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Halloween Wars is back on the Food network.

nytimes: Obama and G.O.P. Fail to Agree on Debt Limit Plan

What do you think of Harry Reid?

Should it be legal to charge the disabled or the sick more for health insurance than others?

Ted Cruz's Unskewed Poll Says Republicans Are Only Barely Losing

Cong. Becerra, on All In, Chris Hayes,

The cat came to my yard to die. Was it a test? Why me?

What is your favourite song in another language? Right now

Prioritized Pay After Default Means That The Chinese Would Be Paid Before Social Security.

Ohio minimum wage rising 10 cents to $7.95 in 2014

laughter is good for the soul

Potentially catastrophic cyclone Phailin, size of Katrina, headed for India

Thinking Like a Conservative (Part Four): Goalpost-Moving

Not exactly a photography question, but there's a camera involved

New Poll Shows Shutdown Has Been A Catastrophe For Republicans

"No Labels" looks like the beginning of a third Party?

New ACA premium estimator available

Scientists Found the Remains of a Water-Covered Earth-Like Planet

Should it be illegal or legal to charge women more than men for health insurance

Wisconsin: Why the Capitol Settlement is a Win (ACLU)

Ashiato (Footsteps)

President Obama signs 'death gratuity' bill into law

Very dangerous Tropical Cyclone Phailin, in the North Indian Ocean's Bay of Bengal

Republicans, wake up and smell the coffee:

New 'deadline' for fixing Obamacare glitches seen in mid-November

This sad picture says it all

The House GOP's Little Rule Change That Guaranteed A Shutdown

To paraphrase Denny Green- the GOP is who we thought they were.

Yoho's "safe" district not so much!

Friday October 11th, 2013, Govt. Shutdown forecast (Best guess)


Obama care will hurt a small segment of the self-insured market

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Thursday & a new Kittehs gif

Occupy Monsanto Protest Tossed Real Piles Of Money Around Congress

Fresno Mail Carrier Fired For Throwing Away Mail About Obamacare

Attention "Walking Dead" fans:

I'm really enjoying Breaking Bad -- what else should I watch.


Come on A's! I don't want to see these assholes again.

Feds: Houston sex trafficking ring prostituted undocumented girls

Party of Pain

The Book of Bourbon: How the World's Best Whiskey Got Its Start

Darrell Issa, Chuck Grassley write ATF over book

Toles Toon: Default

I've paid for maternity ever since I had my own insurance policy

Moronic Hunters Shoot and Kill Rare Albino Moose

I speak of Orson Welles' influence on me. Here's a couple links that deal with his

The holy day is but 3 weeks away

Canadian environmental activist pleads guilty to arson attacks in U.S. West

Will Eric Holder guarantee NSA reporters' first amendment rights? - The Guardian

This and This from my Rep Mo Brooks

do it for the children

Luckovich toon: Latest Ransom Note

The scam email of emails..........

Soft shells and strange star clusters (Hubble Space Pic)

Insurance and points of view

Scientists Say Shutdown is Jeopardizing America's Role in Bioscience

Fall in the Rockies

The clown show starts early: GOP presidential hopefuls angle for edge in shutdown

This Shutdown isn’t about Obamacare…it’s about OBAMA

Something I find really sad -- the last real tomato from the garden.

Feds: Queens Men Tried To Outfit Taliban Fighters Overseas

Your word is COW

Second Amendment group declares Sandy Hook anniversary as ‘Guns Save Lives Day’

Dept of you can't make this shit up.

"Klein: Baby Boomers Ruined The Government"

whoa, I just tried this ACA calculator

Omnibus picture thread - add pictures

C.I.A. Warning on Snowden in ’09 Said to Slip Through the Cracks

Support for grantcart's request for ACA forum

Fun with the ACA ( hilarious comment section )

Poll: Republicans Badly Damaged by Shutdown Battle

Tesoro oil spill: over 20,000 barrels seep into North Dakota wheat field

Oh Boy Oh Boy- a visual for today's happenings. A Humpty Dumpty type cartoon

"No Labels"? I got a label for you . . . .

"Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned For 5% Of Americans Who Approve Of Congress"

California jury clears Toyota in wrongful death lawsuit

Van Jones to Sen. Ted Cruz on Obamacare funding: ‘You’re not a sugar daddy, are you?’

Pine needles--what to do with them?

Atheists Skeptical of Atwill’s Claim of a ‘Fabricated Jesus’

Top 5 Reasons the Right Believes They Will Recover and Prevent 8 Years of Hillary Clinton

Immaculate conception

I am researching my family tree and a grandpa several greats removed

In response to all the Duggar threads, here's this – Companies Behind ACA Health Exchange's Construction And Its Technical Failure

A little girl's surprise birthday message for her mom.


Harry Truman

"Historical Footnote"

The Public Bank Solution: : Transforming Our Broken System

Gilberton, Pa., police chief's hearing halted when gun falls on floor

11 pm Local news claims Boner and principles back at WH for all nighter.

