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Archives: October 14, 2013

Before we celebrate the demise of the Republican party, please remember ...

Crooks, Liars, Idiots and Plutocrats!

The Final Insult in the Bush-Cheney Marriage

Spread the word! Rally with NASA Workers and American Federation of Government Employees at JSC

New Tea Party battle cry: Don't Laugh at Me! (with pic)

Obama calls Pelosi amid debt talks

FARC guerrillas bomb railway of top Colombia coal miner Cerrejon

Reid: Dems not trying to break budget caps

Joe Buck is an idiot (yes, we already knew this, but...)

In the Sistine Chapel's "Creation of Adam"

"Walking Dead" fans: Ten minutes to go! **spoilers**

Ezra Klein: The GOP’s latest poison pill

Animals are awesome, too!

Rage & Performance Art - By Josh Marshall

This shutdown business shows it might be time to cede some budgetary power

The delusional and dangerous Paul Ryan - By Joan Walsh

Senate Dems Press New Front in Budget Battle

Waking Dead: Will Ted Cruz (governor) show up?

Anyone need a dam job?

Louie Gohmert: A Debt Default Is 'An Impeachable Offense By The President'

Bombs blasts across Iraq kill 25 people

No, Trusty Elf, I have not learned to photoshop - I'm just pretending

Trucker Rally Organizer Apparently Believes Obama And Bin Laden Are Somehow The Same Person

Some N.J. private schools for disabled students cashing in on taxpayers

No jury results + 1

Industrialists Bitten By Financial Support of the Radical Right - The Story of Fritz Thyssen

Humm (thinking about it) Dunnaway - McQueen. works for me. n/t

I have never heard of this guy

Is opposition to Obamacare race based?

Whups looks like am gonna polish off these oatmeal cookies + low fat ice cream n/t

Million Vet March on Memorials Not Too Happy with Politicization of Their Event

I wanted to scream at the idiots mad about barricades. Then I got a better idea

Another day,

So, Ted Cruz hosted a Klan rally out front of the White House today?

From this weekend.

after the rain

It's 10 PM and 49 degrees.

Bob Costas slams the Washington NFL team for their "name"...


Serious, important read: London Review of Books, Hugh Roberts, "[Egypt] The Revolution That Wasn't"

What are you drinking tonight Lounge? Me lime water with twin. Very thirst

Don’t look now, but the futures are down significantly..

James Baldwin's National Press Club Speech

Social Security COLA still has no fizz: Benefits to increase only about 1.5 percent in 2014

Japan's Closed, Australia's Up, US Futures Are Way Down

Have you heard of 9/11?

I would think people worried about default would

Phyllis Schlafly best pupils Palin, Bachman and Ted Cruz have done well by Phyllis.

Josh Marshall: Rage & Performance Art

If you have pictures of GOP Notables with Confederate flags in view, post them here.

NC's Moral Monday comes to NYC tomorrow.

High Court orders two sisters must receive MMR vaccine

Crowd Heckles Cops at White House: ‘Brown Shirts,’ ‘Looks Like Something Out of Kenya’

At what point can we say the Constitution has been a failure?

Grumpy cat weighs in on the shutdown

Cognitive Dissonance and the Republican Denial of Reality

Top this!

Oscar Hijuelos, first Hispanic writer to win Pulitzer fiction prize, dies aged 62

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 October 2013

The Motivation of the Tea Party

“There was never before....

Newt Gingrich: Ted Cruz Is A 'Dramatic Dissenter To The Washington Establishment'

Newtown Residents Oppose Plan to Make Dec. 14 "Guns Save Lives Day"

IMF Chief Calls Out Republican Debt Ceiling Truthers

Sciortino Condemned -- For Defending Social Security

You asked for it, you got it: Senate Dems on the offensive in budget/shutdown/debt limit negotiation

Bill Maher: Antonin Scalia And Michele Bachmann Are The Same (VIDEO)

Million Vet March Organizers Condemn Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and the Tea Party

Million Vet March Organizers Condemn Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and the Tea Party

Dumb Criminals: Man Eats 9 Year Old's Birthday Cake While At Justice Hall

French far-right wins bellwether by-election

Hawaii's Two Favorite Foods Have Finally Merged Together

Harry Reid: "Up is Down, Black is White."

WSJ/NYT/WP On Sunday Senate Democrats go on offensive "reverse the sequester"

My prediction for how it will end

Philly cops recorded in racially-abusive stop-and-frisk: ‘All you do is weaken the f—ing country’

Wounded Warriors Train to Combat Child Predators Online

US adults score below average on worldwide test

Sports. gotta love it. Big Papi ties game with grand slam botton 8th.

Is there a point when the Supreme Court has to / will step into the shutdown / debt ceiling fiasco?

Hey GOP@!#@%U(!!!!!

Un-effing-believeable. Ortiz ties it 5-5 with salami.

