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Archives: October 13, 2013

Where have people been getting low-deductible plans until now?

Boxing! 10-12

Hey-O liberal women!

Innovation in renewable-energy technologies is booming

Cookie Monster before he was Cookie Monster!

Finally, A Better Tax System that can be Clearly Understood and Easily Implemented

'Money For Nothing'

Statue of Liberty to reopen to public Sunday after deal reached

Cliff House reopens despite government shutdown (again), with federal permission

DUer Rambis' mother probably won't make it through the weekend.

GOP Suicide Bombers Strategy

Star Parker - How do we counter her polemic?

Who would be leader of military coup d'etat in the US if shutdown cant be resolved?

Texas stomps Sooners in statement game

Krugman: The opening of the markets Monday could be … interesting.

Joe The Plumber: 'Wanting A White Republican President Doesn't Make You Racist'

El Salvador shutters historic rights clinic

A Complete Timeline of Republican Obstructionism on Budget Negotiations They Are Now Demanding

Hysterical Erick Erickson continues to issue big bad primary threats against House GOPers

our forefathers are gone

Please check in if you believe the GOP has gone insane.

Gay rights protest in St Petersburg (Russia) ends in clashes

Just another guy in Washington

Tea party: "We must destroy the economy to save it"

Obama and Democrats, united by shutdown, looking for gains beyond it

My problem with the Affordable Care Act

Toon- If The Government is unable to take care of Veterans....

I now have refrigerator again.

A Song For John Boehner and the Shut Down, by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Nice skyline, Porsche.

Mohandas Gandhi's letter to Adolf Hitler, 1939 India'

West Wing Week: 10/11/13 or "The Shutdown Edition: Week Two"

Cruz Logic

President Obama's Weekly Address: Let's Get Back to the Work of the American People

Pope stresses 'service' role for women in Catholic Church

PENN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I met Edgar Bergen

Philly cops recorded in racially-abusive stop-and-frisk: ‘All you do is weaken the f—ing country’

How come a single American mom in a wheelchair goes to jail, pays a fine, and gets a criminal

Amazing early photos of heroes of the Revolutionary War in their old age

Question for my British friends...

The video "Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3"

The disbelieving of women

Do you have to use the fingerprint scanner on the IPhone 6?

I know who Cruz reminds me of, the Governor on The Walking Dead.

My travails (actually, "problem solving") with this weed (no, not that weed)

The GOP's little rule change they hoped you wouldn't notice

Reid, McConnell launch bipartisan talks on ending shutdown

Since when did the Smith Bros. field a team?

"I will not eat that much food again."

Brazil landowner jailed for 115 years over landless deaths

Xerox Statement on Temporary EBT Systems Outage

Mean people suck.

Reactions to the Nobel Peace Prize

The Soaring Cost of a Simple Breath

good job, hitting the "gun show loophole's" grommet edition

Personally, I find Republican screaming about the ACA...

Watching "O Brother Where Art Thou?"

"Perverting the State of Our Union"

For everyone who thinks the Republicant party....

I now will proceed to entangle the entire area

"Cruzification of the GOP"

We need one brave Republican in the House

Nancy Pelosi, Betty Ford Join Women's Hall of Fame

Honduras police, locals clash in arrest of suspect in boy's killing

If they're the "fiscal conservatives" and the ones who know how to fix the financial problems,

Tafline Laylin Africa's First Plastic Bottle House Rises in Nigeria

So how much is a lesus coin worth?

Why Giving Republican Bullies a Bloody Nose Isn’t Enough

The Tea party has a mandate!... Excuse me, Obama does too!

"Truth in the Age of Niallism"

Physicists snatch a peep into quantum paradox

Bellevue girl born on 9/11 donates birthday money to veterans

how is everyone's saturday night?

10,000 "Truckers for the Constitution" creating havoc on the beltway.

Big Twinkie

"Shutdown Severely Damaging Republican Party"

Since the last teabagger protest was sooooo successful....

Partial Afghan security deal reached, Kerry says

Ezra Klein - "Why Senate Democrats rejected the Collins deal"

We sing about beauty and we sing about truth at ten thousand dollars a show

Bill Maher: Antonin Scalia And Michele Bachmann Are 'The Exact Same Idiot'

"Reopen the Government, Pay Our Bills" Bernie Sanders

Slate - "Ted Cruz Wins 317 Votes in a Straw Poll" at Value Voters Summit

we think we have found a "donor" barn.

