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I love anagrams..

Are you ready for some late night football?? Raiders-Chargers game moved to 11:35 PM EDT!!!

OMG...just when I thought I'd heard it all from the right-wingnuts....

The shutdown is not really about Obamacare.

"Mission Accomplished".. Updated.. Naming Names With their Net Worth..

Yosemite National Park is 123 years old today

Pssssssssssssst will Red State Tropical Storm Karen mash up the ReTHUG

No lifeboat.

Government Shutdown is the Republicans' fault - period

Is there any way to use an executive order to force the government to stay open?


What does this bumper sticker say about the driver?

How did Conservatives get this radical

If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to want a glass of milk.

OMG it's hard to watch Eric Cantor

Teabaggers: "IT'S NOT A SHUTDOWN!"

Yet Another Study Proves The War On Drugs Is Failing

GOP piecemeal plan to mitigate shutdown fails in House votes

a constitutional amendment for the shutdown

I just got rape spam

Sen. Warren calls it like it is...."hostage taking"

NYT Editorial: John Boehner’s Shutdown

PA Nurses Endorse Medical Marijuana [VIDEO]

Small sign that might be pointing to an improving economy:

Congressional first responders...

Hey Pirates fans :

Interesting. Petition to Designate GOP a Terrorist Organization disabled by shutdown.

2010 midterm voter turnout: Who gets the blame? Independents

On This Day October 1,2013

Big solar now competing with wind energy on costs

Is there a shrimp shortage.

How to respond? My HS-friend-turned-tparty supporter, whom I debate

If TP/RW/GOP = terrorism --

I really wish I had the balls to do this.

Katie Couric May Replace Piers Morgan On CNN

Government Shutdown Halts Scientific Research Projects Across The Country

House GOP Fails To Pass Partial Government Funding Bills

Does anyone know how to know the running totals

Sen. Sanders: Day One

Never seen video like this before

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Editorial: Crackdown on offshore tax cheaters is paying dividends

Giant Asian Hornets Are Killing People In China, Breeding In Larger Numbers: Reports

Marcelas Owens. Smarter than all the GOP in Washington

"Millions Flee Obamacare"

Letitia James apparent winner in Public Advocates race in NYC.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Don’t Forget To Turn Out the Lights & a new

Idaho Health Exchange

Headlines that aren't what the Republicans hoped for

Its times like this that I wish our Federal government was modeled more on the Westminster system...

Just to be clear.

National Parks Will Close To The Public But Stay Open To Drilling If The Government Shuts Down

An open letter to my far-right Republican misrepresentative in Congress John Kline

PHOTO: Time Tebow banner flies over stadium in Jacksonville

Several of my nieghbors lost their job today

Belgian killed by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation

New DU member New Orleans Strong shoots down Republican "will of the people" meme in first post.

How does the shut down effect my wife's Federal Grand Jury? Are they hearing cases?

Rematch for Nassau Executive Could Be Bellwether of National Trend

Anyone know how to find the names of the "backdrop" folks in Obama addresses?

The Difference between Republicans and Democrats in One Easy Graphic

We now have ammo that will stop a ZOMBIE!!! (just in case)

PA Nurses Endorse Medical Marijuana [VIDEO]

Buddhist mobs killed 94-year-old Muslim woman, burned more than 70 homes

The ACA is so unpopular only 1 million visited the site in the first 7 hours...

Utility cuts IT workforce, hires Indian outsourcers

Ecuador arrests retired officers for suspected crimes against humanity

The nine most painful impacts of a government shutdown (WaPo Wonkblog)

Two million

Why Democrats will always be their own worst enemy

"Five Ways Capitalism Is Ripping Off the American People"

NH Labor: Governor Hassan on the Start of Open Enrollment in New Hampshire’s Health Insurance Market

H-1B Obamacare Illinois Bombshell

UAW President Bob King on government shutdown

Australia had a government shutdown once. In the end, the queen fired everyone in Parliament.

National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) Condemns Government Shutdown

Pastas for Equality

Happy Birthday Yosemite!

Terry O’Sullivan, General President of LIUNA, On the Federal Government Shutdown

Martin Bashir - Boehner follows where Cruz leads?

Transportation Trades Department; Government Shutdown Impacts Transportation System and Jobs

Does anyone know of a site

I am so sick of this woman on TV railing against Obamacare

I have spent 15 hours here at DU today

Today in labor history for the week of September 30, 2013

We Can Take Hostages To. Stop Federal Money To Red Districts. Occupy GOP Reps Offices

Do government employees lose their healthcare

health care -single payer best?


A modest proposal

So my wife is going to look into Obamacare for herself tonight but she's nervous. She's afraid she

health care-is single payer best?

health care -is single payer best?

Book of Bad Arguments

Kitty in a pocket

Rep. Doggett (D-TX): Shut down the Republican "Shutdown Caucus"

Hey, Congress; Do your Job, Quit f'n off; Make Laws better; Quit yer Twerking!

Shear Ignorance NIST and WTC7

I'm listening to Terry Gross interview Tweety and he's talking about...

Samsung cooks the books on their device speeds... Again!

PA Nurses Endorse Medical Marijuana [VIDEO]

Dr. Bronners fans

The Reign Of Morons Is Here (Charlie Pierce)


Happy Birthday, NASA!

Some Effects of Govt Shutdown Week 1

I just stumbled upon some really neat collage art, and thought I'd share

Yes, Obama has gone too far to the right

Well, fuck.

I MISS In _The_Wind!!!

Can we pass a law that prevents these schmucks from playing their jackass games with our economy?

You know, there's a new Tom Hanks movie that's coming out about a ship hijacking...

Is it just me or does it seem like it's those already insured who are doing the most complaining...

Martin Bashir - GOP ‘anarchist’ agenda

Martin Bashir - GOP shutdown can’t block Obamacare

ACA loser

Court Upholds a Settlement Affecting 20,000 City Renters

Matt Taibbi, Sam Seder on Alex Pareene Popping CNBC's Bubble

U.S. spy agencies face big layoffs in government shutdown

New York to Sue Wells Fargo Over Mortgage Settlement

The Extraordinary Life of Germany's Doublefaced Girl

"If Sabotage of the US Economy Is Terrorism, Send the House GOP to Guantanamo"

Ok Letitia James wins Dem Nom. for Public Advocate but only 185,000 Dems out of 3 million Dems vote.

