplating patricide.

Chicago Teachers Uprising Takes on a 1 Percent Mayor, and the Labor Establishment to Boot

Has the HBO series "Newsroom" been influencing the media?

Mitt's increasingly busy "first day"

President Obama in Melbourne, Florida - live link (over, sorry)

Bennett on MTP - "We have children too!" and other desperate comments!

Hi Folks, I need SERIOUS ADVICE I belong to ABLE, we are fighting Isolation rooms in our school

Do you think that Axlerod, Plouffe, Wasserman-Schultz, and other leaders in the

Bill protects religious garb, grooming in the workplace (CA)

School vouchers

I keep remembering what we were taught in the 60's about the USSR

Why doesn't a thread posted in June kick to the top any more?

A More Religious World

To me, Ann Rmoney comes across as mean spirited.

Is the Drudge Report still as bad as it was?

A simple message to Paul Ryan .....

Pay Rose With Productivity -- And Then It Didn't

What's the toughest question dances with rove asked this morning?

Flag pin worn by repubs

Are you into Haunted Houses? Sneak preview of Walking Dead Horror House

Ann Romney: ‘Our Struggles Have Not Been Financial’

Ryan explains his lying about his marathon time ...

Do yourself a big favor....

...lack of "Forward" campaign materials at

Stephen Colbert wears his religion in his punch lines

President Obama hold meeting with World Leaders.

Romney lies about unemployment

42 Million Jobs Created Versus 24 million

When Mormons Serve Their Two Year Mission - Do They Get A Stipend Or.....

Romney: It’s My ‘Preference’ That The Supreme Court Reverse Roe V. Wade

Talking heads' overused phrases of the 2012 election

In one year, Mitt Romney will be...

PigliCONs don't HIRE! They HOARD! Hoard the cash you pigs! We know what your up to, and that

Why Street Racing is better than NASCAR.

Mitt Romney is trying to channel Barry White.

The 2012 Pre-Election Media Tool & Pawn Awards...Call for nominees

Response to FB Post

A Chicago Story

‘Breaking up’ with Barack Obama

Gabby Giffords’ True Patriotism

Touchdown POTUS!

Romney Again Blows Off Question About Not Mentioning Troops or Afghanistan


That moment you just *HAVE* to log into DU just so you could Kick and recommend something. nt

Gallup -Obama -49% -Romney 44%

U.S. to auction (California) state shale for drilling

The only thing the President likes more than a bus tour is a hug

Gallup, 9/9: Obama 49% (unchanged), Romney 44% (-1), Obama Approval 50% (-2)

DU solidarity with Chicago teachers!

“And our struggles have not been financial, but they’ve been with health and with difficulties in

Did Paul Ryan really say that? (edited--Video added!)


The Walmart movie is on Current TV right now.... sigh... why do we allow this store to do this?

Voter Purges in Florida and Colorado Find Almost ‘No Confirmed Noncitizens’

Where are the taxes? We are not shelving this, Mitty. nt

Ryan: I did not vote on the defense cuts that I voted for ...

Has anyone has a dog with angular limb deformity?

Gallup: Obama now leads by 5 points.

Larrry Flynt offers $1 million dollars to see Romney's Financial Information

If I were to establish a world record doing something,

My Review of ‘Won’t Back Down’ (spoiler alert)

Your right wing friends who watch Fox all the time: Who did they think would win in 2008?

Had a letter to editor published this morning......

I am so mad I am shaking

"Not enough angry white guys to sustain the GOP", Lindsey Graham.

Made my groupies happy today, I hope.......

I just posted a good article about the teachers strike in Chicago.

Joe Conason: Arithmetic For Billionaires: Romney Is Rich, But Can He Add?

A word about the numbers behind the polls

With each passing day, I am having increased difficulty and some cognitive . . . . .

Fareed Zakaria (CNN) had an interesting spin on the "are you better off" meme -

Why is Putin stockpiling gold?