Christian Ranieri, Student With Autism, Barred From Giving Speech At School Board Meeting (VIDEO)

China wonders: Why do we own so much U.S. debt? is working better than Congress is

The Saddest Government Shutdown Photo You'll Ever See

Jones to Cruz: Do you owe GOP apology? (Heartwarming slapdown)

'It's heartbreaking': Shutdown could ruin years of Antarctic research

Ted Cruz on CNN with Gingrich, Van Jones now

GD: Big bull elk fight as cameraman sneaks close

NBC/WSJ poll: Shutdown debate damages GOP

And then there was one

Stand with Grocery Workers in UFCW 21

Christopher Reeve for JC Penney 1974 TV commercial

Stewart Tears Into GOPers Rejecting Obamacare: If You Have Better Idea, 'Let’s F*cking Hear It!'

Ever think you would live long enough to see such a stinking pile of shit?

Israeli Military Sends Message To Iran With Video Of ‘Special Long-Range Flight Exercise’

My wife called the ACA verification line and after speaking to a rep she will not be proceeding any

Who the hell are the 87 no labels? Well here they are.

Kochs and Other Conservatives Split Over Strategy on Health Law

"I won't negotiate with a gun to my head." "OK... we'll put the gun down for 15 minutes."

Cruz was on CNN's "Crossfire" today.

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 11, 2013 -- Friday Night Spooklight

PA Governor Corbett should be arrested for homicide.

Steve Lonegan: Obama Will Cave On The Shutdown When I Win My Election

Down to Boink

No Quick Deal, but Offer by G.O.P. on Debt Shifts the Tone

sacred science......documentary film about rainforest medicines

Safeway says goodbye to Chicago, profit falls

Were the First Artists Mostly Women?

Media analysts in Syria debate have ties to defense contractors

A Judge Gave The Former Mayor Of Detroit An Absolute Pasting While Sentencing Him To 28 Years In Pri

Mad at Congress over the shutdown? Have a drink and tell them.

Is Obama Catalyzing the end of Movement Conservatism?

Progressive Veterans Group Slams Republicans Over Shutdown

On a Sailboat.

Your word is CHAO

I don't think they poll tested that!

Parenting Advice From Glenn Beck: Push Your Kids Against The Wall.

Colbert: Tom Emmer's controversial ad

GOP rigged House rules to PREVENT DEMS reopening the Gov

Safety Agency Cites Texas Plant in Explosion

It's "National Coming-Out Day" !!! How 'Out' are you?

Apply for ACA Exchanges IN PERSON at HRSA Clinics. Link:

omg. . .this cartoon says it all . . .

Cartographically perplexing secession billboard appears in Missouri

Amazing comment posted to Will Pitt's piece on Truthout . . .

White Males Seem To Be The Ones Who Hate The ACA Most/Yet They Need It Most

The GOP Is Engaging In A Pogrom Against The Poor

Man unable to get breast cancer screen because he's a man

Why does the Obama administration have $500 billion defense budgets?

My date's ad said she "wanted no strings attached".

Tweet recalling Yom Kippur war, 40 years on, jolts oil traders


First white enclave family moves to Leith [North Dakota]

Waitress Gets $10K Tip After Racist Receipt

The Daily Show: Extended Interview: Malala Yousafzai

"gerrymandered mental asylum"

Wanna see if we can blow out the White House servers?

Cory Booker's Father Dies Days Before N.J. Senate Election

Antisemitism doesn't always come doing a Hitler salute

Obama’s Efforts to Control Media Are ‘Most Aggressive’ Since Nixon, Report Says

Dumb Criminals: Airline Passenger In Manchester Strips Naked, Pees On Wall

Feds will let states pay to reopen national parks

An associate of mine was laid off, and was told that COBRA was available for $472 month...

Pray for the people living on the coast of NE India...

A bit of cross town fun

Rice grown nearby Fukushima plant cleared for sale — Farmer: "I would not dare eat it…"

What the World Would Look Like If Countries Were As Big As Their Online Populations

Butternut Squash Soup with Chipotle Cream

"A Funny Thing Happened Today"(Pres Obama and VP Biden Having Lunch..)

We do not negotiate with terrorists, right?

BART unions 'ready to go on strike'

More Americans Believe in Bigfoot than Approve of the Republican Party!

Syria Rebels Executed Civilians, Say Human Rights Watch

Got an email, Truckers ride for the constitution

So Remember Those Truckers Who Were Going To Block DC Traffic And Arrest Politicians? LOL

The Oreos here are much better than in the US.

Nuclear Power Through the Fukushima Perspective

Nuclear power: why US nuclear 'renaissance' fizzled and plants are closing

US media failed to cite pundits’ ties to defense industry in Syria strike debate

BREAKING: Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to The Organization For The Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Find something to be happy about today (Friday Oct 11, 2013)

Doctor Who: Yeti classic among episodes found in Nigeria

James Woods says sorry...

McAuliffe pledges donation yesterday, (after revelation) Caramadre indicted in 2011...

No full driving licence until 19: Ministers' plan to slash deaths caused by young motorists.

From Guardian: Glenn Greenwald US involved in a war on journalism

Malala Yousafzai is an ardent Marxist and Socialist.

Mad at Congress over the shutdown? Want to let them know?

Sources: Cash-Strapped FreedomWorks In State Of Financial Disarray

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to U.N. Chemical Weapons Watchdog Agency

Assange: Obama's exceptionalism talk an excuse not to obey rules

New Iran Government Scraps Anti-Israeli Conference.

Atlas Shrugged its way into 56th Anniversary

Christian delusions are driving the GOP insane

Sarpy Outlook TV - Episode 10

Those Teabagger morons in the House should just go ahead and impeach the President...

