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Game Night #Shutdown

Where the tea party conservatives live - WAPO

Scottish guys stalked by a bunny

Disruptions at Rafah Crossing highlight Israel’s duty to enable Gazans’ travel abroad


I'm all for reforming "entitlements" . . .


Barney Frank: Boehner’s “a disaster,” Cruz an “intelligent fool,” and heroin should be legal

What is this Medical device tax the Tea party/cruzers so hung up about?

What exactly would happen if the 14th amendment were invoked?

Dumb question: what was the Hasert Rule?

Detroit on the edge

Democats won a special election for a seat in the Florida Legislature


Typhoon Wipha Storm Footage in Tokyo, called a "once in a decade storm".

Simple question about my i-Mac


You can't have DISASTER Capitalism without a disaster. Man made or otherwise.

Default. MIHOP or LIHOP?

Just brought home tape of my brothers and sisters and I as kids. I thought


Not that liberal: 5 surprising facts about Millennials and politics


The Cost of the Shutdown

Purported White Supremacists Arrested in Arizona

Things I don't understand about the debt ceiling

Some one on MSNBC this morning said that if

Conservative think tank: GOP’s government-by-crisis strategy has cost the country 900,000 jobs

Access to health insurance???

You've got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!

nixon`s plan for health reform,in his own words-kaiser health news

The Furies Never End, by Frank Rich

Solo homer enough for Boston to win Game 3 !

Fast Food Jobs Cost America $7 Billion A Year? Does McDonald’s Make America Poor

They should have been closing down airports instead of parks. Playing nice guy

Does a Fatal Shooting Really Cost More than $5 Million?

Man Who Has Had Sex With 999 Cars Ready To Commit To VW Beatle

School board urging lawmakers to make it illegal to bring guns to school buildings

I was thinking about Teddy Kennedy today.

When the democrats fight amongst themselves......

In 1989 Heritage Advocated for Mandatory Health Insurance.. What Changed?..

GOP Ransom Note

Get in your lane ! ! !

Fallen heroes honored at memorial ceremony

Trash sleepin'

Resist !

Has it occurred to anyone else that the Teahadists WANT the federal government to default?

North African Chickpea & Kale Soup

America's First Toilet Themed Restaurant Opens In City Of Industry, CA

Miss Me Yet?

Albany Law School hosts drilling debate

I can't wait to see the next flavor of republican

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Tea and Sympathy & a new Kitteh gif

Toon: How do you expect me to act rationally?

Trillions spent on homeland defense and military might. Who could have imagined that our downfall

Does Anyone Here Have Real Facts As To Whether

Mt. Rushmore....from the Canadian side (FB)

Gohmert pushes impeachment: Obama ‘getting close to a high crime and misdemeanor’

OK... so what happens at midnight tomorrow?

What's up with Boner? Really. He knows better. He's been around a long, long time.

A bit of Yeats for the House GOPers:

It would appear,what with Republicans continually coming to the cameras


North Carolina: Threatening Fifty Years of Progress in Ten Months by Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper

I have this sense that we are doomed.

"'Once in a decade' typhoon closes in on Japan"

I've decided to root for the Dodgers...

"There is no serious argument for Republican Governance, even if you prefer conservative policies.."

So where's everyone going for the post-America after-party?

Glenn Greenwald Will Leave Guardian To Create New News Organization

For the Tea Party

Interview: Khaled Abu Toameh

'Fukuppy' firm rethinking mascot after Internet ridicule

Koch Brothers Puppet Group "Bribing" College Kids Not To Enroll in #Obamacare

Now that the ball is back in the Senate - Cruz can still force a default. See post on link below

“It’s all over. We’ll take the Senate deal,” says a senior GOP aide.

94,500 Applications Started Since Oct. 1, 2013

Peter King On GOP: 'This Party Is Going Nuts'

Palin explains Economics & the Constitution; We can't go into default because of the 14th amendment

E.R. Cruz is a possible recruit for a third party. Oops and Dew seem to have the same talking

401K question on the default

Why I Will Never, Ever, Go Back to the United States

It's the threat off a rating downgrade that's finally moved the needle

Do we have a deal?

got it, thank you. OP can sink.

What if ????

For John Boehner

Debt Ceiling Question

As Debt Limit Deadline Nears, Concern Ticks Up But Skepticism Persists

What animal does graywarrior hate more?

Occupy Sydney endures its 20th raid

Climate change will affect almost every corner of ocean, study says

Separate and Unequal Voting in Arizona and Kansas

It seems-

Florida Dem picks up State House seat in special election.

Wealthy Donors and Corporations Set Think Tanks’ Agendas

That Awkward Moment When You Realize America Is Way More Sexist Than You Could Have Imagined

Story if this is a repost, but folks need to see this.

Breaking News on Lawrence O'Donnell:Talks start going in Senate again as House FAILED to pass bill.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 17, 2013 -- Star of the Month - Vincent Price

I am having trouble reaching DU.

JPMorgan to pay $100 million to settle with CFTC on Whale trades: reports

Here's hoping Boehner can find some courage in that bottle tonight.

President Obama should call on Speaker Boehner to resign.

"Tea Party's House Seats Might Not Be All That Safe"

Michigan clerks preparing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Think Back: The Republican Insurgency

The default has already begun

Bizarre Spell Check Problem. Never seen this before. Doesn't work. Got this message repeatedly:

Good job, Internet! Missouri Lt. Governor Calls for Grand Jury in Maryville Rape Case




Serious question: How much of this is real and how much is Kabuki?

John Boehner Reportedly Tells Harry Reid He Will Move Quickly

Hey Lounge!

Republicans Trying To Make Fitch Happen

Stunned Republicans React to Canceled Vote


NBC: Senate has just adjourned until Noon tomorrow

The South bashing is getting really old.

Dana Milbank: Republicans are at a dead end

What is Fox News saying tonight? My stomach cannot handle going over there.

Why is the Tea Party even allowed to caucus with the Republicans?

"Ted Cruz has driven the Republican Party...

Anybody have an IRA?

Why Is McConnell Being (Relatively) Reasonable About All of This?

In a time of crisis, it's alway a good idea to check in on your FRiends...

Abraham Lincoln - Cooper Union Speech - On Political Extortion - So True

Dear John

Moose Die-Off Alarms Scientists - Climate Change Suspect

I have family in wing of it just moved to Oregon in 1910 or so.

Political Quiz from NBC:

Declaration of a State of Emergency -- can President Obama issue one to prevent default?

Is the plan to box Ted Cruz in?

Katherine Clark wins Massachusetts special primary


Difference between porn for men and porn for women

The Republicans Will Make a Deal Long Before They Cost Their Campaign Supporters Millions

"You Don't Get To Demand Ransom... "

Ward I unofficial results with 15.55% turnout

Senate deal: create a deficit-reduction panel..

House Republicans Show Themselves To Be Dangerously Incompetent, Again

I hope tea baggers win the nomination races so the Republican candidates

One possible scenario.

Entombed in Snow: Up to 100,000 Cattle Perished Where They Stood in Rogue South Dakota Blizzard

Tea Party freshman Congress-Critter demonstrates the caucus' strategy to enact its agenda...

North Carolina is first state to cut welfare amid federal shutdown

I need to debunk this bullshit

Insider Trading? Could *someone* bet on a stock market fall?

Are Tea Party Reps worried about getting "primaried" by moderate Republicans?