Hi, I'm stage left.

Root for Detroit!

Rand Paul ceterfies himself

Dog does conga line dance.

Cardinal Dolan visits Staten Island convent hit by suspicious fire

Was Watching C-SPAN's "Q&A", and Bush's Chief of Staff Josh Bolten Was Asked An Interesting Question

I know haters are going to hate. god....Brady...and Papi. Two impossible wins.

Republican Attorney General Candidate Barry Smitherman Objects To Identifying Hate Groups

The Tea Baggers come for a visit

After The Debt Limit Crisis, Can Democrats Be The Party Of Big Business?

Sarah Palin joins Ted Cruz, confederate flag, as new face of shutdown

God Bless Boston Sports.

Cruz to campaign 6 months to cancel Super Bowl then demand to know what happened to half-time show

Imagine The President's Daughters Looking Out Their Window To See This....

Tea Partiers React With Fury To World They Can’t Control

We've done plenty of politics but it is time to celebrate our two huge comeback wins in Boston.

Paychecks dry up for RGV Border Patrol agents – who still have to work

TV’s gay characters equally men, women

Does Nobel winner Higgs support an Israel boycott?

Tea Partyers shout racist slur at White House cops: “Looks like something out of Kenya”

U.S. Risks Joining 1933 Germany in Pantheon of Deadbeat Defaults

Rainy day fund to overflow with oil and gas tax revenue

Talk Host Sany Rios: Matthew Shepard Murder A 'Complete Fraud'

Jim Bob Duggar Compares US To Nazi Germany During The Holocaust

If the Tea-Pots insist on waving Johnny Reb flags, maybe we need to update some Civil War songs

Faded Coat of Blue

Gohmert: McCain Supports Al Qaeda

How Did We Become Such A Sick Sick Country/Now International Laughing Stock

Now This Is Smart Strategy

The Demonstration At The Capitol Was A Riot. And The GOP Is Inciting It.

First Arkansas Marching Song

Chris Hedges: The Myth of Human Progress

Match Game Story: "Prof. Phil so celebrated Ayn Rand, God changed his ____ into a Yeti impregnator."

‘Boycott Israel,’ says Jewish rapper

Half The Vehicles In Driveways Huge Gas Guzzling Polluting Trucks.

Ballad of Sir Isaac Newton

The tea party repugs want to have chaos in the government to do a coup

opt out of phone book delivery

Welcome to the Right Wing Bubble

Ex-US Rep. Gabby Giffords attends NY gun show

Against th'law

Fearing a lost governor’s race, Virginia Republicans confront party divide

Collapse of the Industrial Civilization | Interview with Michael Ruppert

Happy Columbus Day DU!!!

How Do Your Rebrand Cyanide, Bella Donna, Arsenic, Strychnine, Sarin, Cobra Venom Ideas Of GOP

Chile must stop using anti-terrorism law against Mapuche indigenous group – UN expert

For me: it's interesting how the usually vocal and obscene FaceBook right-wingers have been...

Adding a switch to a router.

CHINA: De-Americanised' world needed after US shutdown

Argentina president Cristina Kirchner discharged from hospital after successful brain surgery

Salon - "The Inevitable Republican Collapse That Will End the Shutdown" - A Bit Optimistic

Negotiating, concessions, give and take, and the GOP hostage taking

"You're An Idiot!"

Despite Record Poverty, the US Has Made Most Gains in Global Wealth (with Charts!)

Brazil counters NSA spying with new secure email service

Brazil counters NSA spying with new secure email service

Why Are REPUBLICANS Suddenly Afraid to Negotiate?

Chilean Coup Anniversary Attracts Interests from International Press

Dow Jones Futures at minus 110

Cruz-Palin 2016

Your D-Link router may have a backdoor

Unions give BART 1 more day to reach deal

Why are the Rec's to Trending Now, behind the ones on GD?

Guess Who Else Showed Up at the "March" Today?..


Link to Oetzi the Iceman found in living Austrians

Dow Futures down 108...

Christopher Columbus was a mass murdering psychopath completely devoid of empathy...

Imagine if the million vet march was organized by the left

Int'l markets, now:

Are you a Social Democrat?

About the South Seceding....

Find something to be happy about today (Monday Oct 14, 2013)

The Inevitable Republican Collapse That Will End the Shutdown

Americans Divided Over What Wild Animal They Would Like to See Congress Mauled By

Settlement likely to end inquiries into Duke Energy nuclear plants

Stormy Monday, 10/14/13

Restaurant owner: “I reject the argument that livable wages and profits are mutually exclusive”

Political Game Show Quiz: MSNBC's UP AGAINST the CLOCK - video link

Will the Highways of the Future Primarily Benefit the Rich?

Millions of Jobs, Trillions of Dollars: We Can't Afford the Republican Right

Are Utility Companies Out to Destroy Solar's 'Rooftop Revolution'?