New toy.

Israeli bludgeoned to death in West Bank

Hysterically funny Colbert on Shep Smith and Fox's new news desk

Fracking firm was barred from using chemical, Balcombe meeting told

Once again Thanks ReTHUGs and the rest of the batshit crazy wacko supporters

Yes, Terry McAuliffe has a sleazy as hell financial history.

Timely JFK Quote

Image: Another problem with Obama

USDA won't close plants in salmonella outbreak

Declaration of Causes of Seceding States Georgia Mississippi South Carolina Texas

$1000.oo for a colonoscopy with health insurance

An Inadequate Offer From the House - By The NYT Editorial Board

There Is a Vast Oligarch Conspiracy Afoot to Destroy the Retirement Plans of Millions of Workers

Libya: Car bomb hits Swedish Consulate in Benghazi

TPP Is a Race to The Bottom -- We Need a Race to the Top

Joe Scarborough (and Niall Ferguson) versus Paul Krugman, again

Morphing from TeaBagger to TeddyBear GOP Plan B will start after Thanksgiving.

5 Far-Right Groups Trying Hard to Secede from America

The American Dream has Become a Burden For Most

Joe Scarborough Divorce: MSNBC Host Splits With Wife Susan

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ October 11th?

TV's Duggar family to campaign for Cuccinelli (Virginia)

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 12, 2013 -- The Essentials: Crisis of Conscience

5 Ways the Shutdown Is Killing Republicans Politically

TCM Schedule for Sunday, October 13, 2013 -- Tonight on TCM: Gentlemen Theives

Just a little Terms of Service reminder about bashing Democratic Nominees.

If you start a thread poor-mouthing about how you just can't swing ACA...

Nothing To See Here. Just A Guitar-Playing Poodle.

Beautiful morning walk in Hyde Park

Red Cross to distribute food to Britain's poor and hungry

Obamacare Foes Using Shutdown Echo South’s Nullifiers

Amesbury Couple On Cruise Ship Helps Rescue Men Stranded At Sea

Searching for John Wayne in the Alabama Hills

Prof Peter Higgs did not know he had won Nobel Prize

Federal Workers Stretch Last Paycheck Until Shutdown Ends

Default Doubters Repudiated by Republican Economists Citing Harm

Yes, the deductibles for a lot of people really stink in ACA

Were you alive 50 years ago?

Raytheon Awarded $1.6 BILLION Contract Last Night 10/10/2013 (what sequestration, everyone?)

The American Conservative: Throw Tea-Party "Kamikaze-Cons" into Mount Doom

Half of Democrats & half of Republicans say 3rd party is needed

Vatican misspells Jesus's name on commemorative medals

The shut down is costing $300,000,000 per day ..... $3 billion so far.

Obama administration’s war on leaks has chilling effect on journalism, whistle-blowers

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Prepare for impact

John Boehner, In A Song, Explains The Shutdown!

A friend of mine, sent me something I want to kill him for!

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Train Wreck

The day the mad dogs took over the Republican party

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chris Hedges and Robert Scheer Discuss American Fascism (audio link)

Man says 1973 UFO incident turned life upside down

Vitamin D pills' effect on healthy bones queried

Denver floats new rules that could make even the odor of pot a crime

Who Are These Guys? Eight votes that explain who House Republicans really are.

Two Fullerton cops charged with murder in beating death od mentally ill homeless man

LOL! Fox News reporting that very few truckers showed up for DC protest

Your weekend GOP meme, courtesy of Morning Joe:

Establishment GOPers assail tea party on shutdown

LAPD officer charged with assaulting arrested woman, who later died

Cops Trick Autistic Teen Into Buying Pot, Arrest Him

Vatican Misspells Jesus —on 6,000 Medals

What happened to my post count?

Only 40% of a Chicken Nugget is Meat

Suit Revives Goldman Sachs Conflict Issue

Report: Tea party group FreedomWorks is in deep financial trouble

French lawmaker docked one-quarter of his monthly parliamentary salary for sexist behaviour...

Cats sure can sleep in odd ways!

Serious question about the right's charges of Obama treason

France Upholds Ban on Fracking

Winner is: Nobel Peace Prize to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

So how's the "Truckers Ride for the Constitution" going? Weren't they to

Sandia, LANL prepare for furloughs

Gallup: 60% Of Americans Say Third Party Is Needed

Facebook Removing Option To Be Unsearchable By Name

Chinese man saws off his right leg because he could not pay for the procedure

Gun Mishap Cuts Short Anti-'Libtard' Police Chief's Disciplinary Hearing

Federal workers

Wozniak: Snowden a hero, I hope to have courage to do the same thing

French lawmaker docked one-quarter of his monthly parliamentary salary for sexist behaviour...

The Ravings of Niall Ferguson, the Real World, and the Needless Suffering of Tens of Millions

Did Joe Scar mention his divorce on today's Morning Joe?