"Porn Prof" Hugo Schwyzer Resigns in Disgrace from Pasadena City College

When were you on the Group W bench?

"Blind adherence to ‘balance’ makes the media dangerously dumb"

"Pass it ON".. Tweet from LOLGOP

Your shoe size.

Atlantic - "Inside the Conservative Bubble, It Looks Like Ted Cruz Is Winning Big"

the politics of hari kari

Give me a fucking break! (speaking to right-wingers, not folks on DU!)

C.I.A. Disputes Early Suspicions on Snowden

LO'D: Things Congress COULD Have Done While It Was Busy Trying to Repeal Obamacare

The soaring cost of a single breath


Embattled charter chain fights to add schools in Orange County

Wish Us Luck!

Finnish Finish First for Second Year at North American Wife Carrying Championship

Whew. Red Sox fans breathe again. History has to wait....

London firefighters: Don't put your penis in a toaster

Rep. Suzanne Bonamici: U.S. economy should not be bargaining chip in health care debate - Opinion

Hunter-gatherers and immigrant farmers lived together for 2,000 years in Central Europe

I got a letter from my Representative today

Joe the Plumber: America Needs a White Republican President

Holy Hittite city being unearthed in northern Turkey

I woke up a few minutes ago covered in blood. Even my iPad screen.

Government Shutdown Negotiations Stuck On Sequestration

People say Nicolas Cage doesn't have range but after seeing this, I have to disagree...

The Real Purpose of The Tea Party

Crusade? Or Cruzade?

The GOP's little rule change they hoped you wouldn't notice

Snowden: US govt allows top officials to lie to Congress, yet prosecutes truth-tellers

'Bless These Braying Jackasses': SNL’s Senate Chaplain Barry Black Prays Away the Gov’t Shutdown

SNL Cold Open Zings Congress & Gov’t Shutdown Using Gravity and NASA

I don't know how long DU has had it, but I love it...

Anyone else remember this toy?

Who gets rich if the United States defaults? Bankers? Billionaires? The Capitalists, right.

Remember those truckers that were going to shut down the Capital?

Uh...Medicated Body Powder is not....

Captain Phillips is not going to help the Republicans

Recycling for efficiency dates back to early hominids: scientists

Prediction: Sunday will be all doom and gloom - they will be aiming at the markets.

Bluegrass Icon passed away ... (father of a dear friend of mine)

The infantile, small minds of small town Republifucks....

The ACA deductibles cap the providers' losses

I have a hypothetical question...

You Maniacs! You blew it up!

GEO Watch: Mexico bans transgenic corn - Judge rules that GMOs are imminent threat

Do not allow your local news to use false equivalency. Fight them!

Why I find it difficult to argue with Republicans about Obama the Tyrant

A strategy for 2014?

A thank you to the Enemies of America,

How have you or family been hurt by the repug gov shutdown?

What would Lesus do? Vatican recalls Pope Francis medals after Jesus spelling error

Giffords to attend gun show under NY sales model (SF Gate)

Cyclone updates from Indian broadcast news

flourless chocolate cake take two was a reasonable success

There is some evidence of anti-Roman subversion in the New Testament

Here's how important finding a resolution is to the House Republicans. They're taking tomorrow off.

Who is the most recognizable person in the world?

David Koch gave MIT $20 million for child care facility because “I got a tear in my eye”

I only truly enjoy one song by The Smiths. And it's not what you think...

Princeton Researcher suggests some gerrymandered districts not all that safe

G.O.P.’s Hopes to Take Senate Are Dimming

Lonegan fires top aide over Booker comments

The John Birchers’ Tea Party

My ACA premium results.....

People trying to hurt their workers using Obamacare as an excuse have seen drastic drops---

Don't Let Hillary Housebreak the New New Left

Calcutta festival part 2 (more pics)

Cumberland Island: Where nature feels large (8:26)

Diane Ravitch television town hall

Eco-couple told to pull down their 'hobbit home' made entirely out of natural materials

Trouble with benefit card

Another Koch article...