King: 30 to 40 GOP lawmakers refuse to admit legitimacy of Obama’s presidency

Massive Demand as Obamacare Opens for Texans

Kentucky health care exchange experiences glitches on first day (due to high demand)

So no new house loans are going through now

Thomas Friedman (!?): 'President Obama must not give into this hostage taking'

The Real Culprits Are The Kochs Et Al Who Are Coordinating A Coup To Take Over US

Maduro: No cordial talks with US until it stops alleged conspiracy against Venezuela

A short story

For those lucky enough to get through on - ???

How long do you think the shutdown will go on?

"Wake up, they've gone crazy!"

You know that the Republicans threw a party for the shutdown, right?

The Teabagging scum get paid

What the Fox News tracking poll looked like earlier....

Did you really think I would not post??

What's your favorite last line in a movie?

GOP Not Worried. They Have Rigged The Vote And Are Sure They Will Win The Election. is down!

Why so much opposition to Obama cares?

Hey El! You are welcome to change your avatar to...

Coming for YOU!

now official... what we've known for years...

My wife can't set up her account on the insurance site. Security questions don't come up

Outsourcing America Exposed = A new Mark Fiore cartoon.

People With Disabilities Storm House Building, Demand Boehner Leave Obamacare Alone

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ Oct 2nd?

A Gloat-free Texas Rangers thread...

It's been 21 fucking years. Give me a fucking break!!

multimillionaire rethuglican "lawmaker" says government shutdown "is my idea of fun"

Shut Down: Day 1 - Congressional Republicans take the day off...

Stewart Takes Down Fox News and 'Republican Morons' for Downplaying Shutdown - video link

Stewart Takes Down Fox News and 'Republican Morons' for Downplaying Shutdown - video link

Finally~We Take Care of our Own

Question for any military here re Obama

It seems that most of DU

Republican Voters Think The Leadership Has Not Yet Gone Far Enough.

To everyone experiencing problems with the Health Exchanges, what's the hurry?

Let’s hope Republicans don’t need health insurance to recover from ...

Why not start a discharge petition for both the CR and debt ceiling?

Health exchange feedback

Science of Healing the Heart

10-1-13 Rose Garden Statement.. Pres Obama: "As long as I am President.."

Boehner - The Big Fail

San Diego Channel 10 Interviews Ann Romney and Tony Ciani on La Jolla Coastal Appeal

Harry Reid: Been carrying this in my wallet a long time. ...

seer or psychic ?

Slimdown? SLIMDOWN??!! What kind of Orwellian doublespeak is this?

A disturbing look at the theological roots of Senator Ted Cruz: Christian Dominionism

800,000 federal employees were sent home... More than Target, GM, Exxon and Google Combined!

GOP Will Take Over The Government To Shut Down Obamacare

Finally able to make an ACA acct and log in, but there's still no info there that helps

Announcement from the US Geological Service

HORSEY: Teaparty Republicons.." .. And What They Really MEAN:

Are you on HUD?

Husband got home from the hospital yesterday and is on the mend. Still

PSA: Staged Car Accidents. I thought everyone knew this.

I Will Bet That No Funding Bills Will Be Passed And The Govt Will Come To A Halt

Grayson blames shutdown on GOP members literally drinking on the job!

Treasury Taking Final Steps To Avoid Default

That was fast! Just received a death panel duty notice

Cycling in the US from a Dutch perspective

The GOP was smarter when they threatened to shut down over debt.

Are there any North Carolina residents here?

This is a very touching story about a man reflecting and comparing his years growing up gay


I have to say it, but I dont think

Ambassador of Denmark honors countrymen who saved Jews during World War II

Jon Stewart Sexual Harrassment enabler

Honduras indigenous leader's detention challenged

Egyptian doctor becomes first Arab recognized for saving Jews during Holocaust

Why Can't these Assholes be charged with Treason

GOP Logic - House Starting Articles Of Impeachment - Charge Obama Shut Down Government

I lost my job today...

So I am guessing the passport offices are closed now also.

OMG! This from!

Washington Post finalizes $250 million sale to (Billionaire Jeff) Bezo

How much do you know about Israel? Take our quiz. (Christian Science Monitor)

Jewish essentials: For most American Jews, ancestry and culture matter more than religion

Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island Officially Closed. Pretty sad...

All we need now is one big hurricane with no government weather information

Baby's got game.

Who likes this Acronym?

Unions hate Obamacare. Is it really that bad for them?

I really need a better graphics card. Help?

Need Help Debunking this on FB ... in all caps, no less ...

Happy birthday, Mohandas Gandhi

If we could just move the entirety of Tealibanistan into one or two locations in the country...

I Am Getting Concerned That This Crisis Could Become Really Ugly And Possibly Dangerous.

IGoogle will be discontinued November 1st

If Obamacare Were To Go Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid And Public Health Would Go Too

Activists rip Coke and Pepsi: Stop making land grabs in South America

Activists rip Coke and Pepsi: Stop making land grabs in South America

"It's my second amendment right, my freedom of speech as a fucking American..."

Tea party crowd, GOP congressman at rally: 'Shut it down!' (From 2011!)

Why Boehner doesn’t just ditch the hard right

You teabaggers wear your silly hats and like to claim how much you love the constitution.

Ever Wonder What Republicons Do While They're Suppose To Be Working?



The Atlantic - "The Two Basic Facts That Should Be in Every Shutdown Story"

Where's Joe Biden lately?

Creepy lake in Tanzania turns animals into stone

Brazil Reports Cuts In Poverty

I love "I Love Cycling"

NOAA, National Weather Service, USGS Earthquake Hazards Program (shut down info)

A PAC for atheist candidates WAPO Herb Silverman

The Libertarian Billionaire Strategy Kneecapped Obamacare: Hartmann

Jon Stewart nails it again

Powerful GOP Jim Jones Kool-aid.. from their site

Max Keiser: Side Effects of Cameron's Ponzi Scheme

Feds: Flight attendant smuggled heroin to Orlando

Has this been all over D.U Today..?

281_Anti nuke - Documentary Trailer

Final Antenna Delivered to ALMA: All 66 ALMA antennas now handed over to the observatory

House Republicans Wait at a Table for Dems to Negotiate Budget

Have ya met Murphy? More importantly, have you met MacGillicuddy? IT woes.

BSOD and (Updated in Republican Red) RSOD: Any Key or CTRL+ALT+DEL?

Rigell Releases Document Detailing Potential Impacts of Federal Government Shutdown

Jury System Glitch?

Dam. I think I might be gluten

"Are you saying republicans will try to block raising the ceiling?" "Yes, absolutely"

N.Korea's threat of war...

So this is the night crew, eh?...

Vegenaise BBQ

Solution for North Korea's Missile Launch.