U.S. Supreme Court justices ask sharp questions in Michigan affirmative action case

Proposed state lease of Belle Isle ripped by Senate committee chair [MI]

Police in America: Licensed to Kill by Stephen Lendman

It's Over: Boehner has agreed to kick Cruz in the balls & step up and do the adult thing

Damn! For the second time in less than a year, Cal Ripkin's mom, Vi, was harrassed by . . . .

I am no longer obese! I'm just overweight.

U.S. Senate close to deal on debt limit, reopening government: aide

I keep hearing how this debt ceiling is so critical and the economy is going to melt down

A question for those who watch movies in theaters

Yahoo's Fox News headline: Debt Deadline Approaches: Here’s What Would Happen If U.S. Defaults

Abraham Lincoln on Political Extortion - Cooper Union Speech - Still True Today


No One Knows What It's Like To Be ... On A Mission From God

GOP to replace mascot with slightly used Japanese import

HuffPo - "The Shutdown's Radical Birther Streak That the Press Can No Longer Ignore"

Cat GIFs! Great cat GIFs!

Obama to push immigration reform 'day after' budget deal

Cheap shot, Hillary.

this is the mentality we are up against - I actually saw this on Facebook

Obama Will Push Immigration After Fiscal Crisis Is Resolved

Dressing up?

Breaking on CNN from Rep. Charlie Dent: House Likely To Take Up Senate Bill, Will Likely Pass...

Scheiber: The Inevitable Failure of Boehner's Hail Mary Means It's Over for Republicans

Libyan pleads not guilty to terrorism charges

You've got a Friend in the BOG.

Signs Indicate That Obama’s Debt Ceiling Gamble May Be Paying Off

Watching The West Wing for sanity.

Signs Indicate That Obama’s Debt Ceiling Gamble May Be Paying Off

US anti-Semitism envoy misses Ukraine conference

Don’t Sweat The Small Things

"Never in the field of human conflict have so few dragged so many thru such an epic shitshow."

Scam warning for Anglican Communion members

Dutch to refund bills sent to Jews while they were in WWII concentration camps

Death Of 100-Year-Old Italian Nazi Leads To Unrest

Attorney Advice Please: Can "We the People" Sue the House Repubs for this economic mess.

Iraq bomb kills mosque worshippers

The Ed Show - Ted Cruz and GOP's secret basement meeting

Daily White House Press Briefing = Oct. 15, 2013

2500+ Killed by Drones in Pakistan, Names of Victims Now Available

Anti-Catholic Atheist to Deliver Diatribe on Evolution at Jesuit’s LeMoyne College

Tragic end for Bisbee duo; wife dies in hospital, husband kills self

Ireland pledges crackdown on tax avoidance by Apple, Facebook, Google

Is anyone still stuck in the Obama Caves?

Something To Cheer You Up

Can't believe I'm going to say this - I'm actually looking forward to listening to Cruz, Lee, Palin

Baby Hope's mother speaks out about daughter's death

Elton John AIDS Foundation holds NYC benefit

Elephant family reunion.

Tea Party, were the police mean to you? Wambulance on the way!

Does a Fatal Shooting Really Cost More than $5 Million?

The Ed Show - Two chambers clash over debt default bill

Breaking: Airport employee arrested in connection w/ dry ice explosions at Los Angeles International

Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

Are they crazy? Funding the government through Dec. 15?

Arrest in LA airport ice explosions

I missed most of this afternoon and evening on DU

Does the lame assed phrase "Obama added more to the debt than all other president combined" include

Dear Republicans, Fuck you.

Just remember a "legacy" from the previous shutdown in 1995

Helen Humes - They Raided The Joint

Please stop saying that John Boehner is some kind of reasonable moderate. I keep hearing how he

"Senator Cruz could run 30 hours on the clock"

DrStrangle is not a member of DU

Sacred albino moose killed by hunters. Apologized and returned hide to tribe, but are keeping head.

I Just Got A Funny Mental Picture Of The Tea Party Terrorists In Congress....

failure to communicate


is there a new Daily Show tnight 10/15? Last night was a rerun.

Kaiser's summary of Republican plans that became Obamacare

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler Calls On GOP Colleagues To End Shutdown: It's Time To 'Face Reality'

Avatar won't upload

Fight Breaks Out At Seattle Jack In The Box Over Ranch Dressing

My idea of America

BBC says Republicans raise pointless grandstanding to an art form.

If Congressional Republicans ran an airline

I am sick and tired of hearing republicans say that Obama won't cut spending...


Glenn Greenwald announces departure from the Guardian

Jimmy Kimmel Proves Americans Are Clueless About Christopher Columbus - video link

Is it possible that we can get reform of the media in 2014?

Bill Maher: GOP Sabotaging Obamacare

Study estimates nearly 500,000 Iraqis died in war

US beats Panama and saves Mexico for World Cup (must watch!):

John McCain: "Republicans have to understand we have lost this battle,... "

Should it be a crime to deny the Holocaust?

Mitchell and Rand Paul: Kentuckians hate Obamacare

Hans Riegel Dead: German Gummi Bear Baron Dies At 90

This whole thing is like staring into a crystal ball.

120,000 indigenous protesters march throughout Colombia: ONIC

Another Texas explosion Mon. night.

Harry Reid's Office Sums Up The House GOP's Last Four Weeks In One Graphic

17 Stunning Natural Wonders

Avoiding Needless Wars, Part 9: Iraq

Has there been ANY time in the nearly 5 years the President has been in office where the GOP

This guy is running for State HD 15 in the Springs

Fast-Food Wages Come With a $7 Billion Side of Public Assistance

Reagan bans California citizens from carrying guns in public-Conservative hero

Man responsible for paramilitary leader’s death captured in Ecuador

Wikileaks In A Box: SecureDrop Is WhistleBlower Communication Tool For Media

When Cruz did his fake 21 hour filibuster and read the Dr. Seuss book on the Senate floor...

House Reps, Boehner & Cruz have burned a lot of bridges last 2 weeks which leads me to ask . . .

I can't work under these conditions...

Beltway Bozos of Swampland: Boehner's Pretty Awesome

You are all completely insufferable. Mark Morford

Wake up New Jersey! Drink some coffee, get dressed, and get ready to go VOTE!!! ***POLLS CLOSED***

Breaking: Congressmen Walking Somewhere

Fukishima firm unveils new mascot called 'Fukuppy'. No, seriously.

Tinfoil hat time-Are Reid/Mcconnell still far apart on debt deal and trying to trick the markets?

Controversial immigration court opens at Paris airport

Maine Offshore Wind Project Abandoned After Norwegian Energy Company Scraps $120 Million Plans

Trust me, I'm a doctor...

Paraguayan couple gets married after 80 years together

I'm just a bill

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler Calls On GOP Colleagues To End Shutdown: It's Time To 'Face Reality'

UN Says Colombia Leads Urban Inequality In The Region

Apple's $42 billion tax loophole closed in Ireland

Fuck caring about memorials and parks: North Carolina Suspends Welfare Program

Democratic AG: North Carolina: Threatening Fifty Years of Progress in Ten Months

Olive Garden: no more insurance to workers w/ less than 30 hrs per week

Operation Miracle Eye Has Benefited More Than 109,000 Guatemalans

Guatemala’s skeletons re-surface with questions over a dirty war

House Republicans Take Aim at Birth Control in Quest to Scuttle Senate Shutdown Deal

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday Oct 16, 2013)

I may not be a big Cory Booker fan, but I want to see him thrash Lonegan,

Plummeting morale at Fukushima Daiichi as nuclear cleanup takes its toll

Trouble brewing in Guatemala's coffee and cardamom fields

Influential Heritage group urges U.S. House to kill fiscal bill

Liveblogging from the transportation listening tour

Take the World War II Memorial—Please!

