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NDP urges probe into whether Stephen Harper told truth on Senate scandal

Cook Report Moves 14 House Races Towards Democrats Following Shutdown

a history lesson

with the coming Budget War with GOP, remember the 4 WORST Tax breaks (Carried Interest is no. 1)

House Stenographer Explains Her Bizarre Outburst in an E-mail to Fox Producer

How do you react when I knock your door after dark with election materials in hand?

Flunking 8th Grade Civics with the Tea Party (Op-Ed)

"LATEST SNOWDEN DOCUMENTS" Reveal NSA’s Extensive Involvement in Targeted Killing Program"

Yes so where were Henry Paulsen, John Snow et al

Wasserman Schultz, diabetes, the Holocaust and Cuba

Borowitz: "Obama Declares National Day of Gloating"

If the 'pugs still want to "negotiate" in February...I say we negotiate THIS stuff

Behold, the Tea Party Insult Generator

Cruz: “The Dream of Keeping Poor People from Seeing a Doctor Must Never Die”

Maybe the Tea Party might have a delay victory...

Are the Republicans going to pay us (the taxpayers) back the $24 billion from the gov. shutdown?

Cook Report Moves 14 House Races Toward Dems (Mostly result of damage from 16 day Gov. Shutdown)

Topsy-Turvy Aurora Caught On Astronaut’s Camera

Have you all seen the stuntwoman selling the fruit of the loom undies commercial?

Hearing Over Autistic Student's Bomb Drawing

Video shows Dallas officer shooting man standing with arms at his side

An Incredible View of Saturn that Could Only Be Seen by a Visiting Spacecraft

The sign was up for approximately 45 minutes

Bernie Sanders should do something useful and introduce a bill to lower Soc Sec to 50yrs

France (just now) decides Lord's Prayer is blasphemous, edits Bible.........

Latham, /wie-zel/ (R-IA) Vote Comments

Amazing liberal and feminist: Eleanor Roosevelt

Random Tea Partier Insult Generator. Caution: Stupid and juvenile

Mr. President, if I may... now imagine to was Occupy you tangoed with this past few weeks?

Jewish Women Can't Volunteer At Night - To Avoid 'Contact With Arabs'

Replacement of I-84 Bridges over Dingle Ridge Road will close I-84 eastbound this weekend.

Here’s A Nine-Billion-Year Old Gravitational Lens In Space

Toles Toon: Ow!

McConnell: "They knew I had a weak hand, given the time we had squandered on this quixotic venture"

Former South Carolina GOP Official: ‘Trannies are disgusting freaks & should all be put in a camps'

Papantonio: The GOP’s New Threshold of Stupid

HuffPo: 15 Reasons Why American Politics Has Become An Apocalyptic Mess

Boy Scout "leaders" potentially facing felony charges for destroying a rock formation in Utah.

War on women voters in Texas

Do I understand this right?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Don’t Hold Your Breath & a new Kittehs gif

“Typhoon appears to have affected Fukushima Daiichi plant”--- Giant spike in radioactivity

Just got a letter that is a cause of huge relief for my family(healthcare related)...

you hear that mosquito buzzing?

Yes. Call them out

Detroit is ahead 4 to 0!

Let's start fresh.

Obama lashes Republicans as government reopens

Don Lemon... Is it your journalistic mission to point out as frequently as possible

Anbody ever have an out of focus shot that you like?

Iowans unsure how to use health exchanges

Hillary takes off her mask!

We ALL paid into Social Security with the Full Faith and Trust of the US Government

Most People Not Paying Attention. GOP May Not Be Hurt As Much As We Would Like.

Wells Fargo Bank lays off 43 in Omaha area

Only 60 percent of students from Chicago's closed schools turn up at 'welcoming schools'

Hitler learns that Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling.

Tiny 'shard' of plastic discovered in beef being served for school lunches in Hebron, Neb.

Greenwald on Snowden Leaks: The Worst Is Yet to Come

Pure genius.

Some days I wonder where people got the arrogance to talk about American Exceptionalism...

The left lane on the highway is closed just ahead...

Study: Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South, West

I just did a DU search for "dimensional chess"- nothing since September 23.

GOP as the Grinch

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 18, 2013 -- Friday Night Spooklight

Article on Michael Needham from the WSJ. A 31 year old was behind the shutdown.

Mark my words, House stenographer Dianne Reidy will be a hero to the right

So I did my first Hitler Reacts video...

Mayor Stothert proposes ending civil service protection for fire chief

"The Tea Party As A Religion"

Kshama Sawant: A Socialist, Indian-American Woman Running For Seattle City Council… And She May Win

"Public Opinion Toward Tea Party Hits Low Point"

Omaha woman, 29, charged with sexual assault of 15-year-old boy

House Stenographer is not insane, just batshit crazy.

Ted Cruz commemorative T-shirts, show your CRAZY teabag pride!

Any one worried about not be able to vote on election day.

Fundraising Down for GOP Dissidents, but Koch and Citizens United Stayed True

The Tea Party: "Agents of Chaos"

VIDEO: The Most Important Image Captured By Hubble

I just sent my teapublican Rep Todd Rokita of Indiana a Bill.

