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Archives: October 12, 2013

"To know him is to not like him," Maggie Omero on Ted Cruz

Venezuelan radio journalist arrested on air

JP Morgan facing third quarter loss after $9.2bn legal costs

Seriously DUers is there anything more fun that watching ReTHUGs finally realize

Why Aren't The Dems Calling The GOP The GOP White Racist Party?

AP: "Obamacare a success so far? It's hard to say"

Some states reopen nat'l parks as others weigh Obama offer for states to pay during shutdown

Christie: 'If I was in the Senate right now, I'd kill myself'

David Suzuki tells U.S. not to trust Harper's Keystone XL promises

Ted Cruz confronts President Obama at White House

Ya know, the ACA is all well and good.....

New Rules (For ACA Posts)

Status report: Signing up for a CoveredCA exchange plan under ACA, Day 10

Obamacare needs young people to sign up. And it looks like they’re starting.

President, First Lady, and daughter Malia meet w Malala Yousafzai in the Oval Office today

This Government Shut Down Exceptionalism Allows The GOP Cover To Continue Said Shut Down

Well, I got through to my current insurance company about their ACA coverage...

Andy Kaufman/Ted Cruz? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

There are many young children who die as a result of abuse

Teabagger Hostage Logic

States pony up to open national parks, sights

The Walking Dead Zombies and the Republicans in Congress have a lot in common.

Another ACA shopping tip... Many of these plans link directly to the provider's benefit page

Don't forget Alec Baldwin, 10 PM..MSNBC. I wish him well and hope he has a large audience..n/t

Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

Denver mulls outlawing drifting marijuana smoke

It really looks like I'm staying uninsured for another year...

Nancy Pelosi: “We can’t be enablers anymore”

Kick in Support!~

Government Shutdown Doppelgangers- Day 10

Yes ... You Can Always Go Home.

Evaluating Obama's Presidency (and Probably Doing it way too Early...)

Are you sick and tired of listening to Chris Matthews push his book........

OBAMACARE sucks b/c so many people WANT it and the website's OVERLOADED

He is not man enough to walk in her shoes

Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher wants you and ‘deranged Mexicans’ to admit wanting ‘a white Republica

Outside the bubble ACA is good.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy & a new Kittehs gif

Teabagger Policies Would Make The US A Pretty Miserable Unlivable Country For Many.

Carl Brutananadilewski has had a psychotic break: GO JETS!!!

Monster Cyclone Phailin begins striking India

Postal Service to issue Harvey Milk stamp

email from NIH

TPM: 'She's Got Really Hot Breasts, Man!' Lonegan Aide Bashes Booker With X-Rated Rant

FIGHT!! Pass the POPCORN! Louie Gohmert Says John McCain Supports al Qaeda

For operations on U.S. land, it's not open and shut

Sell Out. Obama offered Boehner a Budget lifeline.

Rachael Maddow attempts to Clarify the GOP Message

Rep. Steve Pearce Tells Furloughed Workers To Take Out Loans To Pay Bills

Friday Talking Points (277) -- Who Will Inhabit The Cave?

US ship detained by Venezuela in Guyana disputed waters

Gulf countries consider medical checks to bar transgender expats

Louie Gohmert Says Don't Listen to John McCain, As He 'Supported Al Qaeda'

I guess the TeaParty thought that shutting the government would make it smaller?

Elephant kills keeper at Springfield, Missouri, zoo

Is Faux MegynKELLEY *all* it's got - "Judge Judy"??????????!1 *That's IT?!1" n/t what is fixed and what is not

Louie Gohmert: John McCain 'Supported Al Qaeda'

Being gay in Algeria: ‘I’ll never live with the one I love’

Washington's Healthplanfinder hailed as 'what Obamacare looks like when it works'

Lonegan aide who bashed Booker with X-rated rant yesterday posted racist tweet today

Panama: Weapons in NKorean Ship Are Operational

How The Mighty Republican Party Became So Ignorant

Brunch with Bernie: October 10, 2013

Congressional Republicans rush to develop plan to reopen government, avoid default

