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Archives: October 19, 2013

West Wing Week 10/18/13 or, "The Shutdown Edition: The End"

Former House speaker Tom Foley dies

Fox News Mistakenly Reports Death Of Rep. CW Bill Young

Leader Pelosi Floor Remarks on H.R. 2775

Combs Endorses Hegar for Comptroller

Why is Congress exempt from ACA

EXCLUSIVE: Siegelman Brings 'The Hammer' Down

Re: Affordable Care Act sign up - reported complaints about the 'back end'

UPDATE: The meaning behind Flint's "I'm Worried About the Blueberries" sign is revealed

Ted Cruz: The Anointed One? Hartmann: "at the top of DU"

Send me a Congress...

A New Poll Shows The Republican Party Has Completely Collapsed in Virginia

Minimum Wage: The Working Poor, Pizza, and Herman Cain

We need a mandatory retirement age for members of Congress

Universalizing Medicare would have been

GOP Shutdown Tactics Helped Drive Democrats' Fundraising Record

Al Shabaab hate video puts moderate British Muslims lives at risk:

Fox's Obamacare Victims Aren't Victims At All

Fortune Cookies

"Heat of the Sun" on Streaming Netflix 4 and 1/4 STARS.

Missing from the website critique

FBI investigates possible water supply threat in Wichita, Kansas

Exclusive: NSA delayed anti-leak software at base where Snowden worked -officials

Abbott defends Cruz at law enforcement speech; Davis cites police support in receiving group’s award

James Blake Feat. Chance The Rapper "Life Round Here"

Atheist group says Utah billboard companies fear Mormon Church:

Friday Talking Points (278) -- ...And The Law Won

Question: to what extent are increased labor costs and taxes a factor in consumer end-pricing?

Sauteed Flounder With Green Beans and Potatoes

Will Dave Reichert get Koch blocked?

If Obama could go back in time to the crisis that brought us the sequester would he have done.....

Doggie Rescue - Warning: Tissue may be required

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Where are the Adults? & a new Doggie gif

Illinois Supreme Court strikes down 'Amazon tax'

Regarding the South, have some of you lost your minds and as well as your ethics?

"You Don't Get To Go Around Saying that You're Speaking For The American People"..

Assholes destroy Rock Formation in Goblin Valley

Elvis Costello & The Roots - "Walk Us Uptown"

Obama, Congress at odds over Iran sanctions relief


Dog and his buddy Hedgehog.

Utah scout leaders who topped ancient rock: 'We did something right the wrong way'

French MP clucking at woman in parliament sparks anger over sexism

Serge Gainsbourg - Couleur café

I am reading Chaim Potok.

Sunday Talks Shows Mostly Made Up of White Men..

A Top Syrian Intelligence Officer Is Killed in Fighting

Taking my money Back

OECD Criticizes U.S. Debt Deal, Sees No Real Solution.

Dame Shirley Bassey - Light My Fire

The Doors - Love Street

Part two on how to lose friends and influence people to hate you.

The Rolling Stones - Hot Stuff

With openly gay correspondent, NBC sticks thumb in Russia's eye

Am going to make friends with a ferocious dog, with my two wimpy dogs

A Republican McCarthyist is dead. And another House seat is open for Democrats

If you're up early on Sunday

Out of the Mouths of Babes~ Awesone!

Serge Gainsbourg - En Melody

Rachel Maddow is a LUSH!

So I squished a flying insect and now my fingers stink.

Pakistan tells U.N. at least 400 civilians killed by drone strikes

Ever wonder what happened to Debra Winger?

Anyone else see the Hunter's Moon outside?

Stephen Fry Out There BBC Documentary Series

Hildegard Knef - Im achtzigsten Stockwerk

Jesus fish to take holy tour of Sweden

Norway's new minister for children and gender equality: 'Girls who get raped are responsible'

2nd LA airport worker in custody for dry ice bombs

How to turn a blue-ish state red in 11 simple steps

Bernie Sanders tells Ed Schultz: Southern Democrats are tired of being abandoned by the party

Watching Barbara Buono on Rachel

anyone know about 350.0rg?

My favorite new Sports related photograph...

GOP supposedly so outraged at treatment of veterans - yet they CRAP ALL OVER John McCain (a veteran!