Business groups stand by Boehner, plot against tea party

Starfish Turn To Goo, Pacific Sardine Population Collapses, Pink Salmon Turned Canary Yellow Inside

Canadian Senate to suspend three former Conservative members for 'gross negligence'

Republicans are delusional about US spending and deficits

US debt deal a temporary fix

Help! The phish fans are in my hotel


Alan Grayson: 'The Tea Party Is No More Popular Than The Klan'

Blow to multiple human species idea

Now that the tea partiers almost destroyed the economy and

Sarah Palin hints at GOP primary fights in 4 states

Turn The South Blue!

Atlanta Braves Support Spirit Day on Facebook, Homophobic Fans Outraged

System Failure: US Democracy Is Nearing its Limits

Guess what the Republicans RIDICULOUS first offer for budget talks is.


First thing they have to do is rehabilitate themselves...

meta: how is "on topic" defined for an OP in I/P?

Slow motion pitch from baseball cards.

Study: Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South, West


40 arrested, police vehicles burned as RCMP clash with N.B. shale gas protesters

Meanwhile back in Old Europe: Protesters stopped Nazi war criminal's funeral in Italy. Video/story

Koch Brothers Bribe College Students With Beer To Get Them To Ignore Obamacare

IT'S ON! The GOP is taking on Heritage

Democrats: We must NOT allow the Republicans to falsely claim that Teabaggers are not Republicans!!!

Grayson is a loose cannon.

Air Force Officer At Center Of Sexual Assault Controversy Demoted And Forced Into Retirement

Girls' arrests in Florida bullying case may mark turning point

Isn't it Enough - Fun music from the 80's

Why A Swiss Proposal To Give Every Citizen $2,800 Each Month Is So Radical

Friendly Fire: Ted Cruz is Getting Lit Up by His Own Party

What are the cartoonists saying about the GOPshutdown in the last 24 hours?

Arizona AG again found to have violated campaign law

Northn WI, beautiful Penokee Hills, Natives & others fight against Open Pit Mines.they need our help


Snowden Says He Took No Secret Files to Russia

So, apparently, in San Francisco, there's a very *ahem* interesting museum...

Online Poker making a comeback in the US.

Need DU opinion regarding "donation" stalking by private school.

"Mythbusters" is doing a zombie special, on Discovery right now.

God in Gotham: 12 Christians leading New York’s spiritual renaissance

Could Pope Francis make women cardinals? A pipe dream, and an opening

"Psychic" convicted of fraud...

Captain Sparrow

Cruz argues in favor of Government run health care

Pilgrims head out of Saudi after hajj 'success'

Somebody tell me why this is an unreasonable request. 24 Billion Wasted - Koch Bros - pay us back

Needing slide scanner

We have a new dog.

Environmentalism - Utah Style

Democrats Mock Republican Congressman For Alleged Bathroom Sex

Is it a crime to steal bread if you have no money for food?

Cavuto and McAfee...stupid and stupider

Obama Romneyizes the Republicans

Uribe’s brother could face trial for crimes against humanity

Seems like not much changed during the past 50 years

Happy Lucky Idiot

JFK Conference: Amazing Day of Information and Connecting with Good People

Working on a thread for 2014 to switch the House from Thug Red Dictatorship to DEM Blue Rule

A post on FB from a girl who bullied another kid so badly that she killed herself:

first snow of the season

I Edited this OP.. it's now Just.. "Send Me A Congress"

**Want to help prevent domestic violence? Join our live Twitter chat with Jackson Katz

Obama is Jesus of the Ants

Norwegian suspected of being Kenya mall attacker named

It's Ubuntu Release Day!

If you use Twitter check out the hashtag: #renametheteaparty

Man ruins life after having public sex on airplane...

How Obama, Reid, and Pelosi Stopped Republican Extortion : Three reasons the Democrats won

How Some Of The World's Most Successful People Discovered Their Spiritual Side

Thom Hartmann: Fukushima is collapsing - the worst is coming...

Colombia’s indigenous decry excessive police force against protesters

Tea Party Unleashes On John Boehner (The Republican't Internecine War Is ON!)

Find something to be happy about today (Friday Oct 18, 2013)

El Salvador: Where women may be jailed for miscarrying

Business groups stand by Boehner, plot against tea party

Need help debunking BS from Heritage website about costs, anyone.....

Eight Ways Republicans Tried (And Failed) To Stop Obamacare

Road trip to Homer -- just a few pics

Ted Cruz Failed To Disclose Ties To Caribbean Holding Company

NASA Shutdown Unleashes Beautiful Astronaut Photos on Twitter

Bright eyes, clean brains: sleep might scrub away gray matter waste

Hawaiian tourist suing Boyd Gaming after employees confronted her about gender

The House Stenographer who had a Jesus like meltdown on House floor?

US To Sell $10.8B In Missiles, Bombs To Saudis, UAE

Labor puts Dems on notice: Don’t touch Medicare and Social Security benefits

Asteroid 2013 TV135 Could Hit Earth In 2032, Says Ukrainan Observatory

Al Jazeera America Had a Rough Ratings Week; Some Shows Hit Zero in Key Demo

Gay candidate blazes new trail in Israel mayoral race

Saudi Arabia declines Security Council seat, citing failure to tackle conflict Petition Calls For Arrest Of Republican Leaders For Sedition

Koch Brothers College "Opt Out" Tour: Free Beer! Now Don't Sign up for the ACA

In 13 States in the South, 4 in West, Majority in Public Schools Below the Poverty Line

‘Humanitarian Aid’ Enables Palestinian Terrorism

Is Education ‘Reform’ Wrecking the Common Core?