'Deadliest Catch' star tells Senate about shutdown's threat to fishermen

DU apps

Jupiter-bound craft running normally again

Are we watching Alec BALDWIN????????!1 Better than HANNITY (et al. ) n/t

Berta Cáceres Is Still Alive

NEW REPUBLIC: The Last Days of the GOP-We could be witnessing the death throes of Republican Party


Mitt Romney gets go-ahead for huge La Jolla mansion

(While We Weren't Looking) FISA Grants NSA Permission To Continue Collection Of ALL USA Phone Calls

Shutdown keeps prison guards from getting paid … but prisoners still making bank

Don't forget! Alec Baldwin on MSNBC tonight at 10

Advice to Boner

Every Bit Of This Horseshit Is Attributable to Citizen's United

Argentina will not accept remains of Nazi war criminal Priebke

Woman on plane to Tampa starts screaming, "God is my savior" during flight.

The Eight Craziest Things Ted Cruz Said Today

NYC Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio on Alec Baldwin's new MSNBC show right now!

I don't know if this is where to discuss this

A Mayoral Hopeful Now, de Blasio Was Once a Young Leftist - NEW YORK TIMES

NC governor spending $230,000 on mansion bathrooms

Watching de Blasio on Alec Baldwin show and I get the joy of voting for this guy.

O.K., Alec is going bad/wrong: Talking "policy". Well, MSRNC has failed before You can't fix stupid....

Lord, protect me from Your followers! Have you seen the highlights from the Value Voters Summit?

Wal-Mart agrees to allow Occupy Falmouth activists on property

Why is TV sexualizing toilet paper and adult diapers?

Six Absurd Right-Wing Lies About Food Stamps

Why waste tax-dollars on DARPA projects, while the DoD looks stupid: instead of hiring a writer?

Christians in Qatar celebrate formal opening of Anglican center

Christians in Qatar celebrate formal opening of Anglican center

New York's Moma acquires Occupy Wall Street art prints

Failed attempt at photo upload so please ignore-NT

GMWATCH.ORG: Cardinal Turkson - Speak truth to power

Another question Re: DVD

Official: Traffickers in Honduras Alerted to Raid

Honduras Healthcare System Collapsing

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ October 12th?

Trees for Bees (Arbor Day Foundation)

OMGosh, weren't we just talking about Meg Ryan??? holy cow....she's gonna be on TV...

Gun Groups Declare Newtown Massacre Anniversary "Guns Save Lives Day"

Wegman’s Weimaraner Republic

“No one has done more to strengthen Obamacare than Ted Cruz.”

GOP Tactics Is About Removing Lifelines Not About Politics. It's Savagery, Cruelty & Sadism.

Anyone have info. about that national trucker strike

Fox News’ Ed Henry Walks Out of White House Briefing After Jay Carney Ignores Him Twice

Andrew Breitbart is still dead. n/t

Congress losing out to Zombies, Wall Street, and...Hipsters

Ron Paul endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia governor

Every Day I write the book

Default could have $2 billion effect in NY

Rick Scott ain't buying you lunch, kids. From Creative Loafing.

His poll numbers sinking, Cruz ramps up rhetoric

Cat 5 typhoon Phailin is about to slam India

I can’t say enough bad things

Don't caved on 30bil dollar medical device tax. This is just more corp welfare.

Maher, Matthews Get in Epic Brawl with GOP Guest Over Obamacare: GOP 'Sabotaging a Law!'

Safe Hands~

Oregon wave energy stalls off the coast of Reedsport

Cuomo announces creation of second nanoscience hub

"Conservatives defiant in the face of GOP troubles"

Shitty employer-based family coverage...

FL Dems Feeling Energized!

Chris Hedges interview...

"G.O.P. Helps Americans Like Government"

Apes Seeing The Light of Day For The First Time

So I'm going to leave you with this...

Probation Officer Shoots and Kills 2-Year-Old Jack Russell Terrier

Maher New Rule: People Call Bachmann 'Loon' and Scalia 'Serious' But 'They’re The Exact Same Idiot'

Jim DeMint coming to Bandon, OR - Oct. 14-17

International Monetary Fund strongly suggests countries tax the rich to fix deficit

UNISON writes to Guatemalan president over murders

Jim DeMint coming to Bandon, OR - Oct. 14-17

The DCCC called about an hour ago wanting a $218

New attacks and death threats against union members in Guatemala


"California files suit against for-profit college"

Out-of-control car hits several people in Yonkers

Write. Delete. Read. Unfriend.