I'm pretty sure The Brave Little Toaster is the source of my adult anxiety...

Territorial dipute on Korea

Health insurance companies stocks are up

Flashback 1998: WP..NSA Admits to Spying on Princess Diana

The White Album

Japan's claming...

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday 2 Oct 2013)

Colombian workers' rights suffer despite US-Colombia free trade agreement

We is doomed - Rob Schneider has left the Dems to become a Republican

Ancient City discovered in Kurdish Iraq

GOP Moderates May Attempt Coup Against Right-Wingers?

Russia charges two Green peace activists with piracy

US shutdown halts Barack Obama's Malaysia trip

Are You Drinking One Cup of Coffee Too Many?

Congressional Radical Right-Wingers Relive Confederacy Fantasies

You will die itchy and a little fat. Mark Morford

Obamacare Is Such a Threat to Libertarian Ideology Republicans Have Shut Down Govt. to Delay it

Lincoln on destroying the government.

So Patty Murray asked them to Conference

A Corporate Coup in Disguise{tpp}

John Boehner is an alcoholic.

Annie Leonard’s ‘Story of Solutions’ Shows How to Create Change By Fixing a Broken System (Video)

A pattern is emerging here. (R blaming us for the shutdown)

Why the Shutdown Looks So Bad for the GOP

Has anyone been able to see premiums on the federal exchange?

Why Republicans Aren't Listening To Businesses Pleading With Them Over The Shutdown And Debt Ceiling

sigh.. my homepage,

8 quarts of cardamom pilsner bottled

A silver lining - KKK rally at Gettysburg site cancelled due to shutdown

Ah... there we go. The *real* reason the Republicans fear the ACA:

Shutdown live (check this out!)

Ransom Note Luckovich Toon.

Much nervous laughter on Morning Joe. Trying so hard to make fun of the fact that the

Frackers are chewing up Pennsylvania’s forests

Morning Joe may possibly give you joy this morning. He just read that Democrats have hauled

Candidates to tell voters why they should support them in 300 words or fewer (Omaha Steve)

George Galloway working on documentary that he believes could put Tony Blair in jail....

So...I found out how the government shutdown effects me...

Those Banana Republicans

Jellyfish shut down nuclear plant (Sweden)

Climate adaptation goes mainstream in Wisconsin

It took them only 900 years...

Florida citrus growers binge on pesticides, endangering bees

Question from an European for understanding the Shutdown

America flirts with self-destruction (Martin Wolf, Financial Times)

Watchdog report deals another blow to F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

143-year-old law puts fear in officials during shutdown

With other news not being highlighted, this Jacksonville airport bomb scare was very serious.

Here's What 240 Million Americans Will Have To Start Doing [This] Week, Thanks To Obamacare

I think this is really a power struggle within the Republican Party.

Something just occurred to me.

Matt Shchaub Burger in Houston.

My Political Strategy to Solve the Government Shut-Down Crisis

Some smiles

Toles: What Republicans missed.

Carl Bernstein just called Eric Cantor the most dangerous demagogue in the country. He and Bill

Edward Snowden: The Work of a Generation

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Shutdown continues

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More Shutdown toons

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The rest

****Anagram for the day****.......SPEAKER BOEHNER

Web based service

Ed Show Poll:

Just a couple of quick observations this morning on "the media" and the ACA...

The Reign Of Morons Is Here

RE: shutdown, Our worst enemy can be ourselves

Meet the Sane 13: House Republicans that don't support the ACA defunding

And the spin err brainwashing continues - So I'm listening to my fav radio station this morning.....

Italy crisis: Berlusconi U-turn on confidence vote

Deadly lake turns animals into statues

GOP: Crazy Like Foxes by Digby

We Support The Troops--Kiss Another Favorite Tea-publican Meme Goodbye

Q poll on shutting down the government : 72% oppose blocking the ACA

Why Boehner doesn’t just ditch the hard right

Kick the crazies to the curb

As US Government Shuts Down the Poorest Set to Lose Most

One silver lining in this big cloud of crap

GOP members of Congress have completely safe districts, that is a problem


Being Kind: The Music Video That Circled The World

Greenpeace vs. Gazprom: Football Protest Stokes Row with Russia

Is the American Dream a Reality?

Question About Obamacare

Strange Fibers Found Embedded Inside Chicken McNuggets (vid)

Would you ever support threatening a government shutdown to gain concessions on another issue?

Republicans Asked About Giving Up Salaries During Shut Down, Hilarity Ensues

Children being turned away from receiving cancer treatment because of shutdown

Exercise 'can be as good as pills'

Anybody willing to start an "Occupy Congress" group here on DU?

House Republicans

San Francisco passes law to prohibit immigrant holds

TOON - Boehner's Little Helper

Tomgram: Ann Jones, Americans Can't Remember, Afghans Will Never Forget

Tell Boehner: "Go Defund Yourself"

I think the demand for ACA means a lot of people are hurting.

In every situation, even the bad ones, I try to teach my kids to look for SOMETHING positive...

experiencing the shutdown while on an island that is mostly National Seashore...

So ...

If the Dems had shut down the government there would be cries of "TREASON !"

ICC seeks Walter Barasa arrest for Kenya 'witness tampering'

What The Monopoly Properties Look Like In Real Life

I Think The Teabaggers Are Determined To Make The Shutdown Permanent.

King Says Cruz Conservatives Want to 'Hijack' GOP

NY Daily News Keeps Up The Good Shutdown Work On Day 2 (PHOTO)

Valerie Plame just wrote a spy novel and today is her pub date. She

Hyundai deferring car payments for furloughed federal workers

'Revenge porn' outlawed in California

What's Essential

President Obama cancels trip to Malaysia and Singapore

Repukes from moderate districts voting with the teafucks have put big fat targets

Afghan soldier arrested over Australia soldier deaths

Idiots on the streets, interviewed by a reporter, like ACA, but not Obamacare!

Republican love to talk about Death Panels..

"No more reading, no more books." . . . Please come CAPTION Steve Doocy!!!

Uninsured friend on FB had to go to ER, was rejected for a needed colonoscopy.

5.5 billion awarded in defense contracts monday

Watchdog Finds 719 Problems with the Pentagon’s F-35 Program

Senate Republicans divided on providing back pay to furloughed workers

Chuck Todd thinks NCAA should pay for Navy/Air Force game this weekend.

Cooking with craft beer! Yum.

The only downside I see for Democrats in this mess is the TV false equivalency.

I Fervently Hope That Mr. Obama Takes This Good Negotiating Advice From...Willy Wonka.