Voter Suppression is Taxation without Representation

The 113th Congress: Procrastination Without Penialization.

Welcome to "Huffington Post!"

Sharing a friend's effort --

Ideas for turning Texas and the South blue :)

Texas Republicans Find A Way To Disenfranchise Women Voters

Ever have a cat who does this?

Nixon's southern strategy has run it's course...

Texas Republicans Find A Way To Disenfranchise Women Voters

[Fmr KS AG] Phill Kline indefinitely suspended from practicing law

Syria must allow aid convoys to starving civilians, says US

Texas figures out how to disenfranchise female voters.

9 Signs That China Is Making A Move Against The US Dollar

Greek police appeal over mystery blonde girl

So I ride by a group of anti-choice assholes protesting Planned Parenthood every Saturday...

Republicans should ...



Another biker arrested in SUV attack

For the beautiful Harvest Moon out tonight.

Instead of evacuating West Bank outpost, state continues to humiliate itself

baking question here: I was looking at a recipe that, as part of the instructions, required you

Child inside stolen Brooklyn vehicle safe

The Strange Stalinization of the American Right

UCF!! WOW!!! What a fucking great game!

US Starts Transfer of its Airbase in Kyrgyzstan

Tea Partiers: 'Cut spending!' 'Which spending?' 'Uhhh...."

menstrual cycles might be too problematic for women to serve in combat

Feminist Friday: Lectures Still Aren’t Magic

Dear Internet: Thanks for the Advice on Sex and Drinking.

St Louis Cards in World Series!

Republicans hammer Sebelius as problems mount for ObamaCare site

Abortion rights groups want Douglas County judge investigated over comments

Tea Party Insult Generator From Actual Insults Posted on John Boehner’s Facebook wall

Those familiar with the ACA. Using the Kaiser Foundation

I was having a "discussion" with a tea bagger on Ted Cruz's FB and

Monsanto Protection Act Dead?

Classic: George Carlin and Bill Maher Double Team Religious Belief

Confederate Flag Guy will wind up being GOP poster boy for the 2013 Shutdown in the history books.

Explain this to me if you can..........

cool kid

Colombia to be sanctioned for 1984 Palace of Justice massacre

Graham Bond Organisation - Harmonica

Accept my ex-gay pseudoscience and harmful 'therapies' or we will sue you!

C. W. Bill Young, Longtime Florida Congressman, Dies at 82

Chileans to march against influx of Colombian immigrants

Thom Hartmann: How the "Know Nothing" Press Extended the Shutdown

Dear Dominionists. God is all-powerful. He doesn't need your help.

Republican Party Platform: Run around, wave your arms, and shout very loud a lot

listen to today's interview of Malalai Joya of current Afghanistan and of struggle of women

Ben Carson : If we don’t stop Obamacare, we’ll end up with a 'single-payer system'

I don't want to psychoanalyze anymore.

Commie-Cast has intentionally slowed down my internet connection!

Royal Canadian Mounted Police attack native Canadian women who are trying to protect their land

Look Who's Warring Now: A Map of GOP Fights, Post-Shutdown Edition

Breaking bread in faith and love

The Pope Francis effect: ‘Francesco’ now Italy’s most popular baby name

I met a Vietnam War veteran who said that he worked at an NSA satellite facility...

Assange Biopic Ignores Sexual-Assault Allegations

Experts Doubt Snowden Could Keep His Leaked Documents Safe From Spies

Texas needs a Democratic Party messaging operation

Brains Sweep Themselves Clean Of Toxins During Sleep


Way Down South - Bernie Sanders reports from the belly of the beast.

Colbert’s Hilarious Roast of Bloomberg, Matthews, and the Pope at Al Smith Dinner (17:04 mins AUDIO)

Senate has Constitutional power to expel Ted Cruz

Writer For Major Conservative Publication Hopes Democrats Win Back House In 2014

Obama Admin Wins Over Key Hawk on Iran Nuclear Talks

About me

Fox's Obamacare Victims Aren't Victims At All

Are there any estimates on how much Texans will loose

Lessons from Rand Paul: 'Misinformation can be very important'

This looks good!

So....Randi Rhodes is history come last of the year.