A Push to Sell Testosterone Gels Troubles Doctors

Today we claim the victory that is rightfully ours!

Vote for prisoners: supreme court rejects appeal by two inmates.

Why I Will Never, Ever, Go Back to the United States

Bwaaaaaaaaah! ReTHUGs, Amazing Grace and how Gerry Connolly nailed it

Chelyabinsk researchers get 11-kilo fragment of Chebarkul meteorite

Never Drink Alone Again Because Now There’s Wine for Cats

It's beginning to look a lot since Christmas - Dem wins Florida special elections

Hansen: Jerry Sandusky's abuse made student a victim, then others kept him that way

With G.O.P. Badly Divided, Boehner Is Left ‘Herding Cats’

Viewing U.S. in Fear and Dismay

Seeing Its Own Money at Risk, China Rails at U.S.

Ya gotta love it..

Dollar, default and Bretton Woods III

Rock and Roll 2013 nominees (with performance vids) Who should be inducted?

McCain: 'Republicans Have To Understand We Have Lost This Battle'

Mayor of Alaskan Town Is a Cat

Poll: Virginians now favor same-sex marriage by 20 points, oppose school vouchers by 27 points

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday Oct 16th

While on the topic of the NSA

From Brookings: President Obama Should Issue an Executive Order to Raise the Debt Ceiling

It's nice to see Carl Bernstein & Elijah Cummings

Fast-Food Giants Make Billions While Their Workers Use Billions In Welfare Benefits

Who is pulling the House GOP strings? The Heritage Foundation

the Emergence of a Political Process That Allows Right-Wing Billionaires the Power to Turn off Govt.

Doctors' Secret for How to Die Right

Maine Offshore Wind Project Abandoned After Norwegian Energy Company Scraps $120 Million Plans

Cameron Kerry visits grandfather's ancestral village in northern Moravia

Wall Street Journal To GOP: 'It's Time To Wrap Up This Comedy Of Political Errors'

Big Win for War Profiteers: Obama Rolls Back Limits on Arms Exports

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Out of Order

Is the stock market stoned or was there a deal that was not announced. DJ futures is up?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Saving Face

ASSUMING Boehner takes the walk of shame today and floors the Senate bill...

Call your Congressional Representatives

Rep. Cummings Says He's Unsure If Boehner Or Heritage Is Calling The Shots In The GOP

Some (GOPCongressman?) on Morning Joe this morning said

JFK’s final ride hits the auction block

Here's a cheerful thought: Cruz could force a debt default all by his little self. Here's how:

All Signs Suggest The Debt Ceiling Madness Will Happen Again Even If A Deal Is Reached

I expect to see more well funded centrist Democrats running in upcoming elections

The Treasury Bill Market Doesn't Like How Close We're Playing This

A Deal To Raise The Debt Ceiling And Reopen The Government Is 'Back On Track' And 'Very Close'

Climate Change Will Not Spare an Inch of Global Ocean, Study Finds

Because you asked: Here's who profits if the debt ceiling crashes

Carl Bernstein: GOP leadership ‘cancerous’

Biggest half-ton chunk of Russian meteorite lifted from lakebed

Do you know who Carol McCrory,Brenda Clark,& Drew Reisinger are? You should. They live in NC.

The religious imagery in "Gravity" seemed a bit out of place to me (spoilers)

Gawd Joe must be really scared

McCain has a lucid moment.

Student Commits Suicide In High School With Item That Gun Culture Placed Within Reach

Charlie LeDuff: "Kwame and Bobby are gone but it ain't over Detroit"

Quite a news black-out, isn't it?

Is it almost over (for now) ?

Interviewing Susan Eisenhower tomorrow re: How her grandfather Dwight would view modern GOP

Federal judge may rule on legality of Michigan's gay marriage ban

Armed collective groups take over hospital in Vargas (Spanish)

Warren Buffett says that not raising the debt ceiling is like unleashing poison gas

Iran hints it could consider wider nuclear inspections

EU seeks carbon tax for all flights over europe

Jesse Ventura idiot talking about running in 2016 with Howard Stern

The Cost Of The Tea Party Shutdown Keeps Getting Higher (thanx republican deficit hawks 31 Billion)

On Washington Journal, Rep. Tim Ryan sounds pretty despairing as well as exhausted

Boehner and that giant gavel......

Making monsters

Enabling Law draft granting dictatorial powers to Maduro

In all the shutdown confusion, I've totally lost track of Benghazi

Thomas Roberts To GOP Rep.: ‘Do You Hate Obamacare More Than You Love Your Country?' (VIDEO)

We are still at war.

How many House Republican votes are needed to pass Senate deal?

Papantonio: Is BP Using Online Trolls To Harass Oil Spill Victims?

Didja hear the latest RW talking point? Now, it's "Obama exempted himself from Obamacare!"

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/15/13

Today is an appropriate anniversary of a 220 year old event:

Are the Republicans approaching traitorous behavior by bringing us to the brink of default?

How to kick the legs out from under the tea partiers in the House

The Parable of the Bullshit and the Fan

New York Daily News front page today

Obama Awards Medal Of Honor To Afghan War Vet

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the personification of everything that's wrong with the Democratic Party.

My fathers words.

On this day in 1793,Marie Antoinette was beheaded.Luckily for Teabaggers,America has no Guillotines

Congress "Is The Clearest & Most Present Danger In The World To The Nat'l Security Of The USA"

Anderson Cooper decides GOP strategist is ‘high’ after he says Cruz is ‘having bunny sex’

Political Wire: Ted Cruz Could Trigger a Democratic Wave

My e-mail to my Rep Glenn "G.T." Thompson, R - CD5

Despite GOP’s wishful thinking, Cory Booker is set to be the next senator from New Jersey

The Life And Death Of The Minute Man Movement - David Neiwert Discusses

How Bad Is It? Even Ann Coulter Has Turned On Conservatives

Shutdown Day 16: Congress in Session, Senate Leaders Continue Agreement Talks

Here's Why Vermont Has The Highest Rate Of Illicit Drug Use In America

Extreme weather can be the 'most important cause of poverty'

Republican Governance-"These people are just too dangerously incompetent to be trusted with power."

Didn't the GOP have a childhood?

I Posted This Thread A Long Time Ago In The Old DU It Was About Mounting A "Raise The Cap" Campaign.

#Boehnerghazi is when we default by

Liveblog: Senate to Unveil Deal Hours Before Debt Limit Deadline

Brazil Looks to Its Indigenous Tribes for New Olympic Archers

Reid & Pelosi expecting roll out of Senate deal this am - It's all over but the pouting

It Is Not Over Yet. "Boner" Could Still Scuttle The Deal Or Rethuglicans Could Still Not Pass It.

Leon Panetta , a part of the campaign to Fix The Debt, is holding a press conference today.

I want every damn republican that pulled this stunt to pay the billions of dollars they racked up.

I just posted this Obamacare rant on FB...should be some fun responses...

NY Daily News: Queens school that went vegetarian shows student gains, draws plaudit

Caption this pic - anyone?

Papantonio: Politicos Pilfering Public Pensions (VIDEO)

Charles Pierce calls specific members of the media to account for bringing us to today

BREAKING: Boehner capitulates, will accept Senate Bill

The Last Word - Does the Tortilla caucus rule the GOP?