Consolidated health care systems forbid you to see your regular doctor

Mexico Bans GMO Corn Effective Immediately

Workers at biggest fast food companies need billions in public assistance

The infrastructure is so bad in the Atlanta area that every morning there is a report of

Ted Cruz could indeed win the Republican nomination

Who stole The Lounge?

Why I Will Never, Ever, Go Back to the United States

8 Ways WikiLeaks Cables About a Tiny Country Like Iceland Expose the Dark Depths of American Empire

With Governor's Veto, California's Harsh Drugs Sentencing Will Continue

Stratfor softening us up for dictatorship?

From the Right, Despair, Anger and Disillusion

The Damage Done - By Paul Krugman

Fox News guest blames the victim (quel supprise!)

Ugandan Police Issue Terror Alert after US Embassy Warning

Canada: First Nations resist fracking - strongly!

Alcohol Education Is Not Rape Apology

The Myth of Christian Persecution

THE ROVING EYE: 'Our' weaponized Wahhabi bastards

French Students Barricade High Schools to Protest Deportation of Classmates

Thousands of French high school students protest deportation of classmates

Good Samaritan helps homeless woman

Karzai’s Bold Refusal to America

Break in once shame on me...break in twice...

Japan on gas, coal power building spree to fill nuclear void

India police 'arrest crew of US ship over arms'

Colorado frackers pump out cash to ward off ballot initiatives

A view of the shutdown from our Northern neighbor

Republican Civil War Erupts: Business Groups v. Tea Party

Did DUers hear Joe Scum talking abou the IRS scandal and Benghazi

Chicagoans Kick-Off "Take Back Chicago" from mayor

Chris Noth Unloads On GOP, Tea Party: 'Racist,' 'Un-American'

Friday TOON Roundup 1: Foiled Again

Push Against Obamacare Leaves 5 Million Without Coverage

Friday TOON Roundup 2: Hostage Released, for now

A post-shutdown reminder, that this is still happening, every day: Boy, 8, accidentally shot

I'm glad I'm not the only one that think this:

Friday TOON Roundup 3: The Rest

System Failure: US Democracy Is Nearing its Limits

‘At this point the Tea Party is no more popular than the klan’- Alan Grayson on Rev Al yesterday

Study: Almost Half of Public School Students Are Now Low-Income

Now this is interesting. India Arrests Crew of US Ship Carrying Weapons

What the Shutdown Revealed About the Economic Divides in U.S. Politics

Massacre of the dolphins: How 10,000 of the mammals a year are being speared and slaughtered

Chris Noth Unloads On GOP, Tea Party: 'Racist,' 'Un-American'

Jackson’s stump stories of childhood deprivation challenged by acquaintances

Controversial secret courts must be open to scrutiny says leading judge.

Many US Senators Oppose Ratifying UN Arms Trade Treaty

Naked Florida Man Shot and Killed by Passing Motorist After Having His Clothes Stolen

Skull of Homo erectus throws story of human evolution into disarray.

Skull of Homo erectus throws story of human evolution into disarray

Cabello to Capriles: "The day we make the decision, you are going to jail

UN Expert Challenges Foundations of US Covert Drone War

Tea Party Candidate Challenges Thad Cochran

Lack of diversity on the Supreme Court?

Heritage Foundation - Let Me Debunk Your Myth - Let Us Compare Your Report With Real Facts

Hearing a co-worker (whining) saying that "I don't think anybody likes Obamacare", and it occurred

Are These Quotes From An Alien Invasion Movie, Or From A Repub Describing Obamacare?

Be safe Thomas Roberts

Josie Loza: And the Top 10 trending Halloween costumes are…

"Don't break it."

Hunks: How Ripped Became an Ideal A historic look at images of masculinity

I,m surprised you are not overwhelmed with questions about the Lounge being offline.

The Greatest Risk to the U.S. Economy Is Still the People in Charge of It

ALEC led WI Assembly seeks reversal of Sacred Republican Principle of Local Control

We now return to our regular programming.

It's back!

Joe Scar beating the drum: government can't do anything

Gilbert Arenas May Use $100 Bills For Toilet Paper, Definitely Got Paid A Lot (PHOTO)

The Iraq War and Its Side Effects Killed Half a Million Iraqis

How the Fast Food Industry Destroyed "Home Ec" to Hook Americans on Processed Crap

The Abject Failure of Reaganomics

Need a good response to this Freeper poster on the ACA

You won't see Hillary Clinton in the same light ever again

Dr. Cornel West and the "shameless silence:"

Climate Change reality and Florida-Coastal flooding getting worse with sea-level rise

Pizza Verde

I smell a rat with Obamacare rollout

Harry Reid re: Ted Cruz: "If This Man Can Get Nomination For President, I Pity The Republican Party"

How is it difficult to "find time to pray?"

"Medicare had a messy rollout, too"

Atheists of Madras

The drugs derived from deadly poisons.

Has religion really changed OJ Simpson?