A "Compromise"? FUCK NO.

10,000 Walrus Come Ashore in Northwest Alaska

Republicans who declare that they will donate their salary during shutdown are full of shit!!!

Sweet Jesus, I hate Bill Kristol! Worse than ever on Morning Joe today!

Study: Holy Water Often Contaminated With Fecal Matter, Bacteria

The Muslims Are Coming! Comedian Negin Farsad Discusses Her New Documentary

Afghans baulk at U.S. push for operations after 2014 - spokesman

US: the GOP and the mullahs

Weapons experts begin Syria mission

The View From the UK Elite: Obama Can't Give In

Wagner considering run for Governor. Are no other Dem candidates from western PA.

The Coming Domestic Drone Wars

Over 24 hours later, I still can't get onto

Governing Crisis Set To Escalate Dramatically - Dems May Link Debt Ceiling Rise to CR

40 years ago today, I stood outside the main gate at McGuire AFB

TOLES: "Don't Expect It To Clean Up Everything"

The Dark Side of Consumerism: What Landfills and Nursing Homes Taught These Indian Villagers

Horsey: Defending tea party delusions, Republicans shut down government

I know this sounds nuts...

What does "true" subreddits mean? nt

Shutdown coverage fails Americans

Where Are The Anti-Shutdown Protests?

Greece's Golden Dawn: 'Don't say a word or I'll burn you alive'

halfway decent human being quiz

The Madness Of The GOP Government Shutdown - David Waldman Discusses

God love Alec Baldwin today!!!

Rachel Maddow - GOP reprises Eastwoods empty chair stunt

The meme of children with cancer being denied treatment will haunt House tea crazies in 2014.

Digby: GOP: Crazy Like Foxes

Today in Peace & Justice history on October 2, 1869

I just invented a new GOP talking-point.

Employers can't force debit card on their workers

How do you guys stand to watch this shit?

This cartoon says it all:

With Traditional GOP Allies Defecting, Big Business Takes Sides With Obama

Russia charges five Greenpeace activists with piracy

Turns out the Republicans misread their own internal email

Rachel Maddow - GOP not finished playing games with shutdown

Hipster buzzwords that need to die in a fire?

Repukes are hoping that if they hold out they can get Reid to Fold.

Dangerous levels of radioactivity found at fracking waste site in Pennsylvania

How The Press Helped Cause The GOP Shutdown

Cornyn Lies: Under Democrats, Texas Will Become Dystopian Failed State

who is less repulsive?....the republicans who voted against the shutdown

Rachel Maddow - Pro-shutdown GOP ignorant to lessons of 95

Video sneak peek of the Washington Metro's Silver Line

Virginia Attorney General Debate Pits Problem-Solver Against Tea Party Extremist

What Happens When The Government Shuts Down 94 Percent of the EPA

Shutdown coverage fails Americans

I love this story: Fencing coach "foils" robbery using his sword

Iran parliament endorses President Rouhani's diplomatic outreach

UNHCR: 17 countries to offer Syria refugee quotas

Tom Clancy has died.

Tom Clancy, Best-Selling Novelist of Military Thrillers, Dies at 66

hold out till they break

Ring of Fire: Will Voting Machines Steal The Next Election?

That Thing About Congress Being ‘Exempted’ from Obamacare? Huge Whopper Lie.

Green Tips for Preparing your Home for Autumn

On Wall St, the Shutdown and Sequester prompt rally. Austerity brings cheers and a buying mood.

Gov. Shutdown: Idaho officials seeking experienced hikers to search for missing woman in Nat'l Park

NATO chief urges Russia to reverse recognition of Abkhazia, S.Ossetia.

Great Article in The New Yorker: Shutdown: The Hysterical Style in American Politics

Venezuela says U.S. expels three diplomats in a dispute

Tom Clancy Dead: Celebrated Thriller Author Dies At Age 66

Rick Perry: Implementing Obamacare Is A ‘Felony’

Just called my R Representative

Boehner's New USA Opinion Piece Tells Us Exactly Where We're Headed Obama owns this shutdown now

Why Boehner is crying: Shutdown pissed away his debt ceiling leverage

my work is being deceptive...

Shutdown Spectacle: 'America Is Already Politically Bankrupt'

It was never about Obamacare.

At the United Nations, the Vatican is church and state. That needs to change.

FW Star-Telegram editorial slams Cruz and GOP "hostage-taking"

Hey. Is anyone supporting the GOP on this?

The President Has the Power To Raise the Debt Ceiling on His Own

Ministering on Death Row - and Feeling a New Confidence in Rome

Seems To Me If Boehner Was Smart He'd Use....

Please Stop Assuming All Blacks Are Christian

Alex Rodriguez of New York Yankees reportedly claiming Tony Bosch duped him

John Boehner's polling expert gave him a one sentence piece of advice yesterday.

Obamacare is a Compromise. America itself is a Compromise.

I Wonder How Many Republicans Will Sign Up For Obamacare That They Want To Abolish

Final Major League Baseball Regular Season attendance for 2013

Popular fast-food chain to grow food 60 miles from Fukushima plant

The GOP Will Default On The Debt To Get Their Way.

America was not shut down properly (Cartoon)

Vaccine Refusals Fueled California's Whooping Cough Epidemic

Valerie Plame's 'Blowback' has a Plame-like star

Obamacare Demand Signals Potential Success for Exchanges

Florida House Speaker: Football coaches can’t pray with players? Change the law again!

BREAKING: Fox News/Tea Party on extended IQ "Slimdown"

Hillary Clinton Tops in 2016 Race, Would Topple Top Republicans

2014 House Elections - Can democrats regain control of the house back while retaining the senate?

Halp! Haaaaalp!

The government shutdown is a direct result of Obama Derangement Syndrome

Republicans’ 2014 Senate Edge Muddied by Shutdown Message

MaddowBlog: The consequences of callousness

STUPID SPECIAL: Obama Care Supporters Plan to Add Birth Control to Water Supply

U.S. Government Shutdown Threatening Housing Recovery

16 Republicans

Taking a Stand Against a 21st Century Scarlet Letter

Toledo, county leaders denounce Ohio "Stand Your Ground" bill

Forget Climate Change, We Must Prepare for a Catastrophic Climate Breakdown


Another great Tumblr find:

The consequences of callousness

If you are a Government employee in the DC area, these people wish to help you out

#DearCongress: Americans vent frustrations as shutdown drags on

Too Funny. Not the Onion. Rob Schneider has a sad.

Accessibility Takes A Big Leap Forward in iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad

Just now on CNBC: "Bank CEOs Arrive at White House".

