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I do not go to right wing sites but if anyone else does

Reminder: The People Who Want You To Believe We Can't Afford Food Stamps, Tornado Aid, or Medicare..

Senate leaders nearing a deal

Ai No Tame ni

Hospital giant fails in bid to swipe nurses’ sick days

Could this be a way to minimize the Koch-funded "outrage" displayed at "closed" national parks?

If a deal doesn't happen by say noon tuesday

TISA/WTO: More Deregulation Coming in the Back Door of an International Trade Agreement.

I did the math.

U.S. Olympic Committee Adds ‘Sexual Orientation’ To Its Code Of Conduct

Squirrels relish White House kitchen garden as shutdown sidelines staff

Four Branches of Govt. ReTHUG wacko bird Congressman Markwayne 'Einstein' Mullin will be featured

I think it's about time for OWS to become more visible.

Chris Hayes is about to publish a "moran." Apparently this moran can not

Magnitude 7.4 quake hits Philippines, no tsunami threat

Why do all the morons saying the debt don't matter none have SOUTHERN ACCENTS?

goodbye, columbus

The right’s Confederate flag conspiracy theories

NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally

Grand Theft Auto V: One of the most depressing video games ever made (ending spoilers)

Danziger Toon- Mr. Boehner's Appeal

Anyone know how bitcoins work?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Red States Discover The Pain of Paying Their Own Way

Funny FB Conversation with a complete stanger, Apparently I am a God, he keeps saying it.

Why hasn't MFM voted in the 3rd annual pubic hair poll?

New Republic: Last Days of the GOP

America was not shut down properly.

Iran's president calls for academic freedoms

We have only one choice

Council Bluffs settles suit with Omaha men wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years

"... We're down to blood relatives and paid staffers."

Senators to Obama: No uranium enrichment in Iran

Don't you think neo-confederate is a more apt description of the right than tea party?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Tea and Sympathy & a new Kitteh & Doggie gif

Bachmann Claims Obama Close to ‘Dictatorship,’ Puts Impeachment on the Table

South Dakota celebrates Native American Day

From the Crooks and Liars Facebook page

"Deficits don't matter"

What if

Is Rachel Maddow have a Kleenex stuffed in her left arm sleeve?

Who owns the copyright of the tattoo? The person who received the tattoo or the artist?

Group launching national anti-Washington ads in anticipation of Perry's next presidential bid

Robert Gibbs: "I Hope They Fire Some People."

This Map Shows The Most Famous Book Set In Every State

TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill has found it’s not always easy being the boss

Magnitude 7.2 quake hits Philippines, no tsunami threat, 144 deaths confirmed

Democratic Resource Center (Facebook group page) - Johnson City

What's next, guys in sheets & pointy hoods

How have the Republicans managed to persuade Americans to buy into the whole “Obama as big spender"?

Congress Brings Russians to D.C. to Show Off Our Dysfunctional Democracy

Ted Cruz Could Force Debt Default All By Himself

The Titanic - A Perfect Metaphor For The Republican House

oh why not! Podcast from my spot on a Nova Scotia radio garden show talking tomatoes

The NSA Collects Contact Lists, Too

The South is Going To Rise Again

The biggest news in San Diego this week?

George Takei tweet (Step Ladder Humor)

Fox "News" host Mike Huckabee: “We gave the Democrats one incredibly early Christmas gift,”

Can you put styrofoam into the microwave?

Martial arts.

How do you know you're on the losing side of a political issue?


And so the clown car is being serviced....

U.S. Senate confirmed two of Obama's judicial nominees today - at least 'something' is getting done

The DeBlasio Chronicles

Democratic attorney Dennis Crawford to challenge Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) for House seat

She's really not happy to see me on her doorstep. I've run through my usual patter

Which flag do you think the Tea Party will raise next?

The GOP's little rule change they hoped you wouldn't notice

Did anybody else see the "Obamacare will stop my cancer treatment" ad?

Krugman has just posted: Almost Over - Senate Republicans have figured out what to do

"Bob Schieffer: Boehner in Danger of Being Toppled"

The Many Straw Men Surrounding Marx

In the medical field, a Skilled Nursing Facility is referred to as a "sniff".

Outside group: McConnell 'negotiating surrender'

Boehner probably really soaking in the Jamieson's tonite

Typhoon Wipha May Threaten Tokyo and Fukushima

So why exactly does the government need to know my e-mail address book?

Slovakian Woman Has Collection Of Napkins Worth $500K

CR: 1. Abbreviation for "Congressional Republican"

Oprah: You Can’t Be an Atheist If You ‘Believe in the Awe and Wonder’ of the World

Supposed Journalists who can't stand the heat


I'm going straight to hell for this one

French wingnuts claim significant victory.

Looking pretty clean? Roll Call has more details on framework for a deal

Florida to execute man using untried drug for lethal injection

NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally

Sometimes, the old songs say it best -

Gloria Steinem Speaks Out About Miley Cyrus, Ends The Debate Forever

Piers Morgan & Gun Rights Advocate Explode Over Pro-Gun Protest on Newtown Anniversary - video link

Fucking Ted Cruz

Congresswoman Grills the Republican Who Rigged the Gov't Shutdown.

Report Finds Police Worldwide Criminalize Dissent, Assert New Powers in Crackdown on Protests

Yes Tea Party, you will always be Tea Baggers to us.

Columbus Raped the Redskins...Time to Change the Name: Thom Hartmann

Lakota and Ojibwe horse riders along the Keystone XL route.. Day 2

Any more news on the earthquake in the Phillipines?

Ryan has a GOP challenger

Rebel flags at the White House - An (on edit) Sociologist weighs in

Ugly rebel yell in front of the White House

The Ed Show - Senate deal OK - until it hits the House it going

This needs some exposure: Family Driven from Home After Daughter's Rape by Student Athlete

Boy Scouts hold child abuse forum in Dallas area

The Ed Show - Paul Ryan's latest attack on women

Crestview FL City Council table the Controversial Confederate Flag issue at Monday’s Meeting

Mayor's Office: City Has Gone Full Week Without A Murder

The right’s Confederate flag conspiracy theories

John Boehner’s Wife Calls For Her Shutdown King To Come Back To Bed

Confederate flag at a tea party rally? Perfect

Is Mitt Romney a member of the 47%? Ain't that just like a tea bagger?