Tea Partyers shout racist slur at White House cops: “Looks like something out of Kenya”

FFRF’s Times Square atheist ad features Sweeney

,Charter School Corporation Organizes Protest Against Mayoral Candidate DeBlasio

Governor Corbett Comes Out Swinging

At the UN, a Latin American Rebellion

Oh bullshit to that "reasonable republicans are being held hostage" by the tea party meme

HR 676 call-in 10/16

Health insurance and math achievement...

Everybody's Talking About This Chinese Editorial Calling For A 'De-Americanized' World

Let's Defeat the Teabaggers Today!

Technical Resistance to NSA Spying Accelerates

Jim Hightower | The Fed’s Wizardry Isn’t Doing Much for the Rest of Us

If Dems Give in, Social Security and Medicare Will be Future Hostages

"This is where we are": Andrew Sullivan on the shutdown

Error Recovery

Poll: Half of older workers delay retirement plans

Here's A Debt Ceiling Disaster Scenario That Doesn't Involve 'Default'

POLL: half of older workers delay retirement plans

Iran nuclear talks in Geneva spur high hopes

When President Obama, Senator Reid and the other Dems force the Rebels to surrender

Once again, LabourStart has launched a campaign in defense of human rights in Colombia

Powdery mildew

Three American scientists won the 2013 economics Nobel prize on Monday "for their empirical analysis

Britain to ease visa system to attract rich Chinese visitors, reveals George Osborne.

Popular sports supplements contain meth-like compound

We are having a 3 way blinking contest right now ..

Global warming will increase intensity of El Nino, scientists say

The Tories are creating a hostile environment - not just for migrants

Beer goggles work

Has anyone seen any protests of the shutdown from the left?

Brazil - Thief Gets Shot Trying To Steal Motorbike.

For energy efficiency, Americans deserve a big thumbs-up

Bill de Blasio slams Joe Lhota tax plan as a $2B giveaway to the rich

Autumn blizzerd and summer drought in the upper mid west

this may be a dumb question, but why

Just how low will tea party darling and NJ Senate Candidate Lonegan Go? This low:

The ACA *is* the COMPROMISE plan. Democrats wanted single payer or at the very least

Banksy stall sells art works for $60 in New York

U.S. May Join 1933 Germany in Pantheon of Deadbeat Defaults

No Reprieve for Contract Workers’ Wages Lost in Shutdown

Republicans are going to win the shutdown on policy. Guaranteed.

Sequestration was suppose to be a poison pill

What If a Flu Breaks Out When CDC Can’t Track It?

Forget Thursday - the damage is done.

Golden Road Fundraiser

How the Supreme Court can resolve the debt ceiling crisis

If, by now, it is not *crystal clear* who belongs on your ignore list...

More Republican Districts Have Low Health-Coverage Rates

inspiration porn.

Right now, it should be of note, that our nation is being held hostage by a man who doesn't want his

Under this damn shutdown, can the government offer any assistance to the victims

Patients Pay Before Seeing Doctor as Deductibles Spread

Debt limit defeat turns conservatives into neo-Confederate fantasists

Once again, Obama gets it.

If Teabaggers Start Defying The Law And Shut Down Start Arresting Them

OMG, it's Frank Burns and Hotlips Houlihan 2.0

EBT benefit card glitch sparks Walmart shopping sprees in Louisiana

Help me please!

World Leaders Press the U.S. on Fiscal Crisis

Sweeter than a jalapeno high-colonic! Please come CAPTION Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch!!!

Listen to Bucky. And don't forget to say your prayers.

Expanding the Grid: A Vision for Fueling Europe on Renewables

The Children Are Biggest Victim.When A Party Is Hurting The Kids & It Is OK It Is Evil

Patriarchy and the ‘Crisis of Masculinity’ by Sam de Boise

Deal likely today...from Mark Halperin on Morning Joe today.

Straw beasts of Japan

What's Wrong With Vets Giving Cover To Politicians Cutting Their Benefits.

Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders: Fantastic

Logic dictates that sooner rather than later, the teahooligans will defeat themselves, but

Ignorant Tea Party outrage: Sarah Palin’s latest Obamacare lie

Pic Of The Moment: Shutdown Day 14: Palin And Cruz Join Regrettable Tea Party Protest

Rename Columbus Day to:

Why This Janet Mock Photo Is More Important Than You Think

The GOP’s Backdoor Impeachment Scheme

A Proposal: Change Columbus Day to First Americans Day

We need to learn the lesson this child teaches.

Did I hear Toady right about the dow down triple digits

death by a thousand inflation cuts.

Russian LGBT film festival wins appeal against 'foreign agent' ruling

Exit Strategy

The 3rd annual pubic hair poll

GOPers eye Donald Trump for governor run

Three Red Cross staff freed in Syria

'Not much left for Europe's left'

Ah! So THEN I'll get healthcare!