Damn that Obamacare!

Okay, if under the ACA they can't charge more for pre-existing conditions

HIV+ and Ready to Sign Up for Obamacare? Hold on a Minute (HRC Blog)

Brilliant mind of Michele Bachmann: ObamaCare? More like DeathCare, with Death Squads, Death Stars

Newt Gingrich comments on the shut down

Nations should be on equal footing with Uncle Sam, say web overseers

Nickelback is more popular than congress?

According to

A link to ALL the segments of the Alec Baldwin 'Up Late' interview with Bill DeBlasio

how stupid is stupid

Betty Crocker is a pro-homo, anti-christian socialist homofascist communist librul traitor 2 Murkkka

Republican women drive the deal

how stupid is stupid

The hysterical hate-clowns have driven away another DU-er.

united healthcare fires thousands of Dr.'s

this is worth repeating

10 Surprising Foods You Can Freeze

I think this must be seen

Heads Up! Google are changing their TOS and will add a photo and details of you to advertisments...

I fell asleep in the chair outside

This all saying it's " ok to jeopardize the full faith and credit of the US "is causing

NOT A Scientific Poll but...

well here is something 68 percent say govt not tough enough on wall street criminals.

Chained CPI. The cheaper the items seniors buy, the lower the cost of living raise. Not good.

Many of our new friends qualified for the "tinfoil" ACA plan

Bears attracted to spawning salmon attract tourists to Tahoe's Taylor Creek (LA Times)


The Radicalization of the GOP is the Most Important Political Story Today

Homemade Vegetable Bouillion

Protesters demonstrate outside Paul Broun's Athens office

John Stewart ask the Question, "Republicans what's your F*king Plan"

One thing I'm NOT worried about is medical bankruptcy - Thanks Medicare!!

Vatican Jesus Medal Recalled After Misspelling Jesus

"The official Ted Cruz compared to..." thread

Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher wants you and ‘deranged Mexicans’ to admit wanting ‘a white Republica

Our great and powerful NASA is now a dustbin

President Obama Nominates First Native American Woman to Federal Bench

The 5 Most Statistically Full of Shit National Stereotypes Read more:

G20 urges U.S. to act quickly to avoid default

Just teasing topic: If Hillary wins should Bill be the First Gentleman or First Lord?

What comes to mind when you hear the word 'Xeriverde' ?

Omnibus Picture thread of October 12. 2013

Senate Republicans Look to Jam Boehner

Ted cruz back in the fifties talking about the "Commiecrat party"

Statement from the White House on the Awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the OPCW

Some Dems Say Medical Device Tax Repeal Is A 'Moronic' Idea

Venezuela. Focusing on disaster by ignoring the facts

do you believe in "ghosts?"

Nearing the Eve of Destruction, will this be Obama's Winning Hand?

Streaking in the 70's and today

Shutdown keeps planes grounded, crab fleet docked

Onion guide to debt ceiling and 'Are we fucking stupid?"

Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher wants you and ‘deranged Mexicans’ to admit wanting ‘a white Republica

Anyone tested out CoverOregon?

Ohio man kidnapped in Venezuela in 1976 dies

Ohio man kidnapped in Venezuela in 1976 dies

Cashing In on Catastrophe: How to Stop the Climate Crisis Profiteers

US Failing International Treaty as Chemical Weapons Stockpile Plagues Panama

US Failing International Treaty as Chemical Weapons Stockpile Plagues Panama

This is too cool not to share; Girl rocks "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses on a guzheng.

Are cuts to Social Security and Medicare on the table?

Hypocrites! Corporate Leaders Bemoan the Default Crisis Created by Tea Partiers They Funded

This Russian Architect's Scale Model Was Impressive. Then They Noticed the Couple Having Sex.