Contributing to the Solvency of the United States

Is Spain ready to bank on nature?

Energy From Fracking Will Go On World Market And Not US.

MST3K for the shutdown. A last minute laugh.

A Class Act

Where?!1 Why, Texas, of course: Where both Kinky FRIEDMAN *and* George PEE Shrub can be candidates!1

Economist Mark Zandi on Default: "We Will Be Dooming Our Economy and the Entire Global Economy"

So what are the chances that we'll be seeing Senator Julian Castro (D-Texas) after 2018?

The Last Word - Damage done by default threats

"The Vaseline, in other words, already has sand in it."

People complain Obamacare is confusing? As opposed to the current mess?

Deep in love with hate. Please come CAPTION Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association!!!!

Freeper reaction to Boehner allowing the House to vote first on Senate Bill: Priceless

The top four reasons cows should never drink human breast milk.

McCain: 'Republicans Have To Understand We Have Lost This Battle'

The Dow is up 175 points today....

Hillary Clinton ticketed by London traffic warden

Is GOP spin on angry veterans true?

ON Hillary--DU gets misled by a NRA supported Republican from Georgia--

Mark Twain and his daughter dressed as Hero and Leander

Charlie Pierce explains how we got here. (UTTERLY FANTASTIC)

The Last Word - Boehner pulls shutdown bill

Signs Indicate That Obama’s Debt Ceiling Gamble May Be Paying Off

Boehner’s `moment of truth’ arrives-'The Only Way Out-An Alliance Of Non-Tea Party Repukes & Dems'

Thousands quit Church as crisis of Limburg's 'luxury bishop' escalates

Fmr SC Republican Director: Transgenders Should Be in Camps

They should all STFU about being "very close to a debt limit deal".

They are truly delusional (Yes, Ted Cruz can be President)

***** C-SPAN3: LIVE: National Park Service and Government Shutdown *****

They Sang at their Own Funeral.....

pity we cannot sue the bastards personally for lost wages, lost revenues, stress, etc. for this

This is a true CLUSTER FUCK.

HIV Positive Pastor Presents His Penis to Park Ranger

Did I ever mention that I really like this President Obama

GOP: We can easily avoid default Thursday by not paying Social Security checks

Democrats are NOT responsible for the shutdown - don't listen to media lies

Wall Street Journal To GOP: 'It's Time To Wrap Up This Comedy Of Political Errors'

Everyone of those tea baggers who signed the letter to not fund the government and default


It appears as though a deal is imminent. Why do I still feel somber?

The Wall Street Journal Tells Repukes--"It's time to wrap up this comedy of political errors"

Drop the Tea! & Kill the Hastert Rule

Frackers Making Landowners Pay PA. Impact Fees, Even Though It is Forbidden in the State Law

GAME ALMOST OVER: Boehner To Let The Senate Debt Ceiling Deal Come To The Floor

Mass Extinction By The End Of The Century Due To Climate Change? Gaius Publius Discusses

Helicopters versus drones: The cost of the war on rhinos

Sharks Dan Boyle taken off ice on stretcher after dirty hit from behind..

North Carolina is first state to cut welfare amid federal shutdown

Let's not forget, we have been dealing with "Traitors"

Boehner's 'Moment of Truth'

Florida man sets self on fire while setting up cross-burning Halloween decoration

Where there is big money coming into Florida, expect crony redistributions of wealth.

name all the presidents in 8 minutes

Chris Hedges...American Fascists

nothing short of a constitutional amendment will do:

Anyone placing any bets that cruz and lee will vote yes for the bill today?

GOP Prepares For Surrender On Debt Ceiling And Shutdown

Redstate: "This Movement Is Going Places-Once We Clear Out The Driftwood"

Won't forget the reprehensible lies told by the GOP throughout this mess

Help me out here... How did there end up being negotiations?

GOP senator says deal in hand to avoid default

Miraculous rescue

Dear Tea Party: You aren't getting treated with Respect by "Conservative Republicans."

Glenn Beck channels the never-located leader of the Taliban

A quick note on Ted Cruz, Nancy Pelosi and Congressional 'suicide missions'

Officials investigate rebel flag on firefighter's ax

It's Starting - The Backpedaling Of Repugs......

Israel cannot be ignored in Iran talks

Theory: People Love ‘The Walking Dead’ Because Their Jobs Make Them Feel Dead Inside

Tea party ringleader admits the GOP shut down the government for nothing

Wall Street Journal To GOP: 'It's Time To Wrap Up This Comedy Of Political Errors'

Vainglorious Bastards

U.S. Stocks Rally on Optimism Lawmakers Will Reach Deal

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee missing from GOP lunch

So is it safe to say after today, we'll have a running tally....

Overheard today re Maryville

Madness is photo-opping a protest of shutdown you proudly created.

How is the GOTV going in the NJ election?

Putin Builds North Korea Rail to Circumvent Suez Canal

The Dark Knight Returns deluxe DVD set that just hit....

Homebuilder Confidence in U.S. Declines to Lowest in Four Months

When is the vote in the House?

Replacing plastics using methane consuming bacteria:)

If Obama vetoed a debt limit increase would it be Sedition?

Russia Warns on Default Aftermath as Sweden Girds for Disruption

Ted Cruz’s Hometown Newspaper Regrets Endorsement

GRAYSON: "The Tea Party Emperor Has No Clothes"

Gotta Love the Idea...

Just another day at GOP airlines...

Diplomats See More Iran Talks After Nuclear Concessions

Will elected Democrats PLEASE throw Republican policies in the grave with the GOP?

No link, but DailyKos is reporting on FB that the Senate will convene at noon, when a final deal is

Tissues for Boehner?

Pic Of The Moment: Schadenboehner

Ezra Klein: If Ted Cruz didn’t exist, Democrats would have to invent him

Because of Cruz and Lee, this is not over yet.

Tea party ringleader (Heritage CEO) admits the GOP shut down the government for nothing

GOP’s absurd final whimper: It’s all over but the crying

North Carolina is first state to cut welfare amid federal shutdown

Canter Blamed by Virginia Colleagues for Prolonging Government Shutdown

John Boehner: A pathetic profile in Jell-O

Very positive Washington Post article on Kerry's accomplishments

You have to speak the language.

How Bad Is It? Even Ann Coulter Has Turned On Conservatives

Breaking: Final agreement ending government shutdown to be signed at Appamattox Courthouse.

Formal Announcement of a deal in five minutes...

I really hope stricter Income Verification is not included

Ted Cruz: Wrecking Ball

Wisconsin: Hemp as an Energy Source in 1917

Texas congressasshole Steve Stockman touts impeachment book written by a moran...

Reid speaking now on Budget deal

Two girls arrested on bullying charges after suicide

If you want to hear the House Republicans crying live

LMAO! "I speak English, just like Jesus Christ"

In aging China, old woman sues children for care

So in the end, The Tea Baggers got everything they set out to accomplish after all

Obama stood more firmly than he ever has, showing balls of steel

Glitches! Smitches! It's a website for freaking sake. There "can" be glitches with a website.

List of politicians affiliated with the tea party movement

Why Pierre Omidyar decided to join forces with Glenn Greenwald for a new venture in news

**** LIVE on C-SPAN2: Senate Session = Deal Announcement *****

Is this the end?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Republicans are surrendering nothing

HEY Cruz-

When was the last time a major newspaper took back it's endorsement

Shutdown hurts GOP Senate chances

Republicans Berate National Parks Director For Shutdown As Deal Is Announced...