Iran planning new monkey space launch

Stop Motion Lego Fight!

FOUR BILLION DOLLARS and Counting = Current Cost of the GOPShutDown

How the markets are doing as of 9:50 a.m. Eastern

Two women walk into a bar, and talk about the Bechdel test.

House Republicans Changed The Rules So A Majority Vote Couldn't Stop The Government Shutdown

Chevron goes to trial in New York over $18 billion Ecuador award

Social Attitude Test

Living on $5,000 a year, on purpose: Meet America's 'intentional poor'

About the name of that Washingotn, DC football team . . .

Malaysian court rules use of 'Allah' exclusive to Muslims

TOM TOMORROW: Health care reformageddon

'When Federal Contracts Turn Into Corporate Welfare'

Rename Columbus, Ohio to.....

The case for throwing Republicans a fig leaf

MERS Outbreak: Virus has 48% Mortality Rate as GOP fanatics have 2/3 of CDC & 3/4 of NIH shut down

Attention DU Birders......I saw a pair of these on one of my properties.....

It is often overlooked that "scientifically" Chirstopher Columbus was 100% wrong...

Obamacare: The Rest of the Story

Papantonio: Ogilvy Endorses BP Criminals

For Medal of Honor recipient Capt. William Swenson, a rocky path to the White House

Trump avoids filing asset disclosures by not running for NY Gov because he doesn't have any.

AP NewsBreak: World Doping Agency Probing Jamaica

Ted Cruz and the "Veterans For Freedom" Don't Represent This Veteran

PA TV: Murderer of two is "the great female fighter, who shines" "A giant of the struggle"

Barack Obama the "last" President of the United States

Taterguy had a coupla things to get off his chest this past weekend... and they weren't his nipples.

From AsahinaKimi's high school Yearbook -- she and her boyfriend at a high school dance.

Hot potatoes:

If you're ever at a loss for sweet talk, try this -- "I bet your uterus is even cute."

Never EVER let MiddleFingerMom buy your pet's nametag.

Affleck? Pffftt!!! MFM's going to be the next Batman. "It was a Dark and Pantsless Knight."

anyone here remember the "Digg Patriots"?

What is it about serious music training that seems to correlate with success in other fields?

U.S. stock markets drop Monday morning as debt deadline draws closer

Rethugs last hurrah

Nasa fuel cell technology to power Al Gore's new London headquarters

Marcy via Haystack

Wikileaks Vs. Glenn Greenwald

"How to use a semicolon"...

Michel Mann, 2 VA Senators Rip Mark Obenshain for Supporting Cuccinelli Climate Science "Witch Hunt"

Caption this: Ted Cruz protesting the #GOPshutdown

Study: gunshot injuries in children more severe, deadly and costly than other childhood injuries

KRUGMAN On Fire: The Dixiecrat Solution

Paul Krugman: The Dixiecrat Solution

When can we call the GOP FORCING us into default Sedition?

Question: In Hostage Situations at what point does the Police Negotiator call in SWAT

Fog in my driveway.

Eye marks: Coaches grade Packers on weekly performance

I want to wish a special happy Canadian Thanksgiving day to a true patriot

Sen. Ted Cruz takes the Republican caucus skydiving....

WATCH: Academics support EU settlement guidelines

Question MSM Refuses To Ask - What Are Republicans Offering?

The Rout Begins, With Boehner As Road Kill & McConnell Facing A Tea Party Primary Challenge

Down to the basics: They want to impeach our President.

If, and I mean a big if the debt ceiling isn't raised does the congress still get paid?

Gaining Greater Leverage on Friday Morning

Sopranos Columbus Day Beef

Columbus and Galileo (belated 10/12 post)

Rep. Melissa Sargent: Law to seize assets cheats Wisconsin seniors

49er fans ill-timed "wave" disappointing to owner, players

Republicans are THUGS

Happy Genocide Day, everyone!

10 Years Later, Steve Bartman Remains A Tragedy

Vets for Freedom and Swift Boat Vets for Truth ties?

GOP house rules change: need help understanding.

In the end, the President may be left with only one of two choices...

Dog escapes owner, runs half-marathon, gets neutered

Divestment Campaign against fossil fuels growing fast, says study

I can haz clean CR now?

"Grinding the meat"

Nightmare in Maryville: Teens’ sexual encounter ignites a firestorm against family

Colo. governor suggests gun-control groups stay away

Charlie Pierce kicks Dancin' Dave in the nuts

The Sopranos - Columbus Day

Senate Leaders 'Making Progress' in Bid to Resolve Fiscal Crisis: Aide

Jim Bob Duggar Compares U.S. To Nazi Germany, Holocaust

Proof that a good camera does not make you a good photographer.