Gated FL neighborhoods fighting Section 8 tenants

I'm Encouraged That The Ds Began Talking About Getting Down-Ticket Candidates Elected

Lewis Turco's form of the week: 14) Bad Poems

I am calling the Anti-Choice Crowd EXACTLY what they are: CROTCH SNIFFERS

{sheldon adelson} Madrid government rejoices at news of EuroVegas decision

Kansas City Star - "Fact Check: Bill Clinton's 'jobs score' of parties claim rings true"

Romney picks up major corporate endorsement

Ryan: I Didn’t Vote For The Defense Cuts I Voted For

This made me laugh and I don't even know what it says

U.S. to auction state shale for drilling

ArKansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Oklahoma State

Ooops, amen.

Some secular Sunday songs

Ask me, why I better off??

Anyone planning to make, bake or create homemade Christmas gifts this year?

UPDATE on elder son: First day was freshmen orientation and

Caption This Pic Of David Gregory With Mitt Romney

Charts that prove we are better off ...

Kris Kobach, Kansas, needs to apologize! - equating gay families with drug abusers and polygamists.

Now these are some good looking curves!

Ryan claims more foreign policy experience than Obama 4 yrs ago, proves he's clueless on the issue

Midnight Deadline Looms: Chicago Teachers Strike Imminent

Admin to shift 2 Million seniors from Medicare to Vouchers?

Explanation from tax experts, please!

How can he keep the pre-existing conditions part of ACA, without forcing everyone to buy insurance?

And we wonder why we are in the mess we are in ...

May be moving to Boise

Spain's brain drain

Please give a warm DU welcome to my beloved fiancee, lexx21!

The real news: Green Party Presidential Candidate Presents a "New Green Deal"

Markos kos Moulisas take on the state of the Presidential race

UPDATE on younger son: He's up to 15mg of Prozac, and I think an ADHD med will be added as well. On

Glenn Beck accuses mirror of giving him dirty looks.

Gallup Daily Tracking: President Obama 49 Romney 44

4 debates in 19 days

Israel Could Send Iran ‘Back To The Stone Age’ With Electromagnetic Bomb

This guy is full of it

Queen Anne is getting skewered by commenters at the WaPo

Kathleen Turner at Press Club: Wow.

I Need Someone to Make this Ad for me! In response to "Breaking w/Obama" Ad....

Evaluating ELLs for Special Needs a Challenge

Romney campaign: The President is clearly ahead: Ohio, Swing states and General Campaign

Another great reason to breast feed ....

I wish all of you could have seen Harris County Democratic HQ yesterday

NASA Student Competition: Name that asteroid!

Can someone tell me why the post below was blocked?

Yes, he thinks we are stupid ...

Kris Kobach needs to apologize!

Mitt Romney-The Wooden boy who wishes he was a real man...

Krugman: Republican base is ‘elderly white people arguing with empty chairs’

Is your gravity ok? Mine seems a little off.

MTP today - Was it just my imagination????

We have a new dog!

Chief of Cherokee Nation Calls Obama the Best President EVER for American Indians

Man Falls Out of Car, Tries to Take Baby

Now that Romney opened the door....

Today in History

Great service from Klipsch Audio.

Imagine a new "party".. a Minority Coalition Party

The replacement officials suck

Can the government use the new Apple patent to shut down recording of public events?

I have a question ...

Bill McKibben: This is how the earth works now

This is disgusting

Obama Hits Romney With New Medicare Study: seniors will pay $59,500 more for health care undr Romney

I think there needs to be more emphasis on the House and Senate.

"Read the Woodward book" is the new atttack meme on the President

The rethugs are trying to kick Gary Johnson off the ballot in PA

President Obama as Einstein

The Signal and the Noise book by Nate Silver out this month

"We don't duck the tough issues....."

Should I Halt by Schadenfreude By Posing As A Concern Troll At Konservative Sites?

Ryan: I Didn’t Vote For The Defense Cuts I Voted For

One kind of voter fraud that is actually real: hint--photo ID is of no help whatsoever--

RNC update: Mitt won the swimsuit competition!