Caleb's Crossing

Private Sector Added Disappointing 166,000 New Jobs In September

Former Republican FL state senator says House GOP Owns This Mess. Says moderates stepping up.

The prohlem is the Tea Party Hates the GOP

Sucky actor blames Dems for not being able to get any roles, switches to GOP.

Polls: Americans put more blame on GOP for shutdown

Obama Invites Hill Leaders To Talk Debt Limit

Birds of Ocracoke - vacation pics (so far....). "Government didn't shut the birds down" edition

Did the Washington Post change owners or something? Because today's editorial

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.

Russia Urges Syrian President To Meet With Moderate Rebels

Stolen, outright

About Head Start... {:o(

Remember on The Simpsons, Stampy the Elelphant broke loose and ran through the Repuke Convention

"It's hard to see how any of this gets fixed in the next nine years"

Rise of the 3rd Confederacy movement. No more trying to shame the shameless.

Ah. The GOP is really looking out for the little guy.

Chicago: CTA Works to Stem Crash-Related Blue Line Delays

Yumyumyum... taco!

Imagine how little we would have to give up to make the world a better place.

This shutdown is GOP/Teabagger wet dream.

Managerial Conservatives vs Tea Party

USA Today editorial say's the shutdown is the GOP's doing

Come ON Democrats. Just. Don't. CAVE.

Apartment Rental Costs Up As Home Prices Rise

Ha! Germany's Olympic uniforms:

Obama Reaches Out to Congressional Leaders

*** The WWII Vets thing is a Republican hoax/planned-stunt ***

I'm glad we're finally having this throw-down. It's been brewing for a long time.

Well, Here's Some Good News: Jerry Sandusky denied new trial

To my fellow Federal Furloughed Workers: Furloughed Federal Employees Can Apply For Unemployment

Republican terrorists clusterfuck: a summary

What else is happening?

Hehe. I knew it. It was just a matter of time...Obama puts GOP in a position to "cave."

"Meeting" is not "Caving."

The Overview Effect

a thread on revenge porn

When Did Jesus Stop Caring About the Poor?

Apparently today's secret word is

Grandfather Writes Letter To His Daughter After She Kicks Out His Gay Grandson

If meeting with Congressional leaders is a "cave" then I just don't know what

Net worth of the 8 Banana Republicans leading shutdown efforts

Submarine Rises Through Milan's Pavement In Ridiculous Publicity Stunt

Justice Department opposes tech companies' request to reveal spying demands

What's with this GOP: "This isn't a democracy" rhetoric?

This is a cave.

We do not Negotiate with Terrorists.

President Obama invited congressional leaders to WH to discuss the budget standoff & debt ceiling

There is far more at stake here than ACA

Hold the line, Dems!

Latinos move towards pope, church and Democrats

Walter Rhett: The Spoils of War: For One Side, Healthcare; For the Other, an Incurable Condition

Religious leaders unite against ‘immoral’ shutdown

Summer's Lingering Into Fall

Democrats can end the shutdown with 20 Republicans on board ( if no Dem defections) by Ezra Klein

I know Obama is going to compromise because

iGoogle Alternative

143-year-old law has lawmakers treading gingerly during shutdown

What Really Needs to Be Said To the BOG Members:

Everybody say hey to berni_mccoy

USA Boxing swings at Mike Tyson (for signing Olympics eligible fighters)

Do you think that speaker Boner is...

Tennis-Argentina's Nalbandian announces retirement

I know there is a "Rule 34," but...

Lyceum poll: Abbott ahead in run for governor, but half of all Texans not yet tuned in

Rachel Maddow and the Right to Bare Arms

The most excellent shutdown piece ever.

Ear worm -- a variation on "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter"

"I'll have a blue... wait. what?"

Picture on Facebook about sums it up...

Which scene from a really touched you?

Looks like Wendy Davis is running for Senate, not Gov.


Flowers evolved 100 million years earlier than thought, plant pollen fossils reveal

Would it be better to keep the Government shut if it hurts Republicans politically?

I'm Free

Colorado GOP vote for disaster assistance for their state despite fighting to deny aid after Sandy

Pic Of The Moment: Everything You Need To Know About The Government Shutdown

Are Our Political Beliefs Encoded in Our DNA?

Former Texas SC Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson joining appellate law firm

Under Obamacare, Disney World Will Promote Its Part-Time Workers To Full-Time Status

Cave so huge it has its own weather system: discovered in China

Vladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

US authorities shut down Silk Road website

Brutal editorial against the R's by the WaPo editorial board

The cave begins. Way to go, Obama

Hey look, a cave, I wonder what's inside

Anybody have experience with Canadian online pharmacies?

Cave? Down the rabbit hole we go...

What are your favorite tailgating foods?

NSA: Agency tested tracking US cellphone locations

Don't blame me for this!

Patrick: I’ll be easy to reach as lt. governor — on the radio

Republican shutdown is not playing well in Peoria. Or Kansas City. Or Sacramento. Or ...

Plato's Allegory of the Cave...

Marijuana Smokers Arrested for Civil Disobedience; Syrians & Grannies Protest War [VIDEO]

What's so important about the Code of Hammurabi?

NIH trials for the very ill now delayed

Obamacare Health Exchange Websites Had More Than 10 Million Unique Visitors On Day One

Federal Government Shutdown: Day 1

It's too bad telegrams no longer exist

Reid just gave a statement. Sorry but didn't sound like a cave to me.

Spanish Cave Paintings Discovered to be Some of the Oldest in Europe

Facts About Tennessee Caves

Japan’s Nuclear Refugees, Still Stuck in Limbo

Sen. Ted Cruz Apology to US Filipino Vets 9/30/13

Tom Clancy is dead

I did it! I fixed my Harrassing Political Phone Call Problem!

How much does a government shutdown cost? For Offutt mechanic, $180 a day

Arlington Megachurch Pastor Gene Lingerfelt -- and God -- Approve of Government Shutdown

Ken Cuccinelli hate merchant supporter says "screw the stock market and shut down the government"


Good news! Twelve national parks are still open.

Pope Francis La Repubblica Interview Rocks Church!

Bill Kristol on Andrea Mitchell

So we need 20 Republicans.

The New York Daily News has a question for Boehner and Cruz

Ted Cruz Warns That Shutdown Could Lead To A Terrorist Attack Against U.S.

a little sweet revenge: Farrow says Woody possibly not son's father...