Town Burns (alleged) Rape Victim's home

Louie Gohmert: A Debt Default Is 'An Impeachable Offense By The President'

Veterans Slam Tea Party Politicians For Hijacking Protest Against War Memorial Closures

Conservative summit loves/hates Ted Cruz

Colo. governor suggests gun-control groups stay away

Red Sox fan steals (HR)baseball out of a woman's hands, throws it onto the field, gets tossed

Found on

The South has Risen Again

These Two Kids Will Make You Want to Give to Charity

Apparently the big 6 will meet today at 3:00 (updated per WaPo article)

This week's New Yorker cover: Haunted Capitol with Boehner and Cruz as ghosts

Snake venom effect on human blood

I just saw the neatest sight outside my office.

Suddenly teenage girls don't seem so immature....

North Dakota's Delay In Reporting Oil Spill Raises Questions

Inside the hajj: The world's largest annual pilgrimage

This was written by: Lawrence O'Donnell Jr.

The GOP’s Backdoor Impeachment Scheme

the sinking ship

Advice building a Win7 box

Tough Guys at Gun Show Booed Gabby Giffords From Far Away

It's NOT on President Obama if the country defaults. Polls show the country knows this.

Obama, Biden To Meet With Dem, GOP Congressional Leaders

meal providers ejected from Cesar Chavez Park in state capitol of Sacramento Ca

Archdiocese insider battles Catholic Church over sex abuse

Our experience with Obamacare

Stormy Monday

The conservative clown show - Operation: Blame the Liberals

I think the GOP leadership would like to "Throw the Tea Party under the bus"

Sen. Ted Cruz will give his budget strategy to the GOP caucus...

Ted Cruz Could Force a Debt Default All by Himself

Rep. Peter King fires Republican Cruz missile, says time to 'go after' Ted Cruz 'by name'

GOP Assemblyman Pushes Donald Trump For New York Governor

Looking for source for something a republican said in 2009

Poll: Booker Maintains Lead Over Lonegan Ahead Of Wednesday Special Election

'Jesus Christ' Challenges AIDS Walk Los Angeles Anti-Gay Protesters

when will an agreement be made on shutdown/debt ceiling?

Radiation experts confirm polonium on Arafat clothing

The Far-Right Christian Movement Driving the Debt Default

Values Voter Speakers Blame Civilization’s Decline on Gay People, the Pill

Tax the rich? IMF Report Shocks The Establishment

Collins cites ‘progress’ in talks; Obama, Biden to meet with Congressional leaders (3:00 pm)

Bette Midler tweet


Rome church and state refuse funeral for Nazi

Republicans Aren't The 'Daddy Party' Anymore

Sen Maj.Leader Reid says deal is near to end partial gov. shutdown and to avoid hitting debt ceiling

What's going on here?

"It is not merely unseemly, but positively obscene...

Red Beans and Rice

If the debt ceiling fight ends soon, thank polls and markets for bringing pain to the GOP.

The four stupidest ideas for ending the shutdown (LA Times)

Can the Republican Party save itself?

For DU's annual Columbus Day Freak Out: Here's The Oatmeal on Columbus

Man with muscular dystrophy finishes marathon

We Don't Have To Worry About 2014 Elections GOP And Teabaggers Plan To Wreck Govt & Take Over

Best Government Shutdown Cartoons

A deal is near. I don't trust them

WikiLeaks Posts Videos of Edward Snowden Receiving 'Integrity Award'

Reid: Senate closer to deal on shutdown, debt ceiling

Schoolyard game of tag banned at Nashua’s Charlotte Avenue Elementary School

Default Is The GOP Way To Stop The Checks That They Will Stop Anyway Given Power.

I'm starting to think we shouldn't let those states secede.

Defaced Money

State Seeks Last Minute Postponement of Tomorrow’s Khirbat Zanuta Hearing

"Chained CPI": How much will this cut cost YOU lose if it's implemented? Find out here:

Anonymous got the Bat Signal. They have taken on the Marysville rape case..

Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Mongolia

America celebrating Columbus Day is like having Iraq celebrate George W. Bush Day.

I live in a zoo.

Have you called or emailed your Congressional Rep, Senators and the White House to help them stand..

The Tea Party hijacked the Veterans march...

So if Repubs want to "negotiate"...

Map of Actual European Discoveries

Just made the mistake of going to a FB site called "The Blaze"

The Fixer-Upper brothers fix the debt ceiling

Got me a new hand banger.

Ohio State Senate passes new third-party ballot rules

Our Political Mess A Result Of False Equivalencies

The pilot for my new AMC horror / suspense show will include zombies AND meth.

Imagine being the 1st black POTUS, looking out your window

I inadvertently changed my willing to serve on jury to no...

The million man Republican protest, give or take 999,800

After this weekend, this scene from one of my all-time favorite movies should look familiar.

Michigan is back with affirmative action fight

Iranian Jews to Obama: Opportunity to fix relations 'unrepeatable'

How does Andrea Greenspan keep her balance

This is our country, too.