This Land is Our Land?{farm bill/land reform}

The Harry Reid Comedy Hour

Because everything was perfect when it first came "online" (so to speak) ...(pic heavy)

Cross posted from GD:

Stephen Colbert Cuts Up Crowd At Roman Catholic Charity Dinner

Cruz Plans to Read Affordable Care Act

System Failure: US Democracy Is Nearing its Limits

Internet firms urge more transparency over UK requests for user data.

Freedumb Friday! Tesoro Found Issues In ND Pipeline Weeks Before 20,000 Barrel Spill, Did Nothing

Bridegroom Movie - Because AWESOME and Heartbreaking.

Hillary Clinton--What makes me think the way I do about HRC

Wal-Mart Worker Fired for Helping Assaulted Woman.

Emerging Challenges: What's In Store for the New Global Powers

Pig Boy Bashes GOP 'Establishment': 'Embarrassed' to Be Associated With 'Lunatic' Ted Cruz

TYT: Pig Boy Goes Off On Republican Party After Shutdown Surrender

Freedumb To Mine In Northern Wisconsin Will Not Be Stopped By Silly Asbestos Fears, Says Gogebic

TYT: Shutdown Over, GOP Crushed, Funding Secured (Until January)

Freedumb! Chevron "Chastises" Analyst Calling For Ecuadorean Settlement, But Stock Price Improves

Canadian Fishermen Fight For Freedumb To Bottom-Trawl Glass Sponges Thought Extinct Since Jurassic

TYT: Some Girls Enjoy Rape Says Judge

"I use to vote for both Dems and Republicans" he said

BOOM goes the dynamite: Mother of alleged victim in Maryville case releases secret recording

Turning on a dime: the "socialist horrors of giving people access to healthcare"

KC Star editorial: "Stop pontificating..."

Evil Of Government Era Is Over!!!

Pig Boy: It Feels Like We've Lost A War To A Communist Country

RCMP Supports Freedumb To Frack W. Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets; Freedumb-Hating 1st Nations Respond

On tape, Gov. LePage justifies cutting taxes for millionaires with wildly innacurate claim

Study: Just 227 tree species dominate Amazon landscape

David Pakman: Teen Girl Crucified 'To Expel Demons'

David Pakman - Michele Bachmann: DeathCare, Police State on the Horizon

"Polls say most people hate Obamacare." ... hmm ...

A good letter to the editor from a friend in Wisconsin ... Wisconsin State Journal

Gohmert Pyle Fires Back at McCain: 'Would Be Better Off With No Intelligence'

David Pakman: House Stenographer Loses It, Gets Dragged Off House Floor

ATF HUMOR: Whistleblowers Facing A Firing Squad Inserted into Law Enforcement Training Manuals

Inside the Fox News lie machine: Salon contributor Eric Stern fact-checks Sean Hannity on Obamacare

David Pakman: 'Values Voters' Laugh as Glenn Beck Talks About Gays in Nazi Camps

Brian Schweitzer Mulling 2016 Presidential Bid

David Pakman - Sarah Palin Nonsense: Obama Risking 'Impeachment' Over Debt Ceiling

Is there an echo in here? Please come CAPTION a gaggle of Cruzs!!!

Brazilian social security programme receives prestigious ISSA award

Papantonio: Where Are The Young Leaders?

David Pakman: Congresswoman Grills Republican Who Rigged Government Shutdown

A counter to the GDP: The GPI- Genuine Progress Indicator

You can see why they were driven to try to overturn Obamacare

Viral Photo from Beltway Trucker Protest actually from May "Make a Wish" Foundation Event.

KC Star editorial: "Stop pontificating....."

Rachel Maddow - Voter purge case puts Cuccinelli in conflict

Ted Cruz Failed To Disclose Ties To Caribbean Holding Company

Rachel Maddow - What government got done during the shutdown

Al Sharpton: Moving Goal Posts: Va A.G. Ken Cuccinelli Purging Voters in Face of Imminent Defeat

Close the borders – gangs of benefit cheats are coming!

The Knight Who Says "No!"

Video shows Dallas officer shooting man standing with arms at his side

Heads in Alabama just exploded all at once:

Is Reid just messing with cruz?

Tea Party Insult Generator (For those who they deem "RINOs")

Rachel Maddow - Recent history offers fix for debt standoffs

FreedomWorks CEO: 'A Real Possibility' That The GOP Splits In Two

Rachel Maddow - Debt showdown prompts new look at House rules

Charter Schools.. Pros & cons.....

Dumb as Door Nail

Pickup Soccer in Brazil Has an Allure All Its Own

The Women and the Thrones - NYRB

TEA Party and Citizens United

The day the right lost the economic argument

An article I read today had me thinking about my first job.

"In Their Shoes" Stories of the homeless.

Ted Cruz Doesn't Need "99 New Friends In The US Senate"...

Government vs Individual Liberties

Afghan insurgents attack foreign compound

51% of ReTHUGs say the Teaparty is not part of the ReTHUG party

Been thinking. What purpose does the GOP serve?

*** Help a DUer *** Friday 10/18/13 (please keep kicked!)

Gunmen kill Libya's military police force commander

Senate/House Negotiators Give Up On Grand Bargain

Solution to fixing problems with "Obamacare"...