Reid heralds bipartisan, historic agreement - McConnell making his way to the Senate floor...

Dershowitz throws the Constitution, figuratively, at Ted Cruz

If I was the Federal Government or some Progressive Group

Republicans Shut Down the Government for Nothing

Did anyone hear Blitzer say "why are we listen..." when Cruz was speaking while McConnell was

"Every House aid who matters has, in last 24 hours, gone on an expletive laden rant about Ted Cruz"

Now we will see if TPs have a future in Repub Party or will SPLIT

Ted Cruz Will Not Block Vote On Senate Deal

Breaking on MSNBC: Cruz won't break deal.

cruz won't block deal.....hey ted, fuck you

So the right wing message is that we have reduced government spending for 2 years ...

Lawsuit over controversial 2010 Cinco de Mayo high school incident lives on

Cruz timed his statement for the exact same time that McConnell was making a statement on the floor

Central African Republic clashes: 'Thousands flee villages'

Gad but Sheila Jackson-Lee has a bad way with language

When this is over....

Ted Cruz's Smugfest

For the BOG - Do we have an awesome president or what? Check in if you agree.

How Can Americans Hold Tea Party Voters Accountable?

Mitch Mcconnel is on TV nationwide spewing endless republican bullshit....

Ted Cruz, You Fucking Lost, you Teabagging twit! n/t

The one good thing that has come out of this

Tom the Dancing Bug: Right Wing Civil Disobedience

About 5.2 Million Poor People Won't Get Insurance Because Their States Resisted Obamacare

HA! McCain praises women for coming to this good, final decision...He will be

According to Dem HQ saying Boehner still hasn't agreed to any deal.

Reign Of Morons: The Apotheosis, Starring Ted Yoho

Thank you President Obama, Senate and House democratic party that stood firm.

So Ted And Mitch - If Obamacare Is Soooo Bad - Don't You Have The Courage Of Your Convictions....

Pakistan minister Israrullah Gandapur killed in blast

Two quick snorts

Sacrebleu! ATF threatens French-style firing squad for agents who leak secrets

So very challenged.. help me ACA

Found on twitter..

I can't wait for the tea party's complete destruction.

My Offer is This: Nothing

Just for Mad: Fake Jerry Jones Week 6 Recap - Shanahan the Rat and Skymirror

So Who Tipped Off Wall Street That This Crisis Was Going To End? Could It Be.....

Krugman: The Backfire Effect

"Stocks Downgrade Congress to Useless, Move Forward Without Them" ha ha ha!

Tea Party Won This Battle

Susan Collins needs to sit down now. Enough already with the self-praising BS...n/t

Lindsey Graham says Wait 'Til Next Year

Senator Cruz, you do not speak for me, or many other Texans like me

Republicans never demanded Obamacare repeal, says Republican who demanded 'getting rid of Obamacare'

Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve Chair Is a Good Start…

For the next couple of days you will see Rats scurrying from the ship.

Multi-county sex trafficking ring taken down in Central New York

Toon- GOP Ransom Note

heh--Mikulski on CNN schooling Wolf about focusing on parliamentary procedure rather than the People

Youth Pastors Barred From School After Complaints of Proselytizing

Quotes from the Tea Party base on the default

Clinton Is Already Going After Biden's Opposition to the Osama Bin Laden Raid

Congress Congratulating Itself Over Averting Self-Inflicted Disaster

Officer Adopts Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain by Firefighter

I think we need to take up a collection and buy a round of petards for the House.

John Barrow (D) One of the 7 Democrats voting for H.R. 368


I wonder what Clarence Thomas' wife and her tea party sub group

Cruz will not delay timing of vote

Tony Dungy says Jim Irsay is 'making it personal' with Manning

Who will be on the Sunday chat shows this week? Will the brave come forward?...LOL..n/t

Onward And Upward As China Marks 10 Years Of Manned Spaceflight

Maybe I have too many toys?

If Ted Cruz didn’t exist, Democrats would have to invent him

White House Briefs the Press - Jay Carney - Live

Rude Pundit: "If It's So Great, Why Don't You Do It?": One of the Stupidest Anti-Obamacare Arguments

Ground broken on New UB medical school

Senate reaches deal to end shutdown and avoid default

If there was-

Rod Dreher, Amer. Conservative: The Strangelove Republicans (hopes the House flips to Dems in 2014!)

Suddenly, the media says Boehner will allow a vote on the Senate agreement. But I have not seen

Carnival Cruz

Drunk Florida man sets self on fire while lighting Halloween cross-burning ‘prank’

NFL reportedly considering adding additional Thursday games (to boost poor ratings)

Non-believers hold coming out party in Charlotte

I would like to give a round of applause to Harry Reid,

Bwahahaha: Obama Administration Tries to Lock Up Body of Christ

The Dave Ramsey "Math" rant about Obamacare.

So many Freepers will NEVER Vote Republican Again!1!!

One brilliant compassionate progressive black Christian president is about to crush...

Faces of Breast Cancer

House Dems Sent Boehner a Message: Strike a Deal and Maybe We Can Help Protect Your Speakership

Could Cruz be censured by the Senate?

Our lame duck in chief finally "Tread On" the Teabilly hordes!

But what about Mike Lee?

Dodgers 'Rally Bear' unmasked —50-year-old furniture store owner

I just want to say thank you DU

Ted Cruz caves on shutdown, but calls it a personal win

Rebranded GOP

hey m$nbc, why are you showing jay carney and we're hearing a loser repuke?

A song for today

My condolences, you pitiful, dumbfuck freepwads

McCain says it was an agonizing odyssey ...

Obama: Obamacare Website Glitches Are Unacceptable

Yo FreepNuts ... *America, love it or leave it.*

A society based on greed is not society at all, but a war of the strong against the weak

Letter to European Friends: Understanding 'The Stupid' in U.S. Politics

Limbaugh: It Feels Like We've Lost A War To A Communist Country

I have some fresh dug redskin potatoes any recipes

So When's the Vote?

Faux Newz: Obama’s Grandma ‘Didn’t Trust People of Color,’ So He’s Taking It Out on America

Who are the "Millions harmed by Obamacare"?


GOP shutdown disaster could give Dems a big lift

Gay Teen Science Prodigy Jack Andraka Profiled by 60 Minutes

The $20 BILLION Dollar Teaparty Tax Of 2013

So after this blows over later today...

Obama has outwitted his doubters around here...I had my doubts as well..

Casino opponents smash slot machine in protest of NYS gambling-in front of the capitol

French scientologists angered by fraud verdict

Boehner will hold up until the very end. Still not ready to say he will put the bill on the floor


Why are they waiting until after dinner to vote?

Don't look now, teabaggers, but you have just been trod upon.

I just...I just...I just had to do it: Freeper responses to the deal.

The Seinfeld Shutdown

Thank-you Senator Sanders! finally someone speaking the truth.

Do NOT give in!

How do you eat your smarties?

Colleges Offer Application Alternatives Amid ‘Common App’ Bugs

So they're waiting till tonight to vote? Me no likee

Keep the boot on the Elephant's throat!

House Republicans Hold Hearing on Why Their Shutdown Shut Things Down - Mirror

U.S. Seeks $10.8 Billion Weapons Sale to U.A.E., Saudis

Carney says treasury secretary will use extraordinary measures if Congress does this again in Feb

Is Iran More Constructive Than the Tea Party?