Gun-control advocates see 5150 holds as model

Just think how high the GOP's negatives would be if the press didn't hold so tightly to the

"Castles in the Air" Don McLean

North Korean Photoshop

The sun is setting on dollar supremacy, and with it, American power

We stand alone again! "NC shutting down Work First" - only state to do so

Neo-Confederates hate the new demographic that supports OBAMA

The Ed Show - Palin, Cruz use veterans for their own agenda

To Ousted Boss, Arms Watchdog Was Seen as an Obstacle in Iraq

Polonium, a highly radioactive material

West Failing to Deliver on Syria Deals with Russia – FM Lavrov

"Envy, Scorn and Shutdown"


ahem...Let's Not Complain About The Size Of The Rout

Is Jon Stewart "the Daily Show" new tonight? Just wondering if I should stay up.

Louise Slaughter: Republican Rules Change 'An Atrocity' That Allows Shutdown To Continue

If you must become a thief, what kind will you be?

Secession TeeVee

US Lab in (country of) Georgia at Center of Storm Over Biological Warfare Claims

NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally - WaPo

So riddle me this

Secession TeeVee

Rep. Phil Roe reveals current family health insurance cost on FRC Washington Watch

2 weeks in, only partly dysfunctional now

The hate and religion industry (usually packaged together) are guaranteed moneymakers.

Some of the (very) few butterflies around the yard this year.

everytime I see footage of the thugs pushing riot police...

Y'know.... F' NPR. Really.

For Many Hard-Liners, Debt Default Is the Goal

Jerry Brown signs bill creating two tiered tuition, one without any state support

We love it!

Any ideas to stop one dog being afraid of another?

Put simply, I have multiple witnesses that will confirm that the NSA infringes on my freedoms...

Baker: Republicans are delusional about US spending and deficits

The NSA continually infringes on everyone's freeadom, while revealing personal information on us

Honduras sends military police to tame drug violence as vote looms

Reagan is Dead and would not get Elected Today

The NSA in charge of cyber-command can't "command" their way out of a wet paper bag...

Is it too early to close nominatins and give the MVP award to

Frank Schaffer author of "Crazy For God" on Politics Nation spells out the GOP's problem.

Squirrels and weeds take over White House garden

Dem. group sends fruit basket to Carnival Cruz

Say "NO" to TPP

Help: I need links to GOP quotes that threatened or promised a shutdown.

Adults in government

"12 Years a Slave" will tell you everything you need to know about who's running Congress now.

Krugman - "Obamacare Success"

Could this default thing all be about....

Takashi Yanase, creator of Anpanman has died.

Finlandia sung by Joan Baez - wouldn't this make a wonderful, wonderful national anthem?

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ October 15th?

Last Hurrah of the Season

David Frum: A tea party exit would be a blessing for GOP

Heinz Dieterich discusses Maduro and Venezuela in

Coulter's Circular Firing Squad Befuddles Hannity: Attacks Liz Cheney, Newt Gingrich, et al

Beijing airport bomber gets six-year sentence

PLEASE folks, that was NOT a squad of 'riot police.' It was MURRAY from The Odd Couple.

Nazi war criminal refused funeral service in three cities

Canada accused of stealing Brazilian energy secrets

Get Nervous: The Fate of the Country Is in John Boehner’s Hands

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday Oct 15, 2013)

"The Tundra Twit" Strikes Again..

Canadian scientists attack Keystone XL

Asian shares head to 5-mth highs on hopes for U.S. deal

German Automaker Could Face US Lawsuit Over Alleged Link To Murders In Argentina's Dirty War

German Automaker Could Face US Lawsuit Over Alleged Link To Murders In Argentina's Dirty War

Don’t Just Lift the Debt Ceiling. Get Rid of It.

Nobel Prize Winner in Economics States The Obvious: Growing inequality is our biggest problem

How Bolivian Farmers Made the World Crave Quinoa

Scientists Found a Compound That Keeps Marijuana From Getting You High

Senators Near Fiscal Deal, but the House Is Uncertain

Save your Confederate money, boys, the South gon’ rise again

US Lab in Georgia, Eurasia, at Center of Storm Over Biological Warfare Claims.

The best song ever from Spoon...

Ted Cruz, House Republicans Meet in Secret at Tortilla Coast

Protest closures you caused then suggest impeaching the President for what you've done

individualism, responsibility, Calvin, Hobbes

Poll: New Jersey Senate race tightens

Colbert King: Where are the arrests over the World War II Memorial protest?

Grass roots activists are excited about Amanda Murphy!! GOTV Pasco Dems!!!

Italy rescues 300 migrants, sends navy ships, drones on patrols

India's Cyclone Phailin: Thousands marooned by floods

Afghan bomb kills Logar governor Jamal in mosque

Kerry:“There has to be a transition government, there has to be a new governing entity in Syria..."

Assange: 'Ecuadorian embassy staff are like my family'

I see a lot of people on DU saying a default will significantly hurt them

Ted Cruz: Unsure if he’d block vote on Senate deal

I'm not politically savy

SOmebody needs to do this

amazing to see how the cop thugs handle right-wing protests

Erik Erickson of Red State: All these polls showing America hates the GOP are accurate

Video: Cuccinelli on "soft & weak" Catholic Church; God's possible punishment on US for abortion

Fibromyalgia: Researchers Find Main Source of Pain in Blood Vessels

Report: Cruz Meets With House Conservatives In Restaurant Basement

Sometimes Luck is better than training.

Occupy storms closed memorial, rips fences down..marches to WH

Roger Simon, Politico: Q: If Cruz & Boehner were both on a sinking ship, who'd be saved? A: America

Pit's (poll)

VIOLENT ENCOUNTER: Why Aren't the Teabaggers being Pepper Sprayed Like OWS???