The Rude Pundit: In Brief: President Obama: "Radical Republicans Are Traitors Who Must Be Crushed"

A True Conservative Is Fundamentally A Racist And A Bigot And UnAmerican

Meet the 'Nice Guy' Pickup Artists

Will we see another Government Shut Down in the new year and will it be good politically if we do?

Republican hostage taking damages Republican Party

Grand Bargain postponed until after 2014 elections, at the earliest

Canadian UN employee held hostage for 8 month by terrorists in Syria escapes!

TEA Party now the "Cruztian Coalition"?

Fun item of the day: Tea Party Insult Generator

Schwarzenegger wants law changed so he can run for president.

The republican party dividing into two factions isn't as revolutionary as some suppose

Hey Condem! I can see the horseshoe outside our window!!!

Scientists Develop Super-Accurate Measurement to Determine if a Meteorite Actually Came from Mars

So what happens now? This is scary stuff.

"Possibility of apocalyptic scenarios" if next month's Fukushima operation goes wrong

Discovery Channel’s all-new special JFK: THE LOST TAPES....

MUST SEE: Wealth Inequality in America

After 2 weeks the GOP will back to there level prior to the shutdown. American pasttime is bitchin

Why doesn't the gop just divorce the tea baggers or visa versa?

Cruz Father: Ted Cruz "Annointed" to bring the spoils of war to the priests

It Takes a Village to Raise These Rapists

Ronan Farrow's tweets are are really funny and sometimes trenchant

Luke Russert is

Water radiation soars at Fukushima No. 1 [Strontium readings spike 6,500-fold in one day]

Redemption: Jon Alpert & Matt O'Neill Discuss Their Oscar Nominated Short On The Life Of Canners

Juanita Jean: "This site has been disabled."

John Boehner: 'I Got Overrun' By My Caucus

What counts as "health insurance through your employer"?

Flat-out full-bore bull-moose gold-plated way-out-in-the-blue CRAZY-ASS SHIT right here.

Why should it be easy for corporations to move?

Pic Of The Moment: Post-Shutdown: The Battle May Be Over But The War Is Just Beginning

Cruz really has balls of steel and a brain of oatmeal

Quite frankly, now I am scared

How the Tea Party Will Die

I keep hearing ...

Here is a petition for McDonald and other fast foods to pay their workers

Grand Unifying Theory of High-Temp Superconducting Materials Proposed


House Democrats Break Fundraising Record in September

TWO GRAPHICS that say it all ----->

Tech experts: Health exchange site needs total overhaul

Crap pubs: 10 things that bad boozers get wrong

Venezuela investigates sports stars in big currency scam

Something Wonderful Will Happen Today

Top French court rules mayors cannot block gay marriage

Malala skips school to meet Queen Elizabeth II

Rest in Power, Tom Foley

U.S. Prepares to Train African Forces to Fight Terror

Former Speaker of the House Tom Foley dies at 84

Best sister

Catchin' a ride

"They just got a paid vacation"....

Where does it come from? Ayn Rand taught at public universities....

Some advice needed about beans.

The Author of the "Defund Obamacare" Letter Doesn't Want to Write It Again

OH SHIT: Big Ed calls Glen Beck a PUNK on national radio

Scientists rethink humans' family tree (LA Times)

Families With Kids Go Homeless as U.S. Rents Exceed Pay

Would Ted Cruz make a third party run?

Insurance brokers conspiring to derail Covered California

Republican Civil War Erupts: Business Groups v. Tea Party

The Quest to Build a National LGBT Museum

States Clamping Down on Workers Mislabeled as Contractors

Russia to Spend $63Bln on Arctic Development.

A sudden clinical insight--The disorder underlying loony Republicanism:

MiddleFingerMom's stint as a livestock hauler was ill-conceived...

A Small Town Has Become A Studying 'Factory' For China's Impossible College Entrance Exam

Gay US TV Anchor to Host Miss Universe in Moscow.

Blarf blif blib blarb blub gloop foop foop foop nerp dwinkle voon plif...

Oh, this 'person' posted this on a friend's FB wall regarding purchasing power

De Blasio Looks at Bratton for NYPD as Homicides Fall to Low

Rhinos to get microchips in horns as Kenya fights poachers

RIP Tom Foley

Tea party leader proposes ‘class action lawsuit’ against ‘homosexuality’

If the GOP and Teabaggers were to split into 2 separate parties, would the Democrats follow?

GOP lawmaker voted against debt deal because he thought it funded Joseph Kony (Not the Onion)

Maine gov. calls for tax cut over ‘concern’ millionaires are facing extinction

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 18

Last living NEANDERTHALS discovered in JERSEY

Boy Scout Leaders Film Themselves Destroying Ancient Rock Formation

Cat Sneaks Weed Into Moldova Prison, Proving Once and For All That Catnip Is a Gateway Drug

The Best Dog Pictures Of The Year

Former Speaker Tom Foley Has Passed Away

Man Attempting To Help Mentally Disabled Boy In His Care Wrongfully Arrested In Gay Sex Sting

5 Ways Men Can Age As Gracefully As George Clooney

Poll: Most Israelis Back Netanyahu Stance On Iran

DNA links mysterious Yeti to ancient polar bear

I've got a new HOUSE FIRE Show starting at the top of the hour!