Harry Reid's letter to Boehner:

Purple Wedding

A Corporate Coup in Disguise (TPP)

Pakistan bomb kills three troops in quake area

Andrea mitchell show this hour

Elizabeth Warren: 'Hostage Taking' Is All Republicans Have Left

Dems to GOP: No Obamacare extortion. Period, full stop.

We May Not Know How The Zombie Apocalypse Starts, But The First Supply Store Is In Orlando

The pope rocks ...

Tweet from President Obama at 1:20 PM:

Shutdown Blocks Care For Kids With Cancer

...another pic making the rounds today...

Take a break for a second from politics, and enjoy the Greatness! that is!

Harold Meyerson: Permanent Republican minority

Crossfit For Toddlers Is Now A Real Thing

The shutdown strikes again: Military wife trapped in abusive marriage

Man Who Pieced Together 5 $100 Bills From Dog's Poop To Get Reimbursed By Govt.

This shutdown is precisely the government the corporate sponsers want.

How to make anything (liquid) into a consomme, with almost no work at all.

Do some parents give their children sweets just to make them smile?

Keep On The Sunny Side


It's not a sign of a "cave." Obama must agree to meet with Congressional leaders now,

History Captured

Another myth busted: Will doctors be required to ask patients questions about their sexual history?

Ted Cruz Warns That Shutdown Could Lead To A Terrorist Attack Against U.S.

Fun and games in Florida...crazier than ever!

Wild, Round & Puffy

Mark Twain said it best,"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled

House Democrats to Introduce Immigration Reform Bill

Stenciled Pie Tops

Atlantic - "The New GOP Strategy: Fund the Government à la Carte"

Should a 13-Year-Old and Her 12-Year-Old Partner Really Be Considered Sex Offenders?

Guess what day it is!!

Overwhelming Demand for Obamacare Shows Potential Success

State (New York) health exchange website gets 10 million hits on first day

Jon Stewart quote

Demand is strong as Obamacare enrollment starts in California

GOP Not Worried- I Will Bet That In Red States GOPPERS Will Be Able To Vote Without Proper ID

Plato's Cave

Ukraine police fire tear gas to disperse protest in Kiev

Arm cut off of Reagan statue in Poland

On Trump:

Beanie Babies billionaire Ty Warner enters emotional guilty plea

The GOP Double Whammy. Take Away The ACA From Already Registered And Deny Their Vote

Great Quote From Senator Bernie Sanders ---->

Wonkbook: "This is what the Republicans were afraid of" Re ACA

Clinton mini-series scrapped by NBC

Bill Kristol: Not ‘The End Of The World’ For Women And Infants Losing Food During Shutdown

CEOs at White House Warn of Adverse Effects of Shutdown, Debt Ceiling.

New media...

Wooly Worm Report Alters AP Reports To Read Gov't 'Slimdown,' Not 'Shutdown'

Oh SNAP! Pelosi answered Cantor!


Demand is strong as Obamacare enrollment starts in California (LA Times)

Parking like a boss

Poll Shows Major Shift in Identity of U.S. Jews

How sidelining Washington graybeards in shutdown alters endgame

N.S.A. Experiment Traced U.S. Cellphone Locations

Justin Bieber Carried Up the Great Wall of China By Servants

This is how many Americans are feeling right now....

How the crisis might end.

Friendly fire from the National Republican Congressional Committee

The Pope: how the Church will change

White House Press Briefing: Jay Carney is doing a great job

Bloomberg/Business Week: Why John Boehner Won't Hold a Vote to Reopen the Government

Hating Obamacare - and democracy itself

BitTorrent Launches ‘NSA-proof’ Serverless Messenger App....FREE

Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Turn Dogs and Fire Hoses on House Republicans

It Will Come To Two Choices. Default Or Stop Affordable Care Act Completely For Now

DC-Area Restaurants Charging Congress Members More for Their Meals

The GOP's Obamacare Suicide


Thom Hartmann: The Shutdown...Brought To You By Citizens United

"How do I get an exemption from the fee for not having health coverage?" - from

candlelight vigil in support of congressional democrats

Live Thread: Listening in.

Re: ACA and Copayments

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish: George Will Leaves ABC, joins Fox News

Ann Romney: No Extortion Had You Elected Mitt.

now is the perfect time!

about to start the last season of battlestar galactica

IPCC Warns Methane Traps Much More Heat Than We Thought

Here Is Why The GOP Will Default. It Will Kill The Economy For Years To Come

The "suicide caucus"...

I think a very small fraction have been to apply for coverage in the exchange ...

I think the Republicans know they'll get blamed for the shutdown. But what they're counting on.....

We want our money back!

Harry Reid and John Boehner Really Loathe Each Other

You think the Obamacare fight is ugly?

MTA budget outlook improves

$40 Per Month, that's why the GOP is afraid of a successful ACA

Russia Schedules Debate To Remove Children From Gay Parents

Tweety is officially insufferable...

On Capitol Hill, the fight is no longer about Obamacare; its about the shutdown

Why Boehner doesn’t just ditch the hard right

Green Tips how to Reduce Home Waste and Recycle More

OMG - this is Rich!

Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you - KABOOM!

Aesop and the GOP: the Scorpion and the Frog

GOP having a sad; no one is falling for their smartassery and bullshit

President Obama has set up a meeting with both sides later today

A picture worth a thousand words...

Question on Medicare, I just started on it.

WaPo: The party of spoiled brats

Iran's Vice President: Rouhani and Obama phone call was of huge global significance

Krugman: Health Care Panic, Again

10/2 12:19 EST Health Care Market Place has now officially crashed

Teamsters Turn Down Wegmans Offer

Stay classy Pittsburgh!

House Now Has The Votes To End Government Shutdown, But Boehner Won't allow vote

Initial Impression of Obamacare: Pretty Good:)

ADP National Employment Report Shows 166,000 Jobs Added in September

When did you hire a fact checker?

EXCLUSIVE: Drone crash lands in Manhattan

Pasty, puffy, white (one is orange) guys seem to represent the Repukes

Researchers find tests meant to predict future violence by psychopaths is less accurate than chance

Republicans' startling discovery!

Here's what I just posted on EVERY MSNBC show's Facebook page:

This is an interesting idea to counter the piecemeal strategy of the GOP

Colorado Springs is #1 in percentage of government workers in the nation.

Republicans are just like babies...

Siberian atheist faces jail time for posting nun porn on Russian Facebook: Report

When Your Nightmare Becomes Reality.

Judge orders monitor appointed to oversee controversial Arizona sheriff

Which is better: Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act?

Christian Minister Prays For God - Wants Military Takeover (Coup) To End Obama Presidency.