SHIT!!! Anyone hear what Joe Madison said this morning

For second time in two days, dry ice explosion reported at Los Angeles airport

GWB has heart problems; break out the crying towels! BUT...

Detained US ship’s guards, crew booked for carrying arms (Indian Coast Guard)

Boeing charges Army for new helicopter parts but uses old ones

Oliver Willis: The Right’s Crisis Of Infinite Ragegasms

OK, don't have a fit: Five thoughts on the Obamacare disaster

Several top websites use device fingerprinting to secretly track users

In actual negotiations both sides will bring ...

The Secret Fears of the Gun Lobby and What They're Planning Next

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Reality Deniers

What Gives? California Gov. Jerry Brown Lines Up With NRA and Prison-Industrial Complex

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Shut Down

EU official expects Ukraine's Tymoshenko to go to Germany soon

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Russia says foils plot to attack chemical arms facility

What I Learned About Humanity From Living on the Streets

Get Nervous: The Fate of the Country Is in John Boehner’s Hands

U.S. Nonprofit Hospital CEO Annual Pay Averages $600,000

C-SPAN is just another right wing outlet.

My recipe for chicken paprikash

Constitutional scholar Sarah Palin explains complicated Constitutional law words to you

Report: Cruz Meets With House Conservatives In Restaurant Basement

We're not going to fix America until we get the

New York Times goes global by rebranding IHT

What Eritrean migrants could teach Ted Cruz

Massachusetts’ U.S. House Race Shows Power of the Primary

Charles Taylor flown to Britain to serve sentence

America is going to hell and will be saved by Peter Pan methods: “If you believe, clap your hands.”

Akram Raslan reported dead. (Syrian Political Cartoonist)

Dean Baker: Republicans are delusional about US spending and deficits

Why do some people get worked up about interracial couples? I don't get it.

Screwing the Cooch: Cuccianelli is spiraling the drain

WND is showing their true colors...lily white.

Compelling headline on!!

Can you even IMAGINE how far we'd be if POTUS knew then what POTUS knows now?

GAO Raises Questions about Adequate Supply of Lithium-7 for Nuclear Power Reactors

While EPA is furloughed, Republicans hold hearing to bash it

Northampton County wants to reduce health coverage for county employees to avoid ACA Cadillac tax

What Republicans Did to Michigan = TWO BILLION $$$$ = Tax-O-Meter

ESCAPE HATCH: Dems could join with GOP realists to end crises

Lagoons filled with toxic water coming to Ohio’s fracklands

Fukushima branding choice world class Fukuppy

Elephants understand what it means when you point at stuff

House Conservatives Revolt (against potential Senate deal)

US Army Terrorist List: Al Qaeda, Earth First ....

Just who was that ditwit with the Confederate flag at the White House?

Oath Keepers: Bring On the Collapse!

Breathtaking in its relevance - Yahoo - "5 things successful people do before 8 AM"

Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson Reach New Heights of Hypocrisy in "Fix the Debt" Ad

Republicans Are Delusional About US Spending and Deficits

Fearing a lost governor’s race, Virginia Republicans confront party divide

The New American Center: Why our nation isn't as divided as we think

"Where have all these nuts come from?". . . . Please come CAPTION Ann Coulter!!

Are You in the New American Center? 51% in center.

US senators to ice new sanctions if Iran ends enrichment

Air pollution 'still harming Europeans' health'

Robert Costa: "emerging House legislation: CR + DL + med device + income verification + Vitter" idea

Anti-cancer vaccine for Laos

'The Walking Dead' Surges Again, Hits Record 16.1 Million Viewers

Not to be confused with the original, authentic, 'Say No to Hillary' movement

Boeher's sneaky rule change re CR proves he DOES have the votes to pass a clean CR

So the Teapukes Are Considering Impeachment?

The Emerging House Deal

House about to announce its "deal."

House GOP to push separate bill to end government shutdown, raise debt ceiling

Pap and Seder: Time To Act On Climate Change

Donating a birthday.

The Shut Down Is What GOP Rule Would Look Like

New hashtags to follow: #GOPshutdown #ShutdownTheGOP #JustVote

Good Morning, Ed Henry. Please blow me now.

About need, healthcare, aging, ...

Send me a Congress ... America's future will be determined in 2014

So-if the Dems Don't Accept Their New Deal/Hostage Negotiaton, They Intend To Impeach The President

high court will review EPA global warming rules

Looking like republicans maybe have found a way to sneakily delay Obamcare...

The national debt would have been larger under McCain or Romney than under Obama.

simply... they just don't respect the democratic process...

What is the mechanism for this proposed ACA income verification?

House may leave Washington after it passes its bill to raise the debt ceiling and end the shutdown

The Ballad Of The Fake Dodgers Bear Mascot

For shame: Trolls defeat Scientific American, Popular Science

MSNBC reporting Maxine Waters doesn't think there will be a deal

New House offer proves Boehner is a clown and Republicans are terrorists.

North Carolina County Clerk Intends To Challenge State’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Teachers of America, Do Not Quit, Get Fired!

Cyberbullying which led to suicide leads to two arrests.

Veteran Privilege needs to end

THE DEAL: Once again, though, so much depends on John Boehner’s largely gelatinous political spine

How Dems are winning the debt limit fight — and a GOP surrender

GOP’s deadly fever: Has their fantasy bubble finally popped?

TPM: House Republicans Poised To Spurn Senate Debt Deal

Why Harry Reid Fears a Long-Term Shutdown Deal

"We Have a Remarkable and Unprecedented Opportunity" - MoveOn

Six feet, six inches. Why you can't ignore the math, even in Florida.

Poll: Booker Leads Lonegan By 14 On Eve Of Special Election

House GOPer Slams Pending Deal From 'Senate Surrender Caucus'

HuffPo - "What Happened The Last Time A Major Western Country Defaulted" - Familiar?

Violence On TV Is Popular

House GOP Unveils Bill to Counter Senate Debt Plan

After Sparking Outrage In Detroit, Koch Brothers’ Tar Sands Waste Now Piling Up In Chicago

Has Ted Cruz already moved to quash emerging Senate deal to end the Republican shutdown?