Krugman: Janet Joy

What I believe

The Squid Business Principles

Four Legal Battles That May Cost Cuccinelli The Virginia Governorship

Report Finds Police Worldwide Criminalize Dissent, Assert New Powers in Crackdown on Protests

Papantonio: Wall Street’s Legal Loophole

Tea Party secedes: The GOP civil war is over, and so is the GOP

Valerie Plame On Edward Snowden Winning Integrity In Intelligence Award

Republican support in 'jaw-dropping' free fall

Ted Cruz is the Miley Cyrus of the Senate

An example of ODS from Facebook

After the shutdown, the health-care law has become MORE popular

A New Poll Shows Americans Don't Actually Understand Anything About The Deficit

So far about 10 trucks have showed up for the DC protest

Alaska crabbers face ‘fishing cliff’ with government shutdown

Los Angeles Police Dogs Only Bit Blacks And Latinos In The First Six Months Of 2013

Sources: Cash-Strapped FreedomWorks In State Of Financial Disarray

The Freak Show for Ken Cuccinelli Continues: Raving Bigot Mike Huckabee Comes to Town!

Rally Truckers Stopped After Slowing I-495 Traffic

U.S. Secretary of State makes unannounced visit to Kabul for talks with Karzai

Memo to sceptics of a low-carbon world – 'it's happening'

From Egypt, the message is 'Obama keep your aid'

Is Anyone Here As Untrusting Of The Repugs As I? What Did They Get From The Meeting.....

Russia Vows 'Best Model' for Sochi 2014 Olympics

The Ed Show - Short term deal only benefits GOP

US Nuclear Weapons Laboratory Discovers How to Suppress the Casimir Force

Agency most affected by the Govt shutdown?

Protesters crashing Ted Cruz speech at Values Voter event!

Can Obama bargain something good for the left now?

Utah to pay federal government to reopen national parks

How Obamacare Helped Paul, A Homeless California Man, Finally Get Insurance

Hostage-Takers Call Comparisons to Tea Party “Hurtful” - Andy Borowitz informs us

Wow, anyone watching Ted Cruz at the Value Voters Summit?

Gun Mishap Cuts Short Anti-'Libtard' Police Chief's Disciplinary Hearing

Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke dies

Avalanche Sharks -- possibly the worst movie ever made ?

An Image re-defined. The story behind Steve McCurry's "The Afghan Girl"

These moronic hunters actually shot and killed a rare albino moose

Neil Gaiman novel banned by New Mexico school after mother objects

The Messy Link Between Slave Owners And Modern Management

Establishment GOPers Assail Tea Party On Shutdown

Will the Kamikaze Caucus Doom the GOP?

Solar double cropping takes off in Japan

Will EPA Ever Reopen?

The Ed Show - GOP denies serious impact of default

Truck hits, kills father who was walking across U.S. in memory of (bullied gay) son

Not able to pass ID Checks on HealthCare.Gov? Do you have a copy of your credit report?

Report: Tea party group FreedomWorks is in deep financial trouble

How to see a woman: A conversation between a father and son

Sarah Failin Palin is headed to New Jersey to campaign

Argentina?? WhereTF is Argentina??

Jason Collins, Openly Gay and Still Unsigned, Waits and Wonders

Foreigners train Syrian rebels in Afghanistan to use chem weapons - Lavrov.

A New Taste of Nationalism

the very worst of this country is on display right now at the Value Voters Conference

The only reason anyone would blame the President...

Who's Afraid of Peer Review? - A spoof paper is accepted by Open Access journals

Short Term Deal Is A Trick And A Trap

The Tao of Charcoal.

So a tiny fringe group seeks to obstruct forward progress and just generally piss off the public.

Do you think the No Labels party is a viable alternative or a center right wing front group?

The Ed Show - Koch brothers prove their power over GOP

Drunk Russian Survives 8-Floor Fall Onto Car.

(UK) After 106 years of pledging duty to God, Scouts welcome atheist members

The Republican melt down is going to have one major impact in 2014.

3 Strange But True Facts About Me.

Hague judges rule Gaddafi-era spy chief can face trial at home

BoSox or Tigers. What say ye?

SWAT team ends seven hour stand off with empty house

ACLU Comment on Appointment of Envoy to Close Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility

How can we start a

Establishment GOPers Assail Tea Party on Shutdown

Packed crowd fights Wausau religious-music rules (video)

Rachel Maddow - Surprise! Americans miss their government

Rachel Maddow - Public opinion of GOP plummets

IKEA or Death

and now for a change: Weatherman eats cat vomit on live TV

Vocations to religious life have tripled within just eight years

Ryan, the marathon liar, speaks, or maybe pleads

The Detroit Tigers will win the ALCS in 4...

The Detroit Tigers will win the ALCS in 5...

The Detroit Tigers will win the ALCS in 6...

The Detroit Tigers will win the ALCS in 7...

More California gun control: Could it lead to recalls?

Ohio Judge Tells Man He's Still Legally Dead

Ted Cruz Calls Birth Control 'Abortifacients'

I Hope One Message The American People Take Out Of This Government Shutdown Is.....

Charles Pearce: The republicans are gonna get the budget of their dreams even if they 'capitulate'

House GOP Waiting On Obama After Submitting New Debt Limit Plan

Waterboarding gets big laughs at Cheney Roast at NY's Plaza


As The World Turns And The Pot Boils

11 Oct--International Day of the Girl Child--Innovating for Girls' Education

11 Oct--International day of the Girl Child: Innovating for Girls' Education

Link to list of free preventive services

Ideas for simple lunches at home for a furloughed fed

An unexpected interfaith marriage

Best. Manningface. Ever.