2nd biker surrenders in Henry Hudson Parkway chase; no charges filed

Why the President is meeting with the Republican leaders?

Gov's former spokewoman censures Utah's Mike Lee over Obamacare.

Quick question about the ACA . . .

Is Ken Cuccinelli a Liar, an Idiot, or Both?

Religious feminists take the Torah scrolls into their own hands

Anyone else work for someone with crap health insurance? The two temp agencies

Paul Begala pwn3d Ted Cruz! Ha!

Regarding Health care insurance 'speak'

Marijuana Smokers Arrested for Civil Disobedience; Syrians & Grannies Protest War [VIDEO]

Serious question. Why don't Democrats demand Repukes to give up their free govt health care?

Reid: Do The Right Thing

Disney Offers Full-Time to Park Staff as Obamacare Starts

David Corn: The GOP's Obamacare Suicide

Letter from Senator Harry Reid to the Speaker of the House

New York City Opera Musicians Blast "Egregious Mismanagement" in Wake of Bankruptcy

Missouri Sen. Blunt says govt. shutdown a mistake; defunding Obamacare an error

Shutdown Blocks Kids With Cancer From Clinical Trials

Washington Post tweet

Martin Bashir - "The Hunt for Better October"

VOTE COUNT: John Boehner could reopen the government immediately

Charles Pierce: Corp $$$ Is The Power Behind ALL OF IT-1 GOAL-Subjugate Population/Workforce

Manhunt: The Search for Bin Laden, HBO Full Documentary

ACA: They should have segregated the 'shoppers' from the 'buyers'

Bernie Sanders: If Democrats cave on Obamacare, GOP will use blackmail tactics again

Harry Reid sent Boehner a letter...I have a copy of the letter Boehner sent Reid

John Boehner is good as gone.

Street Vendors Protest Treatment by Police

So I took a trip to right wing bubble land to see what they're saying about the shutdown

Cats rule, dogs

After years of decline, Catholics see rise in number of future priests

Grover Norquist on Ted Cruz: ‘He pushed House Republicans into traffic and wandered away’

RE: GG in correcting a fact you make my point. Obsession with GG is a distraction.

With Traditional GOP Allies Defecting, Big Business Takes Sides With Obama

Intelligence Chiefs: Shutdown Threatening National Security/ General: hurting U.S. army

Would you sit there?

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! - By John Boehner, Speaker Of The House Of Representatives (The Onion)

Obama 'exasperated' over government shutdown, warns we're 'in trouble'

Russian Embassy in Libya attacked, no injuries among diplomats

Semi-Naked and Afraid? Check Out This Nude Haunted House!

United Airlines offers to fly Air Force to Navy game for free

Pinellas Republicans call for committeeman to resign after cancer joke

Obamacare question

The Republicans have set themselves up for failure...

Donte Whitner of San Francisco 49ers changing his name to Hitner after fine

I just wanted to let you know I am feeling better emotionally today. Fifth Phila-area congressman breaks with GOP on budget

Hey, did y'all see what the head cheeses did?

Freepfuck reaction to pending WIC shutdown

CNN Affordable Care Act fearmongering....

Justices to Hear ‘Raging Bull’ Copyright Appeal

Send the Bill For the Shutdown to the Evangelicals

Gun Ban for Domestic Abusers Draws U.S. High Court Review

Our government, still at work!

Democratic House Rep Introduces Bill Which Would Block Pay for Congress During the Shutdown

Alison Lundergan Grimes statement on the shutdown and "Senator Gridlock"

Poop-smeared naked man to cops: ‘B*tch, I got sh*t on me’ so you won’t put me in your car

Apparently Democrats not only overextended Governmental Services, but are ruining Football!

"Give into our demands or the elephant gets it!"


Obama Rules Out Negotiations With Congress on Budget Until Government Reopened.

Look Familiar?

Ted Cruz Is Very Sorry for Comparing His Filibuster to the Bataan Death March

On second thought....

Mia Farrow suggests that son Ronan Farrow might be Frank Sinatra’s

Top 10 read newspapers slam the GOP

Speaking of Ronan Farrow: Ronan Farrow Set To Host MSNBC Show

"John Boehner loves being Speaker more than he loves his country." That's what I'd like ...

So the Repubs don't hate all government, after all...

A lot of people seem to prefer yellow (or red/ginger/marmalade/orange) cats to black or gray cats,

Government Shutdown: Prepare to Hit the Debt Ceiling

Syrian-Pennsylvanias & "Grandma Peace Brigade" Protest US Position on Syria [VIDEO]

They're celebrating laying off over 800,000 workers

Obama: NO negotiations until House passes clean resolution and ends the shutdown

Where is the love for the A's?

Jon Stewart destroys callous Fox News host: F*ck you for mocking the poor

Brian Beutler: GOP moderates should stop whining, and reopen the government

De Blasio Hits Up Yale Club For Election Cash

Texas using custom-made drug to execute criminals: FOIA request Read more: http://www.nydailynews.c

Bear in mind that these are the same people who called sending troops to Iraq without body

Posted on PubMed regarding the shutdown.

Asshole Issa launching investigation into closure of WW2 memorial

Jan Brewer trying to say Tuskegee. Priceless.

New Poll: Charlie Crist Leads Rick Scott By Double Digits

Wow! Gov Brown (Calif.) Signs the Nullification of NDAA into law.

You are not supposed to be in serious therapy if you've been drinking

Meet Butch Matthews, A Republican Who Came To Love Obamacare After Realizing It'll Save Him $13,000

NSA director admits agency trawls Twitter/Facebook but insists they are NOT building personal files-

Beautiful World

Check out this headstone...

Say someone comes into your neighborhood and captures your house

Pap and Seder: Tea Party To Blame for Government Shutdown

ANY hiring is in jeopardy because of the shutdown/tantrum. Not just Federal.

RNC Offers To Pay For WWII Memorial Guards (150K for 30 Days)

(Toronto Mayor's driver) "Mayor Rob Ford's friend faces drug charges

Americans Think GOP's Top Priority Is Troublemaking

Amazing, ain't it?

John Barleycorn Must Die

Psychological strategies for President Obama and the Democrats in Congress

Say what?

Dumb Criminals: Man Smeared Poop On Himself To Avoid Being Arrested By Cops

"Congress is Polling at 10% Satan is polling at 12%"

The Movement Begins...

I bought my first sewing machine! At age 67.

Halloween is Coming...

Norquist: Cruz 'Pushed House Republicans Into Traffic And Wandered Away'

Behold The 11 Pound Ratzilla Found In China!