On a lighter note: No one wants to star in "50 Shades of Grey"

House GOP leaders sang 'Amazing Grace' before meeting, but they're still wretched, lost, and blind

Holy Cow! New Images Raise Hope for 7 People Missing on Schooner

The VFW & American Legions Are Now RW Organizations.

Unintentionally hilarious typo of the day from the New York Times:

The Vitter amendment is an extension of the voter-id GOP nullification effort.

Anything new about the $1trillion coin?

"We do not have lifeguards on duty at our pools." says Carnival spokeswoman after boy's drowning...

13 Things That Define the New American Center - It is bigger than you think

Breaking News: James T. Kirk addresses the Tea Party.

Cockroach farms multiplying in China

The Tyranny Party

John Edwards' Mistress Rielle Hunter Apologizes In Blog Post

Worst poison in the world found...

Uh, Oh: Boehner’s Latest Shutdown Proposal Is Unconstitutional

wanker of the day: Ari Shapiro

I'm really stressed right now, how about you guys?

How should I prepare for the LSAT? Anyone know of good web resources?

Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst calls for Obama's impeachment

WH Responds to House's Latest 'Tea Party' Proposal

The Tyranny Party - Shutdowns "R" Us

"fairness for all"????

'This Is What A Real Man Looks Like': City Council Member Accused Of Exposing Self After Bar Confron

The latest designer catch phrase:

Members of the House GOP and Teabagger Caucus Represent a Domestic Threat

Kite Hill - artisanal VEGAN cheese!

Clerics rule besieged Damascus residents may eat dogs

Seems To Me The Repugs Are At The End Of Their Rope Here And This Is A Last Ditch Attempt To.....

Airs tonight: PBS’ ‘Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle’ shows comics as uniquely American stories

The insanity of the Rightwing

Rachel Maddow - McDonnell gift scandal turns on promises made

Well that was a pointless waste of time. Rethug presser

Last day to register for the election

Craft launched from Virginia now orbiting moon

Bwahahaha. American League of Lobbyists recommends name change to

New items in my Etsy Shop

Seven motorcyclists arrested for reckless driving

Charles Pierce on Ed Henry and Fox News: pure poetry in a put-down

Day Traders boosting Pepto/Rolaids/Tums stocks...

$4 million available in small business loans for military veterans

Take the deal, Democrats.

Pic Of The Moment: Ranchers Who Supported GOP Shutdown Wonder Where Their Government Assistance Went

This is a little late: I, Rielle Hunter, Apologize

House Republicans’ Fiscal Plan Collapses

From where did the word SPOOPY originate

Guy on MSNBC tearing UP Marsha Blackburn!


Thomas Roberts is KICKING ASS again on MSNBC.

Bottom line: Republicans are hopelessly incompetent.

Chronicle: The government shutdown has halted evaluation of a promising new global forecast model

Central Banks Gaming Out U.S. Default as Deadline Nears

Today's Republican leadership is so scary. their ignorance runs swift and deep

Regarding my cardiologist, my Arab American neighbors, and the bigot at the end of the road.

Manufacturing in New York Area Cools as Sales, Hiring Slow

Call a ransom a ransom. It's not a negotiation

Democrats at presser fantastically united and on point

Charters’ Enrollment Gain May Hurt Public School Credit Ratings

Rachel Maddow - Advocates of shutdown upset over consequences

Burger Cooks Cost $7 Billion a Year in Government Aid

Democratic Opponent Lundergan Grimes Out-Fundraises McConnell

Republican Caucus Agrees to NOTHING this Morning (Spkr. Boehner's news conference)

NYPD: Man Shot On Upper West Side Street, Two Suspects Sought

Post in this thread, and I will make up some crap about you.

How I see the House "counter-proposal" to the Senate's negotiations ...

Reid Snaps Back at 'Extremist Republicans in the House' - Pelosi Calls Out Boehner

Rachel Maddow - GOP's Reagan zeal ignores facts of his legacy

Iran Offers More Monitoring to Prove It’s Nuclear-Weapons Free

shutdown threatens to halt rape kits in DC

So, are they gonna do a Thelma & Louise?

This is a constitutional crisis.

shutdown threatens to halt rape kits in DC (and the war on women continues apace)

A 30 for 30 ESPN special is on tonight.....Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Durand....

"Do you hate ObamaCare more than you love your country?"

Toad was extremely perturbed by the Democrats nerve!

Senator Reid on Senate floor: US could be downgraded as soon as tonight

Counterpoint veterans

Boehner has tied himself to a "rule" (Hastert) that does not exist.

NO Dem Votes for House Tea Party Proposal

Boner should count his votes before calling a presser.

Rachel Maddow - Already, too close to the ceiling

Central Banks Gaming Out U.S. Default as Deadline Nears

UPDATE: If This Is an Impeachment Trap by the Teabaggers, They have a surprise Coming...

Some great news amid all the Chaos! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host Golden Globes for next 2 years!

A confession -last night I saw a clip of Sarah Palin egging on the crowd

Five On The Floor

Republicans' threat to blow up the economy makes U.S. look "insane" to the rest of the world

NYPD expanding search for missing autistic teen Avonte Oquendo to Long Island, New Jersey

It's Time For Women to Run the Country

The Full Faith And Credit Of The Repug Party Is On The Line.....

I pray our House and Senate members remember one thing

I thought TV people did focus groups and polls...

Insurance company ads on TV!

Shutdown is Obama's Fault, Obamacare Is Like Slavery

GOP House members sing Christian hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ before pushing to derail Senate deal

What Happens When a Republican is Honest on Fox News

Amazon fish has super-shield against piranhas

"Who will get fucked?"

Pat Robertson calls on Republicans to end shutdown

Reps Take to Floor to Condemn Confederate Battle Flag Waving at WH

Ex-San Diego Mayor charged with 3 crimes

“Once-in-a-decade typhoon” on path for Fukushima — Giant tanks of nuclear-contaminated waste at risk

As Republicans blame this mess on Obama keep one thing in mind (to build your reply)

Sign portrays Obama as Hitler

Walmart U.S. to use supercenters as distribution hubs

Teabaggers want to overthrow the government. So, screw those people.