Omnibus picture thread for Friday, October 11, 2013

Red Bastion Colorado Springs Hurting From Shut Down

Every once in awhile something so ingenious comes along and changes life forever...

The Debt Ceiling

Reality vs the Tea Party Knight (apologies to Monty Python)

Revealing (partial) Honesty at freeperville .. Puke warning!!

Breaking AP: House GOP offer debt limit hike, end to shutdown in package with spending cuts

Derpocalypse Now

This is your GOP. This is your GOP on Tea. Any questions?

Waitress receives $10,000 tip after racist customer stiffed her

Walker's self-insurance plan for state employees looks unstoppable

TPM: Now You Can Go Window Shopping For Obamacare Coverage

APNewsBreak: Gen in charge of ICBMs to be fired

NORM SOLOMON: Google quietly joins ALEC

Desperate Republicans want the President to give them an extension on hostage taking.

Pic Of The Moment: New WSJ/NBC Shutdown Poll Described By Pollsters As "Jaw-Dropping"

AP retracts story on Terry McAuliffe lie claim

New Report Says Syrian Rebels Committed War Crimes


2014 - Democrats better not count their chickens before they are hatched...or else

caller on Stephanie Miller right now: "Koch Klux Klan" - says daddy Koch founded Birchers

Riding the Republican brand. Yahoo!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

Terry McAuliffe tells a good story — though facts may be scrambled

Skype under investigation in Luxembourg over link to NSA

Sad Picture of a toddler wanting to go in to the zoo.

Senate to vote on long-term debt ceiling hike, while Senate GOP plots poison pills

Long Island Mother Who Drowned 3 Children in Bathtub Gives Birth to 4th Child While Incarcerated

With government shut down, new Omaha breweries' licenses in limbo

I just learned about the logical fallacy called "Invincible Ignorance"!

1,000 students faced with decision to manufacture Playstation 4 or not graduate (China)

If the Democrats were as smart as I would like them to be

Lol this comic strip describes me pretty well

Who Is The Better Progressive Choice In The Boston Mayor's Race? Chris Faraone Discusses

What the "no labels" folks really are

Obamacare Foes Using Shutdown Echo South’s Nullifiers

Glenn Beck, Mike Lee, Freedomworks to ‘clean up’ D.C. memorials

Pelosi's Epiphany: "We’re enablers. We’ve become enablers."

Meg Whitman (as CEO): No more working at home for Hewlett-Packard employees

Ted Cruz - The beatings will continue until our poll numbers turn around

Question about ACA and Medicaid enrollment

'Extremely alarming': Iraq executes 42 people in two days

Now that Google has joined ALEC..any suggestions for

Glee Tribute to actor Corey Monteith and character, Finn

Outsourcing America Exposed - Lisa Graves Discusses

Who is the biggest sleazball GOP Governor

New 'Peanut Butter Test' Is A Quick And Easy Screen For Alzheimer's

The more people get to know Ted Cruz the less they like him.

"I got mine, so fuck you"

Can we trust President Obama?

So what happened to Truckers for the Constitution?

So, it looks like they're talking about Grand Bargain-Lite

Well holding us hostage over obamcare didn't work, on to Chained CPI

Ted Cruz resembles

Jon Stewart to red states: ‘What do you hate more? Poverty or Obama?’

Pigshit Cruz: Cruz: Send ‘search team’ if I don’t return from White House

California To Grapple “Indefinitely” With Nuclear Hangover

Rand Paul: ‘There’s a worldwide war on Christianity’

Dozens, not thousands, show up for DC trucker protest


Another National Survey: Shutdown Severely Damaging GOP

Malala's Muslim Faith: A Voice Of Islam For The Next Generation

Third cop identified in stuntz gang beat down scandal.

So, the only republican still talking smack is Ted Cruz

Washington is about to get weirder

Freeper comment about Cruz's poll numbers speaks volumes

NRA phones (my) home

Vatican Jesus Medal Recalled After Embarrassing Misspelling

Governance is work, effort, not wheeling and dealing. We the People are not John's Used Cars biz.

So Much Pretty by Cara Hoffman

Venezuela inflation soars to 49%; Maduro promises more dollars to help with imports

France's highest legal body upholds ban on fracking

Hostage Takers And Extortionists Cannot Be Rewarded

Migrant boat sinks off Sicily, 200 people in sea

Ted Cruz: Send a 'Search Team' If I Dont Return from the White House

How do you contact Viacom

Nate Silver brings us back down to earth

Peter King on MSNBC: We cannot have our party taken over by Cruz & Paul

Egypt boat capsize: 12 migrants die off Alexandria.

McLean Youth Lacrosse fights government shutdown in court; Langley Fork Park reopens

I'm sic k of her free ride

well, there's not much else going on in the news so the new york times.......

Republicans Said to Insist on Conditions to End Shutdown

Son of Adrian Peterson critically hurt

The 1960 movie ~Inherit the Wind~

The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm, or a DUstorm

Slow learners: House GOP proposal emerges on debt, but not shutdown

GOP Rep Responds To Atlanta Braves Fan's Sarcastic Shutdown Letter

Bill of Rights basics

Someone posted a newly released link for estimating ACA plans. (Not the Kaiser link).

At Cheney Roast, Torture And Libby Case Get Laughs (by DSWright 10-9-13 Fire Dog Lake)

Dems to GOP: No more extortion. No more extortion. No more extortion.