Republican leaders to permanently meet at the Broadmoor

Search for 9 boys from unlicensed NM youth camp amidst abuse probe

Tell me again why Jamie Dimon is still chairman of JPMorgan

Mayim Bialik Gives Sneak Peak of 'Mayim's Vegan Table'

How The Mighty Republican Party Became So Ignorant

Senators' plan would reopen govt, raise debt limit

Here's Who We Owe That $17 Trillion Of Government Debt To{large image}

The Towns Around Fukushima Power Plant Look Like A Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare [PHOTOS]

NOT A Scientific Poll part II

TV ad puppets electrify Israeli gay rights debate

Julian Assange attacks Benedict Cumberbatch for portraying him in film

Actually, Washington Needs To Stop Listening To America

Malala meets Barack Obama and asks him to end Drone Strikes

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons pressures US, Russia after Nobel award

Halloween's a comin'

Make sure to badmouth Republicans and their craziness while you're all out and about today...

Why is the left obsessed with the Daily Mail?

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday Oct 12, 2013)

Could this 2013 Nobel laureate afford college today?{audio @ link}

Wind, rain, sea pound India as large cyclone nears

John Boehner, In A Song, Explains The Shutdown


Just think, if the Tea Party

Republicans more likely to subscribe to conspiracy theories

Mark Kelly gives an astronaut’s view of ‘Gravity’

Where Even the Middle Class Can't Afford to Live Any More

Breitbart: First Obamacare, Then a Single Payer System

LED lighting

Apocalyptic Christian Theology's Role in Gov Shutdown

'500 people will control american democracy' if SC overturns campaign finance law

Concert for the cows

Yeah, J Roddy Walston and The Business

For those delighting in the GOP meltdown, please remember


Huskers to be honored for Jack Hoffman's (7 year old Make A Wish cancer now-remission) touchdown run

Where's my Purple Haze?

Look out behind you...

Death of the Dream

Team Pineapple, AWAY!


I want a full fledged crash if we go past the 17th deadline. No wimpy crash but

Is this some kind of joke?

Spanking Child With Wooden Spoon Not Child Abuse, Says State Court

War is Absurd

Something's Out Of Whack

Who do you love most?

OUCH! That Hurt

The USA does negotiate with terrorists...

So we put the whole country at risk for a FUCKING!!! medical device tax?

BUG: Government occasionally shuts down

Ben Carson:Obamacare is the worst thing since SLAVERY

Scaring Up The White Vote The G O P Southern Strategy Lives at Fox News PART 2)

so, there could be a reward for shutting down the government....

National Parks closed except for First Amendment activities

Have we seen the details? All the potential CONVERSATIONS offered that Republicans chose to reject

North Dakota waits 11 days to tell public about oil spill

Hillary Clinton Backs Saudi Women Defying Driving Ban

President Obama rules out short-term debt ceiling hike

Hi! My wife is being kinda recalled from the teabaggers' shutdown.

I think I just saw my first drone

Treasury reimburses dog owner whose pet ate $500

I'm sitting up straight now: Mother Jones reveals "16 ways Default will Totally Screw Americans"

McDonald's Employee Confronts Executive: I Can't Afford Shoes For My Children

parenting advise...

Hey Joeybee

I don't know how I missed "The Score".

Support Cory Booker!

Hopefully the next Mayor of Boston Labor Day '13

Press charter would be unconstitutional in US, says Society of Editors head.

Washington hosts the IMF and their experience is...

Carlos Beltran will hit the game winner in every post season game

France remands 'top al-Qaeda man' Naamen Meziche

Shutdown protest held at Rep. Lee Terry's (R-NE) Omaha office (Fri 10-11-13 2nd time this week)

Romneys approved to build beachfront mansion in California

Oregon GOP Party Chair Sells Pro-Slavery Novel, Tied To Theocratic Movement

What the hey?