How Peru could become America's next drug war debacle

Health Care 'So much wrong': Aetna CEO blasts Obamacare tech debacle

what happened to the house moderate republicans?

Does GOP hate ACA more than it loves US?

For the GOP, rightward ho!

Is there video of the House singing "Amazing Grace"?

I'm losing my tolerance for zero tolerance policies

New report highlights negative impacts of fracking

when you wrestle a pig .. the pig enjoys it and you get dirty

Hunting for food across Caracas (Hunger Games)

I've got THE PLAN that will solve everything!!!

Oh Lord, can't we keep religion out of politics?

What Do Boys Do When They Find a Real Gun?

My gut told me this, but it is good to have it confirmed (Syria Pundits Conflicts of Interest)

Why this atheist likes the Bible

Boston Police Department Officer Stephen Horgan recounts his reaction to David Ortiz's grand slam.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili: Christianity hijacked human values

Rick Perry Tells Texans They May Get Health Care If They'd Just Get A Job

Amar Kaleka, Son Of Slain Sikh Temple President, Plans To Run For Congress Against Paul Ryan

Rick Perry Tells Texans They May Get Health Care If They'd Just Get A Job

The U.S. Has REPEATEDLY Defaulted

Teabag Endgame is Impeachment, Will They Risk Default to Try It?

Why isn't Wall Street threatening the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party Caucus?

Satire: House Republicans Schedule Obama Impeachment Hearings

Seriously messing with color and getting ready to slaughter my yard's last tomato

Amar Kaleka, Son Of Slain Sikh Temple President, Plans To Run For Congress Against Paul Ryan

Gay Democrats Embrace Frontrunner de Blasio in NYC Mayor Contest

Bugs worked out of state's health exchange

Reid Slams House Debt-Cap Plan With Changes to Obamacare

IMO, this whole fiasco has been a long con to impeach Obama

Now the House wants birth-control provisions in the final deal

What would Jesus say about Republican attack on food stamps?


Republicans say the darnedest things

Cops Plotting Bizarre Gay Sex Sting Terrorize Disabled Child and Brutalize His Caretaker

Is anyone here old enough to recall the first days of Medicare?

Colombian governor Kiko Gomez charged with murder

Montana parents demand answers in son’s Singapore death

Dirigi-do or Dirigi-don't?

Teabaggers Plan To Be In Charge. No Elections In 2014. Could They Be So Bold

Chiquita involved in a lawsuit with thousands of Colombians


have ted cruz or sarah palin denounced larry klayman?

The religious right is a fraud: Nothing Christian about Michele Bachmann’s values

Tune up your Tuesday with some ElectroPop...

Is there any evidence of ReTHUG infiltration into ACA software/hardware design

Jesus appears at a Tea Party caucus prayer group

WH Press Secretary Calls Out New Deniers

In Big Win for Defense Industry, Obama Rolls Back Limits on Arms Exports

If you've got a relatively new TV and you become a Netflix subsciber, how can you stream movies/

Strange women lying in ponds and distributing swords is looking pretty good lately

Supreme Court declines to hear California prison case

Coach makes special needs students feel like part of the team

Minute of levity? This cracked me up.

I was told every time they vote in the house it cost one million $$

Could We Be In A Situation Where The House Will Pass Nothing Until January 2015.

House GOP pursues own bill on debt and shutdown

Qaeda suspect's shipboard fast brings halt to U.S. interrogation

Last night I dreamed Bill Clinton spent the night at my house.

The Ant Christ---rrrruuunnnnnnnn!

So what recourse do we the citizens not infected with the crazy virus have?

Military Coalition rallies to end government shutdown

WorldNutDaily: Gay rights advocates are like suicide bombers, totalitarians, and Voldemort

Should we be discarding the right Twix? ;>

Majority of U.S. fast-food workers need public assistance: study

Campaign launched to free jailed Colombian trade unionist

Boehner to Tea Party: Shut Yourself Down

High court justices question rights case against Daimler AG

So when the DOW drops 4,000 points...will the CEOs still love the Republican Party??

How will RoveCo lipstick up the R-piglican party before 2016?

Let's review recent history re; the GOP and the Debt.

Senate talks at temporary halt

The WH position in a nutshell:

MSNBC Anchor Pushes GOP Rep.: ‘Do You Hate Obamacare More Than You Love Your Country?’

“The CIA helped kill DEA agent Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena,” say witnesses

“The CIA helped kill DEA agent Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena,” say witnesses

Airline Makes Obese Passenger Buy Two Seats - But They Are Not Next To Each Other

'Mr. Conservative' Dr. Donald R. May to challenge Neugebauer for District 19 House seat

The Cebu earthquake

At our expense

House Republicans in apparent disarray over fiscal impasse

Bill DeBlasio pulls out the brass knuckles

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, No. 13

Could you pass a US citizenship test?

Burn it all down!

If the U.S. defaults who will profit?

BREAKING: Cuccinelli's Office Improperly Helped CONSOL Energy Rip Off SW Virginia Landowners

Shutdown: How The House Has Become The Imperial Congress - Richard Eskow Discusses

Animation of typhoon Wipha

Let me get this straight ... the "toadies"/pawns of Obama, the DC police and park rangers,

Will an agreement be reached on raising the debt limit before Thursday?

Ex-San Diego mayor Filner pleads guilty to 3 charges

Before the shutdown, Democrats were losing next year’s House race. Now they’re winning

Don't be an asshole. Don't be a crybaby.

Martin Bashir Exposes Sarah Palin And GOP Exploiting Military Veterans (VIDEO)

Republicans planning to fart in the elevator and get off at their floor

San Francisco SPCA Offering Pet Condoms to Sex-Addicted Dogs and Cats

Dewhurst calls for Obama impeachment

Pit bull saves cat from coyote attack

The tea party vs the founding fathers

Park Rangers call Rep. Randy Neugebauer’s outburst “shameful”

Offsite Data Storage moving to Russia and Iceland to be free from spying.