Air Pollution Is a Leading Cause of Cancer

Exclusive: NSA delayed anti-leak software at base where Snowden worked -officials

Guess Who This College Football Player Grew Up To Become

Misery Defined: Russian airline plans to pack 652 seats into one plane.

My fantasy...Democrats are the new Republicans

Here's a quick Ted Cruz meme for everyone

Billy Preston - Outa Space

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday Oct 19, 2013)

Krugman: But why have Republican demands so consistently had a depressing effect on the economy?

States with big military, research facilities hurt most by shutdown

Congressman apologizes for scolding park ranger

The 6-year-old Sandy Hook hero.

Does this qualify for a DUzy award?

Why do you feed wildlife?

Dictabelt Motorcycle Was NOT Part of the Kennedy Motorcade: New Sabato Book

While we're pissing off music fans...

F.lux Changes Your Screen Brightness by Time of Day: "One of our favorite tools" - Lifehacker

Texans Stick With Cruz Despite Defeat in Washington

A Ted Cruz on Every Corner

What's for Dinner? ~ Saturday Oct 19th

A thought: the actor Ed Lauter's passing is metaphor for America...

Hands off Medicare & SS!!!

On This Day: October 19. 1987

San Francisco's Union Square bomb scare ends after two hours

Sex allegations at Carlsbad academy

Just a FEW of great southern LIBERALS you bash every day on DU

Wisconsin: Mary Burke - Wolf in sheep's clothing

Scientists raise concerns over $60-billion nuclear weapons plan

Guardsman blew whistle, then his career blew up

News Conference on Decommissioning San Onofre - this Saturday Oct 19

Cottage Maids in the Victorian Garden

Q&A on Egypt with Noam Chomsky - Oct 2013 - sponsored by the MIT Egyptian Student Association

Bill Russell Arrested for Carrying Gun at Airport

Having no religion is normal

Chairman Ted: Enough Excess Attention on the Texas Buffoon

The Shutdown in Perspective: Spying on Americans Continued; Services for Needy Children Did Not

Profiting from the Poor: Outsourcing Social Services Puts Most Vulnerable at Risk

Wacha Wacha

10 Reasons Why the Tea Party is So Unpopular

The fastest woman on four wheels, ever

Because there are not enough threads about the South on here lately...

A new method against genetically modified salmon: Get retailers to refuse to sell it

Cuccinelli aims blast at Affordable Care Act in GOP’s weekly address

Somebody Pllease Get This Link To Senator Bernie Sanders.........

McConnell’s deal-making riles up conservatives back home

Pope Francis launches reform of Vatican bureaucracy, with cleanup of Vatican bank

WHY does the dog have to jump on the bed to throw up?

"I'm not sure what happiness means anymore. I know it will never mean to me what I thought it did."

A macabre little poem and picture

Profiting From The Poor - MSM Ignores Massive Failure Of Outsourcing Safety Net To Corporations.

Raw: Ancient Rock Toppled in Utah

Did Sean Maloney join the Tea Party during the shutdown?

R McDonald House gets fabulous makeover

Keep quiet, Ted Cruz - By Kathleen Parker

PC Gamer: 14 space games you should be excited about right now

Rep. Cohen (D), Tenn. seems like a good guy.

We paid over $500 million for the Obamacare sites and all we got was this lousy 404 [updated]

(New Incident) Rand Paul's son cited for underage drinking . . .

What is your opinion of

I like this UP against the clock

Bashing The South Is About Bashing The Three Green Teeth Cracker GOPPERS & Baggers.

Kentucky’s Case of the Missing Bourbon

The struggle with a virtuous atheist

A blow to the New Atheism? Britain is losing its religion - and becoming "spiritual" instead

Michael Moore's $5 Movie

Weekend Toon Roundup

A site for anyone truly interested in the ACA

George H.W. Bush donates socks to Roman Catholic diocese fundraiser

Afghan war’s approaching end throws legal status of Guantanamo detainees into doubt

Kremlin Mulls Creating Interfaith Relations Post

Harry Reid On David Vitter And His Obamacare Amendment: 'He Just Is Not Playing With A Full Deck'

They Went Crazy in Stages

OASDI Beneficiaries by State and ZIP Code, 2012

Monumental Government Waste: The National Security Budget, The Root Cause Of The National Deficit

Minnesota's ACA Exchange Site is Working Better Now

The South and the Power of Place. What resonates with you?