Bill Moyer: Challenging Power, Changing Politics.

Someone likes Obama and Biden is ... well ... Biden!

momentum + focus x work = victory simple arithmetic

Secret Service???

I 517--Tim Eyman's new secret initiative

Obama gets picked up (PHOTO) - UPDATED

Greeting card

*MSNBC rerunning Sunday Morning shows, Melissa coming up,

A few images from yesterday

Luck / Griffin III

Obama Gets Picked Up!

Did I hear right? Sam Seder is subbing for Chris Hayes next week?

Trick or Treat Republicans

Iraq VP Tariq al-Hashemi sentenced to death

Not that I mind but why is MSNBC re-airing Chris Hayes & Melissa Harris-Perry

(Reuters/Ipsos) Obama maintains post-convention lead over Romney

Obama: Vulcan. Romney: Cardassian.

Wanda Sykes Explains Why the GOP Hates Her

In Search of Orange at the Japanese Festival

Goebbels for Press Secretary of GOP (could be called the fine art of lying)

The candidates yesterday in pictures:

Seven Graphs that show Supply-side 'Economics' doesn't work

Do you like to vote early (if your state allows), or do you like to vote ON election day?

Romney and Ryan’s Dangerous Tax Roadmap

"My Rapist Doesn't Know He's A Rapist"

Please donate to a good Democrat, Chris Murphy:

Socialists are favorites in the Dutch elections

Obama: I’ll work with Republicans if they agree to raise taxes

So, did David Gregory ask any hard/interesting questions the am?

The Grange...

What Mitt will do his first day in office

President Obama is lifted in the air by Scott Van Duzer, owner of the Big Apple Pizza

Polipop debate between me and Caiden Cowger?

Things you'd rather not know:

they were expecting how many jobs???

Obama gets a bear hug from Florida pizza shop owner (right off the ground)

How many times and for how long have we been told "It will be a close election"?

Just got canvassed <3

North Korea ends ban on women riding bicycles

North Korea ends ban on women riding bicycles

Don't forget. We need to maintain control of the Senate AND

He was provoked.

What would the conservative answer to Planned Parenthood, Unplanned Parenthood, look like?

Piglatin for Dough:

Romney campaign admits it: they're losing

own a piece of the campaign...

This bunch of Republicans are graceless, rude, malicious and are chock full of mendacious people

What the hell happened to "60 Minutes?"

Biden gets friendly with female biker

In case you missed it, here's a funny video of Bill Maher!

Obama' Top 50 Accomplishments - Washington Monthly

Romney's tax plan Bush's tax plan on steroids - International Business Times

Scott Brown's Long History Against 9/11 First Responders

It is UnfuckingAmerican to supress 1 fucking American of voting age from voting in America.

GOP House Candidate Claims GOP War On Women Will Create ‘More Free Choice’ For Women

September 9, 1942: The only Japanese attack on the US mainland

Reverend Billy Bill is confused

Ancient forest lies 10 miles off the Alabama coast (video, gallery) (

I'm becoming a graffiti fan at 64.

Romney Flip Flop: Mitt Pledges to Keep Key Obamacare Provisions in His Own Health Care Reform Bill

Paul Ryan Falls Apart When Asked How Romney Will Pay for Tax Cuts for the Rich

A FOX News Panel Said The House Might Be In Play

Last night I finally sat down to read George Wallace To Newt Gingrich: Race In the Conservative

San Cristobal volcano eruption in Nicaragua forces evacuation

Obama campaign gets a lift in Florida

“Dark Knight” Actor Christian Bale Performs Another Super Act of Kindness

Tobin only had a case of the deadly "Trucker Interstate Diner Farts" once. He learned from it.

What kind of bellybutton do YOU have? Any navel anecdotes?

You KNOW if T-Rex were still around, some sociopathic asshole would make things worse for everybody.

Most people think that the most iconic of "Marilyn shots" was the director's idea.

MiddleFingerMom is STILL looking for love in all the wrong places.