Wow! Conservative Douthat BLASTS House repukes comparing them to Kurtz in "Apocalypse Now"

Imagine how great our country would be if...

Scores killed in India temple stampede

Do These Chemicals Make Me Look Fat?

Lest we forget: the people who did this

Happy Sunday, My Peoples!

Cyclone Phailin

Colombia state governor arrested for murder, conspiracy

IMF suggests nations tax the rich to lower deficits

'Republicans wouldn't be doing us any favors . . . fools'

GOP logic explained

You Think You Knew Crazy? Think Again. 10 Shockers from the Increasingly Unhinged Right Wing

Letter to an Angry Libertarian

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Rabbit's Foot Edition

Best International Microlending Agencies

A Striking Absence of Women

tell this in all your blogs

spread this in all your blogs

At the risk of exemplifying Godwin's Law -

why is Boner so afraid of the tea party crazies?

spread this in all your blogs

Windows 8.1 won't save Windows 8

Kinky's in for Ag Commish

As Washington Stalls,New Economy Is Growing Under Radar of Corporate Media Join It & Celebrate It!

Friday Shutdown Reader: The Impending Meaningless Deaths of Lab Animals

Neoconservative Pundit Knifes Today's GOP!

What the Teabaggers think they are doing.

House Democrats: We Demand a Vote

Salon: The Tea Party isn't crazy. They had a plan. (The South is holding the US hostage.)

A Yo-Yo Ma Project Brings Together Musicians From Warring Nations

ObamaCare Question (X-Posted to the Econ Group) ...

ObamaCare Question (X-Posted in GD) ...

Is there nothing a Republican can say...

The Walking Dead 4.1 "30 Days Without an Accident" (spoiler alert)

This is Meta

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta final mass assention live feed

Medicaid expansion and the ACA: a question

Despite hauling pact, nuclear waste not budging

Grothman Brings Back Asbestos Bill Just in Time for DNR Revelation

Tobacco continues to tighten grip on the poor

On Two-Year-Old’s and Rape Culture

Cruz the overwhelming favorite in conservative straw poll

So, what's their plan?

Tea Partiers React With Fury To World They Can’t Control - Cynthia Tucker, National Memo

‘Degrading’ virginity tests on women must stop, Quebec doctors’ group urges

social security raise to be among lowest in years

Utah beating Stanford...

A Grim Report on Press Freedoms Under Obama

Anyone read Bonerzs Wiki entry lately?

Ted Cruz Was a Smelly, Terrible Roommate (NY Mag has tweets from his Princeton roommate)

donors chip in to help programs hurt by shutdown

A 31 year old stupid arrogant ignoramus at Heritage Action

The Nation - "Saving Face: Falsely Balanced Accountability Is the New False Equivalence"

Happy birthday to the United States Navy

furloughed workers pinching pennies, volunteering

House GOP furious with Senate

Judiciary in revolt? H.W. Bush appointee: "It is time to tell Congress to go to hell."

al-qaida surges back in iraq, reviving old fears

Folie à plusieurs, in English, should seem very familiar

Isn't this getting to be a "the Constitution is not a suicide pact" situation?

My mother died this morning

Fukushima Is a Disaster - No Question about It.

'the President has refused to negotiate' fuck you rob portman

A question about the federal shutdown and the federal employee benefits

Affordable Care Act has many conservative ideas at its core

Rachel Maddow - Up is down for new breed of Republican

CSM - "Government shutdown: Why Boehner doesn't overrule tea party faction"

“This is a very frustrated Lindsey Graham,” he added. “Which is a very dangerous thing.”

Brawl by the Bay

Has all the $$ moved from Fiscally Conservative/Moderate

41-50 best ballers

The American Right has turned into a gaggle of Drama Queens with Borderline Personality Disorders

Decline to blog for free, get called a whore.

NSA Fallout: Surveillance drives international Internet group to take control from U.S.

DEFICITS are ESSENTIAL to the Republican agenda

The Hill - "Bachmann: House could impeach 'dictator' Obama for his offenses"

Pete Festersen (D-NE) to vie for Lee Terry's congressional seat in 2014

Rachel Maddow - New class of GOP brings its own rulebook

My Teabagger friend gave this response to the late night GOP House Rule change...