New House GOP plan has more demands

Air Canada Loses Woman’s Dog, Spokesman Dismisses Inquiries In Accidental Email

Is the House in play now?

Shared cost is a tenet of every universal health care system.

Values Voters

failure pile in a sadness bowl.

Ted Cruz Cons the People and the Republican Party

Single mom politely asks McDonalds Pres why, after ten years, she has a poverty wage, is arrested

I am almost completely overcome with the desire to...

U.S. Stocks Extend Gains After Rally as Gold, Oil Tumble

GOP, Dem Pollsters Agree: Republicans Have Been Hurt Badly By Shutdown

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Fell in October to Nine-Month Low

Oh Boy!

Pakistani Taliban gloat after Malala misses Nobel

Fox News’ Ben Carson: ‘Re-Educate The Women’ Because ‘They Get All Riled Up’ Over Abortion

One in 10 Young People Have Committed Sexual Violence

General In Charge Of US Air Force's Nuclear Missiles Fired Over Personal Misbehavior

Ted Cruz: Obama will ‘start quartering soldiers in people’s homes soon’

GOP Woos Petit to Run for 5th District Seat (heinous home invasion survivor) Sucks Because They Hired Political Cronies Instead Of Real Experts To Build It

John Kerry In Afghanistan To Push To Keep U.S. Troops In The Country After 2014

Could you pay 5 percent or more of your income right now for single payer?

15 years after Matthew Shepard's murder, his mother looks ahead

Got a call from someone asking if I'd vote for Walker. I said NO, and that I'd put him down the road

This is sickening: Adrian Peterson’s son in critical condition; mother’s boyfriend in custody

Laptops Snowden took to Hong Kong, Russia were a 'diversion'

Conservatism's only remaining principle...

Friend of ex-Detroit mayor gets 21-year sentence for corruption

WOW!!! I have been so busy I did not see how close it is to Halloween!

"The Last Days of the GOP"

House GOP proposal emerges on debt, but not shutdown

An Early Trick or Treat!!!

I've noticed some real bad spellin' on DU lately

Pages loading really slow on www.

I'm so glad I'm Norwegian right now, covered by universal health care

How do we prove health insurance next year?

Disturbing Stuffed Animal Truck IS The Work Of Banksy

Guyana says Venezuela navy evicted survey ship from its waters

Royal charter : political parties reach deal on press regulation system.

Gun Groups Declare Newtown Massacre Anniversary "Guns Save Lives Day"

We talk about entitlement cuts as something that could happen. they already have

Laptops Snowden took to Hong Kong, Russia were a 'diversion'

Judge orders New York state parks to halt smoking ban

Why aren't there even MORE Cruz Hecklers.....

Two senior military figures sacked and both in charge of nuclear weapons

Police say driver taking breath-test caused crash

Lady Scientists Organize Mass Wikipedia Edit to Honor Ada Lovelace Day

The ACA is not part of their talks now? Is this true?

Jon Stewart Slams 'Moocher' States That Won't Expand Medicaid

I'm glad I'm not a Republican!

Crack NYT investigative reporting: Shrub chewed gum in Oval Office!1 Oh, the Shrub-CHEENEE divorce!1

Viral photo from Beltway trucker protest actually from an event last May

Am I the only person at DU who knows that "deductible" only applies to hospital stays?

Could someone please explain to me…

Thom Hartmann: We've brought in a hostage negotiator!

McCain To Fox News: No, The Shutdown Is The GOP's Fault

House Republicans' latest offer: Two-track negotiations, some concession by Democrats

'God Is Gay'

It smells OK, but is it? I found a great site (while cleaning out my fridge).

FYI, SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER: AOA on "IACC Full Committee Meeting - July 2013"

The Rude Pundit - Family Research Council: Herbert Hoover Was Right and God Hates Obamacare

Senate GOP Meeting With Obama Ends Without Deal

Must Read from Rolling Stone: Inside the Republican Suicide Machine

Dessalement de l'eau sans énergie (Water desalination without energy)

Values Voters

Senate Republicans look to Jam Boehner (popcorn time!)

The last government shutdown gave us Speaker Hastert

Secret Oil Company Memos on Pollution in Louisiana

Today is brought to you by the word "NO!". As in NO to any deals. Hold tight!

Rash of hash-oil lab blasts prompt warnings

DVD Drawer won't open

Close friends with a die hard Bagger - disturbing find

Man Who Shot Bystander Granted Immunity Under Stand Your Ground Laws

Patriots Offense .....

Pete Peterson Exposed: The "Grand Bargain Hoax

are you doing what you're supposed to be doing?

U.S. judge denies request to appoint lawyer for captured al-Liby

"Just Cook it Thoroughly..." Update on 17 State Salmonella Outbreak that Sickened 278 People

Save yourselves: When it comes to climate change, the cavalry isn’t coming

Missouri governor halts October execution over drug controversy

UPDATE: House GOP proposal still fails to meet Obama demand on shutdown

Activists block courthouse, immigration hearings canceled for the day

In the hot seat: The NAACP gets into the climate fight

Dolly Parton speaks:

DELICIOUS! Paul Krugman strikes back, sort of, against Niall Ferguson...very NICE...

If your Representative is a Republican, ask if he/she has read The American Conservative's Op-Ed:

The "Values Voter Summit" is off and running...