Unasked but inspired, MiddleFingerMom renovates yet another iconic Jesus image

Russia and Japan in Agreement on Natural Gas Deal

Romney Rips Paul Ryan: Calls Running Mate’s Vote For Defense Cuts ‘A Big Mistake’

Study: Hurricanes whip up faster in warming world

There is just ONE thing REALLY pissing me off terribly

NHK - Japan To Help US, Canada Dispose Of Tsunami Debris

Akers joins the 63 Yard Club.

Paul Ryan: Giving up groceries so you can buy gold plated rims for your tires

Mia Love: Making abortion illegal & birth control less affordable will create “more free choice"


"Obama Blasts Romney’s Medicare Plan in Appeal to Florida Seniors"

The most dangerous Republican in the country?

ATF: Trooper's killer may have bought gun at show

Obama, in West Palm, channels Clinton, says ‘we’ve come too far to turn back now’

Obama's Biggest Lead Over Romney Since March

Perfect song about the Rethuglicans!

The Romney Plan is unlike anything I have seen in politics

My favorite blog comments about Obama vs. Romney

The Chart that kills Republican arguments on who does better on the economy.

Iraq vice-president sentenced to death amid deadly wave of insurgent attacks

How do you pronounce 'often'?

Missouri's GOP Lieutenant Governor Reports Scanty Campaign Account After Stripper Scandal

Paul Ryan Falsely Claims that He Has More Foreign Policy Experience than Obama

Hong Kong voters flock to polls after protests and government climbdowns

Shell criticised for limited testing of Alaska drilling containment equipment

I got a positive reaction to my buttons today!

Why don't Rebublicans talk about the economic effects of the loss of public sector jobs?

Silly Rabbit. Getting lifted into the air by strong people is for grown ups.

The American Worker

(Posted for laughs) Dick Morris: Its advantage Romney

Feel a cold coming?

Teenager floats £30 camera into space to capture curvature of Earth

Apec summit: Clinton warns Asia leaders over disputes

Syria Criticizes France’s Support of Rebels

The Romney walk (gait).

President Obama Gets Lifted in The Air by a Republican Pizza Owner in Florida Campaign

Romney voters, Bach saw you coming

2012 can be a Landslide Election for Prez Obama IF......

Dear White Conservatives (not the fiscal ones LOL)

Reading the tea-leaves on the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction.

Big massive GOTV effort under way in Florida to counter voter suppression

need info on this dog, please

$71.12 That's how much I spent on food for my classroom today.

Canada severs ties with Iran

I'm watching the GB Packers vs. the SF 49ers. Why you should be too (hint: labor)

Case Will Test Constitutionality Of The Filibuster

Might Romney have impairment from 1968 brain injury???

FORECAST: Senate takeover unlikely ...

Does Racial Bias Fuel Obama Foes? How To Tell?

"Lovely, Still". Nice little movie.

Case Will Test Constitutionality Of The Filibuster

Republican Empathy

Romney's and Ryan's LAUGHABLE alleged 'Harvard and Princeton' support for their 'tax plan'

IAF strikes targets in Gaza Strip in retaliation to rockets

One of the reasons there is talk about getting rid of the mortgage interest deduction is

Hey, Queen Ann,

Ahmadinejad: Enemies trying to save Zionist regime

ABC News just had a great opening to their newscast (for Obama)...

Jimmy Fallon does James Taylor! You've got to see it!

KRUGMAN: The Zombie That Ate Rand Paul’s Brain

Mia Love's parents are from Haiti why isn't the rethugs asking her about a birth certificate

An unfortunate pairing when I looked at my facebook feed ...


For Palestinian Kids in Hebron, Little Joy on Back-to-School Day

Sections of Taliban ready to accept US presence in Afghanistan – report

Cancel that: Romney's Oldsmar campaign rally called off

Are American military personnel safer with Obama or Romney?

Awesome: Panoramic images from Thursday night at the DNC!

Butter Scotch VS Caramel

Oh, shit.