Dear Mr. Boehner,

Find something to be happy about today (Sunday Oct 13, 2013)

Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes - video animation

"Four score and a couple hours ago. . . ." Please come CAPTION Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.)!!!

Down 12 lbs since the summer

Rachel Maddow - Right loses focus and muddles the message

Robert Reich: Now is the time to lance the boil of Republican extremism once and for all

The Tea Party Mindset Summed Up Perfectly...

GRAVITY. It's freaking awesome. AWESOME! (no spoilers)

Sen Graham: "This is a very frustrated Lindsey Graham,” he added “Which is a very dangerous thing”

Government shutdown: 'It is time to tell Congress to go to hell'

End strategy seems clear: Deadlock Sunday, Sell off Monday, Clear CR Tuesday.

The US is losing control of the internet

Saw Schumer on "This Whore" saying the words

John Boehner’s only choice: Throw the Tea Party overboard (Greg Sargent's Plum Line, WaPo)

Growing backlash to government surveillance

On health care the US is no longer a moral outlier

The First "Attack Ads" On the Screen--Plus a Classic Book

The big lie? Prez Obama didn't compromise on ACA

The Kochers are practicing an old American custom of putting your money where your mouth is.

Here is some Teabagger logic that will enable the Shutdown....clueless.

This Chart Destroys The 'Fox News' View Of The Debt Ceiling

My XP Pro desktop hangs at MB screen

Boston Globe article on more of JK's Jewish heritage - he has Cambridge relatives

Social Security raise to be among lowest in years

How Upton Sinclair and EPIC Swept the Democratic Primary 1934

IMF Chief Calls Out Republican Debt Ceiling Truthers

"Overpopulation is Not the Problem"

The level of delusion by the righties has reached epic levels

"Dixiecrats did it, too" false equivalence

Some Darwin Awards are just sad.

Hate Fracking? Start here...

Heh Heh

Holder: investigate the stock & bond put/call positions of the TeaBangers in Congress

Krugman, Plouffe are worried about next week

Cruz the overwhelming favorite in conservative straw poll

TV "science" shows

Dan Senor (R-Asshole) on This Week said in 2014 "we" will be talking about the failure of Obamacare

Reporting here from trucker-besieged DC. We're hanging on.

Bill Moyer: On the Sabotage of Democracy about seven minutes

L.A. Times Bans Climate Deniers - Newspapers NOT printing “factual inaccuracies” – what a concept!

I have reached a monumental decision in all of this. I am going to proactively out myself ...

Weekend Shutdown Toons

Dog has to hold hands when taking a ride~

Nicholas Wapshott, Reuters: The GOP's age of unreason

MY LORD!!! Don't you just love watching Melissa Harris Perry dancing at the end of each segment

Does not look good for a compromise in time, according to Washington Post

I want to see the Tea Party shrunk down to a size

WooHoo!! New "Walking Dead" season premier tonight!

Conservative Activists Don’t Really Care If They’re Hurting The Republican Party

You will not want to miss this one, I promise.

IDF uncovers Palestinian terrorist tunnel leading from Gaza to kibbutz in Israel

GOP "once the daddy party, now they're the abusive ex-husband with a substance abuse problem party"

Hey, GOPers, 1000 Kentuckians/day signing up per ACA

Free Finance of Retirement and Pension Class

"Obama could have no honorable choice but to invoke the Fourteenth" (Hendrik Hertzberg, New Yorker)

Fantasy Football Start em - Sit em week 6 - Make Your NFL Picks

Democrats may bypass filibuster on debt limit

Holy Cow! Our local newspaper calls teabaggers "terrorists"

From the Start, Signs of Trouble at Health Portal

Remember McConnell's quote about making Obama a one-term President???

Canadian pair describe 'shared trauma' of ordeal in Egyptian prison

The Ten Hardline Conservatives Pulling the Strings of the GOP Shutdown

If the Social Security and Medicare panic buttoners want to be useful...

Baby finch flight photo...

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 10/13/13 - Upset Saturday!

For the GOP, rightward ho!

Social Security and Medicare and the question of mandated reductions

US ship with armed guards detained at Tuticorin ( India); no papers authorising possession of arms

International Business Times re: Truckers protest

Democrats land Nebraska challenger Pete Festersen

I just started helping my daughter with the ACA application on line. Experiences so far...