San Francisco-area transit strike postponed, talks go on

Compelling: Black Mormon Woman Abandoning Republican Party

If We Had An Honest & Decent Media Right Now GOP Would Be On The Run

Daily Mail U.K. re: screaming woman on Tampa flight

The ACA is converting disbelievers

Dominican court ruling renders hundreds of thousands stateless

Rush Limbaugh: Defeat Is Victory (and Obama Being Black Complicates It)

The myths behind public-employee pension reform

One last request for help and some DU love

The original cognitive shutdown! . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

CA Coastal Committee Okays San Diego Convention Center Expansion, Completion Targeted for 2018

Not Satire: Lonegan campaign attacks Booker for NOT propositioning stripper

100,000 thousand truckers jammed in DC beltway (webcam)

Letters detail punitive tactics used on Guantánamo hunger strikers

Google Maps Street View - Do They Have Your Photo?

Six million sex workers in China, hiding in plain sight.

The Tea Party Republicans' Biggest Mistake: Confusing Government With Our System of Government

Venezuelan Radio Journalist Arrested on Air

My far RW, "disabled" Vet, racist neighbor just did me an incredible favor--not sure how to

Controversy over Taliban arrest overshadows Kerry Afghanistan talks

I'm thinking the Thugs will fold when the polls put their approval in the teens.

I got a robocall from the "Tea Party Patriots."

Just A Friendly Reminder -

These Conservative Blacks The GOP Parades Out Are Goofy.

Snowden: mass surveillance making us less safe

Headline of the Week: "Republicans are working out the terms of their surrender."

White House: Obama has concerns with GOP proposal

JPMorgan’s Dimon Posts First Loss on $7.2 Billion Legal Cost!!

Anyone seen the Robert Reich documentary: Inequality For All?

Vietnam Sees Massive Public Mourning for War Hero


Mediterranean 'a cemetery' - Maltese PM Muscat

Boehner tells House repubs "No Deal" Cantor tells them "Stand strong and fight"

QE and the profitability of fracking

Rick Scott just pushed Florida off the cliff !

Saturday Open Thread - Post CR/Debt extension story here.

"Mansplaining" Idiot

Please! Just point me in the right direction, thanks ...

Joe Ferguson's bullet throw in the 1974 World Series

Seattle Teacher Jesse Hagopian Schools NBC's Education Nation

Genocidal Maniac Columbus Lands in New World on this Date

Please go see Speciesism: The Movie, and tell all your people to too

Great, great photos of Sandra Bullock.

Obama campaign strategist Anita Dunn: Stop working for Keystone XL

Here's When The US Government Will Really Run Out Of Cash

About the South Dakota ranchers who lost cattle in last week's blizzard -

A Prayer For India

Is anyone else watching the House in session on C-Span?

Ted Cruz besieged by hecklers — and relishes the combat

Festival in Calcutta -- incoming cyclone edition (pics and videos)

A Bridge Between Western Science and Eastern Faith

NDTV (New Delhi) link for LIVE coverage of Cyclone Phailin

DU apps

The Values Voter Summit doesn’t own God

The So-Called "Liberal" Media: "THE GOP IS DEAD. LONG LIVE THE GOP!"

Deal to resolve fiscal crisis stalls in Congress

Question for the AA Group (and others) ...


What Should Church Look Like?

That herbal supplement may not be what you think it is, scientists find

Here's a little something to haunt your dreams. Old timey Halloween costumes.

Introducing the Middle Way Society, an interview with Robert M. Ellis

Repubs will hold out for a few more days in hopes of a Democratic fold...

14 MOST ABSURD Break Up Texts

obama and democrats must not waiver

Letter: President Obama is standing on principle

U.N. panel says Japan nuclear workers may have got higher radiation: report

Is there any way to watch post-season baseball without cable or satellite TV?

leaf fall

costume ideas??

I saw this on FB, and thought some may enjoy it.

Party that said we had no money to rebuild after Sandy has wasted $3.4B on Shutdown

C.I.A. Disputes Early Suspicions on Snowden

Found This on Google Images. Absolutely Perfect

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra plays "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

The Internet Is Melting Our Brains With Irrelevant Information — And It's Getting Harder To Discrimi

House Ds are debating discharge petition on CSPAN right now

Indian Red Cross braced for potential impact of Cyclone Phailin

A compromise with these jackals would be unthinkable

Cuccinelli Touts Endorsement by Racist, Anti-Semitic Nut Who Says Social Security Unconstitutional

Exchange program gives Russians a glimpse of a democracy hardly at work

SENATE Voting Now to Raise Debt Limit Through 2014

In case anyone wants to take on this conflation

Mrs. Ted Cruz: VP Goldman Sach, Economic Policy Advisor to Bush-Cheney

Confederate flag ban could go to court

AFAIC, the Iraq War would have been much less popular in the initial stages if B*sh had just done

Just had the most insane argument with a lady I have known for 32 years

LOL: "The more people get to know Senator Ted Cruz...."