Student-faculty research shows Oreos are just as addictive as drugs in lab rats

Corporate Leaders Bemoan Tea Party Default Crisis Created By Their Own Donations

Nancy says this shutdown was a way to stop Obama's accomplishments ...

Obamacare Is Double Trouble for Detroit Retirees

Should We Really Be Gloating?

yoo hoo, repukes.....

Longshoremen's strike halts work at Port of Baltimore

the "loser effect" -- I haven't seen a lot about this yet

Union 'encouraged' in San Francisco transit strike talks

Tea Party Nation Whines "The Complete Surrender of the Republican Party"

I don't get all the crowing. Nothing has been signed yet, and even IF the Senate signs off

Dozens killed in Syria Kurd-jihadist clashes

"A Plan I Liked": Ted Cruz's Speechwriter Laments Loss Of Government Health Insurance

And hold the entire neighborhood hostage if they don't give me the type of candy I want!

So does anyone know if Boehner is running for his seat again? And does he have any challengers,

Two Grand Slams in one day, Charlie Pierce? : "I Hate Centrism"

Don't look now but

NYPD pushes for new clues in gay rights activist murder in Queens

pretty quiet over at FR this morning...

Poll: How does the market react tomorrow?

A Wonka Tribute ...

So once the deal is signed...


Has anyone here ever crocheted a queen size bed spread?

Brisk turnout seen in N.J. special election

Have some icing.

Just a reminder: it aint over 'till the boehner weeps. nt.

Wonkbook: It’s time to downgrade America’s political system

i'm loving these photos of sirs ian and patrick

Rust never sleeps.

Took a trip to this morning... let me share what I saw!

What is all the hoopla, has Obama signed a bill yet. No,they just called a timeout until

Equipment Destroyed at 6 Syrian Chemical Weapons Sites – OPCW

To whom it may concern...

Here is an easy site by npr to calculate how much your premiums will be under AHC

New snack item -

Governor Cuomo Announces Beginning of Formal Construction of the New NY Bridge to Replace Tappan Zee

I wonder how many families could be fed on Boehner's bar bill

For years I have been frustrated by how weak an ineffectual Reid and Obama have been

Republicans never demanded Obamacare repeal, says Republican who demanded 'getting rid of Obamacare'

Boss' Day rant

Do you suppose this thought ever enters republican's minds?

Northern Philadelphia neighborhood plagued by dyslexic, illiterate, racially-confused Nazis

Ted Cruz Admits Budget Standoff Was All About Building Fundraising Lists

Give Vladimir Putin The Nobel Peace Prize, Says Former Labour Peer

How do I Boehner?

Boner's district in Ohio has to have a viable Dem challenger. Remember

The Real Villain Is The Silent Majority, Not Ed Snowden

What happened after Iraq abandoned the Petrodollar?

New York Gambling Referendum Language Suit Rejected by Judge

Appeals Court Denies Rehearing in Journalist Case

I still have a fine vintage bottle of Republican Tears left over from the election. Wanna drink?

Signs of Real Victory

The Bard, to Boehner:

GOP Rep Admits Defeat On Fox News: We Are Going To Get Jammed (VIDEO)

Well... I just made our favorite breakfast bread - my variation on the no-knead recipe

U Satan Obama . . . !!!!!!!!!!!! Impeach

There has been only ONE party that has been threatening government shutdowns...

Elton John AIDS Foundation Honors Hillary Clinton With First Founders Award

What becomes of the Tea Party once a GOPer becomes president?

Democratic Party Solidarity on Defense forced the Republicans to PUNT....

The Club for Growth should change its name. Let's give them some ideas

From Now On When Someone Makes A Mistake Or Pulls A Boner - It Will Be Spelled......

Dozens Of Syrian Fighting Groups Break Ties With Main Opposition, Says Rebel Commander

Don't tread on... oops.

"Edward Snowden is a Patriot": Ex-NSA CIA, FBI and Justice Whistleblowers Meet Leaker in Moscow

100 Billion galaxies

The Teabaggers Dirty Little Secret

White House: Iran's Nuclear Proposal 'Very Useful'

Papantonio: College Cuts Hurting State Economies

Time for a new GOP mascot: Wile E Coyote

I warned you!

"You get nothing".-President Barack Obama, to Speaker Boehner and the Teapublicans.

Pierre Omidyar Ready To Spend $250 Million On Glenn Greenwald's News Startup

My cousin presents her premise re: ACA

Nolabear got a fantastic new vacuum cleaner... though she's not aware yet just how powerful it is.

HEY!!! Who wants to go over to graywarrior's house?

Cats actually DO have schedules.

Feral Canadian humane trap:

Not many people know this, but MiddleFingerMom is actually a licensed professional dance instructor.

MiddleFingerMom has fallen in love.. and is doing everything he can to win the heart of Miley Cyrus.

Little reason for celebration

the teabaggers singing amazing grace...

Please everyone, be nice, don't laugh, @SenTedCruz has had a horrible enough day.

Pittsburgh Magazine: "The NFL is Running a Billion-Dollar Con"

Republican can’t figure out why government shutdown shut down government parks

Sen Sanders on with Thom Hartmann Live RIGHT NOW!!!

Latest from Capitol Hill, @SenTedCruz speaks to media:

Boner must be so deflated... that he really needs this right now ..

Senate shutdown compromise includes Colorado flood relief


Someone remind me again- just how much did we spend on those stupid, evil wars

DU this poll for Barbara Buono

The tea party was killed today

Changing the Narrative to "Tax the Rich!"

Haven't watched "Family Guy" in years, but today I can't help but think of a scene from an episode

Brazil to ask Russia for permission to question Edward Snowden

My Favorite RWNJ Headline In the History of Planet Earth:Obama Admin Tries to Lock up Body of Christ


Really, We Should Not Celebrate

Ted Cruz Quote That Explains It All

This was the most expensive Civil War reenactment ever.

Assume the position, Boehner!

So this happened.

Hey, I guess it REALLY IS the year of the woman......

Heroic Broken Sewage Pipe Floods Congress With Human Waste

LTTE: October 5th, 2037

GOP Congressman Rips Tea Party Colleagues: 'I'm Not Sure They're Republicans'

CNN: Oh look Lambchops from Fredumb Jerks is trying to get the deal rejected!

Hey Baggers and Cruz! I got a song for you

Question about ACA and income changes...

Freaking wow!! From the National Hurricane Center Website.

It's Official: Ronan Farrow to Host MSNBC Show

Listen up DU

Fund Set Up To Help Gay Man Left Paralyzed By Senseless Attack

Why this atheist likes the Bible

Louisiana Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Requiring Immigrant Drivers To Carry Proof Of Legal Status

Boehner: 'We Fought The Good Fight, We Just Didn't Win'

Given: The Teabaggers aren't going to change. But will the rest of the party?

U Mad Bro?

On the substance, Boehner is making out rather well

Kentucky GOP Senators Were Wrong That State Didn’t Want Obamacare

Start spinning it now. It's unthinkable Republicans will Ever shut down the Government Again

Religious beliefs on the Internet: Between ignorance and censorship

The only thing I wonder about at this point...

Sen. Sanders:This Nightmare Will End

Texas jury finds billionaire Mark Cuban not guilty of insider trading

Vatican gets greenlight for .catholic domain

BREAKING: Mark Cuban NOT GUILTY of insider trading.