Allison Moon Talks Girl Sex 101, New Book For Queer Woman

The world is Fat- IHOP Menu as written by Tom Friedman (the 'stache)

The Final Insult in the Bush-Cheney Marriage

Sen. Bennet: debt ceiling default would increase deficit

'De-Americanised' world needed after US shutdown: China media

When McCain retires, will the Sunday shows still have him on?

This was a 60's child star.

"Open" - TV Ad on Shutdown featuring WWII Veteran

Alex Jones is now selling products on his Facebook Page

Love's long journey: 52 years together; now, a wedding

Some quotations from Harry S TRUMAN

Borderlands 2 $100,00 Loot Event - What a mess

I have been helping with Democratic Campaigns since 76

Suggestions wanted for purchasing a used car

Islamist militants destroy Sufi shrine in eastern Syria: activists

Peggy Noonan: Republicans made mistake in picking fight

Pew Survey About Jewish America Got It All Wrong

Monarchs Fight for Their Lives

Pew Survey About Jewish America Got It All Wrong

Rome vows to block funeral of convicted war criminal Priebke

Red Cross Workers Kidnapped in Syria

Dear Batshit crazy GOP: You LOST – Get Over it!

Lee Atwater on the Southern Strategy

Texas LG candidate Jerry Patterson says don’t secede from the union — just throw liberal states out

New York Times says UK tried to get it to hand over Snowden documents

BIOS battery

Baba Yetu: A Tribute to Earth

Minnesota and Wisconsin Tax strategies

I don't understand why we can't just give them what they want.

Which Senate republicans do you think Harry Reid is trying to work with at this moment?

Has anyone had any luck signing up for Arizona Medicaid expansion?

If movies mated

GOP senators pessimistic on shutdown, debt deal

Dems aren't just supporting President they've got their hand on his back & are pushing him forward

Remember when someone suggested to just declare a victory in Vietnam and pull out?

Chuck Todd Writing Book On Obama Presidency

Fact Check - Obama and Park Rangers

How can any black person be a Republican?

One of my favorite Lincoln quotes: "Stand and Deliver"

Cruz, Lee, Palin in crowd yelling tear down these barricades

SNl parady on shut down. very funny.

No Ordinary Violence

Polar Bear Love

Anyone know how to get

Mass is call for religious pressure on immigration reform

Historically feeble SS COLA gives Republicons cause to celebrate

Radio show this week, Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D) CA on Shutdown and more!

Tom Brady's Dumb and Dumber look

xPost from GD: Radio show this week: Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D) CA on Shutdown and more

Naysaying Secession

Did our Founders intend

Naysaying Secession

I read all over the place that Republicans need to change their image...

SF Bay Area: Few options for BART riders who aren't S.F.-bound

Pagan Festival draws celebrants of religious freedom

SF Bay Area: Strike deadline looming; BART, unions return to talks

John Boehner’s only choice: Throw the Tea Party overboard

Truth in advertising.

100 protestors arrested at immigration rally for refusing to disperse. Wingnut vandals?

I have been helping with Democratic Campaigns since 76

HENDRIK HERTZBERG: Obama Must Ignore The Right If They Refuse To Honor The Constitution

Dear Congress, you're the worst thing ever now:

Prehistorc tablet calls into question history of writing

Iran rejects West's demand to ship out uranium stockpiles

(Tweet) Fox News Poll: Reason for government shutdown?

Crooks, Liars, Idiots, and Plutocrats

I am handicapped -- this morning Spires Restaurant in Torrance , CA, discriminated against me.

nytimes headline: Senate Leaders Talk; G.O.P. Blames Obama for Gridlock

a wee bit of food p0rn for cbayer

India seizes armed "anti-piracy" ship owned by US security firm

If Boehner goes down, and the party splits and can't agree on a leader, what happens?

SNL on ‘Gravity’ and the shutdown: ‘Mission control’s not here right now, but can I take a message?’

Financial Regulator Shutdown, Halts Investigations of Wall Street Crimes

William Rivers Pitt - and others who tell the truth

I have a feature request

They're trying to sell me deluxe (expensive) editions of the albums of my youth

Some of our members are being aggressively tracked by members of other sites.