The Repubs have offered to extend debt limit for six weeks...

FYI Discharge Petition defined

On and on...... WASHINGTON — Budget negotiations broke down on Saturday

Abbas considers appeal to UN over ‘Temple Mount violations’

Senate Republicans Block Debt Limit Increase through 2014 Bill

Senator Bernie Sanders: “How many people will die if the Affordable Care Act is repealed?”

"Pro-life" fake video maker at VVS...

Terrified Tea Party reviving slaveholder ideology: notorious sociologist talks to Salon

Star Parker shows what a bigot she is, at VVS...

One Look At These Emails, And You'll See Why Republicans Let Ted Cruz Lead Them Off A Cliff

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 15: The Story of Film

Bachmann Renames Obamacare ‘Deathcare’ at Values Voter Summit

Well..IF we go past the 17th...and IF they stop SS payments all together....

Ben Carson: Obamacare Is Worst Thing To Happen In America 'Since Slavery'

Tech experts wary of more Obamacare glitches

Court: NSA can continue sweeping phone data collection

Our Government is broken, what to do?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 16: Tyrone Power

Oppressed rich white Republicans

Watching C-SPAN House of Reps...

16 Ways Default Will Totally Screw Americans

nolabear's post about eerie vintage Halloween costumes reminded me of this October Project video...

TCM Schedule for Monday October 14 - TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

Maher, Matthews Get in Epic Brawl with GOP Guests Over Obamacare: GOP ‘Sabotaging a Law!’

Senate Republicans just filibustered a debt limit hike.

This reminds me of some folks...

Tea Party - "Is you is or is you ain't my constituency?"

my book – "bagels in kandahar" – (the first three introduction pages)

Failure to learn from punishment--

The remaining Doolittle Raiders will gather in Dayton, Ohio, for a final time next month.

After Republicans filibuster debt ceiling bill, Senate Democrats reject GOP BS plan (updated)

Something I want to share with you all

my wife has had her brain surgery.

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

Social in-security brought to you by-

college football thread......

Senior Democrat, GOP Aide Get Into Altercation on House Floor

We need to let congress know when they want donations for campaigns, the public has also

How many people are paying attention to the shut-down and/or debt limit fight?

GOP says NOOOOOOOOO! to hike in the Debt Ceiling!

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - "Gone Gone Gone"

Is Glenn Beck hard at work in DC today?

Let's hope Democrats do not overplay their hand. Obama bashing is starting in the Senate .

"Constitution" Rally Truckers Stopped After Slowing Capital Beltway Traffic

Shirley fire kills woman and 3 children

Reports are coming in across the state of Ohio Saturday that food stamp machines are not working

Hitler Finds Out That Matt Kibbe Spent His $50 Donation to FreedomWorks on Beer

The Senate Repubs have decided to try and save the House Repubs from themselves.

Tom Tomorrow on the shutdown

Dividing into two groups and then arguing with each other is no way to reach a solution

Staten Island convent fire leaves 6 injured

GOP Rejects Democratic Plan To Extend Debt Ceiling Through Next Year

ATTN Republican Deficit Hawks the shut down has now cost $3.3 billion $s.

There must be no reward for extortion. I'd let the country default if the GOP won't give in.

Lonegan Aide Shaftan fired for Booker comments

Alex Sink says she's 'very interested' in Pinellas congressional seat

2 Turkish students detained for using Nazi salute on concentration camp visit

When Teddy Roosevelt Took a Bullet to the Chest and Kept Speaking

Statement from Jay Carney on today's Senate GOP filibuster of a clean debt ceiling hike

Kerry, Karzai say major issues resolved but immunity outstanding

Big Pharma Outrage Must Read: The Soaring Cost of a Simple Breath

Dude chill...