Toon: Shut....

Ted Cruz and 15-20 Repubs hold secret meeting but not secret from everyone...

White House Rebel Yeller Identified

The New Hosue GOP Proposal and Demands

MSNBC upgrades it's site

"The result of feminism is that women have been reduced to being nothing but sex objects"

Boehner's rejection of Senate deal is, itself, too Liberal

LOL tough shit bro...

Rumor: House GOP May Pass Plan Then LEAVE TOWN

Malaysian Court Restricts Use of ‘Allah’ to Muslims / NYTimes

Let's do what they do with hostage takers who are psychotic about not budging on their demands ...

How to save the Republican brand

I, Rielle Hunter, Apologize

House Republicans singing Amazing Grace

Republican Debt Ceiling ransom is raising the cost to taxpayers of financing the debt

Sources indicate Republicans have lost their damn minds

Boehner leaked his "deal" before realizing it was DOA

Edward Smith, Man Who Has Had Sex With 999 Cars, Ready To Commit To VW Beetle

Is it just me or do you guys STILL keeping hearing "both sides are to blame"?

Syrian Rebels Urged to Let Inspectors See Arms Sites

The shutdown.... what has it cost so far?

Medal of Honor fraud? Sure looks like it.

So, the Tea-liban wants to default, then impeach Obama because of it?

Fun Breast Cancer® Awareness™ Products That Can Cause Breast Cancer®

If we default, when do Social Security checks stop coming?

Supreme Court agrees to hear greenhouse gas case

It's time for The President

I Deserted...And The South Fell.

Humana Pays CEO Broussard $10.5 million by cheating post-op patients out of their precriptions:

RWNJ lady at work, says USA cannot default as too much money coming in?

Dow -119 and plummeting

A part of me wants to see a default, just to prove the GOP is crazy

NSA Spying Not Stopped In Shutdown, But Oversight Is - Alice Ollstein Discusses

The House GOP DOESN'T EVEN HAVE THE VOTES To Pass Their Own Teabagger Plan

Has anyone here ever reconnected with a bio parent after years (especially childhood years) apart?

Are Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis still dead. Just thought I'd ask since it's almost Halloween

House Republicans Schedule Obama Impeachment Hearings

Low wages costs taxpayers a quarter-trillion dollars every year...

Reporter Tells White House Spokesman He Got Insurance Through Obamacare's Exchanges

House To Pass Their Plan Leave Town And Refuse To Come Back?

What number of reps in the house constitutes a quorum?

Piers Morgan rips a new bunghole toward a gun nut Prick

Ex-Halliburton Manager Pleads Guilty to Destroying Evidence

Major North Dakota Oil Spill Made Public a Whole 11 Days After First Detected

This medal ceremony is, dontchaknow just a halfhearted

James Baldwin explains RW/GOP/Tea Party racism

CVS Pharmacy gets shopping mall owner to take down offensive Obama signage.

looks like "fairness for all" is their latest lame-o talking point

Amazing "grace"

NJ Senate Projection (Revised): Booker 61.5%-Lonegan 36.9%

Senator Feinstein says ‘It’s all fallen apart’ on budget talks

House Repugs Calling For Fairness - Is It Fair That They.....

Times change, but for some reason we don't.

Ex-Halliburton Manager Anthony Badalamenti Pleads Guilty To Destroying BP Spill Evidence

Now we know what their brand of American exceptional ism is,

Latest GOP insanity: Medical device tax repeal OUT, Vitter language being pushed to get to 218

Video: Obama announces that debt ceiling negotiations have failed

Inferiority Complex

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) Blasting Tea Party on CNN

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, somewhere in China...

Great Quote From President Lyndon Johnson ---->

The table limit was one thousand dollars...

Libyan al-Qaida suspect, Abu Anas al-Libi pleads not guilty to terror charges

Thom Hartmann: IMF now says, "Tax the Rich!"

LIVE on C-SPAN: Small Businesses and Government Shutdown

Reagan-Appointed Judge Recants His Decision Upholding Voter ID

has cantor come out and said anything?

Why everyone, including the market knows that Boehner is going to cave:

The Tea Turds last ditch effort to impeach President Obama (NSFW)

House looks "likely" to default, shut down Cruz extremism.

The GOP Shutdown reminds me of one of those movies where a simple criminal plan goes all wrong.

Hundreds protest Italy funeral for Nazi criminal

Uh Oh: Boehner’s Latest Shutdown Proposal Is Unconstitutional

WABC-TV to host first New York City Mayoral Debate tonight

The Food and Drug Administration has 60 percent of its 1,602 investigators on furlough

Antonin Scalia: 14th Amendment Protects Everyone, Not 'Only The Blacks'

LightZone is a free alternative to Lightroom

Aaron Swartz’s last gift to journalism and online privacy finds a new home

The Electoral Consequences Of The Shutdown

Controversial Liberian shipping registry a top donor to McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign

Thom Hartmann: GOP's Bruce Barlett "There are NO Conservatives Left"

What would happen if Boehner resigned as speaker?

Am I wrong to think that the drama is probably winding down now?

At this point, which do you think would be worse for the country?

Red Bull Stratos FULL POV - Multi-Angle + Mission Data

McAuliffe did not disclose death-benefit investment

Anonymous Takes On Covered Up Maryville Sexual Assault Case, Similar To Steubenville

Poll: Huge Majority Of Tea Partiers Think Debt Limit Is No Big Deal

Cuccinelli has drawn deep lines between what he believes is right and wrong

John Boehner to Decide Whether to Blow Up World Now

Cats Stealing Dog Beds- Need a good laugh?

Quiz: Are you in the New American Center?

[Breaking news update 3:45 p.m.] House Republicans have dropped two demands related to Obamacare


Asked to rate all the presidents from 1950-2000...