"This is a brilliant tactical move on the president’s part. And Republicans know it."

Bernie Sanders tells Ed Schultz: Southern Democrats are tired of being abandoned by the party

Happy dreams.

So they want a Canadian to be president

The Military-Industrial Pundits: Conflicts of Interest Exposed for TV Guests Who Urged Syrian War

Concerted media effort

Nestle, Pepsi, Many More Pony Up Millions To Block Transgenic Labeling Effort In Washington State

Texans do not know the real Cruz and his Dominionism Church and State Platform. This must be

Zombies, Ahoy! Endocrine-Disrupting Pollutants, Broken Up By Sunlight, Can Reform Themselves

Why you can't use electronic devices on planes

Trailing, Ken Cuccinelli seeks to fire up base

Banksy rages in NY..

Aaaaaaand The 2013 World Food Prize Goes To: Monsanto & Syngenta


Record NSW Bushfires Highlight New Oz Government Opposition To Climate Action

I attended a meeting with the UAW organizers.......

US quietly releasing 1.8 billion in pakistan assistance

West Texas Booming, But Old-Timers Still Remember How Oil Booms End

States Are Focus of Effort to Foil Health Care Law

Bills vs. Dolphins... Anybody know the point spread?

fed-up voters meet the enemy and it is...them?

NY Times: States Are Focus of Effort to Foil Health Care Law

WAR ON LIBERALS: GOP Picks Anti-Food Stamp Crusader to Determine Future of Food Stamps

When There Are Chemotherapy Shortages, Rationing Is Up to Doctors

Oh goody! Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker criticizes Mitt Romney in new book

A Ted Cruz on Every Corner

Global Frackdown: World protests shale gas production.

Americans Felt Betrayed by the Shutdown

If you don't like the South because it is so (insert adjective here), then move.

Is it just me or

Labor History Essay Contest for Wisconsin Students

Italy court bans Berlusconi from public office for two years

What's a hemorrhoid? . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Andrea Tantaros!!

American Horror Story - Teabagger Republican Congress

Obamacare's potential negative effect on the next election

Maldives police halt presidential election; Britain, United States denounce delay

A lil' bird told me...

Man charged with attempted arson at Planned Parenthood in Missouri

Must-read (and please circulate): The Abject Failure of Reaganomics

Linguistics: Should we refer, not to Tea Party but to the "Stalinist Wing of the Republican Party"?

What are you reading the week of October 20, 2013?

Hollande: Deported Roma girl can return to France alone

The Ed Show - Ryan vs Dems in the ultimate showdown

Mayor Rahm to Prosser High: Beat it!

Afghanistan Loya Jirga will determine whether US troops remain after 2014

Dick Cheney altered his defibrilator to fight terrorist hackers

Global protests today against global fracking.

Syria: dozens killed in clashes after suicide attack in Damascus

Suicide bomber kills 16 in Somali cafe attack aimed at foreign troops

Stepmom of Teen Accused in Fla. Bullying Arrested

Dear GOP: The best time to ask such questions is before the tiger eats you.

Rachel Maddow - Another fact in E.W. Jackson bio challenged

Larry Flynt urges clemency for Joseph Paul Franklin, the killer who shot him

Democracy has been suspended by the Republicans Congress!

Dear Michelle Rhee, Your School Privatization Schemes Were Hatched By Southern Segregationists

We have our own "Burn it down! Let it all burn down!" faction here.

Ga. revisits nation’s strictest standard for avoiding death penalty due to mental disability

Art in music videos

Drones, the Media and Malala's Message

Shunned by Egypt, Hamas reaches out to Palestinian rival Abbas

Congo rebels expect 'major breakthrough' in peace talks

Heads Up for New DU Group: "New Progressive Media Resources Acccess"

Russ Feingold and other envoys 'a remarkable presence' in Congo peace talks

The Schoolhouse Rock group is attempting to update the "How a Bill becomes a Law" cartoon.

Sen. Sanders: Global warming ‘far more serious problem than Al Qaeda’

Documents found in CO meth house implicate Tea Party dark money group in election violations.