This Week in God

‘Navigators’ battle balky website, help residents sign up for Obamacare

Got a sample ballot here for the elections in NYC and we have 20 parties running for mayor.

Gordon Ramsay Omelette

What a 'million vets' marching on the WH today looks like

Take the House. Pass Laws To Undo All The Gerrymandering + Stop Endless Money. It Is Our Only Hope.

Elizabeth Warren comment on the shutdown

Some pics I took of the "Veterans" (Tea Party) rally today

Nightmare in Maryville: Teens’ sexual encounter ignites a firestorm against family

The GOP's little rule change they hoped you wouldn't notice

Cardinal Dolan visits Staten Island convent hit by suspicious fire

Ending the debt limit crisis: Dear Ben Bernanke ( By Alan Grayson )

In the midst of crises, chaos grips Congress

Conservative Protesters at WH Display Their Party's True Colors

Dem Challenger to Steve Pearce!! I know her and she's great!

As someone who just started on SS this year, I have a few questions for those who are smarted than

Humpback Whales bottom feed, crittercam

Judd Hirsch gave the best ever onscreen portrayal of a vampire

Operation Rescue John Boehner


Impunity feared in Colombia military justice law

who is the money behind ted cruz?

*Supreme Court Oral Argument in McCutcheon case

I am sick of this

Grumpy Cruz thinks his little protest today will matter. How sweet.

Charges Dismissed For 2 Moral Monday Protesters

At tea party-like rally, Obama told to 'put the Quran down'

What Monica Lewinsky can teach about Ted Cruz

Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders: "John, listen, you've got to deal with the crazies"

Report: Donor Thought McDonnell Was Helping Company Get State Funding

Senate in session now - Al Franken speaking

Republicans: GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!

Now I Understand Why People Believe What They Hear on Fox News….

Mac attack! 10 deliciously decadent mac 'n' cheese dishes (LA Times)

What Did 60 Minutes Get Wrong About Disability?

I taught at my daughter's civics class on Thursday

David Byrne: 'The internet will suck all creative content out of the world'


Miami man claims self-defense; photo of wife's body was posted on Facebook

Krugman lectures Noonan on GOP hostage taking: ‘Nothing like this ever happened before’

Krugman: Flim Flam Forever

I saw my former Representative in Congress

Tea Partiers dumping barricades at White House gates.

Republicans Voted Against 8 Bills to Help Veterans since Obama took office

(UK) Wind farm 'gravy train' criticised by Conservatives

Oregon man killed while on x-country walk against bullying in memory of his gay son

Leading Syrian Opposition Group Bails Out on Geneva-2 Talks.

Salmonella and Hepatitis Outbreaks Start Up as Government Shuts Down

Welcome to Tokyo

BREAKING Critical hurdle ovrcome "Final Approval" in hand " log jam cleared for immediate action

115 killed, over 100 injured in Madhya Pradesh temple stampede

Kimbra - Cameo Lover

Isolated vocal tracks: Beatles, Queen, David Bowie, etc.

I heard today on RW talk show we do not need Obamacare because if we go to health facilities

Sarah Palin joins Ted Cruz, confederate flag, as new face of shutdown (photo) & Updated with Video

Thousands riot in Russia over migrant-blamed murder

French far-right in pole position for bellwether by-election

Julian Assange: Surveillance Apparatus ‘a Threat to U.S. Democracy’

Fr. Daniel Horan: Lead Us Not Into Clericalism

The Ten Hardline Conservatives Pulling the Strings of the GOP Shutdown - Bill Moyers

Misogyny in Liberal/Progressive Circles

What's the best charity for animals?

what's for dinner - sunday, oct. 13

Is this too cynical?

The GOP's "Sabotage of the Democratic process" - Bill Moyers essay

The shutdown thing that really sticks in my craw

raped,then run out of town

why is reid mcturtle negotiation being called the last hope?

Fox issued new Press badges by White House.....

one good and one surprising (and sad) incident from today's visit to Trader Joe...

For those depressed: Oxford University Podcasts on Mindfulness. Excellent series of 5 podcasts.