Meet 'The Brothers' Who Shaped U.S. Policy, Inside And Out

Wanted to let you know

CNN, who says Hong Kong is in South America says that "Boehner says government will open tomorrow"

Baseball teams get to celebrate when they win the division....

Obama refused to be the GOP's huckleberry

Important Information on the NFL

John Boehner: 'We Just Didn't Win'

Because fiscal conservatives and shit.

The ONLY way to regain world confidence

Bevin (Republican challenger) Says McConnell 'Sold Out' Kentuckians With Default Deal

Papantonio: War on Journalists Continues

Media Spin: "Deal Reached"

Two points.

Has anyone here heard of the "Ocean of Life Foundation"?

We must make sure the Republicans don't pawn this off on the tea party. TP isn't on a ballot,

Overheard: FreedomWorks Bemoans Shutdown Bargain

Statement on Bipartisan Senate Agreement to Reopen Government, Avoid Default

My ACA health care sign up, part two.

Shoppers Being Ripped off By High Tech Scanners..Today.Com:


When the Senate votes tonight, which dumbphucker GOP'ers will vote Nay?

New NHS guidance: Don't blame patients for being fat, doctors warned

what about food stamps?

Register Republican if you are a Democrat? Is it a good strategy?

The Third Carbon Age

Colombia: Campaign launched to free imprisoned union activist

I would like to take this time to thank Weepy Boner

Once again: The Soup of the Day

Photo of couple engaging in public sex act actually picture of rape, female student says

Why We Did Not Win and the Dangers of Saying We Did

Boehner Admits Defeat

How the GOP Slowly Went Insane

Federal Judge To Hold Trial Before Deciding Lawsuit Challenging Michigan's Gay Marriage Ban

Maryville Sheriff White about Anonymous:"They are a bunch of cowards." (And more)

Cam Ye O'er Frae France?

#GOPshutdown is killing Republican chances in 2014: Gary Peters and Pam Byrnes surge in polls

Hey Teabaggers!

What a sad story in New Jersey politics.

When Will Cruz Have his McCarthy Moment?

GD poster screams political correctness, doubles down.

GIGANTIC MISCALCULATION: Republicans can’t count, among other sins

On this special day of Republican capitulation…

The #shutdown has been very good for one man in particular. Here’s who got what.

You should have listened to this man, Republicans....

The Nasty Party is back, sneering at food banks and those who use them

Torture Victims in El Salvador Speak Out

#GOPplaylist trending on Twitter. Let's start one here

Snorkeler discovers 18-foot 'sea monster' off California coast

A while ago when code changes were dealing with escaped quotes,

Large Rat Seen Jumping Ship: "GOP Most 'Irrelevant' Political Party I Can Remember"

Researchers find bats use curled leaves for sound amplification

Cruz has collected $800,000 for his political action committee

Boehner seen holding an invisible cocktail instead of traditional white flag...

Democrats pick up a Republican-held seat in the Florida legislature


If you want to enjoy a bit of circular firing squad action ....

It Matters Whom You Marry...

Powerful group of MPs set to investigate Guardian's involvement in Snowden leaks

Brisk turnout seen in N.J. special election

If it's a done deal, why is the Senate talking instead of voting? (4:40PM EDT)

What percentage of the time do people say they’re going to do something and then don’t do it?

Man, I'm digging listening to the RW talk radio today.

Violence against Trade Unionists: continued crimes from Guatemala's civil war

Why do I see a LOOONNNNGGG night waiting for the House to pass the bill and President Obama

Sen. Chris Murphy re Cruz: "The American People are not the same as your twitter followers"

S&P: The Shutdown Took $24 Billion Out Of The US Economy (shaved 0.6% off Q4 GDP growth)

J P Morgan pays $100M, admits fault in London trades

Healthy little treats for a candy bowl?

Can You Keep A Secret?

So any idea of any basic time schedule for House and Senate votes today?

TRNN & Richard Wolff: "The Tea Party and the supression of the Left"

Freedomworks CEO: GOPers Who Vote 'Yes' On Senate Deal Will Get Primary Challengers

Cruz Is Right: Millions Of Americans DO Agree With Him, Boner & Tea Party

LOL: Martin Bashir: Ted Cruz is the ‘David Koresh of the Republican Party’

We just won the recruitment battle for the House.

“your statesmen-like profile leaves my willy plump”

Senate Leaders Strike Deal to Raise Debt and End Government Shutdown

House Conservatives Blame Press For Shutdown Surrender

Taylor Ferrera's Everything's More Popular Than Congress!

The Real Secret at Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill:many patrons dining free and having campaign

Just a word of caution

CHEF BOYARDEE (& conagra foods) basically says SCREW YOU

I am smiling at not having to give in, but will breath a sigh of relief only when it is

For all the grandmas out there...


Limbaugh lashes out at GOP: Most ‘irrelevant’ political party in my memory

House Republicans whine: The Media Done Us Wrong

Republican Memorial

Anti-Tax Pundit Is Furious

Martin Bashir just read the GOP the riot act by quoting Oliver Cromwell

Scammed again by corporatists in both parties.

Karma? Man burned after Halloween 'prank' involving gasoline, wooden cross and fire

Does Obamacare Cover Dental?

Science Fair Nightmare Very funny.

Cruz: It was a ‘remarkable victory’ until Senate Republicans caved on the shutdown

"Liberty" Council promotes collumn that says Obama is going to put the US under martial law...

Just had to X-post this -- love Martin Bashir!

GOP Congressman Rips Tea Party Colleagues: 'I'm Not Sure They're Republicans'

Wife just went from $200.00 a paycheck for health coverage-to $40.00!!

Ted Cruz is so ugly

10 Spirit Animals From Around The World (GALLERY)

No matter how many times I see this photo, it always makes me smile

American Apparel, Our Culture Is Not Your Trick, Nor Your Treat (Ebony Magazine)

mighty quiet on FB today...

Obama Administration Tries to Lock Up Body of Christ (Not - The Onion)

"I'm concerned about the blueberries" - strange billboard perplexes Flint-area motorists

Heads are rolling at NSA!!!!

Republican can’t figure out why government shutdown shut down government parks

Am I risking my membership by posting this? WARNING: NOT FOR CHILDREN!

New Pew poll: "The Tea Party is less popular than ever, with even many Republicans now viewing the

shut up, you shit spewing weasel

Common Heritage and Private Property in Land

Democracy Corps survey shows growing support for Obamacare

Our World: The bothersome, annoying truth

Revealed: The final will of Burslem witch Molly Leigh

Raul Labrador Castigates Media: 'We Have Never Asked For A Full Repeal Of Obamacare'

The Shutdown In 1 gif

Ted Cruz Suddenly Realizes That He Is Insane

Sanders Supports Agreement to End Shutdown

Lawmakers seek answers on Obamacare Data Hub security

"I'll go on Obamacare when the President does"

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio should be excluded from Immigration talks

Senate Deal Includes Back Pay For Furloughed Workers (!!!)

It's time for the Republicans to take the American flag off of their lapels

Have Repubs been snakebit by their shutdown strategy?


Dumb Criminals: Naked Man References Sasquatch Before Attacking Hunter

Bridget Bishop - The First to Die in Salem Witch Trials

TEABAGGER Strategic Planning System Revealed!

Adult Wednesday Addams: (1) Apartment Hunting (2) Job Interview (3) Internet Dating

Nickelback Has A Higher Approval Rating Than Congress Does

There goes the neighborhood............