What are you reading the week of October 13, 2013?

HBD< Sam Moore!!

Maldives President Mohamed Waheed ends election bid

Maybe we should consider a new name for our country?

so sorry Hawaii, no ACA for you...yet

Car bomb explodes in Iraqi city of Samarra, killing 14

Here's to you, El

Republicans play disastrous public-relations game

Matt Taibbi: Its up to the Democrats to save the Republicans from Ted Cruz

REPORT: Once Again, Sunday Morning Talk Shows Are White, Male, And Conservative

Obama, Boehner negotiations at standstill; focus moves to the Senate

The Debt Limit Itself Should be unConstitutional

CoinGate: There is a scandal unfolding involving Josh Mandel (Poster Boy For Citizen's United)

Florida Attorney General Bans "Crazy Clown" Drug

Triples the deficit - gets 18 clean debt ceiling increases

I am so very tired of the talk that the nation is broke and needs to cut spending

Now you know

Sequester? Won't happen... it did. Shutdown? Won't did. Default... now what?

The Ed Show - GOP keep denying and lying about the default

The Ed Show - Radical right unite pretending to talk values

Longhorns taking it to the Sooners!

The Ed Show - Americans hate the shutdown, blaming the GOP

Computer Upgrade Blamed For Nationwide EBT System Shutdown On Saturday (With Update)

Ray McGovern: Laptops Snowden Took to Hong Kong, Russia Were a 'Diversion'

EBT card problems NOT shutdown-related

Listening to Harry Reid at the presser building up Mconnell... (updated with video Link)

I think the "Republican" brand has officially turned s**t

Morgan Griffith, GOP Rep, Compares Default To American Revolution

Republicans remind me of Carry Nation....

The speaker of the house should be arrested, impeached, shamed and other things

REFILE - SPECIAL REPORT-The real force behind Egypt's 'revolution of the state' the GOP just filibustered and prevented the debt ceiling bill from being voted on?

Michele Bachmann--

I hate republicans

Fundy calls Mathew Shepard's murder a "complete fraud."

An Exec order to save the nation, can Tony Scalia stop it

More Americans Committing Suicide than During the Great Depression

From a stressed-out immune system to a miswired brain: why you can't resist that extra cookie

Best Halloween tunes?

Life and Death in the Homeless Camps

The Gummint is shut down, but I got paid...

A picture's worth a thousand words

Report: Donor Thought McDonnell Was Helping Company Get State Funding

In Swingtown, U.S.A., Republican Views Soften

Why I Don't Want To Live In Dataland

NJ Senate Projection: Booker 62.0%, Lonegan 36.4%


Netflix customer support

That big thud you just heard...


The Price of Pleasure

The tea party people view themselves as American revolutionaries.

Now here's smart career move: Charlie Hunnam backs out of "50 Shades of Grey"

Your October/My October

Lucky kids: Paul McCartney Surprises Queens High School With Auditorium Rock Show

The DOJ should begin an immediate and thorough investigation of Experian's process for verifying

"Tea Party GOP Sen. Rand Paul v. Sweet young black sales clerk"

I did not want to post, but my grief has overcome me

Sam Wang:Republicans are weaker in GERRYMANDERED districts

Odd resemblance....

More women come forward claiming illegal strip searches

Toon: Exit Strategies

This is why we can't have nice things.

WhyTF is Star Parker getting the stage on C-Span???

I just invented a new brain/core exercise, new use for an exercise ball.

Separated at birth? John Boehner and...(guess first, then look)

Don't forget that the new season of tea party's wet dream of how the US will be starts

House Yanks Bill After Alan Grayson Tries To Add 'Clean CR' Language

Bug report

House Democrats Pull an End Around To Try To Overthrow Boehner and Reopen Government

What happens when you pour molten aluminum into an anthill?

House adjourns, full focus now on Senate

Today in 1997, John Denver was killed in a plane crash.

Help Me Debunk This Argument : Medicare Is Not An Earned Entitlement, It Is Welfare Program

Another great idea from UCSC!

Fox News Anchor Apologizes For Fake Obama Story

Dissident Catholic priest network pushes for grass-roots Church reforms

Thom Hartmann ALEC Wants Back in the Shadows

Remember Joe the Plumber?