Schumer says Dems want to undo sequester w/ mix of mandatory cuts, SOME ENTITLEMENT, and revenue

International Monetary Fund strongly suggests countries tax the rich to fix deficit

Got a really painful flu shot...what happened????

Park Police moved ReTHUG and Teabagger scumbags

What is the long term fate of the Tea Party Republicans ?

CNN host calls out Politico reporter who says fact checking isn’t her job: ‘You ignore that?’

Exercise for the temporarily winter-housebound dog

Does anyone here know much about Tank Girl? Is it actually subversive?

Holloway saga just keeps getting weirder

comparison between 1850-1861 America and today

‘Nothing like this ever happened before’

Governor Granholm is 'Ready for Hillary'

Rand Paul: Tie Debt Ceiling To Raising Age For Social Security And Medicare

From alcoholic to 'pastrix': A story of faith in five tattoos

Sweet! Firefighter Outside White House on October 8, 2013~

Plane drops 9 bundles of marijuana in AZ

"It's not fair that individuals don't get the same waiver as big businesses.."

10 points to anyone who can name this plant

Graham Threatens to ‘Object’ to Deal, Demands Vote on Vitter Amendment

Four arrested in London anti-terrorism raids

Is the Individual worth more than the dollar???

Americans horribly, dangerously uninformed and misinformed about ACA

G.O.P.’s Hopes to Take Senate Are Dimming By JEREMY W. PETERS

John Harwood NBC Tweet on Net Favorability Ratings in Shutdown/Debt Ceiling

Rallier tells Obama to 'put the Quran down'

Tea baggers were allowed to steal govt. property right out of the hands of police officers

A truly magnificent rant: Rosie O'Donnell in "Beautiful Girls"

You know what sucks?

This Is My Abortion

those tea party fucks were totally out of control today

Racist Pig Orson Scott Card Worries About Obama Turning "Urban Gangs" Into His Personal Police Force

Government shutdown talks hit snag in Senate (updated headline)

Crowd of veterans, supporters storm World War II Memorial in Washington

Shonen Jidai

Fox news ed henry walks out on white house press breifing

A job engine sputters as hospitals cut staff

Did anyone bet money on Denver @ -28 or -27?

Paul Ryan Wants To Use Debt Ceiling To Deny Women Access To Birth Control

Just a few more hours before the new season of The Walking Dead.

I have had ENOUGH! I've been a DUer since 2002, and am pissed off

This HAS to be reported.

Christopher Columbus is still a Damn Blaster Liar...

Waving a Confederate flag outside the White House

Front page of the News & Observer today -

Got this right?

Question: Just got Verizon Fios installed and can't figure out their On Demand feature

Futures Open Way Lower : Sunday, Oct 13

I need help finding a book -

Madison & I made a grandma and granddaughters day today

@joshtpm: so friends in DC: true that the "barricades" we keep hearing about are repurposed bicycle

Political Line tweet: The idea of taking monuments is absurd

Crowd Pushes Through Barriers to WWII Memorial

Whether you praise or curse Columbus, it's worth noting he wouldn't have sailed without the Book of

Why weren't they protesting around the Korean War and Vietnam War memorials??

Conservatives, who opposed US entry into WWII, who've denigrated the 'greatest generation,' who...

Responding to the Tea Party's Secession By Other Means

British detectives release efits of Madeleine McCann suspect


Economics Professor Richard Wolff: What GOP-Tea Party Risks With Block of New New Deal Sunday

I'm writing a "mini-thesis" for grad school applications. I don't know what I'm doing...

Are people really falling for the 'WWII monument closing' bullshit?

Republicans, You Get Nothing!!!!!

I bet I could make a living just providing Internet consulting to my relatives

Larry Klayman (Freedom Watch) invokes MLK, Gandhi - demands Obama "put the Quran down" & leave town

How I watch TV.

Brady is GOD!

the confederate flag

Sarah Palin says 'eyes of America' on New Jersey Senate race

Then there were two.

Something finally occurred to me.

Tweet: Republicons, You Can Wave One Confederate Flag or a Thousand..

When teabaggers (including politicians) make news like they did today, please remember

6 Reasons Why John Boehner Is The Worst Speaker EVER

Kudos to Chris Matthews for doing an excellent job on Bill Maher's show.

Who has the most right to kill the Governor? Re: Walking Dead.