The End of the Government Shutdown

Live coverage of Senate deliberations on shutdown/default legislation

Anyone got a link to recent poll numbers for Obama?

Wherein trof chickens out. I deplaned at the departure gate.

Sen. Sanders Supports Agreement to End Shutdown:

I don't like blue dogs any more than most of you, but,

The income verification measure in this deal is, I am pleased to say, Trivial

Four Killed, 11 Rescued After Migrant Boat Capsizes Seven Miles From Downtown Miami

Hows Arkansas Obamacare working out?

. . . for my hard night of work

Just a big bucket full of stupid

Majority Of Ancient Cave Wall Handprints Were Made By Women

Linguistics Professor Tells Notre Dame Leprechaun To Sit The Fuck Down In Class

Who was more responsible for shutdown, Boehner or Cantor?

I have a lot of stored up anger

SD Ranchers - "Where's The Federal Government We Voted Against In Our Hour Of Need????

First "60 Minutes" lies about disability, now this...

The Final Bill

Re; "kicking the can down the road"--Will repubs really try this shit again?

"32 Republicans Who Caused the Government Shutdown"

So Republicans staged a cross burning, and got themselves burned instead.

Hawaii finally has its ACA information available for the 2 providers available...

AP Source: Lions DT Ndamukong Suh fined $31,500 for hit on Browns QB Weeden

Senator Cruz proclaiming victory is like the fourth string quaterback who

The Tea Party survival suit!

Quest By Cruz, Lee Divides Republicans _ Fool's Errand Or Heroic Stand?

See the world through the eyes of a cat

Large Utah families may be asked to kick in more for education

Auto Sales Take Hit Due To Washington Budget Fight, But May Bounce Back With Settlement

I'm looking for another e-mail provider. Do you like yours?

United States Oil Production Beats Saudia Arabia Via Fracking, Why Are Gas Prices High?

Barney Frank Said on PoliticsNation

How long before the ACA (Obamacare) is up and running efficiently?

Cruz: It was a ‘remarkable victory’ until Senate Republicans caved on the shutdown

Senators Push For Escalation Of Sanctions Against Iran After Nuclear Talks End In Geneva

Faux zeroes in on egregious waste in the new spending bill about to be voted upon in the Senate this the LAST shot they get at stopping the ACA?

Petition Demands that John Boehner and Ted Cruz Be Tried for Seditious Conspiracy

McCain just said Gomert "Has No Intelligence" Live on NBC

If you are in one of the 26 states (repuke gov.)

How difficult is it to get one Party control of our government??

Oh...*that's* what the shutdown was all about!

Lawsuit: Violent Private Prison Called 'Gladiator School'

I think we need a national BUMPER STICKER:

McConnell's Kentucky kickback in the debt deal

Gay Marriage Watch: Two Northern AZ Towns Move Ahead With Civil Unions Plans

NY man sentenced for political Facebook threats

Getting "cannot access website" reload

"This Is the Supreme Court's Shutdown"

UCLA engineers develop new process for making biofuels, offers possible 50% increase in yield

Egypt: Military May Turn To Russia For Aid And Alliance

Pentagon withholding payments from six weapons makers

More fun with military training films

U.S. eavesdropping agency chief, top deputy expected to depart soon

Question: If Ted Cruz and John Boehner were both on a sinking ship, who would be saved?

Ted Cruz has just taken the floor on C-SPAN 2 ...

Yesterday, House Considered passing a ransome bill then leaving town

Jonathan Chait at New York says you can stop worrying about the debt limit crisis

jaysus. that total fuckwad cruz is braying on about how victimized single mothers

Should we call the 32 House Republicans who caused the shutdown

Study (verb)

Israel’s Ill-Treatment of Children in Custody still Ongoing, Says UNICEF

Searching for an enemy.

Posting on DU with an iPad is a pain in the ass.

The most pititful two weeks our history.

Tea Party Republican Defends Being on Medicaid While Opposing Medicaid

Would you sail away with this woman?

UK-US team characterizes key enzyme from wood-eating Gribble (yes, Gribble)

Men Got Us Into The Shutdown, Women Got Us Out

MEDIEVAL LAND FUN-TIME WORLD or Game Of Thrones Bad Lip Reading

Slatest PM: Greenwald Joins Forces With Ebay Founder

Now Republicans are going to hold hearings to pretend they want to work

Heroic Broken Sewage Pipe Floods Congress With Human Waste

Should I tell my relative tonight I'm watching politics?

520-million-year-old insect fossil so well preserved that its NERVOUS SYSTEM can be scanned

OMG!! The Prancercise Lady Is Doing Commercials For Pistachios!

Houston newspaper says it didn't 'un-endorse' Ted Cruz

Booman - Default Was Never An Option

Email from a co-worker today

Houston newspaper says it didn't 'un-endorse' Ted Cruz

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the personification of everything that's wrong with the Democratic Party.

Just figured out who Carly Simon was REALLY singing about in "You're So Vain"...

Amazing interactive space map lets users navigate the galaxy in incredible detail

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 October 2013

Post one of your favourite all time songs here: Coldplay "Viva La Vida"

Victory? Between Champagne and Depression

'The Kentucky Kickback'-Turns Out Getting Support Of Sen McConnell Didn't Come For Free

California Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoes Drug “Defelonization” Bill..

Cruz: “The Dream of Keeping Poor People from Seeing a Doctor Must Never Die”

We can use this to take back the House in '14...IF our "strategists" have the guts to do so.

He's no longer viewed as GOP's answer to Barack Obama; he's the Sarah Palin of the Senate

Teabagger Narrative is: The Senate Sold Us Out

A modern mene mene tekel upharsin on a billboard in Flint, Mi.:

You know, I have to go back nearly a year to find a moment I enjoyed this much . . .

Debt Bill Denies Annual Pay Hike For Congress

Shutdown Deal Includes Nearly $3 Billion For Kentucky Dam Project

Vote starting (finally) in the Senate

Pete King (R-NY) calls for a Republican war on Ted Cruz - says Cruz is "going to be coming back"

There will be two Senate votes.

American Jews Are Becoming Increasingly Critical of Israel

Cost of the Shut Down

A few words in praise of the President of the United States


I'm going to have to find a new Home page when IGoogle shuts down in a couple of weeks.

Bumped into a guy on the MBTA commuter rail


Don't Forget Who Caused the Shutdown: The Atlantic is Kicking Ass and Naming Names

NY Times: At 11th hour, GOP blinks in standoff

The 30-hour work week and changes in the workplace...

S&P: Shutdown Cost U.S. $24 Billion, 0.6% GDP In Projected Growth

BLINDNESS - Day 3. Stairs, sewing, radio, and "fingers knock things over"

Does Population Matter?


Toles Toon: It's Just A Flesh Wound

“Creditworthiness is like virginity. It can be preserved but not restored very easily.”

Ted Cruz Blames Senate GOP For 'Bombing Our Own Troops' In The House

How can I encourage our shelter dog Jack to stop

C Span Alert - Deal to raise debt limit and reopen gove clears first procedural test

The City Toon: Kessler and the Gun Nuts

83 yea nay 16 to invoke cloture (CSPAN2) nt

Florida’s Newest Ethanol Plant Makes Energy from Garbage - Cleantechnica

READ: Here’s the bill that will end the government shutdown

Check in if you're as sick of this intentional governance-by-crisis as I am.

That’s how you treat a bully!: Democrats win — and learn a huge lesson

It's time for Dems to say it: DEMAND matters as much as SUPPLY.