If Ted Cruz is supposedly so smart...

Obamacare Woes Widen As Insurers Get Wrong Data

Superman vs. Batman - hysterical fan film

Police: Principal dragged 11-year-old special needs student

Here's why I am doubtful about Hillary Clinton -

A letter to my 11-year-old self - by Kristina Kutatelazde

Brutal Heat Killed 14 in Texas Prisons

The Two Suzukis

Even this Floridian has to say---FloriDuh

Should Ruth Bader Ginsberg retire and make way for a younger judge at this point?

UN investigator presses US to publish drone attack data

another reason not to shop at wal mart

New York man arrested, charged with trying to join Al Qaeda

I am not happy with the Tea Party poll numbers

John Boehner: 'I Got Overrun' By My Caucus

Payback: Climate Scientist Michael Mann Campaigns Against Cuccianelli

S.C. mayor under fire for comments about LGBT

Sophia Wallace on CLITERACY

Simple programming(?) question

Am I the only one who thinks The Beatles are overrated hacks?

Americans traveling to Cuba in record numbers

State Pot Officials Can Exhale - Washington State

U.S. nuclear arms modernization plan misguided: scientists' group

Boehner Hoping To Remain Leader Of Republican Parties

GOP’s nightmare come true: Obamacare more popular than ever

Air marshal accused of taking photos under skirts

Ukraine's jailed Tymoshenko offered ticket abroad but no pardon

Another rare 'sea monster' lands in California: a 15-foot saber-toothed whale

Air marshal accused of taking photos up skirts at Nashville airport

Mrs. Greenspan and Mr. Gregory flacking for Cheney's new book "Heart"

Because We All Know That Insurance Company Databases ALWAYS Work Flawlessly,

Missouri teen writes about being raped by grandson of politician and target in Maryville community

Remember the pundits who urged Obama to cave?

An orphan goes to church and asks someone, anyone to adopt him (Very Sad)

Bettors’ verdict: GOP could lose the House

Is there anyone here who knows how I can figure out my 6th house...

The Republican Party laid down with dogs and now ... they're just going to scratch harder

Former Democratic Speaker and long term Congressman Tom Foley died earlier today

90-year-old former Nazi soldier handed life sentence for role in Greek massacre

Appeals Court Judges Wrestle With Question Of Force-Feeding At Guantanamo

This video of 2 cops stopping 2 young black men will infuriate you

Jeremy Hunt believes in the Chinese/Asian way

Honduras Deploys 1,000 Troops to Stem Crime Before Vote

Stephen Baldwin says faith cost him roles; compares himself and Alec to Cain and Abel

Moody's Says Temple U.'s Hospital Losses Are Threatening the University's Finances

News Conference on Decommissioning San Onofre - this Saturday Oct 19

Of all the crazy tea party positions, repealing the 17th Amendment is the most inexplicable of all.

Forty Iowa National Guard troops return today from Honduras deployment

McPoverty wages?

Heads Up - Pres and VP about to nominate

I'm Daisy Coleman, The Teenager At The Center Of The Maryville Rape Media Storm, And This Is

The Great American Menu: Foods Of The States, Ranked And Mapped

Utah rock vandals 'reprehensible," say Boy Scouts officials (fucking assholes!!!)

Newscorp Bosses Tried to Curb Wall Street Journal's Phone Hacking Coverage


Beat them bloody

Judges weigh challenge to force-feeding at Gitmo


Klingon Rick Roll

A note to "Big Businesses" disillusioned with the TEA partiers they got elected to office ...

{Announced Two Weeks Ago}: ADP National Employment Report Shows 166,000 Jobs Added in September

House Stenographer Explains Her Freemason-Themed Outburs

Excise Tax on High-Cost Coverage

Call them out

Another Blonde Joke

Colombia gets new US Black Hawk helipcopters

Waco judge sets tentative date for trial over explosion in West

So Jim diMoron is endorsing Bevin over Mitch the turtle

We need a 50-state strategy RIGHT NOW!

It's a Dog Eat Dog World - Do the Numbers

Spying on Democracy: Government Surveillance, Corporate Power and Public Resistance

The Not-So-Great Generation: War Among Old White People is Killing America

Same-sex weddings can begin pending appeal, N.J. Supreme Court rules

Inside Fracking's 'Man Camps', Where Sex, Drugs, and Gonorrhea Run Rampant

Michelle Rhee's plan began under segregationists.

Video: Jim Riswold & Brian J Druker, MD - Cancer Crusaders: How Hitler Saved My Life

BATTLE-DRINK, Week 7: Texans vs Chiefs, A New Quarterback Frontier


MSNBC Makes News As Anchor Takes On Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws With Miss Universe Gig

National Network To Focus On Severe Autism

Republicans Vow To Block Immigration Reform After Shutdown Fight

'Caveman' offers options for decking out the ultimate man caves

Mental Illness - so much in the news, so many negative views, but there is bravery and dignity, too.

The shit is about to hit the fan for Cruz missile - Ted Cruz Failed To Disclose Ties To Caribbean

Too Bad Chris: NJ Supreme Court rules state must begin allowing gay marriages on Monday

The hunt for Gloria De Piero's topless photos serves one purpose: discrediting her

Go ahead, Ahh-nuld -- make my day

Mitch McConnell's Tea Party Opponent Endorsed By Senate Conservatives Fund

I cross-posted in GD my response to Tobin's question about bravery.

