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Archives: October 24, 2013

So we went to see "Gravity". For 20 minutes.

NJ bishops allow clergy to officiate at same-sex marriages

NJ bishops allow clergy to officiate at same-sex marriages

RINO Hunting Season Opens in Earnest With End of Shutdown Drama

Obamacare and GOP alternative

Feds charge ex-Dauphin County GOP Chairman William Smith with trying to arrange son's escape in Peru

Hey Chris Hayes

British lords debate government’s responsibility for religious asylum seekers

British lords debate government’s responsibility for religious asylum seekers

The Obamacare Success Stories

Archbishop of Canterbury baptizes Britain’s future king, Prince George

Crimson Parson

Security software...

Rather than pay a livable wage McDonalds tells their employees to get food stamps, Medicaid etc.

Teen lovers charged with plot to kill disapproving mother

Anybody watching the World Series this year?

There are widespread calls for Alan Grayson to apologize for telling the truth...

Boston Marathon suspect may pin blame on brother (new link)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 24 October 2013


what if your family doc or pediatrician

Tests suggest baby born with HIV may be cured

NASA's first lunar module

American Private Health Guru Appointed To Dismantle NHS

Boeing soars on strong demand for new planes

Tea Party Express said it was “under siege” from Democrats and liberals

Spartanburg Soup Kitchen turns away atheist volunteers

The Dating Website Where Women Decide? Creepy....

Police Officer Who Pepper-Sprayed UC Davis Protesters Awarded $38,000 Settlement

Grayson Should Not Apologize. The Real Truth Is Worst Than He Told.

"Something is Very, Very Wrong"

Arlo: Hippie or capitalist

"I Love Lucy" Christmas Episode in Color for the first time on PrimeTime TV! (Dec 20 on CBS)

Annoying Democrats

How to Clean Like a Feminist

Case before state Supreme Court spurs questions about religion in workplace

BREAKING: Joel Burns won’t seek Wendy Davis’ Senate seat

BREAKING: Joel Burns won’t seek Wendy Davis’ Senate seat

The Not-So-Lofty Origins of the Evangelical Pro-Life Movement

Democrats Pryor, Shaheen back health law extension

Catholic exodus spurs call for change

Heated Start in the Trial on Detroit’s Fiscal Future

A Dallas club is auctioning off a rhino hunt in the name of conservation

Republican Skidmarks

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! & a new kitteh gif

Our Republican paper has been posting misinformation

I want to thank each and everyone of you who have helped me

Is Pres. Obama Too Conservative? Not Liberal Enough? Truth Is, He’s Just Right

700 IRS contract workers owe $5.4M in back taxes

Keiser Report: Bandits, Bankers & Brokers

Doctors: UN Science Report Systematically Underestimates Health Impact of Fukushima Catastrophe

2 reasons I'm glad the government shutdown is over.

Where is trumad's prediction?

How come (at least in California) you can recycle beer bottles for money, but not wine bottles?

Occupation Nation "An Occupy Wall Street Documentary" (FULL)

Caveat I'm not a jock, but go Boston and the beards are freaking me out

Chris Hedges (2013) "Neo-feudalistic World"

Fracking Fight Focuses on a New York Town’s Ban

FBI: Mom tore boy's genitals, used super glue

Free Press Report: 'FCC Looks the Other Way as a New Wave of Consolidation Devours Local TV Stations

Are there any Canadian Mobster Movies?

Archbishop breaks silence, denies any cover-up of alleged clergy sexual misconduct

Cindy Sheehan announces run for Calif. governor

California Appeals Court Upholds Assault Rifle Ban

Corporate Media's Hidden Wave of Consolidation

Prosecutors: Man used new smart phone app to lure girl for sex

If the Marcellus Shale region was a country

Occupation Nation "An Occupy Wall Street Documentary" (FULL)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 24, 2013 -- Star of the Month - Vincent Price

"Poverty in America" NPR

The new Mr. Grey has been announced.

Old baseball pics

Poland archbishop slammed over sex abuse comments

Gambling with Civilization - Paul Krugman

Color and fun were served up in the Appalachian mountains this weekend


Anyone see The Daily Show re:

Stung by a Twitter renegade, group in Obama administration launched sting of its own

Giant George Dead: Former Guinness World's Tallest Dog, Has Died

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 25, 2013 -- Friday Night Spooklight

Guantanamo Inmate Injured in CIA Custody

Readout of the Meeting with Health Insurance Executives and Senior Administration Officials

So which of you texas women are fighting for your right to vote? Raise your hand.

VP Biden To Swear In Cory Booker (to the U.S. Senate) On Thursday October 31st - at NOON

Arghh, I lost it with my asshole rw BIL.

What will happen to the NSA if this Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency project backfires?

Mississippi Tea Party (U.S.) Senate Challenger Attended Neo-Confederate Gatherings

Russell Brand vs. Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight (must watch)

Russell Brand vs. Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight (incredible!)

Here's my Covered California "Obamacare" rates...THANK YOU OBAMA!!!

Holy shit... Jon Stewart just handed CNBC their collective asses over the $13B JPMorganChase fine

Near-term human extinction scenarios from environmental degradation?

Here are some very usefull links if you're thinking of migrating to OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Spread The Word Colorado Recallers Support Guns For Rapists And Abusers.

Eric Cantor, I can't even stand to look at you.

NYT's Blow: Malfunctioning website vs. malfunctioning political party

Watched "The Conjuring" with my son just now...

Damascus goes dark after airport explosion

The U.S.-Saudi crackup reaches a dramatic tipping point

Looking for Halloween costume suggestions, but the parameters are very specific

Russia Criticizes Results of London Diplomatic Meeting on Syria

'F*ck All Y'all!' Jon Stewart Goes on Epic Smackdown Against CNBC, FBN

Is there a GD "big news" exception for baseball now? I must've missed the memo, if so.

Surprising blowback on CNN for NC Representative

Stewart Clashes With Krauthammer: Why Is GOP Bringing So Much 'Chaos' to Washington?

OK, what did we fight for again?

Why is the Obamacare website so sick?

Colombia Court Nixes Military Justice Overhaul pricing feature can be off the mark

Just got this email and it's just great

How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? (1929)

NM Supreme Court: No immediate ruling on same-sex marriage, but plenty of tough questions

Morgan Freeman rips the tea party, again

No more store-bought teeth

Merkel Berates Obama On Spying, Joins Parade Of 'Shocked' World Leaders

Is the T-Party like the KKK...or not?

Gone gone gone

I found this deleted scene from The Walking Dead on youtube.

Early, spirited race for lieutenant governor pleases tea party crowd

Time Warner Cable Reaches Agreement to Distribute Al Jazeera America

All I Need - Radiohead In the Basement

"Paranormal" photos debunked.

Think rapists and abusers are bad?

Libs off to a great start.

New Delhi hits hurdles in vehicles picked for Cuba

Black, brown, and white

Anybody watching the World Series of Poker this year?

Anybody still watch television?

This Guy’s Wife Got Cancer, So He Did Something Unforgettable. The Last 3 Photos Destroyed Me.

Washington denies visas to Cuban athletes

Police ready for protests as Urban Shield event starts on Occupy Oakland's 2nd anniversary

Lula da Silva praises protests in Brazil as something 'healthy' for democracy

Into The Mire

Okay~ Don't Laugh

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 26, 2013 -- The Essentials: Monsters Need Love Too

Rousseff Thanks Latin American Doctors for Response to Brazil’s Call

TCM Schedule for Sunday, October 27, 2013 -- Tonight on TCM: Studio Queens

Cuba: Clinical Trials for Cancer and other Diseases

if i click on the "ignore this member" icon in my own post

Lt. governor candidates: Move ethics-watchdog office to AG

US religious leaders call for exclusion of Cuba from terrorist list

Merkel and Obama

US religious leaders call for exclusion of Cuba from terrorist list

Pope Francis: attachment to money destroys you and your family

New John Doe includes “a current legislative leader” believed to be Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald

Senior parliamentarian says Iran has halted 20 percent enrichment.

Social Security - 2013 Report and Statement

France's Hollande seen losing 2017 presidential election: poll


A comprehensive list of who will go to hell (pic)

How the Sunni-Shia schism is dividing the world

The online Emily Dickinson archive has officially launched

Website contractors blame Obama administration

This Conservative Mega-Donor Is the World’s Most Successful E-mail Harasser

Interesting passage from George Washington's farewell address

Pass the butter please

After the phone call: "Hot Water: German Foreign Minister Summons US Ambassador"

6 Most Brazen Right-Wing Lies About Obamacare

Casino thug Sheldon Adelson says we should nuke Iran just to show them Arabs we're da boss.

4 Things You Need to Know About the Plot to Sell Off Your Pensions to Wall Street

"Cash for Kids": Firms Behind Juvenile Prison Bribes Reach $2.5 Million Settlement in Civil Suit

Police Being Sued for Shooting Three Emotionally Disturbed People

Images (gif; jpg) not displaying in DU mail

How Much of JPMorgan's $13 Billion Fine Will Taxpayers Foot?

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday Oct 24, 2013)

Author and Wall Street Occupier Nathan Schneider on the Movement's True Power

French anger at American spying revelations

Get a load of the rare saber-toothed whale that just washed ashore

How many votes do the Democrats need to retake the House? Maybe less than you think.

Veeeery simple and veeeery dangerous poll-question:

Air pollution can wreck your mental health too

Wrong Color Skin, wrong neighborhood, 13 yr old shot and killed for toy gun

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Glitch Party

Nitrogen pollution from farming lingers for decades

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- More Glitches

U.S.-funded Afghan hospital project paid $500-a-gallon for gas instead of market-rate of $5 …and is

Thursday Toon Roundup 3- the rest

European Parliament votes to preserve data privacy

Morning Joe will be good today why?

Germany demands ‘immediate and comprehensive explanation’ for U.S. spying on Chancellor Angela Merke

Apricots Still Life

Time for the Truth about 'Targeted' Killings and US Drones' Civilian Victims

Paul Krugman- Gambling with Civilization

Tale of Two Obamacares as Some States Bypass U.S. Site

Maine: Bellows kicks off Senate campaign

Today's Non Sequitur

The FDA has No Idea Why Jerky Treats Are Killing Hundreds of Dogs

Marjoe - on youtube - the full 1972 Oscar winning documentary about the con-artist boy preacher

RIP Giant George-Former Guinness World's Tallest Dog, Has Died

Claim on “Attacks Thwarted” by NSA Spreads Despite Lack of Evidence

Should the Dutch ditch 'Black Pete?'

There needs to be a honest discussion with no lies about SS and Medicare

Ron Wyden: The Lonely Hero of the Battle Against the Surveillance State

The Grim Math of the Working-Class Housing Crisis

Hillary Clinton Turns Tables On Heckler In Buffalo

Republican Civil War? There’s No Such Thing

The Moon Has Faster Transfer Speeds Than Any Country On Earth

North Dakota pipeline spill raises questions amid state's oil boom

Chicago makes it easier to put solar panels on roofs

India cuts troubling mining probe short

New Game: How Long It Takes For Them To Criticize PBO When You Turn On A Cable News Program.....

Unsecured AR-15 Stolen from Pro-Gun Congresswoman's Home

The U.S. Metros With the Most Political Influence

Stop Watching Us

How to Build a Happier Brain

Afghan politics looks feisty

Health Care Cost Inflation Is Tumbling

The Purpose of this Group

'Out of Hand': Europe Furious Over US Spying Allegations

Myth: Obamacare Destroying Full-Time Jobs, Creating Part-Time Economy

When Security Becomes Insanity

Social Security, Medicare, Peace Corps Had Botched Rollouts Too

Who Buys the Spies? The Hidden Corporate Cash Behind America’s Out-of-Control National Surveillance

I don't want to come together with the Republican Tea Party.

Sarah Palin Claims Jesus Celebrated Easter (WTF)?

The Real Economic Growth Killer? Government Spending Cuts...

Those states that didn't set up their own ACA exchanges

Is "Freedom" overused?

study: gold star nutrition ratings appear to work

Military misconduct cases worry Pentagon brass

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Thursday - Five Players to Consider for Week 8

How The Wealthy Wage War on Democracy Itself

Mika just said Dick Durbin has got someone seems to be working today

Matt Drudge is a flaming asshole...

Amy Goodman: Police Brutality, Mental Illness and ‘The Memphis Model’

Case Explores Rights of Fetus Versus Mother

Ted Cruz's Wife Confirms He's Covered Under Her Blue-Chip Health Plan

After the South Park "Sh*t" episode, it was only a matter of time.

Howard Dean: 'You Gotta Blame' The GOP For Some Of Obamacare's Glitches

ooooh republicans are 'investigating' the ACA rollout. have they investigated government shutdown?

Germany summons US envoy over alleged NSA spying

How Special. Cruz's Wife Confirms He's Covered Under Her Blue-Chip ($20,000 a year)Health Plan

Texas Judge Almost Blocked From Voting Because Of New Voter ID Law

Despite billions in aid, Afghans can't find work

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver depressed as "evenly matched Cards and Sox"...

A Strange and Far-flung War

Shark Jumping Star Wars...

NFL sets the lineup for its three 2014 London games

Lost wallet returned — with a nice addition

The Trillion Dollare Money Pump for the 1%

Greg Palast: Naughty Nuns, Bad Bankers and Ballot Bandits

US Diplomat: Each US Drone Attack Creates '40 to 60' New Enemies

I had a dream last night that Ann Coulter was my Mother.

JLTV Wracked By ‘Perfect Storm’ Of CR, Shutdown, Sequester: Uncertainty Rules

they are a cancer on our nation:Republicans, Sensing Weakness in Health Law Rollout, Switch Tactics

Obama to speak about immigration at 10:35 am EDT

Radio Wars: Will Production Halt Force Army To Play Radio Shell Game?

Secret memos reveal explicit nature of U.S., Pakistan agreement on drones

End Of The Egg? ‘Fake Egg’ Company Aims To Replace 79 Billion Chicken Eggs Laid Each Year

Colorado Shifting to All-Mail Election

The Underground Infiltration team was only able to turn off the mind control beam for a moment...

Europe Gone Wild: Back to Nature on the Continent

SYRIA CRISIS: As violence spirals, solution seems elusive

No Way Out

On Fox News, Former HHS Official Exposes Republican Role In Issues

Seeking common ground

The ‘Merchant of Death’ Lobby

Welcome to the GOP (Toon)

Steubenville Rape Grand Jury indicts another scumbucket.

Judicial Horror Story - Just in Time for Halloween

Judicial Horror Story - Just in Time for Halloween

What is going on with these hearings?

Rachel Maddow - GOP finds female colleague for budget talks

Judicial Horror Story - Just in Time for Halloween

We Simply Have To Say RepubKLAN Party IS The Racist And Bigoted Party That It Is

Charlie Pierce : How to deal with Turtle-Man and Cruz (a political two-fer!)

Rachel Maddow - Echoes of Confederacy seen in tea party

what to do when you finish the beer

Fox slams Grayson

Oh, Herman

Kissed by stupid, hugged by falsity, f*cked by fantasy. . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Bill Hemmer!

Robert Parry: Treating Anti-Syria Charges as Flat Fact

20 best smells from childhood

Now I've seen everything: Jesus Halloween candy

Stop Watching Us - video

Is RV Nation at Risk?

Compound in Mediterranean diet turns cancer cells into normal cells:)

Complaints for the sake of complaining

Name your current celebrity Man Crush/Woman Crush

Jon stewart rips into cnbc

Survivor Blood v. Water Episode 6 thread - No spoilers on future episodes please

A Democrat who's pushing to outlaw transit strikes

Paris' Traffic-Cutting Gamble Charms Pedestrians, Irks Drivers

How One D.C. Suburb Set A Gold Standard For Commuting

Maybe Ann Coulter was right

Texas Republicans Aim to Remove Texas Women from Voting.

No, CBS News, Obama Isn’t Hiding The True Cost Of Obamacare

I loved President Obama's statement on immigration reform:

House Dem Rips GOP's Hearing As 'Monkey Court' (VIDEO)

A question for Catholics out there ...

VIDEO: Suppressing the Vote = The Daily Show

Jesus fuck!!! 55 private contractors built the ACA web site.

Thesaurus Club

Every cockamamie GOP voting supression scheme has one thing in common

Herman Cain: The Devil Was Behind Sexual Harassment Allegations

The Internet's Reality

Student Fires AR-15 Mounted on Chino Police Motorcycle, Injuring 3

Mangalitza/Mangalitsa Hogs - Ancient Hungarian/Romanian Breed , Colors

Harry Reid Told Caucus That Pete Sessions Was Behind Obama Insult, Senators Say

Just Look Behind the Curtain -- The Donor Lists for the GMO Initiative Say Everything

Harry Reid Told Caucus That Pete Sessions Was Behind Obama Insult, Senators Say

World Series Fever: BSO VS. SLSO!


Texas Republicans Want to Remove Women's right to vote. See Video Below.

A few of us have been there

Rep. Louise Slaughter Grills the Republican Who Rigged the Gov't Shutdown

Favre turns down Rams offer, stays retired...

Sustainability Audit

Browns to start Jason Campbell; 20th QB since 1999 ...

Have a sexy little Halloween:

Lessons Learned

It's time to straighten things out...

$20 million in “HOPP” grants announced as part of ongoing program to help New Yorkers avoid foreclos

Anyone got numbers for a couple in their 50's getting insurance from the exchange?

Help me to understand. Why did you revoke a PPR to "flagged for review" status?

You only get one chance to make a statement that lasts forever...

Veterans protest possible downsizing of Montrose VA hospital

Samsung Electronics apologises to Chinese consumers

CA mayor’s racist remarks paint Iraqi immigrants as drug dealers and moochers

How to find out if you had real winters when you were a kid

Can we have a 12 hour Purge at DU?

Cleveland Indians' surveying attitudes about Chief Wahoo logo

Federal court strikes down state prisons work rule

Help @Sebelius share what's being done to make the consumer experience @HealthCareGov better:

Here Are The 20 Dumbest Questions Ever Asked Online.

What's for Dinner? ~ Thursday Oct 24th

I swear to GOD my real name is not Aryn Leroux and I don't live in Conn.

Pic Of The Moment: Ouch: GOP Establishment Turns On Ted Cruz

If someone were to eat a bunch of poop...

Impact Risk Hiked for 400-Meter-Wide Asteroid – NASA

Being defined by what you want...


Homepage hacked by Yahoo?

Ask EVERY politician in Washington: Do you plan to DEFAULT on debt to Social Security?

Mystery prankster who left gnomes in people's gardens every summer for 10 years is finally revealed

A Template for Journalists and Pundits Discussing Wendy Davis’ Political Solvency

As an older American, struggling with new technology, I appreciate this explanation ...

Fun at the hardware store...

So... What did happen in the 70's...?

Beyond Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Chemical Pinkwashing Persists During October’s Ribbon Ruse

Obama: Fate Of Immigration Reform Rests With House GOP

Kobach finds thousands of voter fraud 1855.

Pirates kidnap two U.S. sailors off Nigerian coast -sources

Nigeria pirate attack: US sailors seized

Madeleine McCann case: Portuguese police reopen inquiry

Eight U.S. states band together to promote clean cars

Families Blocked by Investors From Buying U.S. Homes

George Takei on "The Chew" today (on ABC)

Civil rights group sues Missouri for concealing suppliers of execution drugs

Only Half Of Americans Know Their Neighbors' Names

I can't believe what I'm seeing getting recs - Mark Dice video, a hearsay political story

Year After Hurricane Sandy, Victims Contest Christie’s Status as a Savior

White House: We Regret 'Miscommunication' Of Alleged GOP Quote

Scarborough says Paul Ryan voted for the government shutdown and against raising debt limit but...

Idaho hiker's body found after search hampered by government shutdown

Rick Perry is Quietly Encouraging Texans to Sign up for Obamacare

Here Lies Fox

WHITE HOUSE: Top Dem Senator's Shock Claim About GOP Leader Came From A 'Misunderstanding' Why the Washington state site eclipsed D.C.'s

Another black Barneys shopper accused of credit card fraud after buying $2,500 purse: claim

Toon: It's a disaster!! Don't even go in!!!

Court Win For Pro-Joe Lhota PAC Fighting New York Contribution Limits

Saudi authorities warn of punishment for women drivers

Toon: Proof the Obamacare Act is plagued with problems...

The thing about telling the world JUST that "the website is not working"

The Heritage Plan to a single-payer system?

GMO crops - why is it that discussions tend to focus on the unimportant question:

Engineered Bacteria Could Help Combat Deadly Disease of Sleeping Sickness

Few Words About “Glitchgate”

Shutting us down: How online misogyny prevents women from fully participating in democracy

Pete Sessions, I cannot even stand to look at you.

Senator Wyden: The Lonely Hero of the Battle Against the Surveillance State

Russia denies head of U.S. exchange program recruiting spies

Guatemala: Amnesty for former dictator would give green light to genocide

Before anyone complains about the glitches they should check out ""--->

Grambling State football chaos directly at the feet of Republican philosophy

Budget Conference Committee Schedules First Meeting for Next Wednesday

Regional Mgr of Koch subsidiary (formerly Wisconsin)

Syrian Kurds and jihadists clash near Iraq border

Any Vermonters here? I'm looking for more information about the Burlington

Justice Department Misrepresents JP Morgan Settlement

How Obamacare Will Save The Federal Government $190 Billion

Did you know that Kate Sessions is considered the "Mother of Balboa Park"?

Hello, My Fellow Democrats ...

US Violated International Law w/ Drone Strikes: Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch

Mike Luckovich toon...ROTF

Thom Hartmann: Stop treating Capitalists as if they're gods...

Deadlines are dangerous.

Honduras' Zelaya could bounce back as wife runs for election

Flood Insurance Jumping Sevenfold Depresses U.S. Home Values

No Country for Old Moderates

George Soros Backs Hillary Clinton For President In 2016

Boston Scientific Will Cut 1,100-1,500 Jobs Through 2015

Many Americans don't expect to ever retire

Bolivia's economy forecast to grow above 6 pct this year- minister

Chevrolet dealer's old, undriven cars auctioned off

BofA Said to Cut 1,300 More Mortgage Unit Jobs Amid Slowdown

"No, I will NOT yield!"

So, I Just Called Pete Sessions Office...

US Gasoline Prices On Pace To Hit 3-Year Low By End Of 2013

Frank Pallone (D-NJ) During Obamacare Hearing: 'I Will Not Yield to This Monkey Court'

Fox's O'Reilly Says Obama Will 'Seize-White-Assets' To Implement

Study: Teens can't afford to drive

Assholes: A Theory

Ala. Abortion Foes Seek Tighter Rules for Doctors

How does a bill work? (This is good!)

Guatemala remembers conflict victims as new battles ignite over resources


Can we get a 'hat-tip' smiley?

Marines chief allegedly had 'unlawful influence' in Taliban urination case

Blackfish, movie on killer whale that killed a trainer, on CNN tonight at 9 pm est

The Devil and Herman

Blackfish, movie on killer whale that killed a trainer, on CNN tonight at 9 pm est

Tired of Hearing It!

2 Shot at Millington Navy Base, Shooter in Custody

Primark offers long-term compensation to Rana Plaza factory collapse victims

Andrew Bacevich on NY Times articles goading us into more war

Surging Bloodshed Undercut Iraq’s Oil-Fueled Economy

79 Pinochet agents charged in communists’ deaths

TP: Under Bush, Republicans Vigorously Defended Health Care Reform Despite Serious Glitches

NY Court: Long Interrogation OK Before Terror Case

What you look like when someone next to you farts on a crowded bus:

BFD -- the media had it all wrong. What Joe REALLY whispered to President Obama:

You think you're a catperson? These people catfart in your general direction.


Obscure archaeological fact: Egyptians worshipped both cats AND The Fucking Immortal MiddleFingerMom

Last time he dropped acid, MiddleFingerMom saw God. MFM was NOT a happy camper.

Obama administration adjusts deadline for health insurance enrollment

Used Cowboy Boots for Christmas as Jobs Recovery Slows

Has anyone called Pete Sessions's office for a confirmation or denial?

Easier to get a list of schools, bases where there was NOT a shooting incident today?

Seriously, at what point does fashion cross the line into comedy?

U.S. Jobless Claims Stay Elevated, Manufacturing Slows

Captain America The Winter Soldier trailer UK -- Official Marvel | HD

Millington Navy Base shooting? yawn. ho-hum.

In 2014 do we know who to fire?

ACA conversation with co-worker at lunch:

N.Y. Campaign Donation Cap Barred, Win for Lhota Backers

I'm learning some amazing things about Teddy, Franklin, and Eleanor

First thoughts are Nosferatu / Herzog and Kinski / and Dracula. Second thought: RATS

Jennifer Lawrence with blue boob.

To be clear: the NSA DID spy on Merkel's cellphone. But Obama didn't know.

REDEFINING THE PRINCESS: The Newest Asian Heroines

Thom Hartmann: What's McCarthy 2.0 up to now?

Burning Cross Mishap Leaves Florida Racist With Burns Over 50 Percent Of His Body

Did Chris Hayes Really Connect Tea Party to the Klu Klux Klan Last Night?

Dumb Criminals: Man Breaks Into House, Cooks Bacon And Drinks Beer

***LIVE Twitter Chat w/Cenk Uygur, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Robt Greenwald re Drones NOW***

"Debbie can have my middle finger when she pries it off of my cold, dead hand"

Scientists solve mystery of odd patterns of oxygen in solar system's earliest rocks

I'M just thrilled about this...but hey, I get impressed easily

Hawaii Could Have Marriage Equality By Thanksgiving.

Euro Parliament axes data sharing with US – the NSA swiped the bytes anyway


Bishop: No Prayers for Marriage Equality in Cathedral

Al Jazeera America To Reach 15 Million More Homes Thanks To Cable Deal

Snowden Leak: The NSA Has Been Monitoring Phone Calls of 35 World Leaders

Al Gore Challenges Australian PM In Debate Over Wildfires And Climate Change

Holiday Season-

If someone abandons you when things are at their worst, consider it a blessing

Sources: Word of alleged rude GOP comment came from WH deputy chief of staff

Police unload gun into 13 year old boy

Smart-ass son of a bitch!

Hagan, Nunn Join Fellow Red-State Democrats To Call For ObamaCare Delay

Some sound like a bunch of idiots when they chastise how people spend their money.

And every now and then, the rabbit turns the table.

Jon Lester Cheating?

this persian omelet looks delicious

NSA routinely monitored 35 World Leaders.

Darrell Issa’s Anti-Obama ACA Website Witch-Hunt Will Be Another Republican Humiliation

Pete Sessions of Texas. Let's send him the bill for the government shutdown.

Mammograms: $0. Birth control: $0. Preventive care... at no extra cost: Priceless.

Wall Street’s favorite Democrat wants your pension


Media trying to equate Obamacare to mandate and penalty. It is not true

Russell Brand on Revolution [New Statesman Magazine]

Report: Former drone operator shares his inner torment

Illustrative example of stupid culture war

US Newspapers Biased Towards NSA in Snowden Coverage – Study


Pete Sessions in 2009:We Might Need A Taliban-Like "Insurgency"

Norwegian town uses mirrors to create “second sun” in dark winters

Internal Documents Reveal Coverup in North Dakota Oil Spill

I found the Health Care premium tables....holy Sh*T

Ted Cruz could start an argument in an empty house (Margaret and Helen)

'The Daily Show' Gets GOP Spokesman To Admit Voter ID Laws Are Racist - video link

Frenemies: Spying on Allies Fits Obama's Standoffish Profile

Happy puppy adapts to two-legged life

Was this already posted? Mika B. got through to the ACA toll free # live at Morning Joe a couple

On the Medicaid expansion -

George Will shows his true colors again.

Sunlight deprived Norwegian Town installs giant mirrors on mountainsides

Rush Limbaugh: NFL Wearing Pink For Breast Cancer Proves There's A National Assault On Masculinity

I was called a hack – and the C-word, of course

Pam Bondi challenges proposed medical marijuana amendment

Man in critical condition after Downtown Berkeley assault

Rep. Pete Sessions named as man behind contested Obama insult

Wisconsin: DPW seminar in FOX VALLEY area

What's the bullshit about "can the Federal government do big things"?

Saudi government responds to women drivers’ day protests planned for Oct. 26

The President Is A Genius He Now Has The Repugs Helping Him Get The Website For ACA Up & Running....

If we're going to be outraged about a government tech investment that did not work out as planned...

How Ted Cruz is reshaping the Texas GOP

Box cutter used to kill teacher

Happy Halloween, Tea Party! Here's a memorial photo of how you were created.....

Most Of FreedomWorks 2012 Money Came From Four Secret Donors

Flashback: GOP Wanted To ‘Fix’ Medicare Part D After Rollout

Wonkbook: The GOP’s Obamacare chutzpah

If your health premium is ending or going up as a result of ACA, there are reasons why:

Supreme Court to decide whether corporations can pray

Hannity Reveals That Obamacare Hotline Operator Who Took His Call Got Fired

another outstanding documentary in full - the Oscar nominated - Jesus Camp

Did you hear Rush LImbaugh recorded a rap song?

In the midst of a lawsuit, hospital destroys records. (Florida)

Follow the Koch money...

Branstad Administration Ignores Open Records Request About Flawed Jobs Stats

Time to Resist the Republicans’ War on Government - Campaign for America's Future

Papantonio: Economic Inequality Linked To Education Deficits

My health insurance went up $8/month

The survey also shows that Walker stands a good chance at getting re-elected.

This is the public face of today's North Carolina :

CBO: Low & Moderate Income Taxpayers Who Have Earnings Face Total Marginal Tax Rates of 40% or More

If you could migrate to another country, Would you? If so, where would you like to go to?

My sweet 19-year-old kitteh India has kidney failure...CRF

Matthew Flamm: I'm the reporter Fox News conned

One take. No rehersal. Oh. My.

Wellstone's Revenge: How Minnesota Democrats Took Their State Back

Martin Bashir is funny

Profitable US corporations Effectve tax rte ~13% of pretax Wrlwide income vs top stat rte of 35%-GAO

Betty or Veronica?

Most Walmart Store Workers Didn't Earn $25,000 Last Year (HuffPo)

"Social Security Flubbed Its Rollout. No One Remembers."

Ha! Ed Schultz labels Cruz and Boehner as "Dementors"

One is a temporary annoyance - the other is permanent misery. Pat Bagley cartoon

Santorum: The Devil Controls The Film Industry

Ed Shultz is showing some of his activities on his trip to England

Debt collector CFS2 thrives with simple strategy: kindness

German Police Used Only 85 Bullets Against People in 2011


Excellent! PBO & VP Biden on Sensible Immigration Reform at the Whitehouse~Pics and Vid~

Ed Schultz: Do Americans now believe we can go to moon but not fix a website?

Woman attacked in Stockbridge, GA, by two "pit bull" type dogs.

FDA asking for your help with jerky treat illness

So, in 2006 a single US official with 35 world leaders' cell #'s turned that info over to the NSA.

Santorum claims "Satan" rules Hollywood...

Conservative have to lie. It's genetic.

20 lbs of "I'm gonna rip your face off" demon cat.

Anti-bullying video may have played a role in fatal Nevada school shooting

NSA Monitored Calls of 35 World Leaders After US Official Handed Over Contacts

Emily's List endorses Mary Burke

Help please. How do I transfer an application to another account in the same computer?

World Trade Center concourse, closed since 9/11, set to reopen

Obama’s New Immigration Pivot Isn’t About Immigration

Enemy of the State: How Glenn Greenwald is taking on the world, and why he'll never stop.

This is the sick system Republicans are fighting like dogs to maintain

After the Shutdown: No Time for Compromise

REPORT: 9 More Banks Are Getting Probed By The DoJ On Matters That Led To JP Morgan Paying $13 Billi

MONKEY COURT (Frank Pallone Appreciation Thread)

WATCH: Comedian Russell Brand's Brilliant Tirade Against a Broken Political System

In Almost Every European Country, Bikes Are Outselling New Cars

Safety of sporting ammunition in fires (1977 report from SAAMI)

401(k) Savers Go Deeper in Debt

Herman Cain: Sexual Harassment Charges Were Orchestrated by 'The Devil'

The Myth Of The $634 Million Obamacare Website - MediaMatters

Oliver Stone, John Cusack star in anti-NSA PSA

Accused Batterer Blames Obama For His Arrest

Puppycide: Police Shoot a Dog Every 98 Minutes..

Ryan wants entitlement cuts, Reid says 'NO WAY'

Arkansas' Medicaid expansion draws 62K approved applicants since signup started Oct. 1

Chemists show life on Earth was not a fluke

Arkansas' Medicaid expansion draws 62K approved applicants since signup started Oct. 1

Texas judge forced to resign after caught texting instructions to assistant DA during trial

"You opened Pandora's Box."

NRA Calls For Teachers To Keep Loaded Gun Pointed At Class For Entire School Day

25 Halloween costume ideas for your kids

"Harry Reid: 'Everybody ... Willing to Pay More' Taxes"

You should probably consult spouse if you plan to run for elected office

Corp Media focus on Debt Reduction 3x as much as Job Creation. Economists stress need 4 Job Creation

Shit...Wacha will be on tonight, Lackey, good, but not good enough, 1-0 Cards...

a bit of a clusterfuck: when allies spy on each other

I have been a critic of the ACA on several grounds. One big ACA success is barely mentioned

Merkel: US Spying Has Shattered Allies' Trust

supposed "neutral" All News 106.7 Atlanta adds right winger for mid days

Bernardin's legacy sees new life under Francis

Greenpeace activists have piracy charges dropped by Russia

FDA Recommends Tightening Access To Hydrocodone Pain-Killers

Al Gore: Keystone XL Is 'Ridiculous'

80s music gets a bad rap, but it wasn't all kitsch and keytars.

Great motto!

Pentagon spending $70 million on brain research

Movie quiz: A dog named Mutki. needed more pre-launch testing

Martin Rowson on a new nuclear power station for Britain – cartoon

Hi Guys!

Ted Cruz returns to Texas as a hero who is reshaping the state Republican Party

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 25 October 2013

I tried to watch a "Daily Show" clip from Canada. Got this message:

The last McAuliffe-Cuccinelli debate is tonight at 7. Here's a link

Has Scott Pelley, on CBS, always been a dink,

Day 9 of BLINDNESS (short report) - the note didn't work...and neither did I

Composing a survey for a TeaBagger about his sources for hate/lies about OBAMA & Dems

Japan secrecy act stirs fears about press freedom, right to know

"Report: Healthcare website failed test ahead of rollout"

Fainting Truthers: From Alex Jones To Fox News

The Obama Administration's 'Worst Case Scenario' Is Happening In Syria

"You see..."

Megyn Kelly tells atheist activist to ‘chill’ during Fox News discussion on Air Force oath

NC GOP Official fired after bragging voter ID law would "kick democrats' butt."

So I wonder if during these *ahem* website "hearings"

Definitive proof that Belgian Racing Pigeons are nothing more than coked-out douche bags

Academy May Drop Religious Reference From Oath

The GOP war on the poor


Cory Booker began...

The Tea Party is over.

Catholics bring the spirit to Packers tailgate scene

The difference between the Lounge and GD.

UPDATE 2-Algerian troops find huge arms cache on Libya border

Papantonio: U.S. Chamber Continues Assault On Civil Justice

Myth: 15% Ethanol Fuel Will Destroy My Engine

Australia - Defence apologises for massive fire .

Russian Asylum Seekers Surge in US, Gay Laws Seen as Factor.

In Canada, CBC 9:00 Oct 24th, "Flying Solo": Single living was once considered a shameful

A Field Guide to the Koch O’ Nuts Behind the Near Government Default - PR Watch

Following the media recently? Ever since the GOP took the USA to the brink of economic collapse...

RT pierces Gitmo censorship: ‘Transparency’ is subjective at Guantanamo Bay

Cats are such dignified, regal animals...LASER POINTER!!!

WaPo opinion: Edward Snowden is no traitor


I'm Going Back to the Family

Obamacare Website Launch Was Pretty Much a Disaster

The Life Of Doc Pomus, Songwriter To The Stars

I Do~

Bakken Shale Flaring Burns Nearly One-Third Of Natural Gas Drilled, New Study Finds

Win- Win with Obamacare - by Matt Wuerker

Michele Bachmann Wants to Ban Halloween Stating, “Sucking on Satan’s Candy Sacks Leads to Liberalism

GOP Roots for Failure

Dallas police seek indictment for fired officer

"Looking for enrollees" ...Obamacare

North Korean leaders may be called to face ICC over 'human rights abuses'

National Geographic Photo Contest

How Long Have You Been Forced To Wait For Health Care?

Americans For Tax Reform's Policy Director Calls Tea Party 'Freaking Ret**ded'

Harry Reid: 'We're Not Going To Have A Grand Bargain'

Arctic Temperatures Highest in at Least 44,000 Years

Here's one for Solly Mack

Americans For Tax Reform's Policy Director Calls Tea Party 'Freaking Retarded

is there some kind of solar storm going on?

Nigerian ambassador demands Cruz apology

It's Time For The White House To Come Clean About What's Going On With The Obamacare Website

(Bush's) Former DHS Chief (Tom Ridge): Immigration Reform Opponents 'Flat, Dead Wrong

When will the Court of Criminal Appeals review Manning's court martial conviction?