Re: Eric Cantor

Jon Favreau tweets about Boehner

Insane House Republicans now talking about extending government funding only till Dec. 15

Found on Facebook about Redskins, LOL

An Apology

The Walking Dead smashes the Sunday night competition with a record 16.1 million viewers

Virginia Inspector General finds Cucinelli's office broke the law

Pat Robertson to GOP: Give up! "The Republicans have got to wave the white flag"

91 years old



No, House Republicans Can’t Just Skip Town And Stick Obama With A Ransom Note

House GOPer: We're Gonna Make Them An Offer They Can't Refuse

***** LIVE US Senate Session = Debt Limit Debate *****

Lord, I love Joy Ann Reid.

They are fucking lunatics

Help me out: What's the big GOP insistence on a medical device tax repeal/delay?

Get ready for insurance sticker shock in 2014

We hit the Debt Limit...

This -

Anyone else feel like wanting to Bash every single republican right now?

Maybe its time to start passing this around...

GOP Congresswoman Stunned: 'Do You Hate Obamacare More Than You Love Your Country?'

House GOP has new plan; vote could be Tuesday

"Vaules Voter Summit" wrap-up...

Do or do not... there is no try. ...

Medical device tax repeal killed to appease Tea Party, not Democrats. That's how dumb they are.

If the Republicans want their agenda enacted...

Once again, Faux "news" runs a fake story...

"We really did go too far. We screwed up."

Per my Ipad and The AP Boehner spokesman sez a vote tonight.

Is Ted Cruz someone

Glenn Greenwald leaving Guardian?

Tea Partier With Ten Children on Medicaid Denounces Government Involvement in Health Insurance

Shutdown Bill coming in an hour or two in House

on C-SPIN2 now, the senator with the diaper problem is on

The next time you hear someone say the gov should be run like a business

the repugs are gonna SOOOO go after women after this. who wants to bet.

GOP setting Obama impeachment trap

Exclusive: Glenn Greenwald Will Leave Guardian To Create New News Organization

U.S. credit rating on negative watch

Uh-oh. Lights went out at Detroit Game 3.

An Atheist, a Jew, and a Christian Walk Into Fox to Battle Over Religion in Government

If you're wondering why the Senate is sitting on its hands right now, this is why...

MNBC: Fitch puts US credit on watchlist.

Glenn Greenwald Leaving The Guardian For New Venture

Krugman Blog- The GOP Tax

Public schools shouldn’t close for religious reasons

Someone vandalized my car.

Fucking Republicans... The Nation's AAA credit rating was just pulled by Fitch

Senate GOP aide: "If the House can't get its act together, we're going to get NOTHING"

Killing democracy in the Middle East for profit.

Anyone else get the new robocall from Cruz?

Conservative Catholics question Pope Francis’s approach

You know they are losing. I just got a local robocall from Ted Cruz talking about

Compromise idea: Repeal ACA and replace it with Medicare for all.

Senate Republicans: We Have To Save John Boehner

Fitch puts US AAA rating on rating watch negative

Republican version of "Amazing Grace"

Raise your hand if you voted for a Rep who is currently endangering your money market fund

Fitch press release detailing WHY "Fitch Places United States' 'AAA' on Rating Watch Negative"

'Values Voters' Laugh About Nazi-Era Persecution Of Gays, Get Bad History Lesson From Glenn Beck

Beautiful! flashmob at a square in Sabadell.

Have Republicans Shut Down Their Brains? By Megan McArdle

Read the Bill: House Will Vote Tonight on a Bill to End the Shutdown and Raise the Debt Ceiling Tues

"I Am A Park Ranger"

Alison Lundergan Grimes Beats Mitch McConnell In First Quarter Fundraising

Can the President or anyone else sequester Congress to keep them from

OK, We Went Too Far, But Cut Us Some Slack

Uh Oh: Boehner’s Latest Shutdown Proposal Is Unconstitutional

Papantonio: Is BP Using Online Trolls To Harass Oil Spill Victims?

Amazing stop-motion YouTube video

The US is still 'AAA' after the Fitch announcement. This was a warning.

RNC tells folks to go to polls on 'Tuesday' - election is on Wednesday

GOP antics may lead to a ‘de-Americanized world’

Is it Speaker Boehner or Speaker Cruz?

check out this nugget within the GOP Bill Deal

Was Pythagoras the First to Discover Pythagoras’s Theorem?

The Republican Shutdown and Default Is Designed to Destroy the Legacy of President Obama

A capella

The Rude Pundit: What Concessions Republicans Ought to Be Forced to Make

Sign at an End the Furlough rally.

The backstory on the veterans rally in Washington

PBA Suit Argues Council Exceeded Authority On Stop-And-Frisk Bill

Booker-Lonegan Senate Campaign May be National Referendum as well . . .

Conservative Organization Tells House Republicans To Vote Against Their Own Leadership’s Proposed De is a ripoff

Does anyone know how much Ted Cruz (R Goldman Sachs) stands to gain from a default?

Massachusetts Honor Student Erin Cox Punished for Giving Drunken Friend a Ride Home

Gawker nails the *Rethug* SHUTDOWN of the monuments & the hypocrisy of jingoism BAITING

Add your own: How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

Uneven enforcement suspected at nuclear plants

China Rails Over U.S. Fiscal Crisis, Seeing Its Own Money at Risk

FreedomWorks, Heritage Action both whipping against Boehner's last ditch bill tonight.

Newtown, Conn., to keep school razing under wraps

SNAP: Food stamps could be cut off for Thanksgiving

Weird rendering thing still happening

Costa, Nat'l Review - House GOP's new bill NOT getting widespread support among conservatives

More on Permafrost thawing contribution to GW from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

Did you know that members of the US military are prohibited from praying or going to church?

New York Times goes global by rebranding IHT

Genealogy Roadshow casting for next season

This is what true love looks like...

Food stamps will shrink Nov. 1: Recipients worry about food, heat

Some info behind the building of (hint: it's *way* more than just a website)

House GOP staffers: Boehner's bill is 'dying' and 'f****d'

Holy shit, per MSNBC and Ed Schultz No House vote

Has the Obama presidency brought the worst racists into the light

Judge Who Framed Voter ID Laws as Constitutional Says He Got it Wrong

Needs Coverage: Fmr SC Republican Director: Transgenders Should Be in Camps

My daughter asked me for $8 this morning before she left for school.