People are signing up for Healthcare on exchanges and finding very significant savings

A Simple Reform Could Save America From Wall Street and Boost the Economy

WTF Friday: Freedom Isn’t Free

The War On Worker Pensions - Why it is all so absurd --

New Jersey becomes 14! Marriages start Monday!

Why Obamacare’s critics have to make stuff up

With apologies to Einstein. . .

Even the World Bank Understands: Palestine is Being Disappeared

Virginia Judge Rejects Request To Reinstate Purged Voter Rolls

The abortion that could cost a mom her family

Cornyn slams new head of Homeland Security nominee

Before We End The Drug War, We Must Retrain Prison Workers

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Free Absentee Ballots for the Stealing in San Francisco!

PSC moves forward with Indian Point contingency plans

Fixthedebt gets trolled on Twitter

Trust in Government Nears Record Low, But Most Federal Agencies Are Viewed Favorably

Kochroaches All Over The Place..

Norse Energy shuts down, unable to drill in NY

Big election coming up for balance of power in Washington state Senate.

Keeping The Faith, And Loving Your Gay Son

Congressional PAC dollars used to employ family members

It Gets Better, Unless You’re Fat

Paul Krugman receives Freedom of Speech Award at the Franklin Roosevelt Four Freedoms

Haaretz's Amira Hass: Hamas has a right to dig tunnels

Shutdown is Over, But There Will Be a Next Time

Mathematicians discover universal law of mammal urination

Religion at Burning Man

Does anyone have the antidote to this lol

Phil Kline suspended from practicing law in Kansas

What people think the Tea Partiers do..

The people have spoken...

JPMorgan Sells Chase Manhattan Plaza in NYC to China’s Fosun

Brooklyn man arrested for flying drone over Manhattan

"People cry, not because they're weak....."

Bashir has Klayman on

Hatewatch Exclusive: Racist Serial Killer, Joseph Paul Franklin, Facing Death, Recants

Minnesota AG asks U.S. to investigate Humana

Being a woman in Saudi is like ‘screaming in a vacuum’

Republicans seem intent on becoming despised

Larry Klayman just referred to Mitch McConnell as a Whore

Martin Bashir gets Larry Klaymen to call Mitch McConnell a whore

Ted Cruz as Bloomberg Businessweek's Cover Boy (eye bleach alert)

Long Island man is second arrested in terror investigation

Lessons from Rand Paul: 'Misinformation can be very important'

2 puppehs meet for the first time since they were adopted:

Your Friday Afternoon Art Challenge - Jeopardy Style Edition

A bit of inspiration courtesy of an old voice teacher

Snowden: US would have buried NSA red flags

One Of Three Teens Arrested In S.I. Convent Fire Charged With Hate Crime

NJ Supreme Court rules same-sex couples can marry beginning Monday (Ruling goes against Christie!)

Drugs can ruin your life.

Jordan Davis' Shooter Rants About Killing 'Thugs' So They 'May Take The Hint And Change Their Behavi

The Homeless in America

Chuck Berry turns 87 today.

Thank you to everyone who posted re fracking.

The Military-Industrial Pundits: Conflicts of Interest Exposed for TV Guests Who Urged Syrian War

To make up for no Friday Afternoon Challenge today...

More Charges Possible In Death Of Baby Found In Shopping Bag

Air pollution causes lung cancer, World Health Organization says

Pennsylvania court vacates sentence of man who brutally raped 11-year-old girl because she was black

"The Ring"

Report: Baby Hope's Accused Killer Says Confession Was Coerced

Conservative activist Ben Shapiro says George Zimmerman’s brother backs his Ritz Crackers boycott


Ed Shultz is back with the fiscally responsible gang who blew $24billion

Fast-Food Giants Make Billions While Their Workers Survive on Billions In Welfare Benefits

Stand with Detroit: AFSCME explains pension theft and the sacking city assets with memes.

The Republicans won the budget showdown, sort of

I went Grocery shopping this afternoon. Ten foot wide aisles and still couldn't move.

What do you say to Repubs that say they already raised revenue back in January?

Statements by the President and Vice-President on the Passing of Tom Foley

Prince of the Flies ascends to the Fecal Throne to become the newly crowned King of the Flies

Vindication: I keep telling my kids to READ LITERATURE for f's sake!

Kasich 'Optimistic' On Medicaid Expansion

Tea Party Leader Wants to File Class Action Suit Against Homosexuality

Anonymous Source Tells Reporters That He’s Tired Of Being Speaker Of The House

This 300 ft Wall in Bolivia has over 5000 Dinosaur Footprints

Tea Party Galaxy Voyage to the center of delusion

Cenk Uygur (Young Turks) has a good one on the Tea Party

Whoa. So, the Al Smith Dinner was held last night? Was Obama there? Did Cspan air it?

US Marshall suspended for taking upskirt photos on plane

If All Those State Secession Movements Got Their Way, America Would Look Like This Map

Al Green: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

Friday night -- work or play?

Need some help--any DU-ers from/in/familiar with the Czech Republic?