If these current politicians had been writing the original Constitution, there would have been no US

ACA Marketplace in PA, howzit for you?

Rachel Maddow - Court suspends extremist anti-choice lawyer

Stupid is as.....Texans Stick With Cruz Despite Defeat in Washington

The ocean is broken

World enjoys fossil fuel boom, but should it?

Documentary Valentine Road about the murder of Larry King by a classmate

Single payer anyone?

Ted Cruz is a sideshow.

Anniversary of Newtown school massacre approaches; chilling new details emerge

Heads Up! Some here might be interested in DU "NEW Media Group." ROKU BOX, ETC.

A northerner's view of the south.

Goblin Toppler Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Pryor to Incident

Eggnog in the stores? Really? already?

Have we forgotten the NSA or do people just not give a flying fuck anymore?

You cannot publicly ignore the middle class and poor and expect to remain

Jimmy Carter quote on ACA.

President Clinton and Gun Control

TCM Schedule for Monday October 21 - TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

I no longer think we are Red/Blue states but are really a Rural/Urban society.

Labor Leader Crushes Lies About Social Security on CNBC

Oklahoma Drivers Licence Agencies Refuse ID to Legally Married Same-Sex Couples

Major Rift in Republican Party

Major Study Projects No Long-Term Climate Benefit From Shale Gas Revolution

States Are Focus of Koch-funded Effort to Foil Health Care Law

North Dakota Landowners Sue Fossil Fuel Companies Over Wasted Natural Gas

This driver is what I call a hopeless case.

The U.S. And The World Are Actually Making Big Strides In Energy Efficiency

Canadian hamlet evacuated after oil train crash causes huge blaze

Missing from hospital for 17 days, stepped over TWICE by orderly, in stairwell where found dead.

Gov. Bill Richardson, Rep. Barbara Lee, Special Statement on Obamacare: all this week on my show

Bernie's Great Interview With Playboy (Only 99% Sure He Won't Run in 2016)

Former CIA director David Petraeus takes up Harvard teaching post

xpost from GD: Bill Richardson, Rep. Barbara Lee, Special statement by me on Obamacare on my show

LIVE RADIO NOW: Their Destruction of America Not An Option

For post-shutdown reform ideas, many look to California (LA Times)

Question was the folks who built the ACA web site a private business?

The PRIVATE business that built the ACA website is:

Former Oilers coach Bum Phillips dies at 90

Former Oilers coach Bum Phillips dies at 90

The Crazy Left

The Bubble.

My company still provides health insurance

Why Energy Boomtowns Are a Nightmare for Law Enforcement

You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist

Was the song "Turning Japanese" really about

A bi-partisan effort in Congress to deal with sexual assault in the military

The Kochs Dirty Secret is Out in Chicago

USDA: Chicken Processed in China Can be Sold in the US Without Labels to Say So mulled apple brandy

Sam Harris slurs Malala: Famed atheist wrongly co-opts teenager’s views

Dr. Ben Carson a slave to insensitive hyperbole

Families With Kids Go Homeless as U.S. Rents Exceed Pay: Economy

A Love Letter To Sen. Ted Cruz From a Left-Wing Socialist Hippie Libtard

Can we pick on the West now?

Pastor’s denial of baby dedication reflects poor theology

Don't Stop Believing!!!!!

Oil up the Bow: The Extreme Right wants to Play the Violin Again

Oil up the Bow: The Extreme Right wants to Play the Violin Again

How to Deal with Ann Coulter:

CN Rail Cars Carrying Oil on Fire After Derailment in Alberta

Kremlin Ready to Consider Citizenship for Syrian Christians.

Ring of Fire: Crazies Still Doubt Scientific Truth

Group protesting at Alamo open gun carry rally

Should we be concerned about how the Affordable Care Act is being received?

Court rules French mayors cannot refuse to marry gay couples

I need suggestions for Halloween candy handouts.

Assassination pushes Libya towards civil war two years after Gaddafi death.

Pakistan polio outbreak puts global eradication at risk

Cadillac Ranch Creator Marsh 3 denies new child sexual assault allegations

Change user name

Arizona's version of Sarah Palin a front-runner for Gov.