Harry Reid makes budget offer to Mitch McConnell --UPDATED 1:27 PM/-10/14

Anonymous targets Missouri town for refusing to prosecute man who raped 14-year old girl

If Obama Care is such a business killer than why doesn't the DOW reflect that

Obama: 'We Stand A Good Chance Of Defaulting'

So you say you wanna kick the South out of the Union, eh?

In light of the repeated GOP tantrums .. should the world move away from USD as a reserve currency?

Hi, I’m ‘In the (K)now’

Brace yourself: If history is an indicator, we--errr---DU--- will not like this deal.

LA Times no longer accepts LTTE that deny climate change

Philanthropy and Sycophancy

Walmart: "Keep the registers ringing."

Dow is UP 50 and everyone seems optimistic about a deal. But why would Boehner sign off on it?

How can people say that ACA makes us less free (or enslaves us)

If G.W. Bush had a 'mandate' after the 2004 election, then what the

Forget Black Friday: Macy's to Open on Thanksgiving

Let me get this straight

"... it's worse for you than eating three Big Macs, back-to-back..."

GOP Rep. Rigell Denounces Klayman's Call To Wage An Uprising

I got a bad feeling. What if it is a good deal

I think we're long overdue for a good old fashioned flag burning

Anyone doing anything different, in preparation for a possible government default?

Italian American Pride Shines During Annual Columbus Day Parade

So my cousin in the UK wanted to know what teabaggers look like, so I sent her this picture

Is the South to blame for the shutdown? DU this poll.

I know how to end the SHUT DOWN!!

20 minutes ago, I put my long hair into a pony tail on top of my head and SNIP


Greed destroyed us all: George W. Bush and the real story of the Great Recession (Salon)

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ October 14th?

Is the Tea Party really self destructing?

"Senate Democrats are open to a requirement that those receiving Obamacare subsidies be subject to

The 3 pm meeting has been postponed

No *wonder* the Quitta from Wasilla is trying to make herself relevant again...

Made it past the first round interview.

DU this alleged poll.

I watched a documentary on Youtube last week -

How Big Business Could End the Shutdown Overnight

White House meeting with congressional leaders postponed

Pioneer of In Vitro Fertilization Slams E.W. Jackson for Calling It "Kind of Evil"

How the World Health Organisation covered up Iraq's nuclear nightmare

Does anyone have anything on Rand Paul being a self appointed Doctor?

"... many consider the GOP’s imperialistic unilaterists less loco than the narcissistic anarchists."

I'm surprised Ted Cruz didn't burn a cross on the White House lawn

Be careful what apps you download for your iPhone.

Anyone remember the great Johnnie Ray?

Terror Suspect al-Libi Brought to NYC, Accused in 1998 Embassy Bombings

Kelly: Missing Queens Teen May Have Boarded Train

Sore losers: Teapublicans

Popular pre-workout powder, Craze, found to contain meth analog N,a-DEPEA...

Okay. I am now 'childsitting' for my next door neighbors' kid.

Smart Shelves Will Identify Grocery Shoppers, Deliver Custom Advertisements

Poll: Republicans losing no-win game

Business Week - "Ted Cruz Could Force a Debt Default All by Himself"

Ted Cruz has been reduced to posting crap like this on his FB page

You Won't Believe This Netflix Customer Service Rep Is Real

I'm worried about Lindsey Graham's "poison pill"

President Makes Sandwiches for Low Income and Homeless Families

Dianne Feinstein Can't Come Up With One Good Defense of the NSA

I Will Be Really Pissed If A Negotiated Deal Gets Cut And The Repugs Gloat That They Pulled One...

Weapons policy on state university campuses to be discussed this week [PA]

Texas candidate Jerry Patterson says don’t secede from the union — just throw liberal states out

Il woman stripped naked by 3 male deputies and 1 female. on suspect DUI

Officials: Libyan al-Qaida suspect, Abu Anas al-Libi arrives in New York

Calling wives by their husbands' name

New Yorker: "The John Birchers’ Tea Party"

Gene Taylor

Poll: New High For Disapproval Of GOP's Handling Of Budget Talks

Dry ice bomb at LAX: No threats made before explosion, FBI says

Chevron Retaliation Trial Opens Against Victims of Pollution in Ecuador

Rally Demonstrates That Republicans Have Given Up Trying To Make Lies Convincing

Louise Slaughter (D-NY) Grills Author of H.R. 368 House Rules Committee Chair, Pete Sessions (R-TX)

I want a hamburger... no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake...

Ruth: Tea party is over for big business Republicans

(ABC) Poll: New High For Disapproval Of GOP's Handling Of Budget Talks

Charges Dismissed For 2 Moral Monday Protesters

Chuck Todd Tears Into Ted Cruz: 'What Planet Are You Living On?!' (VIDEO)

Changing Nicaragua's Electrical System.