Today's Nifty Fact:

You think the public approves of the ACA more than they are lett on in the polls

does anyone hate Google + ?

Anonymous Southern White Woman: ‘Y’all Bitches Need to Get the F*ck Back to Work!’

Tea Party Happens

Where the GOP's Suicide Caucus Lives

If there are at least 217 House members ready to pass a clean CR...

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 3, 2013 -- Star of the Month - Vincent Price

GOP Moderates Plot Revolt, End to Government Shutdown

"Financial Crisis-Era Derivatives Are Making A Comeback"

Tea Party insists on compromise: 2 + 2 = 4.5

Park Service rejects RNC’s offer to help reopen WWII Memorial

Essential or non-essential? You decide.

New perfume: Eau de Toast

How To Celebrate Thanksgivukkah,

How The National Park Service Became Obama's Shutdown 'Shock Troops'

Born in '99...

Thanksgivukkah is coming,

Fracking wastewater contaminated— and likely radioactive

Should the White House be talking to the Supreme Court Justices...?

How a Congressional Republican negotiates with the President...

You know what's depressing? The Clean CR is a republcan wet dream

A gift to Republicans.

DC-Area Restaurants Charging Congress Members More for Their Meals

You know what I find strange about arguments like "you'll have to wait longer" to see a doctor...

Someone posted this before...It should be seen again...

Dammit. Some House Dems now going along with the GOP's piecemeal funding bills.

My thought's on bohner and the rest the thugs....

Long article from Michael Roberts about the shutdown........

Did you know about the " Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington " ?

The question that must be asked: ARE Americans too smart

House GOP Blocks Vote On Re-opening Government (So much for the moderate Republicans)

I will be interviewing Harry Fear, a Palestinian activist, film maker, this Friday

Has Cruz ever publicly been connected to the Koch Bros.?

'Every Single 1 Of You Opposed To Obamacare & Supporting Shutdown---You Are Attacking MY Family'

This is what happens when I login at

Special prosecutor finds probable cause Sorenson violated Iowa Senate rules (Bachmann)

"Want A Better Economy? History Says Vote Democrat!"

Cross Fire - who is the woman Emily Smith; Van Jones is owning her

"This would be a perfect time for Canada to invade"

Jury rejects claim that Jackson promoter negligent

Israel No Longer Certain Obama Would Ever Use Force Against Iran, Likud MK Indicates

I bought a Lodge dutch oven. I also made my first no knead bread.

The President is standing STRONG!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: We Won't Be Fooled by Rigged Corporate Trade Agreements

CONGRATULATIONS First Lady Michelle Obama!!

Gambia pulls out of 'neo-colonial' Commonwealth

Julie Andrews, Tina Fey to salute Carol Burnett at Mark Twain Honors

Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson Resigns From Iowa Senate Amid Michele Bachmann Payment Report

Obamacare was made for young people like this...

The repukes want to keep running the US Govt. into the wall over and over...

"There Is No Such Thing as the Tea Party; There Is Only a Collection of Billionaires"

So I think what broke Washington was the realization...

"What's with Scarborough, barking in that Hannity-esque Catholic school gym teacher style?"

Rick Joyner, this one's for you

"Democrat Recession"

Let's negotiate...

Obama 'hugely impressed' with Pope Francis

Way to go, Mr. President. Continue to refuse to be a hostage. Boehner would not even

Funding for the veteran's memorial and NIH and 'everything' is in the CLEAN CR bill

Man pleads guilty to slapping toddler on Delta flight

Senator Patrick Leahy Calls Out Obama Administration On Terror Plots Thwarted By NSA Spying

if it quacks like a duck...?

Government Shutdown Explained- Day 1

Toaster ovens LIE! And they SUCK!

New Radioactive Leak Reported At Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Hundreds of Pro-Choice Supporters Rally at Ohio Statehouse

Flesh-eating bacteria attack elderly North Florida man after crab bite

Jury: Concert promoter not negligent in Michael Jackson death

Appeals Court Gives BP a Win in Settlement Dispute

Sweet potato bourbon noodle kugel strikes my fancy

Sweet potato bourbon noodle kugel!

Does the 'NY Times' think Netanyahu is American?

So, Mr. Boehner...


Has Boehner flat out painted himself into a corner?

Chemical Arms Inspectors Open Base in Damascus

List of 49 Terrorist holding American Economy hostage

Russia Expects India, Pakistan to Soon Be Full Members of SCO

Congressional Leaders Report No Progress On Shutdown After Meeting With President Obama

understanding the shutdown:

Shutdown Stalemate Continues; White House Meeting Unproductive

Malthus was an optimist

Question about contacting Congresspeople

Fukushima Mutant Vegetables!

"Obama To Wall Street: You Should Be Scared"

question for NYC DU'ers: how bad is the "stuntz" situation there ?

"Give me all your money or I'll kill your kids."

cool video from WFG

Breaking Barriers

"The bird mummies of Natron: Lake's waters petrify animals that fall in"

Sean Noble, 'Wizard' Behind Koch Brothers' Donor Network, Now On The Outs

Government Shutdown Pulls Plug on Public Access to Ocean Data

Practice makes perfect. Now, I'm not sayin' Tobin is a BETTER beer drinker than you... OK, yes I am.

Not many people know TexasTowelie was the inspiration for a Marvel super-villain. His super-power?

Ben Affleck? Out. Grumpy Cat? In.

Day 8 and they still think I'm a Pepsi.

For the homeless, stylish warmth. For MFM, more naked time. Win-Win. Except for everyone else.

Hemingway wrote a lesser-known story about The Dread Pirate MFM -- "The Old Man and the Sex".

My reply to Hubbard Broadcastings TV5 choice of features today.

Mind if I ask why you tolerate this sort of intentional divisiveness here?

How an 8-year-old girl got some sexist kids' books yanked from the bookstore

Greece: 3 far-right lawmakers released, 1 jailed, raids on police homes continue

30 Ways the Shutdown Is Already Screwing People

Where was Turtle Boy

TOM THE DANCING BUG: School Time Rock - "I'm Just a Law"

Harry Reid describes the President as "strong, strong, strong"...

Economist: If government shutdown lasts into next week, investors may start to panic

AEG not liable in MJ wrongful death case

GOP? ACA. You lost. Get over it.

FBI busts Dread Pirate Roberts

Has Lassen's market ever apologized or recanted or whatever for its support of Prop 8 in CA?

"Corporate America sees little return from bet on GOP"

NFL endangered species - fullbacks, pocket QBs, hard-hitting safeties, kick returners(and more)