Cory Booker won’t give me a campaign button!

Dems Send Gift Basket to Ted Cruz: 'Thanks For Making Obamacare Popular, GOP Less So'

NJ Senate race, Lonegan smears Cory Booker.

I got an OWL visit!

Iran arrests 17 partygoers; calls them 'homosexuals and Satanists'

"Joe The Plumber" shows what a racist he is...

Thom Hartmann: Climate Change - We Now Know The Point of No Return

Carnival Cruz makes a total ass of himself at "Values Voter Summit"

Mark Levin tells Obama to "sit down and shut up"

Is Bob Woodward going nuts?

It Was At This Moment Democracy Died.

LOL! Canadians new view of Mt Rushmore:

WATCH: Van Jones Lambasts Ted Cruz for Demagoguery in Crossfire Debate About Obamacare

Autistic boy from Queens still missing; Reward up to $50,000

So far, 'Ride for the Constitution' is a bust - Wash. TIMES headline

I was watching "Elementary" last night on TV,

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes bill banning future sales of semi-auto rifles;

In honor of BREAST CANCER month. Mammo-Grahams!

G.O.P. Senators See Outline for Debt Deal After Obama Meeting

jay carney about to speak at the white house per m$nbc

(FL Attn Gen) Bondi investigates Trump; Trump contributes to Bondi

The 6 Dumbest Government Shutdown Myths

McCain actually says the truth, Gomer smears him as "supporting Al-Qaeda."

Ben Carson thinks women are stupid...

The Conservative Truth Bubble

(CA Gov.) Brown vetoes bill banning semi-automatic rifles

Where's all the truckers?

A shout-out to cats

What would be the impact if the ACA was delayed for a year??

Obamacare needs young people to sign up. And it looks like they’re starting.

Google Ads Will Feature You

Exchange program gives Russians a glimpse of a democracy hardly at work


Are they EXTINCT yet?

Is Self-Service Checkout On The Way Out?

Governor Signs Comprehensive Overdose Treatment Protection (Harm Reduction Coalition)

Orlando Cruz, Gay Boxer, To Wear Rainbow Shorts And Pink Gloves For World Title Fight

11 Coming-Out Responses That Will Warm Your Heart

California Comprehensive Overdose Treatment Protection Signed by Governor

IRS Extension Deadline - Next Tuesday!

Swedish banks in nuclear weapons 'hall of shame'

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes rifle ban, signs lead ammo ban into law

GOP issues New Ransom Demands

Fear and loathing in House of Saud


We've arrived. Everyone thinks that Liberals are in control.

Welcome to the Friday Afternoon Challenge! Today, “Did you say something?”

Gov. Brown (CA) vetoed the semi-auto rifle ban; signed lead ammo while hunting ban,

Deal To Reopen Lady Liberty Floated As DC Standoff Talks Continue

We're seeing lots of nonsense ACA stories posted without the facts needed to evaluate them

Why Swedish pop is the best in the world

Ted Cruz Is Living On Another Planet

Instant Movie Review (no spoilers) - Gravity.

Here’s who pays the bills for Ted Cruz’s crusade (WP)

Tomasky: The Day the Mad Dogs Took Over the Republican Party

How Rush Limbaugh Shaped The GOP's Shutdown Woes

White House rejects House debt-limit proposal

Accepting an Award from High Times Magazine

Affordable Care Act, Jim Himes, Congressman CT

World Cup Qualifying

Thom Hartmann: Earthquakes, global warming, methane...oh my!

Wonkbook: The shutdown is a total disaster for the GOP

A rare Epic Fail from Matt Taibbi

Come away with me ...

Thank you ED !!!-

New York Has Made Zero Progress In Changing the Laws that Put Teens in Adult Prisons

Eye candy for the guys and gals. Re: Alexander Skarsgard.

Now I Understand Why People Believe What They Hear on Fox News….

Ooooh, happy, happy, joy, joy...

A Talk With the Defense Secretary, Steve Clemons, Atlantic

Judge dismisses San Jose antitrust claims against MLB

I'll bet you Glenn Beck will eventually turn on Ted Cruz. Reason? Jealousy

Metaphorical Video of Post-Romney Republican Voter and Fox News/Ted Cruz:

Horrific flesh-rotting drug krokodil may be in Chicago, doctor says

I just got polled from the PPP.

I'm sick and damn tired of DrStrange posting made-up crap about me

Reports: Adrian Peterson's Son Dies from Injuries

Why Republicans should be very, very afraid - Walter Shapiro

NSA Veterans: The White House Is Hanging Us Out to Dry

Rand Paul ties restrained foreign policy to a "worldwide war on Christianity"

Judge Orders NY State Parks To Halt Outdoor Smoking Ban

60% of Americans want ENTIRE Congress thrown out

Amid NSA Outrage, Big Tech Companies Plan to Track You Even More Aggressively

Inflation in Venezuela takes the highest leap in 17 years

"Pass it now and we'll fix it later!"

Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher wants you and ‘deranged Mexicans’ to admit wanting...

German home-schoolers ask US high court for asylum

If Jesus showed up at the Values Summit,

Ecuador abortion: President Correa threatens to resign

Pakistan Taliban commander 'seized in US operation'

Hennepin County attorney files child protection petition on behalf of 9-year-old stowaway

Feds charge Garden Grove man with ties to Al Qaeda, terrorism

Kessler: Someone else wrote Facebook posts looking for people willing to "die for their country"

The Parties have their priorities....