ACA repeal crusade over, 'delusional folks' notwithstanding

Holy "Dynasty", Batman! The de Blasio Saga Reads Like A Mini-Series for *Smart* People.

A HOPEFUL EMAIL to A landlord...

A HOPEFUL EMAIL to A landlord...

Do you think the Democrats should be more conciliatory?

I stand behind the President ...

The Real News on Real Vets on the National Mall

WOW! Anonymous just released a STATEMENT about Marysville:

This American Life on Guatemalan Genocide

Deal details emerging--debt ceiling through February, clean c.r. through January 15, some kind of

This is a call for new hosts.

This American Life on Guatemalan Genocide

STUDY: Children Are More Likely To Behave If They Have A Regular Bedtime

Yet Another High-School Footballer Commits Date Rape.Yet Another Town Blames the Victim:Maryville,MO

Politicususa: Proposed Senate Debt Ceiling Deal Is a Complete Crushing of the Republican Party

Dumb Criminals: Woman Suspected Of Mass Embezzlement Takes Selfie Of Her Bathing In Cash

Palin: Obama Is Flirting With 'Impeachable Offenses'

Hey I need a break.

Opinion: The myth of the squeaky-clean US

Amar Kaleka to challenge Paul Ryan for 1st Cong. Dist. seat

LOL. Sorry tea party extremists. Looks like the Senate is going to reach a consensus.

So what if Obama were a Muslim?

Amar Kaleka, Son Of Slain Sikh Temple President, Plans To Run For Congress Against Paul Ryan

More for you guys regarding the ongoing slow page load issues

The Grave Robbers In Washington---HOW DARE THEY - By Charles P. Pierce

Gabby Giffords Visits New York Gun Show, Finds Little Opposition To Background Check System

When is the last time anyone here has SEEN VP Joe Biden talking?

Amar Kaleka to challenge Paul Ryan for 1st Cong. Dist. seat

Couch-crashing in S.F. will cost you $1,075 a month

Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, once said...

Is "Forbes" magazine RW? It certainly is no fan of the ACA, and I would say is venturing

I just heard the word sedition on the tv

Scrap metal thieves grab fire hydrants in Irvine

The Maryville Case: What It's About

Nothing like a Confederate flag to promote unity, in my opinion.

Poll: New High For Disapproval Of GOP's Handling Of Budget Talks

Rush Limbaugh's Ex-Producer Says Obamacare Like Slavery, Shutdown Obama's Fault

Is your credit counselor working for the credit card companies NOT SPAM - REALLY

Three more state workers got raises after phantom job transfers

Its now down to feeding bullshit to the Low Info Asshole Voters with the Confederate Flags

Poll: Less than half of Republicans approve of party's budget strategy (Dems drop slightly)

NY Times: Owners of Phila Inquirer at War With Each Other

FB friend is obsessed with the notion that the country is a republic (and not a democracy).

Today at my bird feeders - sorry, no pics

Ranchers who supported Tea Party shutdown stunned at lack of federal aid.

Budget talks pick up speed as deal begins to emerge

Sixteen-Year-Old Malala Yousafzai Warns Obama: ‘Drone Attacks Are Fueling Terrorism’

This is What America is About

The Seven Lying Democrats That Betrayed Democracy, and Joined GOP on HR 368 to Deny Vote on Clean CR

Cuba tour agencies to contract with private sector

So government shutdown could happen again

I messed up a batch of biscuits worse than you will ever see

Big Ed talking about yesterday's events now.

Princeton calls off plan to kill coyotes, for now

Ezra Klein: Five thoughts on the Obamacare disaster

Sen. Ted Cruz: "I'm here to protest the GOP shutdown."

Florida boy, 6, drowns in Carnival cruise ship pool

I absolutely can't stand that women's voice.

Palin's hand

a couple comments about the "horrible", "ill-fated", "embrassing" rollout of the federal aca market

Good sources for the Maryville rape case

John Boehner, profile in courage?

Moose Die-Off Alarms Scientists

Latest: Reid did not cave on medical device tax:

Help: Judge said real traedy was dying w/o accepting Jesus

Tennessee Man Playing with Gun Accidently Shoots Neighbor Downstairs.

Tetherball Bear

Questions about Walking Dead, possible spoilers warning

Will U.S. Military Interventions in (Mostly)Arab Middle East, N.Africa Lead To Another 9/11?

Swastika Nation

Leon Panetta---Douchebag of the day

Apes comfort each other 'like humans' (Welp, this rules out Tea/Repukes)(pics)

Bloomberg - "California Obamacare Sign-Ups Exceed 28,000 in First Week" - Contradict RW Meme

David Corn: In Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Showdown, GOPers Ignore Their Party's Own Advice

Shutdown has proved one thing: Government is vital to us all

Spoiler Alert! Trevor gets killed in Grand Theft Auto V

This Republican Congressman Wants To Put The US Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What will happen to you if we default?