I need some recipe advise from the cooking and baking experts.

FreedomWorks CEO: Shutdown, Debt Crisis Were 'Brilliant Republican Strategy'

Home made peanut butter.

Nate Silver Criticizes Politico Again

You know what? Reimburse me for the Iraq War and oil subsidies...

While we're discussing regions, why is the midwest so reactionary?

They Went Crazy in Stages

New method for eggnog:

Animated nuttiness for your viewing pleasure!

Chicken weeding: My free range chickens love scratch grain,

Chef Francois de Melogue: Figue Mediterranean - Lamb Pasta

Christmas carols: I know people get really sick of Christmas music being played on the radio

The people warning you about Obamacare are the people who were wrong about everything.

Hard time today...

Heads UP! Clinton about to give her first political speech since SoS.

Toon: Who needs government?!

Backdoor Impeachment... TyT

Have you benefited from any of the following?

Russell Brand Vs THe Westborough Baptist Church

JPMorgan in tentative $13 billion deal with U.S.: source

Sources: Roseland Ballroom Pulling The Plug This Spring

A note about "Cali."

Eldest of Mexico's Arellano Felix clan killed

How untalented is Katy Perry?

Guards posted to protect Banksy work in NYC

Facebook Cats

Sunset of the Ages

Arms company that threatened to leave Colo. over background check laws still hasn't left

Archbishop of Canterbury: Religious Not 'Mad'

Senator Sanders Week in Review: The Tea Party Has Irreparably Harmed Our Country

Is the US Yielding Spaceflight Leadership to China? (Leroy Chiao, former commander of ISS)

Ariel Castro neighbour charged with murders and rapes

A thermodynamic critique of the human situation

Obama nurtures his faith away from the spotlight

Grace: Letter was lost for 63 years, but their love wasn't

Colorado: "We Can't Miss You Until You Leave" #MagpulWatch

Alleged Mo. rape victim's mom releases secret recordings

Austria: woman poisons two pregnant friends inducing miscarriages because she was jealous

Jackson’s stump stories of childhood deprivation challenged by acquaintances

JPMorgan reaches $13 billion tentative deal with Justice Department

Chase Manhattan Plaza Sale Sets Record for Chinese Buyers

Genius: How a 1990s Cartoon Character Perfectly Represents Ted Cruz

Hey Boehner. What exactly was "good" about this fight?

Is Republican Obstructionism Criminal?

Some frustration, but officials predict worst to come in BART strike

Four ways trans people are changing the gender/tech debate

Cuccinelli reduced to using Duggars as surrogates

"Road so rough this I know/I'll be there when the light comes in"

"Grapes of Wrath" on TCM now.

Rise in laser attacks on airplanes in NYC sparks FBI investigation

Not Larry Sabato: Terry Mac heading for record win for a Dem in Virginia.

What the Tea Party people think

Defense cuts vs other program cuts in the sequestration bill?

Community Symposium on Decommissioning San Onofre #CSDSO

anyone got live from the Alamo?

Where Can I Take Old Negatives to Have them Printed?

Another Bad Gay Parenting Study

Todd Friel (Unwisely) Interviews Christopher Hitchens about God and tries to trap him.. but

Could you possibly make DU harder to access and use?

NY woman convicted of killing husband

Me on Fox News yesterday discussion ACA/Obamacare and President Obama's Leadership

So, did PBS Ever broadcast this Movie Citizen Koch?

Where Can I Take Old Negatives to Have them Printed?

Doc Martin 6 on Acorn Media

A real nuclear deterrent: US, Russia may team up to use weapons against asteroids

Poll: Grimes Edging McConnell in Kentucky

Two snippets of me on Hannity's show yesterday about ACA and Ted Cruz

Victory for Mineworkers in Battle Against Patriot Coal and Peabody Energy

Hypocrisy is....

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Textbook example of a concert finale from a band top-heavy with excellent musicians.