Wisconsin: Why the Capitol Settlement is a Win (ACLU) {cross-post from Wisconsin group}

Dear Speaker Boehner: Tea Party politicians can be primaried too

EW: "We're in this position for one reason, and one reason only ...."

A very sad update, the little 2-year-old has died...

OK, this is getting weird!

Pvt. Pyle Blames the Government Shutdown on Obama & Harry Reid

Weekend Economists Shake the Foundation October 11-13, 2013

The Hidden Cameras - Gay Goth Scene

Vatican Misspells Jesus’ Name on Papal Medal

Terror Expert: Sexual Abuse, Exploitation Behind “Wave of Female and Children” Suicide Bombers

As a football fan I give condolences to Adrian Peterson

Reds States Hurting Most From Government Shut Down.

North Carolina Humanist Group Raises Money for Poor Women Affected by Republican Shutdown

New Jersey U.S. Senate Final Debate: Cory Booker (D) vs Steve Lonegan - NJ please remember to VOTE!

Article on Sec. Kerry in National Journal

"Here's the Best Thing the U.S. Has Done in Afghanistan"


Lonegan (R-NJ) must be DEFEATED !!!

Sen. Sanders:What's Going On Here?


Results of Pilot Study Published in Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

How will they verify your smoking status?

At Risk: Currency Privilege of the Dollar

Heard of this little-known benefit of the new health law?

Converting to Islam: British women on prayer, peace and prejudice

Self-Professed ‘Bible Scholar’ Makes Explosive Allegation About Jesus....

I Think Of HAL Being Turned Off During 2001 Space Odyssey With This Shut Down

Sinking Utah poll numbers show political toll of government shutdown

Report Finds Police Worldwide Criminalize Dissent, Assert New Powers in Crackdown on Protests

The deductibles on the ACA seem to be really high. My brothers is $10,000. Is that per year?

"Indisputable Facts" By Jeff Nesbit

O'Donnell welcomes new MSNBC Host Alec Baldwin

New Jersey Supreme Court To Hear Same-Sex Marriage Case

If Obamacare is "just like slavery" then I would think conservatives would be supporting it

RedState's Erick Erickson Vows To Help Boehner, McConnell's Opponents

Rand Paul at Black Pastor Conference: Democracy Hurts Minorities

My friends brother cousin's bosses sister is going to pay 1000 brazillion dollars for ACA

Will Obama And Dems Throw Seniors And Vets To Wolves With Chained CPI

The Boston Red Sox will win the ALCS in a Sweep!!

The Detroit Tigers will win only ONE game in the ALCS!!

The Boston Red Sox will win the ALCS in a six games!!

The Boston Red Sox will win the ALCS in a stunning seventh game!!

Why Do So Many Seniors Vote GOP When GOP Tells Them They Will Send Them To Glue Factory?

More on that NBC/WSJ poll--shutdown is creating future ex-Republicans

Road rage shooting caught on cell/cam

Wow, I am clueless I know, but just got a impact drill, it is amazing....

McConnell: I'll 'Work With The Government We Have -- Not The One I Wish We Had'

Washington's Healthplanfinder hailed as 'what Obamacare looks like when it works'

Are multiple parties necessarily the result of the districts and the

NO warming for last 16 years? An Australian's point of view

Analysis: Lawsuits likely as EPA declares US ethanol blend wall a 'reality'

Scopes Monkey Trial

GOP 2014 campaign strategy leaked!!!

Long-delayed U.S. farm bill heads for final showdown

What do you need to verify identity on

Hope Catherina is enjoying herself and I hope she comes back soon. I miss her informative posts.

The shutdown probably won’t hurt Republicans in 2014. Here’s what will.

A short tirade.

I hate to sound trivial when it comes to politics....

Do more people view "liberal media" as a positive or negative??

This Idiot is a Member of Congress

Georgia Tech fraternity member apologizes for 'rapebait' email

Rep. Pete King: President Obama Should Donate To Ted Cruz

JP Morgan is spending more on fines and lawyers than on employee salaries

The Senate Conservatives Fund

"Well heres another fine mess you got me into Stanley.."

The book I am Malaya

"The War On The Poor Is A War On You-Know-Who"

Peter King on Ted Cruz: We have to cut this guy off was fraudulent from the start

FACEPALM: House Republican Tells Furloughed Federal Workers To Take Out Loans to Pay Their Bills

The Speech the Republicans Wouldn't Let You Hear

300-lb. probation officer shoots woman’s 12-pound dog in Albany [GA]

Sebelius visit fails to reassure as health care website glitches persist

Little Miss Hispanic Delaware stripped of title, because she's not Latina enough

Who is Mary Burke? - Shepard Express article is now a real thing.

Dan Harris in for Bill Weir as 'Nightline' anchor

Gold Drops to Three-Month Low as U.S. Impasse Seen Ending

Butter beans?

Do These Chemicals Make Me Look Fat?

KRUGMAN: The War On The Poor - It's Still About Race After All These Years

The Ravings of Niall Ferguson, the Real World and the Needless Suffering of Tens of Millions

The Sports Group will be sick of Red Sox fans in ? games!!!