Buying American stuff is "un-American?"

More on the greatest upset of the year! >>

NYT article about sex trafficking in the US

If it is Sunday, it is Republican

Chipotle is testing vegan Sofritas on local east coast menus

Watching "Game Change" again...

And now a 4th generation of our family loves the 50-60's Twilight Zone

GOP Filibusters Debt Limit Hike As Anxieties Flare Over Default

2nd March on Monsanto in 500 cities and 47 US states

Galeri Zilberman, Istanbul.

Relative of "Baby Hope" Sexually Assaulted, Smothered Her in 1991: NYPD

WTF? This DU can't agree that "visible brusies" are signs of abuse?

Speaking of resemblances, what about our current state and the English Civil War?

McCrory spending $230,000 on mansion bathrooms

How we got here: The Corporation

Nebraska Court Rules Teen Too Immature for an Abortion, Fine to Raise a Kid

Great afternoon. Train Day in SLO. "Tales from the tunnels, the railroad and the Cuesta Grade"

"Tales from the tunnels, the railroad and the Cuesta Grade" (CA, Southern Pacific)

New GOP Tactic-Start Recall On Lost Close Elections Where Legal. Colorado Now Serial Election State

Mike Luckovich Toon: The Washington Orangeskins

You Won't Believe Which State Taxes Its Poor the Most

I'm so bad, I...

Highlights of the Game of the Decade! >>

President + Democrats = Adults In Government~ Pics in Oval with Dem Leaders..

Remember when... "deficits don't matter"

SpaceX Grasshopper 744m Test Video. Stunning!

To prepare for Halloween, where is the cheapest place to buy boxes of full size candy bars?

"there was a brief altercation between...Joseph Crowley...and Chris Vieson"

Got my bumper stickers.

Fabulous comment over at UKGuardian-Senators seek to end US government shutdown and avoid default

The Wild Feathers: "The Ceiling"

Nice job Cards pitching staff ...

I kinda feel bad for Boner.

native Winona LaDuke rides near the ND oil spill on long ride of oil pipeline

If you hit a child with an object---like say a wooden spoon....

Transgender student named homecoming queen at Iowa university

Reid: GOP #1 issue is "to divert attention from the fools they've made of themselves on Obamacare."

Is the GOP becomng more sexist because

First Love

Why is this???

Lebanese filmmaker says risked jail to film in Israel

France Cements Fracking Ban

Hamas-Salafist Rapprochement in the Gaza Strip

Gay rights protest in St Petersburg ends in clashes

Boehner has 2014 primary opponent

Adrian Peterson Asks People To Stop Tweeting Pictures Of Adrian Jr.

GOP May Be Committing Suicide Over Shut Down&Debt Rise-Just I Don't Want To Go With It.

Global banking leaders sound default alarm

The LandFillHarmonic

Got my Wendy For Governor bumper stickers

Animal Liberation Press: Minnesota Fur Farm Burns to the Ground

Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) in 1957 on TV

Do you blame her?

Chevron Launches RICO Trial Over $18 Billion Ecuador Verdict Tuesday

Can We Get A Congress Elected in 2014 That Will Work With Our President and Not Against Him?

In any discussion about poverty, food stamps are always front & center, BUT

Has anyone else wondered-

The public debt of the United States shall not be questioned.

No biggy but "S. Korea Charges 100 Officials Over Nuclear Reactor Corruption"

Letters detail punitive tactics used on Guantánamo hunger strikers

Police colluded in secret plan to blacklist 3,200 building workers

Lhota, De Blasio Stump For Votes On Columbus Day Weekend

I am so tired of dealing with a brazillion passwords and user IDs.

Teabagger Meme "Defaulting And Shutting Country Down For Its Own Good To Save It" What?!

2-year old struck and killed by SUV in Jackson Heights

Cruz's Rhetoric Is Getting Dangerous.

Laundry question:

Good news: "NSA backlash sparks new technology"

Anyone watching the show on NBC "The Obama Care Survival Guide"?

Modern GOP is now the party of Dixie

The Omni Hotel in Dallas last night: