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Archives: October 23, 2013

Am I the only one who thinks Picasso was a overrated hack?

"We don't want to be a part-time working America." ~ What the GOP is saying.

Why Washington Can't Stop: The Coming Era of Tiny Wars and Micro-Conflicts

Obama Adviser Furman Says U.S. Shutdown Cost 120,000 Jobs

FDR's biggest mistake...

What is "money"?

First gay couple legally married in Oklahoma after finding loophole in marriage ban


McCain Shoos Man From Phoenix Town Hall, Defends Conservative Record

President Barack Obama didn't know about the problems with the Affordable Care Act's website ...

Texas Judge Nixes Republican Antigay Dogma, Switches to Democrats

Saudi Arabia to hit back at US in Syria

Tribal law helps Oklahoma gay couple marry despite state ban Rmuse Reports on Racketeering Romney Lawsuit

New FDA Rules Will Put Organic Farms Out Of Business

‘Tea Bagger Ted’s’ One Man Blockade of Obama’s FCC Nominee

Daniel Waples - Solo hang played in a tunnel :)

Horror film recommendations

Lobbying Spending Down Overall, But Not For Gun Advocates, Big Pharma, Agriculture

Resemblance is uncanny!

Image: I think this says it all

Election Day is in two weeks. Two Republicans are running for Governor...

Days After Shutdown Ends, Rubio Introduces Legislation To Delay Obamacare

How cool is this: Top Plays from the 2013 ALCS & NLCS

ALEC and TIAA-CREF Join the Assault on Public Pensions

ABC Australia: 'America's middle-class collapse'

I like the "upgraded" Yahoo e-mail about as much as when I had a yeast infection.

Crossfire Guest: President Obama ‘Like Hitler in the Bunker’

Truckers For Freedom Need To Realize That Insurance Doesn't Equal Slavery, Get Beyond Freedom Memes

Private Business is Efficient at One Thing:

Modest crowd braves chilly temps to show support for teen in NW Mo. teen sexual assault case

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best Of Malloy & a new kitteh gif

If at first. . .

AC Transit: Jerry Brown orders 60-day cooling period

Government shutdown causes IRS to delay 2014 tax season

I hope DUers are watching Rachel right fugging now re McAfee

AP EXCLUSIVE: Nuke officers left blast door open

The Crazy Ones picked up for a full season

Today in frivilous lawsuits: Republican Lawmakers File Lawsuit Against Ohio Medicaid Expansion

I wonder what it is like to 'shoot yourself in the foot' (Republicans shutdown government)

1979 Halloween cartoon...

Gay Couple (of Native American descent) Used A Loophole To Get Married in Oklahoma

Grayson petition MUST be signed

Court Holds Wisconsin Officials In Contempt For Enforcing Scott Walker’s Anti-Union Law

That Feeling You Get...

Finally a new personal protection device.

What's with the party running all these woman for Governor against rethugs Governors

Peterson Study: Tea Party Extremism Cost Millions of Jobs, Risks Millions More

WikiLeaks bombed - and that's an inescapable fact

I thought the ACA was for the 30 million that had no health insurance??

If at first. . .

WikiLeaks bombed - and that's an inescapable fact

US drone strikes could be classed as war crimes, says Amnesty International

Dogs shaking off water.

Mike Duffy claims Harper told him to repay expense money

Buckley: Red Sox take the field with `Boston Strong' in hearts

Thank God for Ted Cruz

New from Omodaka ~KatsuDon

TTC rejects anti-Israel ad

UPDATE: I'm finally out of the ER -- not because of severity... they're just swamped.

Let's not forget the root problem as to WHY isn't working properly...

Theme song for the Tea Party?

I am absolutely astounded James Clapper still has a job...

Couple told they cannot adopt Russian child because same sex marriage is legal in Canada.

the no-good do-nothing OWS losers have

Any one else here watching the 24 Hours of Reality today and tomorrow?

Mideast media monitor launches Canadian branch

Can someone explain this RW meme?

Bank of Israel to get first female boss

WA liquor control board coming after medical marijuana industry

Here's An Encouraging Report About The Obamacare Website

Things I learned from my daughter

Another Chapter on Wacky Chicago Judge

Another Chapter on Wacky Chicago Judge

Ylvis’ New Anthem About Massachusetts Is Even Better Than "The Fox"

Deaths of almost 600 pets tied to jerky treats


"The Republican battle between mathematicians and priests"

Anonymous Rangers

Post your favorite hunky guy commercials here!

Get Free and Bargain Bestsellers For Your eReader!

Final Proof The Tea Party Was Founded As A Bogus AstroTurf Movement

White House meeting with insurance chiefs

UN climate chief's tears over future generations

Key House Republican (Issa) presses tech companies on Obamacare glitches

wow...I completely forgot I'm a Veteran and won't need to sign up for ACA!

USDA to assist South Dakota ranchers recovering from blizzard

Erin Burnett makes on air claim that CNN employees are paying more for healthcare because of the ACA

'The Cry of the True Republican,' by John G. Taft (descended from President Taft)

Coulter 'Proud of Republicans' for 'magnificent, run beautifully' gov't shutdown

Scariest Book Cover?

The Amazing Acro-Cats are Back in Austin this Weekend!

I was looking at the healthcare plans available to me at

WATCH: Masked settler beats Palestinian with metal pipe

JPMorgan Chase settlement leaves struggling homeowners in doubt

As seen on Chris Hayes

"Secret White House Twitter Troll Unmasked and Fired"

#GetCovered Because: There Are Four Ways To Sign Up For Health Care

ALERT:While GOP Dismantles Govt. Drug Resistant Super Bug Threat Growing/US Has No Defense.

Gay marriage issue hits county's interfaith service (NC)

Vice President Al Gore is on Jimmy Kimmel, FWIW, if anyone is interested.

Arkansas Catholic school teacher fired after marrying same sex partner

GOP Candidate For Arizona Governor Arrested For DUI In 2004

Docs: Dead marathon suspect tied to 2011 killings


"Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity...

Homeless Advocates to commit C.D. in Fresno, CA. as the City attacks another encampment 10/23 7am

Homeless Advocates to commit C.D. in Fresno, CA. as the City attacks another encampment 10/23 7am

Hawaii special session on marriage equality begins Monday.

Stewart Tears Into Establishment GOP: Stop Whining About Tea Partiers You Invited In! - video link

NRA/tea-bag Republican has AR-15 stolen from garage.

Joe McCarthy's Band

My daughter is being interviewed by Frontline on Thursday

Goin down this road feelin bad

Call Gov Dayton,Say No to Polymet or any other mines, mtg Oct 25th at 9am, sign petition now.

Best Freeper reactions to McCain reconsidering re-election

Methodist court to consider growing opposition to gay ban

Record crowds expected for John Paul II, John XXIII canonizations

Barack Obama's speech: Is the president trolling?

Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting People (1947)

I just discovered my great(4) grandfather was against slavery in 1796

The doctor is in

Court to decide if Detroit really is broke

A few tips on making homemade jerky for your dog so you can avoid the jerky treats from China

Welcome to the Grand Illusion

USA must be held to account for drone killings in Pakistan

McAuliffe up big in early voting

How Can I Keep From Singing

Colombia court urges investigation of former chief prosecutor for ties to AUC

Four Reasons Why Solar Can Unseat Coal in India This Decade

US Congress to discuss Colombia’s human rights situation

US Congress to discuss Colombia’s human rights situation

Scotland irked by British nuclear power plans

Former Colombian senator to face trial for links to paramilitaries

Newbies beware!

Late night Blues break. One of the Masters: Otis Rush - It's My Own Fault

I could have made the Obamacare web site for $200 using Wordpress

Bolivia's president slams military-style attack on coca eradication team

I hate my home state sometimes

Lone Star Rail seeks cut of Austin property tax growth

US provides air and ground mobility to Central American task forces

Trial over Texas abortion law stretches into third day


1-800-318-2596 Why am I not seeing this phone number everywhere?

Incomplete list of Killings and Armed Attacks Related to Political Campaigning in

Native American gay couple to take advantage of tribal law to marry

Fresh fruit, broken bodies: The human cost of American agriculture

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday Oct 23rd

NSA revelations give 'Monsieur Kerry' a rockier road in France

Grambling football dispute draws attention to cuts

Demon-focused ex-Navy chaplain ‘Dr. Chaps’ is running for elected office

Bankruptcy judge to Brown: Prepare a budget

Ted Nugent signs on to Texas GOP campaign team

LBJ library among 6 UT sites painted with A&M graffiti

Perry in Israel to sign deal for A&M campus there

Analysis: GOP is finally reaping what it has sowed for a llllllllllong time.

Losing MaineCare Dec. 31 and unless I am mistaken, *too poor* for Federal ACA assistance

Automaker GM under investigation in India for ‘corporate fraud’

You won't believe where Silly Putty is hiding in your food! (gross but informative)

Why the US needs Electric Cars: Saudi Arabia threatens Pivot away from US

Russia to Boycott International Tribunal on Greenpeace Ship.

Who Buys the Spies? The Hidden Corporate Cash Behind America’s Out-of-Control National Surveillance

If Only the Tea Party Crowd Knew Where Their Ideas Came from

Top White House security official fired over critical tweets

Grangemouth dispute: Ineos says petrochemical plant will close.

The Govt. Shutdown Drama Is Over, But There's a New Threat to Our Most Important Social Programs

Why Obamacare will work (on its own terms)

Monster Oarfish Beachings Raise Earthquake Questions

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

If a cat washes it's face...

So Joe Scum says that crime and taxes will go up in New York

Wipeout or Takeshi ?

The Military-Industrial-Pundit Complex: TV Guests Who Urged Syria War Profit From Arms Firms

Undercutting the "american exceptionalism" narrative

Iconic and Unseen War Photos From Vietnam and Iraq

Silicon Valley, spy agencies and software sovereignty

Here’s what China’s epic smog looks like from space{large images}

Bill de Blasio does not concede an inch to the right

The West deludes itself in Afghanistan

just another affirmation that Billy Kock is a dick

Why Can’t the World’s Most Powerful Military Accomplish Any of Its Goals?

Mike Lee faces Growing Backlash At Home For Defunding Effort

Who Buys the Spies? The Hidden Corporate Cash Behind America’s Out-of-Control National Surveillance

Parents of 12-year-old Nev. school gunman may face charges

This cocaine tastes like Oreos - Mark Morford

Public Interest Coalition Opposes Fast-Track Authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

High School Student Discovers Baby Dinosaur Skeleton in National Monument

Pope removes Germany's 'luxury bishop' from diocese

Rumblings on ACA system

anyone heard of this? non-profit CO-OP health insurance: Maine Community Health Options

I seriously hope that when Rick Scott meets his maker, his maker kicks his fucking ass.

Monument for dogs used in military to be dedicated

Gold growing on trees offers a new prospecting tool

Dick Durbin: GOP leader told Obama ‘I cannot even stand to look at you’

FDA: Dangerous Jerky Treats Sicken 3,600 Dogs- 580 dead

Baby Prince George to be christened, 7 godparents named

Earth from Juno Spacecraft


White House Staffer Jofi Joseph Fired for Tweets

Actress dances after alleged Scientology abuse

Koch Brother Wages 12-Year Fight Over Wind Farm

Why Washington Can't Stop: The Coming Era of Tiny Wars and Micro-Conflicts

Imagine How Much Inequality We Can Decrease If We Have A 1:12 Initiative Just Like The Swiss People

Apple Just Ended the Era of Paid Operating Systems

gallup: Americans' Belief That Gov't Is Too Powerful at Record Level

GOP Working Hard To Create Recession They Can Use To Win In 2014. MSM To Help

Former Rep. Major Owens of Brooklyn Dies at 77

8-Year-Old Girl on Drones: 'When They Fly Overhead I Wonder, Will I Be Next?'

1-800-318-2596 Number to enroll in ObamaCares - could this be pinned to the front page and other

(Losing badly) Lhota, in Acrid Second Debate, Turns Up the Heat on de Blasio

Typical online behavior by today's men?

The Triumph of the Right by Robert Reich

Obamacare opponents have misrepresented Consumer Reports' position

Climate change and how the discussion needs to expand

"Heads gonna roll!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Darrell Issa!!!!

FDA: Reports of pet illnesses, deaths related to jerky treats going back to 2007

1-800-318-2596 Number to enroll in ObamaCares. n/t

Another pit bull happy ending

For First Time, Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana

Sex allegations at Carlsbad academy

She's Worked At McDonald's For 10 Years. She Asked Its President A Simple Question. Then Cops Came.

Where's that Rand Paul web site photo with the weapon pointing at President Obama's head

Air Force officials say nuclear-missile crews left blast door open at least twice

John Cornyn's disgusting racist Obamacare tweet:

Bullying may have motivated Nevada school shooter

Torture treaty rights sought in Guantanamo trial

State And Local Governments Are Finally Adding Jobs Again

PA. spending $1 million on ads to spread confusion about Voter ID law that is suspended by the court

VA Tech Report - Deadly Piglet Virus In US Likely Arose From Bat Virus Imported From China

More banks in the crosshairs after JPM deal

New iPhone App Lets You See Which Spy Satellites Are Watching You

Nearly 2 Million Hit By Angola Drought, But Government Will Not Declare Emergency

Neonicotinoids Render Invasive NZ Ant Species "Suicidally Aggressive" At Sublethal Dosage

PEER - Federal Pipeline Agency Staff Attended 850 Industry Conferences, But Only 159 Of 300+ Spills

Monday Morning Skeptic: NY Times Buries CIA Facts Re Latin American Deaths

chuck toad can't bad mouth the ACA rollout in, day out.

Danvers, MA schools closed after teacher murdered

Panelist On Key EU Toxicology Body Resigns; Had Consultancies W. 18 Companies He "Regulated"

Vermont Progressives Aiming to Shoot Down F-35 Stealth Bomber

What Would an Ideal College Look Like? A Lot Like This

Harbin Chokes For 3rd Straight Day; Bus Drivers Get Lost In 50-Foot Visibility

Emerald ash borer beetle on the march across Europe

Douchebag of the Week--Jeff Stratton-President of McDonalds

Cuccinelli Surprisingly Weak In SW VA: AG's Office "Inappropriately" Helped Coal Cos Vs. Landowners

Was it Huelskamp who said this?

The GOP approves of spending on the Military and not the ACA because...

The GOP is in danger of divorce, and we're about to get a new spouse

Saw Rush last night (no, not him. Nor them)

If You Have Six Minutes, This Is Where You should spend it.

If GOP fears tyranny why spend so much on the military

Guantanamo judge urged to lift ban on claims of abuse (torture)

1983 Beirut barracks bombing - 30 Years Ago Today

Is It Time For A "Swords To Plowshares" Program?

IPCC 5: Even With "Aggressive" Emissions Cuts, 2-Foot Sea Level Rise By 2100 Likely

Paul Ryan calls for Sebelius to step down

NutMeg Whitman: HP is building 'the PC that God wants'

Japan Mayor Offers Fukushima Kids Home in His Town

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday Oct 23, 2013)

Fukushima - A Global Threat That Requires a Global Response

AR-15 Reported Stolen From GOP Rep's Unlocked Garage

Repo, Baby, Repo

How We Can't Buy Our Way To A Green Planet - Kendra Pierre-Loius Discusses Greenwashed

But Syria was supposed to be 11th Dimensional Chess wasn't it?

Wisconsin: "State Capitol Advance Notification Form" defies judges ruling

The French Method: How Africa’s Old Colonial Nemesis Fights Terrorism in the Sahara

You know who else closed parks...

The $40 Indian tablet that could help bridge America’s digital divide

Privacy under attack at home and abroad

HA!! Bobby V: I Could Have Reached World Series If Red Sox Had Kept Me

MN-Sen: Al Franken (D) To The GOP, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!-No More Shutdown Nonsense!"

Russia quashes Halifax couple’s hopes of adopting a child (same-sex couples barred)

We need to stop calling them fast food workers and see them for what they are;

Dick Cheney’s Heartless Hypocrisy

No exchange without legislative OK (Walker & 26 governors)

Wait... How is this not.... (Deep breath) SOCIALISM!?

GOP Senate Candidate Addressed Conference Hosted by Neo-Confederate Group That Promotes Secessionis

Fight For 15 Leader Nancy Salgado Arrest for Confronting President of McDonalds

The Rethug Template: The Next Budget Battle

5-year-old Texas boy accidentally kills himself with napping babysitter's gun

Twin giant panda cubs in Atlanta are named

About the federal ACA web site - some perspective -

Six feet under as a retirement plan?

How the Koch Brothers Fleeced America

Boy held after teacher's death closes schools in Danvers, Massachusetts

Wisconsin: Walkergate II - comprehensive update from Cog Dis

Facebook: Beheading videos fine, breasts exposed while nursing are bad

Jon Stewart To McCain: 'You Opened Pandora's Box' By Picking Palin

The Capitol Dome Will Get A $60 Million Face-Lift

Wisconsin: WOW, that is some spin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuclear expert raises concerns about Chinese role in UK's new nuclear plants

A rant about an agenda driven by cruelty

Poll: Americans Solidly Pro Weed Legalization = 58% per Gallup

Dog imitates baby

Machine Gun Mouth

No longer jobless!

For First Time, Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana

Wisconsin: Mary Burke Promises She Won't Remove Walker's Statewide Voucher Program

Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment ROCKED By Embezzlement Scandal.

Polls show growing support for Obamacare

Corporations Reap Billions from Mass Incarceration

Boehner: Immigration Reform 'Needs To Be Addressed' (Irrelevance of the GOP House leadership)

Santorum to the rescue! He plans to help Cuccinelli come from behind. Wait ... what?

What is your "holy book"?

Nuclear power's broken promises means EDF deal is a delusional dream

I think we should have mandatory "training" for rich people

There are essentially 2 kinds of debt

Anti-Obama Propaganda video: THE BEAST IN THE WHITE HOUSE

91-0 Texas football blowout leads to bullying charge from a concerned parent

New Front in the Fight With Infant Mortality


5 year old baby kills self with babysitters hand gun

1 800 318 2196

GD is getting too quiet - Let's have a TROLL BAIT thread!

I was a professional chef and restaurant owner for 28 years

Starting the World Series...October 23, 2013...Really? I Hope it Snows.

Alan Grayson Under Fire for Telling The Truth

Pro-Life Groups In Ohio Sue To Block 300,000 Low-Income People From Gaining Health Coverage

1 855 923 4633

Next up after website glitches: The lawsuits

Ted Cruz, King of the Seventh Mountain

Dick Durbin: Top House GOP Leader Told Obama 'I Cannot Even Stand To Look At You'

EU Parliament urges suspending data deal with US

That big-spending German bishop has been suspended until further notice

Someone ...

The Media Can't Stop Sucking Up to Alan Greenspan

Dept. Store Barneys Calls Police on Black Teen for Buying Expensive Belt.

Berlusconi ordered to stand trial on corruption charge: sources

Italy presses Kerry over U.S. surveillance -source

The inner evil of cats finally captured on film:

Mamming and sparrow birding. Two more terms for your photographic edification.

Key Swing County Paper Endorsed Romney, McDonnell, McCain; Now Endorses McAuliffe, Northam, Herring

Probe call over Roma child removals

Charlie Pierce demolishes Tweety's "When Politics Wuz AWESOME!!1!" book-plug meme

Used rightly, anger can be your friend.

I'm listening to "It," by Stephen King

Teacher found dead outside Mass. high school; 14-year-old in custody

The truth is that Death Panels have always existed

Virginia Tea Party leader says Cuccinelli isn't conservative enough...

Brazil Riots Threaten World Cup as Nation Prepares for Games

Insurer CEOs Head to White House to Discuss Obamacare

Raccoons - dumb question

So Rasmussen has McAuliffe leading Cuccinelli by 17 points in their most recent poll

Saudis Said to Disregard U.S. on Aid to Syrian Islamists

CNBC Reporter Asks for ‘Mexican Music’ to Go With Ted Cruz Story

Firefighters save puppies in blaze that displaces 12 people

Taste the Crazy! Tea Party leader says Cuccinelli is losing so badly is because he's too liberal

intereting karmic happenings lately...

¡Ay, Chihuahua! El Paso Triple-A Team Name Announced, Fans React

National Intelligence Director Denies Allegations of Phone-Tapping in France

Chris Christie Drops Gay Marriage Appeal: Will Republicans Punish Him?

Want to know who the creep was that told the President he couldn't stand to look at him?

Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service

Teen Dating Violence - talk about it with your teen.

Keystone Foes Pledge Sit-Ins If Pipeline Advances

Is this a regional thing, or has this happened to you?

A Light-Hearted look at Racism. :D

American student scarred for life by bottle attack just three days after arriving in Britain

The Rude Pundit: Republican Governors Are Hurting More People Than the ACA Website

Never mind.

Someone here posted a great pic with a quote about the rich berating the poor

Hillary Clinton raises more than $1M at de Blasio fundraiser

Trigger-Happy Cops Face Pushback After Slew Of Shootings Of The Mentally Disturbed

A Soldier Criticizes His Army Comrades' Tea Party Ideology

Alex Wagner is wearing a Star Trek costume again.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s Popularity Takes Big Hit Back Home Over Shutdown Debacle

A Chance to End a Billion-Dollar Tax Break for Private Equity

Why Washington Can’t Stop: The Coming Era of Tiny Wars and Micro-Conflicts

Republicans Care About Spending...If Democrats Are in White House

Italian teenager beaten to death in Maidstone (England) just days after he arrived to learn English

Alan Grayson Compares Tea Party To KKK: ‘If The Hood Fits, Wear It’

Taft Family Scion: The Cry of the True Republican

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Gets Its Priorities In Order

Murdoch corruption scandal back in the news - Trials begin, WSJ interference, secret tape fallout

I will now say it.

Carrot: A New Dating App That Thinks Women Are Donkeys

Fox News is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful...

Democratic Voters Need To Face Reality Too

Mississippi Democrats could impact 2014 Senate race

The great Memphis Slim

Court Rules Probable-Cause Warrant Required for GPS Trackers

Red Sox vs Cardinals Series

Russia Drops Piracy Claims Vs Greenpeace Activists

Tokyo Electric Power Company Admits Fukushima Failures

Some Dems Say Obama Needs To Fire Those Responsible For Problem With Website

Obamacare roll-out and Christmas "Hot Toys"

Rick Perry is Quietly Encouraging Texans to Sign up for Obamacare

When the war on voting meets the war on women

Watch As New Mexico Supreme Court Considers Marriage Equality

Claim on “Attacks Thwarted” by NSA Spreads Despite Lack of Evidence

Assclown: Ron Fournier Compares Obamacare Rollout To Bush's Handling Of The Iraq War

Marijuana grower exposed by Google Earth

Legislation continues state's support for ongoing Superstorm Sandy recovery

Police Cuff Black Teen for Buying Pricey Belt

That Part D prescription drug plan should be rolled


Al Gore doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit right now


State education commissioner discusses preliminary teacher ratings

Here you go Massachusetts

Tea Party Express: We are under siege!

British links to al-Shabab revealed.

My Dad passed away last night

Debate continues over reimbursement system for EI care providers

Mother arrested for firing gun in the air to get attackers off her daughter

New galaxy 'most distant' yet discovered

"How Do You Justify Killing a Grandmother Picking Okra?" U.S. Drone Strikes May Be War Crimes

The house that Tarzan built

Harsh new Texas voter ID law almost blocks woman judge from voting

State agencies discuss plans to prioritize kinship care

"Cash for Kids": Firms Behind Juvenile Prison Bribes Reach $2.5 Million Settlement = VIDEO

GOP savors its role as "Wreck-It Ralph"

Regardless of What Anyone Tells You, Climate Change Hasn't Gone Anywhere

Bachmann Takes Heat From Veterans' Group for Proposing Benefits Cuts

Vatican suspends Germany's 'bling bishop'

Stewart mocks ‘Turd Blossom’ Karl Rove for having to ‘battle the stupid’ Tea Party he unleashed

Jay Carney says Durbin's account is incorrect.

A rename for the Washington Team

Baptism rates slide despite high-profile boosts

ESPN Has Been Talking About Beards For 80 Straight Hours

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Since my first thread is growing a bit worn by now, a new one to post info:

Archbishop of Canterbury baptizes Britain’s future king, Prince George

Va. Dems Launch Posters 'Going Down' on Ken Cuccinelli

Target Women: Yogurt

Anyone else curious about the media won't say HOW Mass teacher was "murdred?"

Anyone have any free online scary movies for Halloween they can recommend?

CHART: Welfare Reform Is Leaving More In Deep Poverty

The ocean is broken

How to Feed the World - "Something approaching a billion people are hungry" created for $500K?

'which is worse, democrats and glitches on or repubs hitting all time low in polls?'

DNA tests on Dublin Roma girl 'show she is part of family'

'$40 Million Allocated for Drone Victims Never Reaches Them'--CODE PINK INVESTIGATES

Another Greek couple arrested for abducting a baby

Racist Sororities at the University of Alabama

WTF? Why would Kaine and Warner do that?

Shithead of the Year:Men’s rights activist explains why it’s OK to not care about female rape victim

Merkel the latest to call the President complaining about the NSA spying

WTF???"...If the president’s not going to resign, he should fire somebody else,”

And Roger wins again today at the Swiss Indoor Open!

Pope suspends German 'bling bishop'

Sad story of body image : girls trying to get so thin their thighs don't touch:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz ‘disappointed’ by Alan Grayson email

Obama denies NSA spying on Merkel's cellphone

Online Super-Heroes

Lower than Doggie Doo

McDonald's "help line" tells long-time employee to get food stamps and Medicaid.

Texas Laws Make It Incredibly Complicated For Tesla To Sell Cars

why you shouldnt compare obamacare to katrina or iraq, in one chart. cc: all pundits

Where is the US coverage? There is an international "incident" occurring

NASCAR punishes driver Corey LaJoie for insensitive tweet

Thom Hartmann: Government...SIZE doesn't matter - but COST does

Thousands Expected At Rally Against Mass NSA Surveillance (Saturday)

Ron Wyden: The Lonely Hero of the Battle Against the Surveillance State

Police: Student sprays chemical in Long Island school hallway

FACT-CHECKED: Hannity's Lies Harming American Consumers

Day to celebrate and build awareness of intersex lives

Thom Hartmann: The Benghazi Hoax & the Hoaxsters

Jack and Jill

Oregon's Full Sail Brewing Co. Makes An Actual Feminist Beer

A third of Americans now live in a state with marriage equality

Low Republican Poll numbers mean nothing in a Plutocracy.

Four Chileans convicted over murder of gay man Daniel Zamudio

Dina Lohan back in Long Island court on DWI charge; lawyer blames media

The part I cannot connect??

Legal paper maps out conservative plan to abolish pornography

Bank of America Loses Fraud Trial Over U.S. Mortgages (Countrywide)

Strip-club cop gets job back: 'Tony is a good officer'

FloriDuh----Lake Brantley teacher suspended for taping up student

U.S. Calif. Sheriff's Deputies Shoot, Kill 13-Year-Old

The Old Ways: Hallows

'Last request' to scatter ashes shuts down mall

Morgan Freeman: “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!” What the f--k is that?


Babysitter charged in 5-year-old's death

Wildfires shut down CA SR17 between Lexington Reservoir and Summit Road Santa Cruz Mountains

Russia Criticizes Results of London Diplomatic Meeting on Syria

15 Years Of Wrangling Over Yellowstone Snowmobiles Ends

Italian PM Raises Spying Issue During Talks With U.S. Secretary of State

Dutch push back against "Black Pete" criticism

Presenting "Today's Moment of Funk"....

My boss is absolutely THE BEST. I have to say it.

Helen Keller's Dogs

NBA Owners vote to change Finals to 2-2-1-1-1 format

Dying life of the tribe: Spectacular pictures by British photographer

GOP Senator Lamar Alexander was just on CNN complaining about Tennesseans not being

Baltimore Ravens To Promote Obamacare

Statement by the President on the Anniversary of the Attack on the U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut

A question about EMP -

Is it OK to post a request for help in contacting

Navy commander traded military secrets for hookers, Lady Gaga tickets: feds

Hate spreaders going ballistic about de Blasio...

LOL! These Seven Cats Have Urgent Questions About Benghazi

WA medical marijuana patients will not be dismissed so easily

Bills regulating women's bodies in 2013 alone: 624

Wal-Mart 'Welfare Kings'

Wasserman Schultz: Obama Should Absolutely Be Open To Extending Enrollment Period

Is it unfair to compare The Munsters to these monsters?

Well I do love a challenge

Chemical Experts Verify 18 Of Syria's 23 Disclosed Chemical Sites

I have a question for bicyclist about something I've been experiencing

Bob Barker spends $1 million to bring 3 elephants to sanctuary

Palestinian Official Slams Israeli PM's Remarks Over Jerusalem

Watching Polar Bears Eat Goose Eggs in Warmer Arctic

Who says romance is dead?

Former Steelers Player Found Alive In Butler Co.

Theodore Roosevelt on criticism of the president.

Attorney: Student Racially Profiled By Barneys, NYPD After Buying $300 Belt

Elizabeth Warren to Wall Street Regulators: Put Big Bank CEOs in Jail

Miss Canfield or Miss Landers?

Naftali Bennett’s Tea Party

UC Davis pepper-spraying cop gets $38K for disability claim

Jeannie, Laura Petrie or Samantha?

Ward Cleaver Democrat or Republican?

John Cornyn gets a primary opponent.

The NSA's Big Terrorism Claim Doesn't Hold Up

Kansas company recalls nearly 23K pounds of meat products

Here is what the WA liquor control board, Department of Health, and Department of Revenue

Detroit Bankruptcy Trial Begins, Court To Decide Whether City Was Eligible To File For Chapter 9

Kennedy cousin (Michael Skakel) gets new trial in 1975 killing

GOP Senator Says His Party Can't Govern

Manchin Working on Draft to Delay Individual Mandate

Ted Cruz: The Tree, The Apple and a Lot of Questions

Ted Cruz: The Tree, The Apple and a Lot of Questions

Papantonio: America Can't Afford The GOP

Durbin Stands By `Can't Stand To Look At You' Allegation Against GOP

Sucre in Bolivia : A 300 foot wall with over 5000 dinosaur prints.

Michael Pollan as GMO ‘denialist’ dupes credulous New York Times

I'm on my way to Game One!

I Choose To Be Gay

Angela Merkel, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

2012 NFL Draft Was A Franchise-Altering Disaster For The Cleveland Browns

Well Theres Your Problem

Bomb tech: Robot blew open James Holmes' apartment revealing "volatile, explosive situation"

Judge to release indictment in JonBenet Ramsey case

Why Obamacare Will Work (on Its Own Terms)

That fukwad is at it again

I don't know if Dick Durbin can back up his claim about a

NSA snooping abuse question.

See? SEE? Qwak!

Greece cuts state funds for far-right Golden Dawn party

Papantonio: U.S. Chamber Fighting To Take Away Your Freedom

Obamacare mandate may be delayed

Dr. Dyson

A Wife Committed to Cruz’s Ideals, but a Study in Contrasts to Him

‘ is in de facto shutdown’

Hey Pitt---Avatar time

OK, who's getting excited about the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who?

Interesting how these NSA stories are breaking while Kerry is in Europe and GOP numbers are tanking

Lou Reed - "Dirty Boulevard"

Alan Grayson on Living Through NYC's Legendary Teachers Strikes.

Going to bed early, won't watch the game, St. Louis is sure to win...

Tea Party Leader Suggests Class Action Lawsuit against Homosexuality...

The best tax deduction ever

Houston we have a problem on spacecraft DU

John Ratzenberger's American Made will feature ALL AMERICAN CLOTHING UPDATED!!!

If you are a Democrat and support cutting Social Security......

GOP Rep freaks out when confronted with proof of ACA success

Whoa. I just fact-corrected someone on DU and, instead of digging in deeper, they agreed with me.

California Cracklefest!

"Polls show growing support for Obamacare"

Obamacare website woes: another sign of out-of-control private contractors

Gay Okla. Couple Legally Married by Native American Tribe

EPA: U.S. power plant pollution has dropped 10 percent since 2010

Poor little stick girl.

Cracklefest - a cultural pheneomenon

Bullying yesterday and today...what's the difference? Comparison and contrast.

Can't find a damn job, need some support

Judge Sets Aside Conviction, Orders New Trial For Michael Skakel In Martha Moxley Murder

Are these ideas true about Social Security cuts?

Ringo Starr in search for teenage Beatles fans in 1964 photograph

Is Health Insurance Broker The Next Hot Job In America?

White House trying to delay first deadline on required health care so that March 31 and not Feb 15 i

Israel's Netanyahu Warns Kerry Against "Partial Deal" On Iran Nuclear Program

Evangelical Leader Preaches Pullback From Politics, Culture Wars

Republicans needs their own reality show

What's your attitude to Republicans who decide to become Democrats?

GOP Mega Donor Sheldon Adelson Wants To Nuke Iran

NY Mayoral Debate Highlights: Anthony Weiner is Still Texting

Haiti erupts into protests following arrest of human rights attorney

I just realized my avatar is an apropos response to the teabagger "Don't Thread on Me" flag...

"The GOP’s narcissism problem"

Ohio Driver Who Made Video Confession To Killing Man In DUI Crash Gets 6 Years In Prison

sig lines

Social Security Trust Funds, FAQ's (Soc Sec Administration)

McDonald's McResources line urges worker to seek federal assistance

Singer Spends Nearly $97K To Look Like Justin Bieber

Cruz: Senate Republicans are 'the single most damaging thing' for the GOP in 2014

Man Determined To Spend The Rest Of His Life As "Boomer The Dog"

Younger Americans Are More Likely Than Middle-Aged & Older To APPROVE Of Healthcare Law

Pakistan prime minister urges Obama to end drone strikes

Harsh new Texas voter ID law almost blocks woman judge from voting

Dumb Criminals: Orlando Man Arrested For Slapping Police Horse

President Obama on "it’s time for folks to stop rooting for its failure"

Beneco Says Its Federal Contractor Wage-Dodging Seminar is DOL, IRS Approved

Day 8 of BLINDNESS - 4 way stop signs, cake!!, and lots of stabbin'

Joe Bonamassa

Secret memos reveal explicit nature of U.S., Pakistan agreement on drones

Walter Rhett: Obama’s Political Second Line

Health insurance company "suggests" doctor visit based on pharmacy claims

Diebold Charged With Bribery, Falsifying Docs, 'Worldwide Pattern of Criminal Conduct'

In Priase of the Relish Tray

Irish police return blonde girl to Roma family

Girl, Adopted

The Real News Growing Up Black in American Apartheid - Ford Pt1

My Spicy Peach Butter Won First Place at the Fair!

Colorado Recall Reckless And Irresponsible Assault On Democracy

PR funds for wolves

Want to know why the media is clamoring for the firing of Sebelius?

Judge Carlo Key, on renouncing the Republican Party

Dear Florida, Louisianna, Wisconsin, Texas, et al ....

Listen To Hugh

Offbeat may be the place for drafting a cartoon . . .

Ending Extreme Poverty is a Matter of Political Will

Meet US Congresswoman Renee Ellmers

Look DUers - A first rate Kool-Aid drinker -Understanding the right wing talking points

The NRA - Standing tall for domestic abusers

Blackfish, a Must See Film, blog by Humane Society Diector, film on CNN Thu, October 24