Woman Selling Iconic Photograph Of The Exact Moment JFK Was First Shot

U.S. Releases $1.6 Billion In Aid To Pakistan

Sebelius Won't Testify At Obamacare Hearing

My brilliant son stated what should be obvious this morning

‘Desperate’ Donors Tighten Purse Strings On Right-Wing Groups And ‘Self-Immolating’ GOP

Sean Hannity called out on ACA lies

The SCAR Project - Because Breast Cancer Is Not A Pink Ribbon

Larry Klayman Defends His Anti-Muslim Remarks And Calls Mitch McConnell ‘A Whore’

If you have a weird Dad, you have an Erie, PA

Hillary Clinton campaigns in VA for McAuliffe

Obama Hits Bloggers, Radio 'Talking Heads' Who 'Profit From Conflict'

See if you can spot the odd one out (healthcare)

Wake up dozy! Woman who can't stop sleeping finds true love

Level 3 Outage Disrupts East Coast Internet Traffic

Welcome back, federal workers! Look how we screwed up your research

Accidentally freed Florida murderers registered at jail

For climate scientists, shutdown casts long shadow

The gassing of shelter dogs and cats in Ohio

the gassing of shelter dogs and cats in Ohio

Beyond the Environment, America's Representative Democracy at Risk (Op-Ed) (Live Science)

Check out this tweet...

Cruz Says Infighting Cost GOP During Gov't Shutdown Fight, But It Won't Happen Again Next Time

Banks Pushed by Regulators Send ‘Nastygrams’ to Car Dealers

One of the funniest men on the planet has died-Felix Dexter

Ok I said I'd never be one who brags on his kids

'Doctor Who: 50 Years' Trailer - The Day of the Doctor

Anomalous aerial phenomena forces Peru to revive its UFO probe dept

This week in toons (Part 1)

This week in toons (Part 2)

Adapted from Giuseppe Verdi's opera Rigoletto

"The Unspoken Truth on 9/11" Documentary... Please see comments below.

Cali's Lt. Gov. Newsom to lead pot legalization panel

Fox Column Shrugs Off Unprecedented Obstruction Of Obama's Judicial Nominees

Birth of conservative delusion: Roger Ailes takes his revenge

No, the “system” didn’t cause the shutdown — it was extreme GOP nuts!

Protecting women: Honda, Boxer sponsor bills to help prevent violence against women around the world

Cruz: Blame Senate GOP for ACA defeat

Billionaire Koch Brothers Spending Millions To Deny Health Coverage To Low-Income Americans

Signature issues

The U.S. military may implement a robot that has fired a machine gun at targets up to 500 feet away.

"Any Questions?" John Fugelsang on Obamacare..

Things are looking up.

Privately funded research on Ted Cruz

Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." —

Iraq Set To Ink New Deal On Importing Iranian Gas

500,000 Died In Iraq War, Says Study

Former Oilers coach Bum Phillips dies at 90

Money can't buy love? Think again...

"Post shutdown GOP says..."

Toon: Small Print From The Shutdown Deal

Community health centers get ready for their Obamacare close-up (also: Locate HRSA free* healthcare)

Ariel Castro neighbour (Elias Acevedo) charged with murders and rapes

San Diego ex-mayor Filner booked at jail, released (3 months of home confinement)

Thousands protest in Romania against shale gas, gold mine

So for those of you playing the home version of our game, I am / was "Amerigo Vespucci."

AP sources: 476,000 Obamacare applications filed

Cheney Disabled Heart Device to Foil Terrorists

"Americans are very lucky people."

Piracy site IsoHunt to shut down and pay $110m

Man Undergoes Extensive Plastic Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber, Spends $100,000 In 5 Years

About 5.2 Million Poor People Won't Get Insurance Because Their States Resisted Obamacare: Study

Official: 2 Fla. prisoners captured by authorities

The International Drug Policy Reform Conference is in Denver next week.

Escaped Florida inmates arrested in Panama City motel

2-year-old boy struck by stray bullet critical but stable

Could Grad Students Regain Union Rights? Some Hopeful Signs

WikiLeaks road movie 'Mediastan' is free to watch - tonight only

Guatemala’s indigenous peoples demand protection of their rights

The BART Strike Media Fail

WaPo - "The ‘Gotham Theory’ of the Republican Party"

Spain's communist model village - MUST READ

Man swears he didn’t park SUV with dead wolf strapped to roof on the Town Square just for attention

Dear Speaker Boehner;

They are scared of their own shadow

Mind Blowing Weapons Police Use on Protesters