Stephen Baldwin pays $100K of a very large tax bill

Cuccinelli, Cruz Represent Extreme NeoPuritanism. A Bad Omen For Women

Former President Bill Clinton points to former President George H.W. Bush's cactus-themed socks

Mother of Florida bully arrested

After the shutdown debacle, the tea party's approval rating is 23 percent.

The Debt?

Sarah Palin’s Top-Five Most Utterly Nonsensical Sentences from Yesterday’s Fox News Interview

Unplanned Parenthood:

Waddaya wanna do? I dunno, waddayou wanna do? I dunno, waddayou wanna do?I dunno, waddayou wanna do?

Judge raises questions about Minnesota's anti-coal law

Shakespeare/Not Shakespeare:

Man's GREATEST invention!!!!!

Despite the almost nonstop hardships, MiddleFingerMom STILL managed to amuse himself in prison.

If there's one thing that MiddleFingerMom is a MASTER of... it's rationaliations.

Is anyone else on DU going as a slutty John Boehner for Halloween?

Game-Winning Bundesliga Goal Doesn't Actually Go In..

Tea party caucus by region: 63%, South; 19% Midwest; 16% West; 2% Northeast

SiriusXM customers, demand they air Randi Rhodes on another channel

Republican apologizes for berating park ranger (and more effects of GOP shutdown of Government)

The Time Is Now: Why I'm Joining the Global Frackdown...

5 Ways Ted Cruz Made It Possible For Democrats To Take Back The House In 2014

Albuquerque holding fake funeral for 'Breaking Bad's' Walter White

Over Chris Christie's Objections, Gay Marriage In New Jersey Starts Monday

Phil Kline has his license suspended indefinately...

The Most Heartbreaking New Detail From the Ongoing Newtown Investigation

Given what we just went through and where are on the ground right now, I would welcome . . . .

Hillary Clinton, Welcome to the White House!

Consumer Group Urges States to Enact Protections from Debt Collectors

BIOS bootup screen looks weird, help please

Homeland Security Choice Suggests Priority Shift

This "out of control spending" meme of

NH Waitress Who Picked Up Tab For Soldiers During Shutdown Gets $10K From TV's Ellen

Inside Fox News Lie Machine: I Fact-Checked Hannity's Obamacare Claims

Hillary Rodham Clinton Meets Her TV Counterparts

15 Reasons Why American Politics Has Become An Apocalyptic Mess

Translation help? "God's got me in the work."

What 19th Amendment?

Simple "Weekend Economists" October 18-20, 2013

Oh my, you're all dressed like Washington politicians...

Phill Kline, anti-choice former KS atty general, loses license to practice law

"The Conservative War on the GOP"

Time To Uphold The Law On Racism And Hate Speech In Israel

We should be suspicious of the relatively new popularity of "fire everyone and start over."

The Repubs will not attempt to shut down the government again.

"The tea party is getting more powerful. But less popular."

Walmart offers job back to worker fired for helping assaulted woman

Rep. Farenthold To Veterans Who Were About To Lose Disability Checks: You Have To Make Sacrifices

Putin to Visit Cairo, After US Abandons Ally Further

DU, what are some of your recent "Random acts of kindness"?

I proclaim it officially the week end. Let the tone of posts reflect the proclamation.

Assad regime snipers 'targeting unborn babies'

Glitch filled federal Obamacare website will be coming down this weekend

If baseball and hockey can realign, why not the NFL?

I'm suffering from troll burn out, don't know what to do

Tears of laughter at this website. Thanksgiving side dishes at FOODSPIN.

Latinos urge California attorney general to probe Herbalife

House Stenographer Loses It, Gets Dragged Off House Floor

Today Martin Bashir called Larry Klayman a "repugnant racist" and "pathological"

Daisy Coleman Teen Rape Case Reopened After Internet Backlash

West Wing Week 10/18/13 or, "The Shutdown Edition: The End"

What Happens When a Language Has No Numbers?

Senator-To-Be Booker To Perform NJ Gay Weddings

JPMorgan in $4 billion deal with U.S. housing agency

"Documents Taken from Meth House Implicate Tea Party Dark Money Group in MT, CO"

This time its REAL....

The fact-free laziness of centrism

President Barack Obama Speaks on Reopening The Government (Oct. 17th, 2013)

White House Weighs Easing Iran Sanctions’ Bite With Slow Release of Assets

work against voter suppression

UPDATE 2-JPMorgan in $4 billion deal with U.S. housing agency

Iran FM: Israel Seeking To Undermine Progress Of Nuclear Talks

Women: are you afraid to post comments to public fora w/ FB or your own name?

Authorities looking into threat against Ted Cruz

On conspiracy theories and General Discussion

AP: Florida Congressman Bill Young Has Died

This soup came out well: Curried Potato Bean

Day 5 of the BLINDNESS - omelettes and commas

Florida US Rep. Bill Young dies at 82

Sarah Palin’s Top-Five Most Utterly Nonsensical Sentences from Fox News Interview

Healing for Jack Jack

I'm so very proud of my daughter!!!

If you want the lounge back, you must agree to the GD party's terms.

Looking for a member of Daily Kos

Cheney feared heart device in assassination effort

The torch has been passed to a new generation of Republicans