Rasmussen's weekly Generic Congressional Ballot tracker, usually tied, now has Dems up by 7

LOL! Must-see from Paul Krugman: Almost Over

Did anybody else see Big Ed throw down on Lyin' Ryan?

Do you ever just feel like fixing one thing reveals 5 other broken things?

Edward Snowden - closer to hero or bad actor?

Gun groups now won't hold "Guns Save Lives Day" on Newtown anniversary

The impending GOP crackup: Will it be Hillary vs Jeb Bush vs Ted Cruz in 2016?

Glenn Beck: 'WHAT ABOUT WHITES?!!' - '...Teach Poor Little Indian'

I am not kidding, the Tea Bagger - Tea Party illustrates a panacea for what they are

Anyone else here sick of having theist tell us what we do or do not think?

Florida woman stuck on drawbridge could face trespass charges

When riot police intervene:

With Senate deal imminent, Boehner has a choice: His job or our economy

What if there is no next Speaker?

Very sneaky, Walmart: How the mega-retailer rolled back California regulations

Moderate Republicans want the government to be open, but vote against it

DU, You won't want to miss this...

Cleveland building boom, where you can find good work (Ms Ware free union apprenticeship gets paid!)

If dems and repubs in the Senate nail down a deal, it's still no guarantee that House repubs

Oprah tells atheist swimmer Diana Nyad that atheists don’t believe in ‘awe’ and ‘wonder’

Poll: Republicans losing no-win game

Sheet metal training offered at no cost (Dayton, OH)

The Supreme Court Case With A Wiccan Angle

Justice For Daisy rally on October 22-Nodaway County, MO

Sleeping Kitties...with Shaved Tummie

Edward Snowden Speaks Out Against NSA "Dragnet Mass Surveillance"

The Folly of Empire

A sitting senator addressing a group with the confederate flag

When I was a kid in the Fifties and Sixties,

Would you support the opportunity to make voluntary NPS contributions on your income tax returns?

London police shoot out car tires in suspected terrorism arrests

Financial reality makes my bucket list short. I was looking things over and I noticed

A Secular Humanist Jew's Thoughts on Yom Kippur: On Atheism and Theism, and on Religion

Survival Guide to the Debt Ceiling Default Apocalypse (Huff-po)

SHELTER is a basic right.

Happy Birthday, William Penn.

If Senate Dems offer Senate GOP a CR with one demand - Ted Cruz be expelled immediately

Votes sell for about $5 in Afghanistan as presidential race begins

Wow! Obama Robo Call to Support ACA Went GREAT.....UNTIL!

Had to share :D

Venezuela to charge Ukrainian captain of ship

Greg Schiano to fans -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to be good

The emerging deal is about to saving Boehner's ass and kicking the hostage taking down the road.

Where the hell is it!

Extension to mid-January means crappy Christmas, retailers are screwn.

"If John Boner and Ted Cruz were both on a Sinking Ship, Who Would Be Saved? Answer..

Keep Calm...

Fukushima radioactive waters to hit US any day now

Oh snap! Shrub's recent heart problems were far more dangerous than generally believed

How about these "red face" Indian fans at the wild card game?

The 2013 Must Read Secrecy Report (by Nate Jones 10-7-13 Unredacted/The National Security Archive)

For Paul Ryan, default threat is 'leverage' for taking women's birth control

Not much going on in ATA lately...

CNN Reporting tentative deal reached on shutdown

Obamacare "the worst thing since slavery"?... perhaps this IS an apt metaphor.

Democrats Dare GOP to Provoke Another Debt Crisis

The South is Gonna Rise Again!

Happy Bartolome Day?

"Are Republicans Stupid?"

A Brave New Transatlantic Partnership

Hospital CEO pay not tied to quality of care: study

Belgian sting nets suspected pirate leader Big Mouth

Rutgers/Eagleton poll has Cory Booker leading Teakrazed Steve Lonegan by 22%!


Charles Taylor's life behind bars: tennis and transfer woes

Why izzit...?

Sundance Film Festival - The People Speak - Howard Zinn, read by Benjamin Bratt

Raise your hand if you think the rethugs are not 'feeling the wrath' of so many Americans?

Walmart to Get Stuck With Most of Food Stamp Shopping Spree

Washingtons Dulles Airport Is Named After a Warmonger

Stop the GOP Madness demonstrations tomorrow = Right now, there are 59 gatherings planned.

Rand Paul’s Hate Speech at Value Voters Summit Sounded Just Like Al Qaeda

S.F. man lost in woods, survives on squirrels, lizards (SF Gate)

So many are yelling, "Sedition!"

Texas GOP candidate: 4 liberal states should secede

There are still those who believe in Roswell (video)

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - My Love For Evermore

Advocates Target Changing NC Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Remember the outrage over this 2008 story?