GOP Congresswoman Stunned: ‘Do You Hate Obamacare More Than You Love Your Country?’ (VIDEO)

The American people are not going back - they proved that in November

Lost password and e-mail change

OK Mr. President--- What is the contingency plan?

Local news just reported that 530 student veterans attend UI and will not receive their checks.

Power outage at Comerica Park

Bond Traders Shift Bets With Political Wind

CNN’s Don Lemon Warns GOP: ‘Stop Drinking the Obama Hater-Aid’

What the Fuck Is Wrong With Boehner?

Transgender Woman Denied Free Breast Cancer Screening

Mr. President... time to say 'screw'em'

LMFAO-My congressmen had sex with a gal pal in bathroom at a bar. Michael Grimm get a room!

Quote of the day! Reed: "Gone from shooting hostages to shooting the GETAWAY DRIVER?"

So Many Repugs Are Worried About Being Primaried And Losing Their Jobs......

So Boehner's fellow GOPers just killed his own many Jack Daniel's is he going to chug?

Battery stored power sparks backlash from utilities

Fitch puts U.S. on notice for possible credit downgrade

Dollar drops versus yen after Fitch puts U.S. rating on credit watch

5:40 p.m.: The Details of Boehner's New Plan that—Even If It Passes the House—Is DOA In the Senate,

Want to see the next phase of the Republican 'plan' to get out of the mess they created?

It's official, my friends. A hand full of Shit Kickers have taken over the country !

I believe the teaparty intends to destroy the US

People Need To Start Protesting Koch's And Their Organizations

Idea? By Executive Order declare the 'debt limit' unconstitutional...

"The New American Center: Why our nation isn't as divided as we think"

Hey Condem! Ohio State vs. Iowa! What say you!

Holy shit Wolfie is doing his damn job

The Selling of The Pentagon 2013

New Starlight News 10/15/13

Glenn Greenwald Leaving Guardian, Starting New Venture

Big Ed made a good point re: RW radio guys pushing more shutdown and default.

Meet the GOP family known as the Asses

DeMint Pulled An Obi-Wan

Notice how all the tea baggers are putting the -IC in Democratic?

Harry Reid's Remarks: House Bill Is A Blatant Attack On Bipartisanship

Anyone else as freaked out as I am that Luke Russert sounds smart today?

Obama: Boehner 'Can't Control His Caucus'

Paper money is as valuable as toilet paper! A Resource Based Economy Explained

I'm guessing Darryl Issa forgot to triple the fire insurance he took out on the U.S. Dollar.

None of this shit could happen without

It's time for a frog-march out of congress

Just got the Ted Cruz Robocall

Sen. Sanders:Extremists in the House

I'm going to go ahead and say it.

Southern Revenge For Losing The Civil War Is Upon Us.

UN declines to meet Canadian First Nation about environmental concerns

Issa caves: "I will vote for a clean CR."

Wall St Crashed Oct 1929 GOP Crash Oct 2013


Mayors debate about to start. Link to webcast.

On this day in 1951, "I Love Lucy" premiered...

Does anyone know what the hell is going on with the vote tonight?

Its Got to Be Asked: When We Dems Held the House and Senate....

Now we know who really runs the Republicans.

Robert Redford, You Have Broken My Heart

Nazi criminal funeral halted due to protests

A Lobbyist And A Senator Walk Into A Restaurant ...

Cleveland police to suspend 63 officers after fatal car chase


Just got a call from the republican party - it was a real person, not a robo call

Senate GOP Aide: 'Ted Cruz And His Tortilla Coast Republicans Are Leading Us To A Default'

Insurance Regulators Tackle Counterfeit Obamacare Websites Meant To Dupe Consumers

How much would you tip on a $50 cab bill?

Is DU going down for others too ? nt

Take a few minutes to take this poll.

The New American Center: Why our nation isn't as divided as we think

Moldova Overturns 'Gay Propaganda' Ban In Anticipated EU Membership Move

LOL!!! Sen. Lindsey Graham: "We really did go too far. We screwed up. BUT..."

What's your excuse?

Outta here

Chevron Sues Rainforest Communities It Contaminated

Could not get on for 20 minutes and DU is still slow.

Is it too much to ask to have Chris Matthews do a "Live" show at 7pm?

Want to know why this is happening? The bottom line? This.

Greg Louganis Marries Johnny Chaillot In Malibu Wedding

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 16 October 2013

One day, Bobby came to town...

NG Reservists Are Not Being Paid. Was On CBS Feed On Talk Radio.

Toon: Rebranded GOP

Watch Heidi and Corker on CNN discuss the work they've been doing to end the shutdown.

House Republicans. Boehner. FU, just FU.

Bin Laden is laughing in his watery grave.

Daniel Radcliffe On His 'Kill Your Darlings' Gay Sex Scene

What kind of emergency powers can Obama use?

Purported White Supremacists Arrested In Arizona

Shutdown: House Postpones Rules Committee Meeting

I went blind yesterday

Venezuela frees seized US-operated ship Teknik Perdana

Could This 2013 Nobel Laureate Afford College Today?

Vincent, where are you?

Will Congress repeal or revise the debt ceiling law ?

The Racist Confederate Flag Waving - how the ReTHUGs brought us here - the Southern Strategy

George Clooney on ACA

Chaos: Republicans are rushing to distance themselves from themselves

Anonymous Announces Maryville Protest Supporting Teen Rape Victim Daisy Coleman With #OpMaryville

Boehner May Bring Senate Bill to House Floor Tonight [UPDATED w/Senate Plan]

Democrats have already compromised by abandoning the goal of a single-payer system

"Boss heard Boehner will bring [Senate deal] to the floor... House action probably over.'

Are we near the end of the shutdown?

Reid, McConnell Restart Talks As House GOP Flames Out

Fisa court makes 'substantive changes' to surveillance requests, judge insists

Stay-at-Home Mom's Adorable Food Art Rockets Her to Fame

Obama, Biden To Meet With Jack Lew Wednesday

Just watched the NYC mayors debate and de Blasio clearly won.